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File: 3a48b70ed11a17f⋯.jpg (572.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mass effect.jpg)

20657f  No.15861700[Reply]

There's gotta be some space RPGs that are at least kinda similar, right?

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4329a8  No.15863262


Isn't this game franchise for niggers and soyboys and fat tumblrwhales?

84eb4f  No.15863321


The issue at hand is devs are focused on making individual successive stories rather than making a single story told over multiple entries.

I tend to remember The Lord of the Rings for this reason since in Lotr it wasn't written as a trilogy it's just a single book the publisher split up into 3 because of WW2 era paper shortages. But because it was written with the benefit of hindsight Tolkien was able to slip in an enormous amount of details and moments of closure throughout the story that made it feel genuinely special. Gimli tells Legolas they'll explore the caves near Helms Deep after the War for the Ring, and during the ending that's exactly what happens. Sam discovers his horse made it back to Bree and it ends up kicking its former owner during the Scouring of the Shire. Saruman becomes a miserable wreck and Frodo corrals a posse to take back his home. Etc. It made the story seem more complete and special.

>Giving a game multiple endings is easy, but those endings aren't going to get sequels unless you retcon things so that actually they don't make all that much of a difference.

I don't really mind it if devs give their games multiple endings I dislike it when they go with this in-between thing where they want to have their cake and eat it too. They wanna say "well your choice mattered" but don't want to put a ton of work and man hours into it. With the Rachni for instance they could've tried to redo those levels so you fight different enemies but the game was rushed to shit so they couldn't do that.

>Honestly when it comes to that kind of shit I'm actually inclined to blame the consumer rather than the developer. Sure it would be nice for the developer to be upfront and honest about this shit. But in the end it's the consumer who aren't using their fucking brains and realising what is realistic to expect from a game.

I mean it's the developer's fault for putting this into their game to begin with. Nobody told them to make an earth shattering game choice in game 1. It's just an excuse to say "well what did you expect it was impossible for them to follow up on this choice they hyped up." when it was BioPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

b6b447  No.15863721


Thats bait but ,ME1 came out in 2008 iirc

You have space jews in the form of Asari and merchant volus ,based Turians.Salarians whoes best trick was to geneticly castrate the space niggers/walking tanks

You have galactic CIA in the form of Spectre and private human CIA with Cerberus

If the world was given to some actuall people.it could be great from serious war films to space drama/romance for your mom to watch.I have no idea why someone would create a universe and never utilize it.Imagine all kinds of tv shows but in Mass Effect or your prefered universe.Is there any franchise that does it ?

5dfd6f  No.15863759

unlikely since its really hard to pull off good story with a lot of good characters, races, places without either making it super generic, censoring it to hell or pandering to identity politics

current downfall of all Bioware IPs one by one is the example

84f32d  No.15863814


The problem with renegade is that the paragon option is always the easiest way of doing things.

Take Feros for example. The paragon option is to use gas grenades to knock only 18 people out, and most are grouped together so you can easily score 2-4 knock outs. The gas isn't even that hard to get you literally just have to ask a character for it. In that situation it would be retarded to go Renegade as it's neither harder or easier than the paragon option.

File: 750556eb1bdd5d9⋯.png (1.13 MB, 5787x4093, 5787:4093, ClipboardImage.png)

0374d6  No.15851541[Reply]





G-Rank confirmed

Multiple Areas confirmed

Geralt of Rivia confirmed

Will this finally redeem World and make it worth buying?

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4d57d3  No.15862504



You act like that's new. Hell world isn't even the first time we've had a megaman skin for the palico.

fb0a5b  No.15862524


I think he's referencing the stickers added to SFV

8d89a1  No.15862550


He's trying to equate people who prefer MHXX to nintendrones because MHXX is a switch-exclusive. Its capcom's fucking fault for going "Here you go guys on main platforms, MHW. MHXX is going to be our nintendo-loyalty title and will only be on their shitty gimmick console."

03d28d  No.15862608


No they aren't, they are massively overrated.


Wew lad that well poisoning.

20f7a6  No.15863729

So, besides focus, which are the best options regarding gems? I am at the second level of focus, fourth level of earplugs and third level against tremors. Just the gems I have.

File: 01522be2f04a2fc⋯.jpg (21.17 KB, 320x240, 4:3, ZrV8mkWSiCSpuXtEXyJCdT-320….jpg)

File: ef5eaaea7f16ed8⋯.jpg (18.08 KB, 220x273, 220:273, 220px-Dxcover.jpg)

File: ece3d56909affee⋯.jpg (38.44 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg)

File: 992c9f8057d23c5⋯.jpg (17.86 KB, 200x300, 2:3, odst.jpg)

File: 57d38ff93474ba0⋯.png (8.67 KB, 500x82, 250:41, Wipeout_logo.png)

bac199  No.15780869[Reply]

I'm not trying to start a shitfit by saying jap games are bad- in fact most of them are solid. I just want a change of scenery from all the Japanese games. Talk about genuinely good games made in the west here. Bonus points if they have cute girls without garbage art styles in them.

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35f8c5  No.15859969


Doom's enemies are bullet sponges, it feels like you're walking on air and the "story" is non-existent, just some basic puzzles and barely complex environments. II had bigger levels and unfunny humor thrown in the end. It will forever be the most overrated game of all time.

390f03  No.15859975


It just didn't nail the action game schtick and by the half way mark became way too reliant on gimmick encounters like tanks that just make a grating noise and miss all their shots or retarded helicopters. The game is at its best when you're fighting just grunts but even then it's remarkably disjointed feeling.

bf475f  No.15861254

fbed43  No.15861317

File: f50f204d66d1f62⋯.jpg (263.24 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Petula best girl.jpg)

File: 82d2ed47ad17cee⋯.jpg (46.09 KB, 415x269, 415:269, vivapinatroublemast39.jpg)

File: e942907961d21de⋯.jpg (87.86 KB, 890x897, 890:897, leafos.jpg)

Here is a quality Western title that doesn't get much attention these days. Trust me if you have the means to play one and are looking for a comfy time, look no further.

3e5e71  No.15863705


1st one is superior.

File: a3cda82fd2d69f6⋯.png (138.6 KB, 220x310, 22:31, 220px-Strikers_1945_II.png)

File: 64a51362d102e57⋯.jpg (28.07 KB, 320x480, 2:3, 874.jpg)

File: dee743cf3d198f9⋯.png (341.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SpinningBullets.png)

d35879  No.15863398[Reply]

Can we have a shmup thread? I recently made my way through these 3 baddies and I had tons of fun. I'm looking for more recommendations. Are they any shmups you've played you'd recommend for an afternoon of vidya?

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56d125  No.15863443

File: 0334df927f9189a⋯.gif (2.79 MB, 400x255, 80:51, disappointment.gif)

>day…lost count

>still stuck on batrider

How long does it take to 1cc your fist shmup?

This is my first time really going for it and I'm still struggling at stage 5 to get past the rival and get hit by stupid shit on the earlier stages. I'm really thinkging It's impossible for me at this point cause I'm at the age where I don't think my muscles and reaction times are going to get any better

414910  No.15863451



>some indie shmup that's a vertical displayed in horizontal



a long time without save states and a good amount of practice & planning, play other shmups casually or credit-feed like hell

43eead  No.15863461


>How long does it take to 1cc your fist shmup?

I don't have the autism for it, I just play for fun and emasculating anyone who's shit enough to score even worse than I do.

d35879  No.15863647


has the scene gotten anywhere? last i heard they patched out piracy.

414910  No.15863655


nope, the hard part is finding dumps of the games

File: 31caac5734b815b⋯.jpg (377.37 KB, 700x592, 175:148, __kisuke_and_torahime_obor….jpg)

File: 8747924e63eff33⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 1694x1386, 11:9, __original_drawn_by_mashu_….jpg)

File: b8eafacf6043a89⋯.png (4.48 MB, 3620x820, 181:41, __kongiku_momohime_raijin_….png)

File: 5206d5e2074ff46⋯.jpg (3.87 MB, 1498x6600, 749:3300, cuckvg vita chart.jpg)

bc6697  No.15764282[Reply]





And most importantly, are you still having fun?

Previous Threads:https://pastebin.com/2LxQQ0ex

(New) First-Time Buyer's FAQ: https://pastebin.com/Xhz0ijN6

Game recommendations: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/raw/master/gamerec/games.png

Vita Hacking: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/pastebin/paste.txt



Vita mods: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/raw/master/pastebin/mods.txt

>Latest News

>Catherine Full Body's western release for the Vita has been canceled, contact Atlus NA here if you care https://atlus.com/contact/#support-tag

>13 Sentinels has been canceled for the Vita period, contact Atlus JP here if you care https://pro.form-mailer.jp/fms/1246530f118006

>The physical versions for Sharin No Kuni's are being worked on and still releasing as intended

>NISA (be careful) plans physPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Post last edited at

8fac81  No.15850035

d0f94a  No.15854225

File: 42aac0a1581188d⋯.jpg (3.21 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 0158.jpg)

File: e412047d23a78c4⋯.jpg (3.43 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 0159.jpg)

So I got one of these. It's the JEC one for the 1000. I have to say, it is very comfortable, I don't think my hands are ever going to cramp up again while playing on this thing.

The grip itself seems rather flimsy, once you put it on, it feels very solid though. The little tabs that hold it in place aren't something you would want to mess around with too often, so once you put it on, you better leave it on. The hinges on top do get in the way of the power and volume up buttons a bit. If you have

very fat fingers, pressing the PS/start/select buttons might become a problem.

The triggers themselves feel a bit mushy (think DS3 but more resistance and less play) but seem to register presses without issues from my limited testing so far. The exposed part of the back touch pad does not register R2/L2 presses so you don't have to worry about it anymore. That said, I have not tried anything that requires R3/L3 yet, so I can't comment on whether you might accidentally press those. That said, you won't brush the back touch pad by accident as easily with this grip since you got those two horns on the back to hold on to.

It weights around 300 grams and makes the Vita rather bulky which might be a detriment to some but works just fine for me. All in all I'm happy with the purchase and hope this thing will actually last for a while. I got it mainly so I can play without getting hand cramps anymore and it does that job fine, the L2/R2 is a nice addition for moonlight and PS1 games which I'm going to be trying out in the coming days.

c549a5  No.15858701


Thanks for the review anon

Now i'm regretting not picking one up during that sale they had a few months ago

>once you put it on you better leave it on

Ah shit that's annoying

26db73  No.15863350

Is anyone playing anything fun right now?

04701a  No.15863639

File: 9e7886951e9465f⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 1314801220666.jpg)


Related to some other thread I did finally start Project Diva F, after struggling to figure out what the stars corresponded to, and then figuring they were touchscreen flicks, because that was such a great idea when Rhythm Tengoku Gold did it. That aside, I'm fairly into rhythm games but not that good at them. VOCALOID girls are cute too.

File: ca36c28e53c5f4c⋯.jpg (39.47 KB, 585x300, 39:20, 002a04e03e3fb196049cf18b5d….jpg)

2e7874  No.15854488[Reply]

We won. https://archive.fo/iKI2g Chocolate loli is best flavor.

346 posts and 163 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

49639c  No.15863231


Gyaru's vary a lot. She definitely has a similar attitude to one and the ambiguity of her nature is played up to in this doujin. All in all I'd definitely categorize her as such.

f3df06  No.15863497


I call bullshit Marry Jean or whatever makes loli and they're great. Shoujo Ramune creators.

ad7432  No.15863558

File: 8432be348371732⋯.png (104.85 KB, 280x280, 1:1, face.png)



bc5f84  No.15863794


It is bullshit, there's still loli shit everywhere and that's probably the loli sperg from /animu/, who is also the blackpillfag.

5079eb  No.15863914

File: 5c6401a18662cd8⋯.jpg (118.35 KB, 800x649, 800:649, which high school girl do ….jpg)


Some people like the contrasting nature of it.

File: 47d0f3659919553⋯.jpg (18.63 KB, 253x250, 253:250, Eagle.jpg)

da8a74  No.15767019[Reply]

It's well known that Yoshinori Ono has gone on record saying that he's been simplifying Street fighter's mechanics and core gameplay ever since 4 so SF can reach a wider audience. A big complaint of 5 is the lack of depth, but since 4 was so widely acclaimed he continued to simplify SF, but with 5 instead of improving upon the core design it's just a continuation of simplification. My main worry is that since 4 was so widely acclaimed and since 5 is popular as well, literally being on Disney Channel albeit their sub channel, that we'll never see a return to the mechanical depth let alone any sort of improvement on the core that SF used to have, all for the sake of "reaching a wider audience". Is there any hope to see a return?

97 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cbcdaf  No.15846167


STREET FIGHTING, as in no rules, be glad we don't have a character with a gun. yet

ff7545  No.15852475

File: aa87dfcc51e8603⋯.jpg (265.55 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, ly.jpg)


username was also crimeglass. Last year, he nuked all the official sites. So 'booru is your best bet.


SF4 was SF2 Rebalanced by Onoo.

ff7545  No.15856828

File: c9bd0e8437a36ea⋯.jpg (21.58 KB, 850x630, 85:63, Kkk.jpg)

The State of SFV 2018

ff7545  No.15859608

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sonic vs Hadou

See the SFV ads?

a47e9c  No.15863527

File: 9e921c7670556da⋯.webm (8.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Underrail_ Expedition - E….webm)

3e8f11  No.15854923[Reply]

So, got any good ones you'd like to talk about?

100 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9ad1c1  No.15863324

File: 7b60dbbe392b460⋯.png (81.98 KB, 584x359, 584:359, Fallout 2.png)


Speaking of Fallout, has anyone played 1.5 or Nevada?

9f26d7  No.15863356


>grandaddy of Fallout

I thought that was Wasteland, but thank you anon this looks intriguing

7c5598  No.15863365


Not enough but the few hours I did spend on it were pretty fun. Sticks very closely to the fallout 1 & 2 style and felt like an expansion to the originals rather than a fan-made game.

9f26d7  No.15863368

File: 067b3210af9be52⋯.webm (2.63 MB, 490x360, 49:36, Dark Sun Shattered Lands.webm)


Holy shit though, I can see its influence on Fallout easily, and its pretty damn nice-looking

6661ce  No.15863423

File: 4907766296c03f6⋯.jpg (153.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)



>How about both?


File: ee8a92adc115d7c⋯.png (134.03 KB, 940x342, 470:171, waifufagsinanutshell.png)

07587c  No.15862142[Reply]

Here is your challenge:

> Start playing the Sims (this is the hardest part of this challenge)

> Create a white, heterosexual male with a completely average looking but not fat build.

> Get a completely ordinary job as a technician or salesman. No "super politician" or "career criminal" or "artist" or "politician" or anything like that.

> Create a white, heterosexual female character with a completely average looking but not fat build.

> Play as the male character. Court and eventually marry the female.

> Make a two story house with two car garage.

> Have three kids.

> Finish off your playthrough with a white picket fence.

> Post results.

> Cry over what you will never have in your life, and what you can only dream of having in a videogame.

36 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9c1fdb  No.15863399

>Start playing the Sims (this is the hardest part of this challenge)

kek, this was funny.

>those spaces between arrows

Nigger, did you copy-paste this? You'd better not be a crossposter.

4211c7  No.15863408

File: 3b84cd815accba3⋯.png (61.73 KB, 1509x551, 1509:551, OnlyFemalesCanReturnWithKi….png)

Hah, finally found this thread again.



Very nice.

1528e3  No.15863412

dubs thread a go

58dbb8  No.15863420


woefully unchecked digits

b39384  No.15863811

>start playing the sims

But i'm not a lonely white woman over 30.

File: 1c31f279b8199da⋯.jpg (232 KB, 1024x882, 512:441, Czks7N5VIAAUQl4.jpg)

File: 6fa96f36e67ec0e⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 781x5032, 781:5032, lid01.jpg)

9612f3  No.15837414[Reply]

Let It Die

TDM season 5 is coming to its end in a month. Be sure to end up with as high a rank as you can before the maintenance on January 6th to receive a blueprint for a special Motor Psycho. Flamethrower and Swimming Master armor blueprints will also be removed from lost bags, so if you don't have them, it's time to grind TDM like an autist (never even seen any of the Swimming Master pieces myself).

69 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e9f6b8  No.15862532


Nice find if you're still in the low ranks.

38fdcd  No.15862573



as much as i like the idea of having a permanently regenerating HP, the speed at which it acts upon your character is just not efficient enough to justify using a decal slot when you go up to tengoku

1cdf24  No.15862689


Vampire is pretty hard to beat up there.

38fdcd  No.15862971

File: 6482f4a46693786⋯.png (73.63 KB, 412x351, 412:351, pepe.png)


i just want rifle addict goddammit. i even have dupes of nearly every other shitty addict decal already

1e4242  No.15863360


>get sword addict

Well, its something I guess.

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

232d12  No.15807470[Reply]

So when are normalfags going to fuck off from video games? Is there any sort of crash that will make them find it distasteful again?

Why the fuck was this thread deleted? OP didn't do anything wrong

214 posts and 73 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

40953b  No.15860448

File: f0a6fb4e630d96e⋯.jpg (38.31 KB, 680x686, 340:343, 1540183274879.jpg)


God has left the building, I repeat,


7f57fb  No.15862877


Flat is justice.

f66e05  No.15863275

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is he right?

04e86d  No.15863316

File: 12ef3e3acc9ecbc⋯.jpeg (25.95 KB, 377x390, 29:30, download.jpeg)

1709ce  No.15863348


>visual novels

>mental investment

Lol, nigga, all you gotta do is skip the dialogue and click random answers until you get the lewds.

File: ce8cbe75b20bfe1⋯.png (74.07 KB, 250x250, 1:1, q.png)

2bcb1a  No.15847944[Reply]

I fucking hate this annoying cunt.

>A third person action game with a focus on melee combat, spacing and timing. It's basically the modern evolution of the old school beat 'em up. Third-person camera (typically elevated slightly above the character with a fairly wide angle view), character attacks waves upon waves of enemies with a little environment traversal and some puzzles thrown in here and there.

49 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

96bbc5  No.15863166


the whole reason anita sarkeesian got any leverage was because of bayonetta. Before her bayonetta video she does did "critiques" of popular music and videos until she did the bayo video, in which she proved she based everything she new about the game from advertisements alone, got blown the fuck out, had her manslave mcintosh reevaluate that situation then come back almost strictly talking about video games because getting blown up for being purposely naive about the subject being discussed was an easy victim card

aed9e6  No.15863180


welcome to the fucking club

69e88c  No.15863207


>You say that, but I think Bayo is in a weird place with SJWs because she represents all the female empowerment tropes that they're supposed to like, but she's also hypersexualized which is something current SJW aren't supposed to like.

They'll just delude themselves into thinking she's a dyke and then everything's a-okay.

08380f  No.15863235

File: 77fd60e2fd2c598⋯.png (49.01 KB, 532x418, 14:11, 1462653101047[1].png)


SocJus leaves Bayo alone because they discovered they can't guilt Platinum into making it more progressive; they gave up the crusade on the front

aed9e6  No.15863318


he's a prude anon, don't take him by face fault..

File: 4249c139394afe3⋯.png (201.9 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, dbv_logo2.png)

File: 2bd20e8843b4ca9⋯.png (14.78 KB, 600x600, 1:1, guide(addressoutdated.png)

File: be09979bcca2861⋯.png (385.98 KB, 830x974, 415:487, eggmanvsfurries.png)

File: 28739f12a2e9772⋯.png (12.2 KB, 406x312, 203:156, SAVEthewipe.png)

File: d93ba10274a47ba⋯.png (71.44 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, badtime.png)

849b0f  No.15759560[Reply]



>Eggman wages war on Vegeta against Taro's Saiyan Empire to build Robotnik Land

>Vivec and Blood Cell vore everyone several times over until they get BP cucked

>Earth is cucked to hell and back


>Sans Undertale and Eggman reunite after the Vore Wars of 1989. Having lost Sgt. John Wicke in the war, Eggman had blamed Sans for his death. After a tearful reunion, the duo made peace

>Sans gives Earth a bad time because they shat on Namek


>Panty has sex with 90% of the population

>Yaro is the hero the wipe didn't deserve

>Sonic Adventure 2 arc. Eggman and Shadow are SAVEd and become good guys until Shadow becomes Shadow Blanco and gives in to his ego

>Pvt. Chara, another cadet in Eggman's squad during the war, murders Sans. It is revealed Chara had staged the Vore Wars in order to kill more people


>Palpatine returns from previous wipe to take back the universe with his apprentice, Darth Nocide, who is revealed to be a brainwashed Tatto whose evil personality took control of his body after the Vore Wars. Tatto is SAVEd as well and then fucks off to the afterlife because he lived too long or something like that


>Yaro was actually Benis Kai from the Halfie Wipe! He had gotten so fed up with witnessing his friends die off and their memories passed on that he wanted to end the universe with Chara

>then Eggman fused with Sans' dna to become Sansman and fight them. Benis and Chara are defeated by the heroes and the universe lives I think

<the memes, Jack!


>development is still progressing, there's talk of it being rePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

138 posts and 99 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5fe183  No.15861947

>"i should run core real quick"

>3 hours later

85ce53  No.15862359

File: 4c938db8851f131⋯.jpg (27.95 KB, 640x479, 640:479, Frieza_Final_Form_100%.jpg)

For some reason, Baram is really, really angry!

The universe is just so non GNU!

I need to wish to make the universe open source!

If not, I'll just blow up Namek!

There's only two ways he'll be sated

- beat his final form (optional beam struggle to death)

- Let him destroy Namek and/or sate his wish (whatever is first.)

- Convince him the universe is already GNU (boring and no ssjs)

How it'll work:

My forms are pretty OP, so it'll be a bracket based me-only-as-opponent tournament. I'll fight the (BP wise) weakest to strongest. If you beat me, I'll transform into my next form. Alternatively, if you're strong enough, mid fight I might transform. When I'm at form 4, I'm in my final form at 4.8m bp.

The fights will be lethal (to facilitate SSJ. If you've revived, you can return to fight to try for SSJ again. When I'm about to kill, I WILL TELEGRAPH IT, so saiyans can power up or some shit,) unless you've trained in my gym. The ones I know trained in my gym are so far:

Nomad (you know who you are, but I know I spelled your name wrong)


Weed's Alt (forgot who)


Namek, 10:00 pm tonight 12/12/18 (EST)

534782  No.15862424

File: ed47ad2659f4dd1⋯.jpg (34.96 KB, 330x330, 1:1, Kekarot.jpg)

>local legend fucking explodes in a freak sparring accident

85ce53  No.15862997


Annd that's a wrap!

Baram was defeated by Lettis, who turned Golden Hair after Baram killed Vergil, resulted from a tag-team of the two demons!

After being promptly let go, he said his last words, issued a warning about not accepting the [OPEN SOURCE] and left back to his gym! He'll teach shit as normal, but the price is improvement, as per the bill.

Namek is unharmed, Vergil got killed, Huge fused (but got a hole blown in his chest), and Lettis turned SSJ!

S-see you all during god-ki.

d35e26  No.15863313

File: 233441f9a06917f⋯.jpg (284.35 KB, 850x478, 425:239, maverick-hunter.jpg)

Announcing Additional Bonuses for Members of Delta's Android Academy!

Do you too wish you could revel in the highly overrated might of Cyber BP? Do you have dreams of being able to demolish puny builds like its nobody's business? Are you jealous of the intelligence modifier those metal dudes constantly brag about? Well say no more! As of now, the Android Academy now offers free cybernetic upgrades to any and all graduates of the school! Additionally, choosing to go the path of the cyborg will unlock one additional course in the school that intends to challenge the brainpower of the graduating student! What is this extra course you say?! Join the school to find out! Note: this bonus course is only relevant for non-androids. Any android graduates will instead be treated to an RP session to discuss the inner machinations of our CPUs

File: 1b14b30674fcf5b⋯.png (3.32 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, D3B05A8E-AC11-407E-9A9D-36….png)

d24749  No.15861679[Reply]

So are any of these games actually good or were they just a meme. The soy filled fans are definitely off putting, but I like rhythm games and some of the music sounds pretty good.

24 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7dabea  No.15862568


>tfw you can finally work on the backlog on the go

This is gonna be nice.

d3cf1a  No.15862590


This is why a hacked Vita is the best handheld money can buy.

20917f  No.15862636


Don't forget the alcoholic song, the happy police song or all the lewd songs.

5fbc1f  No.15862718


Rhythm games can't be that divisive in first place though. The focus of every rhythm game is to press keys to cool music, there's not much to drive people away other than just not liking the gameplay itself. Don't worry about the fans of this genre of games, they're almost all normalniggers.

c8b4e1  No.15863201

File: c6586382e5c20bf⋯.jpg (300.52 KB, 2697x2107, 2697:2107, c6586382e5c20bf37273f0c39e….jpg)

Super-idiot question. I actually wanted to try Project Diva F recently but my copy is Japanese, and I'm lost. What do you press with the stars?


3.65 is ideal, but 3.68 can be done. Under no circumstances update to 3.69.


Portable DS is best done with a jailbroken 3DS.

File: fac7d31cfd18f49⋯.png (916.03 KB, 1120x721, 160:103, Screenshot_2018-11-20 Dog ….png)

90108f  No.15759374[Reply]

Can't even let dogs die in a war game because it's too triggering to dog lovers. All the people can die though who the fuck cares about people. Shit is getting so damn pathetic.


338 posts and 95 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

70e3e3  No.15859850


Because communist and jews won the war.

f363ee  No.15859989


>Besides dogs and cats I don't think any animal is useful though, which makes sense since those two are the only ones humans tamed.

Holy shit you really are brain dead.

2baae0  No.15860483

File: 1c16a45821923cd⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 160x110, 16:11, Pigowned.gif)

tbqh, it's most likely aimed at redditors, in that case

bd9242  No.15863103



Who cares?

f6f08d  No.15863147

File: 333ed8bc90bffd0⋯.webm (251.78 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Take It Easy Its Just A D….webm)


Nigga they're virtual dogs

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