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“The mind commands the body and it obeys. The mind orders itself and meets resistance.”

File: 1460389700519.png (296.01 KB, 946x631, 946:631, download.png)


This board is mostly bickering about what or isn't cyber and what to post or what not to post

Shut the fuck up lets talk about some cyber feels.

>sitting on a rooftop above a crowded city late at night watching millions of lives unfold in miniature beneath you

>exchanging less-than-legal information with anonymous citizens on a darknet forum

>hacking a personal account/network and getting a distant view of a stranger

>navigating a crowd of hundreds of people, and yet feeling alone in their midsts


File: 1460391359501.jpg (64.43 KB, 704x445, 704:445, 1458604611936.jpg)

>sipping from my hip flask while fixing up servers at night

I was doing this some time ago and it occurred to me it's a bit cyberpunk. It brings some glamour to the necessities of my work.


>Using a stargazing app to see the stars I can't see with my eye due to light pollution.

The amount of light in my city at night is crazy.


> lurking on police scanners with calm music in my dorm, sondering over the people outside while sitting in near darkness

I need to get out more.


I still remember that time my friends managed to pull me to a rave.

It was awful, but it was the most cyberpunk experience I have had, with all those people dancing alone, the lasers, the loud music and all the girls with half-shaved haircuts.



>Not getting to tweak out on digital drugs I pirated online and uploaded into my neural computer



>living from paycheck to paycheck in a shitty job, contemplating carding just because everything else is a lottery ticket

>jacking into your own personal account on a public-access Unix system

>surfing in a VR browser even though you're too poor to own a VR headset


>friday night alone at my desk with a handful of terminals open and a pile of amphetamine powder waiting to be lined up next to my laptop



>>>surfing in a VR browser even though you're too poor to own a VR headset

Just experienced this tonight. It was pretty cyber.



What's a VR browser?





File: 1460654816387.jpeg (83.3 KB, 600x590, 60:59, cover.jpeg)


>tfw you find a perfect abandoned building by the beach with cyber aesthetics and a great view of the skyline at night to take drugs and listen to schway atmospheric music

>tfw urbexing abandoned sites while listening to neuromancer dramatization

>going to concerts in dark cyber-looking venues then roaming the streets alone at night

>tfw cracking wi-fis with my phone in industrial complexes

>having drinks in random pubs and jazz clubs

Pic realted is a must listen


Google sky maps is amazing


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>listening to the BBC Radio Play version of Neuromancer and getting chills at how tangible it feels



typical shoehorning pureple prose hedonist



Thanks for the album rec, love it


File: 1461131073507.jpg (812.77 KB, 1600x1032, 200:129, 1600x1200.jpg)


sitting on a rooftop above a crowded city late at night watching millions of lives unfold in miniature beneath you

Oh god, this one resonates so hard with me.

I don't actually live in a city, but when I'm in one, I always try to find a high point to see the neon and LED lights flickering, lonely in the night, thinking of all the people just living the night life, trying to get by.

Fucking hell this gives me the feels.

>tfw super slow board so probably won't get a reply for a week.



OP here. I live in suburban Phoenix, but I get around a lot. Whenever I'm downtown or in another city I do this. There's something beautiful about feeling so small. Almost gives you hope, for us humans.


File: 1461213171041.jpg (800.73 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 1399258643113.jpg)



I don't know why, but cities at night just give me an incredibly strong feeling of nostalgia, which is strange because I've never lived in a big city and have only visited some cities a handful of times.

It's truly a strange feeling.


File: 1461289015188.gif (803.72 KB, 500x715, 100:143, 1451734520772.gif)


Would cyber related feels include being bummed you might not live to see the age of augmentations?




Also fuck you for reminding me


File: 1462151744673.jpg (590.55 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1319229036782.jpg)

>order drugs from dark cyberspace via interface

>receive mail

>take drugs

>use cyberspace interface to consume every piece of culture ever conceived by mankind

>eat noodles

>drink mango juice




Well realistically it just seems unlikely.



A man can dream



Isn't that hard to make up words either, but honestly there should be an actual dictionary word for that.

Every time I go to a city I get that. It's not even like I live in the middle of nowhere. I live in a suburb just an hour drive from the city and its just insane every time. Probably the most striking thing is that for all the great riches and wonders in cities, there's equal poverty and suffering.


>complaining on a taiwanese claymation forum about the complaints about what is or is not according to a trend

Truly them feels



>for all the great riches and wonders in cities, there's equal poverty and suffering.

The prosperity promised by the dot-com boom has already arrived, but it's just not equally distributed.


>Cigarette runs out of battery


>it's no morning mist, it's nasty smelling smog

>cistern with undisclosed chemicals was set on fire near by

>had to learn about it by word, actual news report was buried under a ton of non-newsworthy someone-said-something shit and it was only a brief mention with "it's not toxic, we promise" snippet from "experts"

Coincidentaly, I was actually planning on buying a respirator, but only because I thought it would be neat to wear one when I undust my PC, since I have to do it in my bathroom.


Speaking of porta-nebulizers, there's a lot of women smoking e-cigs lately in my area. Some of them young mothers.

They even manage to pull it off without looking like smug tech-hipsters.



m80, you can get a pack of cheap respirators off a dollar tree.


File: 1467196327451.jpg (165.02 KB, 620x387, 620:387, china-pollution_3526951b.jpg)


It can get really polluted where I live than the capital city on some days. I was also planning on getting a porta-respirator. Know any good ones like pic related?



Dollar trees don't bloom in my climate.


Nah, I'll just grab whatever cheap shit they sell in the nearest shop.



Poundland, Dies peso mundo, Y'know.



>tfw a fellow /cyber/ user lives near you



does anyone know the name of what that woman is using on her face?



That would be a mask.


File: 1467454864541.jpg (41.41 KB, 650x378, 325:189, gasmaskbanner.jpg)



Specifically a Mini Lung-Pro.

totobobo or air+ masks are also very good quality, Freka if you want expensive designer masks, 3M-9041 if you are poor and want minimum protection. Either way, it's kind of essential in this part of the world.



thanks, mate



User, you're a gutsy man, and a big help.



Nah, I'm just a smartass.


>eating runny half-boiled eggs because the thermometer on my 5 dollar electric hotpan is busted

>trying to establish a four way handshake between my neighbors wpa and a 1995 DELL laptop equipped with an external card-bus antenna

>having to use a 1995 DELL laptop because I accidentally spilled beer on my newer one in drunken stupor



that image looks schway as fuck.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





I've felt that feeling, but never really felt the need to actually go out and do it. My dreams are filled with that sort of thing, though. That and wandering the streets and buildings where things don't connect quite right. At least that's what I remember.

Speaking of dreams, I pirated an alright little Link's Awakening type game that had a similar sentiment and a nice tune related to this. It's a shame the devs seem to be huge faggots and don't even like their own game anymore (although I think I get their sentiment in some ways).

>"I know cities can be dirty and crowded and everything, but I like to come out here and look out over all the lights. It's beautiful in its own way. It's not nearly as infinite as the stars, but there is something about its humanness that adds a layer of wonderful complexity. Behind every light is a person with hopes and fears and secrets… looking out is both terrifyingly lonely and fierceley personal. I think I love every person behind every window. I love you, people, for being my stars. I love you no matter how fucked up your life is or how far you think you've fallen. You are lovely for tonight…"



That's a 3M 3200 Half Face Respirator.


It really is a sick feeling. With some synthwave or breakbeat enhances the feeling you get walking through a neon night city.


File: 1467752069697.jpg (180.74 KB, 750x900, 5:6, FullSizeRender.jpg)


>walking on an abandoned railroad line in Paris at night with nothing in mind except the taste of the schway nicotine

>then sitting on one of the forbidden bridge who cross "La Seine", with your legs dangling above the water who reflects the buildings lights

Pic related, two months ago



Paris must be real nice to stroll through during the night. Your pic could is cool but could be a black metal album cover.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The only thing that sounds schway as fuck to do in Paris is cataphilia (exploring the 300 km long underground mines)


>Sat under 30 foot TV screen using the free wifi from the building it is attached to

>Neon colors from the TV reflect off the window of an opposite glass sky scraper

>Browsing /cyber/ on iphone

>2am need to home and make some dinner

>Put on some bigbeat and breakcore for the walk home

>Actually feels kinda good.



I go the the forbidden catacombs of Paris every month. And yes, it's fucking cool and huge.


You ever found anything that recent people have left behind or any cool stories?




There's a lot of things actually. The main network is about 230km long. So there's a lot of rooms with cool stories behind it. Memorials, ossuary, tags…

People leave "tracts", with rumors, party, guides etc It's an entire culture


File: 1469340330605.jpg (183.3 KB, 651x757, 651:757, 146902929350.jpg)

>looking over assembly code downloaded from some shady site, trying to make it work

>not an easy task when you don't know assembly

>realizing that brightness outside is not early evening but late morning, my biological clock is completely fucked

Turns out it was just an unfinished (and probably abandoned) hello world and there's nothing to work in the first place, a whole night of time wasted.

Why author decided to give his barely started project it's own domain is beyond me. Either it's cheaper than I think or some people just have brouzouf to waste.

I thought about writing a mail to author and asking what's this thing about, but eh.

http://lv0.org - in case you want to look at it too.


File: 1469352905809.webm (2.58 MB, 640x288, 20:9, Mixclip_帰国.webm)


I've lived in Tokyo for a while and it was every bit as /cyber/ as expected


File: 1469359105860.gif (612.74 KB, 500x374, 250:187, tumblr_nb8zykBVPC1qze3hdo1….gif)


>Sit in a Matsuya at 3AM in the morning, the only other customer being an old man with his head on the counter. It's raining outside and you are waiting until the trains are running again.









A while ago, a puclic french TV channel aired 10 hours of a man walking backward in Tokyo in reverse, accompanied by live music the whole way through, during the night. Feel like it fits here.



Got the song for that?



Sounds like Machine Girl to me



crashing in a booth in a Shibuya manga-cafe over night and order microwaved pizza and calpis. Try to block the sound of ojiisan snoring in the next booth with a coat over your head. Kicked out at 5am for train across the city. Bodies and trash line the streets around 109 to scramble as you make your way to the station.





I made a whole thread a while ago exploring ideas for a DIY cheap VR headset using a smartphone or cheap tablet. Basically if you already have a phone and cardboardVR you could plug it to your PC and use it as such

Nobody cared, so here we are


Listening to Blade Runner Blues as I browse the board….



Have you checked out TrinusVR? It streams your desktop in VR to your phone. It works pretty well, but it's only viable for video or image. Phone VR doesn't have high enough resolution for good text display yet (maybe on 4k phones).

The other problem with phone solutions is the manual placement of the phone in the case. This leads to easy misplacement of the VR screens. I haven't tried solutions like the GearVR yet, but for the cheap solutions (which is most likely the kind people on here would have) this is a pretty big problem.



Machine girl - out by 16, dead on the scene



Also filename is source


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I haven't tried 2k phones yet but plenty of people were using the dk2 with virtual desktop and that one is 1080p, same as most phones these days

As for text that can be improved with other tools, besides the point of VR is that you can have interfaces that aren't possible with regular monitors, see vid for examples


File: 1470715152515.mp4 (4.52 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 1470577713121.mp4)

>tfw I first realised that I live in a cyberpunk world, just not as cool or fun.



>the point of VR is that you can have interfaces that aren't possible with regular monitors

The problem is we got so good at using regular monitors for our UI needs, early development interfaced of VR just don't offer the marginal revolution to make a switch.

Shit in the movies might look cool, but try standing and moving your head and arms around, you'll get tired and go back to sitting and typing really fast.

I thought we learned this lesson with Nintendo Wii, Kinect etc.

I tried to imagine functional VR general purpose interface once, but only ended up with virtual keyboard and virtual monitors.


look can you just go back to /tech/ and post CP there?

not that i like it but it's better than your nonsense bumps of nonsense threads here.



Which is why for business AR will dominate. Especially for engineering, it's already shifting that way. VR will stay mostly in entertainment.


A friend of mine is currently working on an AR-powered dating app. What a time to be alive.



it totally is as cool or fun, but your portion of the world isn't.


>VR monitors require standing

where do you tools come from?



I was talking about hollywood shit.

Watch first 30 sec of >>42944 video, they almost all standing and wave their hands around.

I didn't watch the whole video properly last time, looks like author agrees with me that it is bullshit.

Also look at Vive, they went standing up and waving arms around route too.



Work at megacorp

12 hours a day + morning workouts

working on developping next generations of technology

using company time to learn useful skills and improve myself, making myself an invaluable asset

study machine learning and pen-testing on weekends for fun

need to get back to martial arts though…


I live in a small closet, not even a room. No windows, just a door. Nothing but CRT monitors, old game systems, and a yellowed mattress ontop of a network of duct-tape and wires. All of my old 80s technology is intricately connected and barely working. Some T60 laptops are plugged into the monitor and keyboard setups to watch anime without a DVD player. All I have is a black JVC with a stack of VHS next to it and 6 terabytes of piracy. Some cigars by a multi-input phonograph (Plays just about anything) and a bottle of cheap vodka. Wood grain furniture with mounting squares so everything has sockets and surge protectors. Minifridge is full of nothing but soda cans and a plastic bottle of apple juice, ontop of it is gas-station tier snacks. My dresser is full of computer parts and there's 3 monitors with more underneath them. They nearly touch the ceiling, they've been stacked up. Buckets of spare parts, tracfones, everything's in cash. I'm either a disgusting technoNEET or schway as fuck.


File: fd8e9338c74d428⋯.jpg (56.23 KB, 624x676, 12:13, chineseWoman.jpg)


>I live in a small closet, not even a room. No windows, just a door. Nothing but CRT monitors, old game systems, and a yellowed mattress ontop of a network of duct-tape and wires. All of my old 80s technology is intricately connected and barely working.

I demand photographic evidence.


File: 80e36b7dcb23fd3⋯.jpg (308.51 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 0916061435.jpg)

File: 480e79039519b45⋯.jpg (388.05 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 0916061434b.jpg)

File: 71b207000b5f95c⋯.jpg (2.96 MB, 2988x5312, 9:16, thousands.jpg)

File: 68a489568381070⋯.jpg (336.91 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 0916061434.jpg)

File: f406f23cd535468⋯.jpg (343.95 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 0624060001.jpg)


Oh how the mighty me has fallen. My place is a fucking mess but here's the delivery.


File: 4ecf20ab3d4edd2⋯.jpg (103.81 KB, 1680x720, 7:3, matrix.jpg)


TBH, it just looks like you hoard. What would be schway though, is if you could link up all those monitors into one computer as one display.



Yeah, I probably am just a hoarder, but it gives me a sense of comfort.

If I were to link them all up, it'd require a lot more input devices and defeat the purpose of having other towers. I'd rather each monitor have a different, specific use and link them to dataswitchers. I have a few that I haven't tested because I need to upgrade a few of the pieces to get them to play nice with my fat 6tb stack. Soon, I suppose, I'll have them all linked to the one at my desk. For now they're only linked to eachother. It's all they can read.


File: 4e2cdab614e2af2⋯.jpg (5.94 MB, 4642x3095, 4642:3095, 000343ds.jpg)


not releated, but found a better res of OP's pic



Holy fuck pls tell me you're Ian.



Ey you posted these in my thread about what to do with cyber scrap we collect. Man that was like a year ago.


File: beea67ea32f0427⋯.png (210.43 KB, 871x900, 871:900, 1434229519851.png)

I have an iridium phone serviced under general dynamics satellite communications plan. For when I'm in foreign lands auditing embedded automotive/aeronautical control systems code.


File: 43e81f033eaba23⋯.png (242.43 KB, 716x420, 179:105, avalon_welcometoclassreal_….png)


Raves are fun to watch but pretty shit to be in the middle of. They always smell so fucking bad and typically the room's ventilation is not sufficient to counteract the body heat and stale sweat smell.



These days you can't even trust your computer's OS not to have built-in spyware. There are server farms you will never see that know everywhere you've been in the past 5 years because your phone reports everything about you back to the company you bought it from. Why the fuck would you want to replace parts of your body with computerized augmentations?



>Why the fuck would you want to replace parts of your body with computerized augmentations?

Because I don't have to worry about that kind of thing if I build them myself.



…/liberty/ Christian poster, is that you?


I just accidentally infiltrated my sister's workplace to ask if she wanted some pizza for dinner.

I held the door for the garbage guy, walked in, said "yo sis want some pizza" and her manager said "yeah, um, you're not supposed to be here".

Not my fault, the open sign was lit and the garbage guy was a dumb shaz.



Next time wear a nice suit. You'd be amazed how many places you can get in if you just dress well.



It's not the suit, but the appropriateness of the clothers you're wearing.


File: 740dae79e4f0292⋯.jpg (91.74 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 1431972747267.jpg)


>tfw I first realised that I live in a cyberpunk world, just not as cool or fun

Hate to break it to you, but there's nothing wrong with the world - you're the one who isn't cool or fun. All that stuff you fantasise about, is currently being done by people who lack your social inhibitions.


Disk type:    Phase change
Manuf. index: 69
Manufacturer: Moser Baer India Limited
Manufacturer is guessed because of the orange forum embargo.
The orange forum likes to get brouzouf for recent information.
The information for this media may not be correct.

>software I use complains about greedy corps

>actually name drops it, and it's actually a Japanese greedy corp to boot

Their site http://www.orangeforum.or.jp/ is down, so I guess it's just a piece of historical curiosity than anything else, but wew, I felt a tingle there for a second.

Optical disk ripping and burning is a rare case where free software and piracy/cracking communities intersect, not that I think about it.



Go to a big city and walk around the tech area. It's happening.


File: 2fd055c3280ab60⋯.jpg (139.91 KB, 550x366, 275:183, wrangel-island-russia-poll….jpg)

"Here's a gadget that simulates fan noises, it costs 50$"

"What's the point? You can get an air purifier for the same $$ and get purified air as an extra."

>Men on the streets are unironically willing to spend brouzouf on simulacra of an industrial equipment just to flood their brains in noise.

>Men on the streets consider purified air to be a compelling selling point and a worthwhile investement.



Is this Nick Fedorov?


File: 9fdb6d16701df76⋯.jpg (481.68 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, IMG_20180105_151838.jpg)

File: 7790c6364f2bfd4⋯.jpg (521.07 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, IMG_20180105_151849.jpg)

File: 2950b0204f0288e⋯.jpg (502.31 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, IMG_20180105_151853.jpg)

File: 84ea288d33f2b99⋯.jpg (571.13 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, IMG_20180105_151902.jpg)

File: e31b667e1793c11⋯.jpg (492.01 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, IMG_20180105_151933.jpg)




Wow, long time since I posted in this thread.

I actually bought a house since I had those and now I have windows, as well as some new schway projects to work on.

I'm trying to link all the old game systems left behind to a single switcher ontop of my DVR so that should be fun. I'm already halfway through that project, just organizing.

After that, with birthday brouzouf I'm shoving this 8tb drive I got into a media PC and putting THAT ontop of the DVR.

Once that's done I was considering building a cyberdeck using an HTC vive when I got more brouzouf in but I want to see how secure the HTC vive is and how good the external cameras are. It'd be real cool if I could get a computer glove to work with a jacketed raspberry pi and the only peripherals being the vive. Imagine walking around the city streets using nothing but the vive cameras, finding a nice spot in public and jacking the fuck in with some earphones. Reality headsets, once they get cheaper or go on sale, might be the answers to my prayers for netgoggles which I've wanted since I played cyber2020.


Nick Fedorov, not me, but reminds me of a tape I had when I was like 8. My grandma got it because she thought it was for children. It's called "Elroy's Toy." Still have it. If I can find a tape to digital converter I might upload a few copies of weird shit I got from defunct libraries.

As for cyber feels, I'll throw some in too.

>Be alone in house

>only relationships are online

>industrial park trains and semi trucks fill the ambiance outside

>nobody to share my collection of 60s films with

>barely getting by rigging random crap together to pass the time and make passing time more efficient


File: 71b207000b5f95c⋯.jpg (2.96 MB, 2988x5312, 9:16, thousands - Copy.jpg)

File: 206c065c47822f8⋯.jpg (625.86 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, IMG_20180105_152019.jpg)

File: 14e8bf518c3afc7⋯.jpg (737.64 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, IMG_20180105_152024.jpg)


And the pic that apparently got deleted, my old collection. It's gone now, all digital. Sad but it had to be done. Fitting it on the aforementioned media PC




I'm glad you used that word.



I fucking love you anon.

I do all of this too, and while alone. I wouldn't mind having fellow cyberpeeps along with me but some nights doing these things alone I feel helps me find myself…



This was…a bit of an eye-opener. Thanks anon.


>tfw browse janus VR without a vr headset because poorfag

>tfw laptop is an aging peice of shit that's been beaten to hell and back

>tfw drinking cheap beer and listening to a playlist designed to evoke the feeling of bombed out cities and twisted steel superstructures while my girlfriend sleeps in the next room of our 9th floor apartment

>tfw come on here and shitpost occasionally looking out of the balcony door where I can see the permaglow of downtown through the winter mists



>Nearly two years later, lurking on imageboards with calm music in my home, grinning over a shared appreciation

Finger guns, my dude.



Good god, this gave me the shivers. Got something to share as well.

>sit on roof of an abandoned freight train station

>got me a sixpack of beer

>listen to amateur radio

>watch as the sun sets and the city starts glowing with light



It's pretty comfy dude.

I used to occasionally climb one of the 19th century shop/apartment buildings when I lived downtown, picking my way between footholds in the crumbling brick, rusting access ladders, and tin roofs, then get high and/or drunk on top of there and have an adventure making my way back down after sunrise. Was great seeing some of the alleyways and odd graffiti and victorian detailing that I wouldn't normally see otherwise.



Been a few months, but you fucks are still here anyway.

I live in a 365000 people "city". Nothing fucking happens. Night time comes, the city is DEAD.

Fucking govs have the guts to call it a metropolitan area as well. I'm reminded how it isn't whenever I go out for a midnight ciggy.

>vacation in Berlin

>cheap hostel with automatic check-in using keypads

>can't sleep because late at night

>go out at 2300, city buzzing with life

>just walk out the door and follow whatever road I please

>random bar, get shitfaced

I HATE living here. But I'm still a student and have a job here. Can't afford to move anywhere and my significant other wants to stay here.

All I can do is dream.




>can't sleep because sleep cycle's fucked


>the season was transiting from spring to summer, hearing the sound of the raindrops to the roof outside

>couldn't sleep at a 4am night in the dorm

>browsing in the dark with the little ray from ThinkLight

>connected myself online via a top-of-the-line 802.11n router from 2013, purchased second-hand from eBay for 20 USD, with hacked transmit power to get my location covered, by patching the kernel.

>bypassing ISP censorship and big brother by routing traffic to Europe, to Asia with independent layers of encryption, then to the three layers of Tor relays towards the rendezvous point, yet before the traffic was sent to another three layers to an obscure imageboard.

>reading dead cyberpunk websites, and a thread full of people's /cyber/ feels, comfy. read, scroll, read, scroll, in the background noise of the slow-rotating laptop fan, and coil whine while scrolling.

>finally realized those posts were from 2016, two years ago, and the websites are even earlier. links are dead, imageboard went down, community dead before I've got a chance to discover them. and these posts were so tangible to, I feel, but these were just some data leftover. I felt I had a conversation to the people but it's simply an illusion, in fact they have long gone since then. what I read now was just an abandoned building of history buried in the past, a live playback of video recording tape. the people and their things you felt related to, ceased to exist a long long time ago, the melancholy of knowing I'll never have a chance to meet them once more.

> I tried to find something real, something tangible to grasp onto. In the end, I found nothing. Nothing, but a vast collection of dead pages and lost posts.


>room full of half broken electronics, old computers and various wires everywhere



Congrats. Your post got me through the following thoughts, in order:

>comfy as soykaf

>nice tech bro

>fucking emo shazbot jesus

>shit, he's onto something and is actually poetic, not emo

Thanks for the ride, user.



schway, but don't laptop fans spin at hundreds or thousands of rpm? Thats hardly slow rotating.

And don't feel bad, /cyber/ was never VERY active. You didn't miss out. You're still experiencing it right now.



>tfw no Apple II

>tfw no 300b modem for calling BBS

>tfw no downloading pirated software from file repos

>tfw no sysop yelling at you for leeching

We missed a bunch, don't try to deny it.



>but don't laptop fans spin at hundreds

This is slow.

>or thousands of rpm?

This is not, you're right, English /lit/ (or /lit/ in general) is too hard for me. I should have used a better word to describe the slight, benign and comfy fan noise of the laptop, you know, when you were only browsing HTML pages and the CPU just stays cool.


>And don't feel bad, you didn't miss out. You're still experiencing it right now.



thx, users.



>tfw no Apple II, no 300b modem for calling BBS, no downloading pirated software from file repos, tfw no sysop yelling at you for leeching

>We missed a bunch, don't try to deny it.

tfw you jack yourself into olduse.net, a server for live replaying the entire Usenet, time-shifted by 30 years. A portal, a wormhole to the past. Today is May 18, 1988. Great Naming was just completed one year ago, a new hierarchy known as alt.* arrived 7 months earlier.

You see people are talking just like us, but the quality of each post is comparable to a nowadays project mailing list. You see some memes in your 80x24 text console, and you find they are in fact an integral part of the hacker folklore. You don't see even a single shitpost. You see hackers with big names, were still playing around in their youths. Larry Wall, John Gilmore, except Linus Torvalds who hasn't yet to come… Richard Stallman's fine-tuning words for the GNU Manifesto You see the parties, clubs of the SF-fans, with their endless fan works of Star Trek. You see the first generation of otakus who are not weaboos, making anime fansubs with a VCR and an Amiga 500, running on Motorola 68k @ 7.16 MHz. You see pages of impassioned discussion in alt.cyberpunk. You see a new version of NetHack released out. The calling-for-mod and the flamewars.

This is the digital equivalent of sondering, except you can read their inside thoughts, recorded without a single missing NNTP-Posting-Host. Except the people and the age which has long gone. Finally you ended up with the same feeling in >>50442. It's only you, a /cyber/ user who is spending the whole night reading it, but for everyone else, who would remember this world on your screen, or even realize such a world ever existed in the first place? This place is irrelevant, ephemeral, and has already forgotten, died and buried…

Check it out! Read the Blog, the FAQ, then try the interactive console on the homepage, net.hackers. If you feel you're getting into it, find a Usenet reader, such as slrn, and jack in, users!




Sorry for hijacking the thread, I should continue with the original topic, but free to have a look here.



looks interdasting got any more context?



IIRC I was trying to burn some audio CDs using one of the standard Linux tools.


>stroll a vibrant city at night

>go bar hopping, chat to random wageslaves over a beer

>realize that as much as I don't want to, I have to be one of them

>no hopes of subsisting without joining a company that sells software by screaming buzzwords

>go home

>work through old programming books

>realize the times for simple computer pioneering are long gone

I kinda sound like an old guard.



>chat to random wageslaves over a beer

Must be nice living in a place where you can talk to someone at a bar without looking like a degenerate loner or getting stabbed with glass.



Depends on the bar, really. Irish pubs, Hard Rock Cafés (which have become so hipster you wouldn't believe, but carry good dark beer) and the occasional small pub with some drunk old farts and cheap beer.

It is kinda cyber. I'd go clubbing, but I hate clubs.

Where the hell do you live where you get shiv'd on a regular basis for having a beer and talking to strangers?



i know this feel


Posting on /cyber/ for the firs time ever. Real life seems more boring than fantasy cyberpunk.


Sure wish I could find any kind of roof access by night.

Reading these posts gives me the feels. How does one go about that anyway?


>take apart old gameboy

>realize what could be done on these machines with small cartridges

>look at "retro-style" games

>hundreds of megs for SNES style

>start to read old sourcecode

>realize programmer skills are degrading

Browsing hyper-efficient hacky code from 80s and 90s felt cyber as fuck.



Easiest thing is parking garages. You can usually drive to the top level, and there might be an elevator box that's a little higher, by like 8 feet, that you climb up, but that's it.



It's not a matter of skills improving/degrading. It was almost an entirely different skill, but once you learn it, it's very simple.

If you want to get started, there's a great series on the ATARI 2600, and since it's so limited, there's really only a few ways to write a game. You learn what you can do in a day, and then spend the next few weeks trying to fit your idea into that box.

You'll come out a month later a different person.



Thanks for the help, chummer. Got a few places nearby I'll check out on the weekend. So far, I've stuck with the abandoned places I know, but ladders there are often rickety and downright dangerous.


Based. Can you hook me up with a link?



>Based. Can you hook me up with a link?

I've done ATARI and Gameboy. ATARI is a good place to start because there's just not that much to learn, and the emulators and everything are standardized and easy to get running.

For ATARI, I just installed DOSBOX on a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard and played with 2600 code over lunch breaks. It's pretty simple. Once you get the basic ins and outs of Assembly, it's not that hard to move to the z80, which is what the GameBoy, and a ton of other systems are based on.

This is the standard for getting started: https://atariage.com/2600/programming/index.html

Other things to look at, if you're looking to get started in Assembly, would be CoreWars, where you use a fake assembly language called RedCode to write viruses that try to take over a virtual memory core. It's all based on Mainframe thinking, but it's a good way to get a sense of how assembly code works. It's a game, but I'm not sure I'd say it's any easier than ATARI programming.

I'd avoid starting with Gameboy, just because there are some tricky things like debouncing buttons that you probably want to save for later.

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