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a place to practice baking and discuss baking topics

File: c0d288598a4d8e1⋯.jpg (678.09 KB, 1080x1231, 1080:1231, pepeChanBakers.jpg)


from pastebin.com/aY5LyDPY


SEE >>1490 for instructional graphics (updated 07.01.2018)




- An open tab for the current thread

- An open tab for your next thread

- An open image editor (no longer needed see >>184)

- An open text editor

- The current paste from the last baker



Grab The Paste from the Current Thread / Previous Baker

- A Pastebin or Ghostbin link is usually found in the last bakers post of the OP.

- Paste the contents/batter/dough into your text editor.

- Notepad is good, Notepad++ is a bakers dream as you can have multiple tabs open. Free download and open source.

- MSWord or similar isn’t good as it messes the formatting. Best to use a plain text editor.

- IMPORTANT: If it's a ghostbin link, click 'view raw' at the top and copy from there as otherwise formatting is lost.

- Look over the dough and notice where the section breaks are: //////////// POST BREAK /////////////.

Get Your Image Ready

- Download the General image (vets have it saved and always to hand).

- In image editor, change one pixel on it or make a scribble on the white area

(no longer necessary see >>184 ).

- Save as a new image. Naming it the next thread number is useful.

Make Your New Thread Ready To Post

- It's never too early to make your next thread ready for posting. (see >>374 & >>376)

- Open up the Catalog in a new tab - 8ch.net/qresearch/catalog.html.

- At the top, just above the top threads, click on 'Create a Thread'.

- ENTER SUBJECT: Q Research General #298: Liberty Or Death Edition! (You can copy and paste this from the thread list below).


- ENTER COMMENT: This is the first post of the dough, copy and pasted from your text editor.

- CHOOSE IMAGE: This is the unique image you made earlier.




Harvest Notable Posts & News

- Now you can relax and know that if Q posts or there's a habbening, meaning the bread gets eaten rapidly, you are ready.

- Leave your new thread like this until you're ready to post it.

- Go back to the current thread and look for 'Notable Posts'.

- Think of anons who will have missed some threads and look to Notable Posts for an update of what's happened / has been discovered.

- Add any resources updates, important news and notable posts to your notepad dough.

- Links inside the board are linked as such >>990898 (copy paste the post number and add the >>).

- Links outside the board are linked as such >>>/greatawakening/81 (name of board, 81 being the post number).

- Refresh the page regularly to get the true post count after shill posts are deleted.

Post Your New Thread

- At around 650 posts, post that you are ==baking== to let anons know there's a baker.

- ==on each side of your post== makes Red Bold, on each side of your post makes Black Bold.

- A ==Heading== must be on its own line for formatting to work.

- At around 680 posts, or 650 if you are new to it or the bread is moving quickly, click 'New Thread' to post your new thread.


- Copy the next dough section and paste it in as a 'REPLY' to your new thread.

Pastebin Your Dough

- When finished pasting the dough sections, copy ALL the dough from notepad and paste into a 'new paste' at pastebin.com or ghostbin.com (click create new paste. you don't need an account or to sign up).

- Grab the pastebin address and paste it into your new thread as the last bakers post.

Link To Your New Thread

- Copy the numbers from the 239264.html part on your new thread.

- Go back to the current thread and paste the address into your New Thread announcement. Make it clear -

New Bread





- Relax and have a short break. You deserve it. Rinse & Repeat.

part 1 of 2

Post last edited at


part 2 of 2

Seems Real Simple. What Could Go Wrong?

Your New Thread Freezes While Posting

- Upon clicking 'New Thread' to create your new thread, the page sticks on 'posting' forever.

- If this happens, open up a new tab, open the catalog, press ctrl&F5 together to refresh the page, look for your new thread.

- It will probably be there somewhere in the top two rows. If so, click to open it up and reply from there. Close your frozen 'posting' tab.

- If it's not there, start from scratch.

You Name The Thread With The Incorrect Number

- If you do this, you're a faggot who didn't quadruple check. No worries.

- Let the BO know and ask them to rename it.

- On your first top post of the thread, beside the thread title, click on the triangle and 'report'.

- Type in 'BO, please rename as #444. TY, Baker'. BO will rename soon and let you know in the thread.

- Make a clear announcement as soon as you can in the thread to stop any complaints -

Incorrect Thread Number. This is #832

I have requested that the BO change it. Sorry folks, baker.

Two Threads Are Made At The Same Time

- If this happens, report the other thread as above, and request that the BO delete it.

- Make a clear post in the wrong thread, directing anons to the correct thread. Include link.

You Make A Mistake

- If this happens, fess up and say sorry in a clear post, as fast as you can. This stops confusion and complaints.

- If confusion or complaints persist, make another announcement.


Bakers Etiquette

Starting to Bake

- If you'd like to bake, announce ==baker on standby== or something like that.

- If the current baker requests a new baker, answer them and offer.

- Once the current baker gives you the go ahead, he will announce you as the new baker.

- This is known as the bakers handshake. Ask again for confirmation if it's not given, to be 100% clear.

- Post in the thread to show you're on it and assure anons you're doing your job (post added to bread) or similar.

Handing Over

- Request a new baker early and clearly ==new baker required== or something like that.

- Wait for a new baker. Confirm with them and announce them clearly ==new baker confirmed==.

- If you have to leave and don't have a baker, leave a clear announcement saying you're leaving, along with a request for a new baker for the next thread.

- Ask anons help by posting for a new baker.


When Q Posts

- Concentrate on getting them accurately into the dough as they're posted, as fast as you can.

- Expect the kitchen to get HOT and the threads to move QUICKLY. Stay super alert. Have your next thread ready very early.

- If you have time, try to gather notable theories and posts on Q's posts and add them to the dough together or by subject. - You can put a space and a , between each >>55900 , >>55960.

- This way anons can catch up on what's been discovered / lines of thinking when they join later.


Practising Baking Before Going Live

- Go to 8ch.net/comms/ and post a trial bread over there following the instructions above.

- Please delete your thread afterwards by clicking on the triangle next to your thread header and 'delete post'.


If you think anything is needed in these instructions, please shout out in the thread.






re-posted from



>I see the BAKER as part cheerleader and part editor.

Somewhat. Almost anyone except a clown can bake.

re: editing: Aside from chronicling Q posts, The baker's main job is to use discernment to take note of posts with actual relevant digs, findings, or connections, and making sure they go in the dough so they don't get lost amongst the bullshit (and as you know, there is a LOT of that).

This does NOT mean add any old cutesy post you like.

This does NOT mean adding stuff you happen to agree with, without checking for sauce.

This does NOT mean adding stuff people suggest, without first reviewing the information.

This DOES mean discerning real info from shill bait on the move. As you know, the bread doesn't rest. Neither can you, when you bake.

This DOES mean leaving your ego at the door; you may have to chronicle evidence that contradicts your current worldview..

Even if you've been insulted or had a bad day.

Baking is easy. Baking great bread takes practice and patience. God bless.


Something Id like to ask from fellow bakers, can we work on a format that keeps the initial post clean and duty-free? Something along the lines of the most notable non changing info, so when bakers start a new bread the first post can come online without worry of losing last minute notables and such?



An excellent thought baker anon. And this is the place to debate these topics

Seems to me it comes down to style

Do we want most current Q posts at top of bread?

How do we organize current changing information vs. the reference information that rarely changes.

We cannot sacrifice readability and style for ease of baking

my 2¢

btw. please use a unique tripcode here so we can identify each other.

I think it is important for the bakers to recognize each other here at school.

There may be many threads over the time period this project lasts



I was thinking that Q's direct communication about who should be participating in the discussion, should be at the top along with the quick guides on how to easily identify fake q.

I would think that the topics that change every bread, such as Q posts and previous bread notables, should not be in the primary post.

We could break it down into three tiers from what I have seen:

1st: completely static first post (motivational opening line, Q's direct comm to us, how to identify)

2nd: mostly static but highest priority (Q posts, reference material, rules/guides)

3rd: completely fluid content (recent notables, warroom info, new graphics/info that needs to work its way up to 2nd tier)

In this fashion it gives less experienced bakers an easier time getting their dough to rise, as well as standardizing the format so we can more easily move from loaf to loaf.

As far as the trip is concerned, there are many other discussion boards to read explaining why this is not the best idea. If you feel the need to keep a trip, that is your business not mine, but personally I am here for the work not for recognition.

Im phonefagging at work but will definitely be back here tonight to provide a proposed template for discussion. I am a nightbaker due to other duties and as such I can participate in comms during the day but can't do heavy lifting at the moment.



> I am a nightbaker

we need more of those

I'll be baking til midnight or so EST,

I like your ideas


File: 4154e7e16be1be2⋯.jpg (15.31 KB, 320x240, 4:3, see ya.jpg)

reporting in


File: 6a9be5cbb831b98⋯.jpg (22.25 KB, 720x304, 45:19, Big Trouble in Little Chin….jpg)


nice one bro


we should give feedback but too much "regulation" is cancer and gay as fuck. just don't be retarded and listen to feedback and you'll do fine.

Drink Caffine

Drink Caffine

Drink Caffine

Drink Caffeine

my life when I nightbake



>we should give feedback but too much "regulation" is cancer

I concur, I saw what happened with the bakers union at the previous place.

btw, I think we have a night baker coming on later




I like to

around post 300 if I need to remind folks of my presence


Around post 500 ~ 600 depending on how fast it's going I post


as a reminder to add any suggestions before the dough is finalized

about post 600 I post


reminder for last minute additions and a reminder that a baker is present to help prevent duplicate breads

at any of those RED posts I might add a line for suggestions on title or notables etc…

I start the new thread around 680

I begin posting when the main bread hits 690 ~710 depending on bread speed

I've had a lot of 1st post freezes

I just open another catalog tab and usually it is listed, I then click on that one and continue. I've never had a second freeze up although I have had to do the periodic captcha in the middle of a bake which can be a little nerve wracking.

just my 2¢


File: 5fa9edf2767a881⋯.jpg (6.19 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


that's a good way to go I started conan posting but switched to jack because I fucking love this movie


File: 87f83c6c1a7bc81⋯.png (244.23 KB, 500x378, 250:189, daleGribble3.png)


ya, for some reason I chose this goofball to be my avatar when I use one


Notables //Break// is getting really long again… I had taken a bunch and put them to the 'Notable Post Thread' (663 and lower), Might it be time to do that again? My thought is/was to use that for the bulk. and keep the full list for the past half dozen (or so) loaves.


and, I know that I've let insanity reign for the past few nights, but I've stood by with dough ready to go, just in case. I'm gonna be out of town for the next week and I had to see what would happen. I'm happy to say that the Anons stepped up, Sure there are double bakes left and right, but that was happening when I was announcing myself.


Fill in Graveyard Baker signing out for a bit. I'll be back on the 12th (phonefaging in the meantime, and if I have to phonebake, i'll try)


File: 33e2acc2f01fb51⋯.jpg (120.74 KB, 500x500, 1:1, pepeChanBakersTeam.jpg)


ya, just had to do that

>body of text too long error

I've also consolidated the 3rd and 4th pages, they are both reference material and don't change much



hava good 1 anon, We'll see you on your return.


File: 7b596d5845038ac⋯.jpg (637.37 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, petitionFuckery.jpg)

looks like we've got another competent baker

I needed a break, getting burnt out isn't helpful to anyone

I kind of worry about the Notables section

Two reasons

1. it grows quickly

2. extremely subject to editorial discretion.

I was sorely tempted to title bread #704 IBoR Tally Anomalies

I truly think they're fucking with the petitions

But I didn't know if it was my place to make that kind of an editorial statement… I chickened out / used adult discretion… whatever

Oh well.. I'm tired, gonna eat & watch Tucker.

Be back later



What exactly would you like to put?



those petitions sketch me the fuck out. Total honeypot


File: fefd7d9cc20a455⋯.jpg (23.29 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 7f85347e882f64f0599812eb34….jpg)


thats baller af bro



ya, the alter-ego of a cartoon character is my handle :~)

you up for some night baking?


BO of qresearch has posted

it looks like an instruction in the basic manual above has been superceded


>>- In image editor, change one pixel on it or make a scribble on the white area.

>I don't think that's required on qresearch. I have set the board to allow duplicate images. Could save you a little time with your bread. Other than that, you have some really well written instructions. There's nothing I could suggest be done differently. I'd like to add though that just in case a baker fucks up a post, they can always report the post and link a pastebin with how they intended to make it. We'll change the post accordingly for them. I'll definitely keep an eye out at /comms/.


Newfag Baker - to update the dough, do I just copypasta into the pastebin?



I generally make a new pastebin right after I bake, that way I can post the most current version of the dough in the thread

At the top of the pastebin page you'll find "+new paste" button, do that and then copy / paste the updated / current dough into the page and click "create new paste" button at the bottom.

These doughs are long enough that it can activate the spam sensor, you just need to complete the captcha and voila' there you have it. A new paste


woof! got spanked good

learned a lesson tho


Awesome lesson….

I can bake now!


OK, I think I did something wrong. I don't think the links are working in my practice, can someone check it?

https:// 8ch.net/comms/res/367.html

Hoping someone can tell me where I goofed.



you didn't goof

comms is a different board and the simple >> link doesn't work so it shows as green because of the 1st >

if you want to cross post (a link on comms to qresearch or vice versa

a link posted here on comms linking a post on qresearch looks like


a link on qresearch to a post here


Post last edited at


'- It's never too early to make your next thread ready for posting.'

Think you should change this so that they don't start baking a bread while the other is only at 100 posts or some other low number.



depending on the speed of the posting, I generally open the 'make new thread window around 550~650 I load the banner pic 1st and the subject line 2nd. The main body of the 1st post goes next, you must remember if you start this process early to click the captcha to renew it or you'll most likely get the expired warning when you try to post.

In general it's best not to bake a new bread before post 650.

Post last edited at


Can bakers bake on Macs ?

Any other app for that?

Can't get notepad++

Asking for a friend.



>>171 posted in Baker's Lounge >>445 :

It seems that the shills are trying to create double bread these days. Bakers need to be more diligent with the hand off and board notices. If the baker posts the link to


it can be quickly verified.

>>1223456 New Bread

>>1223456 New Bread

>>1223456 New Bread

NEW BAKER ID.: x123456d

Therefore, it is only when a baker switch is taking place, that a clown can create confusion. How can we guarantee we are not being relieved by a clown??? A few tweeks in the bread could go unnoticed… Missing notables was just phase 1. Phase two will be corrupted dough, bad links, etc…



it is known

if you have suggestions to combat this menace please post them




File: b42b216ff5922fc⋯.jpg (195.76 KB, 1006x603, 1006:603, badDough.jpg)


It can trigger

>pic related

someone had "cleaned up" the dough and removed a space

>TINY URL bit. ly/2oSGA2n

the space between bit. ly/2oSGAn had been removed and it caused me quite a bit of trouble mid-bake


Start with how I paste what into a where? Give me the backdrop of what I'm doing here… just copying and pasting a new link? I don't get it.. and I want to help



read the whole thread and then if you have questions ask


Ok, please don't wack my knuckles with a ruler for asking this.

Some people, like me learn best by watching. Others learn best by reading. Others by being hands-on.

Hands-on isn't really an option for learning how to bake, which leaves reading vs watching. So my question is: Any chance of an expert putting together a step-by-step pictorial of instructions or a video for teaching how to bake?

I'd really like to contribute but i iz stoopid when it comes to fully understanding the written instructions.

If not feasible then I'll just keep plugging along. If not anything else, my amygdala will get a good workout.

Thanks for listening.


File: 80f7605aa26449d⋯.jpg (358.98 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, howToBakeStep2.jpg)

File: dd525aa17b306aa⋯.jpg (370.03 KB, 1014x604, 507:302, howToBakeStep1.jpg)


well… my ruler isn't long enough and I'm too lazy to wack yer knuckles anyhow.

Your idea has merit, people do learn in different ways. Some work has been done, and more will be done on creating visual intructions.


File: ec0477f46a1a4b3⋯.jpg (392.64 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, bald-eaglewallpaper.jpg)

practicing on loading images. Does it matter the size of image? I know bigger is better but I don't want to slow down loading either.


>>154 I want to bake muffins


Today I became a baker! yippy


Tasting. Tasting 1-2-5… "Three Sir!… Three!" willing to serve as clownbait once I'm trained; keep in mind, however, I've had significant MKUltra programming so I could turn Nontuple agent/case officer/just a civilian at any time…at any time…at any time



Fascinating that my initial post is 709…Seven Of Nine.

-Mr. Spock


File: e3ef7a419ac665d⋯.png (94.84 KB, 491x595, 491:595, cia-baker.png)


BakerVets - the how-to sez

- Refresh the page regularly to get the true post count after shill posts are deleted.

I didn't think posts can be deleted. What does this mean?



the BO deletes obscene or illegal posts

you'd be surprised what shills will post to disrupt the bread, some of it being illegal must be removed immediately not only to comply with the law but it looks bad and could give the wrong impression of the board.


I'm willing to be a dedicated night baker. Is there a specific timeframe that's most needed for bakers? I'm new to baking, but have been lurking since mid november, taking screenshots to share around.



also, would love to know, how to do the text changes. I know == for red, and ** for black highlight with white text.

but the rest, like green, and black bold, and white hightlight/blue text…? or, where do I find this info?


File: eff61230a524430⋯.png (52.96 KB, 1050x504, 25:12, format.png)


one place is the FAQ



is there anyone on this board right now who can answer a question for me? I need some baking advice


how come, when. paste from the pastebin. all my text goes green text?

sorry for the stupid question.



when you post a link from another 8chan board the > symbol is interpreted as a green text marker if the link is dead or no good

>>> bad link






thank you for the swift reply.

sorry, i'm going to ask another "noobie" question, if i'm copying and pasitng form the pastebin, why would the links be bad?



the dough is set up for /qresearch/

you are pasting it into /comms/

local links use >> link#

remote links use >>>/name of board/ link#

if I use the /qresearch/ link for the rules page


it is dead because no such post exists on /comms/

if I add the needed conversion


it works

if you go to /qresearch/ and post


you won't get the same

to get it you'd post


does that make sense?



perect sir, thank you very much. :o) just want to make sure i'm getting it right. :o) don't want to fuck anything up

cheers :o)



What am I looking at that tells me the current post count for the thread


File: bb6692c34319569⋯.jpg (50.99 KB, 1075x416, 1075:416, postCount.jpg)


near the bottom of the page


Had to do some trimming here

Just a test to see if it was still too long, feel free to delete



Link to Q Alert Webapp (broken in curent bread)



fearless never chivcken out


File: c9b8ef2122ed70a⋯.png (752 KB, 1212x1021, 1212:1021, ClipboardImage.png)


Been a lurker and occasional poster for a while now. I've gotten interested in baking. I've read the manual and watched the video. From what I see, the baker only edits the notables. Who adds the Q posts and edits the other sections?



the baker is responsible for editing the following items

number and title of the bread

adding any recent Q posts

adding notables

editing the reference pages for updates and added resources

It is not just the notables, although for most breads that is the only thing that changes other than bread number and title.

The baker can also edit the top section to add inspirational message or Q quote, the general greeting is important and does change.


File: 5345dfd6f293f0e⋯.png (6.1 KB, 362x161, 362:161, 1392436.PNG)


Not a baker, and don't want to hose any working situations, still reading and trying to learn the baking process and more specifically, the reason for paste bin, image editor and text editor requirements/opening to bake and start a new bread.

Any shortened reasons/responses providing basic answers to that concept would be appreciated. Likewise, so would STFU if concept is irrelevant.

Here's the reason I decided to post and ask…

Just had a thought…that easier, more efficient options might be available, and would be honored to assist if possible…or go away if not.

After I figure out procedures and reasons for each step…if reasonable, will offer an option for temporary storage between breads…if it would provide a reasonable option for reducing steps, enabling easier and more efficient maneuvering.

Sorry for the interruption…that's just "my thing"…finding the easiest, most efficient way…




provides an easily accessible way to share the text file called the 'dough'

text editor

as a baker you'll need to edit various portions of the 'dough'.

a. Q posts (top section) Q posts are added as well as inspirational messages and urgent information

b. Notables section (second post of bread) is constantly being added to at the top and trimmed at the bottom

c. Reference section (3rd & 4th posts of bread) additons and corrections are needed occasionally

All three require text edits more complex than are easily done in the posting box of the 'make a new thread window'



are not endorsements


>>1583589 BO on Clown's bots

>>1545457 Major announcement from BO

>>1555357 PDF Uploading Enabled


Test bake

>>1605535 test fag1

>>1605506 testfag 2


>>1604685 Alefantis-Silsby-CIA Connection Summarized

>>1604453 Former Clinton Foundation head Donna Shalala is back in Miami and at UM

>>1604434 Golden Dawn Dig

>>1604873 Tech Titans Tiptoe Towards Monopoly


>>1603612 D'Adesky Summary Continued

>>1603561 Elon Trollin' Illuminaughty

>>1603656 Blagojavich, $1.2m offshore account, Merkel's husband, Pedo's, (help anon dig!)


>>1603851 Facebook sinking fast among US teens: survey

>>1603570 Possible solution to NWO Drop (Nimrod/Semiramis/Tammuz) Solar warship

>>1603904 Op. Underground Railroad 31 girls rescued Frm Kaliko Resort sex traffickers feb '17

>>1603974 D'Adesky Family Shipping operations, Diplomatic immunity, containers not xrayed

>>1604126 Truman and Greece the formation of NATO

>>1604123 GE exits Iran as Trump rattles foreign trade

>>1604171 Half moon bay CA

>>1604152 666 DNA AND PI 1997

>>1604031 Fair Trade or No Deal

>>1604184, >>1604085 Headed to Camp David, Not Mar-a-lago (more secure?)

>>1604203 Craig Sawyer uncovering trafficking tunnel in Tucson last night

>>1603588 Collection of WhiteboardAnon drops


>>1602770 Anon Helper suggests dig on map near by orphanages (Enmarcolda Wahoo bay)

>>1602904 Izette Folge advisory board of Innocents at Risk

>>1602919 , >>1603059 Updated Summary D'Adesky Dig

>>1602951 Children in Haiti being kept from their parents

>>1603163 Text of "right to try act"

>>1603158 Tytoo Gardens:between wahoo bay resort/kaliko beach club and port-au-prince

>>1603204 dig on Enmarcolda way back #714 - BQQM Edition-

>>1603262 WJC, BHO, DJT Pardons lists

>>1603152 Huffpost Doxxes "alt-right" Twitter user

>>1603364 Squaker Shutting down also


>>1601985, >>1602720, >>1602721 Anne-Christine d'Adesky (dig from helper anons post)

>>1602128, >>1602245, >>1602168 Fresh Digginz Anons, It's ON!

>>1602220 , >>1602530 , >>1602320 , >>1602623 Moar d'Adesky dig (compilation)

>>1602062 How do you wake up millions of young people?

>>1602115, >>1602170 (Haiti) ENMARCOLDA S.A. REspresnts shipping lines, logistic services

>>1602193 Yes, Amazon IS Tracking (you)

>>1602158 Spoopy Wikileaks xpost from voat pizzagate related

>>1602131 Apotex, Generic Ambien company founded by murdered billionare Barry Sherman

>>1602237 Chuck Schummer is on Teva Pharma Board

>>1602445 (need description help please)

>>1602422 Graphics Update

>>1602406 Podesta Connection to D'Adesky

>>1602127 , >>1602116 Who Honemooned at Kaliko Beach? (anon helper)

>>1602583 Iran Strikes/Sanctions

>>1602602 mattis Strategic Bridge, India

>>1602610 Do Autists Need Showers?

>>1602620 Canada hits back at U.S. with threat of $12.8 billion in tariffs


>>1601240 , >>1601537 , >>1601663, >>1601988 ClockFag BreakThroughs no Coincidences

>>1601264 Judge Rules For Sanofi, Bristol-Myers In Plavix Case $2.5 billion accounting scandal

>>1601375 US Saber-Rattles, warns it can 'blow apart' China's artificial islands.

>>1601513 Prosecutors want to know whether to charge McCabe (DO IT)

>>1601659 CFR says Domestic Propaganda 'Necessary'

>>1601627 Pope had a 'not-so-good' May

>>1601687, >>1601738 2 Jacksonville City Council indicted on dozens of federal charges

>>1601684, >>1601661 New President of Disney/ABC Television Sits On Soros-Backed Board

>>1601715, >>1601684, >>1601737 Pres. ABC/CBS Hav Siblings Wrking @ WH W/ Ties to Benghazi

>>1601299 POTUS DNA Code on back of speech notes @ Tennessee rally

>>1601938 CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin flips

>>1601859 Helper anon post (DIG ANONS)


>>1600401 Spygate: Obama ordered Loretta Lynch to spy on Trump

>>1600418 Muller Office's releases expenditures report, $11.2m for Russian collusion witchhunt

>>1600493 Valerie Jarrett number 1 on wikiscan

>>1600604, >>1600624 IG Report hearing moved from June 5th, to June 11th.

>>1600735, >>1600797 New Clinton Emails released, 281 pages fresh meat.

>>1600827, >>1601026 AMBIEN, Sanofi-Aventis has a very interesting history

>>1600842 Clockfags, please investigate. Possible HRC/Podesta Arrest date through clockwork

>>1600992 emergency alert system fail in Oregon. (ZH article)

>>1601067 Goldman Sacrifices one of their own.




Testing compound formatting


Bold then Underline


RED then Bold


Underline then bold


1)what keeps bad actors from starting multiple new threads

2) how to verify that your handing off to an authentic new baker

3) what is the process for handing off and verifying valid new baker


Baker in-training with question for Bakers, BO etc… Is #InternetBillOfRights (IBOR) still relevant for future loaves? Hasn't been any more word from Q in relation to it, so I'm just curious as to whether we need it, most petitions about it have failed and it seems like nobody takes it remotely serious anymore. That or they outright claim it's a sham, discrediting it… Thanks in advance anons.



1) nothing, when it happens and it has happened the BO or BV on duty deletes them.

2) no way to positively verify, we're all anons here. After a while you will get a sense of who is who by choice of graphics and tone of postings.

3) Baker requests new baker to take over in kitchen. Anon volunteers and is confirmed… or not. Usually goes something like that but occasionally it doesn't.

One of the marvelous things about this place is the chaotic randomness of the universe seems to have been harnessed to work towards order instead of it's normal entropic effect.

In part that is what chan culture is all about, the methods and habits that in essence are this place. The free speech aspect is all well and good but without critical thinking skills this place would not be what it is.

The collection of mental horsepower gathered in these breads is world class.


File: 40e8e49c778b7c3⋯.jpg (1001.89 KB, 1200x3000, 2:5, Baking-Instructions-Graphi….jpg)


File: a364f0f70e1e1c9⋯.jpg (1016.37 KB, 1200x3020, 60:151, Baking-Instructions.jpg)


revised edition

Post last edited at


File: 4e42533f6288111⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1200x3020, 60:151, Baking-Tips-Graphic.jpg)



Notepadqq, ironically named (available on Linux, as Mac is Unix, in theory should be available).

Be wary, doesn't autosave or reopen files consistently.


It's being debated in meta that bakers 'show some ID' on qresearch, but as tripcodes are prohibited there, I've proposed a 'secret field' only the admin can see, there's disagreements.

For anti-bread corruption, I've suggested CRC hash of previous bread in current bread, coupled with perhaps some dedicated 'bread verifiers' (taste testers?) whose sole job is to scan through the current bread to make sure it isn't being tampered with.

Ideally what we need is a system that prevents previous bread information from being tampered within the current, some sort of 'Copy-On-Write' type deal.

I think link verification/notables tampering is going to be the biggest cause for concern.



This 'secret field' that only the board admin can see is already in place. It's called the IP hash. Board level admin (BO & BVs) cannot see actual IP addresses they see a hash created from the IP address. This is to preserve anonymity, ONLY CM and his staff can retrieve actual IP address in cases of legal violations (anons posting CP etc…)

currently the breads are archived at http://archive.fo/

this provides a snapshot of the bread

This provides a level of assurance that the bread isn't changed after the fact.



Useful insights, thank you. I'm made an alternate proposal in baker chat, as I realise I'm off-topic here.

When I meant hidden field, I meant in the sense of information a user could control or input (for example, off-site hash). I suppose that could fall under 'reporting a post'. Anyway, I digress, apologies for derailing your thread, I shall slink away.


File: cfe47f57fbc5b8b⋯.png (606.89 KB, 1246x840, 89:60, BakerQuestion.png)

Hello my fellow bakers. I am learning to bake right now. I'm an EU-Anon, so I will most likely bake when many of you are sleeping.

I need some help (pic related)

When I create a test bread in /comms/, the links do not work and the colors are different. I guess, it's because the links to the notables are in another bread. That's ok so far.

My question: If I go live and create a new bread under /qresearch/, will the links be red and working and the texts be black (instead of green)?

Thanks in advance!


File: c94f994ac844b25⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1200x3020, 60:151, bakingInstructions2.jpg)

File: 5462256386206f6⋯.jpg (978.73 KB, 1200x3020, 60:151, bakingInstructions1.jpg)


I hope anons find these useful

Post last edited at




File: b3c3833fef7c546⋯.jpg (160.75 KB, 1143x598, 1143:598, BakerTipsPostingDoughToNew….JPG)


Bo here…?


Trying to do a test bake and nothing happens when I click create new thread. Any suggestions?



I'm using Firefox. If I use Edge, the box expands immediately upon clicking new thread. Not sure what setting in Firefox I need to change.





File: 255b550112bdaba⋯.png (158.71 KB, 1215x529, 1215:529, ClipboardImage.png)



brrrrt baker here, nice ideas, may i propose this tool for bread checking/taste testing?

diff checker, just copy paste the two text samples to see the difference between them. should just be notables added/dropped off, Q posts most of the time if anything else you can easily tell




nice find anon!

I've only had to deal with corrupted dough once. It was just after accepting the dough and hand off. I'd added the notables & had posted 1st page, then the reference section wouldn't post... turned out the prior baker had added a link to a site that 8ch.net will not allow. (I think it was youtu.be or some such short cut).

I hope you understood what I was saying in the general (#2694) about humor and the notables teasers / titles / headlines. The labels you put on notable posts has an effect on who will or won't read 'em.

Please be more careful in the future.

The mental image created by

>>>/qresearch/2136408 Anon mentally masturbates to the plan (from #2693)

is that what you want to leave in the historical record as a testament to your taste as a baker?


Rlarp Baker here

any ideas how i can get an ip hash request without broadcasting it on current Q bread. there was an R larp today. and moving forward would like to be discreet when available. so as not to inspire larping behavior. thanks to BV for this one today.

is comms good

where does BO/BV have eyes other than current Q bread?



oh hello BO

cheers mate



File: a9b245a18ba69b5⋯.png (80.71 KB, 479x622, 479:622, hashRlarpBaker.png)


the easiest way is to make your own board

as board owner you'll be able to see the hashes of all who post on that board.

If you want to check your hash you can ask me and I'll post it here for you


File: 7acc944f7a36a2f⋯.png (361.31 KB, 2410x448, 1205:224, bike camping.png)



its for the Rlarps

so when R larp posts, i may want try to discretly hash it instead of publicly, but that is on Qresearch board.

most importantly they are curious if the IP has history can be posted (here is fine, R larp page preferred)

it is bread bread #2369 ID ebc00d >>1880528

pic related

thanks in advance

BO/BV Rusty/Bakers



comms fully understood. now. took me a minute.

i have to stick with the Qresearch board threads to get that BO/BV. cheers mate





>they are curious

who is 'they' ?


you cannot determine the hash if the post is not on your board.



to give some context on that title: i was 4hrs in on that bake, and had asked for handoff twice… i added the title of the anon that nominated it, but yea totally see whatcha mean. will be more careful in the future o7



if i remember correctly that is, kek. but ya no excuse, I'll be more discerning going forward




> no excuse,

you gave the best reason, not an excuse!

bakers are human and they get tired

the editorial judgment calls are not easy even when all systems are 100%

I am an ass, I call out problems when I see 'em

I'm glad you are not too offended by my crude critique'



not offended at all. here to help best way that I can, and getting better as a baker is part of that. and it is the chans after all, kek, crude is built in. i welcome criticism, thx for the support










can you grab/update first/main post of the thread, i didnt go high enough on my copypasta

im missing

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Integrity–for in Truth lies Victory.

Please Read Our Designated Disclaimer https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html



Wanna-be baker here.

Should bakers be on a VPN?

I know some will say everyone should be on a VPN, and I agree, but not everyone can afford a proper VPN.

I'm willing to pay if necessary, but would rather not if I don't need to.

If I do need one, which one is secure, fast, and trustworthy?

FWIW, I will (mostly) be a night baker.



A VPN isn't necessary

If you are in a position where the knowledge that you are a baker on 8ch would harm your reputation then you might want one.

Most of the bakers do not have VPN from what I can tell, I do not hear the BO or BVs complaining about it. VPN causes IP hopping which would mess with BAKER ID via hash



if you want a free VPN, Opera Browser gives a free VPN feature. works pretty good. but I don't use a VPN while baking, so the BO/BV can use my hash to see previous bakes and feel comfy


File: 62adec6be1483ff⋯.jpg (148.32 KB, 626x576, 313:288, PeacePepeQek.jpg)

Hey Rusty?

You around?

I am baking will check back.



ya, I'm here

what's up ?

if this isn't a topic for the baker's school thread

lets take this to the lounge >>196

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red bold



large inside of red

==red inside of large==


large inside of italic

large inside of bold

(((large inside of blue)))


aspiring baker here…..when creating a new thread for next bread, where does the downloaded image file get placed?




ty RUSTY, another question that has plagued me since November…if I am saving pictures/graphics to my own computer and using them here on the chans from the folders associated with my device, which is registered to me, do the uploaded files once here contain information that may be used to dox? I'm not a techanon but have some common sense based on some of what I DO know….that common sense tells me what I DON"T know is by far the most dangerous thing. If there is another place we may take this convo, please let me know if that is necessary, as I don't wish to waste the bread here.



this is a relevant topic so, ya, the school thread is OK.

pictures taken with most smartphones and cameras leave 'exif' data embedded in the file which can include GPS location, date, time, model & serial number of device…

graphics from the web do not usually contain this data, some graphics (pictures uploaded to instagram, twitter, facebook etc… can contain this data

also pdf files can contain info about author etc…

graphics & memes are somewhat traceable (where they originate, how they spread) but no info that could directly used to dox

I hope that helps


New baker, started thread 'there is only q' and someone anchored it, so wants to keep it, but it's falling in rank and i'm not sure if I just let it be, or ask for a baker or what. totally didn't read this before starting the thread…

Yesterday the thread was archived, but someone mentioned that someone high level had been on the board in the past. So, when it was archived yesterday, i was bummed but now it's back.. and, i didn't anchor it.. so, who did? Clearly someone doesn't want the board archived yet, but it's been HEAVILY edited.





> someone anchored it, so wants to keep it

hello newfriend

I'll try to help out here.

only the board owner or board volunteers can anchor, pin or lock a thread.

when a thread is 'anchored' it means it will sink to the bottom of the board and fall off as rapidly as possible.

It means the board owner or board volunteers do not see it as a worthwhile thread.

>been HEAVILY edited.

only the board owner or board volunteers can edit posts


Thanks newfriend.

Part of this doesn't make sense though, because the board WAS was archived.

Then someone brought it back up.. Counterintuitive of a sunken anchor.

Thanks for your insight though, any other is more than welcome!



@isaacKappy needs to be checked. He’s baiting ‘anons’ and Q followers to come armed to protect a whistle blower. Stinks! Please investigate-


Leviticus 6:21

"It shall be prepared with oil on a griddle. When it is well stirred, you shall bring it. You shall present the grain offering in baked pieces as a soothing aroma to the LORD.





could a person bake by phone?



it's possible but complicated


File: 7e597a145de1678⋯.jpg (258.98 KB, 997x522, 997:522, jd7ZANGvTy-6Y8VywAmBSL3tG_….jpg)

get your frequencies ready



For Bakers Considering Using a Pastebin Account for IDEN:

To protect you from doxxing, I recommend using a pastebin account with an email that does not link to you via an identifying phone #. Either use an email account verified with a burner phone, or use a privacy-protecting email service that doesn't require a phone # or other identifying info.



good advice anon!

start an anonymous e-mail account

here is one that is fairly easy to set up


use the anonymous e-mail account to verify the pastebin account.


Don't know where to put this


Q drop 2124

FYI Hungary BuildS A Wall Brietbart Articles & dates


click on article link above, in the Brietbart London twitter post:

dated 13 Sept 2017 https://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/09/13/un-slams-hungary-wall-designed-prevent/



File: 71f6913005e4226⋯.webm (10.41 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, baking.webm)


How to bake in 3 mins.


File: f9a7e85c71c1196⋯.jpg (145 KB, 1088x471, 1088:471, QR.HowToWriteSummaries.JPG)

File: 44be5f6d43a301a⋯.jpg (99.01 KB, 1092x273, 4:1, QR.WhatIsNotableItemSauceC….JPG)

File: d8f62fb6687a218⋯.jpg (160.37 KB, 1090x452, 545:226, QR.WhatIsNotableItemSauceO….JPG)

File: 5c40918f6f43e7a⋯.jpg (221.2 KB, 1083x591, 361:197, QR.WhatIsNotableItemSauceF….JPG)

File: 5992a3f8b5a9d00⋯.jpg (189.04 KB, 1092x581, 156:83, QR.WhatIsNotableTopics.JPG)


originally posted >>>/qresearch/3018667


and from the same thread #3819

>>>/qresearch/3018740 these excellent decision tree graphics for notables

Post last edited at


I am getting 'thread too long' when i copy the raw prior pastebin dough into the new thread. Not sure why it isn't working for me.


sorry, body too long. i am cp'ing raw contents of prior pastebin dough to my current and it won't let me create the new thread.


Hey Rusty, can you check baking going on currently? anons are in a tizzy atm over the Baker

Bread #3869



*#3839 sorry


File: 4f625a4c579f9eb⋯.jpg (711.2 KB, 1920x2560, 3:4, 0998f28e-68b2-46fb-8acb-ef….jpg)

what up fags



china or nippon?



>"if enabled by board owner"

Can anyone tell me what will not work in the qresearch thread? I don't want have to go over there and experiment. That'd be kinda embarrassing.



the only formatting that does not work on /qresearch/ is [code]



Nope. It works.

Don't forget to use the / at the end.









you're catching on

If you want to post a lot of testing please use one of the test bakes instead of this one


okay, hey im learning to bake, I read all the material, where do I practice board making


File: 08caa948c1371a4⋯.png (425.71 KB, 1273x432, 1273:432, ClipboardImage.png)


Just click "catalog" at the top of this thread, which takes you to where you can create new threads for this board.


Click "create a thread" and go from there.

When you post a practice bake on /comms/, the links won't be active (red) like they will be on /qresearch/ but you still get to see how posts fit etc., and ask one of us to look at it. I'm over at /qresearch/ now and will keep checking in here if you have questions.



okokok sooo, I have the subject and comments section filled out right, I watched the 2:37 baking video, im confused what that file is thats being attached during the board making



>february, Im learning right now, over on comms, I watched the video, Im confused as to what the file is that gets attached in the board making process. I understand the copy+paste from pastebin and updating it with new notables and moving the old ones to the note list.

Dude, why do you keep calling it "board making?" Kek, if you've been here since Feb, how have you not learned our comms? (You'll also understand we get a lot of shills that attempt to bake, so you'll forgive my goncern.)

The file you attach is our standard Iwo Jima image for each qresearch general thread. Just download it and save from any bread, then re-upload when you create new ones.



I understand, i read more and figured the image part out. I baked https://8ch.net/comms/res/2691.html#2699

I lurk all the time, I just don't post much, sorry about the lingo fuck up. I'm learning because my hours available are the 10pm-6am EST and I saw last night was an ebake and before that I believe we were breadless for hours one night.



I fucked up and set the name to Test1 when I was copy+pasting



Looks good, man. No worries on the lingo, it takes quite a while to get it all down and we all learned it by trial and error thru posting it and getting corrected, myself included. Just wanted to make sure on the shill thing.


>I fucked up and set the name to Test1 when I was copy+pasting

Yup, just leave all that blank, post into body only on all replies to OP.

I just took over the kitchen on the General so if I don't respond right away to questions that's why. You wanna try gathering notes for a bread and comparing 'em to ours? It will also help you practice as far as timing. When it comes time to post the next bread, do another over here and see if you get it in b4 current thread ends. As long as your notes are about 60% same as another baker's, you're prolly good.


yessir, im just on notepad right now, learning how to add in new Q posts and change the notables around. Im baking another test right now for review to see if I'm understand the basic mechanics, really want to make sure im understanding this right. im a checkmywork10xandstillbeunsureaboutitfag



>>You wanna try gathering notes for a bread and comparing 'em to ours?

I'll compile notables in the next bread for comparison?


also, how many buns until collapsing one into a post for previous notes. im seeing 3-7?



Yeah, then you get a total bread experience from start to finish. You can even post your own notes in qresearch and ask all of us to look at 'em (moar feedback, but you know how anons can be, might give you some bootcamp love)


#Metoo. Bigtime. Baking helps you learn when good enough's good enough tho. Sometimes shit just moves too fast. It's why graveyard is best for perfectionist types like us.

>how many buns until collapsing one into a post for previous notes. im seeing 3-7?

It's a total character limit, so it just depends on the amount of notables in each bun. Just leave enough time when you bake so that if you post a Notables post that's too big (you'll get an error that says 'too big') you just go back to Notepad, trip one more bun off, then post again. After a while, you get an idea how much just by eyeballing it however you have it on your set-up.



Excellent. here is the new bread, https://8ch.net/comms/res/2707.html

modified in the notables and Q post section to make sure I'm understanding the template to bake it right.



Yeah, I see your additions and that looks perfect. Dealing with Q drops can be a challenge, but he never posts in graveyard, and other than that there's always another baker on to help. But you get the idea–you'd just copy-pasta an example from prev. drop for format and switch out the post #'s. And just make sure that if he posts to General you stare at his post long enough to make sure it's his color-changing tripcode (and not the solid green for fake Q.) Make that mistake this week and got ass-fucked for it, kek!



>his color-changing tripcode (and not the solid green for fake Q.)

HA! I saw that, I was confused for a sec like why its not changing color and then realized the foolery afoot. alright, so im back and on the new bread, ill start collecting notables



>Baking helps you learn when good enough's good enough tho.

>Sometimes shit just moves too fast


All this looks good anons, keep up the good work!


godspeed new BAKER

I try to check this board every few hours, if you need something just let me know.



I gotta go feed my family for a little bit, I only made it a few hundred posts down and got:

>>3475953 POTUS Twat

>>3475966(possible) Princess Eugenie UN Sex Traff

>>3475968(unsure) Feinstein Q Pics

>>3475976 10.17 Assassination attempt on POTUS

>>3475993 Hamptons plane crash victim ID'd

>>3476074 Hillary w/China + FVEY Conspire



TIP: Right after I post my ~500 posts notes bundle, I usually go to my "New Thread" window (you can use catalog or index) and get it set up. I copypasta "Q Research General #_ _ _ _" from current bread and change the number, rather than risk typing fresh each time ( to reduce typos and number transpositions, since I'm a bit dyslexic). Then load up the General pic and copypasta in the first OP text. Then I go back and check my ~500 notes bundle for any replies and finish gathering.



And then I do final sweeps by CTRL-F searching for "notable" "notables" "baker" and "(you)"



Yeah, looks good (new)baker. I didn't include the Feinstein one (which you were unsure about) but I did put the others in. A lot of editorial discretion also comes down to whether you're in a mood to fight for notable purity on a given day. Unless you put a really fake & gay note in, or put too many notes in (over 20) anons usually don't complain over INCLUSION, whereas EXCLUSION can unleash holy hell if the posts not noted are the kind ppl feel like fighting over. Shills will often post things for this purpose. Sometimes you're in the right head space to take the heat, other times you relax standards a bit to keep the peace. The latter is an unfortunate necessity I've come to accept. Important to keep in mind, however, that if we don't keep notables as close to the way autists prefer them (not too much random news or fluff) they will start reeee'ing too and–more important–not have a comfy environment in which to shine. I'm a baker that tends to defend notable purity pretty staunchly–sometimes it's the right call, sometimes not. Notable selection is really where the art of baking is–the rest is just timing of the copypasta.

Really glad you're joining us, thanks bigly. When you're ready to try your first bake on qresearch, just announce you're a new baker interested in doing that, and the other bakers and BO/BV will let you know they're standing by to help, then you'll do handoff just like we all do and go from there.



Wow! Very good. got a nice lasting kek off:

>notable purity on a given day. Unless you put a really fake & gay note in

I might not be back til graveyard tonight. anyways, I really appreciate yalls time and effort and am sincere about picking up the grave bake.



> Notable selection is really where the art of baking is

It's not just selection of notable post, it's also composing the teaser for it.

The title of the bread can also be subtle or sometimes not so subtle spur for the morale of the group as well as a pointer towards a goal.

Baker's with good sense of humor are greatly appreciated.

You have given great advice and wise counsel


godspeed new BAKER

this experience will help you grow

you'll need a thick skin, good critical thinking skills and the humility to admit when your mistakes and you'll do just fine.



Excellent, really happy to have another graveyard baker on the bench. You'll do great. And even if you have a hiccup, don't worry. I'm a confirmed spaz and everyone was very understanding while I worked out the kinks. I'll check in around 12-1am EST and if you're on I can make "introductions."

>>2715, >>2728

Thanks for weighing in and for maintaining this board for us, Rusty. Appreciated.



I am happy to help in any way I can.

do what you can

with what you have

where you are

thanQ for all that you do



greetings! i'm the graveyard in training, been busy the last two days but im pretty sure ill be able to do some training tonight. im going to lurk right now and do some solo-practice collecting notables and comparing them to what the current baker is putting up.



good to see you back again



YES! baking right now, complete success!








Codefag here. I am interested in writing tools to make baking easier, ensure dough integrity, allow bakers to identify each other, coordinate handoff, ease notable collection, and perhaps set up a side-channel for meta-level discussion (could be a simple as integrating a thread on /comms/ on the same page as an ongoing bread).

I am slow and easily overwhelmed, but I can write good code (in the past I contributed the Nope button and a standalone post counter).

I've got some ideas on the topics I listed, but I will get lost in the weeds if I do it blindly, so I'm asking here for input on what bakers think would help the most.



I will help in any way I can

I started /comms/ in March after getting banned mid bake by a BV now known as AFLB. While I was banned I decided to help future BAKERS however I could.

The BO of /qresearch/ and I have had many discussions in the past on these subjects.

I know of only one method of BAKER ID that is acceptable at the moment.

Get a pastebin account to mark your bakes

I started with an anonymous e-mail at ProtonMail



with the anonymous e-mail I started a pastebin account to mark my bakes

#3796 dough https://pastebin.com/0g7DrTft

as for coordination for BAKERS for handoffs cooridinated notables etc… an open back-channel of sorts could established here. Just start a thread on /comms/ for that purpose. I did a long time back it's >>196

and in case you're wondering

long ago I recognized that we need some sort of handle to recognize each other, we cannot function efficiently on some tasks while being completely anonymous

I chose the fake name of a paranoid cartoon character, it has absolutely no relationship with me in real life other than I was a fan of the King of The Hill series



Thank you for the input!

It is clear that bakers must remain free to adopt or reject any proposed tool or practice. I'll keep that requirement in mind.

Pastebin account handles are not a bad method of identification, but it's a centralized approach, putting some amount of trust in pastebin.

Cryptographic signatures offer a decentralized approach to identify bakers, using the public part of key pairs that each baker could generate.

Including a signature of the dough's hash at the start of the bread is a no-brainer.

Authentication while discussing handoff is more interesting. To avoid replay attacks (re-using a previously posted message), a "nonce", a chunk of data that can't be guessed ahead of time, is needed. This chunk of data would be incorporated in signed messages used by bakers to indicate their interest in taking over.

A hash of the dough (or perhaps of the baker's posts prior to and including the dough) would serve well as a nonce, putting no requirement on the previous baker.

Does that make sense? It seems like a simple enough tool to write.



>Cryptographic signatures offer a decentralized approach to identify baker

yes they do, but this also adds complexity to the handoff

not sure how you would implement such a procedure

here at /comms/ you can use a secure tripcode



I am considering writing a script that (1) adds a button to the reply form to append a signed message (indicating, for example, intent to take over), and (2) finds and verifies signed messages in posts, indicating "good signature from xxx" where "xxx" is the public key identifying the new baker (the key could be translated to an alias with a configurable directory).

The tool would also include simple keypair management (generation, backup, restore).

This tool could be made generic, allowing arbitrary signed messages in posts.



sounds good

I can remember when PGP came out, was classified as a 'munition' and export to foreign countries was restricted… KEK

I look forward to seeing this tool, it could help.

I will caution you however that you must consider possible abuses of your tool



Manual test post to see how it looks, then I'll write the verifier:

BEGIN SIG 1541282002261 d5I6ywXc/NVDkTtY/YXtst1xIlzrADT9UZWhI1vFb7Q=

Test signed message

END SIG 3vWfGCjGR2UlsgGVigEiDwg36M+zYbB0WI/p0+9/B++mvptSQ0b3de7BQRtXon2nmLhmdixcRmUbg8bNmsXYDA==



BEGIN SIG 1541288461753 d5I6ywXc/NVDkTtY/YXtst1xIlzrADT9UZWhI1vFb7Q=

Erm, let's say the previous message was to test a bad signature.

This one should be good

END SIG wPeqymxbAI1/TJVbJhar8LHJGfT+xJF2mQpCZsjWec25hazXXNjKZnySVdhmaRLN7KAweUkcMI/hVPpV4mSsDQ==




is your basic goal to give the BAKERS a 'signature' that cannot be spoofed or imitated?

be prepared for some opposition from directions you didn't expect it.



I messed up both tests. I've fixed the bugs, verification works. I will do another test once I've added the a posting interface.


>is your basic goal to give the BAKERS a 'signature' that cannot be spoofed or imitated?

I think I fail to grasp the implicit content of your question. Can you voice your concern explicity?

A copy of a signed message from a past thread or another board will not pass verification. The signature is applied to the text between the markers, plus a timestamp (included in clear for checking) and a hash of the text of the original post (along with the board name, and thread ID). As a result, any alteration of the OP invalidates all existing signatures in the thread.

Because signatures are tied to a thread, the tool can (and will) detect signed messages copied verbatim in the same thread, and only mark the first one as valid. It will all be documented, and if any part of it is stupid I will gladly fix it.

This tool could end up being worthless for reasons I don't see yet, and that's fine. In any event I expect some to claim the code is malicious and should not be used by anyone. My 11 lines "Nope" script faced that, some said it was storing the gore images on your computer, when it's only storing the MD5 hashes. I'm sure some of it is due to genuine misunderstanding.



BEGIN SIG 1541337393508 doo0mL2ZdkEHV/u1pz226baPDVwqidv7xhI6ksXF/58=

First hastily cobbled up release here:


END SIG IJpUq6Ojs2f7y30Om4CRMOW8K7jcKYERGreKc/veM1ighh1X4Hz6Ukkd0YE8VMmVybpRikVgGT0TCjvO4W60AQ==

Consider it a developer release. The script is incomplete, the crypto part is done by TweetNaCl.js and it needs to be included separately (which is unpleasant). Perhaps it's possible to reach out to CM to get tweetnacl.js.org whitelisted in the CSP, or better host a copy on 8ch servers.

There are several issues (main one is the Sign button only works in the top box, not in the detached quick post box) but I want this out there now. I expect 8chan formatting to cause issues (some sigs will fail to verify) even though most of the code attempts to deal with that.

Obligatory warning: do not use a script that you do not understand.

Let's see how this goes…


File: b1f13e74d526b58⋯.jpg (110.09 KB, 922x361, 922:361, sig.jpg)


(pic related) is how a good signature looks.



>I think I fail to grasp the implicit content of your question

Implicit? KEK

>Can you voice your concern explicity?

sure thing

please tell me how this will help BAKERS



>please tell me how this will help BAKERS

I asked here what would help bakers.

You indicated handoff coordination could be improved.

I wrote a tool that would allow bakers to identify themselves (while remaining anonymous) when they volunteer to take over, without BV/BO having to confirm.

Now you ask me how this will help bakers.



> identify themselves (while remaining anonymous)


>is your basic goal to give the BAKERS a 'signature' that cannot be spoofed or imitated?


please indulge me

how does a potential baker start this process?



The use case I see is that a potential baker would sign his in-thread offer to bake. This allows the current baker to tell (reliably) if the offer comes from a know baker.



>potential baker would sign his in-thread offer to bake. This allows the current baker to tell (reliably) if the offer comes from a know baker.

I do not follow

how does this show the offer comes from a 'known baker'



How do you know a message with tripcode !!mG7VJxZNCI is from Q?

Same here. There is information in the fact that an offer is signed with a public key you've seen before. What you do with that information is up to you. How you collect public keys is up to you (the tool could help build a directory, but each anon would have their own directory).



>How do you know a message with tripcode !!mG7VJxZNCI is from Q?

because the site admin, Ron aka CodeMonkey aka CM says so.

this brings me to the point of my questions

who certifies that an anon is a 'known baker'

currently it's the BO or BVs who do this

I think you are on the right track

if this tool works and is not cumbersome to use it may help bakers to identify each other and prevent malicious actors from baking

I am having difficulty putting my concerns into plain language.

Please continue with your development

I hope the tool works as you envision

Post last edited at



>because the site admin, Ron aka CodeMonkey aka CM says so.

True. Tripcodes are generated server-side and CM can intercept passwords. But this is his site, we all trust him implicitly.

>who certifies that an anon is a 'known baker'

A public key with an established history of past good bakes stands on its own. Of course private keys can be stolen, but it isn't easy. I think it's pretty safe if the lack of technical efforts to break Q's tripcodes means anything (you can tell I'm having a bit of fun with those).

Making the tool easy to install and easy to use will take efforts, you're right. There's also establishing trust that the code does what it advertises and no more.

I'll keep working on it.


File: e858f0be9b29f66⋯.png (39.66 KB, 1019x542, 1019:542, strawPoll.png)


>established history of past good bakes stands on its own

yes, and if your tool works as you've described it should help BAKERS during handoff choices.

I hope I'm wrong in expecting opposition to the use of this tool. But I've been advocating for a method of BAKER ID for quite a while. During this time I've noticed opposition from the BO of /qresearch/

his choice of how to label BAKER ID is one good example.

>pic related

even after overwhelming (80% favorable) response BO refused to impliment the suggested system (whitelisting tripcodes for known bakers)

>(you can tell I'm having a bit of fun with those).

yes I watch for such activity, but the single # tripcodes are trivial

> CM can intercept passwords

not true

CM can and has matched tripcodes with IP hashes to determine the source was the same.

When Q updates the TC the only method of determining the new TC authenticity is that it comes from the same IP hash source.

Post last edited at



"Baker Prestige" is harsh but it gets the point across. Anonymity is a good deterrent against paytriots.


Indeed and it makes me wonder why Q's unsecure trips were not broken sooner. I estimate the capability to brute-force an unsecure trip in 24 hours costs $10,000 in hardware.

I also wonder why Q hasn't used a vanity tripcode so far. A clean WWG1WGA would look awesome and demonstrate serious computational power. Why not?

>not true

CM can just add code in post.php to log the Name field, around the line quoted below. The trip is computed server-side, the password is sent in the clear (though securely over https).

$trip = generate_tripcode($post['name']);

Crypto signatures with my tool are computed in the browser, so they are a little better in this respect. They would not necessarily be safe to use on a hostile platform.



>is harsh but it gets the point across.

I agree, and we have had problems with paytriots

that is why I truly hope your tool works well and is accepted.

It is important to the integrity of /qresearch/ that we do not allow subversive bakers while still welcoming new bakers

a difficult task

> the password is sent in the clear

>CM can just add code in post.php

I was wrong

I did not consider that possibility

I learned something new

thank you




> The script is incomplete, the crypto part is done by TweetNaCl.js and it needs to be included separately (which is unpleasant).

when you get something you'd like to test out, /comms/ is the place, please feel free to use one of the available test breads already baked, and report findings back here in the baker's school thread

Post last edited at


File: 21999c575cd295b⋯.jpg (128.58 KB, 924x924, 1:1, give me.jpg)

Give me Liberty


Possible suspicious baker for breads 4830, 4831

Adding old articles (dated 2015) in notables in misleading fashion, not heeding anons requests



>>2855 (cheKeKed)

a subtly subversive baker?

not the 1st

keep tracking

style of notables punctuation is one clue to help track 'em


<strong>Good stuff</strong>











bold text anyone?





Yay. I'll fuck off now.



After more observation and thinking, I doubt that the ability to sign stuff would benefit bakers/qresearch. A mechanism that can be used to exclude subversive bakers can also be used to install subversive bakers exclusively.

The baking process seems robust enough as it is, even with a compromised BO. Critical thinking on the part of each anon is necessary, and any mechanism that supports the illusion of the contrary seems harmful.


File: ef26d1e4f99036b⋯.jpg (40.44 KB, 420x497, 60:71, 10891956_929059943813584_5….jpg)


I agree that the process 'seems' to be handling it.

the concerns you raise about inlclusion / exclusion of bakers are valid, however some degree of transparency would be provided by the positive ID

currently only BO & BVs have the ability to identify bakers and even then it's not 100% due to changing IP addresses

style and content help me to ID who is who

by their fruit ye shall know them

I'm content things are going as well as possible and I agree that an ID system is not crucial or actually necessary at this point.

When I first began my concerns the BO still had an openly subversive member of his BV team. That anon has been removed as far as anyone outside the group can tell.

Time will tell all


Where are the formatted graphics that are used at the top of each bread located?

The instructions say: Download the General image (vets have it saved and always to hand).

. . . but *where* do we get them from?


>>3000 (cheKEKed)

download it just like you would any other graphic posted on the board.



So there's no archive of those graphics?

I thought there'd be a thread with all of them in it . . . .


File: d5055660dbbb0b7⋯.jpg (585.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, banner.jpg)

File: 1ea9ee2a5bd6efc⋯.jpg (575.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bannerGoldenMane.jpg)


> archive

no, just a continuing usage

it's changed in small ways over time


File: 4e1d9aef00e3245⋯.png (46.15 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1530030938005.png)


Ah, sorry, I have not been clear. I meant the picture at the very top of each thread that changes with each bread - for example this on. Is there a place where all of these are kept?


File: e6cf2946f910a9b⋯.png (909.9 KB, 1590x899, 1590:899, Screenshot_2018-12-11 Edit….png)


>Is there a place where all of these are kept?

each board owner has the option of using 'banner' graphics

they are chosen and uploaded by that individual board owner

one graphic from the 'pool' is chosen randomly and posted at the top of each thread by 8ch.net

>pic related

Post last edited at



Thanks for the explanation. Not something that I, as a class 1 anon, would have access to. Oh well, I'll just have to collect them like trading cards - one at a time!

Appreciate your patience.



some have been posted in the META thread


much more comfy bakes with this, thank you originating anon!

took a long time to dig it up this morning, so here's a fresh link:


All three scripts wrapped into one, with an additional "bakeable" search feature,

to find instances of "notable" or "baker" in red.



Hat jemand die URL von dem Youtube Kanal, der sich für die Kinder einsetzt? (Die Frau spricht gebrochen deutsch)



in the future please use a practice thread for formatting practice



12.12 - Last posts, board test, Q n A

12.22 - 11:11

12.23 - Days of Pain!!!!!




how do you large text?



see the instructions in >>801

for instance big text use [ aa ] (I added spaces so the code would show up, when you use it don't include the extra space)

please practice in a practice bake thread and not here in the school thread

Post last edited at



aye cool thanks

missing from current faq pg so I didn't bother checking the cap


Thank you, patriots all over the world! Keep fighting!

When we go one we go all!!!!

Patriots United!

Even in the shadows.

Trust yourself.


Anybody have the complete list of character substitutions?




liddle (kek)


Apprentice Baker here, I am confused about the verification aspect. Will I need to signup for Pastebin? I don’t have a burner phone but I can get one if necessary.

Everything else seems clear. I have dual monitors so that will help. I am not ready to do a practice bread yet, later this week, but getting ready for it.

Please advise about the verification.



you can do anon pastes at pastebin without signing up.

I have an e-mail at proton mail and have used that to verify at pastebin but to answer your question

you do not need an account at pastebin

Post last edited at



Ok I’ll get an account at Proton Mail so I can stay anon. Do you recommend anything else? I want you do be confident I am not a bad actor. I have been following Q since day one, and lurked FOREVER, then learned how to get around. My experience will assure I am an excellent baker for you..


mind if I test the meme batter here?

Batter for New Meme Thread

—————————————————————- cut and paste below this line ————————————–

Self-Service Image Library

to spread truth and calm the storm



Through tempest, storm,

And darkest night,

Anons don't rest

'Til things are right.


First time on 8ch? Newfag, read the intro https://8ch.net/qresearch/welcome.html first.

Leave name/email/subject BLANK when you post. Why? Q Research is a warzone, and we care about anons' safety; and filling in Subject instantly marks you as a newfag.

Meme Ammo

39 >>4907653, 38 >>4681853

Memewar2020: prepare for the 2020 general election >>4731041

NPC Memes 2 >>3522113, 1 https://mega.nz/#!lc8VCYxR!4xZoxqgglasf8DoYdKfg9rFDx-gBQIJ-qk-FPsWlKIU

Q Research Graphics Library https://mega.nz/#F!XtNhURSb!1Mdrvt-Y_onBw5VlFDRdCQ 37,000+ memes & infographs - 10.3 GB – Keyword-searchable filenames

Op Stop Taxpayer Funding for Planned Parenthood >>5006160

Direct link to memes on Abortion, Planned Parenthood, Infanticide, Fetal Tissue https://mega.nz/#F!HgtDxCKR!PK-mv3ndB4gstVLLnSadlQ


→ Instant background removal: https://www.remove.bg/

→ Memegenerators: https://imgflip.com/memegenerator , http://kek.gg/draw/

Meme Makers: We prefer .jpeg images due to smaller file size. How? After creating an image, "Export As," select .jpeg filetype. To shrink the file even more, try 90% quality setting with no significant loss of fidelity. And your text should be readable; if you can't read it, neither can they! Please spell-check.

Beware Twitter image truncation! Images for Twitter should be 2:1 shape, e.g. 1024 wide x 512 high. Twitter shrinks larger images to 1024 x 512, and chops off bottoms of wrong-shaped images.

Image Download Tips

→ Browser: Click the thumbnail to open fullsize image. Right click fullsize image and download to your device. Download fullsize images, not thumbnails. When you post on social media, use your local copy of the image, not a link to 8ch.

→ Phonefag: Check out Omnichan app for 4chan/8ch @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=one.phobos.omnichan for tools to download/rename all the images at once

★ Our collections are not vetted or approved. Some images are inappropriate/unhelpful. It's a free-speech zone, and everyone posts here, including shills. We don't remove shill images; it's up to YOU to discern them.

the links below will take you to off-bread to Memes38

★ More Effective Memes ("Meme Psychology"). Learn to create/select the best images. Know your audience. Present the idea from their point of view like marketers do, instead of insulting them? >>4681965

★ What if your Twitter/FB/Youtube/Instagram account gets banned or locked? Visit the current War Room for current campaigns, hashtags, tactics, help >>4681977

★ Red Pill Tactics are posted below. >>4681902, >>4681925, >>4681944, >>4681948

★ Social Media Tips are posted below. It's important to make your images the right size + shape, or your impact could be greatly diminished. >>4681997


So I did a couple of ebakes this morning. Now I'm not quite as spastic as I was a couple of days ago. In the event that I decide to actually step up, what needs to happen next?



simply step up

you'll learn better via experience than anything I can tell you



I've been thinking about it forever. Hey, at least I read the protocol again today! Given the ebakes and my daytime availability, I'm going to consider it.




good to have new BAKERs



A. Get the Dough

1. copypasta the pastebin link into your browser

2. click "clone"

3. copypasta the text into a text editor

(I suggest to NOT copypasta the notables section until you're about to bake; edit it in the pastebin, then copypasta it when you're about to bake; the others will and SHOULD NOT be changed)

B. Notables

1. open a different text editor page

2. collect notable posts like you see bakers do (first post at the top, last post at the bottom; chronologically):

[post link] [short description]

3. if you want, do updates for anons around 200, 400, and 600 posts

4. have a list of the notables in your text editor

C. Prepare the Bake

1. around 680 posts, or before that if you want moar time to bake, post the all the notables as a "notable bun"

2. like you see in the dough, put the link to that "notable bun" with the bread number as the description as the last post in the notable list:

[post link] [short description]

[post link] [short description]

[post link] [#XXXX]

3. add the current bread number to the notable's section of the dough, like you see in the notable's section of the dough

4. copypasta the notables from the current bread under that bread number in the dough

D. Bake

1. open the catalog (or index) and press "Create a thread"

2. add a title in the format of all the other breads into the SUBJECT section, but change the number to 1+ the current bread's number (suggest to copypasta the title from the current bread, then changing the number then changing the title)

3. save the pic at the top of the bread, then upload it

4. copypasta the FIRST section of the dough ONLY (everything before the first break) into the comment section

5. press "New Thread"

6. open a new catalog a few seconds after pressing "New Thread" (unless the bake loads then you don't have to)

7. copypasta the SECOND section of the dough ONLY as the 2nd post of the bread

8. copypasta the THIRD section of the dough ONLY as the 3rd post of the bread

9. copypasta the FOURTH section of the dough ONLY as the 4th post of the bread

10. in the pastebin, press "Create New Paste" at the bottom of the pastebin page (fill out the captcha)

11. post the link to that new pastebin as the fifth post of the bread

12. you're done, see A


File: 23e093ed47dc5de⋯.jpg (29.05 KB, 657x527, 657:527, activited.jpg)

Hello, frens. I have come to learn to bake. Hope I'm in the right place.

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