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/bant/ rocks, Dr.Medic is an ass
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Never forget: May 26, 2018

File: c2ebc35328e91c5⋯.png (314.5 KB, 926x634, 463:317, huffpo - why is fish sex s….png)

17aaf2 No.11554727[Reply]

Why Is Fish Sex So Hot Right Now?

Melissa Broder’s “The Pisces,” like “The Shape of Water,” offers romantic possibility to straight women who feel ready to give up on men.


>The Pisces and Guillermo del Toro’s Oscar-winning “The Shape of Water” also seem to have arrived during an inflection point for heterosexual relations, as some straight women have thrown their hands up in despair at the prospect of dealing with straight men. These men, who grope us and talk down to us and consistently fail to clean the bathroom ― we’re supposed to make lives with them? Let them touch us?

>Women woke up one day to find that their husbands voted for Donald Trump and their sons have been shitposting on incel boards….So many straight men, we have been forced to accept, are bad to and for us. Why would we take the enormous risk of loving one of them?

>And yet, straight women do have desires. Cutting men out of our lives isn’t a simple proposition. As satisfying as the concept of going “Lysistrata” until men get their house in order might be, that strategy also requires straight women to deny their sexual urges. The handsome prince (or film star, or cowboy, or doctor) of our imagination has been exposed as a dangerous fraud, but we still need some form of romantic hope and sexual release. One seductive yet impossible fantasy might be the romantic attention of a man who lacks the exhausting baggage of male entitlement.

>To find such a fantastical being, women ― in fiction, at least ― have turned to the sea.

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4954ce No.11583746


And the powers that be will never give up this system even if it's self-destructive. This is why MGTOW has been growing in popularity even with everyone here bitching about it. The monsters were already made way before the MGTOWs were cropping up; what makes you think this was new? Women are very destructive force if they're as free as they are now. It's not rocket science that they were treated as second-class citizens in the past.

If you want to have more white babies for your race, you're better off creating a no-go zone and take the women there, strip them of their rights so that way they pump out kids and you can outbreed the competition. No voting rights, no working rights, and they stay out of men's affairs. If they bitch, well we can always bring back the scold's bridle.

It's either that or you can expect to die out. Can't have a RaHoWa if you're short in numbers.

01297e No.11594986


Lol bye bye tuna.

3c5867 No.11598745


f39673 No.11610221

File: dced9f75b680f9f⋯.jpg (89.01 KB, 900x578, 450:289, hellboy-2-03.jpg)

I have Ichthyosis Vulgaris, time to let my scales grow back out. I'll be the creature from the black lagoon. Except i'm swimming in pussy instead of water.

000000 No.11611887

That's another amazing slide thread!

Come on comrades, lets bump it!

File: b645e9fd135ad3b⋯.jpg (87.41 KB, 586x507, 586:507, 1526934079735.jpg)

File: c55c16426b56e4d⋯.png (439.83 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2018-05-21….png)

File: 343ad83ff0301f6⋯.png (115.48 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot from 2018-05-22….png)

49e1aa No.11604723[Reply]

The Antifa thug who broke in and stole a swastika flag has been revealed. I found his facebook with revealed his real name, but too bad for him as I already took screen shots.

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8a0db3 No.11609151


We need to take down the cops. I am there supreme commander and I told them to disband and they didn't listen. They are on the menu to be slaughtered. They allow genital mutilation and help prop up nigger sportsball raping our women. The police have to get taken out

b9db0a No.11609419


196eca No.11609469

File: d76e9d054692c91⋯.mp4 (1.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Nazi Punks Fuck Off.mp4)


>facebook background

>"Nazi Punks fuck off"

b9db0a No.11609614

File: d2b7451b3db98df⋯.mp4 (4.13 MB, 640x480, 4:3, The_Dead_Kennedys_-_Holida….mp4)


This song describes this little fag far better.

196eca No.11609753

File: 733e541415aa406⋯.jpg (191.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20180505_214936.jpg)


Somebody should ask him if he enjoyed the Dead Kennedys concert in Cleveland OH, May 5th.

I'm sure he went, tickets were only 15 bucks.

File: 3edff3610b18b56⋯.png (130.26 KB, 321x426, 107:142, Maddow8831.png)

22b198 No.11609294[Reply]

…Not Even If You're Married to One, Says Expert

>Sally Anderson, who is married to a Maori man, says her moko symbolises her personal struggles and life story.

>But she's been accused of appropriating Maori culture for personal gain.

>"We have to protect the last bastions that we have as Maori to make us different," said one expert.

>Moko are carved into the skin using chisels. They are a sacred tradition, denoting a person's links with their family and cultural identity.

>Ms Anderson, who runs a life coaching business, had her moko kauae done a few years years ago by a Maori artist.

>She has been quoted as saying it symbolises what she has gone through in life, including a violent gang rape in her youth.

>The simple design "explains the transformative work that Sally does", said a statement on her website.

>"It's not acceptable," says Ms Lee-Penehira, who herself has a chin moko. "You can only have it if you have a genealogy that is Maori. It reflects who we are and it represents your family, your sub-tribes and tribes."


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000000 No.11609634


1. Western culture was exported.

2. There is a difference between cultural appropriation and respectful adoption or participation in another culture.

3. The former should be condemned and not be confused with the latter.

ced4f9 No.11609713


I love how the majority of them are barely even genetically Maori. Just a bunch of mongs.

7c099a No.11609732

File: 6077e70d47d4dfe⋯.jpeg (167.29 KB, 582x499, 582:499, whiteguiltzerofucks.jpeg)


>But she's been accused of appropriating Maori culture for personal gain.

Most 'Maoris' are pakeha-Maori mutts if it was for purebloods only Moko wouldn't exist except on a wall. Pic related.

Not sure what this is doing in the catalog, and it looks a bit like the kind of thread a shill would make on Day2 after arriving from Cuckchanland -hence safety sage.

7e9a54 No.11609747

Found a gf, learningchode?

7e9a54 No.11609749


That's an ugly dude.

File: 6836010a170fdb8⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 974x2747, 974:2747, Australian-richest.jpg)

d1afdc No.11609222[Reply]

0.6% of the population make up 3 of the richest.

Cardboard king Anthony Pratt is once again the richest person in Australia, taking out the BRW Rich List for the second year in a row with a personal fortune of $12.9 billion.


18 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e99197 No.11609408


>implying moneh isn't just for show, and making you believe they are the ones that actually have it

polite sage for shit OP

1be864 No.11609412

File: dff19518fc81422⋯.jpg (101.54 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 181555-p.jpg)

Holy shit, I thought Sid James was dead

04b9e9 No.11609504



Weird that there are some oddly specific violent posts in this thread. Like, we're just saying "hey, look who is rich". Very strange to be posting that kind of shit in here.

027403 No.11609631


Religion of Cuck™ic Rocketship of Peace


Cumming to a developed nation near you

04b9e9 No.11609649


fuck you

File: 806b7c8874f6645⋯.png (261.64 KB, 800x450, 16:9, BKtLsWIHrsvagRd-800x450-no….png)

32bbf6 No.11545772[Reply]

Is it happening? Kiketube actually shutting down degeneracy promoting channels, not just the rayciss ones?

Good for the goose, good for the gander.


>Recently, YouTube started removing Cannabis related channels from their platform.

>Channels like Matthias710WRX, Strain Central, Urbanremo, Loaded up Ent., The High Rise Co., Custom Grow 420, School of Hard Nugs, Vader OG, Medgrower 1, and plenty more have had their channels deleted. My channel, Cannabis Lifestyle TV, is 100% educational yet we've received 2 strikes and had 2 videos removed as well.

>If we don't speak up now, all Cannabis related content will be completely purged from YouTube making it very difficult for people looking to learn about or better their experience with Cannabis to find quality information.

>If you guys want to see these channels back and Cannabis related content to be left alone, do your part and reach out to YouTube demanding they have their channels reactivated ASAP and other 420 creators are left to create content for legal adult Cannabis users.

>As content creators, we put a lot of work to entertain and educate our audience, as well as help to drive a ton of users to YouTube's platform. As a community, let's do what we can to make a change for today and the future!

151 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

979f8c No.11604620


pewdiepie … golem hall of fame

4f9827 No.11604683


Is it decent? I vape for chronic pain reasons. My current brand isn't doing anything for me. Fuck opioids, with the single possible exception of kratom.

844a0a No.11609237




what this means is google is a multi-faceted company that has invaded every aspect of the web, they are poised to take advantage of their large swaths of data in a way no one else can. but they are not just tracking anyone through their tracking services anymore. now they are tracking through these less known methods. resources built into the website are now google's way of targeting those who would sign out, turn off javascript or cookies or otherwise try to protect their privacy. turning off javascript and denying cookies may no longer be enough.

d0ee8e No.11609255

Q predicted this

960c2f No.11609511



You who are stupid enough to allow connecting to youtube in an iframe (you can see youtube embeds) and if even for one person this link shows your refer correctly then google knows that you are browsing this thread and when you opened it


not that /pol/ wasn't a honeypot already.

File: a6f59772ae203e9⋯.png (670.77 KB, 1166x626, 583:313, avenatti.png)

08f892 No.11608138[Reply]

Hope someone archived his tweets, because he's currently scared and running for the hills. I'm going to guess that $10 million dollar judgment isn't the end of this troubles.


10 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5f0500 No.11608704


Fuck me, I meant to type "how the left blithely ignores".

f31d2c No.11608732

Even better, is that he's going to be disbarred and maybe go to prison for illegal acquiring and releasing a kike's bank records.

He's pure shit. I considered hacking him but looking into what a shitshow he's made of his life, his goose is already cooked.

549a96 No.11608870

File: bf9ec5ce6409a84⋯.jpg (67.71 KB, 562x446, 281:223, stormy daniels posters.jpg)


It's already back up. Anyone know if he deleted any tweets in the interim?

ea8cf7 No.11609173


Q predicted this

8d1056 No.11609242


so did a gypsy using a magic ball to tell tourists something

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

7570d6 No.11536841[Reply]

anglin the tai fuck shack guy and trs are supposedly at odds with him.



I'm rather puzzled how so out in the open anti-jew is not only running for office in california, but in the lead. What? What's the hell is going on? This is too good to be true.

545 posts and 185 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3719c3 No.11608791

My plan is to go on vacation in South America as soon as retaliation comes for Israel's massacre last week. You have to be pretty desperate to still believe in elections after Trump's betrayal. Iran will fix things with war or they won't. I will be in South America enjoying a pina colada in my mud hut.

6e3904 No.11608799

File: 4afc871845c5ec2⋯.jpg (83.75 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1461109456223-4.jpg)


Damn good post, anon.

You're right about not hiding your power level when things are bad enough. You're right about Trump serving a vital purpose, him being ZOG or not, and I'm the same as you with TDS - I also thought it was just astroturfing against them, but their silence on Little says it all.

4c4ee1 No.11608815


It's interesting to note that the Saudis are basically just one family that controls all of Saudi Arabia. They are detested by a large portion of the populace. I'm not saying the Saudis are Jews, because I have no hard evidence of that, but a country being controlled by one family that is largely genetically disconnected from their constituents sounds oddly (((familiar.)))

71b65d No.11608961

207fdd No.11609166

File: 10dc80032045261⋯.png (1.56 MB, 2255x3190, 41:58, Patrick Little - Unite Aga….png)

File: 1804476f39f90ef⋯.png (1.57 MB, 2255x3190, 41:58, Patrick Little - Unite Aga….png)

File: e5f58b3434e7b33⋯.gif (373.41 KB, 372x500, 93:125, Patrick-Little-Bye-Bye-Fei….gif)


Too much text.

File: b0c158487a2e24e⋯.jpg (33.22 KB, 590x437, 590:437, 01-bajau-genetic-adaptatio….jpg)

b8102f No.11521314[Reply]

'Sea Nomads' Are First Known Humans Genetically Adapted to Diving

>For hundreds of years, the Bajau have lived at sea, and natural selection may have made them genetically stronger divers.

>If you hold your breath and plunge your face into a tub of water, your body automatically triggers what's called the diving response. Your heart rate slows, your blood vessels constrict, and your spleen contracts, all reactions that help you save energy when you're low on oxygen.

>Most people can hold their breath underwater for a few seconds, some for a few minutes. But a group of people called the Bajau takes free diving to the extreme, staying underwater for as long as 13 minutes at depths of around 200 feet. These nomadic people live in waters winding through the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, where they dive to hunt for fish or search for natural elements that can be used in crafts.


Physiological and Genetic Adaptations to Diving in Sea Nomads

>The Bajau, or “Sea Nomads,” have engaged in breath-hold diving for thousands of years

>Selection has increased Bajau spleen size, providing an oxygen reservoir for diving

>We find evidence of additional diving-related phenotypes under selection

>These findings have implications for hypoxia research, a pertinent medical issue

>Understanding the physiology and genetics of human hypoxia tolerance has important medical implications, but this phenomenon has thus far only been investigated in high-altitude human populations. Another system, yet to be explored, is humans who engage in breath-hold diving. The indigenous Bajau people (“Sea Nomads”) of Southeast Asia live a subsistence lifestyle based on breath-hold diving and are renowned for their ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

205 posts and 62 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

96abae No.11600472

000000 No.11601219


>the only coherent comment in the thread

>Score:2, Troll

my sides

3177eb No.11601981


Checked, all non blacks can swim and they have fat for that, blacks not, of course i dont believe that we were dolphins or something like that, but we can swim, just check femur length or just kid reactions to water, or if you are a raciss bigot just check all news showing blacks and water or even better, medals for swiming.


Dumped because it was more nazi than Hitler.




Checking, thanks.

850d5b No.11601989

I did a bit on this for a (((college))) project on evolution. Basically I made the little argument that humans are also gemetically different from eachother and that it is extremely viable that different races from different parts of the world would have evolved somewhat differently psychically and mentally and adapted.

A carrion crow and a hooded crow are considered different species but a Northern European and someone like an Aboriginal are considered the same species.

Really causes one to ponder…

91b347 No.11608898

File: ce104f180e7ca2b⋯.jpg (264.5 KB, 1161x767, 1161:767, GpWY7lb.jpg)



You're just missing the data.

There is lots of between group varation.

Even the statement they are implying that group 2-13 overlaps with group 4-15 is wrong. It is more like Group 2-11 and Group 9-18

Learn some science, here this image links directly to the data if you follow the link.

File: 92c1f0e99915ebd⋯.jpg (116.06 KB, 1200x657, 400:219, Hawaii.jpg)

534554 No.11551586[Reply]

Gloomtube Livestream on Jewtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5k1vz70ULM

Hawaii News Now Twitter : https://twitter.com/HawaiiNewsNow

OP is Still a Faggot anyway

235 posts and 77 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

956502 No.11608826

Bonus, homeowners are faggots. cock-sucking leftypol literal faggots. CNN fucked them too. Mahalo.

00f433 No.11608849

1a5f40 No.11608857


Cool /pol/itics thread, brah

956502 No.11608862


CNN weaseled in on the broadcast rights, they have fucked with the original feed, turned their camera away from what it was looking at so they could have some exclusive footage etc. Fucking dicks. Then there was talk about them not paying the homeowners. The homeowners are fags from Houston that moved there to build a fucking organic farm and he had to cry because he's losing it all. They set up a gofundme etc.

The lavarooster t-shirts gets them wound because people are profiting off his damn bird and he gets no revenue from it. He actually started filing suit with an attorney. Funny shit.

00f433 No.11608875

File: 09b89c9ccb6b600⋯.jpg (79.31 KB, 500x461, 500:461, Laughing geode.jpg)

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

5c438e No.11603008[Reply]

Have been watching this goy for a few months and while he is not full on 14/88 he has dropped a ton of quality info and has been getting more and more brazen in naming the Jew. Latest video names several notorious Jewish families (Bronfman, Rothschild) and links them with Zionism, the NXVIUM sex cult, the Illuminati/Masons, Jewish mafia activity including illicit liquor trade during (and after) prohibition, Usury, involvement in the Chinese/Afghan opium trades and pharma industry, abortion/Planned Parenthood, the corruption of the Boy Scouts, the ADL, 9/11, etc. Also calls out and names filterman and friends as the shameless zionist shills that we all know they are.

This is all obvious/entry level stuff for us and tbh it's a little disappointing when he brings out the not all Jews/I have Jew friends line at the end (imo this is largely just to defend against being shoah'd) but it's still some excellent entry-level redpill material and as such may be highly useful for sharing with friends or family who aren't fully woke to the JQ and need a little help to push them over to our side.

7 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

59d86b No.11604633

File: 537512414c1db79⋯.gif (114.1 KB, 320x600, 8:15, 537512414c1db79ba319197ee1….gif)


they're directly from his campaign site, nigger.

000000 No.11604674

>obvious kike "names the kike" like every other e-celeb seeking right-wing acceptance.

fc48a9 No.11604940


> e-celeb


< kike

no. Now, for you, kike serpent:


6c4629 No.11608586


he's a great guy, surprised his channel is still allowed to be u.

c7b4f2 No.11608680

>the worlds bleepery


File: 8123006316db51a⋯.png (489.31 KB, 640x478, 320:239, screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-….png)

File: 3831ff00f7129ac⋯.jpg (42.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Top-10-Things-You-Should-K….jpg)

File: ca16d493cfd578c⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 386x550, 193:275, flat,550x550,075,f.u1.jpg)

File: 0c00e6e0baa9007⋯.jpg (11.44 KB, 300x285, 20:19, s-l300.jpg)

File: 0adaa5e8d51b728⋯.jpg (180.37 KB, 1000x643, 1000:643, 7d6a48614985dc5c7288d67b38….jpg)

109fec No.11585842[Reply]



Someone else seeing how this fits in?

113 posts and 64 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

502973 No.11602179


>being this retarded

da3270 No.11602396

File: 38f56c72b53e9c4⋯.jpg (28.57 KB, 576x349, 576:349, indo_european_migation.jpg)



>Babylonians invented right angle triangles

Babylon isn't that old, stupid! You just want to filter is through a "Revelations" perspective when John was actually talking about Rome but in a ROMAN PRISON! — OR you're trying to push the Jewish history of masonic-gnosticism


>Sumerian culture

Vinca culture is thousands of years older than Sumerian. Jews push this meme


>They were even interested in measuring stellar distances/ratio;

Egyptians did too and they are OLDER THAN BABYLONIANS!


>"aryan" is a concept created and mutated by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley. their groups eventually became the nazi party

(((Robert Sepehr))) spreading dis-info when /pol/ knows full well that Aryan is an ancient word



Vinca culture is older than Egypt and Sumeria

427d84 No.11602620

File: 2f43efdc9b991bd⋯.jpg (40.31 KB, 545x478, 545:478, 2f43efdc9b991bde704d21fa52….jpg)


"Neanderkike" shills coming in force again.

15f107 No.11603379

File: 68add0c38ced923⋯.jpg (244.91 KB, 1280x1029, 1280:1029, kj5873836c.jpg)

File: 719c8cb2a6c776c⋯.png (275.48 KB, 714x717, 238:239, pp59199246.png)


Of course Vinca culture pre-dates Sumerian but that has what to do with Mesopotamian mathematics?

At best a common earlier Anatolian origin can be suggested for the two with inter-mediate cultures, your diagram is somewhat misleading as it indicates only a Trans-Caucasian origin factor whereas the Indo-European core region was Anatolia, and Ubaid culture which developed into Sumerian was not Trans- Caucasian, though they worked closely with such in developing the Uruk sphere of influence, which included the colonization of Egypt from Susa, then a part of the Uruk sphere.

3dbc70 No.11608645

File: b0b382c657f3050⋯.png (51.1 KB, 232x378, 116:189, Maddow1500-4.png)


>so much was lost with alexandria, and it was the goatfuckers that did it.

Stupid worthless white manpig goatfuckers.

>Possible occasions for the partial or complete destruction of the Library of Alexandria include a fire set by the army of Julius Caesar in 48 BC and an attack by Aurelian in the 270s AD.

>After the main library was destroyed, scholars used a "daughter library" in a temple known as the Serapeum of Alexandria, located in another part of the city. According to Socrates of Constantinople, Coptic Pope Theophilus destroyed the Serapeum in AD 391, although it is not certain what it contained or if it contained any significant fraction of the documents that were in the main library.

You boyim can't create, only destroy.

File: 0278c9864af98b0⋯.png (107.45 KB, 640x507, 640:507, figure1totalfertilitynew-w….png)

File: b74a6efc544488b⋯.png (137.92 KB, 640x508, 160:127, agespecificfertilityfigure….png)

31c9f6 No.11589065[Reply]

>The United States just hit a 40-year low in its fertility rate, according to numbers just released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The 2017 provisional estimate of fertility for the entire U.S. indicates about 3.85 million births in 2017 and a total fertility rate of about 1.76 births per women. These are low numbers: births were as high as 4.31 million in 2007, and the total fertility rate was 2.08 kids back then. The United States has experienced a remarkable slump in fertility over the last several years, as I’ve explained elsewhere. 

>Since 2007, fertility has fallen the most for the youngest women, but in the last year, declines have set in for women in their 30s as well. Fertility declines increasingly seem to be about much more than just postponed fertility, or else these women must be planning to have some very fertile 40s.

>At least through 2016, this trend appeared to be mostly driven by changes in marital status. Births to never-married women are down more than births to ever-married women: age-adjusted marital fertility is down 14% since 2007, while age-adjusted never-married fertility is down 21%, as of 2016. Preliminary data from several states suggest these trends are likely to continue in 2017.

>When it comes to discussions about declining fertility, conservatives tend to “get it” right away: not having a next generation, or having a far smaller one, will cause problems down the line. In my experience, progressives tend to be more hesitant: is this a back-door argument to keep women out of the workplace? No; in fact, there’s robust empirical evidence most women want more kids. Is this some science-denying attempt to ignore climate change? Again, no; in fact, no plausible trajectory of U.S. fertility has any appreciable impact on carbon emissions. And, one question I find the most perplexing, is this some underhanded racist argument that white people need to pick up the pace of baby-making to out-compete minorities?

>It’s true that some people in the right wing have flirted dangerously close to, and sometimes engaged in, the kind of racialized thinking that has tarred pro-fertility initiatives throughout the 20th centPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

105 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

698449 No.11603776


I hate to be the blackpill dispenser but birth rates mean nothing when compared to massive legal and illegal immigration.

c9727a No.11605087

File: eefb528dc7e4232⋯.jpg (195.7 KB, 725x945, 145:189, 0c919d55b70c267b84b44b97dd….jpg)


Blessed be these trips; thank you for the cited infographs anon.

769674 No.11606975


I would rather stay with the kids, at least while they are up to 2 years, in order to provide the best atmosphere and circumstances for the children. There're heaps of studies about how important the physical closeness of a mother is to a baby. The scent and breast milk of a mother are even proven to strongly link mother and child. A child taken away from their mother and not breastfed on demand had significantly worse outcomes physically and emotionally than one who is near mother as much as they need. What's best for the baby is what we want to provide. Unfortunately there is little evidence that closeness to the father at the newborn age is beneficial and the father can't feed the baby in a natural way.

03ee32 No.11608093


Of course you would, that is the ideal scenario. However it isn't an option for every couple to do that. I believe that while there is no substitute for breastfeeding and mothering the baby through the first few years, it's not worth putting off or not having children if you can't meet those criteria. A lot of women are pumping with great success these days and getting the babies the breast milk that way. My suggestion was simply that if the ideal scenario isn't available that we adapt and find new models for success

cb7c73 No.11608377

File: 338bb98d966ba07⋯.png (55.45 KB, 601x800, 601:800, 338bb98d966ba073a33760d3ef….png)

File: aa8bb758ef2cc11⋯.png (187.42 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, aa8bb758ef2cc1156ef216c135….png)

File: 18b878e23a70cae⋯.png (40.1 KB, 400x544, 25:34, 18b878e23a70caed8fe67fc052….png)

File: 9cfb475d66b8747⋯.png (514.65 KB, 945x630, 3:2, 9cfb475d66b8747df65a100f36….png)

File: 2011cffa55d1dd0⋯.png (382.23 KB, 912x1280, 57:80, close to perfection.png)

File: 95da9fa21cc9ec2⋯.jpg (286.71 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, antifa retard.jpg)

4484ab No.11600692[Reply]

Antifa are now targeting peoples homes. Good job this retard bragged about it online:


162 posts and 39 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

98c560 No.11607726


You can thank me, I was the one who originally leaked his name on 4chan.

I found him from one of his friend's FB. Not a whole lot of people think to close down their friends list. I find a lot of doxxes through friends and family.

d97dc3 No.11608090


>Thats fucking impressive and did impress some people in a few offices (also made them laugh).

Did you hear anything about that time some /sg/ guys found a training camp full of ISIS fags and had it bombed by Russia ?

8bfdd3 No.11608353


Jewish judges.

d1bc09 No.11608366


At what point are you going to realize that we played all of you?

Can you swallow your pride yet?

000000 No.11608574

>doesn't realize this is staged fake news designed to make young people commit felonies.

The kikes would like nothing better than some gullible young leftist, indoctrinated into marxism by his professor, to try breaking into the home of a right-winger and end up getting shot.

They play exactly the same social engineering against right-wingers.





Then when shit kicks off, they exploit it to further divide Whites and justify stronger police presence/militancy.

Nothing will happen to this guy because no home was broken into.

File: 14f5cca52d62e7f⋯.jpg (99.83 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1527098990642[1].jpg)

8a6bfe No.11607309[Reply]

Black magic is real and it's practically demon worship to induce destruction to the human race for the benefit of jews and their messiah (the antichrist)

First modern humanity's interaction with magic was in the crusades where history changed forever.

A demon named baphomet appared to ninteen knight templars and instructed them to dig in certain locations in jerusalem where demons hid their filthy occult knowledge since the days of solomon under his throne.

34 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1e356f No.11609784


>Black magic is real


>it's practically demon worship

Not necessarily, there are many practitioners who summon, work and negotiate with demonic beings, but don't worship them.

>First modern humanity's interaction with magic was in the crusades

Wrong, magic goes back to primordial times, when the fallen angels tought humans various arts.

1e356f No.11609793


>Whether or not black magic is real, it comes from summoning magic.

Nonsensical statement. Many branches of "magic" or occult abilities are not per se related to the evocative arts.

>Jews stole this knowledge from egyptian magiciansAmong others, yes. Don't forget the Chaldeans and, in the numerological aspect, the early Greeks.

>renamed the Qaballah to Kaballah.

Not this shit again.

>The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall

One can glean a lot from MPH, but don't take him as your gospel. A freemason can never be fully trusted.

>Saging for embarrassing thread

There are much worse…

>the embarrassment that is christcuckoldry.

Apart from the part with the crusades, everything OP stated is correct and basic occult/traditionalist lore.

cf74ec No.11611356


Kek isn't black magic though.

085ee4 No.11618952


Checked again… It checks out. Also, the first check checks out.

085ee4 No.11618958


THIS… basically.

File: bebd35769bace5f⋯.jpg (36.14 KB, 350x364, 25:26, freemasons.jpg)

ff038d No.11605339[Reply]

What information do we know about the freemasons? What goes on within freemason circles, and what are good books to read to get information about them and their symbols/rituals?

(template thread)
217 posts and 60 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b56e5d No.11609388


I remember you and your little Masonic buddy from endchan. You got told to fuck off there too. You argue exactly like Jews, using pilpul and everything.

10ab2f No.11609436


>You argue exactly like Jews, using pilpul and everything.

Typical opening salvo of the JIDF. Why not go back to echochan if you don't like dissent?

43fb58 No.11609950

File: 9661b9c28529695⋯.jpg (165.81 KB, 480x640, 3:4, IMG_0491.jpg)




haha literal masons shilling at home praying to Nimrod that we dont figure out what there up to, and believe me, the lock is ticking. Always remember, Nimrod was a marxist faggot and so are YOU


b56e5d No.11612526


Says the Masonic shill in a anchored, dying thread. You guys must be really hard up for members if you are trying to recruit Nazis.

ca7ef3 No.11618487

File: 511fc1e9bd0ea1d⋯.gif (2.26 MB, 330x253, 30:23, balls.gif)

>>11606349 (((you)))

>We already have a Freemason thread with lots of info:

your shit on some codemonkey buck's dick isn't "lots of info"

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