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File: 1464996058983.jpg (354.12 KB, 1057x1200, 1057:1200, Do Not Fall In Love With G….jpg)


Continuation of this thread: http://archive.is/XqeXn

1) Pledge an amount of time. Preferably a number of weeks. Post it in this thread.

2) If you break your pledge, you must also confess your transgression in this thread.

3) If you keep your pledge you may reward yourself… with more time pledged!

4) For purposes of this thread, "masturbation" is defined as touching your genitals for purposes other than basic hygiene and expulsion of wastes.

For those of you who have entirely transcended physical sex but who use succubus and so on you can also make pledges here to control your sexual thoughts and try not to evoke or meet any entities to have sex with.

Remade the thread since the last one was very popular and hit the bump limit and many of you want use your generative powers for a higher purpose than mere wasted moments of hedonism.

Post any techniques for the transformation and proper use of sexual energy here also.

Personally I feel that stage one should be to completely stop with touching or physical stimulation of sexual energy and learning to take that desire and drive and focus it mentally into thoughtforms. If you are going to entertain lustful ideas at least don't be a silly mundane about it when you could be using thoughtforce to telekinetically get yourself off or something similar. Straight up fapping is for mundanes.


File: 1466969882041.jpg (146.12 KB, 878x599, 878:599, 1465604956653.jpg)








Just do cocaine or H it feels better than fapping and all the same reasons apply.

downsaged :^)



H 4 Elium? my man


>not getting it


File: 1466972749175.jpg (108.11 KB, 969x860, 969:860, MaterialWorld.jpg)


I'd say celibacy isn't normal, but it is our true nature.

I connect strongly with the story that man existed in a state of purity not knowing good or evil until we discovered the orgasm. Our true nature was blissful, we knew only of virtue then we fell into the 7 sins, lust being the most challenging to overcome.

All sins are normal, because we've had them for over 20,000 years, I don't think they are natural though. I don't think materiality is natural either.



Yeah, that's left-hand path. Nothing wrong with that. Your words however, sound more akin to how the public views masturbation as opposed to how the esoteric teachings views it.

I see you say you have to fap in order to feel good, but then you say when you fap you feel you are in control. That sounds about right to me.



This. Lust + physical arousement. Dealing with lust should be easy for any low rank magikian, so do I think.

The physical part is impossiable to turn around. The sexual energy is fundamental to us. Not having it is a problem for any human.

To >>78985 would suggest the >>78860 video, it's informative.

> You have no choise but to use sexual energy.

The question being what you use it for?

Transmutation of semen is important and very worth. The gnostics have a good method for it. They use the pranayama. The Muh-Shah one is very effective in my experience and very close to the tummo.

I got a really good boost of energy using that and very little lustful episodes.

I'm talking about single people's pratice. The sexual energy between a couple is much more stronger tho.

But is essential to master this first before getting with someone. I wonder if you could mix the thought form part with this.

Also for the celibate >>78860 you don't need a book. Try using the gnostics pranayama. The gnostic guy from the other thread have a good source of info for that.

Shilling again for free :^)



Is our true nature not to share your sexual energy with someone feminine? I thought that sexual energy was good to use with someone you love, but besides that it should not be wasted.

I used to partake in taoist ways to keep energy such as ankhing but I find that I'm more comfortable just being celibate until I am with a feminine woman.



Usually, when we say we love someone it is just a statement about wanting to use them as an object of our desire.

But yeah, you are right you can share your sexual energy with them but as a practice of white tantra where you learn what the higher love means, it isn't desire and it isn't lust.

Twin flames are rare. Everyone thinks they know their twin flame but they might just be with a soulmate, which is just someone you have a soul connection with.

Being with a twin flame is supposed to be a challenge, and a way to learn and grow.



>white tantra

>tantra mentioned in relation to sex

You don't know a single thing about Tantra.





was mentioned in relation to sexual energy, not sex.



>also not getting it



And sexual energy and sex are unrelated, I see. Let me rephrase my response: Tantra has nothing to do with "sexual energies".

This is the most basic, surface-level, new age misconception about this system. It basically shows to anyone who actually studied Tantra even a little bit that you don't know a single thing about this system.

In my previous response I linked two posts which explain this in greater detail.



Prana is the same thing as sexual energy.

I'm not using the common definition of "white tantra". It has nothing to do with sex or orgasm, I agree with you.

When you look up "White Tantra" on youtube, sadly you will get people who just tell you how to have sex. Not sure how this came about.


File: 1467057623645.jpg (76.94 KB, 500x725, 20:29, oily abs.jpg)


If Jesus is so pure, then why is he tempting me with those fantastic abs?




>letting primal urges spoil your devotion of the perfect

fault lies in you, degenerate


File: 1467402713774.png (140.91 KB, 439x290, 439:290, 1465340187687-2.png)

Turns out I'm a complete degenerate who loves doing what the jews say so I have failed my 1 week pledge from >>78867

I am pledging another week, this will be the third time I've pledged a week but I will strive to make it the first time I've actually completed it.

In the years past (when I was but a wee little christcuck) I found that reciting a quote about internal transformation from the jews :^) proved useful in staving off lustful thoughtforms, I am curious if anyone has good quotes or mantras (pls no Sanskrit) that are good for reminding yourself to keep your animal/lower nature conquered?


File: 1467503560250.jpg (10.73 KB, 251x235, 251:235, 1303583819735s.jpg)

Week in here. I pledged as long as I could.

It's going really easy for me. No desire at all. I had one moment where I wanted to take a peak at some videos, so I flipped a coin to see if ti was a good idea. The coin never lies, and it came up as tails. I won't need the coin again.

I'll report in every now and then. I feel great.


For some reason my streak has become really easy. Before I was breaking my streak every week or two, with my max being 28 days. But now I am on my 95th day and have not had one close call.

My only desire to masturbate lies in me actually missing porn. I don't miss the feeling of masturbation, but the "aesthetic" of porn makes me feel nostalgic. I miss the long nights of easy pleasure, the way the sites look, and the iconic camera work and feel of pornography. The only way I can describe what I feel is that I miss the aesthetic of it.

Is this a normal feeling? Have I just never felt the normal desire to see sex before because I've been addicted to porn for my entire life? This is very odd to me.


I had this fetish early in my childhood for some reason, but it has since left. Perhaps you desire a motherly comfort, and see this fat as a physical comforting mechanism or a "return to the womb" so to say.



Renouncing porn/hentai forever. I'll slowly stop after a while.



>I'll slowly stop after a while

Fapping, that is.



Fuck it. Cold turkey bois… 16 weeks lets go


I'm a straight male and I'm starting to develop somewhat lusty feelings for a friend…who is also male.

Ive never felt this way towards another boy before, what can i do about this?



Apply reason. Check every passion that comes upon you by questioning it's actual purpose and evaluate the answers they give. For the sex drive, the only reason that physically exists is to procreate. If we didn't have a need to procreate as an animal species, there would be no sex drive. Therefore all sexual passions must answer to this reason. If not, berate it in yourself until you are firmly confident that you won't act on it or entertain it anymore. Remember, you are not your thoughts, thoughts are alien things which dwell in your mental space and seek actualization in your flesh. Push out the ones that are cancerous, pure passion which does not conform to reason and meaningful purpose. By this method I have begun staving off fap thoughts, since fapping doesn't serve procreation nor help me prepare for being any woman's husband. Use the same argument against homosexual thoughts, and let no thought actualize itself in your flesh unless it serves reason's purposes.



I pledge four weeks, and hopefully will hold to it beyond that.


until otherwise specified or for medicinal reasons

4 days so far.


Pledging 4 weeks. 2 weeks until my Aya experience, then two weeks afterward. Aspiring to turn it into a chaste year.


File: 1467753220060.webm (7.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Lust.webm)

Reminder from ol' Buddha Shakyamuni talking to a monk who broke his vow of celibacy

"'Worthless man, it would be better that your penis be stuck into the mouth of a poisonous snake than into a woman's vagina. It would be better that your penis be stuck into the mouth of a black viper than into a woman's vagina. It would be better that your penis be stuck into a pit of burning embers, blazing and glowing, than into a woman's vagina. Why is that? For that reason you would undergo death or death-like suffering, but you would not on that account, at the break-up of the body, after death, fall into deprivation, the bad destination, the abyss, hell…"

This was one of the rare times that Buddha disparaged someone as "Worthless" by the way. He teaches right speech in which you never harm anyone with your words but you can say something honest at the right time if need be.


File: 1467762397915.gif (180.34 KB, 135x111, 45:37, 1440622297979.gif)

I've been trying for a month but keep failing.

I will no longer look at things that will only fuel the fire.

I need to see where this takes me.

Pledging 90 days. Starting right now.




don't you mean the buddha?


Pledging 48 hours. Will set timer to check back in.


I am now pledging two weeks of abstaining to masturbations.


I pledge until next month,



I know I'm taking a huge step, but living this life is making it impossible to make progress. I'm starting to feel disgust for myself. So I'm just doing it the extreme way.

I Will Not:

1. Smoke anything. Quitting both cigs and joints.

2. Spill my Seed via Masturbation.

3. Consume GMO's and Sugar.

I will not pledge an amount of time, because It needs as long as I can.


Pledging 48 hours.



weak. just fap now. your hand is twitching for it, hovering above your groin.



No it's not. Already fapped 3 times today m8.


File: 1468797256144.jpg (63.62 KB, 550x800, 11:16, 1452238358315.jpg)





I've been fapping 3 times a day every day for quite awhile now and not wanting to stop as I'm doing it for a magick operation to patch over some problems but feeling very unstable doing it.


Did a good two weeks but broke it today. Here's a tip: Do some shit. When I was pretty busy and tired for two weeks it was extremely easy to resist. It was only today with the weekend and lots of free time that I found myself giving in. I really must work on my willpower.


I pledge to not masturbate, edge, or be swayed by lust for the rest of my life. Should I break this wow, I'll rip my own penis off


File: 1469301512656.jpg (1.21 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, watching you.jpg)


File: 1469339601508.jpg (79.68 KB, 230x507, 230:507, rightcol_banner_art.jpg)

Taofag here. I pledged as long as I could.

I'm a month in, I feel empowered as fuck.

I have no desire at all. This is kinda surreal. I don't think I'll have the crutch of masturbation again.

Also, I'm no longer aroused in public by the female form. I will glance at the ass from time to time as I do, but it will not provoke a response in me at all. I no longer have to think about this shit day to day to day, I can focus on my alchemy instead.

If a humble practitioner like me can do this, I think all can easily do this as well.


File: 1469340324070.jpg (30.66 KB, 382x500, 191:250, 62.jpg)

>>80598 <= Me

Can I be sincere for a moment?

I love you bros, you guys always give me cool fringe knowledge and shit. I'm glad you guys post cool stuff all the time and made this thread and others. I intend for everyone here to find the glorious reward of the philosopher's stone so that we may have the transformation of man's vile darkness into that of greater and greater light.

If you ever, ever get the feeling of being lost. Remember that the very fact that you contributed to this forum is one in the same as being a part of the alchemical Great Work.


File: 1469347645224.jpg (36.95 KB, 720x614, 360:307, 12049733_561571690666777_3….jpg)

Why is there zero reference to atkinson's personal power book and the parts about how to transmute sexual thoughts and energy? Without practicing these, all you are doing is repressing your sexual thoughts which is manifesting in your subconscious into something fucked up, which will in turn remanifest into the conscious mind into some weird behavioral traits.

I went 6 months on nofap and while it was a great empowering and enlightening experience overall, I was not transmuting the energy which eventually lead to a ridiculously strong urge which I felt literally powerless over. I'm glad I did it instead of resisting because not finding some form of proportional release (whether fapping or mental transmutation) would have created something fucked up subconsciously.

I'm not saying you have to become some kind of expert brahmachari or whatever before you begin nofap, but learn some transmutation techniques to properly allocate these urges into it's right places. Atkinson's personal power has all the info on this. Read that before doing nofap… just my 2 cents


A recent weakening in self has slowly allowed carnal urges to gain a foothold, but now I've had quite enough.

It's a subconscious reaction, one I had managed to lock out for a long time, but now that it's here I don't know how to drive it back out.

Arousal and sexual desires exist for the body, but they are a flaw to the mind, and a criminally overrated one at that.

How do I completely chase this devil out of me?



Very true, thank you. As is in heaven it shall be on Earth.

Not left nor right but the middle path, unite the divided.

Service to self through service to others, unity.

Related post, take from it whatever you wish.




You're to extreme.


For more than a year i´ve fapped once in two weeks. Only because my balls become quite itchy.

But then the moment of orgasm i use to imprint a deep thoughtform.

I´m shapeshifting and so far things are flowing smoothly. Although this is very slow progress.



The sex act is the ultimate point of Tantra, though not to be lost in passion and just be a lustful animal. The lingam belongs in the yoni. That is its home.


Just relapsed. Pledging a month.



Good recommendation, I am reading it now.


pledge two weeks


File: 1469423179003.jpg (172.86 KB, 570x798, 5:7, 1465010433820.jpg)

Pledging 48 days. Wish all of you luck.


File: 1469432964071.jpg (333.44 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1441591702800.jpg)



Going to go ahead and renew my 90 day pledge… started 3 days ago.


I will pledge one alchemical month for now. Forty days. If I can do that I'll make it three.

I hope to make some things happen in that time so I'll need that expansive energy.



Also pledging 40 days, in solidarity with fellow christanon.

lots of physical, mental, and astral cleaning to be done.

first 10 days to adjust and transition slowly into a different lifestyle, then 30 days of increasing discipline.

Discipline. That's what this is all for. My first true goal, something I truly want, that I know I need, not because anyone else tells me, but because I KNOW.


Last time I was nofap over a year ago it lasted over two months with absolutely no arousal after a certain point and i wouldve been good for life if it weren't for my ex.

Pledging one week, hopefully will lose all sex drive again.



Adding on to this for everyone here.

The first time you masturbate after nofap (at least for me), the tip of your dick will burn for a while


all woman are whores

i pledge for 7 days of no fap, starting now



>all woman are whores

I wouldn't go that far. The women in porn siphoning your loosh are though. By definition.


>Also pledging 40 days, in solidarity with fellow christanon

This honestly gives me even more motivation to see this through. Good luck, brother.


Hadn't fapped for 2 weeks and fapped 3 times in a row yesterday

Ain't promising shit but don't think I'll pickup fapping again anyway



>all woman are whores



pledging two weeks, Already on day 2 or three, should be easy.


Plwdging 2 weeks


After about a week an a half of not masturbation the sorrow hit me. It came in hard yesterday, and only got worse today. That's when I remembered the reason why I masturbate, to numb the pains of the world for just a few minutes.

To just not be present.

I must find another way to escape.

Pledging five days.


I fucked up pretty bad yesterday..

Fasting for 14 hours or more and pledging 31 days.


I think I might be cheating by drinking heavily throughout the first week as in my experience it's always the most difficult part to get through and this makes it a lot easier. I'm generally distracted from being aroused and would be difficult to fap when everything is so numb anyway. Drinking like this is definitely not a healthy thing to do longterm though.

I'm actually planning on ditching this particular vice as well in the near future. I would like to at the very least stop drinking outside social situations anyway.

Clean sober no fap life any day now.


File: 1469947758442.pdf (7.35 MB, 1922personalpower.pdf)


Thanks. It was a little tough today but I only had to be mindful and do the technique again for my lust to vanish. Six days now. The other five days were pretty easy because I was very busy with mundane activities plus regular application of the technique.

Here's the transmutation technique for anyone interested. It's in the last chapter of the book.


I messed up. Starting over. I should probably avoid certain imageboards for the foreseeable future.

The first week is always the most difficult part and I know I can go on almost indefinitely once I get past it. I'm going to be really busy this week so it'll be easier this time around. Idle hands and all that.



>the smug anime girls

>all of them?


File: 1470160853289.jpg (46.94 KB, 500x599, 500:599, 45.jpg)

Taobro here.

So, I recently came out of alignment for a few days because of one chat room I entered and was made to look like a "bullshit mystic". I kept dwelling on the experience and it lowered my energy to the point that lust easily got a hold of me.

It's not like it was against my will, but I couldn't read or do creative anything without me being distracted so I made the conscious choice of masturbating without ejaculation.

Now I feel aligned again, and I do not have the urge to do it again. But, I have to make sure this time I don't let the "mundanes", as this board says, get to me.

So yes, pledging once again, as long as possible.

I end at exactly 1 month and 1 week. It is a new record for me if we don't count the time I was drugged up and did 6 months.


Started last night.

Have been close to breaking it a few times.

Just now went on /b/ just to fuck with myself.

Tonight will be rough.

I pledge one week from yesterday to begin with.

But hopefully I'll extend that.



Don't get yourself down, anon. You did spectacular.

Next time when in discussion in chat rooms, remember a golden rule: "Silence is might."

With that being said, pledging 24 hours. Currently in the depths of extreme lust.


So I've been trying to transmute the emotion of lust and seeding intent into my lower self to not get an errection while perceiving the female body. It kind of works as it afterwards takes longer to get an errection while watching one of those rotating lingerie model webms. I've noticed however that the larvae is trying to counter my efforts as it has managed to seed the intent of using more lewd webms (i.e fully nude, instead of lingerie), but so far I've been able to resist.

One of my intentions was "I don't want to procreate and I can't fuck a video of a woman, don't get a boner" and now, after I ignored the larvae's intent of using more lewd webms, it has seeded the intent of not using a video and having a real woman trying to seduce me instead. I'm pretty sure I can resist that without much effort heh but I thought it was interesting how it tried to counter that specific intention.

As a closing note, it still keeps countering me and will probably keep doing so until I give in and become its slave (and fap) or become the master of my mind, making its efforts useless. Any thoughts on this?


Do you guys really have trouble trying not to jack off? Normally I could renounce touching myself forever except for one little problem…

Whenever I stop I end up with some silly wet dream and wake up with a mess.

There's almost no transmutation techniques posted in this thread, would anything work to make my dreamself not make me jizz?


>think that nofap is bullshit

>read some atkinson

>use his methods and nofap for a week

>feel bursting with energy and more alive than I've ever felt before

>give in to fapping

>as I cum I feel all of the loosh rush out through my pelvis and I turn into a husk




This is REAL occultism.


>third day

>relieved because I no longer feel obliged to rub one out before going to sleep

Might be some wisdom to this, at least for those of us caught in a vortex of degeneracy.


I just fapped today unexpectedly and now only an hour or two later I feel incredibly sad and depressed.

I think the lack of a partner to do stuff with is what fucks it all up.

*sigh* I don't know what I want to do



Your dreams are "wicked" is more a moral corruption in your sub counscience. You may have good will power but your thoughs have to be pure.

My opinion, readswani sivananda monography on celibacy, it deals alot about the modern culture and the reason most people cant even think about it. He has a chapter about wet dreams, he had not seen the corruption of nowadays tho. Its almost impossiable not to be corrupted. Just going outside anywhere you see sex, sex and sex, I now have to a trick with woman, when I sense some disere I just see her like a piece of flesh until it disgust me.

Its neither easy nor nice but effective none the less. Since i dont mistake the body for the person, I dont lose my humanity

I think this point here, lust or the freedom from lust, its the most important aspect in highy to be developed and is the most difficult, a basic mecanism that should be easy for strong willed people, it turns into a mess with all this sex. Maybe easy its not correct, but it seems impossiable some times. Worse, do you know someone opened enough to even hear about this? The science (not bro science) is on your side, the empirical evidence from everyone that add an orgasm. Why do we treat sex so ligthly? I understand that mundanes dont get it, but why does the people in "this" movement forget about it? Why does everyone talks about awakening the kundaliny and just bipass the very first chapter about sexual energy, or just blindly tell lies about "tantra sex" to help the process?




Consider suicide promptly you mongrel.


I've realized that eating food for taste is essentially equivalent to masturbating to pornography.



Youre very much right but if this hinders you from enjoying and appreciating food, or even makes you loathe it, you're doing it wrong.


File: 1470416835689.gif (1.74 MB, 380x355, 76:71, qt.gif)

Day five:

I really really really want to fap.



>Turkish blowjob



>I really really really want to fap.

Do you even transmute brah?

If you feel the need to masturbate there is no point in not masturbating.



Man don't say that, I feel better than ever when I don't think about it.

I've become seriously addicted to the act, not even the feeling.

I can't into transmutation yet.


I messed up on my first attempt but now I'm just about over the first week hurdle and my lust is pretty much under control.

My energy is being channelled into far more productive activities. I'm learning and creating things.

I don't think I'll have much of a problem reaching 40 days at this rate. All goes very well.



>I can't into transmutation yet.

Just read The Kybalion and the last chapter of Personal Power my lad.



Already reading the Kybalion, will read Personal Power too, thank you for the advice!


File: 1470528666556.png (805.79 KB, 1300x417, 1300:417, 8dd.png)



>Personal Power



Thank you anon.



You know we can see your IP and tell you're protagonist right?





Just me and my 💕daddy💕, hanging out I got pretty hungry🍆 so I started to pout 😞 He asked if I was down ⬇for something yummy 😍🍆 and I asked what and he said he'd give me his 💦cummies!💦 Yeah! Yeah!💕💦 I drink them!💦 I slurp them!💦 I swallow them whole💦 😍 It makes 💘daddy💘 😊happy😊 so it's my only goal… 💕💦😫Harder daddy! Harder daddy! 😫💦💕 1 cummy💦, 2 cummy💦💦, 3 cummy💦💦💦, 4💦💦💦💦 I'm 💘daddy's💘 👑princess 👑but I'm also a whore! 💟 He makes me feel squishy💗!He makes me feel good💜! 💘💘💘He makes me feel everything a little should!~ 💘💘💘 👑💦💘Wa-What!💘💦👑





Read hatha yoga pradipika p39-43 if you are considering abstaining masturbation.


Pledging one week.



can you link the pdf?


File: 1470612193075.pdf (311.77 KB, -hatha yoga pradipika.pdf)


There is some good information in the book if you read carefully.


Pledging 2 weeks.



Can you explain a little what you are talking about? I can't seem to pick up on your implications, but in response to what is clearly said, why are you watching potentially sexual webms in the first place? Testing yourself is probably is not a good idea if you are just truly trying to abstain. As far your larvae thing, I'm assuming you mean thought-forms/thought-patterns in your subconscious. Instead of fighting with yourself as a slave to be a master or whatever why not try to cooperate and convince yourself? Just give yourself logic and find false logic within yourself to neutralize


You sure this isn't a natural physical response? My dreams aren't usually sexual in nature, it's pretty random. My dream consciousness is often not that aware and the dreams sometimes aren't coherent, but that's a topic not for this thread.

When I abstain for over a week or so I can just feel this sort of pressure or energy in my crotch area as an indicator that I will have a wet dream. Personally I think males have to have some release for a healthy system which is why the body resorts to nocturnal emissions.

Please do tell me how I'm wrong it you think so.



You should be transmuting the sexual energy into spiritual energy.



But yea I've done a similar trick. Considering them as a piece of flesh is kind of demeaning (and could potentially backfire depending on how open one's mind is and thus potential for degenerate thoughts).

A better and more accurate way to look at women IRL is to realize them as just humans. Since you as a guy look at other guys as just dudes, think of women as dudes. It's pretty brilliant and quickly reduced my social anxiety when I thought of this years ago.

Reconsidering this and applying it to anything close to an issue that I have is being susceptible to NSFW media. It's actually kind of incredibly humorous now pretending it's some dude. Dudes don't have tits or vags so it just breaks everything lol. Just tell yourself they could be trannys. If you're into that or are just bisexual, well you have another rant coming as I can show how they are the worst kind of degenerate fuckers.

Actually applying the piece of meat thing works really well for media stuff. I mean they are literally trying to show off with the meat they have, so it works for reducing their efforts into ludicrousness. It's not even mean in this case but an actual more accurate perception. The person is trying to show off their body, it is what it is.

As for freedom from lust you just need to as they say transmute the energy causing the lust into something else.


the term "spiritual energy" is kind of ambiguous. Personally I transmute the energy into a drive/motivation to make something of myself


Freedom from lust shouldn't be difficult at all. If you aren't married, then redirect all lustful desires into the vision of a future where you are married; just remind yourself this problem wouldn't exist if you weren't alone and work towards whatever problems are stopping you from being ready for marriage. Anytime I see a beautiful girl, whether I think she's a whore or not, I just realize it's pointless since I don't know the person and don't know if she's marriage material (well a whore probably isn't but I don't like to judge, I mean you shouldn't assume). Any of them could be the one for you but are you ready to introduce yourself before you get to know them?

People blindly telling lies and contributing to this mess are either shills or ill-informed. Truth is, a full healthy kundalini awakening requires a couple acting in harmony.



>full healthy kundalini awakening requires a couple acting in harmony

Bullshit in every aspect, the path leading to any sort of "awakening" is always solo, you can't rely on other beings to promote your self development

the point of renouncing your lust isn't getting a gf, it's the attainment of ascension from the low, gross plane of material lust



that didn't last long



Lost it right at the end. I didn't even have any desire to fap till today. Pledging two more weeks and fasting at least two days in the next week.



Some of self development requires interaction with other people, I wouldn't say that has to do with reliance or not but isolating yourself from your species is going to limit your self development, so that part of what you said is definitely bullshit.

And like you said there are many sorts of awakenings, but to say that 'ALL' of them are always solo is bullshit and pretty arrogant. What I consider a full 'healthy' awakening would require active use of all the faculties provided within your body. Going solo would be letting your root and sacral chakra deteriorate. It's that simple.

I didn't say I want a girl friend for even that is degenerate, I said I wanted marriage for the purposes of procreation. It's no joke planning to pass on your genetics. Also would be nice to have someone with the same goals as me; when I was younger I always wished I could clone myself as there's just not enough time for one person to do everything

Sure the awakening that you have for your goals, or what is 'meant' for you may not require anyone but yourself, but that doesn't go for everyone. Don't be arrogant.



There's obviously no point in arguing with you as the logic of your posts has proven you to be a mundane.



Giving up that easily? Ah you're so pathetic that you can't explain anything you say eh? If you're not a shill then have fun being brainwashed



>hu dah muhfugg bigs me dats bix nood craka



You could be having a natural physic response.

Theres is a difference between "sex wet dreams" and normal physical realese.

If you realesed semen, its a "sex wet dream" if not no QI energy has been out but only the "semen water".

Im no expertise, read the book of the swani I recommended. You should aim to transmutte the energy by reabsorving the producced semen rather than dropping it out. You most likelly, just had a seminial fluid realiese.

Wiil be honest, its really a hardship because just seeing a sexual atractive object can lead to enough lust to "re active" the semen and double the work necessary to transmute the energy.

Modern "free" world makes sure you have no peace moment in this.

Btw the "willpower" of Atkinson is not enough. You should kill the root of desire anyhow. Looking at a girl and see a corpse or just the old decrepty woman she will turn into.



This all day long.


Seeing "dudes" can backfire you even more. Its a false image and reality, do you even mara, bro?

Anyhow, seeing flesh and bones its an accure reality, its no way false. It can be dehumanizing if you dont balance that with compassion.

Dont use trick to trick your illusion, use reality.

> spiritual energy

Just turn the violent sexual energy into a subliminal high energy.



>Seeing "dudes" can backfire you even more. Its a false image and reality, do you even mara, bro?

Yes that's why I said to see everyone simply as human beings regardless of their gender. The most true image of reality would be seeing all entities simply as they are, regardless of genders. species, etc.

I was just being facetious there, providing a fallacious example of what one can do when confronted/bombarded with hypersexual media. Of course one should just simply ignore them but an alternative is to produce paradoxes to turn the media into something to laugh at.

If you agree with the other anon saying that 'any sort of "awakening" is always solo' then can you attempt to refute how I explain the fallaciousness of that statement?



Everyone knows that japanese media is the best way to kill your attractive to women.

After knowing the idealized perfect woman how could you be attracted to their lesser equivalent?

Truly the japanese are the most spiritually advanced of races.



friendly reminder that associating good traits to a race is also racism.


After not fapping for a while, sometimes I dream of sucking my own dick…


I think that was satire. Probably referring to those weaboos that love anime and wank to hentai. It produced the 3dpd meme, pretty jokes


I have a theory on why celibacy is advised by many occult schools both eastern and western.

The goal of sexual stimulation is to procreate, when ejaculating energy from the lower dantiens in large amounts and the heart dantiens in smaller amounts is forced through the genitals in order to receive the necessary energy required to create a healthy child. This energy is received in the lower dantiens of the female and the combined creative energies are meant to aid in the process of the fetus being created and receiving the stored bursts of combined creative energies.



Friendly reminder that nobody gives a fuck if you think they're racist you jew rat kike bastard.








>Read the last 100 or so pages of that Atkinson book

>Basically boils down to: "Realize that that shooting loads depletes you and that keeping loads regenerates you. Technique: Breathe in, visualize regenerative energy moving up from your balls and breathe out, visualizing it moving to some part of your body or all of it, fam."

This fucking guy. I'm not saying he's wrong, but that's the most egregious example of stretching content to meet a word count I've seen since my own high school essays. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is better I think, talks about transmutation and has a modest section on not squirting your creative essence into a sock.


File: 1c29b68f3809e01⋯.png (10.52 KB, 500x149, 500:149, ClipboardImage.png)





That's true and all, but that theory didn't actually explain why celibacy is advised. You should expand on it, would be interesting to hear it


>>Basically boils down to: "Realize that that shooting loads depletes you and that keeping loads regenerates you. Technique: Breathe in, visualize regenerative energy moving up from your balls and breathe out, visualizing it moving to some part of your body or all of it, fam."

Hahaha I've literally thought of doing that completely on my. Actually I don't know if I thought of that in relation to my balls but it was definitely somethjing like spreading energy out to increase motication

I actually forgot about it completely until you said that, good shit dude. Should post that summary in the thread for reviews on recommended reading.

Also yea I've actually read some of think and grow rich. Absolutely brilliant



>I don't actually know what projection means so I'm going to shitpost with this ad hom rhetoric

nice post as always protagonist

kill yourself bitch


File: 0c50987c3e18357⋯.png (608.79 KB, 564x539, 564:539, ClipboardImage.png)


>kill yourself bitch


>ad hom rhetoric

>implying you even said anything worthy of refuting

you're cute. Here's some basic education for the funny babby

like seriously you must be deranged to think you were in some debate. Keep your sperging about fallacies for when you say something of worth


Pledging a week, to be repeated 4 times.

Doing it for a ritual to Venus, offering her my celibacy in return for her assisting me with forging more meaningful relationships with women; and to increase my sexual potency.

If I do fail I guarantee I won't ejaculate, since I've practiced dry orgasms via Mantak Chia's teachings for well over a year now.


>go over a week without masturbating

>today I suddenly go back to reading jap sex comics

>suddenly enjoy the actual act of reading the comics

>become aroused but no urge to physically masturbate

What the fuck.

It's like I'm masturbating mentally.

Is this normal?



>>Basically boils down to: "Realize that that shooting loads depletes you and that keeping loads regenerates you. Technique: Breathe in, visualize regenerative energy moving up from your balls and breathe out, visualizing it moving to some part of your body or all of it, fam."

This is the single most important thing ever


File: 64e7567cd9786e7⋯.jpg (294.14 KB, 503x727, 503:727, zoroaster.jpg)

Pledging one month.

What to do when the desire becomes too strong?



Just siphon the energy from your sacral to your LDT and transmute it by bringing it up through each chakra all the way into the crown and then pulling it back into your LDT.

I find it to be a good method and if you use it properly you won't have desire.



>Breathe in, visualize regenerative energy moving up from your balls and breathe out, visualizing it moving to some part of your body or all of it


Take aspirin to reduce the swelling and pain of blueballs. Tape your dick shut with medical tape so you don't rub off on your underpants. Those two things help a ton with night emissions.

I ejaculate once a month because I realized going any further than that actually reduces my energy to be productive. I don't feel sluggish or down after ejaculation because my body has plenty of stored up energy from a whole month of no ejaculation. I still masturbate and look at porn because I feel that desire is an essential energy to cultivate and control. When my balls start to hurt from holding in my desire I take an asprin and the swelling goes down in about half an hour.




Pledging forty days for solidarity with occultism


Day 156 and I just learned >>82847. I can't believe I probably wasted all that energy I was gathering by not using it.


Are you sure emissions aren't okay? I figure if it's something the body does automatically, it seems like maintenance. Plus, I'm pretty sure it doesn't contain many vital nutrients and it's also much lesser than actual ejaculate. Taping your dick just seems like you'll just hold it in the tubing.



>Tape your dick shut with medical tape so you don't rub off on your underpants.

What kind of third world shithole do you live in where people don't sleep naked?

Fucking hell what kind of subhuman animal sleeps with fucking clothes on, what the fuck is this. If you wear clothes in bed you should honestly consider suicide, it would be your greatest contribution to society.

>masturbating to porn

Drawn art and literary smut are the only acceptable forms of pornography, if you masturbate to film pornography you are donating your loosh to whores.

>not moving the energy from your sacral to your LDT

>not knowing how to spiral that energy and transmute it into a higher form








Jesus Christ.



>What kind of third world shithole do you live in where people don't sleep naked?

>Fucking hell what kind of subhuman animal sleeps with fucking clothes on, what the fuck is this. If you wear clothes in bed you should honestly consider suicide, it would be your greatest contribution to society.

How does this make any sense at all? One of the more ironic things



they aren't okay when it's semen emissions from a wet dream. I eventually take the tape off to piss out anything building up in there.


you're a sperg



Made it one week, but I woke up this morning and had a wank because the morning wood was crazy strong, and I spilled a little seed despite my methods; I tend to build up a lot of fluid if I don't masturbate for a few days.

Going for another week now, and will try to make it more than 7 days.



When you have problems with a hard on just focus on something boring until it goes away

what I do is just literally staring at my dick and watch it slowly fall, works every time


I'm a little skeptical of my capacity to do this right now, but i'm pledging 10 days. Let's see how i feel after that decline in testosterone after day 8. Gonna try some transmutation too or focused toughtform.



Hope you manage it friend


Masturbating daily fucks your brain chemistry all the way up.

The burst of serotonin and hormones when you ejaculate just fucks your brain up fams.


Women are such a lower species, they can never please a man such as a communion with god does. Their bodies are grotesque and everything attractive about them is an illusion through fraudulent practices plus conditioning by mommy.

I'll only be happy when all women in their nakedness are under the complete subjugation of real enlightened Taoist wizards as nothing but fucking trinkets.



Sex is like food, you can survive without both even though society thinks otherwise, and while you can go without they both bring pleasure.


30 days

on my 3rd day now


pledging eternity


File: f9a5f8cd25a78c8⋯.png (116.32 KB, 1224x792, 17:11, Unbenannt.png)

I can understand how I am trapped in this illusory game. The easiest way to exorcise the lust (imo) is to blind yourself from this current state of things…just blindfold yourself and don't use your two eyes…illusory

Yesterday while I was deeply in meditation I wondered if I could just keep my eyes closed forever and just refuse to use them again to map reality around me…rather relying only on other senses which are being less targeted by the manipulative forces. But what kind of work could I do if I was blind (maybe only fringe work)

I pledge….dunno. Sex is feeling good. Masturbate is approximate to sex, but still great. I don't feel good on earth that much these days, so I guess I will pledge a small amount of time and try to stay clean until the weekend



>sex/fapping because I don't feel good

really dude? there's so many differeny ways to 'feel good'

good is subjective so what makes you feel good depends on your perception, if you can meditate well then you should be able to neutralize anything that makes you feel bad, but now you just need to rationalize whatever to create the good feeling of motivation

or you know, you can have a hobby??? meditate on making music/drawing/doing math/anything

if that doesn't make sense to you (it totally should if you're meditating well, just focus on the feeling/experience itself of the hobby) then consider that life is like a silly mmorpg and you are trying to reach level 99


File: 6fa02b9f97b23fa⋯.jpg (95.21 KB, 416x417, 416:417, 1472967079692.jpg)

Okay I get the whole "mind over body" philosophy and training patience it is all fun and games until you teach yourself to be ashamed of sex and masturbation. Catholic church has achieved that and they are about as far from enlightenment as one can be. Stay safe people, and remember that love is the most pure and honest feeling there is, it's never wrong to love.


Pledging 90 days of celibacy. I just want to see what the benefits are, if any. And whether those benefits are worth abstaining from porn/masturbation/sex.



>being such a mundane that you don't understand the difference between repression and discipline

You fuckers really are something.


File: 1ddad5435378468⋯.jpg (106.03 KB, 352x500, 88:125, RAW.jpg)


I failed.

I'll try again pledging two weeks.



> teach yourself to be ashamed of sex and masturbation.

da fuq

it's all about conserving energy instead of wasting or giving it away, among so many other reasons

shame is good it it's not misplaced

be ashamed of…

>wasting energy

>wasting time

>allowing psyche to be degraded

>disrespecting/objectifying women (unless it's hentai or something, in which case see following)

>getting turned on by cartoons that may or may not be voiced by effeminate men

>warping expectations of sex into unattainable unhealthy ideals that aren't even idealistic, are false(in case of specific abnormal fetishes, also applies to extreme objectification among other scenarios)

>desecrating the sanctification of matrimony (perhaps this wouldn't be if you can't reproduce or won't live long or something. this one is probably the most subjective)(this point is expanded on below in the corresponding point)

>being degenerate for other any reasons, and over all (yes all these reasons are examples of being degenerate)

>having the same amount of degenerate influence on someone else (in case of cheap sex, essentially doubling the degradation than if you had gone solo)

sex and masturbation itself isn't inherently shameful but if any of the previous happens then it becomes so

in some cases it's not shameful like

>having blue balls (though the cause of blue balls may or not be worthy of shame)

>literally wasting too much time fighting lustful thoughts especially when you have a deadline. just jerk it and move on with life (your lack of self control is the cause of shame in this case)

>someone very enticing is trying to encourage you to have sex, so you jerk off instead (least likelihood of shamefulness especially if this someone was being deceptive, though if the situation was caused by your actions, then possible shameful)

>you're in a wholesome sanctified relationship (you wouldn't mind having your mate involved in the most personal matters for the rest off your life, also you want to have children if possible, also your judgement is not being clouded by lust meaning you fully understand your mate inside out with all insecurities and life goals and etc)

note that people can be in relationships in years and barely even know anything about each other. this is quite the norm in western society

if anyone has any other examples of non shameful acts of sex/masturbation do share, or debate any of the points I mentioned. would be a worthy discussion



Beating off to chinese girls by yourself isn't 'love'.



was good until

>desecrating the sanctification of matrimony

>getting married



what if i love doing it


File: e1f013ca3b1b6a9⋯.jpg (91.27 KB, 633x710, 633:710, 2354342653256245.jpg)

I have some fetishes that disgust me and I've tried nofap over and over. I jerk off like 5, 6 or 7 times a day. I swear to not do it then I do it the same day. Longest I went was two weeks but that was just once. All other times I barely made it one day, except for one other time recently I went 5 days.

The other day I went one day on nofap, and then I went to bed at night and I woke up an hour later with a boner. This happens sometimes. I get erections more full than I can during the day when this happens. But the other night I woke up after an hour of sleep and I was actually already masturbating as I woke. I was turned on by the thought of eating my own cum. I fapped thinking of that. I've tasted it a few times but when I was like 13 and 14. Didn't like it and not done it since (23 now). Anyway, I put my legs over my head and walked them down the wall so I could cum in my own mouth. It was fucking gross and I spat it out. I don't even know why the fuck I wanted to do it.

Shortly after I suddenly got this image in my head of a terrifying woman hovering over me. Do you think I am under attack by something? wat do?



You need to take some desperate measures. Install a web filter (e.g. k9 web protection) to block porn. Keep yourself occupied, workout, read, do something when you feel the urges. Transmute your sexual energy mentioned earlier in this thread. Do some banishing meditations. You may be under attack by something that's harvesting your sexual energy.



You sound exactly like me. Open your chakras and work on your energy body. For some reason, it just went away for me. Do as long of streaks of nofap as you can, but don't be afraid of failure (don't let yourself fail though). Eventually you'll just lose the desire.

I don't trust k9 due to the way it works. Download leechblock for your browser and put in every site you know you can get porn on (don't block 8ch but block every nsfw focused board you've gone on). Write the password down somewhere you can't easily get it, or make it too many steps to get too when you want to fap.

Make sure you socialize in person often. You'll naturally be more sexually aggressive (which is good) and it'll keep you from being bored and relying on porn.

A technique I picked up (didn't use until 150+ days though) was to channel energy from your groin and put it into your whole body/chakras. Just breathe in, move the energy up, breathe out, separate and move energy into chakras. If you're good at mindfulness you can repeat "I choose not to feel this urge" or whatever, and it should work surprisingly well.

Just know when to cut off thoughts before they become too much to overcome.






>having no self-control

>being an animal



>desperate measures


Dude needs a priest lmao


Do the following or regret it.

>solar banishing, deep meditation, one foot earth, one foot fun, draw as much white light as possible into your body

>use this energy to infuse your lower tree chakras with white light, breathe in draw from root, earth & crown, sun, same time, to chakra you want clean, breathe out darkness that gets displaced by white light

>sleep with light, music, prayer

>get incense, shower when you feel urge (water makes it really hard for spirits to attach to your aura)

>next next you feel it's presence, stuff it into a sphere into a box (do the same with the darkness you breathe out) and after you collected it all burn it

>shes to strong to trap? Rend her to pieces with any attacks you can , rip apart, swirl her energy, make it hard to her to manifest


No love in blowing a load in your own mouth.



Thank you brother.

Day 5 and counting. A few strong urges today, but still going. I know it's going to get harder the next days, but i will do it.

I wish the best fortune and willpower to all here enduring this challenge, specially to >>83539 who is in the hardest situation. May we be strong enough to command ourselves.


Hey guys, if you avoid completely sexual thoughts, for many days at a time your senses all become stronger and you can do psychokinesis using the built-up sex energy and also very intense reality manifestation.




k9 isn't adblock. it's an incredibly powerful internet filter that won't let you ever watch porn without deleting the entire computer and reinstalling windows if you don't have the password

I've done this before when I was in high school and other times of low self control, set my brother's email as the password reset.

shit fucking works, I ended up jacking off to lingerie from some shitty image hosting albums shit probably doesn't


yea the k9 blocker couldn't let me even find normal lingerie shit to jack off to it was terrifyingly great


Why is fapping to porn so disappointing? Why is fapping in general so disappointing? It pretty much feels like nothing. Maybe, just sort of, a little bit you feel something briefly and then it's gone.

On the other hand, and again I don't know why, having a succubus suck your dick feels intensely more pleasurable right from the first stroke and everyone after as well.

Any kind of sex with succubus feels legit pleasurable while fapping just makes me feel gross, disappointed, and drained.

Any explanations?

I don't understand why one is so much more intensely powerful than the other.

Doesn't matter also if I stop fapping for 7 days straight and then fap again; only difference it makes is I cum in seconds instead of minutes but it still feels like nothing and is disappointing.

Whereas sex with succubus is a completely different feel.

Is the dick electric or something and it needs to be plugged into to feel?

What is going on?



Would that block redpill stuff too though? "racism" and so on?


File: 2b7ce2cb5289562⋯.jpg (28.97 KB, 480x342, 80:57, MUSTNOT.jpg)

>This thread.


As long as you are on this "must… not… fap…" mentality you are all doomed to fail.

Your energy goes where your attention is. If you want to improve your life, instead of focusing on NOT DOING(not fapping), you should focus on DOING(working out, studying, etc…).

Gradually increase the amount of time you spend on important long term things and do whatever you want on your free time.

Also, there is not much of a reason to avoid specifically fapping. Magickal energy can be obtained from many other means(It's even arguable if you lose it by fapping) and the "science" behind it is not trustworthy.


File: 3cf0be39cd176f5⋯.jpg (30 KB, 500x345, 100:69, malefemaleoccult.jpg)


The scientific reason is prolactin. ( source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Sex-is-four-times-better-than-masturbation-18591.shtml )

It seems that the succubus you summoned is very close to a real woman, Could you please share your method with me?

On the occult level, here is a quote by Plato: “According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.”.

You can find a similar gender explanation on Hinduism and some interpretations of Bible.

Sex as a magickal act is completely different formula. Picture related.

And again, please share your succubus evocation method.



you choose which categories to block, there's a ton of them. 3 or 4 cover anything remotely sexual


ever heard of something called setting goals?

no one is focusing on not fapping.

and if you can obtain energy from other means then why fap and lose energy at all? just obtain even more energy

try actually reading the OP



>The scientific reason is prolactin. ( source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Sex-is-four-times-better-than-masturbation-18591.shtml )

…but this is with a succubus not a flesh human. I'm basically fucking a being made out of pure energy / thought.

>It seems that the succubus you summoned is very close to a real woman, Could you please share your method with me?

Everything I do and know is only understandable if you know and do everything I do. As such, I'm going to have to write a whole fucking book for this. It won't be that long, but I have to write it anyways, as I have someone offline asking me to explain shit every day.



>but this is with a succubus not a flesh human.

why would that make a difference? sex with someone physical or not doesn't change the fact that you're not alone (or at least you believe you're not alone) and this changes the way your body reacts as compared to just jerking off


I've never consciously masturbated or had sex. Could this effect my energy badly?



Sex is the sharing and cultivation of sexual energy which can be transmuted into life energy if properly handled. You're not losing out but you're not gaining either.


i think discribing reality is a form of masturbation i want to cease to continue


pledge 1 month



Well, pledge sucessfully completed. I do in fact feel better in a general way. More energetic indeed.

Some urges tormented me but i managed it.

But i'm not gonna stop here. I need more time.

Pledging 20 more days. Let's hope that i have the strengh to complete this one also, i feel like i really need it.


On day 9 right now, pledging until at least Halloween, possibly until early November (my birthday). Also I'm new to this board (usually use /pol/ and /bane/) so hello to everyone :-)


File: 2d3cf3195341895⋯.png (1.63 MB, 2225x1086, 2225:1086, TVAfUo5.png)


>those digits


File: 20edf86a01e083d⋯.jpg (660.77 KB, 1067x800, 1067:800, Curiot2[1].jpg)


Literally can't stop fapping

I fapped three times already in the last two hours

why is my will so weak T_T

Pledging hmmmm maybe until Sat.morning, let's see what I can do



just keep doing it until it bores you, don't allow yourself to choose another fetish.

just keep doing it until it's no longer fun.

Thats what I did, now I stopped cold turkey and am on my 15th day of no fap.



>thick thighs big breasts naked red twi'lek sith masturbating with her lightsaber



>thick thighs

>big breasts



File: 0957c8460aa0fac⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1021271 - Darth_Hell Darth….jpg)


>being this much of a low test cuck

Theres no greater feel in the world than tfw dominating a woman who could crush you between her legs but wont because you command her respect and loyalty, loving your equal in strength and power.

Though, I suppose that if you're weak you'll only derive that pleasure out of someone equally weak.

>girlettes, tits & ass (defining female traits) [404]



File: 3a46a9a3fde6169⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 3360x2100, 8:5, 340946 - Darth_Hell Darth_….jpg)


dont ever call me a nigger again you double nigger



I'll admit the domination fetish is hot But I'm afraid it won't work.

there is only one thing that will stop me from abstaining from ejaculation

and that's would be a girl I'm seeing, that is if I get a chance to claim her virginity.

I won't count it as a loss though I still wouldn't have masturbated




Haha, no.


Godspeed busting a nut in your qt anon.


I am pledging to 30 days of celibacy.

I just fucked up after 10 days.

Time to give it another shot.


File: 4c5f151720afbc1⋯.jpg (80.37 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 1473835634704.jpg)


Fapped 3 times already, been awake for 2 or 3 hours.



lord kek give me strength to control my urges

rey brujo cuida la mota

rey negro cuida el negocio

i am no longer masturbating

I am a master of my flesh

I control my urges and use my energy for the bodhisattva

shine forth milarepa






Everytime you are looking at porn, reflect upon the followng: You will never do any of this things those guys are doing to these pixelated whores in your screen in "real life" if you don't quit masturbation. These guys went out there to get them and you need to do the same. First step is to control yourself.



>Everytime you are looking at porn, reflect upon the followng: You will never do any of this things those guys are doing to these pixelated whores in your screen in "real life" if you don't quit masturbation.

B-But I fap exclusively to guro and loli anon…


File: 90e400246108f5b⋯.jpg (88.77 KB, 1400x700, 2:1, Dragonball-Z-Vegeta.jpg)

It is time to take back what is mine! I pledge 30 days no p0rn and no fapping. As before, I expect pointing and laughing should I fail.


>rediscovered orgasm without ejaculation


protip: masturbation isnt anywhere near as enjoyable without emotional connections


File: c0c1d8a0267e023⋯.png (436.59 KB, 600x300, 2:1, mih.png)

>>83823 Here. I (partially) failed the secound pledge today.

A few days after i made my secound pledge i began watching porn again on a daily basis. I couldn't help myself to stop watching, but i didn't masturbate either, until today. I started to masturbate but had the will to stop it before cumming, and ended up a few hours later releasing myself while casting a sigil.

I see it as a fail to pledge, but the whole experience still was a victory of my will.

18 days of no fap in total.

I don't know exactly how to proceed now, but it's certain that i will reduce even further the influence of porn and meaningless masturbation in my life, and will do more pledges if necessary.


day 27 3 days short of goal

broke down and wanked.

wasn't even good 0/10

I'm kinda disgusted with it tbh.



Indeed channeling that intense emotion up into my brain gives me a high more pleasurable than any drug I've tried (weed and booze). I keep my back free from any obstruction such as a chair, bed, or wall by kneeling down or laying on my side or stomach. This seems to help a lot with channeling the energy away from my genitals and into my head. After that wonderful rush my homeyness and erection subsides and I can continue having a glorious day.

It helps me to visualize the energy in my genitals and sucking up up through a straw. Every gulp of energy goes straight to my head.



Fucked it up by masturbating to an arousing video game yesterday.

Fucked a hooker today to motivate myself not to cum.

Goal still 30 days. Starting now.


40 days in and I have a growing urge to become a trap

why /fringe/



You probably drink jew-water and eat jew-food. The estrogen is killing you, rip.


pledging 30 days again, I shall not wank


File: 1a8f69473dde910⋯.jpg (24.75 KB, 497x354, 497:354, memritrash.jpg)

Pledging three months. All or nothing. I don't want to waste my energy and time on yanking my doodle.


My porn addiction was almost gone and then I relapsed. Somehow got to bdsm and femdom, but not as pain oriented, just the ideas of submission and domination. Noticed the huge surge of missing energy from finishing. Ive never felt that spiritually drained and yet physically fine. Pledging my life. Ive had enough of this shit. Id rather have sexual energy than focus on fetishes and throw my focus to people who don't deserve or can even reciprocate. Everytime I feel the urge Im going to head outside for a walk from now on or read a book.


>haven't masturbated or used the pornographic jew I haven't used 3d porn in like a year at least just degenerate drawings

>having dream last night

>suddenly in the dream I go full fuck shit mode

>wake up

>I'm orgasming like nothing I've experienced

>but I'm not ejaculating

>my left hand is right on my perineum

>the first three fingers are pressed onto the perineum muscle

>orgasm lasts like 10 minutes

I don't even know what the fuck that was. It was unlike anything I've ever experienced in my life, instead of the energy looshing out of my body it went in a circuit and flooded me with vital energy.


File: b58f4ec09ffdc0c⋯.png (71.23 KB, 621x876, 207:292, 54a5abe029.png)


Sounds exactly like you've been intuitively guided to finding the taoist three finger lock. It stops you from ejaculating so you don't lose your energy. Don't overuse it though, It's more of a failsafe against going over the edge rather than a safe method of dry fapping.

You can learn more about this by reading Mantak Chias books. Multi orgasmic man or Cultivating the male energy



Yeah I'm pretty sure my higher self helped me out because I was close to losing a bunch of loosh. The amount of vital energy I've had since I stopped masturbating is incredible, really makes you think about the real reason for the heavy pushing of normalizing porn and casual sex.



Outta curiosity, how long has it been for you? I'm on Day 19 of a 30 day pledge and have *definitely* noticed drastic improvement in my motivation and willpower. I want to know if it just keeps on getting better



At least 3 months.

If I remember correctly I stopped sometime in late June.


Day 5 and going strong.






>calling me a kike

Fuck you too pal.



Pledging one month. Won't let lust happen unless I give that energy a purpose.


File: c154c0dbebbf8f4⋯.jpeg (41.5 KB, 500x500, 1:1, d578cdfeb7dc93ace77021e1a….jpeg)


>>read some atkinson

I've heard a lot about Atkinson, but never got into it. Can I get a link to that stuff? At least the title of the book.


File: 9c8fadc4778d04d⋯.jpg (58.67 KB, 350x411, 350:411, vegetavwx2014_928.jpg)


I have succeeded. 30 days have been completed. The big M is no longer on my forehead.

I can say you really owe it to yourselves to tough it out and give it a try. I feel in fantastic shape. My willpower and energy have never been higher. The taoists are onto something in their belief that sexual energy is creative energy. I feel stronger in almost every aspect of my life. You really owe it to yourselves to tough it out and give it a try, at least once.

It's going to be a tough sell going back.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I pledge to never spill my mundane seed ever again so I can truly raise up my kundalini.


pledging 5 days


File: 00155b39cf077b3⋯.jpg (73.74 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1477641946488.jpg)

Currently sitting on 22 days. Noticed a couple of key things at the moment;

I had a pretty serious porn addiction before I started. I tried a number of things to slow down or cut it off and nothing worked until I recently decided to end all masturbation. Now, 22 days later, I still check all my usual porn spots and I'm finding that I have less and less time any interest in what I'm seeing.

I'm finding content that once upon a time would've been "good enough, meh" and now I just skip through it for 15 seconds and close it. It's a great result.

I've also got a dramatically larger amount of energy now almost each and every day. Which is fantastic. I feel brighter, more intelligent, more productive and overall I'm in a better mood.

I have one question for our more experienced brothers. Some days along the journey so far, including most recently day 20, I do find myself somewhat consumed by the desire for sexual release. I'm not thinking about pornography or masturbation, but just finding myself pacing and getting frustrated and having a hard time pinning my energy on one topic because I'm consumed with thoughts about spreading my seed, so to speak. I didn't even think about masturbating, I just couldn't shake off my burning desire.

Has anyone got any advice on what I should do when I feel that way? How can I take all that burning energy and push into something more productive?



I fucked up

at least it wasnt porn this time

pledging 5 again


Pledging through November to break my own record. Currently on day 24 and would like to make it to at least day 50. The best I've currently achieved is 46 days.


File: fea17f086d8bcd0⋯.jpg (99.13 KB, 1302x733, 1302:733, 33a6729e0c.jpg)

Wanted to drop some info for people who are struggling. Won't make it easier, but it helps to know what you're up against.

The first few days, you're being crucified by three hormones in particular, Oxytocin, Prolactin and Dopamine. Oxytocin is a big deal in relationships since it's 'the love chemical' so we'll talk about that some other time. Prolactin and Dopamine are most interesting to us here;

After you ejaculate your body will do two things. Drop the Dopamine, and spike the Prolactin. Dopamine as we know is your happy chemical. Related to reward and pleasure seeking behavior. Prolactin is responsible for causing pregnant mothers to produce milk, but more interestingly it mutes your sexual response. Breastfeeding mothers don't get very aroused due to the high level of Prolactin in their bodies. Men who are injected with Prolactin will lose their erections. So you can think of it as a handbrake on your sexual arousal.

So what does that mean? The sharp dip in Dopamine combined with the sharp rise in Prolactin creates that craving that I'm sure you're familiar with. It's at it's worst on post fap days 4, 5 and 6 when your Dopamine will be lowest (Meaning you'll want to fap again to get that hit) and paradoxically your Prolactin will be highest (Meaning even if you do, you won't even enjoy it!)

After day 7, The Prolactin starts to drop to baseline and your Dopamine will start to rise again so you'll notice yourself start to feel better.

You're basically fighting your hardest on days 4, 5 and 6. They'll be the worst. If you can ride those out, it'll get easier with each passing day and you're mostly in the clear.

After this I'd reccomend reading Mantak Chias "Cultivating Male Sexual Energy" so you know what we're doing here and what you're playing with.

I hope this helped in some small way!


File: 9890fb82b555df2⋯.gif (3.62 MB, 320x356, 80:89, giphy.gif)


Would recommend keeping yourself extremely busy and your mind occupied in that time period.



Sure, If it helps you! Figuring out how you tick is the key here since you're the one going through this challenge. If keeping active distracts you past that 3 day slump I mentioned, Then hell yeah. Do it. If you push yourself to the point of exhaustion into "Fuck everything, I just need to fap" territory, then not so much. You're going to have to find balance and do whatever it takes to get you past that initial week or so.

Do keep in mind the dip in your Dopamine will likely make you cranky and irritable. Above all else, I'd say trying to stay positive is the key. That's where emotional alchemy comes in handy.



How much damage does one take from touching themselves (but not to orgasm) or becoming aroused by things but not acting on the urges?


Well as one grows more aware, it is really disgusting, as a human, having the necessity to jerk of almost every day or the slightest temptations. It really is, if you think about it…

But my question is, is it very bad to masturbate like once a day, - without the use of porn - ?



Once a day is still a compulsion.

Even if you don't give as much energy to something external, you still lose some to the things around you. (Defining yourself as a chaos magician there are likely many things around you)


So I jerk off too much. And the porn I enjoy gets more depraved. So I'm renouncing fapping and not initiating sex with my wife. If she wants it, she'll get it. But I'm going to see how long I can go before blowing a load.

My biggest issues is after we have sex, I still feel unsatisfied or I enjoyed it so much thinking about it gets me horny. It's not unlike me to wake up at 3 am and rub one out while she sleeps because I can't shut my boner up. These are the times I feel powerless.

I'm on day 3. Let's see how long I can go.



As far as I'm aware, None - Apart from the cultivation of a bad habit. Taoists believe you lose chi(loosh) through your eyes though. It won't be much, but if you want to lose -nothing-, that means no porn!


>My biggest issues is after we have sex, I still feel unsatisfied or I enjoyed it so much thinking about it gets me horny

The red line on that little graph I posted here might be relevant to you.


That one charts the Oxytocin response. Oxytocin is responsible for love and pair bonding (So a mother who's just given birth will dump buckets of the stuff to bond her to the newborn babby) See how it drops off real hard on days 3, 4 and 5 after an orgasm? If you've ever felt unattracted to her a few days after blowing a load, that'd be why. In evolutionary terms an orgasm signals your body. "Okay, this ones done. Go find a -different- woman to impregnate!" and that drop in Oxytocin makes you want to go, have your own space for a few days.

You should get her in on it, Tell her what you're trying to do and why. Then learn the stuff in Mantak Chias "Cultivating the male sexual energy" So you don't ever have to worry about this again.

I'm actually mad jelly of you bro. I wish I had a wife to practice this stuff with me. Lol.



Yo, my man, what are the essential/best Mantak Chia books?

The guy has a shit ton of them, and a lot of them seem to cover the same shit, with some being more up to date but recycling a lot of info.


File: 39c5054c4233bca⋯.pdf (5.58 MB, Mantak.Chia.-.Awaken.Heali….pdf)

File: 711858af12a1fa0⋯.pdf (1.53 MB, Chia, Mantak - The Multi O….pdf)


Ah, You made me realize I messed up.

You want "Multi Orgasmic man" instead of "Cultivating male sexual energy" which is the same with more fluff and a little harder to understand.

And I'd pair that with "Awaken Healing Light" which claims to be an intermediate book, but covers all of the basics anyway.

Anyway, Since I've got em right here. Merry early Christmas!


Created a thoughtform that seems to be quite effective so far. I powered it after a regretful fap session with an anti-fapping mantra, visualization of its form and loosh. Whenever I am about to check out pornography, have lustful imaginations or am about to fap, it pops into my mind and reminds me of the reasons I choose not to fap and the severe long term consequences of doing so. It really helps me consciously resist fapping and porn. Hope this method helps some of you out there.


>been on nofap for 222 days

>want to re-try mantak chia methods of sexual energy manipulation

>don't want to risk falling back into fapping for pleasure, losing my absurdly long streak, and missing the feeling i have all the time now




sex energy manipulation is gay- at least get the full year under your belt. You've definitely conquered the beast… why open the door back up?



sex energy is apparently very strong, but i will not mess with it until i have a partner. i get a very "dark" feeling when i almost fall back into it (which only happened last night, not in months)

considering i desire to quit my abstinence the day after i oddly received a dark feeling to return, i should clearly avoid it. thank you.



All I can think of is:

If you really think your only purpose is fucking fat bitches then ya, you are their meme. Fat lonely bitches give you their Energy through lust, just as the anons here make sluts stronger by masturbating to some random bitch.

Solution. Stop taking their energy. Stop embracing the good feelings of fucking them. You are a junkie now, that one which injects himself feminine fat.

That or what this anons said.



I've been fapping without orgasm for two weeks now and I really do think I can keep going like this for the rest of my life without spilling any seed. Obviously it takes some exercises to siphon the built up energy into my other chakras so that it doesn't overload my root chakra and it's giving me tonnes of energy. I've yet to have any of those fabled "wet dreams" that people keep talking about… probably because I shut down my root chakra and keep my foreskin taped shut with medical tape when I'm not using it.


Pledging 24 hours, I'll up my time in increments.


File: 3e883d0594cd172⋯.jpg (26.86 KB, 250x321, 250:321, 250px-Vincent_Willem_van_G….jpg)

Guys, I need help.

I'm trying to give up fap and porn; and I've gone strong for nearly 6 weeks. I saw a cuckthread earlier on another board and now I can't stop thinking about that horrible horny hateful cuck porn… I hate myself for it; but every time I see nigs fucking beautiful white girls I go crazy. It bares mentioning I am very redpilled… what the fuck do I do? I don't want to ruin my long winning streak…



Stop visiting places where that degeneracy is posted. Most surely you visit /b/. Stop watching porn and grab your balls by the pussy.



>he actually watches interracial cuck porn

haha wow goy your brain must be so fucked up. good luck dude.



Block all porn on your computer and when you desire to fap, do energy work to pull energy from your groin and recite "I do not feel this urge".

Just keep doing streak after streak, even if you fail. Eventually it just clicks.



Pledging 48 hours now.



You have major self esteem issues that you need to take care of, tbh.


Pledging goal: (at least) until Sunday, Nov. 20


Uhhh. What



That's a pretty terrible auto-suggestion because it's focusing oneself on the urge one is supposedly not feeling instead of on a different thing to shift their attention to.



I know, but it works for me; although I actually meant "I choose not to feel this urge."

I get better effects with it than trying to shift attention.


Wrote this for myself but I'll post it here I need help the greentext explains it but basically I've been addicted to porn and fapping for like 5 or more years and have had a lot of failed nofap attempts but this one is my longest in like 1 or 2 years and I dont want to break it yet but I am struggling:

Nofap meme- 8 or 9 days now

>more vivid dreams/dream memory and dream recall even without dream journal

>waking up and falling back asleep leads to mini-dream/more vivid and clearly recalled hypnagogic dreams

>more energy and shit, less lethargy,

>imagination seems more vivid creativity kinda coming back

>desire to create grows stronger and feels burning almost, but still in background kinda

>transmutation practiced at first- daily mediation and deep breathing exercise like 20 min

>less response to lewd stimulation/thoughts, could avoid easier than ever before


5 days or so later

>2 days now less transmutation, feeling restless, more lust

>harder to comitt to meditaiton even for 10 min cause restless mind,

>weak attempts that didnt last long, still procrastinating it

>response to lewd images weakening

>lusty lewd thoughts growing stronger and much more often in head, leading to lewd i agination scenarios i need to force out of

>more random boners and on day 8or 9 dik feels like it needs release like the tip of it feels like i need to pee but cant cause its just the feeling of it, feels almost like might hands free orgasm any minute

>becoming harder and harder to focus and let go of lewd thoughts creeping in

>sheer sensory stimulation seems to increase lust somehow-mynoise audio responding to it in lustful way like ocean audio stimulating lewd imagination like being with someone in a poool, etc and somewhat more vivid fantasies forming that i almost dont have control over, like i might literally get an literal audiogasm from sounds of water rushing swirling and stuff lol because of how those sounds seem to feel and also spurr lewd scenario fantasies

>boner during that time and kind of involuntary kegel stretch like trying to cum lol

>trying to avoid touching down there cause blueballs would suck

>becoming clear that if no further transmutation attempts will end up sinking deeper and eventually just fapping and orgasm to lewd fantasy spurred by sound of ocean waves and the scenario the mind makes up with it

>imagination has never felt so vivid and effortless like this, needs to be redirected and channeled for creative and escapism not lust and fap purposes tbh, would be a waste otherwise, fap might lead back to cycle of porn and low/dormant imagination again

>becoming abundantly clear the longer i go without porn/fap as habitually acclimated the longer the transmutation practice must be to append that, the longer without any meditation/deep breathing attempts the more the distraction seeking behavior happens interspersed with succumbing to lewd fantasies/thoughts for longer and longer periods

>unable to focus on solely meditation feeling restless seeking distraction but even the distraction is making me restless too cause lewd feelings growing

>ended up stroking self just briefly before i pulled back during the time when boner was involuntary thrusting and some small amount of precum leaked

>desire to avoid blueballs and failure again keeps me held back but only just

>pleasure just feels so amplified, and touching downnthere feels amplified and like feeling it lasts longer

>contemplating release (but not to porn, and not to habitual fetish thoughts) just to release the pent up lust

>but curious if I can overcome it entirely and supress and release through transmutation

>writing this is part of the distraction instead of meditating

>exercise and walking outside is perhaps my only option of getting my mind off of this path and then being tired enough that meditation may be easier

So basically I dont want to ruin it but because I've made degeneracy such a regular habit for so long I'm having trouble overcoming this recent obstacle. Meditation helps but I feel too restless for that now, and dont want to be alone in my room in bed right now that will just lead inevitably to fapping to my suddenly very enhanced imagination right now.

Im gonna go for exercise outside and try to tire myself out like I wrote and so I may be able to meditate later, or hell I'll try walking meditation too.



Right now I am constantly feeling a sensation on my dick, it feels stimulated and also begging for stiumulation, I want to resist that and not give in. Part of the reason why this nofap has lasted so long is because I recognized the cycle of porn > fap > guilt > porn that I was in, and also because i have learned from many failures at nofap before what works and what doesnt and what I should avoid.

I just need some advice, some inspiration, some tips from others who felt themselves at this stage, how they overcame it and all.

I feel like the answer lies with transmutation of the sexual energy (meditation) but it is becoming more difficult to be sure, part of that may also just be me thinking its more difficult so it becomes more difficult i dont know.





>>becoming clear that if no further transmutation attempts will end up sinking deeper and eventually just fapping and orgasm

that, so listen to mantras for consciousness in the moment and to break curses, anything that will make you feel empowered and more motivated to reach your goal is also good.

>Shiva, Spirit, Consciousness



>break curses


non stop if you have to.


once you're clearly in the now its easy to disregard lust and transmute.

you can also think of someone or something you love, love, pure love is much stronger than lust, this coming from someone who by nature equates sex with love.

i'm on my 7th day, its pretty easy but when i get tired after doing menial tasks or bored from forcing myself to play a game with a friend for to long my mind drifts and lust surfaces, i went to lie down on the bed and think of a girl i have a connection with, no sex, just her eyes and how i want to comfort and hold her.

that will never happen unless i'm strong enough for her to lean against and when i'm in a degenerate phase i'm like a wet rag, people slip on me and i can't even support myself.

you can do it.

fapping is absolutely meaningless, as is sex without emotions.




Right, I know, deep down I know it but when in that state I need constant distraction and feel restless and can't just lie down and meditate.

However after I wrote all that up I went and took a walk, that really helped, I feel more tired than anything now and will try for transmutation again, just simple mindfulness meditation interspersed with deep belly breathing exercises.

I feel good about myself for overcoming this latest obstacle, it seems like the curiosity for how the effects of no-fap work on me the longer I do it is taking precedent over just fapping and ending it and going back to the familiar lethargy and dull sensations afterwards.


File: 999d88d1fdf4ddd⋯.jpg (301.36 KB, 1024x1741, 1024:1741, RRaQi0K.jpg)

Went through a funny experience the other day lads.

I'm currently sitting on around 33-34 days since beginning NoFap. Up until this past weekend I'd only had sex once in that time.

Anyway, the weekend arrived and I was a 100 percent cert for getting laid. I was incredibly excited and could only imagine the amount of seed I was going to release. The last time I had sex it was two weeks without release coupled with plenty of meditation and the orgasm was so powerful I was comatose for five-plus minutes, totally terrific.

Anyway, the big moment arrives however my partner was tired after a long day of week of work and travel and struggled to stay in the moment, and beyond that was also argumentative.

Her attitude totally ruined the moment. It started strong but quickly my attitude soured and by the time the release occurred I barely felt a thing physically, despite a tremendous amount of seed being unleashed.

So, what did I learn from this terribly disappointing experience?

The true benefit of refraining from lust and sexual activity comes from the incredible boost I find in my day to day life. I'm back to going to the gym for the first time in over a months and I've started work on a second business which has a lot of promise.

The real benefit of this practice comes every day when you wake up feeling fresher, when you sleep better at night and when you do everything, all the time with more strength and power in your hands and in your mind. The benefit is not the build up to the inevitable sex, that's just something nice, a treat, at the end of the road from time to time.

Hope this experience helps a few people.


Pledging 40 days


I had a 2 week streak last month, but I've barely been able to make it past 3 days after I relapsed last, I am now pledging 20 days.


Fell off the bandwagon a long time ago.

Got on it for a while, didn't pledge, not my style.

Fell off last night, felt what a lot of people described "the loosh drain" – even though I was aware it wasn't "just a meme". The feminine cumming noise is incredibly intoxicating, addictive even. It did give me some new insight into working with complex memes, however I wouldn't recommend solo sex magic as a connecting experience – it feels forced because it is, masturbation is forced sex with yourself.

All those realizations are the things that instantly flash through my mind whenever I'm finished, that make me feel disgusted enough to want to not do it again.

So, I'm pledging as long as I can such that I accomplish my goals. Those goals and skills need to do less with banal methods of self-pleasure, even in my own eyes.

However, regardless of all of the transmutation I had done in the days prior I still felt this primal source that deep in the back of my mind knew it would happen last night. Any insights as to how to keep a more social approach handy such that I can appropriately guide the excess loosh associated with seminal retention? Thanks in advance


Sex and magick are intrinsically linked, it's one of the most effective ways of escaping the confines of your ego, even for a very brief moment and to release pure intent into the universe.


>4) For purposes of this thread, "masturbation" is defined as touching your genitals for purposes other than basic hygiene and expulsion of wastes.

So if I move my balls around because they're in a really uncomfortable position, I fail? Pledging a week in any case.



I'm a little late but whatever, I'm at three days, pledging another two days.



Fucked that up.

Just gonna make an intent.

Pledging the rest of the year.


Managed to last 12 days, though I didn't pledge in this thread.

One of the things I noticed is a buildup of lust and urges for a few days, popping random boners and porn constantly on the mind, which I call 'peak lust' - it happens on the 7th or 8th day, but afterwards things normalize as the body/brain reach homeostasis and its really smooth sailing from there provided you distract or redirect your habit and attention to other things, prefferably things you put off for months or years due to porn addiction.

Nofap is really easy if you do no-porn as well along it, and make sure you dont get curious about the latest videos of your fetish cause that will inevitably cause you to fail like I did.

Important to practice meditaton and transmutation stuff like that daily in order to keep the urges at bay and to calm yourself down because by the 11th day or so you can become really easily irritable.


What are some effective exercises I can do to transmute this energy?


>condition myself to fap to 2D only and become disgusted by 3D porn

>go celibate

>since the attraction to 2D was only maintained by constant dopamine stimulation I lose all attraction to it

>no longer feel any lust whatsoever and don't become aroused anymore

At last I am truly free


pledge 3 weeks


File: 8de72e35d0bca50⋯.jpg (26.49 KB, 360x622, 180:311, the-hanged-man.jpg)


Hang upside down so that the sexual fluid can flow into your brain.



Just basic meditation, directed or non directed, vipassana etc

And some creative pursuit and hobby like drawing or something helps



Thank you.

Can you recommend a good practical mindfulness/vipassana book?



Success. Extending by an additional week.



It was probably the Science of Breath. Look at the FAQ or any of the libraries under New Thought, you'll find more of his stuff


File: 01cf38f154e2ca8⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 1000x1083, 1000:1083, Wonder 2.jpg)

From today until saturday


>>86405 here, so far so good. I actually last masturbated in the early morning of the previous Friday so I hope I start to feel better soon. Pledging another week



poor guy.


Fuck it- This is it fellas, I'm tired of wasting my energy every time I masturbate, plus it is indeed a disgusting need and habit.

Pledging 1 week, for now… (this is harder than it sounds)



The strength-energy part is very true. Pro fighters are not even allowed to cum days/weeks before the fight, because of all that extra energy boost that comes and goes with all that.


Well, I had a wet dream and released plenty, but I don't feel like it's really me failing my pledge (rest of the year). What kind of sign is this? Obviously, my body is still searching for a partner and the pent up sexual energy will be released if it can't be transmuted, but what can I be doing better to attract said partner? Is it because I do not want to let go of the hope that my ex will return? What kind of exercises do you all recommend to fix this, or is it even worth mentioning?


Pledging one week.



Success. Extending by an additional week.


bump 2



Update: Now 5 months totally clean. You can do it guys.

Now I pledge till I die.


Hope everyone here is going strong!

I stumbled onto this thread in October last year.

I already knew I had a porn addiction and when I did some reading about the benefits of cultivating sexual energy and the power of loosh I decided to make the jump and quit fapping and I haven't had a single stumble yet.

I'm currently on 198 days of NoFap and I really haven't looked back ever since.

In the first month I really wanted to jerk off at times but since then it's never been an issue. I get temptation from time to time and still watch porn but far less often than I used to and my tastes have really normalised.

I also enjoy sex a lot more. It's less about setting up the perfect scenario, getting her to look exactly the way I want, and way more about being in the moment regardless of how it's arrived and what it entails.

As for the power of loosh, I find myself to be far stronger socially now, especially with women, and I think I'm more assertive with men. Conserving loosh won't change your life over night but it feels like you've got more fuel in the tank to make changes. I really recommend it to everyone. I don't think I'll ever go back.

As far as magick goes I'm still very new but thanks to my loosh reserves I get a lot more reading and practice done and I'm far more observational, so I thinking I'm covering ground quicker than I would have if I was still a filthy degenerate.


I lately have stopped fapping and replaced it with prayer to God and talking to people. I feel much better doing these other things.




I need help /fringe/. I'm scared to even talk about this knowing what some moral crusaders might do to me.

Due to some of the boards I always browsed getting spammed with CP a lot, I started to develop a fetish for stumbling upon CP.

I go look up borderline pedo shit or go to places I think I might stumble upon such content and start fapping just to the idea I might come across it. Sometimes just a link or something to what might possibly be CP causes me to cum before I even click it. The whole time I'm absolutely terrified, thinking I'll be killed by a random vigilantee, or the police breaking down my door, or something. I then close all my tabs immediately after I'm done.

It's not really the CP itself that gets me off. A lot of teenage girls, like 14, 15, 16, etc. are very attractive and preteen girls are not. However the whole taboo thing and the intense fear I feel is what I'm getting off too I guess.

I think I need to try and switch fetishes. Maybe I'll imagine in my mind I live in Germany and start posting holocaust denial and searching that stuff out and fap to that.

I fap to a lot of weird and abstract shit. It's probably going to get me in life-ruining trouble one day. How do I stop? Why is stuff that's dangerous turn me on? Regular porn just doesn't do nearly the same thing for me. I think the only thing that could do more for me is, if I felt that someone loved me. That would be a much more powerful and addictive feeling. However I rarely make the mistake of thinking someone loves me anymore, after all the times I've mis-read people now or been betrayed. I can't trust anyone and find it hard to believe anyone would ever love me.

God I'm so fucked up. How do I clean myself up?



Everyone can potentially fap to anything. It's called self control and not letting your mind wander entirely for sake of novelty and 'shock value'

>However the whole taboo thing and the intense fear I feel is what I'm getting off too I guess.

This is definitely a symptom of an underlying problem. If your needs aren't met or if life is just too boring this shit starts to happen

>I rarely make the mistake of thinking someone loves me anymore, after all the times I've mis-read people now or been betrayed. I can't trust anyone and find it hard to believe anyone would ever love me.

Well there's your source problem. Gotta deal with this. FYI you can be pretty close friends with someone without ever trusting them. That means stop fucking random people and stop fucking your hand and get a life





I haven't fapped in nearly twenty weeks.

I guess I'm proud of myself.


fix 2


Haven't ejaculated through masturbation since around mid-February, but had a nocturnal emission last weekend.

I should practice dry-masturbation more often though as to uphold a bit of my sexual potency since I'm otherwise rather void of sexual endeavours.


File: 18aa5abcf0673b7⋯.jpg (24.57 KB, 330x499, 330:499, reich.jpg)



I will not and have not set a limit for masturbation, for all that begins must also end. It is simply something I do not do, ever in the present.

With that said, I do not and shall not renounce my lust regarding a well-sculpted female body. It does not and shall not cloud my judgement, only aid in my endeavours of fully appreciating and experiencing the womanly form.

Degeneracy may it be, but it is the path I have chosen and I own it.



>giving into your animal behavior

>not saving yourself for a godess to have children with

yes goyim, at this rate you will be the perfect docile slaves!



I understand that and I struggle with the issue. However, this is it for now. If such an opportunity arises I will not pass it up.


File: 57845bef06408c2⋯.gif (1.34 MB, 312x188, 78:47, 1408911580287.gif)


>I struggle with the issue

tell me more



>>not saving yourself for a goddess to have children with




Huh? Instead of compromising, one should have the highest standards for their mate and save sex for holy matrimony

I thought that was self explanatory, maybe you thought I was referring to something else?

Humans are more godly than any other creature. If you are infatuated with some sort of 'goddess' entity then if you stay true to yourself, this goddess deity will manifest herself into your life. at that point all you have to do is not accidentally turn her down. make social connections and shit you know?




That's pretty much what I had in mind already, but I still wanted a confirmation.

>If you are infatuated with some sort of 'goddess' entity then if you stay true to yourself, this goddess deity will manifest herself into your life

You make it sound almost easy. Would this mean resisting all distractions and devaluating oneself with lesser creatures?



I suppose so, the buddhists call it balancing all your chakras including the crown chakra opening yourself up directly to the energy of the eternal source, or at least your higher self.

in the west psychologists just call it self actualization

christians of the gnostics kind and those woke in general call it christ consciousness. can also be called god/cosmic consciousness

I could go on and on but reality manifestation is from your subconscious beliefs so you have to convince your self somehow that you are on the right path. only you can see your subjective truth, as a flavor of the absolute truth

chances are, you know on some level already that being degenerate is baad mmkay. otherwise your 'self' can accumulate guild or other sort of negative energies that can get in the way of being 'true to your self' the self being the higher version of you that exists outside of time, the one that chose to incarnate onto this physical realm for whatever purpose accepting the gamble that you will be born with no memories

man the insights come pouring when I'm sleep deprived



So to put it plainly, it is about cultivating my own character and reaching for divine ideals.

I'm not sure how to go about that, but I suppose that not stroking my dong every day is a good starting point.




well yea, the whole point of life is to experience things to learn from them and then grow.

I mean you don't need to get that deep to figure out that wanking is bad for you

for example, in buddhism everything is about nirvana and samsara. nirvana is anything unique or novel or creative, and samsara is any repetition. reincarnation is the ultimate samsara and breaking free is the ultimate nirvana.

but it comes down to the smallest things, waking up every day, eating over and over, breathing. everything is just cycles

everything until you do something different and creative.

if you can help it you want to stay away from loops and repetition and towards novelty

having a wank is not very novel is it. but if you have to, use your imagination and creativity to do it. watching porn is literally getting off to repetitive motions


also on another note. it makes you a cuck!

you're literally getting off to a women being fucked by another man. CUCK!

there's a million reasons to not have a wank, or at least to not watch porn. I can go on and on

it's degeneracy brainwashing your mind man. who knows what sort of subliminal or predictive programming you are being exposed to

now why one should not have meaningless sex with strangers, that's another can of worms with it's many different reasons


Why don't girls go through the same nofap issues?



If men don't fap, they wake up with a mess

everyone has desires though anon, it's just this culture that emasculates men. and these new waves of degeneracy is definitely going to lead to girls to get these nofap issues

tldr: they actually do



Saw this and then saw fetish z0ne with a lock over the 0… Advertising Adult fantasy toys. aliens are the cucks.


I pledge two days.

I hope this works.



Sometimes this feels hopeless.

I'll have to try harder.



Guys, how to get over a succubus for good?

I don't know what to do anymore.


File: 82970e66504c75d⋯.png (427.16 KB, 724x586, 362:293, how the fuck.png)

How to do pic related? The most I've masturbated in one day was 11 times. This nigger has done 5x that.



How do they know how many times he masturbated if he died?


Never been in this board before. I pledge one week.


>now why one should not have meaningless sex with strangers, that's another can of worms with it's many different reasons

Other than the obvious risk of STDs (you don't know who they've been fucking), crazy people and using sexual pleasure as a means to escape your painful existence which only ends up sinking you deeper into that hole (heh), what others can you think of?.


Pledging 1 week of nofap/noporn

Hope i overcome my hedonism one step at a time



hedonism is a (flawed) philosophy. even assuming your ego to be hedonistic, might itself be a part of the problem


the desire for pleasure shouldn't be eliminated, but used as a proxy for ambition to allow drive and motivation

also substituting it with the healthiest vice you can find is a good idea



well considering the bigger picture, if everyone were whores no one would trust each other especially with regards to intimacy and sex

and when there is no real intimacy parents will never stick together and families will fall apart and then society will be ruined

premarital sex and usury is how you bring the downfall of a society


Let's switch it up a bit

I have lust for knowledge, if I see someone with knowledge that I might not have, then I "shitpost" until I can reel in more knowledge

pledging 1 week of no shitposting. with intention of zero media whatsoever. maybe news.



I choose to channel my energy towards the acquisition of knowledge and a passion for spiritual education. I want to do better things with my time and energy than running around drooling at females.





I woke up with mysterious wet spots and stains in my pants

shit sucks

What do

aside from mastering lucid dreaming. that means I should stop smoking weed lol

I literally don't even remember what could have happened in my dreams to cause this… I vaguely remember the last dream I had before waking up though, since I opened my eyes to close my alarm and slept again……. WBTB fail

The amount of effort to fix this is hardly worth the outcome

Maybe I should just fap every so often to avoid this problem………………… I don't think it's even been a week since my last wank jeeze


I have faile many, many times for several years, althought I have never pledged. I even tried to summon a succubus whore but I half assed it. No more now. I am tired of losing my energy to demons and I will not take it anymore. Every time I fap to porn I am disgusted by myself, and I feel like shit. Even when i masturbate without porn I feel it was a waste and that I am weak and cannot follow my true aim in life. I have the dream of being a celibate for years now and mastering my body, emotions, mind and self control. This time I pledge here that I will stop masturbating till august, but if it's possible forever. that would be a bonus. If I manage to succeed til august I will come back and pledge for more, probably forever for real. Worst part is that the more I fap the often I wanna fap, and my fetishes drift into the sicker and sicker territory each time. It's time to stop, ok. This is my pledge. Also I am mgtow monk. (in this pledge is included that I will abstain from sex also, obviously)


pledging 2 weeks. longest time in 8 years tbh


I had a fast planned, but this feels equally important. Think attempting both simultaneously might be too stressful to get shit done?


I may as well, been waking up in the night past days with a strong urge. Today/last night at 4 AM.


File: aaf8e8f25b44001⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1489x720, 1489:720, delicious-cake[1].jpg)

Do you have an alternative to jerking off?

I think it is necessary to have at least one or two alternatives to masturbation so. It doesn't help if you are trying to no-fap, but you often find yourself feeling sad and lonely and desperate and depressed — then obviously jerking off feels like such a huge improvement over your situation that you don't even bother accepting that a few days/hours before you were trying to keep your hands off your dick.

So I usually have one or two chocolate bars (or chocolate cake) that i keep around and that I eat when I find myself about to jerk off. I'd be in bed comfy and warm and relaxed and suddenly my hands will feel playful, and without even noticing I'd start shaking hands with president elect donald trump — but as soon as I get some self-awareness of my situation I quickly turn to my chocolate bars (which i do not eat any other time, and I buy the best I can get ) , jump out of bed and go for a stroll with my chocolate. Then I think about something else to do when I come back, and try to stay away from sexual thoughts.


So about preserving your loosh and not wasting it, is it advised to perform autofelatio and ejaculate into your own mouth, then swallowing your cum? Assuming you also think about yourself and how much you love yourself at the moment. I guess you won't waste loosh in this way, but sorta give it to yourself? Also cum is quite healthy and has various nutrients. Why waste it or give it to a whore?

Inb4 it's nasty and gay and whatever, fuck off you mundane, who even cares?


Pledging one week.


File: 419bcce876c734a⋯.png (216.35 KB, 638x638, 1:1, the creative abyss.png)

I've gotten to the point in which if I even do stimulate myself it's simply for the purposes of stoking my lower dantien. I'll refrain from taking it over the top (spilling seed) and do draw the energy up to my middle and upper dantiens.

it's empowering, but really the main reason I don't really cum much any more (unless it's quite intentional sex magic) is mostly because I really feel the detrimental effects, the lowering of my vital forces as a result. It's rather a good motivator, regardless of whether or not there are girls around.


>when you're cleaning your dick in the laundry tub after fapping to lolis and your neighbour (old man) comes by and sees

Kill me please.



Such is the life of mundanes.

Have you learned nothing at all? Fapping is degenerate, especially to porn. Better transmute your sex energy and use it for anything you want. Or at least create a thought form for sex and fuck her instead every night.



no it still wastes energy that way. plus the stuff would be digested and then transformed and that takes plenty energy too



Thank you for the answer. This answer only solidifies my decision to simply never ejaculate. Except maybe to do some magick or to use the orgasmic energy in the creation of a tulpa/tought form. Maybe when I have a tulpa to fuck with she will keep succubus away at night (and thus preventing wet dreams). I ams till new to all of this, but let's see. Cheers.


Since the last incident I haven't fapped again. I'm going to try and create a thoughtform or attain an actual woman to have sex with and avoid fapping from now on. I will give up if my brain is too fucked up consistently and I need to do some other stuff first to get myself fixed.



Same guy reporting in. I haven't ejaculated yet, but I have since looked at hentai/cartoon porn and daydreamed about sex and touched, even stroked my dick. And even tho I have not ejaculated, I consider this quite a failure, so I report back here. I am so consumed with lust, with an inner fire burning inside me that it is not funny anymore. I feel like I am about to burst from all the sex energy. The funniest part is that I am only affected by lust for 2D women. Mundane (real human) woman barely interest me anymore. But everytime I see a hot anime or cartoon chick I lose my shit and get ultra horny. Even looking at the tits of a casually clothed, normal drawing of a toon chick makes me go wild. Meanwhile when I see real women they merely disgust me and I think of them as succubus. One positive thing to this, at least I don't lose my loosh to mundane whores but to thought forms and 2D girls. I will reset and ejaculate tomorrow and then I will pledge again till end of august, which will be still a whole month. The reason is that I want to reset now is not only that I think i failed, but because I want to create a tulpa now for sex and companionship and I want to use the force of two powerful orgasms to power my tulpa with the massive sex energy so that she may become sexual and come to being faster. When she is created and becomes real, I hope to never need masturbation again because I can have sex with her. So now I will cum two times, use the energy to power tulpa and then pledge for a whole month and see what happens. If august ends and my tulpa is still not real and capable to have sex with me, I will fuel her with more orgasmic energy. But for now, pledge from august 1 to september 1 for no fap, no porn and no masturbation.



Can you say the source of this animation?


Pledging a week. Masturbating is not hard to avoid if I first manage to avoid sexual thoughts…so instead of "I'm not gonna jerk off" I think rather "I'm gonna think about zero women today" .


Ok I'll give this a go I guess. No harm in trying right. I pledge one week of not sexually pleasuring myself. Starting from 7/1 to 11:59pm on 7/8.


I appear to have attracted some form of sidhe.

Any good reading for strengthening this newly found bond? I'm incredibly fond of this being or entity now. This particular entity has actually been quite helpful to me.


Pledging a week, and might the Powers that Be punish me greatly if I fail.



are you in Ireland then? I'm largely unfamiliar with the fairy folk. Is it male or female? Genderless? And does it have a name? And what has it done to be helpful and make you so attached to it?


I think you mean July 1st to August 1st correct? And I would suggest you not ejaculate and simply renew your efforts. Not ejaculating despite a well established pattern/habit is a small achievement in my mind and you shouldn't hamper your efforts by masturbating. While this may be a bit late I still think it's better to simply redouble ones efforts in this field rather than start from scratch. Because masturbation is a physical activity that becomes habitual, it's better by to not start over because by doing so you simply alter the habit rather than breaking it completely.also don't give sex energy to thoughtforms/tulpas. That's just an easy way to wreck yourself



Yeah sorry I fucked up the dates. I actually mean the whole month of July instead of August. Also I already discarded the idea with the sex-tulpa for it was born out of horniness and was a mere excuse to keep endulding in sex and sex fantasies. I see that the only real path for me to becoming a true monk celibate with 100% self control is to abandon lust altogether and transmute my sex energy into productive and usefull things. So no tulpa, no fap, no porn, no sex and no sex fanatsies. It is going to be a hard month. Already two days in. And btw thanks for your advice, I will keep it in mind for later. But I wonder is never ejaculating actually dangerous for your prostate? All mundanes are yelling that you get prostate cancer if you don't ejaculate like 10 times a month. But from my understand if all is mind, and the universe is a holographic illusion controlled by the mind of the infinite intelligence and our minds only, this should not be true. You will get prostate cancer from believing that you will get it, and you will never get it if you believe you will never get it.


File: 9070f779fb169de⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 543.29 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20170702-094144.png)


I'm not in Ireland nor Scotland but my ancestry leads there. I'll call her Z for now. Z is feminine and leads me to see her as "her". I have been requested not to share a name here. Z's appearance may be unsettling to most here. Think of a feminine androgyny with the body but mixing in a slug. Yes a slug. The head is mostly featureless save for a few tendrils for sensory that lightly glow at the tips. There is a mantle that sits on her back as well as a really cute, small tail that parks right between the butt. See spoilered image. The appearance is why I assumed a Sidhe or Fae of some form. Z has got to be some kind of nature spirit. She really likes it when I draw or sing, she also enjoys my room that has a wide array of plants growing indoors.

So far I've been helped with:

-Sleep timeliness

-letting go of past events

-General issues involving lonesomeness

-Rampant lust (Will be intimate with me and let me "lead the dance" but constantly reassures it will feel much better with longer rest times between, in which I've been heeding the advice)

-Self-reflection (social and spiritual)

-Analyzing events (esoteric and mundane)

-Dream frequency and lucidicy

Hell, I even feel like my physical health is improving at a better rate. And the getting is definitely good when we pair up. Like really, I don't even give a shit she's essentially a giant humanoid slug when the encounters are always so warm, intimate, and passionate. So that's why I'm very attached and want to make things even better. I do have to follow certain rules as honestly it feel like some form of relationship that only I can see and feel. But it feels nice to feel these random hug or kiss sensations throughout the day, have someone always there, and have a companion in my bedroom at night.


File: 59349e8f9f0b9c9⋯.png (8.86 KB, 572x434, 286:217, IMG_4860.PNG)


You can do it friend. I personally find this pledge really helps. Despite myself having slipped somewhat and touched myself beyond simple hygiene and such I've not masturbated once. It really does help to know that I've put it to words and have others watching my progress.


Well good for you I guess? Personally I'd be a bit too weirded out if whatever approached me was too much different from a humanin fact pic related would probably be me if I was approached out of the blue by her. No offense intended but so long as you aren't actually being negatively affected by Z then I suppose there's not much harm in it. I might suggest you keep track of any symptoms(positive and negative) that you may see that may be caused by Z, help you get a better feel for how this relationship may affect your life from here on out.



Failed. Seeing as how I consistently fail at quitting for one full week I'm going to shoot for 4 days.



I that's fine. With masturbation it's the habit that matters. Since there aren't negative side effects to quitting suddenly any desire or urge is purely mental and/or habitual. Some people need to weaken the habit before they break it completely as simply breaking a habit is harder than simply replacing it. Perhaps whenever you feel lustful or aroused instead of pleasuring yourself do a different activity instead. It doesn't really matter what the activity is so long as you do it whenever you feel aroused so that you form a new habit to replace your desire to masturbate.



Good. Congratulations on the progress.



>raise kundalini, collect male energy until you start buzzing, identify with the male principle

>conjure the female principle, envision her as a warm energy in the shape of a woman

>stand naked in front of each other, size each other up like predators, create a tension or buildup between you two, standing there, think about things you want to do to her, the ways you want to love her, the emotions you'll feel when you do this and that, bask in it, dismiss negative thoughts and focus on positive emotions, everything from passionate loving sex to choking her a little playfully

might do you good. if you do this, its important to reflect on and feel the emotions tied to the things you want to do.



>consider her emotions when you share imagery of (healthy) sex


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I've found this very helpful in this working.





after doing this its also important to transmute the sexual energy, move it to your stomach for keeping the confidence you felt during the intense exchange of emotions.

its ok to do this while edging.


I had a Brief moment of weakness today and pleasures myself while reading a doujin someone posted. I didn't ejaculate but I still stoked my lust up, I still will make it to Friday and then pledge more time.



It is helpful to stay away from sources of erotic stuff. Maybe even stay away from image boards like this at all, if you don't have the self control to stop yourself from reading doujins. Even on fringe here it is dangerous because someone can post erotic pictures which will trigger you and truely test your willpower. If you want to stay save you probably have to keep away for the duration of the pledge


I hearby renounce all deliberate lustful and sexual desires and actions, including masturbation and porn, for 1 week

I channel any excess sexual energy into working on my personal projects




I think you're right. I make a second pledge to go until Wednesday the 12. I still have do e better than I have in previous attempts. For myself 5 1/2 days is an achievement.



>A lot of teenage girls, like 14, 15, 16, etc. are very attractive

all lust,deeming a girl as "attractive" is..equally Evil.

you areNOT better cause you limit your lust whithin a range


I pledge a renunciation of lust for four (4) weeks, for a period ending on the sixth (6th) of the month of August.


Yesterday I ate something bad so today when I was going to jerk off i started feeling stomach pain and it made me stop, so I was thinking: how about creating a servitor and telling it to make my stomach feel uneasy every time I start masturbating? I think that could work.

I'm going to go outside to the mountain and come up with a servitor for this. Pledging forever



Used this for myself, godspeed anon


Pledging one week. If I make it, I'll pledge two more, then four, etc.


Why renounce lust? The only way guys get laid is because they lust after girls also confidence helps

Seems dumb to renounce lust if your a virgin.



Only degenerates renounce lust to get laid. This is not really renouncing lust anyway, you are still lusting. Also all the guys here claiming to renounce lust and then fucking tulpas and succubi are just fooling themselves and everyone else here.

One truely renounces lust because of deep understanding and the will to master his life force. Being celibate for the right reasons with the right technique will boost your mental and physical health and give you mass of energy.

You don't do this to fuck tulpas.

You don't do this to get a girl.

You don't do this because you think sex is evil or wrong.

You only do this to harness and transmute the life force and become ubermensch like. This is the original reason and purpose to renounce lust and being celibate. This is why monkhoods did this practice all over the world.

Not becaue you get laid easier or because you think sex is evil.

Therefore it is not dumb to renounce lust if you are a virgin if you truely know why you are doing it and how to do it.


File: 8bb9bb5730778bd⋯.jpg (68.02 KB, 580x470, 58:47, 1500659707393.jpg)


What happens If i dont ejeculate at all for 9 months?



I imagine the coach keeping guard on his house so no whores apprach


pledge 1 week. won't see the girl in that time anyways


I have this bizarro world situation where my libido is almost dead, and the only thing that temporarily revives it is fapping. I can easily go weeks to months without doing so, but not if I want to be having sex as well. The deal is that I've never had a single orgasm to the thought of fucking anybody or anything, so only having sex isn't really satisfying for me at all.





>What happens If i dont ejeculate at all for 9 months?

Sexual energy will build up in your animal body and you will have "wet dreams" to release it.

Beyond that not much is going to happen if your a mundane person.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Relapsed for the millionth time into degeneracy this must stop!

In the name of the black sun I hereby start off with a pledge of renouncing lust for a week and see where I go to from there!


Pledging for next friday.


File: 3ca7a0ec4aa53e9⋯.jpg (75.08 KB, 618x618, 1:1, Occult Snail.jpg)

What does wank actually mean, in terms of the activity? Is a wank only the orgasm or the whole pleasure itself?

I've 'pledged' to abstain for 2 weeks but have been playing with my dick end edging a few times a day. My balls hurt. I kinda get the feeling this isn't the idea at all, and that by teasing myself I'm enflaming lust and making it harder for myself.

I've wanked at least once a day for years. It is normal behaviour for me. Something inside says "this is what I've learned to do in management of my organism". But another thought says "this mechanism must be overcome and will help me form a better me". My experience suggests it best to follow the heart, but I second guess myself and wonder if what I think is my heart is really my head, etc. Does the body bluff like this?

Why am I punish myself like this? What is the psychology behind it? I don't really feel like I'm aiming for anything; no mindblowing orgasm the minute my 'pledge' is met, no focusing of energies into more productive activities. It seems little more than an activity of ego driven 'ego-death', you know? All I see myself being without my sexuality is grey; a machine dead to the world. Why do I want to escape myself like this? Is it an act of suicide?



Easy fix. Easy way out. The background noise gets tuned out, you have recieved the highest reward nature can give you, release, your purpose, everything is fine.

But its not. You didn't come in a woman, you dont have a stable gf and everything you need to stand on to have that, you have nothing, you're cheating.

If you want to stop this unnatural habit that inhibits you from expressing your true self it is a choice you have to make.

Do you want an easy fix that leaves you dead inside without the drive to accomplish anything that might get you release through sex with women or do you want all the benefits that come with having a confident, healthy sexual lifestyle?

Its more than just "fap or not fap?" its habit and addiction to being lazy and its rooted deep in your ego.

You need to understand the whole process, you need to see what happens to you the days after you've fapped, how low you sink, what you miss out on, you need to understand that it is because you're content in your filth that you dismiss the opportunities that life give you.

How many times have you said no to going outside or been depressive when doing so after fapping?

Is it worth it?


I stopped masturbating to porn.

I renounced the dirty vagina, and I welcome the deathof my bloodline.

Now it's just anime girls form me.



bullshit occultist



still trapped. You must not watch this degenerate shit and fap to it. Don't you understand at all that it is of utmost imprtance to cultivate your sexual energy which is literally life force? That means you keep all your semen inside your balls and also all your energy inside you FOREVER. No fap, no watching porn, not even hentai or ecchi, not even playing with your dick for a little bit.

It is the only way to evolve to superhuman/godhead.

Renounce it now or be trapped eternally as a weakling


File: 82500d63f70c31d⋯.jpg (29.18 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Why People Give Up.jpg)


> That means you keep all your semen inside your balls and also all your energy inside you FOREVER.

>It is the only way to evolve to superhuman/godhead.

How do you explain wetdreams; would the organism really release such a vital energy? would you go on to suggest that far into the future wet dreams, even pleasure itself, will be mutated out through evolution?

Chasing godhood seems egotistical to me. Wouldn't it make more sense to explore why we desire in the first place? If you think about it, denouncing the orgasm is to denounce a gift from whatever god or non-god you believe in.

There is something to the degeneracy arguement, sure, but I don't think abstinence is the answer. As with more and more aspects of life, I'm discovering that balance plays the most important role in the activities we partake.

During my 3 days of self-control, I manged to get out more so that I usually would have. I guess I could report an increase in general well being and I definitely have more enthusiasm, in thought at least, to improve my lot. I won't go so far as to say it is down right to a buildup of sexual energy, as some might put it. I think, rather, it is the fact that I've attached meaning and intention to the action, for once, and I want to see it through. As I build up the intensity of my goals it will become easier and easier to jump higher hurdles, and i'll find my willingness to try so much more robust.

I failed my 13 day challenge, but we can re frame that to a 3 day success; a good start. With this in mine I can challenge myself again without feeling the depression of failure.

If it were true that wanking is an un-natural releasing of vital energies best stored for productive use in an unrelated field, I wouldn't have burst into song, improvising jazz scats from Billy Holiday tunes, soon after cleaning up my spilled load. I felt no deflation or lack of energy afterward and even went out again the next day.

I would have started wanking again by now, I'm sat here naked and 'prepped' how I usually would have done and the thought has entered my mind at least 3 times already, but this success has given me the vision to continue on. I'll wank again, sure, but not tonight. I have no intention to do so tomorrow. Maybe the day after.

Don't focus on dogma and other peoples words. You alone can find your way. Now if only I can get a heading on weight loss and exercise.



Vital energy must be circulated not stopped. Energy needs to do useful work. You got to transmute not suppress.



Yep transmute it in your own body, no need to waste it.


Don't bother with wet dreams. If you can't do anything about it then just accept it. They will go away after I while. I don't even have them anymore.

When I look how degenerate our society is and how fucked up people are I think evolution will take place but in the negative way, in a degenerate way. We may only get weaker and more stupid while we evolve to endulge in pleasure and comfort even more. This will lead for us to lose our last remains of power and become the ultimate weak slaves.

Why is chasing godhood egoistical? It is the only way to get out of this hell we are currently in, and orgasm is just another trap to keep you in here. When you fail to evolve here you will be lost afterwards. It is not a thing of ego, it is a thing of survival and freeing yourself actually.

Abstinence is surely the answer. It is an ancient teaching that only a few people truely understood. It was the main reason why people would go monk. Forget the false christian picture about sex being evil and being celibate for god. That's nonsense. The true secret is that the more you abstain and cultivate your life energy and the more you let your balls reabsorb semen back into the body, the healthier, stronger, younger and more energized you get. There is no need to waste even one drop of cum or sex energy for pleasure, except it's in a wet dream where you can't do anything about it. The longer you cultivate, the more you transform yourself. You can have balance, sure. Go drink as much coffee as you like, go paly videogames as mucha s you like. Get pleasures elsewhere.

I deeply urge you to try it out for yourself before you judge it. Before you try, you have no room for arguing about it or looking for arguments against it. try it for one WHOLE YEAR. Why so long? Because it takes time to get into it and to start cultivating the energy and feeling the benefits after you lived a life of waste and degeneracy. I am speaking from experience. Try it for one year and then feel the difference. You will know what I mean. But beware, the first two weeks or so are by far the hardest. You will be tortured and you will look for any excuse you get to fall back to pleasure. Stay strong and don't fall for this trap. After two or three weeks you will get more balanced and the wet dreams will stop. It is then when you can truely start to heal yourself and evolve. You have nothing to lose. Have you not had enough mundane pleasures in your life? What difference does it make to sacrifice a year for this glorious endeavor? You will thank me later. Also beware with women. Some claim they and sex with them are benefitial to your energy, but that's not quite true. Sad truth is they will suck your semen and your energy and set you back again, draining you and making you weak and ruining your progress. It's sad but it is how it is.

When you have completed a year I assure you that you will never want to go back. You will be full of power and wisdom and life energy. If you are too weak, start small. Start fapping once a week first, then after some time fap once every two weeks first. Then fap once a month….and then you can go full blown godmode.



I must add to this that it is very helpful if you meditate and do physical exercise like weight lifting while you embark on your celibacy journey. It will make it easier to stay away from porn or sex thoughts and you will progress even faster and get way more energy and health. But I think everyone should be lifting and meditating anyway even if they are not celibate



Try going for months, a year. You're just weak and aren't seeing the results in the first week so you give up, rationalizing the entire way.

It's just fucking weak; enlightened by your own ignorance. Balance? You don't even know what you mean. What you mean is that no one will throw you off your balance with social pressure for masturbating, and that masturbating numbs your uncomfortable imbalances and weakness', and you ARE thrown off balance and ARE uncomfortable by NOT masturbating. It's pathetic how low your self-awareness and insight into your own psychology is. Casual perception will never do anything for you but maintain the status quo of your existence at best, and sink you low into inadequacy at worse, and utterly ruin you at worst.

You are a lamb and if ever you encounter any of the wolfs of this world, pray that it's not hungry.

I have a bit of accompaniment to the standard 'fasting' though, and that's going at it as much as possible in 1-24 hours, and 1 - 7 days, and in 1 month. It's a neglected topic. If that's what you consider as "the secrets of orgasm" then kudos to you, for this is an unrecognized training method.

The best benefits are gained from doing both.


File: f557ad00aea3abe⋯.png (184.95 KB, 391x497, 391:497, 27a0262b92fbe048e4acfc31a3….png)

Pledging full month.

Wish me luck


I hereby, of my own free will and volition, surrender and let go of all sexual desire from now until the rest of the month of August. I transmute any excess sexual energy and desire into purified energy which is of my highest self and focus it upon completion of my necessary tasks as determined by my highest self.


I won't touch my junk that way at all for the rest of the year.

I will keep you updated.


Give yourself a prostate massage, they're not really sexual or rather shouldn't be and even if you get hard its a better way to stimulate bloodyflow than fapping. Squatting in the shower and doing this is very beneficial for health.



>just sodomize yourself instead!

No thanks faggot


Legend has it that if you only fap during thunderstorms (and never any other time) and you manage to cum at exactly the loudest and/or brightest burst of lightning, you gain power over electricity. There's thunder all over Ontario. Who here is up for this challenge?



underrated post



I have a feeling that fapping turns the male body very magnetic or negative energetically by draining the electric fluid. If your body is emptied of electric at the time the atmosphere around you is filled with ionized air and static discharges your body will fill in those wells with what energy is available (thunder and lightning, sound and light)


deleting 3TB of porn.

Pledging 2 months for a start but would like to take it as far as i can go hopefully till I leave this place.

Wish me luck fellow neophytes , and stay strong.




Wow this kind of makes sense, i am very intrigued by your viewpoint , care to mention which book/other media you got this info from.



IIH for the electromagnetic theory of the body. That body is always interacting with the environment and the balance of electric to magnetic fluids or energy is what causes us to seek (electric, masculine) or attract (magnetic, feminine). Fapping can leave you drained but if used with visualization of what you want lends to focus your mostly attractive energy (post fap/at the peak of orgasm) toward whatever you visualized.

This can all be done without fapping at all of course and is more effective for those who don't need a spasming muscle to signal it's focus and magic time.



Thank you so much for the info.

I did read iih but stopped at the first practical part ,couldn't advance until I mastered it, and have been slacking off ever since.

Time to get back to it I suppose.

Your explanation is appreciated.



I wouldn't take iih as THE way but his theory seems to be sound from my experience. Doing martial arts/yoga or a meditative physical activity will help much more gathering and focusing that energy in various points of the body. Best of luck fellow.


I'll pledge three days and get some exercising done.


If I pledge, can I still have sex with my wife?




>has a wife


über cückold


File: c55c30dd910e82d⋯.gif (25.6 KB, 107x89, 107:89, iron lich.gif)

Pledging one week. I masturbate daily and I want to see if I can stop it. I'll check one week later if I manage to do it, and if I do I'll pledge another one.

I'm also just beginning to read up on /fringe/ tier stuff, wish me luck.


File: 8e0d462d4092692⋯.jpg (26.72 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1501401924549.jpg)

I pledge one week.

God give me strength.


Hey guys its me >>103944.

its been almost 8 days and its getting hard (pun not intended).

I have been browsing 8ch and 4ch and stumbling upon porn webm threads and sfm webm threads and in general my brother watches porn while im in the room.

How the fuck do I do this?

The only way i can think of is if i leave society all together.

Its next to impossible not to catch a glimpse of this shit while living in society , specially in these times.

Someone help me I don't want to relapse.

I haven't exercised in a month(had a sever case of the flu) , but Im starting today plus meditating.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

I am also thinking of a way to use this lust for something good like "I can only jerk off after every 100 pages of careful reading of occult literature".

Have you guys ever tried anything like this, how did it work out?

Also any direct excerpts to occult information on masturbation will be immensely helpful.

Thank you and send help!


pledging for 1 week


>Pretty easy to not fap in the day

>But wake up at night multiple times incredibly horny and can't help myself




Does having sex with a succubus count, if so I pledge a month of no fap.



>my brother watches porn while im in the room

fucking rednecks


I had no problem stopping fapping, since i only did it when i had hangover.

I still have wet dreams every three to four weeks. So far my energy work hasn't solved the problem. I'm i doing something wrong or can wet be avoided at all?


I pledge to abstain from masturbating for one week


I almost ejaculated to pornography but fortunately, I cold showered today so my lust wasn't that intense and also, I didn't ejaculate. I still masturbated to a high degree of sexual excitement though.

Does the fact that I didn't ejaculate make a difference? Have I reduced the damage?


One month. I pledge one month.


Guys I channeled some powerful loosh and basically I achieved the end-game of all this sex shit but now I just feel burdened and locked down. Probably going to leave everything behind to wander around and focus my energies elsewhere. Women are a distraction from more important matters. I feel like Buddha right now when he left his family.


File: b6763fcddd7b6fa⋯.png (202.72 KB, 500x251, 500:251, I_came_here_because_nothin….png)

I will here on only masturbate with one week minimum in between. Porn is no-no.


I pledge 555 hours



Lol, something more reasonable, 168 hours



I failed.

Pledging another week.>>105177



Failed again.

Pledging another week.



Failed again. Third time's the charm, pledging a week.


I see so many people pledging and failing. Why do you keep trying the same approach?

Saying "I'm not gonna do X" seems to not be working , so why not try a different method, try saying "I'm gonna jerk off only twice this week", "I'm gonna jerk off only to one porn video", "I'm going to jerk off only on Wednesday 7:00pm" and then go from something much more specific to eventually not jerking off at all



Affirmations should be "I will be celibate for x period of time" and include imaginings and visualizations of the celibate life in all its glory.




>future tense

Bullshite sissye wizarde



That's not future tense. That's an affirmation that is effective immediately and has a duration of a given period of time.



>will be

>not future tense


File: ee0634751618658⋯.jpg (23.5 KB, 300x329, 300:329, 1499984807208.jpg)


probably meant will as in ==WILL== power.

should replace be with being


>ctrl-f patikulamanasikara


I present the solution to all of your ails.



We start out easy.

I am pledging 48 hours



That's fucking future sense you useless mongoloid.



Pledging 72 hours more

Due to being in a LDR phonesex is excluded from this since I deem it purposeful



I have broken my pledge


File: dbc1c5a6d6ed68d⋯.jpg (119.45 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, dbc1c5a6d6ed68dc481365bb69….jpg)

Pledging to stop masturbating entirely, I've pledged here before and failed. New strategy is using browser content filters.

I've met a women but she is a virgin and it's hard to respect her purity when you fap everyday. Hopefully i can refocus my energy into wifing her, my hobbies and my spiritual practice.


Is it possible to use affirmations to make yourself no longer desire porn at all and to find it disgusting? Something like repeating "Porn is disgusting" over and over for five or ten minutes a day?


File: db884c92e7cbbbb⋯.jpg (2.65 MB, 2084x4595, 2084:4595, 1b40d6accb2f4d706e11eda335….jpg)

I promise at least 30 days of celibacy to me and my m8. Will not Masterb8.



You could do what buddhist monks do and imagine beautiful women as rotting corpses, that seems to help.

Anyways to the rest of the thread, this is my first time posting on this general. I did nofap when I first started to get into the occult and have experimented with it on and off. I am a young man with an incredibly high sex drive. Even though I found some positive benefits to nofap I found myself getting oppressed by various entities and forces with my nonstop lustful thoughts.

I had a succubus suck my cock dry one night outside of my own free will due to the sheer amount of sexual energy I had built up. This wasn't a good thing, I could feel her mocking me. And I could sense other forces there watching the act happen. She knew I was a slave to these feelings and she was gaining power from me doing nofap.

So what did I do? As soon as I woke up I masturbated in a dark room with a lit candle using sex magick and burned her to a pulp. Her screaming in pain as the fire was charring her flesh only turned me on more. I came to the conclusion that this "energy" a lot of nofappers feel is incredibly dangerous to normies and those who aren't ready for it like me.

I agree with the other left-hand path poster here from last year. Be careful in your celibacy journey, you will draw the attention of many forces. I wasn't ready to deal with them when I started, maybe some day I will try again.

Right now I have a pretty active sex life with my girlfriend. And unfortunately a lot of the benefits I had experienced during nofap seem to be entirely due to semen retention as I haven't "fapped" or looked at porn in months.




a better technique is to masturbate as needed, but neither look at porn, nor think about sex with a partner. just stimulate yourself until orgasm.

this might seem awkward and difficult at first, but it gets easier with practice.

once you've trained yourself this way, start weaning yourself from masturbation entirely, now that you've decoupled the act with thoughts of sex with a partner.

also, practice not making eye contact with the gender you're sexually attracted to.


On this day 10/1/2017 I pledge one week.



notice the synchronicity of numbers associated with this post.

adds weight to the information.

reminds me of info i heard while a part of a religious cult for a time.




As an anon who advocates ignoring "the synchronicity" especially allowing "numbers on 4chan" to influence you regarding a person's content in their post, I disagree with what this anon is saying. I think they are shilling/baiting, though, of course.


To me, /fringe/ is just a less rapid, more content-focused and information-selective version of /x/ with cooler backgrounds and font.

Although, I've received great wisdom on /x/ of course.


What if the reason I have high lust is because my essence wishes to be coupled and making love 100% of the time?



I made it two days and my body couldn't handle it, even as I was fapping I kept telling myself to stop.

The woman's curse has got me strong, but I'll try better next time.


Pledging 40 days starting now



>Be careful in your celibacy journey, you will draw the attention of many forces.


Before I knew what magic/occult/nofap was, I practiced celibacy for the hell of it because I saw noticeable improvements in my psyche whenever I went longer than 2 weeks without blowing a load.

I stretched some of these times to 4 or 6 months and seriously crazy shit started happening; everything from beautiful to horrible. Forces definitely took notice.

Not discouraging anyone. Just be prepared.


File: 77266f09c715953⋯.png (249.09 KB, 707x213, 707:213, comparison.png)

Honor, Glory, Passion.

I always feel like I am not good enough, plain inferiority complex. My life is determined by physical strength and EQ, I need to figure out where I lay on the "body-spectrum".

Give me an honest rating. I'm on the left, Bruce Lee is on the right.

This is no a narcissism experiment, this is seeking approval into a community that I wish I could pay back, you guys really helped me achieve greatness, but I want to make sure I am on the right track.



do you even lift?



70 pushups

50 squats

150 deadlift


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Listen to this every night before bed. Will help.


All this shit does is make me violent/aggressive and moody as all hell. Like some sort of feral beast.

I don't understand.



go seek worthless validation somewhere else, you sexy motherfucker.


This is a spectrum of emotions you previously didn't have the energy to muster, you are the primal animal and the enlightened spirit.

Pre nofap you were passive in comparison, now you're not, you're more alive than ever, buzzing with energy, you feel stronger and others can tell when looking at you.

This can go two ways, you let it rule you and return to a mellow, passive base where you have no control and nothing to control or you control and guide it and rule the earth you walk.


File: 586c187400585c5⋯.jpg (157.28 KB, 2000x866, 1000:433, AAEAAQAAAAAAAAkhAAAAJGM5ZD….jpg)

Alright, I'll give this a shot.

Due to certain living situations, there have been extended periods where I couldn't rub one out, and it really did give me a sense of enlightened freedom that felt rather unusual and hard to explain.

Best to go big or go home; pledging 30 days.

Does refraining help with creative energies? Obviously it gives you more time to practice your art, but is there any other aspect that could aid in my development as a musician?



what is this game of thrones?


File: 5c0625fd5f86403⋯.jpg (58.8 KB, 500x374, 250:187, 6a96432287462f7f7d9efaeb8a….jpg)


>"Does refraining help with creative energies?"

>"is there any other aspect that could aid in my development as a musician?"

i'd say, yes

….i'd say just since abstinence and virginity is such a cherished virtue in so many cultures worldwide, that gives it a sort of special 'something' just for that reason alone

perhaps abstinence from sexuality or from things some people call sins like "lust" would most certainly be some sort of fasting for the sake of God….

>"afflicting one's soul for the sake of God"



of course, if you are generally not a person who tries to abstain from sexuality or who tries to abstain from lust….there is always of course just simply seeing how life is when you are abstaining from sexuality or abstaining from lust


I pledge for one month.

I hope this goes well.


I'm pledging until the end of the year.



you have to use it for other things ,

do something creative


In my lucid dream this night, I felt something bite into my neck. I felt somewhat aroused by the bite. It felt intimate to me. I thought things like "take whatever you want, just let me fuck you" and then I believe I had sex with some kind of computer. I woke up the morning and I released semen all over my boxers.

Now, I feel tired. Practising One Meal a Day just got that little bit harder. For the sake of the high I experienced, my life is now more miserable than it was before. Does this count as masturbation? I wish to not only not masturbate but to also reject indulgence of sexual fantasies in my mind. I pledge one month.



From my experience there are two kinds of wet dreams. There's the healthy and normal ones and the "forced" ones. I haven't seen much literautre on that, which is strange, so this is mainly based on my own experience.

In a healthy one you don't release much semen, mostly some kind of liquid. You wake up feeling realeased and mentally rested, though maybe a bit tired physically. The dreams that trigger these are usually realistic scenarios where you feel a connection with a femenine energy. It's a biological thing where you release pressure and can happen up to two times per week. You can avoid or minimize them through testicular breathing and other energy circulation techniques if they get too annoying.

The there are the "forced" ones, where you usually release more semen, like a normal ejacultaion more or less. You wake up tired both physically and mentally and with a feeling of anxiety that could last for some hours or even days. These are triggered by dreams involving fetishes and/or unpleasant things in fucked up scenarios. They are usually caused by negative feelings created by your mind and imbalances in your body. A usual cause is the frustration and self hate that you feel after indulging in unattainable sexual fantasies.

Clearly you experienced the second kind, but it's not a huge problem. It just shows that you need to do something and it looks like you already know the way. Avoiding sexual fantasies is a tough challenge, so don't be harsh with yourself, just be consistent and give it your best shot. While trying to achieve this you'll learn many valuable things about yourself. God will provide you all the strenghth you need as long as you are on the right path.

A healthy sexuality manifests itself mostly through the soul, in an instinctive, subconscious way. In our society, unfortunately, you can see that the opposite is the norm and most poeple manifest sexuality though their mind.



Thank you for your input.

What do you mean when you say "God"? Do you mean YHWH? Or The All?



I'd say The All, but that's because I'm guessing the kind of attributes you give to one name and the other. I used God because of my background but it's just another name.



Alright. Again, thanks for the input.


File: cb31bcaab5f282e⋯.png (99.71 KB, 657x527, 657:527, bd1b2018a33ede857548055fdb….png)

I just deleted all my porn. No longer will I waste my vital energy beating off to videos of whores having sex with other men.



Failed. Pledging until December 1st.


File: 7f6e6c17fe6e691⋯.gif (2.21 MB, 499x499, 1:1, 1459970462cb73321a4b9535b6….gif)


Well shit guys, I failed yesterday, but it was under highly unusual circumstances.

>A week ago my roommate asks me if I want to do "acid"

>Never done it before, I've only ever done mushrooms a few times, years ago

>He's very inexperienced himself and has only tripped twice, ever

>Go to erowid and do a ton of research on LSD and NBome, decide to go ahead with it

>The two of us buy five tabs

>Expecting it to be weak, we both do 2 1/2 tabs

>>Spend the next five hours lost in psychedelic maelstrom, periodically stumbling 10 feet to the next room where I'll just collapse again and stare off into infinity

That was highly irresponsible of me to take such a huge dose with no prior experience, and at one point I tried distracting myself with porn, porn being mundane, addictive, and attention-catching. It worked to some extent, but I found myself in an annoying thought loop reflecting on the futility of the whole porn experience.

Ended up squeezing one out after the drug had worn off, wanted to have a clear defined failure, rather than continue forward after having watched porn and played with my flaccid penis.

All in all though, it feels like the psychedelic episode was the death of my former life, with all of its failures, addictions, and limitations, and I am now more free to continue forward to new and greater heights.


<Pledging the rest of the month, last fap was Sunday, Nov. 19h



Damn anon. It didn't count until you rubbed one out. The orgasm is what we are abstaining from. I'm not saying porn isn't bad, just that seeing it wasn't worth dooming yourself like that. Good luck this time


File: ee8d3d72cb633c1⋯.gif (89.44 KB, 225x242, 225:242, 1511634068689.gif)

I pledge seven days.


I'll pledge last two digits days



>renouncing lust

Your lust brought you into this universe, you can't escape lust.

You can only be aware of it and construe it to your wanting. You can choose the slide at the waterpark so to speak.



I failed.


File: fc817e1e6d48ff3⋯.pdf (7.45 MB, God-man - the word made fl….pdf)


According to George W. Carey's analysis of the Bible in ''God-Man the word made flesh", it's 13 months, and then you become the anointed. Or at least your pineal gland starts secreting this "sweet like honey or nectar" substance and your biochemistry is transformed (catalyzed by this, but also along the way as well).



Resounding success. Pledging another week.



Failed. Pledging until at least January 1st.


File: 3a6da08745a9fd7⋯.jpg (20.39 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1ee0a956b47aa851b8bae123d2….jpg)

OH hell, just blew all my sexual energy out to an SOF bukkake video on xhamster. Surely that's not as bad as actual porn though, right guys? R-right?

Pledging until news years. I can make it this time, for once.



"Semen On Figurine

Commonly used on r/cummingonfigurines and videos containing a guy jacking off and cumming on a figurine *

(usually an anime figure).

Go watch that really hot SOF with Hatsune Miku!"

lol wut.

I don't even know if that's better or worse.

Y'all gotta learn how to give into higher will and draw in solar/divine light to burn your baser sexual stuff.

It helped me care a lot less/be less lusty when I dreamed about trapping in cubes and white light burning the sexual creatures inside me.



I'm pledging a week.



I'm not sure if that's porn or just retarded, morally it's not adultery, if you put it that way.


File: ae24609aafdfdbf⋯.jpg (116.73 KB, 900x750, 6:5, nofap 3.jpg)

File: 462fba8230d18d6⋯.png (217.02 KB, 1204x606, 602:303, nofap 1.png)

File: 4cb71226985fee5⋯.jpg (511.89 KB, 998x1219, 998:1219, nofap 2.jpg)

if you arent doing nofap monkmode then you probably shouldnt even bother with any type of magic or spiritual advancement or whatever it is you're trying to do, or at least dont expect to make any significant progress.

for whatever reason, busting a nut consistently (at least once a week) just makes you unable to make real progress. from the moment you start semen retention you'll notice after just a week that you're already starting to have a much easier time with things. seminal fluid is by far one of the most important things, from a physical and nonphysical alchemical perspective, religious and spiritual perspective, and even from a modern scientific perspective. you gotta have a full sack to make progress in life. hitler didnt masturbate and trump says he hadnt masturbated since his early teens.

even if you're naturally talented with this stuff you still will have a very very hard time if you arent retaining your semen, and once you start holding it in and letting your sack fill up you'll notice huge benefits. even the mundane normies who try nofap places talk about "superpowers" and stuff like that.

if you dont practice semen retention your seriously a fucking casual and a mere hobbyist at best.



From my own research and understanding I can only agree. It all comes down to being celibate basically forever because you will find that you cannot waste your semen or else you will lose your progress and have to start from the beginning. And yeah, pledging for one day, one week or even one month is not enough…by far not enough. It takes many weeks before your body starts reabsorbing the seminal fluid and getting benefits from it, and after that until the benefits have accumulated so much that you have noticable health and superpowers and massive spiritual energy it probably takes years of being celibate without orgasming even once. So you will now either cut the bullshit and stop orgasming for good or you will stay a mundane pleb forever. Don't expect anything from one week of nofap, or even one month. But it will get easier to be celibate after the inital first few weeks. Semen is your elexier of life, don't waste it. Let it in your body until it is reabsorbed again and let it heal you and forge your soul. It's the path to immortality and being a superhuman as far as I can understand. And yeah…never let females tempt you, not in real life and not in pornographic material. Those succubus are not worthy of life and will do anything to drag you down with them. Also don't let the matrix system and the society shame you for being celibate, don't get all jelly because everyone else has orgasms and pleasure and sex. It's just an illusion and cheap short term pleasure. Let them have their silly fun and let them laugh at you, but in the end you will reap otherwordly rewards and they will succumb to the matrix. Last thing I wanna say; the real benefits start to occur after roughly 4 months of being celibate or doing no fap and not ejaculating. And after that 4 months you will still need years to fully heal and upgrade yourself because you will reap the benefits and accumulate them slowly over time. So this is why we basically can say that we should go nofap and nosex forever. I hope at least one person here has the balls do go this way, it will be definetly worth it. Let the mundane animals in the matrix do what they want and don't fall for their bullshit. They are shoveling their own grave while you build your ascension


File: 49870528215338d⋯.png (303.85 KB, 722x768, 361:384, 49870528215338d1e869454345….png)


Back in 2015 I managed to go 5 months and 24 days without any form of ejaculation, however in this period of time there was several "close encounters" while dreaming. For a while though, even while unconscious, I managed to reject the temptation of release. However things got pretty intense at the point originally mentioned, and that particular night I had a massive wet dream and the shit got everywhere.

Is it possible to permanently retain semen in the manner you're speaking of? It looks like our bodies naturally try to expel the stuff after a certain period of time.

>tfw gonna have to start putting a sock over my penis again before I go to sleep


File: 36edc30b6b7fad1⋯.gif (523.9 KB, 500x620, 25:31, 1513657456345.gif)

>Reading various articles on semen retention

>One is using the Jews as an example, saying the reason they're far superior to all other races is because they don't masturbate


Here's the statistics he uses in his article-

>Jewish Americans are the most powerful and influential ethnic group in America.

>Jewish Americans make up 2 percent of the U.S. population yet comprise 40 percent of U.S. billionaires.

>18% of Jewish households have a net worth of $1 million or more.

>More than 55% of all Jewish Adults received a college degree and 25% earned a graduate degree.

>More than 60% of all employed Jews are in one of the three highest status job categories: professional or technical (41%), management and executive (13%) and business and finance (7%).

We have discovered the source of their power.



You have to be so convinced and so determined to be celibate that it burns into your subconscious mind. This way you will be able to say NO to any being that wants to have sex with you even in your dreams and defend yourself.

Btw I don't believe that our bodies want to expell semen after a period of time. I rather believe that astral rapists and vampires sense when you are acumulating life force and they come into your dreams where they can easily manipulate you and have sex with you, draining you of your precious life force. And when you actually go nofap for a longer period of time you surely will attract those beings, you will be like the only one glowing light among all the darkened lightbulbs because you will most likely be one of the very few, or even the only one around who practices nofap. And they will see you and come for your energy. So you can set up shields and learn to say no even in your dreams. And you do this easiest by having a very solid mindset in your wake state, without any doubt and without any weakpoint. If you even think that you may break your nofap streak for the perfect girl or after some time, or for whatever reason this will be a weakpoint and in your dreams those beings will use this weakness and manifest as your perfect girl or something like that.



tried this. wouldnt recommend it. based on the feelings that i had after orgasm during the clarity period i can say that this is a silly thing to do but at least it doesnt seem to really be all that detrimental. as far as harmfulness goes, it's not even in the same realm as actually shooting your wad, but i still consider it to be not all worth doing

i only managed to squirt out about five drops worth of jizz that didnt look like typical jizz and instead looked like a slightly more cloudy version of pre-cum, so i would say it does accomplish the goal of semen retention for the most part, yet i strongly think i would have been better off just leaving my balls undisturbed to brew on their own.

i still feel good afterwards like i didnt really lose anything but there's part of me saying that this is still not good. i went and did a thirty minute meditation immediately after just in case and i felt good and charged up. i still feel more energized from it, like the sperm energy from the orgasm went directed inside me. i tried channeling it mostly around my balls and a bit up my spine and into my head (only because it felt like it needed to go somewhere or else it would be wasted), but i wouldnt call this a net gain. like a short burst of strong energy today and then tomorrow and a few days after i'll be slightly worse than i would otherwise, but i dont know for sure. still much better than if i spilled my seed externally, but i do feel like i did actually *spill* it internally and i just luckily had some good places for it to be directed towards. i would much prefer it to have stayed in my balls undisturbed though

i feel like a took one for the team doing this. even though i had the urge to masturbate i didnt enjoy one second of it and throughout the whole (short. only lasted about a minute ffs) process i knew it was a bad idea completely but i kept going anyways (i'm sure you know what i mean). overall i think that this is not a big deal that i did (i'll never do it again though). not even remotely similar to if i had had a real relapse because if that were the case i would feel drained and probably depressed and shameful and stuff like that. right now i feel even a bit better, but again, i dont think it's worth it

this trick is like pulling over to the side of the road to eat a snack - yeah you lose a bit of time since you could have just kept driving, but at least you got to have a snack so that can maybe make it kinda worth it a full outward ejaculation would be like having you car sent backwards very far or even to the beginning

the only good application for this that i can imagine is if you wake up from a wet dream and think you're about to bust. there are not shortcuts or ways to cheat. this one is close but still no cigar, and i sensed it having a strong possibility of putting me on a downward spiral if i ever did it again


File: 80d2a486303d054⋯.jpg (53.16 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 1495475798722.jpg)


what good reason is there for ejaculation other than to create a child? that's the only time when it is even remotely worth it, and even then i still would be careful and try to do it at a time when i can take that hit. it's good for the wife too because it will allow her to maintain her virtue assuming she was a virgin at marriage like a wife should be. once it's gone she cant get it back and she loses more and more with every fucking, especially it it's just fruitless hedonistic degenerate stuff.

i think the longest i've ever retained semen my entire life has been maybe like two weeks at most if even that during one of my previous short lived nofap runs. i first started masturbating before i even had sperm so i know i've missed out a lot, and with the internet how many children will go through the same thing? i even consider myself lucky that i was active and attractive enough to have girlfriends and whatnot (never went more than twice a day like a lot of people seem to).

you neet to be to be committed 100%. people try to say that nofap is about porn addiction, and maybe it partially is, but i think it's much better to have the primary focus on semen retention.

hardmode or monkmode is easier because if you allow yourself to have wet dreams or to have meaningless sex then you'll end up convincing yourself that if you do that then maybe just one fap wont hurt etc. you have to be fortified from every angle or else it will find a way to get through to you

i was originally going to start on jan 1 2018 but i ended up using these last couple months as a type of warm up, but since getting into it i just keep getting myself more and more determined and excited for what's to come later in the streak and it's good being free of this constant practice of draining myself to get nothing worthwhile in return. i was even gonna have sex with a girl from tinder to have one last hurrah but i decided not to despite the ease of it and my intense urges (it would obviously be a poor choice, mostly unenjoyable, waste of time, and i would regret it immediately afterwards). except for this little blunder here >>112892 i've been getting stronger and stronger and feeling more ready for whatever else is thrown at me as far as temptation is concerned

for whatever reason this current streak i'm not now seems like it will be it. i think it just comes down to having the stars aligned in some type of way - you just have to get yourself to be fully devoted 100%, plus some other stuff too i think. and try to realize that this is what's normal and good. maybe it's special in that hardly anybody else does it and the majority of normalfags walk around with a severely diminished reserve of this life force, but they are the ones who are not normal.

why anyone wouldnt be going for hardmode nofap at this point i dont know. why not pledge the rest of your life instead of pledging just a week or month?

>don't let the matrix system and the society shame you for being celibate

i cant see how it wouldnt be the opposite way around, especially with a solid streak under your belt. in fact i think the main concern for me would be finding a way of not having such a potent condescending air of smug superiority around myself if the subject were to come up



>You have to be so convinced and so determined to be celibate that it burns into your subconscious mind

good point. i'm reminded of a quote from zen buddhism or one of those things.

"~it's okay to have thoughts, but dont sit down and have tea with them"

same with nofap. realize that you are not your urges. if anything you can study them and use it as an opportunity to fortify against future attempts by them



Pledging a week, I have been trying to cut down due to a porn addiction for half of my life.


File: 13c6ce94c3223b0⋯.jpg (154.18 KB, 1140x640, 57:32, sunflowers.jpg)

File: 0ab6884779fb274⋯.jpg (74.83 KB, 539x400, 539:400, sun god chariot.jpg)

File: 62b27d5e3e0ae73⋯.jpg (124.04 KB, 600x705, 40:47, 4bae86ce7ab4b171673b921295….jpg)

alright guys i came up with what i think is potentially a great idea. here's the facts

>sunflower lecithin is a supplement that is widely known for significantly increasing the size of your loads

>you can read on many forums and articles about how well it works

>but these guys are all doing it just so they can have a better cumshot.

>as far as i know nobody has every tried it as a semen retention booster

so what do you think? will this increase the benefits of semen retention? my only concern is that maybe it only increases the volume without actually increasing the amount of sperm. but does that even matter?

i'm going to start taking 1,200 mg twice a day and see if i feel anything



Yeah you better do it and report back here. I would do it too but I'm too lazy and poor to get my hands on that stuff.

Btw today I had a dream in which I complained how much nofap is shit and how annyoing it is to be celibate. In my dream I said I would love to just fap and orgasm whenever I want and that I am too horney all the time and there is too much amazing porn and hentai out there to not use it.

I guess this really tells something…either my subconscious is not complete ready yet and I secretly wish to fap or larvae/succubus/tulpas are trying to influnece me. Either way, I shall not fail.



This is almost better than putting crystals in the microwave.



but is it better than strategically placing orgonite around my body when i sleep?


i've done a bit more research on those silly forums. sunflower lecithin (powder is supposedly better than tablets) will pretty much double the amount of semen that you can squirt out, but said semen is thinner. to make it whiter and thicker you take l-argenine (also increases the total amount by a little bit too). these two seem to be the best ones. they dont really increase sperm by that much or even at all afaik, but semen is only like 10% sperm anyways. there's other supplements people talk about like zinc and horny goat weed but they all seem more for people who have deficiencies in testosterone or only want harder boners and whatnot.

a guy on /fit/ told me to use damiana because it's good for your balls. google said it increases sperm count. couldnt find any on amazon but i did see maca powder which supposedly increases sperm count and seminal volume. so i guess if you wanted to go all out you would take all three and then stuff like zinc if you think you need it

>do it and report back here

if i feel any effects that are undoubtedly because of the lecithin i'll definitely say something

>I would love to just fap and orgasm whenever I want and that I am too horny all the time

stop. once you quit being a slave to it you'll realize that there's much better things in life and you will start caring for them too, but you cant see them if you're always down in the murk of degeneracy

>there is too much amazing porn and hentai out there to not use it

not worth missing out on all the benefits of semen retention. i recently looked up more of the benefits as described by yoga/hindu/monk types and it strengthened my resolve a lot.

try to more thoroughly convince yourself that semen retention is the best choice; that way when urges come up you have more weapons to use against them. if you find yourself being able to convince yourself that it will be okay to fap or have sex then you probably just dont know enough or believe enough in semen retention. if you have the right frame of mind about it then you really wont even need that much willpower to resist urges

i also stopped thinking about it in terms of nofap or celibacy. you can watch porn or touch women any way you want (though it's better to play it safe and avoid those), just dont let anything touch your dick. do whatever you have to do to retain your seed and just focus mainly on that

i just tried watching some porn as a test. i got hard and watched a few videos and everything for good measure but i'm still definitely not gonna fap. i really dont even want to even though normally i would desperately be trying to convince myself that i could rub one out and it wouldnt be a problem. it's weird how easy it is to resist the urge now; like they dont even phase me. (the porn is still on my mind i shouldnt have watched it. still not even thinking about fapping though)

it did take many failures to get here and i remember many times i would fight it but eventually give in and then spend time post-orgasm trying to convince myself to never do it again but i would always relapse regardless. for whatever reason now though i'm having a much better time with it. the only difference i can think of is that i've been reading a lot more about the benefits lately and have become much more resolute in this endeavor because of the readings and my responses to them.



Don't worry I have the strange feeling that this time I will be free finally. I have been trying to become celibate at least one year, always doing nofap and always failing and falling back. But now I am very convinced about the various benefits of semen retention. Everytime I failed my nofap pledge it was easier next time and I could always abstain a little longer. And also every time I was a little more disgusted with porn and with myself and saw it for what it is. I think finally I am at the point of permanent celibacy. Btw I just looked at porn too and even tried to fap to it but I could barely get a boner or get aroused enough which is very unusual for me.

Elixier of life, here I come. It is time I start to work on my energy body and my occult powers. It will take a very long time for me to really notice the amazing benefits of semen retention, but I can wait. Once you are there, it is worth it. I would still suggest not to touch women or look at porn ever again, just to make sure. Even if you think you are immune now. I fell for the trap way too often before.


File: 495487daeecbea1⋯.jpg (334.33 KB, 900x523, 900:523, The Garden of Earthly Deli….jpg)

File: 8bd1204eb06b450⋯.jpg (274.86 KB, 1073x669, 1073:669, slaanesh 2.jpg)

File: 33ef31d1cd867ec⋯.jpg (168.52 KB, 712x511, 712:511, God_Emperor_with_Adeptus_C….jpg)


yeah you still gotta be careful no matter what. if you do feel the urge remember that giving in is not good and it wont be good no matter how you go about it. you can light candles and put down rose petals and plan the evening days in advance and it will still be bad. even if you come up with a best possible hypothetical scenario where everything goes perfectly; think through it a little bit more and you'll realize that that too wont end well in any way and you'll feel nothing but immense regret and shame afterwards.

these types of urges can make you very delusional. when you're under the influence it's easy to try convincing yourself to throw your progress out the window but you gotta have faith in the right path, and if you can just fight them off for five or ten minutes then they'll be gone and you'll feel silly that you had them in the first place. you have to constantly stay on the other side of them



>I shall not fail

That should be "I shall succeed". You should know how negatives work in that sense if you've been here long enough to understand how important this is.



You are right of course, thanks very much.


So what are the benefits of renouncing lust?

I try to do it to reaffirm/strenghten my willpower, but is there anything more to iy?


File: c9f377e302c5263⋯.jpg (151.74 KB, 960x956, 240:239, 1511811568545.jpg)

I've been doing this without posting for a while but clearly need an extra shove. I'm pledging 1 month and invoking the element of fire. Thanks for letting me be a part of this meme.



There is a lot more to it. I don't know if it's helpful to you when I just post all the benefits. It is best when one get's the deep realization about all the benefits himself. It took me lots of months and studying TONS of material to get to the realization that being celibate forever is the only way. I also failed over and over again for over a year until I was finally strong enough to pull it through.

So yes it's definetly worth it, but I won't go into all the stuff here (again). You will not believe me or be as compelled anyway if you don't find out yourself.

All I say is that semen is pure life energy and it is very bad to waste it. Ever.


pledging brahmacharya forever.


one of the best book on celibacy that includes the theory of how to transmute sexual energy into Ojas. The yoga asanas i tried myself they work 100%. i can feel the energy flowing into my crown chakra. very good book.

fasting + yoga + meditation + satvic diet + actively thinking about the divine = best ways to achieve perfect celibacy. if you dont transmute and if you look at women in a lustful way you commit adultery as Lord Christ said. You only get frustration and restlessness. If you want all the benefits of celibacy you should have a chaste look and mind added to nofap and transmutation.


File: 3dd3fbfa1e1784e⋯.jpg (15.47 KB, 185x312, 185:312, robin-wood-04258[1].jpg)

It's only Monday and I already feel like I need to masturbate but I'm pledging at least until Monday next week.

At this point in order not to have sexual thoughts I not only have to stay away from porn but also from regular interaction with females, or watching pictures of cute girls, or doing anything that puts images of women in my head anyhow. I'm utterly unable to fight these urges, so it seems that i am going to have to cut out from society altogether if i don't want to end up falling into the trap again.


I made it to 34 days and then relapsed. Since then, record been nearly a week. I am pledging from now (Jan 2) to next month (Feb 2) and if I make it, I'll go beyond



Don't worry mundane. The collective enlightened energy from all wizards of this sacred place alone will help you immensly to become celibate. It is only hard in the beginning, just keep at it and stay with us.


lmao faggot how did you relapse being so far in? You already had the hardest part behind you. Maybe you should endulge less in braindead mundane entertainment where you get hypnotized with hot succubus


Taking this back to the front page so everyone can stay strong.


File: 78cfdb287e0bf8a⋯.jpg (155.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, d1aefb730a88c0bfbbb06d8992….jpg)

I bought some pills that prevent wet dreams,

now I can go as long as I decide without ejeculating.

WHAT do I DO WITH all that sexual energy?

will it gradually make each chakra spin all the way up to the brain??


File: 6cb3f44df9d76c4⋯.jpg (77.01 KB, 500x375, 4:3, tumblr_o7t5l5DvDX1uco247o1….jpg)

be quite honest with me lads;if I dont ejeculate for months will I murder my torturing social anxiety?




Yep, that's what tantric masters use.




please answer my second question?

;if I dont ejeculate for months will I murder my torturing social anxiety?



update: sunflower lecithin seems to be working well. i cant say for sure whether or not it's just the streak that i'm on or the lecithin, but i do think that the lecithin is definitely helping. i'm going to continue taking it every day


a month of semen retention with a bit of meditation will probably help much more than anything else



i do the white skeleton meditation.

i just want a normie life without harming anyone TBQH

i want girls to chase me but to never give in



if you're asking if nofap makes socialization easier; yes and that's a weird way to ask that question. have you smoked weed? because that's basically the same effect social as ejaculation. Harder to talk, harder to make eye contact, etc.


>i do the white skeleton meditation.


what the hell is a white skeleton meditation lol


>WHAT do I DO WITH all that sexual energy? will it gradually make each chakra spin all the way up to the brain??

lightly clench pelvic floor muscles, bring the energy up the spine carefully, hold the tongue to above/behind the teeth, draw the energy down from the head to the belly, where you can let it sink into the lower dantien (below belly button).

if you have too much energy you can release it from the bottoms of the feet, and/or draw it downward using the point on the spine opposite the belly button.


>and if I make it, I'll go beyond





>if you look at women in a lustful way you commit adultery as Lord Christ said

ugh I feel that's so cheesy but I can't refute it other than feeling adultery is a silly term/stigma.

Definitely a waste of energy to fantasize though, and it'll affect your and their energy in subtle ways

I mean sure it's not great to do it with just anyone, but why not have sex with some people you like/love?

Taoists don't have such stigmas.

Sex is a portal to the divine, whether masturbation or with someone else.

Semen retention and energy transmutation is absolutely necessary though; creation energy is meant to be drawn upward and used to create, and it's not realistic to use it to make children often.

and celibacy is fine/good for enough time as needed until the energy suffuses the body enough. a few months to a year should be enough time to flood the entire body with enough energy so as to be high all the time.

well. if my experience is enough to go on, anyway.



>masturbation is a portal to the divine







you're giving people actual real cancer. i'm not joking



indeed. I blame it on being vata af.

>masturbation is a portal to the divine

with self-love and not lust/fantasizing about others, I should add.



cycle it around your body, create with it, transform it to general energy, etc. All of this is done via intention and will.



Beat my previous best and then a material succubus appeared to tempt me and I succumbed. Renewing my pledge for a month starting yesterday.


Achieved 6 days after years of daily masturbation.

Posting here as a remainder that it just isn't worth it.

Pledging a week.

So, checking in next Tuesday.



Becoming completely immune to lust would supposedly unlock the siddhis of the Swadisthana chakra



Relapsed on the very last day.

At least I lasted one more day than last time.

Pledging another week.



Holy shit what the fuck. How is it so hard to keep the pledge and simply refraining from one degenerate activity? You even were on the last day god damnit.

>don't watch porn

>leave your hand out of your pants

It's that simple. What the fuck made you fail? What in the world could cause you to fail? Did you literally get raped by a succubus?

Did someone violently make you watch porn and jerk off? I don't get, how can a faggot be this weak? Is it even possible to have such low will power? It's like having minus stats on will.

Next time you will do it. You will never reap the real rewards if you don't go at least 1-2 years straight without ejaculating. You either want the rewards and you fucking do it or Don't. There is no inbetween, no half-assing, no trying. Because everything that is not success is failure. It makes me sick to see how weak willed and addicted modern cucks are to degeneracy, it's like they are fucking women. Earn to evolve and be immortal, or earn to dissolve and die. Your choice pussy



>it's like they are fucking women

Maybe they are…?



Five bucks says you can't even properly curse or bless someone.

Or are you just "loosh farming" to get to that point? Ah, don't bother. This place is rife with the ilk of initiates proclaiming their prowess as adepts anyway.


>doing nofap January at the very least

So far so good lads. Its starting to get difficult though.



>if you have too much energy

>release it from the bottoms of the feet

And why would I want that? I thought having high energy was the point.


>material succubus

The fuck does that mean? One materialized out of thin air?


I lost count but I probably am at around 10 days of abstinence. My will has definitely gotten a lot stronger and I'm also quite noticeably less moody. Needless to say it feels amazing to be free of that degenerate crap. I pledge one month.


Hey guys I keep kept fapping like 5 times a day then took a break then went to fapping once or twice a day.

My thoughts are all over the place about this matter but I want to transition to a superior form of sexual indulgence and my plan is to ween myself off of porn by looking it as much as needed, then trying to go away from it, and call up stuff in memory or imagination, then fap to that.

As for the celibacy thing I've done it for long periods of time and I think it's fine for other people but my experience is just no benefits. I feel I have to develop sexuality and try to get good at it.



Oh also I plan to create entities out of the sexual lust and to have sex with them and to observe and take notes of the whole thing and find out what good can potentially come from it.


File: ab0ab17f59cd2ba⋯.jpg (88.16 KB, 655x525, 131:105, failure[1].jpg)

I'm physically incapable of exercising restraint. Give me twenty minutes alone and I'll use them to masturbate.

I think I need to change my lifestyle drastically if I want to stop masturbating. Clearly I don't have the will power to do it on my own. I'm too weak and my life is too empty so jerking off every day seems like a perfectly reasonable way to waste my time. And it feels good, better than talking to people or studying or meditating.

I'm not pledging any number of days, I know I will fail. I'm just venting out my frustrations. I wish I wasn't such a disgusting wanker.


File: 5e06138b2194b53⋯.pdf (2.28 MB, Taoist-Secrets-of-Love-Cul….pdf)

From Thanksgiving to right after Christmas I had a 30 day streak going. My downfall was deciding to look at porn again. Within minutes my hand was on my dick and within seconds of that I was ejaculating. Immediately felt awful and drained. Proceeded to jerk off a few more times within the next 48 hours.

Now I'm on a run from December 28th, nearly 3 weeks now. Someone on cuckchan posted this PDF of Chia Mantak's philosophy on ejaculation. I read it and have been doing the exercises daily. Moving the chi/energy/whatever from the penile area up the spine pretty much eliminates the constant urge to jerk off or fuck something. If I go a day without doing the big draw or sending the energy up my spine, I start to feel ravenous for stimulation.

I've noticed that I'm talking to women now, which for me is a good thing. I'm trying to move away from fucking whores and jerking off, from being a slave to the loosh farmers. I'm not opposed to meeting a quality femalimg and becoming intimate. This PDF also encourages that, sans ejaculation.

Do what you will with it; it's helping me tremendously.



A stop to this habbit once you realize for what it truely is. You are doing it more or less unconscious until now and you use it as an escape mechanism which wouldn't be that bad in itself if it was another topic like tea addiction or sth. But semen retention is very important so you have to figure it out.

In order to get the realization you must study and meditate and really think about it. Think about the nature of your addiction, think about the fact that it doesn't come from you. Is it an automated habit in your subconscious that is controlling you and next to impossible to override with will? Or is it a tulpa/larvae/succubus inducing this behaviour in order to feed off of you and survive? Maybe it's both.

Think about what you really like about masturbating. Do you like the distraction, do you like the orgasm? Realize that the short temporary pleasure is never worth the long term benefits of being actually filled with pure life force and becoming ze ubermensch. Do you like looking at female pissholes? Realize that they are only dirty, smelly and slimy fleshy constructions that are in reality more disgusting than attractive. Same goes for asses and tits. realize they are not worth it to fuck yourself up this badly.

Realize that you are running on empty when you masturbate so often, you will evolve(or better devolve) to the lowest lifeform you can be without actually dying because your energy tank, your vital life force reservoirs are constanly empty. Realize you live the existence of a husk, a half dead, drained being because you waste all your energy without giving you the time to regenerate and energize yourself.

Analyze thyself and know thyself. Without deep internal realization you will never break out of the addiction, no willpower will help you.

You don't even have to talk to people or to meditate, just play videogames and go to the gym. Let your semen in your balls, that's most important. Over the months your ballsack will be so full that your body starts to reabsorb the semen again, and that's when you start healing yourself. First you heal with the elexier of life that is in your balls, then when you not a zmbie husk anymore that is barely running on empty you will start to develop superhuman powers.

Women can't do that obviously and this is why they are such low life succubus. They will do everything to get to your mighty life energy and your elexier of life in your balls, they will do everything to drain you. This is when you will be tested by life itself if you are worthy or not. Give the demons your semen and sex energy and stay half dead or use it yourself to ascend. Your decision.


Might as well add that "wet dreams" worries and excuse are bullshit. I read often people write "your body naturally releases semen in its sleep" and this is the biggest bullshit lie ever. It's an escuse so lame and unworthy of us that we shall not even think about it any longer. There is no natural semen release, what happens is you get raped by incubus in your dream when you save up enough life force. All wet dreams are incubus or succubus, they are NOT NATURAL. Being of strong will and keeping shields in place and generally living a lifestyle that repels negative spirits helps.

We live in a degenerate society that is full of those incubus spirits and thought forms that want your energy because there is so much sex and porn addiction and loosh farming going on, there are so many of those rape spirits lurking around and while you might not ever encounter one or get a wet dream, chances are high that most of us will. When you start being celibate they are drawn to you like moth to a flame. Prepare thyself and know about them. When you get advanced enough you will not get wet dreams (anymore) because you will too strong for those negative semen demon spirits. Just keep at it, no matter if you had a wet dream or not. Never give up, never give in to those demons.


I pledge to never watch porn again across an infinite lifetimes and to not jerk it for at least 90 days

was at 75 but stopped keeping track and things slowly fell back.

180 after 90 have been reached


File: 803ceb25607411a⋯.gif (118.42 KB, 366x414, 61:69, 1472082157078.gif)


>succubus and incubus are not natural



Do angels also go around loosh farming people doing no-fap?

Years go I was nearing 1 month of not fapping and one night I had an extremely vivid dream of doing lewd stuff with a heavenly looking woman who had pure white skin and hair. It invoked a feeling of comfort/love I've never experienced in the waking world. I'm not sure if it was a semen demon or not.

She did not seem evil or malicious in any way, instead the complete opposite.

How do you defend your self from semen demons at night?



If you have been around here for a while you must surely have learned that negative beings can hide themselves behind pleasant forms and pretend to be angels and all that stuff. They can trick you into feeling immense love and of course most people fall for it. No truely positive being will farm you for loosh, have sex with you and make you do things that you wouldn't want to do, in your waking state or in your sleep state. It's those same loosh farming faggots who will pretend to be angels and come for you after your death. Be not deceived my friend, this divine love yoi are feeling does not come from them, it comes from you. See those loosh sucking parasites for what they are. If you do nofap any real positive being will know and respect that, no one of them will fuck you.

How to protect from them? The regular anti-neg procedure helps (read robert bruces 'practical psychic swlf defense') and else you must develop strong determination and will power. Keep going no matter what. Your will must be so strong that you say no to rape spirits even in your dream. Determination and Will are key

But for real those parasites pretending to be angels is a big problem that deceives many of us. Not only in terms of nofap but in general. Mediums and 'light worker' and 'healer' are easily deceived too



Btw when you said woman with pure white skin and hair I immediatly thought of Lilith and what I read about demons or "Enkis" in "Joy of Satan". It may have been some higher (demon) loosh farmer from the Hyle, one of the demiurge who keep us here and farm us. Not sure if it was the actual Lilith herself but who cares, those beings are not your friends and will farm you.


File: 9aa8c044205c60a⋯.png (8.86 KB, 497x421, 497:421, Unbenannt.PNG)


I jerk off almost daily, I think a good start is not quitting masturbation altogether but trying to limit the amount of time dedicated to the task. Make it a chore. So I'm now going to masturbate exclusively on Sundays, exclusively at 2pm, exclusively to my imagination.

I do not consent to having any sexual thoughts or succubus visits any other day of the week. At any given moment, if I find myself feeling like I could just pull my junk out and have a quick one, I will remember that my purpose in life is not wasting my energy and time doing barbaric stuff but rather learning and studying and refining my knowledge and becoming more and more a role model for myself. If I'm lying on bed, ready to go to sleep, and feel like browsing porn "just for fun" like I always do, I will remember that staying strong is better than succumbing to the temptation, and I will conquer this addiction. If I'm alone and want to take 20 minutes for a quick wank, I'll play 30 minutes of a fun videogame instead, or read a book (I have a lot of stuff to read, I don't have time to jerk off!)




>For example, now whenever I see a girl dressed in a similar way as the whores did, I don't think if she is/isn't a whore, I ask myself in which brothel does she work.

That's actually a redpill. Now you know how to diferentiate between pure girls and whores who do it for free. At least the prostitutes are honest and don't give you disinfo.

Know you can know how to counter the slut disinfo. Thanks to the prostitute. Make use of that.





I'm not sure how I should feel about that. The only other detail I can really remember is she had smallish breasts. Does that fit the description?



I don't know about Liliths tits. The women in your dream might as well have been Astaroth. To be honest it could be about anything since most of those beings can adjust their appearance. Satan himself could appear to you as a woman and fuck you lmao.

But since you said it was a very vivid experience and you felt immense comfort and love I think we can agree that this was not your plain old regular succubus but a being of higher order.



So what do I make of this? Is this a bad thing?

Also whats the down side of succubi? I thought you had to summon them instead of them just appearing to grab your loosh.



Read the thread, read all the books, think about this yourself. Is this good or bad? educate yourself about the realities and the state of the world and your part in it.

And all those people who want to summon succubus are degenerates who are slaves to larvae and their lower animal desires and somehow end up here, all they care about is to learn how to create a tulpa or summon succubus to have sex with. We shall not care about such low-lifes here, for clearly they don't know what they are doing.



Hey man I never said I wanted to summon one, I'm wondering whats the worst that can happen if one of them tripped and fell on my dick?





If I go 3+ days without masturbating, women start coming on to me wherever I go.



Also to address the other half of your post, not that it was directed at me, if you have more energy than you're used to handling at a time your body can have a negative reaction to it. I've burnt the backs of my hands several times from energy spiking since awakening.



Alternate interpretation of your post: Sex in dreams generally represents a combining of forms. Two beings becoming one. If it's sex with another person, that could indicate that you need to work together closely with them (even if not necessarily in the context of a romantic/sexual relationship).

If, on the other hand, it's something that could be interpreted as your idealized female form (or close to one, if you have multiple tastes) then I would interpret that as you coming together with your inner femininity rather than projecting it (as in porn).

That is to say: You probably aren't so big that you attracted a genuine being, but rather you have recognized a part of yourself that has been living in the Shadow (per Jung) for a long time.



The post said that wet dreams are not natural, succubi and incubi cause wet dreams.





Of course this interpretation can be true too. I guess you can take what feels right for you, just like I do. I hope this doesn't get too confusing for you >>114688. Also what is the worst that can happen if a succubus falls on your dick? You lose life force energy and, if you ejaculate, your progress get's reset, that's all. It may be no big deal at all, but it also may be very much a big deal. All depends on you. For me it would be a big deal but some people do not care at all. I am all about brewing the elixier of life inside your balls over time and then reabsorbing it into the body to heal and evolve and become the superhuman and that includes not ejaculating for months and years. Some people do not believe in this stuff or simply don't care or are too weak for this and bring up excuses, everyone his own I guess. I go my own way and so should you. That's why I always say that you should think for yourself, make your own theories and most important read, educate yourself and get knowledge that will help you chose your own philosophy and your own path.


I haven't masturbated in 2018. I wouldn't turn down sex at this stage, but I can at least curb masturbation.


This, my body is exploding with energy.



now THIS is podracing!


ejaculation is what fucks it up.



I haven't fapped all year either. I've had high energy up until last night, where it started decreasing. And today I have practically zero.

What happened? Where did my loosh go?



Sometimes you just have low energy days. You cannot expect to be in hardcore mode your whole life without a break just because you go celibate. Just like with everything in life, there are cycles. Nofap doesn't mean you will never have bad days or low energy days. You still get all the beneifts from nofap, so don't worry.

Your low energy can come from insufficent sleep time, or bad diet, or even the weather. There can be tons of other reasons. Also be aware that it might only be a lowering of testosterone in your body. You know when you go celibate, there is a testosterone spike in your body after the first week where you feel highly energized, but then it goes away and you feel low again or at least normal. The testosterone spike will repeat itself quite some times during nofap until it settles to a medium level, as far as I know, and you might just be in one of those descreasing phases. It's all cool man, the benefits are still there and you will feel amazing again. Your loosh is always with you



>99.99% of women are whores

>the rest are too deformed to sell sex

Happy now?




Though I know I'll regret this, please elaborate.


What happens to the potential of one's lust-energy if one becomes a eunuch (or gets their testicles removed for medical purposes)?


File: daf2508ddbed5b8⋯.jpg (31.85 KB, 600x600, 1:1, daf2508ddbed5b8578bf558f7f….jpg)

>tfw you have gone 19 full days without fapping

>there are lewds posted everywhere



You seem to be implying that all non-pure girls will make sure to signal that to you by dressing like a whore. No matter how lowly your views are regarding women, do you truly believe that all impure women will let you know that they're impure?


Ok I'm pledging nofap until I find a GF. the first few days are always the hardest. if I don't need to think about sex then I don't want to. Good luck to me



Do pure women exist these days? How do you spot a crypto whore?

I don't mean to sound like a MGTOW fag but it seems like all women these days are corrupted in mind, body, and soul.


End of Week #3, what can I do with all this energy? I don't know how much longer I can keep the succubi away.



Most are, yes. You could perfectly manifest into your life the ideal greenpilled gf, anyways. No need to settle for mundies.



And how would such a thing work? Would a perfect waifu just poof into existence?

Or perhaps fate just brings a waifu of a certain description to cross paths with yours? Greenpill me on the perfect waifu question, Anon.


File: 36c6283a3cfcc3d⋯.jpg (23.08 KB, 564x702, 94:117, d07b5cef9d6ed7806091c3ed35….jpg)


The ideal partner for you is already out there. You just need to bring her to you, either by mundane means or synchronicity.

The later requires you to realize that reality is what you make yourself believe it is. This is in accordance with one of the laws of the universe. For every outside effect/thing you see in the physical realm there is an inner cause for it, and that inner cause is in essence the power of your inner world, your thoughts, emotions, beliefs. Want proof of this? Look at your circumstances, and take notice of how they resonate with your inner world.

All of this is possible because you are connected to the Universal Mind Source. An all pervading force which permeates the Universe completely. Everything is connected and is one, and as such, you already have access to anything you can think of because of your direct connection to it. Bring something into your reality you say? All you have to do is to resonate with the ideal you want to bring into your life. That's all to it. You hold the ideal, and the Universe will do anything in its power to bring it to you. You want to bring about mastery of one's animalistic desires? You can have that. You want a qt3.14 goth gf to LARP all day with? You can have her, you just have to master this one Truth.

Wew. Reckon I got ahead of myself with that wall of text. Anyhow, there's the Reality Creation thread if you want to know more about how you can use this process efficiently.



>The ideal partner for you is already out there. You just need to bring her to you





Why do you come into the celibate thread, faggot? So in your mind it is ok to harvest some loosh just to waste it again for a woman and keep wasting it? Are you completely blind or what's up with you? Look at the text in the OP picture. It says "DO NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH GIRLS OR THEIR DEVIL VAGINA MAGIC". Do you even understand what this thread is for, or are you just another mundane with too much time on his hands who feels like he needs to express his bullshit wisdom? You are not helping this guy, it's the opposite.


>Do pure women exist these days?

No, never had. Maybe in spirit realms or on other planets tho.

>I don't mean to sound like a MGTOW fag but it seems like all women these days are corrupted in mind, body, and soul.

Well guess what, even tho most MGTOWs seem to be degenerate whiny losers we have to admit they figured out women pretty damn good. They don't say AWALT for no reason. All women are like that.


There is no perfect waifu. Do not fall for this new age demiurgic bullshit. You will only regret it. You have only one job, one fucking job and that's to keep your semen inside you. Stay strong anon and do not fall for silly lies of mundanes. Your ego craves for female companionship but just like everyone else here we have to transcend our neediness and free ourselves from the bonds and desires of the ego. Will is the opposite of desire and it will prevail eventually. If you fall for the lies you will suffer as a consequence.



You are supposed to send this energy up into your body and transmute it into other faculties, or store it in your lower energy storage center. You are not supposed to just let the energy accumulate in your sex parts or the sacral charkra.

Read the recommended books, read this thread and other celibate threads, google for videos how to raise your energy. It's around here everywhere, don't be so helpless. "Personal Power" is a book where in a pretty late chapter is explained how to transmute it your sex energy. There is also a book called "multiorgasmic man" or sth where the process is described too.

>take deep breaths

>visualize your sex energy coming from your crotch and going up into your whole body or whatever part you want it to go to.

>feel the energy as much as possible rising

>clench your pelvic muscles to help the energy rise to your lower dantain or into your brain or third eye or whatever

fuck, don't waste it, transmute it into health, creativity and power. read up on this shit. happy searching



whatever you do, the real important part is semen so don't waste it no matter what. not on perfect waifu, nawalt, succubus or whatever the fuck



I'm sorry faggot but I'm not ready to transcend into that level of wizardry. Just going one month without fapping is a huge leap by its self. The primary motive for almost everyone doing nofap is to become motivated to find a gf. I know its mundane, but without nobody would even attempt something like this. I've seen how hard people argue to rationalize chronic fapping, you can't expect people to go from giving into every temptation to gaining complete mastery over them selves in one swoop.

By doing nofap some people will begin to realize that there is something more than just physical loss of nutrition and dopamine desensitization when they chronically masturbate, and may end up on the path to being greenpilled.



>he lets women siphon the loosh out of him

Silly mundane. If you can stay celibate for 100 years but you are still unable to retain your male juices whilst engaging in glorious love making, you still have a long way to go in your path towards sexual mastery.



You think you will find a gf because of nofap? That's the dream everyone has and it doesn't work that way. Your aim must be self improvement and you must do it for yourself, not a gf. No matter how much nofap you do, any girl will still smell the pathetic faggot inside you and be repelled by you. That's why all the loser who do nofap are still single loser even after months and report nothing has changed fore them. Girls are attracted to guys who really do not give a fuck and who care for self improvement, who are not needy and desperate inside and who are not insecure.

It is better you start with the right reasons right away and cut all the beginner bullshit. If you do nofap for the right reason, if you actually know what you are doing only then will girls come to you in masses. But then, oh the irony, of course you will reject them. And they will want you even more. So you better forget about gf and focus on the real reasons, my plugged-in munade friend. No matter if you want a gf or not. It's kinda the same as sigil work, you make the sigil and forget about it afterwards, then it will fullfil itself. Same with girl, you forget about them and they will come.



>sexual mastery.

top kek.

>muh white tantra

>muh inability to leave my animal desires behind

There is no glorious love making, either you are transcending or you are a mundane degenerate. Montalk said it very well in one of his youtube comments. There is no half-assing. I understand it is very hard to let go of lust, but we will all get there eventually



There is no reason for you to discourage others making an effort to elevate them selves because they don't agree with you on everything. I never implied that it was my personal primary motivation, I was talking about the mundanes who would entertain this idea.



I encourage to go down the right path right away since the possibility is there, I would never discourage someone from making an effort to better themselves.

Everyone should make the effort, but why not doing it right from the start?

Btw I thought about this >>114898. I am celibate who doesn't want a partner…does that make my ideal partner a girl who is also celibate and doesn't want a partner? By your logic my ideal partner is out there…but this is a paradox. How does it make sense? How can two people who are celibate and do not want partner attract eachothers as partners? So either not everyone has the perfect partner for them out there or I made a mistake in my reasoning…or you are just full of shit. Btw I really do not believe there is a perfect partner for me. I am not green pilled nor red pilled or indigo pilled. What I am there isn't even a pill name for, and I can guarantee you there is no woman who is same pilled as me.



Or perhaps your ideal partner's ideal partner is a celibate wizard who would live in the same house but never do anything lewd together.



Would that make them… celib-mates?



Theres these weird asexual women who have zero sex drive, sounds like a perfect match for Anon. They could live together so they don't look weird for being forever alone, split expenses, and maybe even enjoy the tax benefits of marriage. They could become close friends, do greenpilled stuff together, while never even holding hands once.



I guess. I converted my girlfriend from being functionally asexual to being perfectly sexual, so long as it involves the two of us, so I assume one might be able to perform the same operation in reverse. Sounds like a solid business partnership, like when gay guys would marry lesbians for the benefits. Smart thinking.


File: e264bdbcdcc91dd⋯.png (349.38 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 0fa0f7cf3e47df9d7b67f55a79….png)



Your girlfriend is fucking someone else and you know it.



She wasn't greenpilled when she wasn't sexual in the first place, it was the result of a history of abuse rather than conscious practice. Chastity without intent or direction is not even chastity, just inability.



Chad-virgin value systems are for those who are sex-obsessed and oversocialized. You overesteem other people.



Achieved a week.

Pledging another one.



Need some help.

I'm 2 days into my second week.

I just woke up from a sex related dream, and I ejaculated in my sleep.

It felt incredibly good, wqy more powerful than when I masturbate.

I'm pretty sure this won't affect my will, I'm pretty determined to never masturbate evever again.

But is this normal?

Does it reset the counter?



This happened to me last week. I don't buy the narrative of it being a succubus or etheral loosh farmers, as I forcefully took the female in my dream. The ejaculation woke me up and was cut short, but I still lost at least two tablespoons worth. Took note that I was lying face down and my dick was pressed against the warmest part of my sleeping arrangements.

Don't count it as a loss, count it as a necessary part of healing yourself from constantly masturbating.



Alright, thanks.

Would you happen to know anything about intense lower abdomen?


Pledging a week.


Pledging from 1-30-18 → 3-2-18 wish me luck..


I pledge two weeks. This is the longest I've ever abstained, wish me luck.



Ended up failing.. Trying again. Pledging the month of February.


My first serious attempt at nofap failed today. I lasted a bit over a month. I will resume it now, for a minimum of two months.


Does fapping in the astral count? Did it for the first time last night. I haven't fapped in months so I hope I didn't fuck up.

Also wondering if this is something I should suppress as I'd like to truly renounce lust or facilitate as an outlet. I hardly feel any lust in my waking life at all.



you can fap into your mind as a concept. the sexual energy will go to your mind-faculty and it will power up.




but always keep a tight reign over your sexual energies. when you fap and are not very aware your energies can go to feed what or whomever and you won't realize it.



this happens because sexual energies are in the body and are released when you orgasm.


Pledging a week.


I pledge 8 days.


I pledge an hour



I ffailed


Already at 1 week today. Not really sure why I decided to stop, but I feel like keeping it up just to see what happens if nothing else. I've gone weeks many times before, but never had a wet dream. Also curious about all them superpower gains and regular gains and what have you.


Yes. I've heard they are more intense than the upper abdomen, but also lower.


Pledging a week.


Thank you everyone itt and stay strong. I'm at 24 hours and will be retaining semen and abstaining from imageboards until at least March 29th.


I failed… starting back at it now. I pledge one full month.


File: f8031f30bd80fa4⋯.jpg (52.85 KB, 466x500, 233:250, I_a52bc8_1274995.jpg)

I can't even begin to believe why people still fall for this shitty meme.

Y'all are aware that the purpose of this meme was simply to create a batch of anguished, sexually-repressed virgins or incels that would be easy to control and lead on certain paths, right? Like certain ideologies that promote a voice of violence towards groups of people, aye?

By all means, keep subjugating yourself to this abstract form of personal torture for an end result that can be achieved through other means as well. For energy problems, y'all ever think you might just wanna eat food that promotes male health and possibly take a night to kick up your damn exercise regime? Of course not. If you still have issues touching your toes then nofap is honestly the least of your concerns.



My boi, the problem is we'll never know if it's the right way to be celibate or if we can masturbate and have sex. The only real worthwile reason to be celibate is to forge your soul and attain Gnosis and evolve your magick/superpowers, everything else is unimportant (like more confidence, better skin and all this shit).

How do we know if we actually forge our soul through celibacy or we live in delusion? I don't think we can really, at least not until some years have passed but more liely not even in this lifetime. So either take the risk of failing at Gnosis and masturbating and being stuck here in this shithole of a planet, possibly even devolving in the next life and having no more chance to attain Gnosis, or take no risk and torture yourself with celibacy. I think it makes more sense to be celiabte, no risks, either nothing happens or huge reward (superpowers, Gnosis, Freedom from the Matrix). Also you get to practice self-control and detachment from the flesh and lust, become less mundane which is a nice bonus in itself.



Your definition is heavily based on your perception of reality. Sadly, I do not share this outlook and cannot empathize with your ideals. If the end of this life is all but speculation then I will simply speculated that my afterlife/reincarnation/hereafter will be what I wish of it. That is the only truth I have found, we make what we want to see.

You believe your heightened control will be your strength? Who is to say that such essence of control is simply just the opposite of human nature? What if we come from something orderly simply to take a break as something less so? Do you play videogames of your current existence or do you play something more invigorating?



Frankly I am in doubt about this all the time too. This is just a gnostic influenced view that I have, also I think that the less attachments you have to this world, to the flesh and to the mundane the better. In my eyes those attachments are like chains bound to you, how can you walk away freely after death when there are chains holding you back to the plantation?

However, I do not know if this is right. Maybe I am just missing out on mundane fun in delusion. Maybe your point is accurate. That's the dilemma. Some must take sacrifices and choose a path that makes most sense for him, one way or another.


I've failed at this many times before.. However, I think I'm finally ready to complete a pedge. I pledge 4 weeks, from today until march 24th 2018.


Currently on day 76 of nofap excluding one wet dream(minimal lossage but still a big dent) and some precum leaks a couple times.

Currently practicing Pranayama techniques set forth by Master Samael Aun Weor to awaken Kundalini.

Haven't completely disintegrated lust. I pledge nofap for rest of my life. Orgasm kills. Sex without orgasm or lust is the elixir of life.



>If the end of this life is all but speculation then I will simply speculated that my afterlife/reincarnation/hereafter will be what I wish of it. That is the only truth I have found, we make what we want to see.

You have it exactly. This realm is yours by right. You make of this story what you will, consciously or unconsciously. It could not be otherwise. If you did not desire samsara, you would not be making the rounds on it.

Is celibacy the answer? The answer to this can only be, the answer to what? Celibacy is the other face of sexual obsession, the act of so extremely not having sex in such an obsessive way that it becomes a kind of fucking of its own. Swim out to one extreme or the other, or stay in the middle with masturbation, but it will be a story element for you either way. The notion of obligation is itself a story element, the platter on which the sexual ecstasy of either total chastity or utter fucking (or both/neither at once) is served.


Pledging one week.



>the act of so extremely not having sex in such an obsessive way

>extremely not having sex

top kek. Interesting and amusing how other people see such things.

>be chad

>try to be celibate

>women are throwing themselves at me every day

>even when I lock myself at home they break in and spread their legs for me

>even sipirts and succubus come and try to seduce me

>need to use all my extreme power of the extremest ways to not have sex

>it's almost impossible, gotta run away and hide in a cave in the desert for the rest of my lifetime

>even there scorpions and vultures try to fuck me


Pledging 4 weeks.



Pretty much! Mere non-sex is just the time between sex or masturbation, it isn't chastity. Chastity only occurs when the opportunity for desired sex or sexual release presents itself, and is actively denied, specifically for no other reason than to remain chaste. The point must expressly be to turn the energy of desire from sexual release and gratification of that impulse into frustration, self-denial, etc which will act as motivators. Chaste encounters are batteries for whatever project the chaste practitioner wishes to put that energy into (including later sexual practices). It is as dangerous to be frequently chaste in the true sense as it is to be frequently sexual, and just as with sex, someone who doesn't know what to do with it will squander it.

Chastity only 'works' in a magical sense when it looms as large in the mind as sex, its twin. The two must be linked for it to count. This is why people go nofap as a motivator to obtain sex when they feel masturbation to be too easy an option, it refreshes the notion of sex by way of strengthening the desire for it. Asexuality without energy is not chastity but simply indifference, it is to chastity what mindless, pointless masturbation is to sex, and you won't get energetic results from it.


File: ae8f849cb01c737⋯.jpeg (72.57 KB, 500x960, 25:48, image.jpeg)

File: 9f276de1e0c05df⋯.jpeg (342.45 KB, 765x1024, 765:1024, image.jpeg)

I broke my chanfast because I couldn't remember which day I started. Today is day six(I thought it was only five) and the roughest so far, just reading Chia's work is helping tremendously tbh. The testicle breathing and power lock are pretty easy to learn and it's interesting that the sets and reps of Taoist Qi Gong exercises are all multiples of 3/6/9 for any Tesla's vortex mathfags out there. Definitely not coincidental.

Stay vigilant lads, Chia says and I agree that now that it's spring, nofap will be harder but the loosh gains will be bigger. In addition to the roasties dressing slutier, it's the natural time for reproduction and even the scent of plant growth will supercharge these processes in you. It's no coincidence that a burgeoning powerful supplement for low T is Pine Pollen extract. Go out inawoods, barefoot when you can, know wood.



I pledge one week


File: 67c8e5dd4ef9bc7⋯.jpg (175.9 KB, 756x1000, 189:250, anatolii-leoshko-succubus-….jpg)


Been thinking about those posts and came to the conclusion that they only make sense if you are actually obsessed with being celibate and thinking about it 24/7, which is not the case for me. Ultimately the real way to celibacy is the chill way, you don't obsess over it and you don't even think about it much. In the beginning it may be hard, but in the end you don't even think about the urges anymore. Once you internalize celibacy you just will not want to fuck and masturbate anymore, your higher values and self-control will have forged you. Whenever a female comes and wants to fuck, you just kindly say no and move on, no big deal there. No obsession or suffering involved. Besides, I think no woman will actually just come up and spread her legs for you so that you have to put in extreme effort to avoid sex. I guess most celibates, when they are not approaching women, never or almost never get into the situation where they have to deny sex in the first place, the oppurtunity just never arrives.

Besides I just can't stop thinking that those posts come again from the same logic as "biology is your god, you must obey nature and go along with what's natural, never break out of your shitty human blueprint." and that's not true, for me at least. I'm not gonna this bullshit narrative.

Whatever-the-fuck, pledging for two years. Pledging from today until June 2020. No masturbation, no watching porn. Not even sex, just pure good old celibacy and chastity. While I would love to have sex with my personal perfect 10/10 woman, I know that I will probably never meet her, and even if I met such a person she probably wouldn't approach me anyway, and since I do not approach women by dafult there should be no issue here either about the problem of staying celibate or breaking it for a fuck with the perfect 10/10. It is easy to say no to the common 5/10 woman that you see everywhere, and even they will most likely not come and approach you.


Spring and summer now coming will only give me strenght to pull off this task, embrace the massive loosh gains and become a demigod. I am weakest in the winter and that's where I tend to fall off on everything and relapse.

The only reason I can think of I would break my celibacy pledge is when a literal succubus manifest right before me or another hot, female (maybe demon) spirit who wants to fuck me because that is an unfullfilled long-time dream of mine to fuck a hot succubus, if the chance would presented itself I just could not say no. But hey, I feel like I am on the safe side. The chances of actually meeting my perfect 10/10 or a real hot demon who actively wants to fuck me would be about 0%.

I'll go with the gnostic view and the buddhist idea of celibacy, no sex magick or sex-tantra bullshit. The whole idea about loosh collecting, elexier of life in your balls, forging your soul, breaking the mundane addictions and chains, evolving past your humanity and all this "nature" horseshit just makes too much sense with me, it resonates too deeply. I have been dabbling with celibacy for over a year and have thought about it for many, many hours. Had many great insights when I felt that all the knowledge about loosh, women, semen, nofap and celibacy were adding together like a huge puzzle that is more and more complete. Buddhist views, gnostic views, even some mgtow ideas all clicked together and made perfect sense. This is why I cannot settle for puny arguments like >>116678 >>116630 >>116612

After those mighty two years I will have my own experience, and from there I will be able to decide further action. Cheers guys.



I think it's because your (our) view is completely different from how those people think. I've ended up in arguments over the #metoo stuff and they brought up arguments like

>men can't control their desires, it's in their nature to express it forcefully on females

>women denying men sex are basically terrorists

You'll be surprised how many "supreme gentlemen" there are out there, at least in their values. Any attempt at bringing up self control would just lead to responses like

>lol are you gay

They are so stuck in their own perception of it they can't even imagine it, as if what they feel is some force of nature. They've completely externalized their own desires and acts, taking no responsibility for it at all. There was even some well known columnist who was fired after writing the most retarded article where he defended sexual abuse, saying "if we can't accept this as normal we are a weak nation."



Indeed. It's basically this everywhere:

>I'm a pathetic nu-male without any values, self-cotrol, willpower or higher goals who is completely comfortable with what the demiurge (and the matrix construct called "nature") had given me. And because I am not willing and not able to evolve and break out of my shackels you shouldn't too, and if you still try and leave me back then you are a gay idiot



That conception of sex bears no relation to sexual union of any sort other than the kind seen in porn. There is no cosmic obligation to understand sex as more than an animalistic act, but rejection of all sex based on that conception means that you are expressly bound to that conception in your rejection as well.

If It were indeed a small matter, would it be necessary to take vows? Certainly not. Only an alcoholic feels the need to make an object of non-drinking and to make it a goal which requires effort and striving. By setting up the conditions of effort and striving, you position yourself as a sexual being. My posts are designed to help you get the most out of this endeavor, no more or less, and I judge no more or less than I would judge someone who had pledged himself to perform sexual acts for their energy.

Sexual energy is either passive (masturbation, sex with prostitutes) or active (sex with lovers, tantric union). Just so with its counterpart. Dedication to passive chastity only makes no more energetic sense than dedication to masturbation only. Therefore, active chastity at the most effective level is equal in difficulty to having meaningful sex. At the beginning of chastity, it is as energetic as the beginning of sexuality, and as novel, so it is effective at this stage. The returns will diminish just as the novelty of masturbation diminishes. A long period of chastity is useful as a counterweight for sexual activity to come.

These are basic energetics and should not be alien or distressing. This helps you to better plan out your energy expenditures.



There there my friend, we'll talk again in little over two years. It is after this initial chastity period that I shall decide if I will continue and be celibate forever or if I engage in degenerate animalistic activities again.





Will I cum irl if I cum in my mind?


File: 11aadd8e471a802⋯.jpg (23.92 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1661182_734889566523737_64….jpg)

I hereby pledge one month and proclaim March my fap-free month.

Let's see what comes out of it


File: 9ff54437321f701⋯.jpg (119.69 KB, 720x781, 720:781, Lets go, faggot.jpg)

I pledge a week.

If for any reason that I fail to last a week, I will fucking hang myself with this fucking noose flag.

Jupiter, give me the strength this Thursday to persevere until I meet your day again.



Lasting the first one or two weeks is the hardest, after you made it there is no reason to go back and fap again. If you are through the first week or first two weeks keep at it and go on since it will be easy from there. Imo at least

Good luck Soldier



tried this and it just makes me straight up fucking ecstatic, without feeling like i've lost energy.

thanks anon



I found week 6 to be the worst. You may want to meditate on the deeper psychological reasons behind your failures to pass the main obstacle (with no regard for which week you find hardest).


Day 13 today. Mornings on the weekends are the most difficult I find. Yesterday was the worst so far; the sun was out and warm enough to sunbathe on the back porch after a long snowy winter. Much of the Taoist cultivation requires a lot of edging I don't recommend until after 30 days. I was massaging my peranium(taint) in the sun while working out my 3 diaphragms, lost focus and got worked up to almost to the point of no return. I calmed down using the Big Draw but must not have circulated the energy



An hour later I wound up with the worst blue balls of my life. Rather than giving in I went and chopped wood. After about 20 minutes I was cured. I think one of the keys to Nofap is having specifically masculine(yang) outlets to replace it with, for those times that the urge is too strong to meditate. Chopping wood was a perfect Taoist open eye meditation. Thoughtless yet must be focused or you'll hurt yourself badly. Simply balancing one piece of wood on another and selecting the right grain to guide the axe around knots is Tao af tbh; like the tale of the butcher who never has to sharpen his knives. I'm still hypersensitive today so I'll stick to the non-physical techniques for a while.


File: ae24609aafdfdbf⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.73 KB, 900x750, 6:5, ae24609aafdfdbf86ff8e39fe6….jpg)

File: 4cb71226985fee5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 511.89 KB, 998x1219, 998:1219, 4cb71226985fee57cc02a44fb8….jpg)

Though I had not been keeping track but broke a streak that had started before the new year. 2-3 months. feelsbadman.jpg

This is the post that broke me - be warned!


From 2012portal.blogspot.net.


I have had to turn down sex at several instances to maintain my celibacy, and am receiving messages from multiple people. I should have done what >>117141 had done, but instead I continued reading on; and lost my will. I don't think I can control my lust enough to practice sex without emission; nor do I know whether to trust those around me enough to practice a union in such a way. I think I need to work on sublimation techniques to transmute this energy.

The question is; whence are those to be found who will engage in such a mystical union, and give and take in equal measure? Swami Chidananda seems to think such a thing impossible: https://web.archive.org/web/20060615012603/http://atmajyoti.org:80/sw_role_of_celibacy_in_spiritual_life.asp

As >>116759 seems to imply; there is a mundane, and a transcendenal way to love. The latter seems a way out of the egoic loop, though. I've been invoking these female deities in a sense to counterbalance the Abrahamic skewing; and hope that this rebalance is not in vain.

Time to read Chalice and the Blade, or



Thanks a lot guys.

I went three days without stimulation only to get energy surges and some Eldritch looking femme hovering around me callin me her husband.



You should be proud anon. That streak was much longer than my best, which is my current one of 19 days. You'll do better next time.


You too, this isn't easy, especially in the spring.

I've had a few close calls the past three evenings. I'm at the point were I'm no longer double taking women irl, some by conscious force and some by new discipline. However, memories of past lovers have begun forcing their way in, usually while driving home in traffic and I can't meditate. Something to consider when starting out is the lunar cycle. Think about how violent/sex crimes go up at the full moon; I remember this past full moon was very difficult for me having only 9 days under my belt. If you start out after half waning(now), you'll have a solid three weeks before the next full moon.



So… About that…. I've always been sensitive to the spiritual but never really acted upon it. Started digging deep at some power questions and accidentally found divine knowledge. It imparted knowledge of a whole lot of the esoteric without me actually ever researching it, and since then I've researched quite a bit more.

One thing happened since then, though. I have a 'female spirit' that seems to have taken interest in me. I have done no rituals or anything like that trying to conjure one up, this just started happening. After a while I started to get an idea of what to call her but I was afraid to even acknowledge it as being correct. Every night when I lay down, like within a minute, it will feel like im getting fondled and then it will distinctly feel like a pussy is going up and down my dong. A couple of nights ago I worked up the nerve to say it "lets cut the shit what is your name" and random noises around the house started, creaks in the wall, random things moving, and each time it sounded specifically like "lilith"

I've read nothing but bad about her, what do.



Was she good looking?



lilith is a name for a "demon", or more rather, a common name between spirits that call themselves as "demons"

be careful is what i say. and if you want to remove her from your presence, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfQVgVayXcc and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVDGY5BKT5k may help. (i also add https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5-DrYahaSc)





The thing that is confusing is that she comes around for a couple of days but when she leaves I find that I had learned something that I hadnt yet known. Really cant put my finger on what is going on with her.


File: 546d6618a6f3fc3⋯.jpeg (3.38 MB, 2939x4943, 2939:4943, IMG_20180309_172854376-01.jpeg)


I drew her head as she is so outlandish. Four arms, feminine physique, two pairs of breasts one pair smaller, at least 10 feet tall, small thick tail I could pinch between my thighs, skin almost like a xenomorph, the legs look bestial, fluid motions, long hugging arms.

I was given a name and if I focus on it she pops up in my minds eye for chat



>infernal thotties




You god-damn lucky bastard. What must I do go get a qt alien-demon gf myself?



All I know is that she absolutely despises most men, regarding them more of nature of weak animals. While passing by a group of men on one of my walks all I could hear one time was contempt hissing.

She regards me as a "font of emotional energy" that is a refreshing sensation to what she's normally used to. With me she at least acts cordial, opts for me to conserve myself, and delights on my self improvement.



Agree with her, most men have let themselves down in todays age a lot. Fucking degenerate wanker nu-male soyboy larping brony weaboo cucks with no virtues. (not saying women are better, in fact most human women are even worse)

Your post gives me great motivation to start working on myself again and going full nofap, however always with the intent in the back of my head to attract some demon gf. I will also pick up meditation and magick work again and cast out some sigils and go to the gym. I shall cultivate great power and life force, but no regular chick will get it. Only a succubus gf who proves worthy indeed and shares her companionship and love with me can have in return my glorious energy.

Thanks anon, have a good day and thanks to your demon too for giving me motivation to be a better man. A man of virtue, wisdom, power and self-control.




Do be careful as you rail against mundanes that you don't end up shooting yourself in the foot.

Personally this sounds super suspicious and I wouldn't trust her with my mental energy, but I suppose to each their own…



Honestly though, this fits in pretty well with my goals. I have a general people phobia and possibly some form of asocial mental illness to boot. Having some shadow spawn, demon, intradimensional monster, or the like is actually quite nice.

Although the excessive use of the words "branded" and "marked" might get bored after a while. Perhaps it is good to be in preferred standing with some being like her? Who knows, I might learn something.



Then you have extra reason not to listen to someone who's going to sever ties entirely. That's a great way to manipulate you into listening to only whatever she tells you. That's a bad idea, especially if she openly considers you basically just an emotional battery. If she was a tulpa of yours, that would be fine, but she's not, so it's anyone's guess what her real goals are.

If that's in line with your goals, live it up. I'm just saying it's not a position I'd put myself in. Then again, I don't have social phobias and I rarely entertain more than bare servitors, so I may not be the best advisor here. I respectfully bow out of giving further advice without being asked.


>be me

>try nofap often

>fail all the time

>cannot control the hornyness

>no matter how much i do breathing exercises

>no matter how long and hard i clench my pc muscle

>no matter how much i visualize the energy going from my sacral chakra up my spine

>i still am perma horny

>no energy transmutation works

>the longer i do nofap the more obsessed my mind is with pussy and porn

>eventually its all i can think of and can barely concentrate or do other things in life

>will fap sooner or later cus the hornyness becomes overwhelming and all-consuming and no energy-work methods seem to work

what do fringe?


Pledging eight and a half minutes.



You are trying way too hard. Stop. If you have to really reef on it, you're probably doing something wrong, in the same way that if you lift weights and you feel something falter, put the weight down. You don't lift up the weight and then hold it there forever.

Look, if this isn't your deal, then it's not your deal, so find something that is your deal and do that. Your will ought to be at least as fulfilled as a mundane's, and mundanes fulfill their will easily each time they fap. If you are running up against a wall, do the smart thing and find the door rather than trying to beat your head against it.



Fap to positive affirmations.


I never seem to be able to make it longer than a week. I find myself bored during long stretches of free time. I never realized how much time I spent masturbating and watching porn. Perhaps I should take up some kind of hobby to occupy my mind.

I hereby pledge that I shall not masturbate, have sex, or ejaculate in any way for the remaining duration of the month of March.



>delving into "late 2015 trend"

>not thinking if it's a PsyOp like the soyim memes

>not thinking if successful claims were fake claims

>not knowing it's just another reddited psyop of the same shill organization

Deprivation is a bad cycle.

You should stop believing in everything you see that claims itself to be "good4u" - you follow that pattern like moths to peril.

Learn cycle and flow when patterning/depatterning.

Don't counter the flow, deceive the flow.

>what are fidget spinners/cubes

these were made in light of the touchscreen meme.

If you want another hint try something that keeps your right hand busy.

You can see your nose and you are now manually breathing.

But then again is it really that bad for you? When you can live with it. You're just weak. Be strong.


bump this thread but also:

1. Go your own way. Do your own research and experiments, get your own insights and think about this for yourself. Don't be a sheeple who follows trends and memes for no real reason. This is imo the best and truest way to living life. Be a man for yourself and go your own way. Only you can know if perma nofap makes sense for you or not. However to find your own way of glory you must not just run with your first impulse and emotions like a bitch with no reason and logic, but to actually use your brain and find out with study and effort what really is best for you. Just because you love masturbating 5 times a day doesn't mean you should go this way without trying different things first and putting stuff to the test.

2. All in moderation. Imo it is best to keep a balance with all things. You don't have to cut off "negative/bad" stuff completely but only reduce it to a good level. Likewise you don't have to fully get absorbed in "positive/good" things and only do those 24/7. Again only you can know what is good and what is not, and how balanced you wanna keep things.

A few examples from my personal view:

-NoFap: Being celibate for long periods of time proved unnecessary burdensome to me and gave almost only problems instead of benefits so I decided to masturbate only 1-3 times on the weekends. I am much happier and more relaxed with this technique and I still don't fall for the addiction to porn or masturbation.

Caffeine: Drinking coffee is fine but I found that the recommended amount of "healthy" 5 cups a day is too much of it and fucks you up pretty fast. Coffee-addiction is real and it's pretty bad, not only because of the massive amount of acid that you put in your body(and ruin your stomach) but it also increases stress levels and fucks up your sleep. For me, 1-2 cups a day is perfectly enough, sometimes even no cup. A little bit of coffee can actually be healthy and prevent cancers and alzheimers and so on.

meditation: "I sit and meditate for 6 hours every single day, I'm so enlightened." No you're not, you're a brainwashed freak who wastes his time with doing nothing. I found that even with the good stuff, less is sometimes more. 20-40 minutes almost every day are more than enough meditation. Otherwise you will burn out really fast. 20 mins of no mind, 20 mins of visualization/imagination exercise and you're done.

Gym: 3-4 days for one hour per week is perfectly enough. 5 days a week for 2 hours each is too much and is almost like an obsession. So much time wasted and the risk of burning out and getting sick increase from too much training. You don't need this much.

Alcohol: For me this is only poison that not only fucks up your mind but also your body, I almost never drink it. But on some very rare occasions, a little is ok.

smoking: this is one of the few things where I keep no balance. I don't smoke at all, because it is pure poison and huge money waste. for nothing. alcohol can at least taste good in very few occasions and make you feel good for a while.

videogames: Play away my friend, but realize that here also balance is key. If you play a lot of games, balance it out with little bit of daily meditation and workouts in the gym, and maybe walks in nature. If you only sit in front of the pc and play for long times without doing anything else you will fuck yourself up pretty badly. I play a lot of videogames, but I make sure to also do a lot of different healthy things throughout the week too to counter it.

Now if you say "but my guru meditates for 10 hours a day and does this and that, but doesn't this and that at all bla bla etc." then all I have to say is: You are not your guru, You are not some monk or someone else. Stop worshiping and blindly following other people. If you are too far gone to even go your own way and think for yourself then you should probably kill yourself, faggot.



Should've done this a while ago.

Archive of original bump limit



http://archive.is/IJxs1 (missing first two posts)


I was in the headspace of just wanting a personal cumdumpster

Then I just met this girl who was nothing but a bucket of problems, and turned her down.

Every since I made that conscious decision, 1-2 weeks no fap at a minimum became easy.

>Its all in our heads, guys


How to I get the demon in the E.R. to stop complaining about succubi?

He's being really mean to his sister.


I read about Ankhing in other thread. It makes sense somehow I guess, but isn't ejaculating the semen outside still harmful to you?


lust renounced


File: 296984966cc1602⋯.jpg (78.06 KB, 653x860, 653:860, 03-srila-prabhupada-and-lo….jpg)

File: d741125fb18a4b6⋯.jpg (400.84 KB, 1372x1307, 1372:1307, 04-srila_prabhupada_offers….jpg)


File: e754f25ee347b02⋯.jpg (284.52 KB, 794x1122, 397:561, succ2.jpg)

It's spooktober, don't tell me you will not let succubus drain your balls especially in this dark times where the veils are thinning. Only now succubus contact is really easily possible. You know you want it

Happy halloween fellow wizards


trying for years

never succeeded

maybe a couple days

one time i did two weeks but with some edging so that was no good

i just havent been able to stop porn and fapping



look at >>>/pol/12248904 . Keep the benefits in mind, maybe they will give you motivation to stop.



One could argue that all desire stems from the inner desire of reaching enlightenment. To deny like a dogmatic rigid person would could be the choice that causes one to miss doors that would have led to enlightenment. One would argue that all things aren't good or evil and that, like nature, balance and harmony must be found. To deny is to kill. To side with only a piece of oneself is to kill oneself. Something God did not want.



Who is One?

And so you are saying wasting semen is a good thing?



Not him, sharing my two cents with the collective.

Cumming = cutting. It is spilling a vital fluid out of stimulation of the flesh, releasing endorphins that can make the experience addicting (or if you dislike that word, as do I, let's call it "extremely tempting").

This view makes the two opposing polarities a bit more obvious to the observing eye: Would most people agree that cutting, especially more often than once a week, is bad? Definitely. Does that necessarily apply to a wizard who is doing a blood offering? Well… Maybe. Once a week still seems pretty often for a blood offering. But if that's their practice, it can be legit.

That's basically cum-magic. Of course more vital fluid = more magic, so it's good to save it up, but as long as your head is generally-speaking in the right place (i.e. you're fapping to positive self-affirmations or semi-coherent fantasies), it's worlds better than the mundane version of it

Of course, it's beyond obvious this is in-part my own rationalization for why I rarely go over a week without orgasm. After about 3 days it gets so bad that I'm basically walking around with a permanent hard-on, it's like I'm back in high school. Maybe in part because of hormones resetting after I cut out all the extreme porn that made me feel bad? I think I've heard of something like that on ybop but tbh I never really got into the nofap memes.


Remind her that quality > quantity, succs don't need 3 square meals a day. One good or two good loads milked out at the end of a week of waiting has way more/stronger/tastier energy than a dozen weakshots across a single day.

If you wanna supercharge your succ, we've got 15 days precisely until the veil is at its thinnest and it's the first quarter of the moon tonight. Great time to start saving up that delicious energy in your balls to get her going crazy. Remember to tease her about how it's going to make her fall in love with you and crave serving you forever the whole time.


File: 6e6ee71cfd78b0f⋯.jpg (206.3 KB, 1100x930, 110:93, succ.jpg)


I don't have a succubus. The other post was just a joke to create some mood for halloween. I also do not plan to get a succubus. However I read on 4/x/ about some guy who met a succ waifu through his ouija board (which is obviously roleplay crap) but I bought a ouija board myself (a lot of people laugh at the ouija and ridicule it but as long as I haven't tried it for myself I won't listen to all the mundanes) for the samhein time so if a succ should truely contact me through the ouija board I don't know if I would be able to withstand her.

Nofap is defintely becoming harder as the moon is waxing. A few more days and it's gonna be another full moon which is for me to hardest time to remain celibate. I hope I can make it, since I am basically like you with only 3 days and then I have a perma boner and cannot get rid of nasty toughts anymore. Pic related is basically me in those times. Even without the moon and the veil thinning with all the succs running around it is very hard to do nofap for me by default. The longer it goes, the harder it gets. After a few weeks I cannot concentrate anymore at all and also I cant sleep because all I think of is pussy and all I want is to finally empty my balls and prostate.

But unlike you I cannot just orgasm every week. Don't they say that you need to be celibate for years until you finally can reap the amazing benefits? That's what I learned on fringe. It takes many months until your body truely starts to reabsorb the stored semen and sex energy back into the body and until you are completely healed and become very powerful with siddhis and powers and all the stuff it can takes years. How can you orgasm every week? Hell even orgasming once a month is way too often. If you orgasm this often your balls will never complete the brewing of your elexier of life, let alone your body start to feed of it and become extremely healthy. All this rings true with me, that's why I must endure…for a long time to come until my body has reabsorbed back so much life force into the blood and my energy bodies that I am complteley transformed. This is what nofap is all about in the end, right? This is the true purpose and sense of nofap as far as I could understand.


I think I beat it boys. I'm in complete control now. Just to make it official

I pledge forever



beating it is what you should be trying to avoid



Where do you extract the blood and cause the least harm possible?


Here from /nofap/, good thread, learning a lot. Pledging no ejaculations while awake until I conceive my first child. Pledging renewed effort to eliminate nocturnal emissions. Will reply to this comment after 2^n days of success, n>=3, or if failed.



>bringing a child into this world in our day and age

cringe and pluepilled. your child will hate you for it


File: c74088fa946a05f⋯.jpg (89.85 KB, 800x602, 400:301, mantak_05.jpg)

Semen retention is obviously very important, however in my experience semen retention by itself combined with an active sex life is a horrendous combination. Halfassed brahmacarya and halfassed degeneracy. A few weeks ago I had a massive load built up inside of me and I swiped on some beautiful tinder thot who came over to my house that night. Literally the mere act of placing my penis inside of her made me want to ejaculate, and after several thrusts I pulled out and came all over the grass in my backyard.

She was very kind about the whole embarrassing issue and has since returned, and I have since redeemed myself several times over.

In any case, what do you all here think about the methods of Mantak Chia, and specifically his method of "self-cultivation" which is masturbating for an extended period of time and then using the PC muscle, plus optionally pressing on the perineum to stop semen from being released? I've been doing this once a week, plus training in kegels every other day so that one day I'll be able to use that muscle by itself to retain my semen and have sex indefinitely.

Thoughts on Mantak Chia?



Those with the intellectual capacity and strength of will to seriously consider and practice antinatalism are the exact sort of people this world needs to be reproducing.





how did you end up on fringe my friend? let alone in the celibacy thread? we really try here not to be mundane degenerates. someone who uses tinder and uses the word thot really should be on some other places instead



>Thoughts on Mantak Chia?

New age cuckold

You either go completely celibate with no sex or masturbation at all or you just stay a degenerate and fap and fuck. No inbetween, you will only waste your time and achieve nothing.


File: f0df771e935f450⋯.jpg (465.84 KB, 2324x2196, 581:549, 43749.jpg)


>how did you end up on fringe my friend? let alone in the celibacy thread?

I knew Smiley on 4chon, then on 5chon, and then I was there when he created freedomboard.kirara.ca. It's been a good number of years now that I've been practicing and there have been periods of time where I've went more than six months without masturbating or looking at a woman lustfully. However at the time being I am cultivating my sexual life as well, and trying to mix my sadhana with thottery. Hence why I asked about Mantak Chia.

Once I gain full control over my PC muscle I suspect that semen retention will be a piece of cake.



>However at the time being I am cultivating my sexual life as well

You are not very bright aren't you? But it's a given when one connects to smiley. Overall fringe seems to attracts almost exclusively brainlets.

However I do not want to discourage you, keep practicing and maybe you will finally figure it out.



Excellent rebuttal, anon. You sure showed me.



Sounds like you have no will power. You're not suppose to obsess over it and think about lewd shit… Half of no-fap is physically not fapping, and the other half is not having lewd thoughts or looking at porn.


Physically stopping high pressure jizz from exiting your balls seems very unhealthy, Anon…


i finally made it past day 4 after 6 months of trying, so i guess i finally made some progress


File: a916412c418c53e⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 693x6284, 693:6284, ironpill_fightingporn.jpg)


Nice, time to keep the streak going right?


File: 6b3573768b6b5eb⋯.jpg (21.38 KB, 500x500, 1:1, download.jpg)


here is my response to possible shilling after i had made my thread:

the above post is disinformation

there is nothing wrong with human sexuality

people like dogmatists or the roman catholic church (with all due respect to my fellow human being) misconstrue the nature of human sexuality and paint it out to be a bad thing


^New-Ager', Teal Swan, on "human sexuality"



to all of my honest /fringe/ posters i'd say be weary of the attempts of the bourgeoisie to "human engineer" or try to "social engineer" you or your family or other anons or something like that….one of their favorite ways to try to do this is of course sexuality


File: 35af6c04c461e82⋯.jpg (22.84 KB, 420x387, 140:129, download (1).jpg)

"Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong."

- Jean Jacques Rousseau


the master race will dom you


>on nofap streak

>lying in bed last night

>feel "presence" in the room with me

>the presence has been here before, no problem, just ignore

>suddenly feel pressure in my perineum

>heart rate starts climbing

>pulse thumping in my ears

>start to get hard


please help


In this lifetime I do not misuse sexuality and consider mine a part of my hygiene.



It looks like I have gone to basic.


File: 3c8c195c3962bbd⋯.jpg (17.22 KB, 440x598, 220:299, raven.jpg)


Tell her to come visit me, I'll take her off your hands if you're not interested.


I used to post on /fringe/ more regularly, I detailed my problems with masturbation. I must admit, I lost control for a very long time. However, since then I've found a girl that I love and it's helping me break the porn/fap cycle. Posting here reaffirms my conviction to hold myself accountable for my actions.


File: 082880958d3dbe7⋯.jpg (238.29 KB, 642x504, 107:84, flowers.jpg)

I'm pledging 2 months. I need to get my shit together.



i'm back again, i finally broke the 1 week barrier. the temptations grow ever weaker, my meditation has finally become fruitfull and i have less and less a desire to fap now.

i also feel a sort of pulsating electricity on the top of my head and in my hands, i don't really know what it is but it feels awesome.


File: 78b1b3ff83c4c08⋯.png (140.1 KB, 504x814, 252:407, ClipboardImage.png)

In a week or two I will have gone an entire year without fapping. Kind of wish I had posted my "pledge" here so I'd know the exact day.

Now I want to actually do something with all this energy I've accumulated, and discipline I've cultivated, instead of stoically containing it for nothing. Maybe I'll look into Wilhelm Reich. Who else elaborates on things to do with this energy?



You should have started to use this energy almost immediately after starting nofap and not only a year later. But of course starting now is better than never.

Did you get any spiritual benefits from your year-long streak like some insights or powers? Or some physical and health benefits? The most important benefit should come by default without you doing anything and it comes about simply by not wasting any semen for a long time, but maybe you will only really notice it after a second or third year (I hope you know that you really should be permanent celibate and the biggest benefits will come after years).

As for the use of your energy, the common stuff is recommended. Energy work on your energy bodies, drawing the energy up your spine and storing it in your lower dantian or drawing it directly into your third eye chakra. Or healing yourself. As long as you use your own energy to cultivate it in yourself and don't waste it.


Pledging one week


I pledge 2 years from Nov 13 2018 to Nov 13 2020.



Day one again.