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Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

30d569  No.15854404[Reply]

So there is a wizard fighting Battle Royal game being developed. While I normally instantly get turned off by that last part, this game looks more like a mix of Tribes and Magicka than Chinknite to me.

>Can slide using ice to gain speed

>Can airblast to get air

>Doesn't seem to have any overwatch ability cooldown shit

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5af045  No.15860915


>Maybe some objective protection game modes, does fortnite have that or is literally all just random brainless fighting?

Fortnite was originally some zombie defense game, that's why there's building in it. The BR mode was added in much later to catch the hype train.

24328f  No.15860954


Doesn't really look that sanic to me, and most of the slowness in BR's comes from aimless wandering on a big map with relatively few enemies alongside item acquisition which promotes avoiding your enemy.

I like the concept but it's ruined by the gametype, should have made it a CTP/DM/TDM style game but of course they have to jump on the latest fad.

Also all ice seemed to do was offer a movement speed bonus alongside fire 'airblasts' which gave you some air. Not really 'tribes-like' imo.

a0f23e  No.15861142

What's the actual difference between Battle Royal and death Match like what Twisted Metal had?

5af045  No.15861154


BR consists os

>a large map

>players get to choose spawn points

>equipment must be gathered

>no respawning

>play size gets smaller over time

Or at least that seems to be what all of them have in common.

a0f23e  No.15861164


So it's just like twisted metal except a bigger map then.

File: fe08a54b9537be1⋯.png (144.86 KB, 371x569, 371:569, bs.png)

de2019  No.15853841[Reply]

How do we stop China from ruining video games?

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8c8ae6  No.15860742


t. chink

f64063  No.15860777


ching chong ding dong

063e1a  No.15860835


They want a slice of the pie and they get it through regulation. It's the same reasoning behind why they don't just ban cigs and are slowly legalizing other drugs.

084c6f  No.15860892


If I wasn't already all too familiar with how Asians are stupid enough to get out of their cars to try and get close to the local wildlife in Cuckanada I would find this video completely unbelievable and staged.

1ebead  No.15860929

Biological warfare

File: 3ace88919a81dc8⋯.jpg (55.13 KB, 721x540, 721:540, puerta_a_la_sabiduria.jpg)

4142a1  No.15857883[Reply]

I need some advice.

I'm struggling to find a middle ground between making an interactive novel, literature, some bits of comic books and videogames.

I just can't find a proper middle ground.

Do people play and read games that are mostly text and some drawings?

Homestuck comes to mind but I want also to have some minigames between the story sections, maybe add some roguelike part (with sprites), dunno.

10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

db9730  No.15858076


I personally really like what Silver Case and 25th Ward do. They call it like Film Window or something. There are some first-person walk-around bits that are rendered in 3D, but most scenes are 2D illustrations with the characters in the frame. Instead of the VN standard of cut-outs of the talking characters fading in and out with each line of dialogue, the game would instead put a box or some othe rkind of indicator over the face of who was saying a certain line. It also did mixed media type stuff, like a 3D scene would be moving on-screen, like a car driving down the road, then 2D illustrations of the car's interior would come up to show the characters speaking, or straight-up FMVs in a few rare bits.

bae1ea  No.15858509


Sounds like you want to make a point and click adventure.

7519d9  No.15858589


>I'm struggling to find a middle ground between making an interactive novel, literature, some bits of comic books and videogames.

Traditional game? They have books, text, and rules for the players.

e1666e  No.15860541

File: 8f9f8d035019431⋯.png (7.34 KB, 514x342, 257:171, mess.png)

File: 27fdbd178faded5⋯.jpg (45.41 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 6306-7-starship-titanic.jpg)

As >>15857886 says, VN with other genres sprinkled in would be the most straightforward, if your story has at least minimal levels of branching potential.

But you know what would be pretty cool if you felt like going over some long-fallow ground? A parser-based text adventure game with graphics.

Probably my favorite genre as a kid, but it slipped through the cracks of history for gamers in general, between the better remembered point & click genre beloved by hipsters, and the evergreen pure text IF genre that's continued as its own subculture since the 80s.

cbff5b  No.15860750

File: 0dddc1b59d099ac⋯.png (117.88 KB, 256x256, 1:1, inquistive_anime_girl.png)

So, about what will be your game?

File: 8f35228e13081be⋯.png (591.15 KB, 1252x1120, 313:280, gayz.png)

d6c7f0  No.15838629[Reply]

Holy shit I'd forgotten this game even existed. That's what three years of (((Early Access)))?

57 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.15846704


or private server?

27d00d  No.15846738



I think there's a mod to play offline but I wouldn't.

f750ad  No.15850009

>>15845555 (checked)

>implying they were literal niggers

T'was a figure of speech. I wasn't actually there when it went down, so I don't know if they were kangs or not.

d6c7f0  No.15859054


Don't think they exist.

75f85a  No.15860501

is this the game that was made by big rigs developers?

File: 97f9ec5f4026ae7⋯.png (4.01 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, 1AF9BAC2-A1DA-4FAA-BA53-E1….png)

File: d59da80616bf017⋯.jpeg (199.71 KB, 879x272, 879:272, 5041B2C2-5A06-44A7-9F13-0….jpeg)

File: 5389b61dfa1c5c8⋯.png (3.36 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, EE04FCB4-C2C4-4E5D-9CB8-6E….png)

adb7fc  No.15855471[Reply]

Are you guys ready for the new far cry game?

361 posts and 154 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

51050e  No.15860566


That image looks like a crack-addicted man in a wig.

279242  No.15860598

File: b4e38c94b6c5846⋯.jpg (71.15 KB, 550x587, 550:587, he even got fucking trips.jpg)

000000  No.15860607


It's just closer to academic art (?) than the original ayanami from anime or manga, Doesn't mean that artist is a good artist or anything. And it look better than other examples.

bda650  No.15861221




>first person shooter

Sometimes you go your whole life not knowing you really needed something until it drops right into your lap.


In my experience if someone is suffering, they usually brought it on themselves and trying to help them will result in them trying to drag you down with them. Also trying to help a nigger will result in said nigger killing you and taking your shit, even other niggers know this.

2b399f  No.15863050

far out meme 5: a joke too far

>from the makers that killed ubisoft

File: 7cf29ae4320826e⋯.jpg (374.38 KB, 970x545, 194:109, Dog2.jpg)

a195e5  No.15809288[Reply]

What keeps you playing a game if it isn't challenging?

I've been enjoying Fallout 4 but now that I'm fairly late in the game my character is a walking tank. By no means was the game ever difficult, but early on explosive traps could instantly kill me and higher level enemies could surprise me with their damage output. I had a reason to play cautiously sometimes, but now it's hard to reason playing at all. I could still find enjoyment from the detail and story of the quests, if it wasn't dulled from all the gameplay around them now feeling like such a tedious waste of time.

I seem to have this problem with every game I play nowadays. If my critical thinking or reflexes aren't being tested in the slightest, then I soon question why I'm bothering to play. If they aren't, is there a reason to play such a game?

62 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

078fca  No.15858416


Nothing I usually quit quikly at that point.

if I'm just going through the motions with 0% chance of failing I might as well watch a movie.

f74362  No.15860075

Nothing. I don't waste my time on boring non-games. I have other creative hobbies to entertain myself when I don't feel like playing games like programming and fly tying. When I play a game I expect to have my skill tested, by definition. If the "game" doesn't do that, it's a trash tier game.

bdddb3  No.15860333

Nuka world lets you become a raider warlord. I modded the game to enable most settlements(Read: everything but the mechanist lair and pre brotherhood boston airport) to be taken over, that includes the castle, and killed preston. Then, I took over every vanilla, DLC and some mod settlements. I literally own all of the commonwealth, even took over bunker hill, it was a pretty cool playthru, until the game literally died out on me

43e58b  No.15860384

File: 7f04301e24a7852⋯.jpg (346.97 KB, 1200x919, 1200:919, 7f04301e24a785232573b68291….jpg)


>not to mention the lack of memorable areas but I haven't gone far past diamond city

not even joking but that's the only somewhat interesting area, and it's not even, it's the only one with lively npcs whereas the rest of the game/areas are mmo-tier. fucking shite game

b3554a  No.15860393

>I've been enjoying Fallout 4

I'm sorry, OP. And don't worry things really do get better in high school.

File: f55e52b2818902e⋯.png (281.04 KB, 1217x835, 1217:835, areo.png)

6d3746  No.15838308[Reply]

>points out that games journalism was on the side of gamers against the "games cause violence" moral panic

>actual academic research was done to disprove it

>games journalism is on the moral panic side nowadays

>not a single piece of real academic research has been done because they know it will prove gamergate was right all along

This article seems pretty balanced for a relativaely mainstream news site. Are Areomagazine trustworthy at all? https://archive.fo/lhmu4

An advance warning to not respond to the (1) and done shills who have been raiding /v/ and sliding important threads recently. Report and filter them instead.

112 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b13029  No.15859388


Vice being fraudulent has been known for some time:


The place glows in the dark for good measure.

2cf17b  No.15859434

File: 7e4b599157367bb⋯.png (1.89 MB, 744x964, 186:241, ClipboardImage.png)

Reminder that there was a time when gaming journalism was done by people with talent.

It was fun. They had giveaways and previews and cut straight to the point with no bullshit. They even had sections that were fun in nature, like reviews written by characters they wrote (Pocket Gamer had issues where they portrayed reviews through the eyes of a grandma character reviewing games with her grandson). They had comics, exclusive artwork from game creators, interviews with game characters. They were FUN TO READ, almost as fun as the games themselves.

Creativity died a screaming death the moment shitrags like Kotaku and Polygon appeared.

c28d81  No.15859438


Why put effort into being fun to read when you can make controversial comments and ride the shitstorm wave into ad revenue heaven.

fe4091  No.15860325

File: bbb7e88df0c0839⋯.jpg (260.6 KB, 972x808, 243:202, Gamer Internet.jpg)

File: 979bc4deae8dae9⋯.jpg (94.46 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, gamer.jpg)

File: ab7b0865fe7a5b0⋯.jpg (123.11 KB, 1200x1199, 1200:1199, Games Fascism.jpg)

File: 538ee0fbafb5191⋯.jpg (56.05 KB, 847x507, 847:507, games political.jpg)

>Gaming "Journalism"

5df95f  No.15860368

File: 62eef14e381aa5f⋯.webm (725.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, im retarded.webm)


>lets let corruption go unmitigated

unsurprising tor posters are brain damaged

File: 828a971f7b8b8c1⋯.jpg (112.1 KB, 1300x1073, 1300:1073, 74034850-hand-with-gun-too….jpg)

1e882d  No.15848354[Reply]

Let's play a small game /v/, think of the most ridiculous vidya concept you can think of, and try to explain how it would work mechanically and what you would do to try and make it fun. I'll start

>Grand Chess Auto

>Chess turn-based GTA clone

>You play as a king piece and can move through the city one square at a time.

>The pieces do not check you nor can they capture you while you have no stars.

>There are a couple chess colors, yours is green, the civilians are white, the poilcemen blue, red is the army and any other color belongs to different gangs.

>You do not start hostile to any of the colors expect some of the gangs.

>The pedestrains are mainly pawns programmed to walk one way through the pavement, until they hit a corner at which they turn always in the same direction, making their movements predictable.

>Guns allow you to move as any other piece a limited amount of times to capture any piece you wish, the amount of times you can use that sort of movement, is the gun's ammo.

>There are special guns like the rocket launcher which follow a patern of a certain piece but allow you to capture a couple of pieces at once or like the machine gun which allows you to move two or three times during one turn.

>The vehicles allow you to take on a movement of a certain piece pernamently until you get out of the vehicle, additionaly, you can capture a few of the pieces at once by running them over. The vehicles are bigger than normal pieces though and don't allow you to fit in certain spaces, as they take up more squares than a normal piece. This is different for vehicles like the bike or the motor bike which do not allow you to run pieces over but are small enough to fit in certain spaces. Furthermore getting into a vehicle stops you from getting captured immediately by police pieces, instead making them capture the vehicle first and push you a few spaces in another direction.

>Getting checkmated is getting busted

>You can get captured if you are stupid enough, the rules of "you cannot capture the kinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

114 posts and 61 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6f91aa  No.15858760

The nigger game. now hear me out don't be a nigger. so in this game obviously you play as a nigger, ah-la the nigger gta. you go around the nigger hood located in "nigger city" (the fiction game version of detroit) doing nigger quests, getting other niggers to join your gang, killing gang members. also you collect food stamps from quests to level up negro-skills. there are 3 darkie sub classes to spec into, the darkness; a nigger thief with all the negro stealing abilities (advanced window getting into, sprinting, threaten), a nigger tank; a overweight nigger who buffs himself with food products. or a nigger potion seller wise in the ways of crack cocaine and meth making. the main niggas (or enemies) you'll encounter during your nigger quest are police, other niggers, tax collectors, white people, plus more.

f2c34c  No.15858906

Completely sound based game with no visuals whatsoever.

f07730  No.15860205

I'm doing an inverse Death Stranding here.

>White developer coming to Japan to make a JRPG

>Foretold mythical age of conquest is about to begin, unless a hero rises to stop the big bad evil of legend

>you gather a party of trustworthy companions

>after all your preparations, building strength, making difficult choices, travel across the entire nation you are ready to confront this evil

>turns out it was a tailor who invented school uniforms because conquest, and school uniform is a homphone all along

f07730  No.15860253

File: 01ea702f8fff57d⋯.jpg (189.19 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Punished Venom Jesus.jpg)

744cd3  No.15860323


>this is all it takes to impress /v/

Not only is the "I bet you can't believe this is a game!" approach overdone as fuck (it is basically streamer-bait). I'm pretty sure this exact premise has been done before. I've definite seen power cord puzzles done in first person games, HL2 had them for crying out loud.

Pornhub embed. Click thumbnail to play.

801fe5  No.15847779[Reply]

Before you ask they're the studio that made NieR: First [Ass]embly yes it's lewd. https://archive.is/t7K0u

>“ Patreon sent me an email saying they are shutting our page down permanently and that we are no longer welcome on the platform. Pretty hilarious considering they were giving us awards and plaques just a couple of years ago…how times change. Luckily we saw this coming from a million miles away – so there’s no need to panic – we’ve been working on a contingency platform and it should be operational towards the end of the year. It will be a place where we can have financial independence away from corrupt corporate entities such as Patreon and you can support us directly – no middleman. We’ve also been working on alternate revenue streams so obviously this is not the end of StudioFOW, but it does mean I cannot communicate with you guys on here anymore as this account is getting terminated In the meantime I encourage you to join the StudioFOW Discord as it is the easiest way to keep in touch until we can set up our independent platform”

187 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

15fd87  No.15854990

File: 7a6e0720900f13d⋯.jpg (30.95 KB, 540x406, 270:203, spoonfeeding.jpg)


That particular work has been scrubbed clean from r34. Does he (please give a name, any keyword I use isn't picking up anything) do anything non-loli? I'm not into that, but that animation is ellowas+ tier

492bee  No.15855038


The name is in the filename and he does versions of those videos with bigger tits.

492bee  No.15855050



I wasn't being very clear. He does do aged-up versions usually through larger breats and other small variations, but that would still be in the teen area instead of full loli, which may or may not be what you're looking for when you mention you're not into loli since lots of people still group teen as loli.

3fdf51  No.15855247



>He does do aged-up versions usually through larger breats and other small variations

Are the loli-versions still accessible somewhere in their original resolutions? I've checked Rule34Hentai and his Pixiv, but the source links are dead. Through his Patreon, perhaps?

fc6210  No.15860282

File: 75ad12ae5a3204d⋯.png (267.19 KB, 444x500, 111:125, (MEATY_WHACK).png)


That's a shame, but holy shit he puts a lot of effort in.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6f809d  No.15822742[Reply]

>buy our nostalgic console !

<It's just a repurposed PSP processor using PCSX…

'round 100 bucks for that shit.

That's a top tier jew tactic.

82 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

85091c  No.15852581

Why the fuck wouldn't it use POPS? I don't understand

c7a157  No.15860061

The refurbished ps1 I bought was cheaper than this shit and works like a dream

cccd8a  No.15860104


>defending communists

Go back.


Something you pick up with the express purpose of hacking it to do whatever. That's what the PSP was. The entirety of Europe, and probably every region that wasn't US and Japan hacked their PSPs, and it's why it was more common than the DS there.

e0cba9  No.15860229

File: b49a781045210ff⋯.jpg (524.52 KB, 1000x649, 1000:649, Maria.Balthasar.full.56389….jpg)


Nowadays we have laptops, tablets and smartphones which can all emulate PS1 better than this piece of shit. Even if the PS1 Classic is hacked wide open it would provide nothing new.

cccd8a  No.15860260


I never said Sony was smart.

File: 28823c230bba498⋯.png (2 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, 28FE2002-3530-4F77-A6E3-D0….png)

83f46f  No.15852912[Reply]

arthur can get raped in the story but he cant have sxe with a measly prostitute? What le fuck r* . I MEAN LITERALLY WHAT THE FUCK

38 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

edbddf  No.15859726


<What Vikings actually write on runestones

>Olaf was here and ate an entire horse. Fucked five native women.

dbc885  No.15859744


>vikings sailing across the atlantic

>not trying to conquer the land and just leaving out of respect for the natives

first this shit game tryes to absolve injuns for the mass extintion of wildlife in the west, now they are pulling this mental gimanstic out of their ass to avoid mentioning the fact that they purged vikings?

why do this? vikings were pirates, if they ever encountered injuns a battle axe would have been thrown long before the first redskin drew an arrow

ee3bdc  No.15859764

File: cc6c540b1d73f7f⋯.png (55.63 KB, 416x611, 32:47, cc6c540b1d73f7f268e61780cd….png)


Thing is, you're not even wrong. Viking runestones were just their way of commemorating and immortalizing vikings who'd fallen in battle.

9eaeff  No.15859779


There are dumb shits that actually believe this garbage. They usually throw in some bs about discovery for good measure.

A discovery is worthless if you don't do anything with it and yes it was discovered.

>discover: find unexpectedly or during a search

Just because people were there doesn't make it suddenly not become a discovery. God damn fucking retards.

8f1f6d  No.15860175

File: 3b224cbc2e9a836⋯.jpg (170.82 KB, 808x609, 808:609, 3b224cbc2e9a8369faf5c45b8a….jpg)


I'm only about halfway through reading that but it makes me glad I haven't bought a game in a fucking decade.

File: 1f4dae5741dd300⋯.png (3.41 MB, 3537x2373, 1179:791, christdeepfreeze.png)

75a47d  No.15856618[Reply]



>Google Briefing, "THE GOOD CENSOR", is leaked: https://archive.fo/eHJTD

>Steam being banhappy faggots again: OAG article on VN "A key to home": https://archive.fo/vthvt || "The Last Girl- Janna's Diary of Shame" forums: https://archive.fo/J0NSf || https://archive.fo/1IVc0 || Imolicious developer Yume Creations has account banned from Steam (https://archive.fo/Czeid), then unbanned: http://archive.is/e3cBW

>Sony Censorship Policy Removes "Crude" Items from Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet


>Idea Factory/Compile Heart censorship: Arc of the Alchemist (https://archive.is/zvBja) || Dragon Star (https://archive.is/OveGM#selection-979.61-979.103) || Date A Live (https://archive.is/OveGM#selection-1295.0-1295.94)

>Williams Pinball: Volume 2 Will Be Censored On Consoles, Uncensored On PC


>Bethesda To Face A Class Action Lawsuit For Not Fulfilling Fallout 76 Refunds



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

701 posts and 375 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6cf381  No.15863002



Toilet paper. I need anons to post faster so I can take a shit.


Temple OS

75a47d  No.15863008


Just shit and shower.

6cf381  No.15863053

File: 051b6540fa5850c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 599.19 KB, 910x826, 65:59, (C89)_[Dorepooru_(Leopard)….png)


I have the same shaggy butthair problem as Galko, so asswiping is serious business.

5d965f  No.15863264


Not sure. I didn't see it at least.


All correct instead

>Samus' tits and ass shrunk

>ass shrunk

I do not believe this is true actually. One of the only buffs Samus in Ultimate got was that her ass sticks out more, giving theimpression that it's actually bigger in fact I don't like it becasue her having such an ass with little tits now looks weirder




but regardless of the circumstances good luck all the same



>falling into the meme to caring whether you're a virgin or not

also get ready for the regret in the few years

76092a  No.15863608

File: a74aeef2b6edb98⋯.png (450.06 KB, 1732x788, 433:197, tumbledicks.png)


the more people you move to mastadon and dispora the more sits like kikebook and twatter will die from dwindling userbase.

tumblr fags have already moved to mastadon after their site banned porn.

File: 5ef6c8c28aa104a⋯.png (303.89 KB, 576x325, 576:325, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9ef7d5a45634fb1⋯.png (143.44 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Luther Believe.png)

File: cea5021561867f6⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

06c224  No.15858946[Reply]

ITT post your own original deepest lore for a game/game series

Legacy Of Kain

>We are told the cancelled game, Dark Prophecy, would switch between young and "current" Kain the same way Defiance did between Kain and Raziel

>This would probably culminate in a final boss fight between past and future Kain as seen in the climax of Blood Omen

Star Ocean

>Universe inside a video game made by Sphere Corp

>Mostly designed by Luther Lansfield

>Edge Maverick is Luther's very own self-insert

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

6afc37  No.15859822

Pikachu in Smash 64 had 3 perfect IVs. In Melee he bred with another Pikachu to have Pichu, which has 4 IVs. Sadly they weren't the right stats (Attack, Speed, Sp. Def, HP) so Pichu sucked in Melee until he evolved into Pikachu in Brawl/Smash 4. Once old enough this 4 IV Pikachu bred with Pikachu-libre which had the final two IVs needed to make Ultimate's Pichu a perfect IV Pokémon.

Pikachu from 64 was from Yellow. When imported into Gold/Silver he carries the light ball, which is required to teach Pichu Volt Tackle via breeding. Pichu didn't use Volt Tackle until it evolved by Brawl because of Smash Ball.

ab2c47  No.15859860

Ness died fighting giygas and the entire ending is Ness in heaven, with what he believed happened.

You orchestrated the entire events of princess tomato in the salad kingdom in order to become King, thus why everything seems to be planned out, yet Percy is clueless and always hampering you.

Conker is a drunken fool in Conker's bad fur day due to the events of Diddy kong racing, to which I mean him losing the cup.

732ce8  No.15859871


princesses dont become kings

60193c  No.15859897


It's almost current year +4, anon. If a princess wants to become king xhe can.

And if a pawn wants to become a rook he can fuck right off and play shogi.

ab2c47  No.15859910


You don't play as the princess, you play as a knight of the kingdom, who just happens to know everything needed and everyone needed to make yourself the next King.

File: 71782393f3a3eee⋯.jpg (25.62 KB, 273x364, 3:4, Morrowind.jpg)

637bdc  No.15810855[Reply]

It's about time we had another thread for the best RPG ever to be made.

133 posts and 39 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c2c51e  No.15854036


That's not an RPG.

8262ed  No.15859007


Huh. Color me shocked. I didn't think it was possible to make something attractive in Oblivion regardless of mods.

95ffe5  No.15859014


It's not, anon. You just have really low standards.

0e80c0  No.15859203


Homowind is complete shit. All of those things on the bingo are true, by the way.

8262ed  No.15859854


Here's your (You). Don't spend it all in one place.

File: ef5eaaea7f16ed8⋯.jpg (18.08 KB, 220x273, 220:273, Deus Ex.jpg)

0ac32c  No.15823104[Reply]

Is Deus Ex worth getting into for a beginner? Are there any mods I should know about before going in?

81 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ccf338  No.15852487

I just beat the Hong Kong level. The chinks are a little to nice/good for my taste

42741f  No.15856893


Don't play Revision. GMDX is fun but I'd say play the original first

d7602a  No.15858857

File: 1c85c798964cf5e⋯.jpg (64.64 KB, 1200x751, 1200:751, nights2.jpg)

11111f  No.15858951



I only played Revision for a few minutes, when i saw all the changes to liberty island, I bounced. Interesting idea, but not the kind of thing I am into.

928a31  No.15859813


I bet this gweilo never even walked the luminous path

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