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File: 58dea7690f3ed4c⋯.jpeg (443 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 04FD298C-10E3-416F-AB4B-A….jpeg)

a57242  No.12521332[Reply]

Why are lefties so obsessed with space exploration? How about we just figure out a way to keep asteroids, meteors, and comets from impacting Earth? Asteroid mining in space is as far as I’d go, but terraforming and colonizing otherwise inhospitable and barren hellscapes beyond Earth is legitimately retarded. I don’t even feel sorry for anyone that got fried in the Challenger explosion. Space niggers don’t deserve oxygen.

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641ae3  No.12526822

File: ddcff26ff5a03d6⋯.png (466.17 KB, 649x629, 649:629, ClipboardImage.png)


Any site where the truth about israel and the jews aggregates always dies.

a947c7  No.12542724


>Why are lefties so obsessed with space exploration? How about we just figure out a way to keep asteroids, meteors, and comets from impacting Earth? Asteroid mining in space is as far as I’d go, but terraforming and colonizing otherwise inhospitable and barren hellscapes beyond Earth is legitimately retarded. I don’t even feel sorry for anyone that got fried in the Challenger explosion. Space niggers don’t deserve oxygen.

They grew up on soywars and soytrek and movies about space. It's also a great form of escapism: it takes them mentally as far away from life as you can go. If you hear them bumbling about it, that's because their brain is running on memes and they don't have anything to talk about.

824bc9  No.12542770

Fuck you. Space is the White man's destiny. One day we will conquer the universe.

616cf6  No.12543138

File: 4fb04bfdb2ff640⋯.png (418.9 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Lib/Left Agenda = Space Exploration = Discover Alien Life = Disprove ALL Earths Religions.


f69fd8  No.12543183

Braindead retard. Fuck off flat earther.

>hurr da left like dis ting so I hate it

File: 73167ba229726fa⋯.jpg (100.14 KB, 592x394, 296:197, WALK.jpg)

6cde2f  No.12535859[Reply]

Let's Take A Walk

What This Is

The noose of censorship is tightening around the internet, and decentralized alternatives are not yet ready to take the slack. We will never secure the existence of our people and a future for white children as long as we stay separate and disconnected. The time has come to make our memes into dreams and organize locally. The main threats are lefty volunteer orgs/Antifa and glowniggers attempting to infiltrate. To counter both requires only two words: Plausible Deniability.

How To Do It

In honour of board culture, Walks will be held on Dubs Days (the 11th and 22nd of each month) at Trips Time which is 3:33pm. The 11th and 22nd fall on different days each month, which allows Anons with odd work schedules to still participate, and the Trips Time is ideal for morning shift workers, students and 9-5ers.

Step 1: Get a

>White T-Shirt (White jackets and coats for wintertime)

>Baseball cap

Step 2: Find local park/museum listed in thread below.

Step 3: Take a Walk in your city/town's park wearing your White T-shirt and cap at 4:44pm on a dubs day.

Step 4: If you spy somebody else wearing a white shirt and baseball cap, wave hello at them.

Step 5: Wander by and strike up a normal conversation with the similarly dressed person. Attempt to very subtly drop well known board memes into conversation. Example:

>Such a beautiful day for a walk! I had a good day at work, and the sun is shining. Feelsgoodman.

If the person reciprocates with another meme, ie

>Yup, it's a breddy gud day!

then you reply with another meme. Keep escalating the memes until you get to "Hitler Did Nothing Wrong."

If they give you a weird look then you've found a normalfag, at which point you finish yoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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816fc6  No.12542316

22nd seattle

Just nod at blonde niggas all day, maybe it'll be me.

I'll nod at all the white niggas I see who make eye contact like a polite citizen should.

b37b50  No.12542334

I'd be willing to try this? Any NYC locations? I know NYC is a leftist shithole, but with a population of 20.3m in the metro area, there are probably more anons there than any other location.

ebb541  No.12542444


>Portland was a success

>trying to be coy

Aside from only two of us being Chad enough to walk in the pouring rain it was a great success. There were zero suspected glowniggers or antifa as predicted and just enough normalfags walking around that we didn’t stand out. Additionally, we’re both archetypical urbermench capable of leading the unwashed masses of cuckchan when the time comes. If you go poking around that hotel or underground without me; let me know so if you miss a bunch of walks I can activate the autists. I’ll see you in January.




I’m willing to do a non-dubsday morning weekend walk in Salem after the New Year if we can come to an agreement in the /mh/ thread.


>multiple successes

Once again you were not a faggot OP. Oregon and Washington are equally pozed, so as far as moving here the only differences are job availability, cost of living, and traffic being much worse in Seattle. I’ve lived in both the Seattle and Portland areas most of my life so if you need advice or help with logistics ask away. My forest is younger, but botanically identical to yours.

a9cc81  No.12542446


2ed633  No.12543102


i have a friend who went to the first location in your pic last month

File: e555dde82010d15⋯.jpg (85.85 KB, 634x594, 317:297, ecofascism gang.jpg)

ce9b2c  No.12485472[Reply]

/Eco General/

ITT: discuss issues pertaining to the environment, ecology, nature.

Introductory Ecofascism/Deep Ecology reading list:

(In no particular order)

Ecology, Community and Lifestyle by Arne Naess

Man Swarm by Dave Foreman

Impeachment of Man by Savitri Devi

Technological Slavery by T. J. Kaczynski

Deep Ecology for the 21st Century Assorted Essays

Anti-Tech Revolution by T. J. Kaczynski

Can Life Prevail by Pentti Linkola

The Question Concerning Technology by Martin Heidegger

Man Swarm by Dave Foreman and Laura Carroll

Ecology, Community and Lifestyle by Arne Naess

Ecofascism by Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier

New Nobility of Blood and Soil by Richard Walther Darré

Deep Ecology vs Shallow Ecology:

The “Deep” approach to ecology is holistic,

focusing on questioning fundamental values and analyzing root causes of environmental issues. Deep Ecology aims to completely re-design entire Systems, for the purpose of preserving the ecological and cultural diversity of nature.

The “Shallow” approach to ecology is rooted in materialist thought, often stops before the level of fundamental change, and regularly promotes technological fixes that are derivative

of the consumption / production orientated values and methods of industrial economy.


Much of modern ecological thought, as everyone should know, is derived directly from National Socialism. It is our duty as nationalists to become knowledgeable in the field of ecology - too long have cancerous left wing trannies and freaksPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

126 posts and 60 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

952a4d  No.12541861

Is there a board dedicated to homesteading, agriculture, etc?

6a90e8  No.12542854

Read up on Anarcho-Primitive shit on Anarchist Library.

It's the most fucking based form of Anarchism. I read one years ago that Moses was a fucking Leninist who doomed the World.

6a90e8  No.12542865




6a90e8  No.12542883



Here's the one. Worth a read.

2fa5ba  No.12543095

Fuck (((humanism))) and (((universalism)))

File: 5c18017a71aefbf⋯.jpg (203.14 KB, 802x854, 401:427, glow in the dark.jpg)

dc51cb  No.12540781[Reply]

The CIA's power is truly based in subversive control of narratives via education and the mainstream media. They are a bunch of dirty collectivist faggots and androgynous man children who never got to the individuation stage of maturation and instead took acid and became pathetic passive losers who cannot stand for anything or be anything real or do anything effective like a man should. Instead they do all sorts of evil shit like mind controlling dogs and making the general population into drooling NPC SJW zombies. They want to ruin the world for everyone else too, and turn men into wamen with xenoestrogens, and oppress the sane with hordes of the insane. They never wanted to free us from oppressive collectivist constructions. Fuck the CIA and everything those unpatriotic faggots stand for. Press S to spit on traitors.

38 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c0b9f3  No.12541890

File: 115e35981ae3ff4⋯.jpg (62.97 KB, 666x500, 333:250, obstinate zombie.jpg)


The CIA is not a monolithic agency. Not. Some elements of the CIA are truly bad. Some aren't. The various Intel agencies are comprised of people, most of whom have their own opinion of things. That said, yes, too many of them are whacked-out Lefties, and for the most part so is the upper echelon of the world's Intel organizations.

We are in a ideological war that cuts across organizational lines. People are polarizing and choosing sides. Some like what's happening and welcome their new rootless utopia, while others see it as the greatest threat to everything good that ever was. Jews did start this change, make no mistake about that, but the cause has been taken up by all sorts of indoctrinated people, many of whom have ((somehow)) gotten themselves employed in the revolving Intel arena.

There is no groundedness in ideological polarization. Only common sense lights the way out of this developing conflict, and that can only discerned through the Universal Natural Laws. Lefties are usually further gone than those on the right, and harder to convince that their 'superior' morality is subservient to the laws of Nature. But both sides of the ideological divide could reasonably step back and realize that what the world needs right now is a breather from this ramped-up political posturing… which is the very thing the Left in particular won't do, because they are seeing so many gains from driving populations to near-hysteria.

Anyhoo, 'the CIA' is an easy target, like 'the Jews', but the real answer is more complicated than painting a governmental organization with broad strokes. TBH, we are all people, groping around in the dark, telling everyone to 'follow me!', when the light switch is actually the Natural way.

dc51cb  No.12541906


haha classic case of Zognald Delusion Syndrome

Haven't read Cuckbart in a long time

dc51cb  No.12541932


Ideological division and dualism used to be a good thing because it freed us from the oppressive collectivist constructions. Now hyperpolarization whether through the machinations of the jews or the russians or the ayys or all of the above has ruined everything and we're back to square one. Common sense and observation of natural law and reality is the only way out, I agree. Those who cannot see the light of sanity will perish. Like you say, the whacked out lefties make very profitable wage slaves for corporations, and therefore TPTB will not stop and will simply bet on shtf.

Unironic ideologues should not be allowed into intel agencies, period.

4b1efc  No.12542234

File: d1eaf42cb1a6b9f⋯.png (683.45 KB, 770x536, 385:268, hitler thinks.png)

File: 94d286b17658446⋯.jpg (273.17 KB, 504x504, 1:1, the mark of an educated mi….jpg)

Finally posts worth considering.



Not much to say other than that "common sense" is no longer common, and the lack of understanding in regards to "natural law" is something of an educational problem. The modern school system is mindless repetition and social media have steered many able minds towards mindless distractions.

What IS "natural law" and what IS "common sense"? Those particular questions need to be addressed and fleshed out because not many people know how to "think" in current year. At least not in a real way anyway.

It's part of the reason that most are considered as "sheep". Rather than saying they are sheep; I would ask "why are they sheep"? I think it all ties into the education system. The education system both here in America, and in Europe is absolutely fucked.

The internet is indeed a great boon when it comes to gathering information, but there is so much disinfo out there, and so many media puppets; that it's no surprise I see comment sections simply rehashing and repeating what has been told to them from elsewhere.

It is my hypothesis that some people have been "herded" into a particular mindset of "listen and believe", and naturally some have taken on the mindset of "everything is fake". Those two extremes should be avoided.

tl;dr public school and media is a shit. Home school your kids and be an active participant in their learning.

I would sage for off topic, but I spent alot of time thinking on this rant

c0b9f3  No.12542928

File: 535aba8b1b1e012⋯.jpg (117.29 KB, 1080x1044, 30:29, what's dangerous to the tr….jpg)



>>Ideological division and dualism used to be a good thing because it freed us from the oppressive collectivist constructions. Now hyperpolarization … has ruined everything and we're back to square one.

Through polarization, we've moved from freedom of thought to a duality of stance. From here we will be moving into a governed monopoly of perspective, a Jewish-sanctioned one.

>>…the lack of understanding in regards to "natural law" is something of an educational problem.

>>Public school and media is a shit. Home school your kids and be an active participant in their learning.

Proper education comes easily when the population is both smart enough to grok it, and open to it.

For a folk to be free to think for themselves, we need a peaceful, intelligent, semi-related population with enough living space to run around and make forgivable mistakes when they are young. To spell that out, for the contiguous United States in particular, that means not more than around 100 million Aryans, at maximum, and not more than 1-2% other pops from other cultures/races (such as the American Indians…). A denser pop than that, or a more diverse one, and the system starts to break down into corruption, invasive immigration, and all sorts of unpleasantness, this being the ideal multicultural nesting place for Jews.

File: 2dfbe842c907734⋯.jpg (224.38 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, THIS_IS_BRAZIL.jpg)

ddbdfb  No.12392170[Reply]

Before we can defeat the jews in the World Bank and the jews in Hollywood, we must first defeat the jews within ourselves

<OLD THREAD >>12232691

Go to the gym, or start a body weight routine fat ass. Don’t neglect cardio, go for a morning run. Take a cold shower. Get 7-9 hours of good quality sleep every night, avoid stimulants in the late afternoon. Become a morning person and get up early.


Hygiene is important. BRUSH YOUR TEETH TWICE A DAY FOR 2 MINUTES, don’t forget to floss. Make your own toothpaste. Get a tongue scraper too. Your tongue should be a nice pink color, not white or yellow. This is not some ancient, long forgotten secret, but its amazing how many people neglect oral health - it’s just as important as lifting. Deodorants containing aluminium salts are toxic, avoid their use at all costs. You can make your own spray from baking soda, water and a few drops of a nice smelling essential oil. This will stop body odor without making you sterile.

Lower your carb intake and eat more animal fat. Eat lots of organic meat and fish. The (((food pyramid))) overestimates the amount of carbs you should be eating - they aren't evil, but stop consuming excessive amounts. Do not eat feminized products soyboy. Treat yourself to an ‘’occasional’’ glass of good red wine.

Do not breed with roasties or THOT’s. Find a wholesome waifu. Do not expect to meet a wholesome girl in a bar, nightclub or university campus. Plan a family. Raise strong men and respectable women who will lead in the race war.

Meditate. It calms the mind, builds discipline and is an ancient, tried and tested method of building mental clarity, control and spirituality. Start today, it only takes 10 minutes.

>https://hooktube.com/watch?v=Q-L2ZKYMsagPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

735 posts and 154 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2b10cf  No.12542376


HOMOgenization destroys lactoferrin, which among other things you can look up, binds to excess iron so it can be safely removed.

5ca74d  No.12542442


Interesting, didn't know about that. From some cursory research, I can't find evidence suggesting that homogenization itself destroys lactoferrin though.

Here's a study done in human milk (bovine and human lactoferrin are supposedly similar) that shows homogenization does not destroy lactoferrin itself.


This one suggests lactoferrin activity did not decrease after homogenization.


Once again, I'm not disagreeing, I just can't find anything to support the claim. It seems that pasteurization though does destroy lactoferrin.

ca44d0  No.12542526


Thank you anon, that gives me some peace of mind.

I actually live on the US west coast. I suppose the food options are one benefit of living in an otherwise unaccommodating liberal city.

000000  No.12542870


check out the keto diet

000000  No.12542873


Don't they have salads?

File: 268684844071b4a⋯.mp4 (2.97 MB, 320x568, 40:71, college kid whites built t….mp4)

e28a40  No.12536256[Reply]

College Kid White Built the Modern World Rant

I defy you to find something factually incorrect about what this kid said. White people are awesome. Liking – no, loving White people is the natural state of any White person. That’s all the kid said: “White people made the modern world, I love White people. I don’t hate myself.”

The swarming began almost instantly. It really is every. single. time. Like wow. These kikes are on White people patrol 24/7, just looking for innocent White lives to destroy by bringing the power of the media to bear on their lives.To see it play out so nakedly in front of you, in real time… it is breathtaking, even to a veteran counter-Semite such as myself.


Another she-kike sleuth quickly took over from there and doxed the kid.

260 posts and 66 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

28cc14  No.12542689

File: 8e039bc823dbfcd⋯.jpg (61.22 KB, 450x517, 450:517, anglo-army.jpg)


>Whites, specifically white men really don't understand how most non whites and women in general think, what their thought process is, its one of our biggest weaknesses.

I was listening to a psychology talk today by Sam Vaknin, the based kike psychologist. He was talking about empathy and how empathy is the thing that truly makes us human and because without it we couldn't have good cooperation and cohesiveness, we couldn't have bonding and connections; we couldn't even have the concept of humanness itself. Then it dawned on me: it's been proved by studies and genetic analysis that nonwhites have lower levels of empathy than us. Therefore, they're less human than us at a basic, fundamental level. Imagine a psychopath or a narc. That's someone who has no real empathy. Well, if you imagine a scale with a saint on one end and a psychopathic narcissist on the other, nonwhites are much closer to the the latter end, and we're towards the saint end. When you're dealing with nonwhites, you have to assume that you're dealing with someone who is more like a dangerous robot than a human. You can't trust them because they have very little ability to connect with you and they don't see you as "human" because "human" is a mental model of a white person. They see you more like a cardboard cutout or an NPC than kin or even a potential friend. Don't trust them.

cf8a9e  No.12542813


Attacking Iberia in Rome: Total War.mp4

072616  No.12542830


I go to Columbia, and there’s a lot of people who look like him. When I saw the video, I felt like I’d even seen him around before.

If I put on the tinfoil; why wouldn’t a spook be picked to look like a lot of the students here? That way no one assumes he doesn’t actually go here.

I’ve not heard anyone on campus so far say they had a class with him.

072616  No.12542837


He does have a university email though. I’m looking at it as we speak.

a606c3  No.12542861


and that's why you don't show off your power level publicly

File: 94828697e47ab08⋯.png (211.1 KB, 1605x1605, 1:1, rect4149.png)

c58a44  No.12542462[Reply]

so, you guys remember the whole "it's ok to be white" thing? i propose this new message, to be posted in the same way, on Christmas morning. The message is completely good as it talks about love and the usual suspect will have to go thru hoops and mental gymnastics to be able to twist it into something bad, also, whatever argument that can be made about this message can be said about "black lives matter", so that's a plus

what do you say? shall we post this?

32 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c58a44  No.12542716


i'm actually catholic and from mexico lol

da3e4b  No.12542757

The 2nd phase should be "I want to REMAIN white".

That would have been genius.

68775b  No.12542784

File: 41d10a3522ee2d3⋯.jpg (10.71 KB, 328x277, 328:277, shhhh let me touch you.jpg)




Make it simple; "White = Purity"

c19907  No.12542819


Are cities over there cucked/degenerate too?

c58a44  No.12542858


no, but the larger ones are a couple years away, we have a portland and i live in maybe a dallas like city

File: bfe7ad72943ded8⋯.png (436.84 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, White Victims of Black Cri….png)

5d8f40  No.12457127[Reply]

White Victims of Black Crime - Thread #008: PLEASE FORGIVE ANY TYPOS

My Manifesto https://pastebin.com/acSwtnf4

Previous Thread Archives:

Thread #001 - https://archive.is/KFcLQ https://archive.fo/bFF3m

Thread #002 - https://archive.fo/C9Ozg

Thread #003 - https://archive.fo/BBlBk

Thread #004 - https://archive.fo/khxOq This thread was deleted, not even anchored, hours after I made it.

Thread #005 - https://archive.is/tKsjv

Thread #006 - https://archive.is/S4Fzd https://web.archive.org/web/20181009023100/https://8ch.net/pol/res/11999740.html

Thread #007 - https://archive.fo/FKAvx

Downloads https://pastebin.com/Lgs1mAhp

This contains links to all of my graphics (loose & .7z archives), as well as videos & pdfs that I've created. This link will stay the same, but the text in the pastebin will change to reflect newer uploads. Of note, is that I upload my graphics to my Mega.nz account. This allows me to update the files,

but the links will stay the same. Also included, are loose downloads of my White Victims of Illegal Aliens and White Victims of South African Crime series.


I post my lastest graphics to these accounts:




https://www.bitchute.com/channel/6ELXmYCkaFC6/ <-This contains the videos relating to each case. Not every video is linked to in the infographics.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

239 posts and 971 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b71ce0  No.12541139

File: b52e60ce3cee77f⋯.png (262.85 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 931.png)

File: 93c613a4d4f14b8⋯.png (242.7 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 932.png)

File: 942ede29f7fa0a8⋯.png (468.65 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 933.png)

File: 0f914c408658fe4⋯.png (197.92 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 934.png)

File: 143cc4a0e138ec9⋯.png (269.71 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 935.png)

b71ce0  No.12541877

File: a4500445107f6d7⋯.png (206.28 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 936.png)

File: 531aa628f8f8a24⋯.png (183.72 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 937.png)

File: 02c2a5fec1d1352⋯.png (317.03 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 938.png)

File: 8d913c3a579619b⋯.png (343.06 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 939.png)

File: 8959b90ba82d4e0⋯.png (235.52 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 940.png)

b71ce0  No.12542298

File: c402cbe069639a0⋯.png (262.15 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 941.png)

File: 0b9921dbb9578d3⋯.png (369.57 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 942.png)

File: 20409595efce3b1⋯.png (280.33 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 943.png)

File: 3a251cbac1f3352⋯.png (224.8 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 944.png)

File: 8374236dd0415c2⋯.png (336.66 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 945.png)

922e1a  No.12542540

File: f84c4072b5d1a8e⋯.png (290.33 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 946.png)

File: fddd1497f0c4f85⋯.png (354.13 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 947.png)

File: 7db2aea6daef4d1⋯.png (222.07 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 948.png)

File: 5542b0bb7e72b31⋯.png (248.59 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 949.png)

File: 57b0b8997dcc3a4⋯.png (281.96 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 950.png)

ada7b6  No.12542852

Read up on Anarcho-Primitive shit on Anarchist Library.

It's the most fucking based form of Anarchism. I read one years ago that Moses was a fucking Leninist who doomed the World.

File: 797c53c6b9f0d66⋯.png (167.02 KB, 2996x1538, 1498:769, LISTEN UP.png)

b2d862  No.12538506[Reply]

There is no peaceful solution.

Here is a likely course of action:

A few brave men will start protests and guerilla civil war.

This will quickly tire out the police and force the military to intercede.

The situation will escalate with increasing violence.

Then the mainstream gun owners will realize their government is an unfixable disaster and that there is nothing stopping them from joining in, and civil war will truly begin.

Continued escalations in violence will cause the military to fracture along racial/political lines.

Then we win or lose. It's our chance, and it looks good for us.

Just look at the situation in France and imagine similar one here, with our consitution.

We can do much better than France.

Be one of those brave men.

>Most violent and property crimes in the U.S. go unsolved


inb4 israeli college students / shitskin NPCs spamming "NICE TRY EFF BEE EYE".


89 posts and 25 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6cf4d8  No.12542744


paid shills, ladies and gentlemen

03cfcc  No.12542768

File: 7425447cd2f2766⋯.jpg (121.15 KB, 850x850, 1:1, __bb_bb_and_kishinami_haku….jpg)

1. The DOTR is just an escape fantasy.

2. The yellow vests showed you how it's done. Gather all the people you can and start a series of marches.

3. The protest is aimed at Trump. 'Make it happen mr. President, we have your back'. The wall, disengaing israel wars, no Obamacare, no right wing censorship on social media, inquiry into election fraud, investigation of Clintons and everything Veritas, ban of activist judges, penalties for fake news.

4. Keep it as boomer friendly as possible. Consider any idiot wearing swastikas a /leftypol/ infiltrator.

cf692f  No.12542797


Don't teach them what they're doing wrong.

They haven't improved much but that's good for the board.

f06991  No.12542800

secret bump

7d6a12  No.12542810


pure coincidence

File: 1d9f6850720c62b⋯.jpg (384.45 KB, 1530x2162, 765:1081, they-live-1988-poster.jpg)

36a016  No.12388669[Reply]

As per request from another users thread, here are all 71 Johnny Gat videos in 720P, including all (((Limited State))) videos, plus all re-worked/re-edited videos.

Please Share/Re-upload onto new cloud accounts/Make torrents etc

A youtube mirror channel as well as a bitchute mirror channel is also a good idea.



198 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ede4c0  No.12536394


thanks, I did a additional main thread & it either got slid, or the mods removed it?? Why the fuck would they do this? is this because of the anti-TRS sentiment on these boards? seems fucking retarded.

ede4c0  No.12536402

File: 10bd0e8ee044c44⋯.jpg (137.74 KB, 900x1353, 300:451, LibidoDominandiP1Ch4&scale….jpg)

E Michael Jones Mp3 archive, (in case the main thread disappears)


ede4c0  No.12536423


darwin digest full archive, (corrected link address)


ede4c0  No.12536450

File: fa1f65fa682a9c6⋯.png (191.76 KB, 619x602, 619:602, vivaldi_2017-09-25_13-05-0….png)

File: 751de47bc42dcf5⋯.png (210.56 KB, 634x467, 634:467, vivaldi_2017-09-25_13-06-5….png)

File: 6aa08b44d542392⋯.png (436.96 KB, 821x657, 821:657, vivaldi_2017-09-29_11-00-5….png)

File: b04bc546852d23b⋯.png (17.98 KB, 613x195, 613:195, vivaldi_2017-10-14_20-50-0….png)

File: 02ab1a6e3a55a50⋯.png (481.29 KB, 589x518, 589:518, vivaldi_2017-10-14_20-50-3….png)

Cathy princess based tweets

df8dfe  No.12542778


greyfield was a guest of Fash Britannia, not DD

File: c0ca46d501e36c1⋯.jpg (990.82 KB, 1811x900, 1811:900, James_Mason_books.jpg)

d1b8e7  No.12387162[Reply]

Good news. Curious about those new books by James Mason but worried about supporting Atomwaffen? A kind soul was brave enough to upload them to archive.org:




You're welcome.

269 posts and 118 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f52832  No.12509163

File: c965cbaa5388531⋯.png (104.83 KB, 1354x315, 1354:315, thezog.info in a nutshell.png)



>too afraid to bump

8917a0  No.12509280

File: 207851a50f5dd0b⋯.jpg (69.24 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, C2aCTXVWIAA-GAg.jpg)


Whoever wrote that is a newfag. ZOG's been around forever. He used to be Bollyn fanboy on /new/, until his contrarian autism completely took over. He's a lot like Renegay (and even Moarpheus, to a degree) in that he accuses everybody of being a shill, but is right at least half of the time. I think he was also the first person to document the fact that Jonestein's wife was a jew, long before he finally admitted it on Stern.

ea3dda  No.12509318


>hes a fed because i don't have an argument or solution!

308259  No.12542639


Jewsus descended from David. He was a kike. Read to OT, them KYS.

22fef5  No.12542776








This is all asinine and "emo".


File: 171336a5453ceaa⋯.jpeg (60.71 KB, 640x568, 80:71, 005a5c9e855500937584.jpeg)

f2d74c  No.12517231[Reply]

Trump can't do shit as an outsider. He's neutralized by the DuPont family's point-man Robert Mueller. Trump also doesn't have the spy tradecraft and intelligence background on sources and methods to start blackmail, kill and neutralize opponents on an effective and professional level commensurate with that of a high-ranking CIA officer.

For the sake of argument, a true CIA nationalist leader (if that is even possible) understands Washington, knows the weaknesses of his enemies and can suicide enemies easily.

A nationalist CIA president is the only savior of America. I'm afraid, that's probably not going to happen. But think of how powerful pic related was, George HW Bush. He transported cocaine, suicided his enemies, killed JFK and had true power. Imagine if you had a true American CIA nationalist, who knew all the spycraft and how to make every opponent bend the knee. If he wanted a wall built, he could easily blackmail Chuck Schumer and Congressional enemies. He could twist arms to get the wall built.

Honestly, only a nationalist CIAnigger can save America. The likelihood of that is low, though.

What do you think?

88 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b048fe  No.12541787

File: 19b731ad6ff95ef⋯.jpg (94.98 KB, 850x400, 17:8, if the american people kne….jpg)

572c41  No.12541804

File: 3aa0d313a748743⋯.png (149.87 KB, 492x656, 3:4, seej jeebus.png)

File: 6c9f8d6f122b2fe⋯.png (276.96 KB, 980x200, 49:10, glow.png)


>Only a CIA nationalist could save America.

No. We know about the occult tomfoolery at the zenith nadir? of your pyramid. You want a spirit war, you've got one.

d1a0df  No.12541840

File: 1e5a27c680b2596⋯.jpg (103.69 KB, 732x740, 183:185, HlonxoCyWWpFmXRdAsWdi64Y_S….jpg)


Nat Socialism is alt light communism. HW and Prescott were literal nazis btw. Warming up to commies.

3fb002  No.12541903


*several, aimed at cosmopolitan cities


08acfd  No.12542775


>dumb nigger

I'm gonna punch you in the face. what are you going to do about it?

File: fb78c2e0e9e654c⋯.jpg (29.06 KB, 480x360, 4:3, taclota.jpg)

File: 2a2ae2dce84cb9e⋯.jpg (440.71 KB, 3000x1927, 3000:1927, Iger.jpg)

File: af1bab57ca98719⋯.jpg (187.61 KB, 750x1024, 375:512, Eisner.jpg)

File: 85f0a999eddb03c⋯.jpg (42.26 KB, 559x472, 559:472, 5112.jpg)

7dc155  No.12542009[Reply]

The final redpill is realizing that while the Nazis did lose, they are still alive. Infiltrating the governments in positions of great power.

Where are they you might ask? Universities, Media, Washington, London, Switzerland. The very industries you purport to push the worst of the Jewish agenda.

Remember that George Soros aided the Nazis, and the reality, while stunning to believe, is that he IS a Nazi. As are the majority of the extreme left, outside the useful idiots, and Israeli Jews. The people you had though to be infiltrating the government in the 50s, the Soviets as I recall. They were not Soviets, they were Nazis. Now, I don't purport to say that all of them were Nazis, as there are Jews actually trying to push the agenda, but a good majority were, of which your old pal WALT DISNEY was apart of. He became an ally to Hitler after meeting with Hitler's favored propagandist, Leni Riefenstahl. Soon after this, in 1944 he became apart of the 'Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals', a group supportive of Nazis for a brief tenure. However, the main members distanced themselves from it, this was on order of Hitler, but we'll get to that. Put aside your bickering and let me tell you this.

The Nazis took a page directly from Karl Marx, and have adopted a new philosophy that will enact worldwide change towards nationalism. They could not take over the media and espouse Nazi ideology because they had just recently lost the war, to great detriment. No… They instead chose the path that worked for the Soviets. Accelerationism. That's right. Those elites you want to fight, that seem to fight so damn hard against logic and reason itself, to the great anger of the common people? They are fighting for this goal. They know that soon the peoples of Europe and America will wake up, and rise against the invaders, having infiltrated the ranks of the Jews pushing this agenda wholeheartedly, and then, it begins. There will be a mass execution of those unloyal to the secret Reich, operating out of Antarctica, near Lake Vostok. The base is active, and all who attempt to go near it disappear. And no conspiratards, they did not find an "inner earth", they did however find very valuable artifacts, and frozen ruins to accompany them. That isPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

143 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

41a8f5  No.12542774

File: eeb8a5023ee4ae0⋯.jpg (200.12 KB, 560x560, 1:1, Argentina.jpg)

File: 8d97497c14e8d74⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1208x862, 604:431, Antarctic Map Asgard.png)

5e82c1  No.12542787

>The very industries you purport to push the worst of the Jewish agenda.

All the more reason to hate accelerationists, all accelerationists get the rope. The nazi breakaway civilization will get the rope for selling out Earth

41a8f5  No.12542809


Jesus Christ you're retarded and semitic.

b0d42f  No.12543148

Another pathetic slide thread.

At this point /pol/ is the FBI sliding CIA threads while JIDF shills fight with Mossad baiters and the NSA is recording it all.

Thank you tax payers.

8e2e5a  No.12543188


back to your containement board Qnigger.

File: 257f5880c51a7de⋯.jpg (18.24 KB, 750x420, 25:14, red pills.jpg)

a9f2e1  No.12441370[Reply]

Dumping red pills for anons

205 posts and 369 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c608fe  No.12541899



is your red pill that black males are superior breeders?

d1797c  No.12542449

File: d1fac26763e8863⋯.png (385.68 KB, 673x994, 673:994, Globalist Unions.png)

e72247  No.12542461


Read the comments section for some major progress and hope. Fucking average joes who upload fortnite videos are naming the Jew and talking about how California was ruined by minority driven leftist politics.

d93e25  No.12542538


Your bait is a pathetic ad hominem.

718ee3  No.12542766


He's a faggot who picked up on my ESL meme, I never see anyone else pushing it

File: 56991da267bd63e⋯.jpg (189.5 KB, 679x359, 679:359, 2.jpg)

File: 74c69a09ce5d235⋯.jpg (177.21 KB, 780x438, 130:73, 3.jpg)

File: c04dbd69db790db⋯.jpg (156.93 KB, 700x395, 140:79, 7.jpg)

f49c14  No.12535725[Reply]

So I’m pretty much done with Trump and the rest of his do nothing crew. I’m seriously considering voting for his opposition in 2020 just to hurry the, what seems to be, inevitable demise of our country along. Voting GOP is pointless but a vote for a Dem will surely push things in a direction no one can ignore. Fuck dying a slow death at the hands of someone who’s supposed to be on the same team. Accelerationism sounds more appealing at this point than having to listen to four more years of this whiney bitch’s excuses. I feel like there needs to be a meme or something showing disapproval from people who voted for him and regret it. I’m technically not a never Trumper ( I gave him a chance) or resist (who are all faggots). I came up with this. If anyone’s into it I’ll post a png and you can stamp it on your own shit. I’m also open to suggestions if it needs to be changed.

In before “kys kike” and/or “fuck off black pill nigger”

255 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

29a84b  No.12542537


why is a vpn bad?

bca656  No.12542544


taking this together

People who fight against the Jewish system should not follow Jewish "good goyim" ideals

5d93cb  No.12542547


>voting for his opposition in 2020 just to hurry the, what seems to be, inevitable demise of our country along

If I were the enemy, accelerationism would be a good thing to promote to kids who are already suicidal, anti-social, resentful.

bca656  No.12542556


Well you are the enemy

ec8550  No.12542752


>a guy who publicly advocates for your policies and then get repeatedly blocked from doing anything by blatant meme-tier jews

This doesn't happen though. Trump very visibly does not even attempt to change anything, so he cannot be "blocked." He didn't fight on immigration, didn't fight on censorship, didn't fight on leftist street violence, etc. In fact, he willingly sided with the people who are allegedly "blocking" him on all of these issues.

>the shit going on in the Trump admin

You mean Trump hiring nothing but Jews and then his admin doing the opposite of his Twitter rhetoric?

>The Trump narrative that can be pushed for the next few generations is Trump tries to save country, is backstabbed by Jewish and financial interests

This narrative cannot be plausibly pushed because it is not true. To push a false narrative, you need a far reaching organized and united propaganda apparatus, such as the MSM. We don't have that. We only have the truth, and it is our best asset. The truth is that Trump is a Jew puppet and worthless faggot, so trying to claim otherwise is a dead end for us.

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