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“The mind commands the body and it obeys. The mind orders itself and meets resistance.”

File: 1463615498272.jpg (158.45 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 4796ed19897d288aaee22c7a36….jpg)


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>What is cyberpunk?

Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a future setting, noted for its focus on "high tech and low life". It features advanced science, such as information technology and cybernetics, coupled with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order. - wikipedia

>What is /cyber/?

/cyber/ is a board on 8chan devoted to the Cyberpunk genre, setting, and ethos.

>I want to post "x". Is "x" cyberpunk?

Lurk for a bit and ask yourself if you think users here would like it.

>What are the specifications for banners and flags?

banners should be 300x100 png or gif. file limit must not exceed 750kb

flags must be 20x11 png. Flags should be clean and legible on a dark background.

>I want to contact the Oyabun!

I can be reached at monoelain @ tfwno.gf.

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These could be useful for biopunks/grinders



File: d4a6e17f0841cd0⋯.jpg (89.77 KB, 700x525, 4:3, Hacking_correctly.jpg)


Hey /cyber/, I used to go on here a lot back in 2014-2016, and I met a couple people from that zeemaps post a long time ago and we'd really like to interact with some people from here, especially the OGs. Play some games, talk about cyber shit, do some dev projects if anyone's apt with that, etc.

I know Discord isn't a popular medium here but all my old Tox friends haven't been on in years.


Here it is, let's relive some old memories and do some fun cyber shit together.

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If people are being retarded it makes sense to degrade them for it. That's far more effective at changing behavior than politely requesting they stop using discord.



>If people are being retarded it makes sense to degrade them for it. That's far more effective at changing behavior than politely requesting they stop using discord.

Is it? Is that … working out for you?

It seems to me that from beginning to end, OP has admitted that discord is basically all he knows and can get people on. So, instead of telling him to kill himself, you could offer an alternative?

Also, screaming 'LARP' at everyone who does anything IRL just serves to suggest that you yourself never do anything, and feel superior for it.

It like being proud of your ignorance, but instead you're proud of your ignorance AND inaction.

At least these kids are trying, instead of running around the internet screaming 'I don't know anything, and I don't do anything!'.



Fuck you for endorsing a non free platform like Discord which uses fucking electron!

You cun't go learn to use IRC if you aren't to retarded to.



whats next, a facebook group?

File: 6abee00ad7335ac⋯.png (3.41 KB, 512x512, 1:1, proxy.duckduckgo.com.png)



Corporations are increasingly becoming governments. They are taking policy stances and customers are transacting or not based on perspective on company values. Some corporations are even openly defying governments (Cf. Uber ) , or heavily pressuring governments to take policy position. People talk about distinct subculutures existing at SV companies (Like apple / google ). Facebook is currently talking about building and owning a town. Meanwhile, Federal Government is in chaos, lacking leaders, or even people in touch with basic reality. CA and liberal states are resisting. The federal government is going to make itself irrelevant and facebook is going to be the new government.

Is this possible?

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>Certainly the technology to enslave and monitor exists more now than then.

I see now what you're saying, not so much that things are worse, or anything, just that the technological potential for something way worse exists?

In that case, I have to agree. When I first read 1984, I laughed at the idea that we'd all have TVs that could magically have CCTV systems going to some huge building where everyone was being watched.

Now, with smart TVs, tablets, phones and AI programs to do the watching, we're nearly there except that no one is legally forced to participate (yet).

What worries me isn't that we'll be forced to participate so much as it'll be like China, where you have a 'social credit' system and you just look bad if you don't.



I don't think you understood what you were saying.

What you mean is you were saying *hypothetically* that private towns owned by google, with people living voluntarily in them, might not be bad.

I didn't think you were speaking literally, however we've already seen what 'company towns', and even the towns in Florida owned by Disney look like, and they aren't good.



>What you mean is you were saying *hypothetically* that private towns owned by google, with people living voluntarily in them, might not be bad.

Corperate power grab probably looks alot like government from a political legitimacy perspective - Facebook will create a town with incentives to live there perhaps low rent? Then beginging adding amentities perhaps like a free code bootcamp / university that turns out talent suited to facebooks needs, teaches technologies in facebooks stack. Why this might not be bad is that the incentives might be worth while. Governments try to offer similiar incentives to buy political legitimacy through community colleges, social security etc. Why SV might be preferable is there institutional competance and function compared to the increasing disfunction of the federal government and its incompetance. Why this might be bad is obvious - Nation States have a rich instutional heritidge that defines the rights and protections of the individual in way that seems to be important, and corperations are ideological not subject to maximizing or optimizing for the abstract individual, but for the company



Facebook Building their own hardware now.

As stack for each corperation becomes more vertical or orthognalize an engineer for Apple becomes less useful for Facebook. Companies will compete for mindshare with open stacks to educate talent without paying for it ("I am an expert of Facebook Processer Assembly and Facebook OS Internals because its free only, and there is a ton of high quality free documentation, but my only job offer is facebook").

Will we get distinct cultures?



How is this different from learning Intel vs. ARM architecture, do you imagine?

File: 3cf3e6b9b3a3f0d⋯.png (961.23 KB, 1000x625, 8:5, 1520317189062-b.png)


Is it true that the american left is not against Facebook? As a European communist I can't understand why the fuck you only have a liberal left willing to take corporations' cocks, we just have them in a so little number that they matter nothing. What are your thoughts about the politics of censorship

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Stop. Ignore the US. Its a cesspit of endless polarization and strawmanning. Dont lay any thought to whatever bullshit happens there.



You try so hard to defend your weak ass arguments it's both funny and sad.

Have a good day.



a voluntary market cannot coerce and states are coercive by definition



>f-fucking try hard!




I don't think a voluntary market can exist witouth transforming itself in capitalism if someone has the means of production.

And I know that states are coercitive, but a federal organizations in wich killing people and such is illegal while leaving the most possible freedom to individuals is possible

File: 48b929d103743f3⋯.jpg (163.66 KB, 1920x1131, 640:377, c69915c3ecefff86ca8e0fd303.jpg)


Hey chummers, i'd like to share some thoughts on cyberpunk, and you might find it useful(probably not, though.

I think cyberpunk needs to be defined in at least some consensual form, so here's that.

I dont't think that cyberpunk is about aesthetic, as there are certain styles that already represent it, even though some syberpunk fiction might be extremely different from another, atleast visually, yet still remain cuberpunk.Therefore, cuberpunk must be some kind of view of life, world and this other stuff, which is usually called philosophy.So, what then forms cyberpunk views? Well, the word "cyberpunk" consists of words "cyber" and "punk"(who'd have thought).

I'll try to explain these 2 views that form cyberpunk, starting with "punk" part. Punks represent the movement of independence, nonconformism, and other stuff i may not fully understand, as the only punk things i've seen were some drunk guys sleeping after drinking alcohol, in a very extensive amount. I therefore would disagree with the punkish point of demonstrating nonconformism, challenging "society", and all this actions, as dependent on other people and as a consequence of the movement becoming subculture the same way, as, for example, the "programming" or "IT" sphere of interest created h@xx0rs. Instead, i'd define "punk" part as nonacceptance of authority, submission and forceful coercion, there is another reason destructive provocation is not very suitable, and i'll explain later.

So, now here is the "cyber" part. I think cyber-ish idea does not stop on some certain technological level, and is extensive to any technology and knowledge, and i then define cyber as using extensive knowledge of the world to your advantage, and, therefore, while being able to mill yourself a fullmetal butt plug on a lathe may not sound very cyberpunk, to the extent of our technological developement of today, it counts. Cyber also does not end on the tech only, as being able to cure yourself, blend in the crowd, survive in the woods, or get a better job still comes under the "knowledge of the world". So, after all this wall of text, what is cyberpunk? It is an idea of independence, self sufficience, unwillingness to conform, of strong self, and action towards your goals and principles. As it is, you can even be a head of a megacorporation(imagine a coder working for google), Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Are you retarded? Google 'drone drug deals'.


We ARE hearing about it all the time!



This guy is talking about the average drug dealer delivering coke by drone

Do you not understand there is more than 1 drug deal occuring? The skies are not littered with drones delivering anything. Therefore, if drugs are being exchange, its not by drone on average.



No, he said the average drug dealer has access to these things.

You are taking everything everyone says and adding your own bullshit.

Average drug dealers have access to drones. They do. That's a fact.

Average drug dealers have access to encryption. They do. That's a fact!

Some drug dealers are using those technologies. That is a FACT.

You are throwing your hands up and acting like an asshole becausee NO ONE YOU KNOW PERSONALLY is doing these things, while SEVERAL people make posts telling you that you are an asshole, these things DO HAPPEN.

Just shut the fuck up. No one else thinks these things, as reported in the news for half a decade, is nearly as crazy as you do.



>This guy is talking about the average drug dealer delivering coke by drone

No, he's not. You are the only person saying that!

>Do you not understand there is more than 1 drug deal occuring?


>The skies are not littered with drones delivering anything.





In the case of prisons, it's such a common problem they have to have guards specifically on the lookout for them!

>if drugs are being exchange, its not by drone on average.


As for the whole thing about making it sound impossible that a drug dealer would set up a PRIVATE CHAT, 5 fucking years AFTER Silkroad … JFC man … just stop.


File: 3116de0f48da278⋯.jpg (58.27 KB, 620x368, 155:92, Drone_Larper.jpg)

File: 7a9d80fcf1c054d⋯.png (238.24 KB, 731x383, 731:383, Busted.png)


Thes LARPs are on point!

Someone should tell the cops they're not really drug dealers, and just some kids playing pretend though …



File: 1430021152576.png (941.61 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, shitty desktop.png)


Post 'em, fuckos.

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File: 403ae8d0137ef2e⋯.png (843.3 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot from 2018-04-12….png)



>install a version of gentoo made for people too stupid to install gentoo and marketed to halfchan users


File: b047a96e84d68bd⋯.png (4.15 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, curr.png)

Win 10…



Congratulations on being a super duper computer genius. Maybe one day, if I watch a 20 minute tutorial video on how to install Gentoo, I'll also be as brilliant as you are.



>rabid sarcasm because his autism got called out

The entire point of clover was to be gentoo for the sake of nerdcred.

File: 892a6f07cf57a1c⋯.png (201.18 KB, 324x592, 81:148, 1517175311535.png)


general chat about future implications of what we currently have and what is right around the corner

high end dolls are selling for as high as 6k so the demand is there

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>denied hypergamy

Average person is still pairing up, monogamy is still the norm virtually every society on the planet.

>blaming the males who are victims of it.

You cannot be a victim of a womans choice not to date you. It makes zero sense. Apparently every female on the planet right now except one is vitcimizing me. Women don't collectively vote and assign themselves to men, you are not a victim of women. I am also currently a victim of every one on the planet choosing not to give me $5 . Its senseless entitlement.

>ladies tend to prefer men who belong to a richer group than theirs

As is natural. Men prefer younger more attractive women. Can you imagine an incel group of women over 50 bitching that rich men arn't marrying them, but giving all the 'action' to younger more attractive women.

>it gives little opportunity to poor guys.

This is actually not true. Poor guys are still pairing up with women and having children. They arn't getting married, but this isn't the same thing as celbacy and unable to find a partner.

>As it is a tendency, enhanced by ladies at work getting richer, it is getting worse for men.

Only if your actually retarded. People need companionship and sex. If you are so horrible a partner, so abusive, toxic, controlling, unhygenic, whatever it is, that a woman would rather live alone with absolutely no one, then I am happy her job enables that kind of independance. I hope similiarly that am never forced to marry some woman just for the purpose of paying rent, and stuck dealing with some abusive controlling woman.

>So when you bring seduction skills, personality traits and social relations on the table, I just wanted to remind you not all guys can get that. Probably less and less guys can get what it takes to seduce a woman.

This is short sided. You do not seduce a woman into being your companion, loPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



How do you expect all those fucking trogs slogging through Walmart holding hands, taking up the whole goddamned isle, talking about installing a 50" TV in their bedroom of their momma's trailer then? Because I see those fucking people ALL THE TIME.

What percentage of the US population makes 100K/year vs. the population that has kids?

I'll give you a hint: your inability to get laid isn't because you're ugly or poor. Ugly, poor, guys are out fucking ugly, poor, or just stupid women all the fucking time.



I think you should inform yourself about what hypergamy is.



The absence of argument. Literally, "Google arguments for my side and get back to me".



I don't think the demand from the private market is gonna grow that much tbh, sexbots seem more of a hassle than anything.

Now, as for brothels, unless moralfags ruin everything as usual if people get into it besides the novelty aspect it could definitely become a thriving sector. For instance if there's enough demand I can picture some sexshops and brothels using them to get around prostitution laws in shitty countries, well at least until the state implement a designated cum cleaning licence and all that shit.

tbf if someone succeeds in changing the weird image sexdolls still have, in the long run regular hotels offering it as a service doesn't seem too big of a stretch.

File: f49ecd952582ad4⋯.png (5.88 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, esperanto-flag.png)


Thoughts on Esperanto? Any speakers? Where do you shazbots hang out?

I always associated it as being /cyber/ given the international nature while being particularly well-facilitated by the modern age.

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If i get to be Cyber gate keeper then I say no. It was in the 80s , when japan was the future, and high tech.

English - Virtually everything official is translated into english. All science, technology and business you are intended to read is in english.

Chinese - The future. Currently Enthusiast forums that have knowledge not available in English for technology. We should be learning it.

Russian - Significant amount of physic and information technology knowledge available, but more importantly institutions for cybercrime.



By those criteria you could also include spanish, arabic, french, german and tons of other languages.



Why? Spanish is more spoken than english, but the vast majority majority of literature including the scientific literature is avialable in english. Many students in countries where english is not spoken recieve lectures in english, read textbooks in english and publish in english. The widely spoken nature of spanish, arabic isn't at play, its the frequency of scientific and technological literature published and translated into.

French is historically the language of mathematics, german the language of physics, but I am still banking on a chinese future and an english present.




>speaking outdated hippie language

>not overclocking your brain by speaking Ithkuil

Don't be a shazbot OP



Moreover, in line with this, John Quijada (Ithkuil's creator) has stated he does not believe a speaker would think necessarily any faster, because even though Ithkuil is terse, a single word requires a lot more thought before it can be spoken than it would in a natural language.[38]

File: 1460427779763.jpg (11.47 KB, 236x236, 1:1, monocle_girl.jpg)


Where are all the people wearing custom wearable hardware and carrying around awesome custom laptops?

With the Pi Zero out, you could build a wearable computer for your cuff, complete, for about $25.

With cheap Chinese monocle displays, you can build a wearable, better than google glass, for under $100

Why are so few doing it?

219 posts and 43 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I been looking around for alternatives and I thought about using one of these keychain projectors

This one has a QVGA res, not high at all but twice than all those OLED arduino screens.

Its only 5 lumens but that might actually be too much for something that close to my eyes so I could hack it to be dimmer and also increase battery life which is just 1 hour

So what do you guys think?



I'm curious about how this will work out. 'Google Glass' type displays don't have any particularly bright back light, because they're so close to the eye.

When I've made 'pass through' displays, I've just used regular LCD panels, and micro-display panels.

They're a real bitch to get lined up for comfortable viewing, but they seem to work just fine.

I've never seen anyone try to repurpose a projector like this.

Keep us updated.


File: d98c47c8ceea986⋯.jpg (37.46 KB, 944x531, 16:9, doctor-who-time-heist-10.jpg)


Are you trying to have it beamed into your eye, or like Dr. Who's Time Heist Character?



>'Google Glass' type displays don't have any particularly bright back light, because they're so close to the eye.

Don't gglass have one of those small displays from regular video glasses (even VGA) with a beam splitter glued to it?

>They're a real bitch to get lined up for comfortable viewing, but they seem to work just fine.

I was going to use the 'pass through' type like the one that guy Alain is building, or this >>49841 , and besides these tiny projectors have focus rings

>I've never seen anyone try to repurpose a projector like this.

Neither do I but couldn't find any discussion about it either

BTW any HUD forums out there?


Nah just pass through, tho this projector once disassembled should take less space and have better res than an OLED display



>Don't gglass have one of those small displays from regular video glasses (even VGA) with a beam splitter glued to it?

Basically, yes. It's just a standard micro-display with a prism.

> I was going to use the 'pass through' type like the one that guy Alain is building, or this >>49841 , and besides these tiny projectors have focus rings

That guy looks like he's using a $10 regular display.

> BTW any HUD forums out there?

Not that I know of. Wearable computing is the ultimate niche hobby. It's like 10 guys.

> should take less space and have better res than an OLED display

QVGA is 320x240, so very low res. It'll be fine for Nintendo emulation and media center stuff, but that's probably about it.

File: e1f1f5c5dfbd2a8⋯.png (5.15 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, boardlarge.png)


X86 Considered Harmful. What does a chummer use. What do you think ?


*Supports up to 2TB total main system memory

*Two 4-core IBM POWER9 CPUs (recommended)

*8 hot-swap SAS/SATA drive bays (functionality requires SAS controller)

*Heavy-duty chassis with redundant 1400W power supplies

>Designed with a fully owner-controlled CPU domain, you can audit and modify any portion of the open source firmware on the Talos™ II mainboard, all the way down to the CPU microcode. This is an unprecedented level of access for any modern workstation- or enterprise-class machine

>An owner-controlled, CPU-based secure boot mode also is available at any time. When secure boot is properly configured, and if the mainboard is located in a physically secure environment (e.g., a datacenter or locked workstation case), you can be assured that only your pre-approved and pre-audited firmware, kernel, and user space components are executing on a Talos™ II system.


Kills a rasberry pi tho. Any input?

legacy SPARC hardware? Power? ARM?

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File: b731a9c3cfb76cf⋯.jpg (32.19 KB, 749x480, 749:480, eoma-all-2-1_jpg_project-b….jpg)



>Compliant with the EOMA68 Specification

>A20 Dual-Core ARM Cortex A7, 1.2 GHz



>Micro-HDMI Interface (for 2nd monitor)

>Micro-USB-OTG (bi-directional power)

>Micro-SD Card Slot

>Pre-installed with Parabola GNU/Linux-libre Operating System

>Respects Your Freedom (RYF) Certification from the Free Software Foundation (currently in progress with no known blockers - a full refund will be available if certification is for some reason not granted)



More Benchmarkets out today. This is truly disappointing




>dock a computer in an insulating box



Not really, those processors cost more than the whole TALOS II motherboard bundle.

File: 646e2b4b6986963⋯.jpg (11.94 KB, 550x275, 2:1, nick-landweb_1_.jpg)


You've all read the most cyberpunk philosopher, right?

“Nothing human makes it out of the near-future.”

"To describe this circuit, as it consumes the human species, is to define our bionic horizon: the threshold of conclusive nature-culture fusion at which a population becomes indistinguishable from its technology."

“Machinic desire can seem a little inhuman, as it rips up political cultures, deletes traditions, dissolves subjectivities, and hacks through security apparatuses, tracking a soulless tropism to zero control. This is because what appears to humanity as the history of capitalism is an invasion from the future by an artificial intelligent space that must assemble itself entirely from its enemy's resources.”

"As blockchains, drone logistics, nanotechnology, quantum computing, computational genomics, and virtual reality flood in, drenched in ever-higher densities of artificial intelligence, accelerationism won’t be going anywhere, unless ever deeper into itself. To be rushed by the phenomenon, to the point of terminal institutional paralysis, is the phenomenon. Naturally – which is to say completely inevitably – the human species will define this ultimate terrestrial event as a problem. To see it is already to say: We have to do something. To which accelerationism can only respond: You’re finally saying that now? Perhaps we ought to get started? In its colder variants, which are those that win out, it tends to laugh."

“Level-1 or world space is an anthropomorphically scaled, predominantly vision-configured, massively multi-slotted reality system that is obsolescing very rapidly.

Garbage time is running out.

Can what is playing you make it to level-2?”

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File: eb585acd8eb9c9b⋯.pdf (1.29 MB, Land_Nick_-_a_nick_land_re….pdf)




I'm surprised by how well this was put together.


File: 5b2470da6eacb38⋯.gif (2.14 MB, 250x104, 125:52, 1436118370686.gif)

Anyone have a download link to Phyl-Undhu?




Not really that many big words TBH, dunno I seen pseudo-intellectuals use way more obscure ones to cover their asses

As for his statements it is a lot like what authors like peter watts say: in a nutshell a baseline human can't compete with an advanced AI when it comes to most jobs out there.

Autonomous vehicles alone will take a huuuuuge number of humans out of the system and those are right around the corner, only legal shit is keeping them out of the market.

That watson AI from IBM is an example of things to come: AI that might not replace a top-class engineers but can easily beat a ton of office workers for a fraction of the price and do a better job than all of them combined at only a fraction of the price.

All this is already real, not sci-fi stuff like Hal9000 (which is way more advanced than existing AI btw)


the NRx shift is pretty lame, I'm on the whole U/ACC train in rejecting his reactionary shit and embracing (while developing on) his older stuff.

File: 19d43a4eb8d9bba⋯.png (986.84 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20171120-215229.png)


Tall. White. Above average attractiveness. Early 20s. Dropped out of college. Small apartmemt in the city. Hard wood floors. Google fiber. Well paying job in advertising. Deep insecurities. Trouble connecting with people. Disillusioned with capitalism. Looking for a greater purpose in life. Lonely.

I feel like a cliche. I'm sure that a lot of you on here don't feel like you fit in with society either. Everything you've tried doesn't work but you have enough to be grateful for that you don't know how to appreciate. I don't know how to make it better either. I've seen therapists and none of them have helped. Tried online dating. Meet ups. Nothing

Sorry in advance for the blog post, but at least I'm trying to post something genuine.

21 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: cc51a6dd72eb1f9⋯.png (617.58 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>Leave your fucking fort of sorrow for a minute, go down, just to see people with real problems.

Maybe he should try visiting some support groups



>I would trade 20 years off of my lifespan to be white.

Clayton bigsby that you? Why though? How many whites want to be black? Being white comes with its own series of sterotypes: Can't jump, can't dance, can't fight, week, feminine, nerdy, no soul, evil etc. I hear it works with women though - not that i'd know.



He was supposed to become the support group.



Who really cares about stereotypes? As a street shitter I have lots of stereotypes, like that I smell bad and eat curry. I don't. (I really try to distance myself from all those things) but the point is the stereotypes don't matter. what matters is the truth, that I am unironically genetically inferior in being short, weak, and ugly. I have to work harder to make up for that. If I didn't I'd have it easier. And maybe manage to get a gf. I'm autistic so probably not. I know it sounds fucked up but whatever.



> simply that nobody wants to hire someone who has a major gap in his resume because I couldnt even go outside for a while

Learn to lie. Very, very rarely HR departments even bother to verify/ask for references.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So tell me chummers, have any of you ever hacked into a system IRL?

I done some dumb stuff, mostly pranks like making people think I deleted their data or changing passwords on wifi networks, mostly to send the message that they need to stop halfassing their security and learn the basics, but no actual harm done

Right now I want to do something bigger: I'm suspecting someone at my college staff is changing grades of students. I don't know if he does it for brouzouf from idiots who need to pass but can't be arsed to study, or if he does it out of spite, who knows

But its beyond my current abilities

Anyway how about you?

7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



>have any of you ever hacked into a system IRL?




thanks fbi


Need to get my wife's daughter FB account password, offering bitcoins, can you teach me fellow l33t h@x0r2?



Red box or brown box?


I once peeled a banana from the bottom end

File: 1444145834761.png (148.82 KB, 1220x600, 61:30, amber-1.png)


I was pretty bored with current theme and made amber theme for /cyber/:


To install it, go to options, paste this script from above in custom theme field. Then change base theme to Yotsuba B and press Save

Would appreciate feedback and/or help.

Also, I've found background texture for default theme - http://8ch.net/cyber/src/1420270805988.png

Can board owner finally fix it?

146 posts and 55 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 7b76963a6a73ff1⋯.jpg (59.62 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1d133405-7336-425b-92ec-81….jpg)

File: 21cb70242613697⋯.jpg (182.53 KB, 500x375, 4:3, postered.jpg)

File: 7f0b9e99ae264d6⋯.png (640.7 KB, 1975x1450, 79:58, rect4151.png)


I just tested this in gimp and it spit out complete garbage, possibly because my source image was the interior of a building with smudges on the walls, and it was detecting all the smudges…. but I thought of a pretty interesting alternative method.

Requires a second program though. anything for vector graphics. I use Inkscape.

First use gimp to posterize the image. use as few colors as possible. Enough that all the buildings and details on them are clear and distinct, but all the surfaces are monochrome. paint over details if necessary. Export that.

Then vectorize, remove the fill color but keep the lines, and maybe make them more bold.

Here's my starting image, my posterized image, and my end result.


File: ade5a6813d4a343⋯.png (3.92 MB, 2068x1185, 2068:1185, rect4738.png)


Continuation of this post.

This method does not play nice with extremely detailed high-res images. I tested it with one of the skylines in >>45174 and… well…. doing the basic trace method that was pretty fast, it worked, and some fiddling (which took longer to load than to tell it what to do), It worked, but it uh…. it went all wiggly…. but using edge detect…. 10 minutes in and it crashed before it finished…. so…. if you want to do this really well, you have to know what you're doing and can't auto-pilot unless it's a small image to begin with.

However here's my having been vectorized version of that. (image is not a vector, obviously…. does 8ch support svg?)




bumping awesome css thread


I feel like I should add that the Retro Soviet board CSS on /netcom/ is a slightly modified version of amber. Check it out.

File: 1418931635165.jpg (274.35 KB, 1024x577, 1024:577, 13971465436_d2c479f2c5_b.jpg)


Cyberpunk Guns Thread. Conceptual or irl, if it looks good post it.
430 posts and 667 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 3de76343dcb0849⋯.jpg (59.29 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 56455756899.jpg)


none of these are zip guns, anon

pic related



I thought that was a lightsaber hilt at first glance.



>combat proven



File: 06e3f1cdad6740f⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 2817x801, 313:89, Обрез_7.62-мм_винтовки_обр….jpg)

"i used to be a cop"



The fourth picture is very clearly a zip gun. The two AK mods could be manufactured at home pretty easily as well, making them potential zipguns.

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