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File: f0f0fbd3c5589c9⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1200x670, 120:67, warframe-mesa-prime-devstr….png)

081088  No.15841878[Reply]

Shit sniffer prime edition

Are you ready for memes bois? Because the ultimate memeframe is coming.

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15da21  No.15863424


Moderators are fucking weird, I've said "Kike" at least 4 times Today, and asked someone if I could fuck their wife.

Though it is the switch version, I just watched a guy ask someone who said they were a girl gamer ironically if they would date him for a good half hour, and I don't know if it's just the ghosts of miiverse, or someone really thirsty or both

239f1a  No.15863452

Is this game good yet or does it still feel like five different games hastily glued together?

ae1b75  No.15863460


Well, ignoring conclave is just 2 different games glued together, Archwing segments are a pain in the ass.

239f1a  No.15863482


No I meant last time I played it(which was three or so years ago) it felt like every single part of the game, from the shooting to the enemies to the movement to the melee to the warframe powers to the level design to the objective design felt like they belonged in completely separate games.

b43360  No.15864735

File: ba92960db69c8b6⋯.png (246.53 KB, 501x296, 501:296, 24.1.5-1.png)

File: ea3848616657882⋯.png (230.27 KB, 507x279, 169:93, 24.1.5-2.png)

>need 26 star amaryst for MR fodder

>30 minutes and I get 10 amaryst

>1 hour later and I get nothing.

I do not like this.

Have some redtext.

File: 6a8009f16ebcb3b⋯.jpg (644.87 KB, 1287x855, 143:95, DSC100479430.jpg)

5c6bd6  No.15861648[Reply]

Do people still play MonHun4U? I just got a 2Ds (too poor for a 3Ds) and I'm interested in this. I know people say 4U is better than Generations so I'm thinking there's somewhat a considerable amount of people that still play it but I just want to be sure.

Also 2Ds/3Ds thread. I need game recommendations.

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e2443b  No.15861763


The best starting point is p3rd or 3U because those are classic monster hunter. 4U is the current pinnacle of difficulty and endgame content (not counting frontier bullshit). Generations ultimate has a tiny amount more monsters but a less robust endgame.

Honorable mention to freedom unite for being the old gold standard, but frankly I'd never play it again over 3rd and 4th gen games. World is garbage dogshit and if you buy it you should be culled for the same reason wild hogs are.

Try Kid Icarus also. Shit's great.

019f69  No.15861804

I miss grinding out max deviljho guild quests for the weapons with other anons.

c73a4b  No.15861894


Yes they do, but all the good players left for XX and FU, now it's mostly people who don't mind triple carting and craft armor solely for looks, so if that shit irritates you stick to single player like i did.

>I need game recommendations

Senran Kagura 2, grab all the DLC as well, people sell you on this franchise with ass and tits but this game in particular is a great beat em up, the DLC turns it into a SHMUP and a model viewer that lets you dress any girl in different outfits and customize their 3 sizes, allowing for shit like oppai loli mirai in a string bikini.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon+, a remake of the second game in the franchise, it handles like shit unless you have a N3DS and the PSP games were better, but it's still worth playing.

Kirby Planet Robobot, perhaps the best kirby game in fucking years, lacks content though, the main game is 8 hours long and you can clear metaknight's campaign, the arena and the true arena in 3 hours tops.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, the last monhun game before the franchise went to shit.

Pokemon Ultra Sun, it has cute girls, you can play dress up with your loli, has a good soundtrack and the postgame is decent, if you're gonna play a 3DS pokemen game make sure it's this one, it's the least awful.

Rune Factory 4, a comfy action RPG, has an UNDUB and "lesbian" patch which lets you play as the girl while still being able to romance the girls.

The best thing about the 3DS is the fact that you can emulate DS, NES and SNES games on it.

a603eb  No.15864512

File: 67072b3fa187c41⋯.png (170.91 KB, 480x618, 80:103, Lazy.png)

I sometimes break out 4U or 3U just so I can go back to times where styles didn't exist, but I can't say I really play online anymore.

Back then I mostly played with friends, but randoms were terrible since they were all Mexicans for some reason. Never met a baguette, not even once. They were all just triplecarting spics with their shitty waifus.

I'd be willing to play again, but I'd recommend you get Kid Icarus, ACNL Go for Beau and Bam, and Rhythm Paradise for other games.

The 3DS is pretty much dead at this point so I hope you never updated your firmware if you wanted to use the thing to its full potential.

9139fe  No.15864731


thats missing like 10-20 titles

File: e6983bcfb7ee682⋯.jpeg (84.94 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 5C50ADF8-F043-489A-BBA8-B….jpeg)

e46bcc  No.15853193[Reply]

Diddy Kong? More like Rapey Kong!

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1b8118  No.15859373


Because furries are degenerates who lust after inhuman penii like dog cock and monkeys are still to human for their taste.

That or they don’t want to catch AIDS from fucking monkeys

b361e5  No.15859374

File: 89aedf2a7049b38⋯.jpg (56.6 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 89aedf2a7049b3857fa428ad1c….jpg)


>zelda reverse rape

a00b6b  No.15859385


why dont furries like fish?

b0cbd0  No.15859410


Reminds them too much of pussy and all furries are either faggots or closet cases.

cda5eb  No.15864729


You can't fuck fish because they aren't mammals.

File: 1016e3e82c3ea29⋯.webm (12.97 MB, 640x360, 16:9, I'llRememberYou.webm)

File: 7373b26cc9912e0⋯.png (69.51 KB, 868x533, 868:533, TomGone.png)

File: ba8c33876c6c74d⋯.png (47.15 KB, 605x426, 605:426, HatsuuGone.png)

File: 099a05885d04667⋯.jpg (23.66 KB, 408x411, 136:137, ReanDrink2.jpg)

File: 6ff947e889f0d5a⋯.jpg (309.31 KB, 1818x983, 1818:983, ReanDrunk1.jpg)

ab3e17  No.15649948[Reply]


>Latest News

-On the same day, October 26th, both Tom Lipschultz and Brittany "Hatsuu" Avery left XSeed. Apparently, their departures being simultaneous was a coincidence, at least according to both of them. Though details are slim, it looks as though Tom left by his own choice and Brittany was let go. Regardless this is a massive and possibly fatal change to XSeed. Tom was not only instrumental in securing ports for smaller obscurer Falcom titles like Zwei and Xanadu Next, he was also one of the staunchest defenders of anti-censorship practices in the localization business. His loss could easily mean XSeed is highly vulnerable to pozz. Every release must be carefully watched from now on. As for Hatsuu, she was a huge fan of Falcom games, particularly the Ys and Trails franchises, and was one of their biggest cheerleaders at the company. A Falcom game localized without her is sure to feel at least slightly different. The two most prominent faces of the company to the public are gone and the future of XSeed and Falcom games in the west is highly uncertain for now. All we can do is wait and watch vigilantly for what comes next.

- Falcom has announced they're working on a new Ys game set after Ys VIII. Right now there is no title, no word of whether the Tokyo Xanadu sequel Kondo talked about making is happening first and no other info other than it's being worked on.

- As of this posting Trails of Cold Steel 4 has been out for a month, so obviously the whole game is spoiled. Try to keep things behind spoilertext here.

- The PC port of Ys: Memories of Celceta released on July 25th, 2018.

- The Switch port of Ys VIII released with a litany of bugs, including not even having dual audio (NISA's sole claim to fame) at launch.

- After an email campaign, a retranslation, apologies, and 7 months of delays, Ys 8 finally got released on PC. And NISA fucked up, the port is so terrible that only 51% of the Steam reviews being positive (it was originally at 25%, but shills will Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

326 posts and 139 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ab3e17  No.15861439

Most people are speculating Nox is Ys related, which might be the Ys IX Kondo was talking about.

c4d031  No.15861699


I doubt it, but what's the basis for this speculation and who is speculating?

143e6e  No.15861721


n.o.x. = next of xandria

ys v remake confirmed

ab3e17  No.15861747


The financial report says they're making a completely new Ys title. It's either Ys or TX2, and while TX2 is almost assuredly going to get a sequel at some point, Ys is the one they've been talking about recently.

445bd1  No.15864724

I believe the Sen 4 OST dropped today. How can JDK keep making such good music. Holy shit.

File: b715cd4e79a04a2⋯.png (2.85 MB, 1210x908, 605:454, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e02e6049c718a63⋯.png (2.51 MB, 1210x908, 605:454, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0e15b395162a9e3⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

7bbf23  No.15850570[Reply]

So my friend sent me these screenshots claiming that there is a Starcraft mobile game in development, by NetEase(the same company making Diablo Immortal). I haven't heard from them for a few days now, but it wouldn't surprise me if these were legit. I can't really seem to find any other information on this, so thats all I got. Maybe we can dig up some more info?

41 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

dbe2db  No.15851113

File: 51762a61862cbd5⋯.jpg (190.19 KB, 3149x458, 3149:458, how do you know its shit.jpg)


>how can you tell its bad

how can YOU ever legitimately tell thats its bad?

9edb8d  No.15851151

File: 2d3442d7547d8c9⋯.png (45.17 KB, 436x432, 109:108, around-bait.png)

458e8c  No.15854494

File: 1b95b79a8cdc82d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 291.49 KB, 1000x1404, 250:351, 1b95b79a8cdc82d90ba427b5fc….jpg)

bd761f  No.15854592

File: 0be55e4d8ff35df⋯.jpg (37.69 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 51jU52qegvL._AA500_.jpg)

File: cb14513292ec213⋯.jpg (47.69 KB, 320x480, 2:3, s34451_nds_17.jpg)

File: 83c97c18c686b46⋯.jpg (62.86 KB, 480x358, 240:179, commandanddestroy_12057933….jpg)


This one is probably too obscure for many people to know of but here's a game that was basically a C&C clone if the name doesn't give it away for you already.

Aside from pure rts there are very few but the nds had lots of experimental stuff, a couple fps come to mind and with touch screen controls they sort of worked well too. Some tower defense games as well which is the closest you'll get to the rts genre realistically and there are a bunch of them out there unlike pic related.

e62f84  No.15864720


This is the future you chose.

File: dfd57970fcb56a8⋯.jpg (14.18 KB, 585x300, 39:20, Death-Mark-Censorship.jpg)

84cd7f  No.15837660[Reply]

>Back at the end of October Aksys Games and Experience Inc., released Death Mark for the Nintendo Switch and PS4. The ‘M’ for Mature-rated mystery-horror game had previously released in japan with a CERO D rating, which meant it was for those 17 years of age and older. Following its release in North America, however, Aksys and Experience apparently had to censor the game via a day-one patch for the retail version of the game.

>As described in the video, in the original scene there’s a woman with a speculum holding her mouth open so that her tongue – complete with dripping saliva – is hanging out. Eventually a spider is dropped into her mouth. In the North American version this is altered where the image of her mouth being held open by the speculum is completely blacked out.

>“Just wanted to make a quick note in regards to the scene at 30:49. This scene actually got censored via a patch when the game launched. So if you were to play this game right now, chances are you would get this scene with a dark shadow over it. I was able to show the scene uncensored through a retail copy of the game that didn’t have the patch applied to it. So if you really want to have a version of the game that is uncensored, get a retail copy. As far as I know, this scene is the only one that got this treatment.”

Once again physical copies are superior to digital copies which you don't really own anyway.


182 posts and 64 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7366c8  No.15858590

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


they wouldn't bother doing all that if he was

801351  No.15858620

File: 2fa65505a424208⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 11.34 MB, 316x240, 79:60, 1446516099150.webm)


Is that some Insex?

c3881f  No.15858639

File: 391f101611969c4⋯.png (506.04 KB, 1275x888, 425:296, 391f101611969c4b7b9b10d14c….png)

ab09ed  No.15858655

>Death Mark

>Mark's Death

>Mark Dies

sounds like a great idea tbh

a6d78a  No.15864718


>wanting mark to die

He's the only thing holding this board together.

File: ea317d688d5743f⋯.jpg (169.76 KB, 929x1200, 929:1200, DtredpRWwAAzpNi.jpg)

8f0730  No.15830154[Reply]

This is as dumb as the kid who got excluded for making his food look like a gun. http://archive.is/5hoaR

121 posts and 41 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8b2be8  No.15843830


The stars await.

a2ae72  No.15852832


>Thats one of the worst advices you can give to someone who is being bullied.

Yeh but it makes life easier for the tacher.

8f0730  No.15857353

This is what we get for allowing women to dominate teaching as a profession.

fd6cc2  No.15857516

File: 9655148c3be99d1⋯.png (418.03 KB, 490x700, 7:10, mokou wishes she wasn't im….png)

This sort of shit is why manga like Great Teacher Onizuka gives me the feels.

9e8504  No.15864715


That's also why boys are underachieving so much. The feminization of education is fucking the west.

File: a9df20fae35584a⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

fe46e3  No.15830169[Reply]

>Luigi can no longer taunt meteor smash

>Kirby can't remove hats

because it might hurt someone's feelings

source: zero's twitch stream

34 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

477848  No.15846330


>you can cancel taunts

it's like they missed the point of taunting

21055b  No.15849814


Obviously they did. We live in an era when typing 'gg ez' in chat can get you permabanned.

c5986e  No.15857190


There's a correlation but not a causation.

d17a57  No.15862874


never underestimate how salty normalfags get

c5986e  No.15864701


Welcome to [current year] where any sort of banter is a bannable offence.

File: b6b5c392247c5d2⋯.jpg (882.34 KB, 1425x4413, 475:1471, mad_indonesian.jpg)

13eec0  No.15824033[Reply]

Seriously Valve really are going off the rails.

>Valve have banned Dota 2 player Carlo “Kuku” Palad from their upcoming ‘Major’ tournament in China over a racist comment he made mocking Chinese players in a non-tournament game earlier this year. Kuku’s team, TNC Predator, initially tried to pass a cover-up story and have further muddied waters with unsupported claims that Major host city Chongqing’s government threatened to cancel the tournament if he attended. Now Valve have stepped in and accused the Filipino team of behaving unprofessionally and “making the situation much worse than it needed to be.” straight-up banning Kuku from the tournament and docking TNC points on this year’s Dota Pro Circuit.

>“Our view on the situation is that responsibility resides with teams to handle these types of issues professionally,” a statement last night. “When they fail to do so, we will step in. While it is one thing to make a mistake and apologise, it is quite another thing for the team to lie about it or try to create cover for an individual player. TNC has mishandled the situation on multiple occasions, making the situation much worse than it needed to be.”

>Kuku had said “Ching chong” over text chat in a public game, a racist remark often used to mock Chinese people. Especially as he’s the former captain of TNC, it’s not a good look. What made it doubly insulting to many Chinese players was that it came days after Rolen “Skem” Ong, another pro player from another team, used the same racist jeer against a Chinese team in a tournament game. But while Skem apologised the same day and his team, Complexity Gaming, immediately fessed up and vowed to reprimand and fine him, TNC lied about Kuku’s remark and tried to cover it up.

63 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

96f2f1  No.15853364


The ISPs perform automated DPI to find banned phrases, then either permanently blacklist the site or cut off the person's internet for a period of hours to days. Failing that, they probably also crawl public sites being accessed by chinese for banned content such as this copypasta. In any case, it's effective insect repellent.


9d56a0  No.15853519


We can't nuke the gooks soon enough.

2fc188  No.15853586


>Valve should make China only Dota servers

Valve should have made Russian only servers.

Valve should have made SEA only servers.

Valve should have made South American only servers.

Valve should have made Mexican only servers.

Valve should have made USA only servers.

But they didn't, because of political correctness. Now their game is dying and I'm laughing

5dbd0d  No.15863200


Anglosphere only too,

72bf4e  No.15864691


>nuke them

Not even needed. Just blockade them and watch them collapse into civil war again.

File: e47f8e2e679f291⋯.jpg (51 KB, 468x321, 156:107, 468px-Ff8_art.jpg)

afe7b4  No.15845440[Reply]

>decide to try to play all of the games in the final fantasy series

>get to this hunk of shit

I thought 2 was bad but this is an entirely new level of terrible. You would have to be delusional to enjoy this game. I think I'm actually going to drop the series at this point.

175 posts and 43 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

225037  No.15864221


X is the best FF in all respects. Great adventure story and the best protagonist.

525579  No.15864238

File: f0d03f8bdf1b561⋯.png (171.6 KB, 256x360, 32:45, Shin_Megami_Tensei_Nocturn….png)

File: 6f5191e43e5c8ea⋯.jpg (42.89 KB, 256x230, 128:115, BDFF_Logo.jpg)



A good turn base RPG will have a good mix between interesting designed enemies, party members that have a good degree of customization and unique battle mechanichs that the player must exploit in order to overcome enemies stronger than themselves. Excellent RPGs will be designed in such a way that grinding will get you so far, either by making it impossible to grind, or take so fucking long it is just no worth it. Two examples at the top of my head of classic style turn based RPG that in my opinion have good gameplay. BD in particular has quite a mediocre plot, while SMT 3 is rather simplistic and not the main allure of the game.

a404f0  No.15864300


A thousand times this, shes a mary sue and letting her die in space should be an option.

>Introduced as the ~ReBeL PrInCess~

>her father is a top galbadian militar that somehow doesnt mind his 16 year old daughter plotting to kill the president and stuff

>Inserts herself in a group of trained, professional mercenaries even tough she fights with a glorified frisbee and a fucking dog

>When you first meet her shes lusting hard for that seifer dick and squall pretty much ignores her.

>But somehow after disc 1 the game decides squall and rinoa are the ONE TRUE PAIRING and has you saving her retarded ass from stupid situations that could have been prevented if she minded her fucking bussiness in the first place.

>The rest of the party fades into the background and what looked like interesting stories are reduced to awfully bland characters

TL;DR Selphie best girl

e3bc42  No.15864630


>he people who hate on ff8 are just people who remember the spoony reviews

I think people forget that Spoony walked back his comments on FFVIII during the review of X, or maybe it was XIII.


It's too bad they censored BF for the Western release. Hell, it's too bad they censor so many nip games these days.

3718e9  No.15864681


The best of the series is already over, quite while you're ahead

File: 69942b7ffeedb47⋯.jpg (48.1 KB, 1024x518, 512:259, Chainsaw.jpg)

39f9b4  No.15859454[Reply]

ITT: Popular vidya weapons you never seem to enjoy

>Really loud, annoying sound

>Slow, heavy, clumsy

>Have to feed yourself to waves of hungry enemies and lose tons of health to ever use it

63 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8c4328  No.15863989


Thanks counter strike

936dd8  No.15864088


Depends on the game. Some, a pistol is supposed to be a sidearm mainly for when you can't afford to reload your main weapon. Those games it's usually fucking awful, but for the last couple bullets to finish an enemy it has its uses.

Other games, and this is especially common in those with upgrades or RPG elements, the pistol is often the most overpowered weapon. In those games it usually sits between the assualt rifle and sniper rifles, providing an ideal balance especially in games where you need to conserve your ammo.

94109d  No.15864114


The best and most fun snipers are the ones that penetrate multiple enemies and don't have some stupidly absurd accuracy penalty for not using aim down sights garbage, so you can turn it into a close quarters heavy weapon and play a high risk high reward dance with them. Warframe bows (before they shit on the whole game, redesigned the core UI again and removed the accidental movement mechanic that made the game fast) used to be fun as hell. EDF has the stringer rifle and even better, the least used dash canceling weapon in the fencer's inventory is a penetrating sniper cannon. You can substitute the hand cannon for the usual reflector shield for dash canceling, sacrificing fencer's incredible defensive potential making you fragile and having to deal with aiming with the dash momentum affecting your shots, but it's incredibly effective at kiting or breaking through enemy lines if you pull it off.

41fc5a  No.15864606

File: 5d24ed074b6cde1⋯.jpg (52.11 KB, 530x530, 1:1, gplus7470580971024286261.jpg)



724ce5  No.15864617

File: 19dcee5dc8cd164⋯.jpg (28 KB, 233x316, 233:316, 1525917794631.jpg)


It's the kind of weapon that is only good when used on enemies. When the player gets it, it is just either useless or game breaking.

I don't have a problem with the sound it makes in vydia, it is not even nearly as obnoxious as the real thing.

File: 5659a00f5b6c319⋯.jpg (45.99 KB, 585x300, 39:20, Niplheims-Hunter-Fakku.jpg)

File: 6de2299079f958b⋯.jpg (141.09 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 46219236922_05a001c243_z.jpg)

File: d298cbb4eb8098e⋯.jpg (131.03 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 45546333154_0e3570eda6_z.jpg)

dfb730  No.15862498[Reply]


Unlike other titles that were hit in the current war on waifus, Niplheim’s Hunter does not contain lolicon material, nor was it the uncensored version being released on Steam. So the common excuses from censorship-apologists don’t apply to this game. Nevertheless, HappyHand decided to cut their losses and release the game in all its uncensored, not-safe-for-work glory on Fakku.

130 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9a751a  No.15864091


Do you mean that you can't open the link that you posted, or a link in the comment section of what you posted? Because I'm not seeing any comments at all in that link.

864601  No.15864519

where the videogam-

Shit, my bad, I forgot nothing worthwhile was released this year and no older game besides desu ex, party fighters and gachashit are worth discussing. Carry on.

f009f5  No.15864607


We can only hope.

000000  No.15864614


Lolis are always ok.

Pirate everything.

Never pay for entertainment.

d2c0de  No.15864747


might not*

File: 4ca9ddf656fba3e⋯.png (123.4 KB, 574x150, 287:75, grim dawn update.png)

File: da985a1889fdb03⋯.png (137.15 KB, 1146x1601, 1146:1601, GD update.png)

70e0cf  No.15861225[Reply]

The game just got a really large update in preparation for the expansions in a few months, supposedly the largest patch as of yet. http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79881

Most notable are:

>The Devotion Screen now features a search feature in the top of the screen

>A few devotion rebalances

>Class skill rebalances

>Item rebalances (focuses on some faction stuff, a few epics and a huge list of legendary item changes

>Added debuff tooltips to many (mainly boss ones) effects previously not shown to player

>Monster 'infrequents' got their skills and effects rebalanced

I'm gonna give it another playthrough as a caster in preparation for a full melee one with the new class next year and because they buffed both the Aether Ray and Magic Missiles from Arcanist.

What's a good support class for an Arcanist? Both Inquisitor and Necromancer seem pretty decent but I'm leaning towards the latter for 'Spectral Binding' (more aether damage) and it's upgrade 'Spectral Wrath' (reduced enemy resistance) alongside 'Siphon Soul' for lifesteal with its side-grade 'Sear Soul' (which makes it aether).

I don't know if it's worth getting meatshields in the form of Skeletons, might be weak without focusing gear on it.

<Difficulty skip added next expansion

Better get a character ready to bring into the new expansion (if you haven't already) so you can buy "pic 2" and play your Oathkeeper on Ultimate difficulty straight from level 1.

10 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

91bca4  No.15863691

Tried to play this two times, and gave up despite the neat look. It's a horrible grindfest and boring asd fuck, plus you get lost sooner or later on where to go and what to do. Do not reccomend, only if you are a Diablo masochist from the Codex. It's a shitty boring snoozefest.

ccacf0  No.15863920

ac078a  No.15863936

Cabalist best class.Spam debuffs while your hoard of minions rape everything to death.


>plus you get lost sooner or later on where to go and what to do

You would have to be extremely stupid to get lost in this game.

ccacf0  No.15864557

Anyone have any neat builds they'd like to share?

f8243b  No.15864597


>you get lost sooner or later on where to go and what to do

First time I played Diablo 2 I couldn't find the Den of Evil, but this is just stupid.

File: 17957d42deb45b6⋯.png (2.04 KB, 250x83, 250:83, 250px-Twitch_logo_(wordmar….png)

7a72c2  No.15801045[Reply]

Streamers are now more powerful than game journalists. Is it good or bad?

212 posts and 48 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.15863606





How do these people become "popular"?

It seems like it's pure luck.

b666d4  No.15863614

File: a076b42cf3b382c⋯.png (473.47 KB, 888x888, 1:1, aaaaaaaaaeueeghhhklsdjlk.png)




>t.not a shill

83d02d  No.15863670


Did you know? Women swears more then men.

648c69  No.15863808

File: 8b23cdbc87446a5⋯.jpg (9.14 KB, 250x238, 125:119, 65dd8cfa26fbf840f0ae12a7c9….jpg)


hell no twitch is a sjw pool there are not different from the game journos infact they are worse due thet fact they have more infulance over mindless cucks and tards

a5972f  No.15864592


Report and filter.

File: 39dba9f7c00509c⋯.jpg (888.76 KB, 933x1525, 933:1525, women-in-gaming.jpg)

File: 73578f3d3ba1dca⋯.png (380.88 KB, 929x1037, 929:1037, wew.png)

41c1b1  No.15849871[Reply]

Right who's going to bite the bullet and pay for a copy so we can laugh our asses off?

281 posts and 125 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f9a086  No.15863544


Hispanics have an awful habit of calling themselves white (and like jews, they do this while also attacking white identity at every opportunity). This racial larping is such a big problem in america that we have to literally trick them into telling us if they are fake-white or real-white.

08b91b  No.15863575

File: 4eb307644f3092c⋯.jpg (27.32 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1526665304.jpg)




The term "non-Hispanic white" exists because spic goblins would fill in their census as white because in Latin American countries if you aren't shit brown you are considered white. So the US government was like fuck it and made the "non-Hispanic" catergory.

TLDR: Spics were pretending to be white on the census so we had to make a new category for only actual whites.


A good example of why the "non-hispanic" white label exists is this image.

0dc25a  No.15863610

Women are so worthless that they could not find a hundred worth talking about, they had to fill the list with trannies. Get that, cunts? Even mentally ill men are better than you!

095c31  No.15863675


>nig on the cover.

All the women in gaming of any note where white or asian.

a9ce7a  No.15864583


>Even mentally ill men are better than you!

Actually autists are overrepresented in trannyland.

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