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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: c5bdf31c7a792be⋯.jpg (361.84 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180606-031155….jpg)

File: 798c37c67e7078b⋯.jpg (324.67 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180606-032124….jpg)


I took this picture from a still of a video I shot about mind control after realizing the energy was something divine. Stare at the right eye of the man. See God? Now look at the energy, going into infinity, the patterns on either side. Look at the top left and see the millions of concious beings coming out in a concentric pattern from the ALL in sacred spacing. I know it is just TV pixels, but the pixels create a grid for light which is energy which is God to come through. I think we are looking at something much deeper here. Possibly even the meta0hysical level my mind parses reality, or the matrix. Tell me what you think!!

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Can you please explain that picture? What does it mean?



all this asshole does is roam /x/ and /fringe/ and call people schizophrenic.

it's the new

>take your meds

get banned you son of a bitch



It means that that crazy cat Garfield is about to perpetrate some mischief.



Implying "indirect".

Implying I am being afflicted by "indirect attacks" as if you folks were anything noble.

Perhaps you are confusing this term with "iniquity".

You may be familiar with the phrase "workers of iniquity".



I'm schizophrenic and even I can tell that's just retarded

File: b17463f7652ed0f⋯.png (226.18 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, arthur-schopenhauer-quote-….png)


Never love anything so much that you lose sight of God.

Explanation: God who is perfection of all virtues is the only love of the wise. The moment one loses sight of God and mixes up the love of the world (the manifestation) the soul becomes corrupt with impure influences.

If you ever love your wife or a woman more than God she will become a source of misery for you. It is the same for work, research, cultivation, your people and your nation. All these things fall short of the standard of god and the love of them is sinful.

However if you love only god then you have a love that can never fail, that is unchanging, that is present with you always, and that will be channeled through everything you do. If you keep god in mind as you go through the work of life then you will forever be living in his grace, blessed in all your operations, and in having sight of god in every person you speak with and everything your hand touches you will lend nothing of your strength to the wicked and the evil and the good will grow in yourself and all you influence.

Never do, think, or be moved by anything other than Virtue.

Take every opportunity to grow the good in others and they will become dominated by virtue. Waste your efforts in resisting evil and it will only grow. Like begets like; holy love sanctifies all.

The love of god is only for the things that are of God and nothing else. The love of god is not blind. We must leave behind the things that are not of God (aka Virtue). God's love is the only love that purifies and brings things into their correct order.

You must know yourself apart from your vices, apart from corruptible substance, apart from your thoughts; and knowing your self you will cease to be identified with anything other than the spirit (actual self) and be not subject to a false image. You are the image of God.

The love of God is corrective, it is the love of the father, who knows what is Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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bump. no new discussion on this??



At least some of it is definitely shilling. Especially the shitheads going on and on about how 'everything is to be taken literally'. I have reached a new understanding of things of late. I spent the last about 2 years digging my ass off into the ancient religions and trying to piece together the "proto-european religion" i.e. the religion that existed in Europe before the vedics exodus'd to northern india. And in doing so I have come to the conclusion that the truth exists in all texts, not just religious… i.e. the Truth is everywhere, even within lies exists the truth. This is why the truth shall be revealed to he who seeks it. The truth is all around us, it is within us and without us, the Truth is God.


What if the love you feel for someone else, that is returned fully, is good?



*Is God



that was a beautiful way to put it anon.

File: c89327e87be4810⋯.webm (3.28 MB, 1272x531, 424:177, old suitcase.webm)


Has anyone on fringe really gone beyond calm darkness when it comes to meditating?

I've been reading Introduction to Magic by Evola and following his (& the UR groups) advice recently. I've meditated for longer than I have been aware of any supernatural consequences of meditation, and I have yet to go beyond being calm and then usually either falling asleep of feeling extremely awake.

The best experience I've had so far was one night I had extreme angst, the kind that manifests physically. From one second to another, once my breathing stopped being conscious, the angst turned to equally great euphoria, which I gave me a small insight into the things I've read on Alchemy (and Hermeticism).

But I've yet to see any colors let alone different realities.

Would the few of you who have experienced something beyond "normie meditation" be willing to share these experiences?

How did you reach these states of consciousness?

How do you discern dreams from delving into your mind?

Has anyone on /fringe/ gained the wisdom of the waters?

Is there any point in keeping this up?

I will expect a ban for asking questions, but hopefully someone will still provide some answers.

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Big problem with the whole "you can control your whole reality" thing. Does that mean you're the nigger that allows oppression and countless Wars go on? You people forget what being in control means after a small success in the occult. If you were powerful in anyway youd be far from this board and hated by humanity for being a god amongst suffering men. Do you people that believe you're in control of reality ever consider you're the reason why hopeless mundanes suffer?


Follow this video from start to end. It will release the naturally occuring DMT in your brain.


45 minutes. Lie down. Breathe all the way in(ALL the way in, all air you can get in your lungs), let go(relax, let the air flow out, don't push it out - but don't let all of it go) - repeat this in a circular fashion 30-40 times. On the last inhalation go all the way in, let go and then stop. Hold your breath. When you feel the need for air hold it for a count of at least 10-20 seconds longer(push thru the fear), then inhale all you can, and hold your breath now for 10-20 sec.

Rinse and repeat.

You will see colors and/or geometries.



Was it jhana?


About two years ago, I listened to Hemi-Sync (courtsey of the Monroe Insitute's media page) and I immediately began to feel vibrations/pressure/fluttering in the centre of my forehead after a brief spell of "pain" which a poster described above; I can control and stretch this range of sensation. It automatically starts up when I'm even remotely relaxed. I can even see flashes of light and golden orbs, weirdly, when in the shower. It really feels like I just have to focus more on the right spot in my brain.



Like you wouldn't believe.

File: e45c9381e4174df⋯.jpg (342.48 KB, 843x1034, 843:1034, 1477957824269.jpg)


So, I decided to get into Corpus Hermeticum since it's one of the first things shilled by modern gnostics after the Nag Hammadi library (which I'm already familiar with).


And right in the second chapter I bear witness to this:

>Wherefore child-making is a very great and a most pious thing in life for them who think aright, and to leave life on earth without a child a very great misfortune and impiety; and he who hath no child is punished by the daimons after death.

>And this the punishment: that that man’s soul who hath no child, shall be condemned unto a body with neither man’s nor woman’s nature, a thing accurst beneath the sun.

>Wherefore, Asclepius, let not your sympathies be with the man who hath no child, but rather pity his mishap, knowing what punishment abides for him.

So, explain in to me please why the hell does the gnostic community approve of this demiurgery that basically spits on celibate/monastic lifestyle?

Or is it some kind of twisted "allegory" that I don't get?

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Everything follows cause and effect. Everything follows the principles. If it does fix itself it'll have to have SOME sort of cause. But what with the collective opinion of the remaining world being "fuck whitey" and with the only potential magic users orchestrating the whole thing then I reckon we'd be fucked.


File: 6ce6ae419330844⋯.mp4 (5.7 MB, 480x360, 4:3, disney_Zeus_vs_the_titans.mp4)


>Do you think these things have a way of balancing themselves out naturally?

Well, yes. And no.

Good will win, in the end. But if you, yourself, don't strive to make it, then you'll eventually be absorbed by the Darkness that is to be defeated by the Good. Darkness is contempt to only exist and Consume. It's passive, and identical to the forces of Nature. Instinct without direction. Only Good strives and wills towards a higher Order, and only Good can will towards a higher Order.

When people say "yeah, things just balance out dude" , they usually mean it an excuse : "it's okay to smoke weed and don't do shit all day, Good will win anyways. then you'll get all the shit free without having done any of the work and effort. Like, effort is for losers man, chill."

Not so. You can see, it's not quite a lie. It's worse. It's a half-truth.



Fancy talk but makes no sense at all when you think about it from a wizards perspective. Please explain clearly what you mean by "Darkness" and "Good" and how it affects someone dependend on what he does.

Because without further explanation is sounds like another lame attempt at "do as I say and go to heaven, or disobey and go to hell" of which we had so many recently.


File: 35f2103a87e5938⋯.jpg (98.81 KB, 746x699, 746:699, 31958864_365720637253113_6….jpg)



So are you just defining good as that which strives towards a higher order then? Because I can be very evil and still strive for a higher order.

File: 03cab4f246dde58⋯.png (207.77 KB, 713x585, 713:585, 1508243176041.png)


What does it mean? I have it since 2015

i need to know more google is not really helping i found reare good infos

pic related some interesting from some $$ kaballah book i couldnt find a free pdf

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Thank you for the link! Shawn's art seems familiar, reminds me of the intricate works of Paul Laffoley. What strikes me personally is the use of eyes throughout the work - patterned into the whole. Did you find a relation to any symbolism within his pieces?

Glad to hear you also have a positive experience with the frequency videos, I've found them to help - but also working towards finding definitive proof of their assistance by tracking EEG behaviour with OpenBCI equipment. Hoping that if we can determine exactly what's going on, we can figure out external ways to influence the waves more strongly. I have a hunch that gamma is overlooked, I hope to see if they compliment theta in any capacity. Or it'll be debunked, and we can move on to another idea. Win-Win?

I'd be interested to hear a more detailed description of the girl in your vision. Do you think the upper face and the lower face belong to the same entity? Any emotional expression?

I asked about the landscapes because my most prominent dreams take place in the same locations. Within those places, I feel the presence of other people - at first I was under the impression they were all deceased, as an entity I come into frequent contact with lead me to believe they were science fiction author Philip K Dick. It was so bizarre to me, because I met "him" before knowing who he was or what he had to do with my own interests. I only knew of Blade Runner as a film, and that his name was mentioned on the back of William Gibson's "Neuromancer" - now I'm obsessed with his works, for a lack of a better term. Reading his novels and transcribing his Exegesis have become a central part of my life. I was also lead by a different entity to study the works of Goethe, especially the "Faust" poetry - but also his scientific studies. I was influenced by another different entity to delve into Pre-Socratic philosophy, Heraclitus to be exact. My music tastes have expanded incredibly, also - far beyond the limited tastes I had beforehand. I feel that after the night of December 1st, 2012, I ceased to be alone. I feel like I blend with entities in my dreams, and for the better - I've actuallyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 2fc4b13d7da0302⋯.pdf (1.34 MB, AwakeningTheThirdEye - Sam….pdf)


I am back. Let's see what we can find out.

>What's your view on Jungian topics such as the "collective unconscious"?

Carl Jung is a good source to study, much like Alan Watts mainly because they were both involved with real philosophy and the metahphysical, occult phenomena and admitted them as real, unlike almost any other scientist, doctor or wannabe philosopher. Those were great guys actually who still had an open mind somehow (imo at least). The collective unconsciouness is defintely real from my own observations, but one can also call it the collective ego. Besides most individuals being egoistic/unconscious retards, when many of those get together they form this meta ego/unconsciousness and become like a hivemind, all individuals become bound by this meta ego in addition to their own egos. That is of course society, but can be anything where few or more people are involved. Religion, lodges, clubs, clans, guilds and so on. Isn't this why it is said of a real master to never be part of any group? The sage abhors any community because he is aware how this unconscious hivemind entangles all it's members and limits ones own freedom.

What's your oppinion of this? Maybe you don't agree with this at all.

>Have you ever had a spiritual experience or dream that played out symbolically, and then was later mirrored in waking reality with more tangible people/objects/locations?

I don't really know. I am not so advanced, or should I say aware yet that I can tell such things. I can hardly remember my dreams at all.

>Have you had recurring dreams of sublime landscapes or architecture?

>Sometimes it feels like there are other people, real people in the dreams, like a shared dream

Sometimes, but very rarely I have extremely vivid dreams that I have no trouble remembering at all. Those dreams seem to be of a completely different order than normal dreams. A lot of times in such dreams I get to visit the same magical, beautiful location where I would love to stay forever if I could. It feels ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.



After a long time of struggle, self-observation and making progress I realized the most two damaging factors imo that hinder you from progress on any spiritual undertaking, especially work on the third eye. And those are masturbation/ejaculation/wasting semen, and alcohol. When I was a mundane I didn't even notice the damaging effects of those two things. I would drink beer or harder stuff and not care at all. I would fap all the time and not even realize how much energy I waste with it. But after having done the work I am aware of this now, I can actually feel how damaging even one beer is. Normies do not comprehend this like I didn't before, but once you start the spiritual work you will exactly feel that even a little bit of alcohol can do great damage on both your physical body and your energy bodies. Same with masturbation. Now I feel how much energy you waste when you orgasm once. It's unbelievable…when you experience this it all makes sense why most of the masters are celibates, why monks value celibacy so much and why Gnostics say you should only waste semen when you make a child, and else never ever. Celibacy alone may open your third eye after a few months or years because you just keep storing the life energy without wasting it and you get filled with it more and more until all of your latent spiritua powers develop naturally, nurtured by the energy.

So, this is my personal advice to you. It may not apply to you because everyone is different, but you can at least experiment with it and pay attention to it. No wasting of semen and no alcohol will greatly benefit you if you work on your third eye. But of course you will have to confirm this yourself. For me it took years to finally realize this from own experience.

I wish you best of luck in your undertakings.



Post 1/2

Exactly! Sometimes it feels like I'm systematically losing respect for great people simply out of their dismissive attitudes towards incredible phenomenon. It's almost like they're supposing if it's something they personally can't make sense of, it's either unworthy or non-existent - what a level of hubris!! Passion for knowledge doesn't care about your intellectual standing among peers, they should be in a constant state of attempting to debunk themselves. Mistakes are precious, especially in a "blind" experience where you'd be unaware of the direction you want to aim in without the aid of setbacks. I agree with your ideas surrounding the collective ego, but I see it more like a "copy" of the collective unconscious that's been manipulated and warped by addicts to the "material" life - corporations, credit/debt, nonsensical social hierarchies - it's like the majority of people are anchored to the sick and malnourished hivemind, and maybe I'm going a little too tin-foil hat here, but I think that's the purpose of all those lodges and clans. Poison the subconscious mental connections we share, and divide the masses against one another. I'm naive enough to believe that if this power/control system wasn't in place, people are generally well-meaning. It's been like this forever, though - maybe it's just a more tangible scapegoat for the Demiurge. Remember that scene in "Men in Black"? A person is smart, but people-

>I don't really know. I am not so advanced, or should I say aware yet that I can tell such things. I can hardly remember my dreams at all.

It's funny you say that, I wouldn't consider that to be reflective of being inadvanced. It's a responsible mindset to adopt, seems beneficial to filter our experiences. Often times I doubt and repress an experience until it re-appears many times, and then worry that it ever even happened. Then again if something resonates with a deep-seated desire, I'll cling to an incredibly weak coincidence. Being self-aware doesn't stop me from it simply, haha.

>They are legit astral travels during sleep. Travels into hyper reality.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




Post 2/2

Your vision of Sophia sounds like an archetypal experience, perhaps because you're attributing it to her it makes it so? Or maybe that's my own wishful thinking. Philip K Dick had a vision of Hagia Sophia coming to him in the form of Linda Ronstadt, and he incorporated it into his VALIS novel. Did you feel that the cold piercing sensation was a judgement, or more of an attention-gripping awareness? I can understand the temptation to dismiss it as a hallucination, but when you mentioned the face it reminded me of a discussion online speculating whether the "fun fact" claiming you can't invent unique faces in dreams has any truth to it. If her face was unrecognizable as someone you know personally, it could mean something. Or, it could be the face of someone you forgot or even an invented face because the factoid is bunk. Who knows, heh.

Honestly I'm not advanced by any means, for instance I didn't have a firm understanding about what is truly meant by a 3rd eye opening until this thread. Although I have dreams and "experiences", or so I believe at times, I don't know how to analyze them without attributing extra meaning. Don't be sorry about the questions, it's better to be honest about the reach of knowledge we possess. The conversation is more important.

The book you've enclosed has been enlightening so far, it strengthens the validity of these sensations and provides exercises that don't seem redundant or nonsensical as many other sources do. It's enjoyable that it doesn't come across sugar-coated, too. I'm only 1/3rd through though, so I guess that's the first impression.

I agree 100% with you about how damaging alcohol is to this process. All of my lowest points have been achieved due to going on a bender, and the withdrawal that follows. The celibacy comes easy to me, I don't even have to try. I'm unfamiliar with the differences between our physical bodies and energy bodies, so I'll be looking that up in the meantime. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 6d6be0e6470042f⋯.jpg (15.88 KB, 300x460, 15:23, Franz Bardon.jpg)


just finished "Initiation into hemetics" by Franz Bardon.what are your thoughts on Bardon? has anybody progressed with his methods?

6 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



not worth my time



Because you are a pathetic faggot. Just talk and nothing behind it.

I bet you whine about Bardon and IIH because you failed at it and now you need to blame someone. Just face it, you are a braindead mongrel who will never even be 1% as good as Bardon was. Now fuck off


File: f41358419144627⋯.png (64.69 KB, 625x626, 625:626, cff.png)



He's fairly easy to understand as an introduction to "occultism." But in general remember not to take anyone's word as gospel unless that person's appearance to give you advice is miraculous in itself.



>who will never even be 1% as good as Bardon was

Not being fat already makes you better than Bardon. He's not exactly a tough act to follow.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


One of the most frequent concepts spoken of in esoterics, in fact its probably the one thing that all of the various schools agree on, is that whether it be God or the universe or some other phenomenon there exists something that causes the words of man to be influenced.

In the bible it is said that "God speaks through the hand of the Ready Writer" and that "His word shows in our Good Works" whereas in other schools it is seen as an underlying universal code that is channeled or manifest when we perform actions that would capture it.. This explanation is a bit weird to explain its like imagine that there is a 'system code' like in the movie the matrix, that flows everywhere and when we put pen to paper or water to cement mix, when we create anything, the code that is 'flowing by at that moment in the spot that the pen touches paper' is captured within the work.

There are other explanations as well, but where there are many different understandings of it, there is one thing that is agreed… this 'thing' exists.

But, here is where it gets complicated… This thing works through even the uninitiated. The only requirement is that one sits down and 'puts their soul into their work'. If someone completely unaware of the esoteric sits down to write a poem or paint a picture or build a statue, whatever, as long as they are trying to create something that is new, not a copy, and are trying to make it really high quality, something that hopefully many will enjoy, the eye of the adept will look upon their work and see that it is extremely profound and entirely relevant to the esoteric.

Now, what is complicated about that is… the adept can sit down and do the same thing. But the fact that he is already adept leaves open the question, is he channeling what he knows in order to deceive others who are starting to become aware of this 'phenomenon'? If that is the case, how many adept are writing books or other works with the aim of deceiving? How many are doing such things trying to help? And how many are completely oblivious to the profoundness of their words?

For now, I am going to focus on songs. Have you evePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

22 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 7ace350721cbed6⋯.jpg (173.52 KB, 1015x1113, 145:159, smartnessisreallygood.jpg)


"One of the best things about life is jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0000000000000000000000000000000000000()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()(){}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{[][============][]}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}_____________________________you___________________are_________________doing_________________very________________well________________


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Tool is definitely a good example. What really go my attention, when I first started noticing this a while ago, is that it's not relegated to just bands like tool or pink floyd. To the contrary, its hard to find a song that ISN'T about the mythos.


You are welcome. Isn't it fascinating how something as simple, and easily overlooked as mundane music can offer a higher perspective?




>such low effort, pleb as shit maymays

You are a flea.



> low key, well done

Loki! Now you're cookin!

Lot of this shit is about MK because music scene has ALWAYS been thick with it. Even "country / western" going way back.

P.S. it's no wonder that nearly all the "witnesses" who "saw" JFK's assassination* had doppelgangers in the Nashville music scene.

*(actually just an awesome fun 'Death of the King' ceremony foretold even in Marylin & John's birth charts; Occultists should BE partying in commemoration of the amazing display).

If you really know the capabilities of the system and how it churns out perverts even against their will then a lot of this crap like the podesta-tier gals & "can't control shakes", "wish i didn't like this" and "open mind for a different view" etc. makes sense.

Any idiot can post cryptic lyrics and say "indeed" trying to sound smart / cool. Actually tell us what you think individual lyrics are referencing precisely if you know something. Otherwise you're just being a dumb poser.

< It's all about mai goddu sempai, notice me!

Give me a fucking break.

But back on the ACTUAL topic of THE WORD:

> This WORD holds always but humans always prove unable to understand it, both before hearing it and when they have first heard it. For though all things come to be in accordance with this WORD, humans are like the inexperienced when they experience such words and deeds as I set out, distinguishing each in accordance with its nature and saying how it is. But other people fail to notice what they do when awake, just as they forget what they do while asleep.

> For this reason it is necessary to follow what is common. But although the WORD is common, most people live as if they haPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



always remember that the word of God comes straight from God.

flow in the zone to flow with the force of God.

related to the music stuff you guys are talking about (btw has some nice music above it if anyone cares)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

another example of mundane seeming songs talking about something absolutely not mundane

File: a68ffa1df6d76e1⋯.jpg (877.97 KB, 1580x954, 790:477, mayan-stars.jpg)


Remember that We Are Always Free, Sovereign, Divine, Inmortal, Eternal, Unlimited and Non-limited Beings.

The Mayans predicted, using one of their complex calendars, an "end of the world" and a start of a new one (a new cycle, more rather). Most of the ones who saw the 2012 hype, however, did not realize that, in case that change did not come instantly, there would be a transition period between the old and the new age. This also had happened with the other ages as they have been described by the Mayans.

The most common and shortest duration of this period is of 5 years. It's going to end globally in some hours. Once it happens, We Will Be Free! Free from what? From the corrupt demiurgic false light/darkness duality, the nwo and all such preponents!.

When it ends, a liberation period will begin, in which the remnants of the old age are truly removed. This may take up to the end of 2018. Once that time ends, We Are Definitely Free.

The year of 2018 also coincides with the ending of many ancient and very long cycles, and with particular dates of some cycles which have not ended, but just progressed. For example in this latter category, the "photon belt" as the bibliotecapleyades describes (although the "belt" may be of the false light, I trust swathes of the bibliotecapleyades), and many others.

Relating to this, >>112478 has material.


33 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



You gnosticucks are the eternal whiners who think they got it all figured out.

Fucking roleplayers.



The Gnostic posters here are the only ones whos brains seem to function at least a little bit. You bullshit occultist are just jaelous that you won't be able to get as much insight and wisdom in 100 lifetimes as the average Gnostic poster here has. I feel pity for you blind degenerate.


File: 9b64d6b4536c0ab⋯.jpg (57.49 KB, 700x466, 350:233, itsmagicbaby.jpg)


>you won't be able to get as much insight and wisdom in 100 lifetimes

But what a ride it'll be


did it transition yet?



Im a gnostic, but Christian Gnostic is the closest flag this board has. Having an open gnostic conduit connects you to more than just "god" but a lot of people dont wanna accept that.

Look at the past ages and cross them by their opposites.

Pisces by Cancer explains the feels oriented illusion age we just left, and Aquarius by Leo explains the current age. You cant tell me Im wrong on that unlesd youre just ignant

File: 1b3109bc188c16b⋯.jpg (337.5 KB, 1013x1432, 1013:1432, 91cf70c4808d7723ca2185d240….jpg)


(1/2)Looking at ancient history, in the Roman Empire and ancient Greece, there was no feminism worth mentioning. Women had little power and were only seen as mothers and cooks, whose place was in the back rooms or second floor of a home. Why did they have no power? My analysis of what components enables feminism comes down to two things:

>homosexual men

>a culture which shames homosexual men

Both of these are necessary for feminism to exist, remove either and it will collapse. Let me explain by using the example mentioned in another thread on this topic. Why do I consider Alice Cooper to be a symbol of anti-feminism or healthy masculinity? First off, to clear up any possible misconceptions; he is married, has 3 children and is an outspoken christian, despite what impression he may make he is tradional in his family life.

Now what are the issues that I see him solve? He's a good example because it's very open and clear. On stage he is enacting the role of the witch Alice Cooper, a supposed real historical figure who was executed for witchcraft. He is known by this female name but it is a stage persona and kept that way as a form of roleplay. Because of the clear distincion between personal life and onstage life, he is creating an outlet for his feminine side while at the same time controlling it and putting it in its place. The show even includes the execution of Alice with a mock beheading of the character on stage, further showing that this symbol of extreme femininity cannot be allowed to run rampant and must be killed.

A man who cannot control his feminine side will be overrun by it, it will turn on him and he will become homosexual, assuming a degenarated form of the female sexuality. If there is no culture in society shaming him, it will not lead to feminism, as shown in the examples of ancient Rome and Greece. Homosexuality was not an issue brought up for discussion, it was accepted and normal. Women were only used for procreation and procreative sex was just seen as useful but nothing more.

Now what happens if women in this situation are allowed to organize and work together outside of the role of mothers? They may come up with this idea; women are productive and giving birth, but what about those men who Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

40 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>I can't think of why I would ever have to know how to maintain a living space, cook food, or clean clothes.

Go back to /r9k/ and take your Diogenes syndrome with you.

>Degenerate flag

That's about right.


File: 2d429ed95f9dfdc⋯.jpg (163.21 KB, 736x834, 368:417, ec0aa0225d275cdbc9dbfa484b….jpg)

the Greeks famously went around the mediterranean wearing tight-fitted little summer tunics …


Funny how "compassionate" and "romantic" are being bandied about as "feminine" when men are clearly the most romantic and compassionate, even so subdued as to allow women to run all over them and shame them as "brutes".

This thread is bullshit because "feminine" traits are actually the masculine ones. A woman or child cries out, everyone comes running because it's a biological imperitive. A man cries out – even has his penis lopped off – people joke about it on late night TV. Mutilate a female genital or breast and it's a horror story no one dare laugh at.

Who is more compassionate?


Who is more sensitive? The woman who NEEDS you to speak about your feelings to understand them or the Men who wordlessly intuit feelings of others in order to size up threats and make sexual advances at women?


Think: Women passively attract mates, the male must be clued in to subtle flushing of lips and cheeks, and small mannerisms which belie her availability.

In every case the male is the embodiment of all the bullshit OP et. al. has dubbed "feminine".

This /thread is shit.



Very well said. Also, women are instinctive energy vampires (in its less subtle variant known as "attention whoring"). Probably why they live longer on average.



If you thought this thread was shit why did you bump it?

File: 1467306660928.png (1.46 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, kindness-heart-image-orgsp….png)


I'm not joking. I think giving lots of compliments and genuinely meaning them in the direction of everyone on and off every day is the one true magic of influencing people.

Maybe we've all be overthinking it and the one true magic was in the gift of kindness all along.

25 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



I think I found it!


http://lieske.com/5e.htm This is the index I think.



oh dang how did I not think to reverse image search.

Thanks g.



Excellent post & Great question.

I disagree with your sentiment but you're a beautiful person!



Disagree a lot op. I know too many people who talk to me only for the reason of compliments and affection, leaching off of me. Sure compliments are influencing, but they're ability to coax it out of me seems much more efficient



Maybe you should learn to resist their coaxing more effectively.

File: 8aac1964a1c5ad2⋯.jpg (6.76 KB, 413x307, 413:307, serveimage(17).jpg)


I have been wondering for a while, I thought I could find more information here. Forgive me if this isn't allowed here.

I noticed something really strange and noteworthy when I tried making a tulpa. And no this isn't a /x/ copypasta where it turned malicious. After a month when my tulpa was a hazy form in progress, I decided to draw her a second time after I first planned her out. A few months passed, and I lost free time, I had to take a break from working on the tulpa and she just kinda disappeared. I'm sure I would be able to start again anyways since she wasnt fully sentient or complete.

Eventually, I was writing some dreams down from when I was a kid, and all the sudden remembered that I had a dream about a woman that looked identical to the girl I forced myself into seeing.

In dream my mom got hit in the head with something (brick?) and my Dad ran away from home in anger and my mom started to cry and transform into this weird figure with just two black eyes, no mouth or nose. She looked almost identical to the tulpa. This was around 10 or 12 years beforehand.

So that lead me to wonder if these figures really live in your subconscious and aren't subject into our world until we allow it. Or is there more to tulpas? Are they archtype figures of a sort? I actually am starting to think they're familiar spirits as a possibility.

Is there any reading I where I can look into this sort of subject or concept? And is there any similar reports?

7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



What you suggest possible is telepathy by means of an astral servant of some sort then yes? I have not progressed deeply down the path of astral projection, and mostly studied meditation and esoteric alchemy as part of my understanding of cognition and theology As well as some Ericksonian hypnotic techniques. If I were to perceive such an occurrence I would need to replicate it and perform it in another's presence to to verify whether it is real or delusional.



I did not think a mental construct could physically turn on a light switch.



Well I can't say I remember too Much about why the dream Happened, since I was young. But it might of been during a time where I didn't have many friends. And there seems to be a "mood" between occurences, emotional mood, if that makes sense.

As for why, I mainly wanted to create someone as a partner, I get lonely and wanted someone to talk to or spend time with. I also wanted to test my abilities of meditation and focusing. Also, maybe even get to know myself a little better. I know she's real in my plane of thought, and it's nothing bad, I believe it's just that I'm learning more about myself.

That's all I can really say for now, things seem a little fuzzy still.



Well perhaps one could. We are made in the image of god and as so we can create. This may mean that that we can create mental complexes capable of affecting reality via some kind of quantum entanglement mechanism, A prospect I have not ruled out. Nevertheless it remains a construct of your mind and exists by your will.


Rather than trying to draw a tulpa you intend to keep. try drawing the same image but while knowing it is intended to represent the anima. The anima must eventually "die" in order for a man to remain healthy. then maybe look for her in your dreams and see if there are more clues provided. My initial impression is that you, like many others who are affected by the control matrix, are suppressing emotions out of a learned defense mechanism, which causes a loss of of emotionally derived energy. Search yourself, familiarize yourself with the archetypes and let them guide you, but remember that they are a part of you. Do some contemplation in nature, away from the matrix.



Yes. Odin was my spiritual guardian. And indeed, The All Father rose up in a time of great need and commanded my mind, fighting off the enemy forces and revealing universal truths kept by gods which I could not have known.

There is a secret obscured in the mostly BS new-age "channeling" crap. Spirits and that is aspects of deities inhabit forms they match.

Create within yourself the pattern and form of the being you wish to summon, and you may become it. This is also part of the druid / animist shape-shifting magic… They use beasts or magic trees for their "tulpas" and summon external powers into themselves to increase their own influence.

Stop saying the word "subconcious" unless you're a "subhuman".

File: 23519fb751ccd05⋯.jpg (81.51 KB, 750x952, 375:476, 817005fa2415600a1ef2b21837….jpg)


Why do I find a ton of information and articles on how to prevent day dreaming, but find nothing on how to train your imagination skills? Where would be the best place to look if I'm trying to make my inner experience as intense as our outer ones? I want to be able to completely live another life inside my head.

Are there like any communities or anything of the sort around this?

>inb4 that's not healthy

20 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Smiley or one of his neophytes?



your writing style is akin to smileberg, and you hate americans for some reason.

drown in semen :^)



def smiley. also bill hicks, amy winehouse, jim morrison and janis joplin are all jews lmao



Who decided what was a food and what was a drug? Is it wiser to jump into a fire or boil in a pot? If you knew what's in store for those in the cauldron, you would brave the fire. Survival of the fittest applies at all scales of this reality.

> if your thoughtforms are using yourself as the source of their energies

I know they don't have to.

If you are pregnant with thought forms try giving birth? If independent sentience can not exist then why do you care if more thought forms are made? If minds can have thoughts apart from one another then why leave them all in a single mind?

Where does the energy come from to advance the state of the universe into the future? Do you imagine this is a limited resource? Is there any reason to believe that time has ever stopped? How would you notice if it did?



> Something I've noticed is that I've had more frequent dreams of the former (places) rather than "fantasy" stuff that I haven't physically stood in.

The opposite is my experience. Usually have fanciful dreams. When people say shit like, "I dreamed friend X and I did plausible thing Y, LOL!" I feel sorry for them.

Example: Dreamed I defeated a nebulous million head hydra using clever tricks the ancient ones gave me. I became able to speak as an oracle sent by the gods. Woke up and actually knew a secret fundamental truth of the universe that Odin told me when he had borrowed my body.

Dream magic is powerful stuff. Try to embody concepts and conquer insurmountable odds: Once a brain parasite was enslaving my medieval village (I knew it was mine somehow). Everyone had the green shine of the mind virus. They were about to hold a festival in honor, no one could cum for a whole week though boy they were trying. At the "stroke of midnight" on the 7th day the screams of pleasure were heard rolling across the town, the mind parasite was fucking its minions. It came to me, ostensibly to enslave me through my lower mind, and instead I had a lusty spiritual battle using ethereal BDSM gear. I topped "her" from the bottom and chained the mind-slut; Fucked her so good she became my bitch. Woke up while debating, "Should I free the townspeople or have some orgiastic fun first?" (bet that bitch was trying trick me & ensnare me again).

Concentrating on militaristic endeavors and energy theory had me dreaming of being Percival. I had attained knowledge of the Holy Grail. Morigan's golden-child was an AI cyborg able to exude waveforms that caused drowsiness or anger. I led my stainless steel army against her (iron keeps out EM rays and can be polished to reduce laser damage). We wielded X-Caliber (X-Ray) weapons and destroyed the evil pylons scattered about the land. I was Merlin, but unlike the Authur Legend, King Authur was an actual Author who I had taught to rewrite destiny through meme magic. The AI was destroyed through false information. It coPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 9c55636980c0777⋯.jpg (572.17 KB, 1548x1802, 774:901, e3b8ebabbf3dbe597add729e5d….jpg)


I need to stop wasting time.

I have a huge stack of books, sites, philosophers, etc. I still need to get through. I have taken in a LOT of ideas over many years now and studied a lot of religions but still have more to go through.

The thing is I could die any day. Tomorrow these pains in my chest might do me in, my heart might stop, I don't know. Some other random shit could kill me. World War III could erupt and my city get nuked. Someone might frame me for some shit and I get thrown in jail and killed there by another inmate. In short; I don't have unlimited time to get through all this stuff.

I want to skip past the junk and get out of the maze I am in. I can stay in this maze of information for a long fucking time. There is a huge maze of information, so much stuff to process, that even though I've been dedicating all of my time and my life to this I am getting lost in speculation and arguments and deconstruction and other shit that might be impressing some people and completely over the heads of others but still falls way short of actual gnosis.

I honestly want to keep reading my books. I'm half way right now through one 600 page book on theology, and I have another book that's also 600 pages to complete, and many other books that are also fucking huge. I am getting frustrated though, this is NOT efficient.

I want to get in contact with god, an angel (translation: messenger of god), or any being that is adequately possessed of virtue and intellect considerably greater than my own that they can help me start making the best use of my life right now and help me skip past the noise and irrelevance and cut right to the heart of the matter. I am so fucking tired of books. I will finish the current theology book merely because I have to return it but I have a pile of other books and although I really wish I had a hundred or two hundred or three hundred years to just read all my books I want to read I don't and I need to stop reading now.

I stopped posting on or reading anything on this board for several months now btw so I don't even know what is going on in here. I felt IPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

23 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



You're right, and it's not just limited to those dirty hippies, either. I know this guy once who cut off his own pinky with a saw. Fucking saw users, they're just so stupid. God I hate the lazy idiots who use saws.



I want to agree with you but if that's the extent of your contribution, I really think you might want to look into the actual structure of how things work here. Practice is the name of the game and practice requires more than the tools themselves. I guarantee you that many people here would not be out of their depth during psychedelic experiences. "Just take mushrooms," while a good starting point, is only a part of the equation, it requires the right input to produce the right output.

There is a discipline to the use of psychedelics as there is a discipline to the direction and application of all ecstatic experiences. Every shaman ever has either been shown a discipline or has very quickly developed a functional discipline to it, given repeated use. It would be nice if just doing them was enough, but psychedelics can only work with what you give them.


try this out OP. I hope you like it, and it seems like just what you may need (assuming you resonate with it)





OP really really really need you to notice this. it's a great distillation and simplification of some very deep good stuff that can help you one on one with God in a better and cleaner way



Here, just read and understand Dune.


Spice = Any resource. Look up "hydraulic despotism" (which is applied to all resources, like spice) and learn why we don't live in sustainable communities (it's to control us via resource supply).

Ctrl+F the above link and search for "Religion of Dune", should be "Appendix II". This section describes how religion is used magically, breaks down religion-craft, which weaves a spell – the one you're trapped in.

Simply question every single thing you thought you learned and look for alternative theories. Soon you'll understand your place in the universe.


> I think since this is /fringe/ we can all agree at least that there is:

Noob, but go on…

> 1. A level or order of mind which is omniscient (all-knowing).

Bullshit. Just because you have a body doesn't mean you know all of it. You have a swarm of microbes in your gut that you are a "god" to, do you know about their goings on or merely feel hungry or occasionally need to shit? You're not omnicient, why should you assume that there is such a being?

> 2. That mind isn't an isolated, disconnected phenomena

You can draw a line of distinction anywhere you please but nothing in the universe is disconnected from anything else – that would be the creation of a separate universe if two things were not related. The Quantum Mechanic morons created multiple universes by assuming that the box does notPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 84aa22751ab691c⋯.png (2.26 MB, 2048x1410, 1024:705, to_the_ends_of_the_earth_b….png)


Because of the latest events happening in the world, a thread for inquiries of current challenges and obstacles laid out before us, could help uplift those who needs to know their next step.

People are waking up slowly and many are getting more depressed because they are ignorant to truth. Some are waking up to their 5th Dimensional ability and see beyond the veil for the world that we are creating.

There's impeding hunger need starting at 2020. Water is running below recommended ground levels. Plastic increases in food and water supplies because of laundry deterrents. Skies covered with thick fog and complete change in climate. Smog covering cities.

Are you dying? Are you living?

All those who goes against truth will die. Find truth.

There's a coming uphill that will be the "Great Filter" of our species. Interstellar movie scenario. Many wants to change; many want to change the world.

In this thread we talk about solutions to your problems and put a nail in the coffin once and for all. Make sure to not write personal information that can be linked to you, for your safety.

● What is your current [spiritual / life / personal] obstacle?

Lets heal it. Thank you.

pic related (and really nice highres)

66 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


My ears have been really bothering me lately.

I´ve got a loud ringing in my left ear, aswell as sensitivity to sound.

I find it hard to think clearly because of the ringing.

also Im worried about the whole situation.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>There's a coming uphill that will be the "Great Filter" of our species.

We control the weather. This isn't debatable anymore. Any such "great filter" is created by men on purpose. We changed the climate on purpose, it's creating better weather. Scaremongering is just "problem reaction solution" to manufacture consent for Carbon Tax (when H20 is #1 greenhouse gas).

Wise up to weather warfare


…Or fuck off.



>Follow natural law. All it really means is to not take that which isn't yours to take.

That's not a natural law. Does a falcon say, "Gee, I better not take that bunny, it's not mine"? No.

Everything I see is mine. That is the natural law.



File: db26c0893bb264b⋯.png (212.96 KB, 684x385, 684:385, 54983a00-f02d-4c1b-a5a1-a0….png)


>…Or fuck off.

Babby's first conpsiracy? Water, food, porn, sex, drugs, weather, politicians, media, bankers, terrorists, military, psyops and more, are controlled and designed to be carcinogenic to humans. They want people to die and they want them to die quickly after turning 65. They want low fertility so they can destroy countries with immigration. It's a revenge plan in the making, perhaps stretching back to before the Hellenistic and Egyptian empires.

If your country is one of the countries that have upset or discriminated against the face jews, Khazars, Ashekanzis, Cohens or others during the last 2'000 years, you are on their revenge list.

Stop eating processed foods. Stop drinking tap water. Stop using toothpaste, sunscreen, medicine, vaccines and other dependencies. Find holistic alternatives where you know the ingredients are not E-numbers extravaganza.

And when the trumpets sound loudly, be prepared with food and water to last for weeks.

File: b7fe857b1f32e41⋯.jpg (107.89 KB, 600x740, 30:37, PPYC01.jpg)


If you have any inkling of god-devotion, you are on the right-path. It doesn't matter what you call God, he doesn't mind.

Now, I will compile a list of good traditions, that are not watered down or corrupted, so you can make use of this devotion, towards knowing the reality of God.

It is up to you what path you favour but the key is being Initiated in real life, to actually build up momentum and practice. I will elaborate on what the nature of a 'good' tradition is, afterwards. You can argue with me If you like too.

For one, If you have meditated a bit, you can see easily in the pictures of these people they are genuine, you can sense the peace radiating from them. Even from their followers. Try them for yourself at least.

Authentic Hinduism / Yogic Lineages [All these people attained Samadhi, and Nirvikalpa Samadhi i.e Union with God]

> Yogananda (Watch the film about him on Netflix or read Autobiography of a Yogi. His life was blessed with the divine)


> Sivananda (He compliments Yogananda quite well)


> Karunamayi


> Ramana Maharshi (The principles of guru-devotion and chastity, strongly present in his life and background)


> Anandamay



Authentic Buddhism [Non-commercialised streams, emphasing continence, and moral conduct in order to attain Liberation]

> Theravada Buddhism lineage of Ajahn Chah (others in Theravada are good too)

> Vipassana Course Burmese Tradition (They offer free 10 day courses, to learn Vipassana meditation, all over the world. Look at old meditatorPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


Read Sivananda more thoroughly. He advocates the opposite of what you're saying, if by celibacy you mean no sex.


Human: wow I don't want random people suffering

Religious Idiot: yes! God! God! Not you, not humans, my imaginary friend!

You had a awful run. Now fuck off. That word is so fucking annoying. It's on the same level as cooties. If you want/still need to play this dumb ass game then return to the "learning why being a megolomaniacal douche with unjustified delusions of grandeur which give you control over every being in the universe" dimension. This is the evolution dimension. We like things like yoga, meditation, and music, not worshiping a statue you made of a "divine leader" who is actually your ego. The sooner you let it die the sooner we can get to actually solving problems and getting everything religion promised us. You are wasting my time by making me restate this over and over, and I only have like probably 2/3 of a life left so please for fucks sake just shut the fuck up about the names you give your ego!



I have solved problems by just staring at them long enough. There are a billion Christian's with enough room in their houses to house every homeless person on the planet. They will throw away takeout food that could have fed the entire world. There is fucking nothing to your schizophrenic gay debunked bullshit. Fuck Jesus. Fuck the pope. Fuck assigning magical days of the weak as days where we have to worship a fucking loser. If I see someone suffering I go wow that's bad they need help, I don't go "man, if only that person worshipped me, maybe I would help them.

Go through the long painful process of admitting you are full of shit and transfer anything positive towards systems that aren't psychotic, like GASP treating others the way you want to be treated, which solves everything



Buddha is a complacent moron who seeks to be an unplucked string.

Buddha tasted the high pleasures of the palace and the lows of the starvation cults. Then chose a middle way after seeing an elder man teach a young one how to tune a stringed instrument: Too tight the string snaps, too loose the string makes no sound.

But Buddha was a fool. He ignored his own path! He tasted both high and low before telling everyone to be complacent and serene. How can you know the range of notes the string can play if you are not willing to risk the string snapping under pressure, or if you won't pluck at a limp thing.

How can you unify opposites if you avoid tasting either opposite?!

Celibacy is for fools who have no self control. Sensation need not drive thirst unless you're some half enlightened nitwit who is a slave to temptation.

All this crap is for the mundane. What is more godly? A perfectly motionless constantly dead line of existence, or a wildly vibrating harmony that sings with all the spectra of life?

Krishna is a slut for death, seeking to remove oneself from all things life. Jump in a volcano if that's your path.



It's really interesting watching everyone bounce around between sith and jedi teachings and then trying out the whole gray jedi thing and then suddenly realizing that there's almost endless different flavors of that gray jedi thing and then rediscovering a bunch of absolutes and going into new true paths and throwing away labels and making new ones and just rediscovering better and better versions of everything.

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