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Internet People Need Hotpockets and a Holocaust

File: f4dcf811465e0c6⋯.jpg (82.61 KB, 1024x685, 1024:685, Mo-Brooks.jpg)

cef17c No.10164996[Reply]


Less than a week after U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise and four other people were wounded at a congressional baseball practice, U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks announced Tuesday he has introduced a bill allowing lawmakers to carry a concealed weapon.

Brooks' bill would permit congressional lawmakers to carry a concealed weapon anywhere in the country except the U.S. Capitol or in the presence of the president or vice president.


WEW FUCKING LAD! might as well just outright admit that they think of themselves as the patrician class

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f323b2 No.10165257

Passing laws to benefit themselves and leaving the rest of the country to fuck off. And to think I thought that we were going get new constitutional carry laws because of this. If anything, this is absolute proof that politicians think themselves above everyone else.

7ddf4f No.10165303


They are continuing to prove to me that we must destroy the state as it stands and erect our own. Any hope I see of real reform always gets destroyed.

bee536 No.10165323

This is why people despise politicians.

fb45e9 No.10165342


>get new constitutional carry laws

We already have the second amendment. Maybe Trump or SCOTUS could enforce that law.

e6049d No.10165347

How about Congress fucking up DC's corrupt as hell city "government" since it can overrule and do whatever it wants in the district? I fucked hated having to go to school and drive through seriously nigger parts of DC and being asked for fucking change all the time.

Why can't everyday people get to carry their weapon wherever they want, you fuck?

Related link to this guy:


File: e899d4fc6df6fb0⋯.jpg (24.25 KB, 634x358, 317:179, it was real in my mind.jpg)

09fc23 No.10117930[Reply]

Holocaust survivor, 95, who endured NINE concentration camps and selection by Josef Mengele shares his apartment with a 31-year-old granddaughter of a Nazi

Ben Stern, who survived two ghettos, nine concentration camps, selection by the notorious Nazi physician Josef Mengele, two death marches, and the notorious conflict in Skokie, Illinois, remained gracious to his charge even in the face of this realization.

'I didn’t see bread for 35 days,' he said, recalling one the marches where few survived.

During World War II, the Nazis killed both of Ben Stern’s parents during World War II, along with his seven brothers and one sister. He's left permanently marked with two tattoos on his arm, one of the number '129592' and one of an inverted triangle to brand him as a 'dangerous Jew from the Warsaw Ghetto.'

But even after all of that, Ben Stern has remained resilient and openhearted his entire life.

'I told myself I cannot take it out on her because her grandparents were Nazis,' he said. 'A girl like that, a lady, should not have to pay the price for her grandparents.'

His daughter shares that sentiment, and has relished the opportunity to get to know Heitfeld and her story.

'Lea’s parents are survivors of a terrible inheritance,' Charlene Stern said. As a filmmaker, she has taken on the charge of honor and proliferating her father's steadfast hope of a better world.

'That is astounding to me,' she said. 'I’m a student of his life. And he continues to teach me. And now Lea is a teacher to me, too… the two of them.'

When Holocaust survivor Ben Stern's wife, Helen, moved out of their home and in to an assisted care facility, the 95-year-old needed an appropriate roommate

Lea Heitfeld, granddaughter of a Nazi, was the right match to take up their spare bedroom in Berkeley, California

Filmmaker Charlene Stern, daughter of Ben, organized the pairing

Charlene Stern is the writer, producer and director of Near Normal Man, an awarding-winning short film that chronicles her father's life experiences

When a 95-year-old Holocaust survivor was lookingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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9e88c6 No.10165065


They think they're the "Chosen Ones of God" (tm) with a special soul that makes them human and everyone else animals and barbarians. They also get a lot of their teachings from a book of commentary on their holy book. Also they have a lot of religious laws that they have(if they actually believe in the religion) to follow.

68a617 No.10165074

File: ad4233a4727fe53⋯.png (337.87 KB, 640x476, 160:119, ad4233a4727fe53003bc811c0f….png)


>shipping some sheeny to ELEVEN different "death camps" during war time.

>not just killing said shylock at the first "death camp"

So that kraut efficiency must be a meme. because the holocaust totally happened.

t. canacuck required by law not to poke holes in the official narrative.

5b695e No.10165094


The führer is going to actually pay you a visit soon, anyway.

8079a4 No.10165163

I wonder how long it will take until one of the (((survivors))) insists he was Holocausted in the womb.

cbd619 No.10165335

File: 7f300125264327e⋯.jpg (56.44 KB, 640x615, 128:123, 1447408986383.jpg)


Oy vey dose dirty nazis experimented with my mother and Dr. Mengele personally made a cut at her womb where he put a tube in it and then I was gassed in it! I… It was terrifying I could hear the cries from my mother as she got tortured and gassed alive with a slit belly! It took them 1 hour to complete this terrible experiment, but then something happens her womb all of suddenly healed itself and the gas tube got thrown away like a ghost hand! I tell you it was a miracle that I am still alive today if dose dirdy nazis had their way I would become a soap with gas fillings!

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1e52e6 No.10139139[Reply]

So this guy named "byron de le vandal" wrote a song about the United kingdom and living under terror and some guy turned it into an incredibly effective propaganda video. Amazing.

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226a9a No.10165010


>an appeal to the Queen

nah, note the part where she asks (if real) the girl if she enjoyed the concert

b48cbf No.10165069


Dude this song was featured on Fash the Nation and The Daily Shoah, which are TRS' two biggest podcasts, and "Byron" is a regular contributor to the War Room.

226a9a No.10165077

d0e6ee No.10165230


did you use the embedded version or the one linked in the description? video says it has an error and the link is version 2.

aa0e00 No.10165288



They won't.

The jews have been occupying jerusalem for over 70 years now.

File: 330db6e6f1f5512⋯.jpg (72.55 KB, 615x410, 3:2, lead_large[1].jpg)

7d9b29 No.10133367[Reply]

The Southern Baptist Call to Stop Displaying Confederate Flags

>The denomination so rooted in slavery passed a resolution Tuesday, recognizing its past.

>The representative body of Southern Baptists called on its members to stop displaying the Confederate battle flag.

>The Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant Christian denomination in the U.S. with 15.8 million members, on Tuesday adopted a resolution that said the flag was an emblem of slavery, and called members to discontinue its display “as a sign of solidarity of the whole Body of Christ, including our African-American brothers and sisters.”

>The measure was passed at the convention’s annual meeting, which took place in St. Louis, by the predominantly white evangelical conservative leadership.

>Russell Moore, who runs the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, the public policy arm of the SBC, wrote in a blogpost:

As I’ve said before, the Cross and the Confederate flag cannot co-exist without one setting the other on fire. Today, messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention, including many white Anglo southerners, decided the cross was more important than the flag. They decided our African-American brothers and sisters are more important than family heritage. We decided that we are defined not by a Lost Cause but by amazing grace. Let’s pray for wisdom, work for justice, love our neighbors.

And let’s take down that flag.

Four years ago, the convention elected Fred Luter, the first black president in its 171-year history, who served for two years. It was only in 1995 that the convention adopted a resolution apologizing for condoning slavery and racism in its past. Slavery has been a major part of the convention’s past, my colleague Emma Green wrote in 2015:

[In 1845,] the Southern Baptist Convention had formedPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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f7a70d No.10149503


>You're constant lies!

Dat projecting… rabbi, you already know that a synagogue isnt The Temple. Kids, remember how shills behave.

92568a No.10149528




We also have an mlk Blvd here in Portland.

It's ironically one of the most crime infested areas in the city.

a227d3 No.10151342


Judeans weren't Jews. The mongrel race mixed kikes in Judea were kicked out of Judea to Edom. It'd be like if all the Jews were kicked out of Germany, or England, or Spain, or Rome (which they were because Jews are kicked out of everywhere they go)

35c1c4 No.10157973


The jew who had a mutation which predisposed him to less kikey behavior will likely produce children who are still predisposed to kikey behavior since the specific interaction of genes which caused his expressed phenotype is unlikley to reoccur in the subsequent generation. Like a mutant negro who is intelligent is still very likley to have 85 IQ nigger children because when he breeds he's not creating a copy of himself and the children will reflect the mean of his race and specific bloodline.

dedaed No.10165287


>Christkikes are kiked.


File: c3c8b65612b48b5⋯.png (444.28 KB, 1010x659, 1010:659, 1498512543459.png)

418a4e No.10154238[Reply]

>The gunman who shot a top House Republican and four other people on a Virginia baseball field didn’t have any concrete plans to inflict violence on the Republicans he loathed, FBI officials said Wednesday…They said he acted alone and had no connections to terror groups. But they said they had not yet clarified who, if anyone, he planned to target, or why, beyond his animus toward President Donald Trump and the Republicans he felt were ruining the country...“At this point in the investigation, it appears more spontaneous,” Slater said. Hodgkinson had a piece of paper with the names of six members of Congress written on it, Slater said, but the note lacked any further context and there was no evidence from his computer, phone or other belongings that indicated he planned to target those officials…He also took pictures of the baseball field where he would later fire more than 60 shots. “The FBI does not believe that these photographs represented surveillance of intended targets,” the FBI said in a statement.

What is the FBI trying to tell us /pol/?


69 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

54e6e8 No.10164041


>Attacker asks who's playing

>Is told republicans

>Starts shooting


>List of names found on his corpse (https://archive.is/xyDfH )

>Motives are unclear

Fuck this gay Earth.

7647c9 No.10164089

a907a3 No.10164101



the list was people he wanted to bake cookies for

t. yid lawyer


99cf8f No.10164109


and consider this Paul Ryan is at the start of his political career, meaning he is still very young. Now think John Mccain and the end of his political career. That comparison being made the United States would be a better place if Paul Ryan were to meet a piano falling from the sky than remain a fixture in Washington for the next 40 years.

e5b49f No.10165265


Truly the scummiest of the planet. Genetic dead ends, trying to murder everything beautiful about life. The higher the aspiration of the Aryan man, the deeper in the mud they burrow to uproot him.

File: 87708e1e63404f7⋯.jpg (121.62 KB, 750x750, 1:1, The Zyke.jpg)

490855 No.10153998[Reply]


Motivation can come in many forms and is usually most powerful when arriving unexpectedly. That is exactly what happened when rogue cartoonist, Ben Garrison stopped by The Scott Helmer Show on Thursday, June 22, 2017. Calling in from his Lakeside, Montana studio with faithful companion Boogie, a 27-pound Shitzu nearby, Garrison shared his personal story of overcoming great obstacles and setbacks, and how together with his wife, Tina, has been able to turn darker times into success.


106 posts and 43 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

513d8e No.10161775

File: 0587ea361e56200⋯.jpg (66.08 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Massive Fucking Faggot.jpg)


Respect your elders.

c222ef No.10161776


>Unironic Hitler is a namefag

Some tip-top quality posting you've got going on here. What's next? Let me guess:

>I'm the oldest oldfag, I've been on pol for 8 years

>This board is shit now, it was only ever racist ironically before

>Posting interracial porn is the newpill

>Trumpfags REEEEEE

I've seen it all before. Your entire playbook is completely exhausted.

c5ef94 No.10161982


>post quality

>projecting this hard

Anon, I…

5ba7e7 No.10164551


The butt-hurt is blistering.

56ffce No.10165259


>Anon, I…

Go on. You're what? A lover horses? A homosexual yid? A perpetually asspained cholo?

File: e227778cbface3b⋯.jpeg (56.67 KB, 600x419, 600:419, Strategic-Affairs-600x419.jpeg)

c0f13d No.10160158[Reply]

A new app enables instant pushback

by Philip Giraldi'


>Those of us who are highly critical of Israel’s ability to manipulate U.S. foreign policy frequently note how sites that permit comments on our articles are almost immediately inundated with hostile postings that are remarkably similar in both tone and substance. Given that it is unlikely that large numbers of visitors to the sites read the offending piece more-or-less simultaneously, react similarly to its content, and then go on to express their disgust in very similar language, many of us have come to the conclusion that the Israeli government or some of the groups dedicated to advancing Israeli interests turn loose supporters who are dedicated to combating and refuting anything and everything that casts Israel in a negative light.

>The fact is that Israel is extremely active in an enterprise that falls in the gray area between covert operations and overt governmental activity. Many governments seek to respond to negative commentary in the media, but they normally do it openly with an ambassador or press officer countering criticism by sending in a letter, writing an op-ed, or appearing on a talk show. Such activity is generally described as public diplomacy when it is done openly by a recognized government official and the information itself is both plausible and verifiable, at least within reasonable limits. Israel does indeed do that, but it also engages in other activities that are not so transparent and which are aimed at spreading false information.

>When an intelligence organization seeks to influence opinion by creating and deliberately circulating “false news,” it is referred to as a “disinformation operation.” But Israel has refined the art of something that expands upon that, what might be referred to more accurately as “perception management” or “influence operations” in which it only very rarely shows its hand overtly, in many cases paying students as part-time bloggers or exploiting diaspora Jews as volunteers to get its message out. The practice is so systemic (((http:Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

14 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6d8398 No.10162930




Nobody wants, nobody likes, kikes kikes kikes.

69334b No.10163032

>The hasbara comments are noticeable as they tend to sound like boilerplate, and run contrary to or even ignore what other contributors to the site are writing. They often include spelling and syntactical hints that the writer is not natively fluent in English. As is the practice at corporate customer support call centers in Asia, the commenters generally go by American-sounding names and use fake email addresses. They never indicate that they are Israelis or working on behalf of the Israeli government and they tend to repeat over and over again sound bites of pseudo-information, as when they falsely insist that Hamas was solely responsible for the recent Gazan wars and that Israel was only defending itself. The commenters operate in the belief that if something is repeated often enough in many different places it will ipso facto gain some credibility and create doubts regarding contrary points of view.

This basically describes any thread with Syria+Trump in it. OY VEY WE CAN D&C THE THREAD GEVALTT! Then they'll totally ignore the Syria aspect and post 'trump wall' 'trump family' 'trump is a goy'. Meanwhile utterly ignore any Syria talking points. They're so scared of us having a common rallying ground to subvert (Trump) with the normies.



be227f No.10163086


I'm glad weed is legal in Israel now, I've noticed the the Jews have been having more blatant screw ups since then. But a wounded Jew is still a dangerous one, only once reduced to ash is its power completely lost.

0c4e2d No.10164236


362bc4 No.10165211

File: 774eeb57a10a2c9⋯.webm (2.92 MB, 640x480, 4:3, CNN_on_Jews_and_9_11-RNin….webm)


A tl;dr summary at the en would be nice so I know if it's worth reading the entire piece, but that doesn't mean that I'm opposed to posting the whole piece here.



<The hasbara comments are noticeable as they tend to sound like boilerplate, and run contrary to or even ignore what other contributors to the site are writing. They often include spelling and syntactical hints that the writer is not natively fluent in English.


<Students are paid as much as $2,000 monthly to work the online targets.

webm related, it's the only time CNN didn't report fake news, but JIDF hasn't completely purged it from the Internet.

File: b2c7c2dad5ed647⋯.jpg (9.31 KB, 199x199, 1:1, AAEAAQAAAAAAAA18AAAAJGE2NW….jpg)

5b4fa3 No.10126566[Reply]

i don't know if you guys are aware but i guess he was spotted violating the terms of his bail by attending an anarchist meetup:


it got mentioned in the thread that is already up but nobody really noticed so i thought i would make a thread. thanks

39 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

667ac8 No.10164271


I think >>10126921 meant to say Baylor. SMU was the school that got the "death penalty" from the NCAA for paying football players, while Baylor just let players (and perhaps coaches) go on rapefests. They need to change the name of the team from the Bears to the "Rapefugees".

1cedfe No.10164286


Because most people here haven't gone to jail for anything, anon. In at least some respect their ignorance is a good sign of being honorable.

c45093 No.10165020


Of course they do. They have to. If they just let someone rot in jail every time they got arrested, nobody would protest for them, and the ones that still do would still be in prison.

841cb2 No.10165066


I know they got caught but before that they were the best christian football school in TX the other that comes to mind is TCU but they a little nigger school AFAIK. Baylor don't have christian or methodist in its name.

8a3969 No.10165100


Owning property is like.. evil and bigoted, maaaan.

File: f037f72e838f88c⋯.jpg (18.77 KB, 300x300, 1:1, eastasia.jpg)

6e2a3c No.10137133[Reply]

Discuss politics and occurances of the Orient here.

Countries like China, the Koreas, Japan, and nearby smaller countries.

Topics to spark discussion;

Trump and China.

South Korea, USA, China.

Japan and the South China Sea disputes.

30 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e19435 No.10147889



Of course I'm not disagreeing with you. Spot on analysis.

6cc07b No.10148116

China are just playing the waiting game, biding their time until the US collapses internally. They'll become a superpower without having to shed a drop of blood for the first time in history.

592fe5 No.10164536


female, the post

c7d131 No.10164974


The Japs shouldn't have been so nice to you.

baf9a9 No.10165018


> until you realise the engine block is made from pig iron and the suspension and brake pads are made out of plastic.

Sorry but this is just jingoism bullshit

China produces a licensed copy of the Dodge Cummins 6BT diesel that is now imported into the US/Australia since Dodge ceased production and there is no noticeable quality difference when compared to US produced blocks

File: 5e7a99a1e707a02⋯.jpeg (77.54 KB, 780x440, 39:22, 123.jpeg)

e9be1a No.10156950[Reply]

ANY chemical attacks in Syria will be blamed on ASSAD, RUSSIA, and IRAN


"The United States has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime that would likely result in the mass murder of civilians, including innocent children," White House spokesman Sean Spicer said.

"If … Mr. Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price," he said.




57 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2359dc No.10163634


why did someone stab that eagle

b01a51 No.10164184


maybe you should invade and nuke yourself, burgers.

everybody wins

e9be1a No.10164798


Here's hoping

also link to larpfags thread, missed it

fb34b3 No.10164850

File: 528995edf2c9350⋯.jpg (145.82 KB, 554x527, 554:527, 528995edf2c9350622e6c105d3….jpg)

But he turned over all the chemical weapons under his control, the only people who have chemical weapons in the area are the rebels and (((our greatest ally))).

e9be1a No.10164926


thats politics

Iran literally started a nuke project so it could shut it down as a concession

File: c94c3cacbe9736b⋯.jpg (103.48 KB, 611x401, 611:401, 8fb2.jpg)

6bc376 No.10157955[Reply]

(((Google))) Fined A Record €2.4 Billion For Skewing Search Results In European Antitrust Ruling

Google suffered a major regulatory blow on Tuesday, when the EU's antitrust regulator fined Alphabet’s Google a record €2.42 billion ($2.71 billion) fine for "abusing its dominance in search" and favoring its own comparison-shopping service in search results: a decision with far-reaching implications for both the tech sector and already strained transatlantic relations. The EU further ordered the search giant to apply the same methods to rivals as its own when displaying their services in search results.

Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s competition commissioner, said Google “denied other companies the chance to compete” and left consumers without “genuine choice."

"Google’s strategy for its comparison shopping service wasn’t just about attracting customers by making its product better than those of its rivals. Instead, Google abused its market dominance as a search engine by promoting its own comparison shopping service in its search results, and demoting those of competitors. What Google has done is illegal under EU antitrust rules."

57 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ef03d1 No.10164538


Look into the frequency they're in Washington, D.C. and the DoD iirc was paying for google's private flights to some private island in the pacific

ec99d2 No.10164714


i remember more the complete picture from back then. this is from an older data fram. the old data made a decision: what was more trust worthy? they chose their own guilded fence, rather than the endless march of seo companies and their horridly ugly spam sites.

in truth, it was merely a 'choose the legacy' hack hat trick - one that only works so many times before jew-ad owned/funded initial wikiwhite became wikihope becaome wikicuck became wikijew became wikishitstan. now wikipedia can't be legacy, and the trick to shortcut work (by essentially digitally copying it) no longer does 'the trick'. same thing that happened to the original pagerank that exploited/farmed/scraped webrings and topsites - same descent. trees of resortment will form on legacies ; citizenship is a shortcut that will in fact stop working.

all that said, this is the courts. their objective has nothing to do with computers or trade. a different set of kikes is actually trying to kill the infestation they created. i don't know if they'll succeed. alphabet got ugly, fast. it might as well employ indirectly half of cali-calais.

f3a047 No.10164741


Is helpful for rare items

f3a047 No.10164754



67c2cb No.10164893


good times create weak men, one thing I like to think about is now the internet will preserve our history going forward in extreme detail so future generations will have no question of our doctrine, no more leaving shit to interpretation, and no more perfect ideal heroes to use to manipulate people.

File: da8608705fba0de⋯.jpg (298.98 KB, 625x994, 625:994, Burger_ATM_mock.jpg)

35ab0c No.10141484[Reply]


>In a report released this week by Cowen's Andrew Charles, the analyst calculates the jump in sales as a result of the company's new Experience of the Future strategy which anticipates that digital ordering kiosks (shown above) will replace cashiers in at least 2,500 restaurants by the end of 2017 and another 3,000 over 2018. Cowen also cited plans for the restaurant chain to roll out mobile ordering across 14,000 U.S. locations by the end of 2017 (we did not show that particular math, but the logic was similarly compelling).

Is this the start? It's more symbolic than anything; a ubiquitous franchise like McDonald's adopting technologies that will lower labor costs and improve efficiency. This will result in other companies seeing the jump in value of its stock and copying them

205 posts and 47 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

686c9f No.10163978


They all work at Burger King now

8ba1b5 No.10164046


Basic jobs like food service have positive externalities because they teach basic work practices, discipline and provide money for young people so they can afford to go on dates, buy things and have some level of independence.

Automating these jobs might make economic sense, but you also have to look at non-economic impacts when assessing these things.

Hell, I got a start in one of these places as a first job. Sure it was shitty, but it helped me get into better work down the track and showed employers I wasn't a lazy piece of shit.

7b7cf3 No.10164340


And horse shoe theory is a meme they said

8eff8c No.10164856


>Automating these jobs might make economic sense, but you also have to look at non-economic impacts when assessing these things.

Yes, but as we've already established, summer has lead to us being overrun by LARPing lolbergs, and asking a lolberg to consider non-economics is like asking a horse to consider calculus.


If you hate the enemy more than you love your own folk, then you are not Fascist. You are not National Socialist. You are not a White Nationalist.

If you care more about hurting nonwhites than helping whites, then you are just a racist liberal, no different from Greg Johnson, Mike Enoch, and Milo Yiannopoulos.

No niggers in my gay bathhouse, right fellow Fascists?

8eff8c No.10164875


>nothing but one line half-replies the entire thread

>never makes a point

>never contributes

>does not understand what horseshoe theory means

You almost understand the idea of lurking, but you keep fucking it up.

File: 6edde21a539f257⋯.png (266.58 KB, 645x646, 645:646, ClipboardImage.png)

da9965 No.10164759[Reply]

After seeing four thousand comments whining about trump having several golf with fake times magazines, I have no choice but to believe there is someone controlling these retards.


9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

9ef021 No.10164835


I'm good at golf

9ef021 No.10164837


/kennedi/ is a guy?

72e536 No.10164845

e0c0d7 No.10164847


because they're butthurt about trump complaining about obama

04eddd No.10164864

File: 7a4e9d266f5c5ab⋯.png (171.19 KB, 450x290, 45:29, IMG_2686.PNG)


File: 661da1b89aba809⋯.jpg (149.93 KB, 940x626, 470:313, onion.jpg)

0acb0c No.10164675[Reply]

When I attempt to use TOR to post replies on /pol/ It says my ID is banned. I have repeatedly changed the TOR exit nodes but it still says I'm banned. Is anyone else having this issue or am I retarded? I've tried using TOR via Whonix or booted from a TOR 3.0 CD. The result is the same. This has been happening for about a week now.

P.S. I'm not trying to slide anything, This is a legitimate concern and I was unsure what other forums would be appropriate for this question. I don't use any other forums on 8ch and am not familiar with their purposes.

18 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ac91e3 No.10164892

That's because tor users abused their right, so it was revoked from this board.

13afa7 No.10164967


>don't protect your privacy goy


>implying we still want it easy for them

bf669a No.10165062

Can you use TOR to go to a VPN and then in turn come here from the VPN and post here? Wouldn't that have the VPN's own IP rather than TOR's "banned" IP?

BTW, if you do indeed end up getting a paid VPN, pay them with bitcoin. (Several VPNs accept bitcoin.) That way they don't have your financial info.

Good luck.

353ee4 No.10167493

Umm goyim.. isn't fullchan on the .onion domain? Or is that just lefty halfchan? Fuck, i dunno, maybe it was that dead ass end chan..

641e3b No.10168188


Why do they do this though just to make tor unuseable?

Fuck those faggots, on halfchan I sometimes used on a trainride I would try to post to see that the 3G network node was banned, then had to wait before I got into range of another that wasn't banned.

Never had that issue on 3G with 8ch though its less popular. I still wonder if these faggots want to make TOR unuseable or if they just come to post cp…. I mean they know they get banned instantly.

File: 45da0dc83f21d10⋯.jpg (110.67 KB, 935x470, 187:94, North Korea’s Nuclear Prog….jpg)

685ec6 No.10164330[Reply]

What The Evil Freemasons Do - The Local And City Level Secret Shadow Government Enforcers

The Masons- a reader just wrote to me telling me I never mention the Masons, so I must be one. That reader must be a newcomer.

Here is my take on the Masons: they are, at the city and county level what the shadow government uses to make sure that which is not written in law gets enforced at the city and county level, to make sure the laws are uniform everywhere.

There is no law against selling in the streets But the Masons make good and sure that at the city level it is illegal, to make damn good and sure anyone who is out a job is irrevocably screwed. It would also be the masons that are making things like yard sales with permit only and allowed once a year at most. It would be the Masons making lemonade stands illegal without a permit. All of this is at the city level, there is no law against lemonade stands. This way, it can be claimed America is a free country because everything is legal, but you don't see it on the streets, the streets are DEAD.

Another thing the masons have done is get uniform building codes into all cities at the city level. There is no law against having a concrete home anywhere, but try building one - it will get bulldozed because it is against the law at the city level EVERYWHERE. Concrete costs about 30 percent as much to build with as wood, and is superior in ALL ways. Now they are skating on that saying oh, concrete is legal but it is NOT, unless you pour it inside styrofoam blocks, that ensure even a concrete home can be burned to the ground. That's the bench mark, it has to burn to the ground on demand or it is not legal. That way the second amendment is gutless, because you can't set up a fortified stronghold in an average home.

Try Mexico - a country that was not as free as America was in the past, but still has a fair amount of its original freedom. Everything is solid concrete and brick that won't burn and lasts for centuries. Everyone sells in the streets on a whim - it is the ultimate safety net. The Masons did not destroy Mexico that way.

I could go into further detail, but haPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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The mark of cain was a kike version of checking to make sure noses weren't too big. Unfortunately it can be used against them and their genetics can be seen in mutations like red hair.

You can't run with the literal word in the kike texts because it's allegory at best and blatant lies at worst. Read between the lines and look at the historical migrations etc. Again, the phonecians were semites, they made a trip to Britain back in the day. The whites got an infusion of hebe and the mutations were introduced.

c3014f No.10165178


Is there some collective text that describes this phenomenon that you'd recommend? I was heading in a different mental direction as there seemed to be some evidence lending itself to the notion that Phoenicians were Aryan and inhabited Lebannon.

e211b1 No.10166140


>(((Jewish Chronicle)))

Every time, Shlomo.


Exactly. Read it and you'll see what a stupid thing it is to say by accusing Pike of not being Christian.

957382 No.10166868



Pg 33 and 83 read it before posting bullshit you faggot

And kek shilling against commercial remedy isn't going to get you far shlomo, I've used it successfully multiple times. I don't even know who Jordan Maxwell is, I do know what the uniform commercial code is however.

>Keep trying to convince me something you don't have the balls to try doesn't work.

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