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File: 1466623277242.jpg (269.59 KB, 631x841, 631:841, --midway-hime-kantai-colle….jpg)

0fde7e  No.189913[Reply]

Alright since banners are back up I think its about time we get new ones. Preferably with more variety this time.

Full list:


Please be aware of the following limitations as you upload banners:


There is a maximum of 300 banners for the board with 197 slots left.

Banners are now working as intended with many more slots now

Banners must not exceed 500KB (that is, 512000 bytes).

Only the following file types are permissible:





Banners must be exactly 300px wide and 100px high.

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ad447b  No.379246

File: cf8e6c6eae4e232⋯.gif (438.62 KB, 300x100, 3:1, dbm4.gif)

File: c946f70aaa1fb31⋯.gif (458.06 KB, 300x100, 3:1, dbmy.gif)

I think the second gif's design has potential for more variants…

File: 5816a316facad91⋯.png (114.72 KB, 600x600, 1:1, leanen the art Fairy.png)

File: 7dc01a62a2434d5⋯.gif (685.14 KB, 316x240, 79:60, Mr.Rogers.gif)

File: ad78b46b161c9ad⋯.png (2.92 MB, 1400x6521, 1400:6521, 1458761272925.png)

File: e45663bd19fbde1⋯.jpg (110.82 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, basic pose.jpg)

8ec781  No.289731[Reply]

As we all know on here, /monster/

thrives on OC

And while we have a good collection of stories and CYOA's, we are seriously lacking in the department of drawfags.

Too many post in the drawthread and its general flooded with requests, and we simply don't have enough artists to do them.

Hence why I am (re)making this thread: To not only help the people who want to learn how to draw, but also how them get better at it.

This thread will be for posting tutorials, hints, tips, and critiques of your art work. I will be posting several very handy places and resources you can use.

If anyone finds any other tutorials, specifically on drawing actual monster girls, feel free to share. The whole point of this thread is to help people create

more OC

and art to help /monster/ thrive

Learning How To Draw:


A perfect guide for tutorials and helpful tips.


A wonderful board here on 8chan. Many threads have useful tips and tutorials to help you out.


it'll teach you the fundamentals.


common digital tools


> is good and free.


> is cheap and has a hard focus on 'just draw, nigga!' with an easy to use UI but its very basic on features.

>Manga/Clip Studio

> is like sai but has more features

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Post last edited at

dc7a6c  No.387587


I just wanted to add a simple tool for poorfags on linux/bsd: azpainter2

It's like Sai-lite and fiddling with brushes is easier than Krita.

I found out about this tool some time ago and it just clicked for me.

File: 1411171092463.png (1.22 MB, 795x948, 265:316, Blowyourload.png)

06e251  No.1[Reply]

>Follow the Global Rules, Use the global report function for reporting illegal content.

>Follow the Thread Theme, basically don't derail threads, the same goes for off topic dice rolls too.

> If you are new, learn how to lurk first. If you're confused on how things work ask on the QTDDTOT thread or the meta thread.

>Check the catalog before making a thread, so the board wont get clogged up with duplicate threads.

>Meta topics, 8chan topics, board friendship requests, questions pertaining to the board, and meta posts, stay on the meta thread.

>no discord links you will get banned for linking them.

>Hide threads, posts and content you don't like, do the best you can to self moderate. This does not mean you are free shit up the thread like you would on a bigger 8chan board with no active moderators.

If you find a rule violation, do not go on a tirade, report it and move on. If I catch you making a rant pertaining to the reported post which helps to derail a thread, you will get a month long ban.

>Impersonating a /monster/ board volunteer is strictly forbidden

>NO FURRY, GORE, KEMONO, OR MLP (if it has a snout its out) Subsequent posting on how furries should be included or accepted on this board, or a "anthro related taste argument" will lead to a ban. Posting a picture of a furry will get you a weeklong ban so make sure you're not posting furries.

>ON CYOA'S dice rolls should always be saged regardless of thread. If you are a participant and not the content creator of a CYOA then remember to sage. Respect the authors choice to use or not use dice, and their decisions.

>High quality posts are welcomed, heavier shitposting will be counted as derailing and has a chance of becoming unfunny so don't overdo it, this also includes NTR.

> keep dice rolls on diceroll threads or cyoas that allow for them.

>All thread topics must relate to Monster Girls in some way

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 9a0dc98df080f13⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1500x2000, 3:4, __jabberwock_monster_girl_….png)

d420ac  No.311112[Reply]

Last thread is nearing the bump limit, so I felt it necessary to create another one.

This is a place to post all your MG-related dreams and general mumbo-jumbo that goes on in your head at night.

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2f35b6  No.386604

It's probably easier to induce sleep paralysis than to induce lucid dreaming

55cb81  No.387578

File: 47da008eeda1eb7⋯.png (28.8 KB, 759x344, 759:344, tfw Ammit suddenly runs up….PNG)

File: c8a1a7799e5c9b3⋯.png (4.52 KB, 759x61, 759:61, Ammit dream yahoo question….PNG)

Apparently someone had this encounter with Ammit in their dreams 3 years ago. It seems to have been the last question they ever asked on yahoo, too, and that was after having asked a lot over multiple years.


What do you think his waifu turned out to be? Someone who could give him guidance, maybe?

c5ef75  No.387888

File: ff2acc8d0961e5c⋯.jpg (125.8 KB, 500x380, 25:19, 1423672058594.jpg)

>I'm in a gameshow

>Got picked from the audience and got teamed up with a ghost

>Host is a cheshire

>This should've been a red flag

>Somehow end up on a giant spoon hovering above green gunk that is meant to be soup

>Ghost gets quizzed

>For every wrong answer the spoon drops down

>After 5 wrong answers something "terrible" would await me

>Suddenly cheshire begins asking about icelandic trivia of all things

>At the fifth question she doesn't even speak english anymore

>Miss ghost says "god dammit"

>"God dammit is not the right answer"

>That's it for me lads

>instead of dropping me the spoon fucking launches me through the ceiling

>Panic and begin flailing

And that's when I woke up because I wound up headbutting the wall next to my bed. I think I got Faggot Catted through the fourth wall

d39785  No.387896


>Faggot Catted through the fourth wall

Sounds about right.

e87166  No.387953

>get home after a failed assassination attempt

>notice there's an extra chair

>oh fuck a doppelganger

>the cunt keeps changing shape as I run after him

>dismantles my chair in two

>there are now two equal pairs of chair halves

>call someone

>blowing in the hole is the best way to fight them

>put my mouth around a hole in a piece of the chair, blow into it

>the chair pretty much dissolves

>figure it's not the air, but the saliva

>lick the remaining two halves

>one kind of melts

>shrink it, put it in a ziplock bag and let my saliva drip into the bag

>the chair starts to dissolve

>someone opens the door and I look like a deer caught in a headlight

>wake up

I guess this kind of sounds like a sexual innuendo in dream form.

File: bea60cb4b4c6a4c⋯.jpg (255.01 KB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, yakuza read.jpg)

43ad33  No.386299[Reply]

It doesn't matter what others think of your reading choices, as long as you love to read.

This board has amazing writefags, and OC is the lifeblood of the board, however, some people long to see stories about their waifus that writefags don't normally do.

In the same spirit as a Drawthread, this is for Violated Heroes to request stories they'd like to see written, or for new and old writefags to link their work for critique, or for others to enjoy.Shilling is encouraged!

If you have large amounts of text, or are running an update to stories, please consider posting it all to a pastebin and posting here when it is updated or finished.

Please keep things on topic. It's fine to talk about stories, characters, plots, etc, but keep the blog-posting out of here.

Thread 1: https://archive.is/eT2UX

Thread 2: https://archive.is/zZyJk

Thread 3: https://archive.is/yUCIq

Thread 4: https://archive.is/5e1Qr

Thread 5: https://archive.is/vWMc9

Thread 6: https://archive.is/O2ckz

Thread 7: https://archive.is/B7Hfg

Thread 8: https://archive.is/dxA9v

Thread 9: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

51 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6ce243  No.387847


bumping for first one

8b4c67  No.387880


Out of all the yugioh cards you could have waifu'd, you chose a shitty level 8 vanilla tuner. For shame dude, for shame.

16c5d9  No.387936



c46d24  No.387948

File: d96d69926afc426⋯.jpg (173.91 KB, 640x640, 1:1, explore-alberta-1.jpg)

Well, I tried my hand at some writefaggotry, I don't know what I was doing honeslty.

Here it is


I probably shouldn't have made my first story end in a cliff hanger but oh well

44ca87  No.387952

File: eab362be1596609⋯.jpg (692.17 KB, 701x1038, 701:1038, 7elemental_hero_stratos_by….jpg)

File: a83ac5191d91aae⋯.jpg (902.15 KB, 813x1185, 271:395, ghostrick_angel_of_mischie….jpg)

File: b8c44fac61a91a3⋯.png (739.18 KB, 475x696, 475:696, GalateatheOrcustAutomaton-….png)

File: a28f91492c10f7f⋯.jpg (3.83 MB, 3624x2500, 906:625, 2498246 - Andrew_(artist) ….jpg)

File: 2b31cbdea5a02e8⋯.png (1.7 MB, 692x1012, 173:253, summonsorceress.png)


It's because she has a relevant back story. she's a trade in target at least. I am aware of many yugioh waifus of which the majority fall under the dark mage category. Here are a few examples of ones that don't with the exception of summon sorceress perhaps someone could write a story about one of those?


What kind of dumb shit happened at work? Is there something you would like to talk about? /monster/ has your back anon. Enough good writefags have already killed themselves because they realized their waifus in their stories wouldn't real.

File: acda13ccf4347b8⋯.png (891.29 KB, 740x925, 4:5, acda13ccf4347b82a80183e918….png)

f1d711  No.326604[Reply]

New thread for cheshires and cheshire accessories as the other one is soon to be full

This thread will also be a continue of my story that began in the last thread but other content is entirely welcome

Previous thread:



327 posts and 106 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

09e632  No.387708


Honestly if she can purr to the tune of Darude Sandstorm I’d just be impressed

I knew one girl who learned how to play it on the flute by ear on the first try once we started playing the video. Shit was rad.

ffd24a  No.387905

How do you think a meeting between a cheshire and Robot-kun would play out? Would be a real duel of wills right there.

db62da  No.387912


Robot-kun was made that why by life experiences his will already broke to the world around him. But a Cheshire is a force of purge smug you can't break the will of a force of nature

1938cf  No.387937

I got faggotcatted in my dreams tonight.

>Sitting in an armchair in a generic living room, reading an article on the construction of stilt houses in aquatic terrain for some reason

>Cheshire pokes head into room, somehow I know she's my wife

>She looks serious for once

<Anon… I have something important to tell you…

>Oh fuck, if a Cheshire isn't being a smug little shit it's got to be grave

<Anon… I… I have a worm

>I have an extremely deep rooted fear of internal parasites, so naturally my first instinct is to trigger my gag reflex

>She bends over, clutching her stomach

<Aaaahh! Nooooo!!! Get out of me!!!

>I'm screaming like a little schoolgirl

>A Wyrm pops out from under her skirt and waves at me with a smile

<Hello mister!

>Faggotcat wife looks up at me with the shiteatingest grin on her face

I woke up yelling angrily.

2e4046  No.387950


this is why i want a cheshire waifu, good banter, memes, and pranking between the two of us. and the occasional frequent struggle snuggle

File: 2108a78b76f1d7f⋯.jpeg (91.39 KB, 1156x691, 1156:691, D25BCF74-8FAA-44A9-8CE5-D….jpeg)

File: 8f06052aa4606c5⋯.jpeg (92.01 KB, 964x829, 964:829, B98E0BF3-C698-4165-B418-E….jpeg)

68b3e5  No.387843[Reply]

/monster/ NEWS

>KC released Matango 2

8chan NEWS

>cuckchannel is becoming worse rapidly with hiroshima’s shit, be sure to give the rapefugees a nice warm welcome


>France is still burning

>The (((UN))) is trying to ban loli and shota while they stash CP

>Reggie steps down from nintendo

>Catherine allows you to stop a tranny from ruining his life and “people” want him fired for it

19 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f491b4  No.387926

File: 6d9e18eb4ae3fc8⋯.jpg (38.65 KB, 703x541, 703:541, Men_in_black.jpg)

>Discover some moth girls outside your window

>Let them in and order Pizza

>Take pictures of them and talk about the moth girls on the internet

>These guys knock on your door

What would you do?

3803fc  No.387939


Call the incubus gang

59e0ae  No.387941


"Thank lord you are here

there's someone trying to boycott Israel next door"

ceeb62  No.387945

File: 366e530c9c27728⋯.jpg (4.8 MB, 2796x4005, 932:1335, 鬼艶衣絵図 008.jpg)

>Want to come here more often

>But the thought of never having a monster girl companion is complete suffering

I don't even know how you madmen even deal with the burden of this knowledge.


Just look at what 4chan became. You're asking 8ch to become that. It's not even a walking corpse of its former self. It's Reddit 2.0 with the same crowd as well. A new image board can always be created.

f90ce4  No.387949


if you believe this world we can observe is all there is and there's no way to do anything beyond sucking the cock of "reality", it is suffering yeah.

File: 1a384a7e6a63aae⋯.png (480.63 KB, 900x1000, 9:10, monster_-_condiments_hellh….png)

File: f55fc18c4c4a067⋯.jpg (375.51 KB, 1330x1600, 133:160, succatoro.jpg)

File: 5ae28079f1f1d41⋯.jpg (413.53 KB, 1131x1600, 1131:1600, cat_pat.jpg)

File: 4e2dd4a1ee99620⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1245x1546, 1245:1546, anubis_is_not_a_trap.png)

File: 461dfe136b23b76⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1600x1131, 1600:1131, 100%nondegenerate.png)

b76109  No.384166[Reply]

Last thread hit bump limit.

Upload your work here:


Last Thread: >>379383

276 posts and 168 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

270351  No.387894


girls eating big chunks of meat turns me on. not as a sexual metaphor or anything, it just looks good.

bf10d2  No.387895


I wonder if the sandworm would be holding her husband upside-down during it.

c395b3  No.387902

File: efe3b34e2226b23⋯.jpg (226.66 KB, 1400x1028, 350:257, Ruinous_Blast.jpg)


>After cuckholding your wife multiple times, she will begin to become accustomed with it

>This is something anon would consider using

Nuke when

6992dc  No.387914

File: 01a63647d66055e⋯.jpg (320.09 KB, 1131x1600, 1131:1600, awfhrsaerag.jpg)

File: 996db83f3724968⋯.jpg (361.92 KB, 1600x1131, 1600:1131, awagrsju .jpg)

089c09  No.387947


I'm not saying I'd do it

for sex anyway.

I'd only ask for transformations to fuck with some heads.

File: 2a9edb576727777⋯.png (531.2 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Ammit keeping her legs cro….png)

File: 2a66cbb859c26a8⋯.png (570.58 KB, 670x900, 67:90, saltwater crocodile friend.png)

File: 869455ec98f3b35⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1496x1072, 187:134, saltwater crocodile friend….jpg)

File: 3cd58190a392c9a⋯.png (435.22 KB, 700x800, 7:8, american alligator friend.png)

File: 858e39d878e0734⋯.jpg (165.8 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, croc girl.jpg)

ab6ffe  No.387903[Reply]

Today's Steve Irwin's birthday, making this thread obligatory. Caiman girls are allowed too.

1 post and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bc6fb7  No.387920

I keep thinking they'd be into incest.

ab6ffe  No.387924


But why?

bc6fb7  No.387927


Gators are associated with the American south.

7e2cb9  No.387938


How dare you impune the honor of southern bell Gator girls.

881032  No.387946

File: 350392efe452e22⋯.jpg (66.72 KB, 747x960, 249:320, ebe9dbdaeab75f17e3481c1790….jpg)

File: c3dba3b9fae0432⋯.jpg (577.3 KB, 700x990, 70:99, 53614267_p0.jpg)

File: 926b38269e5ae3e⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1000x1347, 1000:1347, 70079502_p0.png)

File: eee2a01fadae714⋯.jpg (328 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, 53578049_p0.jpg)

70c393  No.366642[Reply]

Post ladies of a draconic persuasion.

255 posts and 235 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1cceb2  No.387849

File: 5610104c88a3fe9⋯.jpeg (336.02 KB, 1350x1125, 6:5, Alduin.jpeg)

File: 54dcf78fa781db4⋯.jpg (273.33 KB, 1200x1125, 16:15, Paarthurnax.jpg)

3b9f46  No.387913

File: d1c6f4a89903f35⋯.png (5.61 MB, 2800x1980, 140:99, Kinisha fucc.png)

File: 75b8f7431384c2d⋯.png (5.08 MB, 1980x2800, 99:140, Kinisha succ.png)

4edf65  No.387942


Did this artist make similar images for Odahving or Durnehviir?

a10e7d  No.387943

File: 1be72f1734e9b3d⋯.jpg (336.18 KB, 1200x1125, 16:15, 9acfb0620157d71db1ff54e69f….jpg)

File: 2d7d62789d052e8⋯.jpg (239.54 KB, 1125x975, 15:13, 7fab0d95e3066301484f2f1fc4….jpg)


Yes, feast your eyes.

a10e7d  No.387944

File: aa6d49e52ca81d2⋯.jpg (443.99 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, de7b04e566013efb7431b9524b….jpg)


Also, these things.

File: 4655e93d0d30dd7⋯.png (928.7 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, jstrjk.png)

File: d0d4d9ac7014dbd⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1092x981, 364:327, acute3.png)

File: 155db07a0e267ec⋯.jpg (78.34 KB, 645x906, 215:302, asdghah.jpg)

File: 8b5b33935069725⋯.jpg (261.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, tdkyl.jpg)

4519b0  No.382915[Reply]

New thread since the other one's on its last legs. Kancolle, Azur Lane, other cute boats, a thread for you.

100 posts and 196 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4519b0  No.387904

File: e76b80507e33dc5⋯.jpg (179 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, sklsl.jpg)


151bc3  No.387923


One day you'll make it out

4519b0  No.387930

File: 8c5346eda3173ce⋯.png (735.21 KB, 848x1000, 106:125, lappillow.png)


Here's my favorite picture of her.

151bc3  No.387934


Thats not a fox

148fdc  No.387935

File: e3293a66a5f2d9c⋯.jpg (99.91 KB, 700x797, 700:797, DNJQXJBUEAAMoxq.jpg)

File: e6b2a50b584a498⋯.webm (87.86 KB, 546x386, 273:193, Komi-san cat ears.webm)

File: f6eed021500d2d4⋯.jpg (141.66 KB, 1058x984, 529:492, catgirl vet.jpg)

File: 51291b14a3f5456⋯.jpg (185.74 KB, 914x1200, 457:600, catgirl doll.jpg)

File: 4c1c2bda1c66f46⋯.jpg (486.58 KB, 1125x1200, 15:16, black-and-white glasses ca….jpg)

File: e28320fbfd2067d⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1130x1553, 1130:1553, star ocean faggot cat.png)

f1cc8e  No.387881[Reply]

Why no thread for this yet, /monster/? After Day of the Rape, how will catgirls be treated on this day?

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

fd0c5d  No.387884


Then all hail chairman mao i fucking guess

ab484b  No.387886


>"What a cute cat" he said as he pet her head

>the girl smiled in glee and replied

<"Haha, t-thanks, but I'm a dog."

>"Do you want some milk, little kitty?"

<"I-I don't drink milk, I'm a dog."

>"I'll go get some milk."

<"Elon, I-I'm a dog."

>"It's almost time. Do you want to watch me send a car into space, little kitty?"

d6abb3  No.387889

Do you think Japanese kots would enjoy blini too?

1b70d4  No.387893


>>he posted catnurse

Better than a cat patient :^)


I think they would prefer tobiko

001777  No.387925

File: 6697d9f0dbc2b97⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1530x2455, 306:491, catnursefiship.png)

File: 288a0defe6af863⋯.png (326.15 KB, 1190x870, 119:87, tumblr_ogxp0yNB9K1vdwcbco4….png)


Catnurse good people

File: c0f925f31333a41⋯.png (634.4 KB, 1052x614, 526:307, MonsterManiaThumb2.png)

1ee3cd  No.380200[Reply]

Welcome back to Monster Wrestling Entertainment! (MWE)

Before the (((commercial break))) we saw the Salamander Frankie and her childhood friend David enroll and get accepted into the wrestling league known as Monster Mania: A tag team division that allows human men to participate alongside monsters.

They met friends along the way, such as the "twin" cousin raiju, Emma and Tessa, who also enrolled - and after some struggles managed to weasel their way into Monster Mania as their own team!

Just as Monster Mania was announced, the evil mummy queen of the dead, Temet the Timeless interrupted the promo! She took the two Belts of Immortality, said to be too powerful for any one mortal, for herself!

Now the wrestlers of MWE must duke it out and get to the top to face off against Temet and win the belts or else the world will fall into darkness!

If you want to catch up on the re-run then see it here: >>366381

The first match is going to be starting soon! Get your dice ready!

<For those who are joining now, the rules are fairly simple, I do a mixture of multiple choice as well as 1d20 rolls to determine outcomes. I like to think I'm fairly lax on the rules - meaning suggestions usually make it in and you can pretty much roll the dice on anything if you choose.

<I'm still experimenting on it really, but the basics are: during matches you must roll for every vote to determine a few things.

<Your roll can determine the outcome of the match, the amount of enjoyment the audience get from the match and a few other secrets.I'm still experimenting to try and keep this exciting so please be patient with me.

<Outside of matches differ slightly, but the rules are generally the same.

<The only difference now is that I might be implementing a time limit of about two days for voting overall so I can keep this CYOA on a semi steady roll.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
224 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a4db76  No.387818

Dice rollRolled 6 (1d20)


I'm just rolling for the ring to be destroyed.

1ee3cd  No.387918

The two wurms circled the ring, trying their best to keep their long tails from touching one another in vain.

The ring was clearly too small to contain a wurm, let alone two of them. All the same, they circled much like the wrestlers they had watched before, swatting at each other like some kind of animal.

“Looks like neither of them want to give up any ground,” Said Mitch.

“Come on, girls, throw a punch - or hell, throw each other!” Reggie egged them on. Both wurms nodded as if Reggie were coaching either of them, the twins rushing at one another.


They slammed their bodies together, entangling themselves in a double helix. Both of them thrashed about, each of them trying to get the better grip on the other.

“Wow, they’re pretty evenly matched!” Mitch said, turning to Reggie.

“I feel like I’m watching the discovery channel over here,” Reggie groaned.

Finally, one of the Wendys managed to get the other in a headlock, whipping her down onto the mat.


As her head hit the mat her horns went straight through, trapping her.

“Timeout, timeout!” She whimpered, but the other wurm quickly sprung herself up and flopped down on top of her sister.

The force from her body slam wrenched her twin’s head free, the two tumbling across the ring slapping and clawing at one another where they could, much to the audience’s entertainment.

“Looks like Wendy has… Wendi on the ropes!” Mitch told the viewers, trying to discern which wurm was which. “And… it looks like they’re about to break the ropes!” He said, as the two wurms strained the tethers of the ring.

“They’re ripping each other’s jackets up! Brutal!” Reggie cheered as Wendi pulled the sleeves off Wendy’s jacket while her sister tore the bottom half of her shirt off, exposing her midriff. The crowds cheers grew even louder at that.

Finally the two broke off, Wendy taking one side of the ring while Wendi had the other.

“That’s it! Let’s end this, Dark Dragon!” Shouted Wendy.

“Couldn’t have said it bettePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

1ee3cd  No.387919

Both Emma and Tessa followed closely behind Devilray towards the crowd of wrestlers and managers all cheering and celebrating the proposal. When the little devil wrestler tapped Verde on the back she turned around and looked down at her, then to the raiju cousins.

“Make a hole! Make a hole!” She chanted, pushing people aside with her arms. She helped both of them squeeze their way through the crowd to where Frankie and David were still kissing.

Emma blushed, turning to her cousin who rolled her eyes.

“Gosh, you’re such a weenie,” Tessa shoved her, pushing her towards them. Emma squealed, stopping just short of the two. They had both stopped to look at her, David stepping away for the two to talk.

“Alright, everybody, break it up! Break it up!” Lucile bellowed, “Nothin’ ta see here! Go get ready for the main event, that means you two,” She said, pointing to Barracuda and Devilray before picking them up and carrying them off.

Emma was left alone in the hall with Frankie, the two of them avoiding eye contact. It was an awkward situation, that was for sure, but Emma decided she would strike first.

“Frankie, I- … I’m sorry… about what I did in the ring back there. You had Hemlock on your shoulders and-and I screwed up… She got you in that headlock and I… I made a choice-”

Frankie held up her hand and sighed.

“Look… I’m not gonna lie, that was pretty messed up of you to do that.” Frankie started. Emma winced, tears welling up in her eyes but Frankie patted her on the shoulder. “Hold on! That’s what I keep wanting to say, but you know what I really think? You’re booked as a heel, Emms. You’re suppose to do that kind of stuff in the ring. The people loved it and you know what, you were awesome in that ring! I think you deserve to win those belts with Tessa!” She conceded, “Just remember - after pulling all that, we’re gonna be gunning for ya at the next Monster Mania. It’ll be a ‘real’ feud between the four of us!”

Emma smiled, wiping the tears from her eyes. “Oh, Frankie… you’re the best.” She whimpered, hugging the salamander.

“Whoa! Hahaha! Don’t get too messed up, you got a match soon!” Frankie said, clapping the raiju on the back. “Me and David wilPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

1ee3cd  No.387921

Lexi leaned back against the wall and sighed. “Those two are crazy…” She muttered, crossing her arms.

“You know, we use to be like that,” Lucile said, walking up to the manticore. Lexi looked at her, seeing the minotaur’s hat under her arm. She remained unphased by her sudden appearance, instead looking back down the hall where the two rookie wrestlers had been.

“Yeah. I guess we were.” She agreed, emphasizing ‘were’ with a hint of irritation.

Lucile sighed. “I’m tired, Lex. I don’t want to fight.”

“Then why did you come here, huh? All you ever do is talk smack about how I cheated you out of the title and that I backstabbed you at the Blood Games and that it should’ve been you!” Lexi shouted, throwing her fists up. “I’m sorry, alright? I’m sorry I ever took the damn title, ‘cause you’re right. I’m not the wrestler I use to be - I realized that at the start of Monster Mania. I’m a heel, Lucy…” Lexi’s voice petered out and she leaned back against the wall, her legs nearly giving out under her. Lucile nodded slowly, chewing on her words while Lexi stared up at her helplessly. The manticore’s heart throbbed painfully, her old wounds open on full display for the hulking texan minotaur.

“Aren’t you gonna say something?” Lexi finally spoke up again. Lucile took a sharp breath and gave her a light punch on the arm.

“You’re the one who let it get to ya, ya idjit. You stopped hanging around me and started taking my callouts and promos personally! Don’cha know those were all scripted? That’s my character! Sure, I adlib here and there, but damn it woman, we were friends!”

Lexi stood there, dumbfounded. She had thought on her behavior before when Jasmine had brought it up, but Lucile’s words hit her like a truck. All this time she had been the champion she had been pushing everyone away and never even realized it. She had been acting like she was better than Clyde, better than Lucile, better than those rookies and here she was on the losing end of the royal rumble. I was even the last one to enter that ring and I still lost, she reflected.

A laugh escaped from Lexi’s mouth as she thought about how absurd it all was; her ego, the situation she had put herself in, even Lucile being the one to finally bridge thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

1ee3cd  No.387922

“Well, everyone, it has been a long night full of excitement, honor and valor, betrayal and even love!” Mitch announced to fans around the world, the jumbotron flashing images of each wrestler going head to head, freezing the frame on their signature moves. The final frame showed The Shock Mistress in the final moments of the Royal Rumble.

“The Shock Mistress defeated Hemlock and in one fell swoop betrayed the truce between her and Monica Flare, but even though Monica lost we’ve seen first hand that she’s gained so much more!” Wendy added, a photo of Starstorm holding out the engagement ring for Monica Flare came on the screen in full display. Many of the audience members whistled and cheered.

“How did you even get that photo?” Reggie asked.

“Me. All me. I did that.” Wendi boasted, flexing her muscles and showing off more of her midriff.

“That’s not true, you were in the ring with me!” Wendy chided her.

“Alright okay, fine, it was their manager,” Wendi conceded. “Gosh, this heel thing is really starting to get to me!”

“I’ll say. Anyway, back to the real issues here folks.” Said Reggie. “Tonight we have two outcomes people, two! We could become subject to the tyranny of an immortal mummy queen and be forced into servitude under her rule or The Shock Mistress and Stormtrooper take the two belts for themselves and forever win our freedom!”

“Yeah! What he said!” The wurm twins chimed in.

Mitch cleared his throat. “Thanks to our wonderful staff and sponsors from Junko we have yet another ring, this one is even sturdier than the last! It’s even been tested rigorously and was titled wurm proof! Oh, what’s that? Is that- it is! It’s the illustrious Migi Junko herself!” Mitch called out, the spotlights focusing in on the stage. Out came a danuki woman with her hair tight up in a bun. She was dressed in a flashy pink leopard print blazer with a large matching pair of pink of sunglasses and black skirt. Migi strut her way down the ramp, heading straight for the announcer’s table. “She’s come to join us at the announcer’s table!” The Wendys exclaimed.

“That’s right, girls! I couldn’t miss the end of the first Monster Mania!” Migi exclaimed, taking the seaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1b346b8493a6476⋯.jpeg (38.24 KB, 525x600, 7:8, Alp Manticore.jpeg)

f9ded7  No.370251[Reply]

Alps. Writefag, Drawfag, Greentext, Stories, OC, Girly, Tomboys, Non-Succubutt Alps, Everything. No Traps. Old Thread >275390 at bump limit

128 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

104eb5  No.384331


>John 15:13

That's not agape, though.

>… for his friends

Agape is unconditional. Being prepared to die for your friends is just great philia.

Matthew 5:44 is agape.

104eb5  No.384333



Nope, scratch that, John 15:13 does indeed say ἀγάπην (agape) and φίλων (philos).

What a curious passage…

ab6b0c  No.387106

Do you think alps would marry the siblings of monsters who bullied them as the ultimate act of revenge?

>g-guess who's in the family now… f-faggot.

ceb39f  No.387109


An alp and her sister-in-law being forced to get along has potential. The dinner table gatherings, those moments where both of them are left alone, those other moments where they are forced to talk. Step brothers with an mg theme.

83600f  No.387915


>still no continuation


File: e07c28b774474dd⋯.jpg (72.99 KB, 700x526, 350:263, conclave.jpg)

3d0fb4  No.384352[Reply]

Welcome to Wizardquest 3, the exciting conclusion to the Wizardquest series.

Welcome back to Deleor! Land of men, magic, and Monsters!

It's been six months since the conclusion of the last story and the world has been changing. Despite acceptance of Monsters into daily life, all is not well. Galmathoria pushes it's boundaries, making bold attacks against the Kingdom while unrest foments within the Monster Nation to the north. All the while, a darker presence plots and schemes.

Will you be able to bring peace to Deleor, nay, the world?

How to play:

This story will be a little different from the others. There are three protagonists which the point of view will be shifted between at various points in the story. This will be clearly marked.

When prompted, insert any request for the player action you'd like. All requests will be considered, and I try to make them work, depending on the number of answers. Let's have some fun!

For those new to this quest, if you wish to read up on the first Wizardquest, this archive link has all the 8chan threads. If you wish to read the edited and updated version of the story, it's on Touch Fluffy Tail.


For those interested in Illusionistquest (Colorfully called: Wizardquest 1.5) the archive link is here:


For those interested in Wizardquest 2, the link is here:


You can also find the stories on Touch Fluffy Tail. Please remember on Touch Fluffy Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

282 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

15c8d6  No.387931


im just messing, it’s no big deal. Mistakes happen to the best of us

The mining teams should be kept small for multiple reasons. Small teams are faster, draw less attention both from townspeople and whatever else may be down there, Use fewer supplies and are easier to manage. Maybe 5 or 6 people at most.





And 1 or 2 lizardman miners

As for the danuki I’m of the opinion that under absolutely no circumstances are they to be let anywhere near blackfire reach. They are responsible for what happened here and now theyre trying to weasel their way back in. First they come in with promises of aid, then the next thing you know they’re opening up banks and buying out your institutions for their own benefit. And if they catch wind that we’re looking for something that could lead to trouble down the road. They’d sell us out to phallia in a heartbeat.

And we also don’t know for certain that the danuki didn’t tell any close friends or family about the secret tunnel. If any of them are with this caravan I just know they’ll try to sneak off into the tunnel.

3d0fb4  No.387932


Fuck. Tiny MG's always getting underfoot.


Oh, so you're going to be the one mining eh? Fair enough. Bardham can mine okay but you're going to make the middle aged woman do it too? Oh gee.

Also, I don't see what's wrong with your greatest ally coming in for a chat.

96a482  No.387933


I agree with nearly everything and maybe getting the dragon to help or atleast speak to her and ask why she came to Blackfire.

As for the Danuki… is it worth just hearing her out? And if she does get too uppity, she can be thrown out and have her stuff confiscated for tresspassing.

"Blackfire Remembers"

15c8d6  No.387940


No. Letting them come anywhere near Blackfire Reach only runs the risk of them learning something about our mission and selling it to phallia, or getting their dirty hands into Blackfire Reach over the long term.


One of the reasons I selected Bardham and Veronica was to sell the whole “Order coming to inspect the mines” bit. Not to mention the fewer people outside our group who know or have an idea of what we’re doing the better. For their protection and ours.

862dbe  No.387951


Im in agreement with >>387928 about the Dunuks. Inviting them in will only invite trouble. They will never return to our home.

We won't be bribed, We'll find a way to manage somehow. Giving them even a foot hold now will let them worm themselves back in with the coming decades. That said we don't want to make outright enemy's of them either. Tell have the messenger bring a letter to them saying our people know what they did and we expect them to be accosted should they set foot in our city for the next several years atleast, Or until tensions wind downThey won't ever be allowed back in, but we don't need to tell them that and for that reason they won't be permitted entry.

Since Danuki are Danuki, They know we will eventually become a big player in the coming decades and they will want in on our future cashflow. If we are lucky we might be able to get the seeds as reparations payments or just as good will, As they want to try and foster relations for the reasons above. It likely costs them damn near nothing and could pay off huge for them in 10-20 years. If that does actually work out, Have Rommel check all the seeds for signs of any magical remnants. I know he's not exactly a botanist but its better then nothing. They might be affiliated with our enemy. Trust no greenery.

As for the mining, Whichever hole or even both of them are fine with me. I'd just recommend bringing along 3 or 4 Wurms. And maybe the dragon because of chekovs gun.

Wurms can burrow and tunnel far, far faster then Lizardmen or Rommel could ever hope to. If we want to get this done quickly we'll need that. Also we can take advantage of the wurms being rather dull. It makes telling them a convincing lie far easier. With Rommel around to stabilize and manage them, They can go pretty much full bore.

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