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July 2018 Transparency Report
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File: 1469482728715.jpg (629.7 KB, 700x700, 1:1, mapmapmap.jpg)


Admin can be reached at cuteboysmap@gmail.com

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: https://cuteboy.world/ ←- New map managed by someone that isn't me. Don't yell at me if the anon running it doesn't add your marker.

Use the map to make friends or find another cute boy to be lewd with. Don't be shy! If you make a marker, the rest of the cute boys will make markers too.


NOTICE #1: Report people if they say they're under 18 or if they look underage. I can check their post history to see if they've ever said how old they are.

NOTICE #2: Report something if you don't like it. This doesn't mean I'm going to delete the post or the ban the person in question, but I will see it and do what I do. I get like one report a day so I just wanna make sure you're all comfy.

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i update the map almost every day

File: 1453882730072.jpeg (49.92 KB, 249x501, 83:167, Sad.jpeg)


Lots of anons post about how they're feeling sad or how they don't have a boyfriend. So you can post about that kind of stuff here if you want! You should also try to cheer everyone in this thread up. That'd be nice.

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File: 1451293946379.jpeg (514.36 KB, 661x920, 661:920, Fuck Me.jpeg)


This thread is for posting pictures of yourself, asking for ratings, and trying to find people to have sex with. Don't make threads for this kind of stuff, you dummies.

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File: c7999ee9109cea3⋯.jpg (28.01 KB, 575x323, 575:323, myass.jpg)

File: edfa48f85ec53d7⋯.jpg (31.31 KB, 575x323, 575:323, #2.jpg)

File: 4fa87e4bb1ffe9f⋯.png (471.8 KB, 795x1100, 159:220, Sweat.png)


Here we can try this since we have lots of these kinds of threads all the time.

If you need help becoming cute in any sorta way, you can ask questions in this thread and our resident qts will help you out probably.

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>/slut thread/


Post nose and tell your parents to fuck off

File: 48a76e7b7950721⋯.png (716.38 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 52ECEB5A-0185-4AA0-9E60-32….png)


Haven’t seen a thread about the south so here is one.

Anyone in northern Georgia or East Tennessee?

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Southern Middle Tennessee boi here. Is anyone near me? I saw some people from Chattanooga but that's kinda far.


File: 4a8cfae12e367cf⋯.jpeg (314.19 KB, 750x561, 250:187, 5CDDA209-EED4-4D55-9B57-8….jpeg)


I live south of Houston and I'd suck anyone off


Nc is deep South too, don't forget us ;~;


I'm 18 from sylva, nc (small town 30min from Asheville) and I just want irl friends my age pls I'm so lonely :(

File: b1a7023c4ae6eed⋯.png (269.27 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Sex Toy Logo 2.png)


I found this on reddit and thought I'd share here



do they always have free toys or is this just during the sale? there's another site that does stuff like this called sexyliberation.org, but there aren't any prostate toys there.



>raising money for prostate by giving people toys from china that may, in the long run, cause prostate cancer

It's not even free. These 2 items are cheaper than the shipping on aliexpress. It's a scam, and a bloody good one

File: 2a7937f8fa0aad2⋯.jpg (137.85 KB, 595x842, 595:842, 04.jpg)

File: 992540fbb1f1709⋯.jpg (78.43 KB, 1600x1131, 1600:1131, male body types.jpg)


By popular demand, we are going to make a thread dedicated to how to make yourself look cute to other

No excuses!

>but I wanna be chubby

Then you gotta make butt exercises unless you wanna look like hank hill!

>but is hard

Being lonely is worse!

Common anons!

As OP I'll be your personal trainer and bumper for the night, ask stuff and I'll try to help you.

Be warned I'm kinda mediocre and I'm gone most of the time but I'll try my best

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>did some yoga today

>made dinner for everyone

>doing some hobby stuff before going out

It was a pretty good day. Maybe I'll do a few more stretches.


Great job. As an ex-dancer; though I do ecstatic dance, now. Admire the good overview. T-nation is excellent; 4chan fit board has some hidden gems in posts. Course 4chan thress the chaff from the kernels.

Luv the dance recommendation. Best



I'm too depressed and bored to even lift myself from the bed.


File: 12cd9591573262b⋯.jpg (160.76 KB, 1484x1600, 371:400, 1410259733576.jpg)

How do I get a body like A4? I'm currently somewhere between A1 and B1 if I had to place myself in the chart. Actually I look pretty good but I'm getting old and I don't know how much longer I can hold out. I'd rather get ahead of the curve and get ripped now before it's too late.

My job is pretty physically active, I'm in constant motion all day and burn a lot of energy probably. After work I only have 2 hours free time so gym is out of the question. Can I achieve this just through bodyweight exercises alone and what should I eat and when?


File: f64f540362caa21⋯.jpg (118.3 KB, 1200x947, 1200:947, CmiTbYZUkAATPbI.jpg)

Bumping thread

I now can workout again

I'm going to go around the city trying to find a dojo where I can do martial arts

File: fe7b0a5dc3f1770⋯.jpg (91.98 KB, 500x345, 100:69, 1448211919995.jpg)


I've noticed a common trend among people from /cb/ and it's that most people here are either really shy to the point of not talking to anyone or so disinterested/drugged out that they don't engage themselves in a decent conversation.

So with that in mind I want a thread for people who actually care to have an engaging conversation/friendship with another person on /cb/ don't have to be traps or cuteboys or whatever, but god damn I'm just tired of adding people and constantly being the only one starting conversations or having any depth to responses.

Leave contact information if you want.

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Brownsville369

Discord: Brownsville369#8503

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Nigga 90% of the people on that discord are exactly what OP was complaining about.


I tried this site but it seems mostly dead or just filled with horny guys/chasers or non verbal "femboys". Now i see trannies coming in, i just see a dead board.


File: d9d4f6e2fcb50e2⋯.png (382.67 KB, 369x684, 41:76, d9d4f6e2fcb50e24ee112f75d8….png)

whatever i'm drunk so i'll bite. /cuteboy/ reporting in, discord is TheBeefmaster#0507



Discord: Wowie#1117

I'm down to talk about anything but I'm shy and might take a while to respond at first.

I play vidya a lot so if anyone wants to play any games I'm down for that, too.


Discord: FenReppy#3688

looking for active people to be friends with and have fun with

no chasers pls

File: 9ee1212eab4fe14⋯.png (14.53 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 66666666666666666666666666….png)


Where all the Canada qt's at?

I'll start us off here, Vancouver, BC.

Post your lokal and lets git started here B)

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File: f444eabb86c4160⋯.jpg (84.52 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DfUiCU-VQAAajOE.jpg)

i'm just trying to make some friends.

20 / m / ontario

im into a lot of different stuff, mostly music and some games/anime occasionally. i think im growing out of that being my main hobby.

id love to be friends w/ anyone & go to shows/events/cons/places or just hangout, whatever is cool with me. i guess i'm tired of being by myself in the sense of having no friends.

my discord is burnout#0001



>phased out

fazed lmao my englishes.


File: 0f5058c2f7b489b⋯.jpg (315.63 KB, 1335x2048, 1335:2048, IMG_20180815_232942.jpg)

Any cuteboys in the Milton (ON) area? Looking for friends, hookups and relationships.



tried to add, you've blocked friend requests.

anyone in southwestern ontario feel free to join my server



Owww, poor babi :3

File: 7b5273ad9a1f498⋯.jpg (173.12 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 20180525_162402.jpg)

File: 69f6ce79861ec59⋯.jpg (889.06 KB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 20180813_221833.jpg)

File: 58f7f5bdf53d51e⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 20180815_085708.jpg)

File: 719fd7f728bf8bd⋯.png (297.67 KB, 498x448, 249:224, Capture2.PNG)

File: 419458b6c5a2360⋯.png (254.38 KB, 501x392, 501:392, Capture5.PNG)


tell me what you think


>This is my gemsona

>He's a major fag so his gem is his asshole



ur just jelly that you're not in my asshole, though i'm sure there's room

File: 644c2a388304f0f⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, 0609182106b.jpg)


Found this cute guy on hornet. What should we do for a first date? 😏


File: 4b24ebe32eb31b1⋯.png (392.53 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_2018-08-16-14-2….png)

Has a lovely ads too.


File: 7be59f780c38888⋯.jpg (180.77 KB, 318x488, 159:244, 7be59f780c38888ac081b3a2fd….jpg)

Strap a tube to the exaust pipe and put a brick on the accelerator.

File: ac13342332475a0⋯.png (1.62 MB, 2000x1868, 500:467, ac13342332475a0a8ca5eab36d….png)


Simple, which dicks do you prefer, cut or uncut.

I find uncut dicks cuter, but a cut dick is easier to suck.

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>Fuck, my fingers keep getting dirty

>Better cut them off!



> here in europe 98% of gay men are cut probably

Liar, liar, pants on fire.



are you retarded?


File: 06bb3afd095f85d⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1061x978, 1061:978, What is that shit.png)



Put me in the screencap

File: 9d403623b8c1a9b⋯.jpg (49.04 KB, 850x399, 850:399, 3e04fb_6181132.jpg)


what were your first gay experiences /cuteboys/?

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File: a872a4c048fb0c4⋯.jpg (87.58 KB, 669x696, 223:232, 1495061860720.jpg)


>went into a strip club

Ah, horny kids masturbating to virtual, non-nude tiddies.



had the same happen.



No, he was only in town for a summer before he moved and I never saw him again.


File: ff96686613c602a⋯.jpg (138.78 KB, 1080x1440, 3:4, c504185bb84ccf33c9755d3359….jpg)


I'd ride a classmates/friends dick any day as well and become fuckbuddies but at some point you either want to or actually find a guy you have more feelings for other than being a horny fuck

I wouldnt get back to you either. I dont know you and all but a relationship wont work out if both of you been fucking other dudes knowingly as well while you were "together"

Do I even make sense? Its 2am here but my point is it doesnt seem like you ever had feelings for him, nor did he have any for you.

He prolly had the hots for you and wanted to suck that dick dry and get fucked silly by you.

I'd be way to scared of developing actual real feelings with a fuck buddy as well with all the stuff you 2 had going on

File: 3686598ae0cb0e1⋯.jpg (118.41 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, IMG_0969.JPG)


I'm afraid to lose any more weight because I don't want to have a flat butt when I'm done. Just have like 20-30lb left.


You can't, because you're a man.


You can't control fat distribution, you can only control muscle distribution, so do your squats, hip thrusts, and hip abductions.

File: 784c44802eaf690⋯.jpeg (70.42 KB, 800x750, 16:15, CC4422C5-2878-4A8D-9410-5….jpeg)


I’ve seen threads made here with almost no porn featuring actual cuteboys, just twinks/dudebros or shemales. A cuteboy should sit at the fulcrum between a transwoman and a boy; curvy effeminate body but no makeup/implants and they should be very obviously a boy, not a trap. I actually found the best example I have in a long time https://www.pornhub.com/video/search?search=tiny+tara+shemale I think she’s trans but she’s a perfect little black cuteboy cockslut and she makes my dick diamonds. More like this I guess

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File: a927238a623f2fc⋯.jpg (149.84 KB, 900x620, 45:31, 1124tg.jpg)

File: 2a90f4e328d950f⋯.jpg (172.52 KB, 1371x1025, 1371:1025, 20160723_203716.jpg)

File: 7ea801184416fa0⋯.jpg (522.29 KB, 1248x2070, 208:345, IMG_20180629_195034810_HDR….jpg)

File: 6f92fe15b2c0e77⋯.jpg (495.86 KB, 1166x2222, 53:101, IMG_20180805_061332930_HDR….jpg)


File: 15b20e6619ac257⋯.jpg (105.67 KB, 656x600, 82:75, 15b20e6619ac257eb1b82e81cd….jpg)



I need some pictures of your ass, but for now, I can fap to you again.




holy shit how do people allow themselves to get this angry about an anonymous image board, and about a topic that affects them in no way, shape, or form?

what is your life goal, Anon?



the thing is. I'm not the Dutch anon advocating for everyone to take hrt. I want femboys to stay their separate identity and if they don't want tits they shouldn't start self-medding irresponsibly.



Wew die tweede.

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