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File: 93b2c399ee16841⋯.jpg (170.19 KB, 800x1041, 800:1041, c3eac148b459d5e1232f80962f….jpg)

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As is usual for these messages, I will begin with some history.

This board began as an initiative by it's previous BO and founder Plague_Doctor, from nofap threads on /pol/ in 2015. In these threads people vowed to make 2015 their nofap year and that's how the board was born. In this time we, and a lot of newcomers, have been on a wild ride. The board became a top 50 board with the influx of mainly /christian/ and /pol/ users, and we became a dead board once again when the hype died down after about 6 months into nofap 2017.

In this time there has been some tremendous progress. The journal threads might mostly be dead now, but there have been multiple people who reached a nofap streak of more than 100 day's, I even saw one guy with a maximum nofap of 176 day's!

But don't think you who has only managed streaks of less than 10 day's to a maximum of 20 are not on the right path as well. Every day, even every time, you don't fap is a step into the right direction. As my predecessor said every year, Even if you fap every other day, that still makes it so you only fapped 182 day's in a year instead of 365. Not that impressive, but a way out has become visible. It is always good to remember that you can make it if you try.

But that's history and pep talk, it's a new yePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I will not fap today

File: d8b241fbdd33a0e⋯.jpg (209.41 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, 3009043-poster-1280-now-17….jpg)


>stop jacking off

>feel better about quitting porn

>realize i still waste my time dicking about online

Anything you've done to replace/limit time online?

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I've started using my internet addiction to learn Japanese

whenever I catch myself dicking around for more than half an hour I switch over to studying kana/kanji

sure it's weebshit, but it's productive, and learning a foreign language can hardly hurt you

File: 1420234656021.png (97.82 KB, 1009x1486, 1009:1486, PLAGUE DOCTOR.png)


Welcome to /nofap/

This board is for the discussion of nofap, noporn, and the societal implications of fapping and porn.



>1. Stay on topic. The topic is pretty loosely defined here so use some common sense.

>2. Don't post porn. NSFW images will be deleted. Posting NSFW material as a shitty troll attempt will result in a comically long ban. This board is SFW, so keep it that way.

>3. Non-/nofap/pers are welcome to come and question the premise of nofap and to argue against nofap. That said, shitposts, flames, bait, spam, and trolls are not allowed and such threads will be locked or deleted.

Just those three.

edit: Fugg the rules/faq page got nuked and I'm too lazy to recreate it right now.

If anyone needs to get a hold of me try my e-mail at plaguedoctornf@8chan.co.

And because I don't want to clutter the board with excess stickies:

ITT: dump /nofap/ infographs, videos, links, banners and other such things

EDIT: Adding the IRC to this thread because it doesn't need its own sticky.


#nofap on Rizon

For anyone who doesn't know how to access IRC, just click on the following link and it should become pretty apparent:


Rules are basically the same as here only it's going to be less strict on staying on-topic. Though copious funposting will be encouraged, we'll also be able to have real-time serious discussions if we want to. Maybe even work out a little fappers anonymous session.

Oh, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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The rules and FAQ page is giving me a 404.

File: 5db33a042070e6e⋯.png (164.34 KB, 347x260, 347:260, ClipboardImage.png)



Basically I woke up extremely early and designed to model a dream I had in terms of the 3D environment. I think I nailed every single part of the dream. I was walking through a temple(like the pictured) and completely hyper-attentive, controlling of my entire surroundings. Quite eerie. Really makes you think if you go a full month without touching yourself.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Hsfyf5qjsQ I clearly heard this music aswell.

Seriously guys.. this is definitely freaking me out. I'm glad I managed to remember this.

File: 4b4bd17e130d237⋯.jpg (32 KB, 1015x334, 1015:334, is he ourguy..JPG)


Will he still do it?


Then he will be impeached for real. Masses are still hooked on to porn and most still think its good for you.

Better to lead by example. Trump doesn't fap, and has accomplished in one life would one would find it hard to accomplish in 10 births. He should continue being god emperor of mankind and maybe one day, when enough people are redpilled on the dangers of porn and masturbation, God Emperor Barron Trump or Luke Trump can ban porn forever and banish this jewish evil from the history of our civilization.

File: 58a2ac7533a9cba⋯.jpg (354.88 KB, 1846x500, 923:250, Pause.of.Progres.vs.Relaps….jpg)


Hello, /nofap/

This is going to be really long but it’s key information. I promise it’ll be worth the read.

Without achieving full control over your lust, realization of your optimal self simply is not possible. The man who finds himself weak and addicted should strive to overcome his inadequacy, but knowing the necessity for such a war is not enough, he must also know the instrument with which to win this war. He must have full knowledge on how the process of healing takes place; and healing through abstaining from masturbation, porn and all the thought and behavior patterns that are associated with lust are no different. My experience and research at self-mastery has given me a wisdom that I feel responsible to share with you all. It’s about the big mistake in people’s perception of failure during NoFap. Here’s what I mean…

You must understand that on the path to free yourself from masturbation addiction, it is inevitable that you are going to break and fail at one point. Without failing, you cannot succeed. In fact, failing will serve as a gateway to the next level of healing, enabling you to continue progressing. Let me give you an analogy to make this easier to understand. Let’s say you aim to run 50 kilometers. Of course, you can’t run all of 50 km’s in one go, eventually you’re going to have to stop and rest. Now, just because you stopped running — in other words — failed to progress, does that mean you’re unsuccessful in your goal to run 50 km’s? Of course not; because it’s impossible to achieve the full process in a single bound, there has to be pauses, rests, acting as shifting of gears in completing the journey in sections. The runner runs for 10 km’s, then takes a rest, gets back his energy and continues running. Much like there are multiple pieces to completing a puzzle, there are multiple shifts in overcoming lust in the form of masturbation addiction; and the shifts can only occur through failures. The fact of the matter is because you’re addicted, because you are not yet free from the clutches of your lust, your attempt to free yourself will inevitably result in failure, and this is perfectly fine, it is, indeed, an essential part of the process. When you initiate the process of healing yourself from the addiction you start to endure, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


‘Pause of Progress’ is exactly how it sounds, it’s merely pausing to progress; it’s not relapsing, it is merely resting to get back the energy so you can continue progressing again. Go back to the running 50 kilometers example — because it is impossible to run 50 km’s in one go without ever stopping, you have to take inevitable breaks. You take breaks so you can rest up and energize yourself so you can continue running again. You are, indeed, pausing to progress just so that you can progress further. This is because it is impossible to achieve your aim in a single bound, you have to take rests; and these rests act as shifting of gears in your journey to overcome your addiction. I visualized this concept in the ‘figure 1’ of the pic related. This leads us to the conclusion that a failure to abstain from masturbation is not automatically a relapse, it can be ‘Pause of Progress’; and what decides whether or not the failure to abstain is a relapse or a ‘Pause of Progress’ is how you react to this failure.

When the going gets tough, which will happen inevitably, it’ll become too much and you’ll fail to abstain and masturbate. If you go “Oh hell, I failed. Might as well go all out” and masturbate 5 times that day and continue masturbating as many times the following days, this will be a relapse. By abstaining and enduring you’ve chipped away at the addiction and gained quite a lot of control back, but by incorrectly reacting to a failure and turning it into a relapse by binging, you have now given the control that you’ve attained by abstaining back to the addiction. As you can see in the ‘figure 2’ of pic related, relapsing causes the erasure of progress and undoes all or some of the progress you’ve achieved depending on how hard you relapse; but erasure of progress is not the only thing that happens after a failure to abstain, in fact, as I’ve just mentioned, failure to abstain is not a bad thing, it is inevitable and essential in overcoming addiction. What makes a failure to abstain a relapse is the incorrect reaction to it. In the running 50 kilometers example, this would be the equivalent of running for 10 km’s, then inevitably stopping but instead of resting, instead of getting back the energy to continue running again, you call off the race and withdraw from it because in your head you’re unsuccessful because you failed to run 50 km’s in one go. This would be misunderstaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I’ve renounced lust and started to abstain from masturbation on 2nd of January. I was able to go 18 days without breaking. On day 15, things started to get tough, I started to get lasting thoughts, thoughts that started to chip away at my will, the addiction started to whisper in my ear, slowly infiltrating my resolve, nothing I couldn’t handle though. Day 16 was harder than the previous day. I spent a good few hours fighting off the urges. What was once easy to fend off was now getting to me. I started to lose grip on my long-term goals and started to give in to the whispers of the addiction. I would’ve failed if I hadn’t left the house and taken a cold shower. Day 17 was even harder. You know how this works, as your will starts to deteriorate you start to justify masturbating in your head, finding more and more excuses to fail. On the night of the 17th day, the urges were so big that I couldn’t sleep. The addiction was keeping me awake, gnawing at me. I tossed and turned in my bed, failing to get those thoughts out of my head and finally sleep. I started to get a headache, my mouth started to dry, the standard withdrawal symptoms were at full force. The thoughts to keep going and the thoughts to masturbate were fighting hard, and this war of thoughts really took its toll on me, I felt terrible. I was so close that I was convinced that I would fail. I was going to turn on my computer and load up lustful materials to masturbate to. I even started to think about just how much I would ejaculate or what I would look at. I was really going to fail but I pulled through. I had enough resolve that instead of breaking, I took a cold shower and went outside for a walk. I came back home still feeling terrible, still at the edge of breaking, but I barely managed to busy myself until I finally slept. I woke up the next morning thinking because I won the last night’s war and managed to continue abstaining that I would wake up feeling great. I thought I would be washed over with this sense of accomplishment, this feeling of victory because I stayed true to myself and didn’t masturbate. This did not happen at all, what I expected to be a sensation of success ended up being the complete opposite — the suffering continued from where it left off! All the thoughts and urges that I fought so hard to keep off came right back. Instead of waking up to a fresh head, I woke up to the same brain fog. Nothing changed, the same urges, the same temptations. IPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


This is the same mechanism with overcoming masturbation addiction — it’s impossible to succeed at abstinence in your first try. You have to abstain and endure, go as long as you can, and when you cannot go any further, when the urges and the temptations are just too much, you have to fail *properly*. You have to react to failure to abstain correctly by not binging, by allowing yourself to masturbate for only once or twice and getting back on track as soon as possible, within no longer than 3 days. This way, you will achieve ‘Pause of Progress’. Let me tell you how my story continues…

I could go for 18 days, that was my limit. Over the course of those days I saw pictures and videos that occupied my head for days, kept me rock hard. I couldn’t focus on anything else but those lustful things. Eventually I broke and masturbated, but an interesting thing happened. After spending 2 days and masturbating 3 times in total only, those pictures and videos that turned me on so much no longer interested me. This is what happens with the indulgence of lust, the thing that aroused you greatly no longer does anything for you after you’re done masturbating to it. Under the light of this new revelation I realized what was going on — 18 days was as long as I could possibly go in my current attempt. Because of this, to shift gears and continue progressing, I needed to fail; and in failing properly, in not letting it become relapsing by binging, in pausing to progress so that I can rest and build up energy without undoing my progress, I could shift to the next gear and continue going. Much like the runner resting after running as long as he can so that he can rest up and continue running some more, after those two days I went back to abstaining, continuing on my journey to overcome my lust; and I feel great. Having leveled up, I am untouched by the temptations that, previously, gave me such a hard time, and I’m much closer to freedom now.

The process to overcome your addiction is not a binary state. It’s not like you’re either 100% addicted or 100% free; it’s more like a tug-of-war. You gain some ground and, sometimes, you lose some ground. The way I look at it is there’s plan A and plan B — the plan A is to fully abstain from it but because you’re still addicted you might fail. This is where plan B is triggered, this is where youPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thanks for sharing your experiences OP. I've had a similar experience, though I do not believe failing in nofap is inevitable or should be expected. I think its a question of dedication and effort. We fall because we become careless, with time and some successful days in a streak we think we've conquered lust/masturbation addiction and we can go along pretending like we have won until *SMACK* the pang of lust hits us out of nowhere, when we least expect it, and it takes over us with such force is near impossible to resist. That's still our fault, for being careless where lust could corner us and make us submit.

There was a man once named Gautama Buddha, married with a child, who one day decided to go full monkmode nofap and never looked back. He created Buddhism, one of the oldest surviving religions today next to Hinduism. Then there have been men like Tesla and Newton who are documented as living fully celibate lives, and both are on record either being proud of their celibate lives (Newton) or promoting celibacy in pursuit of greater intellectual knowledge (Tesla). I don't think these men ever masturbated. They were hardline religious, believed in God, and never touched a women because of their closeness with God.

I don't think failing is inevitable. Its easy to fall, but it does not have to be that way, its all up to you. You say you fought against lust by taking cold showers, jogging etc but it still blockaded you from proceeding with your life until you gave in - I've been there and know exactly what you're talking about - I would myself describe it as a thousand pins striking from every direction and making it impossible for me to move, do anything else, read, talk, breath unless I mentally give in (sounds familiar?) - and I did give in - like you, but I still realized that it was still me being WEAK. I believe even if we end up in that mental state, we must still keep on fighting against it and eventually we succeed. Turn to God (The bible talks about fighting lust plenty and how "His" name instantly kills lust - It absolutely does), meditate on why there was once a version of you who swore against lust/masturbation and why that person must come back and take control again without you masturbating and falling into that post orgasm depression again. That is how you win. By facing it and not giving in, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 0a3fa748b19c535⋯.jpg (5.15 KB, 258x195, 86:65, shit_beard.jpg)


Could shitty beard and delayed puberty be related to fapping?

I'm 23 and can't grow a beard for shit. It grows good but only on my neck, so if I let it grow I look disgusting. It's not genetic, I have photos of my dad at 19 with full moustache and my grandpa had 5 o'clock shade at 2 o'clock.

Ejaculation lowers your testosterone, studies say it goes back to normal after a week but who the fuck went a week without fapping in our primes? I've been fapping since I was 14, realised that it was a problem at 21 and only now at 23 I fap maybe once a week and only recently I managed a 2 month streak. That's 7 years of fapping at least once a day. Seven years add up to over 2500 ejaculations.

Testosterone is what causes development of secondary sex characteristics so it seems normal that when it's lacking, they won't develop properly. The best example for this are eunuchs - men who have been castrated. Historically it was done so they would retain their boyish vocal range and worked as singers:

>As the castrato's body grew, his lack of testosterone meant that his epiphyses (bone-joints) did not harden in the normal manner. Thus the limbs of the castrati often grew unusually long, as did the bones of their ribs. This, combined with intensive training, gave them unrivalled lung-power and breath capacity.[1] Operating through small, child-sized vocal cords, their voices were also extraordinarily flexible, and quite different from the equivalent adult female voice. Their vocal range was higher than that of the uncastrated adult male. Listening to the only surviving recordings of a castrato (see below), one can hear that the lower part of the voice sounds like a "super-high" tenor, with a more falsetto-like upper register above that.


That's why I like to call fapping "self castration". Thoughts on this?

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File: 35b7a448793a31b⋯.png (127.2 KB, 877x2080, 877:2080, testerone.png)


Is there even any purpose to this shit or am I too far gone. I'm 30 years old and I've been jerking off multiple times a day since I was in first grade I shit you not. I know the brain can "repair" but what if it never even developed in the first place. The constant fapping combined with whatever strange drug cocktail they had me on any given weak to correct my (((ADHD))) I mean (((Tourettes))) I mean (((Schizophrenia))) I mean (((kike shit here))) can't have been good. You know these hook nosed fucks are lying because they have been preaching this masturbation is good stuff for decades who knows what else they are lying about.

I decided to give this a go and I'm 1 day in but I'm fucking scared because this is all I know how to do what the fuck do I do when I'm not touching my dick I'm fucking sweating here I need to get off this computer for now before I fuck it all up but please how can I stop being this way.



No more defeatism lad. Spite the kike. It's completely possible to recover. I went from fapping 40 times a month in January, to only 14 so far this month. I'm on day 7 right now, and all year i was struggling to get past day 1. They want you to think you can't throw the shackles off



>Resorts to name-calling

Very nice.



All science is broscience until a couple of bros get together and review that broscience confirming it to be science or not science bro. Broscience plays an important role in promoting science bro.

File: 1448712746168.jpg (77.78 KB, 467x350, 467:350, brain-atrophy.jpg)


Neuroscience Speaks: How Using Porn Destroys Your Brain

Neuroscience now knows that willpower is a function of the prefrontal lobes of the brain. Scientific studies have also confirmed that using porn over and over actually reshapes these areas of the brain, literally eroding our willpower and our moral compass.

Neuroscientists call it hypofrontality. Hypofrontality is a state in which there is decreased blood flow to the prefrontal lobes of the brain. Hypofrontality is observed in schizophrenia patients and is also observed in all manner of addictions.

“Compulsiveness is a good descriptor of hypofrontality. Many porn users feel focused on getting to porn and masturbating even when a big part of them is saying, ‘Don’t do this.’ Even when negative consequences seem imminent, impulse control is too weak to battle the cravings.”

The porn-addicted brain has trouble thinking logically. When impulses and desires come from the midbrain, instead of being moderated, the brain feels these desires as compelling needs. The prefrontal region is supposed to be able to weigh consequences and situations and judiciously shut down cravings, but hypofrontality means the addict’s ability to do this is impaired.

The more one masturbates to porn, the more dopamine is released in the brain. Eventually dopamine receptors and signals in the brain fatigue, leaving the viewer wanting more but unable to reach a level of satisfaction. The viewer becomes numb to things once considered pleasurable. “To escape this desensitization, people, and men especially, expand their pornographic tastes to more novel stimuli,” Black writes. This leads, again, to more fatigue.

To bring the prefrontal lobes back into working order, a two-pronged attack is needed: (1) the old neural pathways must be starved, and (2) new neural pathways must be built and fed, increasing dopamine levels in a way that build up the prefrontal cortex.

http:Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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considering i first saw BDSM shit at 9 or 10, doesn't really surprise me. I knew what bondage was in 2nd grade. i knew how to keep my viewing hidden from parents tho. was a little computer whiz. :D my parents raised me well, they monitored me, and whatnot, i just at the time didn't understand what i was looking at. i didnt think pornography actually when i was a child. my brain was kinda innocent in That way. until i saw the more… objectifying side of it, and more sadistic side. i look at that as the beginning of my curiosity, and descent into addiction to porn. i found all sorts of weird shit when i was 9 or 10. furries, (i hated them, especially after seeing disgusting shit) animegao kigurumi(not porn) BDSM, etc. was on fucking wikipedia and wikis for fucks sakes. a child never stood a chance of not seeing fucked shit… and now its worse than it was then! that was the dial up era. now we have broadband internet, where it is at your fingertips.


I didnt fap for three months when I was at Parris Island, and I didnt develop any superpowers.

If you are going to nofap, do it for religious/moral reasons. Don't expect any major bodily changes.





File: 2e2098c856bc879⋯.jpg (72.27 KB, 960x741, 320:247, 2e2098c856bc8791c42283aa09….jpg)

There is so much fear and guilt connected to sex, and few overcome it early enough to be able to teach their children about it.

Having strict and caring parents are increasingly important. Knowing what I have been through I wouldn't be surprised I wouldn't let my child browse the internet before I have shown him what isn't good for him and how to avoid it

Rather I would make him/her grow up in beautiful surroundings with art that would show him/her pictures of art where the female and male body are displayed beautifully and graciously, as in classical art and tell him why he's not allowed to be let loose on the internet before he's clear about why. That the place is trying to corrupt him to lose his innocence and make him desire others for cash and kicks.

To supply other things like refined sugar and caffeine given to developing children is downright wrong. Telling your kid that a healthy interest in sex is natural but that it fucks with your development and makes you unable to relate to and interact with the opposite sex naturally if you abuse it. Also telling him/her that getting embarrassed is completely natural and a good thing, because it shows you are pure at heart. Telling him/her others might want to have sex with you and try to play you into having sex with them, without getting any serious relation with them is very common, if not the most common thing out there, because people don't realize it is the norm or people are strong enough to not be dragged into it or react to it.

I would tell my boy that early developed girls might be very pretty, and suddenly almost be alien or frightening to a boy their own age for no particular reason. That you really, really, REALLY want to talk with them, but can feel unable to because you're shy or frightened..

To girls it might be that the shy boys suddenly become very boring and act different or even unnatural towards you, just because you change in physical appearance, or perhaps your whole being changes so drastically that you feel uncertain, sad or angry about others because they can't make you feel like you are the same any more. Maybe older boys become very interesting and that sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>This is like blaming the Jews. It's stupid and irrational.

Do you really think antisemitism has no basis? Naive, deliberately blind or dumb?

File: 8529cf89c556f84⋯.jpg (8.12 KB, 300x100, 3:1, nofap-1.jpg)


I'm on day 3. I feel ok

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Day 16!!!!1!1 I just broke my last streak of fifteen days. Now I'm looking for some greenpill/ /fringe/ shit ln how to use my stored cummies to manifest a better spiritual, psychical and physical life



Reset lads. Day zero.



Watch out for succubi, Anon. They're attracted to stored cummies.



Delete your post faggot.



I proudly announce that I'm now on week 3, day 21. I can't believe I have made it this far. Looking for the one month mark soon

File: 1443845490182.jpeg (1.4 MB, 2917x4187, 2917:4187, Napoleon Bonaparte (Non-B….jpeg)


Hello /nofap/!

After a few minutes of browsing this board I have found a desire to go on a streak. Background:

Best streaks:





And a few stray weeks here and there.

I've almost completely removed porn from my life, the only time I see it is the result of browsing chans. Since cutting porn consumption slowly down to zero I can say that it coincides with a more successful life, but it is just one tool among many.

All of my streaks except the 84 one have ended in drug level withdrawal effects, where I am almost incapable of being productive. I'm mentally unhinged and anxious, my mind is assaulted by the irrational want to fap, and eventually I cave only to realize how retarded I was being after cumming.

Since my last streak ended in that fashion I've been averaging maybe 7 to 11 faps a week (all no porn). I will take a different approach this time, a long game style. Instead of cold turkey I will build up over time.


>day 1 FAP

>day 2 NF

>day 3 FAP

>day 4 NF

>day 5 NF

>day 6 FAP

>day 7 NF

>day 8 NF

>day 9 NF

>day 10 FAP

>day 11 NF

>day 12 NF

>day 13 NF

>day 14 NF

>day 15 FAP


This is something I've never tried before and I believe it will help wean my body, mind, & spPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

38 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I'm day 444 right now. I just found my thread from years ago. It's literally at the very bottom. Praise kek holy fuck. That is not a coincidence. Keep strong anons!.



Congratulations, anon. Can you tell us more about your journey? As a fellow man seeking to master himself I'm really interested.






Nice day trips



It was incredibly hard at first. Like kicking drug addiction. I failed for probably 3 years before I finally reset my body. I believe I started in 2013 and it was not until mid 2016 that I had gone deep on a streak without coming close to relapse. I remember going 270ish days and then in a moment of impulse, opening 10 tabs of porn and jerking off, lasting maybe 40 seconds and cumming all over my floor.

In that post orgasmic moment I realized how far I had come and haven't failed myself since.

I've found the main benefits to be as follows:

>True, genuine desire to breed/sleep with a woman

>able to enjoy the sexual experience more deeply

>greater appreciation of scents and subtleties like the feel of your woman's hair gliding across your skin

>give off better pheromones.

>naturally more dominant and entitled to every piece of pussy that walks by me

>at least that's how it feels in my mind, whereas before this was not the case

>confidence in your own discipline and will power which leads to greater self belief in other areas of life

>feel "cleaner" on an energetic level

>higher standard for women

To be as conscise as possible

>Self mastery/discipline

>Raises SMV

>Increases health

File: 4d28d4a54f7eddb⋯.png (408.31 KB, 600x710, 60:71, 14699875153300.png)


I think, we need to confess which particular matters trouble us the most, so that someone who efficiently fought the same urge would help us somehow. Or, on the contrary, someone NOT into our degeneracy might convience us why we should not like what we like, induce revusion, find something disgusting enough we will be able to counteract our desires further on.

As the last measure, just shame into revulsion. It's easier to avoid something we feel shame for when we see some external disgust, then when it is kept strictly a private matter and we can lie ourselves it's alright. noB8, self-esteem is overrated, life is perfectly operable without one. Lots of succsessfull people have always had low self-esteems. And what's the point of having one when you are still weak anyway and do not deserve it? It's just a lie.

Spoilered links to your degeneracy are a must.

I'll start:

Heterosexual furries.


Remember, niggers: don't open links if that's your thing. If you do, you are what's wrong with this world.

Don't hesitate to answer posts already answered to - the more help - the better.

44 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 6728f2960338c2d⋯.jpg (75.59 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1494429322472.jpg)


I got back into the fapping habit to save myself from myself, in a manner of speaking.

It gets to the point where about 2 weeks in I start going on tinder and grinder for random hookups.

I know how dangerous it is, how risky it is and that it makes me feel guilty and hate myself afterwards, so I started fapping again so I would lose the motivation to put myself in a risky situation, and stay home since I no longer have the urge.

The last two limes were horrible, intimately speaking, and also handled pretty stupidly. It's like I just throw rationality out the window and just ended up inviting stangers from the internet to my house after talking to them for a couple of hours, not to mention the std's I could put myself at risk for. It's never happened but if I keep doing it, it's only a matter of time.




Hi Alessi



My theory is that they feel guilty about fapping they feel like the biggest shit they start to hate women who reject them (or just afraid of them) and they start to use this frustration to fap to IR



ur gay?

try cold showers once the urge hits…?


I feel incredibly sad for being a loner kv so I always get this idea that somehow faping will make those feels go away or replace them somehow. I cant stay at nofap long because I dont think I can ever have gf in current social climate

File: 40cf50aa13caa07⋯.jpg (76.53 KB, 1000x625, 8:5, 14007580221054.jpg)


reminder porn is cuckoldry. also this is a visual representation of what being a porn star is from their monitor.

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I propose that porn is worse then being a cuck because at least the cuck has a wife/GF that includes them in the act, even if it's just slapping him across the face. But when you're beating off to your screen, all alone, you don't even get that much. If that woman you're looking at getting plowed were to see you in your room with you dick in your hand, she would laugh at you!



Is this why the cuckoldry epidemic took off? I'm sure (((certain influences))) pushing it 24/7 in all forms of media doesn't help.



> at least the cuck has a wife/GF that includes them in the act

This is what makes being a literal cuck worse, though. At least when someone is watching porn, they aren't being betrayed and humiliated by someone they love and trusted, they're just being pathetic voyeurs.



I'm convinced cuckold porn is a form of marxist propaganda.

Under the marxist system, everybody is essentially a cuck since there is no marriage and children are raised communally in state nurseries and schools.

They're getting less and less subtle about it and now we've been seeing stuff on leftist sites like jezebel and salon about how "cuckolding is the thinking man's fetish" and "only alpha males are secure enough in their sexuality to enjoy cuckolding". There is clearly a deliberate push to condition men in this way.



Is it really such an epidemic? There have been a couple of attempts to push it in movies and TV, but except from that it appears to be relegated to the dark corners of the internet, and even then, it's not really becoming a trend. Someone said in an earlier discussion that they are producing it at a loss. The same goes for race mixing.

Very few cucks openly proclaim their cuckoldry like it's something to be proud of, and those who do are despised even by normies because of how pathetic it is.

Most normies are just politically correct, not full blown marxists. The latter take pleasure in the destruction of the natural order of things, while normies are just blissfully ignorant. That's the main difference.

File: 8f8fd165c31da26⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 300x358, 150:179, mein nigga.JPG)


Day 14

Yesterday I had a dream about following a a strange female through a desert. As we continue to walk she points in different location and names certain snakes,some large or small. She then guided me to this large blue translucent glass room that was brimmed with fog. ironically there was a giant snake inside but I had no control of myself, It was almost as If I was controlled by my own lust.

I without hesitation went inside this room and one thing led to another and we began to fuck :^). And as soon as I orgasm a snake violently strangled me and I could oddly feel it outside of my dream! I even tried grasping for air as I tried to wake myself up!!!

Any meaning to this?


You had a nightmare buddy. You're making too big a deal about it.



Nightmare, you fear to be forced by your own lust to fap, and it expresses itself in this dream. As long as you dont fap, no problemo.

File: 3c3a5f8eb891400⋯.jpeg (58.29 KB, 604x603, 604:603, 989A7081-A903-4437-BC72-1….jpeg)


So far this is a record for me, it’s been a whole week without fapping. But but now I’m having urges.

Any tips on how I can overcome this?

I need help quick or I’m going /milf/

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OP are you alright? Its day 16 here and so far I have only had small urges to fap. Keep busy and don't obsess over it.

Been feeling pretty good the past few days, my energy level is rising.



It depends on the individual. Some people don't get heavy urges until after the 1-2 week mark, but otherslike myself may struggle with the urges around day 4 and/or 5. So it does depend. I think how often you masturbate also plays a part in when you feel the urges.before I began nofap I would do it roughly every 3 days or so. Which is about the time I get the urges



End of day 17 and its starting to get really difficult. I've been through this before, and I think the reason why it took so long for it to get difficult is because I made sure to avoid any lewd material, and to not think about wanting to fap.

Other times trying to go 1 week without fapping is hard as fuck and I'd fail 95% of the time before reaching two weeks. Unless its during some big landmark time like the start of the new year where I have extra motivation to keep at it. If its any other time I usually rationalize that I'm only a couple of days in and can just restart.



I used to do it anywhere from three times in a day to once a week, entirely depending on how much I was feeling it

I'm on week two of nofap now, and I go through periods where my dick will just stand at full attention on its own for an hour or so before dropping back down

it's at the point where I'm considering wearing a cup or something so it doesn't happen in public


File: d8bf4f733a83ab8⋯.jpg (48.49 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Colony.JPG)

I stand up and stretch (to improve circulation, and I continue standing) and get excited to something else (listening to metal loudly (with headphones of course)). This relieves the urge very quickly.

File: 5c527a5a67ebf97⋯.jpg (123.81 KB, 605x527, 605:527, 5c527a5a67ebf973a50c4cc21a….jpg)


I have incredibly hard time, I cant bring myself to delete the porn collection and even if I Do it in few weeks everything is back.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


its leddit but he nailed it

The reson is FEAR.

You fear that if u delete it, it will not be there when u need it. Because in ur heart u know that u will fail, and u will Need it when u fail. Is'nt it?

Format HDD's and sell those, because if u'll keep those after formatting u'll eventually recover that shit.

Its like keeping a box of corpses which will pollute surroundings no matter how creatively u collected and how novel ur collection is.

Each video is like owning a piece of the porn stars soul. Seeing her at her most intimate and having that captured on my HDD forever makes me happy

Those intimate moments that she didnt had with u. Its downright shameful and feels like being a peeping tom, and u know what I am saying even if u try to ignore it.

I was born in a country where porn is illegal. In the event I find myself living under a totalitarian goverment that criminalizes porn, life would become unlivable so I better stockpile

Its made illegal since it is wrong. The problem here is 'life would become unlivable' this is the problem. The dependency like drugs. Fix it and then u wont need it!

Access to really good internet at work and home coupled with too much free time.

U could have learnt a lot online, could have completed some degree online. Could have created some project to help the world,but u DECIDED to spend those resources on porn. Atleast realise this now and making something good out of what uve got. Many people dont have such resources and still struggle to do something good

What I am saying to u is what I am saying to myself as I have been in ur shoes and it was really difficult and still is , for me to stay away from this demonic curse. But I keep on trying an so should you.



lol, why can't you delete it? Its wrong stuff and you know it. The very fact that it even has such a hold over you should be scaring the bejeezus out of you. Collection of pixels and bits literally control you, like the ring from LoTR. Eventually you're going to have to break away from it if you want any freedom.



>Collection of pixels and bits literally control you

I know. I m collector or more accurately hoarder. I think I use to fill my life with useless things so it doesnt appear so empty.


File: 715f29ea87422ec⋯.jpg (104.73 KB, 900x1253, 900:1253, shouting_bateman.jpg)


I'm using this get to tell OP to take some control over his life. Delete your porn and don't ever restock.



>click on the folder

>hold shift

>press delete and confirm

Just do it, you faggot. No excuses.

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