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File: 1420234656021.png (97.82 KB, 1009x1486, 1009:1486, PLAGUE DOCTOR.png)


Welcome to /nofap/

This board is for the discussion of nofap, noporn, and the societal implications of fapping and porn.



>1. Stay on topic. The topic is pretty loosely defined here so use some common sense.

>2. Don't post porn. NSFW images will be deleted. Posting NSFW material as a shitty troll attempt will result in a comically long ban. This board is SFW, so keep it that way.

>3. Non-/nofap/pers are welcome to come and question the premise of nofap and to argue against nofap. That said, shitposts, flames, bait, spam, and trolls are not allowed and such threads will be locked or deleted.

Just those three.

edit: Fugg the rules/faq page got nuked and I'm too lazy to recreate it right now.

If anyone needs to get a hold of me try my e-mail at [email protected]

And because I don't want to clutter the board with excess stickies:

ITT: dump /nofap/ infographs, videos, links, banners and other such things

EDIT: Adding the IRC to this thread because it doesn't need its own sticky.


#nofap on Rizon

For anyone who doesn't know how to access IRC, just click on the following link and it should become pretty apparent:


Rules are basically the same as here only it's going to be less strict on staying on-topic. Though copious funposting will be encouraged, we'll also be able to have real-time serious discussions if we want to. Maybe even work out a little fappers anonymous session.

Oh, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>their testosterone became so high after years of sexual success

>they can do it more than the average beta without such pronounced negative effects

Care to explain?

File: b053955cd54ba10⋯.jpg (297.55 KB, 1118x1600, 559:800, FOR FREEDOM.jpg)

File: a893b17af740946⋯.jpg (101.1 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, (((porn))).jpg)

File: 1450baddd53741d⋯.png (938.26 KB, 1500x1300, 15:13, PLAGUE Wojak 2017.png)
















Two years ago today, /nofap/ was founded on the grounds that 2015 should be a nofap year. 2015 came and went, and now so has 2016.

Once again, we've all made great strides. Maybe you didn't make it the whole year. In fact, you probably didn't. If you did, you are the official king of /nofap/. If not, no sweat. Consider this: In a normal year you might have fapped once or more every day. That's at least 365 faps. Maybe in the past year you only fapped once every other day, or on and off every couple days, or something like that. That's not some big huge impressive streak, but that does cut 365 down to 182, which is pretty fucken good. When you think back on the past /nofap/ year, judge it in those terms.

That said, it's a new year, which means we all have the opportunity here to make it a completely clean /nofap/ year with a big huge impressive streak, which may not be necessary to mark improvement, but would still be fucking awesome to get. Get started now, because starting isn't gonna get easier the longer you wait. All you have to do is nothing, and believe that you're gonna make it. And remember that nofap isn't the only thing you can do to make your life better. Eat right, lift, read books, don't spend every second of your life shitposting. 2017 will be a great year.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: e24d45df8d31cca⋯.webm (3.99 MB, 348x288, 29:24, Chechnyan intervention.webm)

File: f78b6e39dda7b34⋯.gif (64.81 KB, 85x150, 17:30, e010c764ecd8a65bf77e62b1ca….gif)


I just looked at some hot novel babes on bing images

plz help fam. what should I do. Right now it feels like I want nothing except to go back to looking at that stuff.




File: 11a290d605d1c00⋯.jpg (9.47 KB, 188x250, 94:125, t_c161c1b188dab12faa77c98d….jpg)

guys help t. me

File: 69183dad4c79df8⋯.jpg (6.57 KB, 207x243, 23:27, download (2).jpg)


Im an unequivocal adept of nofap but..how can anyone claim i good conscience that nofal attracts wymen when Dantesque libertines and degenerates(celebrity, party goers) do attract women?

If nofap attracta the OPPOSITE is true;ejeculation repells.

So there are only 2 options

>Jews keep male actors w/ chastity belts

>other factor is involved

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of course they wouldn't be exempt from the irrationality/anxiety (social or otherwise) that comes from fapping. But with such a massive amount of wealth women will overlook those flaws as money is all they care about these days




No. They will NOT.

If you are missing a lung you cant pay for it to grow back.

Once you fap youre as repulsive as a dead rat no matter how rich.



I'm sorry, but that's plainly wrong.



It is not wrong.

Youre just a Moderate who doeth not understand sperm retention.



I understand it deeply, probably more so than you. But I also understand the shallowness of women.

File: b84475dbdf2a52e⋯.jpg (327.63 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1429400772968.jpg)


O, Glorious NoFappers!

I stand before you as a sinner, a slave to the Digital Seductress who has been a vice upon me for the last 3 years.

I discovered masturbation at the age of 15 and it became a crutch to deal with suicidal thoughts and a crisis of faith, and this crutch soon developed into an addiction which has left me with a 321gb porn folder.

Three weeks ago, I entered into a relationship with a wonderful girl who has helped me through a very dark period of my life and has helped me to see that I am good enough to be happy.

Since the start of this relationship, I have found it difficult to masturbate to porn and i have taken this as a sign from the Lord God to whom i pray for guidance every night that i must stop this practice in order to have a healthy physical and emotional relationship with my girlfriend.

I do not yet feel ready to delete my porn folder, but i promised my girlfriend that i would not ever let her be second best to anyone in my eyes and so i will eventually delete the folder and its archives.

my first goal is to no longer require pornigraphy to masturbate and eventually eliminate the need for it altogether if possible.

My last fap was at 3am GMT 14/04/17.

this is the start of my nofap journey and i ask for your support as i begin this trial.

I will spend my energy in better ways, exercise and study and i will not let it fester inot stress which could come out against my girlfriend. I refuse to be rendered impotent by pornography.

I stand before you a sinner and i ask for acceptance into your number

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Day 37

Still clean



Day 38

Still clean


Day 39

Still clean

anon was right, i can feel the urges building again, but not as strong, i will outlast the urges and carry on


Day 40

Still clean

File: 09fe65e9e5b5be8⋯.jpg (36.19 KB, 420x460, 21:23, 23538ecc37f130894d7b286b7b….jpg)


one thing I read about online regarding quitting porn and fapping is to start a 30 day trial, which is basically where I only allow myself to view pornography after the 30 days is over. The author goes on to say that it's sort of self trickery, because I likely won't want to relapse once that 30 days is over. What are some other unorthodox nofap techniques?




Yes, got, keep spiking your dopamine and inflaming your prostate. Surely this is the path to success.



>got goy

Auto-complete shut me down



Clearly it's not ideal but still, I'd rather relapse monthly than daily like I have been


Whenever I feel the urge to fap or watch porn, I watch the most disturbing videos I can find until the urge passes. Crush porn works best for me.

Pro tip, leave the audio on. That's where the potency lies.

File: e8624e83bbb30d2⋯.jpg (33.31 KB, 700x367, 700:367, avGve1d_700b.jpg)


I haven't fapped for 200 days.2 HUNDRED DAYS.

And, still, no girls asked me to have sex. No girl went out of their way to sit next to me in class or in the bus. No girl kissed me on out of the blue.

do I have to wait more hundreds of days?

was my fapping so bad I still haven't reaped benefits,but am only correcting past mistakes?



the idea is that nofap makes you more confident and therefore more attractive. it doesn't do the work for you.


Why would you want those things to happen? Why do you want a slut?



this is a LIE.


I do not; i want to debunk the meme of sour grapes



You need to be doing other shit too.

Nofap helps build discipline and normalizes your hormone / endorphin levels so you can do other shit. If you don't do other shit, you're going to end up being one of those faggots with 6 million posts on r/nofap bragging about how good they are at not fapping. Getting really really good at not fapping is not your endgame, your endgame is to improve yourself.

Work out, work on your social skills, develop a hobby, build your career, etc. Nofap is just the start.





than what is the truth, O wise sage?

File: 235cf090bab672e⋯.jpeg (13.53 KB, 299x300, 299:300, prostate.jpeg)


So what are you doing to counter the increased chance of developing prostate cancer?

14 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



I didn't say you said that I said I didn't realize you were one.



I think I've found the reason for it, this is mostly unresearched stuff by me but it's probably true:

The higher risk of prostate cancer among nofappers is because of people that are sick with PROSTATITIS

Nofap is basically healthy for normal people but unhealthy for people that already have prostatitis

And if you have prostatitis but are nofapping without even reading about the possible consequences then I'm sorry for your stupidity


File: 90cca151d9a6f6a⋯.jpg (13.87 KB, 238x212, 119:106, images.jpg)



even bigger threat to your junk than estrogen meat



>meatcuck trying ==this hard== to justify his addiction

mice =/= humans tbf


Avoiding visual stimulus.

That will make your prostate work harder. This is why people who edge get swollen prostate and feel tender down there, like a golf ball in the perineum in the severe cases.

Buddhist monks don't get prostate cancer because they don't have visual stimulus to excite the prostate.

(((doctors))) are a meme and they will kill you either with drugs or bad advice.

File: 4eedb9f7a4e25f2⋯.jpg (9.42 KB, 192x548, 48:137, 1494598723696.jpg)


A legit thing or just tinfoil?

This seems to be a huge thing in some nofap communities but completely undiscussed in others. The effects are also kinda blurred. Share your knowledge

File: 241ef855ac095f3⋯.jpg (41.69 KB, 421x421, 1:1, 241ef855ac095f3f8944e5b7cb….jpg)


>Only 19 yo

>waking up limp-dicked

I think I'm fapping in my sleep, guys. What do?


>inb4 captain chastity belt swoops in to shill his fetish

First step would be to prove you're actually sleep fapping by recording yourself and confirming that. Second step would be auto suggestion and visualization to gain mastery over your unconscious body.



"You might still be experiencing erections during the night, and just not waking up during one. But see your doctor if you wake up without a morning erection for several months. A complete loss of them can signal depression, chronic stress, or underlying health issues like heart disease."

File: b9fee666cc9ce89⋯.pdf (2.24 MB, Mantak Chia - Cultivating ….pdf)

File: 4d5c30ad2d0f997⋯.gif (652.78 KB, 500x500, 1:1, aesthetics.gif)


Newfag here. I've decided to stop touching my dick all the time. I'm gonna use this thread to check in every day if it's alright with you guys. I'll post some pdfs and music so that the thread isn't a complete waste of space. Pdf related, just started reading it today. Also, here's some music


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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm on day 8 and I thought I was fine until I became self-aware about 1 minute ago. Instead of opening 30 tabs of porn I was opening up loads of tabs on Gordon Ramsay's small cooking videos on youtube.

Good luck


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Day 3


Did you play them all at once?



No, I skipped through the relevant scenes in every video in a row. Then I ordered a pizza and a burger.


File: 0f64f11848bfd9a⋯.jpg (10.31 KB, 280x311, 280:311, 0f64f11848bfd9af12060ba2fe….jpg)


Day 1 is always easy. It's Days 7-9 when you start thinking

>hmm… no harm in just edging it, right?

>whoops I'm about to jizz all over myself I better stop

>why the fuck aren't I stopping?

>Well, time to clean this mess.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Day 4. Have some ambient music.


Now that I actually think about it, replacing the urge to fap with eating seems like a pretty good idea. The pleasure-seeking brain gets its reward and your dick remains intact. Then again, how much better it is depends on whether you eat healthy or not.


Thanks for the warning. I've looked into nofap a bit and other people say the same thing.

File: da2a64d661c340b⋯.jpg (68.66 KB, 640x480, 4:3, JZDYr7.jpg)


Post your progress, updates, blogposts, and just (not-counter)circlejerk with other anons.

Since the other thread isn't bumping, might as well make a new thread so you all can shame me for breaking.

>Be OP

>Take nofap to get a healthy sex drive again

>Who knows how many weeks in

>GF keeps rescheduling dates because workaholic (I have reasons to swing by where she works so she needs to really try to think of an excuse if she starts cheating)

>Constantly see personal kink (pantyhose) everywhere

>3:00am no sleep because stress

>"Fuck it, might as well litmus test for how well nofap is going!"

>Look up decent vids for kink, intending to see if my willpower reached the point where I can last for one hour without fapping

>Figure accomplishment will help me sleep

>Last for 45 minutes before going for lotion

>Mfw don't even produce that much cum or joy after failing my streak

242 posts and 152 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 2343d634dc47d34⋯.jpg (255.56 KB, 426x625, 426:625, Yoshitsune_with_benkei.jpg)

File: d2336ba0fd3c6f5⋯.jpg (62.11 KB, 400x490, 40:49, 畫麗珠萃秀_Gathering_Gems_of_Be….jpg)


I have been thinking a lot these last few weeks. About my views, about what my goal and purpose are or should be, how I want to get there, my irl experience with fellow right and far right people until now and how i want to deal with all these things.

Only time will tell how things will turn out, but I'm striking with an anxious feeling of unrest-fullness. The start of my story was long ago, and now I need to decide where to steer it to. I don't and won't want to end up like so many others before me: Failed normies on the fringe, that know what's going on in the world, but are perfectly happy just complaining about it Without mastering themselves, who just follow and move without grand purpose and conviction. My recent experiences are making me consider taking a step back for now, so I can think more clearly about these things.

I'm sorry if all of this sounds a bit disjointed or confusing. I am pretty tired right now, and the subjects I am trying to talk about are big enough on their own.

Good luck in any case to anyone trying, and very well done to the people with the large day counts.


File: ece7e95e7bf1150⋯.jpg (19.02 KB, 211x305, 211:305, ece7e95e7bf11502af5d652161….jpg)



Day 42

I forgot to add, i did say i was tired right now.

Nice dubs nonetheless.



day 1 it begins again


File: 35886cb2e9d61e4⋯.jpg (38.36 KB, 355x267, 355:267, checkem.jpg)



Day 43

Feeling good, cought myself edging twice tho.

I need to watch it, after a calm period i seem to have reached another peak period. No worries, i can deal with this.


File: e5a6de0bc46513e⋯.png (1013.63 KB, 799x719, 799:719, 1474116875695.png)


Day 44.

Going great.

File: d4794b6ce2ec484⋯.png (269.18 KB, 500x514, 250:257, primo1.png)

File: 3d2a0533fddc146⋯.png (639.84 KB, 703x709, 703:709, perfect1.png)

File: eeee8d09a794ad9⋯.jpg (162.5 KB, 1024x992, 32:31, primo.jpg)

File: 53ecb36a94e5322⋯.png (508.96 KB, 477x567, 53:63, bush.png)


Hello everyone. I come from /pol/ and other dark places to start my dejewisation journey. I hope this will help me cure my social anxiety. We start at day 0 so here goes nothing


I fapped today and watched some degenerate pornography therefore it counts as day 0. So far i feel normal. We will see at later days.

Wish me luck. The sole reason i bother to write this is to keep track on my progress and not relapse

196 posts and 117 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: d950be5de5c7593⋯.jpg (6.15 KB, 275x142, 275:142, d950be5de5c75930ebed07613a….jpg)


Good for you man, i hope i will be able to get simulair results around day 100 dat 36 now. I too really want to be done with my vices.

Well, there's only one way to get there, and i'll have to do it myself.

And about the Original tripfag. He did mention seeing a girl in his last post's, so i hope he is on the right path.


Thanks, i will get to it eventually.


File: 0a5abd5f4a0aac8⋯.jpg (35.79 KB, 666x664, 333:332, 1441591877624.jpg)

File: 2016623ed0b2ae4⋯.jpg (27 KB, 309x400, 309:400, AltaroftheBlackSun.jpg)

File: dd6a37a71c30c12⋯.png (16.7 KB, 180x177, 60:59, The Black Sun.png)

File: bdeb9a30f0e43fe⋯.jpg (9.79 KB, 180x278, 90:139, Thule-gesellschaft_emblem.jpg)

Claiming these Satanic trips for National Socialism.

Heil Hitler!


File: 36c9bc815696155⋯.jpg (15.6 KB, 300x472, 75:118, 36c9bc815696155dbe793ca4a0….jpg)

File: fa233b8df6b2484⋯.jpg (19.35 KB, 332x285, 332:285, Check em.jpg)

File: 87800df187fa16a⋯.png (72.98 KB, 360x282, 60:47, DubsNazi.png)


How does he keep doing this?!

Very nice indeed.



I'm proud of you anon. I just started and i'm on day 6 and its pretty hard to resist the urge. All of your posts have really helped me out. I'm in a very similar situation as you. It seems you've already made a lot of progress these past few months. Please, don't relapse now. Be the proof that you can get better. Don't fail for yourself, me and your people.

I hope the original tripfag is on the right path but i'm not so sure. Its been 3 months since his last post and the last couple posts make me think he was being led on by that girl. I can see how something like that could easily turn you back into a degenerative spiral.

You need to have strength. Do not hesitate even in your darkest hour. Stay true to you path as best you can.


File: 59ae5f2796f1c5a⋯.webm (1.66 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Storm - Lokk (Calling).webm)


Day 119, week seventeen.

Still on track; made the mistake of going on /b/ a few nights ago and that was a close call. I quickly hid all offensive threads- that place is quickly degenerating into an all porn board. I recommend avoiding it completely.

Still walking/running one mile+ every night. I've started reading Miguel Serrano which is very interesting; currently on 'Maya: Reality is an Illusion'. Some of it is a bit reminiscent of science-fiction, but it is none the less a very good read.


I'm doing my best to stay strong. You can do it too; if I can, you can. Believe in yourself, as I do. As for the original tripfag, I hope that he is doing well and prospering. Unfortunately so many women in this dark age are very materialistic, and all but incapable of understand true politics and true spirituality. Most especially that of National Socialism. They have been conditioned from birth to hate the truth, but it is not their fault. We know who has done this to them, and they remain our eternal enemy.

Heil Hitler!

File: 837a213f501bcbc⋯.jpg (114.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1487115038560-adv.jpg)


I have failed. I will not fail again.

28 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


1. I will no longer be pathetic.



Hey lads, Im going on nearly two months here. Just wanted to let you know that it does get easier over time, right now your body is conditioned to fap daily and breaking that habit is tough but possible.

What worked best for me was not being a NEET. I used to spend my days never leaving the house, sitting in my chair.

I found that staying at home highly, highly increased my chances of fapping, so I made a deliberate effort to leave early and come back late every day.

I had studies to pre-occupy myself with, so this worked for me, YMMV but it definitely was a huge help for me. Can't fap if you're out in public and are focused on making friends and getting work done.

Good luck.



Also wanted to quickly add that the word "relapse" is reddit bullshit. Even if you break a streak, what's important is that you get a taste of how it's like to not fap.

You stop for a two days and fap - that's two days that you've not fapped at all.

You stop for two weeks and fap - you now know what it's like to not fap for two weeks.

Point is, what once seemed like such an impossible task is now in your grasp - because you just did it for x days. Get back on your bike, stay away from lewd images and anime and enjoy your life.


>I'll just get on my computer for a minute.

I blew it lads, literally and figuratively.

File: 55cbfb1ac4275aa⋯.jpg (134.47 KB, 966x1684, 483:842, 38ac8376dca7dbf172f56a268d….jpg)


There's a thread over on /pol/ talking about removing parasites from your body by taking diatomaceous earth. This could be the next step on from nofap to becoming a true ubermensch.

I would read the whole thread first before you decide whether you believe it or not.



9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



I was from that thread. Personally the DE didn't seem to work for me, so I started taking health force Scram capsules and began shitting worms and other fun things like crazy. So if DE spooks you you can try that instead.



whhhhat worms? wtf


Idk if everyone is serious on this thread or just meta-meming



Don't bother with this crap. If I remember off hand something like 60% of people have parasites and it really fucks their metabolism. People in the first world are even more likely to have them. They actually trick you into wanting to eat more un healthy food.

If you want to get rid of you're parasites, the best way to do it is going on a fast for a short time. Actually i'd really recommend going on a fast.

>inb4 but isn't that what jews do.

Yes, but they do it themselves. And many Asian countries often do fasts as well.

Another way to get rid of parasites is to just eat healthier. They will eventually die. But I really recommend fasting. Fasting for a short time is kinda like no fap. You're body will be cleansed of tons of crap and everything will taste better and you're mind will be sharper.



Your first sentence contradicts the rest of your post

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