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File: 156f5c5df285c06⋯.jpeg (46.58 KB, 695x393, 695:393, Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at….jpeg)

cdad40  No.13156874[Reply]

Chemical warfare and politics thread

Here's a guide to fumigating cockroaches in minecraft:

An intro in how to safely make the nerve agent VX:



1. For something so deadly, the two components that are combined to make it are surprisingly safe. One of them is called O-(2-diisopropylaminoethyl) O′-ethyl methylphosphonite (aka QL). QL is very close to non-toxic.

2. It is the addition of sulfur that makes VX so poisonous. In a bomb, sulfur and QL are kept in separate compartments, and when detonated, the two mix and the bomb provides the heat necessary to drive the chemical reaction.


1. Place two barrels near a ventilation shaft

2. Attach both barrels to a reaction chamber

3. Let the contents empty into the reaction chamber and heat the reaction chamber with a bunsen burner

4. Let the VX gas exit into the ventilation system using a small fan to blow it in the right direction so it reaches the minecraft (((cockroaches)))

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aa30ed  No.13157644


crispr vx watermelons

a6a445  No.13157724


Ban organ donation and blood transfusions, problem solved.

9ad082  No.13158581

Tell me more, mr agent!

d5ce9d  No.13163630


d5ce9d  No.13171999

bump for teh lulz

File: 5d28f5a00511251⋯.png (5.88 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download.png)

9933b5  No.11699120[Reply]

This thread is for all political related infosec, opsec and war information.

Posting links to vital opsec websites to start so the rest of the thread and 8chins is safer.




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ba4a25  No.13151077

Bumping for importance.

2752dd  No.13151090


>post 9/11

don't you mean post 1970

3e13a3  No.13157856

dont die

000000  No.13158866


Make it obvious that you're not going to do shit. You're not a spook, you're not a whistleblower, you're not your brother. They'll likely leave you alone as long as they know that you're not going to try anything stupid. You just have to convince your parents to drop everything too. I realize that it sounds hard to let this thing go, but look what they did to your brother. They know he didn't give you and REAL evidence or information, so they're just showing you what could (and probably would) happen if you just don't shut up. Just forget about it and stay away from whatever the fuck your brother unfortunately got himself wrapped up in.

d8f563  No.13171997


File: df8ec6954d93c20⋯.png (154.39 KB, 500x683, 500:683, df8.png)

e5ae4a  No.13171819[Reply]

I mean. even if it was a complete accident, they still (almost completely) burned down a thousand year old cathedral. why shouldn't they get 20 years in the electric chair?

That being said, why am I not hearing anything about an investigation into how the fire started and who the people responsible are? (and what will happen to them when they're found?)

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

be9b80  No.13171850


26ece3  No.13171904

File: a2c7a97f7b33e2b⋯.jpg (22.89 KB, 600x314, 300:157, V48leaYS.jpg)

Only white phosphorus produce yellow fume when burn.

e705a1  No.13171908


Fire can’t melt old growth wood beams

0f1402  No.13171982

5e2ed7  No.13171992

Catholic churches, mosques and synagogues are having problems these days. Protestant and Orthodox churches seem ok - most likely because they are state religions of the US & Russia respectively. Just when you thought religious wars were over they keep it going through proxies just like other wars.

File: 0f041e1f56c9a80⋯.jpg (95.37 KB, 800x770, 80:77, flat,800x800,075,f.u1-1.jpg)

b1af10  No.13171957[Reply]

I once made a thread like this on cuckchan, and that only led to a discord that just faded away. However, I figure you faggots would have better results - we should make a clickbait top 10 channel that occasionally sneaks redpills in, like how the Holocaust never happened, or how niggers commit 52% of crime despite being 13% of the population.

b1af10  No.13171962

However, it must be noted that the redpills have to be evenly distributed so the (((algorithm))) doesn't go apeshit.

1ecc1a  No.13171991

Just pretend to be an sjw and show people the truth by manifesting its opposite.

Because if these mongs didn’t exist it would be necessary to invent them.

eg: How do we know trannyfaggots are sick, deranged fucks? They show us.

How do we know niggers are niggers? By paying attention to them.

How do we know the jew is hiv? Because thats how they behave.

In other words push their narrative to the point people can point and laugh at it.

Strip it of the veneer of reason, what remains of it.

Bonus points for doing it in the most shrill, irrational and alien way possible.

File: 52b9b49e96461d3⋯.png (8.22 KB, 383x375, 383:375, Earth eras.png)

File: bc0be3e11e2db28⋯.jpg (17.1 KB, 720x405, 16:9, It don't matter.jpg)

File: b769738e35f900c⋯.gif (2.73 MB, 240x135, 16:9, Lahey Drunk.gif)

857b74  No.13155545[Reply]

At this point, I treat what's happening to Whites as a selective pressure for ruthlessness and aggression. If we cannot adapt to these pressures, we don't deserve to live.

Looking at the geological time scale, it would seem to me that Whites are most likely going to be the first Human victims of the sixth mass extinction. The good news is that Humanity will follow us into oblivion, as the planet becomes uninhabitable due to the ecological destruction non-Whites will wreak upon this godforsaken rock.

Hell, what's even the point of saving Western Civilization, as all it is rise, decline, and fall.?This cycle will just repeat until non-Whites finally adapt and finish us off.

Just looking at the geological timescale is a black/honkpill. It proves to you how much nothing matters in the end.

65 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ac01b3  No.13171857

File: 60389e85acc1a86⋯.jpg (363.5 KB, 1024x698, 512:349, little-niggers.jpg)


let's loosen up on those restrictions.

maybe this could this explain, why there are no white ants species as they naturally gave up, just kill us all, but make it quick.

only niggers and chinks then survived as they are soulless killers?

9702a4  No.13171862


>Has anyone embraced nihlism?

There's no point in doing that.

c2580f  No.13171867



t. nihilist

4b17d8  No.13171920


>Hell, what's even the point of saving Western Civilization, as all it is rise, decline, and fall.?This cycle will just repeat until non-Whites finally adapt and finish us off.

Whats the point in caring for your children? If you dont get it by now then we dont need you.

>Just looking at the geological timescale is a black/honkpill. It proves to you how much nothing matters in the end.

Pre Nihilism: Childhood.

Nihilism: Angsty teenaged doomer. you are here

Post Nihilism: Maturity.


913879  No.13171990


Based and honkpilled.

Blogpost incoming about my experiences with nihilism and what came after it.

I am still moderately depressed after years of nihilism. I was a nihilist for many years, but only after I started to look for meaning, I started feeling depressed. Unironically, Jordan B. Peterson helped me out of it, as his lectures gave me renewed sense of what purpose actually is, and that it is attainable. Although he also estranged me even more from the mainstream society, it was more like opening my eyes to this twisted society ruled by political correctness and fear. I was a regular 4cuck lurker for years before that, and only via coincidence I found this place. It was when our saint shitposted IRL that I fully awoke to the honkpill. It really changed something deep inside of me. I burst into random laughter multiple times a day for at least a week. Even my way of laughing changed, it seems alien to me, somewhat hollow and forced, but I take everything much less serious now, and laugh more frequently. I think that my mental transformation sparked by recent events is still ongoing, but I have no idea where it will lead me. It feels like I am becoming more myself.

>inb4 lurk for 2 years and don't blogpost

At least I don't reddit-space.

File: 71379c97661ea82⋯.jpg (51.03 KB, 600x450, 4:3, holocaust.jpg)

a255f3  No.13171690[Reply]

Bare with me boys please this is important:

In order to secure the existence of Western values and traditions we must destroy the narrative of the holocaust.

Think about how many beliefs are being trampled with due to the narrative of the Holocaust.

>We must bring in migrants because closed borders leads to Hitler-Holocaust

>We can't have traditional marriage because Hitler/Holocaust

>Making America Great again? Hello! Hello! Holocaust!!!

>Christianity? Holocaust

>Israel can bomb kill bunch of kids because Holocaust

>Sexual dimorphism leads to Hilter/Holocaust

>No Absolute Truth and everything is relative because Hitler and 6 million

And finally (here is the most appalling)

>You can't use logic because Logic is the reason why Hitler "gassed" 6 million jews

This is our "original sin" that we must bare for the rest of our lives. We can't defend or preserve anything due to this Narrative.

This is not an "Historical event" that our society tries to tell us but an Ideological TYRANNY. LITERALLY You can't speak about it just accept it as the way it is OR ELSE you go to jail and get your life ruined or killed. We can't think anything else in fact we must devolve back into low IQ priamtes and indulge in porn, junk food and buy useless shit made with cheap materials.

Our pop culture, our music, our movies, our art! It's all based on the narrative of:

>We can't have good things because 6million and Holocaust

Forget about the Faustian spirit, Forget about climbing the mind ladder and reaching to the mount Olympus and having a sit down with the Gods

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
22 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f9a351  No.13171944

I don't know how to start a board, but y'all need to start a board with this. These fucking people are SICK - anyone who associates with these people is just as guilty as they are. Fuck their money and their "language mastery"


f9a351  No.13171949

File: 59259a138e112c1⋯.jpg (567.81 KB, 678x2616, 113:436, FireShot Capture 047 - Two….jpg)

It's got pictures of them prominently right on the front to. How could you NOT hate these ppl and want to exterminate them? That's not saying that I believe that the holocaust really happened. But even if it did, why wouldn't it be a good thing? Just look at these freaks!!

6bc985  No.13171969

We should make a clickbait top 10 channel that occasionally sneaks redpills in, like how the Holocaust never happened, or how niggers commit 52% of crime despite being 13% of the population.

febccc  No.13171976


It's never about the act itself, but about all the other crimes hiding behind it. Like all the bolshevik and British crimes were blamed on Germany because of it, not to mention that the actual murder of jews under German imprisonment was committed by the global jewry calling for a strike against Germans food supplies, thereby willingly sacrificing their own kin to starvation, disease and death.

04b3d8  No.13171989

I'm with you OP. I propose the strongest weapon: humor. We need to turn the 6 gorrillion into a joke (because it is).

File: 8da838dabc63889⋯.jpeg (92.59 KB, 573x500, 573:500, monero.jpeg)

8f7199  No.13167787[Reply]

>First of I consider myself a reactionary not a fascist or NS.

Our societes have reached a point of no return where the NPC's are a majority. They are so confy in their glass palace that would rather die than change their lifestyle. They will never accept most of the topics in /pol/ and will chimp out if confronted. This critical mass of retards will explode sooner or later and there´s absolutely nothing that can be done to prevent it.

They control education, government, media and money. We are slaves of their narrative. Any form of lone wolf type bullshit will end up in you beeing killed or thrown to prison for life .

The only solution that comes to my mind from an individualistic perspective is:

1) Emigrate to a decent country where most of the people are white and hasn´t yet received tons of Allahuakbars.

2) Overthrow some african government and create a new country.


Buy land somewhere and stablish a self sufficient community.

Is this idea feasible or am I beeing a dellusional for not realizing we would sink with the rest of society?

23 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b9d6b8  No.13168504

>We lost lets go run and hide

As you pointed out, I findmyself surrounded by NPCs. And you're one of them. The answer is to kill all of you, or simply remove the safety nets of society so the weak die pitifully as God intended. You should take the first step and kill yourself immediately.

ec814c  No.13168923


Nah hes no shill. Youre lying that the cataloging poster is a shill.

Shills and kikes have been posting on 8fucked since the exodus.

d91af8  No.13168943



Shut up you anti-white kike

43ef6b  No.13170559

You fucks couldn’t even make a white timeshare.

170cc8  No.13171988

File: d5177816fbac1fd⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 2500x2500, 1:1, 1504820691784.jpg)


A significant proportion of European peoples are already sympathetic to the implementation of policies towards our racial self-preservation, despite a non-stop cradle to grave propaganda stream directed at stigmatizing such feelings. Our fundamental problem is not lack of land or a state, but one of coordination and communication. If we had a way of communicating with like-minded people, we could simply organize a boycott to bring the entire kike system down. This is where we must start, creating our own system of information distribution, communications, media and fundraising. Nothing is possible as long as no two Europeans can communicate or exchange anything without a kike intermediary.

File: 8c3e103078b59a0⋯.jpg (112.02 KB, 799x511, 799:511, art 40.jpg)

File: af1c2bfac340a53⋯.jpg (629.06 KB, 2500x1870, 250:187, art 22.jpg)

cf8037  No.13165842[Reply]




>Government school officials in California think it is “really important” to teach children about pedophilia and pederasty in the classroom because it is a “sexual orientation.” That is according to a top official for California's Brea Olinda School District, who admitted to parents that it was being done — and that it would continue, despite the outrage. The implications are mind-blowing.

>“This is done because we are talking about historical perspectives of how gender relations and different types of sexual orientations have existed in history,” said BOUSD Assistant Superintendent of Curricula Kerrie Torres in a matter-of-fact way, sounding almost oblivious to how the bombshell might sound to normal people.

>Consider: With “sexual orientation” increasingly becoming a legally protected category across almost half of the states already — with Congress working on it too — the implications of defining pedophilia and pederasty as such are hard to overstate. For instance, in California, “discrimination” based on “sexual orientation” is prohibited. If pedophiles simply have a different “sexual orientation,” does that mean schools are required to hire them?

44 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ce2991  No.13171627

Stupid Muslim propaganda.

Muzzies are stupid.

Get smart.

474207  No.13171634

File: 3eb6429dbcbed31⋯.jpg (130.3 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, spongebob.jpg)


>TeH SliPerY sLoPE iS a FalLacY!1!!1!


474207  No.13171638


>wasting good brass and lead

I would say stab, but I'm even sure they would be worth the energy used to shank them, but it must be done, nonetheless.

5bc5d4  No.13171849




These people using goddamned semantics to try to justify, rationalize, or otherwise candy-coat paedophilia to make it into something it plainly is not (to verbally change the commonly understood meaning of the word into something else so as to attempt reparation and amelioration of the character and social judgement of paedophiles) is absolutely sickening.

I was preyed upon when I was young, not even in my teens when it started. I was lucky to have most of it be done virtually, and not in person. It started when I was about 8.5 years old, and I discovered pornography. I was very intrigued by it, fascinated, even. I explored the online world of pornography as much as I could, and ended up seeing some extremely sick material and communicated with even sicker individuals. Using P2P software of the time, in the 90’s, I downloaded all sorts of porn, and was even exposed to the depravity of such things as bestiality, rape (not simulated rape, *real* recorded rape), as well as, ultimately, child porn. I was just a child myself, and rationalized it as being ok because I was just interested in girls my own age or a bit older - I knew on some level it was deeply wrong but I was not mentally developed enough to understand it fully and control my urges.

The girls I saw were very attractive; the male mind is ‘designed’ to seek fertility (and consequently youth), to find it highly sexually arousing. But I saw the most horrid things that I feel have scarred me forever, the coercion and force used in many of these videos (though not all) was very obvious, violence being not uncommon. It does become an addiction, especially when exposed so young.

Yes, hebephilia and paedophilia are different things, sure. Also, yes, the word paedophilia does literally mean ‘child-love’, and no one who truly ‘loves’ a child or children woulPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

8979a5  No.13171973


File: aac5d9151e4e204⋯.jpg (103.77 KB, 720x480, 3:2, inside_dissection_2.jpg)

db1617  No.13166297[Reply]

Scientists dissect 42,000 year old extinct male foal preserved in permafrost for cloning bid


The video - shown here - highlights the moment the best preserved Ice age animal ever found was dissected in the name of science.

It was during this laboratory autopsy that they discovery of liquid blood in the baby horse, boosting hopes of cloning the extinct Lenskaya horse species back to life and paving the way for a similar attempt with the woolly mammoth.

The blood is believed to be the oldest ever found, as reported here yesterday.

Now we can reveal that during this groundbreaking procedure scientists also found urine intact in the prehistoric foal - but sadly failed to discover any mother’s milk in the animal which drowned aged less than two weeks old some 42,000 years ago.

The experts in a laboratory in Yakutsk are dissecting the ancient foal in an attempt to obtain cells which can be used in a cloning bid.


34 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

75ac9a  No.13171632


This is what I love about Russia and other East Asian nations. Countries that say fuck off to leftist principles that obstruct scientific advancement. There are leftists/eco-fascists that will protest these scientists for learning about ancient animals for potential cloning. The US, I have no doubt, does this - but will never let it population know about it. These mentioned nations are proud to share their discoveries. The future lies in East Asia and Russia. While the West welcomes in the primitive desert "religion of piss" to destroy their societies, Asian nations advance toward to the future.

>China btfos the muslims

>Russia doesn't fuck around

>Japan and South Korea an ethnostates

>Absolute ZERO political correctness

Sounds like paradise

09cc52  No.13171808


If it can survive now, it's fine.

40fce7  No.13171827


a5e955  No.13171852


Impressive what nations can achieve if they aren't being subverted by kikes, right?

This lesser races are able to come this far only with the scientific ground work our nations providem them with. Now imagine were we would stand now without cancerous kikes. The answer is probably not on planet earth.

17475d  No.13171927


they also have no ethics and create abominations

retards like you who have a mad scientist fantasy will kill the world if the kikes don't do it first

File: ca7eff354fb5fbb⋯.jpeg (130.13 KB, 1119x716, 1119:716, viking funeral.jpeg)

dd7968  No.13161152[Reply]

Traditionalists have a few problems. One is the triumph of liberal-egalitarian democracy. Another is the death of God, underlined and punctuated most succinctly by Nietzsche in his seminal work, "Thus spoke Zarathustra". Finally, most vexing of all- what to do in the face of these and other, lesser struggles? The paths ahead are near infinite, and, like a slave, the moment one breaks from the chains of establishment rhetoric and the highly artificial, cultivated mainstream opinions, this freedom itself can seem oppressive- it overwhelms the senses, and petrifies the body, which, wanting so desperately to sprint in the opposite direction of the plantations, finds itself anchored to the spot by uncertainty. In this writing, I shall first set the stage by explaining in detail the nature of our problems. I shall then rebuke which pathways are merely a retreading of the same tired problem- finally, I shall discuss what is necessary in order for a real, substantive change of any effect in magnitude, that is not only viable, but demonstrably worthy of supporting. And this will not necessarily be limited to one choice.

73 posts and 30 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c17460  No.13171471


in anarchy you can see the freedom promised by democracy without the ridiculous bureaucracy of fascism

ec135a  No.13171490


no. I meant it is its own color like black or white or yellow.

45a61e  No.13171642


>I agree - the point of the obfuscation that I mentioned is not to keep out potential adherents, but to keep out people who have no interest in being adherents in the first place, and who only would become involved for some superficial reason.

I'd actually disagree on that. Those that follow for superficial reasons are going to be the vast majority of people. It's why fascist movements had such a focus on aesthetic principles. Don't give the average person so much credit. Most people are uninterested in the larger picture unless there is something that ties them to the larger movement. One of my greatest regrets on /pol/ is that the BO allowed the "Trump train" to continue along even though we had effectively hijacked the movement. There was a point that he represented us, not the other way around. That ended. It doesn't matter if we hijack something if it leads to the same destination.

How do we do this? We actually used to understand this concept really well before cuckchan got rekt. Tie together everything we want, a legitimately good society. Not exactly what our whims dictate but something that brings together the mundane wish for financial stability with the higher goal (that many don't even realize they want), like a racially European state for them. Hitler was amazing at this:

>Hey, look at how awful things are


>Here's how we do it better


>These are the people that made it this way

It's a simple path, working uphill through the hierarchy of needs.

The secret club mentality is only useful in the directional sense, ie: we keep normies out so everything that filters out is pure. Clean water from uphill washes away impurities at the lower levels. They want to pollute our platform so everything that runs downstream is either not enough to preserve cleanliness, or is already polluted.

Further, the "everything new" mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

ae7051  No.13171712

this thread is like a little golden age within /pol/'s post-2015 kali yuga, thank you anons

48e16a  No.13171919

File: 5ddec528208eb39⋯.jpg (236.74 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, bane for you.jpg)


What do you think needs to be done in order to reignite the fire?

File: fca7a84f2e00523⋯.jpg (29.88 KB, 852x480, 71:40, Seattle.jpg)

feae92  No.13032160[Reply]





After the (((Social Democrats))) took over the city council (Somalian Muslims, women, opportunity hires et. al.) A formerly beautiful and clean city with a rich Scandinavian culture (and largely white/asian population) looks like a fucking warzone.

There's a long history attached to this. An anti-police sentiment caught on after the Battle for Seattle/WTO Riots. Ever since then, things have been ratcheting up.

Walk around outside now and it smells like piss.

244 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5c84a1  No.13171587

File: 9d1e70f7b875503⋯.jpg (12.67 KB, 310x165, 62:33, Clown-310x165.jpg)


It also takes a line of coke.

9551a4  No.13171589


Checked, also one little tsunami and Washington is purged forever

9551a4  No.13171598


Pizza-eating faggot…

13e3d6  No.13171876


Do it and don't waste your time being bitter. Just move on out. I did and I'm in a far better place that's 98.5% white and I'm happy here in a much nicer home I paid cash for with lots of cash in the bank, almost half a million.

You'll wonder why you wasted your time on the coast. It stopped being cool around oh…64 or 65. The drug culture ruined it.

And they're not talking about it but Fukushima is releasing 300,000 tons of radioactive water into the Pacific every day. The N. Pacific is fucked. All the starfish on the west coast just disintegrated and nobody is saying why.. Gee…I wonder.

13e3d6  No.13171880


It's like the German army retreating after the Battle of Kursk.


File: 3d69e9d4b4d40a5⋯.pdf (1.04 MB, LE GRAND REMPLACEMENT.pdf)

File: 471cd4a9ec243aa⋯.pdf (586.24 KB, Великото заместване.pdf)

File: 76e95c15fbed8ff⋯.jpeg (10.46 KB, 282x179, 282:179, CANTSTOPWONTSTOP.jpeg)

82929e  No.13007698[Reply]

We have 3 languages already:


And we have German and Dutch translations on the way. Please, spread these everywhere you can. The entire world needs the fire of Brenton Tarrant ignited inside of them.

Also, if you are translating into another language, please drop the PDF in the designated thread found on my board and I will ensure that I archive it and distribute it properly. And a big round of applause for all Anons involved so far.

We march ever forwards!


BO of >>>/translation/

P.S. The Russian can be found on >>>/translation/, but unfortunately I can't upload it here.

425 posts and 81 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ea2342  No.13166333


> that means that Islamic nations are much more aware of this then our own people.

im so sick of being alive

071335  No.13166345


as well as jews know meinkapf better than non-jews because is school program

ea2342  No.13166350


>as well as jews know meinkapf better than non-jews because is school program

stop it

9b8635  No.13169700

File: 143a316b405c9c1⋯.jpg (46.32 KB, 350x350, 1:1, BEST girl.jpg)


I'm not memeing man It's the real full translation although from pages 1-6 are the translator bullshit opinion the actual translated text starts from page 6 to the end

08a6e4  No.13171848

File: 36a2d1d5a6c9951⋯.png (2.69 KB, 73x131, 73:131, ClipboardImage.png)

The Polish version has been finished, now we're only checking for mistakes. Will post it here in a matter of hours.

File: e0077b5d9862e11⋯.jpg (33.53 KB, 403x392, 403:392, Red Anon classy.jpg)

1f3e0e  No.13106659[Reply]

It's commonly said that Jews deserve to rule over whites because their average IQ is 115. But whenever you have IQ threads on here or cuckchan by far the most commonly reported IQ range is 120-130 and a lot of those reports are from anons who have been professionally tested like me(I got 139). If the average anon IQ really is greater or equal to 120 then would that make us the most genetically superior cultural group on Earth? I can't think of any other large cultural group on Earth with tens of millions of members. By that logic then wouldn't we have the right to rule over the world instead of the Jews?

109 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6eaa26  No.13171783

File: 27f05d5beb07165⋯.png (894.66 KB, 1200x682, 600:341, qmtlk.png)

before 2010 > 120

now < 105

c02ed5  No.13171793


y-you're lying ToT

cde153  No.13171812

>OP (1)

<sage and gay

6b5938  No.13171847


Yes, Jews are the physical incarnation of artificial difficulty, they cheat at all basic parameters, but are unable to form more complex meta-strategies. You have surrounded my worlds with heavy fleets? Too bad I have invested all my research points into planetary defenses and faster engines, allowing me to perform hit and run tactics while making invasions very resource costly.

002b35  No.13171909

Our ennemies are high IQ jews with strong psychopaty and manipulative personnalities. Their IQ is similar to that of the average /pol/ack. Jews have an average IQ around 100, not 115, even for Askhenazies. Only some Asian people and Germanic / Northern whites have high averages up to 110.


File: eb5f979b821d565⋯.png (716.02 KB, 4893x2000, 4893:2000, Neo-Rexist Party.png)

3fc77c  No.13064660[Reply]

Many of you believe the movement needs a name and while remaining true to the FÜHRER and his teachings, should abandon more overt references to him and the NSDAP, at least until we have gained a foothold.

Therefore, I propose our movement brand itself as the New, or Neo-Rexist Party - Marching under the banner of the crown and black sun. A banner with a true and honorable European legacy yet without the baggage of the NSDAP.


52 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ccf014  No.13171169

If you guys want a better name I suggest we call ourselves the meme party or the /pol/ party.

I think if we called ourselves the meme party and started having people actually sacrificing themselves for the cause it would grow like wildfire and we'd soon have our nations under /pol/ doctrine very quick.

9c4fe6  No.13171194


Don't the nsdap and monarchy contradict one another?

b7738e  No.13171208

>the image is a rape analogy

Fuck off nigger, you will never be white.

b5b668  No.13171219

>mods deleted posts ITT they didnlt like so the christcuck shills can have an easier time trying to convince newfags that we should accept inbred half jews ruling over us with an iron fist

check the wayback machine and archive.is of this thread, mods are deleting posts

3c35e4  No.13171845


All the white nations have similar culture and history and if they were united we would take over the world

File: 163983177360c62⋯.jpg (258.95 KB, 2048x3072, 2:3, 1553045393025.jpg)

4325a9  No.13066279[Reply]

Hey NatSocs out there, I'm currently a fascist and was wanting to learn more about National Socialism, care to help me out? What are the main ideologies and such? How would the economy work? What would our government look like? Etc etc

120 posts and 25 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a6fe79  No.13156765


Why not both?

346ca6  No.13156790



>That’s a nigger lover.

Maybe not a nigger lover but that's a shitty photoshop job.

337b3d  No.13156799

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here you go nibba.

1f5db9  No.13166592

File: ed5968d0e3f3de8⋯.jpeg (31.06 KB, 620x349, 620:349, download (1).jpeg)

00b20b  No.13171841

How about reading or audiobook mein kampf

written by a man the jews told you so much about

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