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File: 1454046291411.jpg (17.46 KB, 448x327, 448:327, Pile it on.jpg)


Aside from having been around forever, the previous thread is autosaging. New year, new thread.

Post the last book you have read. It would be nice if you add a synopsis or review as well, but it's not a requirement. Just seeing a snapshot of what other image-board anons are reading is itself awesome.

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File: 7dd5cea0e141b47⋯.jpg (176.68 KB, 931x1024, 931:1024, 931px-Shevchenko_Musicians.jpg)


avant-garde =/= modern fam

The first half of the book is mostly about neoprimitivism (pic related) and cubofuturism. There is some abstract stuff later on (rayism), but no postmodern bullshit.

File: 1412643069716.jpg (118.63 KB, 616x480, 77:60, 1411538886816.jpg)


8Chan upgrades are in progress. Expect some instability

Greetings fellow /lit/erati!

Here are the rules:

1. Follow the Global Rules.

2. Try to keep things literature related.

3. No spamming.

4. No illegal content.

Guidelines and FAQ: https://8ch.net/lit/oddsandends.html

That is all.

Let your minds and fingers roam free!

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File: 7ec642bf2f4e7bf⋯.png (284.23 KB, 350x503, 350:503, fuckcommunism.png)


we all know that the future of literature is going to look a lot more like 8chan than the New Yorker, which is why I started a magazine for writers, cartoonists, scholars and shitposters called Dagger. It comes out in both digital and a full-color, glossy print edition. you can check it out at www.daggermag.com and please please please hit me up with pitches or submissions.

I've been a professional writer for about five years now, and lemme tell you, the publishing industry is looking bleak. It's totally screwed down by monied interests and it's shrinking, quarter by quarter, into total irrelevance. I've been told, while interviewing for staff jobs, that my duty will be to "help elect democrats." which is the opposite of what this is all supposed to be about. dagger has a small audience but it isn't co-opted, and our first print issue has work from William Burroughs, an interview with John Carpenter and artwork by some excellent pro illustrators – including Billy Norrby, who did the cover. lemme know what you think



Look who's first on Amazon in France.


Last book from leftist intellectual Bernard Henri Levy sold less than 1000 copies.

The 2 last books from right-wing intellectual Eric Zemmour sold around 400 000 PHYSICAL copies each.

When Zemmour write something french people buy 5000 copies a DAY.

Lefties do not read. Most of them have never open the 50 pages long Communists Manifesto.

(Again, sorry for my terrible english)



I think a lot of the reading public today basically buy books (or newspaper subscriptions) as a badge of consumer identity. That's why the Washington Post presents itself the way it does – paying for a Post subscription is basically a post-religious indulgence; it makes those who buy it feel morally justified and 'informed,' where 'informed' is a condition of absolution. If you want to know why modern lit is so light on actual ideas, look no further than this phenomenon… ideas are unimportant, since the important part of the modern literary transaction occurs as soon as you press "checkout" on Amazon.

File: 1454176353419.jpg (55.3 KB, 460x276, 5:3, George-RR-Martin-011.jpg)



Hello everyone, I am a lazy fatass fuck. It takes me 7 fucking years to write a penny-dreadful, film-script based "novel". And it doesn't matter that it's my full time fucking job, literally the only thing I'm required to do, or that I jack off at 67 years of age by taking bum fuck vacations all over the world to live off the prestige of my now stagnate series that I can't fucking finish, that I'm constantly giving interviews and bullshit for the industry, and that I'm writing OTHER books that literally no one gives a fuck about. That's right, I'm not writing for the series that is the sole reason for all my fame and which everyone wants, no, I write other books that are truly shit and no one gives a fuck about. And when those that gave me all this money call me out on this shit, the best I can do is twiddle my fat fingers, flip them off and then whine on my blog about how ashamed I am of being a lazy fatass fuck. Oh, did I mention that I waste time playing videogames? I have all this responsibility, I'm 67 fucking years old and I waste time playing videogames, because that's really going to get the job done and get all these people off my back. Did I mention I'm a lazy fatass fuck?

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Does anyone actually still wants to read his books? Since 2011 I pretty much grew up and realized that ASOIAF is just an entry-tier airport pulp garbage for reddit audience. You could not pay me to waste my time reading it now, so all the outcry about him being a lazy fuck (which he is) and all seems so pointless - who cares if he doesn't finish his books, do you really want to read them?


These things… they take time.



It's been so long since the last book, I'm not sure if it was even good or bad, fat fuck has drug his fatass for so long that all the events have disappeared in my mind.

Just hoping he dies now before finishing it.






>wanting to read gotshit


File: 93a09c87c033bb8⋯.jpg (224.9 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, hack.jpg)


Is he a hack? I've heard people say he steals ideas and overwrites. Plus he acts like a virtue signalling faggot on twitter.

How does his literature compare to others? Do they hold up on their own or is his writing an extension of post-modernism, hence it's (((popularity)))?


Reddit the author. Cannot stand him and his books.


4 pages of child anal rape.

7 pages of children gangbang in IT

Gun in the ass

And fucking Harry Potter references in what is supposed to be his most epic story.

The Gunslighter. the first novel of the Dark Tower serie, was actually very good.

And then it's bullshit on bullshit on bullshit on pop culture references on fucking name dropping. And the story fades into a ridicule nothingness.

(Sorry for my terrible english)


File: cd9583e151e48ed⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1920x802, 960:401, cd9583e151e48ed685fb20c89b….png)


Great analysis. Makes me dislike him even more.


So this is where it gets confusing. Was the Dark Tower his only decent work that he somehow managed to destroy?



The Dark Tower start with a good plot.

A sorcerer is fleeing in a desert. The pistolero is pursuing him.

Demons? Sure.

Parallels universes? Sure.

A few book letter : fucking Harry Potter broom football things come in.

Fuck that.

He started a big epic thing, didn't knew how to finish it so it turned to a farce.

(Kinda like what GRR Martin did with Game of Thrones. Except 1000 times worst)



>A few book letter : fucking Harry Potter broom football things come in.

Shit, that happens in a book? Boy I'm glad I jumped off that boat after the third book.

I really liked the first one, specially how ruthless the Gunslinger was. Then,afterwards, (SPOILER ALERT) Jake was brought back to life. All consequences, deleted. Oh well, time to move on to a new series!

File: d4c8ab747e8d8ba⋯.png (576.82 KB, 1140x464, 285:116, bad-fanfic.png)


<you write horribly. This is like really bad fan-fiction>

<This is terrible, like really bad fan-fiction>

<This appalling fan-fiction is so bad, it's like really bad fan-fiction made love to E.L.James and when the resulting hellspawn vomited, OP ate and regurgitated it onto the page I read.>

While it seems to be insult-for-creative-works de jour, sometimes it is hard to tell whether your critics are right, or whether they're just retards with no talent of their own, so they belittle anyone else. And yet, it isn't an impossible failing to be writing so badly that it sounds like something E.L.James would vomit on a page.

How do you self-critique to avoid this kind of obvious failure? Is it just a numbers game: the more critics, the better evaluation.

The problem I find is that everyone's a writer and no one's a critic. So, for that matter, where do you hang out to get your shit refined?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Oh and if it reads like fanfiction, try reading one and see. Your shitty book meter will make you evade such tropes. In other words, you've read a lot of shit that you're tired of it and you instinctively avoid to create such shit yourself.



This is good advice. I started writing because I've read so much crap in my time I just got fed up with not seeing the kind of fiction that I like.


If I post to it, it will return to life



When you get 0 feedback



>really bad fan-fiction


File: b2ca9c0175d9680⋯.jpg (345.39 KB, 750x500, 3:2, writers_block.jpg)


Should we have a writefag thread or is the board too dead for that?

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>A /lit/ online mag made its way through a while back

What was that like?



It was, like, dead on arrival:


I miss TAR.


The idea being to get people to write about something. Maybe limit ourselves to what is provably discussed on 8Chan? Rate and suggest writing oriented sites, fan-fictional or professional, etc. Partly because it's what most people are inclined to read, partly because earlier works have been discussed to death, maybe limit suggestions to twentieth century to present?

I wouldn't want to duplicate all the beginner's guides and "start here" charts. Also, quirky over universality would be better.



>It was, like, dead on arrival:


>I miss TAR.

Very interesting. Shame I wasn't around back then, one more person to contribute.


File: 82302ddf7b4872b⋯.jpg (15.31 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 30ca2ae443b1e89df21190a311….jpg)

We should collectively write a story about a magical wizard on 8ch who falls in with a 3d waifu then has to break it off with his 2d waifu pillow.

Piss bottles are a necessity. In fact the moment he falls in love with the 3d is when she accidentally discovers his peepee bottle collection in the closet and isn't grossed out, maybe she thinks it's funny and has a fetish for pathetic retards just to piss off her parents?


Was /lit/ always dead or there was a golden age?

File: 8553141285b4292⋯.jpg (2.85 MB, 4128x2322, 16:9, JPEG_1505852729839.jpg)


I like that guy.



File: 436780a99b6b1ec⋯.jpg (221.29 KB, 432x648, 2:3, beyaz-tenli-kizlar_951317_….jpg)


I have just started reading WOT (chpt.3) and am liking it so far. But while working I came up with an idea that will keep me reading it and on a schedule or at least keep reading on even during the down parts. I am looking for someone who is also interested in this book journey with me. We can start a chat on here or fb or twitter or wherever and talk about the events that have transpired in the book. We could set reading goals for the Week so we won't get to far ahead of each other or behind. If no one is interested that is fine I just thought it would be a cool idea. Also if more than one want to join in, the more the merrier!



Sorry, I'm reading completely different stuff. I do wish you luck on your journey, though!


WOT? Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time? Jesus, anon. You might as well skip the series because the payoff isn't worth it. Seriously, you will feel like you wasted your time once you finished the series. If you are dead set on reading tomes and is into fantasy then just read the Malazan books.

Still, I hope you enjoy your time if you decide to persevere though.


Nothing wrong with fishing about for a readers group.

I recently finished two novels by Prokosch, and I'm gathering my thoughts for a review of each. Am currently reading a sequel to a much earlier classic SciFi novel by Frederick Pohl. I want to drop all three reviews at once to balance things out a bit, high and low.

WoT was recommended to me many years ago. Problem now is I have a hell of a backlog of singlet novels I need to study. I'm not interested in committing to a series right now, although I intend to make a start on Dark Tower, or continue on with The Lunar Chronicles before the year is through.

Point is, there are active readers out here/there. Keep trying, and don't forget to post reviews as you go. Doing so might help to gather interest.

File: 26b18ca29bf1dec⋯.png (185.79 KB, 602x401, 602:401, main-qimg-817b56b37260416b….png)


I'm trying to find a good book to pair up with "The Big Lebowski". I have to think of a thesis and use two works to prove it one film and one book. So im thinking of doing something about the absurd life where life is meaningless so maybe camus or something. Any suggestions for a thesis or book much appreciated.


Do 'The Stranger' by Camus. Similar plots where the unwilling protagonist is sucked into a difficult situation, and multiple parallel traits between Mersault and the Dude. I wrote a longer post, but chrome crashed so this is what you get haha



The go to for this stuff is probably Pynchon. The most closely related and readily linkable would be: Inherent Vice. Basically, you can pretty much pair up to Pynchon and pull a thesis outta your ass on damn near anything. The more freakish the better.

A very straightforward suggestion, shouldn't be hard at all to connect with the movie and thesisize something simple: Bukowski's Pulp.

If you want to dive in and entertain your professor with the really unexpected, you need to find the work of a serious hare-core literary prick who wasn't keen on the whole postmodernism shtick. Not keen, as in not liking them at all because the postmodernist style of novels were moving toward a likeness of piss boring encyclopedias. Not liking them at all, as in would occasionally write a postmodern novel just to prove this style can be wrought with proper readerly fun. So, go have a look at Gore Vidal. Linking to Duluth is a home run in the making, but you're gonna have to work for it.

File: 1449852654267.jpg (12.06 KB, 331x505, 331:505, ShitShitShit.jpg)


Anna Karenina.

This is easily the worst book that I've ever read. After reading a A Hero of Our Time, I was quite certain that Russian literature would be amazing. And while the books I've read have had their ups and downs, this is by far the worst of them all.

The characters are bland and uninteresting. There is virtually no development, and most importantly, there is no major protagonist to follow. This would work well, if it were executed in a matter such that there were multiple perspectives. But instead, we simply spread it all out thin. Levin might have been alright if he wasn't a complete idiot. Anna might have been alright if she wasn't a emotional wreck. But no, they're both what they are, and neither are interesting to follow.

This novel is considered a fucking masterpiece, and yet even a book about a beetle eating through a tree would be less boring than this piece of shit. Worst of all, unlike most other shit novels which have the courtesy to be short, this book drags on and on, sucking away time and energy.

Tolstoy hated fucking trains, but you know what? I love them now. Because a train is what ended this fucking novel. That train is the real, unsung hero of this story. It's a shame he only shows up a few times.

What novels have pissed you off? Double bonus points if they're considered "masterpieces" by fools.

77 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I also disliked this book, but as most books written in the first person are total trash, this relatively is above average and worth studying.



well meme'd my friend




Literally what?



Flowers for Algernon was one of my favorite books as a kid. I found it very emotionally immersive.


Émile Zola is shit. All of his work is.

File: 66c7cd0082cffdb⋯.jpg (53.65 KB, 564x751, 564:751, f505811030ec73c3c12f06ccbf….jpg)


I used to read a lot as a kid, mainly Sci-Fi and adventures but really all sorts of topic, however, as I grew up I basically dropped the habit.

Now in my early twenties I want to get back to it and more seriously this time around: any advice? Should I start with the classics or look for some more contemporary writers? Any books you might recommend? Thanks in advance!

18 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



BO again. I put that in for completeness sake, to show the process. To be clear it's the normal dnsbls bypass captcha. To also be clear the captcha is functioning correctly, as intended. I am not getting stuck in captcha loop or having any other issues with it.

>Can you post normally, without a mod account and without Tor?

Yes to both.



Did you make your posts in this thread through the hidden service?


File: dc7fa44a0777e37⋯.jpg (44.68 KB, 426x676, 213:338, L.N.S. The Wardove.jpg)


Both hidden service (or onion site as I say) or an open clearnet IP. It's only attempting to post while signed in to mod.php via Tor that is an issue because it insists on forwarding Tor to the onion site. And the onion site does not work with mod.php.


Sorry for the thread hijack, OP. The slow nature of 8Chan /lit/ is such that board meta banter tends to wander in to unrelated threads from time to time. What is verboten elsewhere works for us.

Some Sci-fi suggestions:

1. The Wardove. A detective noir in space.

2. The Forge of the Elders. A zany admixture of Sci-fi tropes spiced with comedic satire.

Smith writes through a libertarian lens. Even so, I find his style a good example of how to write political slant (of any form, not just libertarian) in fiction. A novel is not an essay nor a tract, and reader who dismisses the slant with a Scottish verdict should still have plenty left over to thoroughly enjoy.

Iain M. Banks is another author you should probably become familiar with. His writing gives me the impression of a 1970s Sci-fi TV story writer cut free from the cold dead hand of Standards and Practice censorship, and left alone to pursue a healthy dose of adult themes. Opinions vary on what are his best works. Serving as an introduction my suggestions are plainly conventional:

1. Consider Phlebas.

2. Use of Weapons.

Outside of Sci-fi, I'm not sure what to recommend as your interests and leanings are unknown.



>Iain M. Banks

I really enjoyed Feersum Endjinn even if I was only turned on to him because he was one of Nihei's inspiration for Blame! which is very apparent when you read his descriptions of Serehfa Fastness, the casstle the size of a country.


File: 8c0fb0bea475df9⋯.jpg (269.97 KB, 1307x2000, 1307:2000, 9788408043645.jpg)


I find Marquez really enjoyable too! Many of his novels are among my favorites. I appreciate the recommendations.


That's very interesting. Thank you for sharing!


>Sorry for the thread hijack

It's perfectly fine. Detective noir in space? I gotta get me some of that! Your recommendations sound pretty good, I'll have to check 'em out.

Beside Sci-Fi, I'm very much into mystery and crime novels, a little bit of fantasy as well. Pic related, Zafon's The Shadow of the Wind is very likely to be my favorite novel ever. I enjoyed Larsson's millenium trillogy too, just to mention something else.


>he was one of Nihei's inspiration for Blame!

Shoot, that so? That just doubled my interest.

File: 0699a0eec781e7e⋯.png (25.1 KB, 223x156, 223:156, The bois.png)


Why are followers of Stirner often Communists while Nietzscheans are frequently Nationalists? The two have have rather similar philosophies, and they both show distain for Communism and Nationalism. Why the split?


I bet it's the memes.


Stirner appeals to leftists because of his destruction of moral values. Being the revolutionary faggots they are, they will jump for that any time.

Nietzsche appeals to the nationalist elitism, especially with his view that there are higher and lesser humans, and to their paranoia.

Both are also extremely quotable and yet hard to penetrate. That plays an extremely big role. These kinds of philosophers that the average guy just cannot comprehend without a large effort lend themselves well to popular movement. They give a semblance of intellectuality to the rulers, while the aforementioned average guy will face enormous difficulty understanding enough of their philosophy to give a weighty criticism. Add dialectics, anti-intellectualism and anti-rationalism to the mix and the ideology is perfect.


I know that, at least for Nietzsche, his disdain for modern values came from the fact that they had simply stopped being effective. 'God is dead' wasn't him promoting atheism, it was saying that the spiritual/moral benefits associated with religion simply weren't present in society anymore because of subversion and demoralization. That's demoralization with moral as its root, not morale.


File: c85e3d165f0871a⋯.gif (9.51 KB, 279x305, 279:305, stirner.gif)


Stirner was popular because of this drawing.

smug fuck, smoking a cigarette, btfoing Marx, Bauer, Engels and Ruge with his superior intellectual power.

everything that lit wants to be

File: 13e7e49daaec784⋯.jpg (107.77 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1346271892434.jpg)


In the last 5 years I've become an avid reader (mostly classics because everything else is too expensive for a poorfag) and perhaps as a result I wanted to try my hand at writing something of my own. Now, writing for yourself as a practice is nice and all but how do you put your work out there? I don't mean putting it straight on shelves, but you know, just evaluated. Are there any amateur writefags sites? For example, there's a site called silent-manga-auditions where professional mangaka judge amateur manga anyone can send in. Is there something like that for writefags, some contests? You also hear about authors of yore writing for serial publications, like Weird Tales etc., where you basically send your work and if it's acceptable they publish it, do such things exist nowadays?



what are lit magazines and journals?

look for something local and try to be published in it two or three times consecutively. Editors of very small presses will usually send you personal rejection letters and with them suggestions to improve the work.



>what are lit magazines and journals?

That's what I'm asking about. I don't know of any.

There isn't anything local where I live, are there any online magazines?

File: c6f2bff02baf446⋯.jpg (197.14 KB, 300x501, 100:167, Endymion_cover.jpg)

File: a6c75fde77d749c⋯.png (216.55 KB, 259x394, 259:394, the rise of endymion.png)


up /lit/. I read pics related, and while they were decent scifi adventure romps (Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion, in contrast, were spectacular imo), the romance between the two main characters really stuck with me.

Since then, I've been wondering what other books, classic or modern, have a truly engaging love story.

15 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The thing is not that ghosts or vampires can't be opposed, it is that having a complex enemy will distract from the romance, and this is why having natural enemies is useful.

I liked how they did the ghost in the first season of Being Human. She learns to show herself, manipulate things, go outside, and finally take revenge.


File: 23700788165a843⋯.png (152.67 KB, 422x630, 211:315, life-and-death.png)

Back when I still cared about Star Wars news, I listened to the ForceCast, and one of the hosts admitted to reading (and enjoying?) Twilight, calling it ‘Superman from the perspective of Lois Lane’ (paraphrasing).

Even if you switched the sexes of the characters, like Stephenie Meyer herself did in ‘Life and Death – Twilight reimagined’, wouldn’t guys rather want to be the heroic part, the protector who defends and helps the female love-interest?




I recently finished the audiobook version of Life and Death (listening to it in the background as I did other things), and while it wasn't the worst thing I've heard, it was quite obvious that it wasn't actually written for guys.

The protagonist had little to no agency, he was a wet blanket, and his romance with Edythe felt really forced and unnatural. Worst of all though, was the change at the end, where the protagonist is turned into a vampire and forced to leave his old life behind, letting his parents and friends think he is dead.

I think the story could have been saved with re-writes, especially if some of the ideas in StoryBrain's video had been implemented - Edythe being able to read his feelings, seeing his true love/intentions, as opposed all the other guys, etc.


Not books but "play" visual novels. Nakige is the romance type, utsuge is called the depressing type (always a sad romance in the latter, if any).

Look around and read those, they are basically short books with images and with different romance routes.



Are there any decent to good visual novels with a Western art-style?

I can’t stomach the anime style, and the stereotypical Japanese plots and characters aren’t my cup of tea either.

>inb4 Unteralterbach

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