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File: fc96fa42d328827⋯.jpg (224.91 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, DkFuZK9VsAE9ADa.jpg orig-2.jpg)




Damn Tokiko scenes always makes me rock hard...

I hope they make her appear in RPGX soon



>Sucks too considering all the loose ends from the story that they haven't addressed. Oh well, hopefully they'll make an appearance in RPGX.

RPGX is a completely different story, sadly. None of these loose ends will ever be mentioned again and there may never be an equivalent to the picture you posted. Gisuke and the other villains may have been replaced by red head and ponytail guy.


I hope it's with some kind of orc-like monster and not the chaddy spear guy they eluded to it possibly being.



Probably R-HR would take scene from TABA…

SR ones, maybe vanilla

Because of what happened to Yukikaze


So I downloaded the March 15th patch, is there a list of whats actually translated? I'm tired of just clicking ones I like the girl for and gambling on whether it's english or not.

I know the first 200 are confirmed english from the script file names, but after that it's a crap-shoot.



Use the feature built into the viewer to filter out by language. In your case, set it to "English only" and extrapolate from that. If you're hoping for an actual text file or whatever with a list of names though, that's something you'll have to make yourself.



It was posted to @sasalilith twitter yeah. I took it from gelbooru though since it's easier to search for there.



>Probably R-HR would take scene from TABA…

I don't think they plan on taking more scenes from TABA. Doing that at the start was an easy way to give players some starting scenes to roll for while they got to save that budget for events and better SRs with 2 scenes.


Kinda glad that TABA is going to be shut down tbh, I did put a lot of time into that game, but since RPGX has come out the void has been filled; the gameplay is much better, events are better, and everything just feels more streamlined and.. *Gamey.* The only downside is; the artwork could potentially be gone right? I think it would be really foolish for them to not bring characters and scenes from TABA over to RPGX. It would invalidate shutting down TABA too in actuality. Also why are some of the asses bigger in TABA than they are in RPGX REEEEEEEEE

Also does anyone feel like the last two events of RPGX (this current one and the one prior) were both dogshit? I didn't even take part.



Needs more Nagisa/Kagami/ZOL characters

How the fuck do we not have a second Ingrid yet


File: 17498a1892b921d⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1044x749, 1044:749, grinding.png)


>Also does anyone feel like the last two events of RPGX (this current one and the one prior) were both dogshit? I didn't even take part.

Do you mean uninteresting cards or boring scenario/story or something else? Gameplay wise it's not very different from earlier events.

Speaking of gameplay, I haven't gotten a single gacha ticket from chests this event yet. I used some potions to grind the last map event and got at least 6 tickets in addition to the rewards. Am I just unlucky or did they remove those?



I see, valid point

Well, honestly im hoping for brancing route for Tokiko, new vanilla for SR gacha,

While the other is NTR taken from TABA, hoping for the continuity of the piercing scene


> Speaking of gameplay, I haven't gotten a single gacha ticket from chests this event yet

Same as me, rare enemies also become rarer than last map event.



The only time I got tickets and crystals was solely from chocolate boxes during the valentine event. Does it come from the normal yellow/red boxes as well?


The cards/gacha haven't been that enticing. Feel like I'm getting burned out on the game too



>hoping for the continuity of the piercing scene

RPGX is a completely different game and story. You won't get any continuations from TABA.


File: 449d468b646d886⋯.jpeg (75.42 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 6a3857a78a552f16a0b5a6bf1….jpeg)

Is Red Line included in any TABA events?


New TABA Eng Viewer patch: https://mega.nz/#!zfZ1FIIA!9ax4JF7WnnOR63jYAbkK7xP88uZq8rmVTSMGpqq6PIM

Includes Algol, [Sly Shinobi] Oboro and [Battle Axe] Hotaru Kise.

Still missing:

HR [Gosha Academy] Murasaki Yatsu (Limited gacha)

SR Enbi Yuuki (Limited gacha)

SR Fuzuki (Limited gacha)

UR [AT-T Equipment] Aruka Stiel (Limited gacha)

UR Reiko Hasuma (Limited gacha)

UR [Wandering] Oboro Koukawa (Limited gacha)

UR [Awakened] Asagi (Limited gacha)

HR Linda McNeill (Limited gacha)

R [Ecsta] Relina (Limited gacha)

R Akari Kagachi (Limited gacha)



Every scene currently in the game other than those from cards labeled "still missing" are included in the patches. There's no gambling involved, just basic logic.



Yes, she had her own tower event a while back. Pretty sure that's the last we ever see of her though. I can't remember her even making so much as a cameo appearance in later events.



>Do you mean uninteresting cards or boring scenario/story or something else?

Yea the cards were pretty shit. I normally found myself taking part in the raids but the current card and the most recent I'm just not really interested in.


>The cards/gacha haven't been that enticing.

I feel like it's because progression is kinda fucked. I've probably been playing RPGX for a fraction of the time I've played TABA, and even so, I've got a full deck of level 100 LRs, and some more to level up too. I feel like perhaps they need to implement some new ranks or something, cards that feel EXTREMELY rare. I remember in TABA I only had 1 card that was ex-rare and that was the red head demon claw lady. Can't remember her name don't bully. The rest were little odds and ends.. It was extra difficult to get decent cards in that game, now they're kinda just handing them out like treats. I don't think they need to change the current system too much, just add two new tiers of card like SLR and ULR and it would pad the game/progression out a bit. Could also be a way to integrate more of the cards/characters from TABA.

Also, some Instances tapped off by card rankings would be a nice feature as well. Like, once you get all LR, there's really not much point using any other tier of card, whereas if they had some R exclusive missions or HR exclusive missions, that could make some use of some of these redundant cards, because right now the only use of R cards is for the luck bonus, and even then you only need 1 of them to set as your party leader. I thought it mattered if all lucky characters were in, but apparently it's just party leader.


File: 7aa98ca2f1c84dc⋯.png (233.96 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C00264b.0c33463205a9bccaa1….png)

File: e141889343d8fb4⋯.png (202.2 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C00266b.8627e57f52c615fea5….png)

Ah dang, didn't noticed the new post, was just about to contribute the Oboro scene too.

Luckily Linda happens to be the card I've been waiting to come in english, so a few new scenes.


Linda McNeill

With my Possession Technique, I can see every secret… But relax! I will lock your secrets into my heart and take them to the grave with me.

I don't care, hehehe~ I'll tell you everything about me, in life and in death. So, ahh, please, make it hotter today…~



Akari Kagachi

I will…break through myself! I won't hesitate anymore! I've decided to become strong!

Noo!… I can't believe… it feels so good… hyaah… my entire body is nuuuuumb!

Noo! Aahh…! If you squeeze my boobs that hard! They'll change shaaaape!




I do hope her last scene where she got back under the main's control is the end of her honestly. Though her event had her escape, the storyline ends alot better with Red Line losing at the end and then never to be seen again.

As well her first scene in her original card is BY FAR my favorite scene in TABA right now, so big plus in having this game translated in general.


Not sure what the fuck happened, but my viewer is locked into CG mode. I click Scenes over and over, but it just shows CG's view mode still.



Also, didn't notice before because I was confused but there's double of every single scene. What in gods name is going the fuck on.

Any one else suddenly have this issue?






You, cuckarachas, should learn some proper english.



Thanks, will be included in the next patch.



>English speakspeaking anons loves cuckolding

The fall of the western civilization.

Also, reminder that Black Lilith is shit, Cuckmanin is for cucks, and this thread is full of brain dead retards into gachas.



well im here for the art. kagami and Aoi Nagisa are for me on another lvl if they would do something else than Lilith shit i would be glad but reality is different.


Anyone have the 2nd march eng patch? it is deleted from mega



I removed the link because the latest patch supersedes it.



latest patch as in 20190319?


File: e8cc090bcf1ff8d⋯.png (192.54 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C00203b.c44a6cdb44a7c99253….png)

Posting the Gosha Academy Murasaki, I'm too retarded to figure you what her scene number is, please no bully it's my first time!




It used to be that you could just get the latest patch every time for Taba viewer and be good, not sure nowadays with some needing missing files and stuff, though.

Might be an idea to just make a "full patch" with eventual missing images and stuff every few months.



Yes. You will need to apply this patch first if you find that some scenes aren't loading due to missing files: https://mega.nz/#!bbIwlQZS!9tL6E8kGSWM67QSvEv8dhmjtdc-PV0lh3M9SSJj_kLM


Thanks. Will be included in the next patch.


I was actually planning on having a full patch at the start of every thread, but that last patch was created before I realized the old thread had hit the post limit. Next patch will include everything.



No bullying at all! The fact that you are contributing for us is awesome and we thank you. :)

As for figuring out what scene number she is, how I do it when I add in scenes is to look in the viewer, and hover over the card (if you go on card view style), and the pop up will show what number that card is.


60+run hard, and no ticket drop

Anyone got ticket drop from event even once so im just unlucky, or ticket is gone for good?



Tickets and gems appear to have been removed from the red chest loot table.



> :)

This is the Reddit tier people this thread attracts.


File: da9bc0244b6c5da⋯.png (813.84 KB, 1058x1320, 529:660, 3197b604699edb9d24b170350b….png)

Could someone post the lewd version full body pic of this Asuka unit please?

Thank you in advance




Oh wow thanks, could you tell me how can i find them on the wiki?

Don't understand japanese and google translate doesn't help


File: 80a0c6a50620ece⋯.png (50.61 KB, 1366x567, 1366:567, Untitled.png)


Here's the link to the list of cards:


Select character. Scroll down until you see [picture]. Click to open and view the visuals for the character in question.



There is the obvious hole in the progression, gear stops at SR , there should be event UR and rare event LR gear. I don't think they need to add new ranks for units, but gear needs those extra rarity extensions. I like how they have avoided power creeping SR units into oblivion, you have great flexibility in team comp, adding better gear would keep that, only making the old raid gear less desirable, but honestly how can you not have a full suit of SR gear for your team at this point, it drops like candy. How many colors there are they could also do some re-balancing with the rarer gear so not everything is shit compared to orange/ pink/ cyan/, again without nerfing old stuff, just scale it different on UR and LR. That's what I'd do anyways


So, is [Taimanin Yukikaze 2] Rinko and Yukikaze going to be any good? eTABA is going to be giving her away as a log-on bonus for logging on every day this week.



I withdraw this statement. I just found one in a red chest.



I've gotten 2 stones, 0 tickets in about 170 hard runs. Shame, since map events were the only events there was any point in spending pots on. I doubt the ticket rewards affected sales in any noticeable manner anyway.


File: 4983da76d6c152f⋯.jpg (122.14 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, D2Q6_VzUcAAX3AO.jpg)


File: 8bfe1c1de8a4a88⋯.jpg (184.64 KB, 450x750, 3:5, YES.jpg)

File: 7fbc4a940d7e778⋯.png (2.99 MB, 2872x784, 359:98, Untitled.png)


Release Date BABY


File: 8fff6bfa358516f⋯.png (83.84 KB, 419x238, 419:238, pressXtoDoubt.png)


>he's not a child, he's just a short man



Thank you very much



Himari and Mei Misonoo doing the voices.



Going to be full of filthy blowjobs then. Colour me interested. Fluids look amazing in the art, too.


File: b302f45dbf1dd6d⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1110x1200, 37:40, Taimanin Mama.png)

File: c1411118dd1fe7c⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1274x722, 637:361, MJ..png)


Can't believe we're already getting a new game next month. Hopefully it has the production value of the Mary Jane game, just with less pointless camera zooming and shifting to hide the fewer CG variants


Hey everybody, Pastebin guy here. It's been a while since I've posted here, mainly because not too many problems have popped up. I just came on here to ask if anybody had any questions about the Pastebins or if they found problems that I should worry about.

I haven't been keeping up as much with the patches lately, mainly due to just regular life things, ya know? I always try to get on every once in a while to update the Pastebins, but the time between updates is getting longer and longer each time.

Basically what I'm saying is that I'm totally disposable. I'm nobody special I just had too much time on my hands. If I stop updating, anybody could just copy the contents into a new Pastebin for them to manage and keep sharing it with y'all (they'll surely be more competent about it than I was).

Hopefully I've been of use to y'all, even though I kinda sucked at keeping things organized for a while now. If anybody has questions or suggestions then just reply to this post. As always, I'll link the Pastebins here.






How many scenes are Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena?



It's alright bro, shit happens. As always thanks for doing what you do!



1018 scenes


I currently got 30 pages, 239 english scenes in the TABA viewer.

Can somebody tell me if I got the latest patches on the viewer? Anyone got more english scenes?



>First event i can cleared hard quest without debuff

>1000 Ribbon

>0 Gacha ticket drops

This depressing me out, are the gacha tickets no longer appear in event chest?

Anyone ever got gacha ticket from this event?



I dont think they made gacha tickets available as a drop this Event. Im at 109 hard missions and got only a Crystal drop maybe 2 times or so.


File: 11bab2c8c7aa0f0⋯.png (889.53 KB, 867x518, 867:518, ClipboardImage.png)

So what's this gacha pool for?



1017 actually.

Scene 28 doesn't exist.


Increased rate for green



1018, actually. The viewer is missing the event-exclusive Stage 100 scene from 次元侵略者の鳴動~若きむらさき~.



1018 scenes are all of TABA game scenes



>1018 scenes are all of TABA game scenes?


File: b9cfe4a5a8f3eef⋯.jpg (152.36 KB, 1280x1827, 1280:1827, img003.jpg)

Is it weird that for some reason, I just REALLY want to see a Matai Toshi collaboration event in RPGX?


File: 6eb5a79907572b1⋯.png (674.05 KB, 1009x766, 1009:766, Screenshot.PNG)


It's not a myth. I just got a ticket drop on my 100th run of all things.



Guess I'll actually push for the 300 hard map clear mission then at least. It's easy enough to grind while doing something else, with the new movement, and the map is simple.



Sadly, Rindou refuses to do more than four images max every four months and doesn't even bother actually getting his bitches dicked, just slightly tentacle'd at most. It's a real waste of designs but I guess it's expected from someone like him. I mean, even the manga for his girls before Matai Toshi is actually made by based Kusunoki, which should tell you everything.



I downloaded RPGX, but whenever I turn on the viewer, all I get is a empty screen. I have already read the instructions that came with the viewer but no matter what I do it is not working on Chrome.

I tried the viewer on Firefox but in half a scene the audio disappears and I'm forced to close the viewer.

Is there anything I can do to solve this? :(


>21 Limit Break crystals

Should I Limit Break New Year Asagi once, Beach Asagi twice, an SR card three times, or save them up for more powerful cards later on like Cyborg Asagi?

When is Cyborg Asagi expected to be getting released, anyway?



Save them and learn to use the wiki.


Ran into a TABA omegawhale in ladder today. Four New Year Asagi LRs and a Traitor Oboro. LUL



Hey man, if he alone is able to keep those translations coming, more power to him. But woooow.



I wish he would set up a patreon or funding service. Imagine how quickly he could churn them out when he's doing it full time.



Seen a bunch of teams in arena with full stacks of Mirabel on defense. Keep the servers funded, guys.



>So what's this gacha pool for?

wasting your gems on the shit color


File: 8427ceb44c8a0a3⋯.jpg (877.51 KB, 2080x1560, 4:3, 1553750832963222222.jpg)



Very nice! I'm still waiting on my Shiranui pampering CD, but I don't know if I'll have to hunt for another one. Proxy hadn't gotten it from the store yet when I asked a few days ago, so I'm getting my money back if nothing turns up soon.



Thanks a million !


How much funner is RPGX compared to TABA? TABA was too boring for me. Asking as an EOP is RPGX playable?



Nice goods you got there friend. Also thanks for sharing!


Followed every single step, still ended up with a blank page… Odd, it worked before for one particular version.


File: ff6c35a80075ff4⋯.png (1017.4 KB, 1241x888, 1241:888, QQ图片20190329043044.png)



It's still a mobage, but it's all right. A lot less grindy than TABA, to the point where some people think there's not enough to do and get bored even. The gameplay is simple, but it's kind of satisfying to improve your units and gear. With new chapters added to the main quest, you'll get a decent amount of free gacha pulls as a beginner as you progress. Since it's not competitive between players you can join in on events early on and pick up a bunch of rewards.

The game isn't hard to navigate even if you don't know any japanese. Many buttons have little pictures, and if you at least know your katakana the menus are basically in english. The most annoying part in the beginning is probably the limited amount of AP and slow regen. Another newbie tip would be to add friends who are active for more boss-assist opportunities.



I'll try it out. Hoping I don't get shafted by the gacha as with all other games. Rerolling isn't possible? As for navigation, I'm in the midst of finishing Hiragana and jumping to Katakana so I guess this can serve as minimal practice?




I guess you could make another account, but I'm not sure it's worth it, since it will take some time to get all the freebies anyway. And since the game is pretty casual, most rare units are perfectly fine (even if some are better than others). You'll be able to clear all content and get all boss rewards even if you're not getting the best ones in the gacha.


File: fe9052c8e02a08b⋯.jpg (286.73 KB, 640x768, 5:6, 2-009b Yukikaze & Rinko [T….jpg)

File: 0127cff43f6a5af⋯.png (234.07 KB, 640x768, 5:6, 3-020b Crackle [Mascot].png)

c277/278 - Yukikaze & Rinko [Taimanin Yukikaze 2]

"Yukikaze, you too." "But Rinko-senpai, it feels so good." "That's true, it makes us lewd to our hearts." "It's so amazing, ahh I'm cumming again!" "Me too, Tatsurou can you see us? Can you see our lewd bodies? Ah, aaaaaahg!!"

Scene 1 (Yukikaze): https://pastebin.com/yLja2fRA

Scene 2 (Rinko): https://pastebin.com/uhnLm7E5

c243/244 - Crackle [Mascot]

Funyanya… I want catnip right meow… cock right meow… Mate with me, I'm in heat. I like it rough like a beast!

Scene 1: https://pastebin.com/zKLZTh73

Scene 2: https://pastebin.com/T8ZPYZ9L


File: b7cea361b44de8a⋯.png (227.38 KB, 640x768, 5:6, 2-027b Kisaragi Shijou [Va….png)

c241 - Kisaragi Shijou [Vajra]

I can't believe I broke…! Ahh, cock, cock♪ When I think about cock I can't stop fingering my clitoris☆ I can't disgrace myself… But my pussy is throbbing, aahhn♪ I can't take it anymore! Cock, put your cock in my pussy!





File: 8176b1fd1de97d7⋯.png (205.45 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C00296b.421785ac9ce6e143e5….png)

File: 6c6a116a0621264⋯.png (197.33 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C00297b.1356ceee676d4881bf….png)

File: 6af73bed872f081⋯.png (216.07 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C00295b.65f4db1cbc37fdbe2e….png)

The two gacha Rs and the HR from this event.

c257 Mitsuyo Tenta


c258 Prototype Zoey


c259 Rikuru Biews


Hopefully someone luckier than me can post Azuma.



it's very casual, which is good in my opinion, grinding 12 hours a day on taba loses it's fun after a while


File: 6818fd26abd11b2⋯.gif (2.44 MB, 260x195, 4:3, 4D.gif)

Well lads, today is the day of the alleged TABA shutdown.. Had to see the game for one last time before it allegedly gets lenny'd round the back of the shed by RPGx. A couple of things that I hope they bring across from TABA;

- Some of the art/characters are amazing.. Missed opportunity if at least a few more don't get ported over.. Makes sense too, but who can say for sure what happens from here.. Hopefully they DO make use of the resources they already have.

- Gacha rates in TABA are beyond terrible. Glad they kinda fixed this in RPGx by having gachas more infrequent, but more profitable in the long run. That said, I'm sure most here who've been playing the game a total of about 100 hours or more might already have a full deck of level 100 LRs, so maybe they need to add another two Card tiers to make up for this.. Right now it's way too easy to get the top rated cards.

- I hope the PVP they bring to RPGx will be exciting. I'm just glad we've evolved beyond the 'click to continue' stage

Can't think of much else beyond that.. Drawing a blank. The whole experience feels more than a little surreal, but I can only hope they bring the energy from TABA over to RPGx. And that faggot who made the RPG style webms from years gone can finally step up too. It's been a hell of a ride.. Godspeed you magnificent bastards. I won't miss the fucking shitty gachas though


File: ccbffb57cf35297⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1744x876, 436:219, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1c22d5e3d8cc248⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1752x877, 1752:877, ClipboardImage.png)

I promised to share my render rips but never got around to it, so here they are. It contains some battle effects, event images, backgrounds, and more.



Did you forget the actual link?


File: 40104e366253249⋯.png (684.33 KB, 600x858, 100:143, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 64ebaae8d277579⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1010x1200, 101:120, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 04fd3e88e1944d6⋯.png (2.13 KB, 393x40, 393:40, ClipboardImage.png)


Does anyone have the main menu screen renders of Cara and White Vampire Asagi?


I did… I had to delete the uploaded rar file anyway to re-upload one with some files I missed. I'll post the link when it's finished.



Shit. You got it before I did. Nice.

I'll update the library in a bit.


File: 3d5928c6d9c15f3⋯.png (167.29 KB, 950x712, 475:356, C00173a.bc916f2917dcd1d9be….png)

File: ee296d538f249ac⋯.png (83.66 KB, 474x540, 79:90, C00370a.590e2911942e2422ba….png)

File: 49dc2289fae7743⋯.png (209.58 KB, 950x712, 475:356, C00375a.d31df6e12be32ba809….png)

File: 1a13dda883f2a0d⋯.png (737.67 KB, 950x712, 475:356, C00583.74c30c48b0fd49b8eec….png)

File: eec95230019f544⋯.png (577.24 KB, 950x712, 475:356, C00758a.8f37c4198a27afe2a2….png)







Thank you for your contributions.

New patch here: https://mega.nz/#!KaYAkIaB!YIqnJxrV7SCIjw90tSQLkI3D_c9k_7XhTQh6iBSO5gc

This patch already contains all the missing files required to get the English scenes working.

Still missing:

SR Enbi Yuuki (Limited gacha)

SR Fuzuki (Limited gacha)

UR [AT-T Equipment] Aruka Stiel (Limited gacha)

UR Reiko Hasuma (Limited gacha)

UR [Wandering] Oboro Koukawa (Limited gacha)

UR [Awakened] Asagi (Limited gacha)

R [Ecsta] Relina (Limited gacha)

SR [Great Escape] Sakura Igawa (Limited gacha)

UR [Yankee Teacher] Azuma Kamimura (Limited gacha)

SR [Satellite] Io Orion (Raid event rare drop/reward)


A TABA tool for collecting and viewing cards, scenes and profiles of cards. This tool collects these of owning cards only, but this is nice.




amazing !



Thanks, my viewer isn't showing doubles and broken any more after this patch.



So you probably misapplied a previous patch or applied previous patches in the wrong order or made changes to the script files/manifest and forgot about them.



Don't you mean "its" fun.



This is great, I thought several times of expanding the viewer with the profiles but I've never had enough motivation.

We could share what we have to complete it, if you're interested I could start myself when it finishes the download.



Would be so awesome if you did that.



I think that's a great idea. Currently it seems when we are uploading our scenes we are also including their profile quotes, so it would be cool if that was included in the viewer, such as a default character so we know who they portray themselves before viewing their demise.


I have not investigated the source code of this tool yet. The default download path of card data is %LOCALAPPDATA%\Roaming\AsagiArenaKeeper\album, and this folder is portable and needed to view cards by this tool. Holding card data are scripted in album\*.json and album\C*\*.json. If a guy could get missing C* folders of card, he could add those as viewable cards by modifying album\*.json and adding C* folders to the album folder.



What is this exactly?


File: 759ec93a4fc6582⋯.jpg (91.37 KB, 544x347, 544:347, roll.jpg)

Decent first roll this event.


Anyone can translate the new RPGX event?



Renders of TABA characters >>330843


Well done



Scene pic aswell? What were the renders used for?


File: 755796552a76a4e⋯.jpg (36.15 KB, 250x300, 5:6, 53598.jpg)

Mirabell got any TABA event?


File: 4fa5b4daac0ab44⋯.png (701.79 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C00421a.b75aa82e50947d0ca2….png)


Game's dead now right?

Had it not eventually she would have yes. Now if they give her a SR in RPGX so I can finally have a LR Mirabell that would be perfect.



I was talking about eTABA but okay thanks.



What I mean is she had an event in the Japanese version, hence the card, which would have happened in eTABA had it not shut down.


I appreciated the goblin slayer parody today lol.



why do people say that eTABA is shut down/shutting down? am I out of the loop and it's just a meme or what?


File: 253730eaf127eb0⋯.png (235.77 KB, 640x768, 5:6, 2-055 Mirabell Bell.png)

File: 4fa5b4daac0ab44⋯.png (701.79 KB, 640x768, 5:6, 5-034 Mirabel Belle.png)


They must be confused.

jTABA is closed, but won't be shutdown/offline for a couple months.

eTABA is not shutdown. Mirabell has two TABA cards, both UR. As for events she's in… I wouldn't know.




I was wrong, it's not shut down, I don't play the english version but the Japanese version has stopped service and will no longer be updated.

It doesn't look like eTABA has had a new event since the 16th so I assumed it too has stopped updating. Thus, she won't have an event in eTABA.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't even make an appearance in the event her card was a reward for, just a short one in the following Tokiko event and another minor part in the NTR Sakura event.


jTABA was supposed to shut down on March 29th, leaving only access to the H-scenes until July, but for whatever reason, it's still fully up and running. I spawned a Fulst today and another player killed it.


jTABA already stopped being updated over a month ago. There was no need to set a date a month into the future and plaster banners all over the game if that's all it was going to be for.

Furthermore, if eTABA hasn't had a new event since the 16th as you allege, where do you think these new cards having been coming from? >>330684

A single glance at the official Twitter shows that you're flat-out wrong? https://twitter.com/Asagi_BArena



I believe the 29th was the day they officially stop updating, as in, formally acknowledging that the game will no longer be updating.

As I said before I don't play the english version and my assumption was based off the news banners for the game on their site, not their twitter.

I already admitted I was wrong, I was merely giving why I thought it was.



OK, I understand now. The game formally stopped updating on Feb. 15th.

I reread their Feb. 22nd news post:

Starting March 29th, jTABA has officially ended service, so new players cannot join the game anymore. But until July 31st, old players are still granted access to the game for the sake of accessing their H-scenes.



I seriously hope you will do this. I'm only lev 58 but will supply you with whatever I have.


Somehow viewing CGs on eTABA site. It seems that CGs to C00962 have already existed on the eTABA site. Cards C00959-962 are cards of the event 彷徨のガンマンと女神, http://taimaninarena.wiki.fc2.com/wiki/%E5%BD%B7%E5%BE%A8%E3%81%AE%E3%82%AC%E3%83%B3%E3%83%9E%E3%83%B3%E3%81%A8%E5%A5%B3%E7%A5%9E. And, for viewing timestamps of some CGs, those were AUG/22/2018. Will card CGs of later events than this event be posted to the site until a few years later? Or, is this event the last event of eTABA?


File: 4c92c52939214b6⋯.png (746.33 KB, 1048x502, 524:251, ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone know what this says?



Complete it with 2 or less units, or something like that. I just put a healer solo + the assist, and pressed auto.


File: 348a59eeb846293⋯.png (420.13 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, chr_t0104a.png)

File: 6f113da357ca9a7⋯.png (536.74 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, chr_t0107a.png)

File: 35795b51ece0a3b⋯.png (125.63 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, ts_m085b.png)

New patch for the RPGX eventviewer.

Contains the latest two events and also the april fools event.




If I remembered how to do things correctly this .har should contain Yomi(SR), Saya(eventSR) and Frances(HR). Feel free to check and extract. Just tell me if there's something I missed or need to do/redo.



File: c72b66f98a2ff06⋯.jpg (85.87 KB, 828x1300, 207:325, still missing.jpg)


Thanks anon everything ripped fine

Currently working on a patch for the HTML viewer, ran in to problems with the HR which means I've got to fuck around with the scene code, so will be a bit delayed.

If anyones encountered any bugs recently now is probably the time to let me know while I'm actually fucking around with it

Still need 獅子神自斎 ripping if anyone is able to do that, also if anyone can give me a translation of her name that'd be nice (translation for 清水神流 would be nice too since I got a load of different answers from MTL).



Shishigami Jisai

Shimizu Kanna


File: ea3e9638333672b⋯.png (813.69 KB, 968x725, 968:725, Screenshot.PNG)


>ran in to problems with the HR

Think I know the problem, Messed up background right (see pic)?

I solved it decently by adding a new line in the script file

"<EV>chr_0109a_r18,IN, 1"

Added that as a new line 855.

A different way I guess would be to just combine the images that follows that part in the script.


File: c1a00bd0e400a06⋯.png (690.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chr_0109d_r18.png)

File: 603274e8785c6fc⋯.png (664.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chr_0109e_r18.png)

File: d6117b355b6cb6b⋯.png (680.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chr_0109f_r18.png)


Combined images for the HR scene fix.


Best hard section to farm for event currency? AP/ticket amount wise.



I blindly just went for Hard-5 over and over again


File: 31b9b07ad9d6bd4⋯.png (490.8 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00174_r18_l_1.png)

File: c5b8dae12418627⋯.png (331.71 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00175_r18_l_1.png)

File: 63fd3ed40e5620e⋯.png (294.82 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00176_r18_l_1.png)

File: c6c301fe086d993⋯.png (214.04 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00177_r18_l_1.png)


Thanks the problem was with it switching to a background then back to the scene, it wouldn't bring the parent image back in front of it, it was actually a problem in the past with Scene 0013_2 too but that one faded to black and had been fixing itself.

HTML RPGX Viewer Patch:


Added all scenes from this event.

Fixed an image overlaying bug with Scene 0109 as can be seen here >>331813 it shouldn't have broken anything that wasn't already broken.

Favorites are now marked with 💕

Scene Select can now be used one handed, WASD to control the cursor, Space to start the highlighted scene, Z Prev page, X Next Page, F to toggle Favorite, Q to open Search.

The Search menu is now a bit easier to tab through and will search on pressing Enter and close on pressing Esc.

Search can now exclude results with ! or - e.g. Character: !Ingrid, Female:Dark Skin will find all scenes with a dark skinned female but exclude Ingrid from the results.

Match All in a search doesn't apply to exclusions so searching Female:!big breasts, !dark skin, nakadashi, kissing will find all scenes tagged both Nakadashi AND Kissing but exclude any scenes with either Big Breasts OR Dark Skin

There's now an Auto Mode indicator when viewing a scene.

Let me know if I've fucked anything.

Also please go to your scenes folder and rename 0138 to EX0001 since it's most likely not Scene 0138.


Can someone repost the browser code for copying text to clipboard?


This event's lottery seems super shit. Is there something I'm not getting? Rewards are all mediocre AF



I go with hard-2 since that stage itself is faster to finish and I haven't seen anything to indicate that the drop-rates are worse.


Thanks for the patch!

Although the cursor when using WASD to select scenes is invisible for me.

Also, when I unfavorite a scene and switch page back and forth the heart symbol shows up again. Because of this all of the scenes are always marked as favorite.

Is it a browser thing since I use Firefox?




thanks a lot (๑′௰‵๑)


File: 62964a7886d641f⋯.webm (6.09 MB, 1030x884, 515:442, What it should look like.webm)


FUCK, I'm retarded.

I forgot to include the edited stylesheet, the new patch should fix the cursor and favourites.

If it doesn't fix favourites can you give me an example of what you're doing, thanks.


Thanks anon, added them to the patch


HTML RPGX Viewer Patch V2:


Added Shishigami's scenes

Actually added the modified stylesheets and HTML file this time



Good job on stuff and thanks! When's the copy to clipboard coming? Seeing you adding new features and all.




thank you!!

also is it possible to add a CG mode like the TABA viewer? might have been asked before but never mind if its a pain in the ass to implement


File: 763a54a2fdb9b94⋯.webm (5.38 MB, 1038x872, 519:436, Qs5GZax66c.webm)


Thanks! It works now. Although my hearts look different from the ones in your clip.

Also I have this bug where if I move the marker up when it's in the top row it disappears. If you move it down when on the bottom row it loops around to the top as expected. Only way to get it back is to switch page. I tried to demonstrate this in the clip.


File: 7858c7534eaae14⋯.png (890.88 KB, 2000x480, 25:6, ClipboardImage.png)



It's been there since Valentines day, check the options menu.

I tried making it more stable but it wasn't working as expected and the current version is atleast somewhat consistent in what parts it skips copying (whenever anything extra happens in a scene e.g. quake effect, image change; it doesn't copy).


I did try to get a CG mode working quite a while ago but remember running in to a bit of a problem with certain scenes, I'll give it another shot when I can.


>Although my hearts look different from the ones in your clip.

Ah fuck I know emoji change a lot across devices and browsers but I hoped they'd be somewhat consistent with placement and colour.

The mini patch makes it easier to change in prefs.js under faveInd near the top of the file.

>Also I have this bug where if I move the marker up when it's in the top row it disappears

FUCK, I spent an hour making it work on incomplete pages and forgot to retest it on complete ones.

Fixed in the mini patch

HTML RPGX Viewer Mini Patch:


Cursor shouldn't disappear in some cases like >>332033 anymore

Favourite Icon can be changed easier, just open prefs.js and change the value next to faveInd (will get around to putting this in the options menu, I just fucking hate the options menu)

Clicking to continue the scene with auto mode enabled will now remove the Auto Indicator.

Hopefully that's everything fixed now.

Also if anybody wants to rip some character portraits we're almost up to date on those now too



Shidou Rinka (0011)

Saya Neo Gacha (0014)

Shishigami (0077)

Yulya (0078)

TA:Zero Asagi Non-Lewd (EX0001)


Hello friends. I'm new on this topic.

Is there anyway I can see the scenes from the gacha games in English without having to play the game?

I'm a big fan of Taimanin and would like to go through the scenes if possible.



Read the first post. The pastebin has a viewer. Simple to assemble, simple to use. As easy as telling your younger cousin that Santa is dead. Because he is. This month his sleigh was run over by a fire truck.



I'll try and figure out what the problem is. Gonna download the viewer from scratch just to make sure you guys have perfect access to it.



I did look through it before but I didn't quite understand it. The first post has so many links and the pastebin link also has so many links. What am I supposed to do with all these links?


File: b4ec77e4c5d9444⋯.png (13.87 KB, 1238x82, 619:41, funk.PNG)


Pastebin guy here, sorry if there's some confusion. I can be a little unorganized at times…

First you're gonna want to download the Perfect Viewer (c1 - c1008) (ENG + JP) found all the way at the bottom of the pastebin.

After this, you gotta get caught up on the JP scenes, since they go up to 1018 now instead of 1008. Use these links and add them to your viewer.



After getting caught up on the JP scenes, you're gonna want to get caught up on the English scenes. I have attached an image of the files you will need to download from this folder:


After you have these downloaded and added to your viewer, you're gonna want to download all patches under the English Viewer Patches not in Folder Above (in the Pastebin). Add these to viewer.

You should be done at that point. Hopefully this helps. If it doesn't then oh well


File: 37e62881dfede2c⋯.png (9.94 KB, 582x79, 582:79, funk 2.PNG)


Works fine for me. Make sure you're just downloading the RPGX files from this folder.


Make sure to download the three files that are shown in the picture I attached. This should net you the full viewer. If it still doesn't work then I don't know what the problem is because it worked for me when I re-downloaded the files.



Oh thank you very much for your guidance. This is clear enough for me that I think I won't have any problems. Thanks again!


File: 3434506cde07f2b⋯.jpg (368.13 KB, 840x700, 6:5, 1545479239244.jpg)

I can't believe /hgg/ is dead, bros…



I tried to follow steps of RPGX Ripping Guide https://pastebin.com/zQZw58Fh, but chr_ and uni_ files did not appear. I tried to delete cache of chrome, but it was not resolved. I tried to delete cookie also, and it was resolved. I thought that deleting cache and cookie was needed for appearance of chr_ and uni_ of characters whose scenes had been viewed. If you know a better or easier way, it is very helpful that you let me know that way.


File: fbce13cc40e3c82⋯.png (3.2 MB, 1300x5922, 650:2961, RPGX Ripping guide u.png)


That guide's really outdated.

Incognito mode always works for grabbing the files to rip.


File: b74e2029b4f1040⋯.png (453.48 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00158_l_1.png)

File: 38c2559a5481e43⋯.png (257.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, uni_00158_l_2.png)

File: 6e0b34b8b133c9d⋯.png (450.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, uni_00158_l_3.png)

File: 0624fbc9f60edb5⋯.png (399.94 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00158_r18_l_1.png)

File: e4ed02eaf580b82⋯.png (230.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, uni_00158_r18_l_2.png)


Here's Yulia at least.


File: ac0b73c6dd340ee⋯.jpg (460.67 KB, 700x1094, 350:547, MayaDaki.jpg)

File: 973323b6b92cc00⋯.jpg (915.01 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, BeaDaki.jpg)

File: a44d6a09ed648c3⋯.jpg (841.75 KB, 1048x1482, 524:741, BeaPoster.jpg)

Here's 2 old drama CDs that were supposed to be sent with the Shiranui Mama CD, but someone somewhere messed something up, so I'm still looking for the latter. Meanwhile, here's some Maya and Beatrice from the backlog.

FLAC https://mega.nz/#F!aFEmiQJZ!XnHikA9bjtkQqoh8RC1Qcg

MP3 https://mega.nz/#F!aUUC1SYa!dtIwk0S_5yx3o2sWVkparQ


Thanks. I actually saved the April's fool myself, just in case you would've missed it for some reason.



>I can't believe /hgg/ is dead, bros…

Wait so what happened to hgg or rather why did it die?



Gacha apocalypse and the split with /hgg2d/ (aka the cucklovers)



Hey. I'm this guy here >>332180.

I followed what you said and got the viewer up and working.

The only problem I ran into was that the patch link under the "English Viewer Patches not in Folder Above" (in the Pastebin) dated March 2 is broken. I guess Mega ate it? I don't know if that file is now obsolete or not but just wanted to let you know anyways.

It seems not all the scenes are in English which is a pity but still there is lots of good stuff here. Is there anyway to Machine Translate the Japanese only scenes? Thanks again!



thank for you sharing!

still wait for Kila stuff



All previous English patches are supplanted by the latest one. I think that guy was probably trolling you when he told you to download all of them.



I thought it might be something like that.

Oh well, you live and learn I guess.

It didn't take long and I wanted to make sure. Thanks for the heads up!



Thank you so much for detailed steps with figures. I could clearly know those steps.

Could you give me a little more help? Where can I get RPGXSceneRipper(Version).py and RPGXPostExtract(Version).py?


Anyone have like a list of the exp cost for levels in TABA?


File: d0e9aff3b31d0a8⋯.png (9.13 KB, 426x244, 213:122, engindex.png)

>realize I never bothered to download 1000-1018

>get some old updates

>overwrite everything like a retard

>still only goes up to c1000

>can no longer switch from JA to EN

What do? Hopefully not download the perfect viewer.


File: dd6b3cadf49504d⋯.jpg (7.67 KB, 1120x840, 4:3, hue.jpg)



>Lilith's Throne

>Tales of Androgeny




It's been this way for a long time, anon. Unless it's those or some other text-based indie thing it's probably not gonna get much attention.

Now if you mean "the taimanin threads are dead but for the gacha trash" then refer back to the "it's been that way a long time". Only like six anons or so bothered to mention and talk about the last real game Lilith produced and almost no one is interested in the one coming up at the end of this month. Anons got into gacha for more Taimanin scenes, but then they got hooked by the nose to gacha itself.



Thank you!



You need to update the base viewer. Old thread got purged so no links. Looks like perfect viewer is your best bet after all.



He's talking about the original /hgg/ on 4.




well what I said still stands. It'd be nice to have a thread not utterly consumed in gacha for once.


File: 5ba759754b12629⋯.png (208.32 KB, 640x768, 5:6, 3-033b Io Orion [Satellite….png)

File: 679f076db13bec6⋯.png (232.23 KB, 640x768, 5:6, 3-038b Alberta [Vengeful S….png)

c245/246 - Io Orion [Satellite]

Haaaah, I've been caught again… Fucked? My pussy's going to be fucked?! Oh wow… I'm already soaking wet…

Scene 1: https://pastebin.com/5YFLEULF

Scene 2: https://pastebin.com/cEa2P9XL

c247 - Alberta [Vengeful Sniper]

Ahh, semen, semen… Hurry and fill my mouth pussy with your thick, man-stinking semen…!

Scene: https://pastebin.com/ksjzwZ7Z



Thanks again, will be included in next patch.






Just did that, same problem.



That shouldn't be possible. The perfect viewer goes up to c1008 out of the box without any patches. You definitely fucked up somewhere if you're still only getting up to c1000.



Oh it goes to 1008 fine, the language change is still borked. Sorry I wasn't clear.



Did you apply the latest Eng patch? >>331046



Yeah and the language changes during scenes fine but not at the scene select screen, still giving the engindex not defined error and not removing the untranslated scenes. It's not a huge deal, just a minor inconvenience but it seems the problem is in the html viewer file itself since the perfect viewer version is still from 2018/11/30.

Must have been lost in one of those mega folders that's no longer up.



>not removing the untranslated scenes

Oh, that was your "problem"? How about you read the keyboard shortcuts in the Config menu more closely.



I guess the problem is that I was retarded all along. Thank you anon, I think I'll go kill myself now.


File: be5a652c891551b⋯.png (200.77 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C00303b.463df1d3c2872324c9….png)

As an apology for being such an embarrassing retard, have a Haruma everyone.


Haruma Saku - c269

"I was born as a son to the Saku clan. Anyone who insults me by calling me a woman will have their head sliced off then and there. So you're the shitstain that's left of the Fuuma clan, huh. If you were just a weed on the side of the road, I'd leave you be, but I'll show no mercy for a pesky flying roach like you!"

"S-stop it?! I am a man! If I was a man… Sto-ohiiiiiigh?!"



This is an actual trans?


File: 01a464e0baeff1e⋯.jpg (49.42 KB, 640x360, 16:9, d56417bd5a2ee58b4f032412dd….jpg)


It's hard to say…


Is there some kind of overarching story to TABA that I can maybe read somewhere?



No. It's doing the Mordred trope of not wanting to be referred to as a woman.



>there's a Taimanin clan called the Fuuma

>it's betrayed/been betrayed by everyone

>the previous Fuuma head fucked off to work for the USF

>Fuuma kid, the MC, is the new head of the clan, helped by his servant sister who wants his dick

>kidnaps a bunch of Taimanin/Demons/USF and brings them into his organization through the power of his, orc or tentacle dick

>some timeline paradoxes happen and MC starts employing a younger Sakura from a parallel universe as his whore in return for trying to send her back to her world

>briefly meets up with young Murasaki too but she fucks off back to her reality pretty quickly, not before being impregnated by Fuuma though

>organization grows and gets more influence, participates in various events that fuck over some of the other factions, mostly Nomad and USF

>eventually MC gets confronted by Black personally for fucking shit up

>Fuuma bluffs his way into the anime trope of "you should let me live till I reach my full potential and be a real threat to you or you're a coward for killing a weakling"

>Black falls for it and implants some shit in Fuuma's brain to basically always know where he is and monitor him but lets him live

>Ingrid is pissed about it but mostly follows Black's rule of not killing Fuuma

That's the gist of it from english TABA, I can't into moonrunes but seeing as Black is one of the much, much later cards, the MC eventually surpasses Black with his Demonic Eye Gate bullshit.


File: 167dc08fce7c613⋯.jpg (450.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, BRO.jpg)

File: 4fff623b5b7b3d3⋯.jpg (456.29 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, WORST gun EVER.jpg)

So it looks like MaMa Taimanin is the one thing anons have been hankering for since Ochiru Hitozuma–shota dom.

Once again, just like with Mary Jane (and despite its faults Asagi 0, too), every CG shown is a work of art. So crisp, so neatly shaded and colored, it's great that Lilith is finally putting its mountains of cash back into making real games again.

Wish it was more Kagami but whatever

Anyway, so what I think is happening is the Blue Shota is friends with her son and steadily comes to seduce/dominate her the whole game, which would make it the first Taimanin game without gangbangs or orcs. In fact, it'd be the first off-shoot without gangbangs too since even Ochiru Hitozuma had gangbangs (which pissed a lot of anons off that you couldn't avoid them but just not see them).

What I'm guessing is they pulled a Mary Jane with this game but inverted it, and instead of the teacher-villain connection it's actually the shota-villain, because otherwise the villain shown in the character portraits would have no real role. Plus it doesn't seem like an Annerose thing where the Big Dick Shota is becoming a man to protect her or whatever. Looks more like he's just drilling her out every chance.

No idea what the other Taimanin's role is but she looks pretty cool.

Hopefully there aren't any forced gangbangs, but it'd be weird to have a "monogamous", for lack of a better term, Tamainin game. Plus, I mean come on. There's no way Sniper Tits isn't getting the D, too.

Best case scenario is we get multiple endings like always but we also get the option to share or not to share, like Ochiru Hitozuma but good this time (not that it happens regardless just off-screen).


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Oh, I'm an idiot. Just noticed they uploaded a proper trailer!



Oh I see. Thank you.

What about the vampire Asagi card among others? Does the MC really subjugate her?

>Fuuma kid, the MC, is the new head of the clan, helped by his servant sister who wants his dick

I couldn't find a single vanilla scene for Tokiko

I suppose she is the NTR heroine?



Why not just make TA4 or maybe an Ingrid game?

I would love an Asuka game as well.


File: 255dd400369920b⋯.png (563.28 KB, 918x514, 459:257, mama taimanin 1.png)

File: d3a2974092a4311⋯.png (363.89 KB, 906x514, 453:257, mama taimanin 2.png)



Of course. The Nolan North of H-Vidya.

Seems like with the juxtaposition Purple is actually Red's enemy and probably working for the villain, and considering that moment where it cuts to the portraits of Big D. Shota, then the villain and then her it's safe to assume the shota's on their side (and like I said, probably is the villain). I wonder how this is going to play out. Mary Jane was really fun with it's surprise twist of the villains actually being the good guys because "purity" leads to a trans-humanist 1984 and I hope we get something equally interesting this time around, too.

Especially since it seems the main story involves a serial abduction case of married Taimanins:

>Kana Yoshizawa lives in peace with her kind husband and energetic son, a family of three.

>He used to work as an anti-marcoon, but retired when he got married.

>"I feel happy that I can still be in a Newlywed atmosphere even after 10 years, and I see off my husband who goes to work and the son who goes to school.

>If you do housework and turn on the television casually, you will be turned to the news you have heard.

>Consecutive housewife disappearance case that shows the wide show.

>"Lie … Kanae, Shizu, Ryoko"

>Although there were women who had no connection in the world, those who understood it had something in common.

This is a great premise and I'm all for the shota stealing the sexy mama, and the fact that there's so few CGs shown in the youtube trailer shows how much more attention is given to the H than the plot. Even so with a serial abduction mystery plot like this I hope something cool comes into the story. It's a Lilith title, after all, so we're getting blocks of dialogue and plot regardless. I just hope it's good.



That's the gacha games. We will never get a proper TA again, anon. TA3 put it into a dead end place for starters with its ending and that asinine school setting. I would really like an Ingrid game myself but she was always hooked at the hip to Black and he's interdimensionally possessing TA0's Oboro right now, so that might not work. Though the real reason it won't fit is because Kagami will never do another game again now that TA0's finally out and Lilith needs him as the living lifeblood of their gacha.

An Asuka game would be great, though. She was off globe-trotting at the end of TA3 and that was just her origin story so she can still go places. She's not as connected to Black as Ingrid or Oboro so giving her a new villain and new setting/cast would be really cool.


File: 02efce3766b1dad⋯.png (532.96 KB, 1040x508, 260:127, gbprk.png)


>This is an actual trans?

Keep that filth outta H games, anon. It's just a feisty tomboy who needs to be taught she's not the man she was raised to be.



>Though the real reason it won't fit is because Kagami will never do another game again now that TA0's finally out and Lilith needs him as the living lifeblood of their gacha.

I suppose that's also the reason why he didn't do the art for Yukikaze 2. That's pretty sad. Well I hope the new gacha game is fun at least.

TABA is just clicking simulator. Hard to believe it was so successful.


Hey for TABA are the skills that only activate if you only have one faction in deck effected by allied cards?



No, assists are never taken into consideration for skills with conditions. So your assist can always be any card without it affecting the skills of your main deck.

Interestingly, the skill on the assist works the same way, meaning that as long as your own nine cards satisfy the condition, the skill will activate even if the inclusion of the assist would normally invalidate the condition.




Thank you for your contributions.

New patch here: https://mega.nz/#!OHZQjI4C!POj5UbLkKYtu422VnO-zSqy_sqpY_fdzL1BUNp5Fouc

This patch supersedes all previous English patches.

Newly added:

UR [AT-T Equipment] Aruka Stiel

SR [Satellite] Io Orion

HR [Vengeful Sniper] Alberta

HR Haruma Saku

Still missing:

SR Enbi Yuuki (Limited gacha)

SR Fuzuki (Limited gacha)

UR Reiko Hasuma (Limited gacha)

UR [Wandering] Oboro Koukawa (Limited gacha)

UR [Awakened] Asagi (Limited gacha)

R [Ecsta] Relina (Limited gacha)

SR [Great Escape] Sakura Igawa (Limited gacha)

UR [Yankee Teacher] Azuma Kamimura (Limited gacha)

UR Lynette Silky (Limited gacha)

R Sedona Alstona (Limited gacha)

R [Noble Lady] Maisie (Limited gacha)

SR [Demon Arms] Rinka Shidou (Upcoming tower event reward)



There was one Vampire Asagi event so far where she appeared from some dimensional rift caused by philosopher stone fuckery. Canonically in the event itself I think Fuuma barely gets out of there alive and it was a team effort with Steel Witch Annerose, her cat friend, normal Asagi and that old lady who sells potions and shit. Some mobile phone may have played a part. In the card H-scene it says something to the tune of it took hundreds of normal ninjas to hunt down Vampire Asagi and subjugate her.

>vanilla Tokiko

No such thing, I think one of her later and rarer cards has her forcing Fuuma to fuck her or something but I'm not 100% sure on that. Also at some point the half orc NTR antagonist that fucks Tokiko puts some sort of aphrodisiac piercing on her clit which keeps her in a constant state of arousal and will turn her into a mindless fuckpig if she tries to remove it. Just Taimanin things.


File: 01370ec5b91fb6c⋯.jpg (177.83 KB, 1200x848, 75:53, D1tTb-rUYAAIDWh.jpg)

File: c42f5c9ba978d80⋯.jpg (134.97 KB, 860x1200, 43:60, D21bUQjU8AAf_lD.jpg)


It is definitely gonna have gangbangs, and I like me some milf gangbang.I really hope this is gonna be like Ochiru Hitozuma 2. Can you read japanese or how are you planning on reading it?



Lol, that is good to hear. Now I can fap with good conscience, i aint no fag.



Would love an Asuka game, as long as they keep her VA. Something about her voice is just so damn good, especially in erotic scenes.


Yukikaze is Aoi Nagisa's series, not Kagami.



>TABA is just clicking simulator. Hard to believe it was so successful.

And there other work is any different how?

They have a lot of popular artists both that have worked on their previous stuff plus work in the industry do scenes plus they get more content for their fav series/characters and some new ones as well.


File: 2df0faa46ae2f23⋯.jpg (172.5 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, D0_v3yYU0AAFvRj.jpg)


Thats what Lillith do though. 90% of lillith games has some sort of gangbang/group sex. Lillith aint for soft pussies who can't handle their waifu getting DP'd and this whole thread is dedicated to taimanin so wtf are you even doing here?


File: 1f365eecbbd117a⋯.jpg (85.44 KB, 500x688, 125:172, 1e353w.jpg)


Why do you think it's called shit lillith?

>so wtf are you even doing here?

shitting on cucks.

>BEing a cuck makes you non-soft




I aint a cuck, I just don't grow attached to drawings of women so I can't handle them getting gangbanged.



I dont get personally attached the way that make people buy those pathetic waifu pillows and shit. Ive never had a “waifu” I just find the chicks hot and want to see them fucked with a good story to it. I dont get offended if a game has a fetish i dont like, I simply skip or avoid it for the content I do like.

But seems to me those who reject a game and shit on it for having group-sex are those who immerse themselves so much they cant handle the existance of scenes where their hentai crush gets fucked by other men and i find that kinda pathetic



Nahh i just have a thing that i like to see strong women get degraded into a sex tool for men, and if she comes to like it thats pretty hot. I dont get attached or feel humiliated like a cuck



Same here. I like gangbangs because of how used and degraded the women get. Just a toy with a set of holes be destroyed.


Some of us insert as the girl getting gangbanged.



There's probably something Asuka related coming up soon at least, since the voice actress is guesting the latest Lilith Radio. They often seem to have guests that are around for recording stuff. Hopefully means there's some Aina on the horizon too, since her VA is up next.



Yes yes, you're very edgy. Your e-thug level is very impressive. You do realize that posting endlessly isn't getting you any gold or karma, right? This isn't reddit

Moving along, anybody know of a good download manager for firefox or opera? I have a couple of the cards we're missing for eTABA


>hours until the mid reward count

>open up event ranking

>An Internal Error Has Occurred.

Fuck you Nutaku.



You don't need the download manager, the scenes have long been downloaded. All you need to do is get the english scripts that contain the text, though I'm not sure if the same console command will work for firefox.



Most men like sluts, most ment don't get attached to drawn cartoon women and can't handle them gettin' bukkake'd like you, degenerate.



Damn. Guess it's time to download Google Chrome



Stop replying to trolls.



The same command works in Brave btw since it's basically Chrome but with some privacy minded measures added on.




It works fine on Firefox. And even if you're somehow using a browser that doesn't support copy(), you can just print hasc.scripts to the console with console.log(hasc.scripts); and copy the entire thing manually.


File: 764906690605706⋯.jpg (317.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1.jpg)

File: 6a36ac8aa22ad2a⋯.jpg (341.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2.jpg)

File: e1b34b5e9886d36⋯.jpg (381.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3.jpg)

File: 1a3d89b6795d05d⋯.jpg (445.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4.jpg)

File: 21cf723284f0ceb⋯.jpg (372.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5.jpg)


>It is definitely gonna have gangbangs

>trusting Lilith promotional material

How new are you, anon? NEVER trust Lilith promotional materials. That's rule #1 of Black Lilith.

And every CG of the game has Kana (red) getting nailed by the blue shota. I'm serious, every single CG is the heroine and the shota. It's possible it won't have gangbangs at all. That said, it's a Taimanin title, so it'd be weird not to. Either way, yeah I want it to be a superior Ochiru Hitozuma with actual choices of whether or not to include gangbangs. It'd give it more replayability.

>Can you read japanese or how are you planning on reading it?

VNR all the way, though like with TA0 and Mary Jane I'm gonna have to wait until some nice anon uploads the Hook for it.


>lilith is the only company that would ruing a netori game by adding netorare because they can't help themselves.

Alice Soft, too, anon. Lots of companies do this but Lilith is notorious for it. Again, it's a Taimanin title and aside from TA3 which had a trainwreck opening that ruined everything else the whole series is meant for players who like watching girls get wrecked, not players who like conquering girls.

That's why it's a funny meme that Edwin Black is the biggest cuckold in history, because initially he just liked watching Asagi & Co. get ruined like the players did, but once they introduced a player-insert they also made Black a waifufag which makes no sense. He wants to marry Asagi but he has her get gangraped multiple times? What kind of vampiric cuck

Taimanin are Heroine-Destroyer games where the girls have to find a way not to either die or end up broken. They're like the Prison Battleship series of games which is the same premise, mostly.

I prefer games where girls are conquered rather than gangbanged to ruin but that's not what the series is for and getting angry that a new installment would have that is like getting mad a new Rance game would have harem mechanics.

All that being said, never trust Lilith promotional materials. If it's not game CGs--and even those have been fabricated before--then it's nothing but lies. Remember how Mary Jane had a CG of her getting ganged by eager shota on a beach? Never happens. The whole game is a (largely) monogamous corruption story of just Mary Jane the anti-heroine.


>this whole thread is dedicated to taimanin so wtf are you even doing here?

Exactly. But anon, just for the record:

>Lillith aint for soft pussies who can't handle their waifu getting DP'd

>implying Lilith is for anons who like watching their waifu get DP'd

>implying Lilith is for waifus

>implying only "soft pussies" hate seeing the character they like get drilled by other men

>implying it's somehow masculine or strong to enjoy watching other men drill-&-fill your waifu

>implying cucks are manly


anon stop


File: c14878842f36815⋯.jpg (111.29 KB, 600x834, 100:139, SlutGirl_06_001.jpg)



>Lilith Radio

Lilith has a podcast? Are you serious? Man they've branched out.

But yeah, of course Asuka's VA will stay on for her character. They have pillows, CDs, statues and toys of their characters.

It's a sad thing that our favorite H-seiyuu hardly ever get recognition for their work compared to typical UGUU~ anime voice actors, but companies like Lilith with it's autistic story obsession for every one of their major games–Taimanin chiefly–help make a way for seiyuu to potentially get recognized for a role that transcends just getting cum-pumped. I think most anons like their favorite Taimanin for more than their body and voice, and that's because of Lilith's autism.

I like to think the voice actresses for these games have a statue or wallscroll of their character that they look at from time-to-time and think, "Yeah, maybe this next role I'm doing is forgettable and pointless overall, just another paycheck, but really I am [insert character]."

Which is why I got pissed when they recast Asagi, but the little easter egg of proper (though vampified) Asagi made it alright. Multiverse and all.


>Some of us insert as the girl getting gangbanged.

pic related

I know there are FemAnons on this board who actually do enjoy this kind of thing and I wonder why. I can't imagine getting off to self-inserting as an orc party's cumrag, though I can see it if they're shotacons or if they prefer Prison Battle ship since those are human men plowing them. Just the idea they might enjoy fantasizing about fat ugly green orcs is odd to me. I thought fake rape fantasies were with hot dudes.



>carefully explain Taimanin's target audience


Okay we're done.

Only correct thing you said was

>gacha shit.



>VNR all the way, though like with TA0 and Mary Jane I'm gonna have to wait until some nice anon uploads the Hook for it.

Is machine translation satisfactory for you or do you use some machine assisted method? I could never get it to work properly since it seems its outdated. Could you perhaps upload your VNR and its setup? Perhaps a gudie how to get the best results?







>Is machine translation satisfactory

If you've got an internet connection and you got the translator set to Google then it's fine. None of these games are anything much to read about with their stories. Simple but interesting plots are conveyed well enough as are characters.

>Could you perhaps upload


Visit the visual novel thread on /v/ more often anon




> Just the idea they might enjoy fantasizing about fat ugly green orcs is odd to me.

They're not always ugly, sometimes they're really cool, like Byg from TA0 (also because blue orcs > green orcs)



You should try translation aggregator and a separate hook. It lets you hook up more online translators than GT like Bing and Yandex. When GT dosen't get shit right, one of the others often so. But even with that method I don't feel satisfied with the understanding so i'm actually in the midst of learning a bit of japanese so i can use the machine assisted method.


woo one full free summon, glad it's yet another shit roll aaaa


File: f6a3103b67dd7f1⋯.jpg (770.38 KB, 1080x960, 9:8, 49648861_p0.jpg)


Does anyone know if this outfit for the MMD model of Yukikaze is released anywhere?


sorry other theme.

does anyone have empress enegy ecstacy scene viewer?

im dying for it!



plz upload TABA patch(c956~c1018) again?

MEGA link has already broken…



I don't think it exists.



It's been a meme forever, it doesn't exist.


File: 354a258a102b2e9⋯.png (269.36 KB, 419x361, 419:361, ClipboardImage.png)

what's this?



Trap: 75x Gems, 2x Full AP Pot, 2x Full BP Pot, 10x 35K XP Book

Taimanin Tokiko: 30x Each Bronze + Silver Awakening Mat, 10x Each Gold Awakening Mat, 5x LR Awakening Mat 10x 35K XP Book, 1x SR Ticket

Suit Tokiko: 50x Gems, 4x Icecream, 5x Full AP Pot, 5x Full BP Pot, 10x 35K XP Book, 15x 10K Gold, 1x HR White Butt Plug for each slot

Also new players get 50x Gems and 2x Icecreams and access to the XP + Trust boost events for 7 days after the tutorial (according to Google Translate).



Do you have ripped script + assets for [Christmas Tree] Iriza?


File: efb1c989025e212⋯.jpg (354.27 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, ebfd3cf1d7f6221c4654e9b600….jpg)


When you put it that way it makes more sense.


>yukikaze is the cover girl for rpgx

is it finally time for new scenes lads?


File: 4e8a7d0069d4937⋯.jpg (28.12 KB, 200x325, 8:13, 1540043178357.jpg)

>New scene for loli nigress

>Meanwhile no SR Obui girl





There does appear to be a scene ripping guide, though:



File: 0206e7643b07fd2⋯.jpg (32.57 KB, 1000x266, 500:133, citation needed.jpg)


>I know there are FemAnons on this board


I got up to level 30 in BA without realizing stamina is very important for progressing. I'm level 36 with 68 stam. Should I have put everything into stam? Am I fucked?



Should you have put everything into stam? Yes. Are you fucked? Debatable. I don't know off the top of my head how much you'd have at your level if you'd gone all in on stam but assuming that you put around 90% of your points into stamina you should be fine.

Unless you intend to min/max and play religiously, a few points into attack or defense because you didn't know aren't the end of the world. You'll be at a slight disadvantage when using 50 and 100% restore potions and during stamina-based fever times during events but it's not crippling. Of course, if you don't have any cards particularly worth a damn, you can always reroll. You're not that high of a level yet



You're 8 stam points behind what you would've been normally.

You can always ditch this account right now. You're not permanently fucked, but you've handicapped yourself in relation to other players until you reach Lv 159. Level ups are free until Lv 30 anyway, so if you reroll a new account now, you presumably won't lose much.




Trannies don't count as femanons, you know.



Stop spoiling it for people who haven't played the game pls


Damn it they changed the event reward rankings in TABA.

I wonder how profitable it still is and how long they're going to keep it around.



He just posted a pic of Asagi sucking an orc dick, how could it be a spoiler in a Taimanin game?



>looking for cartoons to show my young son

>find something that seems to have strong women in it

>I guess japs like strong titty ninjas, this will teach him to respect women

>get spoiled that they get porked in the end

Thanks for ruining the story for me.


>1000 and below to get Rinko

>spend 20 gacha tickets

>no raid cards

Fuck this tbh.



Damn, did 4 tickets from previous event and got 2 of that mechanical Ayaka bitch. Will upload if i can figure out the rip guide



You don't need to follow the complete guide. We only need the script array found in hasc.scripts. The assets were already ripped from the Japanese version.


File: efd5df7beb55ee1⋯.png (1006.64 KB, 657x786, 219:262, TABA Viewer Missing ENG.png)



Yea, all you need is steps 1, 5, and 6 of the old guide. A new guide would look more like:

Step 1) Get the Open Frame extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/open-frame/kdhjgkkaacdhdioocfbpmhjidbinfajj

Step 2) On the title screen, right-click and open the eTABA frame in it's own tab/window

Step 3) Enter a Harem Scene

Step 4) Open Developer Tools (F12) and paste " copy(JSON.stringify(hasc.scripts)); " (without quotes) into the Console tab. It will say "undefined" which is okay

Step 5) Open Pastebin (https://pastebin.com/), paste the script (ctrl+v), and select Create New Paste

Step 6) Share the new link with everyone here~

This is the current list of missing translations. If anyone has them, please take a moment to pull the scripts!


File: d6d627852fe7a22⋯.png (217.69 KB, 640x768, 5:6, 3-008b Rinka Shidou [Demon….png)

c275/276 - Rinka Shidou [Demon Arms]

G-give me back my arms! H-how did you steal them from me?! S-stop, not my chest! You can't touch my boobs now!

Scene 1: https://pastebin.com/fiJBTR3w

Scene 2: https://pastebin.com/ZEbQnyM3



Thanks, will be included in the next patch.



You don't need an extension. Just use the built-in execution context selector in the dev tools console and have it pointed at the game_frame iframe.


File: 5ae2c4fdc25e3c4⋯.png (952.28 KB, 950x571, 950:571, t1.png)

Here's hoping I did it right…

c229/230 - Fuzuki

Scene1: https://pastebin.com/rqKxLEkg

Scene2: https://pastebin.com/0UBthYXh

c439/440 - [Great Escape} Sakura Igawa

Scene1: https://pastebin.com/NhEWL3hB

Scene2: https://pastebin.com/pZeGPmgu



Well done! Thank you for posting – It really is that easy! Hopefully more will give it a try and help us catch up.


While I'm sure there are other ways to pull the scripts, I was trying to provide a simple way to help nudge others who may have the missing translation cards toward posting… and it worked. We got the awesome anon above to give it a try and got the long missing Fuzuki!

So it would probably help if you could explain how you do it without the extension. I'm sure the random anon wouldn't know what a context selector is or how to point it at the iframe… let alone think it's easy.



File: c1fa1ad064066b5⋯.jpg (57.79 KB, 604x453, 4:3, c1fa1ad064066b5c2ce7f4cfe4….jpg)


Heh.. yes we can all read the reference documentation, but we want those who have no idea where to start to post. Not scare them away!

I'll admit your way is a less fiddly and I've already removed the Open Frame extension that I would enable specifically for this process. Thank you for the enlightenment.



Sorry man. Not trying to be a dick about it. It's just explained way better there with images than I would be able to on my own. I'd rather point you straight to the source than paraphrase poorly.



Aw sweet! Was hoping someone who have gotten that Sakura card.

As for the whole some of us seeing ourselves as the girl getting gangbanged, it is a fantasy some of us has too. I personally am not all that into the whole gang bang set up, and actually was more in this series for tentacles and heroines being fucked up, which is it's own type as well that isn't exclusive to Lilith stuff.

And hell actually, if I had known you were 'technically' playing as a boy/guy in the Asagi series I may have actually dropped this if not for the awesome art and situations (plus does help that 90% of the time it's with the girls anyways). Much prefer being the girl (such as with Yukari's Thief & series and Raidy) than the guy as I don't fantasize about dating her, I fantasize BEING her.



Speaking of being as her, it's as well part of not all that into gangbang stuff. As I mentioned tecntacles, machines are also great and this series always has great 'left in the machine for weeks' thing they usually do, and it's usually where I get the most enjoyment (Yukikaze's opening scene right before they start working is my favorite scene in the series). In fact, Red Line's first CG is my favorite one as it's almost exclusively a machine thing with no insertion at all.



*Actually completely wrong, you don't play as a guy in the Asagi series, just has a self insert guy you can be. It's Yukikaze were you play as a guy (and Yukikaze herself).



Don't worry, I received her scene from another source.



Thank you for your contributions.

Find the latest patch here: https://mega.nz/#!KbAwHQgK!-n6CtvLXG3GqKjL3YHHb-ttCWphQyPc1Am-uWiUA5gE

This patch supersedes all previous English patches.

Newly added:

SR Fuzuki

SR [Demon Arms] Rinka Shidou

HR [Mechanical Armor] Ayaka Hyuuga

SR [Great Escape] Sakura Igawa

Still missing:

SR Enbi Yuuki (Limited gacha)

UR Reiko Hasuma (Limited gacha)

UR [Wandering] Oboro Koukawa (Limited gacha)

UR [Awakened] Asagi (Limited gacha)

R [Ecsta] Relina (Limited gacha)

UR [Yankee Teacher] Azuma Kamimura (Limited gacha)

UR Lynette Silky (Limited gacha)

R Sedona Alstona (Limited gacha)

R [Noble Lady] Maisie (Limited gacha)

UR [Day Off] Rinko Akiyama (Limited gacha)

R Sia (Limited gacha)

R Mirai Nawakiri (Limited gacha)



Are you seriously asking that…



It's a joke. Let it sink in.

Not the guy you're replying to btw.


Could someone post the link of all the up to date TABA english scripts???

can't find it in the pastebin


File: c5be1883d145fa9⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 1264x1632, 79:102, k_ev060b3.jpg)



Are there renders like this full body one?



Adding onto this question since it looks like this is from a TABA artbook. I know the first one is uploaded somewhere, but is there any other TABA artbooks scanned and uploaded? If so, anyone have a link?



Do you seriously consider that a spoiler?



hip up


So some questions for the people that usually buy stuff from Japan, the onaholes etc. Which service would you use to get the new Lilith book? It's available on Amazon JP among others, but they don't directly ship to Sweden.

https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321811000385/ This is the one I'm talking about, I'd prefer direct shipping, but guessing I need to use a forwarder, so which one should I use for something like this?



File: ba66a651156a47a⋯.jpg (145.41 KB, 1223x869, 1223:869, 65359669_p0_.jpg)

Anyone who has this doujin or know where I can find it? I can find all the others from this artist except for this one.



File: 628bb35dbd67690⋯.jpg (142 KB, 700x700, 1:1, BRO.jpg)

>37 kinds of event CG,

>more than 180 CG differences,

>We draw up with beautiful visual of more than 560 pieces in total.



File: 18ac972b2671159⋯.jpg (135.61 KB, 700x700, 1:1, about_05.jpg)

>Implemented background voice function.

Didn't the previous Taimanin games have this? Either way, it's a feature you don't know you miss until it's gone. Glad it's here.




Any official release date or estimation on it yet?



Download edition is on the 19th

Physical is 24th

Seems like we'll be getting our mama taimanin in just a few days!



Animations though?



Newfag though? It's not anime lilith


I downloaded the Lilith Viewer from a torrent on nyaa, but it's missing the harem scenes for c867-c1008, there is any way to download just these files? the mega links are dead in the pastebin



I'm honestly surprised by how interested in the story I am for this. The idea of there already being missing Taimanin around is actually something I want to figure out, and to be one of those soon to be another missing one is fun.



You can read japanese?


File: 77989c9870eb64a⋯.jpg (265.38 KB, 2200x2600, 11:13, D4H0vDzU4AMxyzL.jpg orig.jpg)

File: a33dd3f7b90be85⋯.jpg (329.36 KB, 2200x2600, 11:13, D4H1bXTU4AAQfsK.jpg orig.jpg)

File: 82fd02824679c71⋯.jpg (405.76 KB, 2200x2600, 11:13, D4H2NDKUEAcEOW3.jpg orig.jpg)

File: 4202f1a98e288cb⋯.jpg (306.4 KB, 2800x2750, 56:55, D4H2PSBUcAc--sB.jpg orig.jpg)

Holy fucking shit I might just end it all if I don't get this Yukikaze



is she gacha ? Who is the event bitch



Looks like the order is Event SR, Gatcha SR, HR and R.


File: f41b9ff79966ff9⋯.jpg (466.79 KB, 861x1115, 861:1115, D2z4fqoU0AAAnNnn.jpg)


I have almost 4 rolls and a few tickets standing by.


It feels weird to say, but it's almost as if someone at Lilith made some good decisions. If they continue releasing full VNs at this pace while keeping RPGX on track, then I don't really mind them putting TABA on the shelf at all.


Out of mild curiosity, does DMM have any intention of releasing an english version of RPGX? Can't read moonrune. Sadness



>If they continue releasing full VNs at this pace

That's seems to be what Sasayama wants to do.


>Every month I have to finish a new chapter for RPG, but right now a I'm writing a new Kagami game and Yukikaze 3, and I wish I could be free to go on a writing spree for those so they can be released next year. Frame is finally back and he's working hard on a new project but it is likely to take until next year for that to release (talking about Mama wa Taimanin). I'd like Lilith to be able to make more new games.


Probably depends on how well eTABA is doing, I personally don't think it's doing good enough and DMM will have a good idea of how many foreigners are playing RPGX which may lead them to "Well they're playing it anyway, what's the point in spending more money?"

Lilith did recently have someone from Chicago visit so maybe they're looking in to getting something translated?


Also haven't seen anyone talk about it but it seems Sasayama wants to try and get TABA sold as its own game (I think he's just talking about the H-scenes but ShindoL asked below about including the story and events and it looks like Sasayama's onboard with that too).


Would any of you buy a full TABA game?



Just heard about this "Mama wa Taimanin" title. So is this VN starring a retired Taimanin mother or something?



Another fucking Yuki event? Give us Ingrid or Oboro



>Would any of you buy a full TABA game?

I like the story so far of eng taba more then I thought I would, assuming it has an ending I would



>Would any of you buy a full TABA game?

Assuming it were in english and had scenes that weren't already in the TABA game, sure. Hell, I'd even buy RPGX scenes, assuming they were in english.



>Would any of you buy a full TABA game?

Yes, assuming that MangaGamer would sell it uncensored.



God among men, thank you so much!



Also been saving up for this, 600 gems and over 30 tickets. Will probably rage quit when all that saving ends up for nothing.


we did it yukikazebros


I HATE flat


File: 9fbb6010b0161d5⋯.jpg (121.61 KB, 472x469, 472:469, finally.jpg)


Yeah, finally.


>bring light team

>deal more damage but also die faster

Fuck it


File: c7e9d6a40754e15⋯.jpg (136.56 KB, 968x732, 242:183, yukikaze2.jpg)


Got 3 different SRs on the way, but got her. ~30 tickets and 250 gems.


Damn i didnt got Yukikaze from 200 gems

What is the Red buttplug effect from TABA?




Literally a boy



I think all the ones with notes (TABA and VN purchase bonuses) are alternative BGMs.



Let us know what her scenes are like when you get there, anon!



Different guy, but personally I don't consider her worth it. First scenes a blowjob, 2nd a regular vaginal scene, combine that with Her rather lacking skills and I'm regretting the 100 gems i spent to get her.


File: 61344635e847b46⋯.jpg (48.24 KB, 953x165, 953:165, Untitled34225.jpg)

What is this one do?


File: 774fdba96de9468⋯.mp4 (182.38 KB, 480x360, 4:3, displeasing.mp4)


>flat, flat, acceptable, flat


File: 1eef0f15ac40ed3⋯.png (523.13 KB, 640x600, 16:15, bruv.png)


>If they continue releasing full VNs at this pace while keeping RPGX on track, then I don't really mind them putting TABA on the shelf at all.

That would be the ideal, and totally agreed



My thoughts exactly!

Also really looking forward to the art since I missed this artist's work.


Nah I just copy-paste in web translators.



can you post some screencaps of her vaginal scene?



Yes I would buy standalone TABA but either make it a VN or introduce proper gameplay


File: cf26978043004fc⋯.png (132.77 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Blank _a3a607974fd784f3ae4….png)


>Pull for 50 crystals because I'm not dropping a dime on this game.

>Get SR

>It's not Yukikaze



Pull 10x gacha ticket 8 times. All dupes.

Pass the whiskey



Six boys



>pull 1 normal ticket

>HR turning into an SR


>not yukikaze





what SRs did you guys get? feels like its been ages since I pulled one


I only use light DPS but off color support for this exact reason, it's pretty gay, you can sort of offset it with red set but then your not using orange or pink


File: 790c9cbc0f54dea⋯.png (427.46 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00181_l_1.png)

File: 676bceb9001b991⋯.png (425.84 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00181_r18_l_1.png)


Yukikaze's rips


The ribbon tits green unit

I did get Yuki with 11 rolls later


File: 056e1f794c44ba2⋯.png (260.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, uni_00181_l_2.png)

File: e2ff081bfb95282⋯.png (259.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, uni_00181_r18_l_2.png)


and here's the large portraits in case anyone wants them





I went to the wiki to try and see what this dark red equipment did that i got from something, and realized they nerfed cyan like months ago, which I was still using on my entire team, not sure I should now, also I had no idea the white 4 peice set stacked if anyone didn't know, so if you want to farm raid bosses put that shit on your entire team, nips have been going hard on wiki, tons of good info there



What's the context of her doing it with a different guy?


Can an anon repost the rpgx browser code for copying text to clipboard? It was lost in the past threads going unarchived.



I wanted to call you a dumb EOP, but as it turns out, you can't read English either.



Should be in the OP right?

Scene contribution?



>more vanilla

Haven't played the event yet but is the protagonist of rpgx and yukikaze a thing in the story? I thought he liked the octopus girl?



if events are canon they've been a thing since sometime after her first event card



Fuuma is literally a chad



with multiple personality disorder and a magic dick.



His personality is pretty consistent in event scenes


File: b2e9362ef398346⋯.jpg (2.2 MB, 14442x830, 87:5, Y豚ちゃんの乳首日記.jpg)


Thanks anon

Currently working on the event unit and R unit if someone can rip the HR that'd be great (also rip the ones I'm working on if you feel like saving me some time :^) ).

Is anyone else slightly put off by Yukikaze's nipples now? I feel like they're too big and meaty for what little tit she has.

Personally I prefered the time between Yukikaze 2 and C659 (although C295 is kinda bad on nipple length).

C718 seems to be when Aoi decided to change how he draws his nipples a bit, I like both C718 and C866 and if those were the first appearances of Yukikaze I wouldn't really think anything is wrong with them.

C923 is where he just went for it, honestly to me C923 and C961 are okay although I much prefer the nipples before then and even if they were the first appearances of Yukikaze I'd feel like they'd need changing.

However, in RPGX he seems to have made her breasts smaller while keeping the nipples the same size and I just don't like that the nipples just don't fit the surroundings I guess.



I have the HR but will take my time on her affection, so don't expect her rips within a week from me.

Will rip her if they haven't appeared by then though.

I agree the nipple size seems off, but big nipples and areloa are my fetish so I don't mind.



They no longer sell the forwarding service since people are shits.

For forwarding only, I use:




Vai tomar no olho do seu cu, seu arrombado filho duma puta! Você acha que eu não queria ter nascido no grorious nippon ao invés do cu do mundo?! Então foda-se, seu imperialista privilegiado de merda!



That's my kink, large perky nipples on small breast. The contrast makes it hot.


File: 2282beddbaf36a1⋯.png (199.18 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00180_r18_l_1.png)

File: 676bceb9001b991⋯.png (425.84 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00181_r18_l_1.png)

File: c1b6b22c574675a⋯.png (215.97 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00183_r18_l_1.png)

HTML RPGX Viewer Patch:


Added all but the new HR

For searching the R is Lebe Safuri, the Event SR is Meteor, I'm shit at Katakana names so feel free to suggest better ones.

Also included the mini patch from 2 weeks ago >>332085

Have a horrible feeling that I'm forgetting to do something with this patch too so if somethings not quite right let me know.

Reminder to rename scene/0138 to scene/EX0001



Are you so fucking terrified to insult a person in the internet you have to do it in favela, you shitskin faggot?

I thought niggers had bigger bollocks than this.

It's not my fucking fault your country is run by clinically diagnosed retards.

Pelo menos parece que Bolsonaro tem as bolas para consertar seu país do terceiro mundo em negação. Aprenda a falar um idioma real, puto negro sem galo.

You'll notice that people begin treating you with respect when you don't sound like an ape.


File: 3a758b36d63d20c⋯.png (467.68 KB, 834x643, 834:643, uni_00182_l_1.png)


>event succubus loli is shota orc raped shit

??? that's so out of place



for the event SR I think Meetia is okay, sounds more like a girl's name than calling her meteor.



for me it's acceptable only from c659 onwards.



After all that's a dream which succubus made to drain the orc to death .

however,this IS NOT what I want to see.


The shitty 3D model makes me want to see how Lilith would fair at a game dedicated to using them.





his jizz needed to be extracted somehow anon



Can you summary the event too? thank you



I'm sure if I was watching that PV on a bigger screen than a cellphone that model would look awful. But as far as low poly models go, that one seems good enough for a short intro. Would be neat to have a nukige that uses models kind of like the newer Ace Attorney titles and then uses 2d artwork cg for the sex scenes. Maybe animated, too. Lilith seems to be trying to make taimanin into something like a ClockUp game, but then Lilith is still Lilith after all. Their nukige are basically Norn/Miel tier kirirkiri short story nukige. I expect this title will basically be Ochiru Hitozuma 3, which isn't a bad thing, but the reason people like OH is for that smut, not a grandiose plot.


Is that Anon with the mega folder of high-res scanned posters and other Lilith goods around? Mind posting the link again if so? Or if anyone else have it seem to have lost it.



You mean this? Haven't updated it for a long time though.




Uploaded a few simple edits that were missing.


File: 41e0fce052da59a⋯.jpg (92.41 KB, 320x460, 16:23, c783912package.jpg)

Rattan just uploaded ENG patch for Kangoku Senkan Premium Box. Anyone who by coincidence bought the CD and could ISO it?




Yeah that one, thanks! I just collect Lilith stuff, and the high res wallpepers, posters and other bonus materials are great. Lost a bunch of what I had, so rebuilding.

Speaking of high res stuff, it's a bit of a shame that the RPGX portrait collection have all the portraits cut off by the legs, even that most have full-body art available in the game.


File: 45f8e3204e627c8⋯.jpg (431.76 KB, 2327x2750, 2327:2750, fdca319e797c1e050456f9b50d….jpg)

Could someone be so kind and reupload RPGX Kurenai's scenes?

Or link me to a mega?

Since the one i found where snapshots, thank you in advance



What's the difference between the premium box and the regular version?



I think the images/animations are like 25% bigger or something for the premium version.


How the fucking shit is anybody supposed to actually get into the top 1000 during this event in battle arena without either spending 100 bucks on battle point potions and playing 24/7 or hacking your account like the guys with millions vanquish points did?


Speaking of TABA i wish the rank 2 bracket was 26-75 rather than 26-50



Its KGS 1 and 2 in one. Rattan says the only difference is KS1 got 25% higher res CG than in original, so not missing a lot.



How do u know theyre gonna cap it at 1000?


File: 9c1a33982c4c0dd⋯.jpeg (41.05 KB, 600x337, 600:337, 1451095179-ebf7715ab4e390….jpeg)


How can you be this fucking bad at such an easy game?


Man I've been getting oddly lucky on the past two RPGX events.

First, I roll SR Yomi with my first Gatcha Ticket and then I get Saya Neo as a drop while farming for tickets with a 15 Luck Yuri.

Now, without even trying to get her whatsoever, I get the SR event loli somehow. I am yet to spend a single medal.

I gotta ask: I've been coming across a lot of stuff I wasn't even trying to get for a few days now. Is there a gifting function that I've missed or is it a different thing that I'm missing?



So does anyone have a visible Weekly Mission 5 in TABA?


How many events until we get to the anal and wedding tokiko events?



Honestly sat on this event longer than I should have. I expected to be able to hit the top 1000 after just grinding for an hour, but Fever Time wasn't so lucky with me this time. But the fact that I was still able to hit the top 2000s after barely doing the grind shows how simple it really can be. And plus, it was a return event, it was 2500 before I'm pretty sure.


Also fuck off that that version of Sakura is a Boss Gacha. I really wanted her too, but that's just not worth while.




Frekin awesome. Gotta keep an eye on that thread in the future.




Those aren't the Premium Boxes that he asked for though.

Pretty sure these premium boxes have only just been recently uploaded since I spent a good few days a couple months ago searching for both of them, EVERY FUCKING RELEASE LABELLED KANGOKU SENKAN PREMIUM BOX WAS KANGOKU SENKAN 2 COMPLETE EDITION, FUCKING CHINKS MAN.



Do you even fucking know what the Premium Boxes are.


File: 6cefca70012de2a⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1030x819, 1030:819, LPK-30007_2019-04-18_09-34….png)

File: c5a2ee382876ae7⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1030x819, 1030:819, LPK-30011_2019-04-18_09-34….png)

File: 5120b2cd62d4e71⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1030x819, 1030:819, LPK-10007_2019-04-18_09-34….png)

File: c5c934632d2d852⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1030x819, 1030:819, LPK-10011_2019-04-18_09-35….png)


Yes they're the games that have all of the games storys up to their release in a single executable. (see pics 3 and 4).

The torrents posted were the complete editions of Asagi 2 and Kangoku Senkan 2 (see pics 1 and 2).



Unit drops in events aren't super rare. I usually get a few when clearing them. Luck only affects getting an extra drop or not, as far as I know. You can get unit drops in that slot though.

I do think the random upgrade that happens during gacha is on top of the original rates, and I wonder if that one might be pseudo random. Something like slightly increasing the chance of triggering for each roll it doesn't.


That Taimanin Saga book is out now, avail on Kindle and Bookwalker (Digital), any idea if it's easy to turn a kindle book (whatever format that is) or ePUB (I think) into PNG or whatnot?



Wew fuck only just saw this, thanks anon I'll get it in a patch later just got to head out now.


Yeah I was initially thinking something like that but when playing her home screen voice clips she says ルナ ミーティア so I was thinking it's kind of meant to be like that


I did it about a year ago with calibre, this should hopefuly have everything that's needed. https://github.com/apprenticeharper/DeDRM_tools/

I remember it being a bit of a pain to download the correct file but once you get it it's pretty simple.


who are the best units to use skill scrolls on in rpgx?



SR Kousaka Shizuru,cuz u need to make the SP cycle more easily


File: 30ad68883668e30⋯.jpeg (153.84 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, d825fd7f42d4894c9f6d1fc46….jpeg)

What's her problem? She's lesbian for Kurenai who's childhood friends with Fuuma but she loses to the dick?



Would you recommend that over Tenso? I've used Tenso to make my purchases, how would you rate 2you4's service?



I wasn't too aware of that so fair enough. The gatcha thing, who knows, whatever happened I'm not complaining.

I am still genuinely surprised about getting the event's SR. I had no interest on her and I never even considered saving to get her. And AFAIK, defeating Raid Bosses only gets you medals so, yeah. Either I'm wrong, which wouldn't be too weird, of I missed a function somewhere, which also wouldn't be unlikely given moonrunes.


File: 679de3346a8a02b⋯.png (3.06 MB, 1907x1077, 1907:1077, 1.png)

Played through Mama wa Taimanin. The nurse has one scene…



did anyone actually expect this to be good



One? Fuck. That's just awful.Annoying they do really nice stuff for preorder/shop bonuses but don't actually put the stuff in the game.


File: e3e6cae0326e49c⋯.png (592.13 KB, 626x571, 626:571, serious_hope.png)


>Played through Mama wa Taimanin.

>game comes out tomorrow (4/19)

Unless you're from the future…



time zones……………



You can read japanese? Is it hookable?



She has a great affection over Kurenai because Kurenai saved her life (she got captured and was gangraped until Kurenai wipes out all the bad guys), otherwise she is hetero like all of them.


Just played mama wa taimanin.

God damn the art is great


someone have link?



wanna be a bro and share so I can upload the CGs to panda?



Sano is one of the better artists Lilith have hired lately IMO, at least skill-wise. His art style works great with the coloring too.

My only complaint for his work on mama taimanin is that the character/suit designs could have been better.



Wanna upload a torrent? If not, how about screenshotting the gallery so the rest of us can see what scenes there are?


how to bypass playdrm?


File: 3806b64dccb61dd⋯.png (425.05 KB, 834x643, 834:643, uni_00182_r18_l_1.png)

HTML RPGX Viewer Patch:


Now includes all scenes released this event.

Sorry for the delay I'm just unreliable as fuck :^)


>got bored with no vidya around due to poor planning on my part

>look up shit to do on phone

>TA has a gachashit game

>try it out because im wondering why gachashit has gotten so popular + I like lilith games

>nutaku has apparently translated it so i try it out

>past lvl 30 only get to progress the story at a snails pace cause stamina

>can only do a few rounds of arena thanks to minimal bp

>gacha rolls are $30

I still dont get how this genre of barebone "games" got popular


Anyone has the Carla the blood lord visual book?


Theres no need for me to upload it as Velka already uploaded all parts.



Apparently needs a crack anyway.



Do you happen to have Kurenai's CG? >>336723




Someones gonna post it and it gets expunged.

But you can still view it so its fine.



According to CatCat,

Just use the previous Lilith femdom title "Aku onna" crack.

and hcode = /HB-1C*0@54BEDA


The amount of positions they had in Mama wa Taimanin. Sweet jesus. And the pacing is really good as they don't start if off with a booomb but it goes slowly from ejaculating on the milf tummy to more progressive stuff stage by stage.

But there is a severe lack of gangbangs and its only at the end. Oh and there need to be more corrupting on the other younger taimanin (2 scenes only).

A 9 for those that want something tame with netorare by a shota with a bad ending twist.

A 7.5 for those that want ochiru hitozuma.

A 6 for those that want the regular TA treatment.

Basically, its better to not play it with previous games expectations.



You can't be this new…



Thanks !!


How many endings are there in this game? Without spoiling too much what are they?


Here are all the CG images. I'll upload the other stuff later on. https://exhentai.org/g/1401079/1d63d088de/

I'm surprised the was the only one to really get any scenes in this game, and only the one in the blue shirt too.



Wtf c'mon anon. Put a spoiler tag on those CG's.











Why are you like this anon? Who hurt you in life? Whatever you've went through or are currently going through in life. Everything is gonna be ok, anon. The past is in the past just vent it all out and move on to a better future.

Also I wasn't really hurt over the spoilers like you think. Getting spoiled of things in life happens and I'm not gonna cry over spilled milk. Have a good day or night, anon.



If that makes you happy. Then keep doing what your doing. I'm not gonna keep trying to talk some sense or stop you from doing something that brings enjoyment to your life. Life is already cruel enough as is and to strip someone of what gives any amount happiness, big or small is messed up. Cheers, anon.



Wow that's kind of disappointing.



Man, how can they have so much gangbang and exhibitionism in the preview cg's and then lay people off like that? Dosen't seem like a good marketing strategy.



lost the hook code for this could you hook a brother up





Eh I really enjoyed the degradation of the milf in this game.

Pretty satisfying 8/10



bless you brother, may the hentai gods grant you consecutive nuts



to me it was nice looking but boring

the main heroine seams to don't have personality and the nurse should not be even in promotion pictures 1 scene really?

from me 5/10

and the 3 points are for the number of the sex scenes of the main character and 2 for art anythink else just doesnt deserve a single point



still me

what was even the point of her nurse outfit


File: cbe9edd2511e4c9⋯.png (1.64 MB, 950x1107, 950:1107, ClipboardImage.png)

Why didn't they just give us a game with the character whose popularity inspired Mama Wa Taimanin to begin with?


>I just want to point out that all the faggots that like this shit IP and this shit company are cucks.

No, kys


File: 76af082fe695b51⋯.jpg (173.11 KB, 450x750, 3:5, 1587277.jpg)

File: 666586887c48926⋯.jpg (393.99 KB, 1447x2047, 1447:2047, Sensei office.jpg)


I don't know CuckFag hasn't been banned already. The same guy is in the Bishop threads, the Lune threads, these threads and even the Subverse thread. He also crops up in /v/ VN Thread generals where he spergs for so long he actually did get a temp ban for derailing the whole thread. You can tell it's him just like you used to tell CaligulaFag back when that game had a blip of interest and when Persona 5 had constant threads. It's the posting style and his constant obsession with screeching about "cuck this" and "cuck that" while doing everything he can to annoy anyone else who doesn't directly agree with him on everything. Cuck trash is trash, sure, but this guy is a sped.

He's the kind of guy who if he made videos he'd be a dedicated lolcow.

Since mods won't do anything, just learn to ignore the roaming CuckFag anon. For all I know he was cuck'd once probably not in real life and never got over it.




What these anons said. It has the Ochiru problem where nothing you do can prevent the gangbangs but here neither can you initiate them earlier on. Either the Shota turns her into an ADV idol or the main villain cum inflates her and turns her (along with the other missing taimanin) into a preg slave.

The CGs are great, obviously. This is one amazing artist from years ago so that's to be expected, but for all the text and dialogue in the game it's got no story. It also only has about three narrative choices and only 2 ENDINGS and both of them are bad.

The other taimanin shows up once, is seen as a nurse a few times, and gets tentacle jellyfish-egg pregnant at the end in a single scene. I wasn't expecting much from her since I thought this game would be like Mary Jane, but it's not. Yes it too focuses on the main heroine to the detriment of not really having any other girls, but

1. Mary Jane did have a number of CGs for Saint Fairy, just in the endings

2. Mary Jane had a lot of personality

and 3. It had a story

Why waste so much time on narrative and dialogue if it's just going to be a typical nukige? Might as well play a Bishop game, then. For Lilith they are autistic when it comes to making stories with involved aspects for no good reason (Annerose, Asagi, etc.) other than having some interesting ideas to tell between womb-plowing. Howevever, Mama Taimanin really doesn't. There's not a whole lot of interest in solving a missing Taimanin mystery that just ends with being another victim. That blows.

Conversely, Mary Jane was all about this rare inversion of the corruption idea and you have character development (not pathos but development) in how MJ perverts the protag slowly but he also perverts her into falling for his dick You also get this great twist where the battle for Purity/Justice Vs Dark Desire needs to fail because otherwise you get a horrific Cyberpunk 1984 future. And so although all of the endings are "bad" endings, the context of the true ending is actually "good"…sort of, which is perfect.

There's lots of little narrative and presentation details missing from Mama Taimanin. Where's the blinking portraits? Why is everything static with the character cut-ins? Why are the sfx lacking? Where's the actual COMBAT? If it was just going to be a shota-dom story, which anons have been asking for since Ochiru, then why have only bad gangbang endings? If it was gonna be a proper Taimanin spin-off, then why no narrative arc like even the Yukikaze games had?

I thought Mary Jane's quality was going to be representitive of Lilith going forward but honestly this is more lacking than TA0, and considering the gacha-surgery and censorship TA0 went through, that's really saying something.

Again, CGs are great. Positions are great. Seiyuu is alright (TA0 and Mary Jane was way better but they also had more to work with). Music was good. But overall, really disappointing.


Because that would make sense.



>I love BISHOP games, actually, they are the antithesis of shit lilith.

Exact same thing CuckFag says every time it's brought up, both here and on /v/. Yeah, it's the same guy.


Why do you morons continue to reply to the anon who repeats cuck like it's his catchphrase? He's just here to shitpost and derail the threads.



I don't reply to him ever. It's all the other anons who keep arguing with him.


I downloaded Viewer, but do not understand how to use. Please tell


Hello all, I would like to know if I won't have any missing files for TABA because I stopped at TABA Eng Viewer Patch 20190315 and now the only download that works is TABA Eng Viewer Patch 20190412.

Thanks in advance ^^


cant get it to work since the crack has 5 letters/numbers but the game only allows 4


Is there anywhere you can just get the CG of

Mama Wa Taimanin yet?



How about reading the thread before typing?



Mind pointing it out or a least the right CRACK code.


Can somebody explain this Boss Battle shit to me?

From what I understand, you can get the special tickets from doing the arena shit - this time anyway - or carry over any you have left over from the previous ones. But since you can only draw one at a time with the tickets, you basically get to eat shit because there's no way in hell you can kill the bosses at any reasonable draw rate, short of maybe getting an UR.

Unless I'm missing something and you can cobble together your draws into a deck, this seems like a really blatant cash grab since the only way you can get any fights other than a 1v1 against bosses is through the 10x gacha pull you pay for with actual money - assuming, of course, that the 10x draw will actually let you throw those 10 whatevers against the boss simultaneously.



>Unless I'm missing something and you can cobble together your draws into a deck, this seems like a really blatant cash grab

It is though you can pay to draw 10 cards at once and if you defeat a boss you get a free hit on the next one so its not ultra scummy just super scummy.



Drawing one at a time or 10 at once changes nothing apart from saving you a few seconds of gacha animation. Any damage you've dealt to the boss carries over no matter what and your cards still only attack one at a time.


File: b472db5ec075710⋯.jpg (98.32 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, smells like samefag.jpg)







the patches are usually comprehensive and contain all previous data


File: 365ab0dc0a28297⋯.jpg (135.87 KB, 1566x824, 783:412, Untitled.jpg)

I got the crack for Mama Wa Taimanin but I get this when I open the .exe what am I doing wrong?



Thanks for the reply. Have a good day ;)



So I wasn't alone in thinking Onna Kanbu is the best thing they've done in a long time.


Did anyone buy the new Taimanin Saga book on Kindle or epub? If so, what resolution does it come in?



Is this from TABA or RPGX?

Also I thought TABA is dying soon?



download different version of the game and change your location to japanese or use some app that does that



TABA is dead or will be soon

the pics are from promo for Mama game



This is promo pic for Mama Wa Taimanin. Sadly they don't really depict how the game is at all apparently. Nutaku TABA is still up and running, the original jap Taba is dead.



The japanese version of TABA stopped a few weeks back but the english version has multiple years of content left if they plan on doing all events.


What do i need to do to make the RPGX viewer work?



First-grade-level reading comprehension.



It may be invisible but you just got my upvote



youre sperging out awfully lot about a wank game



this is a wank game thread surely this is proper place for such high level autism


File: c5be1883d145fa9⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 1264x1632, 79:102, c5be1883d145fa9bda5ef47ee5….jpg)

Where is this image from?


File: de286e4c9308aa4⋯.png (394.21 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, kr_t001a.png)

File: c791dc433765614⋯.png (395.04 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, kr_t001h.png)

File: a9395d0658402a2⋯.png (271.33 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, kr_t002d.png)

File: b2a6b665c13fa7e⋯.png (271.86 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, kr_t002e.png)

File: 2f01761f17facd8⋯.png (569.34 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, kr_t003b.png)

New Aoi Nagisa girl introduced in the new chapter.

Imo the way she looks she could be a character straight from that Titty-Elf game.


File: 8045d20d9b63ffe⋯.png (233.7 KB, 640x768, 5:6, c196.png)

File: ee7a993bc8c94b5⋯.png (224.62 KB, 640x768, 5:6, c196_alt.png)


It's a card from TABA.

c196, c197.

Your image in particular is from some artbook I guess.



well she looks nice



Nice but i still like Asuka better



Not really, this one's face actually looks good unlike any of the trash he normally does.



I miss zol games

Why there are no new zol games after kurenai….




Asuka have nice faces



Because Kurenai is the second-worst rated Black Lilith game on EGS in almost a decade.

Currently, the only one rated worse is Mama wa Taimanin, but that one has only just been released.


File: 1bdad6d7177652f⋯.png (1.85 MB, 826x1200, 413:600, Aoi.png)


Rinko and Asuka's face are identical with hair swaps. This new chick looks slightly different.


I wish Kurenai would get translated just for the lore.



Not sure why that is, it was entertaining enough. It's not significantly worse than anything else. Kurenai herself is great, as well.


File: 06a2292be6196c3⋯.jpg (708.06 KB, 3230x4096, 1615:2048, D4wosPnUIAE-CV5.jpg)

File: d332c51f5418120⋯.jpg (101.67 KB, 800x600, 4:3, D4wpAaAU4AIzJCm.jpg)

File: a4bef721e1b5f65⋯.jpg (191.37 KB, 760x596, 190:149, snowqueen.jpg)

File: 5306d6c5303529f⋯.jpg (230.58 KB, 850x1111, 850:1111, sample_204e2c3c025393aa2c6….jpg)


New girl's name is Onizaki Kirara. She's supposed to be half frost demon (mother), half Taimanin (father). Reminded me of an old Oglaf strip heh.

She has horns which she hides with her pigtails and ribbons. The small horns and big tits evokes the whole cowgirl look.

Yeah her design is a bit reminiscent of Phyllis from Sukebe Elf.

In any case I look forward to seeing her scenes.



well hot girls are very similar in real live to



well i know kurenai was really bad but mama worse is like seeing cg without a basic story and in the game nothing actually happens and there are no stakes at all just much shota dick and thats it and they dare to call it an Taimanin title is like ochiru hitozuma without aphrodisiac and blackmail and only with one heroine

and old zoo games was good at least to me like

Taima Seikou Alice i wish for a sequel

Onmyou Kishi Towako i wish for a sequel

Koukaku no Ai and still good but i dont care for a sequel

Tsuma Netori well it got an anime spinoff but wasnt the best from him



i remember some 1 posted summary one day but i dont really care for that game i think lilith also



zol art was wierd in kurenai it didnt much the taimain games for me it



it would be nice if she become also a character in main games series and not only for rpgx

it is a waste to only keep her in gacha shit









Please, stop typing like a braindead retard, it's fucking embarrasing


Actually can someone please explain to me the bad ending of Kurenai where she's gives birth in a green tube. Like what is going on lmao. Why is she giving birth to monsters when she's a half vampire.


A common thread in these games is the captured women who have demon/magic blood being used as breeding tanks/sows for hybrid demon soldiers. That's what's going on.



It's supposed to be representative of what happens to you as an adult when you don't eat your broccoli. The broccoli morphs into a green tube that fucks you for the rest of your life as you endlessly birth more green tubes

Moral of the story, eat your broccoli


File: bf985e31e2d08ea⋯.png (522.98 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 잉그리드 초기.png)

File: 171c7d0e5e585ba⋯.png (86.47 KB, 500x588, 125:147, 렌교 아자미.png)

Rengyo Azami and Early Ingrid Hair is same



Which artbook is this from?



Old news. It's been noted on Azami's wiki entry for years.


Taimanin Saga.


Fuck I think I made a huge mistake. I used my Kureha Soga card to level up my LR Asuka since its skill was worthless but now that TABA changed Miryuu's skill so it wouldn't be worthless I'm worried they'll change Soga's skill as well.


File: c46504eb8c6e492⋯.png (2.63 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm really hoping Fuuma having sex with pic related goes somewhere eventually. She still has the whole sleeper agent plot device as her character and that scene should have woken her up to do stuff behind everyone's back. TABA never put Shizuru into the role as a love interest where they had sex so I was assuming this unit spelt trouble in the near future.


File: 5888f9862eaf50e⋯.jpg (331.7 KB, 960x740, 48:37, LGD-73053_large.jpg)

File: 8805e06bffdbed2⋯.jpg (282.37 KB, 960x740, 48:37, LGD-73054_large.jpg)

Next month.



Where did you find those pics?




Now why wasn't Taimanin Kurenai colored like this?



Saika is something so great.



Because she's one of the most unpopular characters in the franchise and her friend is far better liked.



Japs have shit tastes



>Because she's one of the most unpopular characters in the franchise and her friend is far better liked.

Which is why I asked about her release game not being colored like this. Her entry into the series would have looked better.



It's one of the most unpopular characters also in the rest of the world.






yes, yes indeed


File: f76a9ac268c50f6⋯.png (701.1 KB, 640x768, 5:6, Mercy.png)

File: 0299fb8df8a4658⋯.png (703.96 KB, 640x768, 5:6, Katerina.png)

Next event will be a map event called "Forgotten Snake God". Maybe we'll finally get a Hebiko unit.

The gacha units will be Clone Asagi (SR), Katerina (HR) and Mercy (R).



Hey my boy, we get another patch soon? Even if I got the card in game i'm using your viewer cause TABA is so much shit at showing scenes.



Totally forgot I had 2 scenes. Hope it helps you.

[Ecsta] Relina: https://pastebin.com/v3afJXT0

[Noble Lady] Maisie: https://pastebin.com/v6dc2H3q


Golden Week Login Bonus:

In addition to the normal login bonus there will be an extra bonus during Golden Week giving out Luxury items such as Gems and an HR Ticket.

Golden Week Elemental Pick Up Gacha:

Starting at midnight on the 27th there'll be a Special Elemental rate up gacha that changes element every 2 days.

It will cost 30 Gems and spit out 11 units.

The Gacha can only be used once per element.

The order will be

Yellow -> Purple -> Blue -> Green -> Red

The Gacha units from the next event are excluded from this gacha.

Gold Rush Set:

There will be a Gold Rush set appearing in the shop, no mention of the price but it can be bought once per day for 10 days giving 7 Gems and 5 Full AP Pots each time.



Hey, "my boy", how about uploading some scripts if you want a patch?


Thank you for your contributions.

Find the latest patch here: https://mega.nz/#!uO4z3agC!_LSLwxSFNUmjKB15E0QtZrwj9bQoIKnpMBLQkhs34K8

This patch supersedes all previous English patches.

A script error with [Re-Produced] Saya's scene was fixed.

Newly added:

SR Enbi Yuuki

R [Ecsta] Relina

UR [Yankee Teacher] Azuma Kamimura

R Sedona Alstona

R [Noble Lady] Maisie

R Relm Seal

SR Juno

HR [Re-Produced] Saya

Still missing:

UR Reiko Hasuma (Limited gacha)

UR [Wandering] Oboro Koukawa (Limited gacha)

UR [Awakened] Asagi (Limited gacha)

UR Lynette Silky (Limited gacha)

UR [Day Off] Rinko Akiyama (Limited gacha)

R Sia (Limited gacha)

R Mirai Nawakiri (Limited gacha)

UR [Shadow Kill] Sakura Igawa (Boss Battle Gacha)

HR Alma (Limited gacha)

R Ayame Nozaki (Limited gacha)

UR [Secret Weapon] Murasaki Yatsu

HR [Convicted] Minasaki

R [Blasting Stake] Finelle

R Fumi Tachibana

SR [Electric Radiance] Rin Uehara (Raid event drop/reward)



Yeah that was me. I posted the script too because I forgot lol Thanks mate.



Thank you and every other contributor.


Anyone here can post that gacha Rinko from last week? I went all out with tickets on that one, but sadly, no luck.



>Next event will be a map event called "Forgotten Snake God".

I still have some faint hopes of something becoming of the journey to find Snake Lady briefly mentioned in Cerastes bio. Not even a futa fag.


General Taiamanin question: of the game girls, are Yukikaze and Asuka the only girls who hasn't been inside a tentacle wall yet? Yukikaze did had that simulation thing with Rinko at the start of the first game but I don't think Asuka has ever been held up for tempering…well, other than her limbs themselves were tempered with.




Yeah but only the Japanese audience matters.


Asuka has thankfully so far not been fucked by any sort of monster stuff so far. Sadly, she's been gangbanged many times (mainly in TA3 which is cuckshit already anyway), but at least it was students of her own school.



That's a black mark on her resume.



>Asuka has thankfully so far not been fucked by any sort of monster stuff so far. Sadly, she's been gangbanged many times (mainly in TA3 which is cuckshit already anyway), but at least it was students of her own school.

And you're thankful because?…


where do I start? I have been fapping to image collections for years yet never played a game.

Where is the best place to start?



Start with what?

>Hentai games in general

Well what are your fetishes? Any kind of gameplay you want if at all?

>Taimanin Series in particular

Probably the anime or the first game, game's kinda aged roughly imo




pure garbage



Because the degenerate can't survive the existence of a scene where his waifu is getting monster fucked. He would get an aneurysm as soon as the CG was drawn, weather he saw it or not.



thanks for the info, I would have been pissed If I missed that. Wonder if Cyborg Asagi is going to give us some serious power creep or they will keep going like they have


I spent a billion tickets on her too and couldn't get her either



Lucked out with the given Boss Battle tickets.

UR [Shadow Kill] Sakura Igawa Scene 1: https://pastebin.com/ze9QduhH

Scene 2: https://pastebin.com/DzjCDGG8

Also have this.

R Mirai Nawakiri Scene: https://pastebin.com/rHaJkztj

Haven't done this before so forgive me if there's something wrong with them.


File: 86ec05846ea1f4c⋯.jpg (187.12 KB, 512x268, 128:67, 001.jpg)

File: c2fe595802a2e3b⋯.jpg (75.64 KB, 510x620, 51:62, 002.jpg)

File: e18a59e71a37e0a⋯.jpg (115.92 KB, 500x600, 5:6, 012.jpg)

Next RPG Event and Gacha


Serastes(SR, Red)


Clone Asagi(SR, Purple)



Welp, all resources will go to this.



Thanks. These will be included in the next patch.


Can I get a quick rundown on this game?



Gatcha cancer.



The idea of a gacha porn game sounds bizarre somehow, granted most of them are pretty much softcore porn anyways



Well this is sorta an exception since it isn't really softcore, still cencored though.

To answer you question, there aren't actually any gameplay here. You press a big red button until you can't press it anymore, eventually you get gatcha tickets so you can get better cards which will let you press the button even more. Oh, also, every card has sex scenes.


So I got a Edwin Black card from one of the raid bosses earlier, should I increase his levels since he's a 5*?


File: a1e3e0ca87403dd⋯.png (734.56 KB, 1774x1119, 1774:1119, dede7ed4586789e1a70a765643….png)

When are we going to get a nice scene with Tokiko and this CHAD having sex while a cucked Fuuma is watching them?



Long spear guy is probably compensating for something.

I bet they introduce his sister/GF or something similar for Fuuma to nail.


Does rpgx have hentai in it or costume changes like TABA kind of hard to know when you dont read moon runes? If it does does anyone know the conditions or where to access it in the game.


File: f630d74de1b8cd7⋯.jpg (156.06 KB, 634x415, 634:415, herehereandhere.jpg)


If you mean alternate portrait art, then yes. Under units, and the red button on the left. You need maxed out hearts to unlock it.



thanks apparently such an option doesnt exist on the android version and only on pc



Check that you have DL'd Taimanin RPGX and not Taimanin RPG.

The option exists on android, but you need to have the right version of the game.



Asagi looks awesome, I have like 350 gems saved up gonna try for her


Now that I have tried them I think those double hit buttplugs work rather well with Ingrid.



Which are those? I's been experimenting with the plugs that I's got, but can't find the ones. Either because I don't gots enough for the two hit effect or because it hasn't proc'd for some reason.

Obviously, the moonrunes don't help.



The pink ones. I think they do a good job because Ingrid lacks a single target skill and you're probably better off just using her as a buffer and with a double hit she would do more damage than just the 30% increase of the orange ones.



I hope her scenes don't involve this tool of a guy. She needs proper orc loving.


File: f7fd1aed2c39230⋯.png (139.22 KB, 405x191, 405:191, ClipboardImage.png)

what's this?



Gold rush set. Limited to once per day.


A new game just came out and all of three people talked about it. Immediately the thread kept going on about gacha nonsense.

This is why Lilith sucks and why you will never get a proper Asagi 4



>>This is why…

I'm lost. What is "this"?



Obviously the amount of discussion on an English imageboard is directly related to Lilith's business decisions.

Personally I haven't even recieved my copy yet, but I doubt I'll have much to add to the discussion when I do.


File: e51d65898e1ff76⋯.jpg (6.87 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)



Haven't had time to download it yet mate damn



Don't mind him, he's just bitter that his mum drank up all the food stamps.



What else is there to talk about? It's a game where a Taimanin milf fucks her sons friend and that's it. It's Lilith's fault for not giving us more content with the other characters. The only thing people can say is whether they enjoyed it or not. If you're not into shota the game is a hard bust by default.


So why is my TABA leaderboard pic a card I haven't used in weeks? Do I have to like manually change it somewhere?


File: 15dcf114a10ae29⋯.gif (125.39 KB, 500x382, 250:191, 1525816125838.gif)


>The idea of a gacha porn game sounds bizarre somehow, granted most of them are pretty much softcore porn anyways



>such shitty english

I'm pretty sure you're that brazilian retard.



There's a "set to main page" button in a card's details that changes your home screen and leaderboard pic.


File: 6b00d223238a5c0⋯.jpg (101.12 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1555815277425.jpg)


>Pelo menos parece que Bolsonaro tem as bolas para consertar seu país do terceiro mundo em negação. Aprenda a falar um idioma real, puto negro sem galo.

That was cringy as fuck, but it's only to be expected from a retarded bolsominion who's barely literate.



we can't really talk about the game when the game plot can by summarize in 1 sentence



There's tits and fucking. Good enough plot for most of us here.

I mean, it could be better, they could add some explosions and jetpacks but shit, still a solid 8/10 for plot.



For some reason even though I had selected a different home screen a while back it still had the one before as my leaderboard. Changing it again fixed it.

By the way does this affect the card that your friends and others use during boss battles?



Funnily what annoyed me the most about that game is one of the early oral scenes. She tells the shota to close his eyes and not look at what she does, but in the CG she has pulled her top up and her tits are out.

This is never even mentioned in the text, and sure, I can understand they wanted something to excite the reader, but her having her tits out made NO sense, especially since she's being all reluctant about getting the shota off.


File: a41635091712d42⋯.jpg (114.6 KB, 1174x1068, 587:534, D5VHem7UUAAaiTv.jpg)

File: 42cbb14aca8121d⋯.jpg (92.62 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, D5VHcpSU0AASnDj.jpg)

File: 10469d7ff42c536⋯.jpg (178.66 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, D5VHdcrUEAA3G41.jpg)




A man of detail to be sure. Though, do you read japanese?


I wish Sakura was my cute genki Taimanin gf


File: 7434d0985635f7c⋯.jpg (332.81 KB, 2048x1891, 2048:1891, D5VLOZDVUAABqMF.jpg)

File: 861bc5ee0ca9d0e⋯.jpg (210.16 KB, 2048x1891, 2048:1891, D5VLPIyU4AAs7H7.jpg)




she's looking fuckin awesome, hope she isn't shit.

For the record that golden week pull is normal pull just discounted right? I got full useless rares lel, I don't even know why they waste resources making new rares, no one uses them or wants them, if you need dead filler cards to waste money just up the rate on the old shit rares or let people pull SR kunai


I always thought sakura was super hot but I never liked her silly personality compared to Asagi/Rinko/Murasaki


File: 82723c3c6c528b2⋯.png (519.2 KB, 936x523, 936:523, EV SR.png)

File: a1b204b4efa5cd8⋯.png (521.88 KB, 956x519, 956:519, HR.png)

File: 30fa2ca3a3ded7c⋯.png (481.09 KB, 946x532, 473:266, SR.png)




let us know their scenes when you get them


Map event mission upgrade looks good.



No, your support card is always the leader of your current deck.


File: 0cee46694712808⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1013x776, 1013:776, F.png)

If neither of them is Clone Asagi im gonna end it.


File: f29da8809968ae2⋯.png (892.23 KB, 1026x786, 171:131, asdf.png)



wew, very nice


File: be6fcc34ca28d42⋯.png (874.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chr_0116_1a_r18.png)

File: a1f36cdf0423c86⋯.png (817 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chr_0116_2c_r18.png)



So what is the story with Asagi clone?


This boss is fucking easy lol



3 ten rolls and she got gangbang scene AHUWDJKHGJSHABJSCBNJKHSDUNWJNJKSAMDNSND


File: aabf1293c69ca7e⋯.jpg (126.13 KB, 590x598, 295:299, Untitled9.jpg)

Clone Asagi had a hard life…



Ohh no, a gangbang scene in the Taimanin series. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


So in RPGX what is SPD do? make you attack first or something?



Not in my High school Taimanin you fucking rapist



look at this son of a bitch


you fuckers man >>340796


exactly, it's only good for healers that are not hot healers


Any scan for the Taimanin artbook yet?




Well Sasayama warned you that this scene wasn't for people who were into the lovey-dovey stuff. >ラブラブ好きな人はご注意を.

>Not in my High school Taimanin

And since when is Clone Asagi in High school?

Besides, she herself looks like she enjoys the whole gangbang stuff hehe.



The past doesn't count right?



They should just leave all lovey-dovey stuff to other companies anyway. Taimanin is supposed to be pretty dark and full of all kinds of "weird" fetishes and stuff. I don't MIND a good route in a game, I don't even mind if the "good" route is the canon ending, but I read/like Taimanin because of the often pretty fucked up stuff.


File: a930f64838f9328⋯.png (3.53 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, chr_0116_1b_r18.png)

File: a43b1a8c403f318⋯.png (3.53 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, chr_0116_1f_r18.png)

File: 5dd58d47edd4d22⋯.png (3.53 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, chr_0116_2b_r18.png)

File: a9d22ad09a2d340⋯.png (3.53 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, chr_0116_2f_r18.png)


Thanks for the rip!


Clone Asagi has had a lot of hard dick in her life…and she loved it.



so is this flashbacks or modern day? what's she doing now?



Please reupload Patch c985-c992? My internet is shit, so I've been downloading the smaller patches. Missed this one though.


File: 2b0983a1d47b379⋯.png (437.35 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00187_r18_l_1.png)

sorry for my poor english.

Clone Asagi was held at a brothel,

bacause she has the same face as Igawa Asagi,

and we know that Igawa Asagi has a lot of enemies,

so they came to rape Clone Asagi everyday,

until she was rescued by a mysterious woman.(Kiryu's syster)



>.(Kiryu's syster)

oh shit I love her, hope she gets a unit soon



Modern day she's being hired as a mercenary by Fuuma. As they pass by a brothel Clone Asagi has a flashback of what happened there a couple years ago.



Is Fuuma saying something about this?



He just wonders if Asagi is ok since she suddenly stopped and spaced out for a moment. She tells him it's nothing and that she'll tell him later. Then they head to some family restaurant.


File: 41c475d3c9e3087⋯.jpg (51.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, thumb-Taimanin-Asagi32.jpg)

Watching how Lilith is ruining this great franchise with all this vanilla bullshit and this self-insert faggotry it truly sickens me, why can't Lilith just die or kill this franchise?

If they wanted to make a vanilla based gatchashit game why didn't they choose one of the many vanilla titles they did in the past instead of choosing probably the only title who has the most hardcore stuff of all? They could've used Yukikaze, Asagi and Sakura as guest characters from another "Timeline" if they wanted them so badly in a vanilla game.



did you OD on nigger semen again anon



>When are we going to get a nice scene with Tokiko and this CHAD having sex while a cucked Fuuma is watching them?

when you stop being a virgin lol




Oh god the salty vanilla cuck is back, oh no no no!


What's the most efficient way to farm this new event for 5 copies of the event unit? I already did 10 clears on hard without purple boxes, but not sure what I should be focusing on next.


Why there are only four Cerastes obtainable? Is there a way to get the fifth that I'm missing?



How about you stop feeding the obvious troll? There's some vanillafags posting in here but there's still the obvious troll.


File: 2dafd62723bbad4⋯.png (489.03 KB, 674x460, 337:230, D5X8BBsVUAAm2LG.png)


Too dumb to read?


Why are there so many level 1 accounts trying to kill my bosses?


What kind of scenes does snake lady have?



Do you mean actual Snake Lady or Cerastes?

I'm also glad that in the most recent batch Katejina finally got a Fuuma scene, all her TABA cards were gangbang and orcs so it's something different. Clone Asagi scenes were good too



Yes, does it says that bosses and rare enemies could drop her? Or only rare enemies? Or are they insulting my mother?



When the map boss is defeated, the limited unit rarely drops!

A rare enemy sometimes appears on the advanced map. Let's challenge it while taking all possible measures!

Let's get the event limited unit!

The rare enemy also drops it! Let's take aim at it!


R.I.P. Fuuma.



Thank you


File: fe39f8e6c8d23d8⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190502-091017.png)


He lived, she's quite happy about it



Shit I have her anons. What do?



No need i already got her scene thx to a friend, but thanks for the consideration



Actually wrong her second card was with TABA faggot Fuuma i think



>Actually wrong

>i think

At least make sure you're actually right before contradicting someone else, retard.

Her second card has her fucking a guy Fuuma sent her to kill.






So what's this girl's deal? If you fuck her you die?



Geez calm your tits you cocksucker i don't understand japanese and you can barely see the guy so i thought it was him, my god you gatchafags are so sensible lol.


Hi has anyone got TABA last version?

I can't find it




kek this is why nobody respects you EOP faggots



>Do you mean actual Snake Lady or Cerastes?

The new unit for Cerastes. Is it vanilla or rape?



Vanilla like all the other scenes shes ever had.


Threw the clone asagi rip in the scene folder but still doesnt show up in the viewer. Which other file do i have to modify?


File: 9ba218bd8d3c602⋯.png (82.98 KB, 428x144, 107:36, A5A4A5D9A5F3A5C831375FA5EA….png)

File: c73ecbbdaf868c4⋯.png (92.96 KB, 428x144, 107:36, A5A4A5D9A5F3A5C831385FCBBA….png)

Patch for the RPGX eventviewer with the latest two events.



There was a mega link/archive of a very lage number of drama CDs among other stuff. I lost it somewhere, anyone still has it?



Thank you.

The method you use to rip the events is the same of the guide in the OP?


File: de092117a929b2b⋯.jpg (277.74 KB, 1287x768, 429:256, 無題.jpg)



I unzipped the downloaded Viewer and opened this html file. This screen came out. How does it work properly?



How good would it be if there was a readme, right?



More or less.

Use browser in incognito.

Press F12 and go to network tab.

Start the in-game event you want to rip.

Right-click and open in a new window on all the elements that get loaded and that you want to save.

Open the files with AssetStudio and extract the scripts and images.

Also note that you need to let the whole scene play out to download the music/soundeffects since those get loaded during the scene rather than before.



How can I download the full 10GB viewer without paying MEGA?



Just wait, dumbass.


File: b2f3181dadd138f⋯.png (9.6 KB, 93x75, 31:25, 1538931161853.png)

Anyone who have a script for farming in TABA or some tips/help? This braindead gacha bs is infuriating.




You haven't truly lived till you had 50 Chad Fulsts in a row cuck you out of as many BP potions. It's just luck and probability but I would love a script too to make life easier.




Anybody posting a script would have to be retarded. Nutaku folks lurk our threads. They'd look at the script and add some tiny thing that breaks it.



I mean just about anything would be useful really. The best ive come up with is an auto-clicker so I won't literally wear out my mouse on this BS.


File: eec36719ba07c2c⋯.png (200.48 KB, 640x768, 5:6, tumblr_nnfyo7KplD1rsl80xo1….png)

Been awhile since I've contributed, and it seems things as slowed down. I've been pretty excited to post this one, so hopefully this one hasn't already been uploaded (especially since I paid top dollar to be able to even get her).

[Shadow Kill] Sakura Igawa

c253 and c254

… Who… that… that's… right, that's Mucchan… My memories of onee-chan… myself… and Mucchan… give them back!!

Nnnuuu? What's next… my tits? My mouth? Huh, my pussy… ugh… alright, I guess, but I'm already pregant… Hehe~




Thank you. Unfortunately, her scenes have already been posted here: >>339927



Good spirit, brother. We need more contributors like you. I don't even farm for anything else than to perhaps contribute to the viewer because the ingame scenes viewer is outright horrible.


>>343369 >>343392

Ahh darn it! Well, hopefully the next round then. Has there been an updated patch that includes that scene? I think I got another card I can add (just need to train her).



Yeah, more or less same here. I don't even view the scenes in game and instead post them here first and foremost (plus it's nice to contribute).


What is the SR rate in RPGX? I've been playing for a month with nothing but bare minimum 1 HR pulls. Kind of sad



SR 3% HR 10% NR 87%



Thanks anon!



Not yet. I'll create a new patch after maintenance on Wednesday.


File: 15a7bb244e4b4f1⋯.png (269.78 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00186_r18_l_1.png)

File: 2b0983a1d47b379⋯.png (437.35 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00187_r18_l_1.png)

File: 8cd0a1a559cd0aa⋯.png (268.39 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00189_r18_l_1.png)


Thanks anon

HTML RPGX Viewer Patch:


Still need Katerina.

Idk why it took me so long to do this I've just felt lazy this last week or so.



I'd prefer an orc fucking Tokiko while this cucked wimp is watching them.


Any point to play the DMM English version of TABA? I've already got a good deck in the Nutaku version and don't want to double the grind.



With the information we have now, there's no real point unless you want to future-proof yourself from a Nutaku pull-out.



The fuck? Since when is there an english version on DMM?



Since an undisclosed date in the future.



You still need those Rin scenes?



I've already ripped them, thank you.



Do you still need convicted minasaki?



File: ad8733da9cb30da⋯.png (209.87 KB, 640x768, 5:6, c251.png)



Okay give me a sec with that one, also saw you needed Ayami: https://pastebin.com/kJCMpKnD


File: 086e9713b910f9b⋯.jpg (22.52 KB, 385x385, 1:1, sadfrog.jpg)


Some of these UR probably never ever


File: 4656cddeb98f336⋯.png (715.33 KB, 960x690, 32:23, Clone Asagi.png)


Thank you and no problem, everybody needs to rest once in a while. But i started sweating just a bit cause i realy wanted to see that scene and i didnt get clone asagi, even in 200 crystals and 20 tickets.


File: f8023aedb1cb2a5⋯.png (173.6 KB, 640x768, 5:6, c288.png)



Sorry, took a little longer due to maintenance last night.

[Convicted] Minasaki: https://pastebin.com/EMCphfsH






Thank you for your contributions.

Find the latest TABA English Viewer patch here: https://mega.nz/#!DDwySa5Z!tR9zjbf7f_bfcemahpHr933pax5FYX6WI3o0OhIC0aM

This patch supersedes all previous ones.

Newly added:

R Mirai Nawakiri

UR [Shadow Kill] Sakura Igawa

R Ayame Nozaki

HR [Convicted] Minasaki

SR [Electric Radiance] Rin Uehara

HR Yukina Grace

Script updated:

HR [Re-Produced] Saya

Still missing:

UR Reiko Hasuma (Limited gacha)

UR [Wandering] Oboro Koukawa (Limited gacha)

UR [Awakened] Asagi (Limited gacha)

UR Lynette Silky (Limited gacha)

UR [Day Off] Rinko Akiyama (Limited gacha)

R Sia (Limited gacha)

HR Alma (Limited gacha)

UR [Secret Weapon] Murasaki Yatsu (Limited gacha)

R [Blasting Stake] Finelle (Limited gacha)

R Fumi Tachibana (Limited gacha)

UR [Shadow Ruler] Sakura (Limited gacha)

HR [Needle Expert] Rei Yakumo (Limited gacha)

R Julia Swallow (Limited gacha)

R Villetta Loren (Limited gacha)

SR Cara Cromwell (Upcoming tower event reward)



Much thanks anon



Not sure is my problem or not,

the ミレイユ(0113) scene has no voice

anyone has the same problem?>>343505



Pulled Sia and Swallow, will post em later



are the "still missing" missing in eng or in jp?


I'm a bit out of the loop, when did DMM announce that eng TABA is going to be on their site. Seems a bit odd considering JP has effectively stopped updating. Also the nutaku version exists.



Ah fuck I named the folder "voice" instead of "voices" just rename it and it will work.

I'll include the correctly named folder in the next patch.



they did this to kamihime project too, is DMM trying to cut off nutaku from the eng market? I wonder if RPGx will even go to nutaku or just DMM English


Anybody know how the fuck the new TABA ladder reward card is supposed to work? The Cara one from the current event. Tooltip says "Cuts damage from all enemies by 45% when you use 5 same cards."

That mean five demon cards or 5 Cara cards? If it's the second, then it's pretty dogshit unless you place top 50 ladder



Means at skill level 5.








English. We've already ripped every card in the Japanese game. All we're missing from that one is a single H-scene from one of the earliest events which recycles CGs from Taimanin Murasaki.




A script that "plays" the game wouldn't be that difficult to write with GoogleChrome puppeteer and be robust enough to deal with small changes.


surprised it doesn't exist.


Wtf happened? Did half the thread just get deleted?




Oh, sorry, I can't help then


File: a6fc8f1e43a6894⋯.png (165.44 KB, 640x768, 5:6, c300.png)







Speaking of this, have we ever gotten word back from Sasayama on whether or not a full TABA game would be available to purchase? I ask this mainly because that would probably be a good way for MangaGamer to release an uncensored Taimanin game in the west.


Hentai girls lose to dick all the time. Pretty standard procedure.


See, that's why I'd rather they'd turn TABA or RPGX into full blown VNs because it's such a fucking chore just to get enough shit to unlock fapping material in the first place. And I'm not gonna fork over cash just to play a supposedly "free" game.


File: bb925f03275839d⋯.png (227.78 KB, 640x768, 5:6, c279.png)



Sia: https://pastebin.com/YaySWu4w

Hopefully Gatcha kami-sama will bless one of us with the new Sakura




What makes you think a repackaged bundle of the scenes would be uncensored when the official localization of the game isn't?


File: 8e89ba55224945b⋯.png (57.58 KB, 2400x259, 2400:259, citation needed.png)


>Nutaku folks lurk our threads.


File: b29e4a1ae4f1377⋯.jpg (120.97 KB, 790x1229, 790:1229, (you).jpg)


>implying you're not just a brazilian nigger who pretends to know Japanese



Fuck you too


File: 848fedfa25fc259⋯.jpg (183.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ev_com_35d.jpg)

File: 02efce3766b1dad⋯.png (532.96 KB, 1040x508, 260:127, gbprk.png)

So now that the game is out for a while I can post pics without spoilers, right? Because honestly this game doesn't deserve the respect.

>cool mystery plot never really followed or solved

>fun Taimanin design that doesn't get used but for all of three scenes (and one non-sex scene)

>Taimanin game but with few choices

>barely any story

>no real character even in the heroine other than "I can't! This is wrong! But the dick so good tho! IM SORRY HUSBAND IM SORRY SON!!! UNF THE DICK~"

>entire game is netori-vanilla with the "Oba-chan" getting blackmailed and corrupted by the shota who she raped to save him from demonic possession

>only one scene of the other, much more stylish Taimanin

>it's one angle of tentacle

>only two endings

>both gangbang

>Ochiru Hitozuma flashbacks

>one ending is shota–for whatever reason, because he never is shown to be this way to begin with as he's all possessive and obsessive with her and wants her all to himself–suddenly being cool with keeping her in his parents' bedroom to get railed by his friends (and him). Her son walks in and screams in horror. End.

>other ending is her finally finding out what's been going on with the mystery

>SURPRISE! It's just demon guys abducting ex-Taimanin for sex slaves.


>She gets raped, cum-inflated

>the shota who was NTRing her gets his limbs eaten while the demon guy NTRs him

>NTRing the NTR

>she goes missing, tattooed, and broken pregnant among other victims

>other Taimanin apparently gets raped inflated by tentacles in the aforementioned one scene

>Taimanin game

>of the massive number of heroine scenes (all but one of them is her), only three of them in Taimanin outfit

>Taimanin game

>mostly without Taimanin

What idiot thought this was a good idea?


File: 53f2cecf7fee0ed⋯.png (1.27 MB, 950x1107, 950:1107, Tomoyo Misaka.png)


>What idiot thought this was a good idea?

This is what happens when you try to cash in on an idea some of your fans liked but you don't really know what made it so good. It's a follow attempt.


File: a212dfe085c81f1⋯.png (848.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chr_0117a_r18.png)


File: b89cf0571611b9c⋯.png (220.07 KB, 640x768, 5:6, c252.png)





Thanks. These will be included in the next patch.



No, it was a serious question, what happened?



Ahh darn it! And I had JUST leveled her up a few days ago to upload her here! Drat, good on you though for helping.



So it sounds like it's a bad ending for her no matter what? That actually sounds appealing if that's how it ends.



Kek sorry, but it's good knowing there's other people out there willing to contribute






>So it sounds like it's a bad ending for her no matter what?

Yeah, actually. I mean you'd think becoming the shota's slave would be a weird dark good end but since he just uses her "love" for him to trick her out to his friends seemingly non-stop from his parent's bedroom it's definitely a bad end, especially since her son is led by one of the kids to the room and it ends with him screaming bloody murder and her doing a double-peace sign while the shota cums inside her (and she promises to have sex with everyone again).

The other ending is worse but at least her son doesn't get traumatized. She just goes missing indefinitely.


File: 37e70fd83984b67⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1194x533, 1194:533, mama wa taimanin.png)


And I guess the shota who was NTRing with her also dies. I mean, he gets his limbs dissolved in demon suckers.


File: 3d4b4c7008db9a9⋯.jpg (28.54 KB, 396x400, 99:100, Bill Nye.jpg)


>still a solid 8/10 for plot



I'm not much for the shota stuff (which is where the story is really about so blah) but I really dig the idea of a side Taiamanin story where no matter what, the heroine is just gone and never seen from again. Relates back to Battle Arena even, where it's not just a bunch of side characters drawn by other artists to fill space but is an overall world of powerful girls who become mindless sex slaves. More so when the more hotter girl in the Mama Taimanin game seems implied to have lost to the tentacles alone.

Makes the world more alive when you know there is actually fallen Tamanian out there officially. Like an expanded version of one of the single card girl's possible fall (like characters like Linda McNeill and Sia who doesn't have a 2nd card to their character).

Closest could have been is Yukikaze but her stuff's canon endings almost never involves her actually in the act. I would almost say her own mother too but there's still the running plot of her possibly returning to the side of good, so there's still 'total' defeat in her ongoing story.


As well adds even to the strength of Asagi, Sakura, and the others, who actually does survive their own games, adding to just how much more feared Asagi is in her world (though Zero seems to imply that TA3 actually was the end of those characters if Demon Asagi is around? Didn't read much up on the Zero plot).



Linda as well is a character in TABA who isn't related to any of the characters in the game (nothing to do with your character in it, nor people like Sakura or Asuka) and it's just a general character who is part of the UFS (by profile anyway) and lost. And that's it.

Personally a big fan of Linda so would have liked to have seen more of her, but I really dig the idea of the character created just to lose.



Didn't read her scene or event but if she lost to Fuuma we can imply that now she works for him since TABA is all about Fuuma recruiting new allies with sex.



Thanks, I remembered it wrong. Reconfirming by watching the event, she's actually not part of any of the three organizations but was caught by Fuuma.


File: c42f5c9ba978d80⋯.jpeg (134.97 KB, 860x1200, 43:60, 044bdf38675cb7024319d0d04….jpeg)

File: c42f5c9ba978d80⋯.jpeg (134.97 KB, 860x1200, 43:60, 044bdf38675cb7024319d0d04….jpeg)


>Demon Asagi

Vampire Asagi, and no it doesn't follow the Bad End of TA3, it's part of Lilith's expanded universe. Edwin's spirit since he died in TA3) is being escorted by Vampire Asagi (from another timeline) to find a new host, and this is where he corrupts ZERO's Oboro who wasn't evil like the original world's Oboro.


I don't mind a No Good End game if it's done right. The Mary Jane game, being in it's own universe, was a great example of subverting the genre and making a no-win scenario, but since technically the true end is a good end despite being a bad end I guess that couldn't be done again. It was really unique.

Even so, if Mama Wa Taimanin was supposed to be a Bad End game then make it interesting. Kana, the heroine, is an ex-Taimanin. She's been through it all and survived it all. She's a veteran Taimanin and still has skill (though a bit rusty) from her days as a shinobi. However, her character is so BLAND compared to even half of the ancillary TABA cast that it's ridiculous, and the story is so empty. It's like a female-perspective narration of a Bishop game route. There's barely any action or really story like usual Taimanin games, or even Annerose.

And while it's fine to have Taimanin lose to help bring gravity to the universe and really show the skill of the major heroines it can't come at the cost of a full price game. The story sucked. The characters sucked. I really liked the artwork too much and the OST was fine but why did we get no scenes for the other Taimanin girl? Why wasn't there at least a parallel plot of her going through her own investigation, getting destroyed by demons or orcs or whatever, while the main heroine was being corrupted by the shota?

This is the reason the game blows.

I don't need the heroines to win, but why did the shota suddenly go so out of character and not only keep her locked in his parents' bedroom but share her with his other friends? And why are all these kids as sexually aggressive as him (the reason he is like that is because of demonic influence early on and something of that lingering in him, if I recall)? Why doesn't the demon villain show himself for more than a single scene? Why don't we get some more action or conflict in a Taimanin game? Why does the heroine only wear her Taimanin outfit for all of THREE SCENES (out of 10+ scenes)? Why are we expected to believe a veteran Taimanin would be so easily broken by a shota, or even a single one-off demon? She's a vet! She's been through all that stuff before and come out swinging.

The premise was so cool. I wanted to follow the story of a veteran shinobi following the lead of a Taimanin serial abduction! I wanted to see where it would lead. I knew the whole game was gonna be an omage to Ochiru Hitozuma so I figured she'd be mostly with the shota but I thought more would develop from this. I thought we'd have more of the other heroine and some big reveal as to why ex-Taimanin were going missing. But no. The whole thing was excellently drawn, lazily written.

I can see what you mean about the No Good End game, but if it was more interesting than I'd be fine with it. I mean, why have so much text and dialogue for a plot that's basically just archetypal NTR, you know?

Also if the shota is gonna share her in the end anyway then at least hint at that early on. Don't just change the character's motivations to add in a gangbang for no reason. Ochiru Hitozuma all over again.


File: 49861dea46da0d8⋯.jpg (227.72 KB, 850x1186, 425:593, sample_d6bf6b6683c5e144078….jpg)

File: 5bd5c43199c6b91⋯.jpg (250.77 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, sample_efd4d42f73cdd4d5de7….jpg)

File: 0b22081e6afde35⋯.jpg (122.01 KB, 850x955, 170:191, Kana Yoshizawa.jpg)

File: f956174d9f616a5⋯.jpeg (175.81 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, 45a9a40942c33eb123c239c40….jpeg)

File: cef8ea9e363ae21⋯.jpg (266.53 KB, 850x1186, 425:593, 1u.jpg)

For anyone interested, I found the website's exclusive pics on Gelbooru without the "SAMPLE" watermark.

Despite how bland she is, I do like the design of Kana's red biker-like Taimanin outfit. I think the other girl is way better designed, though.



I just want more fucking Kangoku Senkan.

Danny Bogan (or now the new character, or any of his underlings even) need to keep mind and body destroying across the universe.

That shit is my fetish, these ninja girls are nice and it does do altering but fuck man… science altering is the best.



Not so much "I think they'll do it", but rather "I want them to do it even if they have to be forced at gun point to get over whatever autistic fears they have of reverse importing just so we can get some uncensored Taimanin vagoo."

What's the point of releasing a nukige in any official capacity outside Japan if they're not gonna bother removing those goddamn pixels?

Does Lilith not have uncensored copies of their CG or are they just super paranoid that Japanese fans will pirate the uncensored version?



Such a damn shame that none of these pics actually come from scenes, would have enjoyed the whole piercing and tattoo corruption bit, more public humiliation and so on. Oh, and of course more scenes with the nurse.



> Edwin's spirit since he died in TA3) is being escorted by Vampire Asagi (from another timeline) to find a new host, and this is where he corrupts ZERO's Oboro who wasn't evil like the original world's Oboro.

Wait what? That's what happens in TA0's ending?



Oh yeah I totally feel you. As much as I like bad end stories, your complains are 100% justified. The premise of finding abducted Taimanis had such a great idea behind it, and would and could have lead to random scenes of one off Taimanin's, maybe even cameos from Battle Arena, having a scene showing what is going on with those abducted girls.

Unless there is a storyline reason as well locking her in the parents bedroom sounds really weird. Like it can't really last that long, I assume. I remember as well being disappointed by how little Iris was in her outfit in Armored Girl Iris. What's the Mary Jane game?


File: cb9f3bcbf477c40⋯.jpg (67.15 KB, 637x1000, 637:1000, DjHW1hyU0AIZwcq.jpg orig.jpg)

Anyone got a higher-res version of this?


File: 84f55fa55897f28⋯.png (552.16 KB, 1026x1320, 171:220, s_t014b.png)


best i can do (from TA:0 character gallery)



That's fine. Thx. Also do you by chance have an hd version of Sakura in her TA3 casual outfit?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




>could have lead to random scenes of one off Taimanin's, maybe even cameos from Battle Arena, having a scene showing what is going on with those abducted girls.

Yes! That would have been so cool! Could have even had an option to try and rescue one of them but it results in a Bad End because the captured Taimanin you try to save was already too far gone.

We could have had the heroine fighting off like a dozen mind-broken ex-Taimanins who were under the power of that kidnapping demon group, something like out of a classic Lilith style game.

But that would have required a modicum of creative effort and apparently that was too much to ask for this time…

>Unless there is a storyline reason

There isn't. It doesn't make sense from a character perspective nor a story perspective. I mean, it's pretty clear the other ending was intended as the true end, but still this one felt so dumb.

>Like it can't really last that long, I assume.

It doesn't, actually. The scene ends with the heroine's son being led to the room by one of the other boys and him screaming in horror over the broken gangbang slut his mom has become.

The only logical follow-through from that is the son either has a mental breakdown or goes to tell his dad who, presumably, would probably just go in there and beat up the shota and the other gangbang kids to get his wife back.

It'd be something like vid related. It's retarded.

>What's the Mary Jane game?


Or "The Executive Villainess and The Justice Transforming Heroine's Sidekick"

Some anons just call it "Mary Jane" game because the anti-heroine and main girl of that game is named Mary Jane. see the second pic in this post >>328672


File: 8f3c43599719fcf⋯.jpg (365.59 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, corruption.jpg)

File: e4da59ab2b26df9⋯.jpg (443.03 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Edwin and VampAsagi.jpg)


>Wait what? That's what happens in TA0's ending?


File: 0c257453a522d4b⋯.png (165.45 KB, 515x760, 103:152, 1528415518.png)


I mean her in this.



Download the Zero torrent with the stand gallery and you have all of the stuff you want.



No, he wants stuff from TA3.



I'm retarded and can't read.



You got a link? Thanks in advance.


Anyone know where I can get hd renders with better quality then Sasalilith's twitter? I don't have a computer that can play the game so that option is out for me.



Honestly you may have to use waifu to exlarge the pics to make them higher quality. I'm more than sure that twitter is the only one that gives out full size official art of any good quality.


Anyone find the new Taimanin artbook yet? It's on digital too, but no idea where epub and stuff usually gets uploaded.



>It's on digital too




Proof? It's on kindle on Amazon, on bookwalker and on other such online book stores.


File: 8a885ccd857c999⋯.png (4.05 KB, 695x106, 695:106, Untitled.PNG)


Amazon only sells a paperback edition and the Bookwalker product page is inaccessible.


File: 750112c7489956b⋯.png (638.95 KB, 1071x699, 357:233, Untitled (1).PNG)


These are the results you get when you search for Taimanin on Bookwalker. Attempting to directly access the product page for the new artbook leads you to a completely blank page.


File: e7e7b8d0fed76b5⋯.png (299.13 KB, 1248x404, 312:101, firefox_2019-05-15_02-20-0….png)


Seems the bookwalker one is gone indeed, but it's on amazon kindle still (epub). This site has vendors https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321811000385/ , and the Bookwalker link is still there so no idea what happened to it. https://honto.jp/netstore/pd-book_29602033.html ebook available here too.


File: a2d7662320139c9⋯.png (303.76 KB, 995x410, 199:82, Untitled.PNG)


How? I only see one edition on offer.



Not sure, browsing from Sweden, not even logged in. Just google the name + amazon and it might pop up. Well, or google the name + epub / ebook.


File: 3c1bc2209f06d21⋯.png (237.74 KB, 1337x298, 1337:298, Untitled.PNG)


Strange. Even the Kindle Store tells me it's not available.


I hate farming pots so much.


File: 0dca3f1e29df953⋯.jpg (21.71 KB, 505x431, 505:431, confused nigga.jpg)


>puto negro sem galo

What did you mean by "roosterless black manwhore"?


File: ab78c784aa22f42⋯.jpg (74.31 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 私は考えています.jpg)


Ain't an expert on portuguese, but I know "puto" in spic can mean "fucking".






These are just obvious.

So either "Cockless nigger fuck" or "Cockless fucking nigger".

Not sure how that's related to TABA or RPGX, but there.


File: c2e3f7d3c87bc59⋯.png (151.8 KB, 640x768, 5:6, c287.png)



Got a new one for ya

[Blasting Stake] Finelle: https://pastebin.com/svnb9zVK


File: 8100c3573f9bd6b⋯.jpg (164.98 KB, 1019x760, 1019:760, yukikaze-2-pose.jpg)

Am I the only one irrationally mad at how they completely retconned Yukikaze to appease the self-insert fags.

They destroyed her character and her relationship with Tatsurou, so any chance of TY3 is fucking ruined


File: 42466e6ca274a90⋯.jpg (95.65 KB, 800x600, 4:3, pikachu.jpg)


1st off: Multiverse. Mama Wa Taimanin doesn't occur in the same timeline as Kana's appearance in TABA does, just like Asagi ZERO is totally separate from either TA3's timeline or TABA's timeline (or RPGX's timeline).

TY3 can still totally happen, but ever since TA3 Lilith's had more and more of a thing for self-inserts (the Henshin game isn't related to Taimanin so that doesn't count but it still emphasizes a point), so that trend might ruin it. But if they leave that out it'd be fine.

>They destroyed her character

In what way? What did they do?


File: d2dca76d976ed17⋯.jpg (66.14 KB, 600x818, 300:409, 1557541242443.jpg)


>muh multiverse

You can't just hand wave everything away by calling it a multiverse.

If one timelines Yukikaze acts in a certain way then you can bet they all can.

The Yukikaze I know wouldn't just fuck some random fucboi because he called her ugly, fuck off with that bullshit, I fucking hate gachacucks so fucking much. They ruined everything.


File: e6c796b01647911⋯.jpg (114.27 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Alice.jpg)

File: 121f5c63ff16c5b⋯.jpg (94.66 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Cara.jpg)

File: 6c2695cdcdf1902⋯.jpg (176.95 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Prison Academy.jpg)

File: 34e60ae9efe9a2d⋯.jpg (154.33 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Prison Academy 2.jpg)

File: 966a573744b3a77⋯.jpg (187.86 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Yukikaze.jpg)

Another thing that pissed me off with disappointment over the last Taimanin game is that the heroine was never shown to be cool or do anything actually effectual.

Usually in Lilith games there's at least one or two CGs of the heroine showing that she's capable, maybe even borderline OP, which gives weight to when she finally succumbs to the D. But not here. Why? For the same reason we only got two scenes of her even in her Taimanin suit to begin with: stupid.



>You can't just hand wave everything away by calling it a multiverse.

That's what the multiverse is there for, exactly that. Lilith knew what they were doing when they implemented such a thing, anon. Even the Nips see the infinite potential of retcons and rewrites and reboots, etc. as found in DC and Marvel comics. They wanted a slice of that kind of thing for their gacha trash, and once they found it worked pretty well they just kept running with it and will never stop.

>The Yukikaze I know

BuT SHe'S a diFfeReNt YuKikAzE


>wouldn't just fuck some random fucboi because he called her ugly, fuck off with that bullshit

Agreed. Give me more detail. I want to rage as hard as you.

>I fucking hate gachacucks so fucking much. They ruined everything.

I'd say "gacha" ruined everything but I suppose without the gacha-goobers there wouldn't be any income from gacha, so fair enough.



File: c89c0c93dad873b⋯.png (275.47 KB, 640x360, 16:9, c89c0c93dad873bd1cb3415897….png)

File: fac48beb3002a09⋯.jpg (403.97 KB, 1076x1000, 269:250, 3d235ecf020850bf475f10712f….jpg)

File: 3a9abdb86a0b1e1⋯.png (143.94 KB, 250x673, 250:673, Kotaro_Fuuma.png)


Yukikaze completely forgets about Tatsurou and becomes the sex friend of the fucboi personality-less self insert gacha MC because he called her ugly.

No I'm not joking.

It DESTROYS her entire character. The whole point of Yukikaze is that she's a super cute, pure and loyal girl who takes her virginity very seriously. That's what makes her downfall into a literal prostitute so great

Having her go against all of that and become a loose slut because 'lol she's so tsundere xD' defeats the entire fucking point.

Who was this for? NTRfags are pissed because she's not getting fucked by orcs and old men anymore. And Vanillafags are pissed because she's no longer the cute, loyal girl they loved.

Also who in the flying fuck wants to self-insert into this fucboi? Like seriously.



For a series like Taimanin yeah it is nice to have a character that relatively wants to be normal so I agree with you.



Also yeah I've noticed the past few years if a self-insert character comes out people will love and defend them to death. Personally it doesn't matter what the character has become you can remember what the character was.



The company doesn't give a shit so long as they make more money off destroying characters they'll do it.



>vanillafags are pissed

Yeah they clearly keep releasing more Yukikazes because she's totally flopping in RPGX




>People is starting to realize shitlilith is shit

Well, now you need to drop shitty phone games and you are set to be a human being with taste again.



>Am I the only one irrationally mad at



>Kana's appearance in TABA



File: 5f3ee9428fa46e9⋯.jpg (74.45 KB, 874x1199, 874:1199, 39134-471102170.jpg)


Pretty sure it's where they got this one pic of her remotely in action from. She had a card in TABA, or was it RPGX?


File: 950345885314d30⋯.png (311.96 KB, 408x626, 204:313, hue.png)


>Yukikaze completely forgets about Tatsurou and becomes the sex friend of the fucboi personality-less self insert gacha MC because he called her ugly.

gacha really is the bane of all things



What the fuck are you talking about? She's in neither.


File: 8e18c449af54714⋯.png (153.31 KB, 640x768, 5:6, c299.png)


how does arena battle event work? It seems to encourage you to assemble a shitty deck with N leader and fight much weaker users with weak attacks to get the most points.

Is there more arena points if you're higher rank or something?



The Yukikaze shit isn't for vanillafags

It's for self-insert netori brainlets, which Nipland is filled with.

There's nothing vanilla stealing a girl away from her lover and turning her into a debased slut


File: d78df7bb44933fb⋯.jpg (112.68 KB, 1100x1300, 11:13, D6sKTDgUEAAoZS4.jpg large.jpg)

File: 53f9d55312bf338⋯.jpg (118.31 KB, 1086x1328, 543:664, D6sMD4PUIAcY914.jpg large.jpg)

File: 6baa948d104d00d⋯.jpg (77.69 KB, 1100x1300, 11:13, D6sM0UkUEAIj8n4.jpg large.jpg)

File: ec2487a932a84c1⋯.jpg (66.43 KB, 744x1028, 186:257, D6sM187UwAA4sjA.jpg large.jpg)

Event, SR, HR, R

How many gems are you going to waste trying to get Kirara senpai anons?



I'll wait to see her scenes



is eng TABA making lilith any real money? whats the possibility of getting a eng RPGX anytime soon?


wow,Traditional Chinese TABA


How do I extract its Chinese script?:)





was a new thread started?


I'm new here, could someone tell me where to get started, if there is any good place to download all the games from (like a torrent with all the games or something) and what order to play stuff in, or point me to some specific guide since I don't see any guides for noobs in the OP?



Play something better, like BISHOP games.


File: bb333db0520168f⋯.jpg (180.25 KB, 917x563, 917:563, c2f0883455f40a4fad4471f387….jpg)

This is my game account. I am looking for someone to change my account.

I want to have these three accounts. Onizaki Kirara [Bride of illusion] Mizuki Shiranui [Chocolate teacher]

Kosaka Seiryu


>complaining about shitty writing in lilith games

That's like complaining about the bad taste of poo served on a plate.




Fucking based punished Asagi Igawa.


Am I supposed to save my premium draw tickets or save them for something good?

Also when do I stop dumping my stats on stamina?


This is straight up crazy to follow this content. These heroines are being raped… Root against their rape you idiots. Just because they are having orgasms doesn't mean this is okay. just move past this garbage.



fking excellent job



They could already break the way that we are ripping the game if they wanted to, but they clearly don't. They don't spend money on securing their technology


File: 19b6061ee9b9906⋯.png (162.9 KB, 308x319, 28:29, Narra-HHHHNG-tive.png)


This man gets it.

The more powerful she is before the fall, the harder my dick gets when she takes it.


File: 3897e85de060c3c⋯.jpg (69.85 KB, 627x680, 627:680, IMG_1171.jpg)

HI /hgg/! We lesbians love /hgg/ too! Come see us please!


This thread is for:

*Screenshots, pages, and discussion about general series, current or old, not covered by an existing thread, be it yuri, fanservice, subtext or goggles. Canon and non-canon both welcome.

*News reports about things relevant to our interest

*Original content that doesn't fit any specific thread topics

*Pretty much anything that doesn't have or need its own thread.

Previous thread: https://boards.cuckchan.org/u/thread/2919562#p2919562

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