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Ya'll need Mises.

File: a1d63b0103ef224⋯.png (228.9 KB, 580x570, 58:57, values-map.png)


is the west really going to fall? what will it mean?


It means a unipolar New World Order and the end of sovereign independent nation states, along with all the degeneracy and decay of globalist Cultural Marxism that has poisoned the west for decades

God, Family, Nation, Race - the four pillars of civilization are under attack by postmodernists and Freemasons/Cabalists who want to usher in their Antichrist.



not sure if troling



It means the governments fall too. Then we have land for our own societies.


Did you take your meds today?



Please stay on your containment board.



i have no firearm (not a burger here) for self-defence and im not a prepper so i have not enough food stored to make it through crisis

i have also no gold/btc

im doomed ;_;



You are doomed.



Do you have anime?



What imagen of "the fall of the west" do you have in your head? all europeans die?



the west being outcompeted by less cucked civilizations e.g. chinks



Won't be the first time western civilization isn't at the forefront. Maybe the world will be better off for it anywya.

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