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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 3d17a35961ffe15⋯.png (5.55 MB, 2125x1411, 125:83, 1449681480703-00.png)

918a95 No.10757656[Reply]


I'm not from Austria, so there isn't too much in-depth information I can provide, but it seems like the Anglo/Western MSM has already thrown in the towel:

Win or lose in Austrian vote, the far right triumphs as rivals back policies once deemed fringe

>VIENNA — For nearly two years — through the height of the European refugee crisis and beyond — the far-right Freedom Party dominated opinion polls here with its message of keeping Austrians happy by keeping newcomers out. Then came the youthful new face of the establishment: Sebastian Kurz, the wunderkind of Austrian politics, with his sweptback mane of dark brown hair, golden tongue and boasts of actual success in stopping migrants from reaching this land of Alpine vistas, low unemployment and generous social welfare.

>At 30, Kurz took control of the People’s Party, the fusty center-right party that had long lagged in the polls. At 31, the foreign minister is likely to become Austria’s next chancellor following elections here Sunday that Kurz and his People’s Party are widely expected to win. Yet the far right will still be able to claim victory. Kurz’s face may be fresh, and his party may be comfortably rooted in the mainstream. But the hard-line ideas behind Kurz’s success are unmistakably those long advocated by the Freedom Party, which has seen its once-fringe policies increasingly imitated at the center of Austrian politics.

>“People always felt shame saying they were for the Freedom Party, because others would say, ‘You’re a Nazi,’ ” said Stefan Petzner, a political consultant and former adviser to the far-right party. “Now the People’s Party has the same positions. But saying that you’re for Kurz is sexy. It’s cool.” The validation of hard-line rhetoric and policies by the European mainstream reflects just how far the continent’s politics have shifted, even as far-right parties fall short of outright electoral victory. From Hungary to the Netherlands, anti-immigrant positions and slogans have gone from the margins to the middle.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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d7499a No.10761732


They're coming second.

f3a418 No.10763100


OVP-Conservatives, nominated a anti migrant figure, but still cucked

FPO-our guys, anti migration

SPO-social democrat cuckolds

GRUNE-greens, cuck progressives


PILZ- Split from the greens, pro eu but anti migration.

8cd34d No.10763227




>"Sebastian Kurz worked hard to stop rapefugees on the balkan route"

Fucking morons I swear to God. He PRETÈNDED to work hard on that while at the same time, he let them all across the border into Austria, put them into busses by the ten thousands, and ferried them across Austria to the german border.

He is a collaborator and a traitor. He is also a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations, an organization funded by George Soros with such 'prestigious' members such as the german green party radicals Joschka Fischer and Cem Özdemir (a muslim)

7f3db9 No.10763239


What song is this?

95e68d No.10763243


Just look at his fucking ears, nose and eyes. He's a fucking Ashkenazim mix. It's right there in his face man. That's a goddamned kike. Anyone falling for this horse shit is beyond salvaging. This is just another kike being artificially pushed into power and pretending to be on the side of the goyim population. Typical fucking kike tricks.

File: e9a3936c8a2f1ef⋯.jpg (66.51 KB, 960x686, 480:343, lead_960.jpg)

391e81 No.10753735[Reply]

/b/ is trolling with #istandwithweinstein but we need more manpower.

>inb4 Weinstein is a jew and now people will hate jews more

that's exactly the thing we can play off of. If we shill as jew loving SJWs, we can polorize more people away from becoming SJWs and Whiteknights.

#istandwithweinstein #freeweinstein

45 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1a8adb No.10762108


That's because they are reinforcing narrative to make alpha males into beta numales since they are easier to manage.

Alpha men don't watch the electric jew.

9196f9 No.10762184

File: 878004a16ad8900⋯.png (513.15 KB, 1920x3000, 16:25, sdfsdfs.png)

just leaving this here. don't repost it.

032603 No.10763020



>wall of text

No shit, I'm not gonna repost it. Did you make this garbage? If no, then why did you save it?

04f4f0 No.10763115

got deleted on twitter for shilling this, somebody take my place

1fb38d No.10763177


You need top be wiped off the face of the earth. Yes he was a Jew who rape mostly gentile woman. He deserves to be hated by everyone

File: 5a3c9cf61c659d3⋯.mp4 (2.84 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 41PocCetLrPKqfC0.mp4)

7dee15 No.10755401[Reply]

Flashback: Barbara Walters Shames Pedo Victim Corey Feldman On National TV For ‘Damaging An Entire Industry’

>Barbara’s Genuine Outrage – at Feldman…

>In a 2013 interview on The View, Feldman told hosts Barbara Walters, Sherri Shepherd, Jenny McCarthy and Nick Offerman that “some of the richest, most powerful people” in Hollywood were pedophiles still operating in the industry:

>Corey Feldman: There are people that were the people that did this to both me and Corey that are still working, they’re still out there, and they’re some of the richest, most powerful people in this business – and they do not want me saying what I’m saying right now.

>Barbara Walters: Are you saying that they’re pedophiles?

>Corey Feldman: Yes

>Barbara Walters: And that they’re still in this business?

>Corey Feldman: Yes

>After telling host Sherri Shepherd that child acting is a “many feathered bird – be careful what you wish for. Don’t go into it with naievity,” Barbara Walters exclaimed “You’re damaging an entire industry!”




98 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fecd4b No.10762292


<"They'll fuck your kid"

>"You're damaging an entire industry"

>Barbara Walters


Jesus Christ, is anyone in the media who isn't a degenerate kike in sheep's clothing? This is fucking amazing.

f27e23 No.10762442


>lack of relevance

Ya ya Chaim

f27e23 No.10762444


>Im a giant nosed goblin kike

b505c0 No.10762458


Trump's DOJ should just shut them all down, revenge for all of hollywood shilling against him during elections.

948231 No.10762895

I have been monitoring the Corey situation for years; he has been consistently open about his abuse but equally as adamant that he cannot blow the whistle. Since this latest Pedowood flair up he has been very vocal on social media, no doubt trying to express some semblance of vindication.

I’m not sure what would make Corey talk but if anyone in Government or law enforcement are serious about justice (questionable considering the fact that the perp/s are from a group still enjoying practical immunity) they would do well to approach Corey and offer him some form of protection. If that is they are able to offer it. Perhaps they aren’t and Corey knows this and is why he is so clear on the fact he will never name them.

File: e113b7a32edb218⋯.jpg (221.75 KB, 1280x1017, 1280:1017, psychedelics.jpg)

06b5f2 No.10757821[Reply]

Why is the right wing generally opposed to responsible use of psychotropic substances? The only part I understand is that Christcucks are all retards and hate drugs for being satanic or some fucking retarded shit like that, but it seems to me that even non-Christcucked right wing people are opposed to psychedelics for some reason. Why is this?

When used responsibly, psychedelics are very precious and impart incredible states of brilliance and introspection, generally leading to people becoming more actualized and mentally stable with higher life satisfaction, motivation, and creativity. Every white person I know that's ever used psychedelics responsibly reports that it altered their lives in an incredibly positive way and elevated their self-actualization and esteem, leading to more positive outcomes in their lives. I personally turned my life around from being repetitive and mundane to being highly creative and satisfying as well as financially lucrative simply because of one especially profound psychedelic experience that cleared away years and years of shit in my mind that even regular meditation couldn't help me to work through. One experience. Twelve hours. Twelve hours and my life changed in one of the most positive ways I've ever felt or experienced before or since.

So why are these substances demonized by the right wing and why are they scheduled so harshly, where they are comparable in punishment to filthy destructive drugs like heroin and meth? Why are they even illegal at all?

746 posts and 185 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

eda4aa No.10762886

File: 7e2d61589e0f613⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.46 KB, 600x450, 4:3, smart.jpg)

I'm smart because I drink gasoline.

Everyone else is really dumb tbh.

545b4b No.10762893

Since a nigger spammed your thread out to 750, I'd suggest the OP should make another whenever he returns.

573124 No.10762900

File: dd2f7bb68e137ee⋯.png (998.59 KB, 1040x826, 520:413, pY0RVgA.png)

eda4aa No.10762906


Thank you. I just don't understand why so many dismiss gas without even trying it, you know man? They deserve the >>>/gaschamber/ for their cowardice.

55842f No.10762911

Why focus on this nonsense? The only thing that matters is the genetic engineering of catgirls for domestic ownership.

File: b80dd0bc4072f6a⋯.png (364.53 KB, 1600x1419, 1600:1419, privacy gone.png)

5a0be8 No.10759534[Reply]

Web Privacy on Cellphones is NONEXISTENT

>Want to see something crazy? Open this link on your phone with WiFi turned off: redacted 8chan doesn't allow URL shortener links.

>Click “Begin,” enter the ZIP code and then click “See Underlying Data.”

>What you should see is your home address, phone number, cell phone contract details, and — depending on what kind of cell phone towers you’re currently connected to — a latitude and longitude describing the current location of your cell phone.

>In December of 2013, AT&T announced their “Mobile Identity API”, available only through an enterprise contract with AT&T. Verizon later announced something similar. It looks like both Danal and Payfone are paying for access to these enterprise telco APIs

>These services are using your mobile phone’s IP address to look up your phone number, your billing information and possibly your phone’s current location as provided by cell phone towers (no GPS or phone location services required). These services are doing this with the assistance of the telco providers.

>US telcos appear to be selling direct, non-anonymized, real-time access to consumer telephone data to third party services — not just federal law enforcement officials — who are then selling access to that data.



What does this mean for /pol/? Any website you visit with your cellphone no matter what browser or adblocking software you're using can uncover your real name and address, potentially much more.

109 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

90ef55 No.10762237

File: 111595da5d20c7a⋯.png (260.95 KB, 750x432, 125:72, thicc.png)


Sorry, had to.

7d485e No.10762252

File: 206c648a3d16fbe⋯.png (148.15 KB, 366x351, 122:117, ClipboardImage.png)

ef4ad4 No.10762768


>using modern shit on a phone

<what is a baseband modem backdoor

e6a342 No.10762775


>repeating and mixing things other people say

Wow that sounds almost exactly how humans learn

3af1d5 No.10762807


I find his reasoning solid though. Hate fucking her would validate her nastiness. Ever been a smug prick and people love you for it? That's a twisted incentive system.

File: 05640b5776c44c9⋯.jpg (65.84 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 171013104935-weinstein-sca….jpg)

6229c7 No.10762282[Reply]

88 Central Park W #4N

New York, NY 10023-5299

(203) 256-0000 - Landline

(212) 941-3951 - Landline

(212) 534-1504 - Landline

(203) 256-5900 - Landline

(203) 256-5913 - Landline

(203) 256-5920 - Landline

(203) 256-5928 - Landline

(203) 256-5931 - Landline

(203) 256-8464 - Landline

(212) 787-9447 - Landline

[email protected]

[email protected]


Shining Excalibur Pictures, Inc

375 Greenwich St New York Ny 10013

Four Top, Inc

Floornew York Ny 10022

Two Top Holdings, Inc

Flnew York Ny 10022

670456 No.10762287

>doxing a public figure

>what is a phone book

44e899 No.10762378


Kinda late to have any fun with this. He is in sex rehab

798054 No.10762490

Why would you dox a man who's life has already been completely and utterly destroyed?Our power lies in memetics and this changing people's opinions.

What more damage could we possibly do to him?

3bd8ca No.10762502


He'll flee to Europe like Polanski and leave most of those behind. The media have already condemned him beyond anything. Doxing him won't do much more damage, at best just fill his email and phone messages with spam.

60c7c4 No.10762536


>What more damage could we possibly do to him?

Well, if a natsoc anon were to [FBI REDACTED] the shit out of him, the media couldn't possibly spin it as "look how anti-semitic" because they've already told everyone he's evil.

Imagine the social effect of someone carving a star of david on his forehead with a knife.

File: 66f6af2fe91b379⋯.gif (1004.75 KB, 180x180, 1:1, 1405053622708.gif)

f63942 No.10761696[Reply]

WASHINGTON — President Trump threatened on Wednesday to use the federal government’s power to license television airwaves to target NBC in response to a report by the network’s news division that he contemplated a dramatic increase in the nation’s nuclear arsenal.

In a story aired and posted online Wednesday morning, NBC reported that Mr. Trump said during a meeting in July that he wanted what amounted to a nearly tenfold increase in the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile, stunning some members of his national security team. It was after this meeting that Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson reportedly said Mr. Trump was a “moron.”

Mr. Trump objected to the report in a series of Twitter messages over the course of the day and threatened to use the authority of the federal government to retaliate.

He repeated his complaint later in the day, when reporters arrived in the Oval Office to cover his meeting with the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau. “It’s frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write and people should look into it,” Mr. Trump said.

Asked if he favored limits on what the media can say, he answered, “No. The press should speak more honestly.”

But then late in the day, he returned to the theme of punishing media organizations. “Network news has become so partisan, distorted and fake that licenses must be challenged and, if appropriate, revoked,” Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter. “Not fair to public!”

For Mr. Trump, attacks on what he calls the “fake news” industry have been one of the primary metiers of his presidency, a way to ventilate his deep sense of grievance over news coverage of his tenure while energizing a political base that itself is largely hostile to the mainstream media. At one point, he labeled some outlets “the enemy of the American people.”

Although the networks themselves do not hold federal licenses, their individual television stations do. His threat to target NBC drew immediate concerns that he was undermining the First Amendment.

“Broadcast licenses are a public trust,” said Tom Wheeler, who until January was chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, appointed by President Barack Obama. “They’re not a political toy, which is whaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

ad9c38 No.10762374


what habbened in 2013?

37feac No.10762393


Prohibition of using USFedGov funds and resources allocated for propaganda for domestic purposes lifted.

540924 No.10762407

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



67b5a1 No.10762424

I for one doubt NBC. Not the first time they left out important details.



Pick one and only one

db3495 No.10762425

File: e6ae6e3c46781e3⋯.jpg (82.46 KB, 634x852, 317:426, 1.jpg)

f54169 No.10760410[Reply]

>Robert De Niro is good friends with sexual predator Harvey Weinstein and remained silent after a tsunami of women came forward with rape and sexual abuse accusations towards the producer.

>De Niro did however, go on a profanity-laced tirade towards President Trump at a charity fundraiser, calling him a low-life.

New York Daily News reported:

>“One of my pleasures will be keeping people off my bench who don’t deserve a view of the park like Donald Trump,” he said during a speech.

>“F–k you, Donald Trump. It’s a horror with this motherf—er.” The “Good Fellas” actor also described the President as a low life.

>De Niro who has often been pictured with old pal Harvey Weinstein admitted that they haven’t spoken since the Weinstein sex scandal imploded.

Robert De Niro is another actor whose movies will be boycotted. We don’t care about actors’ political opinions. Actors are paid to entertain. That’s it.

De Niro is just another Hollywood Communist hack who will protect his producer buddy who is a sexual predator while slamming President Trump.

Weinstein’s sexual deviance was no secret. Certainly De Niro knew about it and said nothing. Hollywood is waging the real war on women.

It’s now revealed De Niro owns Tribeca Grill, where Weinstein has acted like a pig.

TIME reports:

>The New York City born and bred duo Robert De Niro and restaurateur Drew Nieporent have made quite a culinary splash in their own backyard: the tony New York City neighborhood, TriBeCa. Their first collaboration was the Tribeca Grill, a luxe magnet for celeb seekers and gourmands alike serving clever international takes on American classics. Next came Nobu, which paired them with Nobu Matsuhisa, the JapanePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

20 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c11c6a No.10761378


DeNegro is just mad because he's got some really, and I mean REALLY, ugly kids. LOL.

39c140 No.10761547

he has a private theater in that building.

youu can also virtually register so you can get a 212 area code number. Wonder how much fishy stuff going on there? do a search for all the LLCs at that address

7b22c6 No.10761876

File: b661957dff764b4⋯.png (1.09 MB, 923x879, 923:879, dont-racemix2.png)

File: 5fd0cca6c8d7ba5⋯.jpg (419.72 KB, 989x1330, 989:1330, dont-racemix5.jpg)

7b22c6 No.10761892

Dont forget when you see a racemixer with their kid, to remark "oh, they look exactly like you!"

0edd06 No.10762092

Hates Donald "grab'em right by the pussy" Trump but has nothing to say about Weintstein.

Fucking liberal pseudo-kike.

File: 21914f9b309bc40⋯.jpg (152.15 KB, 847x1280, 847:1280, a3c95ff6fb471d5f68af54d64d….jpg)

972ce3 No.10756374[Reply]


>Why New Yorkers should vote for a constitutional convention

>I’m voting “Yes” on the Nov. 7 ballot proposal to hold a state constitutional convention (or con-con) in 2019, and I urge you to do so as well.

>Appearing like a political Brigadoon next month, the question gives New York voters a once-in-a-generation opportunity to amend the state Constitution — which requires that the con-con proposal appear on the ballot every 20 years.

Millennials, in particular, shouldn’t miss the chance to vote in favor of bringing New York’s Constitution — last completely revised in 1894 — into the 21st century.

>Voting “Yes” is a way to build a better mousetrap when it comes to curbing Albany corruption and dysfunction. (Coincidentally, 1894 was the same year that William Hooker received a US patent for his mousetrap invention.)

>Potential improvements include: reforming the election law; achieving nonpartisan redistricting; setting term limits, and mandating transparency in budget-making.

35 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

744d30 No.10760466


> Stefan Jeremiah

>I’m voting “Yes” on the Nov. 7 ballot proposal to hold a state constitutional convention (or con-con) in 2019, and I urge you to do so as well.

Never mind, I'm a faggot, I should have just read the article.


I'm not Mossad you faggot

744d30 No.10760474

File: 220b7df94bc95f5⋯.png (53.22 KB, 589x269, 589:269, 2017-10-15-160128_589x269_….png)

I'm honestly curious about what's keeping this shitrag alive

e33ff1 No.10761881


>I'm honestly curious about what's keeping this shitrag alive

The same demographic that keeps the rest of the Murdoch empire afloat.

6b1197 No.10761901


You're a dumb nigger.

c02e24 No.10761924


>13 years old


>if they win it accelerates their collapse and turns the entire state of new york into a concentration camp.

This anon actually gets it. I didn't expect that.

Ultimately this isn't really that groundbreaking. We can't change this, we can't sabotage it, and we can't affect the outcome. So really all we can do is wait on the sidelines and take advantage of the mistakes the enemy makes. That and redpilling White Americans.

File: c7a1cc5d3d1443f⋯.png (265.44 KB, 1439x1767, 1439:1767, 22556013_354121798348093_1….png)

File: 4756df19257e71d⋯.png (261.79 KB, 1439x1850, 1439:1850, 22556051_354121791681427_1….png)

832c33 No.10761745[Reply]

8chan Possibly Censoring Keywords

Started noticing this a few weeks ago. I'm not trying to slide anything. On random posts of different IDs, there are words missing. Sometimes it affects comprehension, other times it doesn't. I know other anons have noticed it because they will reply mentioning it. I'm under the suspicion there is a keyword censorship occurring. Perhaps this is from 8chan, but it could very well be from another place (mobile, ISP, who knows). There are MANY more example than just the ones I've included.

If you look you will notice that each time this occurs, the algorithm that is removing the words does not remove one of the spaces (either before or after it), resulting in a double space between the words before and after it the censored keyword.


>jews or some synonym

>those in charge

It could be a wide variety of words. I've seen anons replying and asking if the poster was referring to jews or not. I'm not sure why this would happen but unless MULTIPLE posters with different IDs are somehow making the SAME typing mistake in the SAME sorts of contexts, then I might be on to something.

In an attempt to figure out which words are being censored we could try posting a blurb of text with them in it to narrow it down. I suspect it is more than one word being targeted. I have also noticed this to occur more often in larger paragraphs (perhaps not to arouse as much suspicion) but I am not sure.

Has anyone else seen this occur and been suspicious or am I an absolute autist?

66 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1e41ec No.10762148


This happens to me too. It's some glitch on mobile or ouroboros where the three parentheses show up blank.

d851bc No.10762195


>didn't read the FAQ

>doesn't know how to check a board's wordfilters

>continues to be ignorant and gay



b0a72f No.10762460


>This whole thread is about a guy who noticed people sometimes press spacebar twice on accident

I always double space after periods, and I use Oxford Commas. Such is life.

09627d No.10763313


>I use Oxford Commas


>I always double space after periods


88b082 No.10763670


codemonkey eating words with hungry jscript that can't keep up with typing?


I'll see your invisible separator and raise you a zero width space



sage for a nothingburger with fries.

File: 72e55cf7b02ce41⋯.jpg (44.9 KB, 200x278, 100:139, Kenneth Rogoff Jewish.jpg)

e5d094 No.10742771[Reply]

Diversity for the goy, makes the Jew filled with joy.


>Professor of Economics at Harvard University

>Rogoff grew up in Rochester, New York

Probability of being Jew = 70%

>Rogoff served as an economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Probability of being Jew = 99%

>2004: Council on Foreign Relations

Probability of being Jew = 99.999999999999991000%

>Wikipedia American Jews

Probability of being Jew = 100%

85 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9d3bff No.10761581


They have already done it. Jews are so far ahead of us it's almost impossible for us to win. They have halfbreeds everywhere. I see nigger jews everywhere, also nigger spics. Asian jews are just more difficult to identify.

9d3bff No.10761582


*Jew spics

1ff4d2 No.10761767


Japanese do have werid fetishes for blacks though

1ff4d2 No.10761775


Only in Tokyo

91dddf No.10761893

File: a1e3205ef0481e3⋯.mp4 (14.66 MB, 352x240, 22:15, Tokyo Breakfast.mp4)



The nigger was just delivering a case of 40s and mom decided to let him have some tea. vid related

File: 9b5a0e7d0a13d8f⋯.jpg (174.2 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 2.jpg)

File: 0c907bbff400d1a⋯.jpg (57.59 KB, 528x960, 11:20, 3.jpg)

File: 1d7a360283314bb⋯.jpg (77.1 KB, 528x960, 11:20, 4.jpg)

File: d9639d7a93dcbeb⋯.jpg (52.7 KB, 430x719, 430:719, 13434924_1199942016705788_….jpg)

fa7df9 No.10701427[Reply]

I'm back for posting photos of enemy gangs who deal drugs, please report to DEA OR ICE or local police counties within the best of your abilities.

119 posts and 47 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

53fef1 No.10757080

So I went on facebook just now and searched public posts for "dat loud" and I'm seeing plenty of people posting their weed. Oh man tonight's gonna be fun

53fef1 No.10757084

File: 3848851a015cd32⋯.png (590 KB, 1005x518, 1005:518, loud.PNG)

Oh look, a drug transaction

1f2b69 No.10757109


The weed culture in Canada is completely different, not to mention all the rural growops and personal growers spread out around the whole country

99ae43 No.10757830



seriously good job looking for drug dealers guys im just thinking are you people serious about catching criminals or did OP get burned buying DRUGS FROM NIGGERS AND SPICS ? relaxed ?

b14078 No.10761870


He is, and he goes by the name James Paul Vonhelton. He took on the cartels back in the 80’s, and even saved women from human trafficking. He’s retired now, but this guy really was a true bad ass.

File: 07379c30208ee32⋯.jpg (51.92 KB, 380x621, 380:621, sobib.jpg)

9f9d7f No.10603907[Reply]

Secret Order of Brother's in Blood

I need your help. The secret order of brothers in blood seems to be a order of freemasonry that controls the shriners/order of jesters and is behind the blackmailing of politicians.

I am finding precious little info on this subject.

299 posts and 125 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

77cf7f No.10730115

File: 9a180e58d299e4c⋯.jpg (135.13 KB, 344x669, 344:669, IMG_20170930_235533.jpg)

A Bump Card

797f4e No.10741275


815257 No.10761346

isn't the jesters Hawaiian?

71dc93 No.10761670


terry, is that you? don't let the cianiggers get to okay?

bf92f4 No.10761821


Have any of you even bothered googling the patches? I have yet to find a single one that actual has the masonic logo on it. Some retard just photoshopped them in

File: e7bd094c6f14401⋯.jpg (52.01 KB, 600x534, 100:89, 1470941283073.jpg)

228a1f No.10756546[Reply]

So I was thinking about memetic warfare on the fags.

We could start by informing the muslim people how the lgbtbbq movement is just an attempt by the evil white people to assimilate them into their own ranks and leave their religion and identity behind and stray them away from the path of God.

How so called muslims calling for tolerance of the homos have been corrupted by satan and his lies, how the devil deceives you with honeyed words and temptations and how many have fallen for it.

How trump is unknowingly doing Gods work with his gay conversion therapy program and the people "behind it all" are angry at him for this reason. (maybe skip this for now or it might be too obvious).

Other similar ideas are welcome.

31 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c2c7db No.10760476

File: c9e1baac85b2db2⋯.webm (4.41 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, GayAidsBlood.webm)


Gays allowed to adopt children in some states and with that have the ability to pervert and corrupt little children who will go on to do the same thing. That is an insane amount of power.

460dc2 No.10760571


Out the pedophiles among them. Gays have been engaging in and covering up pedophilia for decades. The Weinstein thing gives a big opening to start taking down the Hollywood pedos, a lot of those pedos will be gay. Get them and you get the LA/Hollywood and show business fags that have been covering it all up. All that gets you to NYC, which opens up attack vectors to theater, music, and politics. Then we get to Washington DC.

e235d2 No.10760626

File: 57640dba37b566f⋯.png (1.74 MB, 2550x3468, 25:34, sheeeit.png)

875c2c No.10761701


Not bad. He definitely should be shot.

But then I do wonder just how powerful he actually is. Does he have the power to choose who runs in elections and who wins? I think not.

But good job anyway.


>So long as you don't know the victim they'll have no real chance of placing you on a list of suspects unless you leave behind physical evidence

Want to put that theory to the test? Be my guest.

And if you want to kill someone, kill someone important like (((Gerald Levin))) and if you really want to smoke a fag instead of a Jew, kill James Alefantis.


>so there are faggots with power, many of which are also kikes

True, however they're Jews first and gay second. There is no international homosexual organization that controls mass media organizations. But there ARE Jewish ones.

And I suspect that if it came down to gay rights or Jewish supremacy (either or) the gay Jews would just bite the bullet and consign their behavior to the closet… but they needn't worry about that because Jews love degeneracy anyway.

The point is that Jews aren't powerful because they're Jews. Being jewish isn't magical. They aren't super-human by any means. Jews are powerful because Jews are ethnocentric and therefore are a part of an international community and they back each other up and help each other out when taking over corporations and systems. Gays aren't. Gays are just mentally deranged individuals without an international community to back them up. And even if they did have one, honestly I doubt they'd be able to accomplish much anyway. Every gay I know is undisciplined and just… off mentally. Jews are natural predators who understand ruling from the shadows. Gays tend to bePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

875c2c No.10761703



>it might well save the town by dissuading them from moving more in

That's small thinking. Think bigger. Think in 3d.

Let's say you're right and the government doesn't force integrate the town anyway. By saving the town from the effects of Mestizo gangs, you have also put a stop to a valuable education for young Whites. They can happily continue supporting more diversity for other (White) communities.

You're thinking in terms of a reactionary, not a revolutionary. Let us recall Von Brunn.Von Brunn knew that the Jews, through their control of the media industry & banking institutions, control the US government. He KNEW this. So he should have known how to take down the System. But for whatever reason, Brunn ceased thinking like a revolutionary and began thinking like a reactionary. He shot up a fucking Holocaust museum.

I honestly do not understand why he decided to do this. It makes so little sense that I get annoyed even thinking about it. A revolutionary does not waste his time, his money, and his life attacking the irrelevant or the powerless. Instead, he uses the minimal amount of force against the most important targets. If you want a revolution, you don't attack a police cab.

In fact, one needn't even kill anyone to start a race war. A dozen dedicated nationalists could shut down a major city by blowing up or sabotaging the electronic substations around it, making fake bomb threats against bridges, or launching mortars at the airports randomly.

Think in 3D

>a war we are all be assured to win.

Whose this "we"? Not /pol/

/pol/ isn't an organization. Organizations win wars, not individuals. I'll get banned if I say nice things about the alt-right because the Mods, in their supreme wisdom don't want certain things discussed. Thought crime is as illegal here as it is in Germany. However, the alt-right is in a bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: d8c611477245639⋯.png (216.76 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1200px-Mossad_seal.svg.png)

File: 2496dfbfb8c9e74⋯.jpg (40.7 KB, 620x452, 155:113, 59737.jpg)

File: eb6a62bd80b59e7⋯.jpg (153.72 KB, 854x626, 427:313, eigenbrakel_38.jpg)

8c6426 No.10760895[Reply]

Famous Belgian lawyer says he knows who is behind the Brabant Killers

For who doesn't know, the Bende van Nijvel, internationally known as the Brabant Killers, is a gang that spread terror between 1982 and 1985. At least 28 people died at their hands, they attacked people, robbed shops and jacked cars on a massive scale. The media and at the time centrist/leftist government labeled the gang as 'right wing extremist', thus pushing for more severe governmental control over citizens. More 'safety' regulations etc.

However, the government tried to block any investigation. They allowed an investigation but (((suddenly))) forced the investigators to stop investigating. Os­tro­vs­ky, a self-hating jew who once joined the Mossad but was later fired, claimed that the gang had ties with Mossad. He claimed that the Mossad advised the gang to rob a weapon depot of the CCC (a radical communist militia) after the gang was rolled up by police for terrorist activities etc. Also according to Ostrovsky, some of the gang members fled to Israel with aid of the Mossad.

Guy Bouten, who researched this gang for many years, claims that the gang is 'the visible part of a much larger underground network with ties to both the CIA and the Mossad'. He too claimed that the government at the time used controlled gangs to terrorize their own people in order to impose an Orwellian state.

Now the best of all:

>Famous Belgian Lawyer claims he knows who is behind the gang

Jef Vermassen, lawyer, will soon say who, according to him, was behind the gang. He points at State Security, Groep Diane (Group Diana, a team of police researchers who investigated the gangs activities) and the administration of the time. He also stated that 'some people' try to keep the truth away from the masses as much as possible.

Hopefully he will name the Jew as this would cause a massive shock in Western Europe, especially in Belgium. Israel, as well as our leftist/centrist parties might lose a lot of support.

http://www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/dmf20171015_03132479Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

8c6426 No.10761042


In an interview he said 'I will probably get problems because of this, but I dont care'

He also said that Freddy, a researcher in the case, was unable to futher research the case in 1992. According to Vermassen, Freddy trusted him and told him 'Now comes the hardes part, now I will have to go after the guys on top'

bef171 No.10761062


Godspeed my dutch brothers.

If you manage to start the crusade against the kikes i will never make a joke about dutch football ever again.

Lets hope that Vermassen will live and deliver.

058086 No.10761068


we'll let our northern neighbors know you like them

8c6426 No.10761149


Vermassen is Belgian, however, since he is Flemish and the Flemish people is just the seperated part of the Dutch, you could consider him to be 'Dutch' in a way

Dietsland boven

e6f24e No.10761632

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