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File: 0a29c0d11f17385⋯.png (514.48 KB, 659x2003, 659:2003, flopifact.png)

a9c03c  No.15809596[Reply]

How will Valve ever recover? This must be their worst reviewed game in their entire history.

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f81502  No.15864853

File: ec78c532b1d3141⋯.jpg (496.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SMOD.jpg)

File: b187983bd58a65d⋯.png (584.75 KB, 950x531, 950:531, L4D2 Source 2.png)

Valve could literally release source 2 with some short FPS game as a base along with modding tools on steam for a small price. although now that i think about it people dont really make mod games anymore. i just hope vavle ports Hl2 to source 2 like they ported HL1 to source, even if its just a tech demo of a game, SMOD source 2 would be god tier. valve could port any of their games over to source 2 with some meme VR support and valvedrones would eat it up

f81502  No.15864878

File: 6d5326afe0c3d4c⋯.webm (15.24 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Valve News Network Downwa….webm)

Is he shilling for valve or has he had enough? How can anyone research and broadcast the news on things that never happen do it for so many years?

8fd294  No.15865065


>So called freedom of lying and disinform means actually less freedom of speech

>Somebody on /v/ actually believes this

Go back to reddit so you can moderate your own safespace retard.

dc6efe  No.15865105


Whatever. People will just see the 77 and the green square and think wow, the game is surely good.

f81502  No.15865121


Do people actually listen to reviews? I just played the demos of popular games before buying or just bought middleware from the bargin bins

File: 18a01b4d1ec9f7e⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1024x893, 1024:893, censor.png)

9f9cb8  No.15843372[Reply]

Haruoto Alice Gram: Snow Drop has been delayed for the PS4 and PS4 Vita from January 24th, 2019 to March 28th, 2019 to accommodate “production circumstances”, as reported by Gematsu on December 6th, 2018. However, it was discovered by Japanese gamers through the release of CG images that the “production circumstances” delay was actually due to Sony’s censorship policy.

The game’s original CG images had to be censored to meet the new standards set in place by Sony Interactive Entertainment of America. Part of this policy includes the removal of camera angles or screenshots themed around panty shots or characters disrobing when the characters are seemingly of questionable age. You can see the comparison shots between the original PC version of the CG images and the new revised CG images that were posted up recently from the PS4 and PS Vita versions on the Entergram website.


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e81272  No.15846788


>stupid shit like their waifu not being a virgin

Spoken like a true cuckold.

4f1e92  No.15853787


They won't fight until they snap.

643df2  No.15863913


That's one chunky monkey.


If only.

9f9cb8  No.15865101


>You just need to awaken the samurai spirit in them. A man who cannot defend his waifu, is no man at all.

How do we do this? Post hardcore blacked.com porn of their waifus?

6aa935  No.15865116

File: 7aa472fb49e783c⋯.jpg (44.2 KB, 560x521, 560:521, 7aa472fb49e783c0cffde9c648….jpg)


>Soyny Snowflakes censor a game called Snow Drop.

File: 78270f86152f273⋯.png (768.09 KB, 2000x1987, 2000:1987, toned_black budd.png)

File: 1abe169bfcb9cdb⋯.png (75.29 KB, 1115x381, 1115:381, ClipboardImage.png)

f96dd7  No.15839122[Reply]

Where the hell did the previous thread go edition




>#8/agdg/ via irc.rizon.net

>Dev resources: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/resources


>Wiki: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/

>Beginner's guide: >>>/agdg/29080

>Previous thread: >>15792351


>QUARTERLY DEMO DAY SCHEDULED FOR February 2nd (need to be updated in the wiki)


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847ceb  No.15863995

File: 27e637f7f54d885⋯.jpg (174 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, pajeet.jpg)


I can smell the designation from here

a07cc0  No.15864175


That was my least favorite part of college programming classes. Before you could write anything you had to put together a comprehensive UML diagram which would be worth most of the points. The "Is a" and "has a" or "uses a" shit is the most formal, overly complicated waste of time I've ever seen. Luckily, immediately after leaving college, those diagrams only exist in my nightmares.

1c91fa  No.15864363


As s professional Dev I draw those diagrams once in a few months. Those are good when you have read the code and still don't understand what's going on. And when you need to make a presentation. You can't just dump the code in this case. But mostly, yes it's unnecessary.

a07cc0  No.15864898


what are your thoughts on loos?

9c711f  No.15865108


If it can be automated, yes

Inventory management can be fun if it's about planning and not "juggling shit in windows using the mouse"

File: ee3fb24e49167b7⋯.jpg (919.1 KB, 1768x2560, 221:320, Tsunako self portrait.jpg)

24ad05  No.15815717[Reply]

Panda Free edition



Tsunako goes freelance

Tsunako leaves full-time Compile Heart employ to go freelance

Apparently doesn’t want to leave but parents are ailing so she wants to take care of them

Will still work on Nep series and Dengeki strip


New mobile game for iPhone/Droid

SRPG with Neptunia and other CH characters in development

'“Brave Neptune” news:'

New gameplay footage (around 54:35):


Direct sequel to Mk2/Victory/VII in the works? From Dengeki:

"About the next numbered title, it will be a while but please wait for it."

/nep/ Happenings and News

Retranslation download links have been updated.

Matrix/Riot bunker, add these to your client (acquired at https://riot.im/):





300 banners per board now: if you wanna submit one, feel free to drop your OC.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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266c2b  No.15854354

File: b67f97c1c568b64⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 138.71 KB, 960x544, 30:17, nep_tits.png)


Less rape squids and less bad too I hope. But sure, I could get behind a game where Histoire has to motivate the CPUs.

9a560f  No.15859352


What was so bad about it?

cfb479  No.15859404

File: 5d509f5f21bbfdd⋯.png (121.21 KB, 904x744, 113:93, ggp.png)


It'd be quicker to list what wasn't.

24ad05  No.15864286

File: d2fe86836dc6721⋯.png (653.72 KB, 882x1542, 147:257, poor candidates.png)

f33989  No.15865102

Is it christmas yet?

File: 41ecc9e8c3b259b⋯.jpg (60.61 KB, 621x905, 621:905, fortnite.jpg)

bac178  No.15864908[Reply]

>fortnite is 2nd

>bowsette is 9th

Worst timeline.

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511767  No.15865112


No, that's >>>/tv/

cf11a4  No.15865135

File: b1f48f7b5d997fd⋯.png (88.23 KB, 216x345, 72:115, d0c12781193020ed1df0bd5c26….png)


>my state is creampie






>words are porn

277229  No.15865172


>that one furry state


5d8d6b  No.15865184

File: 798302bfa96f228⋯.jpg (85.3 KB, 800x450, 16:9, maestr chef.jpg)



oh my fuck

eb39cd  No.15865197

File: 7b0e4768eae62b3⋯.jpg (115.31 KB, 853x960, 853:960, 7b0e4768eae62b3aca87d540a8….jpg)




File: 59023d6e427259e⋯.png (115.32 KB, 220x342, 110:171, 5A5542F9-270C-4D89-A0A3-5D….png)

eafdaf  No.15852824[Reply]

What’s the point of making the villain right if I can’t side with them in the end?

118 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7719f2  No.15863790


>people have free will to be taken away

I would laugh at you, but I understand you can't help being wrong.

2a065a  No.15863866


So I was always fated to call you a huge faggot?

Das deep brah

ff54e1  No.15864719


dunno if you're referring to me or not but if it was to me then I did that on purpose

442d8d  No.15865023


>What’s the point of making the villain right if I can’t side with them in the end?

It's called ironic tragedy. You as the audience/player know the villain is right, but you're still forced to opposed them because either the character doesn't know the villain is right - or is forced into conflict through other circumstances - bringing about the bad ending.

d00d38  No.15865064

File: 718890e03f85f0a⋯.png (11.19 KB, 160x192, 5:6, ClipboardImage.png)


Since I've never played the game, can you spoonfeed me?

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

ad62fa  No.15854263[Reply]

Fate GO thread.

NA is getting Solomon soon, so hurry up and get through Babylonia if you want 30 sq. December is a busy month and the Lucky Bag Summoning Campaign is on its way along with dick wizard as well.


80 posts and 34 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

274b7b  No.15864402

File: b2d8ee59a6d1101⋯.jpg (10.92 KB, 448x335, 448:335, 1443875213704.jpg)

I just hope we actually get to gas (((Solomon))) and they dont pull a he dinndu on us.

Trying to get my last bond level with GOLDEN RIDER - surely theres gonna be some gimmick were King of Jews doesnt take extra dmg from riders?

f45934  No.15864684


That's for the final fight, and yes.

Riders are still good for the reduced damage they take.

But he's susceptible to the Origin Bullet CE so just take your heaviest hitter with that CE on.

b4efa3  No.15864874

File: 111c74ff3545163⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, best_mama.png)


>we will never be able to summon Best Mama

>we will never get headpats and motherly love from the original ara

They can use Alter Ego as an excuse for Beast I but I don't think Tiamama's ever gonna be playable.

After finishing Babylonia I don't think it's a coincidence Angra's black mud is so similar to the Chaos Tide, or that he can shapeshift, or that his card has a black border.

51cdb4  No.15865038


what CE is that?

2edb37  No.15865055

File: fd65112e1997a5b⋯.jpg (95.03 KB, 716x360, 179:90, 263.jpg)

File: dffb61cf7f7003b⋯.png (734.02 KB, 1282x793, 1282:793, 007e8e6924e43f20d089c43813….png)

81c8da  No.15851127[Reply]



Also has a link to the BIOS you'll need for the emulator, which can also be used with



ReiNX updated with 6.2 support


Remade because OP was a cuckchan console war nigger, and I'm interested in seeing how the homebrew scene has progressed.

38 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

1253cc  No.15863987


Just download vc_redist.x86.exe and vc_redist.x64.exe

>Did they assume everyone already has it?

Other emulators require it as well, I think pcsx2 needs it.

5ff098  No.15864006


Played Mario Odyssey. Got well over 500 moons at this point. There are ways to grind for coins, most of them are so tedious I couldn't stand them, but there's this one beanstalk stage near the end of Bowser's Kingdom where you just grab boost flowers and run in a straight line through coins while doing a few jumps. You don't even have to touch the joystick. It's stupid easy and not as tedious as the slots. It's still grinding, but the music player makes it a bit more bearable. I eventually got all that expensive bullshit in the shop. The 9999 coin skeleton outfit looks interesting, but the skull really should be hollow because the eye sockets are just kinda carved into it making it look solid which doesn't look right at all.

Wasn't there supposed to be more content for this game though? I think I saw a leak or something that had footage of Isle Delfino from Mario Sunshine. Must not be available yet.

f5f40d  No.15864026


It's probably some form of liberal doublethink mixed with aimless virtue signalling. Defending corporations is vogue right now.

5ff098  No.15864055


1. Format your MicroSD to FAT32 with a 32GB partition. (Windows might not read it otherwise)

2. Put all the necessary files onto it including ChoiDujourNX and the firmware you want to update to.

3. Get into RCM mode. Push a payload for Hekate or whatever it is you're booting.

!! First and foremost made a backup of your NAND and BIS Keys !!

Instructions here: https://guide.sdsetup.com/#/safetyprecautions

4. After NAND backup. Get into CFW. Open Homebrew Menu. Run ChoiDujourNX and install the exFAT version of the firmware you want.

(ChoiDujourNX enables AutoRCM by default to keep you from burning fuses so you can downgrade firmware later)

5. Format the MicroSD to exFAT (full sized partition) and put the same files back onto it.

6. When you boot back into CFW you should be on the newer firmware with ability to read exFAT.

If you're using Hekate there is a file named hekate_ipl.ini In that ini file under [CFW] here are some settings you can use:

(for evading fuse burns on the cart reader when updating firmware disable cart slot using this)


(for making firmware updater ChoiDujourNX work properly on firmware 1.0.0)



Here are firmware links.

Switch Firmware 1.0.0 to 5.0.0 - magnet:?xt=urn:btih:25A8EA21B1A6A0D00CE4B31671C77D6F8273BDCA

Switch Firmware 6.0.1-1.0 - magnet:?xt=urn:btih:B1C5CA86D0D9DEEB2A16CDE2D74FE2C50089A09A

Switch Firmware 6.1.0-4.0 - magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5EEC7F3604D4EDC4FD32ADC02B1E08D29F560EF8

Unzip and place extracted folder containing your desired firmware into a folder named "firmware" on the root oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

78895e  No.15865041




Entirely unrelated to Visual C++ installs. I assume you're on 7 with hardly any updates to avoid Microsoft bullshit. You need the Microsoft C Runtime update I think it's called. Get it directly from the MS website so you don't get any other shitty updates, and back it up too in case they ever stop offering it, like they've done with other fixes already. I think I found a link to the required update on the Adobe website through jewgleing the missing dll, or something like that.

File: 11181c37acbccd3⋯.jpg (60.87 KB, 476x460, 119:115, blue-dragon-moebius.jpg)

33f40a  No.15864955[Reply]

/v/ what are some games with artstyles inspired by Moebius you've played or heard of? The two that pop into my mind would be Panzer Dragoon (infact he did the Japanese boxart) and Gravity Rush.

786e29  No.15864992

I don't know, but Moebiusfag frog reporting in. I fucking love his works. My favorite is probably L'Enfant Penchée.

Realistically, a video game about his works would either be limited to a point and click, or a stupidly ambitious and unfeasible open world. La Fièvre d'Urbicande could be really neat as you explore an infinitely expanding and growing mesh of cubes taking over a city. And let's not forget about the one in which a civilization of minigirls have to ritualistically sit on a giant dick to be impregnated. No way that would fly in the current censorship-happy climate.

In any case, good fucking taste, faggot.

33f40a  No.15865020


I'm legit disappointed that we didn't get his cover art of Panzer Dragoon in the west.

File: d4d9354118768c0⋯.jpg (165.73 KB, 640x359, 640:359, PMC.jpg)

d5a71a  No.15863816[Reply]

Is there a good game where I can play as a mercenary? Fight in a war and get paid for it? A game that is not MGS or Jagged Alliance?

24 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6d1fb3  No.15864704


an FPS game with weapon autism being Arma/Tarkov tier, where you build your own mercenary army like in MGSPW/V but without all the bullshit, and operate in Africa, Ukraine, Somalia, Syria and infiltrate other players' bases to get more resources and fame

This might have been doable without an exorbitant budget to spend on assets if it weren't for these three letters:


That immediately necessitates full 3D modelled environments, weapons and animations. Please educate yourself before you go around asking random fuckheads online to undertake titanic amounts of effort for free.

86ee5c  No.15864866

File: 46803588fe51911⋯.mp4 (111.5 KB, 538x360, 269:180, hmm.mp4)


I was thinking less about the technical stuff and more along the lines of what you're willing to do to earn that funding. Asking for a friend.

6d1fb3  No.15864973


20 million? I'd quit my job and work full time. I wanted to be a game developer but went into enterprise software because it's objectively a better career choice. I've made a few games and mods in my spare time. But if I had all the money I needed and no stupid assholes I had to work with, then most of those problems go away. Of course, this is all hypothetical and I never would expect to get any money from random people on the internet. My biggest worry at that point would be assembling the artists and other team members I'd need to utilize that funding.

71ff37  No.15864975

File: ffbe17c00e0a336⋯.webm (7.36 MB, 800x450, 16:9, Armored Core 2 Original S….webm)

Armored Core series. You're a mercenary with a giant robot that takes jobs from giant corporations to screw over other giant corporations.

f12bb6  No.15865009

In Metal Gear Rising the protagonist is in a PMC and fights against other PMCs. It doesn't really tie into the gamemechanics.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

db0717  No.15850510[Reply]

>Even Battlefield V bundles faces price cuts

How embarrassing. Battlefield V can’t even sell Xbox one’s.


16 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.15864660


Leftists always fail at everything.

e4d955  No.15864685


impotent leftists*

db0717  No.15864716


Why did the Xbox one fail?

75e93e  No.15864970


Shitty anti-consumer plans prior to launch over used games angered lot of gamers, reversing on those plans had little effect and lack of good exclusive games. Xbox has no games. PS4 and Xbone are extremely similar when it comes to their hardware. Both run custom AMD chips that have both GPU and CPU on single chip, basically your generic AMD pc processor and radeon. Biggest difference is memory configuration. MS was cheaper than Sony and went on with all regular DDR ram memory configuration, PS4 has small 256Mb RAM for operating system, programs are ran entirely on 8Gb of faster GDDR vram used mostly for graphics cards. Half generation upgrade did changed only little despite MS now switching to 12Gb of GDDR.

31206d  No.15864996

File: 007b1599459f770⋯.jpg (41.65 KB, 700x803, 700:803, 007b1599459f7702ce2d188989….jpg)


>Huge system updates.

>One in ten physical games are actually just codes on disc that take you to the online store for a download.

>Pretend backward compatibility thats also just downloads.

>Shitty user interface that gets more shitty each update.

File: 580fdb6ba5665ee⋯.jpg (504.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Dame.jpg)

61b12c  No.15670786[Reply]

So, you wanna learn the Nipponese, huh? Well, you've come to the right thread. You know the drill; All of the relevant resources are available below. It's not an official list or anything, just an OP I threw together from items taken from previous threads. If you have any suggestions on how this list can be improved, then please don't hesitate to say something.

>I'm completely new, where do I start?

Learn the Kana. Start with Hiragana and then move on to Katakana. Yes, you need both, and yes stroke order is important. Use Realkana or Kana Invaders for spaced repetition. Alternatively, you can use the Anki deck, but I'd recommend the first two. Tae Kim has a Kana diagram on his website, and you can use KanjiVG for pretty much any character.

>Alright, I know the Kana. Now what?

You have to learn vocabulary and grammar in order to speak and understand the language. Some will tell you to grind the Core2k/6k deck until you're blue in the face, others will tell you that grammar is more important. Truth is, you need both, but it doesn't really matter which one you decide to do first. You're teaching yourself here, so you move at your own pace and do what you're most receptive to. If you want grammar first, then Tae Kim has a great introductory grammar guide, there are numerous grammar related videos in Anon's all-in-one-Anki-package, IMABI has an active forums and an abundance of information on grammar, and there's always YouTube if you're lazy. On the other hand, if you want to learn vocab first, then grab the Core2k/6k and grind until you're blue in the face. For mnemonics, see Kanji Damage.

>Well this is great and everything, but I still need more help

Ask in this thread.

Threadly reminder:



DJT guide: https://djtguide.neocities.org/

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

297 posts and 78 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f5cb04  No.15857856


>That is exactly what it did. The Jews got to Japan or Japan is jewing itself.

They're not going to import the same people that the West loves. Japan wants high-skilled Chinese and south Asian people. Infinitely better than we get.

>they outbreed the native Japanese in less than a generation

After what's happening in the West, why would the Japanese look at disaster and try to emulate it? They're probably going to limit the number of immigrants to a few tens of thousands, a managable level.

f5cb04  No.15857865


Say I finish learning Japanese and move to Japan, how do I position myself to be bullied by a Japanese cutie?

2a8caa  No.15857898


>go to a random izakaya because that's the only thing that's still open

>find a drunken girl that notices the baka gaijin

or something like that

too bad she wasn't a cutie

e5a05c  No.15859450


>38 page long research paper published in a peer reviewed journal written by a doctor of Japanese linguistics teaching/researching at the best university in all of Australia/Oceania that clearly lists semantic, syntactic, and stylistic correlates of particle omission, proposes one or two (one and a corollary) clear effects of particle omission that explain all of these correlates, and supports its claims with quotes pulled from a library of native spoken Japanese.

<It wrong cause think to hard. Rising-sun tribe lazy, talk few words.

It's really not even that complex for a linguisticsc paper.

a72901  No.15864989

How do I deal with cards with the same word written on them (take, よく for example) that has one initially-introduced meaning, and which later has an identical card introduced with a different meaning? よく means both "often" and "well", and I have two cards circulating with one but not both meanings on them, and especially for more complex kanji or words it becomes very difficult to keep them all in order (起きる, for example, and all of its derivatives, are giving me a massive headache). What do I do about this?

File: 22f81c24120372b⋯.png (130.11 KB, 823x944, 823:944, banned.png)

File: 7e72f7881cbd34f⋯.jpg (108.37 KB, 819x426, 273:142, chink.jpg)

ac0f3d  No.15858155[Reply]

Blizzard got fucked.


197 posts and 68 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7f0ff5  No.15862989

File: e484f19be5cfc36⋯.gif (23.82 KB, 400x400, 1:1, pepeblanket.gif)


>banned pubg, and fortnite

I hate those slimy bastards, but this will hurt this shit industry so it's okay for now.

6a47c6  No.15863030


Considering the Social Score bullshit they're doing seeing falling numbers coming out of people would probably given them a panic attack.

6a47c6  No.15863040

File: 4c6913264727c01⋯.png (18.19 KB, 108x114, 18:19, ultrakike.png)


Blatter looks like a right merchant in that shot

5b22ac  No.15864655


>banned literally all consoles for over a decade

Nah they'll be fine.

f9e706  No.15864954

File: 76669e940ec7ed4⋯.jpg (906.85 KB, 816x4080, 1:5, tencent.jpg)

File: 16c5df96df4758f⋯.png (402.53 KB, 671x600, 671:600, 671px-New_Super_Mario_Bros….png)

f433d3  No.15797535[Reply]

This was a surprisingly good game. It had much more challenge and enjoyable content with levels than I was expecting just with the Mini Mushroom and walljump and the secrets or regular platforming that require them. In fact, unlike most other games I played many years ago this is actually better than I remember. Where did they go wrong with NSMB after this? The game never felt too floaty or like a rehash even once to me. In fact something seems fresh and exciting about this and Wii to me that their sequels utterly fail at.

Mario thread. Princess lewds are welcome. Especially Boohime.

251 posts and 110 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6688d8  No.15864120


Anon do you have such a strong autism that requires a caretaker, or qualifies as a disability to collect autismbux?

You really should work on fixing your autism, anon. At minimum, just tone it down a few notches when posting online. The only people who care about what triggers your autism are your mom and your caretaker, if they are seperate people.

You also seem to be a <80 IQ idiot too.

f433d3  No.15864857


There is nothing autistic about saying shit is shit, faggot.

8180e0  No.15864900


You sound like a fag with passive-aggressive shit like

>I know this isn't it. I'm just hatefully pointing that out because it reminded me.

that makes you sound like an autistic attentionwhore. Have you heard of the /blog/ board, where you can blog with like-minded people and circlejerk? You should check it out sometime.

f433d3  No.15864937


That loli reminded me of a shit annoying character shoved into everything getting similar art because of its parent. There's nothing blogshit about clarifying why I said that.

8e4f7d  No.15864949

File: a052f4c7ed0a9a3⋯.png (659.04 KB, 884x1116, 221:279, universe_11.png)


Why do you type like this?

File: 754f2fde68c9336⋯.png (837.97 KB, 1359x991, 1359:991, sweet little lies.png)

afe42a  No.15811765[Reply]

Remember that bag that was replaced in the Fallout 76 Collector's Edition for being too expensive? Turns out it only costs $5.

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e0ef4c  No.15854048

File: 95716cecedaf144⋯.png (67.52 KB, 157x243, 157:243, wanted.png)

74eeba  No.15854086



>The median household income in the United States is $56,516, according to 2015 data from the U.S. Census.Aug 24, 2017

>Assume male makes 65% of that


>Assume 45 years of work

>Average male life is worth approximately $1.6m, not accounting for inflation (approximately $2.45m over that lifetime instead)

>Todd Howard is worth 8-9x more than the average man

4d3f45  No.15854842


I hope you find it someday anon and that it wasn't actually tossed

ea14ad  No.15864894


>Todd Howard is worth 8-9x more than the average man

And they say manlets are naturally betas.

348828  No.15864947

File: e7afdd5ccf045ba⋯.jpg (237.79 KB, 1916x945, 1916:945, soy dont ask questions.jpg)


>Your average bethtard will still defend this

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