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File: 1411794385255.png (89.86 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1374534128057.png)


General tips and links for new ERP'ers?
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File: 1421332719999.jpg (792.12 KB, 900x1550, 18:31, 1396497435777.jpg)


Welcome to /erp/, a board dedicated to erotic roleplay and all matters surrounding it - you can play right here on the board, advertise or set up RPs on other sites or applications, or discuss things relating to RP, such as fetishes, ideas, and more.

Rules are covered here. There aren't many, so keeping to them is easy: https://8ch.net/erp/rules.html
/erp/ is archived here: http://8archive.moe/erp/
We have an IRC room too, #erp8ch at irc.rizon.net
Join us here! http://widget00.mibbit.com/?server=irc.rizon.net&channel=%23erp8ch

If /erp/ is lewd /tg/, then >>>/storytiem/ is lewd /quest/. Check them out if you're interested in collective erotic storytelling endeavours.

And if you need or want to email me for any reason, here you go: keyboardfucker@8chan.co

If you wish to email a mod:
Eva - Echovangeline@hotmail.ca
AlterMicro - alter.micro.0181@gmail.com
Baron Ashura - baroneroshura@gmail.com
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File: 9d1868f1f9a117e⋯.png (128.74 KB, 188x380, 47:95, Queen sized.png)


Previous thread: >>187373

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File: 04071b8a26792e3⋯.png (14.88 KB, 298x234, 149:117, scrnsht.png)

apparently having long detailed characters is bad now



But my large profiles is because I'm using my imagination.

Is this person a moron?


File: b0b421b4c820535⋯.png (281.62 KB, 890x1200, 89:120, 1532989129948.png)

>Tfw you will never cock vore Fai and turn him into spunk before blowing it all over the face of one of this Anons that keeps sperging in this thread



I'm a published author of some minor success and here's my take on it. I write very differently in either circumstance and (most) skills in roleplay don't carry over to writing novels. It might strengthen some rules about grammar and structure but writing a story from scratch versus actively participating in an erotic scene with someone requires entirely different mindsets. I've generally gotten good feedback from partners, though.


File: d11df0fdc2ac8a1⋯.jpg (24.87 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1440983679322.jpg)

>be male

>a lot of people look for shemales

>next day

>make shemale

>a lot of people look for males/females and have shemales on no

File: a5f2fdb3886dc10⋯.jpg (74.86 KB, 521x559, 521:559, 45b8a3a2209aa37a87e9fc5395….jpg)


Old thread hit cap, let's start this over again.

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I don't, you fucking gossip-seeking cunt. I should've never told you. Fuck it, I'll do it right now.


Rei, I apologize for what I did to you, I have no excuse, and I really did the worst thing possible. There's not even a point in explaining things, I wronged a partner and a friend, and the thoughts of how I made you feel haunt me to this day. I miss you, I was childish, stupid and insensitive. There's literally no reason for you to accept my apology and much less for you to talk to me ever again. I won't try to redeem what I said, but if any trace of trust in my word exists within you, I can tell you that I said things I didn't mean and pulled out from my own ass ever worse ones. You deserved better and deserve better. If you want to talk to me again, hit me, Hadaka pretty much belongs to you anyway, you were the peak of what I wanted with her, and after you, I've been lost trying to give her anything nearly half as good.


File: 6b4f38a905bfdf2⋯.gif (344.38 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Problem_Children_Rabbit_Da….gif)


Fuck yee boi proud of you mother fucker get those balls of steel back up they're dragging across the fuckin' floor.





I want to know the fucking story behind this.



there's very little to piece together, dude.


File: b949b3673113f05⋯.jpg (283.16 KB, 771x1029, 257:343, 4a626789e25f2df51af57b3cda….jpg)

File: 782577b744d09c2⋯.jpg (83.47 KB, 682x1000, 341:500, sample-68eea44c5821929f2d6….jpg)


I hate to be that guy suggesting art, so this'll be the last time. Leo Kliesen's also a pretty stellar pick for 100% androgynous blonde. So reverse trap the developers don't know if it's a guy or a girl. I hope you do add some King pictures though, she make me nut.

File: b24491133a9b0aa⋯.png (451.46 KB, 861x494, 861:494, basic blues.png)


Last thread: >>169550

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>this guy has more friends than you ever will



I know this is talked about a lot, but these are the absolute most boring fucking customs on planet Earth, the ones that are actually filled out. How can anyone think this is okay?



Read this with Boris slav accent. Is for hilarity, you see.




>giving yourself trophies for making stuff on f-list

Now THIS is autism.

File: 3f56da7f1b59e7b⋯.png (31.36 KB, 1128x647, 1128:647, 1534299417955.png)


Why the fuck are there 4-5 suffering and bitching threads at the top of the catalog at any given time here?

Why the fuck does this place even exist anymore, when all its used for is you faggots shit talking one another "anonymously" because you're all terrified of being banned on F-list? This place has been around for a few years now, and there's absolutely nobody else here with any sort of frequency anymore, besides you faggots populating these retarded threads.

145 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 87052777ff27c04⋯.png (89.93 KB, 309x242, 309:242, 92d5e83542be881240e1ec55e1….png)


Seconding this, I think it was brought up in a previous board-specific meta thread and short of site limitations I really don't get why it's not implemented. Keeping it all contained in one thread rather than flooding the catalog with a ton of them seems far more space-efficient and less alienating to new members turned off by the negativity. A few threads (semi-)related to F-List like QTDDTOT and Profile Threads should still be a thing to keep genuine questions/shilling from being flooded out by the shitposting topic of the week though and routinely deleted when they fill up. They move slowly anyways.


I gotta agree with OP. It's getting to the point where /erp/ is becoming nothing but a place to bitch about bad F-list experiences and mock fetishes you dislike.

We used to have active typefucking and writingfagging threads among many other things, now it seems like the only two active threads are the bitching ones and the hookup thread.



This has got to be one of the truest things I've ever fucking heard and I think the same can apply to characters to an extent. There's a whole lot of white females after all. I once got my own character concept insulted as being too boring by one. Sadly I feel as though one problem is few are willing to work out problems. You make a pitch and generally get one shot if you're lucky.


File: 3b4e873976dc0a0⋯.gif (217.22 KB, 237x255, 79:85, nice job.gif)





Then become the pink that you want to see!


>Being so much of a newfag that you can't cross thread link.

Here let me show you: >>159766

Serious though. One thing I do agree with despite your 'stop liking what I don't like', is that reducing or removing negativity does little, if people don't also make the kind of post and threads they do want to see.

File: 2acb39736fdcf24⋯.jpg (74.65 KB, 429x610, 429:610, IMG_0548.JPG)

File: 2d2b800ad53b15c⋯.jpg (319.44 KB, 945x1000, 189:200, IMG_0559.JPG)

File: 98a7ac5e4919535⋯.png (4.59 MB, 1552x2484, 388:621, IMG_0581.PNG)

File: 9008914c9a4e5f9⋯.jpg (313.79 KB, 400x800, 1:2, IMG_0582.JPG)

File: 1ec33d3d65ceeba⋯.jpg (311.13 KB, 850x1133, 850:1133, IMG_0583.JPG)


We had a thread about it before the nuke so i figured it was time to have another one! I've had the itch to start another file and wouldn't mind some playmates for sure.

Get fucked by other sweaty hunters, raped and bred by all sorts of vile beasts, or fuck said vile beasts once you've tamed them!

If people show interest I might even make us a little discord. The skype group from before was fairly lively!

41 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




>not willingly taking the monster cock


File: 6da1d8fdc05e5c6⋯.jpg (221.92 KB, 889x900, 889:900, monhun hunting horn.jpg)

World for PC releases int 20 minutes anyone going to be doing ingame RP or looking for a bowgun/HH slut? I-i'm not no way



Game is already reported to run like shit and has Denuvo. PC is cucked again.



And this is why I will be using the game as my new erp platform and nothing else.




It's just as well, World is the worst main series game anyway, and PC can just emulate Freedom Unite and Portable 3rd.

File: d341ef2aa6c53cd⋯.jpg (79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, itazura-na-kiss-24-large-e….jpg)


I've found that, maybe moreso than any other niche, a proper multi-session RP that focuses on playing out the development of romantic affections between characters is really hard to find. I lost my interest in pure typefucking years ago and now the only lewd stuff I really enjoy is something with a lot of rich emotional stuff going on with it, so that's basically all I shoot for on any of my characters.

Anyone else feel this way? What sort of partners do you go for? Do you just go for the initial courtship, or do you also try to play out them starting a family together? What's your favorite part of these RPs? Had much success with finding partners? What do you think is your motive for really wanting to RP this?

31 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Actually fuck it I'll just leave this here in case anyone is interested. Profile is super bare bones right now, but I'm working on it.



Interesting that this thread got revived, but it's always something good to talk about.

I feel as though genuine romance for is… difficult to measure? I think there have been two, maybe three that immediately come to mind as my best in terms of romance. I feel as though a lot of it has to do with dialogue for me. I've found that the two best people who did it were playing more refined characters who spoke less like they belonged in real life and more like someone you might find at an upper-class dinner party is how I might put it best. Though, they were also leaning more towards the fantasy side.

The big common denominator, to me at least, was generally how they referred to my character. It's really weird, but something about how they do it makes it feel all the more genuine as a result.



I think you'll be disappointed with the kind of sex you'll get with dickgirl profiles. I have literally no experience with them but I've heard from a lot of friends that they start off with love in mind and it slowly degrades into the normal female/shemale affair.



>The big common denominator, to me at least, was generally how they referred to my character

Can you elaborate and give examples? I'm curious now. I have a partner who makes a pretty big deal out of nicknaming.



Sorry if it wasn't exactly proper etiquette, I've not used 8ch all that much so having such old threads even available is new to me.

This sort of thing is just one of my favorites and I was excited to see a thread on the topic here.


You're assuming I'll get any at all. Gotta spruce up the profile, learn how to interact with chat rooms, how to initiate lewds with someone who I match up with well enough, as well as level up my erp game. This is way more work than I was expecting to put into this but oh well, maybe it'll be worth it. Even just finding someone who values the same/similar things as I do has proven to be difficult. I've only found one character I liked enough to PM but I didn't even get a reply back.

I think I'd be willing to put up with some shit to find someone I can enjoy the company of long term, though, so I'll try to trudge through if it's as bad as your friend makes it out to be.

File: 4e7335eaffb9738⋯.jpg (62.37 KB, 850x637, 850:637, ^1FDFC6E2A1A1FC5CDFEF45D81….jpg)


Previous threads:

Threads 01 - 16: https://mega.nz/#!VMpFXSKI!7aY6pdtPo-JsvbszaBRSoBj-lHKCVfXH47Vd5qxrXQM

Threads 17 - 33: https://mega.nz/#!0IhUxK5b!0SmXc2RPQOlm-NFDI9lwmzFLNEAS-8o3BGu9MiyBnI4

33: >>75963

34: >>81286

35: >>85956

36: >>93114

37: >>119200

38: >>129150

39: >>144307

There are not enough words for how happy it makes me to see these coming back to life. Thank you sluts and cocks, one and all, and let's work towards a grand revival of the greatest thread on the board!

617 posts and 196 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I think that was the orc guy, not the slut


Omg that amazing slut was here?! Damnit, my dick got all leaky and excited only for me to just miss her! X.X



We all miss the slut, anon


I want to be pampered by Mommyanon…




You should really figure out how to post correctly before you reply.

File: 697157feb0a17f8⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 2508x3541, 2508:3541, 085d6f4b9381a6a5aecfd1818d….jpg)


Heyo, guys. I just was curious and wanted to gauge interest for something like this. Basically just seeing the Morrigan thread looking like a ghost town had me thinking if there anything I could do… Other than sitting around and waiting for a cock to show up, that is. Anyway, the thought of a Discord server centered around getting anons off crossed my mind and I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a try, right…? As I said, right now I just wanna see how many people would be up for it. Even I'm not completely sold on the idea, but if no ones interested, then it'd save me some time thinking about it.

I realize part of the appeal is the anonymity, and trust me- that can be really hot, but I dunno, it still might be fun without that aspect. Whaddya guys think?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



People need to treat it like a forum if there's a desire to see the thread succeed. It's pretty rare you're going to find what you want when you're active, so leave a lewd post and let another anon reply to it when they can - you go back and forth at your leisure. Wasting posts by asking if anyone is there to help you with JOI won't do any good. Take the initiative of giving another anon something worth replying to.


I would prefer it to the thread. That kind of thing really just lends itself to being done in real time rather than having to deal with posting here and waiting.



A Discord will turn into a circlejerk real quick. You can always try though.


See, what you want to do make it so that people don't try and take things to private rooms all the time. People will still probably go off and do that, but anyone that signs on should definitely do so with the intention of interacting in the public chat.

Personally, I would prefer it to be in the current style of the Morrigan thread as opposed to its original JOI format. Getting someone to play the whore to a whole bag of stern dicks is really the best!



>implying everyone wants gonorrhea

File: a41f6512bf46e65⋯.png (248.98 KB, 1173x316, 1173:316, ClipboardImage.png)


Post 'em.

51 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 2529aaf7096d2cc⋯.png (42.49 KB, 345x159, 115:53, Capture.PNG)

The only one you need boiz


File: 94d234d1b0670c6⋯.png (710.25 KB, 2010x580, 201:58, ClipboardImage.png)


I use this one all the time. It's a good eicon, Anon.


File: 727ad38e1876dc5⋯.png (795.14 KB, 1522x950, 761:475, WN5SA7Q.png)


I might have added a lot of icons. Like, a lot of icons.


File: 81314a093729de6⋯.png (32.32 KB, 392x167, 392:167, Sem título.png)

essentials only

the one on the left spins



just wanted to let you know if you switch those two eicons up it is literally going to ruin like all of my guestbook posts in the best way

File: 2f557dc501f556e⋯.gif (128.07 KB, 1000x734, 500:367, may.gif)


previous thread: >>126770

Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread…thread. Got a small question on your mind but can't find an appropriate thread for it? Well here's the thread for it

600 posts and 95 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



You're getting real close, you know.



Cease this taunting. Life has been uncooperative.



That's what they all say, anon.


File: a5e987ebc177e22⋯.jpg (11.62 KB, 189x189, 1:1, fuckerrrrrrrr.jpg)


It's hardly too uncooperative when you still have time to fuck around.


File: 33c90cc9119e3c3⋯.jpg (186.71 KB, 690x944, 345:472, lord_dominator_by_mojot-db….jpg)


I'm actually going to give you that one, though I mostly get on to mingle just to destress. Regardless, I still appreciate you waiting for me. Let's make that wait end.


Oh anon, that's just people who aren't interested in you. Not the same thing.

File: 0fc10bc938b410b⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1280x981, 1280:981, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 565118afd34e699⋯.png (1.11 MB, 850x937, 850:937, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f9323f8638073dc⋯.png (1.08 MB, 850x1202, 425:601, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 083c9776838f38a⋯.png (569.27 KB, 500x889, 500:889, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c9a8fea3a0113db⋯.png (1.18 MB, 850x1129, 850:1129, ClipboardImage.png)


With BfA right around the corner, why not start up a thread for one of the biggest MMO's on the scene? I'm sure we have plenty of people spread across the servers, and with Discord, WoW communities, and the new cross-faction addon, I'm sure we can have plenty of fun!

Personally, I'd love to set up some scenes using the cross-faction addon, with my Tauren showing some Alliance girls true horde supremacy.

58 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Nah, just fucking with you. She's terrible.



>over 3 years old

>collapses within collapses

>no images

>le wacky INGAME avatar




I'd fuck that goat in the butt and laugh when she blows her load down her chest.



Hah, searching through the threads here and saw that. That wasn't me, but I concur with >>184031 regardless, glad you remember me~

I'm kinda looking at getting in on this though, not sure if my laptop could handle it and I don't know where to start, but now I've got free time sorta seeing what it's about and what's the best ways of doing things. If it's as good as you then it could be something awesome.


Anyone want to level up new characters together? Not really looking for full on RP, just some light and occasional stuff while talking OOC and grinding some levels. Not to say that we couldn't set aside some time to just fuck or anything, though.

I'm NA and can play male, but prefer female/futa and am looking for a female/futa to play with.

Fair warning, I'm not super kinky or anything, so don't come in expecting anything other than lots of cuddling and affection, up to things like light bondage or loving femdom.

Probably won't get any bites anyway, but my discord is Belle#7616.

Just being friends would be fine too if you don't want to or we can't play together and we sound compatible!

File: 5422b134ed842bf⋯.png (70.98 KB, 182x213, 182:213, shizune is a voreaphile.png)


To celebrate the official vore day of 8/8/2018, let's have a vore thread!

Post vore, vore scenarios, hook up with vorefags that are (hopefully) not as hopelessly autistic. A prey a day keeps me away.

8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 86a80cc86183e7e⋯.jpg (884.88 KB, 1362x1600, 681:800, e3ed0d1ea36cb5178a808ccf8c….jpg)


sauce I need more of that draggone

Have ara dragon as compensation


File: 7a92f568dc885f4⋯.png (255.55 KB, 989x1280, 989:1280, 1533720779830.png)

File: 511fa31ee8b7fe5⋯.png (257.04 KB, 900x900, 1:1, tumblr_nixezns6I11qcrdtho1….png)

File: 054ade924c09dce⋯.png (668.26 KB, 1280x1370, 128:137, tumblr_nl6cs4hVkq1qcrdtho1….png)

File: 3a116ea8d92b64e⋯.png (568.59 KB, 1280x851, 1280:851, tumblr_os8affQqow1qcrdtho1….png)

File: f83385b9e00a9c1⋯.jpg (425.52 KB, 1080x1675, 216:335, tumblr_nzu7j9V0qb1qcrdtho1….jpg)


She's Sophie the Dragon. She's a murderous voreqt.


File: 2d0e0c1d8b017f4⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1850x2000, 37:40, 1527331072744.png)

How do you like your vore? I've been thinking of making a vore-centered dominant predator character but I don't know if I should make a human or a furry.


File: 796c303defb4097⋯.jpg (126.07 KB, 721x705, 721:705, 1525793588657.jpg)


Human. Please.


File: b1ce6594fa0db82⋯.jpg (48.47 KB, 600x601, 600:601, __arashio_and_female_admir….jpg)

Human preds are the best tbh, not too weird most of the times and really don't suffer from the autismos in the furry side.

File: 004f258fce8cd89⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 1344x1680, 4:5, __reporter_the_loud_house_….jpg)


"The latest on the invasion of magic users, it seems our station is being targeted by a branch of the invasion. We've been barring doors and and moving sets to keep you up to date as we attempt to hold them off. As you can see here. . Uh, don't we still have the outdoor camera?"

The reporter stops to look around as people moving equipment surround her and move between her and the camera.

"Hey what's going on? they're held back enough for me to cover this update aren't we? Hey! Just a few minYEEE!"

The sound of the broadcast cuts out a moment after the microphone cable is yanked up between her legs, baring a bit of her backside as she tries to appeal to the crew. She's seen fighting to keep her microphone a few moments before the broadcast is replaced by a test pattern.


This is the latest thread of a lewd RPG about magical girls trying to stop a seductive magic user from taking control of Connection City.

Rules Document: (Still under construction as of this post)


Extended roleplay space/archive:


Characters list: (Player characters as of this post. NPCs may be added later.)


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
96 posts and 49 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.





With the room secured and what seems like the Captain subdued, Nia finally lets down her guard. She lets go of her poleaxe, which disappears into shining particles before it hits the ground. It reappear as a hilt strapped to her thigh, hidden beneath her skirt. She walks over to Isabel, her heels tapping with each step. It appears she still has to get used to the outfit the dark crystal gave her, but at least she remains light on her feet.

Ignoring the obvious indecency of her friend, she immediately hugs Isabel, glad she's alright. "Good job, Isa," she gives tired commendation. Everyone else was in such a rush to leave. She was sure they were alright, at least she hoped. She looks to Cleric. "Blue, is it possible you can patch us up? I don't know how much you can take at the moment. I think the exit is southeast, in the center there." She looked at the map, then around. "And i don't like how much corruption everyone took. We should probably have tried to get rid of some of that before moving on." The communicator was left on for the duration of her speech, hoping some agree.

"Okay, I think a bit of explanation is in order," she speaks directly to the new girl, her tone concerned. "Who are you, I guess we can start with. And that weapon you carry. Not a scratch on it. The amount you've used it, you'd think it would have shattered by now. Where did you find such a thing?" She looks at the scythe chained to her arm, then at the source of the Captain's power.


Dice rollRolled 1 (1d6)



Idol is already reaching for an axe (after some thought, a glossy white strat hanging on a wall) when the communication comes through. Nia's right, they DID all just take a bit of a beating and could use a minute to rest and recover. Maybe see what kind of condition their would-be nemesis is in and play a nice little tune for everyone.

Take guitar: Normal


Only one action so far, so delaying.


Dice rollRolled 4 (1d6)


"Oh shit-" Sylvie averts her eyes from the stunning lights, trying to make her way through the room with her eyes mostly covered. This stupid tower's not hitting her with that dumb hypnosis bullshit again! "H-hang on, I'll be right there…."

Attempt to rescue the damsel: Normal


Dice rollRolled 1, 6 = 7 (2d6)


Looking away saves the day. It also lets Sylvie charge on ahead. "Hey, wait!" Emilia looks around the room, abruptly nervous, but summons up a handful of loose change anyway, seeing if she can effectively shoot out panels or wherever the sounds are coming from and keep Sylvie's rescue attempt a bit safer.

Clear a path through brute force trap disarmament: Normal, Specialty

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