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File: 1d1d83ad144df57⋯.webm (6.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, boobies.webm)

File: a681d529be9f9c1⋯.mp4 (4.06 MB, 476x360, 119:90, video game journalists.mp4)

File: 18d979372f21294⋯.webm (1.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, how to play nier automata.webm)

File: f68cb097c6924b9⋯.webm (2.96 MB, 720x480, 3:2, female asian drivers.webm)

76ecda  No.15597664[Reply]

youtube is dead, post webms

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e629ad  No.15598332

File: 3649578ff6fe935⋯.webm (5.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Skeletons attack violent ….webm)

3d8b41  No.15598333

File: 2d62460390907a4⋯.webm (1.99 MB, 964x542, 482:271, Gondola_Jap_Convenience_S….webm)

File: 3d0a54875521d90⋯.webm (7.28 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Toonami_-_Space_is_the_pl….webm)

6ef8c8  No.15598398

File: 648da3ea93df4ca⋯.webm (654.04 KB, 436x340, 109:85, Superguard.webm)

File: ae348959ce22a78⋯.webm (5.18 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Blocking Savior's Beam in….webm)

4d4dad  No.15598406

File: 9ca88414494f492⋯.webm (15.66 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, UpTown Spot.webm)

65825c  No.15598409

File: 93ba737aab4aaee⋯.jpg (36.87 KB, 477x720, 53:80, 021e443bed60557932805fe7b1….jpg)

Can someone post that webm of 2B dancing to Shiki no Uta?

File: 28ebfae7dfe2982⋯.jpg (56.55 KB, 1024x542, 512:271, ray.jpg)

2b1f53  No.15596917[Reply]

Old thread is on page 13 and is past the bump limit:

>>15578972 / https://archive.fo/I3aK0

Please contain your Smash autism in this thread.

Ultimate's Newcomers Timeline

>March 8th: Inklings confirmed.

>April/May: nobody

>June 12th: Daisy and Ridley confirmed.

>July: nobody

>August 8th: Dark Samus, Chrom, Simon, Richter, and King K. Rool confirmed.

>September 13th: Isabelle confirmed.

>October: ???

>November: ???

>December 7th: Ultimate's release date

>post-release DLC newcomers: ??? (Smash 4 had DLC. Ultimate likely will, too.)

I remember someone saying that Samurai will reveal the remaining newcomers before the game comes out. I just hope that the remaining newcomers are actual Nintendo characters from other franchises rather than fucking Steve. Ray is never ever gonna happen though

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238ebb  No.15598385


>Buying into hyper autistic Donkey Kong wikia fanon

Fuck off

3a088c  No.15598396


>he's still this fucking delusional

Maybe you have a problem with the english language and can't understand what Donkey kong's Grandson actually means.

4c6efa  No.15598401


Its outright stated in the games you fucking retard.

238ebb  No.15598403

File: faedee279c6883b⋯.png (591.97 KB, 502x704, 251:352, ClipboardImage.png)


What's this? Uh oh! Looks like you're retarded Anon! Now fuck off!

3a088c  No.15598408


>He didn't ask rare about cranky kong and how he is related to donkey kong

Stay fucking retarded.

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

236952  No.15598405[Reply]

It’s sickening that zombies ruins it’s self with such offensive stereotypes! It’s 2018 video games are better than this

Holy shit. IGN used the current year arguement against call of duty!

File: 53c055befaba4ad⋯.png (34.17 KB, 697x258, 697:258, author.png)

3c2d37  No.15598117[Reply]

Death To Fall Damage

>One of the things I love about Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, a game full of things to love, is this: You can’t die from fall damage. No matter what.

>From the start of the game, your main character (Kassandra, or Alexios if you’re basic) will take reduced damage from leaping off mountains or buildings, no matter the height. Then, at level 20, you’ll take no damage at all. It’s a brilliant feature that, coupled with freeform climbing, encourages exploration in a way reminiscent of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You can wander in any direction you’d like, moving up and down with no concern for how you’ll get back to where you started. This is a nice contrast to other massive role-playing games, like The Witcher 3, in which you star as a grizzled mercenary who can single-handedly defeat entire armies but dies if he jumps more than five feet.

>The logic behind fall damage in video games is twofold. One: it makes the world feel more realistic when you can’t leap off huge mountains without dying. Two: it creates an artificial barrier to prevent the player from exploring and reaching places they shouldn’t be reaching. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey wisely throws both of those rationales out the window, accepting the fact that a game about a woman who uses VR to travel back through time doesn’t need to be too realistic, and that reaching places you shouldn’t be reaching in a video game is actually pretty damn cool.

>If Assassin’s Creed Odyssey influences other game developers in one way, let it be this: Fall damage is bad and should go away forever.


They really do just want all games to play themselves.

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534b8f  No.15598353


the marriage of both has been made by the likes quantic dream and telltale(kek RIP in shit faggots)

5511bd  No.15598355

File: 7fdc36789e7751b⋯.png (1.29 MB, 960x1334, 480:667, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at ….png)

File: 5c3a1379be905ca⋯.png (225.88 KB, 490x458, 245:229, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at ….png)

File: ea403d7bc803c48⋯.png (400.81 KB, 992x468, 248:117, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at ….png)

File: 416f57c16b61145⋯.png (388.12 KB, 447x406, 447:406, 416f57c16b6114573e3101f0ea….png)


Last time I died from fall damage was in EQ sometime after the Velious expansion.

Had my levitate dispelled while at 5% health


>that kikess

>the absolute state of kike inbreeding

39f35a  No.15598374

File: 5e996c6563baa74⋯.png (80.87 KB, 255x158, 255:158, 31.png)


>when that middle age balding hits at 18

005dc8  No.15598391

File: 2f624b5f1ecd4bb⋯.jpg (30.67 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1bane.hk.jpg)

>one of the series' best-known tropes: taking a leap of faith into a hay bale, is now gone

Leave it to Ubisoft to castrate their own series.

37adf4  No.15598400

File: dcc8088c8154a79⋯.jpg (130.09 KB, 850x851, 850:851, a0f1ff275c853a0a167dd8c7d1….jpg)


>sample size of 30

>25% of the time = 25% of all humans

File: eb62f23a94d9963⋯.jpg (30.96 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 1121344tgtgfh5656556jhhtrt….jpg)

53a05c  No.15588436[Reply]

It only takes 10 people to report/ban some one from any Blizzard game (Can be permanent/limited), they are not IP registered bans, they are account based and you do not have to have a purchase on your said created accounts to enable reporting privileges. This practice has been functioning since the Legion expansion and soon ALL AAA companies are going to integrate this system. Thanks for your money goyim.

I know none of you anons buy games from these companies, it is just being exposed to normalfags now and more salt might come from it.

Archive isn't working for me on my work computer, give me 30 minutes.

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bd778d  No.15597282

>ALL AAA companies are going to integrate this system.

steamniggers about to get btfo

000000  No.15598152


Retards that pay for entertainment deserve to be scammed.

2e7778  No.15598395

What is worse is there are active groups of people there solely to spam report people. Everyone left game chat for discord leaving the game even more of an empty husk than it was. Just one more reason it will be free2play within 6 months.

b405c9  No.15598399


>10 people

On /v/, it only takes 3

2d2f26  No.15598407


prove it cunt

File: 03fe9225947d4b7⋯.jpg (67.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: d3ac1a92bac2d27⋯.jpg (114.41 KB, 866x859, 866:859, factorio_2018-09-30_16_027….jpg)

cfeb27  No.15526478[Reply]

Hosting a semi-deathworld server, see first post for details.

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087cd6  No.15593933


I haven't played since they changed the science packs, but back in the day, by endgame something like HALF your factory was dedicated to nothing but making fucktons of circuits.

So, it's just a guess, but I think you might need more circuits.

63c373  No.15593935


Yeah, now that I've hit purple and yellow science, the demand for red chips and speed modules is high, and therefore green chips

63c373  No.15598327

So uh

Why do barrels exist? It seems like using a fluid train is faster and easier, and chained underground pipes is foolproof

4b5a83  No.15598340


They're from a time before fluid train existed. You had to use them to deliver liquids on trains.

135701  No.15598394


A blue belt of barrels = 2000 fluid/s, only obtainable by pipes if you literally put a pump between every under ground. A belt of barrels can be split up into as many different liquids as you like, pipes can only carry one thing. Belts also can be placed side by side, pipes will mix and interfere. Belts can also be walked/driven over while pipes block movement.

UPS can be better by avoiding some fluid calculations.

Barrels can be carried by bots.

For vanilla I wouldn't really bother with barrels but for something like bobs+angels it turns complex fluid distribution and balancing into a very easy problem when you can just throw bots at it. But there's also certainly valid use cases to design something with barrels in vanilla.

File: df470a8f0124e6a⋯.png (801 KB, 978x975, 326:325, wew.png)

29e63a  No.15596354[Reply]

>1 month old game already getting 1/3rd off sale

>50% off the full DLC pack

What was the last thing to flop this hard?

86 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fdde5a  No.15598185



I had fun running around shooting shit with double pistols and looking at Lara's noice body. It shows how incompetent Square-Enix is when they not only fucked up Laura's body, but got rid of the fast athletic Laura jumping around and shooting everything.

41e528  No.15598187


A timed Microsoft-exclusive sequel because that was the only way they were gonna make money.

6ff4aa  No.15598240

File: c97a6cf21ef1622⋯.jpg (96.05 KB, 1005x1199, 1005:1199, Dn-xD_YUwAACeTn.jpg)



Fuck, reminds me that I mentioned the whole "Action Gurl" thing like what feels like nearly 2 decades ago. Back then I said they always walk in somewhere in a scene like they have a constant perplexed "Where am I? What's going on?" look to them

5e7fb1  No.15598386

>Don't say anything nice about the new Lara Croft design or you messages get deleted


ff028b  No.15598393


It’s also implied she gets together with the fat muslim at the end.

File: e03685b8b7baa92⋯.png (33.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 8 agdg logo colorized.png)

File: 2a3c98c650a6a36⋯.webm (1.86 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Chris Jericho Never Ever.webm)

1955e3  No.15574119[Reply]

"You will never finish your game" edition




>#8/agdg/ via irc.rizon.net

>Dev resources: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/resources


>Wiki: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/

>Beginner's guide: >>>/agdg/29080

>Previous thread: >>15537059


>QUARTERLY DEMO DAY SCHEDULED FOR November 11th, 30 days away

>Please contribute to the wiki if you can

156 posts and 50 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

12e3be  No.15597267


You will be able to. When I talk about things that need to be changed I'm referring to the mechanics not the keys bound to those mechanics. For example, is it really a good idea to stop the player's climbing when the "grab ledge" key, in this case ctrl, is pressed? It seems like a good idea but I want more feedback.

Sorry for not being more clear. I can see how the way I put it makes it seem like I was talking about the key-binds. But if you have better default bindings then I'd like to hear them. Also I forgot to mention that alt lets you free look while moving in a direction.

I've already implemented all of this, so I'll flesh out the test level and create a build of the game. That will result in better feedback anyway.

1955e3  No.15597552


I think I'm confused about the difference between mantling and climbing.

Using the same key for creep and ledge-grabbing would be weird. Why not space to ledge-grab, then space again while facing the ledge to mantle.

>arrows keys to climb the ledge

Do you mean WASD?

12e3be  No.15597686


Yes I mean WASD. I don't expect Rachmaninoff will be playing my game any time soon.

>I think I'm confused about the difference between mantling and climbing.

There are three states. Grabbing, climbing, and mantling.

Grabbing is where you are holding onto the ledge, but not necessarily moving up or down. (ctrl)

Climbing is when you are grabbing a ledge and moving up or down. (ctrl + w/s or space w/o ctrl)

Mantling is when you finish climbing up a ledge and move forward to be on top of it. (space only)

>Why not space to ledge-grab, then space again while facing the ledge to mantle.

I've put that on my to-do list I'll try to get a method that works that way once I finish the test build. As it is now feels fine to me but that doesn't mean it will be easy for a newcomer to pick up.

The reason for ctrl doing what it does is so that you can hold ctrl while walking backwards off a ledge and the character will automatically transition from creeping backwards to climbing down the ledge without needing code to check for that specific case.

0d8a96  No.15597898


it's beautiful


what happened to his body?

12e3be  No.15598392

Here's a Windows and Linux build of what I talked about here >>15597686 and here >>15597030

Tab free the mouse. Escape to quit.



Windows 64-bit


I've included an edge case, the hole in the wall, to show where this system currently breaks down. I am working to figure out a fix. Other than that everything should work. Keybinding has not been added to the game just yet, this is testing default bindings. Give me feedback on anything you think I should bring my attention to.

File: 551a676aecd5df2⋯.png (11.96 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

925f3b  No.15592779[Reply]

/v/ Draw Thread

Archive of last thread: https://archive.fo/czD5F

Note to the Vols/Mods: The most recent thread was so godawful that I had to make a new OP. Bumplock the other low effort one.

Thread making resources + the OP can be found here: https://mega.nz/#F!Suhz0D5Y!BSrBrV1kxK9B5G1SSiJmwQ

If you want something else to be added, post it in the thread

Relevant Boards





Books and Tutorials

These aren't really that helpful, it's mostly information overload if you're an absolute beginner.

If you're starting out, just have as much fun as possible and give it your best shot.


Helpful Resources

Learn fundamentals with excercises: drawabox.com

8Chan Art Wiki: infiniteart.wikia.com/wiki/InfiniteArt_Wiki

/loomis/ resource hub: 8ch.net/loomis/hub.html

Online poses with timer: quickposes.com/en/gestures/timed

4/ic/ Resources:

HOW TO DRAW - an /ic/ guide: hubpages.com/art/how-to-draw-learn

Drawfag resources: mediafire.com/folder/5strtvods5gda/Drawgfag_Resources

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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42cb49  No.15598334


>Femur-zone has 2 bones.

Dropped. Learn basic anatomy.

6861ca  No.15598342


That's a mythical creature, it has a different anatomy :^)

f3bfbb  No.15598346


>Every thread until we like it?

Every thread until you love it.

a73771  No.15598364

File: 23406307764a531⋯.jpg (33.39 KB, 415x518, 415:518, dumanisingNormieNuke.jpg)

Did this on the /pol/ NPC thread and some anon edited it.

9a2134  No.15598390


>NPC meme

File: df058e1e9e5a12d⋯.png (12.59 KB, 919x362, 919:362, hp.png)

aeb4f6  No.15596720[Reply]

Realistically speaking which is the fairest way to handle health restoring when you gain a level?

69 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

97079f  No.15598017


Your fault for creating an ambiguous situation.

5dd6ad  No.15598350

>what's the one-size-fits-all solution for this situation?

Thankfully /v/ isn't in charge of making any games.

d62370  No.15598372

It depends on the game but having your mp restore to full when you level is a large part of what made Dragon Quest 11 trivial. There is no rationing or planning involved in trying to get through a dungeon now. Autobattle everything, autoheal from menu after fights.

b1f812  No.15598380

File: 7a3bd0f440bc011⋯.png (9.5 KB, 246x500, 123:250, optiond.png)

a5f039  No.15598388


It isnt realistic to have any visual aid at all. Sound effects and alternate animations work well enough with the added benefit of not obnoxiously obscuring your vision. If you need to have a visual indicator then unobtrusive icons on the hud do a lot more for immersion than screen blur.

File: 0740e35bcb33347⋯.jpg (130.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, senran-kagura-burst-re-new….jpg)

ca8f79  No.15587121[Reply]

After banning the Western release of Omega Labyrinth Z, Sony is out for more blood. Underaged lesbians and child molesters are fine (so long as Naughty Dog makes them) but anime titties don't make enough money for Sony to contradict its "values" over.


And to think we FINALLY had a good special edition box too, only to find out it comes with half the game missing. Get ready for the game to bomb because it is released in an unfinished state, meaning Sony will blame the anime titties and act more strict with future releases (if there ever is one).

Sony are gookgook chink-chong rice niggers, but if we're being honest, so are the sub-humans who sold their souls to them in the first place. I guess when your entire race is so cowardly that it relies on flying planes into docked ships to fight wars instead of fighting man-to-man, things like publishing your own game are unthinkable and you need a Tojo stand-in like Sony to order you around until you're inevitably made to commit sepuku for not making as much money for them as Last of Us did. So yeah, fuck Marvelous too. After years of censorship they just couldn't see the writing on the walls and wanted that sweet, sweet Sony money. And if they want Sony's money more than they want mine, then I guess they'll get what they want.

329 posts and 88 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5f237c  No.15596688


I suspect by the time someone does so it'll already be released on the Switch, midi music and all.

ceb151  No.15596932


Cracked Denuvo games for the most part are not void of DRM. Denuvo is still on there running it just cannot detect that the game is pirated. It is why it is so hard to get "definitive" proof that it effected performance.


From what I heard Voksi was so fast because he did shit that the scene guys wouldn't do. Riskier stuff that might get you false-positives in anti-virus/malware stuff. Though this is just what I heard second-hand on /v/ so it could be bullshit.


It sounds like the Switch version might also have a japanese VO so it might end up being the definitive version. Unless it has to be severely downgraded or runs like shit.

d5cdb3  No.15597901


I remember this exact same post, without change, being made in a cuckchan /v/ thread, except with a fucking wojak. Hello Fat Sister.

a17d61  No.15598368


Same here, but your post looks deserving of a ban without context

450b65  No.15598384


>-JP still timid to put any investment in PC

Less timid, more "not seeing any point"

File: dcec505327c2c0c⋯.png (130.73 KB, 675x513, 25:19, Anon's Adventure Title.png)

0354b4  No.15549077[Reply]

We’re creating a video game in RPG Maker VX Ace together with other anons. Here’s how it works:

We have our own board over at >>>/bizarre/ to act as an archive for changes/resources/discussion. There will always be threads on /v/, but /bizarre/ will serve to host more permanent discussion.

Everyone is taking turns downloading the newest version of the game, making contributions before reuploading it for someone else to work on it. Only one person can actively work on it at a time. This is because if two people make overlapping changes to the database, scripts or switches, they will conflict resulting in one person having to redo all his work. Changes to the map and events can be copy-pasted from one version of a project to another so you’re free to work on new maps and new events if its not your turn and add them to the current version of the game once it is your turn.

It should work like this: OP posts newest version of the map. The first person (Anon #1) to respond to OP stating that he’s going to work on it becomes the active game dev. Once Anon #1 finishes and re-uploads it, the first person to respond to him gets to work on it. So on and so forth. Additionally, whenever you re-upload a new version, reply to the anchor post, it’ll make things a lot easier.

General Rules

>Don’t mess with maps, events or anything else you didn’t make. Although, adding minor stuff like a connection between two areas or fixing bugs and typos is all fine.

>If you’re okay with others editing your stuff, leave a note saying so.

>You’re free to add characters and the like, to the inter-dimensional tavern.

>You’re also free to make changes to game settings, unless its something we’ve agreed upon (we’ll probably do this via a poll)


How do I RPG Maker VX Ace?

>Here’s a good tutorial series if you want to learn how to use it. inb4 jewtubePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

122 posts and 43 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d3180a  No.15590743

Bump, is city anon's ban down already?

d3180a  No.15595060

Seriously though Cityanon could at The very least notify us in /bizarre/ about when he's going to come back.

a97992  No.15596108

File: 781a0dcb36b114b⋯.png (178.95 KB, 307x301, 307:301, 5da0019.png)





>Added in Xavier, the renegade angel

Xavier currently exist as a very early alpha. He has a really shitty sprite and a few abilities.

>Negative World

Same as Xavier, just a few maps. If you have any ideas for the map, I dont mind you adding them

>New additions to the city and Australia worlds


>Hat that can change Anons appearance

>Fixed spelling mistakes

a97992  No.15596114

abc08e  No.15598378

File: 482644d61755362⋯.jpg (42.61 KB, 510x448, 255:224, 1455307801699-4.jpg)



haha time to port everything from 0.28 to 0.40 and finish the final boss because i was travelling

File: 5d105b28278ef37⋯.jpg (117.96 KB, 412x412, 1:1, no.jpg)

File: 3715036cf8a8f88⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 400x400, 1:1, fuck you.gif)

95b952  No.15598183[Reply]



>Tokyo, Japan – Sony Corporation (hereafter “Sony”), Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., and Sony Global Education today announced the development of a rights management system for digital content that utilizes blockchain technology*1. This new system is based on Sony and Sony Global Education’s previously developed system for authenticating, sharing, and rights management of educational data, and additionally features functionality for processing rights-related information.

>Blockchains create networks where programs and information are difficult to destroy or falsify, and are well-adapted for the free transfer of data and rights. Those traits give blockchains many potential uses across a range of services including finance, merchandise distribution management, and the sharing economy, and blockchains are expected to bring about even more innovative services in the future. At present, they are also used in public P2P network transactions, primarily involving cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

>This newly-developed system is specialized for managing rights-related information of written works, with features for demonstrating the date and time that electronic data was created, leveraging the properties of blockchains to record verifiable information in a difficult to falsify way, and identifying previously recorded works, allowing participants to share and verify when a piece of electronic data was created and by whom. In addition to the creation of electronic data, booting up this system will automatically verify the rights generation of a piece of written works, which has conventionally proven difficult.

I don't have any fucking words for this or the shitstorm that will follow. Sony can go fuck themselves with a rusty pipe.

16 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ac0f66  No.15598362


when did anyone say any of that cancer is okay?

I haven't bought from (((Steam))) in years and I have never bought from any digital console platform. All physical, piracy, or DRM-free for me.

60210c  No.15598367


he is just projecting

ee1a08  No.15598371



What physical? PS4 games? PS4 is a fucking DRM machine, literally physical denuvo. If sony bans your ass you won't play shit on it.

You don't own nothing goy.


Am I though? What are all those threads about games that are either not cracked yet or online only hmmm? What about endless ubishit threads we had for a while after release of For Honor or RS Siege?

Not to mention fucking jewtendo threads.

8f4f4d  No.15598376


And? Cryptography is bypassed, not attacked. Sony used some pretty complex stuff with the PS3, but that was utterly irrelevant when their security system would do what any random code told it to, and that they were using the equivalent of the xkcd dice roll for the random number generation. That's how it usually is for DRM and security systems in general.

ac0f66  No.15598387


I don't own a PS4. I mainly play on handhelds (Vita, 3DS, DS, GBA) and PC+emulation

>PS4 is a fucking DRM machine

What? You can't play physical copies on it offline or anything?

I also heard people were hacking and pirating on the thing, so that can't be completely true; not only that but even on unhacked shit I hear you can back it up and be fine

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b69f6b  No.15598012[Reply]



October Event Schedule

9/30 - 10/8: Make Up and Go!

10/8 - 10/14: Xeno Diablo Clash

10/14 - 10/26: Futari wa Pretty Cure Collaboration

10/24 - 10/30: Divergent Knighthoods (Rerun)

10/31 - 11/9: New story event


1.Infinity - 692908

2.Kihou - 740471

3.Sky Lords - 733000

4.Raven Nest (Dead) - 1024216

Guides and info


>How do I even play this shit?

You can play it from your browser by going to http://game.granbluefantasy.jp/

>I'm not going to use google botnet to play this.

You can use chrome alternatives, such as Slimjet or Iridium. If you don't like doing that, use an agent spoofer for the browser you do use to spoof chrome.

2 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c4771e  No.15598065

File: d703164f6206b0c⋯.png (263.36 KB, 505x614, 505:614, Rank up.png)

File: d9829f6bc2c128a⋯.webm (15.58 MB, 360x500, 18:25, Ubaha 200 uncap.webm)

Rank 200 get. You have to fight UBaha. He has 140mil hp and hits like a truck.

ghandagoza has graduated from punching meteors to soloing Ubaha

439f74  No.15598080

File: 693bf46c82b6416⋯.png (1 MB, 1000x708, 250:177, oins0kql7gk11.png)

Monika ain't shit, Lovers is where its at. Oracles when?

a9f236  No.15598138

File: f7bcd2f12960e17⋯.jpg (64.01 KB, 600x300, 2:1, DprohfGXoAAmhDI.jpg)

Halloween Feather, Halloween Lady Grey, and Europa being added in a few hours.


Europa was added before best doggo, fuck this game

246e91  No.15598206


At this point it's more likely to see Fenrir in Dragalia or even FGO.

c07045  No.15598375

File: 64033283542e98a⋯.png (920.25 KB, 947x491, 947:491, Agni grid.png)

Getting 18k hp on MC and around 14k hp on the rest of party, you could get more with a sword of pallas instead of a second xeno katana.

File: 22349e573c05e9c⋯.png (1.19 MB, 861x586, 861:586, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7ee9f5df547f235⋯.png (491.79 KB, 1233x232, 1233:232, ClipboardImage.png)

335ff0  No.15596304[Reply]

Why haven't you played the best JRPG dungeon crawler of recent years yet, anon?

What's your favourite build? Did you get into the post-game? What do you think of the ending (all of them)? Discuss.

38 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8ed794  No.15598265

File: ebec13167d36ef2⋯.jpg (45.52 KB, 800x574, 400:287, koiiii.jpg)


Lol look out, here comes the big dog with his big opinions

cb495a  No.15598281

File: 7f144946551d1fb⋯.png (137.36 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 7f144946551d1fbf6cbc608486….png)


What the fug? Is having an opinion banned on /v/ now or something?

What is this, reddit? You're not even a (1) and done so it's not bait and you've clearly played the game, so you're actually upset that I have an opinion and don't want to actually rebut anything I've said? Really just what the fugg :DDD???

222b97  No.15598309


>Why haven't you played the best JRPG dungeon crawler of recent years yet, anon?

But I did when it came out two years ago. The better question is what took YOU so long?

fc3da7  No.15598310


I'm grinding for the last main story boss after facerolling through the game pressing V and then holding X, what do? I've never used Mazes other than whacking shit with lamps and I don't know what Charm even does. Does Stun work on bosses? How do you get 10 hits through dual wield, I thought only Crossbows and Scythes had multi-hit? I was going to stack Crit on everyone for Gores, does "Crit +50" from scythe facet not translate to 50%? Either NISA can't translate abilities for shit (nothing new there) or I'm retarded, probably a combo of both.

cb495a  No.15598373


Most of it is post game stuff. 10 hits is if you proc max knockout twice and the second hit with a character that has the SB dual blade skill and the MM knockout skill, which means at least one level 99 soul transfer (and you'd probably want a GC in there too so that you can get reckless blows to pair with SB's underhanded strike) to be honest I don't think I've ever seen all ten hits land but the underhanded strike boost in conjunction with a reliable 2~10 hits with any weapon you want (see: hammer's massive attack stats) is still way better than scythes 12% chance to hit 4 times. To a lesser degree, since one hand crossbow are pretty weak, you can also do dual blade + crossbow salvo but I haven't really tried that. Charm usually reduces the chance of getting targetted, 1K charm is the threshold needed to put a character into the charmaestro slot in the charmer pact, which adds 50% of your charm to your 4 battle stats. Frankly I'm not that sure about the full details of stun mechanics, especially with bosses because a lot of them seem to be pretty resistant to stun, and no one seems to have done any massive code digging or playtesting in the game beyond stuff for luck stat generation and a few other things.

>does "Crit +50" from scythe facet not translate to 50%

Like with stun I have no idea how the displayed crit numbers actually work, particularly since you can go over 100% crit on some weapons without even synthing them and they definitely don't crit 100% of the time, though it seems like having high luck is pretty important.

>I'm grinding for the last main story boss

Assuming this is normal velkuvrana larva, there's a pact in lower campunala that basically gives you a free win. Well not really, but beating it without that pact is a stupidly big difficulty spike if you just want to watch the normal end when it's first available instead of after half a dozen hours of grinding later.

> I've never used Mazes

You need to use a pact which actually has good donum on it and either the donum attack or donum defense formation. This let's you output a shitload of damage with very little effort. The bePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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