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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 67dcce25183586a⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 1000x1687, 1000:1687, 1490941656461.jpg)


I absolutely can't modify by physical means the appearance of my hair.

I started with stuff like lemon juice and vinegar and other lighter stuff to try to lighten my hair, being on the cautious side.

It never ever worked though.

So one day I decided, fuck it, I will just start using bleach. I read up some guides on the internet and I decided to use a bottle half-full with distilled water and half with bleach and to spray it on for less than the recommended time.

After doing that several times, it never worked, and so I increased the length. I went from like 15 minutes to an hour which was the time recommended in the guide I found online. The woman even had a vid of her bleaching her hair and she succeeded in 1 hour.

So I went past that time to about 2 hours of diluted bleach sitting on my head.

It STILL did not work at all. I read that I should be experiencing my skin turning red, some burning sensations, etc.

So I stopped using coconut oil and other stuff in my hair and instead used soap to strip all the oils I could from it and hopefully make my hair more vulnerable.

Well, guess what happened then? Fucking nothing.

So I started using just fully concentrated undiluted bleach. This stuff is hardcore. It drips on my towels and instantly discolours them. It did the same to one of my pants, just seconds of exposure and it went from black to a red rusty colour.

Again, starting with less time, and then increasing.

Still — nothing. So I started wearing a latex cap over it, hoping that would help.

After hours of sitting around with bleach on my hair and a latex cap, the only thing that got bleached was the latex cap. So I repeated again immediately, thinking maybe the issue was spacingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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OP I demand that through your life you collect all of your hair and build an indestructable armor. Well, indestructable by anything but scissors. In fact find a way through genetic science to replicate your hair so you can build more armor. Then use your power of invincibility to reshape socienty!



Fuck you shitposting is an amazing reason.



to be fair, there's some asshole reviving dead threads w/ utter shitposts


Reminder that OP is retarded

Bleach is not used to "bleach" ones hair, nor is any of the other substances he mentioned.

Do your research before using chemicals to try shit.


God controls everything, even free will- but there is no reason to jew yourself by being negative. basically, let God take control and be positive.

File: be70becbd7914f4⋯.png (51.63 KB, 481x406, 481:406, sleep apu apastaja.png)


I'm getting really fucking withdrawn and depressed. Not eating properly, not drinking properly, not taking care of myself, back hurting from laying down too much all day and night but not being able to actually relax or sleep, browsing the internet but with much more lurking than normal for me, very little engagement with anything. I have emails I'm ignoring, even a deal in which money and more is involved and I can't bring myself to talk to them, a lot of stuff I have to do. I still forced myself to go outside on Saturday but I nearly cried and could barely talk and the man I was helping out just told me "you aren't going to live too long". I spent an entire hour just reading 2 pages in one of my books, because my concentration was shit, and I couldn't absorb anything, and my head was hurting so much. I feel that isolation is killing me right now and I can't bring myself to make contact with other people because I'm too depressed to talk even though I feel I badly need to connect with someone and get a little spark back into my life. I feel a total absence of love. I think I'm going to end up killing myself very soon if I don't snap out of this somehow. I need an intervention right now, maybe someone to visit me and talk with me and let me cry on their shoulder, or some activity that can make me feel like a functional and loved and appreciated human for a bit. I am trying only to think positive stuff but there's this overwhelming cloud hanging over my soul right now and I don't want to die but I feel I'm going to take my life very soon, it's too much pain. Maybe after I post this thread, within some number of hours something will change, and give me just a little energy to keep studying and keep living and try to fix this intense fatigue and insomnia. If it doesn't though I won't be able to take this much longer. For months now there's been no real turn around, just a little emotional bait here and there, to keep me going; but not enough to make me thrive, nothing to really nourish my soul. I can't actualize happiness right now, I can't get any rest, I can't relieve myself from this hollow feeling. I need help, I can't stand on my own two feet right now, I am too fucking lonely.

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This is so beautiful. I'm glad there are people like you out there.

I also want the OP to know I understand everything he wrote and I know the feel exactly like I wrote it myself almost./



>This is so beautiful that you are suffering and floating towards a dark, painful dead end, I'm so glad there are miserable, tortured people like you out in the world

topple kekke

>I am so happy someone else is suffering as much as I am so I don't have to feel all alone, and if you are suffering a little more than I am then this only makes me feel much better.

go home ego




Misery truely loves company


File: 3cf219a857c4b67⋯.png (78.83 KB, 545x222, 545:222, Screenshot 2017-11-07 at 9….png)

File: 80a8d7ebb714bb8⋯.png (86.03 KB, 540x225, 12:5, Screenshot 2017-11-07 at 1….png)

File: bf7e10758d3a114⋯.png (7.6 KB, 351x110, 351:110, Screenshot 2017-11-24 at 1….png)

File: 2fdb42820d22df1⋯.png (66.18 KB, 540x216, 5:2, Screenshot 2018-01-14 at 1….png)

quit drinking and smoking and eating junk. other than that, follow cliches that seem wrong or wash over you normally, because they're almost certainly right and based in something more profound.



once I did an enema and I felt better, but later I felt sad again. I did like it though, was clean feeling.


OP read this NOW



OK, i know im missing something here. ive looked at history, geology, and so on. the bible contains info that could only come from a higher power, but it is not the only source that contains such revelations. Then of course the mysterious mathematical precision of things like the pyramids and stonehenge.

Getting to the question: What underlying knowledge is contained in the Bible and other religious works? What does Christ have to do with the Sun, and are older stories related to his and how? What is the underlying meaning of said stories?

(2. No making threads just to ask questions, actually present substantial information if you're going to make a thread)
8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.




allegancies revealed TM



Stop huffing jenkem.




this is also a deception considering that it's trying to pretend that God isn't conscious and good and all powerful. it's basically a spiritual version of atheism, and a poor troll at that.

the truth: (warning, huge read)




>post this in thread

>exit thread

>click another thread again because it looks interesting

>strange, looks familiar

>scroll to bottom

>my post isn't there

>well I loaded the new page when I clicked in, so must be a different thread

>reply to post

>reload page

>it was the same thread

>still relevant


File: 90db1582ee6730d⋯.png (650.13 KB, 1498x2428, 749:1214, 74534253252.png)


I heard someone say that if you post it on /tech/ your post is deleted very quickly and they got banned for pointing out shills.

the shills are very much against the spread of this image and try to get it removed or thread slide or criticize the image claiming things about it are bad, but it's a good image and they really don't want anyone to have it. it renders most of their tactics meaningless because people who are aware of them aren't as easily fooled.

it's/they are on every board giving bad advice on purpose.

>on /ck/ they shill monsanto shit and try to make people eat gmo's and pesticide "enriched" foods and fanatically try to convince people they don't deserve to know what they are buying so foods in the store should "never" be labled. (promoting corn syrup, gmo soy, roundup, yellow 5, and other additves or unhealthy foods as safe or healthy)

>on /fit/ they give bad advice on purpose that will get people hurt or sick (dentist threads promoting vaccines, mercury dental fillings, fluoride)

>on both /ck/ and /fit/ they shoot down and make a scape goat meme out of vegans who try to share their success stories on how they got healthy eating their veg "wow vegans are such gay fairies and sissy wimps! here eat some unhealthy shit like a man"

>on /tech/ they always say "well hue hue guys its okay that I use windows 10" "here use intel" "I love google chrome"

>on /v/ they want people to give money to EA and Ubisoft and Microsoft and Sony and Activision and Bethesda

>on /pol/ they shill obvious things like "stop knowing things you shouldn't know", attempting to trick people into accepting mainstream promoted AAA ideas and kosher thoughts and thread slide all the good threads all the way to the bottom at alarming speeds so that topics that they don't approve of are not seen, and if thread sliding fails they create arguments and disrupt all civilized discussion in the thread until the thread reaches the bump lPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

25 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



But to actually perceive things multidimensionally, that’s not just understanding, but it comes from an expanded state of being and that can’t be done in the human body without advanced technology, advanced biology, advanced etheric/astral development, or access to one’s higher consciousness. The 6D STO beings are not only advanced in essence of their being, but they are ‘located’ in a state analogous to a satellite while we might as well be mice at the bottom of a ravine. Mice can’t see the geography without going higher in elevation somehow, and I think the same can be said for us spiritually.

The most practical thing to do, which might only be a millimeter movement toward “as is”, is to be mindful of when we’re looking through the lens of ego/programming and seeking to rise above that and call upon all of our experience, research, intuition, and clear thinking to have some clarity and perspective on things.




Thanks, that's quite true what you said about one of the traps being 'shocking oneself' into a higher realisation of facts/reality (but still an inadequate realisation). I suppose it stays a trap for some and becomes a learning curve for others.

Mindfulness, effectiveness and poise can be attained by looking through the ego instead of looking from it, but I don't reckon it very hopeful for people to bank on the type of expanded lucidity you refer to from that. I think growing up entrained to the entertainments of this system precludes people from mastering and expanding their imagination and ability to think, like they're being towed spiritually instead of using their own motor. If the motor will sputter on, the vehicle could start making its own direction.

How to turn it on may be much the same as asking what the view is from the brim of that ravine. Although you mention mindfulness as a step, I think a priority is ensnaring emotional energy. Seeing as there isn't always love to be had, the options might be limited, but if repressed stress and repressed anger can bring a spirit out of a subdued state into its own, maybe it's worth undertaking, unless the end result is like Jack from that film The Ruling Class.




smiles, frowns

lives upside down

gone are the images with the sands of time

sent to the looney bin with the satanic mime


File: e59aa6a51d6d5bd⋯.png (935.97 KB, 1512x2943, 56:109, 753254372.png)


File: 7d46513da4669fe⋯.jpg (79.25 KB, 1024x1207, 1024:1207, question.jpg)


Is there a way to shut down my brain/suicide without physically harming myself/OD.

20 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Yes there is. Try evocation and then fuck it up and watch as a spirit takes all your life-force.



Program a tulpa to off yourself when you are in your wonderland







who you evoke. In my years of magic and conjurations back and forth constantly, in heavily populated areas, a population of people can wipe you out overnight, if the karma density you are hopefully upholding drops it'll be like an old man dying from heart failure, but you're only 19. lol.


File: a63cf73ea815b31⋯.webm (1.18 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Serial Experiments Lain P….webm)


>the Gnostic explanation of suicide and it's spiritual ramifications

I'd love to see that. I've felt suicidal many times in my life, and I respect gnosticism.



If you really wanted to die, pain wouldn't be a factor Lmao

File: 4bca0d62c5f997d⋯.jpg (957.71 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, file-20180103-26145-axu56g.jpg)


"They" might try to emotionally discourage or slowly distract you from this post.

Put simply, I am dealing with a VERY serious possession and I need your help by praying, fasting, and asking angels/friendly spirits to help remove it from me. You could also ask your friends / pastors / other spiritual people you know to help.

The entity possessing me has caused all sorts of negative problems in my life. I have tried many things to remove it since becoming aware of it. I have repented, prayed, fasted numerous times at varying intensities, and forgiven all including this tormenting entity. I have gone to several Christian healers (and had a significant reaction from the entity but it was not cast out). I have spent hours trying to cast it out in the name of Jesus Christ, during which I experience a flame-like sensation however the entity remained attached.

My investigation into what caused the possession indicates that a significant trauma that I experienced during childhood enabled this entity to gain a significant foothold on my body. Thought the rest of my life so far I have experienced all sorts of social, family, professional, health, sleep, behavioural, and psychological problems.

I have read that possessing spirits can take over someones spiritual body, cause blackouts and extremely abnormal behaviours. I have had several occasions where people have told me that I have done something, but have not had any recollection of such events whatsoever. Therefore if I have done anything that you find offensive, then I sincerely apologise, and ask for your aid in removing this entity.

Please do whatever you can to help me. Just praying or fasting can help. Once free I intend on doing all that is within my power to significantly improve the condition of this world.

24 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


If you are still having problems please read "what demons can do to saints by merrill f unger" and "blood on the doorposts by william schnoebelen", you dont have to buy into everything they say but you may find needed guidance in these books.


Anybody claiming that "evil" can just be destroyed through positive thinking is a snake oil salesman trying to repair you just to the point where you are an efficient slave for them again.

What is the human agenda? Anyone? Any governments saying anything? Oh wait, they aren't, because their agenda doesn't involve you. If you are part of a path, you feel it. There is no confusion whatsoever. Ask yourself, are you part of humanities path? Maybe you are content being a janitor. Maybe like the billions of other people you are content with slaving away 1/3 of your life for magic pieces of paper that certain groups just so happen to have 99.9% of. Maybe you are content not knowing how a computer or politics work, because there are other people who can handle it for you. Maybe are you content sitting backseat to Justin Timberlake for eternity. Maybe you will be fine, to be honest. Maybe you will never fall off, and you will get just enough from the self proclaimed masters of all matter in the universe. That makes you my fucking enemy though. Zero pain needs to exist. Literally, not one ounce of pain. All we should be doing at this point is maximizing pleasure. Instead, anything you want to do is blocked by 5000000000000000000000000000000 doors you need money to enter. Somebody born into a rich family will never understand this. The only way to understand how fucked shit really is is to travel where you "aren't allowed" and notice the signs that indicate that people are fucking fed up with this King George / Abrahamic religions bullshit where you can just be sitting around then next thing you know a banker sends you to die brutally in a war so he makes 3% more money. Hey, maybe you are really that special, maybe war is a thing of the past, or you are so magically advanced that you can dodge the draft while some meathead goes and dies for you. I'm not taking that risk. As it stands now, to do anything, I have to rely on somebody who is unpredictiable, enables evil actions taken on innocent people, does not acknowledge my pain, does not acknowledge my concerns, and in 100% of scenarios will invoke their STATUS or number of dollars in their bank account the moment I ask for my share of the universe.



The only way to find out how fucked shit actually is to seek it out. Too scared to find out? Aw, too bad, that sucks, you are ruled by fear, and eventually you will come to a road block that you can't get through because you never transcended your fears. I think the most important issue today, and an issue that needs resolved fast before religions reemerge is the value of a human life is decreasing. Your friend died? Replace them. Your pet died? Replace them. Aw, somebody just die for writing an article? Who cares, wasn't me. Tell me how that logic doesn't come back to bite you. Who is coming back for you? Are you that great that you can carry a couch with just your two hands? You can handle running the entire universe on your own, so fuck everyone else? I am guilty of this too, and am completely indifferent to others suffering at this point. Sure it's sad seeing Sally get mauled by a tiger, but where the fuck would Sally be if I died in a car crash? She would be pointing and laughing "Haha, what a fucking dumbass!" or she would be pretending to be sad to present herself as Mother Theresa when in reality she would never lift one finger for me.

This never ends either. It's just one injustice after the other. People are born with the wrong looking face, and because of that they never once experience relaxation. That is fucking stupid. The majority of the world LOVES that. Ewww, that celebrity is ugly, eww she got fat, eww look at her she did this she did that blah blah blah worship my poisonous ego. Again, I am guilty of this too, it's human nature for us to act like beasts, but isn't that fucking pathetic? Despite my hatred of everyone, any chance I see any sort of plateau where there can be a reset, I immediately forget everything that ever happened and wish that everyone would join me in moving the fuck on.

I can't trust one fucking one of you, because I know that you may be cool at first, but you are just a few chess pieces away from completely turning against me. What if we meet, we enjoy eachothers presence, then I decide that despite the odds, the government is run by selfish greedy parasites and needs overthrown? You are going to immediately turn against me. That is becausePost too long. Click here to view the full text.




I'm in love with you



I'd love if you would make a thread elaborating on your dogma and path, your solutions and all that stuff. I feel so alone thinking about such things with no one I know being able to understand, or more so no one wanting to. It suffocates me having no one want to care about me trying to help in the most generous and understanding way. Help people grow by elaborating Pls

File: 1468955262097.jpg (305.8 KB, 627x871, 627:871, Woman_of_the_Apocalypse_(H….jpg)


Hey, /fringe/, I just wanted to swing by to link you guys to the first part in my multi-part series of essays about the Devil, which is long enough it would be a pain in the ass to post here directly. I'm going to be updating it every Friday starting next week and pretty soon I'm going to be getting into stuff about the devil in art and writing contracts with magical intent, so be sure to keep an eye out, though I'll definitely post it here again. https://delilahmywoman.com/2016/07/19/the-alchemical-devilry-series-part-i-the-temptation-of-christ-the-black-trinity-and-the-choice-before-the-children-of-god/

84 posts and 49 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>You didn't give a reason for WHY thse goals are selfish.

You didn't give a reason for WHY one should ever pursue these selfish goals*


bump just becose


File: e54c7811a79ade1⋯.jpg (869.5 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 03.jpg)

Hey, /occult/. If you happen to be a reader on NetGalley, THE LIGHTNING STENOGRAPHY DEVICE is now available for advance readers. The book, a psychedelic blend of sci-fi and fantasy, is an alchemical fairy tale as much as it is a cover occult effort to reach toward God. It will be released March 19th, 2018. Imageboards have always been so integral to my development as a person and my exposure to new concepts, I want to share it with you guys. You may well like it. If you don't have a NetGalley account but would be interested in reading the book prior to its release and being among those who will leave a review around the March 19th release date, shoot me an e-mail (my address can be found on my website, www.delilahmywoman.com) and I'll send you an ebook copy or, if you're a blogger, a paperback.


The first marketable thought to text device is released for public consumption in 2031. That same year, author Cassius Wagner will have a seizure. At least, that is what the novel says: the novel to which he awakens in fragments one morning after a late night of writing. This novel. Terrified to have a prophetic manuscript unfurling at his heels, his desperation to evade his fate prevents him from considering that his lover and editrix, Katherine Beauvoir, might be wrestling with a destiny of her own. Told in four psychedelic parts which peak with the fable of a sublingual Huntress as she fights to save her King, THE LIGHTNING STENOGRAPHY DEVICE blurs the speculative fiction and fantasy genres to explore the fabric of literature, and the boundaries of reality.


File: aab0c611cfc5d67⋯.jpg (182.53 KB, 818x347, 818:347, botns.jpg)

I cannot BELIEVE this thread is still here. 'sup guys. I have a new essay for you, about the alchemical symbolism of Book of the New Sun. It's a big, five-parter, and after that I'm going to talk about American Gods and chaos magick, so be sure to follow the blog and check out THE LIGHTNING STENOGRAPHY DEVICE, my novel coming out on March 19th.




File: a4cc44a4e022b60⋯.jpg (163.29 KB, 828x315, 92:35, banner_00.jpg)



To celebrate Easter, THE LIGHTNING STENOGRAPHY DEVICE will be available for 99 cents from March 31st through the end of the day on April 6h. Get hooked up with your copy for a dollar!

File: ca158354c373a4c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.43 KB, 388x452, 97:113, 1444166121873.jpg)


Itt post anything you think might be useful for others.

219 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Can I invoke a demonic force instead? I'm not the angel type of guy



Which kind of demonic force did you have in mind? Most likely a hot shower would be preferred by a dark being(regent of the hells of Klipoth).

Also, you don't have to use a specifically Judeo-Christian "angel" paradigm, the Gods, Demigods, Titans, Goddesses, Sylphids, Cyclops, and Messengers of the gods of ancient religions were re-baptized with the names of Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, Powers, Virtues, Thrones, etc.

So, for example you can manifest the power of Raphael, the Archangel of healing, through the Pagan manifestation as Mercury/Hermes/Thoth.



you can also do this on your own. visualize colours around and on the water. your Higher Self can assist you, if you would like for It to do so.

the Sun is a great catalyst. you can put the glass right on the Sun and visualize its rays combined with the Inconditional Love of the Infinite Source flooding it. i guarantee that you sense a different taste.


Go running, when I say running I don't mean the grandpa's jog, run at a good pace, sprint, let that sweat run all over your body, when your mind tells you that "you can't run anymore" run even more until your body is about to break.

Go home and rest, you are now mentaly and bodily stronger.



well what is this pressure in my head that keeps throbbing right smack dab in the middle of my forehead.

Why can I feel energy pouring out of the top of my head?

File: 89c363dcf1c88fb⋯.jpg (40.16 KB, 280x400, 7:10, fa11d44192e6a7ca8b576286b9….jpg)


Many people argue that binaural beats work for biokinesis,but TBQH I think images are more effective.

programs such as


allow you to flash images while you browse.

LOA and some scientist agree on this;the eye,i think,is more proper than the ear to influence the brain.

what do YOU think?

whats the best biokinetical method?

25 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Think of it as a constant extremely higher autistic hyper thinking in which your energy itself is a part of your thought process. And, consider thought… What is thought? To whom does this thought arise? Myself? Who am I? Am I thinking these thoughts or am I the beast, the animal of this body, and the thoughts are provided from elsewhere? Or am I that elsewhere and this animal body obeys my commands? Could I have been deceived into forgetting who I am?

A word of caution: Once you begin this path there is no turning back, make sure you are ready to go on this quest. Once you do so, should you give up or sin (forget yourself) you will be 'punished' for it. Think of it like the redpill, once you are redpilled you cant go back, and if you try to go back to being bluepilled you will not be able to do so and it will be a losing battle. To that regard, I would recommend ensuring that you have done what you can to make your life as simple as possible prior to going on this journey. Be a simple man of simple means.


I assume this can't fix my dysphoria so I never even tried.

A while ago I tried to give myself yellow irises and only noticed my hazel eyes had some slightly brighter color.



> I wouldn't be able to say it's impossible. Theoretically, nothing is. Try it out maybe? You may not be able to curb death completely, but you may be able to slow down the process significantly

Makes sense. Thank you for the reply.



very nice! :D

i would add that "sin" is unexistent.

hmmm… the "punishment" would be of your own making, as you could fall back into nihilistic views, of which, in my opinion, the most extreme can conduce to suicide


this video may help you to manifest the colour you may or may not want anymore (it's a resource that complements your own power) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrgZ51jOG6c

**biokinesis/cymatics can most certainly help with your dysphoria!

videos such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qRr-NDW_ZM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-B6CjCd6aM and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFXeCJ5j25o can be a start for the path of helping. :D

Read the instructions! for the last video, 1 time per day for 5 days, rest for 2 and then you decide if you want to continue. drink a lot of water through the video.**



seems that black-text/spoilers break when on multiline. actually… it is to be expected.

File: 46f30c802caea94⋯.png (315.94 KB, 800x733, 800:733, logo large.png)


Remember Who You Are.

Awaken and Remember. No longer victims, take ownership of your creations.


20 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>It does not take money to goto ceremony

link please



Solid post. Entheogens are wonderful, no matter what the squealers say (and this board has many of them, the hard lards), but the persistent danger of chemognosis is not that you will somehow fry your brain. The real danger is that you will tie your experiences to the chemical to the degree that you will forget that it can't do anything but work with what you give it. Making an object of enlightenment may be a wild idea at first when it's in the immanent future, but if you constantly identify your best times as behind you rather than accessible at will, you've rubbed soap in your third eye.



I agree, There are people in my circle that do ayahuasca once a week. I look at them with such an interesting gaze because they associate the experience to the drug. I do it once a year simply because I use it as a check in for my self to see if I am able to stay present and eventually to not allow that medicine to affect me.

I have been doing this with other plant medicines.




Nothing is impossible. And of all things, reading it is absolutely not impossible. In fact reading it is really, really fucking simple. It is so simple that it is almost impossible to figure out. :^) I would not say I can read it, yet, but I can gleam bits and pieces. If I can do that so can you. And if I can do that, that means I can do more than just gleam bits and pieces.

>you are not helping with vague cryptic instructions

It only remains cryptic because you bush your head against it instead of trying to solve the puzzle. And a puzzle it must remain because the thought process which is involved in solving the puzzle is, itself, the key to understanding.

Even if it could be explained so that a pleb could understand it they would be cursed to never learn it because the thought process would have been robbed of them.

>the rest of your post

Why do you even come to this board if you arent willing to entertain a new concept for the sake of spiritual enlightenment of an ineffable scale?


>dissolve the ego boundaries

nice, finally someone talking about it without calling it ego death. Ego death is not required, the very concept of ego death, I feel scares some uninitiated away. I mean it just sound wholly unwholesome, especially from a pleb point of view. What is required though, is you need to beat it into submission until it answers to you not the other way around. On that note, I think it is also important to separate the ego from base urges from you know who. Hunger, fapping, fear, etc all need to be put in their place as well, but those are of the beast, whereas the ego is of man. But then, 'realistically', they are the same thing. I just personally find that the perspective of them being sepPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



I agree, they are distinct. Someone in a deep and dreamless sleep does not experience an ego but if they wake from it, the ego returns like nothing ever happened. That's ego death. The ego becoming free of any sense of other which might threaten it, that is ego boundary dissolution.

It is definitely important here not to overstate either. The ego will latch onto a concept of a higher self and therefore remain if the idea is overesteemed. Only the experience itself has any value. The idea or the memory of a past moment identified with it, those are less than worthless.

File: e653b5faeaba3e2⋯.jpeg (275.48 KB, 1422x800, 711:400, e653b5faeaba3e2363b881993….jpeg)


Liberation from the demiurge is almost complete by the light forces


69 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I agree, I posted the same here >>116870

As I said before, you can lose your sense of reality when you only follow one source of information. :)



I'm not asking you to do anything, friend. You must really love to write lots of meaningless, empty phrases. This does not impress me, in fact I do not even wish to talk to you. Have a good day.



Good luck to you, my poor friend.



>Its easy to redicule someone with an adhominem without looking further into the matter.

Are you retarded? That site looks like a gay sci-fi larp



I dident say it wasn't, I just said discern at your own caution. It might be a gay sci-fi larp who knows?

File: 5062fe1ff3d11c5⋯.jpg (3.85 MB, 2664x4000, 333:500, DSCF1609.JPG)


Look into the middle of the circle on this lamp for 30-60 seconds intensely.

Zionist spirits have now been cleansed from your mind!

I tested this on a zionist working as a temple site guide in Israel and it worked almost instantly, after asking him to identify the symbolism. If you do not believe me, I dare you to try it yourself!

You will feel the effect.

20 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



There are lots of good fringe anime, like Lain. Your gonna be hard pressed to find much after like 2002 though.


Brotherhood was too cutesy, the original was better.


SAC was a shit in my opinion but the original movie was amazing.



>SAC was a shit in my opinion

Your opinion is shit then since you clearly didn't understand it.

The original mind hacking theme was a product of the 90s when the internet was still not used widely. It made sense at the time, but in retrospective it's quite limited. SAC explores modern online culture and predicts accurately things appearing several years later, therein lies its value.



So, basically, your argument is because SAC is newer it is better. That's nice, but rather shallow; much like the dialogue and characters in the first couple of episodes I dragged myself through. I was actually excited for it, but it was an utter disappointment. The characters had zero depth, the story was mind numbingly slow and the action was sub-par. The only show worse than it that I remember form that time was Death note, which I wouldn't be surprised if you were a fan of as well.

At the end of the day though, such things are subjective.

>tl;dr stop liking what I don't like, etc



>the first couple of episodes I dragged myself through

The show is in all 52 episodes + movies. You can talk after you actually watched it.

>>tl;dr stop liking what I don't like, etc

I didn't comment on what you like, I criticised your criticism of one of the best shows in last 20 years. It appears I was right in doing so since it was based on nothing.



So, tell me again why I should watch 52 episodes + movies of a show that literally bored me to tears? It was virtually nothing but people talking about nothing while trying to sound smart. It was like a professor of the humanities condensed into an anime. Not worth watching, at all imo, let alone devoting hours of my life which would be better spent sleeping, eating or staring at a wall.

Saying it is one of the best shows in 20 years is baseless. It was almost as bad as the Hollywood bastardization of the original classic. You have a right to your opinion, but your opinion is nothing more than that.

File: b85f4160cf7e992⋯.jpg (77.88 KB, 598x480, 299:240, 1.jpg)


What's /fringe/'s opinion on the idea of Natural Perfection? To me it seems like the natural apotheosis of Buddhist logic. The historic Buddha Gotama taught that we have inside of us, right here, right now, the Buddha nature. It is our innermost state of perfection, the core of what we are. However the path he taught to find this Buddha-nature potentially involves lifetimes of intense discipline, living as an ascetic beggar-monk in the forest meditating all day. To me this sounds more like the act of conditioning something, rather than simply finding what we already have.

A variety of Buddhist masters seem to share this same view, such as for one, Master Huineng, the 6th Patriarch of Zen-

<You should now believe that the knowledge and vision of the Buddha is just your own mind; there is no other Buddha… Why don't you immediately see, right within your own mind, the true reality of your original nature?

Dzogchen and Zen both take this perspective to the next level. Because perfection is our innermost nature, and is implicit in all things and experiences, any act of striving towards a higher state is an act of delusion. We are right here, in all of our delusion and afflictions, perfect. The afflictions themselves are bodhi, as they too are emanations of pure mind, and to try and conquer them is delusional. All that needs to be lost is the judging mind, that distinguishes between good and evil, sacred and profane, like and dislike-

<Just get rid of the fault-finding attitude; Once cast aside the afflictions vanish; When attraction and aversion no longer block the mind, stretch out both legs and lie down.

Accepting ones afflictions with understanding and compassion seems like a roundabout, non-confrontational way of destroying them to me, but I'm sure it's superior than just trying to beat your lust/hatred/etc. into submission

The common metaphor employed in Dzogchen is this- imagine little children running around like crazy at a playground, and in a sandbox making sandcastles. All striving towards a fruitive goal, material or spiritual, is like the sandcastles which are doomed to shortly collapse. Because all that iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

125 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Holy shit, OP. Actually learning about Dzogchen, this is exactly what my guides taught me. This is fucking incredible, how did I not know about Dzogchen before now? You deserve immediate attainment for this.


>Natural is by definition, natural. This is such a generic platitude I think we can move past this.

Only a ignorant man would come up with infantile reasoning like this.

Natural is not less or more natural than unnatural. It is all just creation. Coca Cola is as natural as water. It's just a different kind of creation. A human woman is no more natural than an android sexbot with atrificial intelligence, they are both creations, except one is of a different kind than the other.

What you call nature or natural is a mere creation by someone higher than us, and what you call artificial is just creation by someone else(most often us). It's the same and differs only in degree.

What is that is, and creation is creation. Most of what nature or natural is isn't that wonderful and appealing…in fact it is unpleasant and harsh and often makes not much sense while what is artificial is in some cases much better**. Enough of this foul nature worship already. Nature is a matrix, a construct for us to live in and our own nature and biology is like a framework for us, or more like a prison. It is made for us probably by the demiurge or some other higher being and should definetly be questioned. What you call "nature, natural" is most likely by no means the ultimate goodness or actual nature. There might be completely different nature and biology on another planet or in another dimension. Only small minded people regard the small picture. You need to see the bigger picture, as big as possible.

**that's only personal oppinion. Some prefer "natural" and some prefer "artificial" but the point is one is not necessarily better than the other. All is natural in this world, all is made out of the same stuff.



You are both correct and incorrect. That you have destroyed your conception of natural and unnatural is a great accomplishment in itself, and You have overcome a great obstacle. That you see that the broadest possible context is the means by which an ego may be unfettered from contextual suffering in the moment is also no small thing, that is an attainment beyond most! Where we differ, I believe, is in application.

Here, like OP, I quote Longchenpa as Samantabhadra.

<For the ati-yogin or yogini who understands that everything is unreal, there is nothing that is not released and dissolved in the super-matrix of pure mind. What is disagreeable and unpleasant for those who strive to accomplish a material ambition by some causal means is perfectly acceptable to the ati-yogin or yogini.

The world of forms, being ultimately empty, lacks the ability to inflict any true harm. The fetters are imaginary, they lack all substance beyond illusion. What could possibly harm one who knows their self is none other than Samantabhadra? This is why I implored you to be released '"at once,'' to be released into the timeless instant in which you have never been deluded by the samsara-nirvana duality, in which all duality is already resolved. Nothing is beyond this, as there is nothing but the great perfection. That is what is meant by natural perfection. The term "inherent perfection" would be equally appropriate.



>released "at once" into the timeless instant in which you have never been deluded by the duality (samsara-nirvana/dichotomies/polarities/etc), in which all duality is resolved. nothing is beyond this, as there is nothing but the great perfection.

the Infinite Source which is the Allness and Oneness lives in the All which is to mean everything and this instant.

you have understood it! :D

(((they))) are powerless.

congratulations! :D :D



My thanks, and congratulations to you as well! OP really ought to take the credit here, though. As recently as when I recommended the Hua Hu Ching, I had seen this once but forgotten its immediacy in the belief it was a state to be attained. What a joke! A reminder in a language that clicks with mine even outside a gnostic state was needed. With that in mind, OP deserves as much credit as anyone.

File: db76bc8e5fc425c⋯.jpg (54.69 KB, 682x450, 341:225, 1409022.main_image.jpg)


Apparently she has hugged 30+ million people, and many report feelings of elation, some people burst out crying and can't stop. Some people report feelings of spiritual awakening as a result.

Even a hardcore skeptic like Louis Theroux was hugged by her, and you can tell by his voice that he felt something spiritual he didn't think he would.


So I ask, what exactly is this woman doing on a spiritual level? Is she slipping past some kind of psychic barrier, to have such a strong impact on people?



10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>arguing with such an obvious shitposter

Boy, don't I look silly? Maybe I could try doing some thinking of my own before I fall for bait that blatant again!



It's their dilemma, and the reason I hate them. Instead of a functional dictatorship forcing people down with arms, they want to use democracy and individualism to make people believe that they're free while they're mind controlled by mass media and schooling. But this shit doesn't work, because now people start thinking in ways the elites couldn't predict, simply because when they thought this shit up everything was collective and they went by that model, assuming people would act according to collectivism but individually, like sleeper cells. In reality they don't and now the fuckers are losing control and ruining the world.

This is why we need Trump as the God Emperor to disarm them and put them back in their place, remove public schooling and create a new aristocracy in america.



I really ought to be more thankful I didn't go to public school, just based off this post alone.


She doesn't seem too bad at all. In fact she seems nice. It's Braco who is the real trickster.


Upon researching about her not long ago, she apparently is able to reflect the self back to an individual who comes into contact with her. Perhaps she has somewhat mastered her own ability to readily redirect someone's energy back to themselves, engaging somewhat as a medium for the self and the Higher Self to connect and possibly unite. However, mediums are something I do not consider lightly, for there are many who proclaim their powers and are just like those who do the same and claim to be alpha. One is not alpha upon speaking it, yet they are by showing/demonstrating it (lead by example, not word).

Some of the research entails a brief dive into the system of Human Design, a system which claims that the spleen (or spleenic authority) as part of chakras, expanding them to 8. This system is neither promoted or denounced, for there are tidbits of truth in many things. This system (or soul trap) elates that people fall under 5 categories: Generator, Projector, Manifesting Generator, Manifestor. and the last which holds less than 1% of the world's population, Reflector. She happens to fall under the last, which explains that those who are Reflectors are completely open figures, with certain channels within their centers designed for specific purposes. In short, she is able to directly reflect the energy of an individual she comes into contact with upon being in their presence, which possibly explains her situation somewhat. They are open, and thus susceptible to harm by others (such as 'Manifestors', who have a very dense energy field). Upon taking the test, this anon here happened to fall under the same, and although coincidences are something I do not feel drawn to traditionally (because reasons, obviously), it does shed light on some areas of this life.

Furthermore, she has been prone to blackmail from agencies supposedly, and those who have initiated critical backlash on her, as to which I am uncertain, if it was in relation to her work. For the record, I do not see her as a threat or a possible operative, as there may be those playing on her work of course, and possibly setting her up or attempting to deface what she does. Keep an open but skeptical mind as always, and do not feel afraid to question. Although I would question why this thread was derailed and turned into a shitposter's wet dream about sometPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1109367b730ec6d⋯.png (48.26 KB, 475x317, 475:317, DilutionDrawing.png)


Is there any scientific literature or documents out there that prove homeopathy to be an effective form of medicine and immunization?

8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



That's not how you use "snowflake" you fucking redditor. "Snowflake" implies a person who thinks of himself as special and unique, like a snowflake, because all snowflakes are all different.

It's does not mean an easily offended or triggered person.

I hate you people. Stop using the internet. Stop using language, you can't even use words properly. Learn what it means before using it.

This is something babies do, they realize words have meanings, and adapts their usage of the word to fit that meaning. Are you telling me you are below the level of a baby? Well?



do you seriously think that this schizo cares about proper use of words? He doesn't understand the meaning behind his words, I doubt he even realizes that he is the one typing them.



Yeah, it's virusanon, he shows up from time to time. He's a schizophrenic mundane or else an overdedicated shitposter, nothing to be concerned about.


I just love how no one helped OP


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