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File: 6a73e7286bf4b7b⋯.png (828.18 KB, 638x593, 638:593, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0cc233b77025761⋯.jpg (10.9 KB, 273x243, 91:81, Brian_peppers1.jpg)

File: 20332e433f9fb2e⋯.jpg (8.65 KB, 206x255, 206:255, death.jpg)

File: 2582a813fc35672⋯.png (327.24 KB, 862x574, 431:287, beautiful trans.png)

File: 762374c5dfc5bc0⋯.jpg (79.92 KB, 500x737, 500:737, top just.jpg)


This is a thread for people who are on the verge of giving in.

Post pics that would easily kill your erection/urge to fap. I'd say don't post anything too graphic, but I suppose that's up to the mods.

Sorry if this is shitty material. I have some gore but I'm not sure if that's allowed.

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those trannies man, fucking lol

File: bfbf941d4ef21ab⋯.jpg (49.11 KB, 526x640, 263:320, bfbf941d4ef21ab02815225bff….jpg)

File: 93b2c399ee16841⋯.jpg (170.19 KB, 800x1041, 800:1041, c3eac148b459d5e1232f80962f….jpg)

File: b189c747c8a9ae4⋯.gif (14.1 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ec6e78a67877725b5aaef625ab….gif)
















As is usual for these messages, I will begin with some history.

This board began as an initiative by it's previous BO and founder Plague_Doctor, from nofap threads on /pol/ in 2015. In these threads people vowed to make 2015 their nofap year and that's how the board was born. In this time we, and a lot of newcomers, have been on a wild ride. The board became a top 50 board with the influx of mainly /christian/ and /pol/ users, and we became a dead board once again when the hype died down after about 6 months into nofap 2017.

In this time there has been some tremendous progress. The journal threads might mostly be dead now, but there have been multiple people who reached a nofap streak of more than 100 day's, I even saw one guy with a maximum nofap of 176 day's!

But don't think you who has only managed streaks of less than 10 day's to a maximum of 20 are not on the right path as well. Every day, even every time, you don't fap is a step into the right direction. As my predecessor said every year, Even if you fap every other day, that still makes it so you only fapped 182 day's in a year instead of 365. Not that impressive, but a way out has become visible. It is always good to remember that you can make it if you try.

But that's history and pep talk, it's a new yePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: b0dfca52bddc859⋯.png (138.89 KB, 500x354, 250:177, 1488960234081.png)

Well mates, it's another month and another chance.

Keep it up or get back on it people, today is a new month!

Stay strong and beat back the addiction, good luck with nofap April.

File: d8b241fbdd33a0e⋯.jpg (209.41 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, 3009043-poster-1280-now-17….jpg)


>stop jacking off

>feel better about quitting porn

>realize i still waste my time dicking about online

Anything you've done to replace/limit time online?

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This is a good point and I find myself doing the same thing. I have to work on the computer all day and then I come home and dick around on it for the rest of the day. I think I'm going to limit myself to 1 hour of nonproductive usage on the computer daily and then I will force myself to get off if I'm just bullshitting.

File: 1420234656021.png (97.82 KB, 1009x1486, 1009:1486, PLAGUE DOCTOR.png)


Welcome to /nofap/

This board is for the discussion of nofap, noporn, and the societal implications of fapping and porn.



>1. Stay on topic. The topic is pretty loosely defined here so use some common sense.

>2. Don't post porn. NSFW images will be deleted. Posting NSFW material as a shitty troll attempt will result in a comically long ban. This board is SFW, so keep it that way.

>3. Non-/nofap/pers are welcome to come and question the premise of nofap and to argue against nofap. That said, shitposts, flames, bait, spam, and trolls are not allowed and such threads will be locked or deleted.

Just those three.

edit: Fugg the rules/faq page got nuked and I'm too lazy to recreate it right now.

If anyone needs to get a hold of me try my e-mail at plaguedoctornf@8chan.co.

And because I don't want to clutter the board with excess stickies:

ITT: dump /nofap/ infographs, videos, links, banners and other such things

EDIT: Adding the IRC to this thread because it doesn't need its own sticky.


#nofap on Rizon

For anyone who doesn't know how to access IRC, just click on the following link and it should become pretty apparent:


Rules are basically the same as here only it's going to be less strict on staying on-topic. Though copious funposting will be encouraged, we'll also be able to have real-time serious discussions if we want to. Maybe even work out a little fappers anonymous session.

Oh, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Post last edited at



What is it?

File: 3bed8f9b029c7a9⋯.jpg (50.15 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 3a47d5f79ffc7b30f69cdf8b94….jpg)


I fucking lost it after ten weeks sober. I want to fucking kill myself, I'm so angry. I went so long without it amd now I fucked up again.

wat do anons?

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Thanks guys. I was feeling pretty down and pissed off a couple of days ago.

>gotta save my seed for future Aryan sperglings

>lifting and doing 2-4 sets of 100 jumping jacks every day and 1-4 sets of 20 push-ups.


OP here. I forgot to mention that those ten weeks of /nofap/ were not just free of porn, but free of masturbation.

>tfw faggots are repulsive and traps are gay again

Porn had turned me into a raging jack of all holes. Now I am only into women again! With my exercise and diet regimen I feel like the most alpha sperg ever to walk the face of this earth



If I may place a informative post another anon posted as it can be helpful. >>11922


File: a0ae7d81da4f4ae⋯.jpg (65.26 KB, 451x604, 451:604, 1516413502925.jpg)


>I used to be gay but now I'm totally not guys



>go without for 19 days

>asleep comfly

>loud cunt family wake me up

>in this awake asleep state I end up fapping

>end up back a sleep

I'm awake and just want to die. I can't even remember what I was fpping about. I really hope my family all die of a painful form of cancer, I really hate myself and understand the unchangeable worthlessness of everything in my life. Feel immense anger, wish I wasn't a pussy and could deservedly castrate and then seppaku gut myself. Contrite belt flagellating and head butting the floor are just pussy things I do as a gutless self harm alternative

File: 1a6f2dea5db026a⋯.jpg (691.18 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, 3403655435_ea7ce6933b_b.jpg)



Its a bit preachy but It doesn't matter. Just read the whole thing, it gets better.

A tl;dr would be:

1.You were fooled into believing that fapping makes you happy when really it just stops the withdrawal symptoms that you get form not fapping

2.You are fooling yourself into thinking that giving up masturbation is a sort of sacrifice(as consequence of the above)

3.First step is updating is your mindset on that

4. There's much more and honestly, heck if I can really truncheon those parts down into single line arguments. Go read the book.

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I’ve been trying to quit for about 5 years now. This the only method that works. Will power, etc etc always kept failing me. Unfortunately most people won’t read it. Their loss



>The goyim aren't clicking my link! Oy vey!



Withdrawal symptoms for me are emotionally like breaking up with your first love. I begin to get into a panic each time I tell myself that I will no longer be able to look at a particular model or porn star, and there are many. I begin to think of them, not the act of masturbating, but of seeing them nude again that leads me to fapping. This is what is so hard. I have hard wired these sluts into my brain.



I don't get it, are you trying to shill for the book intentionally or something? You're literally describing problem 2 in the OP.

>2.You are fooling yourself into thinking that giving up masturbation is a sort of sacrifice


So far this reading is being quite interesting, this book made me last more than a week without PMO and I didn't even reached the middle of it ( yes I'm an addict and yes I'm a slow reader).

So far I would say that the most interesting point is the one about the "hunger" and the fact that you are not giving up anything when you stop masturbating.

File: ed89bf33cfbaf70⋯.jpg (18.47 KB, 454x525, 454:525, 27331962_1962114013805782_….jpg)


Hey guys, wondering about your reasons for no fap?

I have many, but the most strange was that sometimes after ejaculation I'd instantly get up and get a knife, or just suddenly think "I hate life" just during orgasm. My brain literally fucking despises masturbation



That's fucking nuts.



ayy lmao


Why waste your time and energy for some short term satisfaction instead of investing for something greater that will benefit you in the long run?


I had a serious problem with porn. Realized pmo was a terrible drug that was making me more stupid by the day. Spent about 14 years of my life watching porn nearly every single day and realized my brain didn't develop properly because of it. At 22 I realized I only had a few years left til my brain fully develops, so I wanted to make the most out of these last few years doing anything I can to nurture it and keep it healthy, because how I treat my body/mind these during these last developmental years will likely have an effect on the rest of my life.

Also I hate the shame that comes with porn and masturbation. I would much rather live without that shame.


File: f1110bd359e62c3⋯.png (468.9 KB, 751x3336, 751:3336, Why_You_Should_Never_Mastu….png)

File: 5339abb93906b16⋯.png (266.83 KB, 755x3062, 755:3062, Why_You_Should_Never_Mastu….png)

File: 56adb38e8fc1c26⋯.png (337.38 KB, 726x3028, 363:1514, Why_You_Should_Never_Mastu….png)

File: 8da1ac55c9bb7c3⋯.png (290.1 KB, 780x2710, 78:271, Why_You_Should_Never_Mastu….png)


Taken from https://boldanddetermined.com/quit-masturbating/

I post only 4 screenshots of a rather long article.

IMHO it is gold.

File: ed8dab9d7941e24⋯.jpg (79.02 KB, 480x953, 480:953, 1522199213999.jpg)


I was reading through some threads here and a lot of anons seem to be dealing with homosexuality. A few even posting that they had cured their attraction to men/traps through nofap. Obviously this goes against everything I have been told about the human sexuality by the (((experts))), but I don't put much stock in what they say.

Anyway, let me tell you a bit about myself. I first found porn at about age 10, for the first 5 years, all I looked at was women. I remember stumbling across some gay/trap porn a few times and feeling disgusted. Then I got into anime and found 4chan, where I was bombarded with trap porn. I eventually started jerking off to the stuff. After that, it only got more degenerate: crossdressers, then outright gay shit.

As I have become more right wing I have realized just how degenerate homosexuality and pornography are. I don't feel like this is an innate part of who I am(I remember exclusively getting turned on by women and being disgusted by faggotry). Was this caused by porn? Can I get rid of this through nofap?


>Can nofap cure the gay?

God I hope so.

I'll write a better reply later in the week, I just don't have the time right now. A very interesting topic OP.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So, Anons, what's your weakness?

What one thing, when you see it, almost always breaks away at your resolve?

Think about it, post it, and test your resolve by not breaking the /nofap/.
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YouTube definitvely.

I've been able to block porn a long time ago, but YouTube's Softcore always gets me

I pledge 3 months


Spanking. It always comes up for some reason, which is weird because it’s not something you see everywhere. The last time I tried to quit an image popped up on my Facebook timeline where some random artist made a picture of the Joker spanking Harley Quinn and it set me off.


File: f8fd90c702b8b26⋯.jpg (102.03 KB, 960x848, 60:53, 10527496_197463133918060_7….jpg)

File: e2c188cd26d9d26⋯.jpg (101.45 KB, 800x785, 160:157, IMG_20171109_212832.jpg)

File: 9752ca5c83877d4⋯.png (443.91 KB, 700x984, 175:246, 1485294905613.png)

romantic gushy stuff. I THINK it's because I was raised on Disney films in the 90s, but that's just how I've always been. I was even called prude back in HS cause I wouldn't even kiss girls unless I loved them (I WAS good looking before I got fat). I didnt even fuck til after I proposed to my (ex)fiance (I was 19 and retarded, forgive me)

Even now, with my crippling paranoia and distrust of just about everyone to the point where I'll probably never have a meaningful relationship for the rest of my life. BUT, if I watch something that feels real, and is sappy/cheesy romance, I get so fuckin hard.

For example: I enjoyed fucking my casual gay friend more than fucking my nympho ex



>likes romantic gushy stuff

>enjoyed fucking gay friend

I think that's just called homosexuality buddy.


File: 5b5454693b19410⋯.jpg (59.55 KB, 599x824, 599:824, 16508739_1278215195576096_….jpg)

File: 8a0f1613b01e154⋯.jpg (155.13 KB, 907x847, 907:847, 15589795_655400867973753_2….jpg)

File: 5927ad2d2cc7799⋯.jpg (92.88 KB, 404x700, 101:175, tumblr_mclrw8lNoz1qas1mto2….jpg)


My female:male sex ratio is about 10:1, but if being romantic makes me gay, I guess I'm gay hahaha

nah, but my point was, I will go soft mid sex with a 9/10 girl if we just plain arent emotionally compatible. this is partly why my relationship with my ex fiance died

File: f03965cff92222c⋯.jpg (107.78 KB, 1500x1454, 750:727, chastitybelt.jpg)


I'm a lady struggling to stop masturbating and I feel terribly guilty about it. I average 1-3 times a day, usually looking at lesbian porn (IRL i don't like fooling around with other girls really) or reading erotic stories. Very rarely making it more than a day or two without getting off. When I don't, falling asleep becomes quite difficult and that's when I tend to cave in if I haven't already orgasmed earlier.

I tend to get unmotivated and lonely afterwards while feeling like a total loser. If I had a boyfriend or husband right now, i'd seriously let him lock me in a chastity belt for long as he thought I needed to be in one. I've even been considering locking myself up and giving the key to a friend until i'm in a relationship.

For now, how can I get my mind off of self-pleasure? What can I do to help me fall asleep at night without giving in? Do guys like women who abstain from masturbating more than those who do? I don't know what to do to stop.

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>sexual encounters are and can only be defined by penetration

>literal feminist logic on why women can't rape

Concern troll detected.


>replying to a 2 year old thread



sex between women isnt homosexual



how can a woman rape?


File: d7f072c7514794d⋯.jpg (25.27 KB, 335x478, 335:478, 1314328049911.jpg)


this is the cringiest shit I've ever read. Why do you talk like a 2005 Myspace RP Forum Goer

File: 0a3fa748b19c535⋯.jpg (5.15 KB, 258x195, 86:65, shit_beard.jpg)


Could shitty beard and delayed puberty be related to fapping?

I'm 23 and can't grow a beard for shit. It grows good but only on my neck, so if I let it grow I look disgusting. It's not genetic, I have photos of my dad at 19 with full moustache and my grandpa had 5 o'clock shade at 2 o'clock.

Ejaculation lowers your testosterone, studies say it goes back to normal after a week but who the fuck went a week without fapping in our primes? I've been fapping since I was 14, realised that it was a problem at 21 and only now at 23 I fap maybe once a week and only recently I managed a 2 month streak. That's 7 years of fapping at least once a day. Seven years add up to over 2500 ejaculations.

Testosterone is what causes development of secondary sex characteristics so it seems normal that when it's lacking, they won't develop properly. The best example for this are eunuchs - men who have been castrated. Historically it was done so they would retain their boyish vocal range and worked as singers:

>As the castrato's body grew, his lack of testosterone meant that his epiphyses (bone-joints) did not harden in the normal manner. Thus the limbs of the castrati often grew unusually long, as did the bones of their ribs. This, combined with intensive training, gave them unrivalled lung-power and breath capacity.[1] Operating through small, child-sized vocal cords, their voices were also extraordinarily flexible, and quite different from the equivalent adult female voice. Their vocal range was higher than that of the uncastrated adult male. Listening to the only surviving recordings of a castrato (see below), one can hear that the lower part of the voice sounds like a "super-high" tenor, with a more falsetto-like upper register above that.


That's why I like to call fapping "self castration". Thoughts on this?

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Haven’t jerked it for 19 days. Massive (neck) beard now. Could barely grow face pubes before. Cheers



>Ejaculation lowers your testosterone

Just eat your sperm.


I always notice more hair growth on the underside of my forearms.

You know how they say that winning or being dominant can boost your testosterone? I think NoFap is a positive feedback loop. You feel more energetic because you're not in that post-fap haze, you know you need to get away from the computer so you go out and do things. This boosts test, not only from having social interactions but also from just feeling good about getting out of the house. When you boost test, you feel more confident and outgoing, you start doing other things, maybe even taking up new hobbies. This feeds back into test release again. On top of this, there is the effect of vitamin D from being outside which has a positive effect on test as well.

While it doesn't seem like much, I think NoFap is one of those butterfly effect things that has a really great effect on men even though it doesn't seem like you're doing that much.


nofap actually made my facial hair grow slower, or at least it seemed so

make of that what you will


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: d6374c1c885de7d⋯.png (102.83 KB, 399x270, 133:90, ClipboardImage.png)


For how long should I objectively aim?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Lust itself is a bad drug addiction. The good books warn against it for a big reason. Quitting it cold turkey is the only way. Yes the risk of lapse is there but I feel the mental defenses are way weaker if you're still allowing yourself to fap and that will still promote degenerate behavior and thinking in your mind. Masturbation needs to be looked at like a case of meth addiction.



As long as possible. But if you fail here and there it is okay as long as you keep track of the failures. Make sure that they are growing farther apart and not closer together.


Objectively, you should aim for the rest of your life. Don't get too disappointed with yourself for slipping but, but never, ever *plan* to masturbate or look at porn.



this, its a lifestyle anon



The bible was right, lust is gonna kill me eventually

File: c5c4ec44bd5e016⋯.jpg (160.78 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, mylifethusfar.jpg)


Hey guys I have no clue how any of this works but I remember that this board exists from a year or so ago.

>be me, 19

>freshmen in bottom-pick college

>live in temperate rain forest

>with seasonal depression

>i lack sunlight

>i'm a furry

>been addicted to porn since I was 12

>still live with parents

>i think im depressed but never been to the doctor

>im ashamed of the porn i watch

>and of course yiff

>i want to stop

What do I do?


Get off the computer unless it's needed for college.

Take up some kind of hobby, go for a walk etc to fill up your spare time.

Tinder, dating sites etc tend to result in the same kind of stimulation that porn does, so I'd recommend getting off those things as well.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

wheres the >>12345 get?

File: 5092f7190cb251d⋯.jpg (85.91 KB, 500x458, 250:229, 5092f7190cb251daf12038a9ac….jpg)


>watch porn 4-5 times a week

>orgasms cause panic attacks to happen up to a week after the fact

>stop jerking it for over 4 weeks

>now I have wet dreams every single night

>enter what would classify as a new 10th layer of hell

What do.


Are you still watching porn?


Wet dreams happen because you're still lusting in your waking hours and only physically holding yourself back. Nofap is mental as well as physical. Still, physical check is a necessary first step. Mentality follows. Practice more meditation/prayer and wet dreams will stop.


What you do is a result of what you think.

What you think is a result of what you see, hear and sense.

Avoid things like watching porn, ASMR, swiping on Tinder or other sexual stimulants.

Pick up hobbies or do things to fill your brain up with useful thoughts.

File: 1427502165454.jpg (160.23 KB, 1052x688, 263:172, 1366569943604.jpg)



113 posts and 44 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 9f3bd06c0498bef⋯.jpg (31.42 KB, 347x500, 347:500, 41D3 dvRL4L.jpg)

File: 14bc811b65f3375⋯.pdf (2.35 MB, E. Michael Jones Libido Do….pdf)



Pornography was marketed as freedom to men and sexual liberation to women.

Once they managed to do this the gates were flung wide open. ~1960's



This should be required reading for everybody with a porn / masturbation habit.



Checked and nice way of exposing his double think.



It isnt that hard to do when you control most plataforms in the media and know that people are dumb and are easily manipulated. You can do it in 2-3 generations time. They studied how to do it for a long time, check out Frankfurt School. They are somewhat smart but thats not the reason they own the world, its because they are sneaky, lying, ruthless fucks. The go for the long and slow game, they will never have war they will just slowly chip at us in some undercover type cultural war.

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