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Comfy feelings.

File: 500efd082670464⋯.png (790.2 KB, 1169x1194, 1169:1194, Board-pa and Salty.png)

6ed351  No.10000

This is /girltalk/'s meta thread: /metatalk/

Feel free to post any advice, tip, suggestion, complain and critique regarding the forum in this thread.

All comments are appreciated and remember: There is no such a thing as bad criticism, just bad ways to deliver it.

Reminder the board action's log can be found here:


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35e6f6  No.10042

Am I the only one that gets a "you don't have permission to view that" message when I look at the mod log?

which is really fucking weird because I can still view it from the dashboard

fd3f3a  No.10043

dcfbcf  No.10047

>>10000 (checked)


dcfbcf  No.10048

File: 205070851425fc3⋯.jpg (55.42 KB, 542x616, 271:308, I want to fuck that.jpg)


My picture got misplaced.

6ed351  No.10067



Changed OP. Hope it works.


Yeah, I had to get that GET.

acace6  No.10269

File: d643b6db7a66698⋯.jpg (36.65 KB, 291x433, 291:433, BigSmoke-GTASA.jpg)


Are we indexed yet board owner-sama?

I don't think there's much point in hiding the board now that trolls on /b/ are shilling it…

6ed351  No.10274


Yes, we are.

acace6  No.10334

File: 0c21ff703b93b12⋯.jpg (173.38 KB, 650x919, 650:919, 0c21ff703b93b12a04121d3692….jpg)


That means the board lost its momentum and the trolls left, right?

Pic related is the trolls being btfo

e4c8ee  No.10343

Holy shit, I leave for a couple weeks and the post count is already past 10k? IIRC we only made it to 4100 or so the first time around. Cool!

6ed351  No.10367


Yup. We get a grand total of 1-2 troll posts daily.

Also requesting more pics of dumb anime girls getting hit. Post them in the male thread.


I still find it hard to believe.

943f59  No.10917

File: bd4f6b15bce78c2⋯.jpg (159.58 KB, 666x666, 1:1, 1392573583496.jpg)

Hey nigger why do you keep deleting threads about normalfaggotry and the problem it represents to imageboards?

6ed351  No.10935


Did you read the rules and FAQ?

7c3659  No.11065


It did not violate even one rule. So I don't know.

6ed351  No.11092


First, we do not appreciate males posting.

Second, your question could easily be asked in the /boytalk/ general thread (and I recall sending you a warning about that). If you use dynamic IP, you probably haven't seen it.

That thread invites to zero discussion. So keep it in the male thread.

59b80e  No.11101

the amount of male posters has not decreased but the quality of the board has overall improved imo

i think BO is doing a good job

6ed351  No.11123


It's something, at the very least.

986387  No.11189


Food for thought.

Create a new board called /relationshit/

That would probably cover all of the bases and solve your problems your 'non-appreciated' male posts, besides troll posts and morons like >>11185

986387  No.11190


Of course, the purpose being dedicated to discussing relationships.

6ed351  No.11203



That could help.

But that guy was talking about some troll thread he made. He is now posting gore and calling us all normies.

8fa0a4  No.11214


Sup boardowner, in regards to that Id recommend changing the following text "Remember that males posting outside this thread (or /metatalk/) is NOT APPRECIATED" into bold red.

I myself made 2-3 posts on this board without realizing that since I overlooked that sticky.(all from this ID so you can delete them if you want)

I actually find this board cute and would like that it stays the way it is and Im pretty sure most guys(minus the trolls) will respect the rules if they see them.

6ed351  No.11218


Sorry, but I shouldn't have to highlight the rules with shining neon lights. People should read them if they wish to post.

f0303d  No.11307

where's baku flag

6ed351  No.11351


Help us making it, zona.

f0303d  No.11366


i only drink beer like a true tapir, zona

acace6  No.11383

I think we need a cleanup.

6ed351  No.11421



acace6  No.11437

File: d1a0177907a2b50⋯.jpg (3.16 MB, 3872x2592, 121:81, 1424153014491-0.jpg)


When i made that post there were about 7 brown pill threads.

Thank you kind slug, your efforts are being noticed.

Have this pretty picture.

6ed351  No.11519


That was probably my board volunteer.

Spam is so dumb. but it's to be expected since we are top board atm.

35e6f6  No.11532


I was wondering if there was any confusion when I saw this.

Yeah I just jumped on this morning, saw someone spamming with scat threads calling it "the brown pill" (it was just images of scat fetish) and just B& and deleted it all.

35e6f6  No.11548


I was wondering if there was any confusion when I saw this.

Yeah I just jumped on this morning, saw someone spamming with scat threads calling it "the brown pill" (it was just images of scat fetish) and just B& and deleted it all.

35e6f6  No.11549



Good ol' flood detection.

6ed351  No.11608


You will see that one a lot. It's the ebin spam.

986387  No.11678

I don't know why that thread was deleted but if you're going to delete threads dealing with relationshit than just do the holocaust already.

That advice was well reasoned. If there's a hormone imbalance, you correct it with activities and rekindle it instead of his shitty MOBA. If you expect mutual work instead of submitting to his lazy ass entirely, then you train him to do so. Relationships don't work on cruise control.

6ed351  No.11696


I didn't delete that thread. I delete the thread of a spammer looking for "other girls to chat in IM". I clicked "delete all posts by this IP" and that thread went poof. I will need to check if it is actually a legit thread or what.

986387  No.11735

File: 5dfc8be59866461⋯.png (179.21 KB, 987x1469, 987:1469, pngout.png)


idk fam

e777fb  No.11806

File: 9334ab4002c858f⋯.png (570.64 KB, 1498x2428, 749:1214, __Shill Tactics Master Lis….png)

File: 66967bdb9443a0a⋯.png (757.05 KB, 1169x6371, 1169:6371, __Shill Tactics Mega List.png)

As you can tell from the Guilty Pleasure thread, it's obvious you're going to get political talk. And unless you're fast on the ban hammer and delete button, it's going to happen.

Due to other events (GamerGate and possibly several things /pol/ dug into), there is a target on 8ch's back.

/pol/ gets shilled to hell and back with people trying to crack their consensus (keep posting the same belief over and over like you're a member of that community until everyone against that ideal leaves. Sort of happened with GamerGate- trying to make them more tame and appealing to normalfags). /pol/ has enemies. Would it not make sense that if you hated /pol/- the best way to harm them would be to let them get blamed for something they never did? On top of this you've got /leftypol/- who hates /pol/ like poison (and viceversa) and they have been caught in the past trying to fuck up GamerGate threads and generally convert the site toward their beliefs.

Whether the anon is from /pol/, /leftypol/ or a third party trying to get those two fighting on another board- the end result is the same for this board. This means those who want peaceful discussion and the few who do want to discuss political things are driven away.

As a blanket ban has clearly been hard to enforce, and there may be some who do want to discuss matters like that (there was a thread of an anon asking how to essentially "deprogram" his girlfriend who didn't want to be radfem anymore and become more feminine), I propose a cylindrical politics thread. This combined with a much stricter enforcement of political talk outside of that thread and femanons being able to deal with it (STFU and go to the political thread) means it should help the board compartmentalize all political stuff to one thread. Sure it makes that a containment thread (with /pol/, /leftypol/, and those pretending to be one of the above all duking it out in a nuclear dumpster fire), but the alternative is having it spread to threads where politics wouldn't turn up.

Of course the other issue is "everything is inherently political". Whether by reasonable logic or bad- it can be argued if a person feels positive about something (that could be) bad, or feels negative about something (that could be) good, that the culture of that country is behind it. If someone asks if it's bad to sleep around- how can you not talk about sexual promiscuity being pushed by media (if you believe it)? If someone asks about divorce & marriage- how can you not talk about how marriages have become an overblown party & a few more tax forms, or "cheaper to keep her" court systems (if you believe it)?

There is no easy fix for it- as context is key. Someone bringing up the point and then carrying on with the discussion would be fine. Trying to preach or trying to shift focus to the pure political side of the topic would not. All I can offer you in advice is the two pics, plus this link:


Of course no grand spy agency is trying to change the beliefs of femanons. But you do get anons wanting to change your beliefs, or drive off those who don't share their beliefs. If they want to teach or explain then they shouldn't use any of the tactics mentioned in the link or the two images. Apart from keeping any political discussion civil, it will also prevent those who harm a political side via poor arguments (intentionally or otherwise) from trying to influence the board into becoming an arm of /pol/ or /leftypol/ as a defensive reaction (X keeps ruining threads, so you become more interested in Y). Whether you combine this with having a political thread or not is up to you.

tl;dr - I'd suggest making a cylindrical politics thread to keep it all in one place, but use "shill identifying" tactics to work out when it's OK and not OK to let it happen outside of that thread (i.e. discussing vs. preaching, informing vs. dictating, ontopic vs. derailing).

6ed351  No.11812


Completely agreed. I know everything is inherently political, but that doesn't means they should bring politic points all the time. There is a place and a time for everything, and we have stated this is not the place.

It's time to make the thread, and warn harshly whoever disrepects the rules. Thanks for your input. I usually get called "addict with power" and stuff like that if I try to enforce rules.

6ed351  No.11859

For the person recently permabanned: You were banned because you asked for off-site contact info. Such acts aren't appreciated here.

I have unbanned you now, but please re-read and re-examinate the rules.

3fd9d9  No.11993

File: 4bd4f65a8c248ab⋯.jpg (334.54 KB, 1440x1758, 240:293, wire_1501647608377.jpg)


I looked at the rules beforehand, dunno if I missed it or you added it. Thanks for giving me a chance to enjoy the board. Maybe consider an official chat group sometime? Legitimately would enjoy the human connection.


6ed351  No.12028


Nope. Such a thing would kill the board. It's pretty slow as it is.

b31b99  No.12051


>human connection

Go outside

acace6  No.12070


The point is not that he insulted you, but he's attracting attentions to himself and just being a nuisance, making the thread less pleasant to scroll through for everyone.

>Remember that males posting outside the boytalk thread (or /metatalk/) is NOT APPRECIATED

That rule feels like fluff if you forgive ALL maleposting, especially the annoying kind.

acace6  No.12072



>Reddit spacing making the whole thing even bigger

e777fb  No.12144

I fucked up.


I forgot to spoiler an image, nor can I delete my post and re-submit it.

Figured it was best to mention it here rather than beg for help in that thread (already made 3 posts back to back), and it was better than reporting myself.

45f60a  No.12161


That was our board volunteer, not me.

No matter how hard I try to enforce the rules, males always post. It's getting to a point where guys think this is a place to talk about women, and not a place for women to talk.

53e102  No.12259


Didn't women appreciate such normalfaggotry though? I mean you people like normalfags

6ed351  No.12328


People who appreciate such things can go to other websites like Facebook.

d72b9a  No.12379

Somehow I don't think even half of the users here are actual biological women.

6ed351  No.12384


Yes, anon. We know. We get that post every single day and is as riveting as it was the first thirty times.

d72b9a  No.12388


Clearly the solution is to have every user post tits + identifying timestamp. :^)

But seriously I recommend you crack down on the inevitable tranny users hard before they begin to feel welcome.

465fd9  No.12395


> It's getting to a point where guys think this is a place to talk about women

Some probably do, but you'd have an easier time emptying the ocean with a spoon than trying to get them to stop. 8ch is probably the last stand of unashamed masculinity, and you're not able to close the door on some fat bastard walking by in his boxer shorts and scratching himself.

Some of us, however, are here because we like giving/getting advice or interacting with grils for their point of view. And some are probably white knight faggots looking to meet someone, and they deserve the ass-raping they're going to get when they meet up with their "femanon" waifu.

986387  No.12400


>the last stand of unashamed masculinity

Autistic screeching about politics isn't really masculinity, anon. At best most of the ironic shitposting is sort of a twisted play on the machismo, but it doesn't work when most anons doing it are not Marlon Brando.

Anyways, yeah, the advice isn't wanted. It'd be interesting but it's pretty much shitting up the board because it's so slow. Sorry.

986387  No.12403


And by that I mean I guess it's time to stop, for me anyways.

465fd9  No.12407


>Autistic screeching about politics isn't really masculinity, anon.

That's pretty much all politics is, once you remove the corruption and back door deals.

>Anyways, yeah, the advice isn't wanted.

Well, I advise you to reconsider.

9a1db4  No.12410


I think I mentioned something about that before.

Basically: this is not the place for transexuals to talk about their issues, there are their places like /LGBT/ for that.

But if they can behave like actual women, or want to learn how actual women act, then they csn be muy guets so long as they don't shit the board.

The same goes for guys, /pol/tads and the like. And I think I am being reasonable with everybody.

I am totally banning trans who go overboard tho. No one cares about your gender. If you really "feel like a woman", then fucking act like one instead of just talking about it.

986387  No.12482


>That's all pretty much politics is

Just because politicial interactions can be boiled down to masculinity/dominance hierarchies does not mean that autistic screeching about politics everywhere is a masculine trait. You're not a machismo because you hold a political opinion and interject it everywhere. Opinions are like assholes, friend, (most) everyone's got them.

Ask yourself whether spreading and revealing your asshole everywhere is a masculine trait.

It's not that /pol/ and I don't see asshole to asshole when we get down to it, it's that I just don't spread my asshole everywhere I go.

760449  No.12564

File: e026992e8df5da7⋯.jpg (121.33 KB, 524x492, 131:123, IGdoubt.jpg)


But you defend normalcattle. So you wouldn't be out of place in facebook tbh

c4e715  No.12649

File: e7d2032eb257e90⋯.png (286.32 KB, 401x537, 401:537, huuuu.png)

Oh shit sweet quads and the board is back??


4f86ca  No.12923



Confirmed true /girl/. Listen here lil lady you're gonna get a lot of hurtful comments, but I just want you to know that you were asking for it. Few people read the rules. If you put it big red text that males were not welcome, you'd signal to a lot of people to get the fuck out.

bc788a  No.13633

bitch we're not forgetting you

71c3d2  No.13637

Man, I meant to come check on this place for so long, but has to have been at least two, three months since I did, and it somehow got popular! What happened? Last few times I came around, it was still very much very slow.

6ed351  No.13745


I happens. Turns out all the board needs was some admin involvement.

I got away for 1 (ONE) day and we get spammed. Go figure.



Excuse me?

250c3e  No.13767

Discord server when????

c4e715  No.13787


Hopefully never.

Discussion is fun but don't make this a circlejerk please. You can go to cc or lolcw for that.

ce873d  No.13852


half? lol you wish. depending on thread its probably way under 10%. not much we can do about it, its an anon board.

9719c2  No.13860

Answer the question. Are you a global mod BO?

61a3a6  No.13863


Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?Are you a global mod snail?

d10848  No.13889

Are girls (male) welcome?

6ed351  No.13909

57e35d  No.14096

Could you explain your justification of banning transgender individuals? I can see banning people who knowingly subject themselves to the derogatory term 'trap', simply because of how idiotic of a word it is, (and is worthy of word-filtering, imho) but to ban transgender people as a whole from the board is just wrong. If you're TERF, please state so, so that I may never use this board again.

c4e715  No.14097


Fuck off to tranny

57e35d  No.14098


That's not a very explanatory justification, is very rude, and isn't constructive at all.

c4e715  No.14099


Oh you're just pretending to be retarded right? If not please just end yourself you mentally disturbed crazy guy before you go completely nuts and cut off your dick, faget.

57e35d  No.14103


I'm torn as to where this discussion should take place; one could argue it's political in nature and is more fit for /poltalk/ but this is very much a meta issue so I think I'll continue it here. Feel free to not respond if all you're going to contribute is pointless trash.

c4e715  No.14106


Cry more you fucked up tranny. Guys that pretend to be female are not welcome here, it's not that hard to understand.

57e35d  No.14107


Do you have volunteer/board owner status that gives you the authority to say that? If so, display it, and I'll be on my way. Simple as that. If not, just stop responding. You're starting a completely unnecessary flamewar to a very simple question that can be very quickly answered, and if what you say is true, it will be confirmed for myself and anyone else who comes here who is curious about that rule. If it is a rule, I suggest adding it to the rules boardpage for clarities sake.

35e6f6  No.14108


The board owner has stated before and continues to state that transgender people are not necessarily barred from posting here.

However, if you are a transgender person you will post as a female, NOT as a transgender person. Which I think is fine, if you identify as a woman and believe you are a woman, you should have no problem acting as and being treated like a cis woman.

57e35d  No.14109


>However, if you are a transgender person you will post as a female, NOT as a transgender person. Which I think is fine, if you identify as a woman and believe you are a woman, you should have no problem acting as and being treated like a cis woman.

Completely agreed. Thank you for the clarification.

986387  No.14112

I self-identify as a buffalo chicken pizza tbh. Sometimes veggie. You could say that I'm topping fluid.

729b78  No.14115

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

729b78  No.14121


Oh sweet summer child.

c4e715  No.14148


I have the status of fucking your shit up and stopping your hormone supply if you don't stop shitting up this board with your degeneracy you disgusting subhuman.

6ed351  No.14330


I stated that trans people can post here if, and only if, they behave and act like women.

That means: Do NOT discuss transexual topics, or mention you are such. I mentioned it here in this very thread before. But I guess I can add it to the FAQ.

Basically: If you are a transexual woman, behave like an actual woman would. If I can tell you are transexual, you will get a warning. If you say something like you are a trap or so, you get the banhammer.

e5e610  No.14342


So are you gonna keep pretending that there isn't a poster spamming in random threads by "Indian Guy"?

7462e0  No.14352


I was asking because there was an annoying spammer who was doing his annoying spam thing that got globally banned. Now while I hate spammers if you did that you should be careful because as far as I know global reports are for things that violate US law, and the same for bans. This person didn't violate any US law, and yet got a global ban. That's why I asked, I didn't want you to get in trouble just because of a shitposter.

6ed351  No.14479


I might have misclicked. Oops.

Hopefully it was nothing.

986387  No.14724


>and yet got a global ban.

Who cares? That's Jim/Codemonkey's decision. If they global ban him, that's on them, not the owner of this board for accidentially clicking a button. I doubt it anyways, Smiley was being banned globally for posts on multiple boards because he's a schizophrenic who started taking it too far.

35e6f6  No.14725

File: 0b29a60b0d807ed⋯.png (95.8 KB, 1160x661, 1160:661, hot pockets problems.png)

I do try to ban the flood spammers asap but the site isn't working with me sometimes.

9d10fe  No.14764


Sorry, I'm retarded, but I'm interpreting this as you are a global mod and thus misclicked that? Am I right or as I said I'm a retard?


I care because this could backfire on snail. Nothing more nothing less.

6ed351  No.14803


This server is a potato tied with ropes, and that is giving it too much credit.

What I usually do is delete all the posts in one or two threads, then mass delete them.

3bbe64  No.15076

File: 06df9c32552d308⋯.gif (788.63 KB, 245x180, 49:36, dangerous_predator_devours….gif)

suggestion: outlaw male posters, they're clearly making this place uncomfy. I volunteer as a mod, too! And then slowly trying to get that lolcow cgl and crystalminer crowd in here. I want this to be like in 2015 pls

Okay thanks bye

002702  No.15083


How would you do that?

Shadowbanning everyone that posts the male flag around?

We already know there's /b/tards lurking who might get salty and nuke the board and all its quality threads if given the chance.

And even after deleting someone's comment, they'll just come back and stop wearing the male flag, what then? Suspicion shadowbanning, like a chan version of minesweeper?

002702  No.15085


Actually there is one way, but nobody likes that option so…

0a052c  No.15092

File: e5938a65992a984⋯.png (104.03 KB, 570x804, 95:134, 1452221166091.png)



If you want the final solution to the boyim problem, to exterminate me, here it is:

male = {
flag: '.flag[alt="Male"]',
terminate: function (post) {
if (post.querySelector(male.flag) !== null) {
post.innerHTML = '<img class="board_image" src="https://banners.8ch.net/random/girltalk" />';

if (board_name == "girltalk") {

window.$(document).on('new_post', function(e, post) {

man I fucking hate jquery.

Options->UserJS, in the corner of the screen, if I didn't make it simple enough.

Please note the irony.

3b78d5  No.15116


Why would it need an if checking if it is girltalk? BOs only have power over their own board.

42ecdd  No.15118


Just in case anyone else had a flag with the name "Male." I found it hilarious tbh. Also in my depressing detective work of trying to figure out the event fired on auto-update, I saw that board_name was a global variable. Not much else to it.

4db4e0  No.15376


There’s no shadow banning here in the first place.

0dec06  No.15742

Where the fuck are you BO?

There's a whole bunch of cleaning up to do.

08cc63  No.15743

File: e312d7bb3cf6068⋯.jpg (17.81 KB, 212x230, 106:115, 1391731865250.jpg)


You should start considering that maybe the BO won't come back.

8db980  No.15793


Depending on how long she's been awol, the board might be up for someone new to take ownership. Perhaps a particularly darkhearted young man, with a less than favorable view of the weaker sex.

As long as he didn't sperg out and delete anything it could briefly revitalize the board, but more importantly it may irk the BO enough that they come back out of hiding to take the board back. Remember: The original owner can always e-mail and get their boards back.

af1b29  No.15855


i think it's 2 weeks, but she's been AWOL long enough


/girltalk/ is on the auction block among many many others

f609ea  No.15858

I'm at kind of an impasse here.

Should probably do the right thing.

af1b29  No.15860


there's no way to know what the /BO/ is doing (unless you know her IRL) or what her intentions are. the rules are clear. if you want the board, take it. if you don't, it'll sit there on the claim page until /BO/ shows back up or until someone takes it

0942c6  No.15897


Snailgirl is MIA and you should take the board.

e43825  No.15899

File: 58084feae536b2f⋯.png (75.43 KB, 298x634, 149:317, Hina in Shock.png)


Whoops. Sorry about that. Forgot about everything tbh. But I can always pick it up I guess.

[spoiler]Personal issues and depression made me leave this place without even realizing it.


ac0dca  No.15913



The BO is a newfag pass it on

e43825  No.15917


I always forget how to spoiler tag here.

af1b29  No.15997


omit the whitespace in between the end of your text and the tag end. the shortcut is a double asterisk before and after the spoilered text

liek this

f609ea  No.16004


Welcome back.

4d5f28  No.16007


Snail-kun pls lurk for 2 years before posting.

e43825  No.16015

4d5f28  No.16048


You're such a newfag.

33bd42  No.16091

Index the board again snail sama.

4a785c  No.16099


It’s indexed already.

74c6d4  No.16212

File: e970a7f8f47ad24⋯.png (109.23 KB, 308x282, 154:141, 0f6c66e5649642e5098a0db2cf….png)


f7b0cf  No.16523

can we ban all the guys already? they don't stick to their own threads anymore

e243bb  No.16524


1-many males are simply first time posters cause the default flag is the male one

2-snailgirl is gone so you're better off waiting for the board to go up for claim and do it yourself

f7b0cf  No.16527


>1-many males are simply first time posters cause the default flag is the male one

I don't mean those. Some are obviously regular male posters who post everywhere all the time.

d28fa2  No.16725

It's a tough pill to swallow!

a875c8  No.16756

File: 8b585af39e4bb60⋯.jpg (204.21 KB, 768x1041, 256:347, 1414074239529-0.jpg)

Board has been cleared of the spam.

I've tried spoilering some of the gore threads but the website is not working.

I don't plan on keeping ownership of the board but i don't want to lose it to spam and trolls either, because of this i have no interest in changing any of the previously applying rules.

Snailgirl can message me at any moment to reclaim the board or to negotiate becoming a mod while i keep the boat afloat.

Thanks for your attention.

Post last edited at

fa1460  No.16768


What gore threads and why not just delete them?

0c3425  No.16771


>what threads?


>why not delete them?

They're not that obnoxious, are they?

f7b0cf  No.16780


can we ban all the guys already?

f41ca6  No.16782


Report them and I can think about it.

Banning them because they are male will simply force them to larp and switch their flag, so I think it's in our best interest to only ban thread detailers.

5b83d7  No.16909

There are no girls on The Internet. The lot of you are MtF transexuals pretending to be female. In lieu of this fact, I demand that you delete this board immediately. DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE FUCKING FAGGOTS DIE


9f9424  No.16927

File: d44d969642c4ab6⋯.png (25.48 KB, 1075x504, 1075:504, Screenshot_1.png)


Your male tears are delicious

Post last edited at

8854e6  No.16928

File: 36c217f2cd2993c⋯.jpg (3.97 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, kurisuinkimono.jpg)

Wait, there's a new BO now?

9f9424  No.16930

1990c6  No.17142

what is the point of this board? isn't the whole interent for women except 8chan?

d85f0f  No.17162


No, unless you think all women are jews.

6afbae  No.17163


>isn't the whole interent for women except 8chan?

Spot the newfag.

59ee31  No.17340

File: 15f0b6fdaf51426⋯.png (11.63 KB, 1192x166, 596:83, Screenshot_1.png)

You could have asked nicely and i would have unbanned you.

Way to prove me i'm right.

59ee31  No.17630

File: 8a060d840dafc97⋯.png (11.53 KB, 927x161, 927:161, Screenshot_2.png)

File: eed66a91591491a⋯.jpg (255.57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1421341323002-1.jpg)

Hah! You're funny.

I shall ban you last.

Wave #2 (and hopefully the last) of spam has been cleared.

3725c4  No.17659


BO, can I ask you a question?

59ee31  No.17661

File: 35181b5cb62acae⋯.jpg (207.26 KB, 827x1169, 827:1169, 1394173395936.jpg)


This is the meta thread, so, yes.

Or maybe you want to ask something unrelated to the board?

But ask away regardless.

31c518  No.17662


If we don't answer him he will go somewhere more populated eventually. Hopefully haha

3725c4  No.17666


Ok. Are you dating someone IRL? ie. Do you have a boyfriend?

59ee31  No.17673

File: 98b8ef8e71132ac⋯.jpg (194.03 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1435993399583.jpg)


Are you asking me out, anon?

Aren't you just a cute little thing?

You don't want a woman like me, trust me, we will chew you up and spit you out once we are dissatisfied or feeling moody.


Fair enough, i'll stop giving him attentions.

000000  No.17674


>trust me, we will chew you up and spit you out once we are dissatisfied or feeling moody.

but cherry, that's all women born after 1970, really

e1d6ef  No.17677


>Are you asking me out, anon?

different anon but approx where do you live? i'd give you a go-round if you're close enough. i'm midwest USA


e1d6ef  No.17678



no fair. in the end we're all just looking for love. your loss really. i won't ask again.

3725c4  No.17679


Really? Nah, you wouldn't do those things… I bet you're a qt.

31c518  No.17683


Ha ha. Shot down in flames

59ee31  No.17702

File: 23be9980c72915b⋯.jpg (22.23 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 23be9980c72915bd2c2d3dde21….jpg)


>we're all just looking for love

>he was pretty much just asking to have sex

Moving the goalpost much?

>i won't ask again

A good idea if you want to avoid a longer ban.

I'm ok with people flirting with me and i take it jokingly, but try not to be a bother to other girls or you'll get the hammer.

>your loss really

Is it really a loss?

Come back when you have what a woman needs, there's no needy teenager around these part for you to exploit with your McDonald's paycheck.


I'm really sorry anon, but you need to find a woman as insecure and with as little experience as you. If you don't, you're asking to get abused.

Not many women out there are as honest as me.

Take a mother's advice.

77e1dd  No.17708


You should know by now that telling a man that you're dangerous won't dissuade him and will usually only serve to goad him on.

3725c4  No.17737


>as insecure and with as little experience as you

That's one heck of a projection, babe. I don't mind if you're inexperienced, it's only a plus.

>mother's advice.

BO, I say this because I'm worried about you, you really shouldn't see yourself as the mother of all the manchildren who stalk this board. If you want children so bad, just ask me and we'll think of something.

3725c4  No.17738


ikr? It's cute how she tries to be scary, but ends up being the opposite instead.

000000  No.17801

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

55c6d7  No.18227

File: 41199e64f65bcbf⋯.jpg (47.36 KB, 417x417, 1:1, 41199e64f65bcbfab890b232b3….jpg)

Question to the users of the board, should i un-sticky the poltalk and boytalk threads?

I feel like it's unnecessary to hold them at the top of the page at all times, they shouldn't be the first thing a user sees once they open the board, yet they are useful (as a sort of "posts that don't require their own thread"-threads) and will stay as normal threads.

8f0b5d  No.18229


Depends on how strictly you want to enforce the rules. If you unsticky them then no one will be bothered to search for them in the catalog.

t. board owner

A smarter idea would be to merge them with the meta thread.

55c6d7  No.18285

File: 50fec4104b5efb8⋯.jpg (117.88 KB, 533x800, 533:800, 1402685122209.jpg)

Cleared the board from spam.

To the spammer, don't make me remove your ability to use tor, since that will make it easier for me to find you and even ban you, not to mention annoy all the people who've been using tor to post.

a74cc0  No.18348

File: a1c0fe092bd47aa⋯.jpg (900.48 KB, 2238x1803, 746:601, 5969d1135ce25b7d6d647872f8….jpg)

Why not move to mewch /g/? The whole site is full of women respecters.

4a192d  No.18349


Go ahead chump.

cf19de  No.18368

File: ba1c2a895437ad3⋯.jpg (797.44 KB, 1440x924, 120:77, whores on my r9k is more l….jpg)

3d10ba  No.18377


lmao, based.

Raid on /r9gay/ when?

618354  No.18453

File: f1ace2f9dfed3f7⋯.png (175.95 KB, 715x664, 715:664, ClipboardImage.png)


Right now

618354  No.18454

File: e25f411101f3627⋯.png (110.47 KB, 754x548, 377:274, ClipboardImage.png)


Right now


Opssie, I didn't mean to post that.

be76ac  No.18458


Why do you have that picture.

3a2107  No.19008

File: 079f682e068dc0c⋯.jpg (80.8 KB, 640x427, 640:427, 55389.jpg)

Hi I'm the new mod, I'll be helping out around these parts. Try not to be too excited, I know it's overwhelming.

ff8939  No.19019

File: a0a56e40ed462a7⋯.gif (2.07 MB, 704x290, 352:145, 1369121652279.gif)



Post pics, qt

a51c40  No.19061

Is 8ch turning me into a sociopath? My mom says I’ve changed. This is probably true since I’ve grown to hate her

3a2107  No.19063


Anon, how the hell would we know if you changed? We don't know you. Also this is a question that probably belongs here >>19028

d0cd92  No.19068


>implying you are a sociopath because you came

You came here, because you're a sociopath.

38d6a3  No.19341

File: 9de4e3cbc494894⋯.jpg (164.48 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1386594114072.jpg)

We are currently in the process of reviewing old bans, since the previous administration has left many expiring in 2070.

If you feel like you've been b& for little reason or for too long, well, this isn't an apology and any misbehaving will get you banned again, but i suppose you're welcome back.

We'll also be putting up new banners.

If you feel like making a few, post them here and we will consider using them.

Thanks for your attention.

33d952  No.19396


3a2107  No.19417

File: 9dc2380abd23988⋯.jpg (45.13 KB, 384x310, 192:155, 9dc2380abd239889956c56739e….jpg)

So I want to address some comments made in another thread about banning men. We (Board Owner and Mods) can't literally, it's an anonymous board and frankly, don't want to ban them. Some good conversations come from men seeking advice and giving it, etc..

That being said, we'll be keeping an eye on threads that are getting shitted up with obvious bait and derailment and handling them one by one. Arguments are fine, criticism is fine, name calling is fine (this is 8ch after all)… we all get heated and often have wildly opposing views. But there's got to be some parameters that allow for free discussion without IP hopping asshats sinking the conversations here with one liners, accusations and harassment. I know it's not a huge problem on this board, but this is just a heads up that we see it and are actively trying to come up with a solution that employs as little censorship as possible. For now, ignore them when you see them. That's hands down the best way to deal with it. Also use the report function and we'll review them.

Feel free to offer suggestions and comments. <3

f862f7  No.19420

File: d1c1f3ffd90f663⋯.png (351.99 KB, 512x556, 128:139, nora33.png)


Holy fuck, this place is still alive? I thought it was dead since last year.

000000  No.19425

Why is this board taken over by trannies, men wanting dating advice (these aren't so bad, but there are way too many of them) sexist men wanting us to be submissive, and trolls implying we don't exist? There is no talk on bras, periods, very little on beauty (e.g. make-up. hair, nails, fashion, skincare, etc.), health, fitness, or other related topics, which is what I look for in girltalk.

3a2107  No.19431

File: 732bbef217d9b2f⋯.jpg (23.08 KB, 400x300, 4:3, ff7a72fcbe98929bda6523cf58….jpg)


/girltalk/ is far from perfect but it is in no way taken over by trannies. Did you even look at the threads by trannies? They are reluctantly tolerated to not tolerated at all by the femanons here and their delusions of being "real women" are not seriously entertained.

Also, you're on 8chan. Sexist men are here. On every. single. board. They can't do shit except type at you furiously and with impotent rage. If it upsets you to see it, use the filter. That's why it's there. If it's abusive or spammy enough, report it and we'll assess it.

People generally come to this site for absolute free speech and all the good and bad it entails. We can't won't ban everything that makes people feel slightly uncomfortable. Not only because we detest censorship but because it's a futile task on an anonymous board which is why weeding out men just for being men has been abandoned and will likely end up drawing more attention from anyone and everyone who wants to "trigger" the ladies here. We definitely don't need that.

Having said that we have decided to crack down a bit more on these type of "ur not really grrlz durrr" threads >>19415 and will be paying more attention to anons obviously trying to derail threads where people are having conversations.

Of course it would be nice to have more activity by the few regulars myself included I'm afraid and see them creating threads instead of 70% of the traffic being passerbys making low effort bait threads, but what can we realistically do about it if they don't want to? It is what it is I'm afraid. No hard feelings of course, all you ladies are free to lurk all you want, naturally. Glad to have anyone stick around honestly..

Reality is it's just a very slow female-oriented board with very few contributors on a site dominated by males.

Also want to point out that you could always make your own threads about nails and hair and other shit if you want to discuss it that badly. Just sayin'..

a25d72  No.19432


Everybody left. Also, the site kind of died two times in a row, taking posters away every time. I think it's either crystal.cafe or lolcow.farm that they've migrated to, though I recall the former of the two being mentioned more often, as an alternative.

000000  No.19485


I understand your frustration, and you're right. We'll have to post own threads if we want to rebuild and reclaim this board.

3a2107  No.19517


I appreciate your understanding although I'm not really frustrated, I just sort of realize it's futile to swim against the tide. More posts would be nice of course. Maybe we should just start throwing things at the wall and see what sticks. Sometimes the most unlikely threads turn out pretty great.

A lot of the type of stuff you describe though seems to have been posted in the early days of the board and I understand not wanting to necrobump 2 yr old threads. Feel free to recreate them if you all like and maybe we can get some new conversations going.

Post last edited at

f5965b  No.19615

File: 1605c7161b427ef⋯.jpg (50.79 KB, 607x800, 607:800, 1605c7161b427ef016cfb02d7d….jpg)

Is anybody from the US experiencing issues posting?

389961  No.19616


No. That picture's lewd, by the way.

f5965b  No.19619

File: e1c9666f421680d⋯.jpg (705.88 KB, 1000x1353, 1000:1353, 1392454302441.jpg)



The beauty of the human (and animal) form are trascendental and spiritual in nature. You can't often distinguish a naked body from the physical crave it exudes, but that's just your mind juxtaposing its needs and wishes upon a vision. Moreso, the male brain is often used to apply such a deviation, this conversion between the graphics being shone into your pupils to a sexual desire in an almost direct 1 to 1 ratio, differently from the woman who requires many more mental stimuli.

Also I'm noticing a funny contradiction in asking if there are problems in posting when the people who aren't able to reply are the ones experiencing it. I guess I'm asking it as more of a way to signal you might not be the only person experiencing issues.

Anyway have a good day and thanks for your attention.

9488a5  No.19620


I know it makes me feel funny, but the explanation doesn't really help with that. I guess I'm just too sensitised for this kind of stuff. What do you mean "mental stimuli"?

f5965b  No.19625


Ask this outside the meta thread, thank you.

44e7a5  No.19789

Holy fuck… I'm so glad I found this board. I've been on 4chan for a decade. It wasn't fully relatable cuz it seems to be male-dominated, but it was the closest thing I felt to being understood. I'm so glad you guys are here. I feel so much less strange and lonely.

b7f783  No.19796

Woman is the nigger of the world


3a2107  No.19802

File: ef2101757a4a367⋯.jpg (206.34 KB, 900x1036, 225:259, bunny-on-the-phone-big.jpg)


Well it's a bit quiet for the most part but welcome and glad to have you!

To all, I've said this before but I'd like to say it again. If there are very old threads that you don't want to bump but are interested in the topic feel free to recreate the thread and get a new conversation going. Some of the stuff at the bottom of the catalog is over 2 years old so it might be worth a revisit now that time has passed and there's new people here like me :)

8001ae  No.19803


IMO the older threads have good discussion points that are still relevant, so necro-bumping is okay, but I'm just one of the olde-tyme boy posters, so do as you will.

7510f3  No.19886

File: 4104f8062598773⋯.jpg (41.15 KB, 510x480, 17:16, 14306040141360.jpg)

<Hello /girltalk/!

This is a message from the administration.

We have been discussing the importance of action taken against the advertising of any form of blog or channel, such as discord ones.

We resulted in a radical yet needed solution: any link posted on the board meant to attract users away will be deleted and the user banned for a time based on the offence. Threads made for that purpose alone will be erased, likewise.

This is not a form of censorship, rather, a mean to preserve the board and its "bleeding" userbase (no pun intended).

Thank you for the attention, have a great day.

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