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/nofap/ - Fappers Anonymous

A support group for getting your fap addiction under control.


Get well soon, Ken!
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File: 1420234656021.png (97.82 KB, 1009x1486, 1009:1486, PLAGUE DOCTOR.png)


Welcome to /nofap/

This board is for the discussion of nofap, noporn, and the societal implications of fapping and porn.



>1. Stay on topic. The topic is pretty loosely defined here so use some common sense.

>2. Don't post porn. NSFW images will be deleted. Posting NSFW material as a shitty troll attempt will result in a comically long ban. This board is SFW, so keep it that way.

>3. Non-/nofap/pers are welcome to come and question the premise of nofap and to argue against nofap. That said, shitposts, flames, bait, spam, and trolls are not allowed and such threads will be locked or deleted.

Just those three.

And because I don't want to clutter the board with excess stickies:

ITT: dump /nofap/ infographs, videos, links, banners and other such things

EDIT: Adding the IRC to this thread because it doesn't need its own sticky.


#nofap on Rizon

For anyone who doesn't know how to access IRC, just click on the following link and it should become pretty apparent:


Rules are basically the same as here only it's going to be less strict on staying on-topic. Though copious funposting will be encouraged, we'll also be able to have real-time serious discussions if we want to. Maybe even work out a little fappers anonymous session.

Oh, and we've got Trivia and UNObot for sick nasty fun times. Happy IRCing.

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>What do you guys think? Good way to diminish urges or no?

I personally never felt much of a difference. Of course after the workout I don't have the power left to think about sex but a few hours later the urges return (depending on how long the streak is)

But nonetheless everyone should use his new power and free time to exercise. Two birds with one stone. If it lowers your libido even better.

File: b053955cd54ba10⋯.jpg (297.55 KB, 1118x1600, 559:800, FOR FREEDOM.jpg)

File: a893b17af740946⋯.jpg (101.1 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, (((porn))).jpg)

File: 1450baddd53741d⋯.png (938.26 KB, 1500x1300, 15:13, PLAGUE Wojak 2017.png)
















Two years ago today, /nofap/ was founded on the grounds that 2015 should be a nofap year. 2015 came and went, and now so has 2016.

Once again, we've all made great strides. Maybe you didn't make it the whole year. In fact, you probably didn't. If you did, you are the official king of /nofap/. If not, no sweat. Consider this: In a normal year you might have fapped once or more every day. That's at least 365 faps. Maybe in the past year you only fapped once every other day, or on and off every couple days, or something like that. That's not some big huge impressive streak, but that does cut 365 down to 182, which is pretty fucken good. When you think back on the past /nofap/ year, judge it in those terms.

That said, it's a new year, which means we all have the opportunity here to make it a completely clean /nofap/ year with a big huge impressive streak, which may not be necessary to mark improvement, but would still be fucking awesome to get. Get started now, because starting isn't gonna get easier the longer you wait. All you have to do is nothing, and believe that you're gonna make it. And remember that nofap isn't the only thing you can do to make your life better. Eat right, lift, read books, don't spend every second of your life shitposting. 2017 will be a great year.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>10 second clips of professional vanilla porn

>nofap gets raided at least once a week and this is the best you can do

You're a mess, a waste, a big fat mistake.

File: bed4ef4485c9f0e⋯.png (76.9 KB, 592x554, 296:277, 1386044118108.png)


relapsed out of boredom when freech was shutdown


freech is shit tbh



freech.net is not shit

we have a nofap textboard there

File: 82e41de0c9c547b⋯.jpg (49.22 KB, 406x364, 29:26, 82e41de0c9c547b212e6d00471….jpg)


I see a lot of posts on this board asking when exactly something counts as a relapse. Hopefully this post will clear up any confusion.These criteria assume that the reader is going for a complete nofap/noporn streak. Obviously if you're only doing noporn fapping to the thought of a girl won't end your streak. You should also remember that just because you fucked up one thing doesn't mean you have to throw all your progress away (eg. if you edge, don't feel like you might as well cum, if you fap, don't think you might as well binge).

>Is it a relapse if I see porn?

If you didn't intentionally seek it out, no. Ignore it and move on.

>Is it a relapse if I sought out porn but stopped myself from doing anything and exited out?

It sort of depends on how long you were looking at it. If you watched it for a while, yes. But if you looked for it but didn't click or whatever, I'd say no. This one's really dependent on how much you watched/for how long, etc.

>Is it a relapse if I edged?


>Is it a relapse if I had sexual thoughts but didn't touch myself?

Not unless you're going full monkmode.

>Does a wet dream count as a relapse?


>Does sex count as a relapse?


>Does a handjob count as a relapse?

No, since it was someone else jerking you off It better have been a girl, you faggot .

Feel free to pose your own questions ITT.

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I went sleep really early, and I woke up in the middle of night. I guess I thought about sex, my D DELICATELY touched matress FOR NO PURPOSE and released

Is it relapse? I didn't even touch D with my hands or tried to ejaculate, I think i was half asleep



>Is it relapse?

Tell me your reason for doing NoFap and I'll tell you if it's a relapse



>feeling like shit after fap


>social anxiety

>fighting with addiction

>saying "no" to jews

>changing my life

and I like concept of "preventing semen from release"



Nocturnal emissions are gonna have no effect on this:

>fighting with addiction

>saying "no" to jews

They're gonna have a slight negative effect on this:

>feeling like shit after fap

>changing my life


and a major negative impact on this:

>social anxiety

The two things you're working with in nofap are semen retentive testosterone boosting and dopamine sensitization. When you don't fuck or fap at all you're sharper, more focused, and more confident. The nofap "superpowers" come from total abstinence and celibacy.

Unfortunately wet dreams count as a relapse if you want those superpowers. The only way I know to prevent wet dreams is to wear a chastity device between the time you go to sleep and the time you wake up



It can't be helped

I'm going to reach 60 days without fapping in few days so I feel fine

I wonder why 3rd wet dream in this year happened AGAIN in sunday

File: b4e528cdfc7f72e⋯.jpg (4.03 KB, 184x184, 1:1, 1427751502758.jpg)


no joke, NoFap has given me the ability to predict the future with general accuracy. I'm hoping in the future I will be the arbiter of all things. I read that a nofap super power is the ability to read minds.

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File: 25905c5c544d9d5⋯.webm (3.82 MB, 800x450, 16:9, 25905c5c544d9d55112023dc6….webm)



>engaging in maximum degeneracy as a lifestyle




>Implying every party needs drugs and alcohol like the hollywood shit

If partys are degenerate than you got the wrong friends mate Or no friends at all and everything you know about socialising is what you have seen on tv




why are you injecting politics into a conversation that clearly is not political?

that's autism level social skills tbh



oh sorry I thought it said socialism instead of socializing

I need some water tbh


File: 39ddff83907bf95⋯.png (10.92 KB, 823x78, 823:78, degenerate jealousy.png)

File: d62f50168123933⋯.jpg (37.31 KB, 490x301, 70:43, 1340997737182.jpg)


>tfw you won't be affected by pornography bans and other similar laws anymore

>tfw you won't be affected by eastern games and anime being "censored" in the west

>tfw you won't be affected by porn sites/communities going down

>tfw you won't be affected by the pornography industry targeting users who pirate their smut

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Gay sex is the best feeling in the world. If you haven't experienced gay sex, you have my pity. Sex when you're gay is 1000x better.



>tfw you haven't lost hours of sleep throughout the week because you had to stay up a little later to finish fapping

>tfw parents barging into my room doesn't bother me nearly as much now that I don't have to worry about them catching me fapping

>tfw my bed sheets aren't drenched with post-fap sweat every night

>tfw no more painful post-fap pissing

Really makes you realize how messy and dirty fapping is.


File: 5b51b0fd863d90d⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, dogo.png)

I loved your dog, OP

His friendly smile helped me to not relapse today.

I decided to use your pic as my wallpaper.



Congrats anon, hope it works out for you. Good luck with those blueballs though and watch out once you get into 50 day+ territory dry humping poses a real risk of jizzing your pants.



It's pretty ridiculous how people rationalize how perverse our society is now. Think about the new words or phrases that have shown up within the last decade:

>[safe-for-work thing] porn

Think things like "food porn", "OCD porn", "tragedy porn" etc. Where none if it is pornographic in nature, but porn is the word we use to describe it.

>"this makes my dick hard" comments on youtube video where something they like happens

I've seen this in a variety of videos. For example, go look up the trailers for "Death Stranding" and read the comments. The game is made by Hideo Kojima, and features Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen, so of course you have all of these nerds commenting shit like "NORMAN REEDUS AND MADS MIKKELSEN IN A GAME TOGETHER? MY DICK IS DIAMONDS!!". All this really is is a replacement for "epic win" because that became too cringey, so now it's cool to say you get a boner from things that are "awesome". I've seen girls use the whole "this makes me wet" too.

>"Oh man this tastes ORGASMIC!" or "This tastes better than sex!!"

Typical shit that teenage and adult women say. Again, normal modern language used to describe things became so overused and desensitized that we had to move on to orgasms to describe just how good something is.

I could go on but the examples I gave are extremely prevalent in the millenial's vocabulary, and it's very indicative of how addicted to pleasure we are. But you bring this up to people and you get the fluoride stare. "Bro you're just overreacting, chill out".

File: 1420337582808.jpg (422.17 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, zen_as_a_frog.jpg)


How's your streak?

Still Master of your Domain?
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I'm on a streak of over 60 days. I've felt nothing like this. I'm not a doctor but it seems you might have some minor problem with your prostate so I wouldn't suggest nofapping. Fapping usually helps with prostate problems.


What is the point of this raid? It was kind of funny the first time, not any more.


File: 0dc9af6a8f8a631⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.81 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, 20170307.jpg)

2B or not 2B?



Don't listen to this person study asian daoism.


Dice rollRolled 5 (1d6)


>replying to a 2 years old post

File: 28e6d15361c9fd2⋯.png (2.64 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, 28e6d15361c9fd2a64822d6edd….png)


can I claim to still be on NoFap if I haven't fapped in months but I have regular sex with the gf?

My friends said it doesn't count cause I'm cheating and won't get any NoFap powers or special abilities…but technically ive been 5months without fapping.




If you ever orgasm or ejaculate you lose all of the testosterone nofap generated for you and it'll take 7 days or more to charge it back up. If you have sex once or twice a week you will get temporary boosts in testosterone that last one to two days. If you have sex every day or more than two days you will have very little positive effect on your testosterone levels. The Nofap powers mostly come from increased testosterone levels, so no you won't be getting the substantial benefits that people report on long streaks of nofap

The good news is cutting out porn is good for your brain and dopamine, though the extent to which that actually benefits people is questionable


Leave her and continue nofap like a real man. After a year of nofap get her with all your wizzard powers, if she deserves you at that time ofcourse.

File: 2764592a3b50936⋯.jpg (65.42 KB, 630x354, 105:59, 1e1767482be1898d62b301881b….jpg)


Hey guys. Recently I discovered this board, so I´m very interested in no fap. So can you answer me this questions?

>What are the health issues about the fap?

>What health advantages have to let the fap?

>Can you tell me your experience?

>Is true thath behind the p0rn is the hand of Isaac full of shekels?

Thanks (pic unrelated)

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File: 18500e6c7c520b2⋯.jpg (502.48 KB, 878x599, 878:599, porn.jpg)

File: 14872d9b83f2a36⋯.jpg (591.15 KB, 651x898, 651:898, porn 2.jpg)

File: 2dd04d8bd539a50⋯.jpg (194.9 KB, 2047x737, 2047:737, porn 3.jpg)


File: ae0ec62f983f8ce⋯.jpg (45.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, porn 5.jpg)




Thanks anons, I´m going to start with no fap. It´s been three days since no fap (last time was for a little pain in my ball)

It´s time to get a beard like a hillbilly and don´t wasting time. Maybe I should start learn another lenguage or work with wood


File: 2645122bafa724b⋯.jpeg (23.57 KB, 400x345, 80:69, E_gJ7F8p.jpeg)


>Maybe I should start learn another lenguage

i'd start with english

>or work with wood

If you swing that way, do you

Just lift weights lol



lol I know my english is a little broken

File: 4d28d4a54f7eddb⋯.png (408.31 KB, 600x710, 60:71, 14699875153300.png)


I think, we need to confess which particular matters trouble us the most, so that someone who efficiently fought the same urge would help us somehow. Or, on the contrary, someone NOT into our degeneracy might convience us why we should not like what we like, induce revusion, find something disgusting enough we will be able to counteract our desires further on.

As the last measure, just shame into revulsion. It's easier to avoid something we feel shame for when we see some external disgust, then when it is kept strictly a private matter and we can lie ourselves it's alright. noB8, self-esteem is overrated, life is perfectly operable without one. Lots of succsessfull people have always had low self-esteems. And what's the point of having one when you are still weak anyway and do not deserve it? It's just a lie.

Spoilered links to your degeneracy are a must.

I'll start:

Heterosexual furries.


Remember, niggers: don't open links if that's your thing. If you do, you are what's wrong with this world.

Don't hesitate to answer posts already answered to - the more help - the better.

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jesus christ fam. reminder that people will defend that behaviour. oven them all



And I thought I was fucked up for jerking off to women vomiting after a rough blowjob.

why do u still have ur stash lol



I have been fapping to this shit for years and I'm planning my life without it step by step, I feel as if I go ahead and rush into it I'll relapse even worse than before.

Its almost as if I had a "security blanket" not part of my ab/dl fetish although I actually had one to play pretend baby, I mean sort-of-like "security blanket" I need to know its there but I'm actually not looking at it, nor I'm visiting those sick perverted sites anymore.

There will come a time, I hope soon, where it will be just as simple as deleting it because it has served its purpose and I simply dont really see the need anymore to keep holding that stash, I'm staying strong fighting the urges fully aware that simply by watching is considered a relapse while before I only considered PM or PMO a relapse (I used to edge a lot). Now that I truly understand that watching porn WILL make me relapse eventually I know what I have to do, keep away from porn of all kinds, enjoy video games, music, movies, focus on your job, do some exercise and enjoy outdoors.




File: f86a60144b3e1eb⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 320x240, 4:3, olnRBt.gif)


woke up super horny, started thinking "may be" it wouldn't be so bad to see a bit of my stash, just a peek…

I went ahead and deleted the whole fucking thing


File: 9adc786dd364e71⋯.gif (897.45 KB, 480x360, 4:3, mfw.gif)


Well done, fam.

File: 7c63263ebb4b76b⋯.png (616.05 KB, 1363x830, 1363:830, udvXz.png)


>was browsing 4gag

>saw an ad for /s/

>I clicked on it for some stupid reason

>I saw a woman bent over and it really made me erect and horny

>found more things like it on tumblr and attempted to view it without masturbating and failed


3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 09e63f1c392f4a0⋯.jpg (40.97 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 1458089115264.jpg)

>losing in the single digit days

fukken step it up guys

>attempting to view porn without masturbating

Fucking why? I don't get how this doesn't sound retarded to most people. If I were a fatass and I decided to buy cakes and bags of cheetos to chew on before spitting it all out after each bite, I'd have 5 posters reply to me (rightfully) calling me a retard. And 10 more if I ended it with "then i broke down and decided to just eat it…". What gives? WHO IS TELLING YOU THAT LOOKING AT PORN IS A GOOD IDEA


File: 331487dc62639ca⋯.jpg (38.96 KB, 472x472, 1:1, 1324181868951.jpg)


>single digits

In your dreams anon



>Fucking why?

Just another proof how addictive porn is





Also I'm on day ten step it up op


File: 0ef1de1947ddf25⋯.png (497.32 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_1123.PNG)

>mfw relapse on day 3

File: 29b46bdf33435e6⋯.jpg (8.29 KB, 216x233, 216:233, images.jpg)


I know some men have the cringy game of rating women. But

Women are not self awarw of their own "beauty"

Their hormonal receptors do NOT require higher input due to their own bodies.

So basically ANY female is drawn to pheromones. Any. It is a silly myth that "leagues" exist.

Why SHOULD NOT a thin woman crave a guy w/ a belly?

Basically true nofap draws any female

4 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



> that if

they ARE that powerful.

the rest of the post is flawed because your premise is flawed(Pheromones are not as powerful as they really are)


File: 4a0d6e3df4e9ddf⋯.jpg (8.67 KB, 239x211, 239:211, keks.jpg)


> She also has a brain and a conscience,


>has a brain

>and a conscience


There is only one human pheremone. It's found in the sweat of males and reacts with the bacteria in a male's body hair to give off a scent which repels females who are not ovulating. So no, females are not attracted by pheremones; in fact it's quite the opposite.



I am sorry but you are wrong.



then what is it?

File: 509438d05c08b85⋯.jpg (76.98 KB, 1440x741, 480:247, McLaren P1 Bahrain-773-cro….jpg)


I'm gonna relapse in about 3 days probably

I promised myself to buy a McLaren when I get to 90 days but that's not going to happen it seems DD:

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.



Day 9


File: dc7a0ad2432a362⋯.jpg (12.93 KB, 300x291, 100:97, dc7a0ad2432a362a05c3fe0754….jpg)

If I reach 90 days, do you buy me one? please


File: 767c979cfb534bf⋯.jpg (63.87 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 12507215_494857680686142_1….jpg)


At least it wasn't a close call lol


File: e212f04543506d5⋯.jpg (66.78 KB, 640x373, 640:373, 20170307.jpg)

Lost in on Day 3.

Going to go for longer next time…



really shitty taste desu

you should probably kys tbh

File: ea2a4e226449c87⋯.jpg (97.07 KB, 854x687, 854:687, ea2a4e226449c875a709a5924e….jpg)


I recently had a change of diet, and I seem to be less interested in porn and more happy in general. I also have much better morning wood now which would indicate greater testosterone levels and greater sexual energy. But instead of reaching for the porn, I'm just riding this wave of feeling like a million bucks everyday. I'm not dogmatic about not fapping, and I can't help but wonder if going out of my way to strictly avoid it at all costs is potentially harmful to the endocrine system.

I'll start by apologizing for not citing my claims, but I don't feel like turning this into a scientific paper. I just want to share my armchair science with you guys to give you new leads to follow. I empathize with your struggle to become better people even if I think some of you are a bit misguided on what the remedy is.

I think if you have a porn addiction, you are struggling with the following in no particular order:

1. Overactive adrenals.

2. High serotonin.

3. Low dopamine.

4. Hypothyroidism or unsteady metabolism in general.

1. Overactive adrenals means you are prone to getting suddenly overwhelmed by the slightest arousal trigger. You get overactive adrenals when you go long periods without eating or the food you eat is composed mainly of nutrients which are poorly metabolized. My theory is this is a natural system that comes into play when an animal begins the starvation process. It is a survival instinct feedback loop which is meant to give an animal a surge of energy to hunt/forage or alternatively to reproduce before starvation is made complete. If any of you have trouble with sleep, this might be part of the problem. Your bodies are telling you that they feel starved and it isn't time to sleep; it's time to hunt to live another day or fuck to pass on your genes. This is why you are reaching for porn, because it satisfies this very strong instinct. If you are eating what you perceive as plenty, you should come to the understanding that it is not metabolized correctly or else the body would not feel desperate.

2. 3. Higher serotonin levels appear to cause depression Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>Milk is good

confirmed for not knowing what you're talking about



This is not a universal statement. I said it is good because it is protein that comes with sugar. You don't even have to eat dairy to follow my advice. You could just pair muscle meat, liver, or gelatin with fruit or fruit juice instead if that floats your boat. (I eat those too.) Milk isn't usually problematic unless you aren't white. Even then, supposedly you could keep drinking it to force your body to start producing the enzyme lactase again.



I agree diet is good if that's what you're saying.

can't see what that has to do with nofap and its legitimacy. And fapping only makes people happy in comparison to how they are before because of the DeltaFosB neuro chemical that makes the dopamine receptors desensitized to all stimuli except the addictive one.

Nofap, combined with pornfree makes people enjoy basic things again. I feel like you're that one person who declared that he still views images of women. In that case, I can see why NoFap didn't really work for you. Or perhaps you're using drugs or alcohol and you believe that's not as bad



Interesting post. It applies to the porn addicts on this board and not those using nofap for physiological benefits. All the porn addicts on this board should get a hormone panel done to see if there's any merit to these ideas. Many on this board have extremely high sex drives and report feeling chronically bored and shameful

Most of your nutritional advice here jumps out as being horrible. If you ever get sick, have to reverse disease, and look at actual people's results with using some of the advice here you'll see how bad they are in general with experience, but they still may provide relief to people with the hormonal and neurotransmitter problems you described

Here are some healthier alternatives:

1. Use nascent iodine once a day and himalayan pink salt with non-sweet meals instead of iodized table salt

2. Eat more fructose in the form of fruit and fruit juice but drink fruit juice gradually throughout the day and not all at once. If you buy a cheap glucometer you'll see that fruit juice spikes your insulin just as much as coca cola

3. Combines fruit smoothies or fruit juices with hemp powder or home-made spinach juice instead of animal products like meat or milk. Combining cholesterol and fructose is the primary cause of insulin resistance and diabetes

4. All fats impair glucose metabolism. Saturated fat is even worse for glucose metabolism than monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat:


Polyunsaturated fat performs many positive functions, just like the other 2 basic fat types. A better solution is to reduce fat intake to 10-15% of your daily calories and to always have your fats with vegetables which increases the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, and not with fruit which impairs glucose metabolism and severely spikes insulin



>and I can't help but wonder if going out of my way to strictly avoid it at all costs is potentially harmful to the endocrine system

and don't worry nofap doesn't harm your endocrine system. The people that succeed at nofap for long streaks go on to live very happy lives because of the positive effects on testosterone and dopamine

File: c6586593e288df2⋯.jpg (38.92 KB, 305x600, 61:120, t_plat11.jpg)


Things to remember before you fap

View thread nao.

56 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 44b3c3da52e34ac⋯.jpeg (41.68 KB, 600x399, 200:133, 56b381891f00007f00217556.jpeg)




File: 615482e8a5f6935⋯.jpg (42.58 KB, 350x498, 175:249, 615482e8a5f6935a13316243a7….jpg)


Once a week? Where the fuck is anyone gonna go forcibly jacking it once a week?


Both y'all are retarded. Go die. You both figured out NOTHING. Quit focusing on JACKING IT, cut it out! The only way to beat an addiction is to starve it.



>You both figured out NOTHING. Quit focusing on JACKING IT, cut it out! The only way to beat an addiction is to starve it

Not sure what this has to do with my post at all


Reminder that if you jack off in the shower then the heat from the water will cause your jizz to solidify like a hard-boiled egg and it'll be really unpleasant to clean it up.

Reminder that if you jack off in some place other than the shower then you won't have any easy access for water to get into your dickhole to wash out the leftover jizz so it'll solidify like a hardboiled egg in your dickhole from your body heat and it'll itch really bad and you'll have to hold in your piss for like an hour before you'll be able to take a piss big enough to clean out your dickhole to make it stop itching.


File: 512d292314da36a⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1579x1920, 1579:1920, 6fc293120930d467a6bda04dbd….jpg)

Relief? There is no such thing as relief. Relief is a loss of strength. Porn, just 1 peek, even at softcore, will bind your soul into the will of its actions, namely to be with a girl. The attraction to mate, that's why we are attracted to girls. Nofap, Nopon, what it ultimately is, is eradicating the digital replacement of our vital sexual drive. Our body gives us all the cues, readily available, to be attracted in a millisecond by sight. It is impossible to always remain fully alert against biological insitnct to defeat a foreign system that is disadvantagious, but we need to stay well rested to conquer this. Proper sleep is the only way, and dilligence in the most important times. Over time, we will learn when those times are and we shall subsequently be victorious! This shall be a thing of the past! Our life will be thrust forward by ourself!

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