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File: ad78b46b161c9ad⋯.png (2.92 MB, 1400x6521, 1400:6521, ad78b46b161c9ad83c783b0766….png)

File: f9bde29ea54481d⋯.jpg (90.21 KB, 474x474, 1:1, th.jpg)

File: 0f8d50713a73568⋯.jpg (190.14 KB, 736x736, 1:1, a36e23c56d6d737fb5fc6ea4d7….jpg)

File: d773ed66739440b⋯.jpg (97.63 KB, 700x1024, 175:256, 7256d056de7163af23e5048ee7….jpg)

47bb66  No.388490[Reply]

As we all know, /monster/ thrives on OC and plenty of drawn cuties are essential to healthy monstergirl community.

The purpose of this thread is to both give the rookies to the craft a place to start and to give a helpful resource for the more seasoned drawfags.

Post tutorials, hints, tips, and critiques of art work. Below you'll find several handy places and resources to use.

If anyone finds any other tutorials, specifically on drawing actual monster girls, feel free to share. Also, if any of the links are defunct, let us know.

Thanks to the previous OP for doing much of the work.

Learning How To Draw:


A perfect guide for tutorials and helpful tips. The link to the video series from Glenn that's about drawing figures from your imagination is expired. Here's a good alternative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WJxFgAzWR4&t=415s.


A wonderful board here on 8chan. Many threads have useful tips and tutorials to help you out.


It'll teach you the fundamentals.


Common digital tools


> is good and free.


> is cheap and has a hard focus on 'just draw, nigga!' with an easy to use UI but its very basic on features.

>Manga/Clip Studio

> is like sai but has more features


> is the industry standard but has too many features and is Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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dff604  No.393559

File: 17a34bf9fc0dda0⋯.jpg (48.6 KB, 800x679, 800:679, 17a34bf9fc0dda060b27f5665c….jpg)


Its not too bad, I mean as long as you're not blatantly scanning and pasting images with few changes. You take what you want from one thing, another from another then make rest from own. It's hard to come up entire idea on own so take inspiration and don't forget to always add your touch to it and learn from others.

File: 1411171092463.png (1.22 MB, 795x948, 265:316, Blowyourload.png)

06e251  No.1[Reply]

>Follow the Global Rules, Use the global report function for reporting illegal content.

>Follow the Thread Theme, basically don't derail threads, the same goes for off topic dice rolls too.

> If you are new, learn how to lurk first. If you're confused on how things work ask on the QTDDTOT thread or the meta thread.

>Check the catalog before making a thread, so the board wont get clogged up with duplicate threads.

>Meta topics, 8chan topics, board friendship requests, questions pertaining to the board, and meta posts, stay on the meta thread.

>no discord links you will get banned for linking them.

>Hide threads, posts and content you don't like, do the best you can to self moderate. This does not mean you are free shit up the thread like you would on a bigger 8chan board with no active moderators.

If you find a rule violation, do not go on a tirade, report it and move on. If I catch you making a rant pertaining to the reported post which helps to derail a thread, you will get a month long ban.

>Impersonating a /monster/ board volunteer is strictly forbidden

>NO FURRY, GORE, KEMONO, OR MLP (if it has a snout its out) Subsequent posting on how furries should be included or accepted on this board, or a "anthro related taste argument" will lead to a ban. Posting a picture of a furry will get you a weeklong ban so make sure you're not posting furries.

>ON CYOA'S dice rolls should always be saged regardless of thread. If you are a participant and not the content creator of a CYOA then remember to sage. Respect the authors choice to use or not use dice, and their decisions.

>High quality posts are welcomed, heavier shitposting will be counted as derailing and has a chance of becoming unfunny so don't overdo it, this also includes NTR.

> keep dice rolls on diceroll threads or cyoas that allow for them.

>All thread topics must relate to Monster Girls in some way

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
Post last edited at

File: a176a2210ac32d2⋯.png (970.41 KB, 723x1023, 241:341, 1B028985-4CF6-446E-98A9-D2….png)

File: 280e3f3ca278ba4⋯.jpeg (2.02 MB, 2361x3300, 787:1100, 78638B98-A023-43BB-AE85-F….jpeg)

File: 0fc5aa7120999a2⋯.png (1.07 MB, 761x1051, 761:1051, 8792E204-0E58-45E7-BCDC-78….png)

File: 049a23f58c5130d⋯.png (1.07 MB, 800x841, 800:841, CA5F3305-059B-4C9B-846F-92….png)

c3fd65  No.393951[Reply]

Have you prayed to your goddess of choice today?

Discuss the dangers of beastmen knocking down your gates, those foreigners looking to steal your genes from beyond the galaxy or why tau females prefer human men.

Skaven coming soon™

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8a9b8c  No.394142


Catgirls are accepted abhumans according to official cannon iirc

88124a  No.394149

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2e98e5  No.394153

File: 43dda95a24d9f5d⋯.jpeg (527.93 KB, 1279x2178, 1279:2178, 71C11667-6684-4076-B2C7-1….jpeg)


>shogs going full house mode on an imperial ship.

Do you want chaos corrupted ships? Because that’s how you get chaos ships.

Also you have to think of what the monster girls would think of other groups like the mechanicus or sisters of battle.

1db126  No.394155

File: 10e18d6100db92d⋯.jpg (228.83 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, 10e.jpg)



>this entire thread

1ea5c9  No.394156


>sisters of battle

A great place to monsterize women.

Also i like the idea of slaanesh going full demonlord lilith.

File: 7232839a489630d⋯.jpg (572.07 KB, 2048x1644, 512:411, __japanese_crested_ibis_sm….jpg)

891f98  No.392989[Reply]

Here comes a new thread for /loli/ streams and daily anime uploads! Wish I had noticed we needed one sooner.

I stream anime every Sunday at 12pm EST on Cytube. Come and join us!


Because the videos are uploaded to Google Drive, you will need to install Cytube's userscript in order to watch the stream. And enable cookies!


Feel free to add to the music pre-stream or post-stream videos!

The anime of the day is Gochiusa!

Gochuumon wa Usagi desu Ka 2 11


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1acf2f  No.393835

File: 53f08b8e6ac55da⋯.jpg (197.22 KB, 514x703, 514:703, tomboyloli.jpg)

Missed it yesterday. See you next week, OP.

891f98  No.393877

The daily's here!

Floral Magician Mary Bell 28



A shame you missed it; it was super comfy. Hope to see you then!

891f98  No.393964

891f98  No.394055

891f98  No.394154

The next one is up!

Floral Magician Mary Bell 29


File: 0d8b0770d6e1459⋯.jpg (225.45 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, volume 14.jpg)

File: b263cfbbaf8670c⋯.png (441.27 KB, 472x673, 472:673, LmPF3GQ.png)

File: 29ac76db639b060⋯.png (150.5 KB, 305x530, 61:106, dandyfucker.PNG)

File: a0171aeb1ecdfd0⋯.png (372.4 KB, 597x594, 199:198, allontheBREATHING.PNG)

File: 8d36e731eac0d17⋯.png (355.71 KB, 472x673, 472:673, O9PwNKR.png)

e6fcf4  No.368634[Reply]

well seeing as the old Monster Musume thread is on its last legs, i will make a new one starting with the linking of chapter 61 of the manga

this thread is for discussing/gushing/bitching/moaning/bashingheads all things monmusu

RAW: https://imgur.com/a/eBbkjnO

please look foward for the darling being trained by Not!zeppeli Arc

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30b3f2  No.391874

How have we not gotten a VN out of this yet? I know there was that one game but it's down and in moonrunes. They could even do a fandisc with MON. Zombina route would be fuckin great.

9b6843  No.393638


Looks interesting, shame I cant read wappanese

2dbb47  No.393813

Where can I find volume 14?

c11b44  No.394151


She is a massive degenerate that is into NTR

c11b44  No.394152


why? serious question

File: 648398304f4e21a⋯.png (368.87 KB, 1140x1708, 285:427, hounded.png)

File: 607c2acb43e07bf⋯.png (91.02 KB, 1528x1105, 1528:1105, VCOM 1.png)

File: a06cc3e8fd7af9f⋯.png (135.91 KB, 1375x1124, 1375:1124, VCOM 2.png)

File: 32924b64bb36b0b⋯.png (23.94 KB, 830x510, 83:51, danukis.png)

File: 7a2572e0eaf558c⋯.png (187.55 KB, 958x1241, 958:1241, big girl.png)

d8202f  No.378675[Reply]

You know the drill. Write 'em, post 'em, read 'em.

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a46644  No.394036


>Your spider senses tingle and you roll to the side as she swipes at you

>Running to the door, willing to face what's outside, but oops its all blocked

>Frantically you grab at the bar and unlatch it

>Then a sturdy arm reaches under your left armpit and her hand rests on your chest

>Something soft presses against your neck and a chin rests on the top of your head

>Her other arm reaches around the right one and her hand closes around yours and re-latches the bolt

<Its fine in here, I just have something to take care of

>The knocking stops

<Alright Kara, keep it quick

>Her right arm moves under yours to her other one on your chest and she effortlessly lifts you up

>You just hang there like dead weight, grimly accepting your fate

>She /tenderly/ lays you down in the middle of the room and straddles you

>A second or two goes by as you stare at each other

>Her, a smug and shallow smile. You, desperately trying to stay stoic, her previous threat echoing in your mind.

<You remember what I told you earlier?

>A short nod is all she gets

<Well, don't worry, I wont break your legs

>She pulls you up to her, into a big firm hug and gives your a ear a brief nibble before whispering

<I'm going to break you in half

>She lets you fall back to the floor

a46644  No.394038



>An hour later she comes walking out back behind the outpost where the rest of the strike group was

>Your limp, and if no one knew any better, seemingly lifeless body over her shoulder

>Her approach gets their attention and most seem amused by her additional cargo

<Didn't know this was turning into a prisoner grab Kara

>One of them joked

<Well, sometimes something comes along that is too good to pass up

>It gets a laugh out of the group

>The Group leader settles them down and lets them know its time to head out

>One of the group, a hellhound makes her way over

<If he's that good Kara, you gonna share him with the squad

>Kara responds by headbutting her, sending her flying a few feet

<Fuck off, he's mine! get your own

fd99bb  No.394115

>be a Large Mouse

>met husbando when he was on a vacation trip through the portal

>we're getting married in a few weeks

>learning as much as I can about his world in the meantime

>watch documentary on medieval history and food

>apparently it was believed that almonds increased sperm production

>think it's funny, but also really want to get pregnant as soon as possible after the wedding

>make a note to buy a big bag of almonds

>buy the almonds on next grocery run and come home to find him just returning from the gym

>he says hi and asks what's with the almonds when I unpack the groceries

>don't want him to know the real reason why because it's embarrassing

>stammer out that I thought they'd just be a good snack for him

>he shoves a handful in his mouth and pats my head

>my cheeks are crimson as he walks off to shower

You gals think this will work or am I being retarded?

f39d09  No.394140

File: 19ad9b0e41e0e7e⋯.png (201.53 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Carlita Cheshire.png)



> harem denied

I see you are a man of culture as well.


Now that's what I call almond milk.

66262f  No.394147


>The necessary paperwork was all over and done with rather quickly, almost as if the DoF worker wanted to be rid of them as soon as possible

>As a signature was not really viable for him, the government had given Eamon a little seal as proof of consent on legal documentation

>From what he could tell, it was about the width of his thumbnail and covered in little lumps and lines that would form a unique impression with ink

>With the last form stamped, a sense of finality settled onto Eamon's spirit and he took comfort in that feeling. Things were finally turning around for him

>His new foster parents informed him that they would be heading to his new home for some lunch and to help him settle into their home

>Mr Shore offered to help carry his bag to the car but Eamon politely refused. Yes he was blind but he was far from incapable

>The autumn air nipped at his ankles and made him wonder how his new foster mother handled the cold, being cold blooded and all

>After reaching the car and listening to the sounds of Mrs Shore load herself into her apparently modified seat, they soon departed

>The roar of the engine startled Eamon more than a little but the voices of his foster parents helped to distract him

>They tried their best to describe their house to him and the things they passed on the way there but they seemed to struggle with a few things

>Like if Eamon asked what a particular thing looked like and they tried to describe it using colours. Eamon only understood them as a definition

>After what felt like no time at all, the car took one final corner before coming to a halt. Once again, the sound of flowing serpent was all Eamon could hear

>The sound seemed to go on and on as Mrs Shore unspooled out of the vehicle. Judging by the sound, she was a dozen feet long at the very least

<Well Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 96175e3f14f5aec⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 1600x2560, 5:8, Book cover.jpg)

1d748a  No.394078[Reply]

So, I've been working on this for a long time, and I just finished writing a monster girl book. Its the first of a series I'm working on. I plan on putting it on Amazon. I've read some harem fantasy books on amazon and wasn't too impressed so I thought I might do well.

I'm posting the whole thing here because you guys are cool, and I wouldn't have written it if I weren't for the fact that this board exists. I tried to be as accurate as I could according to MGE canon because I happen to like it.

I was going to post it in the writefag thread, but I wanted to hear peoples thoughts and I thought it would take up too much space. Its rather long, probably too long, about 180,000 words. But I started it with the desire to make a very large harem, and make it as believable as possible. Full disclosure, I may have added too many girls. As a result in the future, any harems i make will be much smaller.

The synopsis is below

**"David was a member of the Golden Cross, a four-man mercenary band with his brother and two friends. They were wizards, outcasts to normal society.

However, his life and theirs changed quite suddenly when an army of monsters, led by the Overlord, king of monsters, interupted what was a typical small-scale land dispute. He and his friends were defeated. But they impressed the Overlord enough to be made trophies of his first battle. David and his friends were petrified, turned to living stone

3000 years passed before David took another breath. Now he awakens in a world where the Overlord of his time is long gone, and a Succubus sits on the throne.

Monsters are no longer blood-thirsty beasts, but lovely females who desire love and companionship with human men. However, not all is well with the world. These mosnters only have monsterous children, and a demographic crises is on the horizon. In the end, it seems Man may fall not to the sword, but by the bed chamber.

But one elf, Silas, one of the last males of his kind, has a plan to save humanity, and as a consquence the elves as well. By using the power of the Heaven’s GoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

18 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1d748a  No.394131

File: c7f1b934d3f2323⋯.pdf (2.68 MB, Harem Heroes The Heaven's ….pdf)


I have rewritten/ cut and rearranged the prologue to remove the civil war aspect and made it a straight up human vs monster debacle. I have also gotten rid of some superfluous description.


thanks I actually went through a dozen different titles. The first few were too ambiguous, and fantasy epic adventure-y. I settled on Harem Heroes because its a good way to let people know exactly what they're getting into. I figured a good title lets people know what they're buying.

1d748a  No.394132

File: c903fa3ac6efbe1⋯.png (8.58 MB, 3150x2100, 3:2, Monster Girl Encyclopedia ….png)


Oh, and I'd love to have artwork, but I'm rather mediocre when it comes to that sort of thing. I have this map I made, which I might put in, not sure. Not sure its good enough.

583139  No.394133


If you have no talent with drawling you can check in the draw threads to see if there's anyone who'd be willing to lend their talent… for a commission of course..

For reference I'd day Monstergirl doctor has a decent amount of art sprinkled in between their pages but isn't overflowing with art. If you do artwork for EVERY chapter that's a lot of artwork for your book for sure.

c48af4  No.394134

Sorry kid, but it's trash.

98bd0e  No.394146

File: b0101d85b961b54⋯.jpg (111.49 KB, 612x942, 102:157, What the fuck am I casting.jpg)


The descriptions are too superficial, Opie, is what I'm saying. Too skin-deep. You have to convey as much information to the reader with as little words and lines as possible. You stack meaning on top of descriptions to paint a larger canvas. If a woman is beautiful, on top of that, her beauty serves as a trap for the gullible. If her skin is blue, on top of that, it's because she's corrupted and fallible. Her sclera are blacker than the ace of spades, and on top of that, it represents her bottomless greed into the MC's seed.

You infer these things on top of descriptions, weaving with adjectives to make a tapestry, not a dull woolen sock.

tl;dr brevity is the soul of wit.


The first paragraphs of your book should grab the readers' attention and set the tone of your story, it's entirely possible that a book called 'Harem Heroes' shouldn't start with wizard warfare and death. It's like you're not sure whether to take it seriously or comedic and that's always a bad sign.

>“Tell me, mortal, what are your final words?”

>Again,David whispered a phrase. The Overlordbrought him closer, curious.

>“fuck you.”came David's muttered reply.

What is this, Devil may Cry? Are you trying to make Donte the MC? Why?

Having read a few chapters now, I want to tell you that your dialogue is inordinately 'A to B'. Inorganic in a manner that only befits the story, not the reader; which leads me, the reader, to grow bored and uninterested in what's happening, since none of it feels 'real'. It's hard to care about the characters in the story when the characters in question just exist to supplement the harem and provide plot contrivance. They're not egregiously bad, mind you, they're just dull, one note, and expendable; that is worse because that makes them fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 3586193d712b64a⋯.png (3.49 MB, 2048x1330, 1024:665, farm.png)

dddb9a  No.391019[Reply]

After thousands of years, a peace was finally made between the forces of humanity and the Demon Lord herself. They two lived separate from one another, licking their wounds from what seemed like an eternity of war. This was over a hundred years ago now, and times have changed. Thirty five years from the present, many nations of the world offered small pockets of low-population lands for the mostly nomadic Mamono to migrate to, though a peace had been assured, many people still held fear of the humanoid creatures known as monsters, and so they began to move away from these areas. But even though many families fled, some stayed, refusing to give up their homes, your grandfather was one of these people.

He was an exceptional farmer, having inherited his parents' farm at a young age, he spent his entire life working those fields and looking after his livestock. The two of you were close, but the fear your parents had of you being snatched up by a monster meant that he always had to come to where you were.

But sadly, when you were only twelve years old, your beloved grandfather past away. In his will, he gave his possessions to all his family, but one thing was left to you, his most prized possession, his farm.

You spent years trying to find yourself, but you didn't feel at home anywhere. The city life made you depressed, and college felt like you were wandering from place to place with no goal. One day, you looked into your desk and found the deed, grandpa's home… And something came over you.

You made the arrangements, packed what you had into your truck, and made your journey north towards what you had hoped was your new life. Your parents consented, but it wouldn't have mattered even if they said no. Now, at the age of twenty, you begin the first chapter and what might be the rest of your life!

It was very exciting to you. You've never seen a Mamono in person before…

But that leaves one final question. Who are you?

Experienced Farmhand:

You grew up on your parents farm up north. After helping your dad plant crops and care for anPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

198 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cab6c1  No.393970


Nothing wrong with a good harem.

00e253  No.393972


sure, whatever, but still, let's try and avoid getting proactively dated just yet, the story is too young for that

dddb9a  No.394143

You wanted to ask some questions, but didn't really know anybody…So back to Leonard's… He was still where you left him, and didn't seem to mind you coming back.

“You're new in town. You should be fine.” He waved off your concerns. “But checking the windows and deadbolt never hurt on a full moon. They won't smash through windows or anything like that unless the hurtin' is real bad. Just don't go opening the door for any of them during a full moon and you should be fine…Should be.”

“Should be?” You asked.

“Should be.”

That wasn't very reassuring.

“Just take some extra precautions!” He said again. “You'll be fine! You just moved out here anyway, its not like you've met anybody yet!”

Leonard was wrong…But maybe he's right, you didn't really make much of an impression so far. Sure you kind of teased that one girl with the two tails, and had a nice conversation with Rory, but other than that, its not like they really know you…

Guess that's the best you were going to get. You say you're goodbyes again and go on your way.

Money is running short, so whatever you possibly could buy to help you out would be minimal, for now you just head home and see what you can do with what you have.

You found some boards in the basement, as well as nails in the shed along with the hammer. Seems a bit extreme, but it's an option… Going back in the house, you looked at the old dresser by the front door. You pushed it in front of the door and simply looked at it for a bit… Yeah, could work, you guessed.

After placing the dresser back, you started to look around for a bit.

[experienced farmhand] Outside of the windows, there wasn't really any structural weakness, you could just put something in front of them if you were really paranoid. You coulPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

cab6c1  No.394148


You know what? Rory is a family friend, and a monster, so we should just ask her about the practicalities of the full moon stuff. Even though our character probably doesn't know this, Kobolds are not known for being super sexually predatory in nature, and they get along well with humans.

Invite her in to hang out for a bit. Then hopefully we can bring up the topic somehow without being too awkward.

365429  No.394150


Invite her in, offer refreshments, bring up >>394148 at some point.

File: aa84fb2f33202ca⋯.png (1.89 MB, 2694x662, 1347:331, Good with kids.png)

File: 65097dce8387301⋯.png (1.92 MB, 2672x668, 4:1, Sushi wrapper.png)

1fc500  No.371017[Reply]

A thread for kelpchan. She lives at the beach. She tries her best but things never seem to go her way. I'll post comics about her every so often. If you have any requests for things for her to try at the beach let me know and I'll consider it.

Since it's the first post you'll get double prizes.

Episode 1- Good with kids

Episdoe 2- Sushi wrapper

170 posts and 77 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d0008f  No.394057

Dice rollRolled 20 (1d20)


no rape tonight

50ee67  No.394073

File: d8b06d937805a53⋯.jpg (68.8 KB, 811x608, 811:608, 152707932966.jpg)



1a3082  No.394113

File: df95137e0d07cb3⋯.png (20.72 KB, 242x430, 121:215, cursed roll.png)

A fren I have that I showcase the comic to rolled for his desired outcum.

Now in the thread, we did get a 1 roll for the gud girl before we got the 20 so I felt a little shaky about that later 20 roll. Should I flip a coin? Do both and present a "cursed" alternate timeline? Just use the thread's roll? I have a rather cheesy yet heartwarming idea for the gud girl outcome so I wouldn't want to sour it by showcasing the semen demon option as well but the semen demon path also has some feels built in as well. I'm torn

dickscord I know

97a4be  No.394135

Dice rollRolled 9 (1d20)


Rollan for gud gurl, but also a mishap to make kelp-chan spell more spaghetti with more misunderstandings ("It's not what it looks like" type thing probably)

cf5ec8  No.394138

Dice rollRolled 9 (1d20)

Bunch limp jawed faggots around here…


File: bea60cb4b4c6a4c⋯.jpg (255.01 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, yakuza read.jpg)

43ad33  No.386299[Reply]

It doesn't matter what others think of your reading choices, as long as you love to read.

This board has amazing writefags, and OC is the lifeblood of the board, however, some people long to see stories about their waifus that writefags don't normally do.

In the same spirit as a Drawthread, this is for Violated Heroes to request stories they'd like to see written, or for new and old writefags to link their work for critique, or for others to enjoy.Shilling is encouraged!

If you have large amounts of text, or are running an update to stories, please consider posting it all to a pastebin and posting here when it is updated or finished.

Please keep things on topic. It's fine to talk about stories, characters, plots, etc, but keep the blog-posting out of here.

Thread 1: https://archive.is/eT2UX

Thread 2: https://archive.is/zZyJk

Thread 3: https://archive.is/yUCIq

Thread 4: https://archive.is/5e1Qr

Thread 5: https://archive.is/vWMc9

Thread 6: https://archive.is/O2ckz

Thread 7: https://archive.is/B7Hfg

Thread 8: https://archive.is/dxA9v

Thread 9: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

238 posts and 71 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b3e357  No.393980


Also good story. Medusas are underrated within the lamia catergory of Mge stories and this was really comfy to read.

4f74a6  No.394051

24f8af  No.394099



I remember that story anon. It had a space-cop/AI duo who are captured by MG space pirates who use our space cop hero as some twisted reverse harem, with the hellhound captain as the main love interest. AI is killed off in the last part that appeared here, but I don't recall the writer continuing from that point.


You're giving me some good ideas Anon.

f22d09  No.394129



Dude wrote a fuck ton of stuff back when, but I haven't seen them around for a few years now :(

579977  No.394137


>In theory, I'm done writing.

I'll really miss your work. Stick around at least. Hopefully your muse will return, if not for /monster/ content than for something else.

File: c2b4141c0e819da⋯.png (2.93 MB, 2035x1765, 407:353, artificial_intelligence_re….png)

File: 2288c4fca30af05⋯.jpg (264.77 KB, 1131x1600, 1131:1600, jub.jpg)

File: 259862e808ad555⋯.png (171.77 KB, 900x728, 225:182, china_dress_hellwan_1.png)

File: ca52a69015bfead⋯.jpg (139.88 KB, 1131x1600, 1131:1600, gobbo_idle.jpg)

File: 6224d7c4b2ab408⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1867x1917, 1867:1917, valencore.png)

dcc956  No.390008[Reply]

Last thread hit bump limit.

Upload your work here:


Last Thread: >>384166

292 posts and 187 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

791c60  No.394090


I enjoyed this pic.

eb4f99  No.394093


Checked and kek'd.

586fcc  No.394122

File: 1e60ded329ca5ca⋯.png (17.18 KB, 1080x1320, 9:11, MgeDwarfSoldier.png)

I know this isn't any request, but I've been working on this I've alyays felt a shortstack-type dwarf would be better than the loli one, are the proportions O? Is there any way I can improve it, (it is a work in progress)

791c60  No.394124

File: 84618b8c7844e48⋯.jpeg (183.21 KB, 693x800, 693:800, siamese triplet dragon.jpeg)

File: 39e8ee969bf48ff⋯.jpg (152.25 KB, 850x1051, 850:1051, siamese angels.jpg)

File: 1d03bb61188d05b⋯.jpeg (535.41 KB, 700x1120, 5:8, siamese cyclops.jpeg)

File: 74645b7c810f302⋯.png (40.35 KB, 450x450, 1:1, beeclops.png)

File: e0434213e392d0b⋯.png (883.06 KB, 1204x1350, 602:675, smug flirty bee.png)

Now that /b2/ seems to have exploded in activity, requesting a siamese beegirl of some kind be drawn.

25f680  No.394130



File: 99c81e7553794d7⋯.png (1.2 MB, 2830x2493, 2830:2493, Ammit sigil bumpah white f….png)

File: fe609f6610f74a7⋯.jpg (79.26 KB, 652x810, 326:405, Reitia's Key with extra de….jpg)

File: e79c9a3f7d3d968⋯.png (3.15 KB, 500x548, 125:137, Arachne sigil.png)

File: c3cf4512c9b5394⋯.jpg (65.4 KB, 675x900, 3:4, poliahu-the-snow-goddess-a….jpg)

File: 8106a7605acde26⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1386x966, 33:23, I loved Ebola-chan so much.png)

978f96  No.393627[Reply]

This thread is for the glorification, research of and OC creation centered around the goddesses /monster/ worships and may be interested in worshiping.

Currently, I think that anyone who can truly communicate with Ammit should ask what the conditions that need to be fulfilled for monster girls to arrive in our world are, as that's what would most likely get the ball rolling a little faster for all of this.

Techniques and diet for better dreaming and meditating are also a worthwhile topic.

Additionally, here are the archives of the past Reitia threads:



46 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

648653  No.394052

Any advice for how to do any of this meditation or asking Ammit or Reitia for visions or the like? Never really been much of a spiritual person. Also think that they'll just plain hate me because i'm not really a good person.

039058  No.394063

File: b40b3361262d368⋯.jpg (18.68 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Alway member.jpg)


I was that anon. Essentially, I believe the human imagination has the capacity to effect change on ones psyche by simulating the correct procedure. What I do in a nutshell: When I flashback to something embarrassing I've done in the past then I imagine the people involved as if they're standing in front of me and saying "I forgive you". If someone else has wronged me, then I say it back to them. I find that it takes the sting of those occasions out, and I've had a lot less flashbacks since. Your mind can't tell the difference and thinks that you've been forgiven. That sounds like a cheat, but a lot of the time the only person stressing about these memories is you and it's causing you grief when it aught not to. Imaginary problems need imaginary solutions.

That said, confronting your demons outright can induce feelings of despair. It requires some amount of emotional control. I'd recommend finding something that makes you feel love and then trying to recreate that feeling through memory, and then through just thinking how nice it is to feel that emotion. It's a skill that takes practice. Pic related.

6a96ec  No.394116

File: 42c6eccb227ac45⋯.png (446.23 KB, 967x2485, 967:2485, 66ED1932-F639-4CDB-8ED7-A6….png)


You don’t ask for visions, Anon, visions are one method by which you process the contact. Your objective is not to have things bestowed on you - what are you, a prophet? - but to brush up against them and in doing so form impressions. My own meditations are not visual, more like I am experiencing with senses that translate to some other kind of impression that is not any of my other senses. Be aware that just pushing yourself off into the darkness means you run the risk of encountering interlopers, deceivers, the inside of your own head, and other such mischief. If you perform this with selfish intent (“I want to have a vision!”) you are more likely to miss your target entirely and end up in delusion.

>implying this isn’t all delusion anyway

I have found Reitia to be patient, kind, stern, and wide. When I found her she was happy to host me and then when it was time she showed me out. She dwells humbly. I have found Ammit to be distant, busy, intense, and piercing. When I found her she asked my business, scrutinised me, and then dismissed me in favour of something she was at work on and has always been at work on. I would suggest being respectful but not so polite with Reitia and both respectful and polite with Ammit.

The matters of your soul are yours. I imagine that Reitia would be disappointed but loving if you have erred, but hostile if you are truly, threateningly, unredeemably, corrosively evil. Just don’t try to bullshit Ammit.

648653  No.394121


I guess the thing is that most of this doesn't make sense. Its like a puzzle that you have no idea how to solve or at least even begin to put together because you can't quite comprehend the pieces. I just want at least some little guide or seeing something to understand a fraction of whatever it is i'm trying to experience. Hence why I tried asking for vision.

How'd you find either Reitia or Ammit in the first place? Are there some steps to follow?

Most of my faults is that i'm the robot that constantly posts here out of depression. I keep hating myself. Also violent thoughts due to the insanity of the clownworld we live in. Basically a negative person all around. At least I try to keep all that to myself while i'm out and about.

>Just don’t try to bullshit Ammit.

I freely admitted that i'm a shitty person when I attempted asking.

978f96  No.394123


>I have found Reitia to be patient, kind, stern, and wide. When I found her she was happy to host me and then when it was time she showed me out. She dwells humbly. I have found Ammit to be distant, busy, intense, and piercing. When I found her she asked my business, scrutinised me, and then dismissed me in favour of something she was at work on and has always been at work on.

Could you elaborate more on these?

File: b0cc4e5775c1e2b⋯.jpg (274.68 KB, 850x1253, 850:1253, KCmiia.jpg)

File: cfc2ea1d0d57c6b⋯.png (13.19 KB, 240x160, 3:2, FFIV_Entice.png)

2eeafa  No.367998[Reply]

Anyone else think that the seeds were laid for your interest in Monster Girls from RPGs you played as a kid? I remember playing Final Fantasy when I was younger and not really wanting to kill Lamia-type enemies. I remember thinking that they were cute (the imagination of a child makes up for the low res sprites I guess), and it didn't make sense that they'd just attack humans since they were mostly humanoid anyways.

I figure just based on the timing and market penetration of those games alone there have to be a fair number of people that were influenced by them, right?

42 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b3974c  No.369962

File: 36f8e6275c82fa3⋯.jpg (19.56 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1.jpg)

File: d493a36c550b0c8⋯.jpg (324.56 KB, 800x1469, 800:1469, 妲己.jpg)

File: d3cd1daa916cf38⋯.jpg (201.72 KB, 800x970, 80:97, 800px-Ulysses_And_The_Sire….jpg)

File: cd55a56a98c0a52⋯.jpg (111.69 KB, 1280x845, 256:169, 1319662058450.jpg)



I doubt there's anyone here young enough to not have been exposed to female monsters of any shape or form. Just take a look at ancient Chinamen, Jap, Greek, etc., history with spirits, youkai, and various godspawn. In fact, almost all civilizations have had some sort of mythology relating to people wanting to fuck monsters.

Men wanting to fuck strange things is not a new concept. Alas the only change compared to then and now is the reasoning behind it: A majority of us are attracted to the idea of absolute loyalty because modern 3dpd is 3dpd.

c204af  No.369973


Also not exactly new, the story of the man making a statue and Aphrodite granting it life in honor of his love for it comes to mind, but that was more waifus being ancient. The reversal is that many monsters were tempting men into a trap and to their doom, particularly when you are talking about western stuff.

31066c  No.370018

File: d22877bda8a0afd⋯.png (129.16 KB, 285x392, 285:392, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 79b9d336fb2ab9d⋯.png (698.74 KB, 522x728, 261:364, ClipboardImage.png)




8ba90c  No.394101


mine started with slime girls on the internet… although I also really loved mermaids as a kid

716f10  No.394118

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I always felt bad beating the first boss in The Mystical Ninja for SNES. I thought she looked cute and whenever you damage her you see tears in her eyes. I can't bring myself to revisit that classic these days. Feels like I'm bullying a poor ghost girl who just likes to spin plates with that fight.

File: 9ced29caa7c3068⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 500x463, 500:463, snek Propaganda.gif)

2a54d8  No.319867[Reply]

> Ctrl + f

> no meme thread

> post them here

225 posts and 414 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

dd6c3a  No.394032


>he doesn't like vote

Fucking fascists get out of my board


1de6f2  No.394040


you know what i meant

please don’t derail another thread

1a5db9  No.394100

File: e9f2ad22029fea4⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1280x1143, 1280:1143, Murrica harpy.png)


fuck you I love vote

I do it twenty times an election

Sometimes for the same candidate

d60f63  No.394102


lichs pls

0c6b44  No.394114

File: 053d3bce962d540⋯.png (746.66 KB, 613x927, 613:927, image0_1.png)

File: c0993eb381c9d34⋯.jpg (156.99 KB, 1500x843, 500:281, portcity.jpg)

514cee  No.390133[Reply]

Welcome to Wizardquest 3, the exciting conclusion to the Wizardquest series.

Welcome back to Deleor! Land of men, magic, and Monsters!

It's been six months since the conclusion of the last story and the world has been changing. Despite acceptance of Monsters into daily life, all is not well. Galmathoria pushes it's boundaries, making bold attacks against the Kingdom while unrest foments within the Monster Nation to the north. All the while, a darker presence plots and schemes.

Will you be able to bring peace to Deleor, nay, the world?

How to play:

This story will be a little different from the others. There are three protagonists which the point of view will be shifted between at various points in the story. This will be clearly marked.

When prompted, insert any request for the player action you'd like. All requests will be considered, and I try to make them work, depending on the number of answers. Let's have some fun!

Spell and ability list: https://pastebin.com/KeNh7jUd

Thread 1: https://archive.is/nyuKx

For those new to this quest, if you wish to read up on the first Wizardquest, this archive link has all the 8chan threads. If you wish to read the (more but not complete) edited and updated version of the story, it's on Touch Fluffy Tail.


For those interested in Illusionistquest (Colorfully called: Wizardquest 1.5) the archive link is here:


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
155 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

31572d  No.394108


With both you and Sylphie disguised and only carrying your [Sack of Holding +1] which is holding your staves, you head off toward a far section of the wall as darkness comes over the city and the magitek lanterns come to light all around the wall, making the building shine in the night. It will be difficult to approach them normally, but…

“Why does everyone keep making me use this spell.” Sylphie mutters as she hides you with [Trick of the Light]. Moving up the wall slowly, none of the guards along the walls notice you in their patrols, not that there are very many of them due to the deployment.

“Because it’s very useful, that’s why.”

“I guess. I just feel like a tool sometimes.”

“Well, from what I understand, that Rommel guy found you to be a very useful part of the team.” As you say this, she blushes and a realization comes to you.

“Did you have a crush on him?”

“D-Dad!” She says, her spell flickering for a moment. “This is not the time for this!”

“It’s okay if you did, he seems like a nice guy. I mean, there’s an age gap, but there’s one for your mother and I so it’s probably okay.”

“By the Gods, I can’t believe this is happening.” She whispers, cheeks bright red. “We could be killed and you’re talking about my love life.”

“I knew that headpat was a little more significant than he was leading on. Damn, well I’m sorry he went with Tabitha dear, he doesn’t know what he’s missing out on.”

Sylphie, red as a beet, places her hand against the wall as you reach it. She takes a shuddering breath and whispers, “Dad. Please. Shut the fuck up, you’re so embarrassing.”

31572d  No.394109


“It’s okay. You’re growing up and I trust that whoever you end up with will be someone you love very much.”

“Just get us inside, I can’t keep this up any longer.” She mutters something about being so embarrassed she could die when you raise yourselves up to the top of the wall with [Build the Wall] and [Privacy Barrier] before lowering the earth and crouching there, waiting for anyone to notice. Fortunately, no one does and you’re able to slip into the base without incident.

Hiding behind some crates, Sylphie drops her spell and lets out a sigh of relief before pulling out a vial of white liquid and downing it in gone go as she watches for danger, licking her lips afterward. “I think the coast is clear for now. Now many guards around.” She mutters to herself.

“Yeah. Wouldn’t be a bad place to hide then. Probably pretty empty inside the main buildings due to the deployment and no one would check the place out because they assume a well-functioning naval base wouldn’t be housing criminals.” Frowning, you shake your head. “I’m getting a stronger signature from inside this building, but I can’t tell what it is, there’s still too much interference.”

Sylphie follows where you point and nods her head. “Wouldn’t a place like this have a magitek generator? Maybe that’s the source of the interference.”

“Possibly…” You say, considering that. With advents in magitek, having a power source which can efficiently process mana from leylines and surrounding mana saturating the area is essential, especially in a military environment. Something like that can easily confound [Mage Sight] and would be a great way to hide an aetheric signature.

“Let’s check it out then.” You say, moving in the shadows on your way inside the base. Most of the patrols are around the perimeter and the walls, so slipping inside the nearby building is a piece of cake; you don’t even need to use Sylphie’s spell.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

31572d  No.394110


“What an absolute beaut.” You say, running a hand over the device. “An A-7 Raiju-type. Oh, listen to her purr when I pet her. Come on, don’t be shy.”

“Uh, Dad.” Sylphie says, looking embarrassed. “This is kind of weird.”

“Your father just appreciates magitek.” You say, patting the machine softly. “I’m a little miffed the country took the contract from The Manufactorum in Loveura over our G-41 Homete, but what are you going to do.”

“Well, it looks like they aren’t here.” Sylphie sighs.

“Who might you be looking for?” A voice says beside both of you.

Reacting instantly, both of you turn and pull up your [Inner Guardians] to find an islander woman in naval dress standing beside you. She takes both of you in and cocks her head. “You two are magitek engineers?”

“Who’s asking?” You reply, wary.

“Hahaha, who indeed?” She says, chuckling. You scan her with your [Mage Sight] but are unable to find any traces of magic on her. “I’m just here to watch you as you work on the generator is all.” She lifts an eyebrow,

“Unless of course, you’re not really here for the generator?”

You narrow your eyes and study the woman carefully. You’re sure you could see through an illusion if there was one being cast, but as far as you can tell, she’s clean. Certainly the Deleorian navy would accept islanders born in Hudson in the navy, but this is a little too convenient. Not certain what to do, you pull from your bag some magitek tools you store for working on Harmony and Chaika, then go to the generator, doing some basic maintenance.

The woman watches you with a careful eye before quickly becoming bored and looking away. Thankfully this machinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

31572d  No.394111


Huh. This all seems really suspicious tbh.

But they probably aren't here so you might as well leave.

Also, might be a little slower on updating (than I already am, i'm really sorry) because I'm trying to force myself to blitz through this last half of line edits so I can publish this damn book.

da228c  No.394126


I think we should send sylphie to check out the barracks using her [trick of the light] while we stay with the generator. I suspect that sailor will be back fairly soon. Either because she suspects us or thinks we’d make a good addition to the cult. If she’s back before sylphie is say she went looking for the bathroom and should be back soon.

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