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Ya'll need Mises.

File: 39b63d669c98713⋯.mp4 (4.4 MB, 466x262, 233:131, Are you smarter than a chi….mp4)


what dont you like in the burgerland?


Lots of things.

Still beats most places in Europe or Asia.


A short list:

A government that has gone out of its way to ensure that every last member of its citizenry has broken or is in the process of breaking multiple laws

An education system that unsurprisingly has been turned into a stultifying propaganda dispensing system by the government

A citizenry that, as a result of that propaganda, believes things like Abraham Lincoln was a great president and the South were a bunch of evil bigots and deserved absolutely everything the North did to them



In addition to what this guy >>93436 said,

A regulatory hellscape that makes us unfriendly to private. enterprise, except for those firms that make use of regulatory capture.

Being the place where Keynes' shitty ideas were lionized.

Being Israel's attack dog, and the driving force behind interventionist nation-building.

A massive welfare state that shits on our historical legacy of hardy pioneers and homesteaders.

Finishing what Robespierre started and bringing the blight of democracy en masse to Europe.

Founding the League of Nations and the UN after that.

Killing Rhodesia.

A "world reserve" fiat currency that bails out other fiat currencies when they fail

Imposing the petrodollar onto the world, allowing us to increase our money supply without increasing inflation as much, which causes retards to use the US as proof that monetary inflation has nothing to do with price inflation.

That in spite of all these failings, this is still a far and away better place to kindle freedom than the second-best option.

This is far from an exhaustive list.


The state


File: 0ae2ae978737e36⋯.png (86.95 KB, 220x292, 55:73, ClipboardImage.png)


did Wilson ruin America?



Yes he did. Granted you could argue it began with Hamilton but a lot of our modern problems can be traced to Wilson.


Where can I play the game in the video?




Hamilton and Lincoln got us started on that path, but it was Wilson who started running down it full speed, so you can argue yes.


File: 06bd9afb88abd85⋯.jpg (72.83 KB, 485x627, 485:627, Nat Cap Republican ethnost….jpg)


Yes he did. He is if Obama was a racist white man.

one thing that both Republicans, progressives, and socialists can agree on.

The Chad Roosevelt vs the Virgin Wilsonian

The Chad Eugine Debbs vs the Virgin Wilson

Legacy of great wars, taxation, and bankers debt.



>the Chad Roosevelt

He's a meme. Fucker got US interventionism and muh world police stated by jerking it to the idea of a blue water navy. He also broke "monopolies" for being bad goys that didn't listen to him, pioneered large-scale regulation of the food industry, founded the national parks, and first coined the phrase "bully pulpit" to describe the Presidency. And he gets away with it because "Speak softly and carry big stick XDDDD."





>Its Another Muh BAZED gold standard thread

Read Otto Von Strasser

Tying you Nations Monetary system and currency to a price of a resource that can easily be altered by both foreign and Domestic speculators is retarded



>what is arbitrage parity

Anyone attempting to manipulate the gold market through flooding the market with it, or by buying up large quantities would be hindered by the fact that his potential to affect the market is much smaller than the market itself. Further, anyone trying to manipulate the market by dumping of gold is creating an opportunity for someone else to manipulate the market by buying gold–the suddenly lowered price makes buying it very attractive–and vice vesa. The effect of speculation on the market is minimal at best, certainly far smaller than the effect a goddamn printing press has on the market for dollars.


File: fbbc2025e1702a4⋯.png (458.01 KB, 500x677, 500:677, ClipboardImage.png)


> his potential to affect the market is much smaller than the market itself.



Blue water navy is awesome. American competing on par with Europe is awesome.

All those thing's sound like an awesome agenda in an era where monopolies ran the LOLbertarian world of the Pullman, Illinois incident into a standstill. Without reform, American communism would have been the inevitable electoral outcome. Neoconservatibe libertatian racidts have revived bad ideas of antigovernemnt extremism out of the fantasy of an angry russian jew.


File: 0dfa59a551da957⋯.png (281.85 KB, 550x431, 550:431, confused Trey Parker.png)


>Neoconservatibe libertatian racidts




>richest man in history

>still only able to affect the market in one city

You also ignored the arbitrage parity condition, and let me add one more argument to the mix: in a decentralized economy there's no need to religiously stick to one currency, if for whatever reason gold becomes a poor currency, one can always turn to silver, or Bitcoin, or whatever alternative presents itself. Most banks would likely keep a basket of commodities on hand for just such an eventuality occurring.


>blue water navy is awesome, goy!

>how can you expect to protect Israel if you'r all the way on the other side of the Atlantic?


File: 6413afa34f3f034⋯.jpg (34.07 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1300044776986.jpg)


Race realist guys who are into the philosophy of Eliza Rosenberg, Ben Shapiro, rothbard, and mises. All Jewish.

Then can't discriminate between post- British Colonial geopolitical strategy and old fashioned Yankee imperialism. God forbid Americans control their american satellite territories 100 years ago before the British lost control of india, palistine, and egypt. The British lost control. The angry brown people made old style imperialism too expensive to be profitable. So the stern white hand created modern divided statea of iraq,syria, and Israel to control western interests during the height of the cold war.

It's a unique blend of ignorance and weakness through the lens of Jewish commercial philosophy. Again, why muh free markets don't work unless you like energy embargoes.



>Again, why muh free markets don't work unless you like energy embargoes.

Still haven't heard any arguments.


File: 6dc1e2915413b34⋯.png (302.97 KB, 577x656, 577:656, ClipboardImage.png)



Ancaps have no facts.



Blue water navies are great for trade and expanding US imperialism to have things like rum, bananas, coffee and other big US companie's that want access to Spanish markets.

Later on, middle eastern oil was a big thing for FDR as Britain was having a difficult time holding on to its vast territoral expanses. You need a navy to defend the Red Sea, Suez canal, and the Persian Gulf unless you'd rather be on the loser end of a negotiating table and pay a huge markup for products when your merchant ships are going to cuck to arab piracy undefended.

Without a blue water navy, Americans would be at the mercy to more powerful nation's setting the standards.

When it comes to breaking up monopoly firms such as standard oil, US steel, Vanderbilt rail, Edison general electric, American Telegraph & Telephone, and J P Morgan financial industry; the government had a duty to protect American labor and consumer advocates to diffuse the legitimate anger radicalizing the masses of european immigrants getting squeezed by management of the guilded age. Forcing competition may have been costly in total gdp, but brought the value back to workers and consumers that made classical middle American dream possible. NDP was supplimered by trade opportunities from the blue water navy where industrialists could invest in ventures such as United Fruit and have the full protection of the US military with whatever right wing dictatorship they happened to bribe to keep mullatto peasants laboring on the plantation.

The ideological butthurt of white owned and operated United States of /liberty/ for not conforming to a Jewish ideology is strange.



>in one city

It collapsed the economy of the Middle East at the time due to Cairo being the largest city in the region you retard. It was the medieval equivalent of a market crash on Wall Street.



>Blue water navies are great for trade and expanding US imperialism to have things like rum, bananas, coffee and other big US companie's that want access to Spanish markets.

Trade and open markets are great for trade, wasting billions just so you can wave your big dick around all over the world is not. Merchant ships are more than capable of hiring protection on their own if waters are pirate-infested.

>Without a blue water navy, Americans would be at the mercy to more powerful nation's setting the standards.

Look up comparative advantage.

>When it comes to breaking up monopoly firms such as standard oil, US steel, Vanderbilt rail, Edison general electric, American Telegraph & Telephone, and J P Morgan financial industry

I can't be arsed to debunk every half-assed example of "muh robber barons" that some public school educated normie brings up, so to save us both a lot of time just read this:



Jews love money, retard. Take any economic theory, whether its Austrian economics, neoclassical, commie shit, or even the Hamiltonian developmentalism that the fascists shill for, and I can point you too half a dozen Jews involved in its development. The kikes are involved with every school of economic thought that has ever existed, because the kikes are involved wherever money is involved. Therefore, it's stupid to dismiss any theory because Jews were involved, because to do that you have to dismiss all theories.



>muh private mercenary navy

>muh privatized factory town

>muh mises

It's hilarious how racists hate the Jews and then defend their ideologies. Then hate the Joos for making money. Stay consistent.



>Multiple Uber-investors in gold / Gold mining Companies can not collaborate through insider trading to artificially float the price of gold

Imagine actually believing this when you have the entire history of human society at your fingertips



>Jews like Money because inherently greedy or some shit Muh happy merchant

>Jews also support Marxism which would end capital accumulation

Pick one and only one



How about I pick you to be a slave labourer for life in a frigid bunghole of Kolyma while overseen by some Matthew David-son Behrmann or Lazarus Josef-son Kohen or Israel Israel-son Pliner (they just had to pick the last Jew to administer Gulags named Izrael Izraelivich).

What, you think all the free shit the Jewish Party folks received in droves just made itself?


File: 368b233cc000af1⋯.png (510.94 KB, 596x424, 149:106, Why not both.png)


>Jews like money

>Jews also support Marxism because they want money for me and not for thee



>give me everything you own goy, I promise I will give it back to you for free




both greenarrows are true

protip: jews are heterogenous



marxism is the ultimate capital accumulation



so the more is capital accumulated the more marxism is prominent? in feudal times capital was accummulated as fuck and there were no marxists



No, marxism allows you to monopolize literally everything, concentrating all capital in single handseven humansKilling them off and slowly dying in the process


File: 4d52ab1b0da6ced⋯.mp4 (5.68 MB, 854x480, 427:240, A Crummy Ranking of the Cr….mp4)


At least he wasn't the worst president.


File: 7293d8fcf9a7fe2⋯.png (526.85 KB, 1118x673, 1118:673, House of Tards.png)


He certainly didn't help things but in all reality he was just indicative of a trend that had already been happening in the United States since the fucking whiskey rebellion, that trend being the United States government grabbing power wherever it can under the guise of freedom, safety, etc. One can certainly attribute the creation of the Federal Reserve and by large, the clusterfuck of the modern American economy, to him though. He's definitely on the top ten list for presidents that helped ruin America, but by no means was he the actual starting point.



is not the petrodolar thing a conspiracy theory?


USA have a government.



The Waco Siege is a conspiracy theory. Fast and Furious is a conspiracy theory. Cultural Marxism is a conspiracy theory. Seth Rich is a conspiracy theory. And muh Russia isn't a conspiracy theory but a sound and grounded investigation. If you haven't caught my drift yet, anything the left doesn't like can be labelled and dismissed a conspiracy theory. And while the question of whether or not US actively pursues the maintenance of the petrodollar in its foreign policy may be open to some interpretation, one cannot deny that the petrodollar has been very beneficial for USD monetary expansion, even if this state of affairs was reached entirely by accident.



Technically speaking any deed committed by a plurality of people is a conspiracy and anyone proposing such a deed was committed is proposing a conspiracy theory. I understand you're using the spooky government version of the term, as the poster you're replying to was, but at some point we need to take back language. We can't let evil people redefine English on us.



did not CIA/FBI confirm pidorussians did something with the elections?





They said it was facebook ads and bots. A lot of other countries do it as well.



Some entities within Russia collectively bought a few thousand dollar's worth of Faceberg ads. In the grand scheme of things, that's effectively nothing.



right now EU pushes its propaganda via facebook ads, so it is good if it is eu propaganda but it is bad when it is russian propaganda apparently, lol



Yep, hypocrisy is the name of the game.

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