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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 5672d142625a5cf⋯.jpg (58.58 KB, 625x351, 625:351, TheHunter--Primal3.jpg)


In this thread I will use videos from the 1993 German film "Stalingrad" to illustrate, and remind /fringe/ about the harsh realities of war.

It may be that the nature of war is contrary to nature. It may also be that war is part of nature.

I think that although we observe war in nature, I think that it is contrary to our "spiritual nature".

I know there are many who might disagree, and I could definitely fathom a differing position to mine, but this is my personal conclusion based on all of the reasoning and experience I can muster.

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>"How Navy Seals Stay Calm & Relaxed Under Immense Pressure"


Go read Julius Evola The Metaphysics of War and stop hating on War. War exalts our spiritual nature, it's this pacifist cuckery that stems from fear and deathphobia.



The Nazi view on war is quite well-known, but flawed IMO. War does not only exalt us in our spiritual nature, it does not only make heroes, it also breaks us down and makes us shellshocked shadows of our former selves.

True, battle can be seen as a test of strength, wits and will, but all that goes out of the window when you see young boys take up arms and join in. Hope vanishes in the sight of young women being raped and civilians being shelled 'by accident'.

The horrors of war are equally well-known. Even though those horrors can make us stronger, war is nothing glorious. War, the destruction of our fellow men, is not in our nature; struggle is.



Tolstoy preached a philosophy of non-violence and pacifism to the bitter end, even if it meant the entire destruction of a nation, so to try and use him as a platform to justify your war thirsty ideology is quite redundant and ignorant.

To try and raise an argument for how World War 2 was a good thing is fucking insane. You shower yourself with all this rhetoric to say "war is inherent in mans nature", essentially shoving your head so far up your ass you can't even see the grim and brutal realities war can present. I also think its fascinating how you advocate war sincerly and yet have never engaged in one other than indulging in youtube videos and writing that you already know tells you what you want to hear.



I do not know if Tolstoy was a pacifist or preached a philosophy of non-violence.

He of course served in the Russian military while writing a few of his works when Russia fought the Turks, Britain and France in the Crimean War.

File: 934d9655d1ee3e8⋯.jpg (3.92 MB, 3293x4260, 3293:4260, received drawing 001 - the….jpg)


I'd like to go into sharing my experiences with epileptic visions of a Thelemic/Hermetic nature, but with a short question, has anyone been having visions, dreams, experiences, etc. with deer or beings like that of human form?

I've been in contact with three that form something of a witchcraft-like IAO; the Mother Hind 777, the Stag Father 666, and the Fawn 13:15. It's a rather complex system based very much on these experiences that happen at night, involving other beings of other species. Some of them have coincidentally corresponded with Enochian æthyrs, and other things like that.

I've been having a ton of received drawing with a few messages, such as this.

in b4 furfag

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this board is full of evil

following the false prophet smiley has made you sexually attracted to anthropomorphic deer

(5. Respect anonymity. No identifying posts.)


File: 010d572a9cc96c0⋯.jpg (264.58 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Cover.jpg)


Weird. On Tuesday evening I was out walking with my dog when I saw a massive stag standing on the road before me. He was standing in a crossroad and wasn't facing me, he was facing to the right in the direction I had planned to take. He must've been about 2 metres high at the shoulder, with 12 tine antlers, wreathed in light.

I have epilepsy and I see things like this sometimes. Most often at night when I am out walking with the dog. I have some very unusual experiences roaming the streets at night, not just limited to visions. But I digress. Felt the urge to post when I saw epileptic deer-related visions, bit of a coincidence maybe? The only deer-related thing in my life is a pair of matching brass stags that an old lady gave to me as a child shortly before she died, can't remember who she was but I still got the brass stags.

I keep seeing a lot of things that seem portentous lately, mostly relating to animals. This sort of stuff usually happens, to me, in clusters. I think this is an epilepsy thing. But I don't discredit the signs nontheless.



i have epilepsy and i frequency have visions of crows and unicorns. Interesting thing Amdusias was my first invokation.

File: 22647a896b5c219⋯.png (369.9 KB, 723x1001, 723:1001, __kurumizawa_satanichia_mc….png)


How do I make a pact with the most powerful deity or whatever to make someone really really suffer?

I was hurt like I was never hurt before and I decided I'm going to take revenge. I will do anything in my worldy power to achieve this but I want to strengthen my chances with one of those pacts I heard about.

So basically you give your afterlife to achieve anything you want on earth? Can someone tell me what exactly I have to do? And can I like choose what will happen?

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i understand


File: ab8540424b832fc⋯.jpeg (434.13 KB, 1200x2399, 1200:2399, ab8540424b832fcf0c17d4ea6….jpeg)

File: 4dab7c5f49d60b0⋯.jpg (64.06 KB, 577x725, 577:725, 7e050305884a1905c4ac065268….jpg)

File: aaddda4aca74762⋯.jpg (126.4 KB, 500x424, 125:106, aaddda4aca7476298eeb3a0272….jpg)


What if you were convinced otherwise what then?


File: 23759a38bf8da06⋯.jpg (495.27 KB, 1134x1001, 162:143, 23759a38bf8da06717297bb5fa….jpg)

File: e0ead3dd946d0cf⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 2700x6826, 1350:3413, 1471455028814.jpg)



Why don't you just use that negative energy to knife them in the spine?


If you really want retribution in exchange for your soul, here you go…


but don't do this unless you're prepared to take the consequences.

File: 36140a5454ce6f5⋯.png (22.41 KB, 330x175, 66:35, Schrodingers_cat.svg.png)


Can we have a thread to discuss the implications of quantum mechanics? To begin with, some things which are widely accepted in the theory

>things can exist in superimposed states, in which they are neither one thing or the other, but the two at the same time

>the evolution of these superimposed states is deterministic and given as a solution of the Schrödinger equation, except…

>…if you try to measure something, in which case the wave function collapses the system presents to you as one definite state

>this gives rise to the "measurement problem", which is a hole in the theory that one could interpret as placing conscious beings apart from the physical reality

>the act of measuring can also change the past of a particle, even if you are observing a photon which has been traveling for billions of years before reaching you (see Wheeler's delayed choice experiment)

All this seems really odd to me, like it's pointing towards something transcendent about reality. And if that wasn't enough, one could argue: why do we ourselves always assume definite states? If other things require conscious entities to look at them in order to take a state, then each of us has to be constantly observed by an external consciousness in order to exist, which could be what people have always recognized as "God".

12 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Another QM tard using fad science to support whatever the fuck they want to believe in.

The only reason you can't tell both where a sub-atomic particle is and is going is due to the fact that the instruments used disrupt the particle itself.

In fact, they CAN both observe where a sub-atomic particle is and is going with "soft" methods of using 'noise' to determine the two within a decent standard of accuracy. Nothing changes at the sub-atomic level except the limit of our application of technology to measure particles.

QM is fad science for spooks and retards.


>this gives rise to the "measurement problem", which is a hole in the theory that one could interpret as placing conscious beings apart from the physical reality

Measurement is a technical term for particle interactions, it has nothing to do with consciousness. Which is hardly surprising when you consider that consciousness is beyond rational investigation. There will never be a scientific test that proves or measures consciousness, because this would only be possible if consciousness were mundane.


>this gives rise to the "measurement problem", which is a hole in the theory that one could interpret as placing conscious beings apart from the physical reality

Measurement is a technical term for particle interactions, it has nothing to do with consciousness. Which is hardly surprising when you consider that consciousness is beyond rational investigation. There will never be a scientific test that proves or measures consciousness, because this would only be possible if consciousness were mundane.



Are you talking about tachyon based telegraphs? Many think that such a telegraph is either logically impossible or else not useful for interacting with your own timeline



What is the mechanism behind the wave function collapse? Is the transformation of a particle from the superposition to a seemingly random single position truly random or an objective phenomenon?

File: 8ae90dabfaf4d4c⋯.jpg (56.99 KB, 600x899, 600:899, IMG_1122.JPG)


You are all cringe as fuck crazy NEETs. Get a job and stop LARPing, take your meds. Or just f***ing k*ll yourselves and do the world a favor LOL

(Rules 3 and 4.)
40 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Impostor btw.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>You are all cringe as fuck crazy NEETs. Get a job and stop LARPing, take your meds. Or just f***ing k*ll yourselves and do the world a favor LOL

This is what happens when you start really peeling back the layers. The matrix finds a useful tool and puts them into meltdown mode.

It's why this board is so much fun.

Buried behind the shitposts and the meltdowns can be found the cure for the chronic anesthesia you find elsewhere (and a free ticket to Chapel Perilous).



Just imagine being this much of an asshurt normalfag




File: e40f8d13867dc2f⋯.png (836.79 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, 1469259783489.png)


Hello. Hanz here.

Let's talk about the scanners.

also, im looking for a gf. so if anyone is interested, i live near berlin.

18 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Hello Hanz, I am a Fecalmancer and I have spell that will end your scanner troubles. I want you to go to the store and purchase some ducolax suppositories. Take one of the suppositories and carve softly into it a sigil representing your intent to be rid of the scanners. Place the suppository into your rectum. When the spell has been charged it will be time to expel it into reality. Aim your ass at a white wall or squat over a sheet to expel it and divine the results of your fecal magic. This is power they can only hope to have.


I think the, "scanner" title is a term so humans help the, "scanner" to help…else the scanner will just scan.

The title is to tell humans that someone can just do some actions, scan, though there is much work to do which is not scanning.



The term, "scanner" is like the term, "watcher".

The term watcher has been applied to a group of millionaires from United States of America. These millionaires do a television show titled, "Shark Tank". They witnessed the kinds of technologies of which the bible happened.



This is actually legit lel. As in, it will in fact work, if you can meet all the requirements.



Oh yes I know very well. Of course that was a short term immediate spell. For a more potent and long term effect, release the magickal shit outside. The charged feces will be feasted on by flies while decaying into the ground to be feasted on by plants. This ensues that the intent of the sigil has been consumed by Mother Nature. Kinda of like a form of sacrifice or consecrated host to Mother Nature. Once you have Mother Nature on your side results are always obtained.

File: 55845a470609060⋯.png (472.8 KB, 1280x659, 1280:659, tumblr_nuznvhNHET1tmjjr4o1….png)


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Either you're a nigger or a WN christcuck that's pissy that kek has a following.



cumskin kys



Frogmorphicization is a good word.



>Implying you assholes dont spread paranoia

tell me guy whats it like being underneath so many layers of irony you don't know who you really are?



Oh, I Know Who I am neophyte. I Am What I Am. Phonetically A-DAM, Adam. That's who I am. A dam. Holding back the waters. Heh heh. But I'm going to let loose the waters. When my Hoover Dam goes kaboom.

File: 9d54abf8066417a⋯.png (1.44 MB, 826x968, 413:484, Mnai-China.png)


We're truly engaged in spiritual warfare, aren't we?

I was just watching stuff on youtube and I had a seven minute ad pop up in front of me. Curious, I decided to see what such a long ad could be for.

After watching about three minutes of it, all I could conclude was that it was for some sort of gaming clan. The entire thing consisted of poorly-shot GTAV footage, and there was apparently some sort of story to what I was watching, but the acting was so hate-laden and cursive that I had trouble deducing what was going on other than it was some sort of young man's power fantasy. It was pretty fucked up, considering that such a vague and aggressive message was being promoted, but I figured there must be a reasonable explination for this. I decided to check out the channel being promoted, since I figured the youtube shills would promote anything so long as it was a big enough cash-cow.

Did I find that cash-cow? Nope. The channel had less than 3000 subscribers. They clearly weren't popular, so promoting this channel - as damaging as it was - didn't have any immediate monetary benefits for youtube. The only other explination I could think of was that this clan had paid youtube a bunch of money in order to promote their channel, in which case that is still fucked up, as the channel was complete archonic trash.

Needless to say this shook me pretty bad, but I decided to move on a tried watching another video - what do I get? Another ad for one of those awful cookiecutter mobile games, this time trapping the viewer in with very shallow gameplay footage and an animated woman with massive breasts slowly walking up to the camera, which then focused solely on her breasts. That's when I figured that something other than just greed is going on.

Am I crazy, /fringe/? Has anyone else had these thoughts? I know /pol/ would immediately attribute these things to the Jews, but I'm not so sure. Even though I've always been suspicious of our awful consumerist society, I always just chalked it up to human greed. But now, I'm beginning to think there is some sort of darker reason for this greed, other than just "I want more stuff." Even if you're a stPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

23 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



There is no greed in genorosity, there is no lust in chasity, there is no aggression in compassion, such a thing is utterly paradoxical. You invert the virtues by turning them upside down, that is the basis for most lefthand path or satanic practice, it is mockery and perversion of the original virtues. By very nature of them being opposites they are not the same thing, yes they are two sides to one quality but giving is not taking, in is not out, even though contextually they refer to the same property. Good is not evil.


anti spam bumpanti spam bump bomp


File: 28b864d69bd2069⋯.pdf (1.3 MB, [Anthony_Weston]_A_Ruleboo….pdf)


>Am I crazy, /fringe/?

Yes. Please read attached book.



Greed in generosity- greed for the wellbeing of all (obviously not 3d reality's intended MO)

Lust in chastity- yearning for a forbidden fruit never to take it. Chastity begets lust, just because we transmute that lust into higher desires doesn't mean we didn't use A to get Z.

Aggression in compassion- compassion is a strong pull to alleviate observed pain. It is aggression toward the other person (however veiled) because that person is the only one capable of fixing their own problems. Someone stepping in is absolutely aggressive toward the others development.

Literally all dualities can be switched or they're endlessly chasing eachother


File: 90865b37e23c70f⋯.jpg (106.57 KB, 787x622, 787:622, 1-Maccabees-Chapter-5-Juda….jpg)

In the scriptures, when folks went out to war like as in…

>"And it came to passe, that after the yeere was expired, at the time when kings goe foorth to battell,"

….it was usually accompanied by prayer and fasting.

The Book of Maccabees tells of many such events through by the military revolts in Judea against the armies of the Hellenistic gentile conqueror-generals.

File: ff3b9c220cc686c⋯.png (986.93 KB, 913x849, 913:849, 365434363.png)


Bernsteins;Gate/Mandela Effect/Half Life 3/Nasa/Flat Dome Earth/Atlantis/Tower of Babel/Cern/what heaven is like/all religions are wrong

these are some of the things I will be posting about because they are all sharing of informational connections.

this whole thread is going to be almost all copy post material from other smaller redpill threads I made before so I will repeate myself just a little but keep reading because it will help it make more sense. I got all of this from talking to God and i mean this in the most humble way possible.

this is a very very long read, but if you are interested in it, it will feel like a short read and you wont be satisfied by the end of it because this is only fake life and nothing is good enough here.

I'm going to basically dump everything. shills will post here without reading any of it and try to derail the thread or bump other threads to slide this one down. they might even stay quiet and think of better ways of discrediting it. just ignore negative posters like that.

I appreciate constructive criticism though, I'm just saying. question everything. bad people are out to shut this down or make it sound stupid, but I promise you that this is the most sense anything will ever make to you on this earth unless God does otherwise, and that's up to God, not me, so again I humbly apologize for anything that sounds too egotistical by what I'm saying.

137 posts and 57 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I'm sort of sad that Nibiru disaster was averted… How else are all these soulless NPCs going to die?


so many salty shills in this thread since the OP properly hit the nail on the fucking head


anti spam bump no sliding


WTF, Anon.

R.I.P. Western


File: 660fd9660976f66⋯.jpg (50.3 KB, 662x655, 662:655, 660fd9660976f66b2e35e8fef4….jpg)


If I wanted to send smiley a care package, is that address correct?

File: 1469040875586-0.png (819.11 KB, 512x1197, 512:1197, 1408566277925.png)

File: 1469040875586-1.png (279.2 KB, 984x1188, 82:99, 1408660198697.png)

File: 1469040875587-2.jpg (88.43 KB, 463x504, 463:504, 1409699556898.jpg)

File: 1469040875587-3.jpg (236.87 KB, 1220x935, 244:187, 1409702021413.jpg)

File: 1469040875587-4.jpg (81.78 KB, 680x921, 680:921, 1409783627497.jpg)


Post anything Ebola Chan related in here including updates on ebola threats, new synchronicities detected, OC, etc.

49 posts and 121 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



*offer some of it


/pol/ is a recent black sawn phenomena. /pol makes up most of 8chan traffick, so by numbers makes /pol/ will be likely to be on other boards.


File: 38ffd161989a592⋯.png (1.26 MB, 722x948, 361:474, SaintCureChan.png)



>unironically believing /pol/ had any say in the outcome of the elections

>unironically believing any US citizen had any say in the outcome of the elections

>implying (((they))) don't have all bases covered

>implying you can win the establishment's game by playing it

Sage for >>/pol/



anti spam bumpxzxvanti spam bump

File: a322a7c64e90454⋯.png (929.75 KB, 825x1200, 11:16, woke pone.png)


What is the wokest thing you've ever seen?

(Rule 3)
31 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



The Sun


File: 2cea666d6a7cbeb⋯.jpg (183.7 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 18549577902_181b3d71c1_b[1….jpg)

>3D scalar waves (fractal)


File: 015f3408d435307⋯.png (638.43 KB, 1452x750, 242:125, stop.png)



>reviving a degenerate thread



EHLP anti spam bump


During the election, hillshill was giving a speech that was right after either her 2 minute coughing fit or her 9/11 collapse, and she eventually read a line about how healthy she was. Being appalled at such a horridly blatant lie, I immediately put my hands together and prayed as hard as I could to whatever in the universe might be listening to make her cough. Sure enough, right after she said that she let out one tiny little cough, just enough for me to know my prayer was answered.

File: bde445c0a809998⋯.jpg (155.4 KB, 756x1055, 756:1055, 8fe19e957ef8d0aa92b03141f3….jpg)


Upload new /fringe/ flags itt and I'll add them.

Flags must be a maximum of 48KB and 11-20 x 11-16 pixels. A maximum of 512 custom flags per board is enforced.

28 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Sorry, I can only use GIMP for periods of either 3 minutes or 3 hours, and a third Montalk flag just isn't worth it. If I come up with something else to make that is more worthwhile I will return though and do better.


File: 9e7011e551ba96d⋯.png (550 B, 16x16, 1:1, tom_montalk2.png)



Wait one more try, without the black Aura of Darkness™ around his face




File: 22ccf24706a7ce3⋯.jpg (2.02 KB, 62x86, 31:43, ss (2017-04-27 at 02.35.02….jpg)


anti spam bump kekeity

File: 951841754b76bb8⋯.jpg (298.12 KB, 1200x1696, 75:106, Cure Chan and Ebola Chan.jpg)


Board rules have been updated. Several other board pages also have been modified. Further updates to the board pages will take place later but I need rest now. Entirely new board pages also might be created. Sticky has been updated. New rules have been added and also moderator contacts have been added. Later the rules of moderation will be added and some other material.

Please see rule 5 in particular. It is a new rule and is based on a rule wizchan has always had. There will be no more namefag drama and no more attempts to identify other posters. You will all address each other as anon or by post number or by your flag.

I may turn on IDs as well or I might not. Depends on the demand for it ITT.

I will probably remove the name and email fields as options for posting on here. Tripfags will no longer be able to tripfag.

Namefag drama is shitting up the board lately. This will not be 4chon 2.0. We will not have every thread filled with endless namefag drama bullshit.

60 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I promise I won't read and memorize every single ID in the questions thread.



>38 votes

>6 of them support the flag rule

But muh skype circlejerk


File: 453966e00a9c45a⋯.jpg (60.91 KB, 640x360, 16:9, brah.jpg)


flags are prowhite



Looking sharp bro

Is that how peeps on /fringe/ dress?


anti spam bumpanti spam bump beep boop

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Franz Bardon - Practise of Magical Evocation (Audiobook)


Will keep going through this and uploading what I can. Sometimes I'll just force myself, even when I am very sad, because otherwise it'll never get done. Other times maybe I'll be in a better state of mind for it. It must be done. Work for works sake…

I just got another bit up now and have resumed reading specifically because a certain gay experimental wizard with a whole lot of drugs wants to try evoking an entity from this book while high af on acid and some other stuff. Goodluck to him!

21 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



File: 1470259029806.png (342.02 KB, 837x593, 837:593, Screenshot from 2016-08-03….png)



If you are too lazy to read, most likely you will be too lazy to do the work.



I have read about 200 books. I just am not good at narration / creating actual sound with my voice that sounds pleasant to listen to.


anti spam bumpanti spam bumpanti spam bump

File: e0a9ce76b60cea9⋯.jpg (40.88 KB, 740x420, 37:21, jesus-christ8.jpg)


"Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law." Matthew 7:12

16 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


"unless they're black"


>post-modern society

it's obvious the corruption of modern society is a concerted effort by very negative powers that have been trying to achieve this and other evil things for millennia


File: 851d52b42af2291⋯.jpg (1.89 MB, 2867x4041, 2867:4041, 851d52b42af22912e31df32abb….jpg)


Made a crazy long post: 1/2

Actually, in my view, post-modern society is just the degeneration (not in the /pol/ sense of the word) of values and the way of life of a society, but it isn't premeditated or a conspiracy.

It's just something inevitable that happens with time and let me put it as an example: People are told that they should believe, say, in this way of life that revolves around 10 laws and meditating every day, because it holds certain values and ideas that are important to the spirituality of each person and the way that they themselves should act as members of the society. As times goes by (and as it is expected), the reasons as to why this holds true and has value are lost, the most stupid do not care about that though, and the smarter ones do understand, but don't exactly try to "bring down" the knowledge to everyone. Since every mystic/spiritual tradition won't outright tell you about their content (although, some basic things are explained that way), some people try to reinterpret the text and laws and revitalize this way of life by adding new arbitrary rules that fit their motivations too.

Also, since this had a lot of significance to the everyday life of people, they manifest the way of life in literally all aspects that they can, be it consciously or unconsciously, so you are building a tower, but the cornerstones are not well understood by people and therefor the whole building starts to become shaky.

Give it a few more centuries, and people have created a Frankenstein that literally takes local folklore and adds it to it's corpus just to make everyone happy. They don't understand the values and principles of the original way of life, and that's fine if it accomplishes a social/political-control type of job, however, it clearly tries to be more than that. Now that the modern practices are unconnected to the old ones and every little thing is altered to fit ad-hoc to the lifestyle of people, some of the most witty members of the society ask: But why do we follow this? This is all BS, we should change for good to something that makes MORE sense! The logic in that is OK, itPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: aeb51a866b16acb⋯.jpg (60.13 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1459995433916.jpg)



Most of what I've said was taken from Nietzsche, you might hate or love the guy, I personally think he is one of the smartest persons to ever live, even if he went crazy. But his interpretation of western society is key to understand the whole post-modern thing, I encourage everyone to read at least Beyond Good and Evil, even just to clarify the misinterpretation that media or ignorant people have created about him. If you really hate him, just read Spengler, but the books are far longer. Sure, some people might hate the west European white society (I do not care about it, I'm not even white), but it's not important whether they like it or not, the thing is that people lost the ways of Christian and western values because there was nothing to hold it up, God was "refuted" by logic (I believe in God, I'm Gnostic) and it only holds meaning in a transcendental and metaphysical way, but you can't expect the average person in the street to understand these things without them living experiences. And while that's the job of churches everywhere, they are as corrupted as the people they should help.

Now comes new forms of religion that try to occupy the space of the last one. If you ever wonder why Scientism is a thing, well that's the way people try to explain their materialistic view of the world, discarding the Spiritual side because they don't bother with it. Same goes to any big thought form of the XX and XXI century, from Nationalism to Comunism, from Feminism to KEK and whatnot. I think most people understand this part, so I won't go into details. But before I end this paragraph, Do you know what exactly coincides with the degeneration of western/Christian values? The exponential growth of Capitalism.

If you see people being deliberately promiscuous and getting wasted, or following Satan, or becoming Bronies, etc… It's not because they are paid to do so or because some evil rich guy plots every day for that, but because values have no meaning for them, because time has grinded them to dust. There's no reason to care about your soul and spirit if you do not believe in them right? You might think: "But they (people in power) do nothing about it!Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


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