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File: 1457871311922.jpg (191.89 KB, 600x543, 200:181, america_ani_temp.jpg)



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File: 88628b86a3922c4⋯.jpg (25.51 KB, 338x327, 338:327, a0123a3cc54d3d40abfc4e3d8f….jpg)


원본변형 (the Pascal plush one) is overloaded and laggy, especially on mobile. Will post new stuffs here

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Couldn't care less about this dark Rapunzel shit. I dropped the show because of all the OC stuff. Just want plain old Rapunzel.



I'm mostly just a conduit! I'll let him know tho…

He's not the biggest fan of moonstone Cass' look, it's not exactly super sexy.


File: 5d72e938237764c⋯.png (319.42 KB, 500x683, 500:683, Stalyn.png)

File: c463b10167aae64⋯.jpg (45.36 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Raps and Stalyn.jpg)


I don't mean Rapunzel and Cass' darker looks. I was thinking more along taking using ideas from more recent episodes or even new female characters introduced this season.


Hi guys

Really love all your works so far! I appreciate these :) Would love more images of abused Cassandra eating goodies please!



Chan Burauza is good for viewing on mobile. I think it's only on android, though.

File: 0dd377932ef62ce⋯.png (437.38 KB, 700x900, 7:9, tyr_ahnee_vs_dominator_by_….png)


티라니와 도미네이터 짤 저장용 ㅎ

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난 장막을 들추고 미래를 엿보았지만, 거기엔 오직… 망각뿐이었어.


File: 83a02fde978847b⋯.png (93.55 KB, 850x800, 17:16, outfit_swap_by_cevard-dbxa….png)

File: 55eb8b7689b01d2⋯.jpg (283.09 KB, 1328x2013, 1328:2013, Skin swap.jpg)


File: 7c080d23bba061f⋯.jpg (400.29 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 2.jpg)


File: 3f3e8d1120f8044⋯.png (308.25 KB, 850x1040, 85:104, 씨빨티또.png)



Why nobody has foreskin?

File: 1459338068846.png (387.85 KB, 950x1524, 475:762, 1459337904990-1.png)



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File: ba0fbff60c63865⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1700x2560, 85:128, 1520573124915.png)


File: e6450d7ae5a8fc3⋯.jpg (436.77 KB, 911x1290, 911:1290, 34a.jpg)


File: 49a1cf8a2e1c3b6⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1600x1400, 8:7, Buffalo Wing.png)


File: 5175179cd864f37⋯.png (475.79 KB, 937x1200, 937:1200, 178a.png)


File: 415ae5212cd8c88⋯.png (2.85 MB, 2333x2175, 2333:2175, 179a.png)

File: ec9d5feaaf0adb8⋯.jpg (317.59 KB, 1146x595, 1146:595, 150.jpg)

File: 93108a2a2fb6975⋯.jpg (316.56 KB, 1146x595, 1146:595, 151.jpg)



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File: bf530908981b7ca⋯.jpg (164.19 KB, 1645x1006, 1645:1006, vvv.jpg)





더 그려주세요 응원합니다


File: aa3cce594d6e37d⋯.jpg (145.78 KB, 817x1123, 817:1123, 1.jpg)




님 제가 격하게 사랑하는거 알죠?

아리아나 현역짤은요?


File: 1f6287e2d0bb026⋯.jpg (137.89 KB, 1119x1503, 373:501, euca-20190618-094209-000.jpg)

File: e8ab4bb9705b4e0⋯.jpg (175.8 KB, 1310x1868, 655:934, euca-20190618-093642-002.jpg)

File: c873ff22352f269⋯.jpg (167.4 KB, 1105x1823, 1105:1823, euca-20190618-094634-000.jpg)

No uncensored versions of these yet.

File: 23df2b5b7b03014⋯.jpg (171.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Hilda.jpg)



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File: 9d7f85ac290e212⋯.jpeg (193.72 KB, 1200x1334, 600:667, 07C6F14F-D377-45C7-B1F0-E….jpeg)


File: ebb29ab3a602013⋯.png (938.34 KB, 1310x876, 655:438, Marra_book.png)


File: f8e0018c529edb6⋯.png (440.93 KB, 600x800, 3:4, johanna_by_ta_na_dd0c0c8.png)

I've heard that Ta-na (who drew this picture) is a regular at your DC Inside board. Does anyone know where he post uncensored version of his r34 fanarts?



* … where does he post…


File: ba1681587f7de8f⋯.jpg (346.42 KB, 850x1133, 850:1133, sample_6a237f5202b12874fa4….jpg)


File: a050bb8683a8aa0⋯.jpg (4.44 MB, 3508x4961, 3508:4961, 세트2.jpg)


언사운디드 관련 그림을 올려주세여

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yeah right


File: 39ababc85014b00⋯.jpg (4.78 MB, 4961x3508, 4961:3508, 세트444.jpg)



File: f8dc79930938e99⋯.jpg (424.39 KB, 1200x770, 120:77, 2871822 - Mangamaster Sett….jpg)

File: dbc8ffa9b493072⋯.jpg (97.12 KB, 1000x707, 1000:707, 2871820 - Mangamaster Sett….jpg)

File: 4c29d05a28eff56⋯.png (836.79 KB, 1499x1092, 1499:1092, 2879328 - Sette_Frummagem ….png)

File: 61d014f8e45da7e⋯.jpg (125.42 KB, 988x667, 988:667, 2879327 - Sette_Frummagem ….jpg)



File: 1798550e3a57347⋯.jpg (201.6 KB, 883x826, 883:826, 1727010 - Season Sette_Fru….jpg)

File: 8773a92f4ace4d4⋯.jpg (153.23 KB, 660x691, 660:691, 1727009 - Season Sette_Fru….jpg)

File: bf9ca9862cefca5⋯.jpg (407.05 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1664060 - Season Sette_Fru….jpg)

File: 6a60fe77ad0f0f7⋯.jpg (665.57 KB, 3704x2865, 3704:2865, 1664059 - Season Sette_Fru….jpg)



File: 68e2817a62edb62⋯.png (325.33 KB, 850x1511, 850:1511, 1560464248_25.png)

File: 4a1bbfd3554d4da⋯.png (277.45 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1560464248_1.png)


File: a2f8a6b85df0457⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1100x1310, 110:131, 2ba9ad8d1263138012f0b6a113….png)


Friendship is magic


File: 2df632993aa2c2f⋯.png (785.78 KB, 1023x724, 1023:724, a704f4a151b120dd91ad255761….png)

I like mlp loli .


File: 50d3695f5dad389⋯.jpeg (565.57 KB, 2500x3318, 1250:1659, 71c8dac5e2986b978c14a8d59….jpeg)


File: 5f50db223cac54b⋯.png (2.18 MB, 2480x3012, 620:753, c9bf0548ce938b899a5853a564….png)


File: a464cffb73ddb5b⋯.png (3.09 MB, 1536x1938, 256:323, 052e227f9bdd3fb5f95ee10517….png)


File: 95b7dfbf1373986⋯.png (3.22 MB, 1809x1938, 603:646, 25335349910d72917370636b90….png)

File: 3608c60dc736d81⋯.png (225.11 KB, 900x728, 225:182, 2769986 - Hilda Hilda_(ser….png)


So I see the Mangamaster thread is gone, any reason why?

그래서 Mangamaster 스레드가 사라진 것을 볼 수 있습니다. 그 이유는 무엇입니까?

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Why do it feel like he steal those images as commissions without paying or something? Mostly coz all of them have the SAMPLE on them? xD


File: 2aef0177bbd3487⋯.jpg (99.07 KB, 728x525, 104:75, molestation.jpg)

File: fd30b85b2a49fe0⋯.jpg (198.5 KB, 864x624, 18:13, Nofre and her jewish slave.jpg)


>Paying for the time, talent and effort of an artist

I don't think so.


File: 8ec10ba505d0123⋯.png (2.92 MB, 2000x2500, 4:5, 3112693 - Magic_Adventures….png)



Before on patreon it was almost a drawing every 2nd day.. now its every week or so… and its mostly just normal stuff or soso. :/


File: f3a78a2783ca4c0⋯.png (100.52 KB, 1240x988, 310:247, Albino girl.png)


So? What are you gonna do?

Are you gonna stop giving to him your money on Patreon? kek.

File: 64cc7db3df2cf3c⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 64cc7db3df2cf3c4fc4432feb3….png)

File: 217d632331e290f⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 217d632331e290f2673e6f5885….png)


This is now a Hydrus thread, learn 2 use the software fagets.

>>>/hydrus/ and https://hydrusnetwork.github.io/hydrus/ (Main Page)

https://discord.gg/3H8UTpb (Weekly meetings Every Thursdays and Sundays 3AM Korean/Japanese Time)

(And yes, there are Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Hongkongers who also use this software)


What can it do?

1. Download anime, manga and comics from your favorite sites

2. Manage them using tags, and possibly share it using the Public Tag Repository

3. Share files with others using IPFS built into Hydrus

File: 1455005805749.jpg (186.63 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, dd.jpg)



Post last edited at







Please doing a cartoon of izzy pirate that she down her pants pifate and touch her buttocks and parts intimate

File: 6fd3b987787ab36⋯.jpg (88.05 KB, 820x820, 1:1, disney-tangled-series-styl….jpg)



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File: b84186148f992f5⋯.gif (3.9 MB, 1000x1308, 250:327, 4-.gif)


File: 18c63b625cd029e⋯.gif (4.02 MB, 1000x1308, 250:327, 5-1.gif)


File: 7ff310233d8fa84⋯.gif (11.93 MB, 1000x1308, 250:327, 6.gif)


File: e8fd032f4935ebe⋯.gif (12.36 MB, 1000x1308, 250:327, 6--3.gif)



That's a damn good edit

File: c3452bfd52fcb50⋯.jpg (186.39 KB, 1156x2116, 289:529, 231231.jpg)

File: d3a8b3cf4271dc1⋯.jpg (193.84 KB, 1156x2116, 289:529, 잠옷.jpg)

File: e6c9fe800ff3704⋯.jpg (220.04 KB, 1201x2235, 1201:2235, zxhf.jpg)

File: bbfdbf0bcd9860c⋯.jpg (386.5 KB, 2477x2480, 2477:2480, 캐스 라푼젤 2.jpg)


이제 니들도 보여줘..


File: bd400e3dda85156⋯.gif (812.08 KB, 204x247, 204:247, hhhhh.gif)

지극히 감사드립니다

File: 1457690897844-0.jpg (69.15 KB, 700x762, 350:381, bubbline.jpg)

File: 1457690897846-1.jpg (206.7 KB, 650x650, 1:1, pm.jpg)

File: 1457690897847-2.jpg (39.83 KB, 500x800, 5:8, ddddddddddd.jpg)



91 posts and 153 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
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File: 80a6bf63b64995e⋯.png (5.13 MB, 3000x4624, 375:578, Com_013_v01.png)


File: a914895498c62f4⋯.png (380.7 KB, 800x946, 400:473, KakaoTalk_20181116_0354366….png)


File: 10c9db3704e0586⋯.png (187.24 KB, 1095x1242, 365:414, 1545918906588.png)

아이스퀸 야잘이 보구슆어요


File: 92662b8917e3bd3⋯.png (50.39 KB, 670x600, 67:60, iceboobs.png)

File: 350d947fb96a664⋯.png (118.67 KB, 960x750, 32:25, bigboobs.png)

File: 79bf0eeb757863c⋯.png (256.23 KB, 1101x1243, 1101:1243, KakaoTalk_20171213_0014246….png)

File: bb364227cc0bfbc⋯.png (127.95 KB, 570x500, 57:50, gaysit.png)

File: ace08939352731d⋯.png (106.2 KB, 900x700, 9:7, icequeen.png)


File: 567b70ab59d8b0d⋯.png (644.34 KB, 2100x2800, 3:4, 1558363770595.png)

File: dd35ebc5c672bd7⋯.png (708.55 KB, 2100x2800, 3:4, 1558363751698.png)

File: f6ab576c41167c6⋯.jpg (157.14 KB, 983x906, 983:906, Zatanna.jpg)


DC 슈퍼히어로 걸즈


File: 57423fdf99eed8c⋯.jpg (165.2 KB, 1324x1015, 1324:1015, w (1).jpg)

File: fc0734769279430⋯.jpg (200.31 KB, 1232x1015, 176:145, w (2).jpg)


File: 2fa2bf611839008⋯.jpg (414.43 KB, 980x2980, 49:149, olsen.jpg)

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