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Ya'll need Mises.

File: 46988a6adec97f9⋯.png (478.75 KB, 732x603, 244:201, ClipboardImage.png)


why does the fed get so much hate? it literally lowered mortgage rates


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.




You answered your own question. Lowered interest rates were responsible for the housing crisis and every recession that's occurred since its creation.



>not affirmative action mortgage law



The Community Reinvestment Act, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, and all similar programs only served to be the reasons why it was the housing market specifically that was the sector in which the malinvestment happened. The root cause is still easy credit, which is caused by artificially low interest rates.


Is this the perfect time to buy gold?



The perfect time to buy gold is yesterday



>why does the fed get so much hate?

It's a state-enforced monopoly on currency


File: 086be6df4379c82⋯.jpg (64.44 KB, 693x490, 99:70, every type of cancer.jpg)

It exists to enable banks to cartelize by centrally directing the expansion of credit, letting banks literally give out money they don't have without facing consequences.


The fed is behind ever war of modern history. wake up



>why does the fed get so much hate? it literally lowered mortgage rates

>why do you guys hate things that distort the market and even cause recessions




because their goal is not to suck off shareholders but to keep the trust in the dollar

shareholders obviously dont like rate increases and therefore cried a shitton and even managed the fed to stop further increases for the near future

in my opinion the fed is one of the few institutions left in the us that still has some credibility



actually lower interest rates were obviously the result of QE which was necessary due to the crisis which was initially enabled and therefore caused by lack of regulation of loans an mortages


File: 6e53b4d9354e736⋯.webm (11.79 MB, 800x600, 4:3, did_deregulation_cause_th….webm)


And QE was done by the fed. And there was no "deregulation" pertinent to the financial crisis which occurred in the years leading up to it, making any effort to blame the crisis on deregulation an exercise in futility. The only take colder is to blame it on "greed."


People like rollercoasters, and like their currency to be a rollercoaster because rollercoasters are fun.

Thus they hate the central bank.

They want tiny-private-bank backed currencies that are subject to speculation.


they manipulate interest rates and caused the housing crisis

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