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File: bf42a12ddebd4b5⋯.jpg (94.87 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, kjGcO1in.jpg)


for the entirety of my life since around the age of five (i'm 24 now), i have been haunted by a nightmare that was unlike any other dream i have ever had. it was the only dream i can remember that caused me to wake up, run into my parents' bedroom, and left me shaking and needing my mother's comfort in order to calm down. i remember almost no dreams clearly, but this one has stuck in my memory like superglue even though i did not think it to be of much significance until about two or three years ago when i had a spiritual reawakening (i am a christian– catholic).

pic related is a picture i drew about a year ago of this nightmare. i have other sketches of certain elements of the dream (like the devil-like figure) in other notebooks. in 2017 i also jotted down a description of this dream in google docs– i will attach those as well, as they describe the dream so i don't have to repeat myself in this post.

what struck me most about the nightmare (and why i believe the visions and emotions it brought me have never left my memory) was that the dream did not seem to have been derived from recent memories or experiences of mine, as all other dreams i have had did. it was if the nightmare was planted in my mind and not a natural occurrence. i was so shaken by the dream, i think, because as a little girl i could not even grasp or make sense of what i had just experienced… it was too dark, too mature; it was as if i was plunged into a world of horror i had no familiarity with in any way.

i have never been one to consider myself someone with supernatural abilities or as someone capable of communicating with higher powers in a special way. with that said, in recent years i have been alarmed by the similarities shared by my nightmare and many artistic and written descriptions of hell… take st. teresa of avila's, for example. the beast in my dream also was uncannily alike many drawings of the devil, both in certain core features and in essence (codex of gigas, for one).

i don't know what else to say so i'm just going to drop the images/pictures here. thanks for reading this far.


i've shared the drawing (pic related) before, and am aware it looks Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Wow, what's with all the Christfags invading /x/? Isn't it interesting that the same mental tendencies toward a believe in the paranormal are the ones responsible for religious belief? It is amazing how much overlap there is between the religious and paranormal-obsessed communities.

Btw, what you wrote is a ripoff of Dante's Inferno that's much heavier on the adjectives and adverbs than any fictional story should be.



If >>49353 gets bumped >>50813 is a shill.



I’ve actually never even read that


If >>49353 gets bumped >>50816 is a shill.



Also, just fyi, this wasn’t supposed to be poetry. I just wrote it in the way I found easiest and most accurately descriptive st the time. It has no form and I do not think it’s good writing at all. Quite the opposite, in fact.

File: b7c7a8c83eda841⋯.jpeg (475.37 KB, 2048x686, 1024:343, b7c7a8c83eda8416b25ddf03d….jpeg)


As seen on /pol/


1) KX-338 was described as a surgical human experiment conducted by the US [ … in the wikipedia article https://en.wikipedia [DOT] org/w/index.php?title=Unethical_human_experimentation_in_the_United_States&diff=prev&oldid=848256446 … ]

2) it existed on wikipedia prior to being vaporized by a random account that was immediately deleted [this was added on 30 June 2018 and removed on 10 December 2018]

3) this random account only ever made 1 edit, which was the removal of a reference to KX-338 [CrazyHamster42]

I'm looking for the person who added the reference to KX-338


Bump for interest

How did you even find out about KX-338?

Why would an israeli publish, and then delete KX-338 on Wikipedia?

File: 68108d2f88a9429⋯.png (368.08 KB, 499x565, 499:565, t6ao8pmuepo21.png)


I want a cool paranormal name

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File: e1c034f115fa433⋯.jpg (48.84 KB, 430x305, 86:61, goat.jpg)


As per Native tradition, you shall be given a name based on the first image that was posted. Hence, I dub OP…….



File: 95abfba1c9763c2⋯.gif (279.06 KB, 261x288, 29:32, 95abfba1c9763c234c97bdec1a….gif)


Nigger fuck off


File: 5ef1a6b9559e06d⋯.jpeg (11.8 KB, 474x316, 3:2, HMNI.jpeg)


>I want a cool paranormal name

Lascivious Proclivities


Vesuvius pandemus


scrambles the death dealer

File: aa76968ca5a5252⋯.jpg (74.12 KB, 480x551, 480:551, Tree elemental.jpg)


Elemental spirits are beings who are consciousnesses of trees and rocks and so on. Everything in nature has a corresponding elemental spirit.

An elemental spirit is brought to light by the interaction of human consciousness with something in nature. For example by a human paying attention to a tree, a tree spirit is brought to light. Would the tree spirit have existed if a human had not payed attention to it? That's a question.

People have said that elemental spirits resemble humans, a tree spirit has human like characteristics. I don't know if that is true or not though. What is the purpose of humanity?

Humanity is a sort of midwife who was created in order to help bring to light the personality of nature. The light of human consciousness helps to animate tree spirits and rock spirits, creating a living community of beings in nature, all of whom have characteristics that are similar to humanity.

But it is not only natural things that have elemental spirits. Cars have consciousnesses too, as do computers. We can talk to everything as if it were a human, and by doing that what is talked to responds by projecting energy back at us that can be sensed on an intuitive level by us.

We can just talk in English to rocks and trees and so on because the words we say carry the emotional intent behind what we speak, the energy of what we say and our intentions is wrapped up in our words.

File: 3067917294d2b4a⋯.png (2.92 KB, 412x105, 412:105, tellthem.png)


tell us anon

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File: 76e7fd7ed877c26⋯.jpg (161.35 KB, 700x560, 5:4, Eris 016.jpg)


Most spells in DnD are cast with charisma. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear of fear is Fear². What do you want your gram to be filled by holoanon? Love? Wisdom? Power?




R9k mode is for faggots


that we all have implants, this post was about an implant in your brain.


File: ef6c91b19fb2580⋯.jpg (91.02 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, DflC5xnUYAAt-oH.jpg)


you could post anything on the internet and you chose to bump this shitty thread


hes coming.

File: 6e77ce442375ca9⋯.jpg (95.81 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 806027210_204589.jpg)



theory and source code for fatum bot

The Fatum Project was born as an attempt to research unknown spaces outside predetermined probability-tunnels of the holistic

world and has become a fully functional reality-tunnel creating machine that digs rabbit holes to wonderland.

feel free to reverse image search

this isnt close to our best find

basically we generate attractor points using qnrg and visit these random places to break out of predetermined probability tunnel

It consists of technical, causal and memetic parts

use bot to generate attractor points using quantum random number generator, visit these locations and break out of your predetermined reality tunnel

70 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Once again my laziness and paranoia saved me.


It just hit me that despite the author's name being Jamal Yusuf and living in Charlotte NC the logged map links with the locations commands are sent from have a query string telling Wikimapia to set its language to Russian. The blog linked on his Github has been inactive for four years, and his Github itself was barely active for three years, until he posted Fatum.

There's also a liability clause. If someone gets your information from the bot, then you willingly gave it to them according to the agreement.

>Warning: By using this software you automatically agree to take all responsibility of its usage and any consequences of its work.

>You agree that Developers of this software are not responsible for any effects of visiting generated locations or any other actions in the context of using this software.

>You agree that all users of this software can access any functionality provided, including settings changes, all types of random points generation and maintenance functions, and all that functionality you provide to them by your own will, regardless of whether you understand how it works or not.



It's probably unironically a Russian intelligence agency.

>get anons to engage in reality-bending LARP

>nevermind the actual potential of the notion

>say the coordinates are based on groups of random locations

>it's really just intelligence targets they want to probe

>random anons go to those locations, take photos, and send back to Russian controllers



I checked, the RNG itself isn't rigged and it's pulled from the Australian National University. Fatum just logs your name and location in addition to being a random coordinate generator. If anything, the users themselves are the intelligence targets.



So Russian government agencies are building an army of guinea pigs disconnected from destiny

File: 114ba20a1b3d662⋯.png (241.38 KB, 516x516, 1:1, 114ba20a1b3d6625d07c923a75….png)


Has anyone saved the real pic?

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Before you bump, read the /pol/ archive link at >>50614

It was a hoax. A super-PAC got triggered by a /pol/ thread and did this in retaliation. In the interest of not violating Rule 2 I won't bring up any further details here.


File: a5d3760c8ed45f1⋯.png (556.97 KB, 726x593, 726:593, 8b8559469e9e4b7dd53fa54f86….png)

File: 385d241ebd1f112⋯.jpeg (83.62 KB, 900x675, 4:3, 385d241ebd1f1121273eb16ac….jpeg)

File: 3767a94f03ee752⋯.jpg (88.46 KB, 1000x748, 250:187, 3767a94f03ee752345d5d7b413….jpg)

File: 299325d50bfe59d⋯.png (380.91 KB, 800x496, 50:31, 6145a8abeeb7d547bbe45d7c0a….png)

File: 7255d4c62ceff00⋯.png (184.47 KB, 676x901, 676:901, 7255d4c62ceff0026330a3acbe….png)


File: bed642ebc244397⋯.png (90.8 KB, 286x268, 143:134, bed642ebc244397c0f1c7cf58e….png)

File: d53d9a72e6ccd39⋯.jpg (52.45 KB, 955x636, 955:636, d53d9a72e6ccd39283ba27d5c8….jpg)

File: dc363b910456af3⋯.jpg (7.86 KB, 255x152, 255:152, dc363b910456af355451b58a1c….jpg)


File: e00a6bbc27c92f1⋯.jpg (182.18 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1558233707053.jpg)

File: 1481099e632c4c1⋯.jpg (24.81 KB, 609x474, 203:158, 1481099e632c4c166a9f632cfd….jpg)

File: 065bf4dc15376f3⋯.jpg (739.92 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1493081936147.jpg)


Either this ascended to meme status, the "OP" from half/pol/ is still shilling, or people actually think it's real. But seeing this thread get bumped by a pile of fakes every time it slides off the front page is getting old.

File: 88a2a2cd9684646⋯.jpg (6.71 KB, 300x168, 25:14, Aleister Crowley.jpg)


Does becoming an occultist (beginner or professional) destroys your life or not ?

I've heard many stoires and people who where saying their life were destroyed but getting big rewards and powers for it,and how so some din't lose anything and they live a peacefull life?

How is that some people get fucked over and some don't?

i've had many encounters too with entities, but never had a problem.

Can an Goetia user tell me their stories or explain to me why

Or just give me your opinion.and experiences as an occultists in your everyday life.

I'm just really curios.

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Doesn't occult translate more to hidden(knowledge)?


Why do people ask these questions when there's an entire board dedicated to discussing the occult



Ya you're right. A lot of people on this board talk out their ass when it comes to magic



As i saw myself.





Is Nightfuel:

Just a regular spammer (Each link is a different account with different videos, in case someone reports one to Google for outside spam)

The Clinton super-PAC Shareblue, sliding the /pol/ archive link implicating them in the ayy hoax

The rabid anti-theist from the "ban the Christians" thread, the succubus thread, and the doomsday thread, sliding any discussion of his rants, his straw-Christian posts, or the idea that the neopagan divine feminine is subject to atheist arguments such as the Problem of Evil.



I just deleted the nightfuel spam threads but before doing that, I looked through the user's post history. He hadn't posted anything else other than those threads.



So either a VPN or a youtuber spamming /x/.



Watch out for viral marketing. It can be hard to differentiate at times between a legitimate conversation about a subject compared to viral marketing, but half /x/ always had it quite bad. Multiple threads about the same subject within a short time span is usually one indicator. If you've been here for years, you just know it when you see it.

File: 74659abd81b3663⋯.jpg (333.39 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, maxresdefault.jpg)


This was written at 330am after we had returned home.

>be me, 3 hours earlier with friend camping

>in southcentral Alaska

>followed a dirt road/side trail that only trucks or 4 wheelers could navigate

>found the perfect secluded spot

>only one way in, very far away from anybody else

>feeling like we found the perfect pocket of the forest

>make a fire, roast hot dogs, the whole camping experience

>night time rolls around

>laying on air mattress in tent, talking, starting to fall asleep

>slowly quiet down and start to sleep

>hear twig snap outside of tent, to the left of me

>friend hears it too


>it's gotta be a bear

>he grabs bear spray, I ring our bear bell, we sit and wait to see if we hear anything else

>possibility of a bear is high, especially with how remote we were

>time passes

>hear low rumbling sound, this time to the right

>friend also hears

>wait it out again, we really aren't sure if our minds are just playing tricks on us now

>friend keeps thinking he hears something and asking me if i did too but my ears are shit so I didn't think I did

>friend eventually has to pee, I'm scared so I ask him to stay near the tent

>he gets outside, shines flashlight at woods

>sees orange light flicker in the woods AWAY from where we came from, like a reflector

>only one way in

>Lord help us

>decide to start the fire back up so we can see around us better

>notice that 2 out of the 4 ties that hold the top of the tePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

19 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



You must've been visited by the notorious knot untying racoon. illusive creatchah.



Never trust someone that tells you to not trust your senses and instincts.



Yes, but where do they go? They may get lost there, BULLSHIT, you don't know where they get lost but then where do they end up if they are never found again?



>How do socks go missing tho.

Funny you ask, because it happened to me for the first time in ages. I usually pair my socks when I shove then in the washing machine, but I didn't this time. So I wasn't sure whether or not they were all paired. One of them was missing. Found it later when washing my jeans (the sock was still in a leg).

Also, people forget to check the dryer. Always turn the drum one or two times to make sure they are not stuck somewhere in there.



This >>50388

Was trying to meme it off because it scared the shit out of me.


Thank you.

>And yeah, sounds like you encountered a hag

I thought hag was just a derogatory term for a very old lady. Well shit

>but left you relatively unharmed

Just the thought of that thing watching me sleep in my uncle's cabin is enough to keep me awake at night.

When I think back at it, like I had to when I greentexted it, I get really nervous, specially when I'm in my bed. Feels like when I least expect it, I'll see "it" hunched down in some corner of my bedroom, watching me sleep again. And it keeps me awake for some time.

This whole situation is fucked.

File: b4888f5a8fab999⋯.jpg (310.33 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, kurt-cobain-1024.jpg)


I was wondering this since I've been thinking about it around the 2010s

a lot of what we call "soyboys" today were imprinted in the images of Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain and some of their pals.

now I like some AIC and Soundgarden but this sudden shift of celebrating masculinity in the 80s to despising it in the 90s seemed a little off to me.

he's also been in the news lately. with a lot of his gear being sold for high prices and their daughter getting pissed at Courtney Love

also any theories surrounding his death or the symbolism appreciated.

sort of a /mu/ and /x/ crossover thread

13 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



This sort of absolutist approach to ideologies is kind of retarded.



I dunno, the video made an absolutist statement themselves right off the bat so I guess whats good for the goose is good for the gander.


File: 5f80987f5b55b28⋯.jpg (73.74 KB, 680x911, 680:911, Mike_conley.jpg)


>Upper class men used to wear make-up and wigs, and skin-tight pants.

Yes, in the 1700s.

And more often than not, those people were effeminate. They rarely had to work; they had serfs and slaves for that. They could spend all day fulfilling their hedonistic desires.

>He thinks that I believe long hair = feminine

Tell that to Kevin Nash, or Paul Levesque, or Mark Calaway, and see how long you last. Sure they have little in the way of actual fighting background, but they don't need to; their imposing physique is usually enough. Long hair on its own isn't feminine. You can be jacked like a motherfucker and have hair long enough to use as a ladder.

>This idea that manly men need to look a very specific way is relatively recent

What definition are you using in terms of "recent"? There's a very well known picture of boxer Mike Conley from the late 1800s that bear the archetypes of what I'd deem manly. Then you proceed into the world wars and on both sides, particularly America and Germany, all the propaganda showed strong males once more in this archetype. Chiseled jaws. Radiant, short hair that has been styled nonetheless. Toned chests. Bulging arms.

>David Bowie for example was a "real man"

That fucked Mick Jagger, but do go on.

>Caring about your appearance is not inherently a feminine trait


Present day niggers spend thousands on shoes they're never going to wear, pride themselves on "bling", and continue to buy eyesore modifications for their car. All in the name of caring over their appearance. Though they may not look it, they are buying into effeminate behavior, pure and simple.

>I'm willing to bet that Bowie's testosterone level was higher than 95% of men alive today

AhPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>And more often than not, those people were effeminate. They rarely had to work; they had serfs and slaves for that. They could spend all day fulfilling their hedonistic desires.

See, this is where we disagree. You seem to think that being manly must be necessarily about hard work and being busy doing stuff. That's completely arbitrary and sounds very lower class. You're not less of a man because you can afford to play chess while drinking tea instead of chopping trees down.

>Then you proceed into the world wars and on both sides, particularly America and Germany, all the propaganda showed strong males once more in this archetype.

Maybe because they were soldiers? Yes, a soldier needs to be in good shape and keep his hair short for practical purposes. But again, you're defining masculinity in a very utilitarian and situation-specific way.


No it isn't. Who cares what niggers do? Caring about your appearance is a basic human trait. If you wash and shave your face, get a haircut once in a while, and try to wear nice clothes, you're taking care of yourself, not being feminine. If you didn't do those things, you wouldn't be seen as more manly… you'd just look like a hobo. It's sad, you've been brainwashed to believe that you're not allowed to improve your appearance, even though people will still judge you based on how you look, even if they say otherwise.


File: bcbc11a3cfd452b⋯.jpg (155.33 KB, 1401x788, 1401:788, 1401x788-GettyImages-85513….jpg)

Luckil the true bastard king of rock n roll lived through all of it. Steadfast, stubborn, full of vinegar, and ready to mount the world that tried to fuck him over. A true man who was born to lose, but lived to win. RIP Motorhead. RIP Lemmy

File: a6b06bf661af15d⋯.jpg (36.57 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-freedom-cannot-be-gr….jpg)


Is this possible? I've made a couple of them mad but haven't made them use it as a justification to believe me.

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



The "atheist" can't be the BO. He wanted Christians banned, and Christians aren't banned yet. And he's not even an atheist anyway. The first time I bumped into that hotheaded shill he was ranting in a succubus thread about the classic "problem of evil". Then he started talking about how occultism being a sin proves his point, how he was in a healthy relationship with a conjured succubus (if such a thing is even possible) and how Lilith is an aspect of the "feminine divine". After getting outed as succubus-anon and told how his own goddess is subject to his problem-of-evil rant the "ban the Christians" thread came up and the astroturfing and shilling kicked into full gear.

If the BO and this clown were one and the same then saying the sacred feminine is subject to every argument against the existence of a good and perfect God in a world where evil exists would either get me perma'd, give him a stroke, or both. He's definitely not the board owner.



It was a BO of a different board.


File: 235650152ce8598⋯.png (150.05 KB, 878x420, 439:210, F4D97409-9D72-4B50-9FE6-04….png)


But as I say my beliefs are far more complicated, I see women as dualistic and men unitary. This explains why women today are fucked up because if God created a woman and Satan created a woman and neither turned out "right" Eve and Lilith, respectively , one a horrid slut the other a naive idiot who preyed on Adam's desires, unknowingly, this explains the dual nature of women and why they are predestined to be mental, never question anything beyond the norm, are mass consumer junkies and are the cause of wars in and of themselves, even a heterosexual man myself I think they at least need to be micromanaged and lorded over, hence if they are not, chaos happens. Pic related.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I like stirners template



wasn't Lacan sort of a shill? I'm very skeptical of looking into him, though I like other sociological philosophers like Land and Delueze, albeit from a critical lens.

File: 49bf1834bd1bd76⋯.png (17.68 KB, 512x512, 1:1, BB6523C7-E00A-4100-A8FE-50….png)


Anyone else feel like they really and truly do not belong in this world, or this reality for that matter? I want to know if anyone else feels as if they wish to travel to another existence and escape this world, maybe ive been reading too many comics and playing too many video games, I mean I do interact with people a lot, Im not some social outcasted robot, but there’s been a consistent increasing feeling of unease and continuous longing for something else. Does anyone else feel this? Is there a way to escape this world, or this dimension for that matter, without suicide?

29 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




I've had enough paranormal experiences in my life to know that something is seriously "amiss" about this world. It only confirms what I've felt for as long as I remember.



Share your experiences with us, anon.


We are all to be in the universe until it’s eventual end, but said should not be a concern of ours at this moment.

Our soul can rise above this plane, whether in this life or the next, but it can never exit the mental image of the creator, it is as a character in a dream attempting to flee the dream itself and enter the “real world”



Muh burgers.



Hmm yes I do too, its the whittling time thing I feel

File: 790fc0cc24e0d8a⋯.jpg (3.18 MB, 2031x3000, 677:1000, artt.jpg)


witch craft is just the ayylmao and lizards trying to dupe us because we are more powerful than them. Don't believe everything that you read.

We are meant to be captains of the simulation.

6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



the vampires?



Who is the Admin?



In other words I have had this thought. Imagine how the NSA spies on all of our phonecalls. Suppose Ayys can nanobot and spy on all our thoughts and actions. Supppose they make other races of batshit insane ayys or extraterrestrial humans believe that they have magical powers. The reality could be nanobots reading their thoughts, calculating their "faith", and running a perpetual psy-op for them to believe their magic works because they 'raised their consciousness' or some bullshit. Through their societal belief structure the ayyys at the top control the dupes into believing they are so much more superior and enlightened than us. They run their cruel experiments and manage our race, none the wiser of who is pulling the strings.


File: 103966b57211eae⋯.jpg (104.09 KB, 480x608, 15:19, 103.jpg)


So why would they allow you to think that thought? Pic kinda related



What fantasy novel have you been reading?

File: 7559f499d0ffbe5⋯.jpg (2 MB, 1269x9439, 1269:9439, Screenshot_2019-05-24 tryf….jpg)


I typed this in on youtube. its tryfg

It shows all sorts of nasty things.

What does this mean?

There was a reddit post on it 4 days ago.

link to to reddit post https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/bqodcx/i_found_something_strange_on_youtubehelp_me_dig/

Link to tryfg https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=tryfg

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



And now half the results are spanish-speaking youtubers trying to exploit the algorithm wormhole that half/x/ and reddit created.


I saw thread on 4chan abaut this and someone pointed out the comments on the videos that doesnt seem to make sense but actually are some kinde of code language. Probably for some youtube cp ring idk… If you type something what small child would type example "SPIDERMAN ELSA" results are also questionable and the comments on the videos are same type as trygfs. Someone also linked video that i couldnt find later anymore it involves children and is pretty fucking creepy same kind of shit what you find when you type "spiderman elsa" but the lost video involves only the guy with joker mask and two children sittin on the table liking big lollipops with wicked sounds and song playing.


File: 2cdeb7e8a844c2b⋯.png (72.56 KB, 815x195, 163:39, tryfg.png)



I get this shit


trygf has similar results



now youtube disabled the keyword. but the results still work if you type them in the search

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