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File: 1441762540391.png (263.99 KB, 491x438, 491:438, 1427754462520.png)


Basic info on proven, effective exercise routines, diet, losing or gaining weight and supplements



Library of exercises and proper form


Sleep Guide


The information under "Best Sleeping Positions" is questionable

-Don't ask about info covered in the sticky

-Kindly spoiler all porn and gore

-Don't advertise on /fit/

-You're gonna make it

The board owner can be reached at fit@8chan.co

File: 1411340685000.jpg (400.45 KB, 1126x1001, 1126:1001, diet.jpg)


Let's post informational images from old /fit/ like pic related to make sure they've all had a chance to be seen and saved on 8chan at least once.
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re roll

File: 86f241bb45a6269⋯.png (14.5 KB, 550x700, 11:14, fit challenge template.png)

File: 69e91d0a82c9bbf⋯.png (236.27 KB, 674x657, 674:657, filled fit template.PNG)


Let's get a new tradition going.

>Post your CBP, challenge, time limit, stats and what you're going to do to meet the challenge.

>Other anons hold you accountable for meeting the challenge.

>Be posted for eternity as a fit failure if you lose the challenge, until you redeem yourself with an equal or greater challenge.

>Men will be born

I'll post mine to get it going.

3 months to get bigger, more shredded, and stronger too. Body weight only.

Trying to prove that you can get big and strong without weight lifting, and even improve in barbell compound lifts without lifting.

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You think it's my back that's doing it? I've got a pretty thicc back but maybe it's something to look into. I do incline bench and weighted dips as assistance specific to the pecs/tris, and weighted chins and Kroc-tranny rows for the back on that day. Core could always get better, I do some leg-lifts but I want to get back to doing L-sits too on my cardio days.

Thanks for the advice frienderino.



From what I can see your face is a lady boner killer



I make weird flex faces and it looks weird and bird-like from the side, which is why I try to look directly at people, relax my eyes and retract from the scalp to get a clear look. Working on my jaw, face muscles and teeth to have it all set properly. It's more about personality, communication (including body language) and how you emote than anything else when it comes to women.

But what do you mean, I look like a caveman or somethin'?

I'd rather be an ogre with layers than a vampire with sparkles.


No it's the shoulders, core and lats. Stability breeds power. Widen your back. I'd throw in neck, arms, traps, and grip work too, to improve stability. Think of the core and grip as something you can and should hit all the time and the iron core of where your strength comes from. The neck needs more but has to be adjusted to higher volume and loads, being a vulnerable place and all – dynamic body resistance using your hands to workout is good for when you're on the computer, and a high rep set of curls and extensions every morning. You probably don't do enough sets and reps for chest though. 12 sets 5 - 25 reps for chest is good; do a similar volume for shoulders. 8 reps and under is difficult to get muscle growth out of unless you go for 20+ sets. Volume will get you out of bench hell.



Don't believe him, anon. It's hard to tell how you look from the picture but you probably have at least an average face.

Even somewhat ugly faced people can look decent with a good body and all the other things like haircut and clothes.


File: eb73f66331a3c30⋯.jpg (773.84 KB, 1596x5000, 399:1250, 1516060630.jpg)


>Even somewhat ugly faced people can look decent with a good body

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Can you still get joocy and shredded without going heavy on all your lifts, as long as you go for high reps?



yes, but optimally you will want to mix in both of them, because they offer different kinds of stress to your muscle



But if it is possible to achieve a muscular and aesthetic physique w/o the heavy weights, then why risk the chance of injury

File: 4758b98d3cc42e3⋯.png (254.87 KB, 428x496, 107:124, ugh.PNG)


Really now?



> check out this person in a public place

> sexual harassment

File: 07cd76e868cd515⋯.png (131.13 KB, 500x747, 500:747, 78BB20A8-4220-4F5B-A7DE-F1….png)

File: d68a9692e845bc2⋯.jpg (107.38 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, image.jpg)


Daily Reminder:

-if you Bench less then 1 plate you are a girl

-if you Bench 1 plate you are a boy

-if you Bench 2 plate you are a man

-if you Bench 3 plate you are a beast

-if you Bench 4 plate you are a god

-if you Bench 5 plate or more you are a TITAN among Gods and Men

MFW a man but almost a beast, 6ft, 195lb, 255 5RM, 275 3RM, 295 1RM Bench.

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What if you eat protein while running?



nah bro it will catabolise ur dick first.


Where are the standards for other lifts ..?

-DL < 2 pl8 u r weak girlie boy

-DL 2 pl8 u r boy

-DL 4 pl8 u r man

-DL 6 pl8 u r beast

-DL 8 pl8 ur olympian

-DL 10 pl8 congratz on bing TITAN, GOD PUSSY SLAYER

>SQUAT 1.5 pl8 or be girl

>Squal 3 pl8 to be man

>squat 4.5 pl8 for beast mode

>squatz 6 pl8ter ich god flesh


->OHP 1 pl8 or die

->OHP 1.5 ply or die

->OHP 2 pl8 beast

->OHP 3 pl8 god

->OHP 4 pl8 iceberg

Fuck you OHP should have higher standards




>still doing overhead work

>still doing deadlifts

have fun being stuck in the days of yore lad



>these lifts are scary no ty anon

File: 9fe3a0207d3574e⋯.jpg (570.67 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1111.jpg)


So, let's see how much /fit/ helps. Pic related.


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Don't let your family be gainz goblinz, jose



lol Pedro, you're like a bulimic teenage girl. You've been trying to lose weight, but the guilt mindset weighs down on your soul.


File: 547cd1475462081⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 3333.png)


I think there was a physical change! I'm so happy. My instructor told me not to push my self, but I did and here are the results, I'm not saying not to pay attention to what they say but I know my limits, besides not one day I was sore because of the work out, I KNEW this was going too slow, so I just add a little bit more to my routines and it worked, yes I'm a little bit sore right now, but no big deal, this week I'm not adding more weight nor more reps.

If you have been following this, you knew I ate mexican food, a lot TBH, so maybe this week will be better.

Today the gym is closed because of an earthquake (google it) that happened in the morning, tomorrow it's all good to go.



Exercising in the sunlight will make the gains faster.


File: c4620b7546aaad1⋯.jpg (209.12 KB, 390x1195, 78:239, 20180219_000808_Burst01~2.jpg)

Not much to report but what do you expect from just a week. Was feeling good because for a few mornings i would measure 36 inches on my belly. Still maxing out at 37.5

We finally decided to shut down the bubble tea shop, for now. The good news is i wont be exposed to all the sugary drinks anymore. The bad news is the shop is closed.

Weather is getting better and the air outside doesnt hurt my face anymore. Will be able to jog again. On Wednesday and thursday i spent most of the day walking around which is a great improvement from being stuck in the house.

File: 490e25fa1ae9bfb⋯.jpg (36.5 KB, 500x580, 25:29, 1507855563885.jpg)


Simple question, keep seeing it pop up here but don't know why. I want to know because I think I'm finally ready to hit a local gym (that just so happens to be crossfit) instead of doing really basic stuff like pushups at home

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y u do dis


File: ac20dfef632fd33⋯.png (1.24 MB, 984x930, 164:155, crossfit.png)



Equipment failure really sucks. I feel a whole lot better about paying for good equipment now.

And WTF was up with those wall-ball shots with a pushup in the middle? There's no fucking way a human can do that without expecting to get a medicine ball to the skull.

>inb4 wall-ball shots? You know what that's called? Crossfitter!

Yeah, I did it for one month. Fucked me up bad.


crossfit is dead m8, nobody does that shit anymore

File: c2031bd510868c8⋯.jpg (36.58 KB, 309x309, 1:1, confused anime girl.jpg)


My left knee has been bugging me for a few days now, but my right knee is completely fine. Is it possible that during my last squat session that I used my left leg more than my right one?


Your muscles heal faster than joint tissues. Tendons, ligaments, and cartilage are whiter and receive less blood flow, so they are more sensitive to irregularities in nutrition and anabolic hormones. Your body can't keep up with your current program, diet, or lifestyle. I was developing chronic joint issues before I stopped eating polyunsaturated fats, but now everything is limber and pain-free. I was concerned I had permanently worn down my hip joint, but nearly everything heals if given the right circumstance. The key—I think—is to speed up every aspect of metabolism—not just muscle recovery—in order to keep joints healthy and resilient, and the thyroid is one of the main regulators of whole body metabolism.

Niacinamide cures a little bit of everything. Shining red light or sunlight directly on the knees may accelerate recovery by a lot. Light weight used to create a pump can bring instant relief (until the pump goes away). It could just be an acute injury—not chronic—but this is how the chronic issues start.


I'm a big believer in neoprene knee sleeves. 7mm name brand doesn't matter. Do measure your knee as the listing tells you to. Fit is everything.


Strengthen the core, back and neck. Your bioelectricity is sourced in the core. You require a good connection between this battery and your brain through the spine, so strengthen that shit.


This anon is talking about boosting metabolism, which you will definitely increase by increasing the strength of the core, neck and spine. Thyroid is in the neck right? The weak point between the guts and brain -> strengthen the connection between the guts and brain and you'll not have these problems or know why they happen. Your head should melt into your body like a gorilla or rhino.

I read about a person with osteoarthritis in their whole body that they solved by strengthening their core. It was an article about training like you're meant to and fitness after 50.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>deadlifts 322KG (~710 lb)

What's your excuse?


Actually manlets are on easy mode when it comes to lifting since they tend to have a better power:weight ratio. Still good for whoever the fuck that is.



Also they have less distance to pull the weight, manlets basically have all their compound lifts on easy mode. Meanwhile if you're tall it almost becomes impossible to even do a sumo deadlift

File: 4969bdb2e387d4a⋯.jpg (205.48 KB, 1598x900, 799:450, fasting.jpg)


>For overweight anons. No skellys allowed.

I thought about fasting, but told myself surely I could just have some chicken breast here, some scrambled eggs there - but before bed I would always binge on carbs. My solution? Fasting. I'm only one day in and have already gone from 211lbs to 209lbs. The last time I was this light was over a year ago. Anyways, I plan on fasting for 7 days, and having a nice lamb meal at my favorite restaurant to break it. After this meal, I am immediately back to fasting for another 7 days. I am hoping this fast will take 20lbs off me and get me down to 190lbs! I will update every so often.

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It's more like 1-2 pounds a day depending on your weight/height and physical activity if you are on a fast.



>7 day fast

<Can it be done?


<Will you lose weight?

Without a doubt.

<Is it a good idea

Not in the slightest.

You can get 90% of the same results by doing intermittent fasting but you won't feel like shit, your energy levels won't crater and you wont cannibalize tons of muscle. Its also much more sustainable long term and you're 99% less likely to quit half way through.



Wow you are misinformed on human biology. Increasing muscle mass only has a tiny tiny tiny effect on increasing fat burning. You can't out exercise a shit diet.


Any calorie restricted diet will cause loss of lean body mass, some more than others. Studies have shown you lose less lbm on an all out fast than on most calorie restricted diets. Also, not all lbm is muscle. It also includes things like skin and connective tissue. While it's just anecdotal, Dr. Fung has stated that none of his patients, even the ones that have lost massive amounts of weight, have had loose skin after weight loss. He has said he believes this is due to the body not being dumb enough to burn muscle, and using things like the excess skin for protein.

That being said I prefer IF instead, because it's just so much easier. I eat one meal a day, and I eat more or less whatever I want. I started with 16/8 fasting for a few weeks, then dropped to 20/4, and now I do OMAD. The crazy thing is how my appetite has actually decreased. I used to crave food all day long and stuff my face like crazy at every meal. Then I started IF. Now I wait until I get home from work, cook a dinner, and often find myself getting full much sooner than when I didn't do IF and packed in food all day long. Ive been losing weight steadily. It's seems most of what I've lost has been intra-abdominal fat, which while very healthy, doesn't do a whole lot for aesthetics.




I just did a 4 1/2 day fast last week. Would've been 5, but I couldn't get minerals and water in so I felt like shit. It's definately doable though and the results can't be beat.

I've done intermittent fasting before and it worked I guess (with calorie restriction and low-carb macros) and shit did work, but it wasn't as effective as long-term fasting.



>Studies have shown you lose less lbm on an all out fast than on most calorie restricted diets.

I'm not gonna call you a liar because I haven't seen these studies but it seems very unlikely. Maybe if most/all of the people in the study were obese dyels with no extra muscle to lose then it makes sense the body wouldn't literally eat your arm or whatever but if you have even noob gains say goodbye to that shit.

In any case we seem to agree that IF is the more reasonable long term solution not just for losing weight but for maintaining a healthy weight. IF is actually so easy and convenient that I would prefer to do it all the time but you really need to eat more and more regularly for good gainz so I usually only do it 2-3 days a week.

File: 85923d699692085⋯.png (7.58 KB, 273x423, 91:141, cock curls.png)




y u do dis



dick gainz brah

File: ad34e7510c40a58⋯.jpg (399.7 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1444889420138.jpg)


Hey /fit/ I did not see anything specific about Triathlons. I wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions for training - this is my first. I don't have a pool but I do have a bike and gym. I've been training using a Brick method. I'm 6'1 180ibs but targeting 170 for race weight in May. Thanks!


What's the deal with endurance sports? Why did you choose this instead of sprinting?

It just seems like there's no gain, glory, or virtue. Do you hate yourself? Are you a masochist?

File: 71b8fc73ed644e1⋯.png (102.53 KB, 413x549, 413:549, C6C74BB4-7F2A-49D3-9806-D4….png)





>Valentines Day

Don’t care got my gains and my bros

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File: 55d5a2b429272dc⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 300x225, 4:3, feels.gif)


> tfw met a girl over january

> it started slow but picked up

> spent carnival together (last week)

> on a cabin isolated in the woods

> officiated the relationship

> where a good fit, she's a lewd as me

> we can't stay together without wanting to fuck

feels good mang



if you're unattractive, you really have no options unless your game is awesome and you're rich. Women are driven primarily by looks and status and nothing will change that.

Get some venom in your soul and hit the weights hard, lose the fat, get jacked and get a little arrogant.

Start PUA, take a class (cooking/dance) that girls are into. Or if you don't have much time, just get a tinder. It's kind of like dumpster diving tbh but if you live anywhere near a college, there's always attractive girls somewhere on there. Make sure your pics are visually appealing and keep your bio short and to the point.

Godspeed, brah.


File: 8f8b35fe3251344⋯.jpg (97.11 KB, 737x605, 67:55, MCCHierachy.jpg)


File: 85d34e3fbe117db⋯.png (49.01 KB, 255x139, 255:139, 35d34e3fbe117dbb2d8c74bcbd….png)


I didn't put myself 7 grand in debt just to fuck with whores when I can barely handle the graveyards shifts and basic classes. But yeah, that chart is pretty damn accurate.


File: 1bd1a967aa2d241⋯.jpg (47.93 KB, 571x542, 571:542, 1bd1a967aa2d241b478bca69c4….jpg)


>Average Looking Minorities


was this made by a salty hapa or something?

File: 30e3b9d702d6c05⋯.jpg (41.18 KB, 702x520, 27:20, 16105614_372212579815463_7….jpg)


Hey lads. I've been hacking up mucus for about a month now. I'm under a lot of stress and my life feels like a meaningless treadmill. I wake up some mornings unable to do anything but wheeze for breath, cough, and panic. It's really ruined my senior year's Christmas.

How can I get well? I'm doing colloidal silver and antibacterial immune-boost shit already.

12 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>“Eat your foods.”


Now the sequence has consistency with states of matter.


First rule of health is stop poisoning yourself.

Your diet is shit. Whatever dairy, grain, starches, oily processed food, you're indulging in, stop it. Your body is telling you 'Red alert! You fucked up!' Listen to it. Right now, forget about meat too. You need to thin out that mucous and get shit flowing before you fuck it up again.

> Add freshly squeezed lemon juice into hot water, especially mornings, but do throughout day in the beginning. Add honey to taste.

> Eat oranges, grapes, apples, whatever fruit is seasonable at your locale for the first part of day. It digests quick so you'll be eating a lot of it

> Vegetables for lunch and dinner.

> Herbal infused teas also break up stagnant, stuck lymph. Echinacea, spearmint, any of the mints.

> Move for 15 minutes daily, even just walking. Pumps the lymph through the kidneys so it can expel through bladder.

> Drink a gallon of water daily. Piss should be straw yellow to clear colored. Any deeper or other color means you're a fucking retard and should turn it your body privileges to the nearest mortician.

Gud luck and stop being a sickfag.



>Broccoli can be tricky to digest

Oh, look, it's "bwoccoli is too hahd on my tummy ;((" anon again.


I've been eating broccoli my whole life and have not have the slightest problem, ever.


>forget about meat




Go to the doctor. A long term cough is a very bad sign. At the least you probably have pneumonia. At the worst, cancer.



Can't wait until you post your thread about turning blue from all the silver. FYI, that's permanent.

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