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File: 1453882730072.jpeg (49.92 KB, 249x501, 83:167, Sad.jpeg)


Lots of anons post about how they're feeling sad or how they don't have a boyfriend. So you can post about that kind of stuff here if you want! You should also try to cheer everyone in this thread up. That'd be nice.

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File: 1d67603debe4faf⋯.jpg (234.13 KB, 850x1328, 425:664, 1545960318757.jpg)


3 Years ago I would have never comtemplate suicide as a serious option , now it looks so comforting. The idea of freedom from this constant mental pain and nobody except family my pain through it as I draw deeper and deeper into the dark wishing for the sweet release of death. The funny thing is I'm so set against telling anyone how fucking unhappy I'm just slowly yet quitely building this feeling of grief inside me.

File: 1451293946379.jpeg (514.36 KB, 661x920, 661:920, Fuck Me.jpeg)


This thread is for posting pictures of yourself, asking for ratings, and trying to find people to have sex with. Don't make threads for this kind of stuff, you dummies.

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File: d86345dfa170733⋯.jpg (166.02 KB, 1320x1761, 440:587, stockings4.jpg)

File: 5b8c90eb483c121⋯.jpg (358.14 KB, 1707x2276, 3:4, stockings3.jpg)

File: f6f3c66ee98351d⋯.webm (9.25 MB, 960x546, 160:91, pgasm2.webm)

thank you to the fine /co/ anon that helped me with the webm :)

File: 1469482728715.jpg (629.7 KB, 700x700, 1:1, mapmapmap.jpg)


Admin can be reached at cuteboysmap@gmail.com

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: https://cuteboy.world/ ←- New map managed by someone that isn't me. Don't yell at me if the anon running it doesn't add your marker.

Use the map to make friends or find another cute boy to be lewd with. Don't be shy! If you make a marker, the rest of the cute boys will make markers too.


NOTICE #1: Report people if they say they're under 18 or if they look underage. I can check their post history to see if they've ever said how old they are.

NOTICE #2: Report something if you don't like it. This doesn't mean I'm going to delete the post or the ban the person in question, but I will see it and do what I do. I get like one report a day so I just wanna make sure you're all comfy.

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File: a9c49f303072ba3⋯.jpg (172.99 KB, 850x1020, 5:6, sample_2d1247aded0cc1fc7b9….jpg)

Anyone in Southern California? (LA/Orange County) A femboy only interested in femboys.

File: 4fa87e4bb1ffe9f⋯.png (471.8 KB, 795x1100, 159:220, Sweat.png)


Here we can try this since we have lots of these kinds of threads all the time.

If you need help becoming cute in any sorta way, you can ask questions in this thread and our resident qts will help you out probably.

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I honestly envy you. Try drinking a bit beforehand, it makes me last a bit longer. Weed may also help mostly for you to enjoy the after-orgasm sex. Also adderall but that shit's poison so no no dont do that actually it's a terrible idea holy shit

File: b4fc63c1de4a400⋯.jpg (161.26 KB, 800x1093, 800:1093, 800px-Ludwig_von_Mises.jpg)


Any classically liberal cuteboys on here? Who of you bois are all about that Aristotelian ontology and free market capitalism?

Keynesian cucks need not apply.

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is there a meme ideology that didn't get it's own template thread yet?



>Anprim cuteboys thread

>Nazbol cuteboys thread

>ANCAP cuteboys thread

Just wait and fucking see



>Adam Smith


Faggot. The "invisible hand" was a metaphor for greedy puppet-masters.


File: b2cc84983aacb4a⋯.png (328.46 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, 1503481382002.png)

Only Ancap, only hardcore.



said the car king

File: 1973a0e5c936b2b⋯.jpg (423.42 KB, 2048x1448, 256:181, __armin_arlert_shingeki_no….jpg)


>no musty facesititng bf

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File: 0e145f5a6328e73⋯.png (110.64 KB, 800x800, 1:1, mpreg.png)

impregnating boys


I have never taken a hard look at hypnosis stuff really. Is there even some basis to it?



my experience tells me that its probably real and works for lewder stuff too.

And i mean, hypnotherapy is a valid additive treatment, its efficacy is questioned but i mean, hypnosis is a real thing.



those sissy hypnos though? that stuff is trash




very lewd and cute

File: fe5dc8d0b43e1e3⋯.jpg (18.61 KB, 474x474, 1:1, Boy.jpg)


My bf is uncircumcised and I'm not. He recently found out this and is somewhat disappointed. He's okay with it being this way but I was wondering if there was a way to get it back to make him happy.

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Nah, just the good old country of FREEDOM! (stoopid murica)



File: 6175521a814e132⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.38 KB, 850x1044, 425:522, 6175521a814e1322a91cc0a25d….jpg)

dont mind me, nothng to contibute


The main and most successful way currently available involved using a weight set that slowly(like over a year or 2 with a proper regimen) stretches your penis skin until you have enough skin to cover the head of your penis. Then surgery if done to tighten the skin and a, artificial rigid band is implanted to help it cinch around the tip and stay closed like a natty penis. I haven't looked at anything about how well it works or how natural or feels or anything really but its an option thats out there if it ends up being that important in your life.



I say don't worry about it, anon. If he is just slightly dissatisfied by this because of aesthetic desires (no 'perfect feminine benis') then that's okay I guess but also just a fact of life. If he is concerned about difficulties in sharing intimacy with you, I can't offer any solid proof but can say from my experience as a cut guy with an uncut partner, it has a really minimal impact on that connection.

It is worth mentioning that the more sexual partners one has in life, the less satisfied they are with each new one, and this is well documented for both males and females. So even if you don't abstain until marriage, it is still better to take things slowly when it comes to lewds … Like if he has had a good many other partners then sex is a weak pairbonding method for him so nothing you really do about your dicku is going to satisfy him. And sorry to make assumptions of your partner but if he is hung up on this issue I can only assume he is someone with keen sexual interests, you know?

File: 2938952f115d252⋯.jpg (43.69 KB, 735x701, 735:701, zbxvmjh0okb21.jpg)


I'm a feminine, gender nonconforming guy and I've been struggling with dating ever since I came out. Either guys just aren't attracted to me because I'm feminine (or look androgynous non-conforming) or they are closeted men who only want sex and bail the moment I try to get to know them.

The biggest thing I realized is that I've never had gay men interested in me. I was on POF (Plenty of Fish) about a month or two ago and I remember messaging about 15 or 20 gay men (or at least men who put Man Seeking Man) and not one replied back.

> How do you know it was because you're feminine?

Well on my profile, I have my pics and my look is well, feminine and androgynous but I also put in my profile that I'm more on the feminine side as I just feel it's better to be honest about that as to not waste anyone's time.

A lot of these closeted guys who expressed interest in me my whole dating life were bisexual and I never have had any gay guys into me before. But that experience of not having even one gay guy respond back just totally cemented it.

Sometimes I wonder if feminine guys can ever find love but I don't like generalizing because while dating is the pits for me, it could be different for another Feminine guy and I'd just like to hear from you guys and how the dating life has been for you.

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honestly i've seen some fems in their mid/late 30s that still look incredible & it sounds like you take pretty good care of yourself already so unless you get really into meth over the next decade you're probably gonna stay cute for a good while.

>I'll be continuing my regimen.

could you share it?



Lol Yeah I'm not into drugs and I only drink Alcohol once in a blue moon so I'm not worried about following into drugs or alcoholic addictions.

As for my regimen well I mostly just focus on my lower body. I've been doing these workouts since 2013 and it's always been changing. Back in 2013-2014 I would workout Tuesday-Thursday but when I hit my plateau around 2016, I kicked back and now only do it Wednesday & Thursday.

I mostly do Squats, Sumo Squats, Pulse Squats, Donkey Kicks, Raised Donkey Kicks, Side Squats, Fire Hydrants, back lunges (Front lunges are just too uncomfortable so I do the back variation), Back Lunge Kicks, and Bridges

However I started working out at the gym using weight equipment towards the end of last year and I use the Seated Leg Press, Hip Abductors, Leg Extension, and sometimes the kickback machine.

For eating, I don't really follow a diet but what I do try is not to drink things like Soda until the weekend and don't go overboard and I learned how to cook some simple things like Sushi for example. But most importantly I try not to overeat, only eat when I feel really hungry and stop when I'm close to full. I've always been a thin guy and it's not easy for me to put weight on and I like this because I like being thin (though now stacked in the back lol) but I know that if I don't monitor my eating habits, I can probably balloon up so that's why I try my best to keep a handle on this.




Got any tips for a masc guy who leans older (26) but would love to be a sissy? I already lift (I haven't targeted any sort of aesthetic, it's making me more masc of course).

I watched this


And all I could imagine was being in his place.



>Wait are you a feminine guy or another masculine guy?

I'm a twink on my profile (femboy in private), into other twinks and femboys.



may i see what it is youre shooting for, anon? it might help give me more ideas on what i might be best going with.

body wise the chilean buff femboy here has more or less my goal body, i just need to pick up the iron and hop to it once this fevers worked its way through me.

File: 8d429e242a8e98c⋯.jpg (17.11 KB, 300x384, 25:32, 068782-019_Front_300x.jpg)

File: ac13f4858b155dd⋯.jpg (25.65 KB, 300x450, 2:3, 9342830293780_1_1.jpg)

File: 61a6adab278cedf⋯.jpg (42 KB, 384x487, 384:487, HNS_120456_Assorted.jpg)


Just looked and didn't see anything regarding but what does /cuteboys/ wear regularly? Boxers, Briefs, Boxer-briefs? Maybe a spesific brand.

I'm not talking about when you're taking lewd pics or the like, just day to day wear.

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not diesel but ones like this, more spandex moisture-wicking underwear (expensive) than cotton (that stretches out and eventually looks like limp boxers. gross).

I get Adidas brand but there are plenty of others.


File: cdb536b8641ca7e⋯.jpg (61.6 KB, 805x700, 23:20, Ds65LzJV4AILNax.jpg)



File: c1612ceaefb4d80⋯.jpg (2.98 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 0Z1.jpg)

I like boxers, but i also like to freeball in shorts



calvin trunks


File: b97fad3aa2afa98⋯.jpg (169.06 KB, 1200x1333, 1200:1333, sloggi tangas.jpg)

what do you bois think of tangas? i kind of love how much skin they leave on show, and they also have a real "bottom" vibe about them to me.

most days i wear trunks tho because comfort and because i dont exactly have that thigh gap yet

File: bd4868567286fa5⋯.png (283.15 KB, 499x513, 499:513, 9C226739-67DF-4D7A-8932-0A….png)


We all subconsciously yearn for our younger smooth boy bodies. We haven’t yet accepted yet that masculinity entails living with bear-like bodies. When we see a smooth male body, our envy manifest itself into attraction and we ended up taking it out in the form of sexual attraction and jerking off to it.

I reached this conclusion after thinking about it for a while. I tried to really pin down why was I attracted to smooth boys. Especially that I never was like this in my early life at all. At first I thought it was just the feminine features of some with plum butts and all, but that doesn’t explain why all men are attracted to that or at least a majority.

It must be something deeper. Something else not as simple as that or we’d be a majority.

I am not sure what makes a smooth guy turn bottom and submissive, but I mostly attribute it to lack of fatherly attention or/and early and first sexual experiences, but I can’t really relate to that since I am not a bottom fag.

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The unfortunate truth is somewhere between theyre all transitioning and/or not posting because back in the day a lot of posters were actually underage and they've been raised more in internet street smarts and know that posting pics isnt the smartest idea. Also using chans is falling heavily out of fashion.



This post really depressed me; I'm 26 but I only found this board recently, and it's the one place I don't feel an uncomfortable pressure to go trans.



tr*nnies pinkpill everything they touch



I know I'm not supposed to say this word, but… the Reddit lgbt sub is always plastered with pics of trans folks. I'm sure they have their own sub, but it probably doesn't have the traffic or support of the larger community.


maybe kinda sorta, OP. i genuinely wish i could have my youth back but its not from memory of what i was as much as it is regret for what i could have been. as for what makes me want that, ive honestly never cared for feminine traits much. they strike me as weak, and a desire to be weak when others need your help is something i find despicable and repulsive. in those i share my life with i look for strength of body and spirit, and i do my best to foster these things in myself while maintaining the cute aesthetic i need to satisfy my sexual desires.


i think honestly the last point you made is where the truth of the matter lies. theres always been underage posters and there always will be, but these days there are a plethora of places one can post their bodies for the attention they want that are more appealing. chanboards are old, they always were, but the days in which they were the best reprieve of the types of people who made up chanboards userbases are long gone. now discord has killed off communities like this place and honestly, the boom in appreciation for "traps" and everything vaguely femmy and male has changed the game a bit.

nowadays femboys set up accounts on blogging services when they want attention, or find a small community to show off in. the former i think is particularly damaging. the ability for young, impressionable people to accrue large followings of people attracted to them seems to warp them in pretty negative ways, they get warped impressions of how desirable they are and cant square it with the lack of attention they get where they actually want it. worse, the very worst of online porn communities combined with the communities they form to share their experiences as content creators seems to bring out the absolute worst in them as people, to the point where my experiences with them has left me wanting to kick the living shit out of several big name content creators not for shit theyve done to me, but for the shit ive seen them do to other people.

at this point, i just want the entire online porn scene to die. the slight enjoyment i get out of seeing cute guys show off is not worth the ways in wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: c65020cbb833162⋯.jpg (168.74 KB, 600x600, 1:1, blaze.jpg)


Can't remember the thread but there was a few pics of a cuteboy holding a large dildo. If you are reading this, very nice package btw.

That got me thinking, if someone is using a dildo that is larger (thicker and longer) than the average penis, would that person be satisfied when fucked for real? A real penis would be nowhere as large or as filling as a dildo. And yes, there is the human factor involved, but if it's just about feeling full, can another man fill someone that way?

Just wondering is all as I'm not a bottom or into ass play.

PS: Bad Dragon Blaze pic

File: d5e209c048a6232⋯.gif (2.32 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1479942610016.gif)

File: 3c5e2800079f519⋯.gif (1.44 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1479941144600.gif)


Does anyone else find a bush on a cuteboy really hot, especially the trimmed ones

78 posts and 37 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Anyone got that elusive butt bush?


File: 8a2f0e15d13dba8⋯.jpg (55.35 KB, 747x1328, 9:16, 1548121835424847.jpg)


i wouldnt be opposed to bush but tbh it gets in the way of oral. i quite like the idea of having someone be able to trace their tongue from my neck to the base of my cock.



Fuck you're hot



Agree with other two. That is one hot torso.

File: fde999df7267b28⋯.jpg (196.71 KB, 500x565, 100:113, gay-bondage-comics.jpg)


I am (mostly) straight but I want to be gay. Is it possible to 're-educate' or 'convert' myself to be gay using porn and hypnosis/'brainwashing'?

7 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Work your way up. Small to big, but realistically with a regular anal stretching technique you should be medium to large in two-three weeks. And get some plugs for prolonged use, a couple hours with a plug in your ass daily.



Yes Sir! Anything else I can do to strengthen my inner-faggot?



Suck your dildos and ensure that you make sure you are a faggot in heart and mind as often as possible. Make sure to constantly reassure yourself of your faggotry. And use hypnosis tapes while you sleep too.



Yes Sir! I will be the faggot I want to be!


File: 49c4af8b3a5bd54⋯.jpg (32.92 KB, 750x699, 250:233, 54455482eab8ea361710fecc-7….jpg)

Pornhub has tons of "sissy/gay/homo/anal training/trainer" "bi confusion" "cock conversion/worship"

There's this tumblr post about ways you can improve your sissification like overlaying in opacity hypnosis video playlists as you work on your computer, and active workout sessions.

The fastest most preferred method is to find a trainer/coach, so they can work around your schedule and fetishes.

Also there are exercises you have to accomplish to keep your anus tight >>401865 and maintaining that shape you want. Guys prefer 20yrold looking twinks, curvier the better.

I personally don't recommend the drugs/poppers version, it ruins too much, can leave you addicted.

Overall you're rewiring your brain slowly but surely to enjoy cocks, and prostate massages. With a coach it's more effective since you are training with the real thing. Find a coach certified in psychiatry to really make most of your time.


https://www.pornhub.com/playlist/6923581 just browsing this one looks best https://www.pornhub.com/playlist/29591621


Try to find an ancient video that's like hours long that works all the sessions so your brain rewards itself for seeing and being analed over touching your penis.

File: 61f53fc0868a706⋯.jpg (508.5 KB, 682x774, 341:387, [044911].jpg)


The old one died, so I took the liberty of making a new one! If the old one was deleted for being against the rules just delete this and I'll take the hint

99 posts and 49 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Nothing wrong with autism


File: c06a5042e0ffe76⋯.png (1.87 MB, 3640x2140, 182:107, image0.png)

I wish this board wasn't so dead…post your IDs fags.



what about trannies who don't chop off bits?



Those are fine! I just don't like trannies who mutilate themselves.


File: aa310e62de856dd⋯.png (127.41 KB, 490x470, 49:47, hrt.png)


do not add me if you are trans that falls under no thots

also bump wtf is up with this board nobody posts anymore

File: 005d4a307db5885⋯.jpg (58.57 KB, 1080x1078, 540:539, 38749742_2186885331568101_….jpg)


Any left or far-left cuteboys here?

45 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


/trannypol/ and discord lefty trans and "cuteboys" are usually ugly tbhon



They think there's some moral in the cuckchan or here lmao, kys cuck



>/trannypol/ and discord lefty trans and "cuteboys" are usually ugly tbhon

This. Their discords are full on mental illness gone wild.



>Hiding flag

>Not even realizing you can ping false country flags

Go choke on a tranny's dick like a good soyboy, and then off yourself for good measure :^)



only thing uglier than a non-passing tranny is a catty little tranny that thinks the genetic roll of the die will make up for their lackluster self


File: 36ac2eeb2668cb1⋯.png (17.21 KB, 480x400, 6:5, chart.png)

political compass kind of a meme though, i would consider myself closer to just a general socialist

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