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File: 1450963484238.jpg (101.47 KB, 485x485, 1:1, meritocracy-rug.jpg)


Have a question, might as well make it a general thread.


Is it possible a open source and proprietary license? Any examples?

Also unrelated: please change the boards theme to blue; this one suggests NSFW.

(Post didn't go so resending, excuse me if maybe it's a double post.)

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maybe your fan need some cleaning and a bit of oil in the mechanism



what music do you listen to when programming?





File: aad25e882d50f1a⋯.png (189.17 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, 1511486766082.png)


I and the rest of 4chan needs your help, the internet is coming to an end and we need as many people as we can to help make a new mesh network possible.


### /g/ternet - dont lose hope edition ###

mark your location on the map if interested:


irc (SSL): irc.rizon.net #gternet

pastebin: https://paste(.)ee/p/0AQU4

last thread: >>63526080 (Cross-thread)

What is /g/ternet?

/g/ternet would be our own decentralized p2p network running on our own infrastructure, powered by something like ipfs.

Similar things have already been done: http://www.businessinsider.com/cuban-youth-built-a-secret-internet-network-2015-1

This project is less than 24 hours old, so we need all the expertise and help we can get.

Every contribution is valuable!

Gather a group of friends and join the irc.

To do:

- establish proper communication channels

- decide on standards for software and hardware

- set up a wiki on installgentoo

- create resources for newbies

- gather more people

- start building something in the Houston & Austin area


Link to thread:


File: 1460651432467.png (165.85 KB, 787x490, 787:490, Untitled.png)


>tfw you get banned from half chan and 420 chan

>tfw image boards can detect VPNs and proxies so I can't use one to get around my ban

>tfw 8chan is the only place of comfort left for me

>tfw lonely as shit now

wat do, /g/uys?

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File: ae25f14f01479b9⋯.jpg (5.59 KB, 225x225, 1:1, fork in eluttag pepe.jpg)


i can relate OP


>tfw you can just spoof your router's ip address and reset your modem to get a new external ip, thus evading any ip ban


>not installing openvpn on your own server for as little as $2 a month

>being this dense



>tfw you spoof your ip adress and no longer receive any packets


File: eb3aa7c351498ae⋯.gif (596.59 KB, 255x144, 85:48, 1428522293178-0.gif)


>tfw you smash your router and cut off your ethernet cable so that the NSA can't track you

File: 9f63be3a1605276⋯.jpg (51.85 KB, 771x413, 771:413, MyLaptopIsABitch.jpg)


IDK if this is the right board to post to or if you friends are OK with this kind of threads. I've looked for general threads that could suit my issue but couldn't find any. If there was one then sorry for being an incompetent fag. Here goes nothing..

I've had my Dell inspiron for about 3 years now. Upgraded it to WIN 10 as soon as it came out (yeah linux rocks but that's not what my college thinks, using strictly Windows programs) and had to endure the bugs of the early versions of the OS.. But over time, some distinct issues were never solved - which made me further consider those issues to have emerged from the Dell side itself.


Problems go as follows:

(1) Touchpad becomes unbearably unresponsive or stuck on a combination of left and right click after I close and reopen the led or bend the laptop screen backwards to tablet/tent mode.

My guess here is that this is a software issue, because as soon as I turn off the touchpad then on again by any means (closing and opening the lid, hibernating and booting, rebooting, or manually restarting the driver), the touchpad functions just as expected

This issue has varied in frequency and persistence with each update. But even with the latest drivers it still exists.

(2) Right after upgrading my BIOS to A10, the laptop never wakes from sleep and has to be hard rebooted. I am almost certain this is a BIOS thing and was just wondering if A11 fixes that.

(3) Occasionally, I hear a noise that's somewhere between a click and emptying a static charge. Ususally this noise has no apparent cause, but I managed to reproduce it on two exact instances, when the laptop completely loses power after a shutdown (or hard power off, 15 secs hold on the power button), and the second instance is when I accelerate the laptop upwards or downwards from a level state (as if dropping it or lifting it quickly) while it's running.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1444327324743.png (301.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1437249350965.png)


>you roll it

>you code it

>you post it

Time to get fit. Any language you prefer. No re-rolls boys.

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File: 2ac0a5f59f92c00⋯.png (222.42 KB, 640x500, 32:25, caffeine2-640x500.png)









roll it up

File: 72a1cfd44225896⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 1504028081533.jpg)


I cannot express how much I like programming socks.

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For the sanctity of this board, permaban the trap faggot!



your parents are probably crying downstairs



You look pretty chubby, OP.

I'm going to assume you're a sysadmin too


File: d2c524823e065a0⋯.gif (1015.77 KB, 245x242, 245:242, 1509551998000.gif)



very cute. i approve

File: fded10898e3353d⋯.png (192.21 KB, 635x473, 635:473, Days since last suicidal t….png)


Hello, /g/. It's time for a new phone, and I was hoping you could give me the top tier divided by efficiency phone to get. I'm trying to help my brother make the best decision, and I think 8ch is the least biased place on the web for any information (save the shills).

So far it's between the LG V30 and the OnePlus 5t. I browsed the catalog to see if there was any mobile threads but I couldn't find any, so I guess this thread can serve as a double for the mobile equivalent of "post your PC specs and which rig to get and what is most cost-efficient etc." too.

Thanks in advance

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Sorry, but I never expected to be recommended an iPhone on 8ch just by principle alone. I will never buy another Apple product in my life. There has to be other products that are more valuable per dollar than Apple products. High quality parts? Cheap? Easily replaced? I guess you're one of the shills I mentioned in the OP.

Related video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVAmnV65_zw



And the fedora tips on

Enjoy your shitty Android phone that bricks itself when you drop it, asshole. When you bring your phone to me to get fixed I'll tell you how much it costs, and then laugh



I literally know Rossman personally and I'm telling you to buy an SE. But whatever, Enjoy your shitty LG that you literally can't replace any parts on. Fuck you.



I've dropped my OnePlus One countless times and I've had it for 3 years and it's never cracked the screen. I can't count how many cracked iPhone screens I've seen and how extremely shitty Apple is.

Yeah, I'll tip on alright. Tip your asshole on the way out, fag.



And if you know Rossman personally that makes you a Jew. Gas yourself while you're at it.

File: 01dc411b00795fb⋯.jpg (86.65 KB, 567x510, 189:170, gash.jpg)


>spending money on unlocked cpu and mobo to overlcock for barely a few fps and higher temps and fan noise

>TG side panels meme easy to scratch and smudge, more expensive, and heavy

>RGB lights overpriced cheap tacky and ugly you wasted your money

I can't believe you bought this shit because of pootubers shilling it to you

all your favorite pootubers faggot

linus sucks tips


paul's hardbear


hardware cancucks

bonercheese spergasm

kek of poomoro



You're trying too hard. People pay baffling amounts of money for things they find decorative. Shills are paid to shill the more expensive skews. Get over it.


File: 1d69dbce337642c⋯.jpeg (553.88 KB, 756x813, 252:271, 3efb43e9677b91eb1ff1076b4….jpeg)

I just resurrected a P4HT 3Ghz with 1.7 GB ram. Mfw it works perfectly to browse the intersewer.

File: 1415061867322.png (12.88 KB, 276x200, 69:50, duckduckgo.com_temp.png)


I want to stop using gmail.
What do you use?
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>yandex mail

i trust putin more than i trust the deep state



What? I signed up and got my account instantly. Try again?


disroot.org - literally the best one. Just check it out.



CIA Niggers got them






If you want to send to other people, you need to use Let's Encrypt or something.



File: 4871bd7411aaf84⋯.jpg (158.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


I have just started bitcoin mining for the first time and the program I am usinh is Nicehash. The problem I am facing is despite using a gtx 1050 graphics cars, my speed of the mining is rounded to about 12 MH/s and Im only making up to 0.00009500 or about $0.60 a day.

I am thinking of getting a rasberry pi 3, what build for a bitcoin miner would you recommend me to either enhance the speed of the mining and increase my profit that wouldnt cost me to spend over $500?


get an antminer unless you want to be making mini sheckles



> about $0.60 a day.

Congratulations, anon, you are now one of millions of people who are making less than $1 a day.


Own some hipster numale's AWS hosted bullshit-as-a service box. You'll find his AWS credentials on there somewhere because his service absolutely needs full root on his AWS account for mission critical statistics gathering or some crap like that. Spawn thousands of instances with these AWS credentials and use them for mining until the hipster cunt's maxed out credit card stops paying the AWS bill.

File: 5f05189a223cbd6⋯.jpg (10.63 KB, 369x169, 369:169, th.jpg)


is Git actually useful or can it be replaced with basic file management?


Git is extremely useful and you're a fool if you don't learn how to use it properly.





File: de60e09a7ee2423⋯.gif (1.34 MB, 640x360, 16:9, de60e09a7ee24238b0d465d69e….gif)


>confusing github with git

File: 5ec8ac0d7c6e76e⋯.jpg (17.93 KB, 720x424, 90:53, 20292098_1397000967062776_….jpg)


Post your current desktop, I'll go first. Taken with an external camera for added aesthetic value.

8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 9ee273a3b4509c6⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, background.png)


Oops, wrong one. Here we are.


File: f74843ed4c8cb7f⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot from 2017-10-22….png)




>>5427 redstar os?




File: 06d88e625b36658⋯.png (65.37 KB, 300x300, 1:1, openvpn-logo-300x300.png)


>stepdad tries to block websites

>forgets we we have active vpn subscription



> Changes password on vpn subscription

>> Suicide



what is he trying to block?



Not OP but I bet it was pornography. OP should realize that his Dad is actually trying to help him out. I didn't realize this until now but watching porn too much can make it hard to find regular people attractive. That being said, I was too clever for most porn blocks and figured out that I could whack off on tumblr.


A stranger guy fuck your mom, take the place of your real father and still want to block your internet access?

Be a man and impose limits on it.



>Stepdad tries to block websites

Time to move out. You can outsmart him, but if he's on an authoritarian kick you're just biding your time until he walks in on you jerkin' the gherkin. Communication is usually the way to go, but chances are you're not paying the bills and so have no right to negotiate the terms of your prolonged childhood.


>Porn makes it hard to find regular people attractive.

If you're a normie, definitely follow this guy's advice.

If you've got a power level, or are a degenerate like myself(furfag), it's not really important. Your baser human instincts kick in when your senses detect it's time to pass on some genes. Outside of that context you'll be empowered. There's a low chance of sticking your dick in crazy if you don't value their singular redeeming trait. Even more, devaluing sexual attraction levels the playing field so that those with compatible psychology/values will stand out from the crowd.

File: 8ac9ebb7462ebc0⋯.jpg (56.57 KB, 390x261, 130:87, 1449592947744.jpg)


I'm thinking about getting an x200, I'm not sure about the performance though. Will it actually have enough horsepower to stream 720p video for example? Besides that I'd only use it for programming running linux.


Enough to stream h264 1080p video even. There is a special driver for that.

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