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File: ee6285df7e54a55⋯.png (27.79 KB, 881x768, 881:768, white niggers.png)


It's a sandbox game where you play as a boy or a girl trying to survive a town full of perverts, keep your sanity and earn that bread. Legally required to describe it as chibi and survival horror.



Latest version of posting Version


(Last updated: Thursday, 2 May 2019)

Previous thread(s):














I don't remember when it was added but yes there's a transformation that comes from zero purity nowadays.

Obviously considering how retardedly hard zero purity is to reach without fallen angel its pretty much an extension of that transformation.


Are there any special events available if the other students dislike you other than increased chance of regular harassment and such? Haven't gotten anything interesting so considering working on my status.


File: b61c0a0385c957e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.69 KB, 369x369, 1:1, aus.jpg)


>Pepper spray is illegal

deepest lore: the game takes place in straya


When will I be able to play a nigger ? I want different skin tones.



No but the graphic for being vored is vague enough that it could be used for that.


Pretty sure that that's just about anilingus.



It can be hard to tell which events care about status but after looking through the code I'd say that you've seen most of the more interesting low status related content after picking up a book during class has lead to oral, been attacked by delinquents when carrying a box for Sirris, been bullied by delinquents in a bus, been attacked after delivering the note with Leighton's login info, failed at protesting a breast inspection, asked unsuccessfully for a button to not be pressed when waking up restrained outside the science class, been attacked by students in a hallway who scare you after trying to go past them instead of taking a detour and been molested after trying to endure people fondling you during science class.


Any progress on that Gyaru skin color?



pepper spray is illegal in most places, save countries like south africa and united states (tbf i can see the need when the majority of your population is black)


File: 36a92750ffc9c36⋯.jpg (94.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1557806149371.jpg)

My virginity belongs to Kylar! I wish she wouldn't rape me to take it.


>you can have women with dicks in this game

>PC can't be girl with dick

>being boy dressed as femal will have people treat you as a girl

>until they see your dick, which will have them treat you as a boy immediately after

>even if they themselves are chicks with dicks

>they don't give two fucks how big your tits are

Sissifaction would be fantastic in this game, but you can't even shoehorn it in yourself. Even locking your dick in chastity will just result in people tearing the chastity belt off.



It's easy enough to change the game so that boy with big enough tits is considered a girl, but there should be a setting to stop NPCs from trying use PC's dick, especially for anal.



After playing a bunch of Perverted Education and The Sissy Girlfriend Experience I had the idle thought of that remaking the scenario from those in DoL wouldn't need that much adjustments to fit in(DoL already has most of the necessary characters), but I'm not sure how much the experience would be improved from just the fact that not being a sissy would be a real option. In theory it should make being one feel more meaningful and cause you think more about it since you can't just mentally file it as just how things are.




Sissy shit can fuck off. We need futa content.



Then make that.



>gay people telling other people that they are gay

All this autism can fuck off.


File: a2b0b2db5adca08⋯.png (22.45 KB, 875x715, 175:143, whitney.png)


>We need futa content.

I just came to post this bug I found. I accidentally turned Whitney into a futa, could even interact and select options for both her dick and pussy the whole encounter. Wonder if it will stay like this.

Had her set as female with dick, then later in the NPC menu switched to female with pussy.



Ye, what the fuck is this shit. The only way to fuck her is to make her jelous and hope she will find you somwhere in a dark alley or drug your meal.

I want to take her on a date and propose. Is a qt yandere social outcast waifu too mutch to ask for?



All that gay shit can fuck off. We need more Vanilla content for Robin and Kylar (and the others too).


>Still no way to change whole outfits at once aside from having just woken up in your bedroom

How is this still not a feature? I fucking hate taking off my shoes and socks manually every time at the beach and then manually putting the whole outfit on again when I leave.



Also, strip and get it bed still doesn't make you take your socks and shoes off.


Dev's been working on an overhaul of the clothing system which is why it's been left in it's current state. Patience, my dudes. Pretty much every oddity of the current system has been pointed out already several times at least.


File: 42bde5abba17520⋯.png (12.21 KB, 335x275, 67:55, Serene.png)

>It's now fairly easy to find Whitney at the school gate after school

>She tries to shake you down, and you can for sexual bullying instead



Since the clothing overhaul doesn't yet include accessories as part of outfits here's how to make that happen in older versions, download the gitgud repo and in wardrobe.twee replace the part between <<accessories>> and Hair<br> with this:


And then at the bottom of sleep.twee replace the clotheschoice widget with this:


After that just run the compile.bat in the root folder and you should be able to pick outfits whenever you are in wardrobe screen and have them change accessories too. Also the way it sets the actual clothes seems a bit weird and prone to bugging out if you aren't already naked but I assume there's some reason for doing like that so didn't change it.


>Whitney tries to push you in a lock

>Now have the option to fight back

>Pepper spray her

>She is recoiling in pain

Get fucked bitch.


I just want to get pregnant and be forced to get an abortion, is that really too much to ask?



Pregnancy, condoms and stds would be great additions to the game.



I found her outside school on a Saturday or Sunday and she suggested we go to an alley where we ended up having consensual sex. Had no suspicion but max lust and love.



Nope. All of those are shit.



>shoving STDs in with pregnancy



Pregnancy is an STD.


I just blackmailed Leighton for "no detention" but going to detention is still an option. Did it only get rid of part of the detention since I had recently accumulated multiple delinquencies, or can you still go to get rid of delinquency and it simply removes whatever penalty there is for ignoring detention?



Which doesn't spread.



I'm pretty sure you can just walk out of the school and he/she won't stop you, which he/she normally would



No way, all of those are a waste of dev time. What we actually need are more longform scenarios like Eden and the Wolf cave. The asylum is kind of shit in comparison.



The asylum's slated for an overhaul.



What isn't?


File: 69afe64540beccf⋯.png (20.65 KB, 628x206, 314:103, ClipboardImage.png)

>Whitney ties you to a pole to get raped by pent up fishermenwomen

>They untie you and are very nice

Now if only I could get her to love me. You'd think making out with her on multiple occasions would add a little love, but no.


>Enable vore

>Go to a picnic with Robin in the forest

>Wind blows our basket away

>I go to find it

I've made a mistake



I actually kinda like the asylum. Though it would be nice if you could get raped by guards/inmates if you suspicion/reputation get bad enough.



It's just the asylum and the clothing system, as far as I know.


You can be



>You can be

how? I spent well over a week in there with max suspicion and min reputation and the only things resembling rape were the "treatments" and the tentacle plains.



Weird, I got locked in a straitjacket and raped by the guards a minimum of once a night.


This might have been answered a while ago, but I didn't see anything for it. Is there an advantage either way for opening the ivory boxes with a bronze lock for the stuff inside, or for just taking the box without bothering?



Opening is better since I believe you'll still take the box too.



If you give me the text for the scene leading up to it I can find the exact requirements in the code. I "look like I need to be ravaged" and have maximum suspicion but that has yet to happen to me.



you're shit

if you don't want to be raped by an std filled dick, desperately trying to keep it away from your pussy than I feel sorry for you



Fuck sake. I bet you're a dirty bug chaser IRL and have aids from being creamed pie in your rectum by BBC while you pretend to be a helpless little girl being impregnated against your will. Just vile.

Seriously what a real degenerate you are, I bet you're the same guy who wants more fem PC submissive content in FCPregmod you absolute pathetic waste of space. I'd punch your face.

Wouldn't surprise me also if you want more cuck content in CoC which is just sad, honestly you make me fucking sick you filthy scum. Go back to sucking cock at your nearest glory hole. Faggot!



Yes it does. The organism that it creates goes off into the world to create even more just like itself.


File: 2b5dce6f3ca8965⋯.jpg (75.34 KB, 525x809, 525:809, Laughing.jpg)


Pregnancyfags, everyone.



Nice copypasta, faggot.


Point taken.



Not to mention that it's treated like a dangerous disease: pregnancy is combated with massive prevention efforts, complex medical cures and specialized hospital wards.


>Make Bailey jizz in her pants in front of everyone instead of paying

>A few days later

>Bailey forcibly whores you out as you sleep

Nowhere is safe.


File: 40df86a4f5425e1⋯.png (146 KB, 356x256, 89:64, 40df86a4f5425e14b963e58a38….png)







The fuck is wrong with you?


File: 6ee3e215d00088c⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1200x1045, 240:209, __lunasa_prismriver_lyrica….png)




The fuck is wrong with you?



If you have pregnancy you want to have contraception, but more importantly, you want to cover some nasty slag in used rubbers and leave her out there for the public.

Or make her drain each one into her mouth.


Kylar is always watching you in English. Can anything happen if you masturbate enough?


>Have all As

>Study math with glasses on

>Doesn't go up 3%

>Not even the regular 2%

>Only a single 1%

I forget if this is normal.


File: 32a7463d0bf590a⋯.png (229.46 KB, 644x745, 644:745, PokemonWeight2.png)


>Study math again

>Goes up 2%


Oh, I think I figured it out. Your gains are halved once you hit A. Since the stats don't line up with percent numbers shown in Characteristics, you can gain a whole number value in the stat that equates to approximately 1.5% in the Characteristics screen and the rounding makes it look like your gains are changing.


File: cc394a583806c8b⋯.gif (150.8 KB, 294x165, 98:55, TitPunch.gif)


>get teen pregnant by some random rapist

>wander around school until I find Whitney

>pick a fight



Problem solved.


>Second week of refusing to pay

>Bailey now gets a muscular man to help subdue you

>Now they both end up jizzing their pants


>Go to detention

>Leighton begins spanking you

>Leighton begins making out with you at the same time

>"I took no pleasure in that"

>If you scream in the canteen, no one comes to help, not even a teacher or lunch lady.


>Pussy inspection day

>Leighton takes all the girls' panties

>Every girl in the class is now nopan

Does anything else happen with this?



I can't remember the wording, I'm pretty sure the event described them as orderlies if that helps. Maybe I'll check later.


>Imagining yourself as Janet

>A choice comes up

>No matter what you choose, it ends with "original history went differently"

What does that mean?

>Win the science fair

>Crossdressed as a boy with no shirt on

>The photographer accosts you as you leave the stage




ugh I fucking hate this. am i supposed to believe every single girl even the non sluts would just give up their panties? this is the most unrealistic shit some girls would complain

im so fucking done with this game



>am i supposed to believe every single girl even the non sluts would just give up their panties?

Well the game makes an example of the most prim and proper girl, thus the least likely to give them up, first. Everyone is threatened with detention. I would like it if say, a single other girl in the class runs away like you can. Really though, if this is "too unrealistic" for you, I don't know how you've been playing the game for more than five minutes.


File: ceb64c8290ef22f⋯.png (22.37 KB, 584x221, 584:221, ClipboardImage.png)

Only this much suspicion and Kylar pulls out a fucking knife in class?

>Kylar sits beside you in English

>Option to masturbate is gone

I hope this gets added back along with a special scenario for it since Kylar is beside you.

>Status gain for socialization is gone too because Kylar gets in the way of it

>Kylar is overjoyed to be paried with you for groupwork

Very nice.

>Pepper spray is new

>Only get one

>Can't find any others

>Check the fandom wiki

<You can get upgares from the compound, the old sewers, and the tentacle dimension in the asylum.

<You can get refills by either buying them from Landry, talking to Kylar, or grabbing an upgrade you already have.

>Buying pepper spray from Landry is £2500

>No idea how to get into the compound

>Try old sewers

>Morgan wastes a shitload of your time

>Finally get away from her

>Systematically go through every area in the old sewers

>Nothing but cheap antiques

>Check wiki again

>There's a map of the sewers

>The current isn't a loop, and you can actually get to a new area by swimming against it in a particular spot

Fuck. Does going to the tentacle dimension fuck your shit up in irreperable ways?

>Science fair removes delinquency

>Finally an ideal student again

Is this the only way to remove delinquency?

>Animal events that replace bestiality events when bestiality is turned off still operate off allure

>Easily go into the school bathroom on the weekend

>Strip naked


>Cannot return to the bathroom because a cat will fuck you up every time you attempt to

>Easily fill the pain bar twice over before finally getting your clothes back

This event would be fine to still operate off allure if it weren't for the fact that it kicks you out of the bathroom

>Seduce man on the beach as a crossdresser

>He looks at your virgin pussy

>"Sigh, why do I keep falling for this?"

How many crossdressing loli tomboys have seduced this guy?



>wears panties to school

Fuck that. They just get in the way.



But if you're crossdressing, have underwear gives you a much better chance of getting someone off before they find out and become enraged.



You get to the compound through the hide in box public nudity event.

Delinquency falls over time but really slowly, something like five minutes of detention's worth a day.



>Imagining yourself as Janet

Tell us about it, Janet. I call mine Charlotte.


Work on your skulduggery if you want more pepper spray than what Kylar gives you. Not only can you break into the Elk Street compound, but you can occasionally steal one from rapists.


What they see is what they get with my loli.



>I call mine Charlotte.

I don't name my characters. Try reading the book in the Library with max English.

>Work on your skulduggery if you want more pepper spray than what Kylar gives you.

She's not giving me any. I've commit very few crimes since Landry's offer to clear your record looks like a one time thing. Is it?



>Landry's offer to clear your record looks like a one time thing. Is it?

don't know. don't care. If police catch you, just serve your sentence or fuck the officer if your promiscuity's high enough.



>Is it?




It's actually a really good trauma dump if I recall. Assuming you escaped, if course.



>You sleep soundly. A lean man shakes you awake. "Wakey wakey," he says. "Me and my friend here work very hard protecting you crazies from yourselves. How about you give us a little something in return?" He gropes you.



>just serve your sentence

Won't that fuck with my school?


>fuck the officer

Does your crime go down or are the police still just as active? I'm saving my virginities, so I try to be careful.



>Cannot return to the bathroom because a cat will fuck you up every time you attempt to

You can't savescum away encounters, had you walked around a bit and wasted time before returning to the bathroom it would re-roll the chance of cat encounter taking place.



>You can't savescum away encounters, had you walked around a bit and wasted time before returning to the bathroom it would re-roll the chance of cat encounter taking place.

But I wasn't savescumming. I just repeatedly tried to enter the bathroom.


File: 14d01abb6b456cf⋯.jpg (109.1 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, cum_filled_ginger_grill.jpg)

Why is purity so hard to drop?


>You are exhausted

>Can continue playing volleyball all day anyways

Is this the result of maxed muscles, or have I just had the wrong idea about what fatigue does?


Imagine playing male PC, what are you, fags?



The faggiest



I just like being s shota molested by futas!



>s shota molested by futas

That "s" better stand for "shattered shitter," ain't nothing straight about futa.


This is great and all, but when will peeing be added? It's far less degenerate than vore. It'd be nice just to have a simple "pee in public" exhibitionism event.

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