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July 2018 Transparency Report
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File: 1466623277242.jpg (269.59 KB, 631x841, 631:841, --midway-hime-kantai-colle….jpg)

0fde7e No.189913[Reply]

Alright since banners are back up I think its about time we get new ones. Preferably with more variety this time.

Full list:


Please be aware of the following limitations as you upload banners:


There is a maximum of 300 banners for the board with 197 slots left.

Banners are now working as intended with many more slots now

Banners must not exceed 500KB (that is, 512000 bytes).

Only the following file types are permissible:





Banners must be exactly 300px wide and 100px high.

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2d1a6f No.363549


These new Reitia banners are really great.

File: 5816a316facad91⋯.png (114.72 KB, 600x600, 1:1, leanen the art Fairy.png)

File: 7dc01a62a2434d5⋯.gif (685.14 KB, 316x240, 79:60, Mr.Rogers.gif)

File: ad78b46b161c9ad⋯.png (2.92 MB, 1400x6521, 1400:6521, 1458761272925.png)

File: e45663bd19fbde1⋯.jpg (110.82 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, basic pose.jpg)

8ec781 No.289731[Reply]

As we all know on here, /monster/

thrives on OC

And while we have a good collection of stories and CYOA's, we are seriously lacking in the department of drawfags.

Too many post in the drawthread and its general flooded with requests, and we simply don't have enough artists to do them.

Hence why I am (re)making this thread: To not only help the people who want to learn how to draw, but also how them get better at it.

This thread will be for posting tutorials, hints, tips, and critiques of your art work. I will be posting several very handy places and resources you can use.

If anyone finds any other tutorials, specifically on drawing actual monster girls, feel free to share. The whole point of this thread is to help people create

more OC

and art to help /monster/ thrive

Learning How To Draw:


A perfect guide for tutorials and helpful tips.


A wonderful board here on 8chan. Many threads have useful tips and tutorials to help you out.


it'll teach you the fundamentals.


common digital tools


> is good and free.


> is cheap and has a hard focus on 'just draw, nigga!' with an easy to use UI but its very basic on features.

>Manga/Clip Studio

> is like sai but has more features

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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c25cad No.366662


Figure-wise, she looks good. Hand-wise, why are all her fingers the same length?

File: 1411171092463.png (1.22 MB, 795x948, 265:316, Blowyourload.png)

06e251 No.1[Reply]

>Follow the Global Rules, Use the global report function for reporting illegal content.

>Follow the Thread Theme, basically don't derail threads, the same goes for off topic dice rolls too.

> If you are new, learn how to lurk first. If you're confused on how things work ask on the QTDDTOT thread or the meta thread.

>Check the catalog before making a thread, so the board wont get clogged up with duplicate threads.

>Meta topics, 8chan topics, board friendship requests, questions pertaining to the board, and meta posts, stay on the meta thread.

>no discord links you will get banned for linking them.

>Hide threads, posts and content you don't like, do the best you can to self moderate. This does not mean you are free shit up the thread like you would on a bigger 8chan board with no active moderators.

If you find a rule violation, do not go on a tirade, report it and move on. If I catch you making a rant pertaining to the reported post which helps to derail a thread, you will get a month long ban.

>Impersonating a /monster/ board volunteer is strictly forbidden

>NO FURRY, GORE, KEMONO, OR MLP (if it has a snout its out) Subsequent posting on how furries should be included or accepted on this board, or a "anthro related taste argument" will lead to a ban. Posting a picture of a furry will get you a weeklong ban so make sure you're not posting furries.

>ON CYOA'S dice rolls should always be saged regardless of thread. If you are a participant and not the content creator of a CYOA then remember to sage. Respect the authors choice to use or not use dice, and their decisions.

>High quality posts are welcomed, heavier shitposting will be counted as derailing and has a chance of becoming unfunny so don't overdo it, this also includes NTR.

> keep dice rolls on diceroll threads or cyoas that allow for them.

>All thread topics must relate to Monster Girls in some way

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
Post last edited at

File: 3e2d138c152efd5⋯.jpg (218.78 KB, 1600x1130, 160:113, 439c4c58ae55f48ba83096fb11….jpg)

b6f88d No.297003[Reply]

>Archives of old threads & stories

>greentext stories

>arts & pics

Any and all content about Moos.

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8a136d No.365040


"Maamaaaaaaaaa!", a shrill voice squels in protest, drawing our attention. From the other side of the pond, a blue woman with wings and horns approaches, dragging a protesting child of the same race towards us by the ear, clearly very upset with the little one.

"Lucy!", the Harpy chirps. She jumps out of Helena's arms and glides over to the small Demon and her mother. Lucy's mom's expression softens a bit, but is still stern as she addresses her mischievous daughter.

"Lucile, do you have something you want to say to Millie?", she asks in one of the best "smiling threatening mom" tones I have ever heard. Lucy looks down at her feet for a moment, pouting, but her mother clears her throat and she looks back up, terrified.

"Y-Yes! Mamma!", the girl says, clearly terrified. The rescued Harpy blinks a couple of times and tilts her head, looking innocent and a little confused as the small Demon tries to work up the nerve. "S-ssorry, Millie…. I'm s-sory for what I did". The blueberry is instantly embraced by the bubbly harpy.

"It's alright! I forgive you", Millie cheers happily. Lucy's Mom nods her head, but her smile tells me that her kid isn't in the clear just yet. She turns to us and shakes her head, sighing a bit.

"I take it you got Millie out of whatever bind my daughter put her in?", she asks, casting a glance at the pair.

"Yeah, though Helena here deserves most of the credit", I reply, tilting my head towards the Cow. I think I catch Helena's cheeks turn a little rosy, but she laughs nervously and turns her face too far for me to see.

"Mr. Anon is the one who cut her down, I just asked for his help", she says, holding her hands in front of her. Lucy's mom hums and nods her head with a smile.

"Well at any rate, you two did a good thing. Is there anything I can do for you as thanks?" she asks, crossing her aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

8a136d No.365041


yeah, I'm aware I'm still a faggot who can't remember how to format my text.. sorry

93897c No.365044


I want to touch those horns.

92eb6b No.365487

File: d6c1f3847e95324⋯.png (840.19 KB, 1147x1110, 31:30, faggot holst.png)

I think I realized something just now. Since the size of breasts normally has nothing to do with how much space for milk is actually held in them, only how much extra fat is present, but holstaurs almost certainly have more milk, would this mean that holstaur breasts feel significantly different than normal breasts, proportionately having less fat but more milk? And wouldn't they have a much more audible sloshing sound to them whenever they jiggle around?

8a136d No.366923


"How about I treat you folks to a nice meal?", she asked. "Dinner at my place or at a nice restaurant? I think helping a little girl is worth that much"

"Oh! How generous!", Helena exclaimed, clapping her hands together before looking at me expectantly.

"Uh….. Sure", I mutter. "Any time in particular?"

"Just give me your phone numbers and I'll text you the details, ok?", the Demon Mom says, smiling brightly. I reach into my pocket and enter my passwords, when at the literal snap of a finger, it poofs out of my hand.

"What the f-", I stammer out, withholding my foul language. Looking up, I notice the Demon has both my phone and Helena's in each hand, tapping away. She smiles and nods her head and the phones vanish once more. I can assume that Helena's phone went into her bag, since I felt mine literally pop into my hip pocket. I have to bite the inside of my lip to keep from cursing in front of the kids, as I'm still getting used to magic being a thing now.. Helena has a happy look her face as she looks through her phone, but I'm at my the limit of my patience. I shut my eyes and take a deep breathe through my nose.

"Uh… Thanks, Mrs….?", I stammer at the Demon.

"Rita", she says, extending her hand.

"Pleased to meet you", I say, my growling stomach just barely audible as I shake her devilishly(heh) soft hand.

"Thank you. I'll text you with the details later, and this time I'll make sure Lucile is on her best behavior", Rita says, smiling menacingly at her daughter, who seems to break out in a cold sweat as her Harpy friend drags her off to go play. "Tataaaa", the Demon Mom trills as she follows after the pair.

Helena and I watch them go before looking back at each other. She smiles softly and checks her phone one more time before she opens her mouth.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 2b8235457b845e2⋯.jpg (379.67 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Matrix_code.jpg)

7f2bd0 No.366619[Reply]

Your waifu is real. Your entire life sadly isn't. She's a nice girl, but she's insecure about her squid looking body and would rather create a fake life for you than to reveal her true form.

>tfw you're a living pylon for your a.i waifu that dictates what is and isn't.

>lewd dreams


>casual sex

All her

>jacking off

that's just you, she watches though.


Your autism was so strong you made her glitch.

41 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

30de7b No.366826

File: 694b42de95415d7⋯.png (249.14 KB, 997x611, 997:611, Nightmare10.png)


I'd restore her smile.

417e08 No.366855


What a fun miracle this thread turned out to be.

e04b4f No.366862

File: e30e76d242429ee⋯.png (807.98 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 71da13df07739b6acf2100f71a….png)


The ability to turn shit into gold here is almost frightening. I feel bad for the dreamless autist tho who can't know such joys

417e08 No.366867

File: d7d469c38f02d2a⋯.jpg (2.36 MB, 1599x4764, 533:1588, hot cocoa.jpg)


Come to think of it, do you think you could give us a pic of what Nightmare Robot's waifu Elkah looked like? If you check the archive of the thread here: https://archive.is/rbTyL

then he notes the following:

>she has black horse fur rather than the purple that KC's nightmare has

>the hair on her head is red

>she has emerald green nightvision eyes like in: >>366711

>D cup breasts

>her tail is the same color as her headhair color

>she's worn a hoodie in a number of his dreams

Given that it was a robot who waifued her, and it was around the same time as when pic related happened, you could have her drinking a cup of hot cocoa or something.

ec6fae No.366922

File: 2cc7933f896c5ae⋯.jpg (10.01 KB, 215x235, 43:47, images.jpg)




you niggers are like children

watch this

File: 12f73f9f44439c3⋯.jpg (131.11 KB, 788x1013, 788:1013, hevospillua.jpg)

a31da4 No.350463[Reply]

In the words of the black eyed niggers: people killing, people dying, where is the love for horse puss and centaur tiddies??

56 posts and 55 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

12a3da No.366837

File: ae2d5e0cf5a2f57⋯.jpeg (572.26 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1ca2f6df05e22dd6ef8a314a1….jpeg)

File: 873024f31d3a719⋯.jpg (951.94 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, sample_62b31ba7b34451d5f37….jpg)

File: 33ad22eec5a79b3⋯.jpg (443.14 KB, 1280x1899, 1280:1899, 159.jpg)

File: 8286b28e0cc6063⋯.jpg (84.36 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 158.jpg)


Horsepussy is the line for most people due to it being an entire lower-body thats been interchanged, I'd still filled both holes if I could though.

c68252 No.366856


Yes. I'd help her set up a service where she provides dreams to people who normally don't have them.

2023e2 No.366902

File: b429f0da9547fcb⋯.png (754.96 KB, 1533x1732, 1533:1732, How_do_I_draw_good_fucks.png)

Reposted from the drawthread.

a907e5 No.366920


>deer pussy

>not horse pussy

97cb89 No.366921

File: 9c70989c43d7488⋯.png (202.43 KB, 700x687, 700:687, Deer maids.png)


Aw. White horns are good girls who deserve more art.

File: c0d3195dcb35bb1⋯.jpg (191.74 KB, 708x1024, 177:256, Zombie problems.jpg)

3134a4 No.288856[Reply]

Post girls from the grave.

167 posts and 198 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c42a11 No.366760



That artist is dead to me.

f25284 No.366797

File: ef76f4e6783800f⋯.jpg (29.8 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 1325532561140.jpg)


Curiosity got the better of me and, yikes,. that's a lot of trap shit.

657da8 No.366841



You two are both correct. Here is a warning to any anons who decide to get curious about ittla, he is a massive trapfag and about ~80% of his shit has dicks in it, and is also generally horrible. Honestly, I was quite surprised to see that he drew such a high quality lich, considering his profile.

f25284 No.366897


I'm noticing a lot more trap and futa shit in general over the last month. Someone needs to night of the longknives these faggots and remind them this niche is monster GIRLS.

d676b6 No.366918

File: 978ff3ac45ad58b⋯.jpg (226.68 KB, 700x762, 350:381, 6203216546516545.jpg)

File: cc9cee1bb45c58d⋯.jpg (102.7 KB, 539x734, 539:734, 5616574168748651.jpg)

File: 26e229cd0816dba⋯.png (523.85 KB, 1300x1000, 13:10, 1469277297538.png)

File: bed86c439db1450⋯.jpg (113.1 KB, 682x639, 682:639, 66971990_p14_master1200.jpg)

File: be30f371a7efda7⋯.jpg (585.92 KB, 1153x1039, 1153:1039, 68967247_p4_master1200.jpg)

How do you hold hands and cuddle if your waifu is incorporeal?

File: 67754bedb01cfdd⋯.png (144 KB, 740x1100, 37:55, 136178FB-656A-4A9E-8FC3-F6….png)

527684 No.366221[Reply]

/monster/ NEWS

>MFW vs. 8chanmania coming up soon

>IPs appear to have hit equillibrium

>Nothing too much

8chan NEWS

>8chan got mentioned on global news because of Qanon: be sure to bully newfags

>/ita/ won the 8cup

>/vg/ has become a viable and possibly permanent alternative to /v/

>/animu/ has started scanlating a manga about cute clones

World NEWS

>Handholding day is coming up August 9th

>New “MG” disease spreading as potential superbug to play with Ebola-chan

>All of emuparadise’ ROMs were pulled down

98 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

73652f No.366815


Humptys are fetuscon, not toddlercon.

23e4a9 No.366818

File: 75ec3fe2885dc23⋯.png (253.91 KB, 590x630, 59:63, 294be4fdddab4a09b023f1f5ea….png)

File: 1218108c96d6cc5⋯.png (200.21 KB, 565x630, 113:126, 6ec62aa1a7a4561a094ee145be….png)

File: 1f088ba7570309d⋯.png (308 KB, 640x786, 320:393, 9591dce245121712df91b43598….png)

File: b298256d9cb44c8⋯.png (303.61 KB, 834x820, 417:410, ffac2f0895bf2e8c44b262c0a7….png)


Looks big and full grown for a fetus. I just assume she just evolves into an egg slime foodgirl. I headcanon that she could become other types of food girls if she fuses with certain ingredients.

73652f No.366898

File: f253c62cad5a489⋯.png (2.16 MB, 1511x1000, 1511:1000, ray-k version of soyder.png)


>Ray-k drew a pic of soyder


0d66f9 No.366914

File: c0faae6e9ba7727⋯.mp4 (7.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Spooky spider sourcehttpsw….mp4)

7b9d76 No.366917


There's a lot not to like in that but it seems better than most of the western stuff I've seen lately. I wonder if western animation can be encouraged to turn away from the dark side with positive reinforcement like >>366898 .


>8chan got mentioned on global news because of Qanon: be sure to bully newfags

Is it just me or has there been a noticeable influx of Normalfag/leftist/centrist posters lately? Mostly on other boards admittedly.

File: 9bdea0f250f6ab6⋯.jpg (2.94 MB, 2704x4056, 2:3, IMG_20180812_1724103.jpg)

f33b4c No.366467[Reply]

so Comiket ended a few hours ago and I got my 2 copies of the long delayed MGE 3

have a bunch of teaser photos of most of the illustrations in it https://imgur.com/a/XJTOMUu

will scan the whole thing eventually once I'm back home next week

40 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3f2d27 No.366700


Absolutely blasphemous.

789f90 No.366861

File: a99164b5cf1d3fb⋯.jpg (102.67 KB, 848x1199, 848:1199, Dko0ZUBX0AIBmnD.jpg)

File: c7f2dfab0c02cc6⋯.jpg (58.03 KB, 711x876, 237:292, Dko0Z9gXgAAdpAl.jpg)

File: decf1958a2ea73a⋯.jpg (101.41 KB, 848x1199, 848:1199, Dko0aqmXsAEL2Dc.jpg)

789f90 No.366905


But that makes it even better.

b02e64 No.366915


>live in the big city in the shitty part of town

>the area is ruled by two Sabbath gangs, the Oppais and the Flats

>both of them kidnap men off the street, luring them into their vans with promises of free beer and rock cds

>constant spellcasting drive-bys happen often, but usually fail because of crashes since they can't reach the wheel

>be at the local gas station when i get caught in the crossfire

>a pair of Oppais start fighting with 3 Flats smoking outside

>keep my head down as a lightning bolt spell arcs right next to my car

>the fight dies down and I uncover my head to see one of the Oppais in front of me, licking he lips

<this one will make a good Onii-chan for the rest of the girls

e644dd No.366916



Although I would imagine a battle between the Flats and the Oppais to involve more dancing and musical numbers.

File: 92be7298c1048b3⋯.jpg (374.61 KB, 871x1200, 871:1200, 304_unagi_joro_L.jpg)

File: a75d651baf7f50e⋯.jpg (73.54 KB, 860x460, 43:23, 041317_lh_eel_main_free.jpg)

7f9dc7 No.366736[Reply]

Last thread:


Do loli unagi joros have transparent skin like real-life juvenile eels?

34 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c6faf5 No.366879


They technically are but the amount of monster in them is so minuscule that nobody really cares about it.

bccb13 No.366882

File: 52bf63651105803⋯.png (2.71 MB, 2395x1915, 479:383, __tamamo_mon_musu_quest_dr….png)



Actually it is a sin because you're supposed to cum inside.

4bf9a7 No.366907

File: 7911d3d2960d684⋯.jpg (29.6 KB, 455x451, 455:451, 1438906520122.jpg)

where can i find monstergirls?

be81c2 No.366908



3621f6 No.366913

File: 8e36dd764dcd652⋯.png (198.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 8e36dd764dcd652184f7b040c2….png)


I've heard some skinwalkers were trolling around for human dick.

File: ee4ec55acf149f9⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 2064x1457, 2064:1457, ee4ec55acf149f954ae4b4f442….jpg)

4f41b2 No.354457[Reply]

While your robowaifu runs some diagnostics, give her something to read in the meantime.

This board has amazing writefags, and OC is the lifeblood of the board, however, some people long to see stories about their waifus that writefags don't normally do.

In the same spirit as a Drawthread, this is for Violated Heroes to request stories they'd like to see written, or for new and old writefags to link their work for critique, or for others to enjoy.Shilling is encouraged!

If you have large amounts of text, or are running an update to stories, please consider posting it all to a pastebin and posting here when it is updated or finished.

Please keep things on topic. It's fine to talk about stories, characters, plots, etc, but keep the blog-posting out of here.

Thread 1: https://archive.is/eT2UX

Thread 2: https://archive.is/zZyJk

Thread 3: https://archive.is/yUCIq

Thread 4: https://archive.is/5e1Qr

Thread 5: https://archive.is/vWMc9

Thread 6: https://archive.is/O2ckz

Thread 7: https://archive.is/B7Hfg

Thread 8: https://archive.is/dxA9v

Thread 9: http://archive.is/SgT2c

Thread 10: http://archive.is/5V6OG

278 posts and 52 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

dec726 No.366870


It's like back street girls but it's god making you start an idol group

95a21f No.366871


Just because a god did it doesn't make it lovecraftian.

049ed7 No.366875

File: 9c31c952e085bda⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 204.33 KB, 388x1186, 194:593, My vast knowledge in a nut….png)


Wait a minute, wasn't this an episode of the twilight zone? If so, then you mean it's a twilight zone-esque horror. Lovecraft has lot more old ones and tentacles. In short, sort your fucking horror genres out.

dec726 No.366876


You better back up or I'll call it Kafkaesque too

8d6850 No.366912

File: 6206eed36a5eed1⋯.png (406 KB, 804x858, 134:143, Meat touching.png)


Everytime the alp walks into a butcher's shop.

File: fd0485e589dddee⋯.gif (222.75 KB, 295x210, 59:42, banespmonster alliance.gif)

59a7e6 No.341175[Reply]

Here's a new one since the old thread has reached bump limit.


half/biz/'s GET is today in maybe 5 hours or less.


78 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0a038f No.366872

File: 363f836cbb343bd⋯.png (99.45 KB, 947x294, 947:294, monsterfurget.PNG)

c26b69 No.366877

File: 505b52aa5cea0a8⋯.png (217.35 KB, 537x463, 537:463, mfw the hero is walking ga….png)


Alright, you did it for a get but that doesn't change the fact that you were

>posting on /fur/

ea5709 No.366881


if you got better GETs than me then my treks through trash would not be necessary, anon

0a038f No.366894

File: ebc3775f75f707e⋯.png (227.68 KB, 630x255, 42:17, monsterdoushiomoeget.PNG)



This imageboard updates in real time, so keep in mind that as soon as you upload your image/put in the subject for the thread you're making, you're given a post number, meaning you can't really prepare posts beforehand.

0a038f No.366904


This halfchan get is in under 5 hours or so, but I doubt I'll be around for it.

File: 0d15a00a3c540f0⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1500x1000, 3:2, having a hot wife.png)

File: 1e406fe5b4184f6⋯.png (864.65 KB, 2323x2191, 2323:2191, punyips.png)

File: 17692ddff17e88e⋯.png (609.77 KB, 1500x1300, 15:13, thosearms.png)

File: 15f4bf3b23a91c9⋯.png (5.76 MB, 4000x5000, 4:5, Redemption.png)

File: d2cd46298949ac8⋯.png (2.16 MB, 1327x1726, 1327:1726, please be patient i have a….png)

456cb4 No.364885[Reply]

Last thread hit bump limit.

Upload your work here:


Last Thread:


202 posts and 136 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

372937 No.366850


Isn't that third one a monsterboy?

525437 No.366863


its just some fags original monster boy character that was commissioned.

9cd5b2 No.366899

File: b429f0da9547fcb⋯.png (754.96 KB, 1533x1732, 1533:1732, How do I draw good fucks.png)


Go horse pussy or go home

14330f No.366900

File: ce8f0c14a8ce7ca⋯.jpg (39.61 KB, 400x375, 16:15, 26994024_10215662974193885….jpg)


Hell yes.

Also, it's deer pussy you silly anon

1b7836 No.366903

File: 1317f9efa8c64a8⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 360x360, 1:1, [LEWD].gif)


> dubs and exemplary draughtsmanship

File: fbb7ba7312e34cc⋯.jpg (4.15 MB, 1250x763, 1250:763, 314021_CN.jpg)

0c59ef No.366132[Reply]

The world is divided into many small territories, rather than nations. Each is ruled by a warlord and is in constant competition with it's neighbors. War is a simple reality for life in the nameless continent. At first, the fighting was over land, resources and petty squables… however with the creation of the "Armory of Lords". A number of weapons created by an unknown smith who's craft mark is an engraved cross. These magical weapons changed the face of the war as it was known. Their power seduced the many fledgling territories, creating a war that would nearly never end, as each battle was a chance to kill an enemy's champion and claim their weapon for their side. Constant strife from war continued for years and years…

At this time the war has no end in sight. The weapon's themselves continue to stoke the flames of war and the land remains heavily divided. There are no large states, provinces or countries. There is only war.

Our character is a Necromancer from a long forgotten age who practices the old ways.

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e8b22a No.366840


Real name and just a bath. Might as well be truthful. Besides, (((they))) will probably try and pull something if we stay with (((them))) for too long.

61afdf No.366868

I vote to use the name slim shady.

Second, we should stay with her. We could use a nice place to clean ourselves up, get new clothes.

OH OH, we also need a fucking silly ass hat. Nothing strikes fear into people more than someone that can insta kill you with a silly hat.

8345b5 No.366891

File: 1fd4d93678e8935⋯.gif (906.25 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 7e9b8034097e0cbc3d7a633291….gif)


>picking a niggerbeat name



I agree that we need an alias and that we should stay over.

61afdf No.366901


But that's the whole point. Who the fuck is going to expect some as shat named "slim shady" to come and kill them? No one.

61afdf No.366909


I am fucking stupid. No arguing about that. Any other ideas then?

File: f4bac80c60d37ac⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1600x800, 2:1, MonsterManiaThumb1.png)

7009a4 No.366381[Reply]

Wrestling is great entertainment even for monster kind! It’s especially fun for the ones who get to participate, allowing them to let out all their pent up aggression on one another in a way similar to their ancestors - without all the bloodshed of course.

Monster Wrestling Entertainment (MWE) allows monsters go up against one another in the ring for the chance of winning the title of Champion.

It’s been at least twenty years since this pastime had been popularized (for monster girls at least). For that time humans - even pro wrestlers - had not been allowed to join the MWE due to the dangers of monster related injuries involved, that is until recently when a new division was made for special tag teams. Due to popular demand, the MWE has announced their latest league: Monster Mania! Tag Teams, Ladder Matches, Cage Matches, Royal Rumbles! Are you a bad enough dude to stand up to a monster? Or will you watch as REAL MEN face off against fearsome foes and femme fatales?

Pay for the whole seat but only use the EDGE!

The rules are simple: One monster, one man, who comes out on top? Basic wrestling rules apply.

A tag team is going to be made of one monster and one human (usually) facing off against another tag team.

Wrestlers may participate in both one-on-ones and tag team matches, as well as anything in between.

Votes will vary on what to do in and out of the ring, multiple choices will be used in situations like in Cathy but this time I will decide when dice rolls will be required for certain outcomes (including suggestion, but particularly in the ring. I will let you know)

As usual with 1d20s highest vote wins or first to get nat 1 or nat 20 results in an instant outcome, for any who don’t know how those work, nat 1 would cause someone to botch a move or possibly hurt themselves or someone else, while nat 20 would be a perfect execution.

<I am probably not going to draw as much for this CYOA just to keep it active/manageable for myself as I have started a new job, but that doesn’t mean no drawings ever.

<I’ll probably be less elaborate though, if I allow myself that.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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f54f09 No.366890

Dice rollRolled 19 (1d20)


D. Practice new moves, like a Shining Wizard or some submission holds

1c09ee No.366892



Not a bad suggestion with a high roll to match, so throwing my hat in with this anon

0730b9 No.366893

Dice rollRolled 12 (1d20)


> not gonna beat a 19

Wouldn't he need a partner for that? Maybe Emma Shock Mistress would be interested. Kind of curious to see Frankie's reaction to David hanging out with a different monster girl. Assuming they aren't already an item of course (No NTR).

f54f09 No.366896


>Kind of curious to see Frankie's reaction to David hanging out with a different monster girl. Assuming they aren't already an item of course (No NTR).

Just tell her that we are also testing tag-team moves, convince her to join in and learn how to use the Golden Trigger or the Doomsday Device

568561 No.366911


I'm good with this.

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