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Ya'll need Mises.

File: 714dbaff3458e33⋯.png (51.41 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, lebudget.png)



Show me your budgets /liberty/.


If that version is not ancap-XTREME enough for you:



File: 9bf12954d2c3248⋯.png (95.61 KB, 1644x830, 822:415, Untitled.png)

Just by reducing defense, healthcare, and economic security as much as possible


My finger got tired.

Fuck this website.



This. The fact that you can't hold down the button or type stuff in (nevermind all the damn warnings that pop up) makes it not worth my time.




If you press once, then spam both enter buttons you don't have to click and it's not too bad.




>yes to Communist shit

>no to Military

You moron. No to all I can understand, but this is just pure retardery.


File: eee205e8e1a1f25⋯.png (77.76 KB, 555x849, 185:283, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 70eea86ceeb201e⋯.png (40.98 KB, 551x509, 551:509, ClipboardImage.png)


He did reduce the spending to zero, the website is just retarded and still assumes Medicare and Social security have costs to maintain even if you set everything to zero.



yeah why can't you just completely cut welfare and Medicare?



This is my issue with ALL of these fucking budget calculators (ESPECIALLY >>100206 , you niggerfaggot). You can't line item by department, you have to do only the options the thinktank who made it will let you do.

In this case, if you read the popup, they explain their asinine reasoning.



I'm not autistic enough to adjust the other settings as it would take too long.

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