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File: 8959db5eae381b6⋯.jpg (14.98 KB, 255x151, 255:151, cbts-header.jpg)

91b9e3  No.260628[Reply]

If you're here, you know the drill. Current Q is a LARP, has been since Jan 5.

No intelligence, no drops, nothing of value on /qresearch either.

Looks like they're getting bored of it all and other anons are figuring it out.


Have at it anons.

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3c098f  No.261534

File: 3736e1ab6089fd3⋯.jpeg (100.59 KB, 564x764, 141:191, B6466BD4-B41A-421F-BB99-8….jpeg)

The End is capable of factorising semiprime integers into their component primes in <O(log n) time complexity.

File: 5a8fadc61356aa7⋯.jpg (1.75 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 8bit.jpg)

e0127e  No.261444[Reply]

META thread.

All bans have been lifted.

Mod logs made public.

Settings changed to mirror QResearch settings. (Tor posting disabled, images per post increased to 5, disabled CAPTCHA on thread creation, etc.)

Whitelisted Q, BO, and CMs temp tripcodes

QResearch CSS applied.

AIMfag/Pelicanfag spam removed.

Doxxing/Harassing threads removed.

QResearch banners added.

Announcement updated.

This board is no longer Anti Q.

Deal with it.

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e0127e  No.261507


Can you crack mine?

I will give you my life if you can.

Seriously, I will let you kill me.

Crack my tripcode, fuckface.

File: 5b4847453a7c8d9⋯.gif (22.27 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Memes5.gif)

25715a  No.189835[Reply]

Mission: To redpill normies by creating + distributing effective memes





Don't mention 8ch, please.


Guerilla Twitter Tactics

>>12832 Excellent tutorial from an Anon who works Twitter to the max. Recommended!

>>123647 Pepe the Frog may ban you from Twitter -- our Truth symbol considered "hate symbol"!



Memes #1 >>2

#2 >>61078

#3 >>107604

#4 >>142207

#5 This

Infographs >>10


Bulk Image Download from Zip Files



Meme Droppers --> Select memes from all Meme threads. (Click to open fullsize image, right click to download or save image to your device). Plant appropriate memes on social media: Twitter, Gab, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Buzzfeed, Blogs, News articles that allow comments, mainstream-type places where normies hangout, slightly-off-mainstream places, etc. Know your audience!

To select by topic, try a browser word search (CTRL-F) within a Meme thread. Many images have human-readable names indicating a broad topic, e.g. Fake News, Hillary, Obama, Trump, Rothschild, Fake Aliens, Soros, ATL, Derail, DC, Trump, Patriot, etc.

Meme Autists --> Meme hard, meme FUNNY! >>91583Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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4a2711  No.261503

File: 484f2b07580da9b⋯.jpg (296.33 KB, 2550x1650, 17:11, Bombastic.jpg)

BomBastic Collusion

File: ab69793f4021294⋯.jpg (305.07 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190713-232342….jpg)

0b9b50  No.261535[Reply]

Have any of you guys watched this guys "revelations" of what he was involved with in Europe with the FINANCE company he worked at high up for billionaires and criminal as well ad terroristic organizations and what he went through? Is there a connection between that"company" and the Rothschild or Epstein high finance companies?

File: 4ea7b31fb8f16ba⋯.png (812.12 KB, 1043x697, 1043:697, BoerTheSacrificialLamb.png)

4461cd  No.261529[Reply]

Why the West won’t report on Farm Murders

This should be world news. An eight percent (and shrinking) minority group is targeted with over a hundred race based laws. They are the most murdered group in the world. They are excluded from contracts. They are openly excluded from job opportunities. There are Departments and companies dedicated to ensure that they are oppressed, keeping “scorecards” and investigating and fining companies who don’t persecute them. The popular narrative is that “all land belongs to Africans”. Which is obvious lie. But why will the Western Media, including Conservatives not report on it?

Because the West will have to admit guilt. They sanctioned, boycotted the Boer Nation. Resolution upon Resolution. And then they funded the Communist take over. The West, all Western Nations, were State Sponsors of Terrorism against a small nation. During the Anglo Boer War the British Empire attempted a genocide with the scorched earth policy and the death camps. The French, Australians, Canadians all cashed in by supplying the British Empire with horses and supplies. Even America who claimed to be “neutral” made quite a handsome amount by supplying the British. All that changed in modern times is who are being supplied by the Global War against the Boer Nation. Every Western Nation gave unconditional support to the ANC full well knowing that they are Communists, Terrorists. They turned a blind eye to planting of bombs, necklace murders – and turned the ANC into Media Saints.

If the Western Nations, any of them, are to examine what they did against the Boer Nation, they will have to admit that their nations are guilty of funding and supporting terrorism against a minority – even up to this day – while that minority is already the most murdered demographic in the world.

The Western Media, including so-called Conservative Media dare not report on it, because it will end up with indicting

themselves. So it is easier to join the Leftist chorus and repeat the age old excuse filled with made up offences… “But Apartheid”. It is so much easier to just repeat the popular narrative than investigate and expose your own sins. For this reason, except for a fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

4461cd  No.261530

Why the obsession to call the Boer Nation Colonists?

Black South Africans are a conduit for the Leftist World’s Wakanda dreams. Most of what they repeat was dreamed up by Leftist “scholars”.

The Boer Nation are not part of the Colonial Powers, like the British Empire, Belgium, France, Germany. The Boer Nation trekked away from the British, only to be invaded and forced under British rule, and had to repeatedly break away. But whenever there are talk of “Colonists” the favourite subject is the Boer Nation. Why is that? It is because the real Colonial Powers committed atrocities. Germany nearly wiped out the Nama and Herero. The British did no better, and even attempted genocide on the Boer Nation. But they did much worse in India, exporting the produce and causing famine and the deaths of millions, only to increase taxation because the British Empire was not going to suffer financial loss just because a few million peasants died. The Belgium Empire – oh they were horrible. Cutting off of hands became a competition to prove how productive they can make the local population in the rubber trade that made Leopold rich. Everywhere you look, the Colonial Powers treated blacks with harshness and without mercy.

Enter the Boer Nation, who had enough of the European Colonial Powers. Not surprising as the ancestors of the Boer Nation fled Europe to get away from Catholic persecution. And when the Boer’s trekked inland, into open unoccupied territory they once again fled the European and British madness. And so after the Fish River the Boer’s encountered the Bantu tribes. Well, the Boer encountered first valleys of skeletons, and then the warring tribes. More accurately, they encountered the Mefecane, the Crushing. One Bantu nation on a genocidal rage against the other tribes fleeing before them. If it was the Belgians, Germans, British or other Colonial Powers that encountered this, it would most likely have ended in massive troop deployment and clearing the land of these tribes. After all, this is what the European Powers did elsewhere. But the Boer Nation brought stability. Ended the Wars between the tribes. Sure the strongest of the tribes did not take kindly to it, and attempted to massacre the Boers – as can be seen in the history of Weenen, Bloukrans and maPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 28e06559880103c⋯.png (750.62 KB, 1024x729, 1024:729, clincabalswamp.png)

426819  No.1411[Reply]

>Post research, news, links, etc. related to the Clintons, the Foundation, Dem & RINO swamp creatures, related persons & companies.

>If your research involves multiple topics, be sure to cross-link in appropriate threads.

>Try to stay on topic and only post relevant things. Keep /cbts/ clutter-free!


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a0ed5e  No.252380


The Udall Scholarship is a highly competitive award and is regarded by most universities as one of several "prestigious scholarships" (alongside the Churchill Scholarship, the Fulbright Scholarship, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, the Harry S. Truman Scholarship, the Marshall Scholarship, the Mitchell Scholarship, and the Rhodes Scholarship, )

We’ve already seen in other posts that the Rhodes Scholarship established by Cecil Rhodes is a globalist activity with seditious intentions. Is this scholarship, and the associated foundation, also a globalist seditious activity? Needs more research.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morris_K._Udall_and_Stewart_L._Udall_Foundation

66e1eb  No.259422


Cloward/Piven strategy


Cloward and Piven's article is focused on forcing the Democratic Party, which in 1966 controlled the presidency and both houses of the United States Congress, to take federal action to help the poor. They stated that full enrollment of those eligible for welfare "would produce bureaucratic disruption in welfare agencies and fiscal disruption in local and state governments" that would: "…deepen existing divisions among elements in the big-city Democratic coalition: the remaining white middle class, the working-class ethnic groups and the growing minority poor. To avoid a further weakening of that historic coalition, a national Democratic administration would be constrained to advance a federal solution to poverty that would override local welfare failures, local class and racial conflicts and local revenue dilemmas."[3]

They further wrote:

“ The ultimate objective of this strategy—to wipe out poverty by establishing a guaranteed annual income—will be questioned by some. Because the ideal of individual social and economic mobility has deep roots, even activists seem reluctant to call for national programs to eliminate poverty by the outright redistribution of income.[3] ”

Michael Reisch and Janice Andrews wrote that Cloward and Piven "proposed to create a crisis in the current welfare system – by exploiting the gap between welfare law and practice – that would ultimately bring about its collapse and replace it with a system of guaranteed annual income. They hoped to accomplish this end by informing the poor of their rights to welfare assistance, encouraging them to apply for benefits and, in effect, overloading an already overburdened bureaucracy."[4]

She was even at the occupy movement

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

d7ffbd  No.260511

d59133  No.261456

File: 4cde14241339d35⋯.jpg (3.93 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20181017_154120.jpg)

File: 60fc1d8c67f298e⋯.jpg (846.51 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 20181017_154107.jpg)



915e8c  No.261528

File: f5eada0e5b8cfbe⋯.jpeg (353.89 KB, 1242x2128, 621:1064, AA7269E7-4790-4892-B57E-C….jpeg)

File: 293b3f207a03f91⋯.jpeg (65.98 KB, 1216x770, 608:385, 1C61DD08-2805-4ABB-983C-A….jpeg)

File: a811220be3a1e1d⋯.jpeg (349.77 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 4113A2E6-C0F3-4621-A642-C….jpeg)

longtime lurkerfag

Qpost #238

Q !ITPb.qbhqo 11/30/17 (Thu) 00:12:57 7db625 (2) No.13282>>13290 >>13292 >>13293 >>13296 >>13300 >>13307 >>13311 >>13316 >>13319 >>13325 >>13336 >>13340 >>13358

Sidley Austin.

Happy hunting.


Huawei Technologies is a client of Sidley Austin LLP

Came across this fact after the chopper crash into a building housing an office of Sidley Austin LLC. Which it also caused the evacuation of.


helicopter crash article bypassing paywall


original crash article with paywall


court filing page with link to pdf


direct link to pdf of court filing


File: c090d9ab8343c1e⋯.png (574.98 KB, 975x649, 975:649, Doom.png)

File: 1f08c395688a6ba⋯.png (1.04 MB, 972x621, 36:23, Death.png)

File: 7e4d4df3a0c8744⋯.png (789.67 KB, 959x719, 959:719, Orange.png)

03dde1  No.259600[Reply]

Q and Team,

My name is J. Walker, and I am an American Christian. I have been lurking on these boards since January, reading all about The Storm. And though I can say truthfully that I have already known most of the info coming from Q’s drops and the subsequent revelations from research garnered there from, I have to admit that I never thought or suspected in my life, that THIS STORM, would make it from sea to land! Hence this post…

About three years ago, I was traveling with a companion down a country road, at night, during the fall, and out of nowhere a light appeared. At that time of evening, the sky was clear, the stars out, and I was more or less an Agnostic, this is important. Me being an Agnostic at the time is important to note, because after seeing this light, my whole life changed.

I was driving the vehicle my companion and I were in, as we drove down this backwoods road, and eventually came over a crest/hill, we both saw this light. IT WAS NOT ALIENS OR A SPACESHIP! This light we saw was hovering some thirty feet above the road we were on. It was an orange orb of light. The size of a basketball. I know the color and dimensions of the ball of light, its’ size and its’ height in the air from the center of the road, to a T, because once we drove over the knoll, despite my companys’ fear, I drove and parked the car right directly underneath it and got out to observe this orange orb of light.

The orange light just sat there, hanging in the air. As I studied it, I noticed it was almost translucent, meaning it had an energetic field that you could see through surrounding its’ core. Waves of energy shaped like solar flare plumes washed away from the orange core and traveled through the sphere till the energy meet the surface of the orb. An orange orb of moving soft plasma. Best way I can describe it.

After a few minutes of watching the tiny orange sun, I suddenly got the impression not only was I studying the light, but the light was also surveying me. The orange ball of light did not have a face, but my sixth sense kicked in and told me it was curious about me too. It had its own consciousness, and the second I Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

551 posts and 819 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

03dde1  No.261018

File: af139efb2dc3630⋯.jpg (15.12 KB, 196x258, 98:129, THE LORD'S PROTECTION.jpg)

File: 2aac0179723ce94⋯.jpg (9.65 KB, 225x225, 1:1, HOLY PROTECTION.jpg)

File: 5f414af04457ee7⋯.jpg (30.83 KB, 453x604, 3:4, AMERICAN SPIRIT.jpg)

File: a2ecad60ca579bc⋯.jpg (50.02 KB, 596x380, 149:95, HIS HAND ON THE SWORD.jpg)

03dde1  No.261019

File: 31818a67cc2bc94⋯.jpg (40.2 KB, 600x360, 5:3, NAME-A-GROUP-OF-PEOPLE-YOU….jpg)

File: 6c4939f1027ba4e⋯.jpg (60.28 KB, 750x750, 1:1, WiseBirds.jpg)

File: acd620a975e975c⋯.jpg (60.34 KB, 480x480, 1:1, ITS DESTINY.jpg)

Islamic State haunts northern Iraq months after its defeat


David Defeats the Ammonites and the Syrians

10 Some time later King Nahash of Ammon died, and his son Hanun became king. 2 King David said, “I must show loyal friendship to Hanun, as his father Nahash did to me.” So David sent messengers to express his sympathy.

When they arrived in Ammon, 3 the Ammonite leaders said to the king, “Do you think that it is in your father's honor that David has sent these men to express sympathy to you? Of course not! He has sent them here as spies to explore the city, so that he can conquer us!”

4 Hanun seized David's messengers, shaved off one side of their beards, cut off their clothes at the hips, and sent them away. 5 They were too ashamed to return home. When David heard about what had happened, he sent word for them to stay in Jericho and not return until their beards had grown again.

6 The Ammonites realized that they had made David their enemy, so they hired twenty thousand Syrian soldiers from Bethrehob and Zobah, twelve thousand men from Tob, and the king of Maacah with a thousand men. 7 David heard of it and sent Joab against them with the whole army. 8 The Ammonites marched out and took up their position at the entrance to Rabbah, their capital city, while the others, both the Syrians and the men from Tob and Maacah, took up their position in the open countryside.

9 Joab saw that the enemy troops would attack him in front and from the rear, so he chose the best of Israel's soldiers and put them in position facing the Syrians. 10 He placed the rest of his troops under the command of his brother Abishai, who put them in position facing the Ammonites. 11 Joab said to him, “If you see that the Syrians are defeating me, come and help me, and if the Ammonites are defeaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

03dde1  No.261020

File: 6ab961cb007f471⋯.jpg (112.26 KB, 1000x942, 500:471, BAND_OF_ANONS.jpg)


414dd7  No.261525

File: 2cd978cfdee0f7d⋯.jpg (46.48 KB, 360x480, 3:4, 10916d9000088a2a7ef6bc738c….jpg)



cdb7ed  No.261527

LOL illuminati. Name them you stupid fucking boomers. They are called the Jews.

File: f07ba0c5dbaf07e⋯.png (1.53 MB, 848x1073, 848:1073, 12323345456745.png)

File: ed25ac4eb28423f⋯.png (1.25 MB, 848x1078, 424:539, 1232353468979.png)

File: 6170edf626254c9⋯.jpg (110.42 KB, 741x945, 247:315, 1232323456347.JPG)

File: eb10bb7e2ddcc53⋯.png (893.8 KB, 987x1259, 987:1259, 8865945773984.png)

b39b57  No.290[Reply]

Rollout Schedule (tiered, staged implementation of systems):

>Alpha release (early adopters, introduction to public) ALREADY UNDERWAY. basic agents w/o network tools

>2018 stable network launch (singularitynet)

>developers + corporations join up en masse and AI asymptotic genesis begins

>AGI (artificial general intelligence, swarm AI, intraconversational chatbots, neurological processing) gains its stride and overtakes human creative/intellectual capacity


PLEASE heed my warning

66 posts and 57 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ba63d5  No.195815


seen em all.


why fear, AI can never compete with a soul… or is that the CERN crazyness?


YES, i had this thought yesterday, anon seems to only want to pick on the bad guys…i want to free the normies.



love you man…no homo

d58299  No.258943


sup. u still around

67b857  No.258999


Ah yes, the stone that the mason d bags rejected.

67b857  No.259000


Thx for the inspiration pal. I see you and raise you some perspiration.

2dcce1  No.261526

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkWX9dDSt_E youtube eliminated the original clip from q posts

File: ca26f6ffd581b4f⋯.jpg (34.9 KB, 480x621, 160:207, 13781724_1310534518964291_….jpg)

82f935  No.261517[Reply]


2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

82f935  No.261520


82f935  No.261521


82f935  No.261522


82f935  No.261523


82f935  No.261524


File: eef5b4f818b6897⋯.jpg (290.73 KB, 875x518, 125:74, calm before the storm.jpg)

b6b73b  No.258043[Reply]

The Republic of America is being Restored

The Silent Executioner has taken the Stand. The floor is yours.

There has been a Storm brewing for more time than we know against the monsters that impoverish our world.

Good hearted Men in positions of Power have each drawn their line in the sand and watched these wretched idiots rape their way across it.


It stands to reason that Good Men across intelligence agencies have set in calculated motion the greatest restoration of Good the world will ever know with an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

Jeremiah 29:11 "‘For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.’”

We are living in historic times, and we've been handed a Map of what's to come, and what's going on in this war between Patriots and Clowns.

Here are the facts:

There are over 9,294 sealed indictments in federal courts from 10/30 to 11/22

There have been Thousands of pedophilia-related arrests and sting operations since the day Trump got into office.

As of January 4, 2018, 39 representatives will not seek re-election to their U.S. House districts and an additional 12 have announced upcoming resignations.

Over 40 CEO's of major companies have or annouPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

608 posts and 84 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a0547c  No.261230


Crown Prince Al Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia.

497daa  No.261309

File: 3990637101c06cd⋯.png (160.57 KB, 375x293, 375:293, 7B7_Vx.png)

5ab0aa  No.261454

So many memories in this place…lol

2b997e  No.261483

File: 7357954d668a379⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 208x174, 104:87, 76efed0b2c051e10f7ab41bfe5….gif)

9aa40d  No.261515

Sick pictures. Get ready for eye bleach

Can’t translate but it looks like artist sculptures or ?


File: 6bdd6b561cfd289⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1630x1622, 815:811, sriyantra.jpg)

ba234e  No.261476[Reply]

I have been having visions. I believe that there is so much more going on than just some good guys in the military are trying to free America… This is the whole of humanity at stake… This is a spiritual battle… This is a massive turning point in the universe! WWG1WGA includes so many more forms of life than any of us know…. Strap in Anons we are about to have our eyes opened.

505a03  No.261479


I just posted this, you should check it out

505a03  No.261480


Need to watch!

e0dd7d  No.261511

File: a4e9086c9877d7f⋯.png (24.57 KB, 800x1066, 400:533, sketch-1551322109362.png)

#weareQ #wwg1wga #thegreatawakening #trump2020 #maga #kaga #keepamericagreatalways

File: f7df4b37c6ae6a5⋯.jpg (43.32 KB, 564x564, 1:1, b8fc5a3a0627184ed3da0125b1….jpg)

f7f8ba  No.261510[Reply]

Snowden's take on the journalist's murder.


Where is Snowden?


Who truly has control of the NSA?






File: 2cf716de65f8e7b⋯.jpg (152.26 KB, 759x621, 11:9, Snow White.jpg)

ab5235  No.123576[Reply]

SNOW WHITE appears more than anything in the Q-map. It is confirmed as referencing NSA/CIA, but we are told to take it deeper too. There is much depth to the term. The original story reflects ancient knowledge of seven forces of nature (the seven dwarfs), that would preserve the Christian world for many centuries, then be part of a GREAT AWAKENING when discovered. This now-recent discovery also reveals long-hidden messages in the Bible unlocked only with (keyed to) the knowledge of these same natural forces. This is referred to in Revelation as SEVEN SEALS of a book.

The earliest version of the Snow White fairy tale was written in low German, no doubt because it was authored by a Kabbalah sage with some knowledge of these seven forces of nature. Recently, many have come to know much more about this ideal. Even every living thing is made up of seven distinct but interactive systems. We can also bet the 7 CIA supercomputers named after the seven dwarfs are similarly interactive. But just as the story has it, these same forces of nature would only revive and sustain the Christian world (Snow White) twice. After that, the same knowledge must also become better known to prevent a dangerous seclusion of such science, and its misuse against others.

The broadest study on the ancient roots of this knowledge is here : https://cog49.com/ft.pdf

Here are some key points within it : https://pastebin.com/gHDKKBjW

47 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cc19bd  No.257332

According the the Krabalion by the Three Initiates, Hermetic Science lists 7 universal laws.

1) Mentalism

2) Correspondence

3) Vibration

4) Polarity

5) Gender

6) Rhythm

7) Cause & Effect

Think, "As Above, So Below"

* Mentalism states that "All is Mind".

* Correspondence states that every aspect of the mind has the ability to correspond (communicate) with every other aspect of the mind.

* Vibration, Polarity, Gender and Rhythm are the forces at play during this correspondence.

* Cause & Effect is the way the communication from the highest realms effects the lower planes of density.

From here the communication takes the new cause and communicates it back upward to the higher realms, using the same processes that occurred during the first part of the communication.

Apply this set of universal laws to A.I. and see if they make sense to you.

cc19bd  No.257333


Typo, sorry. the proper spelling is Krybalion

e3d382  No.257339


>see if they make sense to you.

They make perfect sense to me. HS is a fraudulent substitute and total distraction from the most vital messages the world needs right now, which are only deciphered from sacred texts by these seven "contexts" of interpretation that are taught by the very same ancient sources for just that purpose.

The most valuable realization this fraudulent law of 7 distracts from is the true history and identity of Western man, which is the only thing that restores his true nature, puts him in charge of the laws of natural life and restores his rightful inheritance of the dominion given Adam.

HS is a very poor concoction of useless drivel.

d3ae8f  No.261489



He (God) is in the business of existing to exist again (in us).

c4bcea  No.261504



>existing to exist again

alpha and omega

File: d85636c77e7bf00⋯.jpg (101.57 KB, 1067x600, 1067:600, NK.jpg)

d20849  No.1342[Reply]

>Post research, news, links, etc. related to North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, military action, people/companies dealing with NK, and related Japan, SK, China, SE Asia news.

>If your research involves multiple topics, be sure to cross-link in appropriate threads.

>Try to stay on topic and only post relevant things. Keep /cbts/ clutter-free!


134 posts and 79 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

aab2da  No.256970


and now the lives stream has Zak stating - "what makes a good movie?

A good Actor"

387195  No.257799

There has never been a good option for NK.


387195  No.257802

Red phone green phone. Who calls whom depends on date.


c09967  No.261500

The money printers themselves are nothing that special. The secret to most of them is 'what' they do, maybe a little of 'how' they do it, but you can build your own as you know what it's doing. Consider that most countries have similar anti-counterfitting measures to the US.

Also, I remember a history channel documentary where when they talked about some of the suppliers to the BEP 'Family Owned for generations' came up at least once. Possible connections there?


c09967  No.261501

The money printers themselves are nothing that special. The secret to most of them is 'what' they do, maybe a little of 'how' they do it, but you can build your own as you know what it's doing. Consider that most countries have similar anti-counterfitting measures to the US.

Also, I remember a history channel documentary where when they talked about some of the suppliers to the BEP 'Family Owned for generations' came up at least once. Possible connections there?


File: 073625105a2db66⋯.gif (10.2 KB, 1152x648, 16:9, 13-23-8_44.gif)

3a651c  No.261495[Reply]

I never dream. So this really shook me to the core. Met a man named Laurel. I asked him his name. No matches on his name. Not sure why is just recycles loading. But Laurel was in the FBI. That had a match deeper hit than I wanted to know. [SAH] lets dig this one out. Please help. Just to many coincidences to just let slip away. MA

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