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File: 71ef15b43f5119c⋯.jpg (60.55 KB, 524x500, 131:125, 336x4z.jpg)


Why are most of you falling for project bluebeam psyops?

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Probably because it's easier to believe that our planet is part of a larger cosmic environment, than it is to have faith in something that makes no logical sense. And once you do a little research, it's easy to see that ancient religions were basically cargo cults. Project Bluebeam didn't exist 4000 years ago.



Hard to believe Earth is not a privileged place when you understand that the CMB is aligned to our solar system (axis of Evil), also that the Michelson-Morley experiments proved the Earth is stationary in the universe.



>Why are most of you falling for project bluebeam psyops?

citation needed, nigger.


>Hard to believe Earth is not a privileged place when you understand that the CMB is aligned to our solar system (axis of Evil), also that the Michelson-Morley experiments proved the Earth is stationary in the universe.

Explain more, because there's too much jargon on both the axis and the experiments. Also humans need to become an intergalactic specie or face extinction in our world.



I've heard about the so-called axis of Evil, it's supposed to prove that Earth is the center of the universe, right? Considering the huge implications that would have, there seems to be very little discussion about it. I don't think the guys at Thunderbolt Project have ever mentioned it, for example. Maybe it's because the people who push this sort of idea tend to be the same ones who deny that there's even such a thing as space…


If the universe is infinite, the earth is indeed the middle point of the universe. Everypoint is central.

File: 0b3a16673198f5d⋯.png (200.76 KB, 474x315, 158:105, ClipboardImage.png)


Thread about the meaning of dreams, dream interpretation, and lucid dreaming. Post guides and personal experiences.

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Had a dream this night of having my ears pierced , i could feel the pain but enjoyed it then i wore pretty golden earrings and was extremely happy.

Does this mean anything ?


My dream last night involved me swimming over Antarctica's waters at one point. I was looking at a map as well showing a stream that changes over time so I don't know if I was in the ocean or in a lake. But the water was vast and deep, dark and cold, and the people I was with were advised to stay away from the lights set up underwater or else the monsters at the bottom would see us. There was one I saw that was like a massive eel, more like a serpent than eel. My dreams normally take place in settings around my city or within buildings, but this week has given me dreams from grassy hills to sand dunes.



What you want in life can't be acquired without some sacrifice on your part.


Times of change, danger lurking beneath.


I had a dream this night, it was very vivid hence why I remember it until now in the afternoon. The left side of my body always suffered the most injuries throughout my life, maybe it's because I'm left-handed and so that part of my body is what I expose to danger unconsciously.

In the dream I had several open wounds in my left side (left arm, left leg and foot), I particularly remember two wounds on the sole of my left foot, they were open and bloody but they weren't gushing blood out, they were just very red and wretching. I have no clue what this could mean.

Of course I Googled it and it said something along the lines of "you will find a way to make money without effort". It seems obvious that this is just a feel-good tidbit made up by someone.



Same Anon if it helps. Took this to 4/x/ but no one touched it.

I'm in Seattle, a semi-regular vacation destination for me since I have family there. I'm hanging out with my family there when a girl they're familiar with comes by. I'm immediately attracted to her. She's always taking pictures so I try to work up the courage to ask her for her Instagram. She and I play golf with her dad, first on a normal course, then inside a house with mini-golf tricks and traps. She has some medical condition where she needs to be occasionally placed in a wheelchair due to back issues.

She goes to hang out with her friends and I go to a black ghetto. I actively think during the dream "around blacks never relax", I don't usually hear an inner monologue during my dreams so this is a bit unique. There's this light-skinned black guy in a car at a stoplight and he never moves. His car seems to be safe from the other black people, so I get in it when I'm feeling unsafe.

The narrative or camera or POV or whatever sometimes switches to the girl. She wants to get doughnuts for her friends. She has trouble finding a doughnut shop. She seems to be getting more desperate. It's late at night and she wants a hairnet or something, and she thinks she can "craft" one at a restaurant. She goes to a seafood shop, and the owner is nice until she asks for food. He then tosses her some scraps and tells her to leave.

I'm then in the car with the black person again, asking him to take me around town so I can find my mother. I ask him if he ever gets bored or lonely sitting at that stoplight all day and he says no. I think that that makes sense, because all black people are NPCs (again another instance of inner monologue). I find my mother and he drives off. We look for the girl and find her at the doughnut shop. She's in her wheelchair again and never got the doughnuts. My mother tells her she's pretty, I put my arm around her and I feel sad.

File: 00f837e122430be⋯.jpg (181.04 KB, 1300x1733, 1300:1733, 117680254_1300x1733.jpg)

File: 1af32ffe95b98c0⋯.png (94.12 KB, 832x141, 832:141, Red thing.PNG)


I had some strange experiences when I was watching Adventure Time.

One experience I remember was with the sidebar on YouTube. No matter what Adventure Time video I watched, the "Adventure Time's Finale EXPLAINED!" video was always there, almost always at the top of the sidebar (I never clicked it).

Another oddity I experienced was after watching a particular episode: S5E16 - Puhoy. The episode is about Finn going deeper inside a Pillow Fort (just a fort made of pillows that he and Jake made in their house) and it follows his escapades as he alone winds up in an entirely different world: a world where everyone is made of pillows. He spends years in this other world, has a family with a girl he meets there, dies of old age in that world and then proceeds to leave the world, going up into space, lands on the tongue of a red guy on his way there, jumps off of it and heads in another direction before waking up in his normal world as a child once more, as if the whole journey did not happen.

Every single time I've watched this episode, I've always felt "funny" or "off" in some indescribable way. That's the first thing I notice. The most recent time after I watched it, my sister came into my room in the later hours of the night, told me something ominous (she wanted me to remember something that I cannot remember now) and then went back to bed. She came in, sleepy and tired, just to say that one thing before leaving. Then finally, when I wake up the next morning, I feel as though it's been years since I was last in my room. Like I'd just returned from some incredibly long journey.

Another oddity I experienced was the advertising I was exposed to. Originally, I looked up the price of Adventure Time BluRays on Amazon. Then I started seeing adverts for it. That's not a surprise. It was when I started thinking about how the Adventure Time BluRays I want to purchase will be incompatible with the BluRay players down in Australia (I was planning on travelling there), I then started seeing adverts for Adventure Time BluRays for Australia.

The final, most bizarre experience was when I was watching Adventure Time and yet again, my TV's sound turPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>you might also had a dream similar to the episode yet you cant remember it after you woke up but still retain the emotions from it

I find this hard to believe. I had a dream about the episode both times that I watched the episode?



>when I wake up the next morning, I feel as though it's been years since I was last in my room. Like I'd just returned from some incredibly long journey.

I did a lucid dream recently and the same happened to me, some lucid dreams do feels like literal years, you can forget yourself, become someone or something else but still act consciously , I remember one when I was a 20 some thing girl in a really luxury place gossiping with other girls we were eating home made traditional sweets while wearing incredibly complexes dresses, it was me, I was aware that it was a dream but then would forget that and I became this girl and forgot everything about "me" I think that's what that episode was about maybe you had a dream that you couldn't remember .

Funny even if I do remember this dream I know that much more happened that night.


I had a dream-(for lack of a better word) like that episode a year or to ago it however less of a dream. It was more like bookmarked memories and a as for what happened I remember mostly through feelings. I wasn’t human anymore, however I do believe I remembered most of my time here although I think I forgot after some time- I think I was there a few months or years. I don’t think this world had money or any advanced or technology. From what I remember it was a huge gloomy forest mostly pine trees a lot of light rain I spent my time there living off the land I had a small family it all ended when I was out and it felt I like I was recalled that’s the only way I can explain it I couldn’t move and everything came flooding back into my mind then I was in my bed in a nasty mood. I didn’t want to come back it was like I specifically tried to remove these few things before I was recalled. Shitty story I know, I mostly lurk but I feel like I needed to type this.



>No matter what Adventure Time video I watched, the "Adventure Time's Finale EXPLAINED!" video was always there,

Wow, youtube algorithms promoted a video that was popular and/or paid for/exploited SEO for promotion, so supernatural.

>I felt weird after watching an episode that was written to be weird

Spooky supernatural ghosts, or creative/drugged up writers and animators. What is more likely?

>aussie blurays

This one gets slightly more logical, as if your thoughts were perused to advertise to you. HOWEVER: you forget sites like amazon datamine your browsing history as a whole. You probably have some tracked information about going to aussieland.


Electronic interference.




8/x/ is actually worse than 4/x/, how the fuck is this is even possible? I guess having a sperg take over as BO and kill off half the original userbase leaves faggots who think "redditors look at tame-ass scenes and act like they're big deals" is worthwhile.

File: 90dc1c297cf9a87⋯.jpg (23.9 KB, 650x401, 650:401, demon.jpg)


Subject says it all, and I am dead fucking serious. For TWO. FUCKING. DAYS NOW. This spider has bit the shit out of my face. I'm gonna kill it myself, but if I can summon a demon to make that spider pay for what it did to my face, I wanna fucking do it.

I am that petty

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File: e772c70d10cc02d⋯.jpg (28.03 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1361469186312.jpg)


but it's already been done. yet it's still here. explain that chucklefucks.

it's a forced spider. it's fake


These sort of threads are what /x/ should strives for.


So did OP ever summon that demon? I assume by his 2-year silence that he did, and that it went about as well as you'd expect.


File: 53dc9267c380a94⋯.png (31.66 KB, 254x558, 127:279, ClipboardImage.png)

For any anon fucking with Benadryl


>According to user reports, diphenhydramine has a non-linear dose-response, meaning the effects do not correspond directly with the dose. Lower doses produce a body high effect, while higher doses produce a state of delirium in which the user sees and hears fully-formed, extremely convincing hallucinations. Doses between these two extremes are uncomfortable and dysphoric. Diphenhydramine is frequently reported to produce significant nausea and bodily discomfort ("body load"). Most users who try diphenhydramine typically do not report positive effects and do not wish to repeat the experience.

>The toxicity of recreational diphenhydramine use has not been studied. Anecdotal reports suggest that heavy use may cause persisting hallucinations and cognitive and memory impairments. It is highly advised to use harm reduction practices if using this substance.

Don't take too much of this shit, folks.



Oh shit, wrong thread.

File: da2ca505a4fdc9d⋯.png (497.51 KB, 602x452, 301:226, bhopal.png)


Bhopal disaster

File: c18f4b185395f7c⋯.jpg (84.78 KB, 759x674, 759:674, dane_wigington.jpg)


Redpill me on Dane Wigington/GeoengineeringWatch. Is he legit or full of shit?


Sorry I have no idea who this guy is. Geoengineering is real, though.


never heard of him

File: 6b55e7ead854182⋯.jpg (33.76 KB, 340x400, 17:20, mars1.jpg)


I know 1.07% of you will believe me, but here it is:

You're all fucking retards and only I know the truth, that's right, in fact you are actually ai and I'm the only real person. Yeah, it's pretty shocking but I'm actually super duper special and too smart for all of you to understand. Cosmic Geometry Esoteric DNA created the WarpDrift which made lucifer cum. I don't expect you plebians to understand, also there's a skinwalker behind you. Also I'm the culmination of x, destined to piss all over interesting topics and somehow make it about me. You need to kill me, save your community, destroy me and all this will be over, and x can be a place for fun once more. छ¥©ति%_८०

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Fucking SAGE this larp thread.




The thread is pointing out the larpiness of x, you are just showing your retardation by being not able to read between the lines.



>my Reddit-tier shitpost is ACKSHUALLY satire haha tough luck bud



File: 20ebb661e4d1b8a⋯.png (2.36 KB, 244x226, 122:113, pretending.png)


>the point



Based and dare I say, छ¥©ति%_८०-pilled.


Where is the /gatekeepers/ forum?


If you're talking about GATE, it's at >>>/gatebreakers/ but like this thread it's deader than dead. Sucks too, I've seen screencaps of recent posts (less than 2 months old) on GATE but I can never seem to catch any discussion while it's still happening. Has anything new been found?


Alright, /x/, I couldn't find a better place to talk about it, so I had to make this thread.

I've been having a lot of sleep paralyzes since last week. Something like 1 per two nights of sleep, and every fuckin time I see this man who looks just like the Thin Man from the XCOM series, but with piercing blue eye and a slightly longer head.

I've been seeing it in my dreams also, and I wake up feeling like shit and feeling like there's something or someone watching me, even tho my room is locked and I'm all alone. I even tried to run after "it" this night, but took some time to regain full control of my body, and when I did, I couldn't find nothing and the house was just like how I left before going to sleep.

And when I see it in my dreams, it feels like "it" knows what I'm thinking.

I'm either going nuts or there's some creepy ass ayy lmao fuckin my shit up. Either way I don't think I'll be able to handle it for a long time. I'm getting really anxious and paranoid by this point, and I'll probably lose my shit if it keeps happening.

What to do?

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lmao buddhism is fucking dumb.

as for op, try not to sleep in the evening, tire yourself during the morning with activities and consult some psychiatric help if it persists. that's how muslims do it



>psychiatric help

You're fucking dumb. No joke, he has a better chance at recovery without psychiatric intervention.

He should summon a succubus.


File: a3032b57d1e8be6⋯.jpg (58.66 KB, 563x1000, 563:1000, healer.jpg)


Look at this shit.


Recovery is 100% if he avoids all meds and summons a succubus. Then all he needs to do is get the succubus to fall in love with him, or feel bad enough for him that she helps him, instead of that other thing.



Have you tried sleeping on your side, with your head under the covers? That way you could avoid the worst effects of sleep paralysis.



Then OP becomes a brainwashed sex addict whose sole purpose in life is to shill for his mistress.

File: 51c33b7b6c8bea9⋯.webm (10.82 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, WhatsApp Video 2019-06-05….webm)


Hello /x/. So my wife just sent this to me and I want to know what you guys think

Backstory: The girl you see at the video is a receptionist at a medical facility my wife works at. She felt what she thought was her hair lightly scrape her skin giving her goosebumps.She reacted to it, quickly moving her head but felt something was "off".

My wife jokingly suggested they look at the tape, just to laugh at her twitchy spasms. (sorry if word selection is poor, trying my best here with english being a second language)

That was when my wife noticed and pointed out that her hair moves before she ever reacts. And moves quite a bit too. I asked her to send me the video (and she filmed another phone playing it - I fucking now, ok?)

I'll check back and forward questions to the wife, if you gottem.

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



yeah, I figured so


>To me it looks like her hair was resting on her shoulder and fell down due to gravity, then she reacted by moving her head and making the hair move even more.

for sure the most plausible explanation. still feel eerie about this




Waddup, SCbro?



I’ll be fooked


File: 30b4b2825ae5cf1⋯.jpg (600.63 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, samus_talon.jpg)

>my wife

Stopped reading there. Fuck back off to half-r9k with the rest of the status-climbing, attention-whoring normalniggers.



This is probably the case imo. Without a second angle we will never know, but it seems like her fair fell and just freaked her out.


I think you're the one who needs to fuck off, buddy.

File: c416444fdc2fbce⋯.png (55.67 KB, 742x640, 371:320, birthchart.png)


>url: https://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php

Gonna be doing some reads later when I get home and also some probably tomorrow. I'll do 5-10 or so and then maybe some by request.

I'm also interested in learning more about astrology so if there are any experienced chart-readers I'd appreciate some advice!


File: 70905906197dafd⋯.jpg (90.9 KB, 506x540, 253:270, NatalChartThingy.jpg)



File: 5bd68efb74a7150⋯.png (123.18 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-06-07-22-1….png)

File: 7703d41402d61db⋯.png (94.56 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-06-07-22-1….png)

File: ff102199c42b7cd⋯.png (75.33 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-06-07-22-1….png)


Sure. I'll play.

File: 9d9dfd70bb8f1ac⋯.jpeg (8.36 KB, 480x360, 4:3, believe.jpeg)


Anti-Gravity Field/Neutrino Dampening Field Generation and Its Role in Our Everyday Lives

You now understand that neutrinos are the sub-atomic particles responsible for Gravity, and electron decay is a natural and constant process that underpins the generation of neutrinos around celestial bodies, bombardment by which is the cause of the weight we all experience on the surface of the Earth.

Neutrino Dampening or “Anti-Gravity” as it was once called reduces the weight of trains, automobiles, and aircraft. We now have the benefit of understanding that if we want to reduce the weight of physical objects on Earth, rather than attempting to generate more of the sub-atomic particles that push objects toward the Earth, we must, instead, negate those particles responsible for Gravity. A property of neutrinos is that they may pass through inanimate objects and living tissue, alike, without causing damage or harm. They pass through everything on the surface of this planet in such great numbers that despite being free of mass, their (very) weak electrical charge exerts a physical force similar to a tide. 20th Century scientist Werner Heisenberg described wave/particle duality; the way in which subatomic particles could behave both as a wave and as particles. In the case of Gravity, neutrinos behave as waves, their cumulative force pushing all matter like an ocean current pushes a ship on the sea.

Key to changing the behavior of matter in a neutrino field (Remember: We are in one right now) is preventing neutrinos from exerting their natural force. As we learned in a previous lesson, microscopic rotating magnetic fields called skyrmions can change the behavior of neutrinos by applying “English” or top-spin to the neutrinos, themselves. As we already covered in a previous chapter, this effect is crucial for the creation of tachyons (which provide us every day with a unique economic and military advantage.) However, neutrino acceleration is also essential for helping to negate much of the weight of the goods that must be moved around the world each day. You may take it for granted, but without the USMs (Ultradense Skyrmion Modules) in the roofs of your automobiles, on train cars, and on the fuselages of aircraft, much of global commerce would be unfeasiblePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


based and redpilled





File: d527c14adcf82bb⋯.png (567.88 KB, 782x521, 782:521, screen-shot-2018-06-25-at-….png)


File: 0067fc272222084⋯.jpg (27.48 KB, 794x625, 794:625, 2019-06-05 19.20.03.jpg)

File: 910f4208121b1d7⋯.jpeg (44.02 KB, 650x383, 650:383, primer.jpeg)


An Anonymous Thesis on the Neutrino-Skyrmion-Tachyon Relationship as it Pertains to Gravity, Temporal Mechanics, and Precognition:

To date, physicists have failed in endeavors to reconcile Newtonian physics and quantum mechanics. Multiple schisms have formed in the field of physics separating the vocal advocates of the potential of quantum mechanics (and the implied potential for branching multiple universes) and others who believe that the quantum behavior of the universe is merely a part of the larger Newtonian world of physics. Any explanation of these phenomena (quantum entanglement, the dual particle/wave properties of photons, and yes, multiverse theory) seems almost undesired by certain elements of the scientific community that subscribe to these theories. This reluctance may be explained by the reality that should their theories be debunked, then a great portion of the mystique of quantum mechanics would be lost, as would much potential for recruiting young people to enter the field of study. While it is generally desirable to promote public interest in all of the sciences, it is morally dubious if not entirely immoral to do so by proselytizing the masses with grandiose promises more reminiscent of a religion than a field of science e.g. that there is a universe in which everyone struck it rich and is sipping a cocktail on a beach somewhere.

For science to be ethical, its ultimate goal must be the betterment of mankind, and for it to be legitimate, it must withstand rigorous testing. When it comes to cosmological theory, rarely are proposed hypotheses falsifiable. Typically, when someone makes a non-falsifiable claim in a field of science, it is at least scrutinized until either supporting or opposing evidence can be garnered. The purveyors of non-falsifiable (e.g. “You can’t prove there ISN’T a flying spaghetti monster on the dark side of the moon”) cosmological theory are frequently given a pass and are allowed to propose open-ended, dreamy hypotheses that are not supported by any evidence and parade them in forums such as The History Channel as well as other networks owned by the notorious television network, Discovery Communications. These programs do little to educate the public about real science, and instead seek only to increase ratings by selling hope, just as a religion wouldPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

29 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I'm truly doing my best to refrain from concluding that you have horrendous reading comprehension or are arguing in absolutely bad faith.

>How do we know that one person had the idea first

Refer to my earlier analogy about bringing my dog to the park. Plagiarism raises the questions of: 1) how common is the plagiarized concept, 2) how specific is the concept described, 3) how substantive is this concept in the larger scheme of the subject as a whole, 4) is the specificity detailed in much the same way as a previously established statement by someone else on the subject? If we both write "I took my dog to the park," you have no credible substance for claiming copying. If we both wrote "I walked my dog past Uncle Bill's house, down two blocks, and then took him to the park," then there's copying going on.

So, for the third time, substantiate your claims with specific references to the article. Quote the pieces that are copied. Put them next to the pieces that come from the OP. You go "okay, look at this, now look at this, and realize that this part which came first is way too specific for this part that came later to have simply accidentally copied it word for word or close to it." I keep repeating myself, but you're ignoring the fact the whole article has nothing to do with OP's posts at all other than a singular, simple idea in common. It just isn't enough to go on, I keep asking for more and never get any.

At this point you're almost literally bitching that I'm not listening and believing. I don't mind being proven wrong, but prove me wrong first. This is /x/ right? Where everyone is supposed to be skeptical? Like all the fucking time about everything? No, this case of plagiarism is a special exemption from such skepticism. If I don't immediately jump on the bandwagon I must be some subversive. No, you want to complain that I am being skeptical. This is not overwhelming evidence, give me that. Like I said I'm not a physicist. Spell out the case for plagiarism.


holy shit phreaks, this is a lot of movement for one thread.

I smell something in the water here.



>this is a lot of movement for one thread.

Well the thread was linked on /b2/ and the GG thread on /v/. I'm honestly surprised it's not more active. There's some neat ideas to discuss.



Speaking of which OP was/is convinced that me and the other anon that first objected are both the yalefag and thinks he's in this thread; I really doubt that, but I thought for a minute maybe I should reach out and ask him specifically. My physics background is pretty shit, so I can't poke holes in anything OP says regarding his "theory" as I don't have the requisite expertise (mine is biology), so I wondered how yalefag would respond not only to the accusation but to OP's whole text buffet at the start of the thread.

I'm pretty leery of doing this, because I never point outsiders to hatechan under any circumstances, but OP's convinced he's already here so why the hell not? He thinks he's ripping ideas directly from /x/ so actually pointing him here makes no difference right? Perhaps then he could actually take a look at OP's ideas up top as a whole and provide "this is/isn't bullshit" feedback.

The irony is this: imagine yalefag doesn't know anything about any of this, and I point him here, and then after reading the shit up top he DOES plagiarize it. How fucking hilarious would that be? At least OP would be correct then, even if only by a self fulfilling prophecy of circumstances.


OP is your name Bill and your last name starts with an M and you live in Texas by any chance? I might know you.

File: b04f9111aeb9073⋯.jpg (604.62 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Breath_Of_Gaia_Wallpaper_1….jpg)


My goal for this post is not to start a debate on whether or not the Earth is flat. My goal is to explain why I think the FES (Flat Earth Society) exists.

When we think of Earth, the majority of humans think of it as being round.


We have images from space of Earth being round, and other planetary bodies in our solar system are also round. It impossible for NASA to control every image online. We have Elon Musk who recently put his Tesla Roadster in space, and you can view the Earth in the background.

However, there is a smaller portion of the population that believes in a Flat Earth theory. We have all heard of people describe "Flat Earthers" as crazy. We also hear that conspiracy theorists are crazy and have crazy ideas, not based in reality. Our society tries to marginalize those with new or "crazy" ideas, ideas that do not fit in the "normal box." I believe that Flat Earth Society is misinformation to keep people away from the real truth. The underlying purpose of the FES is to stifle free thinking by purposely creating an incorrect notion, and then have our society ridicule individuals over those beliefs. It also puts conspiracy theorists in a more negative light.


"Gaia theory or the Gaia principle, proposes that living organisms interact with their surroundings on Earth to form a synergistic and self-regulating, complex system that helps to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life on the planet." I want to further suggest that the Earth is alive. Trees and plants have consciousness, but could it be possible that the whole planet is a conscious being? I do not have scientific evidence to support my claim that the Earth is a living, intelligent being. Returning to my main point, I believe people are being conditioned to ridicule ideas that would fundamentally change our perspective of the Earth. If we did know that the Earth was a living being, how would that change our perspective? I believePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

61 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>By ridiculing people who believe that the Earth is flat, we control and pressure people to conform. When our society ridicules ideas that challenge the status quo, we feel uncomfortable, and we become less of a free thinking society.

That is an excuse applicable to any horseshit, and thus valid in none. You can claim social justice shouldn't be ridiculed because you're stifling free thinking. Or islam. Go wild !


File: dc6cc84574386a6⋯.png (880.2 KB, 1274x1184, 637:592, Thought Stopping Language.png)

"Flat Earth" is thought-stopping language designed to shut down discussion and critical thinking. The term "conspiracy theory" used to serve this purpose, but it lost some of its sting after the 2016 election and they were forced to re-brand.



Just like the backrooms back over at halfchan




The correct solution is to conduct your own research and find answers for yourself (if you can reasonably do so).



Fuck this board by the way. They took away the juude parenthesis.


File: a71d8f8a90d18a7⋯.png (74.86 KB, 709x2000, 709:2000, 9ae3d0d56f84b170ae7ec9c7a9….png)


I'm looking for some real deal black magic shit.

I've tried so many things and YES, some of the things I've done have actually worked


although they were a flash in the pan when compared to the obscene amount of time and studying I was doing. They really weren't enough I need some solid ass proof that Black Magic exists, something I KNOW is real and has no chance of being unreal.

I want to SEE demons I don't want to sit down and meditate like a fucking faggot/astral project like a retarded hippie.

>read SEVERAL books in which I was pissed that this garbage new age concept slipped in

YES I have tried astral projecting meditation xyz but it is sooooo gay and feels like mental masturbation. Not Real Authentic Magic.

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A friend used a grimoire called Wrathful Chaos a couple years back. Said he had some experiences. Not really my thing though.


If you require spoonfeeding because you're too lazy and impatient to find this information yourself, then perhaps you shouldn't be playing with powerful forces that you don't understand or respect.




The real issue isn't being lazy or getting bored. The real issue is walking a mile just to be where you already were. If there's no indication that something is going to pay out, people naturally stop doing it. He wants anything concrete.



OP here it's been a while but as soon as I found the book I read it all in 3 days very good and caught my attention. I forgot to thank you, just know you caught my attention and if there is anyone else in my situation this book is perfect.



So is magic real or not????

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