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File: a7ec12efd4b48c4⋯.jpg (88.14 KB, 800x518, 400:259, 64328162_p0.jpg)


Just got a new fone, and I really wanna a new fresh wallpaper!

I'd love if you would share a some of your favorite with me!!!Ɛ>


File: 43062f8815ed3e1⋯.png (1.31 MB, 900x1200, 3:4, 7ca40c5dcf41c3a8d84928edd7….png)

What's your phone resolution anon?

File: 11e0761002834a5⋯.png (628.9 KB, 854x480, 427:240, kawaii-radio.png)


What music do you like to listen to?

I like this yt channel;


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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is a cu‌te song and I love it!


File: 13bd4155757b774⋯.webm (5.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, crested-ibis-song.webm)


File: 2c77e0b3275c57a⋯.jpeg (161.13 KB, 1280x956, 320:239, 642ed3151c04046bf27d7426b….jpeg)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: 97baa0e082f6904⋯.jpg (59.94 KB, 416x580, 104:145, Dengeki Moeoh Magazine.jpg)

File: 7fb3214c7aaeb68⋯.png (2.2 MB, 1653x1699, 1653:1699, Flandre Scarlet - 11.png)

File: 528093fb74aaf4d⋯.jpg (99.88 KB, 600x738, 100:123, Flandre Scarlet - 01.jpg)

File: 11aae4652d87a6b⋯.jpg (690.6 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Flandre Scarlet - 02.jpg)

File: 194ac73a1de425d⋯.jpg (118.85 KB, 584x793, 584:793, 03a-aa.jpg)


Random stuff, mostly stuff downloaded from the mid 2Ks.

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File: 360863c33e9d688⋯.jpg (278.64 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, readordie68hs.jpg)

File: 2bfd0bfc43e3c24⋯.jpg (38.47 KB, 400x490, 40:49, rod04.jpg)

File: 661fbdf2451cef1⋯.jpg (389.52 KB, 550x819, 550:819, Unknown - 028.jpg)

File: 085f439f92798a6⋯.jpg (77.2 KB, 735x491, 735:491, akaneranmaoth016.jpg)

File: 3fbfc142dd3f2a8⋯.jpg (38.7 KB, 700x434, 50:31, Ranma Chan 09.jpg)

Some R.O.D. and some Ranma.

I'll post more rando stuffs later.


File: dd99c5afcd8cf4d⋯.jpg (240.26 KB, 1340x904, 335:226, aya19.jpg)

File: 5e4d917878e0068⋯.jpg (600.4 KB, 1200x1712, 75:107, aya24.jpg)

File: aa050219e02b179⋯.jpg (64.84 KB, 615x812, 615:812, Unknown - 062.jpg)

File: b6315a3b85ada39⋯.jpg (210.05 KB, 1226x1750, 613:875, aya52.jpg)

File: d51e51ce9d9c715⋯.jpg (26.84 KB, 640x480, 4:3, capture2.JPG)

Some Ai Yori Aoshi


File: d2ca8ce690049ef⋯.jpg (59.49 KB, 550x545, 110:109, cg16.jpg)

File: 62ac42e5e155789⋯.jpg (67.66 KB, 640x480, 4:3, pink2.jpg)

File: 5318b217e9d24ef⋯.jpg (687.92 KB, 1203x1688, 1203:1688, ornaments150.jpg)

File: 80992d0d54b73e1⋯.jpg (332.08 KB, 1149x1657, 1149:1657, smooch150.jpg)

File: bc8674dbc34e1d9⋯.gif (114.73 KB, 307x230, 307:230, No Biting.gif)

Angelic Layer and others.


File: da563a4acfec260⋯.jpg (64 KB, 510x600, 17:20, FILE0139.jpg)

File: 7de1eed8b94e4f9⋯.jpg (96 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, FILE0340.jpg)

File: 0ea0b346c892230⋯.jpg (64 KB, 640x480, 4:3, FILE0393.jpg)

File: 5010032415cf9b1⋯.jpg (128 KB, 1024x663, 1024:663, FILE0337.jpg)

File: f49d66f6bbe5e83⋯.jpg (64 KB, 609x567, 29:27, FILE0403.jpg)

Battle Athletes


File: cd76549c8f54263⋯.jpg (146.75 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ccs_02_1024.jpg)

File: 45d17d5094c7ed3⋯.jpg (459.63 KB, 1143x1600, 1143:1600, ccs48.jpg)

File: 23c59652ac26d5f⋯.jpg (77.41 KB, 472x561, 472:561, ch3pic2.jpg)

File: d5e7854eae282a4⋯.jpg (170.99 KB, 716x978, 358:489, gallerypic15.jpg)

File: 3ca1896279827c5⋯.jpg (110.7 KB, 700x629, 700:629, Sakuratchuuu.jpg)

Card Captor Sakura

File: 1393891451621.jpg (25.55 KB, 437x471, 437:471, 1390089904902.jpg)


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eating chicken lettuce


File: c736b33f67257fa⋯.jpg (297.77 KB, 980x963, 980:963, d5f57891098f936e29242a2482….jpg)

Browsing /cute/


File: 74df557fbd1a0c2⋯.jpg (402.16 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1394183912122.jpg)

Holy f*ck this is an ancient thread.


med posting on /tv/, nothing get those janny trannies as mad as someone exposing the fact that meds are superior to them and their skin the color of the thing they like drinking.


File: 1fa6e4fad8de2d2⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1448x2048, 181:256, d7ab6d24b980f022769263a51d….png)


I wonder if the anon who made this thread is still a round

File: 6f8b2480f61462b⋯.png (306.91 KB, 332x544, 83:136, chie sexy.png)


The kind of grin that fills you with warmth and cheer.

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File: 3aaff41569a3516⋯.jpg (416.38 KB, 1726x2500, 863:1250, 1460829685537.jpg)

File: 34649097568cd9d⋯.jpg (131.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1384507054939.jpg)

File: 73234874e1d9369⋯.jpg (115.71 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, 1379006602004.jpg)

File: a8ef152de2e50b6⋯.jpg (160.64 KB, 1912x1076, 478:269, 1492090791744.jpg)


File: a4a9f15bed20d37⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1377071442937.gif)

File: 5c07fa8c4b4ed9d⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 500x285, 100:57, 1530598571_tumblr_n747ls7J….gif)

File: f65f529ca31c8e1⋯.gif (1.67 MB, 480x270, 16:9, dbfd13ef.gif)

File: 1cd62697f8f0af8⋯.gif (767.34 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 1366993277586.gif)


File: a61ae20f8d250ac⋯.png (95 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 34c2a9ac32ea34eb0ab1b24523….png)


File: 646d32a0bae44fd⋯.png (38.36 KB, 136x104, 17:13, smughimari.png)

File: e6d9ad84eb45a44⋯.jpg (30.89 KB, 355x328, 355:328, smugpuck.jpg)

File: b61895bec074c62⋯.png (179.41 KB, 500x813, 500:813, smugkatyusha.png)


File: ab307aae17b1dde⋯.gif (814.91 KB, 500x360, 25:18, 31013b06a3f9b004a47045b8c9….gif)

File: 55b6dfc5602695d⋯.png (44.47 KB, 292x112, 73:28, bamboozled.png)

File: 1432530546365.png (133.06 KB, 525x585, 35:39, 1428890012545-0.png)


How about some Christ-chan!?

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File: 1460225744262.jpg (916.17 KB, 2054x1194, 1027:597, 1432648937344.jpg)


File: 45f0807df0b7096⋯.png (65.73 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 2e2f6d07fa0de173ab6e90250f….png)

File: a9240296138f4b3⋯.png (431.33 KB, 899x1284, 899:1284, a9240296138f4b398e5be1f21b….png)

File: 4876fca46319cd3⋯.jpg (43.22 KB, 507x548, 507:548, a77da80c7b37f183c405b9094f….jpg)

File: 53388e26b700ee6⋯.jpg (23.84 KB, 425x516, 425:516, 35b43867a7078f18016a32e575….jpg)


File: 2e9e117af20c51a⋯.png (735.37 KB, 1160x1100, 58:55, 1524600435026.png)

File: a7e3b1ff1f3cc5f⋯.png (89.67 KB, 1500x1200, 5:4, a7e3b1ff1f3cc5ff2adfad615d….png)


File: 804d697669d4f45⋯.png (956.4 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 804d697669d4f45c8d40d630f5….png)


File: 25d01579e2a19af⋯.jpg (89.73 KB, 747x747, 1:1, christchan the coed.jpg)

File: 55693855b9cbd8a⋯.jpg (148.58 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, share.jpg)

File: 1415408173331.jpg (273.77 KB, 1200x910, 120:91, 2.jpg)


Best Key girls thread

All key girls from One to Moon to Air to Kanon to Clannad to Little busters to Angel beats and Rewrite! All are welcome!
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File: a1f3898d0bcdc4f⋯.png (158.25 KB, 640x480, 4:3, airhappiness.png)

File: 231f3a1f4e88a26⋯.png (456.53 KB, 640x480, 4:3, air26.png)



File: 9f400aee4ed3c65⋯.jpg (270.87 KB, 700x623, 100:89, 40d999a62db5aa0b4e165dc7db….jpg)

File: fef612216d78a19⋯.png (1.14 MB, 848x1200, 53:75, caca61a1b1bfd9e99cbe0ea07c….png)


File: b34988e60b536da⋯.jpg (95.03 KB, 600x841, 600:841, 75d5ef73607a9cfba96ed8279e….jpg)

File: c2bea772c587b9b⋯.jpg (108.56 KB, 661x920, 661:920, 336398611b015f6f27a96e8115….jpg)


File: 60682104ed82978⋯.jpg (114.6 KB, 805x899, 805:899, fe1ed06b5fd9533f9f021ed633….jpg)

File: 0ac3e9395483409⋯.jpg (88.81 KB, 650x659, 650:659, 3fd7cf08a3a0d0fcbce4843d5c….jpg)

File: 4b640f98dae52de⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1000x1281, 1000:1281, 15055d8fe18984a4785c1b7906….jpg)

File: fefb266e0e4ea2b⋯.png (910.28 KB, 785x1000, 157:200, 66b0a5078b43167d3c9df1cb50….png)


Precure is always cute


File: d8bade148e15262⋯.jpeg (977.92 KB, 999x1418, 999:1418, 904b9b8e7f21f770104e4eb0a….jpeg)

File: 031c47443852c6e⋯.jpg (774.48 KB, 850x1041, 850:1041, sample_75460170d86689deb14….jpg)

File: be4803adaaae95e⋯.jpg (117.91 KB, 640x970, 64:97, fb40e7f21eba30d2259dd1c133….jpg)

File: 1389344415980.jpg (226.86 KB, 975x1137, 325:379, okuu butt.jpg)


You're going to get a glass of water, when an Okuu butt gets in your way. What do you do?


File: 1389700080605.jpg (275.73 KB, 596x900, 149:225, 1336353622014.jpg)

I'd slap okuu's butt!

Now the question is, what is SHE gonna do?


Okuu butt slap-a-slap slap~.


File: 1389991269433.jpg (251.56 KB, 642x789, 214:263, 1362330938392.jpg)


>Look to the side while walking around.

>Maybe say "excuse me" while bumping from the last page.

File: 1414327933970.jpg (91.68 KB, 678x600, 113:100, Look Daddy, I'm a rattlesn….jpg)


Monstergirls are pretty /cute/
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File: aca7f6ce440ee5d⋯.jpg (352.32 KB, 800x1257, 800:1257, Cotta.full.2266376.jpg)


File: fb4a64a09b4f871⋯.jpg (128.51 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, e700683ecc8896b394ec6cc989….jpg)


File: b16c577c0c1f391⋯.jpg (274.26 KB, 507x750, 169:250, 140284.jpg)

File: 630698ce44c2109⋯.jpg (159.65 KB, 604x339, 604:339, 10380284.jpg)

File: 4e3995091539073⋯.jpg (132.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 10830824.jpg)

File: e955a0ffe1b108e⋯.jpg (266.83 KB, 746x400, 373:200, 14028408242.jpg)

File: 7b7bc78c3578027⋯.gif (276.2 KB, 444x250, 222:125, 1523234161830.gif)


mah nigga!


File: 312f9cb5cf495f6⋯.png (3.36 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 312f9cb5cf495f6cf011b57346….png)




File: 98acc50f6ff7bf3⋯.jpg (147.48 KB, 600x784, 75:98, 3e393ad92ea9139c1b9ebd8b0e….jpg)

File: 19ec4ceacae24bf⋯.png (410.76 KB, 611x900, 611:900, 0a2702676c87c9592caab6ee1a….png)

File: e41a09ed5b8288f⋯.png (314.69 KB, 611x900, 611:900, 53a62a75b5a65b9ed859e33382….png)


Post here your THE MOST cutest NSFW pic's

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File: e27cb8e795162f9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.53 KB, 671x950, 671:950, bike.jpg)


File: b06450d2238d8e4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.6 KB, 750x910, 75:91, boner.jpg)


File: 4a5b873b60722cd⋯.jpg (252.77 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 0774519577d5f2243c3cd17c95….jpg)


File: c07b682ef29385e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 267.52 KB, 867x1227, 289:409, 1fca15b1d8130d8ff6ec0f7468….jpg)


File: 7923864be17d6e1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.24 KB, 662x480, 331:240, 1286713203256.jpg)

File: 7923864be17d6e1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.24 KB, 662x480, 331:240, 1286713203256.jpg)

File: 7923864be17d6e1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.24 KB, 662x480, 331:240, 1286713203256.jpg)

File: 7923864be17d6e1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.24 KB, 662x480, 331:240, 1286713203256.jpg)

File: 7df788d6640b7a0⋯.png (184.46 KB, 552x560, 69:70, ClipboardImage.png)


Let's imagine a world where whites (French, Germs, Scandi and Anglos) as a civilization would be without appropriating culture, technology and riches from other people's.

Which means:

No contact with the Roman Republic/Empire and China

No crusades

No Judeo-Christian religions

No discovery of the new world

No colonization of Africa

No establishments of chiefdom beyond Germania Magna (No Italian, French, Iberian and African dynasties).

Celts still populate most of Europe in this timeline

Also remember that whites before contact with Rome had no literature or construction capabilities beyond wooden buildings. They did have Bronze Age weapons, though. Starting year: 200 B.C. (before first Roman interventions in Gaul because they wouldn't stop cuteing each other)


File: 2c0e131889eeea2⋯.jpg (132.94 KB, 683x580, 683:580, e79db4ae42d6a6f8b33032c0a8….jpg)

File: 1393570161528.jpg (428.41 KB, 870x1084, 435:542, Suwako (29).jpg)


Suwako is one of the cutest touhous, don't you think?
44 posts and 44 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 66ee76fbc551b51⋯.jpg (99.23 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, e35b583e0cdfc2fcfa9534b525….jpg)


File: 25b4f00036f4e0f⋯.png (1.42 MB, 2400x2200, 12:11, 69561393_p0.png)



File: fae487fd032c54c⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 1085x1535, 217:307, 1537134658245.jpg)

File: 1ae6a670232c2dc⋯.png (1.05 MB, 888x1243, 888:1243, 1537134591627.png)


File: 70f03401ab5202d⋯.gif (11.78 KB, 120x152, 15:19, __moriya_suwako_touhou_and….gif)

cute flying froggo!


File: d7e11c0b5ddaeda⋯.jpg (220.48 KB, 1100x1100, 1:1, 69925196_p0.jpg)

File: dc37b8ae6e0a74a⋯.png (270.2 KB, 706x412, 353:206, 47c91de83f634c83fdb6fe2f10….png)


>Winner of the 60rd Attention-Hungry Games


1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 33d32ebb68565aa⋯.jpg (307.29 KB, 1800x1900, 18:19, 282498e9528bf84d0cfb20191a….jpg)



File: c3b957388ecda28⋯.jpg (288.55 KB, 701x1000, 701:1000, 1450539756511.jpg)

Congrats /cute/



It's not lazy, it's intentional.


File: 3695aafe036d5a0⋯.jpg (15.56 KB, 316x364, 79:91, IMG_20181115_090214_026.jpg)

Good job baby!!

I'm happy for you!!


File: 33aed3d9adf04b7⋯.jpg (465.33 KB, 900x636, 75:53, 1523584673846.jpg)

I wish /cute/ become more alive

File: 95bbd8ccab2d37e⋯.png (290.69 KB, 970x1400, 97:140, Hourou_Musuko_-_Chapter_10….png)

File: c1a31713b7dd84d⋯.png (265.04 KB, 970x1400, 97:140, Hourou_Musuko_-_Chapter_10….png)

File: 268afffca867b72⋯.png (188.96 KB, 970x1400, 97:140, Hourou_Musuko_-_Chapter_11….png)

File: 9002f0319ea01f9⋯.png (218.14 KB, 970x1400, 97:140, Hourou_Musuko_-_Chapter_12….png)


Really, no manga thread? Pathetic.

Recently read through Hourou Musuko and loved it, mc is this girly-boy crossdresser who's straight, has a gay friend, a tomboy friend, a bully friend, etc and just follows their lives from primary to high school. It was surprisingly mature and kept the lewd at a tasteful minimum. It was the cutest one I've read so far, largely because it didn't turn into harem nonsense. I also really like the simple artstyle. Ending was a bit retarded but overall very moe.

Also read through Ranma 1/2, very fresh humor and some super cute scenes. Currently going through Ichigo 100% which is drawn well but the plots terribly generic harem stuff. Anyway I need more, post whatever ya got.


File: 627aeac36e9b493⋯.jpg (95.76 KB, 726x1129, 726:1129, ran1.jpg)

File: 5645422ff3a0920⋯.jpg (96.64 KB, 726x1129, 726:1129, ran2.jpg)

File: 66686db860929e4⋯.gif (251.28 KB, 200x185, 40:37, data.gif)

File: c5ab6c9fff11fbc⋯.jpg (180.66 KB, 800x1187, 800:1187, Ranma_1_2_-_Chapter_227_-_….jpg)

File: 3bdf79ccb6d7261⋯.jpg (151.76 KB, 800x1202, 400:601, Ranma_1_2_-_Chapter_227_-_….jpg)

Some cuteness from Ranma 1/2

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