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File: 0bb12bb5dea7b4c⋯.jpg (154.74 KB, 574x544, 287:272, screenshot.1098.jpg)

965d71  No.16357740[Reply]

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5079e0  No.16371693


You realize UT wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Unreal selling well due to its campaign? Nobody bought PC games just for multiplayer in 1998. It was too unreliable.

Doom multiplayer was frequently played on the single player maps, and they weren't designed with multiplayer in mind until later patches.

ead946  No.16374395


low energy effort

13a15b  No.16374451

File: cea2bfcf5f498ba⋯.jpg (607.3 KB, 1500x1800, 5:6, fc17bfd83eae36dce0a20c88be….jpg)


>vote with your wallet sheep!

im gonna vote fuck ea. i want nothing to do with them. i dont feel like im missing out.

wait, by third party do they mean ea is renting out their star wars exclusivity? am i interpreting this right?

55ac6a  No.16374735

File: 303c00c8740e0ad⋯.gif (2.79 MB, 420x315, 4:3, 303c00c8740e0ad7a232575dcb….gif)


As for when a game was brand new, probably Burnout Revenge on OG Xbox. I did buy the GOG version of Crysis for 5 bucks about a couple of years ago.

a3bca1  No.16377847

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.




How is it that the internet, with all it's shared information and easy access studies, something that should objectively increase the worlds intelligence, is one of biggest sources of darwin award winners in history?

File: 35da252a57aa78b⋯.gif (396.95 KB, 1095x832, 1095:832, WStfg1R.gif)

43dae6  No.16370961[Reply]

>Mode 7 SNES Games in HD


Now, what are some good Mode 7 SNES games?

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d5ed0e  No.16373508


Isn't it just playing with the SNES video-chip details? I think on old hardware like that it's so separated from the other components it's easy to just "bump the internal resolution", at most you get some visual glitches but the CPU won't crash.


>caring about cycle-accuracy

The shota-enthusiast faggot byuu can fuck off, he deliberately held off implementing autosave while other emulators had it working. Not writing the saveram to disk after it's changed is No$GBA level stupid, while ZSNES, Snes9x, VBA, Desmume, Dolphin, and several others did so for ages.

I'm still waiting for his magical ideas to make the cycle-accuracy meme work with N64 emulation.

7f7c10  No.16373510


If only. Finland gave us Linus Torvalds. bsnes, while I respect it as an emulator, is from some lefty American cunt.


Actually. Some SNES games use SRAM like RAM. This is why RetroArch also defaults to disabling that behaviour because otherwise you're killing SSDs.

d5ed0e  No.16373576


>some games

>so let's not implement it for 90+% of games with saveram


>so let's ignore all HDDs

Yeah, a faggot's excuse, no surprises there.

IIRC it was a friend of byuu losing saves because of a laptop battery that convinced him to implement it. And it's some faggy "dump every X seconds" implementation. Is it now somehow devoid of the SSD killing curse?

7cf78e  No.16374638

One of the problem with auto-writing sram is that if someone loads an old save state it will overwrite their regular saves. Don't remember which you saved by last time you quit? Oops now you are fucked.

7f7c10  No.16374651


No that's normal behaviour because the SRAM is part of the system's state.

Also all emulators will write out saves on quitting if they don't do it periodically, so the issue there is if it crashes you lose saves there too. I had one insidious thought too about whether it would be possible to have it write to disk mid-saving but then if you crashed you'd have a corrupt save file.

File: 287c537abc89760⋯.png (945.84 KB, 954x672, 159:112, shaq attack.PNG)

5b400c  No.16359631[Reply]

You know what to do faggots.

We vote for

Shaq Fu

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

Barbie: Game Girl

The Rugrats Movie

Make sure to have your adblock on so they don't get a cent.

Use a throwaway email, make an account

Go to the bottom and vote for the games above.


20 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6d81fe  No.16361918


Yeah, the lobby music (and the music from that Dilbert webm) were from Robocop.

be969a  No.16361923

>shaq fu


>other human dogshit meme games

Kill yourself op. If anyone wants to waste time willingly contributing to Nintendo datamining then at least vote for good games, you fag.

51df2d  No.16374303

I guess you majority of anon here are too young to remember that Big b and Bob or Launchpad Mcquack raid. Ah well, no point trying to recreate the good old days OP. Todays generation are just a lazy fuck that doesn't now how to have fun

51df2d  No.16374332

File: e21f18571f917d2⋯.jpeg (11.43 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download.jpeg)


*Bub and Bob

Fucking autocorrect

7358d2  No.16374552

How about we don't vote for some shitty website traffic ?

File: f6c3af3866037e2⋯.jpg (333.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 3af5cc769428abe⋯.png (210.45 KB, 497x549, 497:549, pain beyond pain.png)

dfee70  No.16363396[Reply]

What are your favorite examples of vidya fraud?

With pitchford trying to make news, I just took a stroll back through time and man, I forgot how much of a gigantic shitshow Colonial Marine was. This was so much worse than Watch Dogs I can't believe I somehow forgot about this shit

58 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d7e15d  No.16368289

My favorite is Randy with Colonial Marines. It was like some showelware mod or something. He have no problem to release Borderland 2 with 6 gorillion guns and 4 playable characters and give you crap like Aliens or Duke Nukem.

And look and Memelands 3. It looks exactly same as Memelands 2. Pre-sequels at least tried to give us new enemies and gameplay. What i hate moust is how NPCs defend Memelands 3 even if it looks shit from xbox360. It should look like RAGE 2. Instead they still use their ugly style. It was good excuse for fixing their ugly Bordelands alpha. And i hate how they 150 hours long game with every line trying to be joke but fail all the time.

I hope loli porn in USB will take this hack down.

405fe7  No.16374393


Just had a playthrough recently and it happened to me a quite a few times, pretty fustrating. Really fucking pissed me off when I died to it and had to go back quite a bit.

76505e  No.16374404

File: d10f4645d10f9ca⋯.gif (449.96 KB, 943x395, 943:395, 1452470491959-1.gif)

File: a8a77e6385fb19d⋯.jpg (466.09 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DIVERSE WORLD.jpg)

2a467d  No.16374440


>Bioshock Infinite

I really hate the 3D assets in this game, every model got its polygon number cut in half if not more, it's ridiculous. It's a shame though because the setting was original.

>look for the "TheWorse" mod, or alternatively just change the .ini

I'll look into it. Thanks.

2a467d  No.16374445


>My favorite is Randy with Colonial Marines. It was like some showelware mod or something.

He stole the money that was supposed to go to the devs who were working on the game. He used that money for a Borderlands game.

File: 5077cdab855b36b⋯.jpg (33.08 KB, 610x343, 610:343, CreationEngineLogo6.jpg)

149017  No.16357137[Reply]

>use an engine made in 1997

>people complain that it's an awful engine and can't even handle basic tasks like ladders

>buy a company that's known for making game engines

>they show off new engines in new games

>keep using 20+ year old engine instead

it's like they're purposefully being incompetent

105 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cbbf66  No.16363540

buzzword buzzword buzzword

53dbf1  No.16365050


Has Bethesda ever actually fixed anything? I can't even think of a game they've made that doesn't have some form of game-breaking bug.

4911be  No.16365824


>Has Bethesda ever actually fixed anything?

No. If anything they only ever broke things more and more.

ebeffe  No.16365827


>defending bethesda



7947d5  No.16374412

File: 900b6d9ec7cbe72⋯.png (227.46 KB, 852x480, 71:40, BLOCK.png)


People still care about Bitch-esda after all they did?!

I appreciate the discussion, but pull your head out of your mouth and stop giving them the attention they don't deserve.

Have a nice day…

File: 6ebcd3008712fd4⋯.jpg (236.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Warhammer-Age-of-Sigmar-Ch….jpg)

4fe8e3  No.16356180[Reply]


So Goys Workshop are bringing their new game to the Switch, and apparently brought it to Steam last month. You play it digitally but there is a real world version and you can scan the cards which have a wierd qr style border to unlock them digitally along with booster back tokens you can share and scan and every 5 gets an ingame booster. Theres hundreds of archived booster cards to get digital booster packs and it has cross play with pc, tablet and mobile.

Is this going to be the none pozzed alternative to magic or hearthstone?

32 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b8e9d4  No.16363511


>janky/niche/stillbirth games

>surprised no one is gonna pay for them when no one fucking plays them in the first place

f2p was the least of their problems


there are just as many outright failed pay2play games if not more, in the end f2p is just a business model up to the dev/publisher to decide how retarded he wants to be. if anything f2p helps those games more having at least some activity instead of bombing right out of the game when no one wants to pay 20+ bucks on a dead multiplayer game (meanwhile shit like atlas probably made it's money back already)

>Tribes was particularly painful to lose

I really don't get why people are surprised what happened with tribes, that shit was obvious from a mile away. niche game with high skill ceiling run by company with shit track record, ofc it will be mishandled and milked hard if it doesn't bring in the dosh they expect, and tribes being tribes, how could it? tribes only chance was piggybacking on a popular game as mod, but no one does mods anymore in this timeline.

also, wasn't there a not!tribes indie fps that died outright because no one played it?

cb45db  No.16363555


>age of shiggy, the edition that wipes the whole setting for the sake of stricter copyright protection


So which rock were you living under for the past five years?

cb45db  No.16363561


>also, wasn't there a not!tribes indie fps that died outright because no one played it?

Several, the most recent being Midair which died because the devs decided that taking the most retarded part of T:A and amplifying it would be a good idea.

c787d9  No.16363575

As a card game, it's sorta complicated, but not overly so. It's like Magic if it forced itself to stay within the playmat and not involve a hundred token creatures. Each faction is fairly different, which is nice, although I don't really feel like having undead commanders really feels like an army of undead. Their other game, Lightseekers, is much better in terms of strategy possibilities, but it's in a kid-friendly format, so I don't know how successful that one is.

e795c0  No.16374407

Champions is fucking shit, also I bet most of the faggots here are American


>No Skarsnik Ripoff

except there is

File: f5e3da417abb11b⋯.gif (992.07 KB, 245x239, 245:239, Eric.gif)

File: 29ae62e239f6565⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 300x167, 300:167, 1513200850474.gif)

1c607e  No.16361791[Reply]

Eric Sparrow still remains one of the most hateable vidya villains. Even now, no game has ever motivated me to unlock an alternate ending more than Tony Hawk's Underground. Where the player punches him in the face instead of doing the final mission.

382550  No.16361825






e6e8e6  No.16373931

File: 7636c8abdd72de8⋯.jpg (83.86 KB, 1020x549, 340:183, eric.jpg)


Not to mention his appearance in THUG2 has him taking more humility than a naked politician on the street.

It's karmic and pretty satisfying…

084341  No.16374211

Sparrow did nothing wrong. The PC from THUG was a jackass for trusting him after that helicopter stunt and decided to get into the tank with a drunk Eric. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

File: fd2abc578b6d60f⋯.jpg (149.47 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, You aren't the K pop band ….jpg)

02596a  No.16365768[Reply]

from first productions beginning in 2003, to the released on FFXIII starting a shitshow that last till now in 2009 its been a long, strange trip thats finally over.

With rumours suggesting Yoshi P is making a 4 player high fantasy FFXVII as a monhun meets PSO semi online drop in drop out small player multiplayer game does this mean the next stage of Final Fantasy is going to be worse or better?

At least the Lightning saga is finally dead. Its over. She's done.

8 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8c2fd7  No.16366497


>Hating on XII

t. nigger who only played FFVII

7a4e9b  No.16366517

File: 0fbe94d691a17da⋯.jpg (32.37 KB, 499x338, 499:338, 0fbe94d691a17da00e4ca2449a….jpg)


>Final fantasy 8


2932a0  No.16366655


t. player who has gone from IV to unfortunately XII

<Inb4 niggers that claim that ff1 was the best

That shit has a worse grinding system that any nippon ichi game, At least them have fun play mechanics and story

FFXIII has none of that, it was just fancy graphics for its time with an edgy wanna be deep story, that set the record for the shit of the future FF

Again, shit taste kid

c9b289  No.16366820


Might wanna brush up on your roman numerals next time.

cc8f00  No.16374060


>With rumours suggesting Yoshi P is making a 4 player high fantasy FFXVII as a monhun meets PSO semi online drop in drop out small player multiplayer game

I'd play it, and I've got friends I could play it with. But for a mainline game I want a more traditional JRPG done with a budget, and without the fucking shithouse writing. Something with the pace and style of IV but with modern presentation would be nice.



I played a bit of it but I could not stand the "main" character. Fucking Squeenix fuck ups.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4dbe55  No.16373378[Reply]

The example I have in mind is Valdis Story. You visit four villages in the game, three story related and one optional. And in two of those story related ones, you get some sort of hint that things are not going well for the town. Eventually if you are negligent in backtracking to them(or just using them as an interim tram system location), you can end up not knowing about the problem as it arises and the next time you visit them the entire town is abandoned or you find the villagers corpses and the only thing you get is a text box wondering where everyone is, and this music. It has an effect on gameplay too, you can miss out on shops, or have the villages harm you over time because of the frost, or even miss out on the secondary affinity weapons.

So I'm wondering, what are some games where big world changing events are basically missable side-quests that you could ignore or not even be aware of their existence?

95ccbe  No.16373385

Xenoblade I guess? There's a whole mechanic about rebuilding a village. It has a unique interface, needs tons of materials, makes the village actually rebuild in game and gives you exclusive shit, but I don't think even seeing the setup of it is mandatory.

1b18d6  No.16373531


I'll give it a shot. Anything else?

099dd5  No.16373734



>Xenoblade I guess?

God did i hate this it was grindy shit and boring as hell play dark cloud they did it so much better.

95ccbe  No.16373786


I don't know if I would recommend to play it for said sidequest though. When you play Xenoblade, you're here for the main story. There are tons of sidequests but they're very cookie cutter, grindy and unengaging. Which is a bit baffling given how amazing the main story is.

File: b9cf4cb565aa4e9⋯.jpg (203.73 KB, 640x480, 4:3, bjkz.jpg)

File: 6dfcddcacda9b8d⋯.jpg (18.25 KB, 400x203, 400:203, pokemon logo.jpg)

65942b  No.16373739[Reply]

Platformers, Monster Collecting RPGs, Trading Card Games, etc.

What are your favorite (or recommend) games that have collecting mechanics or aspects to them?

Maybe it's my undiagnosed autism, but games where the act of collecting different items, monsters, etc. is itself satisfying and actually rewards you for going out of your way to collect everything makes me feel a sense of completeness that certain other genres don't really give me.

>completing a bestiary of monsters you've fought/caught

>getting unique item for collecting and/or completing all quests in a game

>seeing a "100%" on your save file

>eye candy animations, sprites, etc. i.e. anxiously watching your pokeball to see if you'll capture the pokemon

These things give me a raging hard-on.

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cc852b  No.16365511[Reply]



>Uses a custom SSD to load 19 times faster

>Backwards compatible with all PS4 games, and the PSVR surprisingly

>Some titles -AKA The Last of Us Part 2 and Death Stranding no doubt- will launch simultaneously on both systems

>A focus on much greater audio quality to increase immersion

>Custom GPU to support ray tracing for lighting and audio

>The CPU is based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen line and contains eight cores of the company’s new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture.

>The gold standard experience will be using high quality headphones

>Not coming in 2019

Not exactly shocking but boy i bet this will see PS4 become another 'well the new one makes it totally worthless' console that fills up the back rooms of game stores like the sp1 and gamecube did back in the day.

305 posts and 85 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

647bab  No.16372296


Fifth gen gave rise to one of my favorite genres, being 3D platformers. However, 2D ones didn't die. Fifth gen also was a great time for experimental games, just like Third gen was as well, with the NES mainly, but also 8-bit home computers at the time. RPGs, as well. While the popular fourth gen series did go to shit at this time, plenty of new ones were born. Sixth gen then proceeded to kill both, as well as puzzle games that weren't named "Puyo Puyo" and "Tetris" and anything even remotely experimental. and RPGs? Fucking dead, never to recover.

The three main consoles from the Fifth gen are worth owning because they have plenty of damn good games. I cannot say that about a single one of the Sixth gen consoles.

a94508  No.16372301



6db175  No.16372458


You're misattributing a lot of those things to sixth gen when it was fifth gen that did most of the damage. Sixth gen for the most part only did the killing blow. And while there was a lot of great experimentation in fifth gen, most of the dirty shit from sixth gen on originated in some part from fifth gen. I doubt that narrative focused games would be as popular as they are now if it wasn't for the influence of games like OoT.

647bab  No.16372485


You can trace narrative-driven shit to the fourth gen but I know what you mean, and you're not wrong in that regard. My point is, however, that despite the damage done, fifth gen was the last to have a decent supply of good games whereas sixth gen directly killed two of my favorite genres.

e1e134  No.16373607

File: ed0025966eb9193⋯.jpg (54.02 KB, 413x395, 413:395, 4788681b6fb5e45cd5091a774c….jpg)


Games retard

File: dc1f7b53defe001⋯.jpg (8.43 KB, 237x213, 79:71, index.jpg)

File: 0ea29f80fb9a074⋯.jpg (127.75 KB, 877x473, 877:473, MGS2-Feature.jpg)

File: e7586ec888c6a79⋯.jpg (30.01 KB, 355x355, 1:1, 81 ADe1b9eL._SY355_.jpg)

35bf98  No.16373474[Reply]

Bonus points if it's grounded in reality and/or using existing and up and coming military technology.

abe6d5  No.16373478

File: 315300ef59b9c37⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 686b891cfcd6b72⋯.jpg (363.02 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, Yoshiiiiiiiii.jpg)

6037d7  No.16365987[Reply]

Thoughts? Can I enjoy this as a 23 year old?

23 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cd5692  No.16373465


>new super rehash bros (bowser dickgirl edition)

>not casual

Fucking christ mate.

417d52  No.16373475

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



i dont think i can enjoy it and it hurts me a little, id consider getting it if it werent for that music. they can do better.

1ad025  No.16373481

Why the fuck couldn't you? Jesus, your op is borderline cuckchan tier because how low effort it is.

7fc542  No.16376872

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Really love this one. So relaxing, starts off childish but then the strings kick in.

f2ccb7  No.16379493


Anon it's just a stock Mario game. Its not more "Casual" then SMB3 or SMBW.

File: a58a93057f6463f⋯.jpg (345.27 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, mountandblade.jpg)

d56d3e  No.16371698[Reply]

NEVER EVER edition

Discuss all things M&B here


>When is Bannerlord coming out?

They still haven't mentioned a date but they're still frequently updating their blog

>How do I become a lord?

Find a kingdom at war and repeatedly ask the king to give you tasks, eventually he'll ask you to become a mercenary and you can participate in big battles as well as raid villages/caravans without losing reputation. This will give you the resources and renown you need to eventually become a lord, ask the king when you have 200+ renown and he'll grant you a fief.

>How do I make money?

If you already have money find the guild master in each city and start a productive enterprise there, usually velvet is the most profitable but costs 10K denars to start up.

If you don't have money but are a mercenary/lord raid caravans and villages from the kingdom you're at war with.

If you don't have money and aren't a mercenary/lord head to the coast near Rivacheg and fight sea raiders, sell all of their equipment. You can make a little more by using blunt weapons if you have prisoner management, sell them to slavers at taverns.

>What are the best units?

Nord Huscarls are the best infantry, Rhodok Sharpshooters are best ranged units, Swadian Knights and Sarranid Mamlukes are the best heavy cavalry, and Khergit Veteran Horse Archers are the best mounted ranged units. Vaegir units are all good but they aren't really the best at anything. Also, they're all more powerful than their wages suggest which means they're a waste in autocalc, so if you're looking to stock up a castle with a bunch of men to deter invaders while you're away just give it a ton of recruits/peasants/etc.

What modules do you use? I'm looking for one that doesn't add a ton of bloat but keeps the variety of native. Floris adds a ton of unnecessary equipment, much of which looks the same, while Viking Conquest/1257AD/Gekokujo have the issue where all the environments anPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

fab331  No.16371824

I foolishly bought M&B vanilla years ago so pirated Warband. Its only release version, is that a problem?

071ace  No.16371848

File: 9ef3d6db3238baa⋯.png (260.67 KB, 481x686, 481:686, 1555048219489.png)

I miss multiplayer, that game really died.

d56d3e  No.16372689


Most modules require the most recent version but you're fine if you're playing vanilla.

60e8bd  No.16373398

File: 1b0da59b454ef31⋯.jpg (15.32 KB, 256x388, 64:97, NOW.jpg)

bannerlord release

bannerlord now


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