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File: 16ae786db6570d5⋯.jpg (133.05 KB, 800x800, 1:1, wtf.jpg)

25d8db  No.15862069[Reply]

What was the ultimate vidya dev visual trick for a video game?

For me it was Dooms 3D effect even though it was fully 2D

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4bc15b  No.15864909

File: 607e73ac3750396⋯.jpg (25.53 KB, 240x255, 16:17, witholding medication.jpg)

98644d  No.15864961

File: 453b41523641194⋯.mp4 (11.44 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sonic's Special Stage Tric….mp4)

This one's pretty basic but still good.




>You might want to get your eyes checked, anon

I did expand, looked at the center and the ball, still nothing. My eyes actually are fucked, wew. I've just never had one of those optical illusion pics not work on me, so I wasn't sure.

ef4cf5  No.15865062

File: 3d59967a246cd12⋯.jpg (84.97 KB, 1368x684, 2:1, illusion.jpg)

You stare at the one on the left, then stare at the right.

This one can fuck your eyes for days but you can reverse the process to cure it.

e45fdd  No.15865106

File: 069e44f5f6d9bef⋯.png (240.68 KB, 577x474, 577:474, 069e44f5f6d9befffc6bc265d6….png)


Fuck its burned into my retinas now, you weren't kidding

3dcf58  No.15865175

File: 1c973648ba155a0⋯.mp4 (961.2 KB, 480x480, 1:1, two shots.mp4)


I thought it hadn't worked, but now I can't unsee it.

File: c1be5d71ce89ef8⋯.png (11.43 KB, 628x288, 157:72, ClipboardImage.png)

a26542  No.15784119[Reply]

Wew lad. Can we expect to see some desperate damage control from EA now? Maybe changes in the management?

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28fd8a  No.15855620

File: b9990aa592d9242⋯.jpg (21.33 KB, 201x199, 201:199, 1380110565212.jpg)


>if you don't like niggers trannies and womyn shoved down your throats just don't buy our products stupid goyim!


cc0514  No.15865025


Malware in the stream?

248765  No.15865089

File: 9c5bd5be6178976⋯.png (161.78 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c4e2f44f4461f6b⋯.png (236.14 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)


Tencent isn't doing so well while Nintendo simply get to keep their gold Marios and Pokemen.

839422  No.15865090


>But they still own all the fucking football and niggerball players in video games.

2K Sports competes with them on Apehoop games, they have alternate license. I dunno about market shares or relative lack of quality in their games, but at least back in the day Visual Concepts used to make better sports games than EA sports proper. They did games for EA sports in 90's.

248765  No.15865168

File: f3b6e3e255fbe82⋯.png (232.51 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 352d86899dcb198⋯.png (233.67 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

Devaluation of Tencent stocks is even worse than Big N. Sega-Sammy got absolutely shrekt.


While drilling oil with the nigger's "wives"? That is the direction he seems to go in given that he made a second tyke.



If you haven't understood it: Graphic chips have lot of computing power and are way easier to daisychain together than Processors. They are not as good as the GPU manufacturers say they are, but good enough. This is why you had to knife fight with crypto miners over fucking GeForce Titaniums in the last 6 months. Meanwhile, institutional money is moving into Crypto and institutional crypto currencies are created.

File: 565e7c03d4caa99⋯.jpg (43.64 KB, 585x300, 39:20, sony.jpg)

5a1693  No.15817336[Reply]

>“Hello friends, I’m about to talk with Sony UK next week, they can’t fix the problem since they’re not authorized to change something but they’re able to get in touch with the HQ at least.

>“I’ll let them know what the problem is and why its kinda important for their future. Especially for the PS5 or similar products if they want to win the next console race again.”


Where were you when the bongs saved gaming?

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98c1fb  No.15857882


People took the red pill and realise they don't need kids to be happy.

98c1fb  No.15857901

File: 7fde9c95f16da7e⋯.jpg (111.33 KB, 638x548, 319:274, treblinkasurvivors2.jpg)


Honestly if I had to choose between an American occupation or a Nazi occupation I would go for the Nazis.

Just the idea of having to eat breakfast at McDonald's scares me more than Treblinka. At least you die quick.

be2d04  No.15864726


>Just the idea of having to eat breakfast at McDonald's scares me more than Treblinka. At least you die quick.

Nobody died at Treblinka. It was a work camp.

7fd54d  No.15864841

File: c256da74d4d4f35⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 1421x3526, 1421:3526, Miyu death.jpg)




It's time to remember.

5a1693  No.15865164


Actually a good number died of lack of food or from allied bombs but that happened everywhere in Germany.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

64aecb  No.15862197[Reply]

Just a reminder that videogames are dead

They will never be good again, neither the talent or conditions for good creative inputs to happen are there.

Go play older videogames, enjoy them for they are good

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8e269b  No.15865092

Good advice.

So, what retro games are you playing?

Any recommendations?

Marvelous: Another Treasure Island is a fantastic game.

fdeec3  No.15865149


No they seized their physical Nintendo games too

952246  No.15865150


It looks pretty good. Is there a translation patch, or do I need to learn nip to play it?

ca626c  No.15865162


It's had a completed one for a few years now.

ca626c  No.15865180



Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ac49a3  No.15865161[Reply]

Ready to play the cutting edge planetside experience? What? you wanted a combined arms game?


WE know what YOU want, and if you still don't like what YOU SHOULD LIKE, we will make you LIKE IT, and you HAVE TO like BATTLE ROYALE, now be good and buy our game

File: 96be7809cb0fe2e⋯.jpg (115.31 KB, 620x559, 620:559, hc0V0Sz[1].jpg)

05555f  No.15839750[Reply]

So, what's the earliest game to feature subtle background storytelling?

Everyone shits on it because Dark Souls made it popular but it's an amazing thing because it flat out didn't exist before videogames.

Take Metroid 2 for example, after a slowly rising difficulty curve, the last areas have fewer enemies to emphasize you're entering a metroid dominated area, all without a single cutscene or line of text, same with the area immediately preceding the Queen fight, where you fight larval metroids, which is both a nice callback to Tourian and a neat way to tell you you're getting close to their origin.

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fc1083  No.15861432

File: d61bc1f6bc7edee⋯.png (2.86 KB, 234x256, 117:128, pezza.png)

Rain World has some amazing environmental storytelling. Just fucking play it. Find a torrent and play it. I'm a buyfag so I don't know where to find one.

And use a controller - literally every complaint I've heard about the game is that the control system is inaccurate and actually takes some time to get used to. Just like, get good faggot - there's a lot of high level play involved. You can do some pretty neat stuff if you master the controls.

You're missing out on some amazing shit.

05555f  No.15861459


why do you think the player and the character always know the same things?

it could be that the character always knew everything and the item descriptions are just his knowledge, or it could be that he doesn't know anything and the descriptions are just narration.

50d09e  No.15861509

File: 9a44f49860682a7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 567.35 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Nesto.png)

File: d298c252bf007ef⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.83 KB, 1059x753, 353:251, Equal Dragon Weapon.jpg)

I don't know the specifics, but Monster Hunter has some…at least the games before World. I'm not particularly articulate so this will be short and sweet. Also I'm sure I'll get at least some things wrong so take it with a grain of salt. I assure you that it's true at least in terms of intent.

The reason behind the characters being able to lift oversized weaponry, fall from almost any height without problem, and metabolize huge amounts of food in a short amount of time is all because the hunters are descended from ancient Dragon Hunters. It also explains weaponry that seems too advanced for the tribal hunter-gatherer feel the games have. Small villages don't develop things like exploding lances and transforming sword-axes. It's why one monster is able to effectively make a mech during her fight. Pic related. Spoiler because it's kind of a final boss.

The reason these ancient dragon hunters even exist is because of the Dragon War fought between dragons and the ancient civilization whose ruins you see scattered across basically any area you visit in multiple games. Long ago, before the war, the civilization of man lived alongside the ancient dragons in a balance that benefited both of them. The humans were able to grow to amazing points of technology and eventually reached a point where the dragons obeyed them. Whether through trust or subjugation I'm not sure, but it was to the point where the were able to sacrifice hundreds of dragons to create a living weapon called the Equal Dragon Weapon. Pic also related.

This was the last straw and the resulting war almost eradicated both sides and left humans on the brink of extinction. Afterwards, as civilization started to regrow, the wyverians appeared to help guide humanity back towards the balance they had, and to make sure something like the EQW doesn't happen again. Though some dragons, like the Black Dragon Fatalis (the one who effectively ended the war, iirc), still hold a deep grudge against humans.

The wyverians are also the ones showing us hunters how to make these weapons, the ones running the Hunter's Guild, and basically the ones in charge of everything since they live for so long.

There's more but you'd be better off asking someone else since I am still learning things myself. But TL;DR Monster HPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

317d83  No.15861762

File: 40d5ca25c736c00⋯.jpg (269.34 KB, 537x402, 179:134, Crypt Hydra.jpg)

File: b8ace858a665024⋯.webm (6.01 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Gogmzaios Intro.webm)


Close. There is nothing about the humans and dragons working together, only that there was a war that resulted in an arms race. The "dragon hunters" were super soldiers who ate monster parts to enhance themselves and are the actual basis for what's left of humanity as the rest was basically wiped out in the great war. The reason humans needed to make things like the equal dragon weapon was due to not only the elder dragons, but things like the Ahtal-Kal who could use the weapons against them.

Still, humans were not useless, super soldier programs and mechanized and biological weapons were frequently used. The Gogmazios is likely an equal dragon weapon that was accidentally re-activated.

>was dug out

>consumed gunpowder

>stole the oldest dragonator and placed it offensively on it's back

>went to the oldest city and stationed it's self inside the Elder Dragon killbox

>sounds like a screeching machine

>it's flesh components are rotting and sloughing off

dbf61f  No.15865159


Not a joke. Maybe "the real world" from Twisted Metal 2012 is just also another layer of dreams, another dark nightmare manipulated by Calypso, and we're in it.

File: 13c4617a744224f⋯.png (701.42 KB, 1433x964, 1433:964, genderfield.png)

File: 9df5cef86d17f8b⋯.png (18.88 KB, 584x105, 584:105, sfe.png)

6c0ff0  No.15828539[Reply]

Battlefield 5’s latest update, Overture, features a new single-player campaign mission. Called “The Last Tiger,” it puts players in the commander’s cupola of an awesomely powerful Tiger I tank, arguably the single most devastating weapon system ever fielded by Nazi Germany. Rather than a celebration of the soldiers inside their steel beast, the experience is a resounding denouncement of fascism in all its forms.

The main playable character in “The Last Tiger” is Peter Müller, a black-clad German tank commander, charged with a last-ditch defense of a town near the Rhine river. The fighting is close-quarters, with U.S. Sherman tanks and light armored cars literally bouncing off the front fender at times.

The gameplay itself is fairly easy, with the biggest challenge coming in the final few moments in a cramped courtyard outside a destroyed cathedral. The mission’s only stumbles come when Müller has to get out of the tank and sneak through Allied lines, once to retrieve intelligence and again to man an anti-aircraft gun. The turret sequence itself is particularly grating, as British Blenheim bombers zoom around like aliens from Galaga.

Put simply, I’ve never seen an armor battle quite like this on my PC’s screen before.

When the Tiger’s massive, 88-mm rounds slam into the side of Allied tanks the results are terrifying. Shermans spout flames from every orifice as fuel and ammunition cook off, turning tanks into pressurized vessel filled with fury and death. The pyrotechnics look incredible, especially during the final standoff which takes place at night. While the impact on the tankers inside those Shermans is sanitized somewhat during gameplay, several cutscenes make it clear the kind of suffering the doomed men inside are enduring.

The mission’s conclusion is similarly gutting, and while I won’t spoil it here, it clearly shows which side of history its developers are on. The coda even references the infamous defense given by the perpetrators of the Holocaust during the Nuremberg trials, that German soldiers were “just following orders.” As if that weren’t emphatic enough, the mission’s final lines quote Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones, a novel about the aftermath Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

254 posts and 124 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

df8daf  No.15864871

File: 1891518ab32aeec⋯.png (448.76 KB, 606x677, 606:677, 20 Million.png)


>He doesn't know

26b3df  No.15864916


Took me two seconds to look it up.


>The research covered some 42,400 camps and ghettos across Europe, and also included forced-labour camps and Nazi "care" centres where pregnant women were forced to have an abortion or had their child killed right after giving birth. It also drew in camps, prisons and killing grounds used by Nazi puppet regimes in countries such as France and Romania.


>The lead editors on the project, Geoffrey Megargee and Martin Dean, estimate that 15 million to 20 million people died or were imprisoned in the sites that they have identified as part of a multivolume encyclopedia.

That's the 19 mil POW figure, with all the "casualties of war" counted in rather than the Jewish. Given that a) it was war b) concentration camps were common procedure at the time c) does not come even close to Stalin and Mao. Basically, counting a couple of faggot newspapers clickbaiting is intellectual dishonesty.

df8daf  No.15864928

File: c1da5808117b4f7⋯.jpg (12.82 KB, 185x185, 1:1, Cigar Kike.jpg)


oy vey, lock that goy up for denying the holocaust!

988ccd  No.15864935

>thinly veiled politics thread on front page while >>15862289 is locked


>SC isn't a videogame

It's more of a videogame than VNs, gachashit and whatever whargarbl some bluehair at shitaku coughed up yesterday, and yet the frontpage is chock full of it.

8df4c0  No.15865156

File: 39cc63c1b1fbd91⋯.jpg (11.17 KB, 224x225, 224:225, wtf wojak.jpg)


>try to shit on nazi germany

>by acuratelly descriving them as having better tank engineers


>hurrdurr soldiers following orders is not an excuse to lill people during wartime

>implying soldiers who refuse to do so won't get executed for treason

File: 8df592aebfb9a0a⋯.png (197.56 KB, 542x222, 271:111, 8vtaiU1[1].png)

3c7866  No.15821080[Reply]

Numba wan honabru new league is friday and involves a master overhaul. Delve is being incorporated as a mastercrafting mechanic and thus you won't be able to run them anything like constantly, which sounds like a retarded decision. Stat sticks are being nerfed for melee only for some reason. Hierophant will be able to drop two totems at once but gets one less max totem but more max totem sources will allegedly come.

Reminder not to give your money to tencent.

What build are you going to start the league with? I'm thinking flame totems, but a friend suggested arctic breath totems. Has anyone tried those?

231 posts and 55 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e18213  No.15865072


>Ngamhu's Flame

Also relatievely weak. I did red elder with it but it was unpleasant.

1aaf90  No.15865130

Do main character stats (Str, Dex, Int) grow naturally by a small margin as they level or do you have to get them all via the skill tree?

bcda6e  No.15865148


Passive tree and gear, the only thing that grows naturally is life and mana.

1aaf90  No.15865151


I see, thanks.

e6146b  No.15865153


No you only get Health, Accuracy, Evasion and Mana per Level, you get stats from nodes and gear.

File: f5995698c2d6fce⋯.webm (7.92 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, HD Remake of 8 Bit Game.webm)

39b6e4  No.15846832[Reply]

A thread for posting games you played a long-ass time ago and want to look at again, but can't remember what it's called.

Back around 2010, I dabbled in a free to play MMO that I'm pretty sure was Asian in origin. I seem to recall a really rough translation and Asian runes everywhere. The starting area was some kind of town or camp that consisted of wooden platforms connected by wooden suspension bridges over a body of shallow swamp-like water. Mages would mount some kind of talismans to their hands for their equipment instead of using wands or staves or anything. I distinctly recall an ice area that had really pretty but haunting female (non-lyrical) vocals. I think there were some freemium things that I was really annoyed with at the time, but I'm not sure.

Anyone have any idea what game this was?

90 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

48c4a8  No.15863820


No. Google "vampire resident evil game". First result.

2f9ad4  No.15863858


Interesting that they decided to include that.

2f9ad4  No.15863859


Caesar was a gay kike.

c60332  No.15864753


Pretty sure that's not it.


I think we're getting closer, but again I don't think this is quite it.

75fd29  No.15865152


Sleep snug, smug.

File: c4adf6981102c28⋯.jpg (140.9 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, censor.jpg)

File: 5ed3eb391ebb571⋯.jpg (99.59 KB, 591x1200, 197:400, uncensor.jpg)

f4b27c  No.15848379[Reply]

>nips have already worked out how to remove the black void

Sadly it doesn't look like the devs put in the same effort they used to in actually putting something up there.


81 posts and 42 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

481b7e  No.15863567


Even if the void removal exploit gets patched out, it will be undone again soon enough. Remember that the Switch is hacked wide open and mods will come soon.

80e69b  No.15864611


>modders will fix it

8ed821  No.15864657

File: bda40e1222d8440⋯.jpg (96.81 KB, 728x1024, 91:128, 056548452.jpg)



they can't peep under your skirt for a pantyshot if you don't wear any

ad41bb  No.15864696

off topic but I wish they'd do the same for hat in time, good game but no panties is annoying

adae7a  No.15865146


I wish so fucking bad Todd Howard was actually confirmed saying this.

File: 4ec52bd2c878743⋯.png (162.52 KB, 458x458, 1:1, 4ec52bd2c878743388924b8c95….png)

bfd0cd  No.15805907[Reply]

>Link transforms into a wolf when he travels to a different dimension


>Mario can possess enemies by throwing them his hat


>Little robot cleaner teams up with toys then travels back in time with the help of aliens to solve some family's insane bullshit


>Sonic transforms into a wolf when it's night


What the fuck is this bullshit? I'm not that much into Sonic games, but isn't this extremely unfair? Nintendo did the exact shit with Zelda, with an undeniable too serious/edgy tone and everyone claps, but when Sonic does it, it's a terrorist attack on human rights and values. What the fuck? I know Sonic has its own terrible games, but to hate every Sonic game because that's the cool thing to hate is pretty retarded. Just like those gaming "journalists" with their "Sonic was never good!" attitude. Give credit where credit is due… right?

104 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3eb1f7  No.15863768

>Thread defending the hot garbage that was sonic unleashed

>The argument is "W-well, other games did transformations too…"


It had nothing to do with the concept, it was implemented in the worst way possible.

21183b  No.15864257

>fast platforming game becomes a super laggy GoW clone with levels that last 5:1 of the fun parts of the game

>What's the issue

OP is a retarded faggot

0bb50d  No.15864424


It was unnecessary. Sonic defining trait was his speed, and Knuckles was introduced to be the muscle. Trying to make Sonic into the muscle was retarded.

Not to mention, Sonic is already an animal. Becoming a were-animal when you already are one is way past the point of stupidity.

4abe86  No.15864448

3D sonic was never good. Adventurefags can eat it

374f64  No.15865139

File: b01ea037f04e3ac⋯.png (283.41 KB, 764x545, 764:545, Knuckles is a goddamn liar.png)


Knuckles was introduced as basically bad Sonic who could also glide and climb. The fact that he was stronger was there, he could break a few rocks that Sonic couldn't break, but it was really not a defining feature, it was barely noticeable. Only in Sonic Adventure could Knuckles punch as an attack, and I guess then you could say he became more of the muscle, but I wouldn't say Mario became more of a muscle character when he started punching and kicking in Mario 64. Knuckles does claim to flex his muscles rather than chuckle in his Adventure theme song, but he's a bullshitter in that song, because Knuckles chuckled a lot as early as his first appearance.

Knuckles being the muscle is really just a thing with Sonic Boom, which stretched his naivete into being sheer stupidity and of course the stupid guy must also be the strong guy.

On topic, Unleashed PS3/360 wasn't that bad. I hear people say the PS2/Wii one was worse, but then the PS2/Wii version of practically any game at that time was always way worse. You're not supposed to count those as the real versions of the games. They're just the cheap cash ins, like the Tiger handheld games of their era.

I do not care for the boost style introduced in Unleashed, and I never liked God of War to begin with, but both of these styles are done reasonably well, for what they are, and the game has excellent polish and presentation. Also, there's actually a lot of content, which is something later Modern Sonic games would lack. That's not enough to make it an excellent game, but it's enough to make it an okay one. It does a good job at trying to do gameplay styles that frankly I think it shouldn't have been trying to do, but judging it by how well it executes what it's trying to do, it's not bad. Sonic '06, on the other hand, tried to do things that I would have liked if it succeeded, but it didn't come even close to executing those things well.

Adventure Sonic did nothing wrong. Bring back that gameplay style. Just because '06 was an unfinished mess doesn't mean the basic idea of the gameplay style was bad. Just do a wholPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 931cab4b86d92d5⋯.jpg (183.44 KB, 842x927, 842:927, DaBUefEU0AAqZCD.jpg)

b3df28  No.15739170[Reply]

Granbreast Fantasy


November Event Schedule

10/31 - 11/9: Welcome to Bistro Feendrache

11/9 - 11/15: Eye of the Storm (Rerun)

11/12 - 11/16: Proving Grounds

11/16 - 11/23: Unite and Fight (Fire Advantage / Wind Enemies)

11/24 - 11/29: Rise of the Beasts

11/30 - 12/8: New story event


1.Infinity - 692908

2.Kihou - 740471

3.Sky Lords - 733000

4.Raven Nest (Dead) - 1024216

Guides and info


>How do I even play this shit?

You can play it from your browser by going to http://game.granbluefantasy.jp/

>I'm not going to use google botnet to play this.

You can use chrome alternatives, such as Slimjet or Iridium. If you don't like doing that, use an agent spoofer for the browser you do use to spoof chrome.

290 posts and 267 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fd0e64  No.15864532


Then maybe she shouldn't have


7a5917  No.15864613


She's 6 years old you sick fuck.

That's at least 2 years too young to lewd.

fd0e64  No.15864661


That was back when she joined in 2015. She should be 9 or 10 by now!

7a5917  No.15864670


I wonder if they'll actually release young characters that have aged, the only one now is Sara.

648212  No.15865137


>not posting the version with the GBF interface

File: 98fb5db1d24414a⋯.mp4 (13.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Kingdom Hearts III - Openi….mp4)

6541ec  No.15846930[Reply]


Well then, it's official. Those retarded Japs were actually dumb enough to think that Skrillex is actually still relevant in 2018, or that he was ever a good producer.

268 posts and 79 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8effbb  No.15863427



1ca596  No.15863777


guaranteed replies

dfc5ff  No.15863789


They probably are since I've been hearing the same song for the past 5 years on repeat every time I hear a radio in public or someone's playlist blasted on full volume.

60f2e1  No.15865085

File: fccc03b35ef5007⋯.jpg (16.26 KB, 191x227, 191:227, 1539796335358.jpg)


It was alright until the robot diarrhea sound started.

BUT, if Skrillex worked only on the intro, then it is not a problem. People only watch it once if it is not good, what matters is the OST in game, and on that there's no Skrillex to shit things up with the robot farts music that is dubstep.

c8a6ef  No.15865133

File: 4e594ff5cb58475⋯.jpg (39.25 KB, 503x580, 503:580, 4e594ff5cb584750cbae691b43….jpg)


>Anon /threads with dubs

>Yet there's still all these replies

Wow, I guess cuckchan really has invaded

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ff877c  No.15864737[Reply]

>Why did isabelle replaced Tom Nook as mascot of animal crossing?

>Why did raving rabid replaces rayman as Ubisoft mascot?

Why /v/ why?

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

0ce1a4  No.15864801


Didn't the PlayStation have that cat as the mascot for a while?

b4b671  No.15864875

File: 4cf621d59331a67⋯.jpg (86.77 KB, 768x768, 1:1, bubsy_3d_420_1_20180328122….jpg)

9cb298  No.15865069


Nook was never the mascot though. He's just a notable character for being the shopkeep and the one you're constantly in debt to.

00ad52  No.15865099

File: 746c4ba40a8f27b⋯.jpg (70.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Toro and Kuro.jpg)


Toro Inoue? I guess but I don't think it stuck. If it did, it was mostly for Japanese audiences.


Bubsy wishes he were a beloved mascot instead of the tryhard that he is. People would rather believe he became a tranny after a long absence than he made a good game to release, which he hasn't done so far.

6da3b2  No.15865125

File: 215eb03b9eb8f54⋯.png (597.75 KB, 840x1200, 7:10, 300475e589254780a33e7ecc8e….png)


>Why did isabelle replaced Tom Nook as mascot of animal crossing?

Because she's cute and fuckable.

File: 6e0473b19a83a7a⋯.jpeg (147.28 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 6e0[1].jpeg)

File: 8d08f50bef2ca65⋯.png (59.39 KB, 575x365, 115:73, 8d0[1].png)

247f42  No.15793496[Reply]

Normalfags love kissing the asses of creators regardless of whether or not they actually deserve it. I often see it with Nintendo (like pics related or defending them taking down rom sites), but what other examples of fanbase cuckoldry have you seen?

299 posts and 89 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d7c65b  No.15853797


>the abysmal nier port

6c6f5b  No.15853802


>worshipping a talentless plagiarist

No, I am not Tetradev. But he has every right to be fucking pissed.

cfecbc  No.15863882

Capcom fanboys & SFV in-game advertisements.

000000  No.15864796

If you censor it, it will always come back, impotent mod.


>Muh scum.

Slaves don't need to get paid. You can never stop us from getting all entertainment for free.


>Impotent corporate shill being impotent.

Stay mad. We can do whatever we want with your (((industry))) and you can't do anything about it.



There is literally nothing wrong in stealing from corporations and jews.

You won't have our money, soyboy. But we will always get what you create, whenever we want. And you will keep doing that for free, for us.

cf160a  No.15865122


>corporations and jews.

Why are you repeating yourself?

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