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“The mind commands the body and it obeys. The mind orders itself and meets resistance.”

File: e1f1f5c5dfbd2a8⋯.png (5.15 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, boardlarge.png)


X86 Considered Harmful. What does a chummer use. What do you think ?


*Supports up to 2TB total main system memory

*Two 4-core IBM POWER9 CPUs (recommended)

*8 hot-swap SAS/SATA drive bays (functionality requires SAS controller)

*Heavy-duty chassis with redundant 1400W power supplies

>Designed with a fully owner-controlled CPU domain, you can audit and modify any portion of the open source firmware on the Talos™ II mainboard, all the way down to the CPU microcode. This is an unprecedented level of access for any modern workstation- or enterprise-class machine

>An owner-controlled, CPU-based secure boot mode also is available at any time. When secure boot is properly configured, and if the mainboard is located in a physically secure environment (e.g., a datacenter or locked workstation case), you can be assured that only your pre-approved and pre-audited firmware, kernel, and user space components are executing on a Talos™ II system.


Kills a rasberry pi tho. Any input?

legacy SPARC hardware? Power? ARM?

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The BPI-R1 or R2. I bought the R2 and i can't say i recomend it. They decided to ship before they figured out how to get all the hardware working. The offical image barely works and doesn't even support the onboard wifi. Now the best support comes from a small handul of install images created and maintained by some guy named greg on the bpi forums. If you're experinced in hacking around in linux and flying blind, it will work, but don't expect a smooth experince or even good network proformance without beating your head against a keyboard for several hours per-issue.



>Let me save you lifetime of introspection. You don't do all the things you're sure you could do, because you're not the sort of person that does things, and at then of your life you're going to realize you lived the mediocre life of a porn addicted shut-in, who never actually did much of anything.

>Don't kill yourself, just keep telling yourself you're awesome, even though deep down you have to admit there's no proof.

This was very specific.

…do you need a hug?



Not the person you're replying to, but it's not specific at all, it's the vast majority of people on the net.

If you want proof, next time people argue about some programming language, ask to see their git repo of projects they are doing in that language. I guarantee you won't hear back from them.



That's not very fair, I'll evangelize C and Lua till the cows come home, but I'd never link to my repos (on the chans) because I have my name attached to most of my work.

Back on topic, I started investing in the stock market just so I could buy one of these. 1/7th the way there so far. I wish they'd come out with a more budget model. It would really help IBM get back into the chip game.



There's too much marketing inside just do not be stupid, use calculator.

$ 5,149.00 Talos ™ II Secure Workstation included only $ 2,499.00 Basic Talos ™ II Bundle (Single CPU) so cost of case and Power Supply cost $ 1,700 ($ 7,284.00 with optional component so component cost include cpu is $ 2135 real like $ 1000-1200 with resonable alternative $ 700-800 )

$ 2,999.00 Basic Talos ™ II Bundle (Dual CPU) so only motherboard expected cost - $ 2199 or $ 2249 real which included x2 cooler for $ 50

$ 2,499.00 - Basic Talos ™ II Bundle (Single CPU) so only motherboard expected cost - $ 2099 or $ 2124 real which included one cooler for $ 25

$ 2,499.00 Talos ™ II Mainboard (Board Only) So CPU with headsink cost nothing.

$ 1,099.99 - Talos ™ II Lite Mainboard (Board Only)

$ 375.00 - IBM POWER9 CPU (4-Core)

$ 110.00 - 3U HSF Assembly for POWER9 CPUs

Most cheap option Talos ™ II Lite Mainboard (Board Only) + IBM POWER9 CPU (4-Core) $ 1,099.99 + $ 375.00 = 1474.99 or even two for "objective" cluster with similar perfomance 1474.99 x2 = $ 2949.98

File: 1ead80557a897ac⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 300x300, 1:1, 1519806629791.gif)


now that the dust has settled from "the great meme war of 2016"

what did we learn from it, and what methods can be used for future internet wars?

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1. People do not believe jew media like good people thought they do.

2. (((Narrative))) can be beaten without another narrative.

3. Boomers are a lost cause with no hope of redeeming themselves.



It's because (((their))) magic has been perfected for centuries, while a bunch of anons doing chaosmagic works in the the short term, but fails in the long run.

Magic is not I cast magic missile, it's manifesting thoughtforms to affect the reality - i.e memes.


File: bccdbe3622d8062⋯.webm (3.92 MB, 640x360, 16:9, lol.webm)



It's performed in layers.

Magic, Miracles, Manifestations.. all with good intent; from low energy to high energy >

It's all from and for God.

We humans from all our perspectives defy the quality of this magic we speak of.

And don't forget; Anons work at best in chaos, the chanc es are there when evrybody loses oversight, but the autists.


File: fa224a5ac8b8f9d⋯.jpg (37.09 KB, 750x600, 5:4, IMG_20180513_200826.jpg)

We learned that a bunch of delusional larpers can actually convince themselves they made changes in the real world with "meme magic" so well that they are surprised when the real world doesn't match up with the world their echo-chamber tolled them existed.

File: 1424182836546.jpg (900.95 KB, 900x1217, 900:1217, 847dc3ce4127ad31584cc90122….jpg)


Maybe we can even get one of those charts going, although I'm sure there's quite a few floating around. If you have one saved, please post it!
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I can't take gate keeping, well poisoning comments from random people seriously because they show lack of all intelligence.



Nah, you tell people you're into Cyberpunk, and they do a google search. That's pretty much the end of your credibility. I mean, it's fun shit, for comics and movies, but you can't take that and turn it into something serious, calling yourself a Cyberpunk. People will say you're LARPing, and they're pretty much right.

Still, some kind of punk movement about taking back control over our technology should exist, and I feel like Cyberpunk has somehow gotten in the way of that, because every time someone tries to do something real, it swings back around to 'Nah, you're just cosplaying Cyberpunk'.



Then don't tell them you're a "cyberpunk". Maybe even avoid calling yourself a cypherpunk so their ignorance won't raise wrong connotations. Tell them whatever they want to hear. Tell them you do cyber-stuff / work in cyber security / are a crypto anarchist or hacktivist / write code / make web sites etc.

When you want to be more specific e.g. call yourself with proper term like cypherpunk and make the needed distinction and discuss implications of your subculture/movement.

Only discuss cyberpunk when you discuss preferred genres of scifi or art. Don't identify yourself as someone who likes to imagine they live in a book or a painting.



I would never call myself either, though for two completely different reasons.

While I consider myself reasonably proficient in the use of cypher technologies, I do not consider myself a 'cypherpunk'. I don't feel like I contribute anything to that subculture. I'm just a dev, who sometimes must make use of best practices, and so I've learned to do so.

As for Cyberpunk, I would never call myself that because it has no meaning. At one time, it might have meant someone who writes a certain kind of fiction, but I am not an author. At another time, it was basically hippies+computers, but I was never interested in being a hippy. It seems as though fans of cyberpunk books tried to align themselves with hackers for a while, but the hackers wanted nothing to do with wannabe action heroes with a loose grip on reality.

I like to imagine a new movement … one that aims to use new technology to generally upset the system that seems to close around us more each year. Not focused on any particular technology, and not obsessed with technological mastery (where 'hacking' is mostly hollow chest beating about being good at it, while accomplishing nothing), but, rather, with an aim to actually *DO* something with whatever level of tech and anti-corp intent you can muster.

Of course, no such movement could exist in this climate, but it's fun to think about.



fam, do you have any semiotext[e] usa and/or semiotext[e] sf pdfs?

If you have physicals, be a great person and do a scan

File: 81ca4411989bb91⋯.jpg (521.37 KB, 1200x1500, 4:5, serial-experiments-lain-bl….jpg)


Lainism: >>>/fringe/117496

Based on High Tech, for Low Lives.

Fights Oppressive Megacorp / Gov Agents.

Deity is a lonely /cyber/girl who helps guide followers through /cyber/space.

Reveals occulted wisdom in a 90's anime: S.E.L. is an allegory of actual events?

Path to Apotheosis via Tech-assisted Hermetic Self Transformation.

Nootropics and Transcranial / EMF Augmentation supported in S.E.L. and by some Lainists.

Cosmology / Worldview based on mindbending observable evidence.

Reveals a vast conspiracy to enslave the world.

Lainism is my new drug. How does your favorite cyberpunk religion stack up?

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File: 5c05aabbf279f8a⋯.jpg (365.87 KB, 1000x708, 250:177, 1412795956565.jpg)


happens all the time


File: 2921d715e5fa82d⋯.jpg (20.03 KB, 240x140, 12:7, London_Hammer.jpg)

File: 51274836006cebc⋯.jpg (37.29 KB, 859x590, 859:590, ring-watch-chinese-tomb.jpg)



Here's a couple examples:


The London Hammer (also known as the "London Artifact") is a name given to a hammer made of iron and wood that was found in London, Texas in 1936. Part of the hammer is embedded in a limy rock concretion, leading to it being regarded by some as an anomalous artifact, asking how an obviously man-made tool could come to be encased in a 400 million year old rock. It has been stated that carbon dating "showed inconclusive dates ranging from the present to 700 years ago."[1][2]


>“When we tried to remove the soil wrapped around the coffin, suddenly a piece of rock dropped off and hit the ground with metallic sound,” said Jiang Yanyu, a former curator of the Guangxi Autonomous Region Museum, according to reports. “We picked up the object, and found it was a ring. After removing the covering soil and examining it further, we were shocked to see it was a watch.”

Do some research. You're not very cyberpunk if you don't know that the govs of the world have compromised academia's archeology to suppress the truth of our past.

The victors write the history. Every historian knows this, but somehow you immediately assume the establishement narrative is correct? That's mornic at best.

Betcha didn't even notice the oceanic survey data of the sea floors now removed from google earth…

You can believe whatever you want. I prefer to base my belief on fact. The fact is, we had a huge cataclysmic event and tech reset.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>"You can believe whatever you want. I prefer to base my belief on fact."

>devolves into conspiracy and quasi-religious promotion

Pick one, chummer.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> No conspiracies are real.

> Megacorps run the world.

Pick one, slag.

File: 169eea28289ca05⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1200x630, 40:21, 404_CITY.png)

File: 484e73cbfa325eb⋯.jpeg (114.96 KB, 900x506, 450:253, xmpp.jpeg)

File: fe89811e48b5532⋯.jpeg (14.79 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 1337.jpeg)



Conversations https://f-droid.org/en/packages/eu.siacs.conversations/

Conversations https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.siacs.conversations.legacy

Gajim https://gajim.org/downloads.php

What is XMPP?

XMPP is the Internet for instant messengers. E-mail 2.0.

This is a universal means of sending messages between different messengers. Our goal is to unite all messengers in the world into a single communication network. What you could send from any messenger to any other messenger. Together we will make the Internet open!

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File: db885dd56d69ea2⋯.jpg (158.35 KB, 540x906, 90:151, you_twat.jpg)


>i dont need friends

>when i have this slow-ass board

That's not healthy



Enjoy Russian dick in your asshole?



Fuck you






So no more getting screwed by SJW types


File: 1438913245788.jpg (56.87 KB, 648x429, 216:143, drugs.jpg)


What drugs do you guys think is the most /cyber/? What do you use?

120 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Weed everyday, amphetamines and aderall few times a month ( but when I do it it's for 40+ hours in continuity ) and during weekends cocaine, mdma, lsd, nbome, 2cb, shrooms.

I don't like downers and disassociatvies




k ftw



That would be a very bad idea. Any amphetamine will make anxiety worse.


I dont know what its a /cyber/ drug, maybe some binaural beats? Or that new age machine that flicker some fast lights?

Shrooms, ayahuasca and weed are nice btw

File: 99d5707d4970d78⋯.pdf (3.62 MB, KakusaretaSabisuE1Q417.pdf)


this board is

s l o w

So I created this

e n j o y

or dont, I don't care


24 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Yeah yeah, the old drokk of calling anyone who disagrees newfag.

I'm calling bullshit on /cyber/ somehow being dependent on /pol/, been here for about 3 years and you're the only shazbot implying that /cyber/ equals /pol/ in my time.

>inb4 le newfag

>let natural competition do the rest

Kek. Corps sue or buy out competitors.

>they suffer in quality

Drones don't care about quality. They care about price or branding. Apple's been successfully fucking over customers by selling cheap shit for large sums.

>worth what others think you're worth

That's why you check what your employer needs and make yourself indispensable.

Loving the "leave 8chan entirely" part though. At what point did I suggest that you have ANY authority over me? Look, kid, I'm gonna pretend I'm trembling in front of your 4th Reich, okay?



the fuck are you talking about, I been here since the beginning, you didn't shape jack shit.



dumb yank


capitalism and trade is not necessarily bad but our current capitalist system is based on infinite growth of the economy so the brouzouf lent by banks can be payed back with interest. It extracts value from the work of everyone who uses brouzouf and naturally rewards short term profit maximization and long term consolidation of power and capital.


File: 4b5790351d8913a⋯.png (10.38 KB, 371x136, 371:136, images.png)


Have you been here since Gamergate then? Have you witness the evolution of people going from games and comics to full on political realization? From GG to Comicgate to HWNDU to Presidency to Media censorship to IOTBW, it all happened on 8chan. /pol/ is the lifeblood of 8chan. Otherwise, 4chan/g/ is a better place for you.

>Corps sue or buy out competitors

Forbid corporate entitlements. Disallow them to sue over tech patents, and only allow suing over contract law.

>Drones don't care about quality. They care about price or branding.

Which one infers the other, the only reason people cares more about Apple because its "brand" is controlled by left-wing propaganda. Strip that away and you might as well get a Thinkpad. Crush the libs and utility will become front and center.

>That's why you check what your employer needs and make yourself indispensable


>I'm gonna pretend I'm trembling in front of your 4th Reich

No, I will stay, so are you (I guess). But do not expect that you know everything. Also to >>50702 tell me, which board takes top priority in 8chan's list?


Not even white.


Nuke Fiat. Let shitcoins die. That is all.

File: 3cf3e6b9b3a3f0d⋯.png (961.23 KB, 1000x625, 8:5, 1520317189062-b.png)


Is it true that the american left is not against Facebook? As a European communist I can't understand why the fuck you only have a liberal left willing to take corporations' cocks, we just have them in a so little number that they matter nothing. What are your thoughts about the politics of censorship

68 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Capitalism is not the same than

It is more an option to be your own state, not being under ones' jurisdiction from beginning.

>super capitalistic rich state

You are using your own definitions in your own language, of course it would not fit your agenda.

I do not really see how humongous amount of regulation and coercion to force people to do stuff is capitalism unless capitalism means laws of economics, but then these rules would apply anywhere, so i'm missing the point. Also, USSR is also considered "state capitalist" as a little lefty told me.



I've recently had a big epiphany about talking politics online, so this will probably be my last reply don't take it personally.

>Thats called a startup, just find someone who wants to join

I'm not very knowledgeable about this, but isn't the point of a start up to get bought out by a big company? Also startups have to make a profit so you're kind of trapped in pandering to markets. I think a worker co-op would be closer to what I want, maybe mixed with straight up commune.

>Would you be okay with not eating or buying anything too?

This is the problem living under capitalism, the choice is "work or starve" which is not really a choice at all. I would like there to be other options. Also I don't have anything against labor, I work hard on stuff at home all the time that earns me no brouzouf (art, growing food, writing for pleasure etc). Work is forced labor. Being forced to do anything means it's against my self interest or, dare I say it, freedom.

>It is that, what you're talking about is more like an offshot

Now we're just arguing definitions rather than the concepts behind them. This is difficult to avoid in any argument.

>Which would lose against anyone with a hierarchical organization, see the french revolution

We've come a long way since then in terms of technology and guerrilla/urban/asymmetric warfare. Still I don't think "the revolution" is coming around the corner, but I do think it's practical to implement anarchies in small local scales at first. Especially with the coming global environmental change within the next 100 years things are going to get a lot harder for governments and a lot more chances for anarchies to spring up will present themselves.(especially in africa where there's already anti-state, anti-money, pseudo-anarchist though within a lot of traditional tribal structures, mixed with increasing resource scarcity and environmental collapse somethings got to happen. It's really hard to maintain state control when everything is a fucking dessert, no one's gonna sit back and watch you eat while they're starving) [yes I've bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>with straight up commune

Nothing stops you, actually, there is homesteading and stuff. Except that communes aren't effective and work without failing on a very small scale.

>the choice is "work or starve" which is not really a choice at all

Homestead, move out, work anywhere different, go to prison(free food, huh), etc. Are these not options for you?

>Work is forced labor. Being forced to do anything means it's against my self interest or, dare I say it, freedom.

<How can i be free in a world where survival requires a certain amount of labor without forcing other people to do it for me?

>Still I don't think "the revolution" is coming around the corner, but I do think it's practical to implement anarchies in small local scales at first.

Local anarchies exist everywhere the force and coercion are not involved, actually. Every time you go out with friends it works the same way as in "anarchy". It is not a leftist, or collectivist concept, as they picture it as a virtue and enforce it the same way different socialists enforce "kindness", "belief in god" or any other idea that "seems good". The revolution can only happen if there is support of people towards it, which is very unlikely, at least in the first world.

>anti-state, anti-money, pseudo-anarchist

They do not have any progress to benefit with using money, they are gatherers and cannot read. You can call ants the same this way. By the time they need a new supply of AKs brouzouf become necessary, and are used. There are also theocratic islamist states, but it is just as anti-money as christians were when they were in power. Same "greed is evil" argument and strong regulatory polices. You tell me how good they did.

>environmental collapse

Not really, with all these green polices it is highly unlikely for a "collapse" to happen. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Yeah god forbid that individuals have to take responsibility for their choices in life.



>Forgot the difference of Nu/pol/ and /polk/ who want to gas Trump



Subversion of politics is a hard skill


If they want totalitarianism stick to Hitler, okay?


>>>/cuckchan/ newfag


And thus Animal Farm proved itself once again.


JBP needs the gas and so do you.

Libertarian is a joke, and anyone who seek it is a joke, Ayn Rand is a kike.


Alt Right is Post-modern as well so…


And Libertarians cannot be oxymoron because they cannot comprehend group mentality, which is why Fascism works.


Fascism by reds, trads, tech, fags… anarchism is a non-issue


Individualism is useless in understanding the macro world.


Heil five

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1433515147550.jpg (279.8 KB, 870x1300, 87:130, 11808955-Picture-of-an-mes….jpg)


Hello /cyber/!

I come to you today in search of guidance.

There's plenty of INFORMATION on the web about:

* How to program.

* How to configure your router.

* How x protocol works.

And while that's cool 'n all,that's just INFORMATION, fragments info,that you read in x forum or wiki and forget in 3-5 hours.

I propose,we try to LOCATE and ORGANIZE technical books,courses,and instructional videos, in order to facilitate the study of computers and their inner workings.


what's the point of looking /cyber/ if you don't have the know-how a citizen of the web should have.

>How will it be organized?

i was thinking about using a binary tree.

So can any one recommend,books,pod casts or other material that could be used for self study?

i made a similar thread on lain-chan,and they pointed me to Computer Networks' by Andrew S. Tannenbaum, as a introductory book about computer networks,their technologies,organizations & protocols.

The idea is to make a single thread,asking about content for a specific theme(applied math,networking theory,etc) ONE THEME AT A TIME.Get the entries make a list and post it.Then move to a different subject,we would refine the list over time.

So.. right now we need to decide what THEMES we will need to look at.I Recommend:

History of Computation,History of programing,Applied math,"programing theory"(what's a class?,Programming paradigm?),networking theory,Something about the operational systems we have today.

Any one would recommend additions or changes?

57 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



This fam. There is way to much information out there. A short , official list would be awesome.

Also, some kind of overall Big picture would be helpful. Perhaps, like a skill tree with different books for different levels, and different skills for different tracks.

2 classes? IT , Programming, Security

Each class has a skill progression:


*script language

*systems language

*design patterns


*reverse engineering

*os development

*Secure Development


*Introduction to OS's

*Introduction to Networking

*Linux SysAdmin

*Cisco SysAdmin

*Host Security



*Threat Modeling

*Linux Host Security

Etc. Skill tracks could be modular. IE. Learn C vs. C++ vs Rust for Syslang.

Idea is to keep number of books to choose from down, and a progression clear. So that people don't get stuck with gigabytes of books, and no clear order to read them in.

Whole point of this threat was to organize information right?


Requesting Japanese translation of:


Land Of Lisp,

Learn You A Haskell for Great Good.

Yes I can read Japanese



Write it yourself



File: f12106594bdc421⋯.png (128.71 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, f12106594bdc4214bac961bf6e….png)


What will you do when we can finally recreate life in the cyberspace lads?

https://systemspace. link/

34 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Me too.



Reminds me of this music video and its story.


If there's a discord chat for this, the entire thing is shit.

fuck that noise.

just a bunch of casual morons.



Can you stop shouting random phrases? You



>wherein memories remain intact across lifetimes




i left a while back when the whole people-actually-killing-themselves shit happened

what'd i miss?

File: 839d839d6c0100b⋯.png (66.4 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Kv2om_HzCShJptHWLfONYi02Wk….png)


i think that i just found one of the most cyberpunk app of all times, it's called where are the eyes and it shows all the security camera in the world, it's participative and everybody can put a "warning spot" to show where is a camera, that's cool so i wanted to share it with you guys


31 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>it's no big deal, just information that belongs to me being sold without my knowledge for the purpose of targeted advertising

Hate to break it to you, but they'd sell data to ANYONE offering enough. Again, this is data that belongs to you.

If you personally decide to sell your data to megacorps for brouzouf it's your decision. If someone else does it, that's basically theft.


File: ec907afbe9bcc16⋯.jpg (32.81 KB, 728x546, 4:3, you-wouldnt-download-a-car….jpg)


>information that belongs to me

It doesn't.





Slightly off-topic, but I've always thought about grabbing some infra-red lights like this and putting them near my license plate…

Y-you know, as a thought experiment…



>using any services based in Germany



You know the music used in the video was used without permission from the copyright owner!

File: 09f4ea987501e57⋯.png (446.52 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_1755.PNG)



13 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



Was it not clear that I was opposed to the idea of implementing your own cryptography?

You literally elaborated on what I said. Don't get me wrong, not ungrateful, but I feel you misunderstood my position.





>"Anyone, from the most clueless amateur to the best cryptographer, can create an algorithm that he himself can't break. It's not even hard. What is hard is creating an algorithm that no one else can break, even after years of analysis." - Bruce Schneier




>all this hate

what? I thought /cyber/ was full of RPers who jerked off to the cyberpnk manifesto, and would be happy to actually participate in something like this. Hell, how can you be so sceptic about this and fall for stuff like Tsuki's scam? At least this has a bit more credibility. Perhaps it's because Tsuki didn't actually demanded that you knew anything and it was all about the aesthetics, and this guy actually wants you to know cryptography, is that it?

And just to clarify I'm not the OP nor do I really think he's all that serious ("it's a trojan RAT rootkit bootkit malware that uses tor, mr Alderson), but it's at least more interesting (and tangible) than "hey guys the system is about to be purged but not really"



>there's a handful of people who fell for the Tsuki scam

>this is marginally better than a pure scam

>therefor you mustn't hate it

Were you dropped as a child? This is /b/ level soykaff, get your attention begging elsewhere.

Also, you're very obviously OP.



Both are scams alright, and this is pure tsuki-tier shit.

That's why I don't understand why people would fall for one and not for the other.

At least this one makes my script-kiddie nature moist a little.

File: b8f818cbe397eba⋯.jpg (72.06 KB, 1008x827, 1008:827, 1481555538738.jpg)


So Lainchan just decided to remove their board index bar.

I guess Kalyx sold to, who, George Broussard and Cleve Blakemore?

Somebody about as coherent as a pit bull in a spin drier, at any rate.

I mean, who does that?

I guess I'm back here for the duration. This really doesn't bode well for the future of Lain.

67 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Fixes thread

>Sages it so nobody knows

Thanks BO.


File: d5beca8b898a032⋯.jpg (201.62 KB, 973x723, 973:723, seph_arisuchan_atm.jpg)


I'm still not sure which site owner I dislike more, lainchan's or arisuchan's. Appleman seems obsessed with rules and can't seem to grasp human emotions, but Seph treats donations like a personal piggy bank rather than a reserve of funds for future site hosting needs.



>Seph treats donations like a personal piggy bank

Sounds like Kalynx v2.0.

At least "she" should be more enjoyable to watch go on a masturbation spree (when everything falls apart in the end).



Sometimes I think about starting up an alternative site to both, something without obsessive-nitpicky-rule-enforcement and without donations (I'm pretty okay financially, hosting an equivalent site is certainly no hardship for me).

But then I wonder if I really need that sort of stressor in my life. I just don't think I have the time to do a decent job of it, the temperament to keep it going long-term, or the technical skills to do it properly and securely.



Honestly the last thing we need is more fragmentation.

File: da77d26f65977c0⋯.jpg (56.2 KB, 876x511, 12:7, T7yUNSqPid9VpJr9w7YfW9.jpg)

File: f4e21585484acdf⋯.jpg (71.02 KB, 970x545, 194:109, H5pThuHWEpuoWb7wuAFVyJ-970….jpg)

File: 9edacdf9cb5cae0⋯.jpg (446.75 KB, 700x959, 100:137, NoDciY7W9hynMzw4ZW7NEk-970….jpg)

File: f9ca44a8eea66ec⋯.png (302.26 KB, 650x454, 325:227, AoQapSbYTAPjyKjSmDwKVM-650….png)


Not sure how many /cyber/ users are into Overwatch, but the game is about to get a cyberpunk character very soon. Thought it was quite interesting.

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File: 9cbc86a342b5e8c⋯.jpg (421.83 KB, 695x900, 139:180, 84d7fca2a2116c637677cdf19f….jpg)

Isn't that just purple Laura?



Cyberpunk IS over the top. Don't let Deus Ex: HR and The Matrix trick you.


Update: Sombra is now a player character and yes, she's related to hacking.

Its cool as hell, despite in-thread posts.


File: 702bb5fa6b6e344⋯.png (162.67 KB, 454x800, 227:400, 702bb5fa6b6e3441df4e355b50….png)


>Overwatch ads on /cyber/

What did we do wrong?



please leave

File: 1466528185307.jpg (67.96 KB, 600x568, 75:71, anubis.jpg)


Hello /cyber/, I've been kind of lurking this board on and off for the past few months and I have to admit I quite like the aesthetic that Cyberpunk brings. Admittedly I am likely much younger than most of you, so the only real taste I've had of Cyberpunk has been a Shadowrun novel, "Ghost In The Shell", "Deus Ex", "Blade Runner", and ultimately what I've seen of this board. I'm looking to sort of change my life to model around this sort of aesthetic because it really grabs my attention, so I present the question that has probably been asked quite a bit of this board: where would I start if I want to be Cyberpunk? This is a multi-faceted question and doesn't necessarily apply only to just appearance, so here are some general topics I'm starting to look into:

> OS

> Programming Languages

> Appearance

> Novels

I'd include diet, but beans and rice have the diet portion covered (ayy broke as fuck), plus I'm trying to explore some venues for making more money.

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This is why Cyberpunk is sci-fi and not a subculture. No one can take this shit seriously, except desperate social retards.



Not to contribute to the autistic obsession over microdetails, and general toxic dunning-kruger expert problem here but address space randomization has absolutely nothing to do with reproducible builds.

Adresss space randomization is about where segments are loaded into memory. Position Independant code can be loaded to any address and still function. Address Space Randomization doesn't prevent an inject, but makes an exploit much harder.

ASLR has nothing to do with reproducible builds. Reproducible builds are about verifying a binary corresponds to source code. If ASLR was based upon recompiling the binary before binary before each run, and ending up with a diffrent binary things like signature verification/ OS integrity/ AV would be impossible.

Reproducible builds are important, and absolutely not depreciated for ASLR. Its not even related.



This is unrelated, but do you think it'd be possible to make a sort of DNS-like system for checking file hashes? The same way you can put in human readable addresses and get IPs back, could you put in an address like Download.com/winzipInstaller.exe and receive a hash back to compare against what you downloaded? I'm always skeptical of download sites, but also hobbiest sites seem insecure as well. Or if the ISP decides to reroute all requests for tor.org/download/tor.exe to fbi.gov/tracking/tor.exe

I know this is possible by hand if the site publishes the hash and you can calculate it yourself with something like 7zip. But would there be an automated way to integrate it with the browser? Such that every time an author puts up a new build, the new hash would propagate out to the hash servers?



>animal farm

That's highschool entry



>DNS-like system for checking file hashes?

Technically DNS or DNS like in that it returns a number from a human readable string?

Techinical DNS could happen through txt records but would be a huge PITA.

nslookup WINZIP1-15.exe.winzip.com.hashserver.org

Why do this? You would have a more usuable product serving file hashes over HTTP with a restapi

GET http://hashserver.org/winzip.com/winzip1-15.exe could return text of an Hash only.

Part of the problem is associating files with domains isn't nessasirily useful. For example winzip might be mirror everywhere, whats unique is the executable not the name, or location. There is also a problem with trust. I could setup my own hash server, but what business do you have trusting me to tell you what executables are safe to run (Do you trust winzip? I don't). Computer users largely are not demanding this, and developers already publish hashes and GPG keys which is supposed to mitigate the MITM risk, but GPG isn't widely used. VirusTotal provides hashes and AV Scans, but why trust VirusTotal or AV Vendors?

Perhaps a federated network of GPG signed hashes would be nice. Something like I certify that I have validated the signatures of Winzip1-15.exe and its safe to use. So you could effectively ask your friends which products they use/ trust/ have validated signatures from the developers on. But, given that GPG hasn't taken off, I am skeptical of a solution like this being widely used.

Besides, most people intrested in checking hash are probably Linux Users (windows doens't even have a built in tool to do so), and their distribution effectively does that for them.

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