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File: bfbf941d4ef21ab⋯.jpg (49.11 KB, 526x640, 263:320, bfbf941d4ef21ab02815225bff….jpg)

File: 93b2c399ee16841⋯.jpg (170.19 KB, 800x1041, 800:1041, c3eac148b459d5e1232f80962f….jpg)

File: b189c747c8a9ae4⋯.gif (14.1 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ec6e78a67877725b5aaef625ab….gif)
















As is usual for these messages, I will begin with some history.

This board began as an initiative by it's previous BO and founder Plague_Doctor, from nofap threads on /pol/ in 2015. In these threads people vowed to make 2015 their nofap year and that's how the board was born. In this time we, and a lot of newcomers, have been on a wild ride. The board became a top 50 board with the influx of mainly /christian/ and /pol/ users, and we became a dead board once again when the hype died down after about 6 months into nofap 2017.

In this time there has been some tremendous progress. The journal threads might mostly be dead now, but there have been multiple people who reached a nofap streak of more than 100 day's, I even saw one guy with a maximum nofap of 176 day's!

But don't think you who has only managed streaks of less than 10 day's to a maximum of 20 are not on the right path as well. Every day, even every time, you don't fap is a step into the right direction. As my predecessor said every year, Even if you fap every other day, that still makes it so you only fapped 182 day's in a year instead of 365. Not that impressive, but a way out has become visible. It is always good to remember that you can make it if you try.

But that's history and pep talk, it's a new yePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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i cant jerk off to this there is a penis in the picture

File: 1420234656021.png (97.82 KB, 1009x1486, 1009:1486, PLAGUE DOCTOR.png)


Welcome to /nofap/

This board is for the discussion of nofap, noporn, and the societal implications of fapping and porn.



>1. Stay on topic. The topic is pretty loosely defined here so use some common sense.

>2. Don't post porn. NSFW images will be deleted. Posting NSFW material as a shitty troll attempt will result in a comically long ban. This board is SFW, so keep it that way.

>3. Non-/nofap/pers are welcome to come and question the premise of nofap and to argue against nofap. That said, shitposts, flames, bait, spam, and trolls are not allowed and such threads will be locked or deleted.

Just those three.

edit: Fugg the rules/faq page got nuked and I'm too lazy to recreate it right now.

If anyone needs to get a hold of me try my e-mail at plaguedoctornf@8chan.co.

And because I don't want to clutter the board with excess stickies:

ITT: dump /nofap/ infographs, videos, links, banners and other such things

EDIT: Adding the IRC to this thread because it doesn't need its own sticky.


#nofap on Rizon

For anyone who doesn't know how to access IRC, just click on the following link and it should become pretty apparent:


Rules are basically the same as here only it's going to be less strict on staying on-topic. Though copious funposting will be encouraged, we'll also be able to have real-time serious discussions if we want to. Maybe even work out a little fappers anonymous session.

Oh, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 8cd165002556a15⋯.jpg (1.87 KB, 80x80, 1:1, n.jpg)

>feel extreamly horny out of no where

>commit the forbidden act

>feel nothing

i guess its day 0 for me

File: 6a73e7286bf4b7b⋯.png (828.18 KB, 638x593, 638:593, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0cc233b77025761⋯.jpg (10.9 KB, 273x243, 91:81, Brian_peppers1.jpg)

File: 20332e433f9fb2e⋯.jpg (8.65 KB, 206x255, 206:255, death.jpg)

File: 2582a813fc35672⋯.png (327.24 KB, 862x574, 431:287, beautiful trans.png)

File: 762374c5dfc5bc0⋯.jpg (79.92 KB, 500x737, 500:737, top just.jpg)


This is a thread for people who are on the verge of giving in.

Post pics that would easily kill your erection/urge to fap. I'd say don't post anything too graphic, but I suppose that's up to the mods.

Sorry if this is shitty material. I have some gore but I'm not sure if that's allowed.

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My dude, you are going to get AIDS.

File: d8b241fbdd33a0e⋯.jpg (209.41 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, 3009043-poster-1280-now-17….jpg)


>stop jacking off

>feel better about quitting porn

>realize i still waste my time dicking about online

Anything you've done to replace/limit time online?

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>Anything you've done to replace/limit time online?

I started a full time job.

File: 7b924dfc7735662⋯.png (402.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, dont be a faggot guide.png)


I'm just going to start off with this (bit of an amateur).

Also I'd like some criticism, and maybe you guys could try something new.

File: 1c705364647dde0⋯.jpg (38.6 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 1c705364647dde057a63f2ede6….jpg)


If you read this and think about fapping then you better don't fap, maggot

I just relapsed and I feel absolutely disgusted, depressed and disappointed. I did not even liked that. That was a waste of my time, energy and resources, and there is nothing I can do about my failure but to use it to push myself forward.

I will be revisiting and updating my journal daily to encourage myself and to expose myself to some guilt and social pressure inb4 what social pressure there could be on an anonymous imageboard?

I am doing a complete no porn, no fap run where I will ward off any shitty fantasies with my aggression and rage.

Also I'll try to post light anti-fap material here whenever I can, so this thread will be objectively useful.

Day 0

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File: 925719dfec30e93⋯.jpg (166.12 KB, 774x1032, 3:4, 1533498743059.jpg)

Day 35

Nothing much to report. I learnt how to mentally destroy urges or intrusive thoughts/flashbacks that I absolutely don't want. So nothing got me aroused or disturbed in the past three days since my last post.

I should maintain my focus on everything I do, though. If I don't then the brainfog will keep interfering.

I have taken interest in dreams in general and in lucid dreams in particular.

Since humans spend around 90 minutes dreaming out of 8 hour sleep, and they spend 8 hours sleeping daily out of 24 hours, I thought it would be the best to make my brain work to give me as much novel experiences, indo and inspirations as possible.

I'm not sure if I could avoid wet dreams while trying to have lucid dreams, but I think it is worth trying and getting some personal experience out of this.

My goal is not to get pervy wet lucid dreams. Shit like that would be a waste of effort, time and semen. There would be nothing novel, only the degenerate seekings of low short-term pleasure, something that I have been succesfully erasing from my life more than for a month and something than I absolutely don't want back in my life.

So far my results are relatively succesful: I had a crazy-ass cool dream yesterday. I spent a hour writing it down on 3+ pages. I'd share it here, but I don't want to get datamined, this is unrelated to nofap and I'd have to make two or more posts for this.

I had dreams like that before, but they were rare, so I think that the probability of me having one not because I tried to summon a lucid dream is quite low.


Thanks for all of that. I checked the pdfs before a bit, but I'll read thoroughly the ones you recommended. Also I'll be very careful with that last file.




I meant "info."


Day 36

Everything is going ok for me


Day 39

The urges are really strong. Pray for me and my soul brothers.


Day 40


File: 5414a10ded580a3⋯.jpg (25.72 KB, 367x411, 367:411, 5414a10ded580a3a0248078269….jpg)


If I'm ever going to quit I need to be convinced that I'm not missing out on anything. I'm a special kind of autist, in the sense that I fully bought the black pill and lookism theory. Seeing that I have inferior genetics and that was the reason for most of my suffering, I decided not to try to find a woman and have kids, and be responsible for the highly probable suffering of my children or my children's children. I believe this to be a smart choice, but I feel empty inside nonetheless. I feel like I should return to the porn I've been consuming since fourth grade. But at the same time with the blackpill, I learned about the supposed effects that pornography has on the brain, and the benefits of semen retention. Now you see, I ain't got much to live for, I just live to help my family and that's about it. When they'll be gone I'll probably waste all my money traveling around the world and then I'll kill myself. So I don't really care about most of the effects of porn on the brain and dopamine reward system. I love porn, it's the best, I looked in many places for hobbies or passions, but nothing came close. I don't really want to get back to porn either. I don't know why, but I fear I'll screw up my life in ways I can't fix. But I still watch it from time to time, because I run out of reasons not to. I always rationalize it saying I don't care what happens, pleasure is great. But I see how in the end I return to the same old dull reality. But I still watch porn even then. I don't care about anything at this point. Even now I want to watch it. I watched it twice in the last 24 hours after a 41 day nofap streak. Still, I feel like I made no progress. I still see porn as the best thing ever, that reality won't let me have it


Maybe there is no reason for me



You know, there is a big possibility that you could change your mindset if you would stop fapping for a longer time and do something productive in the process. PMO is destructive, it degrades your brain, your body and your mind. Of course you'd feel depressed and suicidal.

It's not up to me to decide whether you in the end you should kill yourself or not, but there is a chance you will just not be able to do it. Once you fail trying, you will start to regret all of your mistakes of the past and present, and you could just end up in a pitful mental, and, possibly physical state. You could even regret that your nofap have been not succesful and that everything could be better if you tried hard enough to destroy your addiction.

What I'm saying is that maybe you should change your worldview and try stoicism instead of pitful self-destructive hedonism before you think that you lived enough and experienced everything good that your life and you could offer yourself?

Ironically, just like any hedonist, it does not seems like you are living for yourself, you are living for the pleasure. Why not change that? It is not a late thing to do, as you are still alive.

Right now, just like always, the world degrades and goes to shit, and it dictates its flow to the living beings who are ignorant or unaware of that.

You can't change the world or your circumstances to make them easy to deal with, but you can change yourself into a better man that can deal with anything. Once you start doing that, you will start going in the flow opposite of the world's.

You seriously want to die without having these genuine feels? You are pretty damn well missing out on a lot now.



What's wrong with living for the pleasure? It's the best thing I've known. There's a saying that goes a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. I have no insurance that I'll ever know anything better than porn, and my experiences over the last two years almost proved that. I had many streaks, none made me feel better, none made me realize that I have other better things to do. I need something to prove undeniably that the pleasure of porn is less than something I'll get if I quit. I'm searching the web for proof, I read that book that said it's like an itch I have to scratch, it's not real pleasure, I understand that, I don't care, I love scratching the itch. I read that it's a crutch, I know that, I read that it feels good to be in control, ok but it feels better to give in. Only thing is what you said: what if in the end, I'll feel bad for doing it now? This what if is weak, but is all I have



Also, I wasn't suicidal before I tried to quit porn.

File: 81e318dfbb74521⋯.jpg (5.88 KB, 150x186, 25:31, th.jpg)


the reason you have to fap to porn and worship retarded bitches is because of what Carl Jung called the anima. Social mores force you to create an unrealistic egoimage of yourself. Men are supposed to be masculine and hold in your emotions, Women are supposed to be feminine and express their emotions etc etc. In reality every person has masculine and feminine elements in their personality. You are literally trying to be a fake image created by the media and society instead of just being yourself. This creates a totally unstable psychological state which causes you complete anguish and the media says, oh here is what you are missing Goy, you just need the image of this woman who supposedly has what you need and they go out of their way to fetishize women with the hair and makeup and clothes etc. They are selling back to you what you already have in the first place. Then once you finally get a woman, you will be happy for a while until you realize, this isn't your soul mate or the woman of your dreams what happened? guess she just wasn't the right woman for you, get a divorce, put your children and turmoil and find your soul mate. It will work this time for sure goy, we guarantee it.

So in short, none of you will ever be able to do no fap until you figure out who you really are, not the fake ego-image you are told to be, until you do that you will continue to desire women, women will continue to be disgusted by your weakness and you will from time to time take the easy way out and fap to porn. there is no amount o willpower that can make you stop.

A good clue where to start is the book of genesis. "Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created."

this does not mean that God created one being male and one being female. it means he created adam both male and female.


Are you that r9k faggot that castrated himself because he could not stop fapping? How could you try to justify your selfish weak-willed motives with Bible?

It was cripplingly hilarious that you still tried to desperately masturbate after that. You wanted an easy way out by killing your body's methods and desires of reproduction, but you were not smart enough to realize that physical addiction =/= mental addiction.

Take back your tranny heresy and go back to wanking on your AI articles.


File: 7df659de4f2abaf⋯.jpg (50.81 KB, 437x650, 437:650, chloe moretz.jpg)

if the jews are pushing for extreme femininity in women and extreme masculinity in men, how come hollywood only casts mtf trannies as actresses?

File: f4342ce05a70f24⋯.png (259.27 KB, 385x310, 77:62, shit kills me inside.png)


…it kills my liveliness.



File: 2b47f447125dbdf⋯.jpg (13.64 KB, 304x296, 38:37, cool.jpg)


Hey there /nofap/. I'm working on a guide for people who are addicted to niche porn. I've studied the phenomenon for a couple years now and have helped some people quit. I'll post it below; tell me what you think and let me know what I should add to it. I'll also stick around to answer questions if you have any.

A quick note though: this guide is not for doing nofap, and there's nothing about semen retention, celibacy or the like. It focuses only on porn addiction, so that it can stay as short and simple as possible and reach the most people that need it


So you’re addicted to trap/cuck/loli/hypno/cp/interracial porn…

You probably know who you are. Most people don’t this guide, and if you’re fortunate enough to not have a sexually dysfunctional relationship with porn then you can stop reading here. For those who aren’t sure, here are some signs:

>Only being able to fap to porn that includes the fetish..

>The fetish is way more arousing than any other sexual stimulation.

>You spend multiple hours looking at or thinking about this fetish without actually fapping or trying to cum.

>You’re only interested in your other fetishes if they include this one.

>You no longer care about real sexual relationships outside of this fetish.

>You fap to this fetish multiple times a day, sometimes with only a few hours between sessions.

>You fap so much that it affects the rest of your life and the time you normally give to your hobbies, school or job.

>Seemingly random non-sexual things remind you of this fetish.

>You frequently find yourself fantasizing about this fetish in public.

>You’ve tried to quit fapping to this fetish multiple times, but you’re unable to go more than a few days. You delete your porn collection, only to start over again.

>Unlike previous fetishes, you actively try to contribute to this fetish in the form of uploading porn, compilations, fanfiction, etc.

>When watching porn of this fetish, every part of the video is arousing, including parts that you would normally skip over.

>The thoughts you have about this fetish are invasive, and seemingly occur without a trigger. They are persistent, and you almost feel helpless trying to resist them.

>You have tried “just accepting it,” but it changes nothing.


It’s easy to rationalize this and make excuses, saying “Oh, I’m not really addicted! What’s so bad about having my life be based around this fetish anyway? I can stop whenever I want!” Then why haven’t you? Why would you choose to let your life be taken over by porn? Would you really throw away everything that matters to you for this? To spend six to eight hours a day fapping compulsively? Don’t lie to yourself. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Despite what some people will tell you, this is NOT normal. Wanting to take your life back from a fetish that has completely consumed you doesn’t make you a religious bigot, someone in denial of their “true” fetish, sexually naive, or a traditionalist. These people hold ideologies that don’t allow them to admit that sexuality can be dysfunctional, and therefore they can’t admit that you are in pain and have a problem. They can’t even fathom what you’re going through right now, and both them along with others like you who have given up will tell you that it’s impossible, and that being a compulsive porn-addicted masterbator is just who you are. That’s bullshit.

You can quit this. You can get your life back. But if you’re going to quit, you have to start now. Not later, not tonight, not after one last fap. You have to start right now and say that you’re done forever. There is no point where you can look at it “safely” again. There’s no “safe” amount. This fetish has been so ingrained in you through repeated enforcement that even seeing something that reminds you of your fetish will flood your brain with it. The neural pathways surrounding this fetish have been given constant stimulation, to the point that they will literally force themselves upon the rest of your thoughts if they go too long without it. Their sheer activity has caused them to become tangled with the rest of your mind, resulting in unrelated thoughts becoming associated with them, and the rest of your mind being overshadowed by them. The first thing you must do is starve them.


You should know that this will be one of the hardest things you will ever do. It will be painful, and it will take years. But at the end, you will be free, and will have saved yourself from a lifetime of being a slave to this fetish. Start first by not just quitting the Internet, but quitting electronics. Let a friend or family member hold onto your computer, phone, or whatever else for a few months. If you need a phone or Internet connection for work, buy a burner phone or go to a library. This is important; the withdrawals will be so strong, that they will compel you to seek out your fetish. You have probably tried to make it before on willpower alone and failed multiple times now, so don’t leave this up to chance.

You can expect severe withdrawals within the first few days. There will be points where your brain will literally be flooded with your fetish. Don’t try to dwell on it, relieve it, edge or masturbate, because this will only enforce it further. Recognize that the thoughts are separate from you, and that it’s not who you are. These thoughts might seem relentless, but they will pass. This phase is different for everyone, but is usually over in anything from a few days to a week. However, the withdrawals are not over. Even after the initial week, expect there to be sudden, seemingly random pangs to go back to the fetish. On top of this, there will be periods similar to the initial withdrawals every three to five weeks where your brain is again flooded by the thoughts. Know that they are coming, and be prepared to wait for them to pass; they will cease entirely after about a year.


During the withdrawals, your mind will tell try to set things up in order to both make you relapse and avoid any guilt. For example, you might get the sudden temptation to go on a website where your fetish is usually posted, just to “see something funny really quick” or “see if anything new has been posted.” Suddenly, your fetish is triggered and you relapse again, but your mind rationalizes this as not being your fault. “It was a complete coincidence, I couldn’t help it. It’s not like I could prevent it from happening again!” Parts of your mind, desperate for stimulation, will resort to any means available to make you relapse. Be aware of this and criticize their excuses. The rest of your brain outnumbers these sick neurons, and once you realize their tricks then they don’t stand a chance.

There may be a lot of nonsexual things that remind you of your fetish. These might include phrases, songs, places, people, objects, shapes, and so on. If you find something that triggers your fetish, either discard it or avoid it. If it’s something you can’t ignore, like a person or your body, be aware of the effect it will have on you and prepare to resist the trigger before interacting with it. Notice how the urges are separate from the object itself as you fight them, and how they have twisted the object into a false perversion of what it really is. Eventually, these objects will go back to appearing non-sexual to you, but it will take time.

You can take the risk of using your computer again after about four or five months, but even then you should avoid forums, imageboards or any other sites with images of porn that will trigger you for at least another three months. Know that you never become completely immune to the addiction; even years later, you can still relapse and a dead habit can become alive and strong again in an instant. It may get easier with time, but this addiction will leave a lasting scar on your psyche. The urges will go away, but the potential for these neural paths to form again will be there forever. However, with the strength of your will you can beat it.


File: d041f7993f6d37e⋯.webm (611.65 KB, 640x480, 4:3, gondola 15.webm)

Anyway that's it from me. Let me know what you guys think.

File: 1448712746168.jpg (77.78 KB, 467x350, 467:350, brain-atrophy.jpg)


Neuroscience Speaks: How Using Porn Destroys Your Brain

Neuroscience now knows that willpower is a function of the prefrontal lobes of the brain. Scientific studies have also confirmed that using porn over and over actually reshapes these areas of the brain, literally eroding our willpower and our moral compass.

Neuroscientists call it hypofrontality. Hypofrontality is a state in which there is decreased blood flow to the prefrontal lobes of the brain. Hypofrontality is observed in schizophrenia patients and is also observed in all manner of addictions.

“Compulsiveness is a good descriptor of hypofrontality. Many porn users feel focused on getting to porn and masturbating even when a big part of them is saying, ‘Don’t do this.’ Even when negative consequences seem imminent, impulse control is too weak to battle the cravings.”

The porn-addicted brain has trouble thinking logically. When impulses and desires come from the midbrain, instead of being moderated, the brain feels these desires as compelling needs. The prefrontal region is supposed to be able to weigh consequences and situations and judiciously shut down cravings, but hypofrontality means the addict’s ability to do this is impaired.

The more one masturbates to porn, the more dopamine is released in the brain. Eventually dopamine receptors and signals in the brain fatigue, leaving the viewer wanting more but unable to reach a level of satisfaction. The viewer becomes numb to things once considered pleasurable. “To escape this desensitization, people, and men especially, expand their pornographic tastes to more novel stimuli,” Black writes. This leads, again, to more fatigue.

To bring the prefrontal lobes back into working order, a two-pronged attack is needed: (1) the old neural pathways must be starved, and (2) new neural pathways must be built and fed, increasing dopamine levels in a way that build up the prefrontal cortex.

http:Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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day 3



Have you made

>a list of defined shit to do

, anon? Did it help?




okay fml I'm hopeless

never wrote one up, stayed up too late to have self control

Will retry this once more from this sunday to the next:

7 fucking days

i have a list, alarms, and people to contact, games to play, active tasks to distract me

if I fuck it up once more I'll just go "fuck it" as it'll be hopeless



If you have the energy to stay up late then I suggest you exercise.



File: 8a72e1acfc47bac⋯.jpg (78.11 KB, 355x470, 71:94, Woodcutter-pic.jpg)


My mind is rotting and my soul isn't mine anymore. I've realize that I need to quit porn and excessive masturbation, which I am doing so today.

I want to quit fapping, but I have a girlfriend who is long distance.

Does anyone think it's unhealthy to masturbate while having phone sex with her?

I want to quit masturbating, but I feel like doing it with her is natural and healthy, since I never feel shameful or uneasy after I do it, unlike fapping alone.

7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Edging is not nofapping though.



I love touching cock



Sounds like your going to fap to a ficus plant. I don't think that's a good thing.



The real question is does she want to have phone sex or are you pushing for this? Because if she’s not and you guys start phonefapping, your first real time together will be a disappointment. It will be regardless probably, but it will be worse the more expectations you build up with either porn or phone sex.

If she’s the one asking for phone sex tell her this:

>My mind is rotting and my soul isn't mine anymore. I've realize that I need to quit porn and excessive masturbation.

If she wants to phone fap anyway, then she’s a sucubus that doesn’t care about your mental or physical health. Leave her and find a local girl.

>My mind is rotting and my soul isn't mine anymore.

This is the only important part of your post.



I had to replace mine with a rose bush to quit.



You gotta dump her man. Having her is no different than jerking to sex line worker

File: 783050e67526695⋯.jpg (38.19 KB, 379x327, 379:327, 1450692576789.jpg)


So, 2 years ago when I did nofap, I realized that I really didn't stutter as much and was able to communicate with much more confidence and bravado. It also helped me lose a lot of weight (which I've unfortunately gained back because I quit nofap AND ketosis, 75lbs) my testosterone skyrocketed due to all the meat, onions, seafood and other enhancing meals I've eaten, and my energy levels were through the roof.

I notice that when I DO masturbate, I tend to feel more awkward and anxious the majority of the time, even during the next day. I seldom feel normal again after masturbation, I may have a chemical imbalance.

Though, take note, I have ADHD so that makes some sense to me about re-wiring my brain; speaking of ADHD, nofap is harder for me compared to others, but I've managed to do it at least, since when I masturbate, I tend to try to "Drain" myself, meaning that fapping once doesn't help at all, and I NEED to masturbate until I can't get erect. I've done this since I was 9, which I feel might have hindered my development and might have contributed to my ADHD, I did used to eat a lot of junk as well and no foods with healthy androgen and testosterone inhibitors, I grew up with a single mother and let me tell you, she was NOT a nutritionist in the slightest. I became emasculated, very hairy, strangely enough.

It truly, honestly did take a huge fucking toll on my self confidence, to the point that when I try to do something productive, I hate myself, get anxious, cringe, wince, and quit like a beta– this could be anything from martial arts, drawing, cooking, programming, basically anything extracurricular, my brain goes haywire and I INSTANTLY go into a state of depersonalization and lose track of everything, it all becomes a huge fucking blur and I go into a blank. It's really done a number on me in learning useful skills and networking, and knocked me down the socioeconomic ladder.

I found a partner that I'll be meeting soon, so sexual intercourse might help mitigate any type of "Guilt" (Read: Frustration and chemical imbalances) in terms of how my body takes climaxing.

Using a fleshlight slowly and in a good satisfying, thorough pattern, thrusting my hips even, insteadPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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No fuck, lost nofap


I’m spamming this pdf that might help with other ailments such as your adhd that likely contribute to your fap addiction.

>"the parasite is going to alter dopamine, GABA, glutamate, and other key neurotransmitters at two hundred different places in the brain," said Evans, "so it's not surprising it's going to be subtly influencing human behavior" -or, if the cysts happen to cluster in certain regions, even contributing to psychiatric disease. "I do take seriously these reports of an increase in suicide and schizophrenia related to the parasite."




Funny you should mention that, when my brother used to do drugs that triggered his schizophrenia, there was a point where a little white worm came out of his scalp. It was gross as fuck, but fascinating nonetheless.



Weird, I’ve heard but never looked into it that Morgellan’s disease is caused by worms from drug use. In any case, parasites don’t have to be worms, they could just be an overgrowth of bacteria in your gut. A little known fact is that the intestinal tract has an equal amount of neurons as the spinal cord and sends 2x the information(impulses) to the brain as the brain sends to the gut. So if your gut biome has been cuckolded by yeast or something else it can make you crave shit that’s bad for you. You can starve them to death with fasting or keto which it sounds like you had success with in the past. Also check out “Brain Maker” by Dr David Perlmutter and

“Wheat Belly” by Dr William Davis.




I hope you are still around for some updates OP, even though you are a weird mother fucker. Don't use a flesh light, I say. You should only be coming into condoms that are inside of whoever you're giving the business to.

Are you cooking your own food? I have always wanted to low carb diet but it's so expensive. What type of work outs do you do? I enjoyed reading your post and want to try waking up early to work out instead of going to bed early mornings playing video games.

Thank you for the information.

File: 19f62dd06c21e74⋯.jpg (49.18 KB, 720x735, 48:49, FB_IMG_1534127501925.jpg)


I am on day 10 of no PM.

What in your opinion is a healthy/optimal amount of sex to have with your wife?


When ever I feel like it. If she's in the mood, and I am too, then that too.

I rarely want to get busy whenever I'm too tired from my day, but there are many other factors that get in the way (namely age and physical activity outside of work). There really can't be a specific amount one couple should follow given that.

I've been getting back into PE (penis enhancement) which I've done in and off for a few years now and that has made me want to have sex more often along with nofap as well. Making my wife work out and noticing her progress has also made me want to fuck more, too. A lot of stuff goes into answering your question!

File: 02ba97b0c49ea64⋯.png (229.37 KB, 448x382, 224:191, smug.png)


>masturbating to porn is bad

>But premarital sex is okay

<wasting your semen is bad

>abstinence literally creates wet dreams

>XDXD brain science guys

nofap is a meme and it started out as a meme on leddit. he c k the meme is a meme in itself since fap refers to sexual sounds when you "masturbate".

What's worse is that most ironic christians here on 8chan try to use nofap as a tool to get people on a moralistic path but nofap is the opposite of that….

To sum up my simple argument here , nofap is just a meme version of fasting. I came here earlier this year thinking this would be a good challenge but I slowly came to realization that nofap is a joke.

But I will give you guys one thumbs up for helping people fight their porn addiction. Thing is… you still used pseudo science to achieve your goal.

2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



>implying the people around here have any chance of getting laid anyway



Why else do you think they're doing nofap? Leave them alone. They don't need the extra temptation.


File: 085d45f541b12c1⋯.jpg (794.21 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, fox and grapes.jpg)


>I came here earlier this year thinking this would be a good challenge but I slowly came to realization that nofap is a joke.



All of this, plus there is an entire thread here of scientific articles on how OP’s brain has become retarded in an instant gratifier negative feedback loop of fucked up hormones.


My wife is pregnant. You’re the faggot shitposting in /nofap/ on a Friday night.



That must be why I hate women so fucking much.

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