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File: 4f5f980a5351388⋯.jpg (106.6 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, statuetop.jpg)

e74db8  No.16403378[Reply]

Do you miss the old S4 league days? Do you miss how the game looked and played pre-2010? Do you miss playing the open beta with /v/ 10 years ago? Or are you just someone curious who decided to open this thread for whatever reason?

Wanna have a try in a server without any pay to win bullshit, where everyone is fighting as equals in terms of equipment - meaning that your skill level is the only determining factor for victory?

You actually can, and it doesn't require anything else than downloading the client and an in-game first log-in kind of registration.

Join us at s4max, /v/! We had great fun playing with anons from cuckchan for the three past months.


>No pay-to-win cash shop

>No donations

>Just the game

>no lag issues (almost)

>custom maps and costumes like 2B's outfit

>no working chaser mode yet

If you want to play with /v/, check the game or the catalog around these hours. The room you're looking for is :


Password : VYDYA

It's not RAGE since trannies from the discord heard about it, we had to change it sadly.

I don't know if the room is up or not, but I'd like to discuss the game with you anons nonetheless. Also making some people who maybe weren't already aware of this Have this link containing the entire soundtrack from the original game, in supposedly better quality than the youtube rips : https://www.mediafire.com/file/613n9486rda0d2n/

Literally no more excuses eSpers faggots.

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0c7ddc  No.16628703

File: 47b3ec92d0cd035⋯.jpg (225.8 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, S4_20190623_224240.jpg)

They're stealing our fun!

But the joke's on them, there's no fun in S4. There's only salt and revolvers.

af9a66  No.16629504

What's going on right now anyway? It's been pretty quiet this weekend. Are people away?

bab7c8  No.16630244

File: 0c4428387fcc023⋯.png (379.13 KB, 376x712, 47:89, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm here for the waifu experience.

Rate my girl-next-door tomboy.

4efb47  No.16631693


Perfect cutie

59c494  No.16634750


i'm busy dodging emails and slinging out essays

remember to drop out of school kids

File: 4cf2d5aabb4dc11⋯.png (1.91 MB, 882x1254, 147:209, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 569f5d94d6797df⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 610769e3487616c⋯.png (680.47 KB, 600x743, 600:743, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8db539ac0065c25⋯.png (5.12 MB, 1871x1118, 1871:1118, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a66210945f3b3de⋯.png (702.63 KB, 742x1077, 742:1077, ClipboardImage.png)

64da0e  No.16631602[Reply]





<OHCHR updated their page to note the comments they received about how their definition of CP would end up criminalizing fiction

https://archive.fo/pu3y7 (Official responses: anonfile.com/F0O8J6d8nc/Japan_docx | /E9P1J6d2ne/JSSCC_docx | /z7p9S2t2na/USA_pdf | /1fp0S8t7n3/Austria_docx)

>Everyone shits bricks due to THQN AA (https://archive.fo/ZiGjz)

archive.fo/Mt06T | TbxAT | BIUsv

>Nick Rekieta started a GoFundMe for Vic Mignogna's legal fees, which has since passed its initial $100K goal and now has a $200K goal

http://archive.is/OyZSy | https://archive.vn/Zcbo5


>Military Squadron Commander charged for lolicon


Sony censorship master list: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/sony-ps4-censorship-policy-censored-games/

Steam censorship master list: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/steam-waifu-holocaust-2-0-banned-game-list/

>YouTube will begin a giant purge of its site to remove videos supporting white supremacy, conspiracy theories and Nazis

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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b1d3b8  No.16642057

File: 8de5e089bb41ae2⋯.png (392.76 KB, 708x863, 708:863, ClipboardImage.png)


>Note sweeny says "to compete with steam" and not "to benefit consumers and developers"

I mean suppose that Steam isn't viable for some bullshit reason, what will Epic do? Continue being the same shit? Be somehow worse shit? Collapse from lack of money? Never heard a word from Epic about how their store could or would improve.

>That's not news, it's been known since late 2016.

Just bringing it up in reference to the current censorship going on now.


I could bake, but I have a dumb theme in mind? Care for "Españita" Edition?

d08b6f  No.16642073

File: 7dafa7e27bfc67b⋯.png (768.12 KB, 974x1506, 487:753, mexihus3.png)

File: 021b22d5ed7950e⋯.jpg (117.83 KB, 850x919, 850:919, mexihus7.jpg)

File: 1bab1359abcb30c⋯.jpg (33.06 KB, 665x574, 95:82, mexican_am_i_retarded_in _….jpg)

File: 5a2a1df3b61d7d4⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1357x1920, 1357:1920, 0032.jpg)

File: cc59d3c96a63f4f⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1357x1920, 1357:1920, 0033.jpg)


Make it so.

f7a358  No.16642076


>Only Exclusive Deals Can Combat Steam

I'm pretty sure marketing and better service could combat steam. But why the fuck would I expect that from someone who decided to launch a digital storefront without a god damn shopping cart or a fucking search bar

b1d3b8  No.16642077





























>>16642074Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

2fbac5  No.16642100


>language evolution is perversion

Jealousy is zealous envy

File: 599452ffead5481⋯.jpg (174.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190513185903_1.jpg)

0dc4ef  No.16492681[Reply]

>I'm completely new, where do I start?

Learn the Kana. Start with Hiragana and then move on to Katakana. Yes, you need both, and yes stroke order is important. Use Realkana or Kana Invaders for spaced repetition. Alternatively, you can use the Anki deck, but I'd recommend the first two. Tae Kim has a Kana diagram on his website, and you can use KanjiVG for pretty much any character.

>Alright, I know the Kana. Now what?

You have to learn vocabulary and grammar in order to speak and understand the language. Studying both simultaneously will get you understanding things faster. Vocabulary can be learned through just studying words, although some people like studying kanji on their own too. There are grammar guides such as Tae Kim that can get you started quickly, but they won't have everything you need so consult multiple sources as you go.

>Well this is great and everything, but I still need more help

Ask in this thread.

Threadly reminder:


Don't come to tell us about Duolingo, we know that it exists and it is generally frowned upon for using a contrascientific new-aged hippie didactic philosophy, and is designed feel as effortless as possible, even at the expense of actually learning anything.


>DJT site, this is a great place to start:


>[Anki and Decks]

Anki: https://apps.ankiweb.net/

Core 2k/6k: https://mega.nz/#!QIQywAAZ!g6wRM6KvDVmLxq7X5xLrvaw7HZGyYULUkT_YDtQdgfU

Core2k/6k content: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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f624d1  No.16628744

I came upon something weird while browsing Nipnet.


Does that even make sense? How would you translate that into English?

Here's the full paragraph:


Source is http://note.kurodigi.com/linux-distro-2016/, scroll down to Vine Linux.

f624d1  No.16628773


Eh, I split that wrong. It should've been 「ならでは かと 思います。」

No such thing as 「ではかと」

Ignore that post.

b222da  No.16630086


ならでは is used to mean that something is applicable only to something. The かと思う in this sentence is pretty much just a somewhat less direct/firm と思う. He thinks that the prior statement is really only possible with a Japanese-made distro. Probably that otherwise they won't have to capacity to handle Japanese language feedback and such.


It's a lot like どころじゃない here. Nevermind our luck going sour, we've already hit luck's rock bottom, have we not? Whether it's the luck going rotten or anything else, it matters not because it already can't get any worse. For future reference, by the way, had you tried searching just 何も and you would have found information for it. Try variations of what might be something of a set expression, especially with these basic types of words, because sometimes dictionaries and stuff will give you a (…も何も…の形で) sort of entry.

a79819  No.16630954


Let me share the last lookup that actually fucked me up for the first time in years. The phrase: こんなのってないよ

I mean, web search got me the answer I needed (it's like "this is a no [from me]" or "this should not be" but that's too formal; and can be naturally interpreted as "no fair" or "this is awful/wrong/嫌!" depending on what's being complained about and how whiny the person is being; I went with something wordier that I kinda regret now, but OTOH it made it sad, which fit the mood).

But I didn't run across this usage in my usual references until later when I found similar meanings under それ and それは, and even then, not under the kokugo dictionaries, but in JE dictionaries (and databases).

I mean, I'd gone as far as checking こういう, そういう, and そんな the first time, but . So I hope this will save at least one of you some trouble. You never know how something is going to slip through the cracks, but do take the shotgun approach anyway.

b222da  No.16634487


That's not a set expression or anything, but I could see having some trouble ascertaining that meaning of ない from the entries of the dictionaries I usually use, although in all likelihood I would think the context should be pretty helpful in making up for that usually. On occasion I do find a word I wish they were a little more in-depth with. Japanese Wiktionary actually has some perfectly fine entries for it though. If you want to see ある used in mirror-fashion watch Lucky Star, あるある was practically something of a minor catchphrase of (anime) Tsukasa's as I remember and probably my first experience of ある・ない being used like that.

File: 7d15e956447afca⋯.jpg (278.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Persona 5.jpg)

File: 0835ab3276f9c13⋯.jpg (274.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, TMS #FE.jpg)

File: 74d29cd38a94379⋯.mp4 (2.75 MB, 508x360, 127:90, Space Channel 5.mp4)

File: 404ffc03db9ad7d⋯.png (13.29 KB, 272x208, 17:13, 92727-game-over-zx-spectru….png)

File: b22730cfef06e8c⋯.gif (1.55 MB, 400x225, 16:9, s2Y0wZc.gif)

dd7634  No.16625292[Reply]

Give me games that have striking visual appeal and no rough edges.

I don't give a fuck how shit the game is. I want a fully fleshed out art style and I want it clean, only top professional work. Doesn't matter the age or platform, just any and all games that fit this criteria.

36 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

266570  No.16634401

Risk of Rain 1 (inb4 muh roughedge pixels)

Betrayer (no idea what that shit is, got it with a humble bundle ages ago, but it looks stylish)

Star Control 2

Another World (it's ALL rough edges, but the game is stylish and beautiful in a sense

Blackthorne (early Blizzard, the graphics are amazing)

There was also some old game with the best parallax scrolling in the world, but I forgot it.

2d46e7  No.16634403



my nigger. unironically one of my top 5 games of all time. it was just prince of persia with a shotgun but that's definitely enough for me

1141da  No.16634430



Holy shit, I remember playing that on a buddy's PC in DOS back in they day. He had just gotten his first computer and invited me over.


Still remember backing against walls and going through waterfalls.

266570  No.16634434

File: 9fb18250248c7dc⋯.png (23.16 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 22-1.png)


Space ork shotgun duels were a dealmaker for me.

Also, to this thread: Scorched Earth 1.50.

It's hardly even beautiful, but the overall design I like very much, and it does its job extremely well. Also, where the fuck are all the good screenshots of this game.

b721f2  No.16634467


agreed. The game has a great visual style but god fucking damn it, I hate the concept of it being dice rolling for fucking basic attacks.

File: 9a6cfdfa84c3b69⋯.png (19.7 KB, 162x147, 54:49, ss (2019-06-14 at 12.22.37….png)

a78ddf  No.16605317[Reply]

I have attempted to play and enjoy Space Station 13 for several months now and it has brought me only salt and sadness.

What video game do I move on to now? I hear Barotrauma is "like" SS13 but the way people describe games as being "like" dark souls or being a rogue"like," I'm incredibly wary of it. Maybe I could try one of the other autistic shitfits on byond?

28 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8ed68c  No.16631230

File: 21e48e14ca8b22a⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 320x184, 40:23, laughingseifer.gif)


>Is that on the Epic Games store?

c8993e  No.16632363


there is this game on steam called xcom: ufo defense. play on at least genius and you'll have fun

9bc517  No.16633849


>How the fuck is nobody able to recreate little shitty games made from 20+ years ago with the same amount of details and depth? SS13 and UO come to mind. Fuck this shitty industry.

Answer is a combination of the following:

1) Due to a variety of factors, programming as a profession used to only attract people who really loved it and were really good at it. Now this is no longer the case.

2) In order to support mediocre programmers as the baseline employee, the software industry (including games) is built around high level languages and middleware which makes it slower for good programmers to make stuff. This reliance also causes a lot of interoperability bugs in general, that programmers have to spend time fixing.

3) OS and hardware are both more bloated, also making everything take longer.

4) Programming conventions have evolved in such a way that values "pretty code" over "functional code," and this sensibility is conferred to students at uni. Quickly hacking something together so it works used to be a virtue, now it's a vice (unless you are "prototyping").

But you're right, if you wanted to clone a game that took 2 years to make in 1992, today it might be double or triple the time.

An unrelated reason is the market has changed. Games used to be made a lot more artistically/playfully, and now the core features are driven or at least approved by marketing and sales teams. But consider that some of the studios that made the best games of the 90s (Black Isle, Bullfrog, Origin, etc) all went out of business in the early 2000s. This might have been due to the publisher/developer relationship and lack of mature digital distribution model at the time, but for whatever reason, as soon as games became big business and mass market the "winners" were the ones caring about ROI above everything else. And the "winners" bought up the "losers" or drove them out of business – losers being those studios who cared slightly less about ROI, just wanted to make good games and pay salaries. And the current economic Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

bf45be  No.16633950

>/tg/ is now tranny station

>8ch server is forever stagnant with a very mediocre low population and none of the autists there seem to realize that ss13 is a high pop game where you're supposed to have a functioning bustling station and not a half-abandoned hub of little autism projects

I threw the towel already.

517e82  No.16634164


>2) In order to support mediocre programmers as the baseline employee, the software industry (including games) is built around high level languages and middleware which makes it slower for good programmers to make stuff. This reliance also causes a lot of interoperability bugs in general, that programmers have to spend time fixing.

but ss13 is made on byond. so this factor is mostly irrelavent.

File: 001d8ce8bea2358⋯.jpg (230.29 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, Real-Ways-to-Make-Money-fr….jpg)

7e2a0b  No.16599109[Reply]

does anyone else get this?

>paying for a game makes me lose interest in it very fast but pirating a game makes me play it for hours on end

for some reason when i pay for a game i tend to play it sparingly but when i pirate the game i play it way more

76 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c8d2b9  No.16615258


>i can't stand playing a game more than 30 minutes

so doesn't that prove that really you're tricking yourself into thinking the games are worth it with the idea that I paid for it so I'll sit and bear with

That's like watching a shitty movie just because you bought it. Unless you're a movie/game reviewer that makes no fucking sense.

>Try only buying games you enjoy legit.

And how do you buy games that you will enjoy legit if its a brand new game?

What about shit like that fucking Half-life spinoff that was completely broken? It would attract those who genuinely liked the Half-life series but is trash.

153988  No.16616999


>buy brand new game

You don't. You never do that.

38ea50  No.16617024

File: 7c89751560e63b0⋯.jpg (123.16 KB, 336x422, 168:211, 56776324_p0.jpg)


Maybe some weird mental reaction of your brain thinking it needs to "preserve" the fun you can get out of the game, thus only making you want to play sparingly?

I dunno man, maybe you're just weird.

b8581f  No.16634121

I just don't even buy games anymore unless there's some online component that I care about, or I want to support the devs.

When basically any game you want is free, you realize the true price of a game is the time you invest in it, so I've actually found myself pirating and playing less games just because I could be doing something more productive, but it still feels very satisfying to try out that one special game that comes along occasionally, all for free. It feels even better to pirate a terrible game, get a few hours in and realize I just dodged a bullet.

476f9c  No.16634155


>I just don't even buy games anymore unless there's some online component that I care about

Funny i am exact opposite of that, i don't buy games relying on online components at all because nowadays you have to pay up additional fee to access online on modern gaming devices.

File: 05477986737b08a⋯.png (698.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190609-122332.png)

File: 3c64c6523e7f88a⋯.mp4 (6.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Just in case if it gets de….mp4)

c45247  No.16587422[Reply]

What's next for this game series? Perhaps it's time for Shu Takumi to ditch the Ace Attorney formula and start working on others projects as a writer, because he clearly has a talent for it. See Ghost Trick for example. In my opinion, DGS had an extremely great atmosphere thanks to the visuals and the music and had potential to tell a great story if it wasn't restrained by the… too formulaic Ace Attorney setting.

Ideally, I'd like Athena to have a real game centered on her and for Phoenix to officially retire and have kids with Maya as a form of closure to the series, allowing Takumi to start anew.

Also on a kinda related note, if you weren't already aware of this. If some of you niggers are too poor to either own a cracked 3ds or a computer strong enough to run Citra and The Great Ace Attorney, and you happen to own a botnet Android phone, then you'll be relieved to learn that the translated and cracked apk is now free of any performance issues and working flawlessly.

Download the apk from here : https://mega.nz/#F!kll2VaqC!sl_D0JX43hen5bH6d3mAOQ

Then follow the simple steps from the video here, sorry for the mobile link by the way : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0WdHE0JQvyw&feature=youtu.be

I've uploaded it directly if you don't want to go on YouTube, see video related. Might be low quality though

Forgot to mention, but you'll need the Lucky Patcher app to do like that guy in the video. It's easy to find.

Phoenix Wright in smash ultimate when?

44 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6b0cef  No.16633359

File: 1d5baeadc72974b⋯.png (3.59 MB, 1980x1080, 11:6, the real mystery.png)

One day… we'll know all about these girl secrets.

968bdb  No.16633418


the secret is her pantsu

a27102  No.16633674


>implying she wears pantsu

217691  No.16633778


That's her secret.

a27102  No.16633931

File: 9ae5fe799eb15b0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 511.81 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 49270382bcd9133a62994de586….jpg)


I'm gonna expose her. literally

File: 2c2b4def6dc2acd⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 3570x2550, 7:5, TGCtism.jpg)

c79162  No.16621531[Reply]

What's this all about?

Fullderp is a game where one of us declares himself the champ and takes a ragtag team of six Pokémon assembled by anons into an online competitive Pokémon battling simulator.

To quote one of Showdown's mods…

>@MacChaeger: None of these people are youtubers

>@MacChaeger: They impersonate verlis to to gain notoriety and attract new members

>@MacChaeger: These people regularly trick others into getting locked

>@MacChaeger: this is the single most toxic group of players on PS

How does it work?

When the current champ calls "new champ", the first poster to claim it is our champ. The first six legal Pokémon suggested once champ has been claimed or "new team" has been called will be the team our champ uses to battle.

Suggesters are not to make multiple suggestions for a team unless 15 minutes have passed since their last suggestion, or unless the champ specifically asks for resuggests.

The champ will be battling in Gen 7 OU unless he specifies otherwise.

Can I give the champ something?

Of course. If we've got a champ, feel free to come in and watch and give him something when he calls for a new team. No experience necessary, and everything's done in-browser.


The Rules:

Failure to follow the rules will result in IMPEACHMENT and/or BULLYING.

1. The champ cannot forfeit or intentionally throw a match.

2. The champ may not edit a set without the suggester's permission.

3. All Pokémon must be nicknamed.

4. The champ is not allowed to timer stall.

5. If someone resuggests before 15 minutes have passed since their last suggest, the champ must ignore it.

6. The champ should replace rPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

524 posts and 61 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

aba779  No.16641206

aba779  No.16641266

aba779  No.16641285

aba779  No.16641296

aba779  No.16641319

File: ef10ee7dd881213⋯.jpg (232.02 KB, 1581x900, 527:300, IMG_20190526_114121.jpg)

3b599c  No.16507836[Reply]

What are you playing on your Switch anons?

I'm going to start New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

302 posts and 108 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e315a8  No.16632674

File: 3a363dc6a665441⋯.jpg (53.52 KB, 720x610, 72:61, cheers.jpg)


You know thats part of an act right? In reality he's a condescending,miserable fuck.

292e84  No.16632689

File: 3f36199cfc87735⋯.jpg (42.39 KB, 630x650, 63:65, 3f36199cfc8773536153320b80….jpg)

c52810  No.16632895


>mario kart 8

>tropical damage control

>pokken tournament

>bayonetta 2


>hyrule warriors

>captain toad


>street fighter 2

>fire emblem warriors

>monster hunter generations

all on either wiiu, 3ds, or in the case of sf2 on everything

people need to learn what exclusive means

ec05c1  No.16633138


Right now an update is about to hit that is buffing performance in every game but only patreons have that now.

Right now on my shit used 200 usd pc I am getting 30 fps constant in mario odyssey.

The next update will add dynamic fps so it could be somewhat playable at lower fps.

586e99  No.16633884

No games, just fiddled around in Breath of the Wild, I'm expecting the sequel to disappoint, when it eventually comes out in 2022. Great idea for a system, build quality is very low, it's quite clear it was rushed, the lack of customization for the SoC is legitimately painful, and there is a significant lack of games.


Use your second joycon and play as cappy, it makes this very easy, but still a pain in the ass.

File: 301a36aae5551e5⋯.jpg (9.35 KB, 300x168, 25:14, proxy.duckduckgo-5.jpg)

File: ce4106def2949f4⋯.jpg (56.93 KB, 690x390, 23:13, proxy.duckduckgo-6.jpg)

17d936  No.16610448[Reply]

So is this the future of gaming now? Developers are so out of ideas they will just remake the same game that gave them their success to begin with. I have a feeling this will become the way of the movie 'sequels' in that older, more enjoyable games will just get a fancy remake instead of developing a newer game that isn't as recognizable.

Though I was excited for Destroy All Humans I doubt it will be much different than the original other than the graphics. They even seem to be using the same voice clips from the original. I'll still play it, but if that version wasn't coming out I'd still end up playing the original because it was good.

Do you have a favorite?

What game will you like to see get remade?

192 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c8ee5e  No.16628908

Since they're remaking Spongebob BFBB, I'd love to see a remake of The Movie Game. People shit on the movie game nowadays, and probably for good reason, but its still a comfy game. Maybe they could straight up do a remagining, but that might be too much work for an old movie tie-in game.

cd357c  No.16628918

>Developers are out of ideas

You're a fucking retard you know that?

1. They're not "out of ideas" they're going with what's safe. You know what's safe? Sequels and remakes of popular games

2. Nobody wants to buy original IPs

3. Nobody wants to risk money on original IPs

4. Why work harder than you need to when a remake/sequel is just as good? Re use assets, polish them up, boom you're done. Tripwire hasn't made an original IP EVER and yet they are touted for… something I'm sure.

ee41f0  No.16629042


Its the outcome of having a billion dollar industry with greedy investors. Doesn't matter how little shitty remakes and sequels get, doesn't matter how many garbage cookie cutter games get spewed out, doesn't matter how many customers get drawn away from a shitty game with nothing but mindless loot farming and microtransactions. AAA games have fallen into a slump they will never get out of since they have sold their soul for short term profits. AAA games will get worse and worse with less and less consumers and they won't change until the very end. Its why no matter how cancer it is, the indie and small dev team scene is what little future there is for games.

109197  No.16633757

>is this the future of gaming now?

No, it's the future of everything. Taking the "safe" option by rehashing the same old shit over and over again is proven profitable, and literally every company only takes "safe" options unless they're headed by someone who is quite certainly insane. Unfortunately, all media companies aren't headed by any one person, but a board of directors that are inevitably old white men who can't understand anything but maximizing the next quarter's profits.

6c8cfe  No.16633820

A lot of indie games have original ideas, even if the game sucks. Big companies tend to just stay on the safe side with the "sure things".

File: 28db0467b469acd⋯.jpg (300.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3 hundred and 30 dollars.jpg)

89d67d  No.16585920[Reply]

>Midgar only

>Expanded to 30+ hours

>Problematic content removed or changed

>Voice actors

>New battle system


Who here is going to shell out 300+ dollars for every new episodes special edition?

345 posts and 71 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e35ae0  No.16629117


>Terrorists fighting against big corporations

>Bioweapons and /cyber/ material

>Environmentalist message about protecting the planet

I'm not even sure. First thought was Tekkaman but that doesn't fit the first bill.


I think it's only been like 3 or 4 threads.

3518ab  No.16632199


Checking based savage blackpill dubs of truth. SJWs are having the literal time of their lives in which their fight goes more and more to their favor every day, whilst we remain suffering and will be bred out ad Generation Z becomes overwhelmingly SJW.

Is there and reason we shouldn't kill ourselves /v/ros?

74e213  No.16633815


>Is there and reason we shouldn't kill ourselves /v/ros?

You haven't played all the good old videogames.

000000  No.16633826

No tifa tits, no buy.

74e213  No.16637879


If they make adult Tifa a loli, I will buy this game.

File: 7d8f94bbd0f6452⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 2470x2890, 247:289, 2aa080d99675136a4c4f4d6ecc….jpg)

File: 0d87e48f57e1003⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 3136x2948, 784:737, 2ffba59387e3bf4a2da15ac149….jpg)

File: 63f154ecfd3f23d⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1788x2313, 596:771, 63f154ecfd3f23dff86489b4a9….png)

File: 081b66130e81eae⋯.jpg (323.34 KB, 629x883, 629:883, 343_ruined_halo.jpg)

File: cb0f3448d765751⋯.png (107.66 KB, 989x1280, 989:1280, 1475731241.eliotak_mixingb….png)

ada972  No.16564262[Reply]

So, what the fuck was that shit that we saw on stage?!?

212 posts and 53 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

71d182  No.16630265

File: fe4ebfc7fa59899⋯.jpeg (33.51 KB, 640x388, 160:97, A5F1668F-C0D5-4139-9AB8-3….jpeg)


That's because the series was developed with a controller in mind. I think, if you want to see what Halo is all about but can't stand the movement of the games, see about playing through the Marathon series. It's pretty much a precurser to it all, and Bungie, themselves, consider Halo to be a remake of Marathon.


9e17ec  No.16630289


>The campaigns have optional co-op

Can't wait to play this with my potato buddies!

434a27  No.16630368


Don't be so lewd anon

92b7bf  No.16630481


I believe in the superiority of mankind through badass space marines and round, bouncy T&A.

434a27  No.16633800


What about with intercourse with xeno

File: e67d36ddab512c1⋯.png (214.46 KB, 786x690, 131:115, Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at ….png)

File: d61cc7385b90c0c⋯.png (683.92 KB, 1210x909, 1210:909, Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at ….png)

File: 7815fd098e84edd⋯.png (302.55 KB, 1597x917, 1597:917, Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at ….png)

009de7  No.16631177[Reply]

Someone on Philly Game Mechanics got his link to a certain video deleted on Slack as it "violated code of conduct." The video in question is TheQuartering's "Cyberpunk 2077 Was Anita's Last Chance! It's Over!", which is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNTRbis9WHw. Philly Game Mechanics' Code of Conduct is available online at http://www.phillygamemechanics.com/codeofconduct/. The screenshot of the top portion of it is included for peek. Did the video really violate its Code of Conduct?

22 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3e7369  No.16633362

File: 6a56b300f4750a3⋯.jpg (174.01 KB, 772x440, 193:110, t-mcdonalds-Quarter-Pounde….jpg)


Quarter Pounder Tastes Good - Change My Mind

9bd1db  No.16633571


I cringed.

c8fbfe  No.16633595


I want to, but I can't disagree.

fc8747  No.16633700

980604  No.16634255

File: 81a5c371f09d28b⋯.webm (516.59 KB, 320x180, 16:9, italian_oven.webm)



>Lmao like ur so cringe

<I base my entire life and opinions off of peer pressure and literally cannot make an argument that isn't based on trying to smear or pressure others with insults


More or less. That image of the anon hanging a purple hair saying "Why did you make me do this? I just wanted to play vidya." gets more true every day.

These fuckers forced us into a culture war we never wanted and we'll turn into god damn civl-war era Spain at this rate.

File: f843cbf194e2704⋯.png (688.15 KB, 707x682, 707:682, 1433085865258-04.png)

034b55  No.16593608[Reply]

Nintendo Reiterates It Has "No Games To Announce" For 3DS, But Says It's Still An "Important" Device

>Although the 3DS appears to be on its last legs following the recent launch of Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, it still managed to get some spotlight at this year's E3 when Limited Run announced the Atooi Collection, featuring five games in one physical release While it's clear third-party publishers are still releasing games for the system, what's Nintendo's current feelings about the device and what exactly is the fate of the system? TIME asked Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser this question in a recent phone while he was on the show floor of E3 2019. Here's what he had to say:

> "At this point, we have no games to announce on 3DS at this show, and in fact we’re not really showing 3DS content here, because it is all about Nintendo Switch.

> "But our 3DS business continues to do quite well. Retailers continue to support both the hardware and the software. And as long as there’s consumer demand for 3DS, we’ll continue to support it. In fact, we believe it’s a great entry point for young gamers. A 2DS at $79 with a game included is a great value proposition for a young gamer coming into the Nintendo ecosystem."

>So, at this point in the life of the 3DS, the device is still doing "quite well" and the consumer demand is there for both hardware and software, but there are no games to announce for the system. During an interview with the team from GameXplain, Bill Trinen was also queried about the future of Nintendo's 3D handheld system. Here's what he had to say:

> "At E3 this year, our focus very much is Switch…partly it's just when you look at the sheer amount of content that's coming to Nintendo Switch even in just the next three to four months, we had a lot of content to cover, we filled basically a 45-minute Direct, with what I think is a pretty strong line-up of Switch games.

> "I don't know if the 3DS would have driven as much excitement for that. Obviously, it's sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

95 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b3a650  No.16628002

File: 1c1821705130c2f⋯.png (3.85 KB, 191x206, 191:206, d5c4469afd0ae27ec2d456fd57….png)


That implication is fucking illegal

abeb4c  No.16632707

/v/ for some reason really wants the 3ds to be dead, they been saying since the n3ds came out… that was 5 years ago.

ac8c33  No.16633647

File: 42d89ec79a7bae1⋯.png (885.72 KB, 800x600, 4:3, shoo shoo.png)



05aa54  No.16633660

File: 15f80fd57025caf⋯.jpg (77.82 KB, 870x489, 290:163, Question purple anime girl.jpg)


>The DS has so many little gems, whereas the 3DS has a total of maybe 15-20 games

can you play DS games on 3DS? If so what are you complaining about?

e24bb1  No.16640137

It's an important device for modding Luma CFW onto it and installing a fuck ton of free games and emulators

File: 20414cb39c56c95⋯.webm (3.02 MB, 698x1280, 349:640, Last Floor - 06 Common Ba….webm)

File: 557be1a60272108⋯.webm (4.85 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Etrian Odyssey X Boss BGM….webm)

File: 2fc1abfb2ef8635⋯.webm (2.52 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Fire Emblem Premium Arran….webm)

File: c80a53deb63222d⋯.webm (869.39 KB, 1161x1972, 1161:1972, Gundam Extreme VS Full Bo….webm)

2c3110  No.16613150[Reply]

I'm making a collection of video game music that gets your blood pumping. Everything posted here will be converted to MP3 and uploaded in a collection to be shared in the Share Thread (the comfy vidya music collection is already posted there). Covers and arranged vidya songs are free game.

Make sure to add the name of the game (or name of the album) and the song as well or else I may not be able to add the game to the list.

Here's a simple code for ffmpeg to make a decent webm of an mp3.

ffmpeg -i picture.jpg -i music.mp3 -c:v libvpx-vp9 -crf 20 -vf scale=-1:480 -pix_fmt yuv420p -c:a libopus -b:a 192K -f webm -metadata title="Titleofsong" musicvideo.webm

To make it even simpler:

ffmpeg -i audio.mp3 -i image.jpg songname.webm.

ez-converter.com/ has went to shit so avoid using it.

92 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.16626423

ee7a66  No.16627524


>The Fiend

>Alma Awakened

>The Emperor

I remember those being some of my favorites when I played the game years ago.

2c3110  No.16631943

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Meme character gets one of the better themes in the game somehow.

942d18  No.16633389

File: 45933e52726aa7f⋯.mp4 (9.88 MB, 250x174, 125:87, [moat of burnedbless (Ys I….mp4)

9ef405  No.16633516

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH4qnO6k6Qk - "Lock and Load", Devil May Cry 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxGF7bJ-Lsg - "Public Enemy", Devil May Cry 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saafticAJnE - "Super Ultra Violet", Devil May Cry 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bK8vpWIvA9o - "Battle Hymn of the Soul", Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfWB8odAPdA - "Interstice of the Dimension", La-Mulana

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHtnCoPbZB8 - "All or Nothing", Cho Ren Sha 68k

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzETx_BDscE - "Machine City", Nex Machina

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKXLXr9D2zo - "Heat and Havoc", Redout

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