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a place to practice baking and discuss baking topics

File: c0d288598a4d8e1⋯.jpg (678.09 KB, 1080x1231, 1080:1231, pepeChanBakers.jpg)


from pastebin.com/aY5LyDPY


see also >>780 for instructional vid



- An open tab for the current thread

- An open tab for your next thread

- An open image editor (no longer needed see >>184)

- An open text editor

- The current paste from the last baker



Grab The Paste from the Current Thread / Previous Baker

- A Pastebin or Ghostbin link is usually found in the last bakers post of the OP.

- Paste the contents/batter/dough into your text editor.

- Notepad is good, Notepad++ is a bakers dream as you can have multiple tabs open. Free download and open source.

- MSWord or similar isn’t good as it messes the formatting. Best to use a plain text editor.

- IMPORTANT: If it's a ghostbin link, click 'view raw' at the top and copy from there as otherwise formatting is lost.

- Look over the dough and notice where the section breaks are: //////////// POST BREAK /////////////.

Get Your Image Ready

- Download the General image (vets have it saved and always to hand).

- In image editor, change one pixel on it or make a scribble on the white area

(no longer necessary see >>184 ).

- Save as a new image. Naming it the next thread number is useful.

Make Your New Thread Ready To Post

- It's never too early to make your next thread ready for posting. (see >>374 & >>376)

- Open up the Catalog in a new tab - 8ch.net/qresearch/catalog.html.

- At the top, just above the top threads, click on 'Create a Thread'.

- ENTER SUBJECT: Q Research General #298: Liberty Or Death Edition! (You can copy and paste this from the thread list below).


- ENTER COMMENT: This is the first post of the dough, copy and pasted from your text editor.

- CHOOSE IMAGE: This is the unique image you made earlier.




Harvest Notable Posts & News

- Now you can relax and know that if Q posts or there's a habbening, meaning the bread gets eaten rapidly, you are ready.

- Leave your new thread like this until you're ready to post it.

- Go back to the current thread and look for 'Notable Posts'.

- Think of anons who will have missed some threads and look to Notable Posts for an update of what's happened / has been discovered.

- Add any resources updates, important news and notable posts to your notepad dough.

- Links inside the board are linked as such >>990898 (copy paste the post number and add the >>).

- Links outside the board are linked as such >>>/greatawakening/81 (name of board, 81 being the post number).

- Refresh the page regularly to get the true post count after shill posts are deleted.

Post Your New Thread

- At around 650 posts, post that you are ==baking== to let anons know there's a baker.

- ==on each side of your post== makes Red Bold, on each side of your post makes Black Bold.

- A ==Heading== must be on its own line for formatting to work.

- At around 680 posts, or 650 if you are new to it or the bread is moving quickly, click 'New Thread' to post your new thread.


- Copy the next dough section and paste it in as a 'REPLY' to your new thread.

Pastebin Your Dough

- When finished pasting the dough sections, copy ALL the dough from notepad and paste into a 'new paste' at pastebin.com or ghostbin.com (click create new paste. you don't need an account or to sign up).

- Grab the pastebin address and paste it into your new thread as the last bakers post.

Link To Your New Thread

- Copy the numbers from the 239264.html part on your new thread.

- Go back to the current thread and paste the address into your New Thread announcement. Make it clear -

New Bread





- Relax and have a short break. You deserve it. Rinse & Repeat.

part 1 of 2

Post last edited at


part 2 of 2

Seems Real Simple. What Could Go Wrong?

Your New Thread Freezes While Posting

- Upon clicking 'New Thread' to create your new thread, the page sticks on 'posting' forever.

- If this happens, open up a new tab, open the catalog, press ctrl&F5 together to refresh the page, look for your new thread.

- It will probably be there somewhere in the top two rows. If so, click to open it up and reply from there. Close your frozen 'posting' tab.

- If it's not there, start from scratch.

You Name The Thread With The Incorrect Number

- If you do this, you're a faggot who didn't quadruple check. No worries.

- Let the BO know and ask them to rename it.

- On your first top post of the thread, beside the thread title, click on the triangle and 'report'.

- Type in 'BO, please rename as #444. TY, Baker'. BO will rename soon and let you know in the thread.

- Make a clear announcement as soon as you can in the thread to stop any complaints -

Incorrect Thread Number. This is #832

I have requested that the BO change it. Sorry folks, baker.

Two Threads Are Made At The Same Time

- If this happens, report the other thread as above, and request that the BO delete it.

- Make a clear post in the wrong thread, directing anons to the correct thread. Include link.

You Make A Mistake

- If this happens, fess up and say sorry in a clear post, as fast as you can. This stops confusion and complaints.

- If confusion or complaints persist, make another announcement.


Bakers Etiquette

Starting to Bake

- If you'd like to bake, announce ==baker on standby== or something like that.

- If the current baker requests a new baker, answer them and offer.

- Once the current baker gives you the go ahead, he will announce you as the new baker.

- This is known as the bakers handshake. Ask again for confirmation if it's not given, to be 100% clear.

- Post in the thread to show you're on it and assure anons you're doing your job (post added to bread) or similar.

Handing Over

- Request a new baker early and clearly ==new baker required== or something like that.

- Wait for a new baker. Confirm with them and announce them clearly ==new baker confirmed==.

- If you have to leave and don't have a baker, leave a clear announcement saying you're leaving, along with a request for a new baker for the next thread.

- Ask anons help by posting for a new baker.


When Q Posts

- Concentrate on getting them accurately into the dough as they're posted, as fast as you can.

- Expect the kitchen to get HOT and the threads to move QUICKLY. Stay super alert. Have your next thread ready very early.

- If you have time, try to gather notable theories and posts on Q's posts and add them to the dough together or by subject. - You can put a space and a , between each >>55900 , >>55960.

- This way anons can catch up on what's been discovered / lines of thinking when they join later.


Practising Baking Before Going Live

- Go to 8ch.net/comms/ and post a trial bread over there following the instructions above.

- Please delete your thread afterwards by clicking on the triangle next to your thread header and 'delete post'.


If you think anything is needed in these instructions, please shout out in the thread.






re-posted from



>I see the BAKER as part cheerleader and part editor.

Somewhat. Almost anyone except a clown can bake.

re: editing: Aside from chronicling Q posts, The baker's main job is to use discernment to take note of posts with actual relevant digs, findings, or connections, and making sure they go in the dough so they don't get lost amongst the bullshit (and as you know, there is a LOT of that).

This does NOT mean add any old cutesy post you like.

This does NOT mean adding stuff you happen to agree with, without checking for sauce.

This does NOT mean adding stuff people suggest, without first reviewing the information.

This DOES mean discerning real info from shill bait on the move. As you know, the bread doesn't rest. Neither can you, when you bake.

This DOES mean leaving your ego at the door; you may have to chronicle evidence that contradicts your current worldview..

Even if you've been insulted or had a bad day.

Baking is easy. Baking great bread takes practice and patience. God bless.


Something Id like to ask from fellow bakers, can we work on a format that keeps the initial post clean and duty-free? Something along the lines of the most notable non changing info, so when bakers start a new bread the first post can come online without worry of losing last minute notables and such?



An excellent thought baker anon. And this is the place to debate these topics

Seems to me it comes down to style

Do we want most current Q posts at top of bread?

How do we organize current changing information vs. the reference information that rarely changes.

We cannot sacrifice readability and style for ease of baking

my 2¢

btw. please use a unique tripcode here so we can identify each other.

I think it is important for the bakers to recognize each other here at school.

There may be many threads over the time period this project lasts



I was thinking that Q's direct communication about who should be participating in the discussion, should be at the top along with the quick guides on how to easily identify fake q.

I would think that the topics that change every bread, such as Q posts and previous bread notables, should not be in the primary post.

We could break it down into three tiers from what I have seen:

1st: completely static first post (motivational opening line, Q's direct comm to us, how to identify)

2nd: mostly static but highest priority (Q posts, reference material, rules/guides)

3rd: completely fluid content (recent notables, warroom info, new graphics/info that needs to work its way up to 2nd tier)

In this fashion it gives less experienced bakers an easier time getting their dough to rise, as well as standardizing the format so we can more easily move from loaf to loaf.

As far as the trip is concerned, there are many other discussion boards to read explaining why this is not the best idea. If you feel the need to keep a trip, that is your business not mine, but personally I am here for the work not for recognition.

Im phonefagging at work but will definitely be back here tonight to provide a proposed template for discussion. I am a nightbaker due to other duties and as such I can participate in comms during the day but can't do heavy lifting at the moment.



> I am a nightbaker

we need more of those

I'll be baking til midnight or so EST,

I like your ideas


File: 4154e7e16be1be2⋯.jpg (15.31 KB, 320x240, 4:3, see ya.jpg)

reporting in


File: 6a9be5cbb831b98⋯.jpg (22.25 KB, 720x304, 45:19, Big Trouble in Little Chin….jpg)


nice one bro


we should give feedback but too much "regulation" is cancer and gay as fuck. just don't be retarded and listen to feedback and you'll do fine.

Drink Caffine

Drink Caffine

Drink Caffine

Drink Caffeine

my life when I nightbake



>we should give feedback but too much "regulation" is cancer

I concur, I saw what happened with the bakers union at the previous place.

btw, I think we have a night baker coming on later




I like to

around post 300 if I need to remind folks of my presence


Around post 500 ~ 600 depending on how fast it's going I post


as a reminder to add any suggestions before the dough is finalized

about post 600 I post


reminder for last minute additions and a reminder that a baker is present to help prevent duplicate breads

at any of those RED posts I might add a line for suggestions on title or notables etc…

I start the new thread around 680

I begin posting when the main bread hits 690 ~710 depending on bread speed

I've had a lot of 1st post freezes

I just open another catalog tab and usually it is listed, I then click on that one and continue. I've never had a second freeze up although I have had to do the periodic captcha in the middle of a bake which can be a little nerve wracking.

just my 2¢


File: 5fa9edf2767a881⋯.jpg (6.19 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


that's a good way to go I started conan posting but switched to jack because I fucking love this movie


File: 87f83c6c1a7bc81⋯.png (244.23 KB, 500x378, 250:189, daleGribble3.png)


ya, for some reason I chose this goofball to be my avatar when I use one


Notables //Break// is getting really long again… I had taken a bunch and put them to the 'Notable Post Thread' (663 and lower), Might it be time to do that again? My thought is/was to use that for the bulk. and keep the full list for the past half dozen (or so) loaves.


and, I know that I've let insanity reign for the past few nights, but I've stood by with dough ready to go, just in case. I'm gonna be out of town for the next week and I had to see what would happen. I'm happy to say that the Anons stepped up, Sure there are double bakes left and right, but that was happening when I was announcing myself.


Fill in Graveyard Baker signing out for a bit. I'll be back on the 12th (phonefaging in the meantime, and if I have to phonebake, i'll try)


File: 33e2acc2f01fb51⋯.jpg (120.74 KB, 500x500, 1:1, pepeChanBakersTeam.jpg)


ya, just had to do that

>body of text too long error

I've also consolidated the 3rd and 4th pages, they are both reference material and don't change much



hava good 1 anon, We'll see you on your return.


File: 7b596d5845038ac⋯.jpg (637.37 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, petitionFuckery.jpg)

looks like we've got another competent baker

I needed a break, getting burnt out isn't helpful to anyone

I kind of worry about the Notables section

Two reasons

1. it grows quickly

2. extremely subject to editorial discretion.

I was sorely tempted to title bread #704 IBoR Tally Anomalies

I truly think they're fucking with the petitions

But I didn't know if it was my place to make that kind of an editorial statement… I chickened out / used adult discretion… whatever

Oh well.. I'm tired, gonna eat & watch Tucker.

Be back later



What exactly would you like to put?



those petitions sketch me the fuck out. Total honeypot


File: fefd7d9cc20a455⋯.jpg (23.29 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 7f85347e882f64f0599812eb34….jpg)


thats baller af bro



ya, the alter-ego of a cartoon character is my handle :~)

you up for some night baking?


BO of qresearch has posted

it looks like an instruction in the basic manual above has been superceded


>>- In image editor, change one pixel on it or make a scribble on the white area.

>I don't think that's required on qresearch. I have set the board to allow duplicate images. Could save you a little time with your bread. Other than that, you have some really well written instructions. There's nothing I could suggest be done differently. I'd like to add though that just in case a baker fucks up a post, they can always report the post and link a pastebin with how they intended to make it. We'll change the post accordingly for them. I'll definitely keep an eye out at /comms/.


Newfag Baker - to update the dough, do I just copypasta into the pastebin?



I generally make a new pastebin right after I bake, that way I can post the most current version of the dough in the thread

At the top of the pastebin page you'll find "+new paste" button, do that and then copy / paste the updated / current dough into the page and click "create new paste" button at the bottom.

These doughs are long enough that it can activate the spam sensor, you just need to complete the captcha and voila' there you have it. A new paste


woof! got spanked good

learned a lesson tho


Awesome lesson….

I can bake now!


OK, I think I did something wrong. I don't think the links are working in my practice, can someone check it?

https:// 8ch.net/comms/res/367.html

Hoping someone can tell me where I goofed.



you didn't goof

comms is a different board and the simple >> link doesn't work so it shows as green because of the 1st >

if you want to cross post (a link on comms to qresearch or vice versa

a link posted here on comms linking a post on qresearch looks like


a link on qresearch to a post here


Post last edited at


'- It's never too early to make your next thread ready for posting.'

Think you should change this so that they don't start baking a bread while the other is only at 100 posts or some other low number.



depending on the speed of the posting, I generally open the 'make new thread window around 550~650 I load the banner pic 1st and the subject line 2nd. The main body of the 1st post goes next, you must remember if you start this process early to click the captcha to renew it or you'll most likely get the expired warning when you try to post.

In general it's best not to bake a new bread before post 650.

Post last edited at


Can bakers bake on Macs ?

Any other app for that?

Can't get notepad++

Asking for a friend.



>>171 posted in Baker's Lounge >>445 :

It seems that the shills are trying to create double bread these days. Bakers need to be more diligent with the hand off and board notices. If the baker posts the link to


it can be quickly verified.

>>1223456 New Bread

>>1223456 New Bread

>>1223456 New Bread

NEW BAKER ID.: x123456d

Therefore, it is only when a baker switch is taking place, that a clown can create confusion. How can we guarantee we are not being relieved by a clown??? A few tweeks in the bread could go unnoticed… Missing notables was just phase 1. Phase two will be corrupted dough, bad links, etc…



it is known

if you have suggestions to combat this menace please post them




File: b42b216ff5922fc⋯.jpg (195.76 KB, 1006x603, 1006:603, badDough.jpg)


It can trigger

>pic related

someone had "cleaned up" the dough and removed a space

>TINY URL bit. ly/2oSGA2n

the space between bit. ly/2oSGAn had been removed and it caused me quite a bit of trouble mid-bake


Start with how I paste what into a where? Give me the backdrop of what I'm doing here… just copying and pasting a new link? I don't get it.. and I want to help



read the whole thread and then if you have questions ask


Ok, please don't wack my knuckles with a ruler for asking this.

Some people, like me learn best by watching. Others learn best by reading. Others by being hands-on.

Hands-on isn't really an option for learning how to bake, which leaves reading vs watching. So my question is: Any chance of an expert putting together a step-by-step pictorial of instructions or a video for teaching how to bake?

I'd really like to contribute but i iz stoopid when it comes to fully understanding the written instructions.

If not feasible then I'll just keep plugging along. If not anything else, my amygdala will get a good workout.

Thanks for listening.


File: 80f7605aa26449d⋯.jpg (358.98 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, howToBakeStep2.jpg)

File: dd525aa17b306aa⋯.jpg (370.03 KB, 1014x604, 507:302, howToBakeStep1.jpg)


well… my ruler isn't long enough and I'm too lazy to wack yer knuckles anyhow.

Your idea has merit, people do learn in different ways. Some work has been done, and more will be done on creating visual intructions.


File: ec0477f46a1a4b3⋯.jpg (392.64 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, bald-eaglewallpaper.jpg)

practicing on loading images. Does it matter the size of image? I know bigger is better but I don't want to slow down loading either.


>>154 I want to bake muffins


Today I became a baker! yippy


Tasting. Tasting 1-2-5… "Three Sir!… Three!" willing to serve as clownbait once I'm trained; keep in mind, however, I've had significant MKUltra programming so I could turn Nontuple agent/case officer/just a civilian at any time…at any time…at any time



Fascinating that my initial post is 709…Seven Of Nine.

-Mr. Spock


File: e3ef7a419ac665d⋯.png (94.84 KB, 491x595, 491:595, cia-baker.png)


BakerVets - the how-to sez

- Refresh the page regularly to get the true post count after shill posts are deleted.

I didn't think posts can be deleted. What does this mean?



the BO deletes obscene or illegal posts

you'd be surprised what shills will post to disrupt the bread, some of it being illegal must be removed immediately not only to comply with the law but it looks bad and could give the wrong impression of the board.


I'm willing to be a dedicated night baker. Is there a specific timeframe that's most needed for bakers? I'm new to baking, but have been lurking since mid november, taking screenshots to share around.



also, would love to know, how to do the text changes. I know == for red, and ** for black highlight with white text.

but the rest, like green, and black bold, and white hightlight/blue text…? or, where do I find this info?


File: eff61230a524430⋯.png (52.96 KB, 1050x504, 25:12, format.png)


one place is the FAQ



is there anyone on this board right now who can answer a question for me? I need some baking advice


how come, when. paste from the pastebin. all my text goes green text?

sorry for the stupid question.



when you post a link from another 8chan board the > symbol is interpreted as a green text marker if the link is dead or no good

>>> bad link






thank you for the swift reply.

sorry, i'm going to ask another "noobie" question, if i'm copying and pasitng form the pastebin, why would the links be bad?



the dough is set up for /qresearch/

you are pasting it into /comms/

local links use >> link#

remote links use >>>/name of board/ link#

if I use the /qresearch/ link for the rules page


it is dead because no such post exists on /comms/

if I add the needed conversion


it works

if you go to /qresearch/ and post


you won't get the same

to get it you'd post


does that make sense?



perect sir, thank you very much. :o) just want to make sure i'm getting it right. :o) don't want to fuck anything up

cheers :o)



What am I looking at that tells me the current post count for the thread


File: bb6692c34319569⋯.jpg (50.99 KB, 1075x416, 1075:416, postCount.jpg)


near the bottom of the page

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