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"A future is not given to you. It is something you must take for yourself. "

File: 1463615498272.jpg (158.45 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 4796ed19897d288aaee22c7a36….jpg)


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>What is cyberpunk?

Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a future setting, noted for its focus on "high tech and low life". It features advanced science, such as information technology and cybernetics, coupled with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order. - wikipedia

>What is /cyber/?

/cyber/ is a board on 8chan devoted to the Cyberpunk genre, setting, and ethos.

>I want to post "x". Is "x" cyberpunk?

Lurk for a bit and ask yourself if you think users here would like it.

>What are the specifications for banners and flags?

banners should be 300x100 png or gif. file limit must not exceed 750kb

flags must be 20x11 png. Flags should be clean and legible on a dark background.

>I want to contact the Oyabun!

I can be reached at monoelain @ tfwno.gf.

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File: cfc88aece0ea763⋯.jpg (96.52 KB, 520x600, 13:15, 1487921476196.jpg)




File: 4496b6d9470bf22⋯.jpg (50.23 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ITSDREAMINGANDTHINKING.jpg)


> be me, 1998

> log onto sega.net

> chat with African quake 3 players

Where have the good old sense of internet community gone?

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I've found that new bond through trying to revive online communities, getting a new sense of direction, and exercising.

Am I doing it right? Were my days of browsing older geocities websites that turned to masculine /fit/ style retrodreaming worth it?

please i need help



I think this is very true, but the coolest thing about small internet communities is always forming new ones. There are a lot of upstart internet communities that are being created all the time. I love finding new people and new interesting places and having really long conversations about all sorts of fun ideas.

People always fret about internet communities dying or whatever, but people don't just stop existing. There is always more to experience.



zeronet, bitmessage (no scrap that it's full of shitposting), onion sites.



Basically /thread.

The only such (alive) community I ever came into contact with I can think of is Quake 1 community. These people don't have dramas or care for the "outside world". They just play and create. And it's fucking amazing.



You haven't found a community of people you enjoy talking to since Quake 1 came out?

See I think this is fucking delusional thinking. Why are you on the internet at all if you don't at least enjoy some of the communities here? Why are you posting here if you don't enjoy the community here?

People always say that the internet sucks but then they refuse to get off of it because they are so busy chatting in random online communities.

I enjoy this community and many others. I enjoy the community on Tox inparticular.

the idea of the wired and being a fan of cyberpunk is that you like living online. If you don't like online, what is the point?

File: 1422796661199.jpg (21.86 KB, 497x382, 497:382, 1236441_555203351243692_76….jpg)


We all know we're high tech here… but how low life are you, cyberpunks? Share some of your best motherfuckery and tales of the best worst shit you've done.
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I'm boring.


>13 year old kid with some 2006 era laptop

>new school year begins and so I start at a completely new school

>bored in class, check for WLAN networks

>there's exactly one network and it's WEP (lol) protected

>spend a few days fucking around in Windows

>download BackTrack

>teacher gets sick and I go to another class for a day

>think fuckit.jpg

>crack network within 10 minutes

>no one noticing

>connect on phone

>use Youtube to play music in class 'n shit

>never told anyone

God, I felt like I was awesome, but looking back on it, it was skid tier shit though.

More low-life story:

>some Turkish woman her washing machine breaks

>it's a LG POS

>go there

>see early 2000s Miele outside

>ignore it for now

>check LG

>pump not running

>politely tell them "your machine is basically dead" even though I have no fucking idea what's wrong with it

>ask them about that Miele

>it's leaking from the front

>take it home to fix it

>ended up being the husband being a complete nignog, he pulled the door seal off the tub while trying to lift it upstairs

>lie and tell them the circuit board is blown, should I fix it or throw it away

>throw it away they said

>dad and I managed to get the seal back on

>sold it for 150€

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Low-life is to survive and get by in the blurry underground of the world. Not some empty political pretense, concocted by privileged middle-class victimists.



This, I feel like being a low-life is actually very post-political. It is doing actions because you feel like doing them not with some overriding logic necessarily.

Why did Satoshi Nakamoto make bitcoin? You know? Your actions are their own political statement. Politics itself is null, only aesthetics count.

Low-life is an aesthetic, not a perscription for how to actually make decisions. If that makes any sense.



I just connected to the wifi and used the passwords that were on the teachers' computers… Guess that makes me a top tier hacker too, yeah?



I smoked a joint right before I walked into class in high school. I was a month away from graduation. I had all my scholarships and free rides to universities and shit. Accidentally left the roach in my pocket, so I put it in the back pack in a little wannabe bully freshman. He ended up getting expelled for that. I got away thinking "marijuana does ruin your life." I haven't smoked since.

File: 464256d65eeb6b2⋯.jpg (226.53 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, turbo_killer_poster__final….jpg)



i live about ~30 north of chicago. cyberculture is essentially non-existent

how find?

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File: 8c0b5a4e5c71b70⋯.jpg (146.66 KB, 640x480, 4:3, P1110047.JPG)

It is really funny because I feel like I know an extremely large amount of cipherpunks and cyberpunks IRL.

We obviously exist, you are just too much of a pleb to find us and get introduced in apparently. Keep your nose to the ground and you will find like minded people.



Nah, I just always find these wannabes who think installing bouncy castle makes them a cipherpunk, and just knowing it exists makes you a cyberpunk.

Tired of meeting people like you.



This must be what the "you're not a REAL gamer, you're just a grrl gamer" mindset is like. This kills the /cyber/.



This is kind of the no true Scotsman issue. If there is no delineated metric for what is and is not a cool cyberpunk person, this conversation just becomes squabbling over who is coolest. And virtue signalling, no real point to that.

The person posting here: >>47779

Is honestly slightly right though (although he is probably just larping and is probably in reality a really boring person), people who are actually interesting cyberpunks don't have time for lamers. If you were doing something that was actually interesting people would reach out to you.

It is kind of like saying "I love football, but the only people who I ever find/meet up with are all dumbasses who just watch it on TV! I want to hang around people who are serious players, not amateur players and wannabes" In this hypothetical, why on earth would the professional football player want to be around you?


How do i remotely shut off someones wifi network

File: 1426558117720.jpg (44.2 KB, 450x191, 450:191, liberation13.jpg)


What are the most schway fonts and why is Liberation Mono one of them?
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THIS IS A NICE FONT. I necessarily call it "cyber" but it gave the typography lobe of my brain a small boner.



*I wouldn't


File: 5988b64609e4010⋯.jpg (17.43 KB, 500x667, 500:667, type rules.jpg)


Typography is a very underrated art. I think anyone who uses a computer as much as people here do owe it to themselves to learn a little about it. It is incredibly easy to make fonts and typefaces for use on your computer. It could add a little bit of personal pizazz to your cli.

Check pic related book out y'all, pic is 3rd edition but I think there is a 4th edition of it, but it is a very good beginners guide to typography.



Not bad. Is it monospace? I'm looking for a nice vector terminal font that has a bold variant and Noto doesn't work at all.



ayyy fixing this thread

File: 5d7bdb6b4d96ce8⋯.jpg (62.71 KB, 650x842, 325:421, 1503641445550.jpg)


Am I the only one here who thinks Neuromancer was complete ass?

Gibson's writing style felt like an ADHD twelve year old on meth. My eyes nearly fucking popped out of my skull trying to follow him from one point to the next.

Why do you guys suck its dick so much?

8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



No one here claimed to have a 140 IQ, and everyone said they had trouble following it.

If a crackhead tells me about his day, and I don't find it interesting or engaging, that's a fair point.

That's not what people said. They said they're having trouble following it. All of them said that.

So how are you here trying to argue that they followed it just fine, but didn't like the narrative structure? They didn't say that. They said they had trouble following it.

I've never heard anyone who enjoyed the novel complain that they had trouble following it. I would suggest that people who have trouble following the novel naturally don't enjoy it as much as people capable of following it.

It's not exactly a stretch.



Pointing out a spelling error online should be called the 'autistic checkmate'.


I guess it's a case of first not necessary being the best situation.


Honestly it is kind of weird I was really expecting to like it a lot, I'm a huge fan of Neal Stephenson and I was expecting more stuff in that vein, but I came away not liking Gibsons writing at all. For what it is worth, I haven't really enjoyed any of Bruce Sterlings writing at all either. I just keep wishing that their stories/settings were written by a different author the whole time.

If anyone can recommend me some writing similar to Neal Stephenson I'd appreciate it.



>tfw to smart

t. you

File: 282e732fc77d461⋯.png (694.98 KB, 2271x2380, 2271:2380, rich guy sweat.png)



>Alphabet Inc.’s GOOGL -0.30%▲ Google is issuing refunds to advertisers for ads bought through its platform that ran on sites with fake traffic, people familiar with the situation said, as the company develops a tool to give buyers more transparency about their purchases.

>In the past few weeks, Google has informed hundreds of marketers and ad agency partners about the issue with invalid traffic, known in the industry as “ad fraud.” The ads were bought using the company’s DoubleClick Bid Manager.

>Google’s refunds amount to only a fraction of the total ad spending served to invalid traffic, which has left some advertising executives unsatisfied, the people familiar with the situation said. Google has offered to repay its “platform fee,” which ad buyers said typically ranges from about 7% to 10% of the total ad buy.

Have you been doing your part in shitting on corp scum profits?

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.



> ((())) jewing other ((())) is somehow bad



Whatever happens it will defiantly be positive in either Google crashing or in a accelerationist wet dream.



>installing software from untrusted sources

let me guess, the code is obfuscated to the moon and back and actually just sends your faceberg and birdsite login to some poo-in-loo scammers?



Das right, you should only install things labelled as "trusted installer" that way I know theyre safe!



>what is FOSS

File: 7b38a6a7128c000⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 1600x1000, 8:5, cybcit.jpg)


What are some /cyber/ cities? I am going to be graduating university in a few months and then moving somewhere shortly thereafter. Ideally it will be a city with technology jobs, but your suggestions don't necessarily have to have that quality.

Current prospects:

Austin, TX

Seattle, WA

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I miss Kowloon sad I never got to see it.





You mean the walled city.

Kowloon is still a place.

I know what you mean though;

i only watched the documentary.



Shenzhen, China. Guangzhou is pretty cyberpunk too. Really any major Chinese city. Beautiful places if you like that gritty hi-tech, low-life kind of feel.



So I'm actually thinking about relocating to SEA and I'm having a hard time deciding what place seems best, any of you ever actually lived there? What is the job market like across most of these places?



stay out of Japan. Job market sucks.

Used to be good if you went to Korea to earn and other places to spend. Guy who cuts my hair recommends Vietnam, lots of Viet going to Japan, need languages.

>you speak nihongo, right senpai?

File: 1445890669161.png (34.11 KB, 720x534, 120:89, anarcho_syndicalism__versi….png)


Every anarchist except primitivsts are accepted here.

Yo, here is anarcho-syndicalist AMA.

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If you think your government sucks, wait until it goes away and someone else steps in to fill the void.



I feel weird about the state, like if there was no state or entity to fight, I would honestly feel really empty and meaningless.



>In conventional warfare, fighting with guerrilla tactics, decentralized and highly reactive is a benefit, not a drawback

You have clearly never studied any sort of political science or modern warfare theory. Guerilla warfare is a means to an end and not an end unto itself. You may be able to harass larger armies and place strain on their resources but this will not and cannot win you wars on its own. At this point I'm sure you're going to say something like "But the Afghanis fought off the Soviets in the 80's!" Yeah, sure they did, with extensive funding, training, and materiel support from the West, and at that point the USSR was starting to collapse under its internal rot.



>Living only for the fight

That's autistic.



If your ideology is based on raw hatred for the state and you don't have anything else going on then your ideology is hollow.

Anarcho-communism is part of the problem. Your communism can't work. It hasn't ever worked. It won't ever work. Marx was a drunk and a debtor who blamed the system instead of blaming himself, just like every other leftist leech.

File: 468a781780c60df⋯.jpg (278.59 KB, 964x592, 241:148, Faggots.jpg)


>tfw you won't ever have a diverse group of hacker friends that you can boost about your hacking 1337 skillz with while cruising around the neon lit cities at night

>tfw no qt hacker girl to out smart and win over

>tfw you are fat alone and live with your parents

>tfw it's no longer the 80's or 90's and everyone has a computer or mobile

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>>quit idolizing the 90's


If there was a 'hackstock' it would

be defcon.

>>In response to the rest of you fags, there were never a ton of hackers and they are rarely highly visible.

>>Don't hate on rollerblading. I don't know if anyone here does RF stuff but a motor vehicle cruising slowly around a small area is suspicious and sometimes illegal. You can do the same speed on skates/skateboard/bicycle without drawing undue attention and urban areas are Wifi jungles.



>hackers aren't on IRC anymore

Honestly crews often will take rooted servers and stick an IRC daemon on them for the fun of it and talk through that. But that is the thing, it is often very private.

Also I feel like a lot of people have moved on to other much more secure things than IRC like the community on Tox, or other security minded things. Infiltration of IRC made people move into a territory of security through obscurity. IRC is too mainstream anymore to be useful really.



Holy shit you are dumb, most of the coolest hackers I know are Kazakh, Moldovan, and Chinese. You are either a grandpa or a skid that doesn't actually know how things in the modern world function.



Just as >>47785 said, most hackers nowadays have migrated to more secure networks.


Dear anon, if you have a hacker scene composed of three Nigerians, two Indians, one Chinese and four Russians, plus your (supposedly) American self, you would have a group of friends that

>look like me

>natively speak my language


>have the same cultural reference experiences we can riff on

The point here is that you don't know what a group of hacker friends is. I bet my chips you aren't even a



They'd look like you, because, if they are really hackers, they are cyberpunk fans at heart. They'll dress like you - that is, if you really are a hacker - because they'll see the world through eyes like yours.

They'd natively speak the same language that you do because - again, if you really are a haxxor - you'd all speak code.

>have the same cultural reference experiences we can riff on

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you are all hackers then you DO have the SAME cultural references and experiences, because all of you probably hacked into similar machines, with similar intentions(I'd find it hard for a white hat to mingle voluntarily with a black hat).

The subject being your post, I agree completely with >>47511. You don't know the fuck you're talking about.



>They'd natively speak the same language that you do because - again, if you really are a haxxor - you'd all speak code.

I know we're on a board that focuses on a subculture with its roots in the 1980's but this has to be the most embarrassingly cliche and empty thing I have read in a long time

File: 8436093a8e02e20⋯.jpg (65.99 KB, 524x480, 131:120, courier.jpg)


Couriers are /cyber/. They move everything from corporate bullshit and government documents to illegal drugs. I'm not going to post people I know so please, lets see what you've got.

6 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>just realized what a retarded name that is

Well in the 2way radio biz they are called "portables". A radio in your car is called a "mobile". And a radio in the office is called a "control station" or "base station" depending on the system.

Those portables would have talked back to high powered "repeater" up on one of the tall buildings. The repeater would have taken the little signal from the portable and repeated it across the whole city.

In the pre-cellphone days this was a powerful setup.

The only problem with it back then there was no practical encryption. So in high competition industries people would start speaking in code. Tow truck drivers where notorious for sniping each others calls this way.

Bootlegging or "booting" also happened back then in big cities. Unauthorized people would use a businesses repeater after hours or take over abandoned repeaters to talk to each other around town.

All you needed to know was the input/output freq and PL code to access the repeater.



You don't sound like you knew much about riding bike and you also don't sound like you were in a community where couriers were heavily utilized.

You should try again sometime.


File: 8044f62daf122aa⋯.jpg (169.08 KB, 1024x669, 1024:669, 5015351013_a9eeb0ab98_o.jpg)

File: 9b714efe2a555cd⋯.jpg (286.68 KB, 675x1024, 675:1024, 5612036964_bd71478019_b.jpg)

File: 28d73a989306a87⋯.jpg (501.38 KB, 681x1024, 681:1024, 6411817273_846631e85d_o.jpg)

File: df1f57849796803⋯.jpg (531.4 KB, 669x1024, 669:1024, 5636263382_b074ecaf9f_o.jpg)

File: 5f641a8b19e7a94⋯.jpg (532.65 KB, 672x1024, 21:32, 5310580952_1aae99f3f3_o.jpg)


Interesting, thanks



Walkie-talkies are like retarded little brothers of portables. They have limited power, only few pre-selected channels and only work on "toy"-frequences.

So, ham-enthusiasts distinguish them into separate category, at least in my area.



So a trucker CB would be like a high power walkie talkie since theres no base station or relays involved?

File: 72c3a5cbd289461⋯.png (12.98 KB, 435x456, 145:152, 1492822987260.png)


they made a board for systemspace refugees. the systemspace discord made an announcement for it, but not everyone uses the discord so i thought i'd leave it here.


8 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>damage control

Lol, what are you talking about? I was merely informing >>47640 that different chans can have the same name.

Silly user.



they changed their name to arisuchan now



…while kicking out kalyx.

If only they got rid of Seph now, that'd be really nice.



Is Seph autistic? s/he is impossible to talk to.


File: 110400a40a0cb00⋯.png (396.67 KB, 1725x962, 1725:962, seph1.png)

File: 6435efc6f5e6832⋯.png (561.54 KB, 1726x965, 1726:965, seph2.png)


Seph's got shit OPSEC and is proud of it. And yeah, xe's a tranny.



File: 7fb377ecfded3a8⋯.png (321.71 KB, 896x504, 16:9, 79512a3d7724b211f94b846b24….png)


Ayo chummers, lets post /cyber/ vidya in THIS thread.

22 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I never thought about MUDs as "professionally published". Weren't they purely amateur endeavor?

>friend tells me about a MUD he's playing

>looks interesting, I should join

>spend half a day reading rules on how to pick a name for character

>get derezzed for inapropriate name after 15 minutes of playing



Check out DragonRealms probably the biggest current MUD, and it's been pay-to-play since the beginning.



If you like hacking games, I put out a "state of development" demo of mine a couple days ago


There's a history of its progress here




m8 I already have it on Steam, just waiting on a release.



Did you play the demo? Is it shit/not shit?

File: 7cf255b275111e0⋯.jpg (206.33 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 2318ed449a80d2ec3fa3dce5f0….jpg)


Doesn't seem particularly active.

53 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Ideas are the point of the internet, and it's literally idiotic to say blacks or muslims or whatever can't have cool ideas. The internet is the most egalitarian medium ever–I can't see if the other person is male or female or transgender; black or white; christian, jew, muslim, atheist; rich or poor; disabled or not; etc. It is only in this free market of knowledge and ideas that their thoughts are all that matters, not how they look. It is a fair medium where the best thoughts will eventually win out and the inferior thoughts will die away. If the muslim religion is the best it will eventually win by convincing the rest of us; if not, we'll ridicule it and it will be gone. Same with capitalism, communism, and fascism and all other ideas.

When I'm talking about a cool mod someone did to their Linux desktop, I'm not starting the conversation with "before I allow you to help me, what color are you, where are you from, what religion are you, are you left wing or right wing, etc" And if someone's helping me fix my WiFi, I don't really care if they don't like my politics, we have a common interest and we bond over that rather than focus on the things that divide us. And even here, there are piles of little things that could divide us. We have to choose to ignore them if we want to succeed at anything in life. If I tell you I run Ubuntu and you refuse to talk to me because you have a religion called Gentoo, then immediately our conversation is done and neither of us learns anything from the other and neither of us improves. We all lose because of our tendency to get unnecessarily offended. The only real exception is of course the guys who purposely cause fights without contributing anything, because they are just here to disrupt the system of learning. I'm not offended by them, they just ruin everything by being themselves. They haven't evolved to the point where they can discuss things rationally and intelligently yet. Hopefully they do.


File: 160c57c038afe90⋯.jpg (78.91 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, rad.jpg)


I image searched your 'postapocgirl' screenshot and it only listed the board. Pray tell friend, what game is this?



The graphics and assets are from Half-Life 2 (Source engine), so it's safe to assume that this screenshot was made in Garry's Mod.



I didn't get it from a game, I got it from Google Image search.



Woah, I almost want to exchange emails with you, this is exactly how I feel the future of the internet should be.

What I feel like I have learned from multiple thriving communities is that it is like a cellular automata, meaning that you just have to be in the right place at the right time. People, join together into little shortlived subcultures that are very vibrant while they exist, but then when they die, those people go to other places and form different little 10-40 person groupings that do even more coolshit in a differently combined way. Evolution is not an issue with communities, having nostalgia is the issue. Don't fret for a community that is already past on, move to the next and put your all into it.

File: 1431289397676.jpg (160.04 KB, 650x487, 650:487, 1368388002999.jpg)


I need to adopt a /cyber/ aesthetic for future endeavors. Not necessarily full goth-ninja, but cyber-influenced and occasionally full goth-ninja. I don't wanna be a corpcuck and spend out the ass to buy clothes that look like shit though.

I want a minimalistic, futuristic pieces.

What are some frugal /cyber/ fashion items that you'd recommend?

238 posts and 75 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Use EL wire and do it properly.

EL -Electroluminescent wire and or tape for newfags


File: 8de719caade88b0⋯.jpg (461.37 KB, 1085x1594, 1085:1594, techoid.jpg)

File: f0b134e01248f9e⋯.jpg (101.88 KB, 556x880, 139:220, Thefleshisweak.jpg)

File: 8c60def6470b247⋯.jpg (85.92 KB, 697x827, 697:827, MagosExplorator.jpg)

File: 2d362053d023dd7⋯.jpg (627.98 KB, 1036x764, 259:191, Liketearsintherain.jpg)

There is only one form of acceptable /cyber/ "fashion"



Maybe you're in the wrong place? This isn't /makebelievecyberninja/ why don't you fuck off and go there?



If you're a girl, go full operative. It literally doesn't matter what you wear if you have the body.

If you're a dude, wear streetwear and just a few custom pieces of gear. A little goes a long way, and a wearable computer sticks out like a roadflair.

The trick, with guys, is to try to look good without looking like you think you're tough, or cool, or from the future. The harder you try to look tough, the dumber and weaker you look.

Just wear subtle clothes, lots of black, and a piece or two of custom kit.


I honestly can't imagine how you would ever want to do anything more than blend.

Being grey in everyway is the best way to be. Flashy clothes only make you memorable, make you a target. Blend into the hive and let your anonymous actions speak for yourself.

Staying subtle is the only true cyberpunk look.

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