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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: f56151216d26600⋯.png (8.99 KB, 948x358, 474:179, echoes.png)


The Jews Blow The Whistle On Themselves

There is a reason the Talmud warns that to reveal the nature of the Jewish religion would be the end of the Jews. The real Jewish religion is Kabala this is the fourth and highest level of Judaism. And it shows that the Jewish "god" is false and the Jews are criminals abusing occult power liberally for their own gain at the cost of the Gentiles.

The Jewish Rabbi's state that the 22 letters of their Alphabet are the 22 resonances of the Jewish soul and each letter is designed to fit into a pattern with the Jewish soul specifically. This is further shown as the 22 paths on the Jewish world tree which relate to the map of the Jewish soul.

The message in Kabala is that "God" didn't write but engraved the Ten Commandments into the two tablets. This is code for engraving the letters into the soul. The Two Tablets represent the three pillar's of the world tree the left, right and where they meet in the middle. The Ten Commandments also represent the ten worlds on the Jewish Tree of Life. The other message is there is 613 laws of the Torah are summarized in the Ten Commandments and 613 this adds to Ten. There are also 600,000 letters in the Torah.

This is showing the Torah is kabala as the Kabala states. But each Jew is stated to have their own special letter in the Torah. The point of this is the entire Torah is literally connected into the Jewish soul. This is why the Torah is shown as the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and called the body of their God…..The Jews simply have created a matrix of energy that ties into their soul to bring about their own agenda.

There are Kabbalistic stories that show the most important are the first Ten Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet as this relates to the letters of the Ten Worlds. Which "god" creates with. God here is code for all the chakra's. Each world and its pathway also relates to specific Hebrew letters that "god" the adept uses to create according to the properties of such.

In Kabala the Jews admit their "god" is just a matrix of energy they have created with the use of Hebrew mantra's such as the Torah which is called the longPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Dark and light are united in the principle of… color?

Love and hate are united in the principle of emotion.

Life and death are united in the principle of continuum… or maybe unity… or motion.

Hot and cold are one in the principle of heat or temperature.

Everything is manifest in pairs of three. Opposites and then the one thing that contains those opposites.

There are no exceptions that break the law of polarity. The closest thing to an exception is this but it still upholds the law:

The All is opposite of Nothing.

It has its opposite; and yet does not. Since nothing is but nothing.


Oh also heaven and hell are united in the principle of being, each being a state of being, and not a place.



>There's no such thing. There's no evidence to suggest Jesus existed, did miracles, died, was burried, had offspring.

There is no such thing indeed. But not because there is no evidence of his existence - there is actual evidence, such as the writings of Flavius Josephus and Pliny, and apocrypha - but because that entire post is bullshit based on jewish lies.

I agree with the rest tho.



In a thousand years if we dont use eugenics to get rid of morons somebody will find a picture of Chad Pitt and go "See! This is proof Tyler Durden was real!"

You won't believe a homeless person saying they need change because you dont have evidence they won't use it on drugs but somehow you think you have a picture as clear as whats in front of you right now of some shit that happened to some jews two thousand years ago.

Its all fucking cults. Con men will say anything and do anything to advance their cause.


File: 4fb7bfd44143182⋯.png (12.12 KB, 2548x1340, 637:335, nope.png)



I have recently read through the KJV and the Quran and a ton of other books (e.g. Essene Gospels, Pistis Sophia, all the books recommend on here, etc.) as well as talking whenever I get the chance to people from the various religions and listening to music related to each and getting a very good grasp on what unique message each religion emphasizes. One thing that you can't understand very well if you only study one religion (such as one you are born into or the first one you adopt) is what is special about your religion. To the ignorant each religion may seem, when very much generalized, to preach the same thing. This is not so. Rather each religion has much of the same teachings in common with each other but something especially emphasized in each. It's that 10% or so that is different for each religion that matters in evaluating what each religion is about and how they contrast.

The Message of Christianity

After reading the King James Bible and talking much with many Christians and immersing myself in Christianity this is what I have learned.

The unique message of Christianity is the grace of god, his love, and his salvation. Not by works will you be justified, not by anything human will you measure up to his greatness, but because he is a loving god he will save you. All that is required is your faith (in his power, his love, etc.). When you are saved your nature changes to be more Christ-like and you take on qualities or characteristics that align with the archetypal Christ. The Holy Spirit (one of the three parts of the Triune God) works within the believer for his salvation. This message makes perfect sense and is in line with a very high conception of God. It is also proof that the Christian religion is one of the more advanced ones.

Noteworthy as well is that after reading the KJV, The Stellar Man by John Baines makes more sense to me. When I had to read through the entirety of the old testament from start to finish it didn't really get good until Psalms and Proverbs and if the Old Testament had to stand by itself it really wouldn't be worth recommending for reading for others. It appears to me that Christ had to come tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Wow you read a comic book good for you



Christianity is a highly spiritual teaching and thus esoteric. Jesus spoke of advanced spiritual concepts in the non-cannon gospels that ties into imagination, astral projection, reincarnation and manifestation. The religion in itself however is not enough to attain gnosis.

This Gnostic book will perhaps uncover some secrets of the bible:


I recommend a buffet of religions, dip your toes in many ponds. Then sit down and find yourself. Knowledge liberates.



Nah wasn't the Bible it was Christian theology that did that for me. I'm not sure if I had been exposed to the Bible first if it would have done it but probably not.

It was just a few lines in Basic Theology by Charles C. Ryrie that described the love of the father (a corrective love, and one that hates sin) that managed to make everything click for me that I had been grasping at for most my life but never able to bring into clarity. I also encountered around the same time some rantings of Molyneux about parental love where he was talking about making a child brush their teeth for the good of them but that was after the incident with the theology book.

I never had any of that in my life and couldn't even fathom it. I raised by people spewing Frankfurt cancer around me all my life and so empty love, blind love, really nothing but blind affinity I should say, stood in the place of actual love for me. To me love was just affinity that could be applied to anything.

Divine love is special and operates to in accord with the triune nature of all things to bring a thing into its state of perfection. The love of god can be described as that love which allows you to attain and to become the very object of perfection.

Something else I love about Christian theology is there is a love of that which is good (including perfection). There is none of the frankfurt / neomarxist ideas we see spammed everywhere that advocates the disgusting and unhealthy and unworthy. In Christianity the whole world is sin and the absolute standard of perfection is god and the Christian is to let the Christ work within him to bring him into that state of perfection and so you can see in the genuine Christian that his nature becomes very high and noble and sin hath no hold on him.






Ah I stand corrected then.

File: 7a06dc89dab00ad⋯.jpg (115.77 KB, 1300x956, 325:239, ((())).jpg)


I don't belong on this earth and am seriously contemplating suicide. I have been for many years (I'm 21) and basically as I grow older the thoughts are turning from an unconscious desire to be free from the suffering into a conscious realization of the absolute agony that the rest of my life will be. Basically all I have to look forward to is a life of prayer on my knees begging God to give me the strength to bear the weight of this miserable, stupid, dark world which I am forced to live in.

I don't believe in heaven or hell but I do believe in a many dimensional universe and life after physicality. However I know that I know nothing so I came here to get some perspective. Is suicide the right call?

79 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




Why is the concept of complete and utter obliteration of every part a confounding concept to many of you? The ALL directs our destiny in its' dream-like state of conciousness, and the Demiurge puts obsticles in our path along the fixed course, so that it may feed. Think of the Demiurge as the nightmarish abberation within the ALL's conscious. We are all here for the ride.

Everything that you believe is you, is not. And there are VERY FEW of us who are capable of manipulating the forces that bind and control us to a point where we can very minorly influence outcomes, this is the basis of Magick.

Now then, what happens when you desire so badly to not exist? What happens when you cock that gun to your head? What happens when the trigger is pulled and the ritual complete? Make no mistake, everything in life is ritual. Humans even emulate perfect, sacred geometry in everything we create. Just look at what is natural, and what is man-made.

Without giving a lesson in what should already be known, if you desire to die entirely, then so it shall be. As above, so below, as below, so above. You have the power to influence the direction of your very being, but as with everything: be careful what you wish for.

You won't be thrown into purgatory, nor some "null/void" super-man phantom zone. You wont reincarnate. You will, however, blot yourself out of the ALL MIND completely. That which is created CAN be destroyed. The 3rd dimentional laws of thermodynamics don't apply to infinitely dimentional beings. You're all too grounded in the mundane.

~The Punished Druid



>if you desire to die entirely, then so it shall be

Obviously, but there is your problem. Just because you think suicide is the desire to be obliterated completely doesn't mean that everyone else shares the same desire. For most of us suicide can merely mean the shedding of the body and this prison planet. We still want to live, go to the astral planes etc etc. With the right mindset suicide will not obliterate you completely. It is only saying "No, I don' want this shit here anymore, I will now move on." But then again some might desire to be obliterated completely and that's what they will get.



Well, no one desires many a thing they've brought upon themself. Thus the reason why people blame others for their plight, or become ignorant to who their handlers are. Even when it's unintentional, the emotion, belief, and action give birth to things you may not notice. Why do you think most religions forewarn the masses about the danger of suicide? Again, everything is ritual, routine, step by step. Have you ever "failed" a ritual? Usually this means you didn't actually fail the ritual, you just didn't know what you were doing and produced terrifying results.

But for those of us who understand the principles and have attempted suicide (I tried helium many years back, almost fucked my brain up), we also understand where the end-game leads. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

In the words of a great Wizard.

"Forgive them, O Lord, for they know not what they do".



it depends, there are methods like samadhi to willingly leave your body knowing that you have done your part, and also ideas like seppuku where you kill yourself for honour, in these you die as basically a victor to continue on being born in a place that gives your victorious consciousness a space. But if you die a looser per say, defeted by life i.e. depressed or unwilling to confront your demons than your consciousness will continue to drift in that "looser" path wher your struggles are simply going to renew. Even though i wrote this pretending to know this for certain, i do hope that you consider it before considering taking your own life.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: 10bada3226aad20⋯.png (17.59 KB, 694x249, 694:249, energy.png)


I always hated nofapper so much with a passion because of how much they seemed to be like femminist SJW's or christians who wanted to tell you about jeezuz or why you shouldn't touch yourself because god would be sad. I would sit in every thread they tried to spready their shit to (Because how the fuck dare they tell me that I couldn't or shouldn't experience pleasure that God allowed me to have whenever I felt like it?) and argue with them and debate them to no fucking end until they hated me as much as I hated them. I even came up with some half decent arguments against them and and defeated them and made them give up multiple times and even leave the thread. I hated them so much for trying to tell me what to do and I even fapped more out of pure spite. That was until I realized that the entire thing was a psyop (a false flag psychological operation) designed to turn all of us OFF to the idea of NOT fapping because of how much we hated them and the stupid way they tried to convince us to do it. If you look at nofap, nofap created more fappers than it stopped from fapping. This was the exact intended purpose.

This one time at bandcamp, This person trolled the shit out of me and screwed me over big time just because they could.

I felt like I was about to scream. It would have been the loudest scream any human had ever made, and I'm confident all the windows around me would have shattered, and the ears of everyone around me silenced. But then I didn't. I just held that scream of pure horrific pain inside of me and I made myself have the strength to hold it without being burned by it. I calmed down and I relaxed and I felt this serene sense of peace that was like nothing I have ever felt before. I felt more at peace than I felt before I had even begun to start being trolled.

This person got fucked over from karma instantly and immediately after in such a way that I couldn't even believe it- and yet I understood and I knew.

I didn't do anything. I just felt at peace. I didn't try to get back at them or anything. The energy just took the path of the least resistance because they used a large amount of energy to troll me in hopes that it would generate massive butthurt energy inside me and that they would get more back when I rPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

14 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



That wasn't trolling. People just didn't want to break that stupid no flag rule as many have seen people harassed for it. The troll image relates to the mentions of trolling in the OP. People need to read threads before criticizing.


Don't you just love how nobody ever replies back to the OP to answer their questions?

Fuck forgot my flag. I'll just pick the one about being pissed off about flags.


I know /fringe/ can be slow. I'm still disappointed. Nobody want's to talk about this? Maybe teach me something I don't know yet? Help me improve? Cmon I gave this in good will. I dare not selfishly feel owed back anything but I do want to learn and better myself and do good. Can anyone help me so that I can in turn help others?



>do good

>help others

Depends on what that means for you. If your "good" is actually "evil" for me, then obviously I wouldn't want to help you. And there is a lot of shit that is vile and degenerate in my book that is seen as "good" and "helpful" by almost everyone else, even anons on fringe.

There are tons of books in the library and quite some threads on more or less interesting topics. There are even some audiobooks, videos and articles on the internet that may provide you with some usefull knowledge. Go help yourself. Don't expect anyone to go out of their way and pull some random crap out of their asses to spoonfeed you just because you are too lazy to even think of a specific topic or question you are interested in.


so basically op got trolled into enlightenment? lmao

File: f29034f5da5f943⋯.png (209.07 KB, 934x730, 467:365, jhgh67u67.png)


Electric Anatomy - Daily Cultivation Thread

""What's to be Covered?""

It's my intention to create a brief(hahahaha) informative series of write-ups in order to detail the experiences, systems and knowledge required for cultivation of your awareness(The basics to general occultism). To cultivate oneself is to wash, perfect and refine the core of awareness which is within our body. This is a daily task that develops and progresses slowly. We learn to focus the mind, strengthen the breath and develop the body. Cultivation is putting yourself into unnatural, manmade conditions with focused and engineered exercises in order to develop and push your natural potential. We strive to go against heavens law through understanding of the universal principles. Through this, great trial and results come about. Declare yourself as God and prove it.

It is up to you to take these words and learn through your own life experiences. I'll share the methods and exercises which I've found most efficient. Be patient, diligent and balanced in all that you do as understanding and results come with time. Reality is as it seems so don't let the simple and basic ideas be overshadowed and neglected. Each new season and year you will gain perspective which shows a new layer to life.

Know that I'm handing you a loaded gun. If the pendulum swings you'll end up strangling yourself with your own power. The only difference between a saint and demon is the separation you give it. It's up to you to figure out how to fix yourself and to adjust it to your own gender, body, race and other varying factors. Some of you are more in body and need the mental aids while the others are up in the clouds and need a dose of reality. The only other help you'll get is for the time when I'm answering questions, otherwise you're on your own. You need to fix your own problems and figure life out by yourself. Even I don't have the whole picture yet(that's why I've held off on giving this out for so long). But if you're dedicated and feel that cultivation and becoming an immortal is your own path then you'll find great value in these words. As long as you keep the golden rule of balance and patience in mind then you'll be fine. There's always a nice sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

178 posts and 52 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 3fc2807e4b3bcc0⋯.jpg (178.21 KB, 800x1139, 800:1139, look who took the yang pil….jpg)

Did you take your medicine, "wizards"? Yang Pill, Angsty Teen strength, you know the drill!

Weak wizards shall be culled and buried behind the asylum for the insane.


C'mon Khan where's your yang cultivation motherfucker.




File: 1a508b7bb8f1387⋯.jpg (144.61 KB, 700x875, 4:5, 1541474373920.jpg)

How do I sublimate the resulting energies of NoFap?



talent is overrated


Khan has abandoned you. I will guide you now.

Doc Yang Has Returned

I have embarked on a journey to discover the meaning of the lesser yangs. It's been long and difficult, but in the end, all I've discovered is that they're lesser. Wood element is for pussies. Fire is forever.

All that exists is this moment.. and eternity.

The first thing that goes when your CNS is shot is your grip.

Heavy shit on your shoulders while walking around is terribly effective in assassinating your fucking CNS. Employ weight vest if you wish to be exhausted for no good reason and have no explanation for it. [https://youtu.be/EfPMFEwiO8o?t=780]

The more fire, the hungrier you get. It's a decent measure of fire. If you're fat, maybe you should try expanding that fire outward instead of into your fat fuckin' mouth.

I got shit to do tune in next time.

File: 677feb988f53581⋯.jpeg (10.4 KB, 255x158, 255:158, 087eea4d15520cae6dfc81da0….jpeg)


Im making a ancap spiritual village in portugal, I have bought 2 hectares of land in the country side. It would be nice to work with esoteric and dank wizards XD, just dont curse me haha.

I got the idea to write this because I saw people talking about this on fringe bay.

Here is the link, you dont need to pay to join, just send me a application form.


Right now its raining like mad, so may would be the optimal time to join.

99 posts and 39 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.





pick one my child



Op, are you still here?



No. We abducted him.


File: 271fe724e95c9d9⋯.jpeg (27.46 KB, 480x320, 3:2, 271fe724e95c9d945c628bc69….jpeg)

File: d1e94bd46d635b2⋯.jpg (15.84 KB, 255x239, 255:239, 3e5a8f464a91e776a65ea34284….jpg)


Op here doing the daily berry picking. And getting probed at night by communist ets.. the usual routine. Other than that, I'm doing good.


hey op did you had lots of money saved up before you jumped on this project? do you have any job? i want to leave society too. thanks

File: 690a059fd05ffe2⋯.jpg (4.64 MB, 4208x3120, 263:195, IMG_20181004_175904.jpg)


I was largely believed that most things esoteric were complete wastes of time. Entertaining perhaps, but little else. Then about a year ago I had many synchronicities - just one after another after another - that woke my mind up to the fact that I've been ignoring things my whole life. Since then, I've dived head-first into all these things, experimenting personally with claims I find interesting.

One of those interesting subjects is crystals. As a child, geology and mineralogy were subjects I greatly enjoyed, so when I happened upon info on "Vogel crystals," of course I bought a couple cheap Chinese-produced ones to test. If nothing else, I just got a couple pretty stones to display, right? I bought a small clear quartz Vogel and a medium-sized lab regrown citrine quartz.

I started skeptically, but quickly I found that these things have many secrets. I first followed an old video of Marcel Vogel, clearing and programming them. Afterward, I held one and pointed it at my hand and felt an invisible ripple wherever I pointed it at my opposite hand.

After a couple months of experimenting, here are the interesting experiences I've had with them:

- Temporary (several hours) relief of my wrist tendonitis when used on the area.

- When placed near my head as I sleep, with the male point facing my head, I have vivid dreams again. When I sleep without them, or with them away from my head, I sleep as normal.

- I once fell asleep with the citrine in my right hand. My phone was next to me, and at some point I put my other hand on it. My phone vibrated when I got a text, but at the same time, for the same duration, the citrine in my right hand also vibrated, and very strongly! I've tried to reproduce this but have had no luck.

- A day or two after getting the citrine, I was waving it around my hand, bored at the time. I absently thought "burn, burn" as I circled the palm of my hand. I then got distracted and put it away. The next day, I decided to try using it on the solar plexus chakra (citrine supposedly resonates there). I used it there, nothing really happened, and I went to work. An hour and a half in, and I had the absolute worst cramps of my lifPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

11 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Looking forward to the videos


I apologize for the delay, here are the videos I mentioned in my last post.

Physics: Crystals 1958 Alan Holden - Bell Laboratories - PSSC Physical Science Study Committee


Gary Lite - An Introduction to the Rodin Coil and Vortex Based Mathematics


If you don't know who Gary Lite is, then you should check out his channel. Read the Kybalion first, as it accompanies much of his material. Besides, you shouldn't even be posting here if you haven't at the very least read the Kybalion and Franz Bardon's Introduction to Hermeticism. If not those two, then you should at least read Julius Evola's Introduction to Magic.

I also promise, this time, to post images of my small collection of stones and crystals.

~The Punished Druid


File: 32f0007c8cb6e26⋯.jpg (4.17 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 1107181758.jpg)

File: c5b8a36b3b31ea8⋯.jpg (3.99 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 1107181758a.jpg)



And as promised, pic related is what I'm experimenting with. A cheers to you all from the cheap broken chalice of tarnished silver. Wine is best consumed in a beautiful, humble manner. Good night, lads.

~The Punished Druid



>My phone was next to me, and at some point I put my other hand on it. My phone vibrated when I got a text, but at the same time, for the same duration, the citrine in my right hand also vibrated, and very strongly. I've tried to reproduce this but have had no luck.

Hate to brake it to you, but you weren't awake.

Probably weren't asleep either. Most likely you were in some "liminal" state were you perceive the physical world and also "something more".

I sometimes get into that state, but once I become aware of it, I 'spook out' or jolt at things not being "exactly" as they should be if I'm awake. Then I become awake and everything's normal.

Eg. moving lights, colors, seeing trough the blanket as if it isn't there, etc.



Lol are you me? What you've written so far added to the Evola mention makes me feel I wrote this down and forgot about it. But then again my crystal collection is like 5 times bigger so I guess not.

I agree crystals are not holy or sentient in themselves, they're just a fractal shard of higher principles (just like organs, planets) that can be used to rouse and channel though them different energies for different goals. I also prefer natural stones and chunks of minerals because they were formed following this fractal patterns in nature (though I'd love to see what can be done mixing binaural beats on crystals in formation).

Black tourmaline is meant to absorb negative energies (to drive them from the ambient), so pairing it with kyanite or citrine to cleanse it often is a must, otherwise it builds up negative energies that will eventually burst.

File: d4189134ce6a1f7⋯.jpg (24.03 KB, 537x499, 537:499, loki.jpg)


>Excalibur the sword of destiny = sword of DENSITY

>density = frequency

>Sword in stone = (s)word in (s)tone

The word is more of a verse, one that you sing not say

The uni-verse, one verse- one song that reminds everyone that all is one. Guinivere was to represent the divine feminine, or the creative force, just as the universe was created with a song. words have meanings, details comes from the french de tallier(cut into small pieces) So the devils in the….

"The once and future king"

The key to the key.

15 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Speaking of devices in tune to the individual soul…

How do you go about discovering the design and character of such a device? If I wanted a custom staff, wand, whatever the fuck… what to do? If it doesn't fit, will it explode, backfire, go horribly wrong? If it's like a perfect extension of one's will, is it all gucci? Mental constructs should be suitable.

Can I get some occular mf to try and divine a rune, a design, a quality, an energy etc that fits my soul? I can trade, applying my hand at a similar request like a tarot reading (wildwood deck) or some freeform request like mine.

Pierce the veil mf



What I would do is:

1. Look into the astral light and let it take form according to my intention.


2. Same as above except I would have some of the material I intend to work with, would imprint those into the astral light, then wait for the material to take form into the suitable device one wishes to create.

All the little details just get filled in automatically in this way. Just like when you visualize an apple you get an apple but you didn't think about the texture or color of the skin, the specific bent of the stem, any markings or bruises on it, etc. it all just appears without you thinking about it.

BTW The Practise of Magical Evocation teaches you a bit about wands and since for the wand to even work in the first place it has to be regarded as an actual extension of one's own will powered by either one's own vitality or the universal vitality you must take every precaution to protect it and keep it from falling into the wrong hands as you will know with certainty beforehand that anyone who gets ahold of it will have their intentions obeyed when they are using it. There is a reason you put it in silk and do everything you can to make sure nobody ever touches or sees it, that it's as personal to you as possible, and that you can remove its charges and destroy it when needed.



The sword Arthur pulled out of the stone is what made him king - because Merlin, his mentor who controlled who can and can't pull out the sword, decided he was worthy. So that sword - or rather, his connection to its creator - practically made him a king. But what spiritually made him a king was, as you said, the sword from the lake. However, that sword is always only as strong as the soul of its wielder. Arthur did not know that. He believed in the lady of the lake and that, in return, allowed his soul to be without fear which is why it was so strong in the first place.

But a more practical lesson to be learned from Arthur is this: He became a king because he believed in others. He believed in his mentor. He believed in his love. He believed in his knights. He believed in his country. And they, in return, believed in him. It is a story of belief and how it can move mountains. Faith is what gives power to the soul.



Your likes and preferences are an expression of your soul. Whatever you think would be the coolest to represent your soul will fit. It can be a sword, a deck of cards, a rune, the FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon Submachinegun with 5.7x28mm ammonition specifically designed to penetrate kevlar body armor - it doesn't fucking matter so long as it sounds like YOU.


These suggestions are shit.



The object used has to "magically" express its own soul well and its own soul has to be compatible with its role as conduit and instrument of my own. That kind of soul is specific and specialized. So no, a machine gun will not do.

You motha fuckas are amateurs. I need to find a magical tree or some shit. Soak in something, give it a core, carve it, the works.

File: fbb4c5a1130ae9b⋯.png (912.88 KB, 914x1124, 457:562, 6689cb9aaf9920dc42d506a070….png)


A strange thought has popped into my head after doing a scheduled meditation. "What's the Point of Becoming a God" or a "creator essence" of your own reality? Essentially, you would be able to make anything your heart wished but at the same time would you be able to go and experience the joys and wonders you create? Would you be locked to sitting in your respective zone of existence and simply monitor and observe everything for all eternity or would you be able to actually involve yourself with your creations?

I hate to sound bleak but if I would be limited to simple creation only without being able to hop into the worlds I make I'd rather stay at a lower level of existence. I mean, it would get dull and distant the longer you'd exist. Eventually you would have nothing to call your own save for the energy to bring forth. Am I alone in this thought process or would some people enjoy just being a cohesion of processing energy to draw forth creation?

16 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


>but at the same time would you be able to go and experience the joys and wonders you create?

Yes, if you want.

>Would you be locked to sitting in your respective zone of existence and simply monitor and observe everything for all eternity

Only if that's the way you want it to be.

You are not really grasping the concept of a god. What you're proposing is that you are some shut-away demiurge constantly shitting out matter that he then jettisons while sitting there desiring all the things he jettisons from himself. If that's your idea of a god, then the basic terms of this question are premised on a fundamental misunderstanding of creation and the act thereof. To create a thing which you love, out of love for the thing created, is to enjoy it in the way that a parent loves a child. To understand that it is ALL your children and that even so-called 'destruction' is just change and that is your nature and also your eternal moment of victory, that is godhood, immanent and direct, and it is also perfect enjoyment.

To be a god would not involve being without pain, but it would involve being without the delusion that pain or grief or any of these things are bad or in some way say something true about your eternal state. You would enjoy them in the way that someone enjoys a good movie or a video game on hard. Plenty of people can't stop sucking Dark Souls' dick even though that whole series is 99% losing. You must follow the Dwarf Fortress model; losing is fun, pain IS pleasure, not enjoying IS enjoying, you must learn to enjoy not enjoying for its own qualities.

Basically the question itself is wrong.



This is the only thing that makes sense to me after going through so much new age hippy garbage.


"wow there is this thing that makes me feel good all the time that I need money for "

Jewkike: yes! Consent to slavery! Do my work for me and every once in awhile I'll free you from prison for a few minutes or a few seconds if you are ejaculating!

Nah fuck that. Heil fucking Hitler gas the kikes race war now Satan is amazing and im destroying earth with a meteor shower so mother earth is clean for the first time since human bacteria came into existence


Daily reminder that earth has consciousness and humans are a parasite. Kill your human self and merge with Earth or you will never exist as anything.



(((they))) want you to kill your ego.

liberal globalist democrat marxist communist zionist jews want to be the only ones with ego while they convince everyone to kill their own ego so they can rule everyone who is left as husks.

File: 1466882108499.png (32.41 KB, 800x506, 400:253, fringechan.png)


Note: Recreating this here for the people that have missed it, and for the new people that come here every day.

fringechan – http://fringechan.org

What is fringechan?

fringechan was revived/recreated as a new base for the users of 8chan.net/fringe at January 2016. Initially, the reasons were of a technical nature, as 8chan was plagued by a myriad of bugs and we wanted to provide fringe a worthy place to call to home. Now even most of the bugs have been dissolved, other parts of the 8chan ship are starting to falter, as its currently owned by a for-profit, non-free organization with glaring ties to freemasonry and obvious kikery. As most of you know, hotwheels has been demoted and is not the owner of 8chan anymore.

What is the current state of fringechan?

http://fringechan.org/ has been operational for almost half a year now and continues to grow. As it stands currently there are more daily posts on http://fringechan.org/ then on 8/fringe.

With the recent purge of all the data of 8/fringe and the current state of Fringe Wizard, 8/fringe's BO, its no more but to expected that we find a stable, new platform to call home.

What are the benefits of fringechan?

Benefits are plenty:

- Multiple boards to separate discussion to their appropriate categories, some of them (besides /fringe/):

- http://fringechan.org/library/: The board to keep track of all books and their discussion.

- http://fringechan.org/loosh/: For randoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.(Rule 1)

236 posts and 49 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Fringechan still lives in our memories…

And now again is the full archive is accessible via fringebay. Every thread ever posted, complete with top notch reference threads



And an extensive and very help questions threads with grade A effort posting. Remember control+F is your friend.


And if y'all need to post there is live board as well.




awesome. wish the pics were able to be full size but there's still plenty of info


File: 63a9ed94dfd6cd3⋯.png (3.62 MB, 1900x1188, 475:297, 1480871031919.png)

Merry Keksmas, fringechan.



Tipp pls


File: c55c2e461f861d4⋯.jpeg (124.37 KB, 880x587, 880:587, 5242D3D5-45B1-4287-90DF-0….jpeg)


based anon; thank you

File: af7529c9424ae02⋯.png (8.3 MB, 5007x3060, 1669:1020, 9562227593.png)


The truth about religion, God, and exposing the false religion of the satanic globalist cucks

(Finally got a chance to make a thread for this, which I'm sure will make the /fringe/ BO and mods really happy. Thanks for being so friendly and understanding. I will be happy to cooperate with your needs so that we are all happy.)

on another related note the mewch thread 404'd mysteriously for no obvious reason so I just finished remaking it and decided that now was a good moment to finally make this one too. here's a link in case anyone cares about that.


trigger warning. you may be triggered. this pisses off atheists and religious fanatics alike.

you know you're doing something right when absolutely every single last person in the world gets pissed off at you, because it is no measure of good health to conform to an ill society. all sorts of stuff aside, lets look at the facts here. the image is meant to deconstruct the lies you have been led to believe for thousands of years. in all belief there sits a beLIEf. to simply only have faith and to only just simply have belief is to lie to God and to lie to yourself. instead you must know. KNOW GOD. do not believe. KNOW.

the rest of the text posted is for you to KNOW the truth.

This thread is the most recent and updated version as of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX . (if you even beLIEve in time)

Please good people, if you know things that I don't know, please inform me so that the truth may be perceived from a better perspective than what I currently have.

>know about a good book?

tell me about it

>have some knowledge or wisdom?

help me learn

please don't leave me in the dark. I want to bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

144 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 38baad8fa99de9c⋯.jpg (22.76 KB, 439x462, 439:462, 38baad8fa99de9cc951673c516….jpg)


>Good image full of worthwhile information

With your very first sentence you're violating the essential principle of satya. It's good that you're attempting to steer him in a correct direction through politeness, but there's no need to open these good intentions with a false statement.

The OP image was glued together in MS Paint and resembles a big mass of schizophrenic dabbling.

The only reason I'm popping in here now is because I told the OP I would do so about 8 months ago, and here I am.

However despite his misconceptions and schizo rambling, it sounds like he's going in the correct direction on his own though, with his post of >>120570 . It's just hard to feel devotion to and approach the nameless, formless grounding of reality (Brahman) directly, which is why the majority of human beings practice idolatry and the worship of Istadevas- ie Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, the Bible, etc.

Abhinavagupta in his commentary on the Bhagavad Gita says that those who worship Brahman directly have to work twice as hard as those who use an Istadeva.


File: c631f14d1cf4e6d⋯.jpg (87.62 KB, 500x713, 500:713, 022-Krishna-Gita1.JPG)


i found some of the information useful. i shouldn't have said 'full of worthwhile information' though.

>nameless, formless grounding of reality (Brahman)

actually Brahman is just the cosmic effulgence or rays emanating from the body of Lord Sri Krishna. It can be compared to the sunshine coming off the sun. Merging into Brahman is an inferior form of liberation. The best way to escape the matrix (this material universe) is to worship the personal form of the Lord directly in transcendental devotional service.

Mayavadis (impersonalists) are unaware of the superior personal form of the Lord and thus strive to merge into Brahmanic bliss but later fall down back to this material world because they have yet to conquer their minds and senses. (lecture by Srila Prabhupada on the topic - https://vaniquotes.org/wiki/Eternally_individual,_so_how_do_the_impersonalists_attaining_their_goal_merge_into_the_impersonal_brahmajyoti%3F )



>avoid things you know are bad for you and try to expose yourself to things you know are healthy.

This is wrong. You should expose yourself to bad shit in order to build up a tolerance to it.



The connection among all the world's religions is partly what inspired me to look into religion & spirituality in the first place. It's hard for me to empathize with the perception that hidden wisdom is somehow bad or evil. Sons of Set, I suppose.



only works for some things, we aren't perfect.

File: 02fa5a223b52bf8⋯.png (225.48 KB, 596x906, 298:453, waifuism-a-disease.png)


I have a hypothesis.

21 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: a351495159ebf24⋯.pdf (1.78 MB, The Philosophers stone.pdf)


lel. Thanks anon

I've been doing some searching on /occult/ as well, and found this neat pdf. I have no clue if it will work or not, but I can't see why it's not worth the try



If you have a waifu in any aspect (here's looking at you, succubus posters), then it's a clear indication you're not mentally stable. Even watching anime throws many a victim into weeaboo purgatory…an unforgivable degeneracy.

Stop making up imaginary women to mentally and physically masturbate over. In any case, accept that you have failed sexually, and are undesirable to any female. Commit to celibacy and live a fulfilling life, or clean yourself up and seek a REAL wife.

This thread is… Pathetic.

~The Punished Druid


File: c4443a2938372db⋯.png (74.46 KB, 275x330, 5:6, 275px-Th16Reimu.png)

I don't worship waifus for I think worshipping anything is degenerate and weak but there is nothing wrong with normally just having normal waifus. It's better than dealing with 3dpd women at least. Either go complete celibate or fap to waifu but dont worship like a cuck. Hell you can even have a harem of waifus and be fine as long as they worship you instead of you them



>uses a signature on an image board

>this thread is pathetic

You need to go.


File: 4cdc1ea6f788c84⋯.jpg (330.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault-1.jpg)


the common "I have the demiurges cock in my mouth at all times" reply

File: 1468033905868.jpg (184.07 KB, 2866x2396, 1433:1198, element-hand.jpg)


If you want to astral project then imagine yourself outside of your body. That is all that is required. This immediately places your awareness within a thoughtform on the mental planes. All the various techniques of astral projection that are described are just different ways to imagine this. You can sit down tonight and think up hundreds of different ways to imagine this and carry it out yourself, you don't need to go around asking people to give you examples like the rope technique and so on.

>but no it can't be that simple

It is that simple. There is no need to over-complicate this.

>but I can't imagine for shit

Then you need to develop your imagination. Make use of all the senses and imagine different things. Create thoughtforms and pay attention to how your emotions, intent, and beliefs change how these thoughtforms can operate. Use thoughtforms for EVERYTHING.

>but I want to remote view or remote influence people/places/situations in this world and timeline

Then you need to imagine that. Do this through the intention to be out of your body and viewing something within a given time and place. If your intention is to prove astral projection doesn't real or if you are plagued by doubts and negative emotions which make you feel it can't be done, you need to get over that.

>but I have no faith and I'm a cynical skeptic

Practice raja yoga and discover your real self and the powers of that real self. Seek out experiences that will prove to you the reality of perception of distant scenes and related occult phenomena. Study idealist philosophy and seek logical proofs and metaphysical explanations that make the reality of astral projection easy for you to accept. Convince all aspects of your mind from the intellect to the gut-feeling to the emotional and so on of the reality of what you can do when you put your will to it.

>bullshit occultist! bullshit occuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

170 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Once you experience it, you know. It’s like night and day.



Okay anon {•~•}


File: 808708aef3aa91d⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 1029x830, 1029:830, Flammarion_Woodcut_1888_Co….jpg)


Basically this:>>126130

You'll know. When you daydream you know you have been daydreaming and when you are in your normal "real" waking state you know that you are normally awake and in reality. It's obvious. It's just as obvious when you finally manage to AP for real, it will be absolutely nothing like daydreaming or fantasy/imagination. It will be real…and not merely real, it will be even more real than your normal waking experience in reality. To give an example: Daydreaming is a glitchy nonsensical fuckfest in 480p, your normal wake experience in reality is 1080p 60fps experience and AP is glorious 4k 120fps experience. Your mind will be blown, you will know. It's more real than "real".

When you are in trance you should aim to remove your mind/awareness from your body completely. Thee are some techniques like climbing with a rope out of your body, rolling out of your body or imagining yourself in a thoughtform body outside or your physical body. The only purpose of those techniques is is make you forget your physical body completely. Don't move it, don't feel it, don't even focus and unfocus your eyes behind your closed eyelids. Don't focus on tinglings in your feet or stuff like that. You can get only out of body when your awareness is completely removed from it. That's why all those techniques are there, to distract you from your body and make you completely forget about it. The more details you imagine outside of your body, the more senses you engage outside of your body, the easier it will be to completely forget your physical body and free yourself from it.



Thanks for the insight. Would one be able to interact with the outside world while AP?


I must be having so much trouble with AP because I have never done it in a past life. New skills are hardcore.

File: 9e3f6ed6c355394⋯.jpg (858.59 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, girl-2073807_1920.jpg)


She has been nudging me. She wants this to spread. Since her appearance earlier this year, her power and influence has grown exponentially. Right now it's impossible to predict how much she can do.

She did appear as a result of a rather mediocre ambition; to save some time and let the magic spread automatically. What does "automatic" really mean? A machine must be powered by something, a force of nature. Be this a burning fuel, water flowing in a stream, or nuclear power. It all comes from nature anyway. What power comes from nature and takes on a humanoid form in its interaction with humans, will be known as an elemental.

Alissa brings immortality, she can only be called THE element of immortality. She is the only one today.

21 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 00b9bb0484b70d2⋯.jpg (145.28 KB, 700x700, 1:1, l-4593-no-u-the-card-game-….jpg)


Wew lad, you almost make it sound as if in comparison other fringe anons here who did not partake in the spell are somehow mentally sound and not crazy…

How about you share your own definition of what is mentally sound and what not? I always love hearing other peoples oppinions, especially on fringe.


File: 00872d62f78a877⋯.png (134.98 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 00872d62f78a877007deb72f2f….png)


You just want opinions that you can lash out against and insult. Isn't your 2 day binge drinking shitposting spree over? Here's your (you) again, faggot.

Pic related. It's (you), kid.

~The Faggot LARPer Druid.



His energy signature was definetly something else. Very strong but not only that, there was something more to it that I can't even describe. Maybe I am just not used to encountering such advanced/powerful signatures around here.

Judging from this I agree that he would be a good magic caster.


File: 3f30b69fa944828⋯.jpg (733.58 KB, 1219x1167, 1219:1167, 1537202109704.jpg)

File: 507c13ac41feff2⋯.jpg (783.87 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1537341120373.jpg)

(sorry for double post)


You could have at least tried harder and post one of those pics instead (or both). They do me better justice.



Fuck, that was me before I discovered the reality of magic. Literally the first one, and I was 27, too.

I miss Blood Anon-chan btw.

File: c75bfa058d7c733⋯.jpg (91.52 KB, 720x916, 180:229, CfH1UkmUEAQ9SiT.jpg)


I have been helping people all my life. I listened to what they have to say, I gave them advice, provided them help but most importantly I gave them hope. In the process I neglected myself. I spent awful lot of time and energy listening to what others have to say. It was not worth it since those people never improved.

No one ever has any interest in what I have to say though, not even myself. But now I realized how much I neglected myself, and I want to forgive myself for it, but how can do that? It's a super strange feeling, I just realized this last night. The picture I posted depicts how I feel. I am incomplete because I gave away everything I had, I always felt worthless so I helped others instead. Sorry if this is offtopic or something but I don't know where else could I post it. I have no one to talk to. You see I was always there for everyone but when I need help I never get any, not even a conversation. I was always a listener but I no longer want to be just a fucking thrashcan where people throw all their problems then move on.

Dear fringe, can you give me some advice or just discuss it? How can I make up for all those wasted years?

Lesson I learned: people are fucking stupid, help only your close friends/family

14 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Offline indie and oldschool games my friend. No need to waste time with the same online crap and subject yourself to the braindead hordes.


>I'm just happy I've never been such a low-level waste like you.

How lucky you are. It seems like I didn't have that luck to be spared of this fate


I see you are on a mission to make this board a better place. What a herculean task…but go ahead. I wish you good luck.



Well, if mine is a hurculean task, then what are YOUR intentions here? If you don't desire to acquisition of knowledge, and to hold civil discussions with those who deserve it, for there are many deserving people on this board, then I suggest you take your sour attitude elsewhere and go feed the Demiurge your loosh from the corner of your room… Alone.

I do have a feeling of where your coming from, though. Have you been here for awhile and are fed up with a lot of the nonsense? I can see why someone would lash out everywhere if most of everything posted here (these days) is all autistic trash.



You forgot to add "~The cuckold larper" at the bottom of your post. Just tought I'd remind you. What the fuck is this anyway, some sort of impersonation of epyc wynns aborted bastard child?

>then what are YOUR intentions here?

I come out once every few months and drunk shitpost for 1-2 days, then I'm out again. This time I saw this pathetic thread that would be better off just posted as a comment under some Teal Swans video or just told to that guys local psychiatrist and I just couldn't resist rustling this guys jimmies. I don't know who the fuck you are tho and when or why you have appeared here. Your posts in the suicide thread are all nonsense btw, god forbid someone actually may believe that crap. But sadly this is the state of fringe now.



You helped others because it's easier to push unsolicited and solicited advice on people instead of doing what you preach yourself. I was in the same boat years ago. Stop trying to vicariously save yourself by saving others, even if the hope is that they will return the favor and help rescue you. It won't happen because then you'd develop a dependent relationship and it's the wrong lesson for humanity.

You need to develop independence. Forgiving yourself is a great way to start. In healing such of this, I've attended Shamanic workings of group guided meditation on soul-loss and retrieval to connect with your past-self to receive your own forgiveness and love; if they were ready for it. Some of us weren't ready for forgive. Some of us were prevented by our own demons. Some of us realized we can only heal ourselves.

You may find this interesting:


Let go of trying to save those around you because it's harder to face and care for yourself. People you meet will be projections of your own situations. Until you fix yourself, the people you run into won't be fixed either.


>You don't have to forgive yourself like a fucking pussy.

You reek of self-avoidance and false machismo. Self-forgiveness is one of the most important self-healing there is and can be the easiest. Why would such a machismo be afraid of confronting themselves again with love, compassion and understanding? Who are you trying to impress? Who are you trying to prove yourself to so you don't have to do this self-work?

You sound more afraid than confident.



No, sadly this is the state of (you). I've been around the fringe boards lurking, reading, studying. I used to post threads for the BOND, but have since stepped away. You can insult me all you want, but I don't see how you're doing any better by apathetically shitposting. But be my guest, tip that bottle back a bit more and you might be able to see the reflection of a sad man at the bottom.

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