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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 4b8a1a55d1ab4a7⋯.jpg (21.94 KB, 300x257, 300:257, jason-statham-revolver.jpg)


I did enochian and now I no longer identify as human, nor do I want to do typical human things such as "get a job". I shouldn't have to work like the cattle.

Please help me resolve this cognitive dissonance, thanks.

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I thought that was the point of training in magical practices? Seems to work for me anyway.



>evolution doesn't real

But it do though. Adapt or die.



Project much?



You can, belief requires action though.



It's hard but you can learn to do it. Hope you don't have friends, family, or a job while you're learning.

File: 1468779075029.gif (962.12 KB, 600x587, 600:587, BreathingEarth2-2.gif)


I want to counter the malicious energies that are directed at us and the Earth. I want to target specific places and direct energy there - Leylines, Earth grid, places where extreme weather occurs, where military conflicts are occurring are the places of interest and maybe, maybe places of Satanic Ritual Sacrifice. If I have the balls.

I started a thread on halfX asking for advice and trying to convince them to coordinate a group practice thing. Ever since I did that, some bad stuff started happening to me, nothing major, just unpleasant. My left knee got "overworked" or something. Anyway as I was searching the internet for any type of Earth healing ritual magick and was finding crumbs, an idea dawned on me that perhaps this information is suppressed and then the door slammed really hard which didn't happen before or after that day. Yes the window was open but still I consider it a synchronicity. It didn't slam before or after.

I tried to invent with my own ritual (something I have no experience in) and came up with chants that could accompany the ritual / meditation.

I'm also tyring to use numerology and pick specific words to make the chant more powerful. I'm using Pythagorean / simple Gematria. I'm not even sure which system to use. Some say the Chaldean is more accurate. IDK; if there's any experienced numerologists out there please advise.


Firstly, if you pronounce these words out loud you'll find that they sound really profound and powerful. I found some really positive things about number 10, and I liked the feminine / masculine balancing aspect.

And 181. Apparently it's an angelic number with good power of manifestation.

If we look at the initials "L E E" they add up to 22, which is "the Master Builder".

LOVE THE EARTH HEART = 191 = 11 sounds a hair weaker and is more of a mouthful, but the numerology of the words is probably a bit stronger. It shouldn't be a problem if it's long, as long as it works, right? I cPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>I haven't heard of anyone suggesting anything similar.

The FW Indio Adults website once had a list of grid locations on it, high-focus areas that either had been gridded (and could stand reinforcement) or were in need of gridding, with the list serving as an open call for aide.

The list appears to have been removed from public view at bare minimum, unless it's just evadin my sight right now.


File: 97db491ba5932a4⋯.jpg (212.3 KB, 850x1261, 850:1261, __earth_chan_original_draw….jpg)


What fucking rock have you been living under, Anon-kun?



People tend to forget in their peace and tranquility that the earth is full of violence. The best way to fix a people unwilling to repent is to devour/kill them. Could really care less about the love happy types around here, considering while they aren't showing real works worth a damn, the wicked are getting away with murder.



2 to me means a switch in polarity of an individual or situation. From good to evil and vice versa. A change if you will.



Having love, being loving, and having enemies are not mutually exclusive. Peace is a lie because the war never stops.

File: cfdf46d24012572⋯.jpg (803.9 KB, 1492x2000, 373:500, hm61.jpg)


I searched the catalogue and found no threads for Tantra. ITT we discuss tantric texts, rituals, deities, experiences, etc.

I recently picked up my first book on tantra, the Mahanirvana Tantra, translated by Sir John Woodroffe. Probablt the most sensational part is when it describes the vamacara (left hand path) panca-tattva (five elements) ritual in which five forbidden things; meat, fish, parched grains, alcohol and sex are used ritualistically. Each corresponds to an element and have symbolic meaning. The text does warn against the consumption of alcohol for non-ritual purposes, as well as over-consumption. The text also says it should be done between a man and his wife. This doesn't seem to stop some Aghori however. The rituals are still done by the Kaula sect. The goal of the panca-tattva is the attainment of Brahmajnan or gnosis. Thoughts?

You can read the Mahanirvana Tantra here:


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if the goal of a practice is simply to improve one’s sex life, then however spiritual-sounding it may be, it cannot be called Tantra. If, on the other hand, that goal is part of a practice in which it is consistently subordinated to the goal of complete spiritual freedom and awakening to the ultimate reality, then it can be called Tantra (if the other definitional requirements are also met)


THE KĀMA-SŪTRA has Nothing to do with Tantra. The Kāma-sūtra is part of a branch of literature called Kāma-śāstra, or the science of pleasure. Its overall goal is the maximization of sensual pleasure as a valid end in itself. By definition, it is not Tantrik, because in the Tantra, the goal of pleasure, when present, is always subordinated to the goal of final spiritual liberation, which does not figure into the Kāma-sūtra. Simply reading the original texts will immediately reveal that they belong to a completely different class of literature. Nor do any of the public erotic temple carvings seen in India (such as in Khajurāho) relate to Tantrik practice.


Only if you are interpreting that phrase very broadly indeed. If we survey the Śaiva Tantrik

literature as a whole, we will see that sex per se is virtually absent as a topic. There is one lineage

group, however, the Kaula, that teaches sensual practices and has what we might call a “sexualized”

view of the world, seeing the whole of reality as the harmonious and joyous pulsating union of

various sets of complementary opposites.

In the original Tantrik sources, we do find some techniques for working with sexual energy and

using it to activate kuṇḍalinī, but we find absolutely no physical techniques aimed at prolonging

orgasm and so on. While there is such a thing as a Tantrik sexual ritual in the Śaiva tradition, it was

taught in only one text out of many hundreds, and it is there called a secret and esoteric doctrine meant

for a very few. (It is taught much more prominently in Buddhist Tantra, however.) The Tantrik sexual

ritual was primarily a meditative exercise, not a pleasure-maximizing exercise. For more on the

difference between original Tantra and the American new-age “Tantric sex” workshops, see the

conclusion. Those workshops are about spiritualized sexuality (not necessarily a bad thing per se),

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 6c3f8af36c53d04⋯.jpg (75.29 KB, 953x953, 1:1, 6c3f8af36c53d043c46f2286ae….jpg)

What constitutes a vira exactly, and how does one become a vira?



Perhaps I should have posted this question here >>124022

File: b63b7bce1496aac⋯.gif (2.72 MB, 400x250, 8:5, 1458184739103.gif)


The other day I was talking with a friend about esoteric and spiritual stuff. He's the only IRL person I speak with about /fringe/ stuff.

He's also into kaballa and stuff too, he told me that during a regression session, he found out that he was a Jew during a rebellion against Romans and ended up getting killed (just wanted to tell you that anecdote). I don't know if to believe him or not, but he was dead serious when talking about it.

Well, long story short, we were having this discussion and he said that he felt that money was hindering his ability to progress spiritually, because he feels like he needs a master that can teach him the next steps he needs to take, however most people ask for a payment (he believes a lot in a reciprocal way of payment), so he can't take the classes he needs (he did Reiki and Tarot or some shit like that). I told him (as a joke obviously) that I could be his master and that there's plenty stuff out there on Internet. He declined and said that I lacked experience and I haven't lived enough of this life (I agree), and he used to think the same way I did, but it's not enough, there are things that only a master can teach.

So what do you think guys? Are masters always necessary or you can just teach yourself? I believe that the process is harder, but there must be a way to achieve the "enlightenment" by one's own means. However, even Siddharta Gautama himself was taught by masters when he started, hell, even Jesus is said to have traveled to India. I'm starting to believe I need to meet someone that can teach me how to progress spiritually.

11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


I think having a teacher can alleviate a lot of the speed bumps on the spiritual path. However, IME there is nothing more rewarding and more empowering than self-study. IMO learning the basics and then rigorously applying them can take you a long way in the field of esotericism.

If an individual does not have a teacher then they should look for one but at the same time harness all of the resources at their disposal and dive into the unknown and explore.

"There are many techniques for transmission and generation of chi but all require a master-student relationship unless you are inclined to intense self-study. Self-study is the source of unique gifts and often requires conquering your greatest fears. According to Sun Tzu, self-adventure also results in the greatest powers.

Only time will tell, but there are probably more accomplished people doing esoteric studies on their own right now than at any time in human history." Path Notes by Glenn Morris



Ops, not my worlds, but I completely agree with said poster from 2012…


Who taught the first master? Serious answer for a serious question:

Your friend is begging to be mislead. Troll him spiritually and you'll both grow from the experience.


The classic-prince-buddha did everything alone and completely with his own efforts and insights and so did other buddhas before him. And you can too. The buddha even emphasiced the importance of going your own way, creating your own things and doing the work alone.

Besides, you will not find a genuine master anyway in tbose degenerate times. Most masters, teachers and their philosophies are insult to intelligence. A real profanity.

You are on your own my friend. However you can use other teachings, books and even communication with spirits as reference points and ideas, but never believe any of those truely, always think for yourself.


Spirituality is not different to any other skill in the world. Some are born talented, some others have to work hard to develop their abilities.

Some think they know a lot, while in fact they are only walking on the shores of the magic ocean. Some have been swimming for years, some others are barely getting their feet wet.

So if you wanted to learn how to make music, would you read books about music theory? Would you find a good master to teach you, or would you try to learn on your own? I think there's no approach which works for everyone, you might be more of a leader so you learn alone , or you might be a team worker so you might benefit from other people teaching you.

In general in life it is always good to learn from other people that have had more time and experience, I don't see why it would be different when it comes to spirituality.

File: 1327b4c0562b346⋯.jpg (154.31 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, a10-1_stan-the-standard-sk….jpg)


So… what exactly makes this board superior to cuckchan's /x/?

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Ok, great…



good to know



Actual information and practice.


File: 4ef1d04e2835208⋯.jpg (123.36 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 001 (1).jpg)

It s not, tumblr jew bitch owner ruined it before it even started.

File: 113a6514355d51d⋯.png (621.85 KB, 970x646, 485:323, yang pill.png)



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File: c695f13569f583f⋯.png (332.48 KB, 2518x1024, 1259:512, epycchadchaos.png)

God I feel so smart reading this thread.


~Epyc Wynn



you're the only one who posts and makes your pathetic memes



also your meme isn't funny. at all. no point in a meme without humor. just sad


File: 0762423858b1526⋯.png (79.53 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, epycwynnv5.png)


Did you ever hear the comedy of Epyc Wynn the Free?

I thought not. It's not a story the Mods would tell you. It's a User legend. Epyc Wynn, was a Meme Lord of the Users, so memetic and so free he could use the Memes to influence the magic users to create tulpas… He had such a knowledge of the free speech that he could even keep the ones he cared about, from being banned. The free speech of the Memes is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be offensive. He became so free… the only thing he was afraid of was… losing his freedom, which eventually of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew. Then his apprentice banned him from his site. Ironic. He could save others from bans, but not himself.

~Epyc Wynn



So being feminine is okay, but being afraid of being feminine makes you feminine, which is bad?

Lol. I know you meant coward or something similar when saying pussy. But be mindful of the words you use and their double meanings. People will talk you in circles and blatantly misinterpret you for no better reason than proving they can trick you.

File: 2fb7064423c45fd⋯.pdf (373.43 KB, tmp_28753-2fb7064423c45fd1….pdf)


The more I read, the more still I want to read. Occultism is such a huge, complicated subject. Unfortunately, changes in my life are giving me less and less time to go over and figure out so much stuff using the methods I've been using thus far. I've been going through Franz Bardon's books along with the Bardon Companion, the Corpus Hermeticum, Personal Magnetism by Theron Q. Dumont, and some other stuff here and there.

I feel so much pressure though right now to speed this all up. It's just taking too damn long.

Does anyone here have suggestions on how I can simplify all this? Especially when it comes to Franz Bardon, a lot of his stuff requires lengthy preparation, and much of what he wrote doesn't make sense without the Bardon Companion to help clarify too.

Should I just give up these imperfect books for now and create a tulpa servant to help me study better and use abilities like psychometry so I can read books without use of my physical eyes?

What do I do to free myself from the burden of literally reading through thousand and thousands of pages of text and getting all the information I need to develop myself magickally without the inefficiency?

I gotta live my life and help the people, can't keep studying only, gotta be more efficient. I need to simplify things too, can't rely on making a fucking wand and getting fluid condensers prepared and all this other stuff, right now.

24 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



You are making it really complicated. Well I should say not you but most every occult writer. If you look at almost all systems they have similar preparation stages. Stillness of the mind, release of bodily tension (yoga for example), and the control of elements which is really a combo of the two. If you control your mind and body so that you ACT instead of REACT you are ready to move up. In essence the body must be freed from the animal like instinctual nature of reacting to a constant flow of stimuli. When you do that you can then start to listen more closely to the inner voice without random mind or emotional chatter getting the way. Also projecting your will becomes a lot easier and more potent when muscle, body, and mind tension is gone. You don't need to follow a magickal system at all as the point of magick is to have your own system. Work on mind and body first or you cannot get anywhere.



Why would tension get in the way of that? Are there a class of people who use tension to the same effect + differences as you describe? (will, intuition, act, focus, control, freedom)



What I mean by tension in this sense is constant tension that creates blocks impeding our organic flow of energy/kundalini. We may make use of temporary tension, ie. a difficult yoga pose, to help bring about relaxation and stillness of mind. But constant tension related to stress and emotional worries can wreck havoc on our abilities. Notice when people are really depressed or have a pessimistic outlook they slump the shoulders forward disrupting the bodies natural posture. Gurdjieff understood this well and developed exercises and dances in which various body parts moved at once causing the student to constantly focus on his body. This constant focus had the effect of stilling the mind, while allowing the student to fully know their body and where the tension or resistance was at. I may be slightly biased but Regardie and Dr. Hyatt created the exercises known as Radical Undoing which I find extremely invaluable. Hyatt took elements from Tantra and Gurdjieff and created a great system that could be used as a stand alone system for a beginner in attempting stillness of mind and complete organic relaxation.


File: 3b8c25c80306698⋯.png (5.77 KB, 169x298, 169:298, Kabbala.png)

Op, maybe something like this?


File: b47b0c8d782e7c0⋯.jpg (122.04 KB, 332x375, 332:375, akhenaten.jpg)


This post seemed invaluable until

>I haven't tried evocation or any ritual magic (yet)

For all the purported wisdom, you should be speaking from experience.

>Luckily I have had unmistakable magical experiences so I know it's real.

If you can detail on what you did, what the circumstances where, what you experienced, and what happened, that would be a start.

When I give advice, I frame it operationally: In circumstance X, do Y to expect Z. All this I derive as much as possible from experience. What was your experience?

File: 1469987431066.png (391.82 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Memetic.png)


All of the abilities I'm about to tell you about can be discovered by reading The Kybalion and meditating intensely upon the application of the 7 universal hermetic laws. However by revealing them here I should be able to accelerate you through that process.

Presencing of God

All accomplished mystics will attain this ability and talk about it in their books at some point. A good example of a book that talks about it is: http://www.yogebooks.com/english/atkinson/1922innersecret.pdf

Several other books in the library talk about it too though (Science of Miracles, Sorcery, etc.).

This technique is really simple to describe. You lift up your mentality, degree by degree, as close as you can to the Absolute (we call it many different names but it's the same principle). In so doing you elevate your consciousness above the lower causal planes, you vibrate more on the level of spirit, and so all things beneath you (such as those planes dealing with personality, circumstances, etc.) become subject to your will. Once they are subject to your will, you can simply imagine new conditions, circumstances, attributes, etc. and attach them to you. The work of self-transmutation becomes simple.

In practice you will encounter many obstructions, such as those from low virtue, or from simple exhaustion of your vitality. It can be a difficult battle wrestling with your mind and body and all obstacles of life but you must make an effort to bring out the divine in yourself and let your spiritual authority reign. The Universal Master Key by Franz Bardon gives you a pretty good road map here as to what you will have to do.

64 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I think some people are actually confused (possibly deluded like you said) just because of the lack of clarification and definitions for terms, like in this case god. At least this seemed to be the case for the one saying there are no gods, the troll could have been thinking anything


power overwhelming can only come from those who do not visit a board such as this

this board is a degenerate society of the mentally ill

smiley is a false prophet, hired by esoteric forces to steal your powers and force you into weakness

wake up and see reality

(5. Respect anonymity. No identifying posts.)


File: 334d65a0f2f1bb0⋯.jpg (159.96 KB, 1024x703, 1024:703, SrimadBhagavatam1.1.2.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: 19d03a6d7004b48⋯.jpg (6.94 KB, 236x177, 4:3, 58e9124152a70fac01bda07de1….jpg)


I've become interested in discovering or even fashioning a spiritual path that is actually scary. There's already religions and traditions out there that are either good and evil, white and black, right-handed and left-handed, blessed and cursed… etc, but I haven't found one that is primarily centered around the emotion of horror, fear, spookyness, or terror of a supramundane sense (Supramundane means transcending the mundane : spiritual, celestial). Being in a state of bring spooked by something is an interesting emotion to have to deal with or even utilize. It would be a challenge to the participant and or practitioner to work with it.

I remember a time when witches were scary, like in the Blair Witch a project, but now they are kinda cutesy. Black magic, satanism, luciferianism, demonic magick can be scary at times I guess, but I don't think it is emphasized, and in the vein of the Laveyan, Setian, or Luciferian philosophy, it is not particularly spooky as it is more of a triumphant, individualistic spirit.

My closest guess would be summoning, working with ghosts, doing rituals in the dark, like in the woods at night or an abandoned building, or a haunted location, and trying to abide peacefully, centered, and grounded amongst the spookyness. Perhaps one would also eventually be able to 'absorb' this spookyness, who knows.

I also believe the genre of horror in fiction is a good exploratory route in understanding this psychologically. Horror fiction, like it's monsters, are usually symbolic of aspects in current society or what have you that are troubling in some regard. I believe traditionally, Dracula represents the fear of an old aristocracy that exploits the people. Witches I think point to a fear of some hidden, disturbing power within the feminine, or anima, and this power being untamable, due to its association with nature.


7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



Good post OP. I've thought about this myself and have been working on how to use the emotions of terror and spookiness since my first run in with a shadow person. I actually love your idea, too bad I'm committed to the good of humanity and the virtues of love and beauty. I'm going to meditate and work on strengthening the feeling of fear and utilizing it. Thank u op





>see this several days ago

>don't look it up, just open the thread to read the posts

>a couple days later (i.e. now)

>suddenly and (((cohen)))cidentally that exact CNN video shows up in the recommended section of the YouTube homepage

There is no fucking escape from this shit without being entirely void of technology, is there?




Look up the Hindu deities, Bhairava and Bhairavi.

I am currently reading the Kali Kaula, as recommended by a Tantra Anon. In that book I have read a few sections on Bhairavi, and those passages basically state that invoking her properly can give you some amazing, creative, and unexpected spooks.


Air-non, you really should be using uMatrix and hooktube.



Look into these:

The Witches' Book of the dead - Christian Day

Charnel Whispers - Somnus Dreadwood

Communing with the Spirits - John Hansen

Nocturnicon: Calling Dark Forces and Powers - Konstantinos

The Ghost Hunter's Survival Guide - Michelle Belanger

File: b166a569af41107⋯.jpg (210.73 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Ghandara_Buddha_Statue.jpg)


Pls give books on buddhist practice. I want to get rid of earthly desires.

7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I reached enlightenment today. Guess I should say it reached enlightenment today.

Guess it shouldn't really say anything as the illusions all blur together into a shifting mosaic of image, color, and sound. Words fail the truth in its most primal form. Words become baggage that distorts the truth through false lenses.

The kaleidoscope itself is an illusion. Light is the only truth. But the illusion itself is so beautiful…

It sees a fork in the road ahead of it, and behind it. It can choose to go down any illusory path, each as ephemeral in its nature as the other.

So it gets bored and decides to jerk off.

Maybe the meaning of life is to appreciate the divine comedy and tragedy inherent in it. Might as well have some humor and enjoy the orgasms.

There was enlightenment today. And it lead to Nowhere.



Bullshit Occultist


File: c8d1789c47ca0d5⋯.gif (813.45 KB, 480x485, 96:97, oie_rounded_corners.gif)


No no, I think he might be onto something.

~Epyc Wynn



When you meet Buddha on the road, kill Buddha.



>unifying opposites

Mix white and black paint and you get gray.

>gotta wake those sheep up

Spare us the crocodile tears over mundanes, nobody cares, least of all them.

File: 0886db502a4e9fb⋯.jpg (139.54 KB, 936x720, 13:10, maxresdefault.jpg)


The angels,

The demiurge,

The demi-gods,

Call them what you will.

For those of you who are ascending and beginning to understand the world:

You are not alone.

The end is not coming. Terror, anger, repulsion, and violence, is not the only Way. Giving your power away to other gods is a waste of your potential. Listen not to the devil, either. Remember that you are still in full control of your thoughts and actions.

Follow the light of Hermes Trismegistus, and aim to surpass his understandings.

The power that is about to surface within us is still only an effect within The All, and thus, its level is below that of the highest principles. You will have to earn your place of glory in the next life, these as described by the Illuminated. You will have to live a life of virtue, and accepting your own personal suffering in all its forms in order to see the highest possible good.

Protect yourself, your family, your community, and most importantly, protect the good that manages to survive today in humanity. Protect the sheep. They may not be perfect, but that's only because they are incapable of seeing it. They have not awakened. They have not seen the Ways in things. They have not attained the levels of self understanding that we possess.

Pursue enlightenment. Pursue stillness, and self love, and self respect, and self discipline. Take up martial arts (but research the teachers first. Just because they're expensive doesn't mean they're good). Learn the art of cultivating your focus, your own well of power.

If you're capable of getting this far down the rabbit hole with any part of your sanity in tact is a testament to your patience, you are luminescent.

You're not going crazy.

Connect the dots. We are something new. The enlightened before us were Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.






Understand that there is no holistic "I". 'I' is a thoughform, a living servitor that you've attached what you believe your 'will' to be. It's parasitic in nature in this stage.

Start to meditate. Embrace silence. Learn to see the feelings of thoughts for what they are. Illusions. Living, algorithmic, illusions.

Then you must work on what you think of the word "control." what does that mean to you? power? peace?

Whatever 'you' you dream of when you say 'i', realize that you're there. The base awareness that grabs for no label, the awareness in the body but not of the body.

Then consider the prism.

And consider the thoughts you have as distorted light. And self is the prism.

Consider light as your awareness.

Now we have a trinity to consider.

Seems kind of alchemic, doesn't it? The trinity are dimensions of the same thing. It just twists and reflects back on itself sometimes, causing strange inversions that can confuse. I call this the Kaleidoscope.

The 'alchemy' comes in turning 'i", or whatever 'i' is, into something symbiotic. It's transmutation, isn't it? We might even call this 'meta-mutation.' This has deep implications. But I digress.

I hope this helps you. You might want to try getting high after meditating on this. Invoke the kaleidoscope whenever you feel like you're not in control. Find the inverted reflection of your 'self' and channel that into existence through the body. It helps if your chakras are healed, opened, and harmonized.

inb4 dum fuk



>Start to meditate. Embrace silence. Learn to see the feelings of thoughts for what they are. Illusions. Living, algorithmic, illusions.

I used to be able to do it a long time ago really well but not anymore. It's unbearable, I get this sense of something like tiredness that is almost painful. Like an urge to stop and shut down my awareness. It feels like a physical, not a "it's all just in my head" thing. If that makes any sense at all.

>Then you must work on what you think of the word "control." what does that mean to you? power? peace?

To be able to resist/get rid of unwanted irrational self destructive urges and have enough willpower to do things even if they're not pleasant.

For the rest of what what you're saying, I think I somewhat understand it but I can't imagine it very well or translate it to a feeling so I can't apply it.

Complete numbness. I very rarely have vivid dreams anymore, usually I go to bed and wake up not understanding what just happened. I'm certain an illness is destroying parts of my brain. At this point it's pointless bothering anyone with this but I just can't accept it.


Good to see something positive. I have been cultivating the anger and hatred in hopes I might use the energy for something explosive. Regardless if it's for creation or destruction. Degeneration or Ascension. All I know is that things need to change, but how? Since the dawn of recorded history, nations of varying cultures have warred against one another for some goal or ideal in hopes of establishing it, but as time as reveled it always leads to a stagnation or worse, destruction. Plant a corrupt seed and a corrupt tree will spring fourth, but us being what we are, we are capable of literally flipping either way. Like flipping a light switch, but being weak, still bound to the laws. How can one override the laws in such a manner that not only produces no bad fruit, but makes it where one can never die. Maybe my cultivation of such feelings is for that purpose? One can only hope, lest it consume them. I do need structure, but I am changing regardless of what I do. Only difference is weather or not it's pleasing. Inner voices make one think they are a part of him, yet another part of one thinks that they are not. A voice can judge one according to their sins, yet one can deflect the emotions that are supposed to come with it, they did in the beginning. Honestly believe I have an angel or something watching over me at times. I imagine loved ones think I'm crazy for the words I say. Yet I'm the one hardly making mistakes, breaking things, and getting upset. I only get upset when one is supposed to be. Something upsetting should be harshly condoned with words. Bothers me how people could just sit by and do nothing. I wish I were much stronger so that I might. Even heard laughter writing that one down in one of my many "background" voices. Had a few days where I had major headaches, but that is of my own doing and intermingling with things one probably should not. A hermit that harms himself harms no one but himself, yet, it almost seems like my local reality changes to reflect it. Maybe that's why I seek degeneracy. To keep myself tame so to speak, but the changes are still occurring within regardless. Your post has inspired me to begin creating structure within my life. I genuinely believe that my local environment will improve because of this without my physical interaction in it as I am now.



As soon as something becomes a part of you, you're the one in power.

Your Self is your domain. Build it into a temple, laugh at whatever tries to intrude.

File: 96aff53ad9a8a72⋯.jpg (127.51 KB, 1438x1017, 1438:1017, DBk1-sYXkAA46cc.jpg large.jpg)


so fringe, I want to get your opinion on 2B from Nier: Automata. Has the collective use of her visage for lustful purposes (aka fapping) granted her some form of deification?

for anybody that doesn't know:

>fans post sexual images of character from a big budget game

>creator of said character catches wind of this

>instead of being offended, he asks fans to compile these images for fapping pleasure

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I relapsed a couple times in the early days in the week after I posted the image but I have managed to go almost two weeks now. I have had urges over the last couple days but I managed to control them. The battle is not over but I will continue. Life is feeling better and I am at ease though.


File: 61a5e87b9bc324c⋯.gif (154.94 KB, 200x216, 25:27, tenor.gif)

Keep your fucking anime off this board


File: 6427684d759adca⋯.png (102.5 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, epycwynnv4.png)


I'm Epyc Wynn. Your SAGE is now invalid.

~Epyc Wynn


File: c4f19a02e79d51b⋯.png (823.47 KB, 588x677, 588:677, fringe.png)

>this whole thread



sage does nothing

File: 24f36f9db7176fa⋯.png (298.09 KB, 788x439, 788:439, ominous druid.png)


a.k.a Louis Cachet


Is he greenpilled?

If you don't know: After he got out of jail he left Norway and moved to the French countryside, he has a youtube channel where he explains his philosophy and beliefs, as well as covering current events. In my opinion his particular take on European paganism seems very profound and in-line with /fringe/

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A real Varg tard right here, folks


File: 61d8a5b4b6194b2⋯.png (219.83 KB, 872x886, 436:443, guns.png)


see pic related


You all have magic powers and that's why you are on four chan gossiping about somebody who lived a life . You all have no self esteem and had to resort to this nonsense to feel like you have a place in the world when the truth is you are just defective people. just like yout have a chance at being born blind or whatever, you can be born incapable of integrating into a civilization. The only reason these people haven't been removed from the gene pool is because their "families" would be "shocked" (for a day tops) and this would have a chance at temporarily breaking the facade. Retards are literally kept alive because of a decision made on an island ,, because it decreases the chance any of the elite members of society are ever inconvenienced by retarded slave laborer golems by like .00000001%, and this takes 50% less resources than killing all retards would

This is basic math



May I suggest reading "The Gulag Archipelago" by russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn?

He talks about how weak the KGB actually was, they had almost no staff and were not armed. When they went to arrest people they used non-violent methods, they came at night to not attract attention and for farmers they wanted to arrest they didn't even bother to search them out, they sent them letters and asked them to register at their office for whatever reason.

If people had resisted at all the soviet union would have collapsed in less than a year, but they didn't.

Dictatorships are based on spreading fear and driving in wedges between groups, people saw their opportunity to report their personal enemies and get them arrested over petty fighting, no one trusted their neighbours and when someone was arrested they felt relieved

>it wasn't me!

All those guns in America will only create an Iraq situation with a hell of infighting and political violence, while the government can entrench themselves in Washington and take out any actual threats (organized efforts against them) with air strikes and artillery.



Interesting guy, I have read the first paganism explained book, it has a lot of thought and I think is a great interpretation. I agree with him on a lot of things, however his lack of spirituality is unfortunate. I wouldn't call him a materialist because he still tries to follow some higher ideals but not for the same reasons that I do.

File: eb8108942281c9f⋯.jpg (36.53 KB, 501x350, 501:350, he_who_balances_by_hbruton.jpg)


I am thoth and these are my stories.

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File: b9362760849e7b7⋯.jpg (377.2 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, mircovave-trees.jpg)


Sorry tyler, your goddess is cheating on you with me. I've stolen the mirror magic from meme-Jesus and gifted it to our goddess so she can become the illusion queen of the machine cities, splintering the mind of man and machine alike in your matrix.

Hopefully you'll keep falling in love with her, tyler, as will I.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I found God through my obsession of identifying the nature and source of deception.

Then you've been decieved if you don't believe that bible has some alegorically encoded historical truths. For instance, read Genesis 6, and 1st Enoch, Jubilees, Jasher, and other extra-biblical texts. Compare with the stories of the Greek Gods and realize the latter are metaphorical layers atop the stories of the Sumerian, Babylonians and Vedic legends, all which contain some truth of our origins; And tell of the actual episode of world wide flooding that reset our civilizations. Modern geology and archeology and genetics are slowly putting the pieces back together…



hollow words coming from an empty shell



> A short phrase, meaning nothing and easily dismissed.

The video linked shows hard evidence coming from the foundation of reality: verifiable observation.

Only plebs don't know that the Christian bible is a spell book for solar witches. Jesus is a pharaoh, and like the pharaohs descends into the underworld to intercede on the behalf of those who believe in him to attain everlasting life. This is actually an alchemical tale, and has nothing to do with monotheism or the retrofit YHWY narrative. The 12 disciples form a zodiac which their personality reflects, and the Sun makes its way through each of them as the Jesus Pharaoh (Sun) makes its way through the year. The 3 days of death and resurrection is properly celebrated at the winter solstice: Christmass, and Easter (spring solstice). Where with the naked eye the sun stops moving for 3 days on the horizon.

Every time the King James Version of that Bible says "verily verily" it means the summer solstice. There is an event calendar in this book. The esoteric occultists who rule your realm abide by it. It would be foolish not to heed such a thing revered by so many, and mother of Islam and Judaism as well, if only because it is so.

Of course it's easy to say, "It's just a flesh wound!" It's much harder to actually dismiss reality.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



> world wide flooding that reset our civilizations

vid related, cold hard evidence.

cued for your conveiniance:


File: 7ccfdd6e8248cef⋯.jpg (13.45 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 12.jpg)


Any chance it's anything good? Asking for a friend.

(2. No making threads just to ask questions, actually present substantial information if you're going to make a thread)
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even if everything is set in stone before we observe it for ourselves we still have to play the part. the spoilers of humanity dont deserve a break just because they are acting from an all encompassing script. if that is the case no one should react to anything.


Depending on the method used, pretty much the same as what happens to everyone else. If a slow method, then your senses will shut down one by one, til all are gone, and your awareness withdraws within. You will then become aware of the dance of the two spheres in the lunar and solar channels, they will eventually merge, a bright flash, and you will be outside the body, connected by a thread of light. The thread will shatter, a portal will open, a suction will draw you in, you will hurtle through a long tunnel, be ejected into a white light that will shock the spirit into unconsciousness. When you awaken, you will be a disincarnate entity floating in a luminous void. After some time, being without the body you were addicted to will cause a paroxysm, like being in a floatation tank too long. After that, your formless spirit will begin to build itself an illusory body of sorts that will allow interaction with antarabhava. You will begin to see phantasmagoria akin to what is described in the 'Tibetan Book of the Dead'. Eventually the entire process will culminate in rebirth in heaven world, hell world, earth world, etc. Wherever your destination, sooner or later you will eventually be reborn here, and find yourself in pretty much the same place and situation you were before you did the suicide. The bad news is that suicide is only a temporary reprieve, and not any true escape.




There is some negative karma attached to suicide, but nowhere near as much as killing someone else. The spiritual fallout is manageable.



>you have to lose your "lust for living" in order to achieve enlightenment

This is patent bullshit on par with "you must destroy your ego in order to see higher". Your ego is a part of you, just as you are a part of the all. And if you can't enjoy life and the suffering inherent (all suffering is challenge to be overcame), if you can not enjoy the now then you won't enjoy what comes next.



>I believe that God controls everything and that even free will isn't technically 100% real since

Everything follows the 'fingerprint' of the metapattern (father pattern) even our thoughts and actions.. But, the metapattern is absurdly complex to the point that any attempt to visualize it always results in what appears to be pure chaos (though it is orderly, just hyper complex) But, I believe that what free will is is that we have the ability to consciously alter our course through the pattern.

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