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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 1465440992091.jpg (250.7 KB, 1024x713, 1024:713, wizard_id_3_by_the_wizard_….jpg)


Blake K's Greenpilled Fitness & Nutrition Library


Previous thread here; http://archive.is/tr1ew

What is fitness? Being fit means…

>Competency in biomotor abilities (strength, endurance, power, flexibility, balance, speed, agility, coordination) in relation to needs or goals

>Muscle size, body composition, and activity level that matches needs or goals, not societal definitions or pressures

>Mobile joints & relaxed muscles

>Natural spinal and body alignment fostered by strong bones

>Effortless nasal, diaphragmatic breathing

>Youthful respiratory quotient)

>Efficient digestion and elimination

>Healthy heart and good circulation (strong pulse and warm extremities, tip of nose)

>Rarely experience sickness

>Excellent sleep, libido, and fertility

>Relaxed yet focused mind

>Positive outlook

Fitness is an essential part of proper initiation. While bodybuilding is not necessary, (and bodybuilding can easily become an egoistic pursuit for "a beautiful body" and not good health!!), proper exercise connects us to our physical vessels, giving us more conscious control over them. And as the cliche points out, "A healthy mind in a healthy body"; a well oxygenated brain strengthens our consciousness, fends off mental haze and sluggishness and improves psychological functions such as memory.

A well-trained body gives a sensation of masculinity and connects us to our bodies from which we have alienated ourselves from… this "quest for maleness" can only be achieved through harsh discipleship and enforcing of the Will. In this understanding, physical exercise becomes also a mental operation which can be likened to Mental Alchemy - by exercising and using our magical abilities, we transform weakness into strength and emasculated men become again Men with a capital M.

So, exercise! Exercise!

Taste the ammonia in your mouth!

Feel the swelling of your veins!

Feel the blood run as petroleum fuel!

tldr; get /fit/, it improves your wizardry and you won't feel like emasculated.


File: 1465456010757.jpg (87.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1461265238351.jpg)

Tree stance (horse with arms up) with breath of fire. Tense the entire body(play around with breath, mudras, body focus, etc).

Get training neophytes!

Physical weakness is mental weakness! Build focus and strength in order to become a true magician.



well duh


I'm pretty much just eating fish oil, honey, and hemp hearts most of the day and get maybe one meal of something random besides that. I really need more food but fuck I can't eat a lot of things I used to be able to anymore, I'm too sensitive. Practically all the fruits and vegetables are sprayed.


Whats the greenpill on margarine or other false-butters? I'm skeptical of them but they don't make my breath smell weird like regular butter does.



Anything made out of soy is cheap GMO crap.



Yes, but wouldn't actual dairy products have all those bovine hormones in them? Which of the two is the lesser evil is what I'm asking, I know that using no butter is best.



>what is goat's cheese, goat's milk, etc.



Tibetans used butter and salt in tea btw to be able to give themselves shitloads of quick calories to power through intense meditation in the himalayas.



Treat me as a mundane:

Is it safe to try to transition from omnivore to raw vegan fast? What about from omnivore to raw vegan without the in-between? I can only stand vegetables raw, and I'd much prefer fruitarianism.

I'm almost always at a caloric deficient, not even reaching 2000 calories a day, on an omnivore diet. Would it even be possible to bulk on a raw vegan diet?

How can you get enough protein on a fruitarian diet?

How much time is spent cooking on a raw vegan diet over an omnivore diet?


fructose is one of the worst nutrients you can put in your body. low carb is the way to go for health. never go fruitarian (look at what happened to steve jobs)



Coconut oil

Cook with it, eat it, fuck it etc


Raw egg yolk, and raw salmon (sashimi) is always good, right? Except in excess, which nothing is.



I think vegans use nuts for protein/zinc and other stuff you're worried about. If I'm not mistaken I think there were some keto acids or something that can convert to amino acids in your body so the protein content of fruit is underestimated, but it's definitely not enough to "bulk"





I got a lordotic and kyphotic posture.

And on top of that my abs go way infront, I have that pregnant look.

I will start ab hollowing and reverse naval breathing in order to strengthen my lower chakras and make my belly flatter.

Also hatha yoga to make my spine functional again, it feels so wrong and tight.


Five words : Intu-flow by Scott Sonnon


I only eat grapes and some peanuts. It keeps me clean and has me at ready for LSD trips



The horseman I'm familiar with; arms up in which position, exactly?


File: 1467752254404.jpg (207.33 KB, 970x546, 485:273, juicecleanse1.jpg)

I'm doing a juice cleanse right now. I'm still eating lightly because I hate fasting but still feel pretty good. Can't wait for it to be over though. 1 more day. Definitely an interesting learning experience.



benis in da owl



I have salted butter with my coffee all the time.

It's fucking awesome.


File: 1468170334644-0.jpg (35.3 KB, 640x480, 4:3, skinny sony money.jpg)

File: 1468170334644-1.jpg (812.05 KB, 1564x2106, 782:1053, kultur-terror.jpg)

How can i start becoming a man?

I'm almost 22, and have been stuck at 6' and 150 lbs for over 4 years. I look similar to the attached pic, but thankfully not in the face. I grow very very little facial hair

My body can only digest fruit. Rice doesn't digest very well at all, especially if i eat a lot, Beans and lentils not much better, i can feel the inflammatory effects of white potatoes, and sweet potatoes don't digest great. When i was 19 i would eat 1-2 lbs of meat per day, did not gain weight. I still occasionally eat a portion every other week or so

I play sports and lift weights although the past year i've done it less because it just makes me sore as fuck for sports and gives me no gains.

I'm convinced its some sort of energy issue, and that i'm immature and thinking like a pussy boi instead of a man. Am I doomed do be a manlet for the rest of my life? Am i just aging slower than my "peers"? Can i ever glow up?


File: 1468254304565.jpg (115.94 KB, 481x725, 481:725, image.jpg)





The soreness should be worrying, but I think only being able to digest fruit is good. Listen to your body. I don't see the problem with anything else though. If you want to eat shitty food to fit in with your peers, you should rethink that.



>How can i start becoming a man?

Just eat what you like, do what you like, play sports because you like them and don't give a crap about 'gains'.

A real man handles things with confidence, not with ranting about useless stuff. 6' is fine, don't whine about your length, don't whine about digestive problems or your weight, only women do that.

You have little facial hair because of a hormonal imbalance. You're mentally a woman/pussy boi.

I mean no harm, just handle the criticism like a man



Tree stance.


Assuming I'm new and out of shape, can anyone recommend a good fitness routine for balanced strength and maximum health?



calisthenics+Atkinson's Science of Breath+hatha yoga



Really? Salt makes me mundane fasting than basically anything else.





File: 1470982867497.jpg (42.23 KB, 647x768, 647:768, zdzislaw_beksinski_1976.jpg)

I have a question, I have chronic asthma and am currently reliant on my albutorol inhaler. Is there anything that I can do to have more control over it? Any advice would be appreciated.



Carbs of all kinds are inflammatory you should switch to a Keto diet you would do good on it. Obviously it's not "spiritual" or whatever but it's legit for inflammation.



I have this problem too but I'm 6'4"



Read The Science of Breath.





Kill yourself nigger

I'm 5'4, you have no idea what being a true manlet feels like

Feels great tbh fam since I'm not a manchild without any confidence, nobody fucking cares if you're short unless you're an actual midget



>hurr durr look what happened to this one person so don't eat fruit



Dude seriously stop telling people carbs are inflammatory. Carbs fuel your brain and are stored as glycogen for energy for later use. Just stop. This isn't the place for telling people your shit diet advice anyway.



Carbs are poison

Humans are carnivores and meant to eat only protein and fat

Don't listen to hippies who will try to convince you otherwise




>look at steve jobs

How does cancer relate to a fruitarian diet? Carnivorous diets have the largest rates of cancer. And even a breatharian could get cancer, as long as cells still live they can fail.


fail loosh farmer



Jobs was around toxic iPad chemicals and high EMF most of the time. And he was also a very stressed, authoritarian person. That had more to do with his death than his diet. Although his diet was incomplete nutritionally, the fructose in it was a plus not a minus.



how do you know?





But honestly you can't change your eating habits before you change your mental and spiritual outlook.

If a mundane switches to fruitarian diet without knowing how to properly extract prana they'll just fuck their shit up. Steve Jobs hadn't prepared his spiritual body so fruit didn't help him very much.

It matters as much how you eat as what you eat.



this is the exact opposite of what is true

human breastmilk is <5% protein, for example

kill yourself in real life please


Guys I did not eat all day and I felt great, skin was good, mind was clear, etc.

Then I fucked that all up by eating meat.

Now I have a break out and other problems.

I have changed my diet many times over my life and lately I feel like as I undergo certain mental changes, my diet has to change too, and what was optimal and healthy for me before, ceases to be later.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i went out to a picnic and when I got back I was red. That's the last time I eat processed crap.



>I have changed my diet many times over my life and lately I feel like as I undergo certain mental changes, my diet has to change too, and what was optimal and healthy for me before, ceases to be later.

"As above so below"

How fucking hard is it to understand lads?



I stopped exercising a year back because of some sleep problems and the fact that all of my tap water is polluted with chemicals and I got paranoid about having to drink so much of it due to all of the hard work I was doing.

In the OP's mega link, what should be the first book I read if I want to start working out again? Should I just start doing starting strength again? Also, what is the best book in there that teaches you how to distill water on your own? I skimmed through a few but they weren't exactly what I was looking for. Last time I tried steam distilling water on my own, it took very long and i felt like I was doing it wrong. I just want a book with very straightforward techniques.



i got a one gallon water distiller on amazon for a couple hundred dollars. i'd say that's the simplest way


What the fuck what am I supposed to eat. I used to be unhinged as fuck but I got bad vibes and broke it off so now I'm mundane and I can't get back. I once walked outside on a whim and followed a rabbit for miles being amazed at everything around me, I want that back.

Is ketogenic allright or should I just eat stuff that I feel has good energy?

Is coffee really bad? Is fluoride a meme?

I know nothing and meditation seems so weak.



what the fug these lazy newfigs are everywhere :D

you should really lurk moar and maybe read stuff from the wiki, or at the very least google and skim through a couple dozen links before posting

First of all, what you eat doesn't matter if your mental/spiritual wellbeing isn't also being taken care of. Sometimes it's a matter of perspective, for example if you want to chase a rabbit no amount of consumption is going to let that happen, except for marijuana or something like that

The point of the ketogenic diet is to be in a state of 'ketosis' (though ketosis can be obtained without that diet it seems); I don't think if a high-efficient, quick-energy metabolism requires a ketogenic diet. No matter what I eat I don't get fat but overall I don't eat fatty foods. I do eat quite a large amount of grains as I think fiber is incredibly important. Surely though, stressing over what food to eat is probably not going to allow efficiency to happen. I legitimately find burgers and stuff much less appetizing than potatoes and spinach and stuff, you gotta learn to actually like healthy food and things will start to get fixed by themselves. So if you find yourself wanting unhealthy food and being turned off by unhealthy food then perhaps this keto diet is good for a while to switch the state of your body.

Though if you read the thread it seems that the opinion is divided on carbs but I would have to happen to those in favor of it like this anon


SO BASICALLY yea just eat stuff that you think has good energy. But you need to be in a good state of mind and body before you can recognize things with good energy in the first place so keep that in mind

>Is coffee really bad?

Yes stimulants for no reason are bad. It's actually a good antioxidant but you can get that from green tea anyways

>Is fluoride a meme?

No that shit is incredibly bad for you. I never drink tap water because when I do after a few days I start feeling lethargic.

Fluoride builds up in your endocrine system like the thyroid gland and pineal gland fucking up your body, This is literally where the chakras are considered to be.

And plus it's just retarded on principle. Fluoride is literally put in additional after being cleaned (from the sewers and stuff usually). The reasoning is to keep your teeth clean (even that is debatable), but if it's just for your teeth then why consume it? Retarded; no wonder there are conspiracy theories that it's actually put in by TPTB to keep the populace docile. I in fact don't even fuck with toothpaste and just use a Miswak

I have a cheap zero water filter does the trick. The TDS reader that detects how man PPM there are gives like 250-300 in tap water, Brita would give like 30 but this filter gives zero baby!

God knows what else is in that shit



My country has never added any additional fluoride to drinking water, it would be illegal for the government to do so.

But what about my choppers, should I go out of my way to find fluoride-free toothpaste?

>Sometimes it's a matter of perspective, for example if you want to chase a rabbit no amount of consumption is going to let that happen, except for marijuana or something like that

Well, yeah.. it would be a matter of perspective. About being open and available to let life lead you to new realizations. Now are you saying that diet is not relevant to maintaining this 'perspective'?




Wow lucky you. What country is it if you don't mind me asking? My wikipediaing skills deduce that it's Sweden.

The key word here is maintain. But even then, I mean technically you are supposed to a spirit controlling a body, and it's only through deterioration that it ends up being the other way around. So technically through sheer willpower you can force any perspective you desire, at least perhaps from a vibration. But technically to experience things physically you need your body so at the very least you would have to change your subconscious beliefs to allow perspectives to take hold.

I didn't even notice this line in your first post until now

>I know nothing and meditation seems so weak.

Meditation is far from weak. It's the single most strongest thing you can do, especially regarding perspectives. I mean meditation is a tool and it can be used for many different things.

In this case as I said you would have to change subconscious beliefs to allow new perspectives to take hold. You are not aware of your subconscious processes, except for the thoughts that are sent to you. You are not your thoughts, you are not your ego, the thoughts come from your ego/subconsciousness and you are the spirit/awareness that chooses between which thoughts to act on and which to ignore.

So to actually change the subconscious beliefs that you don't have access to, you can use meditation to observe your thoughts and let them go. As you let go each thought you gain insight into how your subconscious works, what it prioritizes and etc.

I made a post in a different thread if you want more extrapolation here.


I mean this has nothing to do with diet anymore though, and IDK if there is another thread regarding this in the catalog but if not maybe you can create a new thread on this topic. Try to keep as general as possible to allow as many topics, or not just do whatever you want lol



That's a helpful post thanks a bunch. Wikipediaing skills on point.



yaay :D


I commonly see suggestions for hatha yoga. Can someone share resources, especially solid videos that can start me down the path? I live in such a spiritually inert area I am convinced every option for commercial yoga will be a shit tier McDojo equivalent. I have plenty of training in martial arts in the past but have suffered from back issues for a few years now which have kept me from being as fit as I should be.

I planned on self teaching with a multi position camera setup so I can view my form and self correct while watching a master.


File: 1472098404424.pdf (3.34 MB, [Master_Lam_Kam-Chuen]_The….pdf)


For what you want this will probably help you more honestly.





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"We can never serve anything with garlic or too much onions," - The previous head chef of the British Royal Family.

Taoist's do not consume alliums (onion, garlic, chives, leeks etc.) They are toxins, spiritual poison, bad joojoo, how ever you'd like to phrase it. Not to mention they make your breath, body and sweat stink. This is a some what well known thing but I thought I'd mention it for any newbies or people looking to take the next step from a plant based diet. Stay disciplined.



>Dr. Nun S. Amen Ra




tfw never eat those things but yesterday ate a fuckload of garlic

trying to kill some bad stuff in my body, so it's temporary




Is that Smiley? He's talking about aiming for only getting energy from the divine now? Ha I haven't been on here in over a year last I saw he was talking about loosh farming being the only purpose to life. Interesting.



>trying to kill some bad stuff in my body

Garlic is poison that's why it kills parasites.

Only an idiot would use garlic to "kill bad stuff in their body".

Fasting (no water) for a week will cure anything short of life threatening disease.



They are good for activating the root chakra



I've heard of people with life-threatening diseases being saved by fasting…



It works but it can also kill you if you're extremely obese or emaciated.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Just found this great little channel. The guys been experimenting with raw veganism for the past 2 years. Shows what he eats, the results of his various endeavours, and generally gives good info. The star quality for me is that he's an every mans man. Not some obnoxious online persona like durianrider or VG.

He makes it clear he's literally striving for absolute optimum nutrition in order to look and feel as good as possible and although he is skinny, he has great skin and imo looks pretty young for a 35 year old. He's also quite funny with a rather infectious dry wit. So yeah I reccomend checking this guy out for motivation, light entertainment, good nutritional info and for seeing first hand the effects of extreme raw vegan dieting.

P.S. he's recently, although in a slightly joking manner, started claiming he doesn't shit anymore.



>2 years

>hasn't been able to achieve inedia


>not drinking fruit juice and diluting it until you consume only water


>tfw you no longer need to eat or sleep

>tfw mundanes will NEVER know this feel



why dont you marry him



He has a gf



>this poor fucking rabbit ran away from this scary human for fucking miles, and it just kept coming after them



I love onions and garlic, way healthy. so many uses. why shill against it?



>please eat onions and garlic goyhim



I felt the same way when I read that too but I had to look it up for myself. taoists and hindus actually discourage it, though there's probably some enlightening context I couldn't find

what I did find though is that it can stimulate lower chakras, so too much could maybe make you lustful and insecure or something like that



Really enjoy your threads Blake. Any way to keep in touch with you outside this board?



Blake didn't actually make this thread but he supplied the library and probably made a good portion of the posts in this thread.


File: 8b6037bac8725e6⋯.webm (1.98 MB, 640x360, 16:9, why you always.webm)


>Humans are carnivores and meant to eat only protein and fat

Herbs are just for seasoning right?



He was also a self-admitted asshole, big time. A lot of things contributed there. But I would like to point out that the fruitarian diet is not "deficient" in anything unless you believe it is.






Garlic/onions are not considered appropriate foods for spiritual practice/development and are avoided by yogis.

They certainly have their uses, though - detox/healing being among them. In those Eastern systems, these *may* be used for these purposes, but not as regular food.

Unsurprisingly, if you look at prepared food, onion and garlic are in practically everything. Also not a surprise that they taste great, just like other things that are terrible for you.


Interesting, noted. Any info on why dry fast would be better than water only?

I'd like to see more here about cleanses, intermittent fasting, heavy metal detox, decalcification of the pineal, etc.

Let's get back to the things we can do to get our instruments working properly.

I've had great results with the below:


Currently working on heavy metal detox to restore my memory.

(Chlorella, MSM, zeolite, and cilantro)

Zeolite in general is one of the best things I've found for all around cleansing. Managed to completely get rid of seasonal allergies in one season.


File: ad6bfb07ba977fc⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 11.9 KB, 600x89, 600:89, amnioticfluid.png)


I don't see how a dry fast would be better than a water fast. Problem with the water fast is many of us don't have access to high quality water. It's either been sitting in a bottle for weeks or toxic tap. If I were to fast without additional water I would at least be cycling my urine.

A friend of mine has a lot of lab experience in this area and the things he recommends are

1. Fast on something like Breuss

2. Swim in the ocean daily or, if unable, take a sea salt bath

3. Liver/gallbladder flushes

He has analyzed hundreds of hair tests and confirmed that Breuss detoxes heavy metals very well. Also…the noble metals are big component of mercury/lead etc toxicity. Look at the periodic table and see what is closest to mercury. Beets/carrots ( if grown on proper soil ) are good sources of rhodium/iridium/gold. These are included in Breuss protocol. Colloidal gold/platinum can be used as well and they are completely non-toxic.



I was shitposting I don't even eat anything other than fruit and barely eat fruit.



Dry fasting will send your body into healing mode. All of the famous spiritual figures who fasted did so without food or water. Moses, Jesus, Buddha, they all fasted for long periods of time drinking no water as it cleanses much more potently than fasting while still drinking water. However generally 3 days is the most your average /fringe/ user can go dry-fasting, going 40 days without food or drink is for inediates and highly advanced men. Gotta get woke to go without food or water forever.


File: 7419d7a1755387c⋯.pdf (2.41 MB, Peter Kelder-Ancient Secre….pdf)

>"Now, I'm not suggesting that you limit yourself to a

diet of just one kind of food per meal, or even that you

eliminate meats from your diet. But I would recommend

that you keep starches, fruits, and vegetables separate

from meats, fish, and fowl at your meals. It is alright to

make a meal of just meat. In fact, if you wish, you could

have several kinds of meat in one meal. And it is alright

to eat butter, eggs, and cheese with a meat meal, or dark

bread and, if you wish, coffee or tea. But you must not

end up with anything sweet or starchy-no pies, cakes,

or puddings.

>"Butter seems to be a neutral. It can be eaten with

either a starchy meal, or with a meat meal. Milk agrees

better with starches. Coffee and tea should always be

taken black, never with cream, although a small amount

of sweetening will do no harm.

>"The proper use of eggs was another interesting and

useful thing I learned during my stay in the monastery.

The Lamas would not eat whole eggs unless they had

been performing hard manual labor. Then, they might

eat one whole medium boiled egg. But they would frequently

eat raw egg yolks, discarding the whites."

-Ancient Secret Of The Fountain Of Youth



imagine if when you were a kid, you were allowed to sleep whenever you were tired, eat what your body wanted when you were hungry, eating a diverse and varied diet of wholesome foods. you would be way healthier than the average person. going against your bodys natural cycles is what causes disease; tribal peoples where much healthier than us because they followed what their body told them was good, instead of listening to what society conditions you into believing is good for you.

all things is moderation.

the dose maketh the poison.


File: b6a73c5c592b3c0⋯.pdf (5.26 MB, Robert_Morse_-_The_Detox_M….pdf)

File: c23f26a52d6257a⋯.pdf (148.7 KB, top10tips.pdf)

File: 832a7cbb021b7e8⋯.jpg (152.55 KB, 1186x662, 593:331, FoodCombining.JPG)



Thanks for the responses. I personally was hoping for a more specific explanation of either the biochemistry or metaphysics behind dry vs. water fasting but I guess I will have to experience it myself in due time and see the difference. If you have any sources on it I would be glad to check them out.

I looked up Breuss and that, along with dry fasting, will certainly send your body into healing mode. So will an alkaline/raw diet (see attached), though to a lesser extent. Any of them will naturally lead to elimination of heavy metals and other toxins. As above, so below, so it's only natural that they will also lead to a cleaner energy body. All in all, I'm very much in favor of all of them.

The problem with these more advanced cleansing techniques, as I see it, is that they could easily lead to auto-intoxication. I.e. your body cannot get rid of the toxins quickly enough so some of them are re-ingested and you will literally feel sick from this. This leads to some parts of the "healing crisis" commonly referred to by proponents of various cleansing diets. I do know that zeolite and certain zeolite formulations that I'm aware of could possibly mitigate this issue, but then you're not exactly dry fasting anymore, even if not consuming any calories.

Because of that, dry fasting and urine cycling don't seem to be accessible unless you've already done a fair bit of cleansing prior in more measured or targeted ways. For example, if I were to do

either right now I'm pretty sure I'd just poison myself with heavy metals all over again, which would hardly be a net gain.

As far as liver/gallbladder flushes, they're great and I think awareness needs to be spread. If you are alive in present year you're guaranteed to be absolutely clogged up in your liver. If you think it's working well, it could still be better. They're so simple and cheap.

Bowel health is another thing that goes underappreciated. Good is not good enough. This is implicated in most disease and understood to be incredibly important in Ayurveda. Will provide further info as to corrective actions if requested.


Food combining and reducing the variety of foods in one sitting are both good ways to start improving the diet. Raw and then ultimately inedia would be ideal but in the meantime it doesn't mean we have to be ignorant.



i wanna hear about bowel health, not to be gross but i notice i feel 10x more alive when i pass an effortless firm, wipeless turd. i know theres lots of weird ayurvedic things like vastra dhauti that i dont really wanna but lifestyle techniques to keep one at that level would be appreciated



Cleansing the lower colon is an absolute necessity for the average person. If you grew up eating an average western diet there are pounds of dried fecalith in the lower colon poisoning you.


I can't stop going to teh gym. It makes me feel so good. Like nothing else can. I do exercise just intense enough to keep heart going good and be breaking a sweat and generating plenty of body heat and then keep that pace for hours. I would like suggestions to diet to help with this. I still can't sleep, and I did some other more intense stuff but then had to stay away 4 days because couldn't recover, but even with no sleep I can still do this marathon-tier shit doing a little calisthenics and mostly just running with some cycling and lots of steps-climbing. What is best diet and related practices to compliment this? Note: my only objective is to improve circulation, improve brain functioning, and improve wellbeing, and improve skin condition. Don't give a shit about getting stronger (I am very strong) and don't want to put stress on my body.





Average for Muricans, little above average for Europids, and far above average for the human species.

Getting fit and stoic will only polish your manliness. About the beard, I heard it's partially genetic and somewhat linked to body hair.


I once knew a girl who only dated boys younger than herself, so dating only those shorter should exist too.



>never need to sleep

T-this could help.



I want to become a healthier person and have started eating better foods although not enough to cover my calorie intake. I've checked out the mega link and there's a ton of stuff to read, I might have missed it but I want to know more about vitamin d.

There's a lot of misinformation out there and I don't know how credible some doctors and sites are so I come here in hopes someone knows. How much IU is required a day for the right amount of vitamin D? I've read a few sources claiming 8000 or more for the average adult, or as little as 500-1000 a day. Also read about going to a doctor and get a blood test and they'll tell me the right amount needed.

Sun is objectively the best way to get vitamin d, but during the winter I've been taking one 2000 UI per tablet supplement with no extra ingredients added, just the capsule and rice flower, a day and am unsure if it's the right amount.

That mega link has a load of stuff, is there a less congested source of info I can read to plan out the most effective diet? Thanks.








Grass fed butters are awesome. Put them in tea like that guy said, it tastes great and feels great. Tim Ferris does it, he's all about peak human performance. Just reading up on salt benefits…. yeah definitely do it.

Unrelated: I have a Himalayan pink salt lamp for the negative ions and shit. I put my stones by it, look at it, etc to keep myself going strong. I recently put my tongue on it for the electric stim for health but then just ate some and felt really awesome the next 24+ hours.

Also, a glass of Epsom salt in water had me feeling awesome despite having to stay near the toilet.

That's all before I was well read on salt benefits…. jk I never read up on that shit but still awesome.



Look, a nigger.



Salt is a poison, you should suck that Himalayan salt lamp through your anus. Scum.


Alright, kids. Came across some info. And who the fuck messes with chakras these days? Faggots.

I've been hopped up on massive doses of monatomic elements. There is no going back, now. I'm struggling to even keep my presence contained on this contaminated board since it's full of fucking idiots and shills these days.

Nevertheless, this website is pretty cool. It's the best explanation of Kundalini I've found.


Good thing it will drive most of you insane if you try to do it without properly cleansing your channels.

There is an ideal way to cleanse your body but only real wizards know about it.

You can break the Kundalini shell with mechanical force like yoga but gl because I know the best yoga and no time to share it.

What else, what else… Oh yeah, look up some monatomic gold lectures by that Hebrew dude and how it all ties in.

Gotta feed your Ka, brah.


Oh yeah and you can make monatomic or ormus out of salt. Maybe that's why people had so much gold an salt laying around in the ancient days. You guys should get on that if you want to change the world.


Oh yeah, Shalom. Hebrews were druids and we used to do king shit back in the day while on that star fire, homie.



Eat more healthy fats, eat more vitamins and minerals, do manly things, start building a bedrock for being a true man like developing useful skills and survival skills (validates muscle and testosterone without becoming neurotic) and yeah don't be all brain and nerve but have plenty of it, because you compensated with stoic manliness and the practical art of Zen archery whilst hunting game in one of your survival campouts.

Seriously though I think being stoic and cultivating silence will help level out your energy output. I compress, mute and silence as much neurological activity as possible whilst meditating, for all the benefits of everything… strange as that is. Less is more.

Get off sugar immediately, and eat plenty of butter and salt, preferably in tea. Meat is great but you have an uphill battle so pull the rug out from under what's hurting you and go for strength training not endurance or agility or speed. Lift heavy shit.

If it is body weight, do progressions. One leg squat, one arm push up, one arm pull up, low rep as possible. Good form.

Do yoga or similar and eat veges, super foods, health stuff, so you aren't just unhealthy.

Eat like 3000 calories. Eggs, bacon, avocado, oil (olive oil is shit go coconut or avocado), onion, potatoes obrien with purple potatoes if ya have to, for breakfast. No fucking grains, no wheat, none if that. No beans, keep the potato type stuff low for sure, no shitty pesticide fruit or gmo if you can for sure.

Fattiest oily stuff you can, with plenty of healthy sides and smoothies to be actually healthy.

Gallon of non tap water because fuck that estrogen filled shit.

Make sure your horomones are balanced by going to a doctor.

Cold showers help balance them. The fats and meats help. Health supplements will help a LOT. You likely need the phytonutrients in fruit and veges so get a liquid multi vitamin with fruits and veges in it or just a liquid fruit and vege supplement.

Sprints will also help, with 4+ intervals, probably 8 since you were in sports. Recovery is everything though get your sleep and diet in order.



Pressure points.



t. worthless materialist whore


literally die

and you will while enlightened patriarchs like myself levitate into the new age

he who laughs last, laughs best

95% population reduction with mass deaths of sheeple around the corner, your rights go first




Focus on recovery by pressure points, opening the channels and then protecting them, yoga, diet, meditation, nature exposure/barefoot trail hiking (get some mountain qi), stop smoking weed or whatever, eat super foods and cleanse, dry fast, get some safe nootropics, and do the eastern "first you must learn to stand" Shit in the >>82650 pdf.

Your bio rhythms should normalize this way. Listen to your body, get rhythmic. Probably dance and shit.





File: 97ebdb3ec1684db⋯.jpg (20.31 KB, 599x337, 599:337, image.jpg)



that's fake news site.

Didn't Vice do a doc on Russian priest hermits? I thought there was a video or article called '10 Things Russian Priest Hermits Report After Detatching From A Tribulated Society', and they were like the happy hermit at the start of Thus Spake, before he gets found eaten by a bear or something.



you mean "if you are isolated from human contact and don't have any fringe knowledge this is what happens to your mind"?



> thankfully not in the face


He isn't ugly.



>t gain weight. I still occasionally eat a portion every other week or so

Holy fuck everything in your post is exactly me. The getting sore with sports and lifting weights (for too long, like say 4 days straight), the only ate fruit for a long time thing, the can't grow really any facial hair thing, the soft voice and seeming like I'm 25 when I'm 24, etc.



ITT Emerald pill


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



You guys need to find the first video this guy made where he starts out as a bluepilled marine (with no tats) documenting the start of his interest in esoteric and new age stuff and then he gets progressively more and more like this. Wonder where his first video is, I found it on here.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>starts out as a bluepilled marine

but looks like he's took the "redpill" going by 3:10. Some of his videos are pretty lucid though.



lel I actually have had two experiences being alone for more than a year. First one I was 12 and I must admit it was like going crazy, but the second one I was 20 and already initiated into fringe knowledge and it was okay, all I had to do was keep my daily routine of meditation, exercise, reading, etc, to not go crazy.

And I am currently going through an isolation period which will last for 5 months and I'm in it for about 3. And honestly I have never been better, no crazyness going through my mind just the thought that if I keep meditating, exercising, reading etc I will be able to do what I want to do. Unlike the previous times I can readly jump into a social situation wiithout feeling or causing any kind of awkwardness or unease.

I honestely think the advantages of social situations is helping keeping your ego in check, so to speak, you wouldn't utter false words in social situations for fear of being judged. But if you keep yourself low during isolation periods it has the same effect. If you're not tryinng to convince yourself, or even talking to yourself for that matter, you can remain sane. No tats, no weird dancing, no meaningless words, no behaviour that I would be previously ashemed in showing my peers. All I'm doing is meditating, exercising, reading, writing, eating healthy and all that. You trust the proccess and that process will always diminish your ego weather you're having social contact or not.




Someone posted a picture here a while ago in an unrelated thread with a comparison between the thumbnail of his first video and one of these kinds of videos. Does anyone still have it? I looked in pretty much every thread that's still active right now and I couldn't find it. I figure it might be helpful in finding his original videos, if they're still on YouTube.



How did you get a year alone at age 12? Were you raised by wolves?

>No tats, no weird dancing, no meaningless words, no behaviour that I would be previously ashemed in showing my peers

Reminds me of that that quote "never less alone than when alone" and the Confucius or Tao quote about 'being careful when alone'.

I'd need an outlet for bouts of frenetic energy if I was doing isolation. It's too short a step from trying to learn the two-step (to go dancing), to practicing the two-step in pants, at the tempo of Crystal Castles.

It'd be too easy to do something that makes 3x10 sets of Sieg Heils look tame by comparison, and you just know the government has a huge panel TV looking into living rooms from the cameras inside carbon monoxide alarms, with Reignbau on the center panel as he repeats his Sieg Heil and Cross routine, and around him panels of similarly touched people who are not just sat watching their TV.


Does anyone here have first hand experience with a raw vegan diet? I'm looking to transition from vegan to raw vegan because so much vegan food seems processed and unhealthy.



at age 12 my mom decided to move to another country and I went with her. When she went to work I was sleeping and when she came back I was sleeping. So I managed to be a full year with minimum human interaction (I rarely saw her and didnn't go to school) I didn't even use computers at that time so I pretty much just sat looking at the wall for a whole year, and it was pretty bad. I do remember doing weird stuff to try to keep me barely sane, and comming out of it was also really hard, I couldn't interact with no one, not even at the assburgers level.

Well I like those quotes, specially now that I'm willfully alone, and the second one has a tip on how to handle being alone. "Being careful" is exactely what you want. Without other people to keep you in check you need to dimish yourself as much as you possibly can since the most dangerous thing in being alone is an overdeveloped ego. You need not worry about dimishing yourself too much since your default state will always be putting yourself above everything. By dimishing yourself I mean not making any kind of value judgement about yourself. You can see these crazy people they always put themselves above everything and everyone, like they are "the one". Avoid all thoughts that imply or lead towards that and you'll be okay.



So this is what happens when mud people overload their circuits.



veganism is a meme unless you're already healthy

If you can't do 20 pullups easily you're better off eating eggs+yogurt+oats and getting /fit/ first.



Someone please give me a mega link with just the Ironpill in it.

Blake K's library is great but it's missing Julius Evola books and Ironpill memes. I want them all so I have Ironpill stuff to think about and cool Ironpill mantras to repeat in my mind as I PUSH IT TO THE LIMITS!!!!



Nice blog



thx :)



Yes, and isolation + the internet is very bad for inflating egos, as reality is more absent, and some people are slow to self-awareness. I wonder if it's a rite-of-passage amongst internet snowflakes to suffer a spazz attack on their most visited boards/forums.



The internet should be destroyed.



already vegan and i can already do 20 pullups without lifting in a year because i'm not fat as fuck.


20 pullups is too much

Don't you meatheads have anything better to do?

Getting your body to transmute the elements you need is where it's at

While meatheads starve I'll be living off pure solar energy and moss like some reindeer



i get what you're saying, but if you can't do 20 pullups, you'll die trying to find good sunlight. don't gotta be a bodybuilder but you gotta be decently strong



>you'll die trying to find good sunlight

Is that supposed to make sense?



He means you have to find a hole in the ozone


I eat 7 gallons of my cum every minute. This is why I am levitating and on fire 24 hours a day. I have been practicing this technique for years. It takes months to feel effects, but you will learn to make somebody else disappear in seconds


File: 7b304adb8977c06⋯.webm (147.49 KB, 480x360, 4:3, tl;dr.webm)


>that MEGA folder

>all those pdfs

Explain to me how all that shit is greenpilled






He says in a short vid that he started making videos on October 12 2012, if that helps.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





File: 74b4c609bfdf94d⋯.jpg (231.94 KB, 1000x873, 1000:873, 873489.jpg)


File: 6ab4cf043e92d26⋯.jpg (140.78 KB, 694x392, 347:196, 1426297897249-1.jpg)


File: 5883d4eadf204e2⋯.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, 1:1, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7….jpg)



This book is exactly what I needed right now, thanks for this.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Watch this video for why exercise is underrated and is about mental health even more than physical health https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsVzKCk066g



Pretty decent video tbh. The only problem I have is with the accusations that exercise doesn't cause weight loss which is downright retarded. I'm sure they're being hyperbolic but that shouldn't be done on an educational video.



Anything legit in that folder? What is the iron pill, explained from one iron pilled to another? Or one iron pilled to a red pilled?



Ironpill is what you receive when you go to >>>/fit/

There are comics/pictures that explain it. There is a character that represnts the Ironpill. Maybe someone will post it itt in here, I don't have any of hte pics right now.



tfw just looked at the post you responded to.

That's the ironpill… it's an evolian/traditionalist/fitness/heritage/etc, pill. It's like an advanced form of the redpill. A kind of intermediate between redpill and greenpill that focuses much more on fitness and physical excellence and volisch merit.



no it isnt. its just /fit/ filled with half-truths.


File: d2c84d4eec91b20⋯.jpg (83.98 KB, 736x714, 368:357, b65505fbed3f8c08ae65803e51….jpg)

I'm two weeks now into a ketogenic diet, my ketone levels in my urine indicate I've hit ketosis, so my body is using fatty acids as a primary fuel source instead of glucose, just like when you're on a long fast. First week was hard, but now I'm feeling great, I've lost around 8-10 pounds so far already and my skin complexion has improved drastically. When I skip a meal, I can feel the fat being stripped off my gut, and all without being hungry.

If I were to sum things up, it's like getting many of the benefits of fasting without starving yourself.

Going to keep it up for a couple of months at least, then re-evaluate. Eating lots of free-range lamb, chicken and beef, tons of coconut oil, olive oil and organic butter, and of course some lean green vegetables. Also taking vitamin B, vitamin D, Co-Q10, krill oil and a low-carb greens supplement powder for micronutrients. Less than 20g of glucose producing carbs per day.



Lots of bubbles floating on top of your urine? That's called proteinurea. You're taking in too much protein, and it's being excreted in your urine, which is usually considered a bad sign. Everything in moderation.



Vegan is totally unnecessary for spiritual work. Lacto vegetarianism is good though. Maybe ovo-lacto. Milk is considered an extremely sattvic food so it is very good to eat, but I have heard mixed things on eggs. Most say unfertilized eggs like you would typically eat are sattvic.



bullshit occultist, vegan is nothing if it is not even raw vegan. this is where you will get results.



You're a tool



inferior to spiritual food, a lot of effort for minimal effects


the enemies of the gods had to do that because they lacked spirit


hebrews are bullshit occultists



Raw veganism is helpful for certain people. Promoting a raw vegan diet for EVERYONE is loosh farming.



>ketogenic diet

I been looking into it, so basically you just fast now and then and avoid carbohydrates?I want to get into it because synchronicity reasons but I'm not sure how it really works.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



It's true. Exercise is not GOAT for weight loss.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>'Being in an unconditional state of being is healthier than eating really good food. Your body doesn't thrive on really good food, it thrives on you.'



File: 2d9ce63075e7785⋯.jpg (369.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, i m sculptest.jpg)



What about my pioneering American spirit? I'm WEST COAST BABY. Mountains and forests and rain is pretty German/Celtic I guess.

Besides that I've always dreamed of becoming a martial arts master, extreme manga level fitness, chi/energy abilities (Europe has their gods, supermen, lightning casters and shit too), buying a few acres or more of land (still want to do that but I have some severe internal imbalance I haven't figured out yet) and developing it from nothing to extreme permaculture homesteading and craftsman shops and engineering projects and training grounds n' shit.

I must have a STEEL SPIRIT (fuck iron) but my body turns soft copper kind of easy. Or iron even, that shit can be terrible without forging it properly.

Sometimes I can barely jog, then all of a sudden some channels get unclogged and I'm SPRINTING FOREVER. That happened a few weeks ago. I was SPRINTING FOREVER when I went camping with a couple of friends in the mountains as well. I don't even run but it's just innate. Weird ability. No fatigue, just sprinting top speed 12-14 mph or whatever for 10 mins just fine. All I need is a "warm up" if I've been out of commission.

Same thing with lifting. Started lifting reasonable, deadlifting 135 - 170 lbs, doing the whole "Lift like it's 9999 lbs", doing a lot of high set 4 - 15 rep stuff, thinking "Ain't gonna let my ego rule me" stuff, focusing on form and proper exertion/mindset… when my friend who I was guiding who just got a trainer says he tested his max and it was 260 lbs.

I never tested our maxes.

I mean, this guy is prone to snapping shit and I know form and proper exertion is the greatest gift from our gym rat hindu "BRAH"-man creator since before time, but that was unexpected.

I said FUCK NO and we tested that shit: 245 lbs baby.

Got up to 280 lbs eventually and then dropped lifting (heh).

Squat 235 lbs max.

Bench 205 lbs in high school, didn't do 'em in the gym.

105 lb OHP.

16 BW Pull ups.

I weight 155 lbs.

>So when do I hit Iron Pill?

>What's "American Pioneer" pill version of the "European Heritage" iron pill?

In the 5 elements (+ yin and yang) theory of the Chinese (Wu Xing),

>METAL is about Cleansing, Elimination, Grief, Determination, Organization, Bravery, Chivalry, Meticulous and Righteousness. What a coincidence! Also, martial arts/fighting and exercise develops Metal extremely! Such proclivities of synchronicity!

>WOOD is Power/anger, Planning, Pioneering, Philosophy, Decision-making and Kindness. America!

>In that context, what is most "Metal"?

>Bonsai, carving/chiseling, craftsmanship involving removal, hunting, debate, destroying competition (winning), fasting, cleanses, exercise, red pills, iron pills, anti-immigration, anti-"diversity", fighting, fighting for a cause, destroying enemy religions/philosophies/mindsets, cold calculating approach, killing and pruning in every metaphorical and literal sense, organizing, weaponizing, higher standards, opinions…

All in all "removing the weak, rotten, parasitic and bloated" seems to be the METAL SPIRIT. Truly the Iron Pill and the Metal Element of Wu Xing is in harmony.



>"buying" land

No man owns that which he can not protect. The government cannot patrol all its public lands.







Recently bought some Neem in Kenya. They told me it has a million of effects, however that goes with about anything "healthy". Anyone have personal experiences? Thanks,


File: 99fa91969a0d9ab⋯.png (306.03 KB, 249x238, 249:238, tinfoil.png)

Below is only related to fitness & nutrition so far as it is concerning health.

But how does radiation from items such as cellphones and Bluetooth headsets affect your health. There has been scares about this running around in even mainstream media, but the masses certainly never really buy it fully. Naturally ridiculous levels of radiation should cause problems, but are the levels emitted from cellphones and Bluetooth devices enough to increase risk of cancer and or decrease fertility.



Thank you.


File: 5a9cbafa465dcdf⋯.pdf (221.98 KB, heros-journey-the-sword-fr….pdf)

Going to leave this here. pdf, mobi (kindle), and epub formats.

I'm incorporating elements of this book for my main health and fitness ideas.

Some great clues and techniques inside, especially if you're trying to combine fitness and magic.



File: c0d6e671b4eccd4⋯.jpg (367.88 KB, 1475x849, 1475:849, U7RdtUd.jpg)


pic related



ayy lmao


Can I get a knowledge drop on supplements?

I hear Krill is better than Fish oil, Multivitamins should be liquid, and a fruit and vege liquid supplement is good. Getting something like Alpha Mind or another Nootropic I hear is very good. A fungi/mushroom supplement I hear is good too, but I don't know much about it.



Is there somewhere else I can download this folder? Mega keeps stopping me from downloading the whole thing because it's a piece of shit



Use megadownloader.



Tried it, didn't work. If there's some other site I can get the folder from that would be great





Is there a guide or infographs with info on some lesser known stuff like supplements, oils subtle stuff like is it alright to cook with olive oil. An example I can think of is not to combine certain foods >>85225 had I not stumbled on it I wouldn't know about it.





Okay I am pretty new to fringe, but I try not to be too skeptical about subjects that appear reasonably plausible and have some evidence to support, even if only annecdotal. But this thread is a fucking train wreck.

>dont eat pork


>don't eat processed junk

of course

>don't drink municipal water

I know all about how bad that is

>don't eat any meat

That's a hard sell but I can look into it

>don't eat eggs

Okay this is getting-

>don't eat carb and protein sources togethet

Alright that I know is bullsh-

>Eat the egg yolks raw but don't eat the whites


>don't eat any animal products

Oh. So you're just vegans then…?

>Don't eat onions or garlic one guy grew them off a corpse one time so they are meat too lol

Okay you listen to me you little shit

>Don't eat carrots


>just don't eat anything

>don't even drink water

>just die

Does anyone on this board actually know anything about food or is this just the /fringe/ version of trying to troll people into hurting themselves and doing dumb shit? Does anyone in this thread have any evidence to back any of their claims? I'm open minded but I'm not going to blindly listen to a bunch of faggots claiming everything is poison so I should just starve myself to death.



context matters

and fyi u can live on pure energy but obviously only masters can do that



Sounds like you're listening to every single meme you hear. Just read some good books in the library above. And fruitarianism -> breatharianism would seem the ultimate destination but there are many stages to get there.


I have two health-related questions.

1. I think I fucked up my spine. I've been a couch potato all my live and my sitting positions tend to go wild. I've been getting weird painful sensations in different places (my shoulder, my knees and recently I've my whole left leg). The thing I've discovered that they all originate in my lower back/naval area: when I move it around, emulate a lordosis-like position, something "clicks" and the pain is gone. I know I should probably just go visit a physician, but I feel like they're just going to suggest me some expensive surgery and that isn't that much of an issue for now (I rarely get these pains and they're easy to treat). My question is: how risky is it for me to practice yoga/stretching? And is there any way to repair my spine without having a surgery or at least stop it from falling apart? (I guess sitting properly would be the first step. Maybe some exercises? I don't think my case is that bad at this point, so maybe some core-strengthening exercises would help? )

2. Redpill me on tea. I'm trying to quit soda, because it's incredibly bad for you, but water tastes like shit to me. I know I should wait for my taste buds to adapt, but I don't want to go cold-turkey, because I've tried it before and failed miserably. The only "healthy" drink I can endure is tea. The problem is that I've heard it contains a lot of fluoride (and that's bad for your pineal gland). So does rooibos, which is another alternative I enjoy.



Your body will process the fluoride so have no fear of drinking tea.



what the fuck BEGONE SHILL


the reason water tastes like shit is because it IS shit.

Tea does not add any extra fluoride.

Boiling water however, increases the concentration of whatever shit is there in the water. this what I posted already

>are you crazy I am not fucking drinking coffee. caffeine is one hell of a fucking drug

>even tea can be fucked. if anything i'll drink matcha or at least green tea. and with a goddamned water filter. i sure hope no one is using tap water. i got zerowater filter that's 0 PPM 0 nonwater Particles Per Million particles of water.. brita filter is 30 and cold tapwater is 150 and hot tap water is 280. it's fucked



Where can I get a good water filter?



>zerowater filter that's 0 PPM

it comes with free tester and says if water goes more than 6 PPM then to replace filter

the design is not very good

it's better to get a reverse osmosis system for the whole house, or a distilling machine for larger quantities



There is calcium fluoride in almost everything you eat. If you look at produce on http://nutritiondata.self.com, you'll find pretty much all fruits and vegetables contain some fluoride. It is only harmful when you take in sodium fluoride, a toxic byproduct of aluminum production, that is added to your water.



oh my gosh I was gonna get so mad reading first half

>It is only harmful when you take in sodium fluoride, a toxic byproduct of aluminum production, that is added to your water.

yes thank you so much for saying this. I use miswak myself and it has natural fluoride been used for thousands of years

it is complete insanity that byproducts of manufacturing also fertilizer/nuclear and who knows is force fed to the human population… By government and social mandate, we are coerced into irreversible damage to the pineal gland (third eye) and overall endocrine (hormone/emotion) system

It basically completely fucks up your chakras. also permanently attaches to bones



The water I use (it's been suggested to me by a physician years ago to cure my minor magnesium deficiency) has 0.13 mg/l of fluoride anions, that's all I know. That's supposedly very low (0.7 mg/l is considered safe for small children in my country). Is that bad?

BTW How bad is BPA? It's almost impossible to get bottled water in glass here and I'm too much of a poorfag to afford a decent filter for now.


Lifestyle Planning

>Practice some sort of rhythmic deep breathing, mindfulness, Asana etc. at least 15 mins a day. This can be seen as general metaphysical maintenance of your bodily vehicle, as one performs general maintenance of their living space or car.

>Make your bed every morning, keep your living space nice and orderly. Keeping these habits has a cleansing effect on the psyche. They also act as “anchor habits” that can serve as springboard for further positive action. http://www.lifeohm.com/what-are-your-anchor-habit-and-why-do-you-need-the/

>Drink spring water from glass bottles (expensive), or get a home reverse osmosis/activated carbon/whatever filter. Use a shower filter - around half of your water intake per day comes from shower steam, and chlorine is more harmful when taken in through the breath.

>Use soap like Dr. Bronner's - if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth don’t put it on your skin. Baking soda makes great and cheap deodorant.

>Use non-fluoridated mineralized toothpaste, like Earthpaste. Flossing your teeth has recently been proven to do jack shit, but a lot people still say it helps with bad breath. https://apnews.com/f7e66079d9ba4b4985d7af350619a9e3/medical-benefits-dental-floss-unproven

>Keep lots of household plants to keep the air clean inside your living space. There are many household toxins that are the product of modern living. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NASA_Clean_Air_Study

>Use a diluted mixture of ammonia and water for a cheap and green cleaning product that works for most household tasks. http://thecleaningladytalksdirty.blogspot.com/2011/06/everything-you-need-to-know-about.html

>Do some sort of light/moderate physical exercise for 20-40 minutes every day after waking that gets you sweaty. This increases lymphatic circulation, blood flow to the brain, and is a general mood enhancer.

>Do intense exercise, like resistance training (weightlifting) or HIIT, 3-5 times a week. 4/fit/ sticky for general weightlifting info: http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/17018018

>When lifting weights, cultivate perfect form and full range of motion. You will only injure yourself if you are 1. Lifting ungodly near world record amounts of weight or 2. you are using incorrect form. If you are unsure about your form, record yourself lifting and ask /plg/ on 4/fit/ for form advice, they can help you out - http://boards.4chan.org/fit/catalog#s=plg

>Sit as little as possible. Use a (makeshift) standing desk. ‘’Sitting is the new smoking.’’ http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/adult-health/expert-answers/sitting/faq-20058005 - exercising an hour a day and then sitting for 15 still counts as sedentary. Chair-sitting in a hips-flexed position decreases mobility/flexibility, which is why you see so many quarter-squatters in the gym.

>Do mobility/flexibility exercises. Kelly Starrett/MobilityWOD is a good resource for this stuff. Your tissues are most likely hardened and stiff from a lifetime of Western sedentism. Good old, time tested, Hatha Yoga is also perfect for maximizing mobility.

>Maintain an upright, relaxed posture. Your body language affects your hormone production and vice-versa https://youtu.be/Ks-_Mh1QhMc (As within, so without, etc.). Generally, keep your shoulders back and down and spine straight. Look up Alexander Technique for more in depth info. Your body language/posture affects the way others perceive you as well - ‘’good posture makes you more attractive and approachable’’. See the recent meme of Chad vs. Virgin walk etc. for an intuitive imageboard cultural expression of this concept.

>Practice daily expressions of gratitude. Take a pen and notebook and write every morning 5-10 things you are grateful for. It is a very small investment that has a profound effect on one’s happiness/fufillment http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/tips_for_keeping_a_gratitude_journal

>Practice unconditional forgiveness. ‘’Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.’’ - Luke 23:34. Staying mad at people for things they did in the past hangs on you like a lead weight, causing unnecessary stress and pain. Those of us on the spiritual path must accept that the vast majority of people are far too ignorant to be responsible for their actions, and not blame them for the harm they caused you. http://www.ergo-log.com/forgive.html


Lifestyle Planning cont.

>Sleep in a pitch black room. All forms of blue light increase cortisol production, so if you have any electronics that emit light - cover them with electrical/duct tape or unplug them.

>EMF radiation disrupts sleep patterns, so turn all internet-electronics on airplane mode and unplug your WiFi modem, if possible.

>If you have your phone in your pocket, keep it off/in airplane mode, or you’re frying your genitals with radiation and affecting hormone production. Don't hold the phone up to your face when talking, use speaker or earphones.

>General info for optimizing sleep: https://pastebin.com/3dddYgvq

>Try to immerse yourself in nature as much as possible. Our ancestral environment was that of the jungle, not the urban cityscape. Try to put your work desk next to a window with visible trees/plants, it is therapeutic to view the fractal patterns of plant life. http://www.spiritofchange.org/mind-spirit/Fractal-Patterns-In-Nature-And-Art-Are-Aesthetically-Pleasing-And-Stress-Reducing/

>When eating food, use it as an opportunity to practice mindfulness. Eat slowly and methodically, chewing your food fully before swallowing. Follow the protocol in Step I of IIH


File: f7a6ad0ac4c6f04⋯.pdf (65.03 KB, Lifestyle planning.pdf)

Formatted PDF of above.



Doesn't sound good to me. Just get magnesium supplements. And stop being poor.

This has less to do with quality of life and more to do with impediments and artificial resistance to subtle energies

If your life already sucks this isn't going to make it suck less. Basic health and quality of life come first.

Of course what I say is far from expert advice



Linking to 4chan doesn't seem like a good idea. I didn't really read much here but I feel it to be suspect… maybe make different versions for plebs and for those who know the basics already or something


You guys have legit training methods? All I know is that programmed strength training is boring as fuck, and going all out like it's life or death for as long as possible is better. If any of you train that way please share.



we are the one, I am

You are as well

What I feel you mean to say is do not let yourself become so enlightened as to know that you are the ALL, and as you live in it so too does it live in you. But You are not ALL. The one the I the will behind the Am, is merely the will that works through the you, and indeed if you are adept that creates and molds it, willing its own ends.

Do not be afraid to realize that you are, we our, I am One.

Just don't forget that you are not the "me" that you currently occupy, nor the summation of your experiences nor the culmination of your thoughts and feelings.

I am the Will, I follow the Way, We are ALL, One. Under the LAW.



I disagree.


File: de1033d682cf2db⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 484x256, 121:64, kit fedora.gif)


Thanks for your contribution to the discussion!

*tips fedora









btw drinking too much distilled water isn't always good for you. always good to have mineral water around

drining different kinds of juice is usually just enough though. that's how I figured it out, with no juice I had an inexplicable desire to drink bottled water.

where the heck do you get mineral water in glass?





You have anterior pelvic tilt (exact opposite of what I have). Means that your lowerback and hip flexors are overactive, so stretch those.

Also means your abdominal muscles and posterior chain are underactive, strenghen those.


I tend to have trouble breathing through my nose. Even when there's no blockage from mucus, I can't get a really good breath through my nose without breathing in very heavily and loudly, and I can't sustain nose breathing for an extended period of time. I also occasionally experience a weird symptom where my ears get "plugged" (like you would get with an altitude change) when breathing in through my nose.

As a result I usually have to resort to some mouth breathing, which I understand is not ideal for meditation and building up energy.

I assume there is something going on with the shape and/or inflammation of my nasal passages. Could this be caused by diet? Does anyone have advice for dietary changes or other changes I could try to see if it improves? I want to be able to take deep, easy breaths through my nose and stop being a mundane mouth breather.



>How much time is spent cooking on a raw vegan diet

I'm assuming 0



you're not using the right muscles to breathe with.

sit in meditation and breathe violently with only your nose to observe and learn which muscles do what kind of breaths.


Im a skinny guy, getting better from depression. Ive been lifting now for month and also getting my appetite for food back. Would love to hear suggestions for any kind of high-calorie foods that are healthy. Most importantly looking for "snacks" etc. Cant eat three warm meals a day..



A spoonful of coconut oil straight, and oils in food in general are good for extra calories. Don't go overboard with that one. Mixed nuts are good too. So are leftovers. Crockpot or big casserole dishes are very good. Cold mix foods too.


What's the best posture to sleep in?



corpse pose.



>not sleeping in the death posture



File: 70792a73ca748c4⋯.jpg (10.98 KB, 250x166, 125:83, d9465326c652916341d1c83dc8….jpg)


I looked it up, its not a thing, you fuck.


>>the Death Posture were created by English artist and occultist Austin Osman Spare in the early 20th century as a method for attained the altered state of consciousness he called gnosis. The chaos magic movement of the 1980s and 1990s then adopted this practice as a powerful way to focus mental energy.

>> chaos magic movement



File: 138a72ec337d731⋯.jpg (446.47 KB, 990x1153, 990:1153, 20170814_164800.jpg)

I dont go to the gym, I do a dozen pushups a month and bareley move outside of dancing to religious music.

90% of the muscle and the posture, allowing muscles 100% capacity is from BREATHING, energywork and shapeshifting.

Im happy with and love my body, its functional.


Will post pics of expanded lungs vs normally held breath soon to display how the body changes due to yoga and breathing.


I pledge to work out every day for a month. I will combine with healing meditations and general wizardry to speed up muscle growth and repair of torn tissue, will post results.



>I barely do any work

>screeches at everyone else to get good.


>> chaos magic movement

>le drugie hermeticist


put down the bong for a month and then come back



You look gayer than a faggot


damn, now i'm really sad.


>do drugs once

>feeble mind cant handle new thoughts conflicting with good goy ego, get panic attack

Wtf i hate drugs now



Just admit you're a homo tbh


Your mentality on drugs is just as harmful to you as brownpills view of women.

Im in control of my life, with or without drugs, can you say the same?



Yeah bruh we can tell you're a master jizzard since you spend all your time on an anonymous forum with mentally ill people and teenagers




Youre weak of mind and thats not my problem.




The master of the universe sits in his room posting inane and trivial messages on an online forum 😂


Petty, jealous, depressive, bitter. I pity you.



Yes I'm so fuggin jealous 👌👌👌😂😂😂💩💩💩🐷🐷🐷👉🤔👈


Laugh while you can foolish mortals. I am a being of unimaginable power. If I wished it you would die. I AM MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE!


>just as mentally ill as the ones hes trying to distance hinself from to feel better

To boot youre a horrible person. Your life isnt great huh.






File: 595cdb2abb39958⋯.jpg (137.37 KB, 980x1471, 980:1471, IMG_1118.JPG)


You have literally no muscle tho. You look like an average 20 something who does no exercise at all. Your body isn't functional it's weak and soft. Embarassing.


I need help to fix my skin, I used to have a somewhat big issue with pimples and blackheads, nothing like bad acne, but I had more than the average kid. Also, late in my teens I got huge surge of pimples in my lower back and I still do, I always feel them when I put my back into a chair/wall. The big issue is that my skin has "stains" or it changes in tone depending on how often I got pimples, so it looks horrible, and my back looks like a warzone, I even have scars from the scratches I stupidly used to do. I have gone to the dermatologist, but I don't think paying for expensive creams is sustainable long term, I'd rather listen to /fringe/ and go to the medic as my last option.

I was starting to use Astringent every night to take away some of the oil on my skin, but that isn't enough, it gets greasy in the nose around a few hours afterwards. I'm also trying to drink more water (1L a day plus fruit and vegetables), but it's tap water and I suspect it has fluoride on it, so I guess it's a lose/lose situation, but I'd rather fix my skin first and then worry about getting purer water (which I can't atm anyways).

Anything regarding my diet that I should do?



Drink at least half a liter of beet juice, preferably fermented with a little whey (the liquid from yogurt).

And try to get gallon jugs of distilled water at the grocery it's cheap.



>Your mentality on drugs is just as harmful.

except every turd who has done lsd always preaches about how it changed them for the better. Sure I would like to try it experience whatever the fuck it is but right now that's not an option and wont be for awhile.

>Im in control of my life, with or without drugs

nope if that stupid drug is so great then you cant say your in control. You got the easy path and now your just sitting here acting like some smug cunt in some piss poor attempt at trolling. In my experience the people who preach the most about love are the people who suffered the least suffered.

>can you say the same?

take away my beer and I'll just be bored over the weekends so yes. All I'm saying is that if you do smoke weed take your own advice and stop for a month and "git gud"






You don't need huge muscles to be in good health, you are a victim of hollywood and popular culture if you think so

It's ironic that you post a picture of Bruce Faggot as an example, a guy who literally died because of an aspirin, functional my ass




I can put a 120 kilo log over my shoulder and carry it 50 meters, i max out that joke of a situp machine at the gym and barely feel a burn. 80kilox5 bench, 100x2 doable.

Easy 15 pullups, hands facing out or in, wide or narrow grip, 15 is standard.

I know im not a big guy but im strong.



>literally no muscle th

i'm literally only muscle with a healthy layer of fat beneath the skin, which i need for the climate. skin and bones you posted would die in a week in this cold, because hes so lean he would have no spare resources for warmth and his muscles would suffer.



>projecting this hard


I really must have hurt you at some point, sorry you couldnt handle it.



>projecting this hard

>any one who writes stuff I don't like is projecting.

honestly guy your just pitiful at this point.

>any one who criticize me is mentally weak and couldn't handle my stonk magical angel aura.

The fact you keep coming back here for validation means your just as mentally weak as everyone else here.



>honestly guy your just pitiful at this point

look at your posts, look in the mirror.


Dice rollRolled 12, 1, 11, 21 = 45 (4d52)


>bruh stop criticizing me because I'm perfect your the flawed person




you're flailing wildly with your arms trying to get my attention with inane insults.



you can stop at any time, also shouldn't you be working out right now?



Bless you, good luck in life. Bye.



>let me act like some I'm better than you douche, oh by the way let me say god bless because that will fix it.




>dired because of an aspirin

His doctor gave him a tranquilizer.




should I drink that half liter of beet juice every day or every other day once a week, etc…?



You can't drink too much beet juice. Just drink as much as you can reasonably afford. I go for a liter a day when I have the money. If you ferment it there's barely any sugar so it's just a medicinal tonic. It'll clean the blood, skin, liver, and kidneys. It can make your urine pink but it doesn't hurt anything. Organic beets are better since you can wash and no peel them.



What's the process for fermenting it?



Cut the beets into quarters or eighths and cover with water, a little salt if you want but I'd use no more than 1tsp per liter. Ferment 2-7 days. Juice the beet pieces and mix with the feemented juice. Drink or refridgerate. A little bit of fermented juice will help new batches go faster.


Tbh most nutrition advice is BS.

Eat roots vegetables in the winter

Eat fruits in the summer

In the spring eat what fruits are available but mostly eat greens and some roots

In autumn eat mostly roots and greens. Avoid fruit in autumn unless it is completely non sweet and is tart.

Only eat that which is fresh or in season. Electric refrigerators deplete life force, use box with sand and cellar for roots and such. Grains are acceptable in the autumn and winter only and only if one is active. However corn, wheat, maize, etc mostly bad. Non cultivated wild rice (actually wild not store bought), amaranth, and rye are acceptable.

Note that almost all fruit varities grown commercially are toxic. They have been bred for higher sugar content and yield. They have less nutritional value, and are overly yin. Due to the way they are cultivated and stored they also lack life force. You hear the amazing stories of people being healed from juice fast in tropics, this is because the fruit is wild and high in life force and only moderately yin.

Superior fruits and vegetables are red, purple, or yellow. If you plan to grow your own care should be taken to acquire seeds of a minimally bred cultivar lacking sweetness. Beet and purple carrot are best vegetable.



>Eat roots vegetables in the winter

>Only eat that which is fresh or in season

what kind of fucking obullshitism is this? Veganism is a jewish scam, if you're evropean you should eat nothing but fish and meat during the winter like your ancestors did before it was possible to import anything you'd like from plantations in the tropics

veganism is actively destroying the planet

veganism would be impossible in an anprim society

there are no vegetables that can grow in evropa during winter

only way to be vegan without imports is to live in the tropics aka being a fuckign NIGGER



Decent parody thanks for laugh



I don't know if this is parody but regardless kill yourself retard. Literally every society living anywhere but the tropics relied on rootstock and grain mainly for winter, for almost all of human history. In cold climates such as Northern Europe rootstocks will stay good for 6-8 months. Fish and small game only ever comprised 15-35% of the average Northern European's diet. Kill yourself /pol/.



>for almost all of human history

Need I remind you that for most of human history, we were hunter gatherers and grains was basically just grass? This current agricultural era isn't even a piss in the ocean compared to the hundreds of thousands of years of hunter-gatherer tribalism

It's interesting that you mention northern europe because back in the precivilized era, northern europe was mostly a rocky badland isolated from the rest of the world by the ice (it's still basically a desert, only 4% of norway is farmable land) if anyone ever had a primarily fish and meat based diet, it was the northern europeans. the rest of europe was a dense taiga which bears no resemblance to the artificial grasslands which are there today, hunter gatherers would gather nuts, fruit, vegerables and all that during the summer and hunt/fish during the winter.


File: 2f52b573956a4b1⋯.jpg (62.74 KB, 1080x607, 1080:607, boading.jpg)

What's a good entry point to Chinese medicine?



protip: Communist Party are major players in the Chinese Traditional Medicine game.

They may not have a monopoly on it, though….





File: a40b985a51be7c7⋯.jpg (208.36 KB, 619x462, 619:462, alkaline foods.jpg)

Hey /fringe/,

I want to take up a greenpilled diet soon which will consist of alkaline foods.

Now I already did some vegan semi-fruitarian diet once and made kinda bad experiences, so please tell me this:

My main problem that always occurs on a diet change is a feeling of cold and also cold sweat. I tense up and don't feel comfortable.

Is this a lack of calories? Am I not eating enough?

As I see it, to avoid this I'd have to eat huge amounts of veggies/fruit in my meals - this is overeating, kinda bad. Or I'd have to constantly chew on something throughout the day - this would constantly engage my digestive organs, which is kinda bad too, right?

I'm pretty unsure on how to deal with this issue.

Also is there a reliable meditation/breathing technique for acquiring prana instead of eating?

I've tried some things already (and also that one technique from that one forum that gets linked here constantly - it was shit) but none seem to work. I ended up living on my pre-birth qi for a while, but it was a very flawed experience and no way I'd call that a success.



Your body is weak as fuck. You need more Jing. Boost your mitochondria too. Get big eat big train like you're in hell (start with purgatory then move onto the first ring of hell all the way down to the seventh). If your body is fucked by weak shocks, you need to be doing something else dude.


possibly related:

I have an idea that exercise both absorbs qi and turns it into jing into physical shit. Tao -> Ling -> Shen -> Qi -> Jing -> Body. It ?ascends? into the body from that more energetic tao shit.



It's true that I haven't been working out lately but I'm not sure if this is the reason. Back a few years when I was in top notch fit condition, I didn't try the vegan diet so I guess I'll have to start working out again to verify. I think I'm just not eating enough tbh.

Anyway, Isn't the usual energetic routine that one is born with pre-birth qi and uses this up gradually by sustaining manifestation. The additional qi from food also helps to sustain this one.

So the conclusion really is that you have to eat bigger to manifest stronger. If working out and not eating big, the pre-birth qi gets depleted faster instead, aging will occur. At least that's how I experienced it.

I don't think that exercise absorbs qi, it's probably more like you are breathing more intensely during exercise and thus gathering more qi.






I recommend ultra-bulking with coconut oil (some sort of oil), whole milk if you aren't worried about it, meat and potatoes.

Once you learn how to process the shit out of heavy dense foods, you'll be able to maximize your ki. 1000 extra calories a day, so, 3000 calories if you workout light, and 4000 if you workout heavy. Add a lot of fermented foods, and strengthen your stomach and spleen ki with some very specific and rigorous earth cultivation.

Isometric work is appropriate for Earth training. Horse stance, plank, handstand, bridge, superman, planche/pseudo planche hold, reverse plank, and whatever else you can think of.

When I do the earth version of squats (yin earth specifically), I focus on slow, even, consistent time under tension. Same tension, same time, taking all the weight off of the joints and just receptively meditating through the motion, learning the biomechanically superior method. This requires moving quite slowly of course, spreading the weight through the feet, relaxing, and adapting your body to the movement.

After probably 15 reps, my legs were shaking all throughout. Felt like a house falling apart in an earthquake. Then my upper body was shaking as well.

By the end of it I felt like delicious, spicy beef jerky.

So yeah try an Earth cultivation month.

The pre-birth qi thing just seems like a dumb idea to me. Boost your vitality and surpass your limitations. Qi gong can allow you to live to 150+; I hear bone marrow washing is one of the techniques that permits such a long lifespan.

For reference, the Wood element (Liver and Gallbladder) is considered the most vital element, and is responsible for expanding and cultivating the Earth element..


I want to gain weight and difficulty doing so. Very active, high metabolism, but constantly fatigued 6'4" man btw. I want to gain weight purely so I can fast, I've never been overweight in my entire life, and I want to try fasting as a way to heal my entire body. If I fast right now, I have little body-fat, and couldn't last long.



have you done a parasite, liver, or kidney detox?



read science of breath by yogi ramacharaka


File: 2f484739450fa70⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, 1382056930331.png)

What is the best, most potent natural antihistamine? I want to get /fit/ and conquer me social anxiety but whenever I'm stressed in some way (be it physical or emotional) I get extreme stinging and burning pains over my entire body, as if I'm being stabbed with small needles. Based on research, it seems that this is caused by histamine. If antihistamine is what suppresses this issue, I will be using it daily so therefore, I don't want to take jew pills.





Guys what the fuck is up with icecream?

Someone keeps buying lots of icecream and I am unable to leave the house and just have to eat what is here so I've been eating icecream every day now to keep myself going.

Now, all my life I have avoided icecream. Why? I perceive it as something unhealthy and degenerate.

The thing is that ever since starting involuntarily the "icecream diet" my skin has cleared up, I have had more energy, I have been able to function better and for longer doing a variety of activities, and a lot of the sore and pains in my muscles has gone. I still wake up with a very tight chest and have difficulty regulating my body temperature and so on but I am not constantly inflamed and many problems I used to have are all gone now. It is also not doing anything bad to me at all, my high metabolism handles it just fine, and I am thin as always.

I have also been eating lots of cookies and chocolate too. Again, stuff I never eat before, because I thought it was degenerate and unhealthy.

I don't understand why eating junkfood is making me stronger and more powerful in so many ways. I don't like to eat this stuff but I'm really limited in my options and not eating is definitely bad choice for me. What the fuck is going on? Why is icecream and cookies and chocolate and so on helping me function well?



I had something similar happen to me a few days ago. I always get really sick if I eat more than a very small portion of sugar in a day. Never really liked sweet food to begin with anyway. After a long walk, I for some reason had a ravenous appetite for sugar. I started eating three squares of milk chocolate but was not satiated. Ended up scarfing down countless sweetened dried cranberries. Didn't feel the slightest bit ill. In fact, I felt better than ever.

So yeah, seconding this question.



>The thing is that ever since starting involuntarily the "icecream diet" my skin has cleared up, I have had more energy, I have been able to function better and for longer doing a variety of activities, and a lot of the sore and pains in my muscles has gone. I still wake up with a very tight chest and have difficulty regulating my body temperature and so on but I am not constantly inflamed and many problems I used to have are all gone now. It is also not doing anything bad to me at all, my high metabolism handles it just fine, and I am thin as always.


I guess you needed that!


by the way, the taste of sweet is earth element in chinese medicine. Y'all needed some earth in you, stomach/spleen energy.


magic mushrooms if ur european. eat according to climate dont sweat the small stuff. trial and error ur own shit




babbys first realization that sugar isn't as bad as mainstream bullshitters make it out to be, sometimes it can even be very benificial to the health

early doctors that were actually decent and not braindead degenerates like doctors today knew this


File: 8486ff985794daf⋯.gif (744.87 KB, 468x246, 78:41, tumblr_n0g90qooop1rcb7svo1….gif)

I like to thaw out some meat to eat and drink turpentine with it to make my body very acidic to dissolve it. I haven't gone full raw yet though the tactile sensation of purely unspiced meat is simply delectable.



I hope it's at least human meat faggot

>only animals eat animal meat

>animals are innocent, humans are not. they deserve it






>Drink turpentine

You are aware that can poison you, yes?






Doncha know? You can live off of Sunlight!





Ayy Lmao.





Posted in question thread because this threads a bit slow and needs a bump.

Has anyone ever heard of Dr.Willards water? Basically it increases absorption of nutrients by a crazy amount. I'm not a shill, I urge everyone to do their own research. I post this because I stumbled on it by accident and I like to share information just as I'd hope others would too.

>The micelle is an extremely small, very high energy particle with a powerful negative magnetic field. When added to ordinary water, it causes a change in the “ordinary” water molecules that can be likened to the difference between diamonds and graphite — both being made of carbon but with differing molecular structures. This new water molecule structure serves as a catalyst that seems to accelerate and enhance the body’s natural processes. Both Dr. Willard’s Water® and ordinary water consist of H2O molecules but the structure makes all the difference!

>Dr. Willard’s Water® is not a nutrient, but a vehicle by which nutrients are carried throughout the body’s cells, and by which waste is carried away from the cells with water as a means of transportation. Animal research has shown that Dr. Willard’s Water® significantly increases the body’s ability to fully absorb essential vitamins and nutrients!


I'm thinking of buying it, I just bought a water distiller and I need to add minerals back in the water, and I stumbled on this.

I should post this in the diet and fitness thread too, too bad it's slow.



I don't think it contains all the trace minerals needed in water, but I'm sure adding trace minerals with it is the best solution.



>Check the prices

>16GBP for 8 Fl Oz (256ml) for "Willard Water"

WHAT? So how do you use this stuff? Is it just something you drink once a month? You clearly can't drink it like it's regular water when it's priced like that, right?



The prices are retarded, I know but you dilute a tablespoon or so in a gallon of water, preferably distilled as that's the best form of water purification, reverse osmosis only does so much, distillation is best. A 32 or 16 oz bottle should last you for a really long time. Again


Just stumbled in here.

My diet:

Oranges vitamin c

Spinach minerals and vitamin k

Peanuts biotin

Whole grained bread vitamin e

Protein and b vitamins from chicken but I advise not to eat meat

Vitamin a and the other vitamins are also in there.

What I didnt find is folic acid.

I take vitamin k2 and d3 for calcium and fluoride transportation

Also do fluoride cleansing with zeolithe.



look at this chestlet



how could anyone believe this bullshit



ayy lmao


>Go to poo

>Can never get a clean butthole after usually no matter how much I wipe

>Even if I do, I have a shitty ass a bit later anyway, several times a day if I pood that day

I have not been putting things up my ass btw.

pls halp



I actually had this problem too. I recently started taking a fiber supplement cause I started keto but I also started to actually put the toilet paper a little bit inside my ass to get the little amount of shit residue out which i think was leaking out throughout the day. I don't know which of the two fixed it since I started doing them about the same time.



>How does cancer relate to a fruitarian diet?

Glad you asked. Jobs' diet was composed exclusively of fruit selectively bred by generations of industrial farmers to have unnaturally high sugar content. Excessive sugar consumption puts stress on the organ that produces the insulin that deals with sugar - the pancreas. In a startling 'coincidence', Jobs died of pancreatic cancer.

>Carnivorous diets have the largest rates of cancer.

A common misconception. The comparison in the literature has always been between the standard western diet and a vegetarian/vegan one. As far as I know, there exist no studies comparing a meatless diet to an actually carnivorous diet. Indeed, as far as I know the only studies regarding a purely carnivorous diet have compared them to the standard western diet and found that they, like vegetarian/vegan diets, are far superior. There is a huge difference between the standard western diet, a carb-and-sugar laden mess that happens to also contain meat, and a truly carnivorous diet. The sugar industry has been attempting to deflect blame from their poison for generations at this point. Meat is yet another of their scapegoats. Do me a favor and take a good hard look at the average fast food meal. Look at and think about all of the components. Potato fries - 100% carbs. Soda - 100% sugar. Burger - The only place meat appears, and it represents much less than half the burger's mass.


>Jobs was around toxic iPad chemicals

Jobs was the CEO of Apple. The only time he would have been within 5000 miles of an iPad factory would have been for a photoshoot.

>the fructose in it was a plus not a minus

You're thinking of glucose. Fructose is a liver toxin that messes you up in almost the exact same way alcohol does. Unfortunately it is 30 times sweeter than glucose pound-for-pound, comes attached to glucose in table sugar, and can be sold as having a low Glycemic Index (due to the fact that it's a toxin that goes straight to the liver).


Yes, and most of the rest of breastmilk is fat. Note that the poster you've unhelpfully told to kill themself said that humans are supposed to run on protein AND FAT. Babies spend the majority of their time in ketosis, burning the fat they get from breastmilk for energy. It's the secret behind their massive brain development. The one thing pretty much everyone who goes zero-carb can agree on is that their minds are clearer, they are better able to focus, etc. Any esoteric practitioner worth their salt should seriously look into reducing carbohydrates and eliminating sugar from their diet. I mean, for all we go pointing fingers at fluoride in the water, it seems like the obvious culprit gets ignored. I mean, sugar is a) highly addictive, b) added to almost every food you can buy, c) a stimulant that leaves people jittery and inattentive, making them even less able to question things or reach their spiritual potential, d) massively fattening, which helps create a docile populace. Honestly, if I were looking for a drug that made the world ripe for domination, I couldn't imagine anything better than sugar for the purpose.


>I don't think if a high-efficient, quick-energy metabolism requires a ketogenic diet.

It's actually the exact opposite. Ketogenic diets are terrible for high-energy performance. The even release of energy you get from being fat-powered is, in contrast, extremely well-suited to endurance-based tasks. I would argue that the vast majority of physical work performed by esotericists falls under the latter category.


It's more than that, anon. TCM was pretty much created out of whole cloth in the 60's when the CCP realised it couldn't afford to import western medicines. In response they cobbled together an ersatz national herblore and claimed it superior to western medicine as a propaganda strategy. Fellow travellers and agents embedded in Western countries imported the CCP's bullshit to fight the propaganda war, and the strong orientalist fetish of western woo-peddlers has kept it alive here ever since. You would have to dig fucking deep to find truly ancient chinese medical knowledge. The vast majority of what's around now is unadulterated Chinese Communist Party bullshit.



i can second this. seriously, a high fat/protein diet is seriously a no brainer, sugar keeps you from getting any spiritual process, it's poison.



Regular colonics are essential to health, especially with the shit in our food today. You likely have lots of impacted fecal matter in your colon, which can harm you in a number of ways, of course including impeding your digestion and elimination. I suggest irrigating your colon once or twice a day until you get it all cleared out. Take a probiotic or eat some kimchi/yogurt while you go through this process, because enemas will flush out healthy gut bacteria.

Otherwise, colon irrigation is actually healthy and safe enough to do daily, and some people have reported that their health thanks them for it. As long as you're eating well, cleaning it all out seasonally is good enough.





File: 120307fb63bf286⋯.png (4.85 MB, 2852x1832, 713:458, 5435343453324.png)


vegan contribution to the thread. if you don't like soy you don't have to eat it.

how to be healthy step one:

be gay. sorry but the dumbass rulebook says that you have to be gay or you aren't allowed to be healthy. if you avoid unhealthy shit and eat plants to get all your vitamins and minerals with the exception of B12 and D3 supplementation then you are a faggot. you must be at least *this* gay to get on the health rolllercoaster. if you are a manly man you must rip at the flesh of dead animals with your teeth and make howling noises while growing out your armpit hair and lifting weights. also, never take a bath. hygene is for sissies. if anyone mentions veganism, simply allow the cognitive dissonance to kick in and feel free to have a knee jerk reaction.

this is actually what shills want you to believe

some cool videos:





for people who like really preachy vegan videos:



>"if you agree that causing unnecesary harm to animals is wrong, then anything less than being vegan is in direct conflict with your own core values and beliefs."

and my own personal twist on the mans words:

>"if you agree that being healthy is important for you and your friends and family, then anything less than everyone doing a purely plant based diet in the correct way with full account of all nutritional needs taken beyond into consideration, is directly defeating the purpose of your own will to do right by yourself and the people you care about"

Okay you can start reading again


File: 26b3291aa6eeace⋯.png (797.35 KB, 1185x636, 395:212, 4535263425.png)

>always try to find everything usda organic. non-gmo is getting there, but doesn't guarantee they didn't use pesticides anyway, just that the food has not been genetically modified.

>it's also important to turn the container around on every single thing you buy and actually read the ingredients. not only just the nutrition facts, but also the ACTUAL ingredient list.

>no animal products meat/fish/milk/honey/chicken/eggs/cheese/anything from any animal. after doing the research you will discover that these foods are incredibly unhealthy. nutritionfacts.org channel on hooktube (try to see if he also uploaded his videos to another website other than shittube)

>supplement with B12 (methylcobalamin, NOT cyanocobalamin) and D3 (not lanolin!)

>no soda or juice. drink clean water, eat fresh fruit and veg

>protein from hemp/beans/nuts/seeds/unprocessed soy/spirulina/chia seeds counting the amino acids.

>no processed foods

>if you want to lose weight, and keep it off: avoid all white food. pasta/flour/bread/crackers/wheat/white beans/rice/corn/potato/sweet potato also don't eat way too much fruit because the sugar will get you fat sooner or later. some fruit is good, but too much is not good, even if the sugar is better and comes with good fiber.

>oats are an exception because they have anti-inflammatory properties and are handled by the body better

>when buying beans buy brightly or dark colored beans like dark red kidney beans, or black beans. avoid most white or lightly colored beans.

>buy fruits/veggies/nuts/seeds/beans/lentils/grains in bulk (dispenser section in wholefoods can be fair if you look carefully.

>chew your food, grandma was right. break it up so your stomach can get everything out of it (increased surface area)

>do an internet search: what food contains what vitamin, and do that for every vitamin and mineral until all are accounted for

>amazon.com is great for organic spices, cheaper than at the store if you avoid those few scammy items, if you dedicate some effort to searching you might find an even better store, and better prices. so far I haven't found any better than these. if you know better than I do, please tell me so I can benefit from the knowledge as well.


File: 0cc3d9e9371d3b3⋯.png (714.6 KB, 1264x2437, 1264:2437, 364534253455.png)

>use stainless steel/cast iron/pyrex kitchenware

cast iron is really good except:

>every meal you cook with cast iron you have to dry it

>people cook three meals a day

>more if you eat many small meals

>triple the cleaning and drying and oiling up

so much effort just to maintain cast iron when you can just use something else. there are die hard cast iron people and I respect them alot, and the food comes out great but It's not for everyone unless you want to put in a whole nightmare of alot of work and stinking up your house with the smell of burnt oil for a pan that can rust so easily if you don't treat it like a princess, I wouldn't reccomend the cast iron cookware for people who rather not be doing that.

if you want an easier and more reliable set of cookware I would reccomend:

304 surgical stainless steel (at the very least triple layer) NO ALUMINUM FUCKING CORES, are where it's at. beware scammers, alot will rip you off really hard.

beware that the aluminum core pots and pans will rust on the seam between the aluminum sandwhich and the stainless steel for no fucking reason at all.

best thing you can do to save money is spend a good amount on a single one size fits all 304 surgical stainless steel cooking pot that's BIG and has a wide opening or top, (don't forget your lid, and it's gotta be the same material as the pot and it better come with it or you're being scammed) but make sure this pot is not too big for your biggest burner.

what you do is keep using that one pot for everything, like as a pan or as a pot. don't need to make so much food? don't fill it up all the way. boiling food looks really strange when the it looks so shallow, but it still does the job just fine as long as you are insanely careful not to fuck up the food or hurt yourself, and as with all cooking you can still always get hurt.

that way you save yourself from spending a thousand dollars buying every little petty size big and small of a full set of stainless steel pots and pans. really, watch the fuck out for scammy companies, even the ones that have high quality pots and pans will overcharge the shit out of you for some good quality stainless steel. it must be excellent quality and an excellent price or you get out of there and find a different place. don't stick around and let them trick you into a "good deal".


File: 334b62efdb08aa7⋯.png (221.97 KB, 1221x605, 111:55, 876543256390.png)

NEVER buy a pan that cannot go in the oven.

if the handle is plastic, it's a shit pan. the vast majority of stainless steel cookware is shit, and that's only one of the reasons to watch out for. some stainless steel cookware has aluminum hidden inside of it. NEVER COMPROMISE you have to get 100% true stainless steel. no aluminum or any other bullshit should be in the cookware or you are getting totally raped in the wallet. they make excuses and say that the aluminum helps it heat evenly but that's bullshit as a properly layered stainless steel pot does a fantastic job. aluminum is snuck in by assholes who want to make the product cheaper to produce, but still sell it at an insanely high price. don't EVER let them convince you this this is to your benefit. It's not, and they don't care about you or your cooking experience.

I personally never needed to put my stainless steel pot in the oven before.

for things in the oven, you could get a stainless steel cookie sheet (might warp a little the first few uses), or simply just use pyrex cookware that's made for use in the oven. warning: don't put pyrex or glass-like cookware on the stove. it will heat unevenly and shatter or explode.

never cook with








unless you want to eat small amounts of that shit and get alzheimers and other horrible diseases or health problems.

don't be a piece of shit and use induction cooktops or microwaves. cook your food in a normal oven or on a normal stove (doesn't have to be that metal coil shit) and you can get the kind that's glass on top but glows red, (make sure it's not induction, that's a flat microwave with no door).

>But hurf durf! the whole aluminum pans will give you alzheimer's thing is not true! if your worried about it, don't cook acidic food in it and problem solved.

take a paper towel and rub on your aluminum cookie sheet or pot or pan. rub it around dry, nice and good.

now look at your paper. is it all gray and silver like? see what you're eating?

cook your food inside an oven or on the stove, anything else I have ever seen is for cucks.

be careful and stay smart.


is there a diet to beat baldness? surely there is some kind of diet to stop hair loss in its tracks


File: 059c7f3a94efae3⋯.png (4.95 MB, 2904x2700, 242:225, 77143234781293.png)




about bpa ^

>don't drink tap water

>do research and drink a bottled spring water (preferably in bpa free bottle, but try your best)

>spring water is more likely to only contain small amounts of naturally occurring calcium fluoride

>OR buy a crazy expensive reverse osmosis filter (dumb idea)

>Why exactly is that a bad idea?

>it's a bad if you don't want to spend the money and/or can't find a fair price on that. if I don't say it's a bad idea, you would probably accuse me of trying to push expensive filters or something. there are alot of water filter scam artists running around claim to have the best water EVER but only if you give them thousands of dollars. if you tell them it's too much they will try to sell you a payment plan (like college) or sell you something cheaper for hundreds. (and claim all celebrities use it)

>others will tell you "just buy some cheap-ass carbon filter!" which doesn't even remove significant amounts of chlorine but rather the chlorine "flavor" and don't remove any fluoride at all

>some will tell you "oh well, you can't afford a reverse osmosis filter, but you can't buy bottled water because they are ALL bpa! you're doomed hahah!" the smart thing to do here is to do research into plastic types. HDPE for example (if I'm not making some dumb mistake here) is high density polyethylene. (again, if I'm not wrong here) this is bpa free. all plastics have their risks though.

>or buy from a company who reverse osmosis filters their water only if you really trust them

>drink spring water only that you have researched!

>find the phone number of the company (maybe your cheapest store brand spring water? maybe check a bulk goods store?) and ask them to send you a water quality report (they will usually email this to you for free)

>znaturalfoods.com and mountainroseherbs.com are websites that sell kelp, irish moss, spirulina which contain IODINE.

>you can blend them into fruit smoothies so your body can use iodine to bind and then throw away fluoride.

>your body can also use selenium (nuts and seeds) (brazil nuts having A FUCKING TON, read the warnings on too much selenium and do your brazil nut danger research!) to bind and throw away mercury, but that's another conversation



maybe eating too much shit, not enough good stuff. maybe bad genetics, or too much stress, or too much fapping. too much DHT choking out hair?

>saw palmetto

>horsetail (silica)


>maca root

>hemp protein powder

>lemon (vitamin C)


wash hair with castile soap or baking soda and rinse with water then rinse with vinegar then rinse with water again. dry off and get out.

>massage rosemary essential oil (few small drops) into your hair with a teaspoon of coconut oil as conditioner after getting out of the shower (extra virgin organic unrefined, bulk goods stores have it cheaper than wholefoods)

complete aminos + silica + vitC + small edge taken off DHT overproduction and correcting some problems while eliminating bad shit in your diet could possibly show some improvement.

I'm Not a doctor or nutritionist. ask your doctor before doing or stopping anything.



File: 3af1c3a831b6cc4⋯.png (37.2 KB, 826x1185, 826:1185, 352353455.png)


>Toothpaste is a major source of fluoride even if you don't swallow, even if you rinse and spit 100 times.


>get a glass jar with a lid


>brush your teeth with that

>that's it

>THATS IT (this works great if you don't eat processed foods because you reduce the risk of cavities by cutting off your exposure to refined sugars)

>znaturalfoods sells cinnamon way cheaper than any store I have ever been to in my entire life if you are willing to buy it per pound.

another great trick or two for whitening your teeth is to brush your teeth with cinnamon, then put a small spoon of the yellow spice turmeric (related to ginger) in your mount and swishing it around until its a liquid (like mouthwash) for a few minutes. you can swallow the turmeric (but ask your doctor first) and then put a spoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it for another few minutes. spit the coconut oil out (in the trash, as it can freeze and harden in your pipes in cold weather, or may present other pipe clogging issues) and before you know it, a few days later you can notice a difference. (doing it every day of course, and changing your diet to a healthier one like this guide mentions)


Don't swallow any kind of toothpaste, ever. For this type of toothpaste the reason you don't want to swallow is the coumarin content. If you brush your teeth often, and you decide to be a dangerous idiot (absolutely not recommended! do not try this at home) and swallow the cinnamon toothpaste, you will get large doses of coumarin and get very sick or die.

I feel like my mouth is cleaner than ever, and again this is cheaper than any toothpaste you could ever buy in the store.

>don't drink store bought juice/milk/soda because its usually made with tap water or comes from a bad source.

>find a spring water and do research on the company, fluoride content, is the container bpa free?

teflon and aluminum accumulates in your body and actually helps the fluoride hurt you more so avoid using kitchen wares made from those materials. also avoid copper. that shit can give you too much copper from what it releases into your food and cause you severe problems.

>only ever use pyrex, cast iron, stainless steel kitchen wares.


File: 7a7d5511f69c110⋯.png (820.76 KB, 912x960, 19:20, 9653562565.png)


deodorants often contain aluminum and other horrible toxic shit that gets absorbed by your skin.

(It's now obvious to you why chemtrails are a mix of barium, strontium, and aluminum besides other things)


>get a bpa free spray bottle

>get some pure clean cosmetic (body safe) magnesium chloride (you can look up this recipe online too)

>witches hazel

>spearmint essential oil

>you want 50/50 water to magnesium chloride so measure ahead before doing this.

>warm water in the spray bottle

>pour in some magnesium chloride flakes

>you want this water magnesium chloride mix to fill up the bottle like 75%

>close the bottle and shake it until its completely dissolved. (didn't have to use boiling water, just warm, Not hot- to the touch and it dissolved just fine)

>fill the bottle the rest of the way (leaving room for the essential oils) with witches hazel

>drop like 5-10 drops of your mint essential oil

>close the spray bottle and shake it up again

>depending on the design of your spray bottle you might only have to do one small *psh* spray on each underarm. (lasts all day, especially if you eat healthy and your sweat is full of less nasty shit)


magnesium chloride deodorant when used by begginers can feel itchy, sting, burn, and tickle. this happened to me because I wasn't used to it, and I used way too much. when I used less and continued using it didn't happen to me anymore.

Method 2. (more difficult and more uncomfortable, but some people prefer it)

>you want to have about 80% coconut oil

>mix in a few teaspoons of baking soda until it dissolves but don't add too much

>(find baking soda and read the ingredients to make sure it only says sodium bicarbonate, NO aluminum)

>then mix in a small teaspoon or two of arrowroot powder (wholefoods has it in a bag)

and its done.

you can make very small amounts to practice until you get the right texture. its like a paste you put it on one finger and spread it onto your underarm.

always remember to read ingredient lists on everything.


File: fafddcb53579f41⋯.jpg (64.96 KB, 720x471, 240:157, 24523454325.jpg)


>store bought toothpaste and tap water contains:


>sodium fluoride

>aluminum fluoride


alot of these are from aluminum factory run off but the BIGGEST scam and the reason why dentists and the government pushes fluoride so hard is because it is a waste product of refining plutonium and uranium enrichment for weapons and nuclear powerplants. It's insanely expensive to dispose of it legally so they sell it to dentists and the states to add to water as a supplement, medication without consent. People ingest it and it ends up in graveyards or downstream in the ocean, basically highly indirect illegal dumping.

Body care

if you can wash your hair with baking soda, and then vinegar, you avoid alot of crap from shampoo and conditioner (read those (((ingredients))) and shit your pants. it takes getting used to but you save loads of money from buying all that crap. I rub wet baking soda into my hair in the shower and rinse with water, then I add white distilled vinegar and rinse with water again, and then I let it dry and rub a small amount of coconut oil into my hair as my conditioner. If you can avoid the microwave too, and go organic or at least non-gmo and full plant based food, you avoid so much trash.

>pro tip: you can do your laundry with baking soda by lightly powdering your clothes until they look like you crashed into a bakery, and then throwing them in the washer, but do extra rinse cycles to dissolve it all out. you can also get 20 mule team borax and add it with some home made soap nut laundry detergent DIY's. yes, soap nuts. look it up.

It takes some getting used to but never give up and you will succeed. remember to avoid things that seem expensive, while many companies and corporations that sell organic food exist, many are out to just get inexperienced shoppers money. usda organic oats and flax seeds and dry black beans from wholefoods (dispenser section where you fill your own bag) are usually a good price to compare other things from as "fair"

I am Not a doctor or a dentist. Ask your doctor and dentist before doing anything.


here is a list of vitamins and minerals and other good things that the human body needs. take note that there are many other whole plant foods that may contain similar vitamin, mineral, and nutrient contents but I wanted to keep this list from becoming too overwhelming so I only listed some of the better sources per specific nutrient.

I decided to make this list because I noticed that some people would post links cherry picking news stories about some dumbass or their stupid kids getting some horrible nutrient deficiency or disease because they decided to go full plant based and how the article shames them and shits all over them for making poor choices and how they should learn from it and start eating alot of animal products because plant foods don't have vitamins! they are just fully devoid of all nutrients! so start giving big dairy and meat industry your money so that you can make your body sick as shit so that you have to give all your money to big pharma and pay those hosptial bills!

Just totally disregard all stories of people who ate the standard american diet and had some horrible life threatenting emergency!

basically they want you to pay subscription fees for your prescription fees just like bad video game companies want you to pay for dlc and subscription fees to keep playing their game or being able to access online multiplayer. Oh sorry you were brainwashed from an early age to not consider a meal a "meal" unless it has some animal product on it? you got sick? good citizen go get your prescription medication so that your heart doesn't stop, and by the way you're on this pill for life. just another fee, just another bill, just another tax on your life.

so I'm going to show you that a whole plant food diet is loaded with vitamins and minerals. you just have to be smart enough to eat them in the right combination so that you get all of your vitamins. after you see this, you will probably decided to stop spending money on stupid multivitamins and start eating your vitamins the right way.

for those who care at all, soy is mentioned under a few different vitmins and minerals. I know /pol/ and those on 8chan who are not traps, female, tomboy, tomgirl, futanari, or something else in a similar category are smart enough to not eat soy because it personally isn't right for them, and someone will always mention to avoid it anyway but I felt like making this note here to make sure that the antisoy people hear me say specifically to them "DON'T EAT SOY". I do mention in this thread to avoid the far more dangerous Xenoestrogens like in BPA and BPS and I also tell people to avoid fluoride becuase it is harmful for your thyroid and hormones as well.

soy is a good enough source of some of these nutrients that it was high enough on the list to get added in automatically to the list but there are definitely other obvious great options that everyone here should go for since that's just one of the plant foods that's high in some of those nutrients. if you don't like soy, then don't eat it. if you like it, then enjoy. none of you here should be 2 years old and using 8chan. you don't need to be told to not be retarded. you can still do everything while still avoiding soy.

but if you ever do for some reason, like in a surival situation- only ever eat non-gmo pesticide free certified organic soy, otherwise it comes from biotech corporations that gentically modify it and dose it with poison/pesticides.


File: 77cbe5032057346⋯.png (3.62 MB, 800x4088, 100:511, 56326532464.png)

there are also a few studies out there that suggest that eating some organic soy can reduce your risk for certain types of cancers. honestly do your own research. I only eat organic soy and it has never given me any problems before. I happen to love soy a lot and I'm not going to beat around the bush or sugar coat it for some fucking cunts who are anti soy shitters that worry about a little phytoestrogen but still run around eating animal products loaded with tons of fucking hormones. you're a bunch of fucking hypocrites so shut the hell up and don't eat what you don't like you petty fucking wimps. nobody can force you to eat what you don't like. I'm presenting the information in this thread so that people can try to improve. if you can follow all the advice, good. if you can only do some things, fine. just do your best.

I'm also going to post some other trap based guides and some that have trap based sections in them too in case one of you could benefit from it

I'm Not a doctor or a nutritionist. Ask your doctor and nutritionist before doing or stopping anything.


>B12 and D3

as mentioned in other parts of this thread, everybody has problems getting enough vitamin B12 and vitamin D no matter what they eat.

make sure to avoid shitty mass produced versions of B12 like cyanocobalamin and D like lanolin (chemically processed sheeps wool)

another good reason to avoid cyanocobalamin is that your body has to work harder to throw away the cyanide and you lose methyl groups.

try to find a good product from an officially tested and verified company that doesn't fill up their products with additives like titanium dioxide and magnesium stearate, and does a good job at staying natural and clean. best vitamin D I know is Cholecalciferol, while the best vitamin B12 I know is methylcobalamin. for the cleanest product, try to get a brand that is certified v-egan and certified organic. don't think you're being smart by buying some fish based version, you're doing yourself no favors there.

>thiamine vitamin b1

Brussels Sprouts

Beet Greens




Green Peas



Sunflower Seeds

>riboflavin vitamin b2

Swiss Chard

Green Beans


Collard Greens

Mustard Greens

Bell Peppers

Bok Choy

Turnip Greens



Beet Greens


>niacin vitamin b3

Bell Peppers


Green Peas




Collard Greens

Brussels Sprouts



Chili Peppers

Swiss Chard

Mustard Greens


Turnip Greens




Green Beans

Bok Choy

Beet Greens


>pantothenic acid vitamin b5


Turnip Greens





Beet Greens


Dried Peas

Bell Peppers

>pyridoxine vitamin b6




Bok Choy

Bell Peppers

Turnip Greens


>biotin vitamin b7 also known as vitamin H











>folic acid vitamin b9







Black Beans




Kidney Beans




>ascorbic acid vitamin C







Brussels Sprouts





Bell Peppers






>vitamin A


Turnip Greens

Swiss Chard


Beet Greens


Collard Greens

Bok Choy



Bell peppers



Mustard Greens

>vitamin E





Sunflower Seeds






File: 20a873c660b6c8f⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1746x1332, 97:74, 654312532453.png)

>vitamin K











Swiss Chard













Pumpkin Seeds







Kidney beans

Black beans

Sesame Seeds


Sunflower Seeds


Flax Seeds












Kidney Beans



just eat some natural salt (food grade obviously)


(I very rarely add small amounts of natural salt to my food for the sodium chloride)

I dont always use salt, but when I do I use a little.



Pumpkin Seeds

Soy Beans


Sesame Seeds

Black Beans

Kidney beans


Dark Chocolate


Kidney Beans



Black Beans
















Soy Beans






Kidney Beans



Black Beans







Soy Beans


Pumpkin Seeds


Black Beans



Kidney Beans







Pumpkin Seeds


Sesame Seeds





Sesame Seeds



Soy Beans


Sunflower Seeds





Flax Seeds










Dried Seaweed


Brazil nuts (has alot! don't eat too many)

Mustard Seeds

Sunflower Seeds


Sesame Seeds

Flax Seeds










Green Beans












Kidney Beans






horsetail is one of the best

do your research

amino acids

(hemp protein powder is great for this since it contains ALL the essential and non essential amino acids!)

eating both hemp protein powder and spirulina powder is an excellent way to stay on top of your essential and non essential amino acid needs.

I like to sprinkle spirulina and hemp protein powder on my cereal. turns it an alien blue green color, tastes the same. smells chalky though.

hemp protein powder is great to add with some cacao powder and raisins in the blender with just water, you don't even need milk. makes the best the best the best chocolate protein smoothie I ever drank.

other good sources of plant protein include

(they may or may not be as complete in the amino acids as hemp, but eating a variety of different plant foods is a cool way to overlap their nutritional content so you get a bit of everything from each)




seeds like chia and flax


peanut butter (get the natural stuff. no ingredients other than peanuts)



File: 31e1b2a7908fd31⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1200x908, 300:227, 6753426342354.png)

best fiber



flax seeds

chia seeds




I would like to just stop right here for a moment to mention "lectins", "phytate", and "acrylamide" hope I spelled those correctly. recently there's been a huge out-shilling of fake news weirdos freaking out about how some people ate raw (uncooked hard beans! what a bunch of irresponsible and careless idiots!) and got sick and died, and are trying to fear monger everyone about the lectin content in beans and also their phytate content. just to clear things up, they are freaking out because they want to demonize healthy food options to subtly dissuade people from eating a healthy whole unprocessed plant based diet.

because remember: your sick and unhealthy body is where the money is at. they want you on paying for prescription drugs with tons of side effects for the rest of your life. they want your health to be a downloadable content monthly video game subscription with multiple different fees. basically it's a breathing tax. they keep you ignorant, you keep eating trash, you stop paying them for the drugs that keep you alive, you stop breathing. game. over. you want to hear somethin hilarious? if you boil your beans and properly cook them long enough, the amount of phytate and lectins go down so much that it's safe to eat. want to know something else? tomatos have lectins in them. nobody ever freaked the fuck out about tomatos. there are a few studies that suggest that while large amounts of phytate and lectins are no good (very dangerous in fact), that very small amounts have some antioxidant activity. people have also been eating beans and tomatoes for thousands of years.

the next thing up is "acrylamide". to put things simply, they want you to believe that if you bake a potato in the oven that you create a dangerous chemical on the outside called acrylamide. of course this chemical forms more in fried foods, like a whole lot more, and also more than that in burnt foods. honestly I have eaten burnt toast before but I didn't do it often and I was okay. I have eaten baked potatoes and I never felt bad. I did stop eating all burnt foods a while back though just to be safe and so should everyone else, but I'm sure it's safe to say that there is a huge amount of fear mongering going around. everyone should follow the guidelines, so don't trust me! do your own research and ask your doctor before eating any baked potatos or burnt toast. seriously.

the bottom line here is that nobody is going to stop us from eating beans and tomatos because they're fucking great for our health and we shouldn't be swayed by fear so much. (((they))) wouldn't want us to get any kosher ideas would they? we need to consider what the motivations of all these people are who are saying these things. I'm feeling really silly for even having to bring this up. every day they invent a new thing.

best healthy carbs





best omega 3's


chia seeds

flax seeds

pumpkin seeds

remember to buy your chia seeds and flax seeds whole, store them in a dark cool place, and grind them at home right before use. you don't want fats that went bad. those are vulnerable to spoiling even if you don't notice.

best fats











citrus fruits


another way of getting phosphatidyl choline and phosphatidyl inositol is to find a good source of non-gmo organic soy lecithin (but this is only if you don't mind soy)


File: bac620ac8f05a4c⋯.png (265.64 KB, 503x370, 503:370, 2346342.png)


one of the few supplements worth taking. may have drug interactions. helps you get back your methyl groups and sulfur. long list of benefits. do your own research. only ever buy "opti-msm" because it's filtered the best. helps with low energy and fatigue and gets rid of that brain fog feeling and reduces stress. cheapest one I ever found was the vitamin shop store brand.

>Natural Calm magnesium (raspberry lemon flavor)

even if you eat tons of every single kind of food, meat or no meat- you might STILL be deficient in magnesium. you can eat food until you are throwing up or shitting your pants but you might still not have absorbed enough of magnesium for some reason. be very careful, do your own research, and talk to your doctor before doing anything.

I used it mostly to help reduce stress. alot of people who get constipated also say it helps. also helps with energy and sleep.

>Valerian root

if I have trouble sleeping I take some of this like an hour before I'm going to sleep. helps alot but you wake up feeling drunk, so don't operate heavy machinery. ask your doctor before doing this.

>some good things to always do

eat a tomato every other day, drink a lemon water smoothie with some apple cider vinegar and ginger and celery every morning, put gelatinized maca root and spirulina and hemp protein powder and a little bit of ground flax seeds (grind yourself at home fresh right before use is better) in your raw rolled oats every morning for breakfast, eat a handful of walnuts once or twice a week, eat dark purple/blue colored fruits like blueberries/acai often if you can find them or their powders cheap. amazon.com has some good deals but compare to see which one has the better price. some of the products are obviously a horrible price so watch out. use alot of herbs and spices like ginger, turmeric, cumin, etc. in alot of your food because the health benefits add up like crazy. also drink some juice from sweet onions (easier) or normal onions (better but much more painful). eating raw garlic is also really great. try to put onions and garlic in alot of your food too cooked, but it's also good to eat them raw if you can handle it. saw palmetto is really good for your prostate, hair, skin, nails, urinary tract, and milk thistle is really good for your liver and skin and it's easy to add it to your breakfast.


File: 0e0c6c973a55aef⋯.jpg (62.81 KB, 500x697, 500:697, 4564565.jpg)

>on the topic of tea and coffee


drinking coffee and tea the way that I do poses a choking risk because of the liquid and sandy textures that are mixed together. don't risk this, and don't try it. It's literally like drinking wet sand. you could choke and die. you have been warned.


before drinking tea or coffee only buy those that are organic or you are eating a bunch of poison

the reason I do it this way is that it's mostly to help increase the surface area and allow you to swallow the solid coffee and tea more easily and then digest and absorb it better.

try to get a fair priced brand of green tea like the one from costco or grab some (slightly worse deal) from wholefoods, or you could just get it loose which is much better in every way.

you can get it loose I think at amazon.com

usually I take my msm first and then wait an hour and then I take my green tea or chamomile and most other tea like spearmint and peppermint and put it in a coffee grinder and powder it until it LOOKS like matcha green tea powder. then I add it to my water and drink the tea down without filtering it. I ingest more antioxidants that way. right after I drink lemon water and eat some blueberries or other dark fruit/ dark purple fruit powder and swallow a pinch of black pepper powder to increase both antioxidant pre-absorb-ability and post-absorption by a huge percentage.

coffee is good but only like once a week max in my honest opinion.

the way I do my coffee is similar to how I do my tea

way 1:

>buy whole beans organic only. costco might have cheap.

>grind at home right before use

>add a few small spoons to a bottle of water (bpa free and reusable)

>leave in fridge for a few hours

>drink cold with the grounds in it

I actually enjoy this since I made myself get used to it.

way 2:

>same few first steps as way 1

>put few small spoons of grounds in pot with water

>bring just to the point right before boiling and then take it right off the heat and add some cool water to bring it down to just warm enough, but safe enough to drink.

>might or might not add a teaspoon of coconut oil at the end before drinking it

warning, it will be hot and can burn.

I do both ways.


there is a connection between eating meat, choline, carnitine, getting cancer and cholesterol problems, and TMAO. this is a great video explaining this. what's the funny part? doesn't get digested the same way in people who eat a strictly plant based diet.


I am Not a doctor or a nutritionist. Ask a doctor and nutritionist before doing anything or stopping anything.


File: 2123e1c765bb14e⋯.png (611.43 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1324324132.png)

switch to a natural fluoride free toothpaste from wholefoods or something because fluoride fucks with your thyroid and hormones and endocrine system and it could and probably does cause cancer in a lot of people as a result and they probably never realize why, but besides that the hormone fuckery is enough to make you get fat and stay fat for no good reason. stop using teflon, copper, and aluminum pans and other cookware and use only pyrex and stainless steel cookware. make sure your spoons/forks/knifes are stainless steel too.

stop using storebought deodorant full of aluminum and other shit and make your own.

>add witches hazel

>add spearmint oil and tea tree oil, maybe also rosemary and eucalyptus and other essential oils

>put it in a spray bottle and shake it up.

>if you still stink, find and add pure food grade magnesium chloride (what they add to firm tofu) at like a teaspoon per batch. (less than 10% of the bottle vs other ingredients)

stop using laundry detergent and fabric softener and buy that natural organic stuff in the giant green bottle.

stop using house/car freshners and plugins and fuhbreeze spray bullshit all over your fucking house. hang little cotton bags of lavender flowers and cloves/cinnamon sticks instead.

stop dying your hair with harsh chemicals

stop using makeup that is full of chemicals.

stop using shampoo and soap full of chemicals.

stop using lotion and moisturizer with chemicals.

there is better natural hair and skin care and makeup products out there.

bathe with castile soap/african black soap and baking soda (aluminum free) and white vinegar. moisturize your skin with coconut oil/un-refined shea butter. brush your hair with small amounts of coconut oil as conditioner and trim your ends often.

if you eat garbage food and have acne, stop eating that and switch to a plant based diet and drink alot of water and sleep with a clean towel over your pillow every night.

if you have a cell phone, put it on speaker and hold it away from your body when talking. don't use bluetooth or wireless headsets because it's the same thing as having it up in your face. don't sleep with your wifi router next to your bed, keep it in another room.

stop holding your fucking cellphone in between your boobs. fucking stop, it isn't cute.

stop carrying your cell phone near your crotch or in your back pocket. turn the phone off to the best of your ability and find a cheap cell signal blocking fabric velcro pocket case to keep it in and then turned off, put it in your pocket. I don't care if this reduces the entire country to a society of people who "beep" each other with instant text messages that check their phone every few minutes or once per hour, just fucking make the change.

stop using sunscreen full of cancer causing chemicals. get a very very big hat that casts your whole body in shade and eat alot of antioxidant rich foods every day so that you have internal sunblock (look this up)

buy non-gmo and local organic/non-gmo foods to avoid as much pesticide exposure as possible. don't buy from a local farm that can't prove it's organic or non-gmo or pesticide free, because they are probably full of shit or working for monsanto or conagra or dupont or syngenta etc. and possibly buying their things from them. find the cheapest things at wholefoods, and don't buy the scams. buying food online is also a good option.

when you drive your car or ride as a passenger suggest to leave the windows closed and use the air conditioner inside with "air circulate recycle" on inside so you breath interior air only so that you don't breath the exaust of the passing 400 different cars on the road/highway.

stay away from people who smoke.

don't stand near the microwave or induction cooktops, better yet don't even eat food or drink water that comes from them, ever. (induction cooktops are like cucked electric stoves with flat microwaves inside them, and where the fuck's the door?)

don't eat at any fucking restaurants ever because you have no damn idea the things they do to your food back there or the bullshit the corporations allow added to the food.


File: ae04e6695b6cacc⋯.png (225.76 KB, 396x398, 198:199, 1432432523.png)

quote from an anon in the thread:

>Don't sleep on a bed, sleep on a semi-hard surface such as a carpet or a hard floor with a blanket even a hammock, don't use pillows, don't lay on the stomach, lay on your back or sides. This is to actually let your body rest. If you are on a soft bed then your body can't relax because you aren't being supported by the skeletal system, rather, its just soft enough that your muscles can't entirely relax.

>Also bedsprings are coils, which are actually used in most radio technology so your bed (if is boxspring) is picking up radio signals from all over. If you have to use a bed hard foam is the best. I prefer hammock myself.

>there are even some people that make their own home made hammock beds. they get the hammock rope type material and stretch it out in a giant flat bed shape on a wood frame. I have seen guides for this all over https://hooktube.com/ and it's better than a hammock because it lets you lie down more flat than a hammock. beware that these are all home made builds and nobody has any idea how severely dangerous they may be. also remember that anything that's a hammock or like a hammock or involving ropes is extremely dangerous for babies and small children and the elderly (and everyone else too)

quote from another anon:

>Another good option I recommend is a buckwheat hull or millet hull mattress. Basically an organic cotton sack full of them sold pre made or in kits. The feel like sleeping on a sandy beach so your bones will slow your muscles to relax but it still adjusts if you roll over. They feel great I highly recommend them. you can also make pillows out of this by buying the cotton pillowcases and filling them yourself and stitching them shut. some people even like to add lavender, mugwort, cinnamon sticks, and cloves to the pillow for the nice smells (not recommended for people who are allergic or have health problems)

stop reusing plastic containers and bottles that aren't meant to be reused.

stop using plastic containers and bottles that you aren't sure what kind of plastic they are made of.

stop microwaving or heating any kinds of plastic, and also stop leaving plastic inside your car.

if there is any plastic in your life, make sure that it's BPA and BPS free, or at the very least make sure it IS made out of HDPE (high density polyethylene) which is among some of the less dangerous plastics if you use it properly and don't abuse it.

if you buy something and touch the receipt paper and then eat food your blood levels of bpa sky rocket so wash your hands before eating.

always read the ingredients on everything before you buy it, no excuses.

ALL these things add up. people wonder like fucking retards why they get all these problems but they can't even begin to realize all the horrible things they are getting cucked with as a result of evil people taking advantage of their ignorance.

I'm Not a doctor or a nutritionist. Ask your doctor and nutritionist before doing or stopping anything.


A "Whole, Unprocessed Plant Based Diet" "(Vegan Diet)" of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, beans, herbs, and spices etc., with b12 methylcobalamin and D3 cholecalciferol as supplements that has been formulated properly to be nutritionally balanced and nutritionally complete is healthier and superior in every way vs a "Standard American Diet" of processed foods, refined sugar, excessive caffeine, excessive sugar, excessive sodium, excessive oil, high fructose corn syrup, bleached flour, simple carbs (bread, pasta), fried and other greasy foods, steak, fish, eggs, meat, milk, chicken, lard, butter, cheese, fast food, restaurant food, and other animal products.

(((shills))) want you to think eating healthy is bad and want to associate any style of fitness or good health with the negative or any concept they percieve that others may look down upon. "hey you eat plants? Haha look at this guy he's so healthy! wow you're GAY!" ASK YOURSELF WHERE THE MONEY GOES WHEN YOU GET HEALTH PROBLEMS.

>heart disease


>high cholesterol

>heart attack




>high blood pressure


all these diseases require doctors to prescribe billions of dollars of (((pharmaceutical prescription drugs))) every year.

There is nothing wrong with eating a Plant Based Diet. It is okay to be Vegan. It is a great and wonderful thing to share knowledge and information on how to create a Nutritionally Balanced Vegan Whole Plant Food Diet. There is nothing wrong with sharing vegan recipes. We are Right, We are Superior, We are Healthier, We are Not sorry.

anti-vegan (((globalist corporate establishement shills))) ETERNALLY CUCKED.

The healthiest foods in the world are plant foods.



I am Not a doctor or a nutritionist. Ask your doctor and nutritionist before doing or stopping anything.


Questions and Answers

just so you know: without a doubt this thread will be swarmed by shills or people claiming that I'm gay just because I like plants. I'm gay for completely different reasons I swearjk or screaming "whear u git protons?" or "muh organ meats!" "eat animal brains!" just do your research. don't fall for the rigged studies and everyone who is trying so desperately to confuse you so that you are not the best you can be

make sure that you don't trust me! I'm just a plant faggot! do your own research!

pro tip: when you go full plant based, you get the BEST shits. even better after you learn how to toilet squat safely. (don't try this at home)

>why don't you just calm down

>why don't you just eat 3 meals a day and everything in moderation

>why don't you just stop being so obsessed

you can have your casual and relaxed "it's not a problem" and very non-serious view on the whole idea of eating healthy but I- The OP am presenting this thread so that people can do better than just fine.

I am presenting this information so that people can do FUCKING GREAT.

that's what I want people to realize. you can eat like a typical fuck or you can eat slightly better than think you're doing fine, or you can nut up and shut the fuck up and do really fucking GREAT.

I'm starting to believe that people who join these discussions to say "hey guys, it's cool don't listen to OP, just eat in moderation" are simply trying to find a very sneaky way to douse the fire and talk everyone down.

they are essentially saying "Nothing to see here! don't listen to OP! just quietly go about your business! go back to being stupid!" while they shout at each other on handheld radios "SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I wont accept that and I Damn fucking hope nobody else will either. I expect better from you all. you're here because you're smart. you're here not because you are a reject but because you reject everyone else

wake the fuck up DAMN IT!


>Great thread, if only we had IDs, we'd see >(80).

Yea maybe more. I'm an involved OP and I don't just pump out a thread and dump it on you guys. I stick around and answer questions because I'm a good fucking person and a real human bean. alright bro?

>Nobody cares, OP. Go be a passive aggresive cunt somewhere else.

>Nobody cares, OP. - they say as they post in the thread

>Go be a passive aggresive cunt somewhere else. -they say as they passive aggresively post in the thread and tell the OP to get out of their own thread and go somewhere else (so they can complain there too)

you really need to sort out your own life out before you provide deconstructive criticism and point out problems in everyone else.

>shit cost to much.

>and im pretty stingy when it comes to spending money on food sometimes.

Oh boy OHHH boy anon. go get yourself a calculator and start adding up the cost of all the coffee you get from coffee shops, the milk, cheese, eggs, meat, fish, and all the other shit you buy now. add in the chips, doughnuts, alcohol, beer, and all the other shit you have. whatever it is you buy, just save all your papers and add up the totals.

you WILL shit your fucking pants at how much money you spend on stupid shit. if you just try, it will probably be better than whatever you are doing now. ask your doctor! they will proabably be happy. just ask them first.

>This needs to be presented better. I'm not going to become a /fit/izen after getting this clusterfuck of info.

lel, /fit/ doesn't even like me. maybe your eyes need to present themselves better to the words anon. have some patience and read a little bit every day.

you can archive the webpage, or go to "file" "save" and save a snapshot of this page for later, or even copy and paste the text from the whole page by selecting all, and copy-pasting to a text file.

read a little bit every day and eventually you will reach the end and know some good shit you didn't know before.

good shit that will change your fucking life for the better.

you can do it.


File: beb234bf5467593⋯.png (477.58 KB, 1084x629, 1084:629, 253454325.png)

>"Not everyone can afford to live like this. Also, having said that I would probably consider growing my own foods but I can't for reasons xyz"

I don't know anon, but my best guess is that you can try to find the same job but in a state (search: cheapest state to live in) and pick the cheapest one that still has clean soil there. maybe take a trip and see what kind of homes/land is for sale. then you could work over there but still grow alot of stuff on your land. but only if you can find a good job over there and you're sure you could make it. I'm not an expert but maybe it would work? do your own research and trust your own instincts. remember I'm just a plant based hippie that likes donald trump. I don't know much about that.

if you wanted to survive like a poor man's plant based like I do, you could try to just do this but you might get sick of it very fast

>shop online

>try your best to buy everything non-gmo and local

>buy cheapest oats you can find suitable for human consumption

>buy hemp protein and spirulina and maca root on amazon or whever is cheapest

>find spinach/alfalfa/kale/etc. dried powders or a cheap green powder (multi dark green veg powder mix) but be careful. I would take it easy on the spinach and other dark leafy greens because too much of any one thing usually causes some problem. you might get WAY WAY too much vitamin A and get heart problems and die. it has happened before. everything in moderation, except for bad things like fluoride toothpaste and smoking- just don't do bad things- period.

>cheap dried beans online (boil a few hours yourself) cheaper than the store or canned

>shop at local farm type markets for really cheap fruits and veg so you don't get scurvy

basically live like a poor prepper and prioritize the foods with the highest and most overlapping nutritional contents in terms of vitamins and minerals following the guide above.

>buy b12 and d3 (methylcobalamin and cholecalciferol, not sure if spelled correctly) and use it responsibly so you don't run out.


File: e6ac386bf107384⋯.jpg (114.87 KB, 500x447, 500:447, 577656376.jpg)

>Xenoestrogens (human made chemicals with estrogenic effects) have been found the most in fish.

>Xenoestrogens are simply estrogen mimicking compounds. They can be either natural (soy) or synthetic (BPA).

plastics and chemicals: Xenoestrogen

plants with naturally occuring estrogen: Phytoestrogen

>A Phytoestrogen is just a subclassification of xenoestrogen.

>Just like a herbicide is a subclass of broader definition of "pesticide".

you may be right.

that being said I would rather eat some certified organic soy like tofu of tempeh once, than be exposed to dissolved BPA plastics once. this is just an example. at least the organic soy (for the people who will even go near the stuff) has been shown in studies to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. I would try organic soy but I rather not, but I would NEVER eat soy that's just normal. all normal soy is all pesticide drenched monsanto gmo shit that causes cancer.

>le chemtrails

>fluoride memes

<This is what schizophrenia looks like.

>"uncuck your diet anon!"

>no meat allowed

<If you want to get swole, ignore this retarded advice. Plant fags are effeminate gays who do not know what it means to be a man. OP is a no-ball faggot (as usual).

I always get a big fucking kick reading posts like these from shills sent from some pathetic poorly lit office building task force or should I say "task farce" to convince the internet that anyone that makes good sense and tells it like it is must be totally fucking wacko. and Damn right no meat allowed. only weak little pussies need another animals guts to make their own guts bigger.

real men take plants and turn it into bigger muscles because that's how fucking badass they are.


>Baboumian has been a vegetarian since 2005, and became a plant based in 2011.

>Since 2009, Baboumian holds the log lift World Record (-105 kg division). He lifted 162,5 kg in his second attempt in the German log lift nationals 2009. 2010 Baboumian also set a new German heavyweight loglifting record with 180 kg. 2011 Baboumian competed at the loglifting world championship and placed 4th with a new German overall-record of 185 kg. On 21 May 2011 he lifted 190 kg in Turku, Finland winning the local competition. 2011 Baboumian also won the title of "Germany's Strongest Man" by winning the open division at the German strongman nationals. On September 20, 2015, Baboumian beat his own world record by completing the yoke walk with 560kg in Kitzcher, Germany.[1]

vegetarian since 2005

>2007 German Champion -105 kg Strongman-GFSA

>2009 German Champion -105 kg Strongman-GFSA

>2009 German Team-Champion Strongman-GFSA

>2009 German Champion log lift -GFSA

>2009 World record log lift -105 kg (165 kg)

>2010 German Champion log lift -GFSA

>2010 German record in log lift +105 kg (180 kg)

became a plant based in 2011

>2011 4th place at loglifting worldcup (185 kg)

probably had to do some research and improve on plant based methods

>2011 German record in loglifting +105 kg (185 kg)

now he's kicking ass again

>2011 German Champion and total winner in log lifting -GFSA

>2011 German record in beer keg lifiting (13 repeats)[3]

>2011 Germany's Strongest Man 2011[4]

>2012 European Champion in Powerlifting Class –140 kg division (GPA)[5]

kicks ass all the way to here and then starts kicking the worlds ass

>2012 World record beer keg lifting (150,2 kg)[6]

>2012 World record Front Hold 20 kg (1:26,14 Minuten)[7]

>2013 World record yoke-walk, 550,2 kg over 10 m in Toronto[8]

>2015 World record yoke-walk, 560 kg in 28 seconds[9]

4 more world records after going plant based

Set world records and broke PBs (personal bests) while being vegetarian and plant based.


File: ca24d4bed89f750⋯.jpg (37.21 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 342643352.jpg)

>but fluoride is good for strong bones and teeth!

>but you NEED fluoride!

I would rather avoid the risk of cancer, dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, disrupted thyroid, and disrupted endocrine system.





No fucking thanks.

>kek OP, you can call your diet whatever you want but it's definitely not "uncucking" yourself when 95% of your company will be limp wrist, ultra-liberal, easily offended sjws. If that's the result of "fixing your mind", I'll pass. Thanks.

I don't understand, does eating spinach teleport you to the dnc?

>Also what is OP's opinion on an old fashioned vegetarian diet? I have purged all meat, all soda, virtually all GMOs, most processed sugars and carbs, but still consume some limited eggs, milk and cheese, etc.

ask your doctor the difference between the health of people who are fully plant based (and doing it correctly with all vitamins and minerals and necessary nutrients and amino acids and omega 3 accounted for) vs vegetarians who still eat milk, cheese, eggs. you will be surprised.


File: 06d1abbfafa6b65⋯.jpg (15.31 KB, 784x556, 196:139, 236347548.jpg)

>So are you full-on plant based? I've been adhering pretty strictly to a vegetarian diet for a while now and using animal products sparingly, so I'm thinking about taking the leap to plant based. My biggest hurdle will be refusing to eat meals that other people (friends, family) have made for me. No good plant based/vegetarian-friendly restaurants around me either… I don't go out to eat that often, but when I take my girlfriend or parents out, it sucks having to eat a plant based/vegetarian option that feels like an afterthought.

>Do you experience these problems?

>What do you do: cave and eat the meat (one chicken breast isn't gonna ruin your entire diet) or staunchly object so nobody has to go through trouble for you?


you could go iron will monk mode and politely turn away any and all food and just chill while other people eat very addictive smelling food right infront of your face and just go home and eat later, (people will not shut the fuck up. people will keep asking you over and over and over again like they want to FUCKING BREAK YOU if you would "just like to have a little bit of pie" until you are ready to scream at them, but just stay calm and keep being polite and rejecting them peacefully. this will piss off the fuckers who are trying to tempt you on purpose. you see, these shitty people are cucks who enjoy watching others fail. the other type of person who wants to tempt you is one who assumes they know what you are thinking and believes that YOU think you are better than them, and are so delusional that they believe they must prove you wrong and watch you fail because of the delusions they made themselves believe about what you were thinking, even though you weren't thinking this at all and just want to be healthy.)


you could do the same as above but bring a premade snack from home like trailmix or granola trailmix balls stored in some kind of lunch container in a mini lunchbox in one of those sweet new one strap backpacks (not the shitty looking kind) from amazon.com and just eat that to hold you over until you get home, any restaurant asks you just explain you're accompanying your friends and family and can't eat anything because you're on a very strict diet and your doctor said etc. etc. usually they understand and leave you alone. never really been kicked out of a place for sitting with anyone while they eat.


cave and eat horrible things "only just" when you are with other people, which is going to be a whole fucking lot more than you think. never be as healthy as you could be. health statistics never going above and beyond the typical standard american vegetarian threshold. all the effort at home is essentially for nothing. you basically cave and cave more often until you accidentally realize you gave up long ago. not recommended ever.

just follow the guide of all the OP posts. do your best. try to get all your vitamins and minerals.

ask your doctor before doing anything. I am Not a doctor.


>What do you do about all the phytic acid?

>nuts and seeds

eat em roasted occasionally or just soak raw nuts and seeds in water overnight and rinse them out to "activate them" (you can't really activate cooked or roasted nuts and seeds)


soak overnight and drain, add new water, and cook really really well.


cooking them usually works, toasted rolled oats tastes great as home made cereal.

also, it's important to eat lots of garlic and onions (avoid a few days before going out on a date or something) because they help with vitamin and mineral absorption, and they are great cancer fighters.

also here are some links on phytate, tell me what you think.











File: 8e05c39c32c6eb9⋯.jpg (118.1 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 342423432.jpg)


why alot of plant baseds fuck up really bad (like the junkfood-snackatarians):

>too much omega 6 (cotton seed oil, corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, and many other oils and some foods, do your research!)

>not enough omega 3 (walnuts, hemp seeds, flax seeds, and some dark leafy greens, do your research!) (I wouldn't buy flax seed oil as supposedly it goes bad in the store or right after you buy it. much rather just eat flax seeds)

>too much homocystine

>nutritional deficiencies that lead to the body unable to deal with all the built up homocystine like:

>not enough b6

>not enough folate/folic acid

>not enough choline

>not enough b12

you have to help your body naturally get rid of the homocystine it produces by eating enough:

>b6 which you get a good amount of if you eat alot of different combinations of many different fruits and vegetables.

>folate which you get a good amount of if you eat alot of different combinations of many different fruits and vegetables.

>choline (surprisingly enough you get choline in interesting amounts from soy lecithin) (only eat organic soy and soy products)

>b12 (try to get a good organic plant based methylcobalamin)

and finally, eat two tablespoons of ground flax seeds every day. (reduces prostate cancer risk) but women benefit too! remember women have the female prostate, but besides that they need the omega 3's too.


File: 3f730242b1019ea⋯.jpg (53.54 KB, 711x609, 237:203, 532142134.jpg)

>Also, why be plant based in the first place?

you could do it for a combo of sad animal reasons and health reasons or you could say "fuck it, I'm only doing this for me" in that case, you still want to avoid meat, chicken, and fish and anything that comes from animals. even if it came from a clean place top KEK in 20XX when you cook animal products they become carcinogenic. the youtube channel nutrition facts mentions alot of this. I'll post my link list. ask for it if I forgot, and I will gladly post it for you.

>"but muh plants make acrylamide!"

don't burn your vegetables you stupid fuck

>you say meat doesn't contribute to the healthfulness and I strongly disagree. Vegetarians and especially plant baseds have to jump through hoops to get proper levels of nutrition without meat. And just to be clear when I say meat I'm also talking about organ meats, which are woefully underrepresented in most modern diets. Especially liver, absolutely packed with nutrition. And fish are very important for your diet as well, and that's meat as far as I'm concerned.

Don't underestimate the amino acid content of hemp protein powder and spirulina. I can also eat beans and nuts and cacao beans and I actually get too much protein.

as for fish, I rather get my Omega3 fatty acids from walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and chia seeds. if you are only interested in the liver for vitamin A content, why aren't you eating spinach like our favorite sailor or carrots like our favorite rabbit? seriously, ask your doctor about this.

>You could just get all your nutrients the natural way without having to plan your diet so much and take supplements, which every plant based person I've ever met has to.

you what MVIII? hemp protien powder, spirulina, moringa powder, maca root, fruits and veg ARE my multivitamins. I only supplement D3 and B12.

>So, uh, what does all of this have to do with /pol/? Not news, not events, not happenings. Mostly just a bunch of "eat like me, faggot" blogshit.

because /pol/ is important. many people want you to succeed. if you eat healthy you will live for longer. you will have influence on the world for longer, and be able to teach others for longer. what you say and do, does and will continue to have an effect upon the earth.


File: 2fb2f1756b2267d⋯.png (156.13 KB, 360x448, 45:56, 2543252345.png)

>whole grain cereals, some seeds, and other plant foods are high in phytoestrogens.

alot of those things are really fucking healthy. you don't have to eat tons of them, but ignoring them just because they contain some phytoestrogen is stupid. we are brought up to believe that men are testosterone only and women are estrogen only.

this is retarded because while men to tend to have more testosterone, and women do tend to have more estrogen, males and females do have both. men do make some estrogen, and women do make some testosterone. not only that, but there are many different types of hormones. there isn't only one kind of estrogen, and there isn't only one type of testosterone. there are many, and even more of other hormones not commonly mentioned in normal conversation.

take a look at flax, and do the research on the studies behind it. why is it so great for prostate health? flax has phytoestrogens in it, but it helps men. meanwhile, eat too much soy and you get breasts, panic, cut back really fast and lose weight and feel relieved that they actually went away, fuck… scary shit right? but interesting anyway. don't try it because you might get stuck with them.

look up that study where women who ate miso paste (contains soy) reduced their risk for breast cancer.

it's a bad idea to eat a ton of soy, but eating a little might be appreciated by your body. soda however? fuck that. never ever. not even a little.

also if you ever gotta eat some soy, it better damn be organic or at least non-gmo, or that shit will fuck you up, allergic to soy or not. hope this helps.

>eating phytoestrogens

>stop eating those gains goblins

do you really believe that phytoestrogens kill gains? how do you explain some of the female body builders then? the ones that don't use drugs

if you are worried about estrogen then m8 I have some bad news for you. look up how much hormones and antibiotics and estrogen and all that shit make it into your steak or your milk or fish. pro tip: it's a whole fucking lot more than what's in a handful of cashews that's for sure.

pro tip:(I would avoid hops and beer completely though if you want to make your girl friend happy to be fair and honest here)

pro tip: PRO TIP: never ever EVER take a drug called finasteride. do your research. ask your doctor. talk to your dad, your uncle, your grandpa, and anyone else who might be taking it. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE ask your doctor before doing anything. I'm Not a doctor.


>any recommendations for body soap?

I have seen a few guides out there that recommend bathing with warm water and vinegar, or using baking soda with water as a paste to wash hair when it's more in need of it, then rinsing after with warm water and then warm water with vinegar at the end so it doesn't react. the vinegar rinse keeps it from drying you out after, especially your hair. if you need something with suds you can get the castile soap from amazon (price on the gallon size + shipping beats wholefoods castile soap price if I'm not mistaken).

if you want to be extremely lazy about it, alot of the shampoos and soaps in wholefoods are very expensive (and a huge ripoff) but have less bad shit in them compared to alot of the bath products in other stores. I wouldn't recommend it.

apple cider vinegar bath feels great though. take your skin sensitivity into account first though. you don't want to irritate yourself. beware of eye contact too.

you might also want to get some shea butter and other unrefined natural plant oils to moisturize your hair and skin instead of using conditioner. obviously using too much makes you a walking oil monster so use less than you think you need and work your way up. don't use the shea in the hair though.


>The fact that he admits that he supplements b12 and d3 blows his argument that meat adds no nutritional value out of the water.

go ahead and do some research on people who get deficiencies on b12 and D3 (even people who eat meat and eggs get this, but they don't want you to know that)

b12 supposedly shows up in dirt alot, because the bacteria there make it

supposedly some people who study the past suggest people got more b12 because they didn't rinse off root vegetables or other plants very much before eating them because they didn't consider dirt as dangerous of a think as we do (or something along those lines) and ate more dirt accidentally. then again, great way to get parasites and other horrible diseases.

d3 is a controversial issue as well. alot of people just say "just go outside without a shirt on for a while every day"

and their advice is good and bad. yes, you will get some vitamin d just from exposing your skin to the sun, depending on your race you might need more or less….

but we also have to take into consideration the fact that our atmosphere is all fucked up. weather or not you believe in global warming or climate change doesn't matter a shitting bit. the fact is that for some reason, known or unknown, agreed upon or not, our atmosphere has some fucked up shit going on. alot more UV is getting through than it used to. this means more skin cancer, more sunburn, and more eye cancers or eye health problems.

so the b12 and d3 issue is a controversial one.

you can:

>eat alot of eggs and meat and get alot of sun hoping to get some b12 and d

>comes with bad things like increased skin and eye health problems and circulatory system health problems

OR, you can do what I do: (and honestly I rather do it this way, plant based fegget lel or stronk manly meat man stereotype) and just get them from a brand I can trust.

>wear protective clothing when outside

>wash and cook my food properly

>still get my b12 and d3 with less risk

I think it's silly but very sad that meat eaters get the b12 only because the animal is also given the same thing as a supplement, and we then watch those same people still get b12 deficiency anyway because it absorbs so poorly into the animals who are given the supplement (injected or added to food) and we again absorb it poorly when we eat the animal products.

I'm just saying.


File: 2f362175c86b220⋯.png (45.29 KB, 1000x860, 50:43, imafraidicantletyouavocaDO….png)


>we are predators! no! we are prey! no! we are carnivores! no! we are herbivores! no! we are hunter gatherers! no! we are apex predators! we are born with powertools in our moms vaginas! no thats not true because you actually are not! but wait! the samurai considers their sword an extension of themselves. Oh shit, I've thrown a wrench in the already wrench filled gears. no! we are omnivores!

>but humans don't have big pointy teeth because as they became more intelligent, they didn't need to kill stuff or fight with their teeth

I will say this. have complete faith in the bible and you will falter. have complete faith in science and you will do the same.

the last thread got derailed fast. if you aren't shills, why do you argue about the most stupid shit? Muh technology, muh guns, muh petty random shit. all I'm saying is eat your fruits and veg, and avoid shit thats scientifically proven (yes I know some science is shit, see red shift) to be bad for you. we can all jerk around pretending to know everything about ourselves, and I'm slightly guilty of this by association of trying my best to understand and making what I only believe are fair logical guesses, but it all comes down to this:

we all know that even the mightiest predator in the wild is preyed upon by the smallest of parasites, like mites, worms, and mosquitos for example. there are rare, if any at all exceptions for this. nobody is really immune to everything. we are all technically each others prey. you see, perfection is a dead end in this reality. the reason we are all so simultaneously tough and weak is because everything on earth can in some way fuck the shit up of someone or something else, while also being vulnerable to getting it's own shit fucked up by just about anything, even by accident.

since there is danger everywhere, we are all forced to constantly try our best, and that is what makes us weak, but also monsters.

>bla bla bla we are the sculptor but also the marble


just take a look at the aboriginal peoples. they looked strong, but after the globalists reached them and gave them tshirts and alchohol, they look pathetic. they are a destroyed people. it's very sad.

just because we are capable of doing many different things, like the aboriginals were capable of accepting the tshirts and alchohol and other globalist bullshit which ruined their lives, doesn't mean that we should.

even if we are omnivores, and are capable of eating both plant based foods and animal based foods it doesn't mean that we should

if we are capable of getting all of our nutritional needs in a way that poses the least risks to us, and benefits us the most, then that is logically the way that we should do it.

which brings me to one of the most important points:


go learn all about how the government subsidizes most of the worst and most unhealthy shit out there and ask yourself why they do that? ask yourselves why so many people that work in big pharma and other corporations work double jobs/double positions in the government. ask yourselves where the money goes when you buy food, and where your money goes when that very food makes you sick. who benefits from your ignorance and suffering? who throws millions and millions of dollars at the government crying and begging them to stop them from labeling GMO foods so that people are uninformed and unable to make a free choice in the store? who cries out in pain as they strike at the innocent?


>so you're telling us you like the taste of nut milk?

yes I like nut milk. bitchs love my cashew sauce


I'm going to eat what's healthy, not because it's called natural. I avoid synthetic multivitamin shit, but I eat plants like spinach for the vitamins. I could say that the spinach (if it's organic, or I grew it myself) is more "natural" than the synthetic multivitamin and be fairly "fair" by doing so, but you got to be careful. not everything that's natural is good.

snakes. snakes are natural.

watch this funny fucking video.

guaranteed to make you laugh really hard, or you have a shitty sense of humor

http s://www.y outube.com/watch?v=AftZshnP8fs

>no soda or juice. drink clean water, eat fresh fruit and veg

>What's the problem with juice?

make your own juice at home at least. store bought juice is just mostly sugar water, even if it's organic. But even then! why drink juice when you can eat the fruit itself? I would rather eat an apple and an orange than drink apple juice or orange juice.

>Why is fluoride bad?

thyroid and endocrine system disruptor. makes you wonder why so many people get cancer? honestly there are alot of reasons and it's just one of them. lots of people also say it calcifies the pineal gland. people these days get loads of fluoride exposure. they drink it in their water, they brush their teeth with it, they rinse their mouthwash (some contain fluoride) then they go to the dentist and get a cleaning. guess what's in the stuff they use, and then the dentist gives you a fluoride rinse as well. it's way too damn much. alot of kids and people get "dental and skeletal fluorosis".

>If you had to make a pantry/refrigerator from 15 foods, what would they be?

scroll to the the section where I mention foods for every vitamin and mineral. honestly lots like those.

nuts, seeds, beans, greens, onions, garlic, fruit, veg, oats, favoring complex carbs, avoiding simple carbs and simple sugars and most if not all proccessed foods. whole food, plant based diet avoiding pesticides and gmo's. organic if possible, non-gmo at the very least. shop where you can afford it. don't get ripped off. (whole foods)


File: 95ce6d54a264204⋯.png (645.21 KB, 700x525, 4:3, 4356543654.png)

>Many of your recommendations for vitamins are sources of goitrogens, which are bad for the thyroid.

I don't think there are nearly enough of those in plant foods to hurt anyone. I have been eating plant based for quite a while and never had any problems.

>Unbalanced sources of nutrition is one thing that happens when you avoid animal products at all costs.

which is why I mentioned a list of what foods correspond to each vitamin and mineral.



>Goitrogens are substances (whether in drugs, chemicals, or foods) that disrupt the production of thyroid hormones by interfering with iodine uptake in the thyroid gland. This triggers the pituitary to release TSH, which then promotes the growth of thyroid tissue, eventually leading to goiter.

this is why you eat iodine rich foods like I mentioned in my thread (did you read or skim?) it's important to get a good amount, but not too much as it can also be harmful to have too much iodine.





Dried Seaweed

>This article has multiple issues.

>Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. (Learn how and when to remove these template messages)

>This article needs additional citations for verification. (October 2007)

>This article possibly contains original research. (September 2014)

seems fishy

>but protein deficiency

if you research the amount of protein that people actually need every day, and then research the amount of protein found in plant foods, you quickly realise that plant baseds are doing alright. even potatos have some. I wouldn't depend on them though. variety is very imporant

>why don't you like storebought multivitamins and similar things in general OP?

Okay, listen. go to a store. pick up a bottle of any popular name brand multivitamin.

read all the different ingredient lists (usually more than one) and tell me you want to put that synthetic shit into your body. tell me that's healthy. protip: it's shit

even the vitamins themselves in the multivitamins are shit quality, not even to mention the horrible additives.

if I can eat spinach and nuts and herbs and other plants and get the same vitamins and minerals and nutrients, I'm definitely doing it that way.


File: 73733c8b7a2c4c3⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1600x2932, 400:733, 76423462353.png)

>vegetarianism has been a dietary fad for thousands of years–but there's never been any sustained culture that ate meat-free, except for brief periods when no meat was available

>in fact–it was only until very recently (the 1950's) that all the necessary nutrients humans needed were even identified. which pretty much guarantees that all the vegetarians before that were technically malnourished

that's a big assumption to make considering that rice and beans has been a staple food for certain cultures for very very long and rice and beans just happen to contain amino acids that the other is missing. (they both have amino acids that the other doesn't and make up for each other) and how do you explain ancient cultures eating hemp seeds? (contains all the essential amino acids) many ancient cultures also ate chia seeds.

>meanwhile, the Inuit have been eating meat-only for roughly 5000 years.

they are different obviously. how? I don't know.

>if eating only meat was bad for you, all the Eskimos should have died off a long long time ago.

because the Eskimos eat the same meat that everyone in America does. right?

>You can make arguments for eating healthier all you want but can you make any arguments for why I would want to live on this earth as a decrepit fuck even longer than I would just eating what I want to?

>Or how sacrificing the enjoyment of unhealthy food for my entire life is somehow worth having a few more years to be an old potentially dementia ridden bag of bones that nobody in the world cares about because everyone I've ever loved is dead?

>Yeah no thanks, I'm going to enjoy things in life despite them decreasing my lifespan because I'm of the opinion that quality is better than quantity.

do you want to live every year taking tons of prescription drugs for all the health problems you're likely to get on the standard american diet? do you want a higher risk for diabetes, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, prostate cancer, breast cancer (men have tissues there too), alzheimer's, dementia, and many other cancers and health issues?

or would you rather maybe live the same, or maybe even live a little longer but have a higher quality of life until your day (hopefully naturally) comes?

>I'm of the opinion that quality is better than quantity.

then you just proved yourself wrong buddy. if you eat shit you will live years in health problem hell before the natural end. alternatively, you can eat healthy and there's a higher possibility that you will live more years peacefully and in good health.

quality of life, over quantity of junk food experiences. you choose.

I am Not a doctor or a nutritionist. Ask your doctor and nutritionist before doing or stopping anything.


if you have questions not covered in the Q and A please ask, if I'm around I'll answer


>post huge dump of good content in thread

>thread dies




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