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File: bde7a94f0390b8f⋯.png (18 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, New Zealand Board.png)

6ab2ba  No.5944714

Fellow NZ anons, it's about time we dig our own country.

Enough is enough.

Let's be more active.

The world is waking up.

The world is watching.

New Zealand is not a place where elite can run away to hide.

It's true most of us are sleeping at the moment

and that is being exploited by (((them))).

But enough is enough.

Let's not be scared anymore to talk about the

conspiracy of the GOVERNMENT against humanity.

Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your colleagues.

We've been too afraid.

But it's our time to face our fear and get the truth out.

Let's help fellow New Zealanders to wake up!!!

6ab2ba  No.5944755

File: 0314a9556f5c42b⋯.jpeg (14.78 KB, 255x177, 85:59, DayBakerGiftFromNightCrew.jpeg)


KiwiAnons, care to make a dough for future Bakers?

451c33  No.5944808

File: c5bc793c0e6ed9d⋯.png (545.04 KB, 692x746, 346:373, Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at ….png)


You are DaBest, BakerAnon! TY!

6b25a9  No.5944812

File: 0c6fa48a8f575d0⋯.jpg (11.21 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 28r5nm.jpg)

214e48  No.5944814

File: 0554a286e7fac17⋯.jpg (205.42 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, IMG_20181022_200858.jpg)


1591b2  No.5944822

File: b233e7a2c5bebab⋯.png (39.09 KB, 684x700, 171:175, pepe_baker.png)


41f814  No.5944826

File: 237bad932e639ec⋯.jpeg (249.37 KB, 2224x1484, 556:371, E772307A-DC0A-4DE1-AE78-1….jpeg)

451c33  No.5944828

File: 755a053908b7fe4⋯.png (1.51 MB, 971x1040, 971:1040, Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at ….png)

6ab2ba  No.5944831


Apologies for "early" post owing to spam deletion in previous Bread.

Please fill that bread before switching over.

Thank you for your understanding.

18cbab  No.5944839

Comey Twitter geolocation showing New Zealand????


451c33  No.5944850

File: 9c1e40c8af6b5b9⋯.png (393.8 KB, 1122x519, 374:173, Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at ….png)


Cap for your sauce, Anon


f68687  No.5944851

File: f3543a18f843bfe⋯.jpeg (139.98 KB, 828x655, 828:655, 5E2162EF-A626-4C66-B2A4-3….jpeg)

Love the troll Q

Kiwi bolt hole?


86ff1a  No.5944852

File: 1be0f38651bb8b2⋯.png (161.33 KB, 789x652, 789:652, ClipboardImage.png)

kek down she goes….

3dfc2a  No.5944854


6b25a9  No.5944856

File: 903913d873c982c⋯.gif (2.59 MB, 460x258, 230:129, tenor (2).gif)


c87aa4  No.5944862

Something tickles me very greatly about the notion that, while the elite are supposedly fleeing to NZ, Q has decided to set up shop in the NZ bread. Q is everywhere – they have nowhere to run. 😂

95957e  No.5944867


Would that be because so many trying to look at it?

I got a bunch of screencaps and still have it up in my browser.

451c33  No.5944868

File: d5c040be28e6817⋯.png (317.46 KB, 514x472, 257:236, Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at ….png)

98b62c  No.5944885


Way to step up DB. And dubs chek’d. Light the DS up Kiwianons! God Bless from this U.S. anon.

e26514  No.5944891

Anons if youtube censor POUS live stream rally tonight is there another link I can go to to watch it uninterrupted? TIA

fbb50b  No.5944892


The server must have been near a chemical plant lol

86ff1a  No.5944910


yes. open up a new tab > copy and paste the website again > enter you should see the error.

3dfc2a  No.5944913



fdd596  No.5944927



d63aa5  No.5944940

File: 8f9933a0508d9d8⋯.png (55.21 KB, 1680x565, 336:113, Capture.PNG)


Same here

a1b973  No.5944968

"knowingly" is required to fulfill the statutory requirement for criminality

fdd596  No.5944980

a1b973  No.5944986

So we're good to go. BINGO!

fdd596  No.5945022

now hes posting in Aussie bread lmao

3a3264  No.5945047

Missing posts here. See post numbers 5944910-913-927-940-968-980.

Any anons know why?

3dfc2a  No.5945076


Camera pans back to POTUS at 0:04. See the first Air Q.

a1b973  No.5945153

File: 05e6d2017f22209⋯.png (332.76 KB, 620x349, 620:349, ClipboardImage.png)

The lil' Schiff is so important, maybe his will be engraved with his name.

650ce5  No.5945533


Love the Kiwis and Maoris! Not the US corp GOV there!



02ae3f  No.5945568

File: f935e6e19f79dd4⋯.png (356.19 KB, 536x462, 268:231, ClipboardImage.png)

*is this Mueller*…!!



d5fe2b  No.5945743

File: 81a8f0ee00012f1⋯.png (699.2 KB, 1356x1076, 339:269, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 69039f745a40417⋯.png (3.15 MB, 3116x1268, 779:317, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d766eeefe2e68b4⋯.png (2.58 MB, 3844x1324, 961:331, ClipboardImage.png)


Triangulate Comey comms.

Visiting another Giant?

Gnome ~ No Name.

Who is the NZ No Name, Anon?


f8dad7  No.5947609

File: 449f24db73f546b⋯.png (547.77 KB, 760x713, 760:713, [[[JK]]].png)

File: a7a0f87970be1ea⋯.png (553.77 KB, 1020x580, 51:29, [[[JK]]] Hussein.png)

Not an autist, more of a retard so bear with me.

The Spy Op - ongoing - is former regime visiting JK John Key in order to get access to 5 eye network.

JK used to be part of the Fed Reserve so it is likely he has US citizenship.

Knowingly advocating overthrowing the government while a citizen (even dual) via the 5 eye access would place JK in a unique position.

CHCH FF is prep of the battle space prior to shift of criminals and assets. Maybe VERY high level people and assets.

163096  No.5948666

File: fe28a97ae4f67dd⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 1920x1500, 32:25, comeynz.jpg)

6a526e  No.5950535

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Watch Rally Live here:

640671  No.5955818

File: a1397d04c04ba44⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1560x1375, 312:275, Combo_4.jpg)

File: ebb2cd22255fab9⋯.jpg (240.76 KB, 1560x1352, 15:13, Combo_5.jpg)

File: 5f35f6106888a20⋯.jpg (163.81 KB, 531x958, 531:958, A-black-sheep3A.jpg)

Main board redirection to NZ board.

640671  No.5956057

File: 685ccfdeeef113a⋯.jpg (28.86 KB, 1126x845, 1126:845, CHCH_CHOPPER_1.jpg)

File: 16f7853f67a16d8⋯.jpg (28.29 KB, 1126x845, 1126:845, CHCH_CHOPPER_2.jpg)

Coppers doing very slow passes over CHCH every day and night since the Mosque attack on the 15th March. Two weeks now… for our own safety of course.

640671  No.5956371

File: f812e47abbc4110⋯.jpg (145.28 KB, 1372x827, 1372:827, Screen_Shot.jpg)

Donation From New Zealand Attack Suspect Puts Spotlight on Europe’s Far Right




‘Clean-shaven, well-dressed and polite, Martin Sellner is the poster boy of Europe’s new far right. A 30-year-old philosophy graduate, he blogs about what he says is the threat Muslim immigration poses for Europe, stages nonviolent protests and is widely known on the global far-right scene.

Just how widely became clear this week when it emerged that Mr. Sellner received a 1,500 euro donation — about $1,700 — a year ago from Brenton Harrison Tarrant of Australia, who is accused of killing 50 Muslim worshipers in Christchurch, New Zealand, two weeks ago.’

640671  No.5956594

File: 15edcb9f6ac11ac⋯.jpg (124.39 KB, 1190x827, 1190:827, Screen_Shot.jpg)

Hefty new fines for New Zealand Customs breaches


Dan Lake


‘Passengers will face instant fines of at least $400 if they breach any of the new Customs infringement offences.

You can expect to have to fork out for accidentally making a mistake on an arrival document or using your phone in the security area.

The new list of 70 infringements was revealed in October before allowing a six month public education phase, which is now coming to an end.

Starting in April, Customs officers will be able to issue individuals with an instant $400 fine, and businesses with an $800 fine.’

"They are not a means of generating revenue."

Some of the offences that could see you being slapped with an instant fine include:

- Making a false declaration on a Passenger Arrival Card

- Refusing to answer questions from a Customs officer

- Importing or exporting prohibited goods

- Failing to stop using an electronic device (where sign prohibits) when asked to do so

- Leaving arriving craft without authorisation

- The full list of new offences can be viewed on the New Zealand Customs Service.

New Zealand Customs Service.



- Failing or refusing to answer questions

Any and all questions? Even ones unrelated to customs?

- Failing to stop using an electronic device

(where sign prohibits) when asked to do so.

No passenger video/audio recording of what’s going on allowed so as to protect themselves from any possible accusation.

"They are not a means of generating revenue."


640671  No.5956937


I've also been hearing a lot more small/light plane activity in the CHCH airspace today. Much more than usual.

640671  No.5957058


Forgot to add that it's almost certainly another layer of protection for incoming elites or more accurately their staff. They don't travel alone.

640671  No.5957506

File: 547a65e01c7ecad⋯.jpg (504.31 KB, 1371x826, 1371:826, Screen_Shot.jpg)


Comey here at the same time as a DARPA rocket launch. No such things as coincidences.

Watch: Rocket Lab launches US military satellite from Māhia Peninsula

Scott Palmer



‘Rocket Lab is preparing to launch an experimental satellite for the US military.

The launch will take place using an Electron rocket from the launch site in Māhia, New Zealand. It's expected to lift-off at 12.27pm.

Its payload is the Radio Frequency Risk Reduction Deployment Demonstration (R3D2) satellite. It belongs to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, the Pentagon agency in charge of developing cutting-edge military technology.

DARPA says the R3D2 will "monitor antenna deployment dynamics, survivability and radio frequency (RF) characteristics of a membrane antenna in low-Earth orbit".

"The antenna could enable multiple missions that currently require large satellites, to include high data rate communications to disadvantaged users on the ground," officials wrote in a statement.

The DARPA R3D2 mission is Rocket Lab's fourth orbital mission and the company's first launch in 2019.

"The mission highlights US government demand for the type of responsive, ultra-flexible and rapidly acquired launch service that characterises the Rocket Lab launch experience on Electron," Rocket Lab says.

Rocket Lab founder and CEO Peter Beck says small satellite launch capabilities are increasingly important to US government organisations like DARPA.

"The ability to rapidly space-qualify new technology and deploy space-based assets with confidence on short notice is a service that didn't exist for dedicated small satellites until now," he says.

"We're honoured to provide Electron's agile and flexible launch service to DARPA and we look forward to delivering the innovative R3D2 payload to orbit."

But some experts warn that the launch might create risks to New Zealand's national security.

"An opponent of America could see New Zealand as a more vulnerable area in which to target indirectly America's space programme or defence program," Massey University Centre for Defence and Security Studies lecturer Terry Johanson told The Spinoff.

"For example, Russia, North Korea or China could potentially undertake operations here to sabotage the American defense programme."’

Rocket Lab carrying cargo for Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

23 Jan, 2019 4:25pm


cb7eab  No.5957811

File: d117276954c4a4d⋯.jpg (146.48 KB, 1992x994, 996:497, NZQ.jpg)

640671  No.5958091


Correction - that should be Comey is allegedly in NZ.

9c2686  No.5958403

>>5943857 (lb)

If the dates on the watches aren't important, why are they different in two shots taken (presumably) one right after the other? Bit of an effort to go to for something that doesn't matter.


Yes, yes it is. As an NZ anon it really should shock me that I can recognise all of the former US ABC chiefs, Obama's cabinet and prominent members of the current US Congress better than probably 50% of all NZ politicians. But it doesn't, kek.

9c2686  No.5958437

File: 33c2d793fc84bdd⋯.jpg (305.75 KB, 800x1619, 800:1619, nz net block 1.jpg)

File: c6b18b58b092100⋯.jpg (319.47 KB, 800x1682, 400:841, nz net block 2.jpg)

File: 54b8352d21637e3⋯.jpg (333.69 KB, 800x1690, 80:169, nz net block 3.jpg)

It's official anons, the government extended the block on 8chan etc. Question is, did they actually instigate it in the first place? And, was it legal to ask for the extension?

ISPs keep Chch web blocks after Govt intervention

New Zealand’s largest internet providers have reversed plans to stop blocking websites which hosted videos of the Christchurch terror attack, after a last-minute intervention by the Government.

In the wake of the mosque shootings, a number of New Zealand’s biggest ISPs took what they themselves acknowledged was an “unprecedented step” - blocking websites which were hosting a video of the attack live-streamed by the alleged murderer, as well as his manifesto.

In an open letter explaining the move and calling for action from larger tech companies, the chief executives of Spark, Vodafone and 2degrees said the decision was the right one in “such extreme and tragic circumstances”.



2be552  No.5959149

File: b7da6c5072beb04⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 4256x2832, 266:177, ISS-40_New_Zealand.jpg)


Q Research New Zealand #1 - http://archive.fo/ghEil

Q Research New Zealand #2 - http://archive.fo/ylrS5

7c557f  No.5959343


DEWs does produce visible spectrum energy, as shown by many military weapon demonstrations.

7c557f  No.5959349


They don't want people questioning the possibility of more than the one lone gunman, asking questions such as who was he talking to in the car.

ea95f4  No.5959767


TY archiveanon

Nice pic. I didn't realise NZ spanned so much of the planet, bigger than we think!

640671  No.5960144

File: b061f9c44495f30⋯.jpg (214.26 KB, 1372x827, 1372:827, Screen_Shot_1.jpg)

File: 8d9162e56b609ca⋯.jpg (217.31 KB, 1372x826, 98:59, Screen_Shot_2.jpg)

File: 8aca6778ee1c51d⋯.jpg (62.56 KB, 478x501, 478:501, s-l640.jpg)

Re-post of an older NZ related post on the main board.

Q Research General #6253: Specializing In Libel Edition

01/26/19 (Sat) No.4899109


Post text –

There’s a new Masonic Lodge being opened and an open day this weekend in Christchurch, New Zealand. The countries main news channel did a segment on it though it isn’t anywhere that I can find on their website. Searched for Freemason & Woolston while a search for Mason unfortunately only brings up a ‘reporters’ surname.

I watched the segment as it was being aired and one of the head sherangs in his apron and regalia said that there’s 6000 Masons in NZ and (paraphrasing here) that membership is up because of the new, I suppose you call it, ‘transparency’ policy they have that takes the unjustified mystery out of the organisation, though they do still keep certain ceremonies a secret. He made it all sound so benign with mention of funds raised for community causes and the like.

Now here’s an interesting thing and it’s that he also said that both Australian and American Masons are actively looking at adopting the NZ policy too. Obviously to increase their membership and reach.



fedd70  No.5975926

Hang in there NZ fags. We are coming to help as soon as possible.

Stay alive, stay safe, don't lose hope. America is on your side. We keep our promises.

74cd0a  No.5976740

Was wondering how NZ got to 3 breads so fast, then saw Q posted in NZ 2.

>>5943295 /pb Q NZ2- (most good NZ digs are in NZ 1 and NZ 3, NZ 2 is mostly full of Q replies - so still good, just not on point for NZ).

>>5943295 /pb NZ 1 first post

b9ba0b  No.5977273

File: 6d3468a2993d2f2⋯.png (36.29 KB, 600x600, 1:1, F9D06580-4958-43F7-A4F5-9A….png)

NZ Citizens!

75d6e0  No.5977806

are there instructions anywhere on how to create a new thread in Q research?

1e5930  No.5984131

File: 9454c05551d235f⋯.png (24.47 KB, 505x383, 505:383, 9454c05551d235f0fd9d218c04….png)


informative dig material on NZFF. info begins, Breakdown at 17 minute mark.

tldr version, the attack appears to have been carried out using an MKUltra shooter. Visual queues using red colored objects/people, audio queues through the music playing.

640671  No.5990123

File: 849b65ac3272730⋯.jpg (62.89 KB, 611x500, 611:500, Anon_Post_5921487.jpg)

File: 0364d3365a120a2⋯.jpg (234.81 KB, 926x1086, 463:543, Screen_Shot.jpg)

File: a94ce085bd3e3ba⋯.jpg (128.07 KB, 871x826, 871:826, Screen_Shot1.jpg)

File: 81a52dd1b5e6911⋯.jpg (116.51 KB, 934x804, 467:402, Screen_Shot2.jpg)

File: 2be03cf79dcfafe⋯.jpg (119.97 KB, 896x827, 896:827, Screen_Shot3.jpg)

CHCH Mosque attack and measles outbreak with subsequent immunisation push at the same time. Coincidence?

Main Board Previous Bread 'I am legend’ post.

>>5921487 PB

Measles outbreak: Number hits 30 in Canterbury

Author: NZ Herald,

Section: Christchurch,

Publish Date: Tuesday, 19 March 2019, 11:10a.m.


"Measles is incredibly infectious and continues to circulate in our community. The only way to prevent its spread is immunisation," he said.

Canterbury measles outbreak: vaccine availability extended to new groups

OLIVER LEWIS 18:38, Mar 28 2019


General practices have been undertaking a major vaccination drive with the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine.

Next steps for measles vaccine campaign

Thursday, 28 March 2019, 5:56 pm

Press Release: Canterbury District Health Board


‘To help contain Canterbury’s measles outbreak a wider group of people are now eligible to receive a second MMR vaccination.’

Also -

Gearing up for another bumper flu immunisation season

Media release from the Immunisation Advisory Centre

Wednesday 20 February 2019, 10:07 AM


‘Vaccinators across New Zealand will receive their annual influenza immunisation ‘Flu Kit’ around mid-March this year.

A record 1.3 million doses of vaccine were distributed in New Zealand in 2018.’

UNICEF - Got to get everyone, everywhere.

Drone deliveries of life-saving vaccines on the cards for Vanuatu


640671  No.5990137

File: 3691b79cb402f42⋯.jpg (28.24 KB, 708x400, 177:100, Vivien Maidaborn, Unicef N….jpg)

d5fe2b  No.5991282

Has the content of the vid been discussed in NZ MSM? Comparisons made between vid content and the eye witness accounts of survivors/victims reported in MSM? Seem hard to reconcile unless there were moar than one attacker involved in either setting things up beforehand, communicating logistics during, or shooting rounds, follow-up, or all of the above.


91f8cd  No.5991304

>>5984131 pm was in on it

91f8cd  No.5991368

>>5991282 plans finalized days before. - there is audio https://aflionthewall.com/2019/03/31/nu-z-land-dark-to-light/

d5fe2b  No.5991452

Woman reveals close-call she had with alleged gunman before tragic terror attack


What did this woman say?

Gag order? Served him at gas station? Where? When?

91f8cd  No.5991543


cult is in gov. gov planned attack & who to blame. podesta helped. there is audio. tova o'brien, ardern, all know. press kows but threatened https://aflionthewall.com/2019/03/31/nu-z-land-dark-to-light/

e65e53  No.5993518

After looking at the video on a video editor so that I can get good stills from each frame, I can confirm one major discrepancy and dispel some false ones.

There is definitely a mag in the hallway on the shooters first entry. This is before he moved all the way down the hall and he even looks at it as he moves past. First view appears to be 3 - 4 meters away - in front of where he has ever allegedly been at this time. This mag is NOT the mag knocked loose in the altercation with the escaping person. It is the second mag he steps back into the hall to reload with.

The brass disappearing is total bullshit. The brass hits normally and is all over the place.

d5fe2b  No.5994415


Good work, Anon.

Where can we view the stills?


d5fe2b  No.5994441


>there is audio.

The link is confusing, to me at least. Is that the audio? Played backwards and slowed?

1dbc71  No.5995027

Kiwis – American here. After seeing something posted in the General about firearms confiscation, I thought I'd drop in for a bit and see if I could learn more about what is happening with that. If we are not careful, the same will be happening here. I think you are a test kitchen for tactics and, while I would never advise anyone to break a law, nor do I want to tell you how to live your lives, it is imperative that you not allow yourselves to be disarmed … even if a dozen mosques, a few synagogues and a church or two were shot up.

There is no legitimate government interest in disarming peaceful men and women.

Well, I've said enough for now.

e65e53  No.5997815


I am trying to figure out a way to to upload that is really anonymous. I don't want the NKVD coming around.

40ba4e  No.6000847

Nz media weeks before chch attack - China China China 5G Huawei etc etc.


Chch happens.

China completely disappears from news cycle.

gun control legislation “rushed through”. Hate speech legislation to be “rushed through”.

PM visits China. We’re suddenly all best buddies again. Future is bright… PM dresses like dystopian communist China girl.

NZ is completely owned by China. only a matter of time until it becomes official.

40ba4e  No.6000852


Too late unfortunately.

d65ad5  No.6000979


Deputy Prime Minister Peters says "you will be handing them back" after gangs publicly refuse to hand over guns.


A former Russian Soldier died in an apparent suicide during a standoff with police after members of the public notified police about his gun collection.


A virtue signaling Green Party candidate was the first person to hand in his guns. He is now receiving 'harassment' from NRA members.


A website set up for handling in guns crashed after receiving 100s of fake submissions.


Increase in gun sales before ban.


Police failed to act on a complaint about the Milton gun club where Tarrant trained.


17c62a  No.6001185



hope that was saved offline… can someone upload it to butchute or somewhere not gewgle as it's been removed

c769ea  No.6002027


hi mate it is baking >>>


hope it help

3925ad  No.6002806

This just in from an email friend.


“This video is obviously in Arabic and it is the senior Imam in Jerusalem spitting the fire, just before the weekend last passed.

It’s in response to Australia and particularly New Zealand’s appeasing attitude to the dreadful tragedy in Christchurch. The Imam is encouraging in a forceful way that Muslims shoulds invade Australia and NZ because they are weak. Can you imagine what will happen with a socialist government in charge upholding a soft border policy with this attitude pervading the Islamic world

eec6c4  No.6003200

File: f1842209a32f55e⋯.jpg (144.21 KB, 1370x827, 1370:827, Screen_Shot.jpg)


Vigilante hackers hijack Christchurch mosque shooter's twisted online manifesto and replace it with a virus dubbed the 'Trojan Haka'

1 April 2019


‘The virus, dubbed the 'Trojan Haka', forces a system reboot that ends with a black screen featuring a message in red writing: 'This is not us!'

The chilling manifesto was reportedly written by Australian-born Brenton Tarrant, 28,

who is accused of gunning down 50 Muslims in a terrorist attack two weeks ago.

The manifesto has been officially classified as objectionable by the Office of Film & Literature Classification in New Zealand.

Anyone with copies of the 'crude booklet that promotes murder and terrorism' is being urged to destroy them or face prosecution.

Despite the ban and removal from various websites it was initially posted to, copies are still circulating in dark corners of the web.

But an online vigilante going by the username 'Māori' is circulating a 'weaponised' version of the document in a bid to stop people from viewing it, the NZ Herald reported.

The 'booby-trapped' version was discovered by cyber security company Blue Hexagon, who have since dubbed it 'Trojan Haka'.

'Our initial suspicion was that this was targeting the press, but with all the data that we have now, it looks like it was not one specific group, just anyone who was trying to get a copy of the manifesto,' Blue Hexagon researcher Irfan Asrar told PC Mag.

Since the terror attack, several people have been charged under for possessing or distributing the manifesto.’

Also –



9c2686  No.6013700

File: 5a7a9c82f5848ae⋯.jpg (176.51 KB, 800x1194, 400:597, Seymour House chamber.jpg)

Only in New Zealand, kek.

Too busy gabbing to the press, David Seymour misses his opportunity to slow down new gun laws.



9c2686  No.6014974

File: b4cadadeabe66ed⋯.jpg (396.02 KB, 1024x1702, 512:851, bill.jpg)

Hansard draft

First reading of the Arms (Prohibited Firearms, Magazines, and Parts) Amendment Bill — First Reading


''Our actions, instead, are directed at making sure March 15th never happens again.

Semi-automatic firearms which are commonly used for hunting, pest control, stock management on farms, and duck shooting will not be affected. People can still use a .22 calibre rifle with a maximum 10-round magazine, and a semi-automatic and pump-action shotgun with a maximum five-round magazine. These firearms are widely and safely used amongst our farming and hunting communities. Indeed, today, the Game Animal Council has confirmed that recreational and commercial hunting of large game animals such as deer, pig, and tahr will largely be unaffected. MSSAs and assault rifles are not needed for hunting or stock management.

There will be a small number of tightly controlled exemptions for professional animal cullers and licensed firearms dealers. Those groups or individuals identified as management agencies under section 100 of the Biosecurity Act can apply to the Commissioner of Police for a permit to possess a prohibited firearm. This will include the sort of pest control work undertaken by contractors for the Department of Conservation or a local council. Those applying will need to demonstrate that they will only use the firearm for that purpose stated and must demonstrate that they cannot do the work with any other firearm.''

Full text:



On a less serious note, and perhaps a day late, next year there will be no March 15th, and instead we will have a March 32nd.

bd55a6  No.6015768

God bless you, brave NZ patriots. WRWY around the world.

4029e9  No.6015836


This video is half truth and half bullshit…..

8bf532  No.6015893

File: c852bb37443f932⋯.png (1020.03 KB, 1702x874, 37:19, c852bb37443f9324df916ae093….png)


The Christ Church "attack" was a government psy-op. No one died. They used crisis actors.

Wake the fuck up dude.

eec6c4  No.6015909

File: d2c6d0cac95e0c1⋯.jpg (126.02 KB, 1196x826, 598:413, Screen_Shot.jpg)


Armageddon bans military-style clothing, guns from convention



‘‘Pop-culture convention Armageddon that attracts thousands each year has changed its rules to ban military-style clothing and replica guns following the Christchurch attacks.

People attending Armageddon go all out with dressing up as their favourite character, but this year the organiser has added a couple of extra items to the list of props that are banned.

The list of items banned include all metal shields, knives, swords, blades but under most circumstances, people can bring a plastic alternative.

Real and imitation military clothing of any kind have also been banned.

Event organiser director William Geradts said the decision was made immediately following the Christchurch attacks.’

eec6c4  No.6015992



Obviously you're unable to check post ID's (640671) nor detect sarcasm.

8bf532  No.6016272


He called it an attack as if it were real. It was a hoax.

You agree that no one died right?

eec6c4  No.6017174


'Mosque attack', 'for our own safety of course.'

The post was sarcastic and some anon misunderstood, got triggered over it and posted as such. Admittedly it wasn't blatant in your face sarcasm.

No, I don't agree. People do die in false flags as I'm sure you well know. Yes it was a FF, a psy-op, a hoax but just claiming that no one died doesn't actually prove anything. Proof is required and until it's dug up and presented there remains doubt that some weren't literally sacrificed for the greater goal(s).

47d4da  No.6018327

How come nobody is discussing the fact that the mosque Tarrant shot up was responsible for radicalizing at least two white Christian kiwis who died in drone strikes? Original article was shoa'd from stuff.co.nz here's a back up of another site that has the article. Why would they try and scrub everything from the internet if it was a false flag? http://archive.is/wKTNy

8bf532  No.6018580

File: 527f86f4be79904⋯.png (6.92 MB, 7656x1000, 957:125, DisappearingBullets.png)


"Proof is required"

The shell casings disappear in mid-air thereby proving the footage was shot in front of a green screen.

No one died.

8bf532  No.6018690

File: dac4cbdab1a964c⋯.jpg (102.01 KB, 996x337, 996:337, FTPAAH.jpg)


Because Q has told us these mass "shootings" are fake and using crisis actors and therefor aren't real?

92f5a9  No.6018941


Wow so you just believe Q like that? When they've said disinfo is necessary? Think for yourself. Trust your own plan. My God you sound like a member of a cult, idol worship, blindly following. Fucking wake up

8bf532  No.6020854


The evidence Christ Church was fake is overwhelming. Crisis actors, CGI, green screens, you'd have to be brainwashed to think it was real.

Or you'd have to be a shill which is exactly what you are.

How do you live with yourself? Is it the money or are you so fucking retarded you believe in these sick fucks?

fc4836  No.6022575


Where's this overwhelming evidence at? Lemme guess the guy whose socks change color or the hat guy? What else you got? Disappearing bullets?

8bf532  No.6023257

File: 527f86f4be79904⋯.png (6.92 MB, 7656x1000, 957:125, DisappearingBullets.png)


Disappearing shell casings prove a green screen and CGI was used.

eec6c4  No.6023533


Ahh… the old 'if you don't immediately agree with me then you're a shill' shit. I think you know where you can shove that!


Still doesn't prove that no one died, that one or more weren't sacrificed for the cause, for optics.

Personally I don't believe that anyone did die but belief isn't proof.

The best outcome would be if not a single one of them did as the shock to the normies would be even greater when fully exposed, as would the sense of betrayal.

A logical question is - Where have the 'dead' gone? Hidden somewhere in the country? More likely they're all on a paid holiday out of the country visiting relatives until the socialist takeover of NZ is complete and they can safely return. If so how did they leave? Commercial flight or NZ Airforce? Stowed on an outgoing ship in nearby Lyttelton Harbour seems a nice quiet way to depart.

8bf532  No.6023829

File: 10e35bdddf9da70⋯.jpg (303.84 KB, 1375x1086, 1375:1086, ea088f600326f773de51485752….jpg)

File: e6961f29e1fcb16⋯.jpg (34.92 KB, 400x375, 16:15, From Noah Pozner to Michae….jpg)


How do they "kill" off the victims? Well at Sandy Hook they just got 1st grade pictures of kids in high school and said they were different people. Then they gave those real pictures fake names. When they "died" no one notices because the fake name was tied to a kid that never existed in the first place.

63e618  No.6024611


You're gonna base your whole theory of this being a FF with cgi and green screen based off a video where the original resolution was 648x360? You think that's good enough to pick up the detail needed to see shell casings fly 10-15 ft or more? Have you ever shot an ar 15? Didn't think so. They don't hit the ground and stop they come out tumbling every which way then even further when they bounce. They would be flying out past where the pothole filled with water is in the video. Don't be a retard they go further than 5 ft. Seriously.

63e618  No.6024656


Plus your screenshots there only cover 2 seconds of the video. How many shells do you think he shot in those 2 seconds, 6-8 max? There's not gonna be 30 shell casings to see. Fucking moron with your disappearing casing bullshit

8bf532  No.6024669

File: 527f86f4be79904⋯.png (6.92 MB, 7656x1000, 957:125, DisappearingBullets.png)



I highlight the casings with a red line. They clearly hit the wall and disappear. If they were real they hit the wall and bounce down onto the sidewalk. That doesn't happen.

They used CGI and green screen. That's the only explanation.

63e618  No.6024747

File: c5db6c62875238f⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 3072x4096, 3:4, IMG_20190402_175915926~2.jpg)


The casings don't eject forward look at the angle of mine that I just took. They eject at a backwards angle from the gun. Do you see the triangle shaped thing in the bottom of the picture? Is that angled forward?

2efc92  No.6024758


As I've said previously these are NOT the same person and the claim is ridiculous.

8bf532  No.6024796


The video is being show in slow motion.

eec6c4  No.6024798


I wrote that I believe that no one did actually die and yes, I'm aware of the SH method but again it doesn't PROVE that someone didn't die at the CHCH Mosques.

100% proof would be to track the CHCH 'deceased' down to wherever they're located and expose them as still living. Since they didn't die then where are they, who are they? Who paid them? Find them!

Another series of questions is about the 'wounded'. Are they more of the face/photo/name switched or actual locals acting their part? What 'wounds' did they receive? Was time allegedly spent in operating theaters for the purpose of giving the gunshot 'victims' credible surface scars such as entry and exit holes? How quickly have they recovered? Where are they now?

At any rate I'm moving on from this particular conversation/argument. Better things to do.

63e618  No.6024824


As a matter of fact, they would eject behind the pothole filled with water. You are a complete idiot who's never even fired a gun before. I'm not gonna waste my time trying to convince you something that takes nothing more than common sense to figure out. THE CASINGS DO NOT EJECT FORWARDS

8bf532  No.6024857




Ummmm, yes they do. Watch the video:


9c2686  No.6027958


Don't forget the frame rate and rolling shutter. A lot of weird effects can happen, especially with a rolling shutter.

8cb7fe  No.6028214

All this argument over wether the shooting was real or faked etc is completely irrelevant.

We don't know what happened.

Clearly no-one who comes here believes the official story.

Arguing is divisioning…. they win….

We don't KNOW what happened… what we personally BELIEVE is only a reflection on how brainwashed we are….

9c2686  No.6028569


Good call anon, let's stick to facts.

We know (roughly chronological):

- An alleged attack happened

- Gun law change process started immediately (announced within hours on same day?)

- Any social media sites he posted on were blocked by major ISPs (except for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) within hours

- Sites he didn't use were also blocked (gab, dissenter, …? )

- video was banned immediately (I don't actually recall when that was, pretty sure on the day)

- PM claimed location of attacks were not in manifesto (we, NZers, can't legally prove otherwise now because… )

- manifesto banned as objectionable material several days later

- Media labeled him variously as far-right, alt-right, and white supremicist (which he claimed to be, but we can't legally counter the first two because of the above)

- ISPs about to remove self initiated blocks asked not to by govt (Chris Fa'afoi) ostensibly until after memorial service (still blocked?)

- he is de-named (holy shit, that's in my swipe prediction, never used it before kek) by the PM in her speech in Parliament (and yes it's fukken her, smh)

- alleged perpetrator claims abuse in prison (didn't pay too much attention to that, kek)

- Auckland Mosque cleric (?) claims the action is initiated by Israel (no sauce tho)

- Jeremy majorly trolls Jewish Council (or something) spokeswoman on 7 sharp

- judge rules no cameras allowed for court proceedings (TV cameras usually allowed in court in NZ but do get excluded sometimes, not spoopy)

- debate about whether to use his name in media coverage, whether the court has the power to prevent that for trial coverage, etc.

All the rest is noise, except for the people who died, who I believe certainly did, but for the sake of examining this as an action by an unknown state or non-state agency to force a particular narrative, social, or law change, the rest is irrelevant. The attack (allegedly) happened, the social changes happened, internet blocks happened, the gun laws are changing, and a trial is going to happen.

Now, I think kiwis are on legally shaky ground discussing this matter which is currently before the courts (lawfags?) so I will refrain until after the (alleged) fucker hangs trial. We just need to pay attention to any details that emerge that could tie him to other agents (for lack of a better term). That's the next chance we'll get to uncover any skullduggery, or to be satisfied that he (allegedly) acted alone and is just a deranged fuck-knuckle.

Apologies for any missed allegations, this anon supports law and order.

4029e9  No.6029648


It's really hard to tell from his video if anyone really dies or not.

What we do see is people/cars in red being used as markers in the lead up to the first mosque attack.

People not even reacting surprised to someone walking into a Mosque with full body armor and Assault Weapons.

For me it looks like his first entry into the Mosque he was using a Special Effects type of wapon and his second entry was using a live fire weapon.

What we didn't see was People trying to escape, begging for their lives, people convulsing etc after being shot and all of the other stuff you see when real people get shot.

We also never saw any stunned survivors trying to work out what the fuck just happened like we saw in the aftermath video of the Second Mosque.

What we do know is the whole thing stinks and that there are obviously other agendas going on, ie disarming the local population while the escaping Satanists move in and take over….

640671  No.6030246


I agree.

Unfortunately I frankly let myself be a bit bullied by the anon who insisted that no one died and I developed tunnel vision, buying into that theory to the point that I started to agree, and then stated as such. This all the while I was insisting that there was no proof that there weren’t deaths! (One of my screws came loose but I’ve tightened it up again!)

Upon reflection/pondering I wish to retract my statements about my believing that there were no deaths at either of the Mosques or their surrounds. Why? Because I simply don’t know what happened. I have my theories but that’s all they are, theories.

8bf532  No.6031068



They NZ government isn't going to kill real people at this point. Killing real people would guarantee all the victims families wouldn't rest until the got justice given all the evidence of a psy-op.

b4e36f  No.6035387



(Foreign Language Threads have Translation Capability)



>>5945347 Australia #04 - Q Goes Down Under Edition - https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/5945347.html

>>5443913 Australia #03 - March MADNESS Edition - https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/5443913.html

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eac210  No.6035644


Are you sure there not dropping / transporting the elite off somewhere?

93b588  No.6041567


Just checked & I can finally get back on the board – have missed being able to get on here.

Hey, I know there’s only a few minutes left before submissions are due on the new gun bill but it contains a horrible clause:

74A Order in Council relating to definitions of prohibited firearm, prohibited magazine, and prohibited ammunition

The Governor-General may, by Order in Council made on the recommendation of the Minister,—

(a) amend or replace the description in section 2A of a semi-automatic firearm (except a pistol) or pump action shotgun that is a prohibited firearm:

(b) amend or replace the description in section 2B of a magazine that is a prohibited magazine:

(c) declare any semi-automatic firearm (except a pistol) or pump-action shotgun of a stated name or description to be a prohibited firearm for the purposes of this Act:

(d) declare any magazine of a stated name or description to be a prohibited magazine for the purposes of this Act:

(e) declare any ammunition to be prohibited ammunition for the purposes of this Act.

Orders in Council are done by the Executive Council and don’t follow our normal submission process


My reading of this is that the government can make a lot of guns illegal without any public consultation at all. Just whip up an order in council and presto it’s done (which is what Cindy did back in December to loosen the vetting process anyway)

If you’re in NZ & you see this before 6pm then please make a submission against this clause at least.

93b588  No.6042686


Additional notes about gun law changes in NZ:

Law and order committee held "Inquiry into issues relating to the illegal possession of firearms in New Zealand" started 16 March 2016, reported back 7 April 2017.


The government at the time (National Party under Bill English) disagreed with all recommendations (this was a couple of months before an election). The report included suggestions for clarifying the classification of MSSAs (pg 6 of report) and tightening up on vetting processes. They said they would do a full review but a change of government put paid to those plans.


Arms (Firearms Prohibition Orders) Amendment Bill was attempted to be introduced in May 2018 as a private members bill by National Party MP Chris Bishop. The current govt voted against it. After reading the speeches I'm not sure this would've made any difference to Chch. It also appeared to contravene the Bill of Rights.

How's this for the current governments stance:

13823 (2018). Chris Bishop to the Police (Minister - Stuart Nash) (09 Jul 2018): What form is the government review of firearms policy taking?

Hon Stuart Nash (Police (Minister - Stuart Nash)) replied: I am following the established process of seeking advice from my officials prior to wider consultation.


Here's another good question:

16912 (2018). Hon Christopher Finlayson to the Police (Minister - Stuart Nash) (24 Aug 2018): What are the start and end dates of the firearms policy review?

Hon Stuart Nash (Police (Minister - Stuart Nash)) replied: A review of the policy related to the Arms Act commenced in March 2018. The extent of that review is still being scoped so it is not possible to provide an end date at this time.

I didn't come across anything about a review in March 2018 info and why didn't he say a review had been started in March when he was basically asked the same question in July?

And then Chch happened & everyone's in a rush all of a sudden to get changes to gun legislation done. The public get 2 days to put in submissions on legislation which has some potential fish hooks for innocent parties and only selected face to face submissions - one day only (how does the Muslim community get two slots??)

640671  No.6044254

File: edec4c58c54deb7⋯.jpg (163.48 KB, 663x880, 663:880, sleeping-dogs-film.jpg)

File: 0754190fc7f13d6⋯.png (413.28 KB, 322x714, 23:51, Screen-Shot-2014-10-08-at-….png)

Life imitates art.

Sleeping Dogs –

A political thriller with action film elements, it follows the lead character "Smith" (Neill) as New Zealand plunges into a police state as a fascist government institutes martial law after industrial disputes flare into violence. Smith gets caught between the special police and a growing resistance movement and reluctantly becomes involved.


40dbae  No.6044486

Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.


people died. the gov planned it john p interview was planning session - there is audio

40dbae  No.6044563

>>6028214>>6028569>>6030246 you can know what happened..they aren't careful, and it's on audio. tova obrien/j podesta planning session, ardern in it, police commissioner wasn't but is now..it's for the bodies..loosh..djt shut down SA as supplier..their like starvig wolves…there was loosh hidden at mosque..thats why all the guard…guy they arrested…controlled…some victims stabbed not shot….those to die chosen by imam…that witness they show everywhere…his wife died…ardern may be worse than hrc..audio at soundcloud link in my other post…still adding more….

660ace  No.6055851

File: 54827bbf1ffcd01⋯.jpg (196.04 KB, 800x1247, 800:1247, mosque trial 20190404a.jpg)

File: b87581929d08c66⋯.jpg (216.04 KB, 800x1205, 160:241, mosque trial - 20190404b.jpg)

Via stuff.co.nz

'Arrogant' and a 'coward' - relatives face Chch mosque shooting suspect in court

Sam Sherwood, Adele Redmond, Dominic Harris and Oliver Lewis·14:48, Apr 05 2019

Relatives of the victims of the Christchurch mosque shooting were in court on Friday when the alleged gunman appeared.

Relatives of people killed in the Christchurch mosque shootings branded the alleged gunman "arrogant" and a "coward" after they faced him across a courtroom for the first time.

Australian Brenton Harrison Tarrant, 28, faces 50 charges of murder and 39 of attempted murder following the massacre at the Al Noor and Linwood mosques on March 15.

The suspect appeared in the High Court at Christchurch on Friday morning via video link from Auckland, where he is being held in isolation in a high-security wing of Auckland Prison at Paremoremo.


He has not yet entered pleas to the 89 charges, and police are still considering whether to lay further charges.

The name of one woman originally said to be among the dead – but who later turned out to be alive and well – has been substituted for Khalid Alhaj-Mustafa.



List of victims


7c6bb8  No.6064629

Greetings from the States!

Marker Solution:





6b997c  No.6066112

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If this goes missing from YouTube,

here it is on HookTube !



2da646  No.6067150

File: 998f46098680b93⋯.webm (2.66 MB, 622x664, 311:332, casing.webm)

>Muh green screen

660ace  No.6067688

File: 1f1964d900508e1⋯.jpg (218.1 KB, 800x1301, 800:1301, look here.jpg)

File: de996e0686c41b0⋯.jpg (104.72 KB, 800x1424, 50:89, q442.jpg)

6 April 2019

Last two people in NZ without smartphones discovered

Friday night an Auckland couple had an encounter with an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) for several minutes. The couple, the last in New Zealand to eschew mobile phones with built-in video cameras, described the harrowing ordeal on far-left website Reddit.




eac210  No.6069638

File: 4d552788d61bc76⋯.png (63.52 KB, 943x455, 943:455, ClipboardImage.png)

eac210  No.6069707

File: 3cff20780177fa3⋯.png (16.57 KB, 689x101, 689:101, ClipboardImage.png)

209dc2  No.6071766



>Disappearing shell casings prove a green screen and CGI was used.

Cope harder shill. Tarrant is a hero and no amount of shilling and no matter how high your budget is, you will never change that fact.




f71840  No.6071846

File: 60c5b55f32a0118⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_4694.JPG)

Kiwianon doing my part abroad, Korean restaurant near me lets you write anything on its walls. You know what's gonna happen!

660ace  No.6077015


All anyone who does something like that manages to do is shine a giant spot light on the chans which have a great glowing free speech target (and Facebook which has a Teflon stealth coating).

They are not a heroes, except to people who want to bring about the end of individual freedom and liberty.

7c557f  No.6082547


Not green screen. Very High Mpeg compression this was live streamed from a cell phone to facebook. This is lossy compression, so small fast moving things will get removed. >>5993518

If there is a mag in the hallway, why don't you grab a still frame of it and show us .

You think high mpeg compression (streamed live from a cell phone) shouldn't have any loss of small fast moving objects data? Wrong. The data that get truncated is exactly that, small fast moving objects will get truncated via the mpeg compression algorithm.

7c557f  No.6082571


You fail to grasp the sheer magnitude of people that would need to be "in on it" in order to pull off a hoax. Everyone keeping to the story, and no one calling foul. Give me a break.

7c557f  No.6082581


Suggest you watch the Alex Jones two part vdeo deposition and see how that fits in to your analysis.

7c557f  No.6082628


Not logical thinking at all. #1 We don't know the NZ Government actually pulled it off. #2 killing real people is easy. #3 what is the goal with mass killing of people?

7c557f  No.6082634


Not logical thinking at all. #1 We don't know the NZ Government actually pulled it off. #2 killing real people is easy. #3 what is the goal with mass killing of people? >>6024669

The only explication that you can understand. No, what do you know about lossy mpeg compression and small fast moving objects?

7c557f  No.6082653


They interview someone on the street who is not connected in any way to the shooting, and the whole things is a fake? That's quite a stretch. This is just the news media controlling the narrative,

eec6c4  No.6083002


First read an additional post by me >>6030246

No, I don't fail to grasp that. I was just tired and not thinking clearly. I should have followed a rule of mine not to post when tired because this is exactly what happens. A complete cock-up.

68dabf  No.6089206


More specifically, the motion search algorithm…

f458a7  No.6090034

Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.


analyzed podesta interview audio..found hidden audio…podcast today …they planned it….

55993d  No.6094062

File: 80b240a1a3f5c9d⋯.jpg (90.94 KB, 664x1024, 83:128, search and seizer what you….jpg)

New Zealand Police Confiscate Airsoft Pellet Guns, Crossbow from Man Because He Supports Trump


55993d  No.6094094

File: f4c135603b65e0e⋯.png (536.97 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, NZ consults NSW law offici….png)

This NZ Government is making law o biding citizens criminals fast . Be careful what you wish for PM

76f611  No.6095006

File: a5441a83ad03430⋯.pdf (3.68 MB, wayne-madsen-obama-all-in-….pdf)

Looking at Obummer and this pdf shows how his family and he are c_a assets… lots muzzy stuff and actual millions of dead ppls over the yrs…

Be very afraid they are disarming you…. next up obviously will be the cleansing… muzzies are usually better at it than the army according to gleefull c_a declassified reports from the 60's…

link and pdf are from anon in general.. reposting here cuz it seems relevant to you at moment in the transition of free peacefull country to ????


Look up 2 get real for yaself and family…

The mindfuckery being played on your population is extreme… i and you don't know whats ackshully going on.. anti white racism at moment… cultural marxism? too fukn complicated for this anon

I'm hopin that it was already planned with the intention that (she) had won and is just a useless move by (them).

Oh please oh please stay safe frens

0d968c  No.6102646

File: fbb527b643e873c⋯.jpg (199.21 KB, 800x1236, 200:309, stuff 20190408a.jpg)

File: cc01bc4d37fce17⋯.jpg (189.05 KB, 800x1255, 160:251, stuff 20190408b.jpg)

Interdasting tidbit in this article. The guy is being charged with something from around a week before the mosque shooting, in relation to one of the mosques targeted.

One charge is dated March 15, the day of the shooting. It alleges an offence under the Films, Videos, and Publications Classifications Act by distributing an objectionable publication – a livestream of the murder of multiple victims at the Deans Ave mosque.

The other charge alleges an offence between March 8 and March 15, under the same Act, by making an objectionable publication showing a photograph of the mosque in Deans Ave with the message "Target Acquired" and further chat messaging around inciting extreme violence.



46f538  No.6103642

File: 47d43a23284645c⋯.png (17.87 KB, 623x153, 623:153, 2019-04-09 13_59_24-object….png)

They was planing this long before. There is no free speech or happiness under these satanists.To think a big number of the citizens in NZ came her to seek happiness and freedom to just be fucked over by these slimy animals is sad and the people is not wake to see this for what it is, I pray Q is right that with GOD,s help we the NZ citizens win.

46f538  No.6103785


This is the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification act 1993


need law experts to help make clear .

4c451b  No.6104780

File: 81803a7afadaee9⋯.jpg (103.1 KB, 932x620, 233:155, Screenshot_2019-04-09 GZT ….jpg)

File: d023eda3006b4b1⋯.jpg (286.86 KB, 1080x1070, 108:107, resized_87569-2d69f1b7tero….jpg)

Sibel Edmonds Twitter stream is worth following as she has her finger on the pulse of Turkey


She was the first to discover that the timing of Tarrant's days in Turkey coincided with lock-downs of embassies and bombings.


She recently posted this link


Sibel's outlet is Newsbud


76f611  No.6106377

File: aecf9b7fca1fd62⋯.jpg (71.58 KB, 1374x748, 687:374, download.jpg)

Q thanQ for posting in previous NZ bread.


4c451b  No.6114271

File: 8675b47283681d0⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1022x744, 511:372, Screenshot_2019-04-10 Aust….png)


RT article on Tarrant in Austria and why BVT were out of the loop.


46f538  No.6117136

File: 9c61f9342185b6d⋯.jpg (44.16 KB, 505x488, 505:488, kiwi gun blog.jpg)

File: 04ae36f86de18ec⋯.jpg (43.05 KB, 531x542, 531:542, kiwi gun blog 1.jpg)

Just take note

46f538  No.6117165

File: 70dff0686f95aa4⋯.jpg (39.66 KB, 496x392, 62:49, kiwi gun bog 2.jpg)

Reader posted to the NZ Governor general facebook page

46f538  No.6117189

File: 0c132ef93ec2a0b⋯.jpg (119.91 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, conserv nnz1.jpg)

File: d5574ecfe8e0fb7⋯.jpg (125.99 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, conserv nz 2.jpg)

File: 97d134a46f8d016⋯.jpg (116.77 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, consev nz3.jpg)

File: 9f51caaf4b2faa1⋯.jpg (87.71 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, conserv nz4.jpg)

Repeal gun law changes in NZ

46f538  No.6117208

File: 8be9f9511cd634c⋯.png (151.81 KB, 680x279, 680:279, 2019-04-10 16_19_24-Q 8Cha….png)

Just a bit of info

94f1f0  No.6117482


Thank God not everyone has lost their voice, Praying for my childhood [N.Z.] home.


46f538  No.6117663

Arms (Prohibited Firearms,

Magazines, and Parts)

Amendment Bill


1a68f5  No.6118174


“reverse onus of proof”

Few know how to prove nothing.

eec6c4  No.6120261


I wonder if he's a relative of Nat MP Mark Mitchell?

>>4702801 PB

eec6c4  No.6120629

File: a431d6f67559c80⋯.jpg (301.93 KB, 1372x900, 343:225, Screen_Shot.jpg)

Swastikas and semi-automatics: Auckland gun club neighbours speak out



‘Neighbours of New Zealand’s biggest shooting range say they’re victims of targeted harassment, including Nazi symbols scrawled on a resident’s property. Police, they say, have not taken their concerns seriously. The Auckland Shooting Club, in response, says it’s being ‘victimised’. Don Rowe reports.’

eec6c4  No.6120752


They probably are but there's also a chopper doing an east/west grid pattern over the city and it's not a very big city by the way. It's also not passing by quite as often now compared to the first two/three weeks. However it is still lurking about.

d13385  No.6126756

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>6095006 first thing humans need to get their heads around : Judasim is Torah of integrity, Christianity is Gospel of love, Islam is Quran of submission - refer "Three Pillars of Love" Stan Tenen. http://www.meru.org/Posters/JCI.html

Then Douglas Vogt at Diehold Foundation https://diehold.com/ [10050 days - NZ ain't looking too hot]

… with Ben Davidson at Suspicious0bservers ; he invites you to let your star-in-a-jar out - but is that safe? [ok for "public consumption"?] https://www.youtube.com/user/Suspicious0bservers

and perhaps prior, man will advance enough to survive the next catastrophe…

butt don't hold your breath: [Tards have a propensity to be Tards]

any-hoo; until President Camacho' next speech - I-AM:kNOT-SURE :-)

df5884  No.6131946

File: 9c036512c135c9a⋯.jpg (89.32 KB, 800x652, 200:163, chch-stuff-20190411a.jpg)

File: b5462190713073d⋯.jpg (199.86 KB, 800x1292, 200:323, chch-stuff-20190411b.jpg)

Suspect for Christchurch mosque shootings told officers he was one of nine

STUFF - 17:28, Apr 11 2019

The suspected Christchurch mosque gunman told his arresting officers he was one of nine people involved in the March 15 terror attack, sources say.

The prospect other offenders may still have been at large prompted a citywide lockdown of schools and businesses, and into the afternoon police still believed they were looking for multiple active shooters – at one point the figure six was circulated among staff. 




df5884  No.6132277

File: 67136c3067603e1⋯.jpg (161.16 KB, 800x1076, 200:269, chch-stuff-20190411c.jpg)

File: 896af8d1104f985⋯.jpg (170.68 KB, 800x1259, 800:1259, chch-stuff-20190411d.jpg)

File: 74f5d6607f16315⋯.jpg (148.81 KB, 1080x1342, 540:671, chch-stuff-20190411e.jpg)

I guess they reckoned a MAGA hat would be a bit of a stretch for NZ, kek.

Note: they call this a Donald Trump shirt in this article.

Trump-shirt wearing abuser at Christchurch mosque should have been arrested, district commander says

Tom Kitchin and Oliver Lewis

18:50, Apr 11 2019

Canterbury's top police officer says a man wearing a Trump shirt who yelled abuse outside a mosque targeted in the Christchurch terror attack should have been arrested.

"Quite frankly, it's my view that we could have dealt with this matter in a better way," Canterbury police district commander Superintendent John Price said.



d13385  No.6132302

>>6131946 what's the penalty for creating mass hysteria again? is it a crime against Humanity?

Who threatened to send Kiwi's back in a [casket] recently?

Why do poppy flowers resemble a bullet wound?

A.L.I.C.E.: Why is a raven like a writing desk?

CAT got your tongue? Kiwi' right to assemble intact -encore?


we shall see shan't WE

d13385  No.6132350


In Flanders fields the poppies grow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

d13385  No.6142016

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


it's deeper than that. but "Eywa Has Heard You"

Remains are believed to be those of a man killed by an elephant while poaching with his accomplices. Lions are believed to have eaten his remains, resulting in further pain for his family.


[wHERE's Freddy Kruger!]?

shit be like, Jonah in 'n Orca and Daniel chowing down with Lions.

[stupid Traitors] DEM ignoraty.

d13385  No.6142435

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

just when you're running out of faith [govern-mentis] , the flipped reprobates pull this from their ass!


madness? This is Sparta mathe!

inevitable [in evil table]

e9713b  No.6142626

File: 5f3472ca830576e⋯.jpg (17.18 KB, 255x255, 1:1, breakfastpepe.jpg)

Cabal thinks New Zealand is safe spot in event of full Nuke War because trade winds blow away mostly.

So they all going down there to bunker up.

FYI - Don't let them get your guns

d13385  No.6144447

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


nuclear war? how about the 2052 nukes already detonated? past tense and counting [recursively]

and anyway; Bruce Cathie differs [without begging] from your point of view.

and what good are guns against DEWs anyway?

you obfuscating or ignoraty?

it's hunting season next month - perhaps the "they" have gone into solipsistic-vegan psychosis and are confiscating guns to save the ducks? thing is; guns rid the pests that wreck the Kiwi, avian paradise.

[ps: that slave-cow-puss 'n bacon will kill you] go plant based or be known by your anti-livE deeds.

BOOM Quack … .. . .

c2f7d8  No.6155327

Kiwianon here. Was out to dinner with friends last night and someone commented that both our Naval frigates (Te Kaha & Te Mana) are currently in Vancouver, Canada for an undetermined length of time.

Could this be a possible escape route for the Cabal when things go down. Flee to Canada, board a NZ naval frigate then sail back to NZ?

Just a thought

d13385  No.6159089

>>6155327 what are the upgrades?

Tesla stuff? Lockheed Martin do that.


mean-time: what was dinner?

65425c  No.6159420

65425c  No.6159452

File: 63b311919f22d60⋯.jpg (181.52 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, MOMO NZ Chalenge.jpg)

df5884  No.6167940


> both our Naval frigates (Te Kaha & Te Mana)

Shhh, anon. That's just embarrassing.


640671  No.6169035

File: 5856947cab53b16⋯.jpg (118.24 KB, 454x445, 454:445, NZ_Defense.jpg)

It’s really not what we’ve got but what the Cabal have secreted here that counts. With all their money, contacts and resources (they) won’t be defenceless and I expect that many hundreds if not thousands of mercs have already been let through customs to act as their army. Just lying low until needed. They’d be most useful to Commie Cindy in assisting with the socialist takeover of NZ, for the protection of the Cabal. Easier for foreigners to shoot NZ citizens than our own pathetic so called Army/Navy/Air Force all of which have been systematically run down by successive National and Socialist (Labour) governments for decades.

We should consider the NZ Police, Army, Navy and Air Force to all be enemies of the people.

I can see “But I was only following orders!” being used by them in the future.

a526e2  No.6169391

File: 143692f54657761⋯.jpg (476.89 KB, 1372x1547, 196:221, Havelock North.jpg)

Get rid of freemasons and all related/derivative secret "elite" groups

of NZ. Clowns.

Golden Dawn of Havelock North

d13385  No.6171048

>>6159452 kiwis, how's the 1080 / fluoride / recycled crap water going?

…and y did France ban round-up again?



d13385  No.6171125

>>6169391 ffs! begin with the SLAUGHTER HOUSES if you really want to be the change for Good.

Projecting is transparent like frugivore' merde - 'cept projecting harms.

df5884  No.6172261

File: 7ffc9be8d562749⋯.jpg (191.96 KB, 834x1482, 139:247, q846.jpg)

File: d4398e93bf54911⋯.jpg (64.6 KB, 730x934, 365:467, q847.jpg)


I think the closest Q related issue we have is our willingness to export vast quantities of water to China, essentially for free.

Q846/847 water makers relate to NK, but in relation to China. And that may not actually relate to literal water.

df5884  No.6172266


< makers

> markers

eec6c4  No.6173600

File: c2efef0386a2198⋯.jpg (155.69 KB, 1143x827, 1143:827, Screen_Shot.jpg)

What an ensemble – Podesta beforehand and now HRC & Oprah praising Ardern.

'Heart of a leader and mother': Hillary Clinton lavishes praise on Jacinda Ardern at New York summit



‘Hillary Clinton believes the world would be different if it were led by women, and has singled out Jacinda Ardern as an example.

While speaking at the 10th annual Women in the World summit in New York City, the former Secretary of State was asked if she thinks female leaders govern differently to men.’

eec6c4  No.6181410

File: 5d49a4691d093cb⋯.jpg (156.62 KB, 621x388, 621:388, Mike_Clements_Compliance2.jpg)

File: 9b54012f5d6adaf⋯.jpg (650.2 KB, 956x2540, 239:635, NZ_Firearms_Changes.jpg)

File: b6321b83b6f2a71⋯.jpg (477.09 KB, 630x1199, 630:1199, Mike_Clements.jpg)

NZ Firearms Law Changes.

c769ea  No.6181853

Revealed: 2 million Kiwis have police alert on their names


c769ea  No.6182008


This lair just made us all criminals and then want law abiding citizens to work with this satanist communist fool Read and see who is flagged by this goon it is shocking to say the least

0e5e06  No.6182832


the pic. Makes you wonder whether the purpose of the attack wasn't solely to get Ardern in a hijab and use the photos everywhere from now on.

c769ea  No.6182894

File: 6fab7d3d04fd259⋯.png (22.34 KB, 809x167, 809:167, 2019-04-15 18_52_33-Window.png)

This is happening in NZ

66c282  No.6183154

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



wHolly sniveling shite-burgers! y cum "vegans" aren't on dat list?!

could it be; Just, Trust The Plan?


names; like Trump BIS connection - smattered [sKnot spattered] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loVFwkET2og

Capt. Meadows Concord Quick Queen

perhaps 2 million kiwis NEED to change for Good? [what a tragic thought - knowing it's possibly moar!]

40ba4e  No.6183212

Welcome to New Zealand.

PM dresses in Hijab. Muslims throw gays off buildings.

She becomes a hero.

Christian Rugby player speaks out against gays. Loses everything. Subject of national outrage.

Fuck this country.

40ba4e  No.6183257


>Hillary Clinton lavishes praise on Jacinda Ardern

Enough said.

Whatever that witch heaps praise on, can be sure it serves the NWO

cc0a1a  No.6183493


>Fuck this country.

Lets take it back. Hang in there don't give up dude.

Repeal gay marraigee and send all those transgenders back to the closet where they can peacefully live out their lives. Or fuck off to phuket or LA or whever degenerat society gathers please… Not here anymore..

As if we don't care about them trying to make our children gay too… vote them out man… i'll be voting for anyone who even appears slightly woke…


where WE ARE ONE we go all

you like that… it's mine i'm trademarking it… hahaha

66c282  No.6183502

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


sause pls?

'cause here's the Trivium WHAT The Barr is dealing with: refer attached graphic…

"The Barr will not be intimidated."

All Good Captains respect bars: Dangerous Passage.

u r either WITH The Children or [kNot] :-)


Wakey Wakey - Eggs and Bakey ;-)

66c282  No.6183532

File: 55d9d4925c54b96⋯.jpg (134.36 KB, 1130x636, 565:318, Bar Boeing Honeywell Unint….jpg)


Just(us) in case sum[p] Tard is missing the Point: <:>!

case numbers attached.

e447e0  No.6184097


what are you on about?

If you are talking about the slaughter houses of animals for meat/dairy/egg "industry", yes it needs to stop. But it has to be started from

individual people CONSCIOUSLY being aware of what it really means when they AGREED to CONSUME with their FREE WIll.

But why are you on about slaughter house when talking about masons?

Are you not aware all cities are run by masons in NZ?

e447e0  No.6184181

Mental retardation of NZ general population in most cities are

worse than most countries. But I ain't coward shitcunt so I say what needs to be said. Lost most friends but perhaps they were never my "real" friends. Let them express their ignorance and programmed emotions and reactions.

How do you other NZ anons do?

I am curious how many people try to be real in real life.

66c282  No.6191584

File: 85226aaab864273⋯.jpg (111.34 KB, 989x576, 989:576, Paris France Notre Dame Ca….jpg)

>>6184097 do all sentient beings have free will? and can you claim "sentience" IF you choose to kill a sentient being for taste alone?

i know judges, lawyers, politicians, bankers, police, military and masons; and we're all anatomically same-same. and we all agree: that's enough [slaughter] for us.

when vortex points burn : are they cleaned?

66c282  No.6191907

>>6184097 we know religare too:


cannabis tea (hemp in NZ) is good too.

who is stopping kiwis from growing herbs that heal? why do they believe they have the "right" to stop hu-mans free will?

could it be blood-sacrifice destroys free will and Rights?

when an individual comprehends their thinking, emoting and actions are anti-live: do they change?

Dark to Light! ( 'n KEK is Green in-between ;-)



66c282  No.6205685

File: a84486a3724b0e1⋯.jpeg (556.71 KB, 1913x965, 1913:965, F Sharp.jpeg)

>>6204541 to b concise: Calibrate

refer attached pics and order WHAT you perceive to b the most offensive to the least harmful : 'n use your precognitive heart least [u] pre-"judge"

d u mirror? D.O.R.? (or am i "talking" 2 myself ;-)

or filtered, WITNESSED TESTIMONY … :-(

0d968c  No.6205693

File: 53d9f4247a71ea3⋯.jpg (113.47 KB, 640x873, 640:873, IMG_20190417_140722.jpg)

File: a03026f1c07f903⋯.jpg (237.3 KB, 800x1352, 100:169, IMG_20190417_140801.jpg)

File: d3e6b1a7bbe3d01⋯.jpg (200.5 KB, 800x1351, 800:1351, IMG_20190417_141017.jpg)

File: f7d7c3760ee5d21⋯.jpg (200.84 KB, 800x1372, 200:343, IMG_20190417_141053.jpg)

File: d78d42bfdcbb001⋯.jpg (217.15 KB, 800x1346, 400:673, IMG_20190417_141127.jpg)

Updated timeline of Christchurch terrorist attack released by police

STUFF - 2019/04/16 13:54

In the minutes after the terror attack began at 1.40pm, police also believed they had three shooting scenes on their hands. There were reports that shots were fired at Christchurch Hospital's emergency department, but it later transpired that did not happen. 

Police learned about the Linwood attack at 1.56pm, when a member of the public flagged down a police car and told them shots had been fired in the east Christchurch area. 

The new details are contained in a just-released detailed timeline of the police response to the Christchurch terror attacks. 

On Wednesday, Commissioner Mike Bush said the public should have as much information about the response as possible.


The response began at 1.40pm on March 15. It took six minutes after the first 111 call for the Armed Offenders Squad (AOS) to arrive at the scene. 

An email with the alleged shooter's manifesto was received by several people, including Parliamentary Services.

Forty-four seconds later, Parliamentary Services called the police southern communications centre. That call lasted 12 minutes.

"We now know that while police was talking to Parliamentary Services the attack at Al Noor Mosque was already under way, having begun 44 seconds prior to Parliamentary Services calling," Bush said.

At 1.41pm, police received the first 111 call.

By 1.43pm, all available police units were en route to the Al Noor Mosque.

At 1.46pm, AOS members arrived near the scene. They left their vehicle, started approaching the mosque and a member stopped to help a critically injured victim.

"At this point the alleged offender is leaving the area, and his vehicle is obscured from the view of these AOS members by a bus," Bush said. 

"At this time there is no vehicle description, no information an offender has left the mosque, or how many shooters there are."

First responders arrived at the mosque at 1.51pm.

It took the alleged offender six minutes to get to the Linwood mosque. He was there for three minutes, before leaving at 1.55pm.

Sixteen seconds later, at 1.56pm, a member of the public flagged down a police car to advise shots had been fired in Linwood. Around the same time, police released information that shots have been fired at the Christchurch Emergency Department. It later transpired that no shots had been fired at the hospital.

At 1.57pm, the vehicle was seen by a police car on Brougham St and a pursuit began. The vehicle was stopped at 1.59pm and the offender was apprehended, Bush said.

There were 18 minutes from the time of the first 111 call to the arrest of the offender.




0d968c  No.6205746


Any overseasfags who watched the video able to confirm the presence of this bus?

e7bd48  No.6206049



0d968c  No.6206243


You need to be a bit more specific anon.

Me (presenting the info) , the police (response), or the shooter (implementation)? Kek

df5884  No.6207499


44 huh.

40ba4e  No.6208314


No, it's not safe to be real. The media controls the mentality.

40ba4e  No.6208321


It's a total disgrace that cannabis is still illegal in NZ. One that future generations will look back on with scorn.

40ba4e  No.6208334


It's so far beyond that

66c282  No.6214070


Yes, worse it is anti-live thinking, emoting and action.

However, as we transition with Ortegrity; i suggest everyone apply for a hemp licence - and GROW!

For our Children and Children's' Children…

2b1c9d  No.6219832

File: 5d9e1d86117b4e6⋯.png (294.12 KB, 816x701, 816:701, 1ThePlan.png)

File: 38bebe6a0601e7c⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 550x313, 550:313, FISA_DECLAS.jpg)

File: 366ee795c350ca8⋯.png (342.88 KB, 1042x380, 521:190, GreatAwakening.png)

File: d28b507a2c61d54⋯.jpg (178.49 KB, 1000x308, 250:77, worldwide.jpg)

66c282  No.6220378

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>6208314 we're Spasticus Autisticus

i blame [my] vaccines, and thank hemp for remedy.and if my "Spasticus Autisticus"getz too much for public consumption - i sail back to East Side Amsterdam ['n shove my finger in dykes :-)

u 2?

66c282  No.6220442

>>6219832 Q deja vu Elysium ending - the Transition under Ortegrity.

Thank Q ['specially 4 controlling Han and Louise :- dem r the liveD agents]

i-am-a-jin dem married and procreated? !

MAGA and Earth follows : Logic 101 - Remember that.

cb83b8  No.6229411


>define evil

body snatcher


>define pedovore

anti-live for taste alone.



>define natural

00:20:20 MAGA


cb83b8  No.6229470

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>6229411 4got evidence video embed. git./

cb83b8  No.6229709

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


for all the Good people of China in NZ: "My name is Wang Zhiyuan," and organ harvesting requires organ donors.

slaughter getz organs: Falun Gong !

U-P-G-R-A-Y-E-D-D definition anti-livE: The slaughter of sentient being(s) for taste and or organs.

r u U-P-G-R-A-Y-E-D-D too?


c9865e  No.6237242

File: fb352d30aa55311⋯.jpg (42.88 KB, 500x598, 250:299, we cant ban islam.jpg)

We cant ban islam but …..I am the use full idiot

c2632b  No.6246649

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>6237242 what do you expect?


Hurry-up hu-man; Louise Cypher is knocking on the D.O.R. 'n s/he/it's toofy sang-hive.

get past your religare merde by knowing Judaism is Torah of integrity, Christianity is Gospel of love, Islam is Quran of submission -

refer "Three Pillars of Love" Stan Tenen.


(Trivium) THEN you may comprehend (Quadrivium) why sangs r toofy.

there's only 1 religion on earth in these [interesting] times: c-a-r-n-i-s-m under kakistocracy. [anti-live tards enabling parasites]

eduction is un-schooling.

here is the embedded trans-humanism video exposed: Why cum C60 rats no-death k[not] discussed?

" they have carbon fiber bones and are very hard to kill "

MAGA for the Transition Farmers and the trim-tabs

c2632b  No.6256053

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>6206243 was the Jimmy Saville royal commission of inquiry "sloppy"?

What about the Port Arthur slaughter; "sloppy"?

Norway massacre? Wako Texas? 7/7/05 London; "sloppy"?

compared to 911… - was the wtc collapse precision by comparison?

is collateral damage "sloppy"?


so many Questions for common law grand jury(s). So many, many Q(s) turning Dark To Light

Vinny Eastwood & Ben Vidgen' interview with the Imam is Verily Good - even agreed with Vinny gifting a joint to a dude that had been robbed!

[except in NZ, where certain remnants pass laws contrary to that reality: thus exacerbating opioid and "p" and other degenerative thinking, emoting and actions]

anyhoo; 'ears the interview:


'n if you don't feel some emotion during Bro-hugs time, then you are probably a type 1 or 2 psychopath and or on big-pharma suicide-watch.

Great Work! does it seem many professing Christianity are becoming quick-studies of their belief origins?… [ignorance kills]

Shalom Aleichem Allah Akbar!

1b051a  No.6256158

Q…there is no Coincidences NZ


c2632b  No.6256269

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>6256053. it it weren't for your gumboots! [you'd get slops between your toes]

and "if you don't like these comments you're probably a pedovore and i'm going to jump out of this hell-hole of black-goo and punch you in the nose"

Fred Dagg (paraphrased U-P-G-R-A-Y-E-D-D)

c2632b  No.6256963

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Able Danger is on point:


D45 Family Able Danger - 01:12:11 - Operation PINK MOON Prevents Five EVIL Fires Between TAX DAY and MAY DAY

Able Danger names 3 and 4 star 4 digs - 01:21:12 - Operation PINK MOON Prevents Five EVIL Fires Between TAX DAY and MAY DAY

holywood satan natas - 01:40:20 - Operation PINK MOON Prevents Five EVIL Fires Between TAX DAY and MAY DAY.

satan devil no legs arms - Birkeland current math - 01:48:32 - Operation PINK MOON Prevents Five EVIL Fires Between TAX DAY and MAY DAY

WHAT does the devil' bidding?

WHAT is anti-live thinking, emoting and ACTION?

WHAT brings hell to earth?

WHO chooses to bring hell to EartH?

KJV Romans 13 and 14 SHOULD be a Lesson for the ignoraty Tards! [schizophrenic authoritarianism and solipsistic, anti-live pedovores exposed]

[their loss] NO Right Of Return.

kNow; wHere's my gumboots!? [i getz 'm 3 rats and 2 mice to dispose of] and the legless and arm less eels r being-like hungry (that's like angry for eels and gut nematodes alike :-)

1b051a  No.6257822

File: 1707c2d4be59449⋯.png (552.43 KB, 629x840, 629:840, welcome to NZ.png)

Welcome to NZ

We like it as is…bro

ae94bf  No.6258199

File: dc3b0ee2acb3b27⋯.pdf (798.22 KB, porta.pdf)


>Port Arthur slaughter; "sloppy"?

According to this analysis of Port Arthur it was incredibly sloppy… but who cares eh cuz the media are only narrative horns… not any real investigative journalists left anywhere in sight

pdf from http://mileswmathis.com/updates.html

go there to read and enjoy the 3 part series deconstructing our own Christchurch Hoax and all other hoaxes from salem with trials to the OJ Simpson fukery…

1b051a  No.6260706

File: e6ba3748e699895⋯.jpg (21.17 KB, 375x375, 1:1, ymWGIUsGgOxvCuyi8PW1_20_95….jpg)

This is so true they are between us

357a82  No.6260734

File: 024e5ef2499c2c3⋯.jpg (258.54 KB, 1410x894, 235:149, nzweird.jpg)

1b051a  No.6261182

File: 7a07b57e8ee6e82⋯.png (103.72 KB, 717x585, 239:195, soros lock up.png)

Lyfelock(facebook)do not want this to be sheared if not true why so against it ?

George Soros Arrested Switzerland 2-3-2019

No more anifta NZ no money


640671  No.6262569

File: 7fe22236afa0866⋯.jpg (226.41 KB, 1372x827, 1372:827, Screen_Shot.jpg)

File: bcf2cb8e0d875be⋯.jpg (293.12 KB, 738x960, 123:160, Baz.jpg)

The start of a bunker disinfo campaign?

This Thursday April 25th, 7:30pm (½ hour) on Sky channel 13 – VIBE.

‘Hunt for the Bunker People’ in/around Queenstown, NZ by ‘investigative journalist’ Baz MacDonald.

Although there was a cinema preview I haven’t seen it yet but I heavily suspect that young Baz will present the ‘bunker people’ to be paranoid alt-right white supremacist preppers or risk adverse super wealthy Silicon Valley types. No such thing as the Deep State or the Cabal.

Baz MacDonald.

Once again, a Massey student wins national investigative journalism prize


‘A Massey postgraduate journalism diploma student has won the $1000 Bruce Jesson Emerging Journalism Award for investigative journalism for 2017, the fifth straight year a Massey student has taken out the prestigious prize.’

Baz Twatter.

1% Preppers


aaebbd  No.6262935

File: 33b44c5036c17a3⋯.png (479.68 KB, 579x737, 579:737, False Flag Teacher 1.png)



483b44  No.6263176


Who has spoken

and brought the tides of ill ways

to ungodly shores?

Who turned their back

on Truth’s untimely death

and buried her deep

for those hands to find

in the One Great Search?

Children all

but not by innocence of babe’s mouths

do these words utter

and shatter Destiny

it seems.

None can turn God’s hand

from the sweeping

to place Will in other than its rightful place.

Chosen few will arrive

only bound by a fiery faith

and their words will ashen the face

of  Deceit’s unmindful deeds.

Heed well

listening one

to the roaring of Time’s changing.

Know the voice

the one that rises deep

from Infinitude’s unquestionable source.

Sharpen your sword

on its strengthening stone

and your blade will shine

as a perfect jewel in the Night.


1b051a  No.6265238

After the Sri Lanka bombings Lucinda the PM is going to respect the Christians that died more then her setup in Christchurch She and her friends will have a 2 min silence and a prier in the bee hive and wear a cross and bible for an week as in respect to that people that died…..Now the real truth will come out impostor (satanist) or God loving

a4ec36  No.6265788

>>6257822 true IF thought, emoted and Actioned by Moriori. The Moriori are plant-based Carers living symbiotically with EartH-Heart.

NZ was an avian paradise - with raptors big enough to tame and fly with and Moa bigger (and faster) than horses…

They are a high-civilization not divided by parasitic gut nematodes and kakistocracy.

They cleave division.

The previous catastrophe and subsequent invasion has destroyed much; but enough remains for those of us that CARE…

do u Care or do you slaughter for taste alone?

8645c2  No.6266380

>>6260706 it's worse than that for many [most]

1: Anti-live is dividing you from within IF you are possessed by parasitic gut nematodes.

2: Kakistocracy eats its own.

3: Louise Cypher and Hann are hunting hu-man. [divided-man]

Emotional Breakdown Syndrome begins with WHAT Man chooses to consume.


"Super-Toys Last All Summer Long". The inspiration behind Kubrick's ongoing AI project… Stanley Kubrick/Steven Spielberg movie AI -

"Our serving-man will be, in many senses, a product of the computer. Without computers, we could never have worked through the sophisticated biochemics that go into synthetic flesh. The serving-man will also be an extension of the computer - for he will contain a computer in his own head, a micro-miniaturized computer capable of dealing with almost any situation he may encounter in the home. With reservations, of course." Laughter at this; many of those present knew the heated debate that had engulfed the Synthank boardroom before the decision had finally been taken to leave the serving-man neuter under his flawless uniform."

… As the two adults disappeared from the room, boy and bear sat down beneath the standard roses.

"Teddy - I suppose Mummy and Daddy are real, aren't they?"

Teddy said, "You ask such silly questions, David. Nobody knows what 'real' really means. Let's go indoors."

! ~~~

Recall [Louise Cypher is suicidally solipsistic]

1b051a  No.6266545

File: d6075fdb6cbecfa⋯.png (135 KB, 793x515, 793:515, 2019-04-22 10_26_44-UNRCPD….png)

The NWO plan for the sheep.. please read

united nations regenal center for peace and disarmament in Asia and the pacific


8645c2  No.6266587

>>6260734 nataS award? Tards lap it up like spirit-cooked milk imbibing toxoplasma gondii CATS.

turn them off: wordswords.

8645c2  No.6266727

>>6266545 are these the same reprobates that listed cannabis negatively in "Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961"?


THAT hasn't, isn't and won't work-out well. Though Tards continue acquiescing and enabling it with every forced-tax-subsidized slaughter.

yez getz what ya PAY4.

8645c2  No.6267117

>>6258199 what do we expect? most have gone Full Tard: Uncaring and suicidally destructive when confronted with their anti-live behavior.

They're nouned "the dead" for [logical] reason. 'cause they can't handle the Truth.



8645c2  No.6270151

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

96dde1  No.6273672


there is audio that proves what u say at a fli on the wall all one word..dot com and a fli on the wall on soundcloud audio of planning audio of pm up later today. yall are in some deep sh_t down there your police commissioner didn't know about it ahead of time, but now that it's happened, he's demanding one for himself a body that is it's all abt the loosh… that audio already up it's gonna take believers to fight this…evil itself..all of them serve the owl…loosh is part of their religion. the imam was in on it too. podesta, tova o'brien, the pm and a couple if americans who fled from here…if you're not a believer idk if i'd go deep on this. u need spiritual protection. they found my audio last week…think to "end" me..also on audio…sounds nuts of course…listening is believing…God bless you and God bless nz..yall are in the thick off it as US is

96dde1  No.6273800


if u don't already know it, u r prophesying..though many meanings in those words, for me they speak directly. God has made med a listening one, & those behind deceits unmindful deeda faces have turned ashen, hearing the audio God showed me..of them..planning and carrying out such evil deeds..they have put out the call to end me..but God sent me that audio too…aflionthewall both dot com and on soundcloud has the audio u need to reveal what has happened in ur country. only believers can fight the spiritual battle u r in.

8645c2  No.6276232




you obfuscating or ignoraty? i doubt u r nescient.

The Hebrew language has 6 definitions per glyph. English writes and pronounces the 6th, the negative and destructive definition backwards. English is a Destructive Force: use with Care words sword.

Jupiter Ascending - like most holywood merde - diverts hu-man away from the objective TRUTH: Slaughter for taste is anti-livE.

Man sits at God's Table with the DeviL. [hu-man r kNot invited]

8645c2  No.6282234

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>6270151 Vinny Eastwood be like Moriori. Him thinking thanking thunking Good: Present Continuous…

… like the pedo family chased out of town by my Father [kNow dead/. - t'wasn't ME!]

Vinny Sparta Autisticus! 33rd degree-ish (after 'em UNDER-stand Vegetarianism and Occultism C. W. Leadbeater ;-)

"Government is Slavery" - Mark Passio, Vinny Eastwood, et al Anarchists :-)

Remember that.

d68204  No.6296153


Hi Bakers and Anons alike

Re: New Zealand Patriots - this is relevent to you guys - it seems your researchers were ahead of the crowd back in 1990's.

I lurk moar but don’t tend to post however, the information contained in this presentation is too valuable not to share.

We all know about the NWO agenda (to some extent) but this video lays it out very clearly.

Recorded in 1993 it breaks each component down in detail.

Summarised, the United Nations IS the New World Order.

It is a globalised BANK – owning the money, agriculture, oceans, minerals, precious metals you name it, of almost every country in the world. The International Monetary Fund feeds the NWO. In other words, the UN is the monster that the IMF feeds.

Additionally, the UN/NWO agenda was penned in Russia by Lennin in 1919. In other words, I believe that the whole NAZI agenda was a ploy to take down democracy and the sovereignty of every nation and replace it with communism.

Lennons plan is a step by step guide to the “NWO” introduced by the Rockefellers and Bushes – who were themselves NAZI’s.

Suddenly, POTUS focussing on severing existing international trade deals (or at least re-negotiating them), bringing back industry and supporting agriculture in the USA all makes sense. He’s unravelling the tapestry the NWO had been sewing for 100 years!

Unfortunately for most other countries, the NWO puppets have been signing away everything we have for the last forty years.

I would encourage everyone to listen to this at some stage as it has a lot of valuable resource material for any subject relevant to the Q movement and the Great Awakening.

“Future proves past”

Now we just need to know who controls the UN rather than answers to it and we’ve found the head of the serpent.

WWG1WGA comrades.

898cad  No.6301341

File: b3cc803de99098a⋯.png (538.92 KB, 850x478, 425:239, UK's Prince William will m….png)

Prince William at Auckland Anzac service

Prince William has joined Kiwis in marking Anzac Day in Auckland as part of his short trip to New Zealand to meet Christchurch terror attack survivors.

Prince William has paid tribute to Australian and New Zealand soldiers at an Anzac Day service in Auckland as he prepares to visit the survivors of the Christchurch mosque attacks.

Dressed in a dark suit and wearing medals, the Duke of Cambridge on Thursday began his two-day visit to New Zealand by laying a wreath at the civic service at Auckland's War Memorial Museum.

He stood alongside Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern during the event as the public lined the square and quietly watched.

The March 15 terror attack has loomed over this year's commemorations in New Zealand.

Dozens of armed police officers stood guard during the hymns and speeches, trucks and buses blocked roads around the site and lookouts kept watch from the museum's roof.

Numerous other events were cancelled or consolidated ahead of the day, amid lingering security fears.

While William did not speak, Ardern in an emotional speech earlier told those gathered at dawn that the event was a reminder of shared values after the terror attack.

"Let us recommit to always remembering our shared humanity, that there is more that united us than divides us," she said.

"Our sense of independence is as strong as our sense of responsibility to each other and not just as nation states but as human beings."

While visiting terror-struck Christchurch will now be the focus for the remainder of the Duke's trip and events are expected to take a significantly more sombre tone than most royal visits, those attending the Anzac service were pleased to have his support.

"It's great that [the royal family] are here being supportive," says Samantha O'Neill, whose husband Carlin is in the air force.

But with the trip kept relatively low-key, others attending were surprised to learn of the William's attendance.

He will shortly travel to Christchurch to meet with first responders and spend his second day in the country speaking with those still injured and members of the city's Muslim community.

Organisers have also announced a last-minute walkabout to let the public see the Prince.

It's not the first time tragedy has brought William to Christchurch.

He visited the city following the deadly 2011 earthquake and last visited with wife Catherine - who won't be joining him this week - in 2014.

The Duchess of Cambridge will instead attend a commemoration and thanksgiving service in London on Thursday, continuing a 103-year tradition.



8645c2  No.6302043

>>6301341 we had a Great ANZAC service this morning :-)

and here's AKA talk'n 'bout AOL [et al]


OORAH! The Children's Crusade

8645c2  No.6302137

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


'She's a pathological liar. Every time she says' "I think'" she's lying.'

[re-cursive Quotes] Remember that.

8645c2  No.6302351

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>6296153 Links Brah!


get it Right ;-)

8645c2  No.6302875

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>6302351 and if it's Hebrew, Arabic AND simultaneously Greek !-, be content to know; you're on the Right Track <:>!

u r [what you choose to consume]!


7bba2d  No.6317248

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4 dem kiwi and Occa sheep caught in the barbed-wire ; 'n DEM shagga can b heard approaching… with THAT gum-boot sound: Clump, clump…

Trump to big-pharma, "I don't want their money…"



MAGA Aotearoa and Auzzi! This is kNOT TIME to be on (caught in) the fence!


i-am-a-jin dem eat baby-shit AND adrenochrome…?

crapule or crap-transfusion with dat [anti-live] addiction u GOT?

or perhaps, JUST FIVE a day - the Natural Way…

yOur Choise [tards] :-)

c9865e  No.6318036

New Zealand this is how the establishment divide and conker us.. take note


40ba4e  No.6325531

File: 1d7e312b625c547⋯.png (998.69 KB, 1125x894, 375:298, 391D3E8C-2DB7-4352-812F-6A….png)

Which one is Jacinda?

1b051a  No.6327632

Jailed drug-dealer escapes deportation as Government grants him NZ residency


7bba2d  No.6327921

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Vinny Eastwood live-stream cut

NZDT 1200 [ish]

live-chat still going… 1212

7bba2d  No.6327956


!LINKS! !rrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaa!

Vinny Eastwood, ​hi guys I dropped out cos my computer froze, going live again in 2 hours with robert stanley https://youtu.be/pMAG2jkmu64


7bba2d  No.6328028



"He left a video statement behind, which was later crucial in convicting the murderer."

Good anough; Yes?

witch side u on?

71044f  No.6331183

the cult that rules the world is chatty

their voices r in the air

comms getting picked up on audio

its laid down in the reverse

any podcast (not clips, just vocals)

any voice recording

they r everywhere

reverse audio, reduce speed 30% or more

raise pitch 4 to start

free program audacity can do all this

even record your own voice..read anything

reverse etc…you'll hear them…

7bba2d  No.6337688


your research is backwards!

Try [recursive] :-)



Ask Louise Cypher if she/IT believes the taste of a sentient being is more important than its life…?

Ask it if man is (can be) anatomically a frugivore that Cares for Earth?

Ask it if it has the right to Harm Man?

Ask it if it is a solipsist?

And recall: anti-live humans obfuscate in their destructive [suicidal] demise.

The movie Elysium ONLY ends happy IF man changes for Goodness : eating anatomically correctly for starters ; else it's moar armed slaughter-house workers shooting insane [cow workers] caught hacking heads of coworkers, and 5G and vaccinations. And, and, and…

You see, [Louise-Sophia-Hann] rates hu-man like a Falun Dafa behaving anti-livE and marked for [donor].

'n jah bul on be like Stephan King's "IT" - webbing "bad" children in shit -


b2acad  No.6338311

New Zealand Spy's on Trump

June 16, 2015 Trump formally announced his candidacy.

Ooctober ?, 2015 New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, authorizes GCSB to spy on Trump. Warrant is vaild for one year.


November 8, 2016 Donald Trump is elected President of the United States of America

December 12, 2016 John Key suddenly resigns as Prime Minister of New Zealand. He's being blackmailed by (((THEM))), and forced to renew GCSB warrant on Trump. Seeing no way out, he resigns.

January 20, 2017 Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States on January 20, 2017

January 26, 2017 Former NZ Prime Minister, Helen Clark announced that she would not seek re-election as UNDP Administrator after the completion of her four-year term.

April 19, 2017 Clark left UNDP, and flies to NZ to be part of the following.

April 24, 2017 Five Eyes spying network holds highly secretive meeting in Queenstown NZ. FBI director James Comey and CIA director Mike Pompeo both attend. This was the meeting that the scheme to spy on Trump was hatched.

Helen Clark (((Soros))) rigs the 2017 election in favour of her protégé Jacinda Ardern, they will get her to sign the GCSB warrant. Remember, they are convinced that Mueller will indicte Trump.

October 26, 2017, Ardern does indeed become Prime Minister of NZ. Postal votes (((Soros - Clark))) sway the result in her favour. Shortly thereafter she foolishly authorises GCSB to spy on Trump. Evidently she is too young and stupid to know that she's the fall guy.

March 21, 2018 Barack Obama arrives in New Zealand for the first time. Obviously he is here for GCSB intel. Perhaps to blackmail Key. Oddly, he is entertained by Sam Neill, NZ actor (Jurassic Park). Maybe they have something in common?

May 7, 2018 Hillary Clinton visit's New Zealand in May. Obviously she is here for GCSB intel! Perhaps she tries to pursuade Adern to renew the warrant when it expires in October/November.

That Mosque should have been packed, Friday prayers are compulsory, there should have been 1000 or more, but it seems they fore warned, and only the expendable turned up.

What I think happened is that they were told that a shooter drill (((Parkland Students))) was to occur, and not to freak out, hence the ((("Hello Brother"…we've been expecting you)))

What they didn't know, was that a live shooter, who was MKU, and had no desire, but the (((INTENT))) to kill, had walked into thier midst.

The video from the second scene should confirm, they seem to be play acting, stunned by just what had happened, but convinced it was a drill…..

March 7, 2019 Podesta called New Zealand a “big juicy target”. But thats not why he's here.

March 15, 2019 Tarrant calmly walks into a Mosque. An iron curtain falls.

But WHY?

Option A: Ardern orders the attack to enable dicatorial powers, progressively, so (((ELITE))) can move here safely? Boltholes in all?

Option B: Ardern orders the attack to cause a Religious War, in a "tit for tat", hoping it will enable her (((and THEM))) to escape by turmoil?

It seems certain that B is what happened.

But Anons know, and we will stop ((THEM)))……..

c769ea  No.6338971

Look the use full idiot is going to Paris to talk to anther looser that is controlled …the handlers is having the meeting not the puppets they are just there to do what they are told. The use full idiot think big tech will listen to a small island. she have no confidence in her own people after Christchurch shooting she needed to get support from Australia.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron will next month co-chair a meeting in Paris aimed at addressing how social media plays a part in promoting terrorism.

The meeting on May 15 – two months after the Christchurch terror attacks which claimed the lives of 50 people – aims to see world leaders and tech company bosses agree to the "Christchurch call" – a pledge to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.

Ardern is confident all major social media companies will honour the call, telling Newstalk ZB she has already spoken to a number of social media bosses about the plan.

"The March 15 terrorist attacks saw social media used in an unprecedented way as a tool to promote an act of terrorism and hate," Ardern said this morning.

"We are asking for a show of leadership to ensure social media cannot be used again the way it was in the March 15 terrorist attack."

Ardern called on leaders of tech companies to help achieve the goal of eliminating extremism online at the Christchurch summit in Paris.

"We all need to act, and that includes social media providers taking more responsibility for the content that is on their platforms, and taking action so that violent extremist content cannot be published and shared."

Following the Christchurch shootings, Ardern has been working towards a global co-ordinated response that would make the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter more responsible for the content they host.

Ardern spoke specifically today about Facebook, saying it is critical that it is not perverted as a tool for terrorism.

c769ea  No.6344830

And NZ police lock up a bb gun and nerv guns HAHAHAHA for destruction …. NZ police is a circus full of clowns


7bba2d  No.6368946

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


666 -"it" b "D"-day for France [am]

Future proves past [Don't IT]?

waky waky Kiwis - (non-slave-cow dairy 'n eggs and [kNot wakey wakey slave-eggs and bakey]!) 'cause freedom be Premium …- r u being compensated for Good Farming Practice? [or subsidized F.O.R. destruction].

wat's dat? … i hear "chickens" in Black-Hawks

oh ohj! "cows with guns" Charles - we NEED moar Harmony!


7bba2d  No.6368971

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Trust The Plan

MAGA America Australia Aotearoa et al :-)

[last chance Tards.].

7bba2d  No.6369062


what is pest elimination?

i like planes !



56c111  No.6379845



After so many people analysing the video, I conclude there is a good chance that it was pre-recorded, edited and then streamed on Facebook as "livestream" - does anyone know if Facebook could show non-live videos as live? . But there could likely be real victims, which might not all be the same as in the video. Some of the victims could have participated in a police/military (which took place at the same day coinkidently?!!!!!!) drill before the real shooting, which at a later part in the same drill could have gone to real shooting (by whom and how many is the question). Can anyone cross-reference people in the video with any of the 50 dead people?

5cbba1  No.6380938

File: 9287f4ee8f1e1bc⋯.jpg (29.59 KB, 200x283, 200:283, deadSoon.jpg)

5cbba1  No.6381020


Qazoo machine says a lot that are fake. You are a scary sort.

93b588  No.6384855


If the Anons are right & Q has taken control of FB, Twatter, etc & the heads of these social media companies are playing their roles in the movie (or else) then Cindy is wasting her time.

DJT just met with Jack so I'm not sure why Cindy thinks she will have greater sway than what Trump has. She must be deluded by all the international media fawning going on.

This meeting has to be Deep State related - NZ is falling apart & our PM is off to fight for something that won't put food on people's plates back home. Same with Macron - his people have been protesting for 25 weeks in a row. I'm sure they love the fact that he's spending time trying to fix something unfixable rather than help his people out of poverty. Will this push them over the edge?

I've learned that whenever something sounds ridiculous or just doesn't make logical sense then it must be DS related.

Wonder what else might happen on May 15. There's certainly some interesting Q drops from that time 12 months ago.

7bba2d  No.6390524

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>6380938 death threat or natural attrition?

eYe pwn both -JUST sow U kNow

are you possessed with parasitic gut nematodes or UN-"just" a Quint?

i b salivating eather-way…

crossed a BARR b4? d[anger]ous TIME<:>!

7bba2d  No.6390571

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>6380938 pest eradication - Moriori Style.

7bba2d  No.6390799


Q has always been that "way" - at least since the men at Bell have been saying, "Ma"

Tesla knew…

and don't believe me: Go ask Louise Cypher. ( [she-It] wants your soul :-)

recall: the "future proves the past" because some things cannot be erased by burning books and censorship ;- Have you built a megalith recently?

could we? with [g=9.81ms2]?

7bba2d  No.6390803

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>6390799 every time a cocoNUT!

too much captcha !-)

16b6d9  No.6408424

File: f4ac483fcc33a08⋯.png (183.52 KB, 300x299, 300:299, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 264f4b7580424a8⋯.png (128.6 KB, 1189x578, 1189:578, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 636051965e877bf⋯.png (207.53 KB, 280x432, 35:54, ClipboardImage.png)

>>6406988 lb


Thursday 05.02.2019

>>6392995 lb, ————————————–——– May, 2019 – 'kick-off' 'start' 'offense' (Vid: >>6393054 )

The movie is known as Karate Kid, but it´s original name is

"The Moment of Truth".


>>6405524 lb


1b051a  No.6414957


New Conservative releases its Firearms Policy today to support the 250,000 firearms licence holders in New Zealand following several months of discussions with key people in the firearms community.

Our government unnecessarily rushed through their firearms reforms without proper consultation, which means that we have aviation safety personnel threatened with arrest for simply protecting aircraft, we have representative shooters who can no longer practice for international competitions, and we have a film industry restricted in the scenes they can shoot.

Most firearms users we have spoken to saw the need to reform the previous firearms legislation. However, they wanted the opportunity to help create legislation that was robust, protected the population, but also recognised the needs and rights of law-abiding New Zealanders to access and use these firearms where required.

“With the stroke of a pen the government criminalised a large segment of New Zealanders who had done no wrong, without proper debate or process. New Conservative is committed to right that wrong and be a voice for New Zealanders who believe in a fair go,” says Leader Leighton Baker.

Firearms Policy can be found here:


915645  No.6415755


Wait till they find out the entire Christ Church "shooting" was a psy-op complete with CGI and greenscreens:


16b6d9  No.6418123

EU ELECTION Bread up again.

>>6416946 lb

>>6416946 lb

>>6416946 lb

(Old bread was fucked up by the all-time-captcha and not working anymore.)

EU ELECTION Bread up again.

From May 23rd to May 26th 2019 all the EU countries will elect the new European Parliament.

This will be another crossroad in history and a major step of The Plan.

Globalism and all it´s disadvantages and burdens for 'we, the people' is largely being rejected.

Green deal, eco terrorism and ridiculous politics is being rejected.

Not having safety/security in public spaces any more is being rejected.

Being taxed on everything is being rejected.

A fake currency and resulting financial crises is being rejected.

Not being able to explaining riduculous politics and only reply by "you are a populist, a feminist, a nazi, a …-ist" is being rejected.

Many people are awake and see the corruption and the evil cult running things behind the scenes.





13ffdd  No.6419217

File: 0be4da4aa24edf1⋯.png (21.46 KB, 387x267, 129:89, Capture.PNG)

RNZ, Stuff, Mediaworks, TVNZ and NZME said they have agreed to guidelines for the trial so their coverage "does not promote white supremacist ideology".


blah blah blah the mockingbird media corporate clowns all agree to censor the trial for 'public consumption'.

So the question is who's going to actually cover the trial and what is actually said???

I and many others are looking……………

TICK TOCK Thompson…..

13ffdd  No.6419243


Tick Tock is not a threat. It's a statement that your time as a cabal puppet is over soon. Just for clarity as I stupidly used a name and am wholly aware of how dangerous that is. Not a threat! spose that makes me a white supremacist maori boy now

dfecd1  No.6449949


93d973  No.6457223

File: 17820d409bdec3d⋯.png (78.99 KB, 485x817, 485:817, Kiwi Blog.png)

Kill one to frighten a 1000. There will be a few more high profile, intimidating shows of force. Communists always use the same play book.

06d0ad  No.6460864

File: c1de0a2f705a50c⋯.png (57.81 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, NewCuba.png)

Kiwis finally decided on a new flag.

22a89f  No.6490497

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

New Zealand is LOST!!!!

One man stands up for his rights against armed police intimidation.

The world should know.

New Zealanders should know.

8chan is BANNED in New Zealand too by the way.

1fefe0  No.6491352


Keep standing your ground brother. New Zealand is not lost, because of people like you. They are more scared of us, because they know we are in the right. What you said was perfect. Who knows, you might have made those 2 think for themselves.

5e98db  No.6492422

>>6490497 selective banning: narrative control :-( how many kiwis still got 8ch? [don't dox ;-]

A.I. records -

and recall the peace-officer/policy-officer/Police came in peace - he was even armed in pink ! :-)

if your thinking is good then don't worry about emoting and talking with ANYONE…

… remember to breathe

5e98db  No.6498995


"The Moment of Truth" is when Type sub-zero civilisation [tards] comprehend they are being pawned by Type 1 (and beyond) Civilization individuals.

Tards policy themselves to hell.

It's moar like "They Live" crossed with "Battle Field Earth" and potentially "Jupiter Ascending" … butt [parasitic] nematodes are tenacious and possessive and suicidally destructive


93b588  No.6499046

We've heard that the elite are building underground bunkers in NZ right? This guy tries to find them. I won't spoil the ending but make sure you watch it all. "Hunting the One Percent's Doomsday Bunkers in New Zealand"


93b588  No.6499075


8chan not banned in NZ anymore. It was only banned for a couple of weeks in March.

5e98db  No.6499197

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


and don't believe moi. Here's V-Louise-Cypher gauging your reaction in Darwin, China, London, … and here -

At least Louise isn't perverted :-)

0d968c  No.6499299

File: ac60417bc3f8a6b⋯.png (166.14 KB, 363x550, 33:50, ClipboardImage(113).png)


The color of your skin doesn't matter. If you're a nationalist anything you're their enemy.


It wasn't even a government ban, at least not officially. The ISPs spontaneously blocked it (by DNS kek) for some mysterious reason.

At least Jacinda is going after Facebook. Very interesting times indeed.

5e98db  No.6507164


>Jacinda is going after Facebook


"Websites like 8Chan and 4Chan that were used by the alleged gunman and that routinely spread extremism are on notice."

Louise Cypher knows: Be they god or the devil [or their [viceroy] in between] :- does it believe taste over life? - because anti-live [exposed] matters…

… and transparency - like blow-back - is a Bitch

Remember that.

5e98db  No.6507595

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


cannabis [kNOT] 4 Kiwis (or cows :-(

live now…

6b9cb4  No.6508390

File: f23a4146aa082de⋯.jpg (280.84 KB, 1024x1601, 1024:1601, ird 12mm.jpg)

What I find spoopy about this story is not why they got the wrong account number, why they froze her account (she used some of the money after all), nor why it's taking so long to put things right; it's who is the IRD paying $12,000,000 to? That's an oddly round number if you ask me. Not the kind of number to pay an invoice, or refund a tax over-payment etc.

Auckland woman mistakenly paid $12 million by Inland Revenue

Janika ter Ellen

An Auckland woman got a huge shock when she found an extra $12 million in her bank account.

Inland Revenue admits it accidentally overpaid her with cash meant for another customer.

The unintended recipient has now found she is unable to access her own money.

Savana Taihia started to suspect something was wrong when a routine visit to the bank turned into what she says was an interrogation.

Kiwis to skip manual tax forms for 2019 as IRD moves to automatic refunds

Inland Revenue about to close for eight days to instigate $1.6 billion upgrade

"They kept asking me, was I expecting funds from IRD - and how much?" she told Newshub.

She was expecting a tax rebate and had happily just received a $12,000 windfall.

"They were like, well you've got $12 million in your account," she said.

Joy turned to shock as she realised she'd misread her bank statement - and had been paid $12 million, not $12,000.

IRD refused to be interviewed, but in statement admits the $12 million overpayment is their mistake.

They say it was a case of human error, and the money has now been pulled from Taihia's account and paid into the right one.

IRD say they've since tightened their processes to stop it happening again.

The problem is, not all the money could be pulled back.

Taihia already used $1000 to pay bills, and gave $1000 to her parents as her father faces major heart surgery.

But now, she says her account has been frozen.

And she's relying on family for transport, because she can't get to a bank branch during her long day as a childcare worker.

Taihia's cousin Doniele says it's taking a toll on her.

"She can't access it. She's not able to get to work 'cause she can't get any funds out."

Taihia is upset because she says ANZ is asking her to re-pay that money - and she can't.

Her account has also been frozen, so right now she can't get any cash out or use her cards.

ANZ wouldn't answer questions about the case, citing customer privacy.

All Taihia wants is a personal apology and explanation.




df5884  No.6511055

File: 8165c81b6f23379⋯.jpg (191.94 KB, 1024x1599, 1024:1599, msd spy 1.jpg)

File: 83b515633b2d087⋯.jpg (316.74 KB, 1024x1587, 1024:1587, msd spy 2.jpg)

File: 40a40b0fafe7b39⋯.jpg (281.53 KB, 1024x1371, 1024:1371, msd spy 3.jpg)

File: a5a29aa7bd1f839⋯.jpg (315.63 KB, 1024x1598, 512:799, msd spy 4.jpg)

"Spying" or "investigating", seems our privacy commissioner thinks it's spying.

Not quite the same level as Spygate, but still interesting that there is a distinction, at least in New Zealand.

Ministry for Social Development spied on beneficiaries - Privacy Commissioner

''Katie Fitzgerald

Lauren Paddy''

Ministry of Social Development (MSD) employees spied on beneficiaries suspected of being in an undeclared relationship, an investigation by the Privacy Commissioner has revealed.

It revealed overly broad, disproportionate or inappropriate requests were being made of individuals under investigation.

Social Development Minister Carmel Sepuloni defends no increase to benefits in 'wellbeing' Budget

Welfare reform: Government announces law changes

Welfare reform: National says Greens received 'nothing'

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards told Newshub third parties were also involved.

"We found that they were asking for very personal information from telecommunications companies and the like, getting actual text messages and even intimate photographs, which we were quite disturbed by."

In one case, an intimate picture sent to a partner was produced at an interview - and the beneficiary was asked to explain.

"I don't want to see somebody brought in for an interview and shown an intimate photograph that they themselves have sent by text to a partner and that the ministry has obtained," Edwards said.

Other cases saw MSD investigators go to the police and ask for information about whether clients had been investigated for domestic violence, or any notes police had on them.

"Now you shouldn't be taking into account an incident of reported domestic violence as evidence of a relationship in the nature of marriage. These things are entirely incompatible," he told The AM Show.

Edwards told Newshub the practice was intrusive and excessive and called for change.

"In a criminal investigation there's no way you could get information at that level of sensitivity and privacy without some sort of judicial oversight."

MSD deputy chief executive for service delivery Viv Rickard said in a statement the ministry accepted the Privacy Commissioner's recommendations.

"These high risk investigations are about 17 percent of the 13,250 allegations we get every year. The small number of cases we investigate using this measure are at the high end of the spectrum where there are serious, often multiple, allegations of fraud over a significant period of time, usually involving large sums of money.

"The allegations often relate to people who on the face of it have set out to deliberately mislead in order to receive benefits they’re not entitled to. "

"We recognise we have to balance clients’ privacy rights alongside our responsibility to taxpayers to investigate serious fraud in a timely way, and to establish the facts."

Rickard said 71 percent of the investigations resulted in people needing to pay money back, while 96 percent of the investigations were successful.

The MSD will review the code of conduct that applies to the investigations, and will commission an independent assessment of fraud practices and policies.

Rickard said policies have also been amended to ensure staff make a case-by-case decisions on whether to go to a client or third party about collecting the right amount of information.

All requests for information from telecommunications companies or the police have been suspended.

Edwards told The AM Show he was "really pleased" with the way the MSD had responded to the inquiry.

"They've said 'these are good points, we need to think about this, it's not the same legal and social environment that it was in 2012'

"We've agreed to work with them, we'll try and help them get their practices up to an acceptable contemporary standard."

Auckland Action Against Poverty spokesperson Ricardo Menendez March also called for change, as well as an apology from Minister of Social Development Carmel Sepuloni and Rickard.

"The report should also be a wake-up call for the Government to amend the Social Security Act and stop punishing people in the welfare system for being in a relationship," Menendez March said.

"Currently the married benefit rate is lower than two individual benefit rates, and people on the benefit in a relationship with someone who earns above a certain threshold are expected to forgo all financial independence as they lose their benefit entitlements."




40ba4e  No.6511153

File: d4a171a7a5bbfa8⋯.png (885.57 KB, 910x664, 455:332, hwkchsdicwiiqu8ur483t318d4….png)

Nice knowin ya. Seems NZ voted for a Globalist police state last election.

Also, barely anyone in NZ knows that millions of French people have been engaged in non-stop riots/protests against Macron for the past few months.

It's official. NZ is their getaway plan.

40ba4e  No.6511162


>Jacinda is going after Facebook

Jacinda is going after free speech


5e98db  No.6511185


harm includes anything that breaches your integrity with anti-live …



c9865e  No.6511214

File: 8d39bfe55253f52⋯.png (145.56 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 60296008_10157201752672964….png)

5e98db  No.6511253

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i acquiesce to few; hear, here's ONE, "Trump's revenge"

'cause [sump tard] has yanked the WRONG orange from the pyramid-of-Oranges …

Thank Goodness we have a Plan :-)

3925ad  No.6511751

File: 0e18a089f555dfe⋯.png (120.98 KB, 678x687, 226:229, 3AD44ED5-4D62-47A0-A387-E5….png)

File: ce3dc79447add2e⋯.png (53.98 KB, 446x438, 223:219, B60912F6-FA85-4A06-8F9E-57….png)

File: c3510431ec7f8a0⋯.png (36.49 KB, 667x418, 667:418, 434C0A61-7786-496E-9FAC-4E….png)

File: ec1d62ed960b8f9⋯.png (34.2 KB, 813x526, 813:526, 11E9ADFD-6C47-4423-99B3-0B….png)

From General Research…


Holy shit, check this out.


"Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.), ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee, in a statement praised the companies that signed on to the pledge but did not mention the White House’s decision to keep the U.S. out of it.

“I applaud these companies for taking new steps in light of the recent acts of violence,” Rogers said, raising concerns about “fringe websites,”

such as 8chan and Gab

which have been connected to the Christchurch shooting and other attacks by white supremacists."


c87171  No.6534298

File: 6c034597a40d642⋯.png (502.14 KB, 833x816, 49:48, NZpizza.png)

File: 25e049c061f2238⋯.jpg (141.21 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Chrissy-Teigen-John-Legend….jpg)

Today's New Zealand Herald article, talking about PIZZA, is just weird. Why is this a story? Of course, it isn’t. But New Zealand is a haven for the Cabal, so I immediately start wondering. In fact, I can’t help feeling like this whole random news story is some kind of CODE. For something. Bear with me.

The article is about former Prime Minister of New Zealand Bill English and his love of a specialty Hawaiian pizza: one that is topped with spaghetti as well as ham and pineapple.

The article states: “Taking to Facebook, English, also formerly the country's finance minister, shared pizza chain Domino's' post about officially adding a Hawaiian spaghetti pizza to its menu, voicing his support. English wrote: "We did it New Zealand. Overseas, they said it couldn't be done. But the proof is in the pineapple.”


So the origins of spaghetti on pizza are supposed to be from New Zealand? Maybe. But this article is still all a bit…random. Or is it?

I must say, the PINEAPPLE reference recalls for me the pictures of Chrissy Teigan dressing her child up as a pineapple. And then it all starts to sounds like code. Pizza is not news. It’s just not. Unless you're talking about THAT kind of "pizza."

And this is a weird thing to say—the NZ Herald quotes the former prime-minister who is supposedly quoting his young child: "My youngest said, 'started from the bottom of our oven now it's here' - Spaghetti-Pineapple pizza to order.”

What does that mean? Kids don't say that.

The ex-PM goes on to say, quote: “Nothing beats home-made cooking with the family. It might be missing some of my key ingredients.”

Which suddenly makes me wonder…IF this is code, then this odd choice of words might be referencing ‘’’JOHN KEY’’’, the former NZ Prime Minister who English replaced following John Key’s abrupt resignation, which was oh-so “coincidentally” timed right after Trump’s “shock election.” We have to wonder what Q Team has on John Key.

Don’t forget John Key is a good friend of Obama’s and they golf together. In fact, Key went off golfing IN HAWAII with Obama IMMEDIATELY after Key’s resignation. So now we have the “pizza reference,” the "pineapple" reference, the “Hawaii” reference and the “key” reference in this article. That's too many coincidences for my liking.

In any event, I’d hate to know what that “key ingredient” might otherwise be. He doesn’t elaborate.


bcce2a  No.6534515

Anons check out the Van Leeuwen family, played the victim of the first cow disease outbreak, living in Winton also where 12000 kilos of 1080 was buried, just happens to own worlds largest steel and tube and pipe co, also elite ice cream globally, just so happens that the new worlds largest farm in southland to grow FOR FAKE MILK PRODUCTION is connected to him also, and the machinery drier hopes are made from his steel company, with agenda 21 protocols and kyoto also we have to get 0carbon bill no methane, why not kill the cows, grow and make fake milk along with ya best buddy china whom nz just gave a free trade deal to, drop hazardous 1080 everywhere kill possums and ALL the birds aswell equalling 0emissions, tress grow fixing everything, oh and all this while your aristocrat bloodline are seated with the cabals, hierachy of UN, sign off on all the science, fresearch, landcare, chemical data, everything, everywhere happens to be connected to the Van Leeuwen family. And the reap in the money on every angle of it, oh and guess what they have just said they are going with CBD ice cream so I guarantee they will be setting that up and getting a growing pot licence to do so.

bcce2a  No.6534519

check out my Van Leeuwen thread see what you think,


29ce0a  No.6538098


ISPs in AU and NZ start censoring the internet without legal precedent


… A full list of blocked websites can be found below:

• voat.co

• 4chan.org

• 8ch.net

• liveleak.com

• archive.is

• bitchute.com

• zerohedge.com

• kiwifarms.net

• eztv.is

• dissenter.com

• documentingreality.com

• bestgore.com

• archive.fo

"Jack: LOL. Another idiot who doesn’t realize that the concept of “free speech” only applies to _governments_.
No private company or individual is required to carry content they don’t want to.
This is is private companies deciding they don’t want to propagate hate.
Complain about that if you want, but it’s not a free speech issue."

2 months ago

options… ?

29ce0a  No.6538107



kNot shilling butt wHERE's the Thinking Man Needful thangs;

And why don't tards inform themselves? [recursively rhetorical]

"IAmARofschildAxeMeAQuestion" https://archive.fo/qERv5

and Energy Currents from Birkeland Black-outs to Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

http://www.stopthecrime.net/docs/SILENT WEAPONS for QUIET WARS.pdf


and 5:5 eyes - From ECHELON to NOLEHCE



:I AM not sure;- but would like to know President Trumacho thinking about Needful thangs…?

Or at least let the crew know 7x7 Navigators and Navigation…

… because obfuscation sucks -=



As in every social system approach, stability is achieved only by understanding and accounting for human nature (action / reaction patterns). A failure to do so can be, and usually is, disastrous.

As in other human social schemes, one form or another of intimidation (or incentive) is essential to the success of the draft. Physical principles of action and reaction must be applied to both internal and external subsystems.

To secure the draft, individual brainwashing / programming and both the family unit and the peer group must be engaged and brought under control.


The man of the household must be housebroken to ensure that junior will grow up with the right social training and attitudes. The advertising media, etc., are engaged to see to it that father-to-be is pussy-whipped before or by the time he is married. He is taught that he either conforms to the social notch cut out for him or his sex life will be hobbled and his tender companionship will be zero. He is made to see that women demand security more than logical, principled, or honorable behavior.

By the time his son must go to war, father (with jelly for a backbone) will slam a gun into junior's hand before father will risk the censure of his peers, or make a hypocrite of himself by crossing the investment he has in his own personal opinion or self-esteem. Junior will go to war or father will be embarrassed. So junior will go to war, the true purpose not withstanding.


The female element of human society is ruled by emotion first and logic second. In the battle between logic and imagination, imagination always wins, fantasy prevails, maternal instinct dominates so that the child comes first and the future comes second. A woman with a newborn baby is too starry-eyed to see a wealthy man's cannon fodder or a cheap source of slave labor. A woman must, however, be conditioned to accept the transition to "reality" when it comes, or sooner.

As the transition becomes more difficult to manage, the family unit must be carefully disintegrated, and state-controlled public education and state-operated child-care centers must become more common and legally enforced so as to begin the detachment of the child from the mother and father at an earlier age. Inoculation of behavioral drugs can speed the transition for the child (mandatory). CAUTION: A woman's impulsive anger can override her fear. An irate woman's power must never be underestimated, and her power over a pussy-whipped husband must likewise never be underestimated. It got women the vote in 1920.


The emotional pressure for self-preservation during time of war and the self-serving attitude of the common herd that have an option to avoid the battlefield – if junior can be persuaded to go – is all of the pressure finally necessary to propel Johnny off to war. Their quiet blackmailings of him are the threats: "No sacrifice, no friends; no glory, no girlfriends."


And what about junior's sister? She is given all the good things of life by her father, and taught to expect the same from her future husband regardless of the price.


Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jelly-fish, father, mother, son, and daughter, become useful beasts of burden or trainers of the same.


93d973  No.6538208


>Nice knowin ya. Seems NZ voted for a Globalist police state last election.

The current government is NOT democratically elected. Green/Labour got about 35% of the vote while National got 47%.

The Winston First party (8%) went with Labour in contradiction with everything in their written policy.

Any voters who voted Winston First thinking they would go with National, who is most in line with their written policy, was tricked in a bait and switch. I smell Chicom payoffs.

Now Helen Clark is back pulling the strings with her "Foundation". You have to wonder how a person who never worked outside government (NZ and UN) got enough money for a foundation!

d2291b  No.6538294


Doesn't look like New Zealand will do anything about the fact they're living in a police state until they're starving and broke. Totally asleep.

29ce0a  No.6538375


Binding Citizens Initiated Referendum : Use the "Lotto" / gambling kiosks. After the initial (chaotic) flurry of ideas and votes ; kiwis can begin transition to the Ortegrity Model. Use gifts, random prizes and jackpots to encourage participation.

NZ islands are like large Swiss Cantons - and they coexist very capably.

Make Aotearoa Green Again would be high on the ballet - like phytoremediation :-)

053b1d  No.6538416

File: 2c311812bb3f4df⋯.jpg (228.59 KB, 669x1003, 669:1003, NZ Shooter.jpg)

93d973  No.6538622


I believe that photo is a poison the well attempt to make the "conspiracy theorists" look silly.


There are enough real problems with the video which is why the government doesn't want locals discussing this.


93d973  No.6538710



>Doesn't look like New Zealand will do anything about the fact they're living in a police state until they're starving and broke. Totally asleep.

We will do something about it in the next election. Look how they voted across the ditch.

Beware of anyone pushing for violent activities or even discussing the same. These are likely to be agent provocateurs. Do not agree with them in public or in "private".

Trust the plan.

5cbba1  No.6539384


Hey! Just sounds just like home…what do you know…

29b1f8  No.6541756

Hi, New Zealand we must unite as one, we have a corrupt government introducing a policed state and using the Chch shooting as an excuse to disarm, and outaw semi automatic weapons, they are dumping the 2nd mostdeadly chemical on us and into our water systems by helicopter, they are lying about the fact tthat it will kill us, and covering up any cases of death through 1080 poison, most countries have banned it, America concider it a terrorist weapon and threat if used in water supplies s it is indescriminate and would very inhumainely and slowly kill everything that ingested it. They killing our ecosystem all wildlife, and us, yet gag all medical records and treat the poisoning and publicise it as something else, we are not allowed to test our waer, and our government do not test lur water, we have large algal bumes in waterways and oceans deming them toxic, due to all aquatic life being killed, its causing rat and mice plagues in silent forests as all birds and birds of prey have been slowly killed off since 1954. Also just in the ladt few weeks us activists have witnessed noticable changes in the force and illegal arrests by police, for no reason from peoples own homes, government officials are profiting billions a year using this poison, and My theory aside from The truth that the NWO is manovering and speeding ul their complete takeover, with our prime minister using terrorism as excuse, she has now taken away our ight to freedom of speech on social media. Our posts are monitored and censored, as NZers are awakening, and they are getting nervous. 3 people I know have been arrested for no reason in the last 24 hrs. All 1080 activists. Kiwis need to unite under our state of independence and the maori sovereignty, in which King William IV recognised as it unable to be changed by the English or NZ government, so rhere are 2 sets of laws in NZ, depending which you fit under. The Maori chefs of the day set up a tribe called Ngati Wikitoria to ensure the future protection of every person who was born or concidered a citizen of the country, no matter what race, their tribe is Ngati Wikitoria, and must be recognised even today by the crown. We are uniting under the sovereign flag given to us by King William IV in 1835, and taking back our land and all that lives on it to protect it from global corruption and greed. We are the protectors of our country, for future generations. And we are governed by the people of Aotearoa. Not by the corrupt treasonal government trying to kill us, by poisoning our drinking water supplies, and food.

0299e7  No.6541768

File: 5ba73b385fda560⋯.png (124.86 KB, 326x326, 1:1, hulkkek.png)



29b1f8  No.6541808

There are more awake than people realise, the problem is that we are all not yet united, many different groups of people divided yet fighting their own effected part of this changing country. We must unite. United we stand divide we fall. We need to all come together as 1. As equals, and as the rightful leaders of our own country. The global banks and cooperations have done us no good. We must unite before its to late and take back our country

29ce0a  No.6545491

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


An Yemeni Jew ex Aussie/Israel, a British ex-military, a Pakistani ex goal, and a Muslim man meet for Ramadan chats…

and nobody died :-)

(PHILLIPS) Luke 19:27 “‘But, sire, he has a hundred pounds already,’ they said to him. ‘Yes,’ he replied, ‘and I tell you that the man who has something will get more given to him. But as for the man who has nothing, even his “nothing” will be taken away. And as for these enemies of mine who objected to my being their king, bring them here and execute them in my presence.’”

[ex. 1]

… there's something deeply disturbing about religare and harmful dogma. Verily dank.

15b18c  No.6606517

File: da4a9020d1e4df1⋯.png (347.48 KB, 639x590, 639:590, 2019-05-28 17_24_57-Window.png)

China's communists fund Jacinda Ardern's Labour Party: What the United States Congress was told



15b18c  No.6606531

PM Jacinda Ardern refused to offer Treasury her full confidence following Budget 'leak'


15b18c  No.6606564

File: 99b015848c52530⋯.png (578.82 KB, 738x394, 369:197, 2019-05-28 17_37_27-Window.png)

Speaker Trevor Mallard refuses to front about his 'rape' comments


1dff04  No.6606864

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"King Donald" is ok but "KingDon" got Swagger!

Stuff getz real @28mins

15b18c  No.6606957

File: a73d4abc9cc6b81⋯.png (261 B, 31x28, 31:28, 2019-05-28 19_03_35-Window.png)

Global Islamic leaders meeting in NZ…and I ask WHY?

Why do they need to come here…?

Why can't they meet in their own countries…?

What visas will they need to enter our country…?

What security concerns will need to be addressed…?

Who's paying for the security that will obviously be needed…?


16bf4e  No.6607214


Eyeing up your real estate, anon

15b18c  No.6607227


My pig farm?? ;)

16bf4e  No.6607241


rotf kekking!

13ffdd  No.6607325

File: da1b037f0e8db97⋯.png (453.87 KB, 907x484, 907:484, Capture.PNG)



Interesting link you provide there anon….

On the newsroom co nz site that story doesn't appear in their search results… hahaha

The page is there… but it appears to be a honeypot pg from (you)! where you get the link from mate?

search muslim or islam in front pg… this story doesn't appear in results

16bf4e  No.6607556



>>Laura Walters

Laura Walters is a senior political reporter based in Wellington who covers justice, education and immigration.


Plan for Muslim leaders to assemble in NZ

The Federation of Islamic Associations in New Zealand will hold a global conference of leaders from the Muslim world in the wake of the Christchurch attacks.

The Federation of Islamic Associations in New Zealand (FIANZ) has released a status report, which examines the response to the March 15 terror attack, and lays out FIANZ’s plan going forward.

The plan includes holding an international conference, with officials and leaders from all Muslim countries.

FIANZ president Mustafa Farouk said he hoped to work with the Government to bring leaders together in August.

FIANZ believed there should be a global policy, and response, to the issues facing faith-based communities.

New Zealand’s position of unity, the Prime Minister’s reaction, and the way all communities came together to work through the tragedy and promote communication and acceptance of other cultures and beliefs should be adopted as a global policy blueprint, Farouk said.

The conference would highlight how people from different cultures could come together to ensure common values prevailed.

FIANZ had already been in contact with global Islamic organisation Muslim World league, and other European organisations.

The conference needed to be done the New Zealand way, where tangata whenua and the Government was also represented, he said.

FIANZ had begun planning a conference ahead of the Christchurch attacks, and March 15 made it more pertinent.

and continues, looks genuine enough, not sure what your a sayin, anon

13ffdd  No.6610274


>and continues, looks genuine enough, not sure what your a sayin, anon

This story can not be found on the site other than the link provided here… It doesn't show up under 04 april stories. It doesn't show when searching for the word muslim or islam or leader…

So i'm suggesting that you didn't get the story from their site as it can't be found on their site by browsing stories or searching stories….

Where did you get the link from? is my question

16bf4e  No.6612390

File: eb9b7ce4400fa61⋯.jpg (71.92 KB, 1617x609, 77:29, nz.JPG)

File: 39b9a8c2a4d13b9⋯.jpg (161.17 KB, 1907x920, 1907:920, nz1.JPG)


ok, firstly I am not the O.P.. I responded to the O.P.

I hear what you are saying,anon, and I could not find the article in a site search either. However, as the page clearly exists, that suggests to me the story may have been blocked from search results.

I agree there is a question as to how O.P. then managed to have access to this story at this time, but it could simply be that a diligent anon had archived this when it featured (4/4/19) and has not felt comfortable posting it before yesterday. Only the O.P. can answer that, should they choose to.

>>The page is there… but it appears to be a honeypot from (you)! where you get the link from mate?

Can you explain how this could be a honey pot? Its a clearnet link to what appears to be a hidden story, but theres no interaction, no opportunity for the reader to be compromised, and the fact that comments are disabled (pic related) suggests they would rather the story wasn't there.

>>So i'm suggesting that you didn't get the story from their site as it can't be found on their site by browsing stories or searching stories….

Well, thats quite an accusation to make, dontcha think? I dug a little further than you, found the article was achived by the wayback machine on the 3rd of April (pic related).


You are implying that the O.P. is connected to someone or something sinister, on a freespeech website that is already undersiege, without any evidence and little deductive thinking. With what motivation in mind?

Activates my almonds.

1dff04  No.6612769

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


[the farm]… there are some [equivalent] things FEMA camps can accommodate - within strict limits.

01:09:11 FEMA Camps F.O.R. [hunting]

And Jay's a MAGA too!

13ffdd  No.6615169


>Can you explain how this could be a honey pot?

Let's say the sis are trying to find those mythical "white supremacists".

I was going to write a comment in dissenter but thought i'd get there organically first as i had opened the link originally through my epic browser set to east coast usa proxy.. but wanted them to see that i was a kiwi by ip. Led me to not find article.

>Its a clearnet link

exactly, click it and they have your ip. and your address if they are sis. also note the extra code gobledygook after the address.

>the fact that comments are disabled (pic related) suggests they would rather the story wasn't there.

the fact that comments are disabled suggests they are scared of free thought breaking their narrative.

>quite an accusation to make, dontcha think?

Nope i stand by the suggestion that they didn't get the story from the original site, maybe they did, but mpre likely it was a link on another site.. I'd like to know what site and will dig for that tonight…

>I dug a little further than you

Thanks for finding it was archived on the wayback.. suggests that they have had second thoughts about this particular narrative…

I am impying that the O.P. has stumbled on something, the article is now highly suspect and O.P by posting the link is under suspicion till he she explains..

Motivation is to find all you white supremacists.. and that aint me cuz i'm brown

16bf4e  No.6622298


>>White supremacist


15b18c  No.6625331

OK look here


ab2ed9  No.6625839



Or here


13ffdd  No.6626051



Your link has a unique facebook identifier, they know who you are…

Also that story that they are pushing through fakebook to you is sus as fuck….

They're on to you anon… You can expect a midget and a transgender police couple on sunday morning to talk with you about your web browsing haBITS… hahaha tell them nunya

16bf4e  No.6632312


Or Here:-


Or Here:-


Or here:-


YOU were going to dig, Seems YOU didnt manage to find any of these (yeah, right)

>>Your link has a unique facebook identifier, they know who you are…

Facebook? Meh… never heard of no script?

If your posting on infinity 'they' already know who you are, this is a very popular basket weaving forum, particularly amongst the Mongolian community, apparently.

>>Also that story that they are pushing through fakebook to you is sus as fuck….

WTF is that supposed to mean? The only part I get is that 'YOU is sus'

>>They're on to you anon… You can expect a midget and a transgender police couple on sunday morning to talk with you about your web browsing haBITS… hahaha tell them nunya

So every single person in the world who has clicked on one of the above links is now listed as an extremist? Or do 'they' magically know who among those unlucky surfers is a threat, who is just curious, or well informed, or can't navigate and ends up there by accident? If they can read minds then I doubt that sharing a clearnet webpage adds to anyones jepordy.

See, I know that replying to you is a waste of time, thats ok, I got plenty of time to waste right now.

I know I can't win here because you have an AGENDA. I'm not typing this for you, this is for freedom loving anons everywhere, particularly in the most oppressed places, because fear is the enemy, and your pedelling it, and it's hateful. In a larger forum your voice wouldn't be heard, but in this bread, at this time, you think your powerful - well your not.

NZ anons are heros, they know where they stand, and it has to be TOGETHER! Don't let malign forces divide us, dont let demons live in your head rent free. This is Q research - MNZGA - WWG1WGA.

1dff04  No.6632806



qui-tit u2. y cum this not notable?



is it because Romans 13 induces the cognitive dissonance of not serving two "masters"? …

Wait until to read Romans 14! Dank. Verily.

16bf4e  No.6632877


Sorry. will get a room.

Think NZ is now a lab for testing out new 'policy', motivations don't really seem important, but I bet the effects are well observed.

13ffdd  No.6634942


>didnt manage to find any of these

Yeah i found them and saw that they were all reposts of the original 'hidden' article. I say hidden becuz the article cant be found in newsroom sites index.

Of interest in my digging was the fbclid… and it is a very sus uuid according to the ppl who have looked into it at their webmastering forums places where the only information about it is.

>you have an AGENDA

My AGENDA is to subvert any and all efforts from the tracking agents who may be here to subvert our free speech.

>fear is the enemy, and your pedelling it

OK correct. however i'm more on the caution side of the fear spectrum.


d55cd1  No.6635415

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh yeah, well now we are learning who (they) are as well so equal footing. Light to dark. No more secrets. Lets see how their fukery functions in the light of day!

Know something say something.

d55cd1  No.6635636


Good day Mate!

This is simply a case of spying to get blackmail information against political opponents. It goes back to 2012 and was under the direction of President Obama, according to Shipp. Shipp explains, “This was NSA domestic surveillance, and it’s been going on since before 9/11. It increased after 9/11."

extra sauce: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-30/ex-cia-officer-trump-historic-battle-treasonous-deep-state

420ed8  No.6637230

File: 0111bc50374d4fa⋯.jpg (101.39 KB, 1589x608, 1589:608, HillaryParnell.JPG)

File: 070e34067be0306⋯.jpg (187.89 KB, 1060x901, 20:17, NZ_HillaryTrip.JPG)

File: e7356273f174866⋯.jpg (127.46 KB, 1390x819, 1390:819, ParnellAcrossStreetAC.JPG)

File: 3c33c3a2fd0a02f⋯.jpg (107.89 KB, 1411x754, 1411:754, ParnellContainers.JPG)

File: 6ea739a55a62b39⋯.jpg (175.69 KB, 1521x915, 507:305, ParnellRoad.JPG)

.just did a quick on Hillary New Zealand/Australia trip. She was found..like in the woods a a kids Boutique store in same key location..Looked at maps and areas around..also street view past/present archives..(looked for cameras..antennas..also lots of makeovers off buildings and construction)..one building across the street has to me a seemingly large amount of AC units..server cooling?? (hopefully) Maybe normal..Also container port close by..shipping? Kids clothing looks creepy. Shit is disturbing in where my imagination can go..maybe some other anons can look further…People like Hillary don't just pop up in random locations and blast on media..sending signals/intel…my thinking is this is how Hillary and others passed off info..shorting 5 eyes..classification doesnt work both ways..Q basically told us this a while back..I think its like they only have to report country to country..but id a diplomat is visiting another in doesn't have to be logged…maybe >>2007869

“Normally, intelligence passed on from a member of the “Five Eyes” alliance — Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.K., and the U.S. — to another member comes through an official channel for intelligence sharing.

However, Nunes, upon reviewing the document that formally launched the FBI’s investigation, said there was no intelligence shared through that official channel, meaning that the intelligence was shared through unofficial means.”

420ed8  No.6637244

File: e024a8b9259919e⋯.jpg (143.05 KB, 958x922, 479:461, bookTour.JPG)

File: f1b0a75d1e72d70⋯.jpg (107.78 KB, 1110x921, 370:307, HillaryArdern.JPG)

File: 6747d1144321199⋯.jpg (141.74 KB, 1021x927, 1021:927, HillaryNukesChina.JPG)

File: 23a809c54ef1686⋯.jpg (205.35 KB, 1153x878, 1153:878, KerryAustralia.JPG)

File: 070e34067be0306⋯.jpg (187.89 KB, 1060x901, 20:17, NZ_HillaryTrip.JPG)

420ed8  No.6637281


Across the street from the Parnell place was a building with a large amount of AC units..looked at google street view over different dates and watched it change..what do we need cool?? I know for sure servers…but what else needs refrigeration..maybe.

825e1c  No.6641231

Throwing John Key under the bus?

Has John Key become a liability to the New Zealand Cabal?

Seems like the Cabal is trying to distance themselves from him now.

[Sir] John Key, I should say. Because he gets what he deserves.


eec6c4  No.6643335


IMO with the FVEY involvement in the attempted overthrow (and perhaps assassination attempts) of President Trump coming out with UK/AUS as primaries and CAN/NZ as secondaries this is probably a first step being taken to sacrifice Key/English to save Commie Cindy. The old - it was the National Party and NOT the Progressive Socialist (Labour) party involved in these most terrible deeds excuse. Cindy's pure, innocent, fair and progressive so she's patently incapable of such underhandedness and shame on us for doubting that! (sarc).

This type of narrative will undoubtedly be sold to the gullible NZ public (sheeple) to maintain her 'holier than thou' image for the next 'so-called' General Election. So-called because of the desperate need by the socialists to win at all costs and the likelihood of some sort of voter fraud being perpetrated.

What happens here, the timescale, is directly connected to what Trump/Q does and has been accelerating of late, especially the UN2030/Climate change rubbish. We may not even have a next General Election if the Elites decide it's time to permanently bolt-to-this-hole and implement a true (more visible) police state.

Welcome to New Venezuela folks!

46f538  No.6651038

Christchurch NZ Land Grab!!! ~ Agenda 21 ~ New Zealand

WTF are we going to do to stop this madness???

it was made in 2012 now it is fully out there in 2019


b2acad  No.6651514


Key authorized GQSB to spy on Trump after he announced his candidacy.

Spying on candidates is illegal in the US, so they get NZ to do it for them.

Key knows whats up, but he's fucked, he done something stupid when he was at ML, so he has to do it anyway,. GQSB warrants are valid for one year.

One year goes by, but now Trump is elected, and Key's handlers want him to renew the warrant; Key knows this is an act of war, and seeing no way out, he resigns.

Does it make sense now?

See post above about NZ Spying.

16bf4e  No.6659257


Sounds exquisitely plausible anon, and echos similarities with stories I have read from other parts, regarding other governments and their officials.

Wonder which piggy will sQueal first?

1dff04  No.6664719

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


dig 00:41:21 "Robin Tilbrook on his party, their quest for an English parliament and the famous Brexit court case."


King Don asset seizure?


Who got Jimmy Sivile estate?

16bf4e  No.6665840


The case appears sound (not a lawyer), but I don't think it will amount to anything, could last years, WILL make lawyers wealthy(er) and I suspect it's being entertained as a way of channeling dissent over the brexit delay into a harmless outlet (do your bit by giving us cash). Is he paying himself from the fund? Who are his team?

Have to admit to bias, my instincts are against the man and his party, way too right wing for my liking, lots of dog whistling and rabble rousing going on but almost no support from the voting public.

Lots wrong with the UK, but I don't think he has the answers.


>>"Anything that helps English People come to awareness of their Englishness and raises their consciousness of the separateness of England and its separate Interests is good for English nationalism!

There is, in addition, the juicy possibility that the British Constitution as it currently stands will be blocked and incapable of activating Article 50. If that does prove to be the case then the only way out of the EU for England will be the dissolution of the United Kingdom. This would trigger automatic exit, by bringing to an end the UK which is the Treaty Accession State. Ironically enough that would mean that Scotland and Northern Ireland are automatically out, not only of the UK, but also of the EU!"

>>Who got Jimmy Saviles estate?

1 million to victims

2.5 million to LAWYERS



16bf4e  No.6667053

So, a dangerous breach of national cyber security, detailing how YOU are not to expect ANY cyber security.



c64ec2  No.6692357


"ALERT: I just figured something out. The *antipode of CERN in Geneva Switzerland is off the East coast of NZ — and — the magnetic conjugate point for HAARP in Alaska is also off the East coast of NZ ( HAARP one hop VLF stanford buoy placed there!) . CAN NOT BE COINCIDENCE!"

Dutchsinse, the excellent earthquake prediction guy on Youtube, that the New Zealand Earthquake authority threatened to sue, if he tried to warn New Zealanders of likely to happen earthquakes in New Zealand


ce1895  No.6707187

Psychiatrist Paul Fox, who treated Adam Lanza and Waikato patients guilty of sexual assault

An American psychiatrist who was employed by Waikato District Health Board after surrendering his licence in the US amid controversy over an affair with a young patient, has pleaded guilty to her sexual assault.

Dr Paul Fox is facing 18 months in prison in his native country after pleading guilty in Danbury, Connecticut, to sexually assaulting the teenager in 2011.

The 66-year-old is infamous for treating a teenaged Adam Lanza - who went on to fatally shoot 26 people at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2014 when he was 20, after murdering his mother. Lanza then turned the gun on himself.

Fox began working for Waikato DHB's Mental Health and Addiction Services as a psychiatrist in June 2012, a month before he gave up his US medical licence where he had been registered in New York and Connecticut.

The mother of one patient was shocked to learn of Fox's guilty plea and called for an independent investigation into his interactions with his former Waikato patients.

Jane Stevens, whose son Nicky Stevens was treated by Fox on his first admission to Waikato Hospital's Henry Rongomau Bennett Centre in December 2013, said she was "absolutely disgusted" when it was discovered Fox was working illegally in New Zealand after surrendering his licence over "boundary violations".

"I was really concerned about obviously the fact that he was treating our son and basically had access to vulnerable people, including our son. You don't know what went on."

She and husband Dave Macpherson wrote on their Facebook page Nicky "Autumn" Stevens in May 2016 after Fox was charged with three counts of sexual assault, that the doctor was the "lead psychiatrist" for their son during his first stay.

"[He] originated the compulsory treatment regime using the drug Olanzapine, which was a treatment Nicky strongly objected to.

"The appalling thing is that the proper checks weren't done and they allowed a man to come in and work in New Zealand when he had no licence, so who is going to be held accountable for that?"

Stevens said the DHB should now investigate whether Fox acted inappropriately with any Waikato patients.

"This was a man that was an unregistered psychiatrist who was under a sexual assault cloud who had unique access to my son and goodness knows who else's.

"You've got a man with sexual abuse accusations who was working in a ward with our most vulnerable, who's there under false pretences. He should never have been allowed in there."

Fox's registration in New Zealand was cancelled by the Medical Council in February 2014 after his past came to light.

Waikato DHB executive director of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Vicki Aitken, said the DHB became aware of the specific details of the complaint against Fox in January 2014.

"We commissioned an independent external review by a senior psychiatrist into Dr Fox's practice at the DHB. This found no issues, therefore we have no need to relook at his patients."

According to court documents, police detectives investigating the Sandy Hook tragedy uncovered the sexual assault allegations when they later interviewed former patients of Fox, the Connecticut Post reported.

A then 18-year-old university student, identified as Jane Doe in court records, had begun seeing Fox in 2011 for treatment of depression and an eating disorder, and at some point he began having sex with her.

The woman told investigators about the sexual relationship, saying she was "drugged up and out of my mind" on a cocktail of prescription drugs Fox prescribed, the Post reported.

It's not the first time Waikato DHB has employed a dodgy psychiatrist.

A man posing as an American-educated psychiatrist, earning a salary of more than $165,000, was employed at Waikato Hospital in January 2015.

Mohamed Shakeel Siddiqui was in the job for five months before a colleague raised concerns.

Siddiqui had used the name and CV of a real psychiatrist in the US and three bogus references.

He was arrested in July 2015 with the help of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] and eventually jailed, then deported and banned from re-entering New Zealand.

Last week he lost an appeal against his fraud convictions.

www. nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12238425

c0c22e  No.6707246

File: 2e05497c30f6fff⋯.mp4 (5.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, NZ_Shooting_MagicCasing2.mp4)




48ce98  No.6707308




c0c22e  No.6707334



d26eca  No.6707341

File: f09bc93596c5e03⋯.png (670.93 KB, 851x477, 851:477, IntrotoQ!.png)

Intro to Qanon, excellent link for newfags and normies


c0c22e  No.6707418

File: 020347a3cfb550f⋯.png (340.02 KB, 558x604, 279:302, BidenSniffingCock - Copy.png)

c0c22e  No.6707541



c0c22e  No.6707562


Be a nice time to post right now.

c0c22e  No.6707574

File: 726ab5bdbd75745⋯.png (175.12 KB, 1459x322, 1459:322, 8scoops.png)

Shitposting I will go then!


c0c22e  No.6707577

File: 6e16232000acff2⋯.png (754.89 KB, 738x862, 369:431, 2milDllrs.png)

c0c22e  No.6707582

File: 1cbec11b132f92a⋯.png (206.13 KB, 388x600, 97:150, 4c7780d5568c28ec448fc5fc38….png)

c0c22e  No.6707588

File: 046513d6693a627⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1832x772, 458:193, 6f9d7d5caae0df2de2f8a9162f….png)

c0c22e  No.6707610

File: 9b07c6e8dacb429⋯.png (182.69 KB, 343x10000, 343:10000, 6PEPELONGHAT - Copy.png)

c0c22e  No.6707612

File: 7a4d9015a5bb093⋯.png (139.73 KB, 331x10000, 331:10000, 6PEPELONGHAT.png)

c0c22e  No.6707613

File: 620e47b24c6a6fc⋯.png (746.38 KB, 458x608, 229:304, 911.png)

c0c22e  No.6707616

File: 6e35b72c23423a0⋯.jpeg (282.5 KB, 1479x1733, 1479:1733, 4340ba909825fb620758cbaae….jpeg)

c0c22e  No.6707619

File: 283adcec0c35199⋯.png (181.51 KB, 172x464, 43:116, 661943e032b046b5a375665b10….png)

c0c22e  No.6707622

File: d8fddbc1a664e3b⋯.png (6.7 MB, 2844x1796, 711:449, 661943e032b046b5a375665b10….png)

c0c22e  No.6707625

File: 29c797deecb0e25⋯.png (664.82 KB, 350x805, 10:23, BakerGirl.png)

c0c22e  No.6707630

File: 533514f347143fa⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1186x812, 593:406, BakingPolice.png)

c0c22e  No.6707635

File: a3b220e8f065045⋯.png (1.49 MB, 875x760, 175:152, Barrkimo.png)

0a0fd4  No.6707991


I know you're busy. We could use a little info and direction right now.

Is the new BO treating you ok? Are they hunting you?

Can we help? You have a LOT of friends.

9b3981  No.6745040

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

WE are everywhere

48ce98  No.6745482



Poster retard Q bimbo. How sad.

c70f5c  No.6763062

A sad history lesson what all need to know and what fight is ling a head .And maybe why Q is leaving Israel for list .There is 6 or 7 episodes


dfecd1  No.6767254

Who would a Q supporting New Zealander consider voting for in 2020?

bf69b9  No.6769247


Why do you want to know?

Who are you doing the research for?

What are you doing on this board?

Freck off fagot!

13ffdd  No.6769687


>Who would a Q supporting New Zealander consider voting for in 2020?

This anon (ex big lefty, done volunteer work for labour party in past) has decided on Winston.

Main reasons being..

Winston was always big on anti-immigration.

A day or 2 after Q brought out Where We Go One We Go All I heard Winston on morning report saying as a reply to some question "well we're all in this together" Guyon says "what does that mean". Winston ignores and answers the question he wanted asked….. My ears picked up and I thought "He knows"…..

There is no People Party for NZ as yet and if there was the chance of them getting more than 5% is very slim… So no-one else to vote for effectively at the moment.

68b52d  No.6791581


Potentially there'll be a new option to vote for shortly. News this morning that Christopher Luxon has resigned as CEO of AirNZ and is looking to get into politics for the National Party. He definitely needs some digging into to find out moar! Would be nice if he was NZs Trump.

627e1c  No.6793331


He looks like a Key protégé. The same Key who is best buds with Barry and who was minister of national security and intelligence during the whole spygate saga.

Looks like a bit of a swampy move to me, and I'm pretty sure Judith won't be too thrilled about it.

105f24  No.6796867


You need to pay more attention. Winston Peters said all the right things in his campaign and does all the wrong things now.

He is a Freemason first. Absolutely controlled opposition.

85bbdd  No.6796914


Track the resignations.

The airlines are just giant Cabal money-pots. A revolving door of Cabal criminals. He's probably going to run for his life before he ever runs for office.

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