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Featured Threads: Resources: ( >>540 ) Questions: ( >>17126 ) Opposing Views: ( >>14534 )

Asatru Essentials: >>13 Rules: https://8ch.net/asatru/rules.html

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What is Asatru?

Long before Christianity came to northern Europe, the people there – our ancestors – had their own form of spirituality that influenced every aspect of their culture. One expression of this European spirituality was Asatru. It was practiced in the lands that are today Scandinavia, England, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and other countries as well. Asatru is the original, or native, religion for the peoples who lived in these regions. Nevertheless, Asatru is more than just a religion in the narrow sense of the word. It is our way of being in the world; some of us call it the “Germanic Folkway” to underline this larger concept.

What does the word “Asatru” mean?

It means, roughly, “belief in the Gods” or “those true to the Gods” in Old Norse, the language of ancient Scandinavia in which so much of our source material was written. (A more literal translation would be “gaining experience of the ancestral sovereign gods.”) Asatru is a name given to the religion of the Norsemen, but we use this term to include the spiritual worldview of all the Germanic peoples, not just the Scandinavians.

When did Asatru start?

Asatru is thousands of yeaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Featured Video

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File: c5c2dd558145739⋯.jpg (1.74 MB, 2616x1988, 654:497, viking-woman-viking-food-v….jpg)


ITT let us discuss the various ways in which to procure tasty aswell as norse-derived greenpilled meals in accordance with our eddaic beliefs.

Remember; Preserving our folkish identity includes passing on this ancient culinary knowledge aswell!

I'll start off with this authentic norse germanic viking recipe here;

How to make viking-era flatbread


Let's share our dank asatru recipes and cooking tips ITT now fams

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Alc content would depend on the yeast used and the initial sugar content.

Modern yeasts can ferment to 20%, but before yeast strain engineering, wild yeasts usually only fermented to 2-10%.

Additional berries were added to mead to provide nutrients to the yeast necessary for them to live. Blackberries and oranges are common additions to mead today.



There are old world turkeys too right?



Nothing close to a Turkey indigenous in the Old World even before the last ice age but like Potato it was imported.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Knowing how to fish rivers is very important and will probably get you more calories than larp-hunting on the daily but fishing might not be very useful right after a civilization collapse. Almost all Western Countries allow for pipes into rivers for dumping in case of an emergency overflow of the plant's waste. Mattering on what automatically gets dumped could mean a good few years until the rivers repair themselves.

I never tried fishing in the ocean though because of being so inland.

File: 1446746552398.png (121.31 KB, 400x600, 2:3, Wagner, Valkyrie by Ferdin….png)


"Asatru" art, form the past and the present. Scanned physical works, digitally produced, runes, symbols, gods, every theme under the sphere.

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File: 79d5c953d57c8c5⋯.jpg (28.38 KB, 300x380, 15:19, 46f29411c18e28e4629c70e415….jpg)

File: 77752102a21393b⋯.jpg (295.4 KB, 452x659, 452:659, Ask_and_Embla_by_Robert_En….jpg)

File: b15d9e7aa28d34c⋯.jpg (144.27 KB, 500x722, 250:361, odin71.jpg)


File: df78e86d71e836c⋯.jpg (340.1 KB, 477x706, 477:706, Ostara_by_Johannes_Gehrts.jpg)

File: dae1a43302b6f0c⋯.jpg (52.11 KB, 496x487, 496:487, woden.jpg)


File: f068936e2b767c0⋯.jpg (116.72 KB, 736x742, 368:371, a6da82a98ae14b13d4636812b0….jpg)

File: 6debf52d95d9520⋯.jpg (10.13 MB, 4148x6516, 1037:1629, Giant_Suttung_wants_reveng….jpg)


Remember who was the most instrumental in the capturing of Lokie after he had killed Balder. Then remember what the dwarves did to Kvasir afterwords, draining him of all his blood to drink, since they saw more wit in him than Loki had. Then remember the lie these dwarves had told, that Kvaser had killed himself but the lies of these dwarves finally caught up with them and they had to ransom their lives to a giant who'd destroy them if not for their creation which a dwarf never sipped.


File: a73045353484764⋯.jpg (294.46 KB, 1297x1689, 1297:1689, Schwarzenacker_Jupitergiga….jpg)

File: ece73b2924904fe⋯.jpg (17.5 KB, 220x344, 55:86, 220px-Taranis_Jupiter_with….jpg)

File: d4fe8203af0b45f⋯.jpg (122.68 KB, 1161x1800, 129:200, Roman_-_Sucellus_-_Walters….jpg)


File: 320d6b444f4a47b⋯.jpg (73.64 KB, 654x782, 327:391, Shea, Caught Fairy Tails (….jpg)

File: f08880b812abab7⋯.jpg (54.88 KB, 507x651, 169:217, Dullaghan, Caught Fairy Ta….jpg)

File: 2fcdbf8ef5537c0⋯.jpg (93.02 KB, 514x769, 514:769, Mael Duin, Translated Voya….jpg)

File: 1413644142905.jpg (59.21 KB, 500x500, 1:1, stand-up-and-fight.jpg)


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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: c999a343bd99b5e⋯.jpg (78.49 KB, 800x445, 160:89, maxresdefault-3-800x445.jpg)

Runahild’s Ethereal Germanic Heathen Folk Music



File: 15168e368a67825⋯.jpg (132.24 KB, 417x600, 139:200, 417px-Deutsche_Frauen_und_….jpg)



HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


File: 4b8394c18fb4e0e⋯.jpg (23.17 KB, 233x350, 233:350, 1531383199052.jpg)


File: 1425829097788.jpg (87.83 KB, 500x642, 250:321, ice-giants.jpg)


Post your favorite videos in this thread.

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Huh the other video on that channel is an excerpt from vaticancatholic.com's video about Steven Anderson. vaticancatholic.com when he's not saying "not real Catholicism, not a real pope, its all Vatican II's fault adnauseam" he acts like such a fucking cuck he used to interview a bunch of married non-white Catholics talking about how great Catholics they were and them having a bunch of children, when he's a sworn into childless white man.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dis one fo last week heh


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: 61db6c2462eebfa⋯.jpg (52.67 KB, 1375x461, 1375:461, image.jpg)


I just got my 23andMe results back. I thought I was 25% Eastern European (I knew about one Ukrainian great grandparent and one from either Poland or Ukraine) with the rest being Western European, but apparently I'm a pretty even split between Eastern and Western European. 0% Ashkenazi, not even a trace. Am I white enough for Asatru? Is it reserved only for Northwestern Europeans?

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File: c520c730e79b632⋯.jpg (846.92 KB, 1574x1663, 1574:1663, I am saxo-danube german.jpg)




It is known that these people produce incomplete results. They do absolute guesses or complete fabrication in order to fill them out.



Yeah I remember the article from the /pol/ thread. The tests can probably tell you something, but chances are it's something you already knew anyway and if they fuck with your results just to fill out your report then it's just going to confuse you.

A better thing to do is to research your family genealogy yourself if you can. It's more reliable, more satisfying and serves a purpose. You can honour your ancestors better if you know them.


File: 4a55748728bdb91⋯.png (203.64 KB, 864x678, 144:113, 00101.png)

Ah fuck


File: 25b285bdab05e7a⋯.png (615.47 KB, 980x836, 245:209, archive.png)

Finally found dat archive entry again heh

File: f50c9155d8e2cfe⋯.png (282.9 KB, 1360x569, 1360:569, 1505907105448.png)


Let's have a thread about pagan jokes and funny pagan memes

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File: 15cd17d1f295357⋯.jpeg (314.75 KB, 1298x682, 59:31, Can't figure it out.jpeg)



>The Jews fed the Romans Christianity

There was this wonderful book I can't seem to remember the title of now which made the case that Christianity was actually created by the Roman government in order to pacify Jews, since they entirely refused to integrate or even be tolerable of Roman culture. It seems much more likely considering the content of pacifistic behavior and "whatever man, this life is irrelevant so just let it go" messaging.


File: 50f757b6160a670⋯.mp4 (2.26 MB, 640x360, 16:9, real judaism.mp4)


>>Christianity was actually created by the Roman government in order to pacify Jews

What sort of fool could believe this before the allowing of jews across Europe? You think the Roman government would allow its replacement and all the turmoil it underwent in order to "pacify" some worthless tribe which could so easily had been wiped out in any of its days?

Further could you point me to when and where Christianity actually pacified jews? All I see is an inter-nation clique going from country to country above the law and protected from harm by anyone important from then on wards.

What actually happened is easy to understand but hard to reconcile. Its the same thing the jews have done over the last century and centuries before, its the destruction of the goyim's idols and yes one of them includes racial coherence which we see the jew primarily after now.



>could you point me to when and where Christianity actually pacified jews?

At the time the Jews were burning the place down. The ones who decided their Messiah had arrived calmed down substantially, because they were told by this Messiah to just let everything go and focus on looking good to the big man because "the end is nigh".

However, you don't need to believe that because it is irrelevant to the theory that anyone was actually pacified. It would strengthen the argument but it's lack wouldn't poke any holes. Consider that modern day welfare programs are created in order to solve the problems of homelessness, hunger, joblessness and the like but generally exacerbate the problems instead. The outcome need not match the expected outcome; The expected outcome is all we need as evidence and it seems to be there. It's really too bad I can't remember what book it was, were it I did, I'd cite it.


File: 9d85c68fe68d303⋯.jpg (34.23 KB, 404x360, 101:90, 1531855069654.jpg)

File: ad7aedbdda98084⋯.jpg (97.41 KB, 626x720, 313:360, 54557.jpg)


Greenpilled Celto-Germanic Druid Astrology: What’s Your Tree Zodiac Sign?


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Celts are germanic


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"Celts" can become "Germanic" once they follow Kings before Priests.



But they're still germanic though


File: 7920e721337ce91⋯.jpg (249.15 KB, 904x904, 1:1, 1531790631483.jpg)

The Relation of Hindu and Celtic Culture



File: a304aaa5cf19ec2⋯.jpg (15.61 KB, 244x248, 61:62, 1531845857589.jpg)


Gud post heh

File: 53e234328226b74⋯.jpg (109.55 KB, 1000x1362, 500:681, milk.jpg)


How does one remain chaste and celibate (until marriage) when you're surrounded by lewd and willing women? And also porn everywhere? I live in a country where girls love tall, white men and I always have a girlfriend. Fornication is inevitable.

is this haram in asatru or am i worrying pointlessly?

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File: 421305614b070a2⋯.jpg (201.26 KB, 603x718, 603:718, Frey and Gerd.jpg)

File: 909e6ceef8cb1d5⋯.jpg (195.62 KB, 612x748, 9:11, Freyja and Od.jpg)


I admit anon perhaps I am not to learned on the ways of Vans but you must remember how Frey lost his sword for lusting after Gertr. Just by eyeing her, "he spake not, he slept not, he drank not", he didn't even want to meet her thinking he'd mess it up for himself so he sent his servant to speak to her father on his own behalf. When his servant then asked to bring Frey's sword on his travels it got lost not to be found and "Freyr will think a worse thing has come upon him, when he misses his sword on that day that the Sons of Múspell go a-harrying." He ended up only winning Gertr through threat and spell. As well look at Freyja who chose a man who would never be around out of lust for him and now this single-mother can only weep for a husband never around.

Yes the Vanir know much about love and lust as their race hinges on a kind of irresistibility. Just be sure to not make your life a recreation of their own but no it cannot be stopped as well we all know Alfather tried to do that for Heidi, and perhaps only made her worse. And the race of Vanir have their place in the court of the Aesir and as well for us here in Midgard.

>>"Freyja is most conformable to men's prayers, and from her name comes the name of honor, Fru, by which noblewomen are called. Songs of love are well-pleasing to her it is good to call on her for furtherance in love."

>>"Frey is best of all the exalted gods in the Aesir's courts: no maid he makes to weep, nor wife of man, and from bonds looses all."


File: 8f69c67d89a7584⋯.png (1.61 MB, 980x1200, 49:60, f9652e98b7699d6cff487617cd….png)

File: 676a706a2df2180⋯.jpg (239.82 KB, 1100x1466, 550:733, Venus_kallipygos03.jpg)


>I wouldn't say the Vanir are as hedonistic as you're suggesting anon.

in the Heimskringla its stated that the Vanir practiced incest before the Aesir conquered them and abolished the practice, if they were degenerate and hedonistic enough to practice incest you can assume all sorts of things of them. there is a very strong sense of the push and pull between Apollonian and Dionysian instincts when it comes to the conflicts between the Aesir and Vanir; both are ultimately necessary and needed for the process of being human, but one is very clearly the superior and more civilized, while the other more base and animalistic, and you need to make sure that the Apollonian side stays dominant over the Dionysian. It isnt a bad thing to give into this side of humanity sometimes; girls dont want you to be a smart math-man like Apollo in bed, they want you to be a wild animal like Dionysus. But you can't be a wild animal all the time in society, and most of the time this more savage side of humanity needs to be suppressed so we can make way for civilization. Girls DO want you to be a smart math-man when it comes to having a job, if you just drink, fuck and party all day like a true Dionysian she will think of you the way she thinks of a boy. Giving into lust and hedonism works when youre bedding your wife; it doesnt work when youre trying to get a job or finish schooling.


i remember reading this too, in a perfect society i dont think prostitutes should even exist because they can spread disease and they still defile the sacred feminine by their mere existence, but with how bad things are right now im willing to cut losses until we can shape a truly perfect society. that probably wont be until several generations after we are all dead.


>I admit anon perhaps I am not to learned on the ways of Vans

no one really is honestly, most of what wePost too long. Click here to view the full text.




These are good points but I suppose it depends on how literally you take the mythology, iirc there was a degree of separation between the myths from actual practise and belief



>I remember reading that in renaissance Italy, prostitution was encouraged for exactly this reason.

That was a pretty interesting read:


>Prostitution in Renaissance Italy: The “Necessary Evil”

>In the wake of the fourteenth-century plague, which killed over half of Italy’s populations, cities were faced with a crisis. To make matters worse, Italian men seemed uninterested in repopulating the peninsula, struck by a sin worse than death—same-sex attraction.

>The medieval church had declared prostitution a “necessary evil,” drawing on St. Augustine of Hippo’s proclamation that “If you do away with whores, the world will be consumed with lust.” Thomas Aquinas likewise declared in the thirteenth century that “If prostitution were to be suppressed, careless lusts would overthrow society.” Aquinas likened prostitution to a sewer in a palace—if you took it away, the building would overflow with pollution. Or, more specifically, “Take away prostitutes from the world and you will fill it with sodomy.”

>Prostitutes, then, served as receptacles of sin, protecting the rest of society from male lust. And, in particular, they kept male passions focused on women, rather than other men.




Don't think it was just Renaissance Italy either, iirc the archbishop of Canterbury owned a number of brothels

File: 5231edcf60d9e8f⋯.png (181.92 KB, 296x309, 296:309, OUAT-406-7.png)


Energies And Rituals

It may be that we are not aware, but as individuals, we have a great importance in the Multiverse and in Creation. (…) Each of us as has certain amount of personal energy. It is also important to remember that each of our actions, words and thoughts are energy. So we have all a role to play and we can all bring changes into the great Wyrd’s Web.

As individuals we also can, like the acupuncturist’s needle, serve as interface for the cosmic, multiversal energies.

We should imagine our Folk as a great organism and each of its members as a cell of this great body. I think that we are all aware that this body (our own Folk) is becoming ever more sick due to the degeneration of a lot of its cells.

>Cont. at; .odinic-rite.org/main/energies-and-rituals/

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File: de7dd3638060127⋯.jpg (338.14 KB, 500x764, 125:191, 534453.jpg)








Commit suicide. You won't be missed.



Are you the King of this here board?


Telling someone you call your enemy to kill themselves only shows your inability to kill them yourself.



Nah just some goy that tells KIKES to fuck off heh


I suck massive cocks by the way heh lmao


File: c03db57d064428c⋯.jpg (73.4 KB, 500x650, 10:13, 1ee0a5cd1f34b45320527e433c….jpg)


Kys chodevirgin you projecting khv incel virgin autist schizo sperg LOL

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


New varg video, heathens

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Evil Shill Lie Propaganda! (ABSOLUTISM)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Best!!!!!!!!!



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Muh evil racist & hypocritical Varg


Weary are our Germanic Feet



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Luck Favours the Bold Germanics (REDPILLED RANT)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Black Death Paradigm


File: 9533d134561d5d3⋯.mp4 (9.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, tfw no cultura.mp4)


Define European Pagan culture in contrast to European Christian culture.

88 posts and 62 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



How proud of your half-Nigger grandson are you?


File: 0b810affeb9c992⋯.jpg (406.18 KB, 681x902, 681:902, 9cf46c4cc006d051edb1097364….jpg)


>if you dismiss Jesus because he started as a Jew, then you must dismiss everything else that has Jewish influenced, including Nazi Germany

stopped reading there



>>you can never be jew free.

Says you. Once the jew's are wiped out entirely by the force of the hammer then Christianity will slowly dry up as nobody will care to learn Hebrew anymore because it'll be a dead language of a dead people. Once nobody cares to delve into the "true" meaning of the Torah for guidance then the Gospels will lose their hold on my race unable to stand on their own.

Christians have protected jews for so long because they understand they need jews or their entire faith will collapse. Lambast me for understanding this but its why Christians brought jews under their own fold instead of letting them be taken in the desert.



that third picture is such horseshit. jesus didnt fight "smartly", he got nailed to a cross you fucking retarded faggot. how is flipping tables over and whipping people fighting smartly anyways?

the fuck do the first two pics have to do with anything anyways?


its allegory when you want it to be, its absolute truth when you dont. pick one faggot.

doesnt change that your religion is self-contradicting as all fucking hell.

>Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.

<Think not that I have come bringing peace, for I come bearing a sword.

are you smart pacifist faggots who "fight smart" or are you le badass ebin crusaders? make up your fucking mind already

>connections of satanism and paganism

oh, this is what the first picture is about. You realize baphomet is probably not even real right? He was made up by the french king to accuse the templars (lol your badass ebin crusaders were satanists, isnt that fucking hilarious) of heresy, and some jew named eliphas levi is the one who drew pictures of it as a weirdo trannie demon deity. has fuckall to do with paganism, you must be literally fucking retarded to even make these kinds of connections, youre that weird pro-israeli norwegian guy thats like 70 years old and yet he posts christcuck bullshit on pol in attempt to D&C arent you? your willingness to defend jews is hinting towards this

>le hitlers jewish soldiers

yeah and the nazis lost, because they werent hard enough.


File: eb3fecdd2e65f01⋯.jpeg (27.01 KB, 600x450, 4:3, received_1756099251078975.jpeg)

File: 8afeb3a438077e3⋯.jpg (78.67 KB, 622x720, 311:360, 8afeb3a438077e354017065e26….jpg)

File: 04ec8fdd5648010⋯.jpg (232.29 KB, 939x1024, 939:1024, 1527410489066m.jpg)


>Of course people who aren't Christian won't agree with the trinity

There are Christians who do not agree with the Trinity. Good to see that Christians are forever separated.

>you must dismiss everything else that has Jewish influenced, including Nazi Germany and belief systems that hold obvious satanic influences.

Please explain, in full, how Nazi Germany was created, in the same way the Semitic religions were, by jews. And how Satan equates with jews, since they themselves believe an evil which opposes your god.

>Whatever pagan value you're forcing here

I'm not forcing a thing

>Christianity allows for self defense and protection of the weak. If your wife is about to get raped, you would be within your right to defend yourself. That is not submission to your enemy.

"Resist not evil," "turn the other cheek," "the meek shall inherit the earth."

I wait with baited breath how you'll try to twist these to suit your warped reality

>, to blame Christianity has the root cause - especially when it's against the world - is laughable.

All the groups which only slightly differ from yours would be nonexistent if not for Christianity. Therefore it is the root cause. At least we heathens will accept responsibility for the actions and beliefs of our spiritual brethren. Be it a cult of Typhon or Hel's inner circle, Ravana's vanguard or Loki's children.

>>the slaves' religion

In that it's first major followers were the Roman slaves. I see that your also uneducated in Christian history.

>nietchze was controlled by Freemasons

Is this supposed to mean something?

>Christians are taught not be worldly niggers.

Then how is it you all have become no better than niggers?

>Romans 12:2 Do not be conformed to this world

Only Christians hold diPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 8554f9de7f78dc1⋯.jpg (39.08 KB, 606x592, 303:296, Neues_Museum_Odin.jpg)


I'm trying to understand the family structure of Odin's family. So what is it?

The simplest reading would have it seem that Odin had a son by Jorth named Thor, and a son by Frigg named Balder, and a and a son by Gritr named Vitarr and a son by Rindr named Vali.

Using the Skaldskaparmal that list becomes enlarged, though there has been many criticisms that it was a late addition by Christian priests to position Odin as god of all other gods and thus, "there be one god, goy, and we know the most about him, goy".

The list of the supposed "Odin's sons":

Baldr and Meili

Víðarr and Nepr

Váli, Áli

Thor and Hildólfr

Hermóðr, Sigi

Skjöldr, Yngvi-Freyr and Ítreksjóð

Heimdallr, Sæmingr

Höðr and Bragi

One that stands out immediately to me as a corruption and a mistake is Yngvi-Freyr since Frey is a Van and could no way be born from an Aesir only through the race of Vanir.

Placing a name under each supposed mother:

Frigg: Baldr, Hermóðr (takes up Frigg's request to ride to Helheim first called brother of Balder), Höðr (understood as twin brother of Balder and killer), Bragi (condoned by Frigga for only using words against an enemy in a mother's scolding way)

Jorth: Meili (only Thor calls him his brother), Thor

Gritr: Víðarr

Rindr: Váli

<Mother Unknown>: Nepr (father of Nanna, Nanna was the wife of Balder, making Balder and Nanna's son Forseti an incest Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


What are you're thoughts on this being allegory for indo European expiditions rapebabying native peoples and creating new tribes by doing so?

It seems in indo European religion that a central father god fugg a bunch of women of different types and each bears a son who becomes a god in its own right.



Fricka is not Fulla by the list of Asynjur in Skaldskaparma. Jord is definitely Frigga because of her attesting to Donar, he would only listen to his birth mother. "Giant" is a poor translation for a word we don't have in Modern English, something like "elemental", the female goddess, Asynjur, when uncoupled are considered "Giant" in the sense that they are unstructured and formless, "Giant" being used an adjective. Coupled to an Aesir they become Asynjur of the structured forms we see.


From that mysterious play of Ur-Hamlet and whether the lost saga of Skjöldunga was used as a source in its writing.


I'll start with a question, are you of the camp which thinks the Lord of Asgard changes? Such as Tyr/Ziu or Flynnt/Vilin once holding the throne upon a time. Since the name of Wodin etymologically has no similarity to the deity I think you are thinking of.

No matter your answer Odin having multiple sons by multiple women can simply be understood as the right of the King. Even in Christian times, Kings often had more than one women to bear them other heirs, either secretly and/or for a specific purpose, this greatly angered the Christian Church but the Kings continued its practice. Its the price a woman pays for getting the head of a King to not be his only one and this is also the old denotation of a King. A King would not allow another man under him to have more than one woman since this would mean he had become a rival King.

Vitarr and Vali were born for a singular purpose. Vitarr's singular purpose is to avenge Odin's death by killing Loki's son Fenrir. Vali's singular purpose was to avenge the death of Balder. If you are forced to see this as just an allegory then its one showing the best structure for a King's family.



My understanding is that the original head god figure was Tyr, who was similar to Jupiter or God.

By first century AD (probably 1000+ years earlier), Wotan had risen to this position and had displaced Tyr, taking on his sky father of war position, but also bringing his own new characteristics.

What you're saying about kings makes sense. Thanks anon.


File: 939becb415b3350⋯.jpg (32.56 KB, 510x390, 17:13, iron-age-odin.jpg)


There is no evidence I can put forward to agree with you. I can only show you that it is not, from figures to all our stories the Wode sits on the throne and he has always sat there, by all known accounts.

Though it being considered Tyr has a ruling position could come from the Icelandic rune poem:

>>ok hofa hilmir

>>and prince of temples


File: c83a58dd8047afe⋯.pdf (1.33 MB, c83a58dd8047afefb6ac66d954….pdf)



Another good theory is that Tyr and Woden are joint heads of the pantheon, sky fathers of day lit sky and the night sky respectively. This book goes into more detail, very good read overall.

File: df6e631c8feb110⋯.jpg (419.24 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Bracken.jpg)


Do you think the Ketogenic diet now being known to be the default of our ancestors gives it more credence to be promoted and followed?

Also Bracken was found and it would help to fight parasites. How often do you make sure you don't have any parasites?

>>5,300-year-old Iceman's last meal reveals remarkably high-fat diet


How do you ready yourself, "for when the time comes"?


our ancestors weren't picky eaters like millenials who obsess over nutrient intake. repent


It wasn't the default. People used to eat seasonally available food. Similar to keto in some ways but very different.

In the summer there are leafy vegetables, eggs, and animal milk. All can be fermented for storage.

In the early fall there are fruits and root vegetables for harvest and storage. These can be preserved by fermentation or drying. Nuts can also be picked now

In the late fall almost all domesticated animals are butchered for the winter. Wild animals are also now in season for hunting. Meat is smoked and salted or fermented for storage.

I'm the winter and spring you eat what you have saved all year.


keto is for fat fucks that need to lose double digits of pounds, it's far from ideal otherwise in terms of mental functioning, muscular gainz, and testosterone levels


There are already threads pertaining to asatru nutrition and prepping

File: f50ad5ca9a4d8eb⋯.jpg (598.09 KB, 1878x1204, 939:602, christniggian barbarism vs….jpg)


Judeo-pissinsanity's Reign of Terror Over the Germanic Ancient World

The early Christian terrorists really were far worse than ISIS; one thing the two groups have in common is that they were doing the bidding of jews.


95 posts and 86 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>larpcucks got btfo on their own board



File: 08c398d67609ea5⋯.jpg (59.46 KB, 331x402, 331:402, lol-elsahurt.jpg)


LOL projection

*slap slap*



Whatever helps you sleep at night anon



>/christian/ bans people for being racist



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I see no damage to our battlements. But oh a lamb I see has been caught in the thicket, if it is not cut out it'll just stand there awaiting the crows to eat its eyes out as the cables wrap it more until its blood turns as thick as honey, then the lamb's rot feeds the biting thorns.

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