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Ya'll need Mises.

File: 34247d3500a75ca⋯.jpg (34.66 KB, 391x565, 391:565, 1403209596841504137.jpg)


who is the weirdest ancap?


>who needs freedom when you've got little boys

Faggot kikes arent libertarian or ancap.


me or mechafee



yes they usually arent but there are some faggot kike ancap and libertarians



all of them because anarchist capitalism is an oxymoron and only clueless kids buy into this stupid meme shit.



Rothbard later admitted that people penning him as an Anarchist were false and admitted that his ideology wasn't "Anarchistic" at all as it didn't call for the end of heirarchy or ending of capitalism / Collectivisation


>Being Jewish prevents you from being a capitalist

Read a book



Source, commie?


File: 8bd2d7c1c12c0bf⋯.png (23.91 KB, 535x285, 107:57, ClipboardImage.png)


He's just juggling dictionaries again. Prior to Rothbard "anarchist" had connotations of someone who was against any structure of any kind, not just someone who was against the state. Commies are retarded so they think this connotative understanding somehow altered the denotative definition.



As expected, commies playing word game.




>"We must therefore conclude we are not Anarchists"

t. Rothbard





This is not news, libertarians aren't anarcho-capitalism.

Libertarian is fine with small state and thus cannot be anarchist.


File: 64cf61774eab386⋯.png (529.68 KB, 946x1680, 473:840, 9abf0a20d99ce33787f86d2608….png)



Anarchy is incompatible with capitalism. Its time for ancap kiddies to realize they are simply anti-american useful idiots at this point and pick a real ideology to follow.



but people who believe that ancap is possible do exist. I do think theres a difference between a libertarian who realizes the function of the state and simply wants it scaled back vs an ancap who wants no state at all. Ayn Rand also shat on ancaps as well.





Oh, it's that butthurt randian again. Didn't you get enough shit to eat last time?



Do you have any actual response you would like to articulate for the joke ideology you follow?



Ancap certainly can exist, theoritically, ancap will be a thing when space travel becomes possible and you can own an asteroid out of bumpfuck nowhere.



You have already been responded before and you've been shown that randian shitheads are not in position to call an ideology a joke. Go back there and prove that voting matters first, you worthless biomaterial.




Anarchy exists. You practice it whenever you interact with other human beings without a third party jamming their dick down your throat. You can say some gay shit about "b-b-but we live in a society!!!" but that doesn't change the facts. You don't need a state for yourself, you don't need it for your friends or family, why would you need one for your neighborhood, your city, your county, etc? If your objection is to the "cap" part, the same logic applies. If I can sell you something without a third party stealing part of the transaction I fail to see how that's not ancap.



It's incredible how little attention people pay to their own daily lives that they can't notice this.



who are you?



ayn rand also thought cigarettes dont cause cancer



>muh america!




I'm the only person in the world who isn't a commie



>"libertarian who realizes the function of the state and simply wants it scaled back"

That's called a socialist

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