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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 0f5c438ddb221b0⋯.jpg (124.66 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, the-infant-samuel-at-praye….jpg)

dfad1c  No.353817

“But I have prayed for you, that your faith would not fail. And you, when you have turned back, strengthen your brethren.”

Luke 22:32

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7

Confess your offences to one another and pray for one another in order to be healed. The insistent prayer of a righteous person is powerfully effective!

James 5:16

7adb6c  No.742405

I am at a crossroads in life, I feel very directionless, tired, and I lack faith that anything will work out. Please pray for me as I wander alone and scared, I have no one else to turn to.

22915e  No.742605

I have trouble sleeping amd my body has been weak, pray for me so I can make it through the day tomorrow for work

b1d280  No.742977

Please for me about tomorrow. I made a stupid mistake and might pay a big consequence for it. It was really stupid of me, please pray that no harm comes my way.

6e90bd  No.743408

I’m going to pray the rosary every day for the reunification of the church. Anyone who wants to join me, please feel free.

de81df  No.743599


Please pray for me and my girlfriend. We made the mistake of having sex a couple of times and I am afraid that she could be pregnant. I am trying to return to the faith, but I don't think that she is interested, but I have been slowly taking her to church more and more. I don't think she would want to keep it, please pray for us!

e8331b  No.743610

>>743599 (checked)

Marry her already

de81df  No.743618


We will eventually, when she graduates college.

e21a65  No.743649

File: d89d810c339acd6⋯.png (44.84 KB, 236x189, 236:189, tragedy.png)

I don't know if this is the place, but I want to ask for redemption for having foreseen tranny posters here.

It's just too hard, I try lashing back at them by posting what their reality is but sometimes I get this sensation in my mouth when I see them, that always appears when I see something that I get disgusted at it. The problem is that sometimes sensations of lust appear, and rightly so, they look like women and dress by women but they are men, and have shown themselves to be psychopaths. And I know homosexuality is a disease that has left civilization to rot, but the thoughts still remain when I get baited and click a webm that the thumbnail made it look like something else.

I did some pushups and situps to not let the lust corrode me from the inside but the fear of becoming something like them still lingers. I'd like to ask for a prayer, even if I'm too ashamed of doing so. Amen I don't know how amen is supposed to be used, is it used to finish sentences or is there more to it

12e6a7  No.743656

addf88  No.744257


ad0238  No.744385


I'll pray for you on this account and please do the same for me I have the same problem.

dd818c  No.744820

File: 086bfffe41dd308⋯.jpg (845.04 KB, 1890x2675, 378:535, il_fullxfull.1230725018_qb….jpg)

Please pray for my mother, she just had a blood test to check if she has kidney failure, she already has stage 3 heart failure and scar tissue in her lungs, and diabetes and tons of other chronic illnesses that cause her pain. If she does have Kidney failure that will probably means she's dying, and it's a really painful way to go. And she's been having issues with her connection to God and forgiving people who have wronged her (she told me she was raped and abused as a girl). Please pray for her spiritual and physical health.

06d47b  No.744958

So I fasted hoping for a breakthrough. No sign of God. I'm cutting out water. Pray I make it into heaven if this kills me.

293f54  No.745012


It is an evil generation that asks for a sign, Anon.

06d47b  No.745021


I haven't heard that one a million times

ac0143  No.745070


Please pray for my friend. I think she may be considering smoking weed in the future. It’s illegal where she lives, and I just want the best for her

a776ea  No.745257

Call me Alfred for privacy sake, but I pray I can finally decide with confidence between Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism. It's become highly stressful for me.

a776ea  No.745259


I am sorry anon, I pray your mom is ok

2a931e  No.745310

Please pray, a family member took his life.

1be6e2  No.745349


Pray for what, sorry but his/her fate is sealed.

a88db7  No.745527

Pray for me, I'm going to masturbate to furry porn after posting this

e23321  No.745576


Please pray for me. I keep going back to porn but I really wnat to quit it. It's the bane of my life. Please pray for my attemp and pray that God will be merciful upon me

b8f831  No.745581

Pray that I will maintain my faith and that I will be chrismated soon.

09c0b2  No.745761

Please pray for me brothers, I'm still struggling to get over my past relationship, with mixed feelings of sadness and anger and constant overthinking.

I'm at some bad point, specifically after a bad hangover, feeling like crap and angst against women.

Worse thing is, I've been failing badly in taking activities to improve myself, and I'm fearful of settling back in the old rut.

I'm going to mass today and hopefully feel god's presence again, but do so also pray for me to get out of this loophole.

4816da  No.745770

File: dced45329a10055⋯.jpg (29.55 KB, 552x791, 552:791, 1477646320557.jpg)


First of all you should stop getting drunk. I will pray for you. Also, you should say one (5 decades) of the Rosary every day, even if you are sinning or going to sin that day. Just do it. If you can't take that 10-15 min a day to do that, then other things won't help. Keep persisting in that and see what happens.


Same advice, please try saying one (5 decades) of the Rosary every day, even if you are going to sin. You also have to keep fighting. If our Lord fell down three times, imagine how many times we have to fall. I will also pray for you, God bless.

c3bde0  No.745804

I’m just a lowly sinner. I’m doing my best to follow the path of God, but I am weak, and fall victim to the temptations of the material world. I struggle greatly with mental illness and substance abuse as well. I’ve become increasingly lonely and isolated, and in turn suicidal. I may not be worthy of His grace, but any prayers sent my way would be greatly appreciated as I try to find my way through the darkness

09c0b2  No.745862


Forgive me, but what do you mean by 5 decades of the rosary? English is not my primary where I learned prayer, so there might be something with the language barrier.

0125f4  No.745887

A prayer to all those people that died or got hurt during the tsunami in Indonesia.

ec43f2  No.746049

please pray for my coworkers and I so that we don't lose our jobs

1b8f8c  No.746206

About 4 years ago a girl I was dating accused me of sexual assault and I haven't recovered since. She mounted a thorough assault on my social reputation through my last couple years of high school and had lost most of my friends.

Upon leaving high school I have been a complete shut in. Non of my family knows. I can't go to college considering how bad my grades had dropped after the incident and I can't do any physical labor what so ever (i can't even drive).

Pray for me that I can rid myself of this situation, I really need it.

a83ed5  No.746489

I pray that everyone on this board has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

22915e  No.747034

Pray that I can make it through work tomorrow, I've gotten no sleep because of insomnia. Also I've been feeling intense despair lately

dea2e9  No.747216


You have to go to the doctor, anon

da120f  No.747540

Pray for my ex “girlfriend” (he’s a confused boy). Pray that he overcomes his homosexual and transgendered afflictions and that he becomes the young man God created him to be, and that he stops finding me attractive and sending me provocative messages.

73f43e  No.747780


I will pray for him fam

22915e  No.747947

I can't sleep, since christmas I've only gotten about 4 hours of sleep and I don't want to get fired. I have to wake up in 6 hours, pray for me

0304ba  No.748460

Anons, I am almost losing my hold on life. Both of my parents have expressed suicidal ideations to me, they are in a process of leaving each other after 32 years. I recently quit my job, because I am short sighted and I was blinded by emotion. I am using drugs, out of sloth, and I feel so ashamed. I am terrified. I know what I have to do but I am terrified. Please pray for my parents. I am so guilty

0a760c  No.748607


Everything will be alright. Pray pray pray. Then pray some more.

0c6864  No.749761

I have intrusive thoughts. Asking for prayers to help with dealing with them and that they do not interfere with my faith.

9480f5  No.749944


You got 'em.

ac0143  No.750076


please pray for my friend's mother who has a tumor on her back that can very well turn cancerous

0c6864  No.750151



Adding on to my previous post, it gets to the point where I can't function because I'm terrified of my intrusive thoughts leading to unforgivable sin like blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

936a38  No.750451


So, my church decided that we will pray every day for the next days until 31 of January…

Just… I have no idea what I will be praying for so please make requests :)

Of course make requests for long term stuff, I won't be checkign this topic every day, so I want to read requests that I can kepe praying all days if needed, without having to come back here check if I should change my prayer or not…

09c0b2  No.750453


What a good initiative brother, I think a good one would to pray for our brothers that are struggling with porn addiction much like myself, to give strength to overcome it.

And if its not too much of a hassle, I like to pray for me as well, as I've been having a hard time, with the break up of a loving relationship, no job, and anxiety creeping in with a spiral of bad feelings, plus the porn thing.

I'm praying daily as well, may god forgive and show us the proper path.

954cc7  No.750676

I came with this board expecting a subverted /pol/ and /x/ mentality and simply using our great religion as an excuse to push narratives and predispositions

>like r/Christianity does with leftism

I expected pretty much just cafeteria Catholics but coming from the other side of the political spectrum

After realizing the relativity of our world without our Father and the lies false prophets had indoctrinated me with to take as fact I was lost, spiritual This board is truly on a level of independence

Goodbye brothers and (hopefully lurking) sisters, I'm officially leaving this site and committing myself to living a good life, today I will pray for all of you to have the courage to fully embrace Gods grace

954cc7  No.750681


>Meant to also post this

This board is truly independent and has enriched my spiritual life, yes it has its (people with) issues, but you guys have really guided me and now I think I'm ready to take this life seriously

Goodbye brothers, we'll meet again

d02d92  No.750749

>>745804 incoming prayer for you. none are worthy "no, not one." as the Bible says, join the club, rejoice in so great salvation in Jesus. Amen.

9e46ee  No.751253


Hang in there friend. I struggle with this too. We are close to a breakthrough I’m sure

d35605  No.751362


How best can you atone? I lose emotional control and memory when I get upset and I try to find a way to be better. Sexual sins sounds criminal, perhaps you can confess at the local police station and serve your time and ask for forgivenes from your victims, if any?

6ef44a  No.751458


good one… I stopped with porn recently, and a girl I am trying to court was porn addict herself too, and she for her whole life have been rather saintly, so I guess even women are having the same problem unfortunately…

0c6864  No.751510

Home for winter break and alone most of my time. Being assailed by skeptic thoughts that make it difficult for me to function. Please pray for me.

3a63e7  No.751819

Please pray for my mother. She has always been somewhat paranoid, but lately she believes everyone, all her neighbors are listening on her and walking around our home when we are gone, even that her husband and children are in on a plot against her, betraying her; she is even worried someone will just murder her for no reason. We cannot convince her otherwise, and it is very painful; we all love her so much, but she thinks we are trying to hurt her. Please pray that she receives understanding, and knows that she is safe and that we love her very much.

9480f5  No.751910

I'm considering leaving the Catholic faith and abandoning Christianity (again). I can't get away from suicide, and I am finding none of this hope, or love, or joy that scripture speaks of. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm tired of being suicidal all the time. I'm haunted by my seemingly-endless memories of regrets. I don't know what I need to stay with the faith, or if I even want to. It's so hard anons. I am about to snap.

Thank you for praying.

41860a  No.751935

File: 23e1548a67f2ec7⋯.jpg (100.11 KB, 960x946, 480:473, ikr.jpg)


For starters stop hanging around with Catholics/ Heretics.

2: Keep your mind engaged in a hobby. Exercise, craft or ordering your 100 TB folders. Whether lust, despair or indolence, it is far easier to keep (in your case) literally deathly thoughts at bay if you focus on menial tasks.

Keep yourself busy towards His will.

3: Suck it up (big breath) and keep trudging on. This isn't a picnic mate. Hang in there.

9480f5  No.751977


God bless you.

15dd5f  No.752159


Trust in Jesus, anon. I will pray for you.

Please pray that the Lord will strengthen my discipline - I am still addicted to cigarettes and porn. I've stopped doing drugs, but I can't kick those habits.

9582a8  No.752232


Focus on the future, as you cant change the past. God has a plan for you. I will pray for you.

68f9ba  No.752264

File: a434456fd38227b⋯.png (6.67 KB, 231x218, 231:218, crying wojak.png)

Please pray for me. I'm nearing if not at the end of my rope and feel close to thinking that I should physically be in one as well. I have brought countless suffering to my brother and mother who have been trying their best to do what they can but I can't see any end other than chugging pills and praying that God forgives me. Please pray for me anons, I love you.

0c0252  No.752265


Bro, if you’re worried about hurting your family then suicide is definitely going drive the nail in the coffin, literally and metaphorically. I’m sure your folks care about you. Look throughout this thread, a lot of us are struggling with suicide. I know it’s hard, but we are going to be fine. I will pray for you.

243c45  No.752882


Anon, it's funny how it all works. I'm right there with you. I ran away from church during communion the last time I went. I'm in the same boat, with the same self harm, and the same defeat. Providence brings us together even when we don't see it. I beg you to pray your rosary, to cling tightly to Jesus and to the lives of the Saints, and to lift up your heart to the Lord. Do not worry, do not be anxious, do not give your mind to the things that bother you, no matter if they are in your face screaming at you. I will pray for you, but know you are loved, and your sufferings will not be in vain. Back on your feet, soldier of Christ, all will be made well. The torment of the demonic is sculpting you like you clay; in the same way my similar pain has brought me here to give you comfort, one day you may do the same for another. I love you, anon. I'll pray for you, and I want you to pray for yourself. God bless.

871ec3  No.753153

The Lord of host answer our prayer!

The misses and I lost a hearing aid battery, but after walking in the darkness, the jewel appeared to us. Praise the King!

f9fc59  No.753297

I cant stop crying. I remembered my church. From childhood. I Was almost trafficked by them. They hurt me over and over and over again. They tried to use sex, toys everything to get me to submit to them. I finally remembered what happened.

Pray for my friends souls for they were lost and trafficked because they accepted the baptism not knowing what it meant.

5bf00b  No.753400


Regarding that picture, the hardest life actually is the one in which the temptations are the most subtle, and the boredom and ignorance is the greatest.

Whenever you are confronted with great evil it is easy and natural to resist. It is that slow, subtle, and gradual decay that brings down men.

0c6864  No.753476

When I was in high school, I denied having a soul. I don't know why. Some foolish edgy meme or something. I was rebuked for it at some point, but I shrugged it off as a harmless joke.

Also when I was in high school, I first denied that I went to Church and then avoided stating my beliefs, saying some agnostic shit like "I'm open to ideas", both due to peer pressure from people I haven't even heard from since then.

It wasn't until a few years later that I confessed those sins to God but they've hit me hard now. in later years I've been open about my faith to those who asked, but I've avoided the topic when not specifically asked.

I feel awful and I'm terrified, and what's more I feel like I don't feel bad and scared enough.

fae628  No.753658


You already confessed to those sins. No need to keep contemplating them. You have a new slate in the bosom of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

28cbe9  No.753792

My little brother goes to a Christian High School, and someone on social media threatened to go shoot it up. Even though the police had it under control and nobody was hurt, please pray for all the kids today, and that that school will be protected by the angelic hosts.

3ebc90  No.753874

Pray for the american government shutdown to end soon

a6f221  No.754326

File: 75c8d3b31ccd1d0⋯.jpg (12.59 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (3).jpg)

Pray for the Gilets Jaunes and hope their bank run brings the EUSSR to it's knees.

341da5  No.754469


>run on the bank

>all of bankers' liabilities have been delegated to the public the past 60 years

10 years ago a mass banking disaster caused the dominant banks to devour the smaller ones, creating an oligopoly of a few handshaking companies and their captive customers. The recovery was tax-funded and the executives paid themselves each a massive bonus.

e44150  No.754797


Praying for you tonight, friend.

Please pray for my ex-girlfriend, I left her 5 months ago to go back to Church and she's becoming suicidal and taking harmful drugs. I cannot even talk to her because she would think there is hope for us to be together again. I feel incredibly guilty for what she's going through.

09c0b2  No.754876

I need help again anons, pray that I get more strength, brought another pack of cigarettes and start peeking at porn again.

My motivation is wavering, even though I want so much to stay on the line.

bdcbd9  No.754947


Im praying for you right now.

Throw the smokes and trying going the whole weekend with out them.

Thats how I quit, by monday I realized it was all mindgames. Just eat something every time you feel a craving.

26380d  No.755091

File: 694dac83728ddc2⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1475x959, 1475:959, pitchford_hates_the_bible.png)

Please pray that the evidence of the crimes which Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software is accused of shows up and it is solid, indisputable evidence so he can be thrown in jail and justice would be served.

More embezzlement accusations and now pedophilia. More reasons why Christians shouldn't play Borderlands.


448927  No.755169


Even though I’m an orthodox catechumen, I would say you should try to think this out more. I guarantee, and I say this in love, that 90% of people here saying “begome ordodogz” haven’t even started their catechumate. Even at my ethnically diverse GOARCH parish (mostly because it’s the only orthodox parish in the downtown area), the Greek culture stil pervades, and you have to understand that while the ethnic club meme is a little overblown, you’re still expected to take on Slavic or Greek or Middle eastern or whatever culture as your own.

All of this is to say, much like what I said in my Western Orthodox thread sorry if that comes off as self promotion, It would be better for you to try to fix the Catholic Church and get back to the early church in your western lense then abandon it for an experience you might not enjoy and will ditch after a few months.

0f747f  No.755236

I am going to stop using drugs. These substances only corrupt me and push me further away from God. I now admit to myself and to my Lord that I am an addict who is in sin and I repent. I will no longer attempt to serve two masters but freeing myself from the grip that drugs have gotten on me is difficult. However I am confident that the Lord protects me and will lend me strength to overcome, I will pray for you all to be guided away from sinful indulgences as well.

bc20d0  No.755350

I could write a long thing, but I will simply ask you to pray that I overcome my despondency and inability to say the rosary or pray from my heart. I don’t want to lose faith in anyone.

553f03  No.755470

Kind folks, I appreciate some prayer. My wife is godless, practically laughs at the idea of God.

I know Im supposed to be a leader, but everyone around is an atheist, I dont know if I can fight the environment we're in. It's all telling her that Christianity is quackery.

Sometimes I see where this all ends… with me giving up, taking the blackpill, and jumping off a lovely tall cliff.

All in all I can't complain. Unlikr Job, this all comes to me by my own folly. I just hope the Lord has mercy on his idiot child.

7ce83a  No.755588


Let her watch with you "The Case For Christ". Strobel was an atheist who became a Christian after attempting to debunk Christianity, and he acted the same way your wife is acting. It's based on a true story.

f5ee04  No.755733


bbcf00  No.755786

I struggle with addiction to pornography. Also, most of my family isn’t Christian and I have a hard time talking about my faith in Christ to them. Please pray for me the unworthy servant of God Ilya.

bea50c  No.755993

pray for my struggle. This past week or so has probably been the most challenging - mentally - aside from the months at USMC training. I do not know what started it, but I feel different now. I surrender to God, pray for that to continue.

f08ded  No.756315

Pray for me that the Lord will give me wisdom and confidence during the exams that I have this week

26380d  No.756508


More reason to pray for justice and for Randy to be thrown in jail.


>On Monday, Ars obtained the formal October 27, 2018 filing made by former Gearbox general counsel Wade Callender. Its existence suggests that Gearbox's November lawsuit could be retaliation for his claim with the Texas Workforce Commission's Civil Rights Division. It alleges that Gearbox (and CEO Randy Pitchford in particular) engaged in "harassment, discipline, inequitable terms and conditions, and discharge" due to an employee being Christian.

Vidya and tech industry harassing Christians? Why am I not surprised?

0c6864  No.756541


I'm not surprised about Christians being harassed, but could you elaborate on those specific industries?

26380d  No.756849


From what I know, tech and video game industries tend to be very hardcore left wing and it's filled with SJWs and other horrible people. The stereotypical SJWs that always say "f**k white people, there is no god, I hate Christianity, you should respect Muslims and Islam cause it's their culture you islamaphobe. I like the new pope cause he supports gay rights." etc.

Not to mention the propaganda they push is hardcore left wing and big tech companies like Google and Facebook tend to censor any right wing or Christian views. I got to find sources later when I'm not half asleep.

122780  No.757549

One of the few times where my prayer request isn't for me but for an acquaintance. He fell for the "Friends with benefits" meme and is dealing with the consequences. He is seeing a therapist and has been considering suicide. Please pray for him and his mental well being.

740558  No.757715


What happened?

0c6864  No.757973

I'm scared of being sinful. Everything I do, I worry about slipping up and sinning. It's interfering with my faith and with me being able to function. I'm scared of false teachings when I read about my faith, I'm scared of misconstruing or twisting scripture if I try to talk about my faith. I know it might sound ridiculous, but I got a 666 get on this board earlier and I was even scared I sinned then.

9b0d5e  No.757981

Facing many troubles; I've requested prayer for them in this thread before. Nothing gets done because those who are close to me are either too afraid and lazy to do anything or too obsessed with their image in the eyes of the world to consider helping. Pray that the Lord will open doors to help us escape them, and those of us who are too weak and frightened the strength to move into action.

122780  No.758206


Basically he was in a friends with benefits with a relationship with a girl for about a year, he eventually came to realize that he actually had feelings for her but as the situation turned out she ended up tossing him to the side and getting a boyfriend. You can expect the feelings he is dealing with.

22915e  No.758392

I'm falling back into pornography and masturbation, pray for me

9480f5  No.758540

Please pray for my grandfather. He’s a man of the faith and he’s getting very old and he’s in a lot of pain. He can’t run the farm in his condition. His legs are failing. Thanks for praying.

06d47b  No.758655

I have no friends and worst of all God wont be my friend even thougfh I sought him. I go nowhere in life.

Suicide is justified.

740558  No.758819


Iktf except the suicide part.

0c6864  No.758972


> worst of all God wont be my friend even thougfh I sought him.

Pretty sure that contradicts Christianity, so it isn't true. I don't really know how to talk someone away from suicide, sorry ifthat isn't helpful, but it isn't justified.

740558  No.759181


Then why is that the reality

0a760c  No.759681

I’ve screwed my life up so much. I lost every friend I ever had. I messed up my future. My family is gone. I’m stealing beer to get drunk. I’m constantly high. Nothing I say matters. Please help me. I don’t want to hang on anymore. I live in full despair. The depression never ends. No matter what I do, nothing changes. I can’t get confirmed into the Church because of my extreme anxiety. I’m so tired of walking the line, anons. I can feel and imagine all the right things but I continue to winnie the pooh everything up. I can’t quit masturbating. I don’t pray anymore. I could write page after page. What the winnie the pooh do I do? Please help me. SOS. I can’t take it anymore. I know it’s rambling but there is no clarity anymore. I can’t think straight anymore. Forgive me.

a1a651  No.759938

Please pray for me. I've recently had a re-awakening of my faith and I'm afraid of how far I have fallen. My biggest hurdle will be with lust. Whether it's porn/masterbation, or pre-marital sex.

I am also afraid I will lose my girlfriend, as she sees my sudden interest in celibacy as evidence I no longer find her attractive. She is not religious, but does not hate religion either as she has gone to church (protestant) before. I hope I can convert her, and help her see the value and meaning God can bring to her life. I just hope that's what God wants and not just my wishful thinking.

e8746e  No.760145

Please pray for my health and that the Lord will give me the strength to lead a better life.

e22abe  No.760786

File: ee929606b09f5ad⋯.jpg (51.53 KB, 307x309, 307:309, fichero_15748_20080709.jpg)


I wanted to give you some hope that God has healed me from many years of bondage to porn and masturbation. I know how addicting those habits are, but extreme times call for extreme measures. You need to throw everything, and I do mean everything, you've got at the wall. After a certain period of time, I can promise you will stop having this craving. There are some resources over at https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/quitting-porn/ I used this site back then when I was trying to quit porn and I have to say it helped a lot. Combined with diligent Bible reading, praying, and repenting, it took a long time and took extreme measures but by the Grace of God He fully delivered me from this addiction. I am imploring with you that you really have no excuse, you know the story of a man in a jail cell, but the bars turned out to be malleable and he was able to walk out easily? That's you, you can easily quit porn, all you have to do is believe in God that He will deliver you. Counterintuitively, this will help you in your quitting porn journey since you won't be under such pressure to focus on timeframe but instead take it easy. I hope this helps brother, you need to also understand that the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. Read your Bible like your life depends on it, because it does. Stop giving the enemy footholds in your life, Jesus said "Sin no more." Listen to what Jesus said, after He healed them, He commanded them to sin no more, so in order to heal yourself, you need to stop sin in your life. Sin is what cuts off access to God, sin is what got Adam kicked out of the Garden and doomed mankind. Global warming/climate change isn't killing the planet, sin is the real global pollution. Sin is serious business and you need to stop it. Time is running out brother, so the time to stop is NOW. Not tomorrow, not in the next hour, but RIGHT NOW.

f7558b  No.761375

my aunt has stage 4 cancer and my mom is struggling, please pray for both

thank you anons

5902e9  No.761440

File: ae6349c4f568a7d⋯.jpg (385.87 KB, 1600x1065, 320:213, webStaci-1011.jpg)

Please pray for me and my family /christian/…. We are going through it!

740558  No.761456

Lmao, everything seems to get in my way and bug me. My urges to run into the wilderness are getting stronger but there's no wilderness. Please pray for me, I can't even ask God for help as these all feels like a punishment.

09c0b2  No.761523

Ok, guys I need to do a confession, and at the same time ask for prayers and advice.

I've not been so close with my brother in recent years, he is a bit of a depressed druggie, married and bad possessive woman, I think solely to join him in his addiction and crazy tendencies, and ultimately misery. I know He serious psychological problems that came very early from the time our parents divorced, I was younger and still carry these problems but to a lesser extent.

This week came the news that they are going to have a baby, that she managed to get pregnant, this was received to me with skepticism, of course, because given how they nearly fell apart so many times, and how the lead their degenerates lives, I can't help but think how bad of a life this kid can have.

Today we got news that he was freaking out, and once again my impotent father had no courage to do anything at all. You can tell the resentment I feel for this family, indeed I somehow I want get as far from this people as I possibly could, however I know this is no very christian of me, and instead I need to be understanding and forgiving of them, which indeed I also try to do.

But I can't help but hope this kid never gets to see the light of day, and be punished to relive the destiny of broken family that we were forced to live. I don't really want either of them, I could the depression and mental issues in my brother from miles away, and it amazes me that no one else suspected it.

At the same time I can see my farther being wimpy powerless man, I suspect he may be also developing dementia, slowly losing his mind and soul. But I don't help him either, I hope that he may a quick passage to the afterlife. And most of I fear to have also been a victim of these mental afflictions, well at least those that I'm still unaware of. At the very least I'm positive to have ADHD and tendency towards autism spectrum in my early life.

0c6864  No.761767

I'm returning to college tomorrow; I had a winter break filled with introspection where I feel like I've gotten closer to following God, yet also feel unworthier than ever. Bouts of anxiety conflicting with my faith.

I'm returning to the public that is so prevalent with modernism, secularism, and the like. The only Churches nearby are all protestant and I'm not sure about any of them.

My recent time off has been invaluable for my faith, but it was not easy. Asking for prayers that this struggle does not take a turn for the worse when coping with the university setting. It can be so hostile to Christians, especially those that are not lukewarm, so I ask for prayers that I do not conform to the ways of the world and become lukewarm again myself.

9b7915  No.762230


I consider myself a violent Orthodox Machiavellian-type Christian. That said, I would shoulder-check you and beat you bloody in the halls or anywhere on campus if I found you. Your newfound conviction in God could be tested by my unique school of kicking the shit out of scum like yourself. Better watch yourself.

293f54  No.762239


I consider myself a Christian ronin, I have trained over 1000 hours in the blade and 10,000 hours on the Bible; I shall not find my master until the end of the age. You shall test my monk-forged katana before you lay a hand on an innocent christian virgin!

22915e  No.762605

I stopped going to church, and I'm filled with dread, confusion, and anxiety. All I can see is hell all around me, I want to curl up in a fetal position and cry. I'm too weak to face up to reality, and I want to save others but I can't even save myself. Pray that Jesus Christ will have mercy on me, on my family.

5cdad8  No.762772

that God would wipe out the Jewish race and religion from the earth.

168371  No.762810

Please pray for my unborn nephew/niece. He/she was concieved out of wedlock and chances are that it won't grow up in a stable family environment.

5cdad8  No.763040


Yeah my bad.

06d47b  No.763547



The hair distance between me and doing it gets shorter daily. Pray if I give up 100%, God will take me into his loving arms.

5d3204  No.763675

Please pray for me, my fiance. Then pray for the conversion of my entire family. Then pray for my coworker who I am slowly convincing to become trad. Her husband is loosely Lutheran and her family is Catholic, so his conversion is also worth a prayer. Thank you all for your prayers.

168371  No.763819


Don't do it, anon.

9480f5  No.764710

Just a small prayer for tonight. Thanks.

8255d9  No.764740

Pray for the single lads out there. Ask that they'll be able to undergo yet another night on loneliness, gracefully. Amen.

5f7a22  No.765038

File: cbf90553c0450da⋯.jpg (73.49 KB, 789x460, 789:460, andrew-cuomo-1.jpg)

Siblings in Christ,

Please pray to God that He may humble the Governor of New York for his transgressions agianst God's creation. Please pray for the devout christians, so that their faith may be strong to resist this legalized wickedness and fight back agianst it or flee from the wretched land like Lot fleeing Sodom.

6a1f4b  No.765680

The companion of my aunt passed away this night due to cancers. One of the best people I've known. Thank you.

f5df5a  No.765834


I will pray for you to find someone, I've added it to my personal list.

5f08d0  No.766509


I was masturbating and fingering my anal cavity. I am not a homosexual, but please forgive me god.

d0523e  No.766515


>im not a sodomite

Prove it, repent, and never do that disgusting act ever again. We just might believe you if you do.

a672e4  No.766638

I sinned too much. I’m dead inside. I commit to Christ, then I get mad and I scream at him. I’ve posted blasphemy request before and nothing is changing. I’ve left my church, I quit RCIA. I just want to love Jesus. I can’t do this. I’m living on prayers. Please, please help me. I’m dead inside.

04e9cf  No.766646


Go back to Church anon. Satan and his minions are playing tricks on you.

122780  No.766647

Pray for my family, loss of loved ones and tough times possibly ahead. Thank you in advance.

a672e4  No.766658


I can’t, not to the one I was going to. I visibly freaked out too much. I need a new parish. All the more stress.

04e9cf  No.766661


Thats it? You are worried that people might think low of you because you spilled spaghetti on the floor? God and christians have forgiven far worse.

St. Paul was a pharasiee that hunted and killed christians

St. Moses the black was what we call in modern terms a ñigger (low life thug that murdered and robbed people) and he repented and God and the monks forgave him.

St. Mary of Egypt was the thotiest thot that ever thoted in egypt (she would try to seduce holy men to break their vows of celebacy) and God forgave her.

Shit, im no saint, I dabbled in the occult and fornicated with whores before I repented and came to Christ for forgiveness.

So don't think for one second your -tism makes you unforgivable. Thats a lie satan put in your head. Just go back to Church and they will forgive you and forget about the spaghetti.

It'll be alright anon.

a672e4  No.766662


I’ve done FAR, FAR more than just spill my spaghetti. I’ve winnie the poohed up my entire life. Every single bit of it. I’m in full despair. The Church is just icing on the cake. Believe me, I’m not making excuses, I posted here because I still want to love Christ, but my problems are FAR reaching.

1d30c9  No.766734


You absolutely are making excuses. Go to a priest. Faith, Hope and Love is all you need to escape this pit of despair. Submit to Christ.

1d30c9  No.766735

File: a15552b5e3b5ef5⋯.png (657.43 KB, 807x467, 807:467, screen-shot-2016-06-09-at-….png)


>but my problems are Far reaching

Do you not believe there is NOTHING beyond God's reach? O ye of little faith. Listen to me when I tell you God knows you more than you could ever know yourself, he knows all of your weaknesses. Your pity party will not impress him, pic related is you explaining to Christ why you won't go to mass. Reflect on this for a minute then schedule a confession. I will have you in my prayers, only through Christ can you overcome this despair.

a672e4  No.766736


Then please pray I can make it back to a confessional, and that I can truly repent, please anon

1d30c9  No.766737


I will pray a rosary for you tonight. Trust in Jesus my brother. Reflect on your sins. Have Faith, you will be delivered from evil. It is not a matter of 'can you' it is a matter of 'will you'. God wills it. So obey.

df8dcb  No.766738

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>im in full despair.

Than stop it. Despair is the daughter of sloth (a capital vice). It is a lie you tell yourself so you can not grow your spiritual life. You and your sins aren't special. Moving to a different parish won't solve anything because eventually the new preist will ask you why you left the old one in confession. You can't lie to him or else your confession is invalid. Thus putting you in the same "crisis" you are in now.

So get over yourself, get off your butt, get back into the swing of things at your catholic church and sin no more.

a672e4  No.766739



“Thank you” doesn’t carry the weight I wish to post with, but it’s the best I can manage. I’m struggling with commitment, I don’t want to waste your good words, please beg our Father and Mary and the Saints for true change, I can’t take it anymore

35c308  No.766771

File: 769d150535d908f⋯.jpg (84.77 KB, 500x630, 50:63, JosephTerrorWeb.jpg)


I know you are struggling, but we are here for you because we love you, anon. I know you will pull through but i'll pray for you anyway.

Ask St. Joseph to watch over you and to pray for you, anon.

dc900d  No.767192

I have been struggling with addiction to porn and masturbation. I keep praying and trying, but still end up succumbing to temptation. Any prayer is appreciated; I don't want to continue sinning against God.

918535  No.767388

i have just started my path re-commitment to christ. If any anons want to pray for me on my journey and for the forgiveness of my dark past id be appreciative.

53241b  No.767557


praying for you anon. You doing a rosary every day?


praying for you anon. Keep going.

Pray that we might all be one, as Christ and the Father are one. That we might all be reunited as fellow Christians.

Also, pray for the Roman Church in particular, that it may be purged, and that the faithful protected from the fallout.

Finally, pray for me, that I might join the branch of the Church God has called me to, and that I might have the gift of discernment both in ecclesiology and vocation, as well as the grace to stop sinning, particularly in matters of purity.

ad0fee  No.767593


>praying for you anon. You doing a rosary every day?

No. I'm not Catholic. Thank you for your prayers. I'm praying that God will lead you throughout your work and that He may restore the fellowship amongst all Christians.


May God bless you and give you the strength to face temptation and overcome it and sin no more.

7808e4  No.769046


>Do you go to Church? If not, you should start.

No I just lurk here every Sunday while listening to Gregorian chants and reading my Bible.

bea50c  No.769156

File: 164ff32be2f260a⋯.jpg (196.68 KB, 1035x800, 207:160, 1548022598823.jpg)

pray that I stop making excuses to not go to the bible study at my church. I need to, but its like I cant stop wallowing in self pity, like Im addicted to depression or "feels" or whatever you want to call it, so I intentionally do stuff to keep me separated from others and justify it to myself. Im nearly 20, so its not like Ive gone down some irredeemable path, but I don't want to live like this.



Ill have you in my prayers dudes

b35790  No.769388

Starting from today, I'll be fasting from 6AM to 6PM in the hopes that this, in combination with daily Eucharist, will heal me from the psychosis I've been suffering from. Please pray for my recovery from psychosis.

a7205c  No.769485

I ask for prayers in a period where I'm facing uncertainty and isolation. I afraid I'm about to be kicked out of the house and I may not be prepared fiscally for that, nor do I really have any friend or relative to share a house/apartment with.

dee3eb  No.769959

Been undergoing a powerful emotional crisis. It's not the first I've had but it may be the most extreme. Filled with anxiety and dread. Drinking more alcohol than I should. Please pray for me.

bea50c  No.769971


howd the start of your fasting go anon?



will do anons, God be with you.

223f89  No.770002

My girlfriend will have surgery tomorrow, please pray for her

de3a0f  No.770663

I'm just going to ask you guys to pray for me, I'm incredibly desperate and I really need some help. Doesn't matter in what form, I can't deal with my problems myself so I turn to God for help. Please pray for me.

fb33a1  No.770721

File: fb4dac467fff39f⋯.jpg (30.61 KB, 550x550, 1:1, flat,550x550,075,f.u1.jpg)

Pray for me brothers. I'm trying to put my womanizing past behind me but my boss just hired an absolute qt3.14^10 and she's a blonde I'm a sucker for blondes. Please pray to God and ask him to shield my mind from lustful thoughts so I don't ruin my work place relationships and possibly get #metoo'd

ec0c21  No.771053

File: 2c1fbbd8afe40e9⋯.jpg (478.39 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 2c1fbbd8afe40e9e465891fadf….jpg)

I realize that this is seemingly pointless throwing my request out into the void that is this dead chan board but I've felt something talking with the people on this site and I'm in a dark place.

I mostly frequent >>/tech/,>>/cyber/, and >>/monster/ mostly. As of late I've been browsing /pol/ (which yeah probably not the best thing when you are in a dark place) and /v/ more as of late.

I'm almost 31(I'm a dude) and I feel so lost. I've tried retail, I've tried tech, I don't know where to turn to get out of this hole I'm in. I've felt like I've been growing more and more distant from God and I just want to feel his embrace again and know he's with me.

Again alot is on my end I have no shame admitting I've made mistakes, but quite a few times its been out of my control. I ask for prayer that I will see God in my day to day. I ask prayer that I might leave the beaten trail and go back to God.

I ask far too boldly and with abandoned care for a miracle.

(pic unrelated it just seemed pretty)

bea50c  No.771153


Ill pray for you dude

yeah, you would be helping yourself by avoiding /pol/. its hard, but getting into hopelessly unchangeable politics is just a mistake, especially since it leads to anger, which is distancing from God. Kinda meme advice, but Id start lifting too if you arent already.


Read psalms 119, then move from there. God be with you

ec0c21  No.771182


I kinda use it to keep up with the news since /n/ has become just like fkn /conspiracy/ tier. Admittedly I do have family with anger issues and probably should deal with that separately also its not meme advice its the truth, I need to exercise and lift not only because its healthy but it makes you happier

1797e2  No.771250

File: 481564f0b5e9ad3⋯.jpg (20.6 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 43064230_249986579024098_3….jpg)


Repent and come home to be one with Jesus Christ your Lord and God. Drop all your occult buffoonery behind you and learn to love as He loves you. Come home to His family in Rome. Begome

badb29  No.771371



>51 Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed

I once said that same prayer. Yesterday, my Mom was looking at family photos, and I saw myself as a baby, a toddler, and a 10 year old. I was beautiful. I have no idea why God took that beauty from me.

I no longer pray for this - I just have faith that God will make me that beautiful again.

f2fa8e  No.771444

File: 63bc85a09a42314⋯.png (496.29 KB, 728x450, 364:225, brigitte-bardot-then-now.png)


Sigh. It didn't work.

Oh well it was worth a shot. No point having it up since it contains personal info so I'm gonna be deleting it.


OK will do.


True. Aging sucks (pic related).

e99faf  No.771445

File: c3fff54feab3863⋯.jpg (17.61 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 96e2aeeaa72697e2d87ad66fcd….jpg)


Don't blame God for your sins. You have control over your body. You did this to yourself. God permitted this so you could hopefully self-reflect and see the errors of your ways before it was too late. Wallowing in despair and blaming God won't change anything, REPENTING twords God will.

bc3c68  No.771460


Oh, right - aging is caused by Original sin. How daft of me.

Thanks for the reminder.

0db6e9  No.771485

Please pray for me anons. I have fallen so low and everything around me is dark.

Please remember me in your prayers.

f3690b  No.772116

Please keep me in your prayers that the Lord gives me words to say to help guide my family to Him. To help be a better witness. Thank you all.

cd6977  No.772366

File: 751b10edc40919b⋯.jpeg (158.79 KB, 1024x642, 512:321, ACB798DF-C081-4853-9C8B-5….jpeg)

How do I pray?

30b62a  No.772371


'God, be merciful to me a sinner,

Let it be your will…


Make sure to learn the Apostle's creed, and give thanks when you eat.

eb5104  No.772561

I need prayers to help me overcome slothfulness, vengefulness and bitterness toward my father.

Thanks and God bless in advance.

22915e  No.772874

I just gave into porn again, pray for me please

43c138  No.773218


Will do, remember that what you are looking for is an outlet for something, either you feel bored, you feel horny, you want pleasures. You need to keep searching for your passion and find something as distracting as porn. The horniness is temptation and resisting it is important if you can. Try to ease yourself with cold showers or if absolutely necessary masturbate with your dream woman in mind, if you invented her it cannot be adultery in the eyes of the Lord.

Anyway I pray for your strength brother and we all make mistakes, remember Jesus Christ will forgive on behalf of God so don't take it too hard just walk in the light and think of how you can find other better things for yourself.

3dc51e  No.773554

Brothers, pray for me, lately, I've been getting more frustrated from college, I'm getting angrier and angrier from it. I have headaches and I worry too much about my grades because I don't want to lose my financial aid. My anger started from economics, and then it has gone downhill from there. I'm taking courses for CIT, and my IT classes are the only ones I like, its just the other courses I hate. Please pray for me, because I don't know what to do now.

f5a919  No.773898

Please pray that I may be relieved of loneliness, or at the very least grow capable of bearing it.

880940  No.773909

Long blog post time so sorry in advance.

Born to abusive parents, grew up with moderate physical deformities and have an STD from before I even kissed a girl which I got when my drunk and drug addicted father allegedly raped me as a baby. Dad died and left me little. Mother is dying of cancer and attempted suicide, currently under assisted living. I live with my Grandma when I’m not going in university. Been really struggling these last couple months. I’m hardly hanging on in school, and I’m having suicidal thoughts. Please pray that I can get back on my feet and find happiness.

Tl;dr: considering suicide.

9cf10c  No.774030

You are all in my prayers, Anons.

c839da  No.774276

I get my medical test results tomorrow. Please pray for my health fellow anons. I am so very afraid.

776265  No.774387

A friend of mine got fired, pray for him

b37860  No.774466

I'd like to thank all of you for teaching me what you know, but I need to get on with life and concentrate on my studies and this board is now an impediment, so I've decided to quit 8chan for the foreseeable future.

There are other things I'm quitting or have been quitting;

>video-games (I uninstalled everything not work related)

>drinking (I have reduced)

>the sin of self-abuse (now more infrequent than ever, at least it's under control)

>watching the news (politics is Satan's first-born)

>gluttony (this one is tough, but it makes my sleep bad, plus even though I'm 6 feet, 188 pounds is too much for someone who never works out)

Lastly, I am doing all this to defeat sloth, which is the real neck of the chimera I face. I have a website blocker installed, and so I will be turning it on for this site immediately for fear that your prayers and consolations will be pride for me. I just wanted to say goodbye and thank you.

Pax Christi Vobiscum

32f858  No.774563

Please pray for me, I have severe anxiety and have been having really awful panic attacks lately that have me trembling.

Does anyone here have experience with panic attacks?

51e4d9  No.774945

I've been tempted by lust a lot recently. I was doing really well with avoiding porn and masturbation for almost 5 months, fapped once, then went a day without, then fapped to porn a couple days ago. Today I've been feeling a lot of temptation. I don't want to give in, I want to love Jesus more and lean on him more when I need strength. It isn't fair to my amazing, beautiful girlfriend to act on this lust. I just need the strength to say no to it.

da0f04  No.775308

Please pray for my father. He’s been unusually sick for the past couple of days, and our family hopes that it’s not his cancer recurring.

82d8cb  No.775356

I think the people in my catholic youth group are all retarded. They cannot grasp the basic spirituality and how correct Jesus was.

They all act like leftist dumbwinnie the poohs.

Please pray for them. I cannot carry them on my shoulders. I'm tired. This world sickens me.

They won't stop paying attention to people who pretend to be "suffering" and feeling like "snowflakes". Yet people who really suffer their stupidity (like me) are constantly ignored.

b551a3  No.775666

I'm surrounded by evil and ungodly influences. Please pray to give me the strength to overcome evil influences coming from my friends, school, etc and focus solely on God. Thanks.

a8ffb2  No.775676

File: 7fc17a991b7b8a4⋯.jpg (523.46 KB, 899x1200, 899:1200, 1541155818390.jpg)

Please pray for me. I've been struggling with masturbation and just lust in general. Went several months without having sex with my fiance, but ended up lapsing. Need to go to confession. I haven't received the eucharist in a while because I feel like I'm not in the proper state of grace.

I feel like God is testing me somewhat. I'm in GIFT classes to get married in the church and it's very difficult to attend because of my work schedule. I work in the medical industry and had a doctor schedule a surgery very last minute for Thursday morning when I have GIFT on wednesday night. I'm driving to Miami tomorrow morning, dropping stuff off for the surgery, driving home in the same day. (8 hour drive round trip) and then driving back down after GIFT on wednesday. Please pray for my own spiritual strength and safe passage through the drive. Thanks brothers.

a758d8  No.775677

File: 5d01a4a788c5680⋯.jpg (24.14 KB, 526x402, 263:201, CybuEaUVIAAF_HV.jpg)

Pray that I get over my hatred and racism.

I'm making a stand today that I get these vile feelings out of my heart, and I hope that the Lord my God can lead me on the path to love my fellow man again like the time before my heart was filled with hate.

da77ee  No.775711

File: 3f1df519a8bdd6f⋯.jpg (64.72 KB, 500x394, 250:197, IMG_6264.JPG)

I sometimes get bad memories that would pop up like it is brand new and it sometimes affect my bodily functions and sometimes makes me want to literally kill them even if I don’t know where they live currently or if they have been out of my life for years so pray for me to be of my bad memories I am going to need every bit of it like Goku needed others’ energy for his spirit bomb

da77ee  No.775713



64c882  No.775776

File: f1d5cea05213c3b⋯.jpg (65.73 KB, 467x700, 467:700, download (3).jpg)

My brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray for the degenerates that visit the board showcased in the 69rd attention hungry games. May the Lord humble their souls.

3ec3ed  No.775912

Please pray for the Methodists, no matter which way their decision goes during their conference today.

67412b  No.776084

Please pray for me. I am afraid people are going to try to hurt me.

38655b  No.776641

Please pray for me anons.

I've been trying to become a Christian but I keep wandering off the path. I rarely read the Bible, and when I do, I hardly absorb any of it. Yet I spend hours a day reading about the occult and even practicing basic forms of magic. I know I shouldn't be doing it, yet I feel compelled by curiosity and a desire for a quick fix to my problems. My mind can't focus on anything else.

Any prayers or advice is appreciated.

64c882  No.776649

File: 21fc61951626332⋯.jpg (207.49 KB, 941x1245, 941:1245, Bl.-Bartolo-Longo.jpg)

File: e91cb3026535b7e⋯.jpg (417.86 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, 1f4b909e80d4958424bdbc4675….jpg)


>any advice to help me stay away from the occult?

pray the rosary my friend. It will save you and crushe the occult lies that plagues your mind. Not only did it save a wretch like Me from falling further down the rabbit hole of the occult, it also saved pic related

>pic related

Blessed Bartolo Longo. He was born in the Roman Catholic Church but in his youth (around College age) he fell out of it and fell into the occult, joined a literal Satanist Clut and unironically became an ordained priest in said cult.

Eventually all his occultism caught up with him and he fell into despair. He seeks help from a Catholic monk and they both prayed the rosary together. After praying just one time he felt a bajillion times better and was pulled out of the occult rabbit hole. He went on to serve God and spread the good news of /ourLady/'s rosary and built a cathedral to honor Mary which has helped millions of people to this day.

The various Mysteries of the Rosary contains the New Testament in it. It's a very powerful spiritual weapon, friend. Pray the rosary daily ,with a sincere heart, and the lies of satan will fall deaf upon you. In fact, on my shift tonight I'm going to pray the rosary for you as well. The best part? You don't need a physical rosary like in 2nd pic related. God gave you 10 fingers for situations exactly like this.

You can do it friend! I believe in you

f2d6d1  No.776662


<practicing magic without reading the bible

read agrippa tigger, you gunna get cursed

you probably arent even practicing real magic, its all larpy wiccan bullshit unless you really dig deep, and trust me you dont wanna dig as deep as I have. you probably dont have the means to anyways.

38655b  No.776671


I've read the Kyballion, I draw my own sigils for stuff like cleaning my room and doing homework, and I dabbled in kek magic during the 2016 election. Never done Goetia because I know better. How winnie the poohed am I?

f2d6d1  No.776674

File: d504d0286017191⋯.png (6.67 KB, 268x188, 67:47, yikes.png)


>sigils for cleaning your room

15ac52  No.776681



Maybe consider a(n online) bible study.

db86c6  No.776748


Throw out or burn all the occult items in your house. It gives demons legal grounds to invade your home and person. Don't even keep them around as reminders, it is not worth possible relapse.

Also, do what this anon says >>776649

The rosary is an amazing tool that has helped me center my life around Christ.

Best of luck, pilgrim. I'll pray for you.

cd6977  No.777191

File: d499d4a497186d5⋯.jpeg (110.36 KB, 750x729, 250:243, 7EEB7B38-4521-4385-96F3-4….jpeg)

I don’t understand what prayer is.

f2d6d1  No.777208


sending thought-data to the supreme programmer. coloring the universe, of which you are a small part of, with your own thoughts. basically psychic coding.

138d0b  No.777692

Please pray for me, brothers and sisters.

I feel like I'm running out of strength. Ive been spinning my wheels for 4 years. Made some mistakes trusting people I shouldn't have trusted. Made some mistakes not believing in myself. Trying to get on my path.

Thanks lads, and I'll pray for all of you too.

f2d6d1  No.777701

File: 68ed5d2218b8429⋯.jpg (48.79 KB, 570x660, 19:22, ChapletArchangel.jpg)

File: 974c47842efb618⋯.jpg (446.25 KB, 1036x1549, 1036:1549, Battle_Of_Nations_Memorial….jpg)


in a similar situation friend

I recommend the chaplet of Michael, it has kept me strong these last few years, in times when I should be crushed and broken I am more chipper than ever.

trust in yourself and God before trusting others, and do not be dismayed at their betrayal. feel pity for them that they have chosen to align with Satan.

Also easy to make at home with knots and a simple cross or pendant, so that you arent economically supporting the pedophile church.

293f54  No.777879


>pedophile church

Why do you insult your own mother? Or think that St. Michael would regard anyone insulting his charges?

bc32e0  No.778032


>my mother

My mother is the Holy Catholic Church , the Cosmic Church of Christ which supersedes all institutions. Michael shall strike down all pedophiles and satanists that have corrupted her with unbridled fury. Until that day comes I will not sully the name of the true church of God by referring to that corrupt , rotting hulk of a satanic synagogue as "Catholic". And I will not economically support the pigeon holing of creep priests and the grooming of young children.

293f54  No.778039


>I will not sully the name of the true church of God by referring to that corrupt , rotting hulk of a satanic synagogue as "Catholic"

extraordinarily vague, if you bemoan the Seat of St. Peter, you are reviling the True Church. so, which is it?

bc32e0  No.778056

File: 8b7b3ca1dc5a952⋯.jpeg (32.09 KB, 480x319, 480:319, imrs.jpeg)


The seat of St. Peter has been so corrupted and defiled it is not worthy of his name anymore. And Francis is not the first to defile that ancient and sacred throne. Your appeals to authority mean nothing to me as Christ is the only authority which is worthy of respect anymore in this satanic age.

293f54  No.778058


>The seat of St. Peter has been so corrupted and defiled it is not worthy of his name anymore.

Complete and total heresy, you call Christ a liar by accusing Him of building a Church that would fall.

>Your appeals to authority mean nothing to me as Christ is the only authority which is worthy of respect anymore in this satanic age.

You've already trampled on His Authority.

bc32e0  No.778062


The church WILL fall and it is not because of Christ being a liar.get is because of the failings of man. Was God a liar when he formed the covenenant with the tribes of Israel ? They fell from grace far worse than the church. Was he a liar when he made the earth and proclaimed it good , and then washed it away with the flood for it had become corrupt through mankind? Was God a liar when he made Solomon a king and then that king betrayed him by building idols to Moloch? Was Christ a liar when he accepted Judas Iscariot as an apostle ? Your reasoning is insane. I know its hard to accept just how corrupt the church has become. Perhaps using the term pedophile church is a bit too harsh. But to stick your head in the sand and pretend that nothing is wrong , that the Pope is still infallible when he clearly is a traitorous idiot, bowing down and inviting saracens and tigger voodoo filth to swarm europe , Im not sure what to say. Believe what you wish to believe .

293f54  No.778067


>The church WILL fall

No, Christ said it wouldn't. Should I believe you or Jesus Christ?

3532c1  No.778113

File: 1032139108c167c⋯.png (24.69 KB, 480x192, 5:2, RMPTR-PNG.png)


Definitely Jesus. For even Jesus knew Peter was a sinner but he still chose him to lead His church. Holy Mary still came down from heaven to give us the rosary to fight off heretics prots are no better than albegensians, tbh

463911  No.778118

Please pray for me, I'm gonna puke because I ate too much

b22946  No.778446


Are you bulimic or do you just mean it's making you ill

463911  No.778507


Lol, no. Just 8 too much. I'm fine now

69be1a  No.779206

Please pray for me. I am so lonely. I have no doubt this prayer request has been made by others here. I understand that it is one of the spiritual diseases that runs rampant these days. It is the affliction that is the root of my greatest sins. This is my cross, but I am pinned under it right now and I cannot move.

9480f5  No.779287


I’m lonely too brother but God knows all that you need. Believe increasingly and pray consistently. I will try to keep you and all the lonely in my intentions.

1 Peter 5:7

fe89b5  No.779841



>Please pray for me. I am so lonely.

Make it two, and indeed this is the bane of our current society, never before so connected, yet never before so lonely for real connection.

My case goes even worse, from getting used with the company of others, specially for a long time with the care and love of a girlfriend, only to be left alone, I now crave companionship and the weekends strike with a terrible sadness.

But carry on and rid of this disease pray to God to make us whole again, and hopefully, if its on his plans, we will find relief, either from true friendship or in the form of love. I for one am really enjoying the sense of community I'm building up with my church.

>1 Peter 5:7

Good quote brother.

fe89b5  No.780008

Also let's pray together, so that we may start fasting with perseverance in this day, and we may remain strong with devotion during this lent, each with their own objectives so that we may come out as better than what we are now.

9480f5  No.780121

I can't go to Mass. Every time I go, I have an extreme anxiety attack. Sometimes I can make it all the way through but this is rare. Most of the time I leave early. I don't know what to do.

293f54  No.780152


You can sit in the pews closer to the altars, maybe the anxiety from getting up before everyone else would encourage you to stay? Anxiety cancelling out anxiety. I shared the same anxiety as you, and it went away with time.

5c675b  No.780213

I feel like I've been backsliding really bad for a while now. Im about to delete a huge porn folder I've been adding to for years. Please pray that I never turn back

743200  No.780339

Hi. I had a job up to October of last year. But i quit because it was terrible and the company was doing unethical stuff and it was stressful and I no longer learned anything new and I was very unhappy and disillusioned.

I feel worse now. I want to work on my personal unity projects but I'm so afraid. I'm afraid to apply to new jobs, afraid to keep working on my own stuff. I'm just stuck.

I've lost my zeal and confidence and my drive.

I've wasted a lot of time from October to now. I will say that I haven't wasted it on porn.

But i just browse image boards. I listen to a lot of inspirational, philosophical or psychological YouTube videos in hopes of finding something to push me out of this rut but I can't manage that. Help me brothers. Cast my sin out. Fix my wayward ways. Destroy my laziness and inertia. I lack courage and desperately need it. I will surely die if I can't move forward

463911  No.780387

I just want to rip people's faces out. I'm getting very irritable lately, I'm usually very mellow. Please pray for me.

ccb297  No.780931

I'm suicidally depressed, so I probably need you to pray for me. Even though I'm not worth the time.

f2d6d1  No.781042


Pray for yourself and your mind will find peace and happiness will come via God.

f8cc55  No.782015

File: c716e1b9642964d⋯.jpg (483.81 KB, 1024x1181, 1024:1181, Healing_of_the_Blind_Man_b….jpg)

May or may not have much longer to live, Please keep me in your prayers guys.

0164f2  No.782256


What's wrong? Praying

7878ff  No.782659

File: 36956caa5819735⋯.png (226.31 KB, 1080x968, 135:121, 2019_03_12_022825.png)

Siblings in Christ please keep my friend, Nate Cain, in your prayers tonight. I don't want anything bad to happen to him or his family.

b37860  No.782932


Done. The last time I heard someone say "I'm not suicidal" the court found that this person hung herself, which is odd, women usually don't do that. That was the DC Madame, methinks she had Bill Clinton's mobile phone number in her records.

So does Nate Cain have information that will lead to Hillary's arrest?

fe89b5  No.782978

I need help brothers, pray so I can heal from heart break, so I can get over her and forget once and for all, this witch that has left me behind and made me feel like it was my fault.

Pray so I have to strength to get over it, that the time and pain for the healing don't be so great, and that I may still have a open heart to find real love.

As I'll pray for all my brothers that been through a similar experience.

532c19  No.784119

Someone I know has been diagnosed with prostate cancer recently. Please pray for the best to happen to his health.

ca54ec  No.784296


Also will do.


At least you recognize the problems.

Anon, you should work on your unity project WHILE building up a YouTube following. That's unironically what I'm doing.

But I'm also trying to build another business on the side. Just look up YouTube tutorials on unity styles and pick a style you like, then start making your game. But as you do that, start making videos in a niche that you believe would garner you an audience that would be willing to buy your game for 10, 15, or 20 bucks. Statistically speaking, if you build up an audience of 30,000 in two years and make two games a year, you could be making up to 45,000 dollars in addition to whatever income you get from a side job or career you're working at the same time.

Jesus bless you anon, you can do it. And we're all gonna make it through Jesus.

Anons. Pray that I have the Lord's guidance, because I am a protestant and recently from my own research have begun to see that the Catholic Church follows closest to the early church in their practices and beliefs and thus is likely following closer, in practice, to how Jesus intended His church to be. But I am a protestant who volunteers with the youth, have a lot of connections/commitment here, and am not sure what course of action to take yet (either joining a Catholic church or staying with the evangelical protestant church I'm at).

I'm sure my soul is Jesus' either way, but I want to follow God as he wants me to. Catholics are right about pretty much everything I've read on them so far, and I can't tell if the information I have is enough to justify leaving quite yet.

5008c5  No.784333

File: 50372547d8a7e1c⋯.jpg (209.87 KB, 773x1048, 773:1048, chambers_mary_rosary_900.jpg)


Pray the Rosary, pilgrim. Afterwards, if you still don't feel like Rome is your Home, than you have your answer.

Also may God bless you on your business endeavors. I'll be praying for you tonight.

888823  No.784603

Everyone remember to say a prayer for the situation in New Zealand today. Pray that God would bring something good out of it.

7878ff  No.784641

File: 2582af95d148ab3⋯.jpg (82.27 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-almsgiving-according….jpg)


Please, pray for the victims of this cowardly act. Additionally, if you want, you can also donate to help out the grieving families here:


And don't forget to pray for the coward that did all of this too. Arguably, he needs your prayers more than ever.

2c0da0  No.784646


They were preaching hate about Europeans and laughing about replacing us on a facebook video which they took down later, so I wouldn't call them innocent.

7878ff  No.784648

File: 756134e032a6904⋯.jpg (17.42 KB, 320x320, 1:1, b5f7de79e11937cef0ba22b492….jpg)


OMG, they said mean things. Imagine if everyone killed everyone for having their feelings hurt. Imagine if Jesus killed everyone for calling him a devil.

e91c22  No.784763


Please pray for the health of my father, he has Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), the cause is unknown and he has a constant cough, none of the medication he took work, a short while ago he had 3 intestinal polyps (pre-cancerous growths) removed, my worst fear is that the GERD is because of cancer, my father will have another check up with an endoscope soon.

e91c22  No.784764


*my father coughs a lot, rather than has a constant cough.

ffd1ba  No.784774

please pray for me

938be8  No.785062

Today I made a terrible mistake. I renounced God for fear of being made fun of by others. I cited traditionalism as my reason for attempting to fast during the Great lent when the true reason is that I want to come closer to God.

I have sinned greatly and I need your prayers to ask for forgiveness. I will try to never give in to this kind of peer pressure again.

Also, I would like to know how do you deal with the fear of being characterized as a looney by non believers and loose believers in your family and friend circle.

7878ff  No.785105

Siblings in Christ, I just found out my grandfather is in the hospital. Please pray for him and hope he gets a speedy recovery. Please pray that God takes away his pain.

8e9322  No.785254

Literally broked down crying and called my mom, so she'd come over to my work, so I don't do anything stupid. I was listening to atheist youtubers again and it made me nihilistic and utterly confused as usual and the wrong meds I was prescribed made it worse. I'm a recent convert, my faith is still shaky, but I need it so much, otherwise life is unbearable with OCD and bi-polar. Please pray I get through this without hurting myself. It will be another day of work until I can see a therapist.

ef020d  No.785438


Prayed for you. Find a G. K. Chesterton audiobook my man.

d4b305  No.785452

7878ff  No.785555

File: ed3aeb710b6bc02⋯.jpg (8.88 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 4323b7013f4dbd891f57f57279….jpg)


And so it begins. The fruit of the coward has come to bare. With this the inevitable Zionist shill will come here to try to radicalize the members of this board, once again. I ask that the Christians here pray for peace in this world and pray that the useful idiots see their error and not escalate anything further.

And of course, start praying the rosary if you haven't already.

da120f  No.785594

I give up. I thought for the longest time that Catholicism/Orthodox was true but I don’t know anymore. My mom has basically accused me of tearing my family apart by this decision and that I’m getting into something dark. I don’t know what to do anymore, I have seen what Protestantism leads to and I don’t like that either. God, please, show me the way to your church, and please just give my family peace.

7878ff  No.785650


{10:28} And Peter began to say unto him: Behold, we have left all things and have followed thee.

{10:29} Jesus answering said: Amen I say to you, there is no man who hath left house or brethren or sisters or father or mother or children or lands, for my sake and for the gospel,

{10:30} Who shall not receive an hundred times as much, now in this time: houses and brethren and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions: and in the world to come life everlasting.

Hang in there, pilgrim. Jesus never said this journey would be easy. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.

a6408c  No.786153

Please pray for me, I’m in a constant state of anxiety and depression and I feel like killing myself

ac0143  No.786160

This sounds stupid, but please pray for me to not keep saying dark jokes. Like pray for me to have some resistance to it; my friends and I like to say some messed up sh*t and while it’s actually pretty funny, it makes me look like a bad Christian. Again this sounds stupid but please don’t be a d*ck and judge me. Just pray for me. Thanks

ac0143  No.786161


God bless you anon. Trust me, seeking medication is a good idea- it helped me a lot.

303b17  No.786364


I'm in the same camp so I'll pray for you and please pray for me too :(

7878ff  No.786748

File: 181e056649ded17⋯.jpg (10.65 KB, 460x258, 230:129, 5c935df4dda4c8924d8b45fd.jpg)


Please pray for the families of the 10 that were killed in the chemical plant explosion that happened in China earlier today.

0e061f  No.786965


I pray you have darker skin for the next scholarship application

d6936c  No.787182

Emergency prayer request for a friend on death watch. I don't know what state his soul is in but I'm worried. His name is Joe Harvard, and he's a good man and a great friend

174c73  No.787244

I'm just here to confess what's been ailing me, one to another. I am 33 and a virgin and single. I work at a grocery store. I own my own house, but my mother still lives with me. I swear I wish I was making this up. But anyway, because of past heart aches and let downs with attempted relationships, I lose my mind when I see couples shopping together at my store. Especially younger couples. I am tormented with bitterness and resentment because of how I was treated in the past by a particular woman that I called myself loving. That relationship ended with no closure by her. When I tried to reach out and communicate to her to find out why? It was always no reply.

When I see these couples shopping, all I can do is become angry at myself. Angry at my past. Angry for allowing myself to open up to a person for a few years, just for them to shut me down without notice. I think about what I had and what I lost when I see couples shopping. Man does it hurt. I would love to seek out someone new. It has been a year since the breakup. But my heart is in such a sunken place that anger overwhelms me at the thought of opening up to another female. All I can think of is "she's just gonna do me like my past ex. why should I even bother with dating ever again?".

For a person such as myself who has oneitis, I sure do get the shit end of the stick when it comes to trying to find love/companionship. Like I am being punished. But God allows Chad to fornicate with every other woman to his heart's content. One single woman is all I have ever desired in my life. 33 years of virginity… and still no luck. And no I am not fat or bald. I just have anti social tendencies and am a bit of the quiet type. I think years of being a "mama's boy" put such a huge dent in my confidence when it comes to seeking a female. Thanks for listening.

d1a2c5  No.787280


hello brother. i'm a darkie and a christian.

do not worry about your virginity and learn to fix your house maybe? i know plumbing/heating/A/C are good skills to learn. It can be incredibly complex and I'd regard it as a way to get women.

Hold on to your money and wait til you get older. Keep yourself healthy and happy. It will come.

If it doesn't, not everyone make it anyways. When you're older it gets a lot better. I'm ancient and I know this.

You think "older/better" is sad, no it isn't. I'm being very honest here.

23b85e  No.787282


Chad is a slave to the passions, anon. Think about it. His entire existence revolves around playing women’s head games so they can sleep with him. Lust is a bottomless pit, it never goes away and gets worse in fact the more you indulge it. Then they will wake up like RooshV did in middle age and ask: where did all the good women go? Why is society so degenerate and depraved? Why is everything falling apart?

Like some dried up feminist.

Nightclub culture, hookup culture, PUA culture is all about putting the whore on a pedestal.

d1a2c5  No.787283


hello brother. i'm a darkie and i prayed for you. i love you and i'm sure god loves you.

maybe you need to take up diet/light exercise routine, and up your protein intake. also pay attention to your vitamins and minerals intake.

protein will keep your energy level constant throughout the day and allow you to focus.

remember, i'm the dumbest darkie around but i managed to do very well in life. i got everything w/o a woman because i'm sort.

have a good day brother, love you

d1a2c5  No.787289


ok brother, i need to add

as a darkie and christian

i recommend you pray and i will do so for you too.

i think about you brother. i know you can succeed. i was too stupid i did horrible on my subject test and gre so no grad school for me.

you made it to grad school, i'm sure you can continue making it through.


your darkie brother

9a324e  No.787674

>family members been dropping like flies

>last of my friends moved 6 months ago

>have no friends irl at all

>church recently closed it's doors and i have nowhere to go

i hate living

9480f5  No.788131

File: 3037106a2ac9823⋯.jpg (24.17 KB, 270x386, 135:193, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

I will spare writing an essay on all the things I need prayed over because there is simply too much to put into writing.

I beg you will pray that I stop destroying my life and my friends will find it in their heart to forgive me.

God bless you all.

5c2b61  No.788181


Please say a prayer for my friend. He spent the last two years under the media's spell of the "Russian Collusion" hoax. I think he may be suicidal ever since Mueller exonerated Trump.

If the House sends criminal referrals to those responsible I think he may actually kill himself.

Please pray for him.

6cfcff  No.788615

I'm pretty sure a girl in a group im in likes me.

Gonna make a move this evening, so pray for me, so that His will be done, in this regard.

0dbac7  No.788809

For a friend who has succumbed to outright paranoia and self-hatred to a point where he vacillates between being nice and using me as a kind of whipping boy for his own self-worth and Inner guilt issues. I don't know how to deal with him half the time anymore. He's a fine dude but has a lot of problems. I pray he goes to a therapist, at least.

a758d8  No.788885

Tomorrow morning, my grandmother is undergoing severe and risky artery surgery. She has 90% blockage in her arteries and 2 heart attacks in the past week, her arteries are really small, so even the smallest sized stints are risky.

I need a miracle, I ask you all to pray with me. She's a very devout woman who raised 7 children and went on to be a wonderful grandmother. Even if she doesn't make the surgery, there isn't a doubt in my mind she'd be in a better place, but I'd love to spend more time with her on Earth, though I also won't deny His will.

Please, pray with me friends.

963c42  No.789307


Thank you

d51dcb  No.789330

I have a bad cold and it’s really stressing me out. Due to my cold I have trouble sleeping and my headaches because of fatigue. My symptoms have been getting worse. Please pray for me to recover quickly.

1a32eb  No.789339


Take some NyQuil or ZzzQuil right before you lay down in bed. It'll help you sleep.

5289f2  No.789428

couple requests here.

please pray that I get the "pleased to inform you" letter rather than the "regret to inform you" letter.

also pray that I come across enough money to pay my parking ticket in the next 10 days.

now that I'm out of the way, I have an acquaintance who is openly gay and bitterly atheist. pray for him to see the light. it would be a wonderful example for my other friends.

God bless.

98d8a1  No.789783

Help me out please-

I've been dealing with a lot of strife and hopelesness within my life. I feel as if I've been spiritually unclean or possesed by something trying to take my life and graces of Christ.

There have been a lot of unsuspecting things happening in my life.

I don't know if I'm in trouble. I've been also dealing with a lot of personal Racism I've been wanting to deal with.

Please pray.

5c2b61  No.790222

Pray for the fedora that has nothing better to do than to waste his time spamming this board.

2a2ffe  No.791225

I have a friend named Moya who has been invaded by spiritual parasites after he has practiced Jungian occultism. Please pray for him that these demons or whatever they are stop sapping him of his energy and that an angel watches over him to prevent this from happening again. He refuses to pray for himself so I do not know if this will be in vain or not. Thank you.

12e6a7  No.791266


I'm pretty sure you shouldn't pray for a sign, I know it sounds ridiculous, I forgot the reasons for it. Instead pray that your faith may be increased, and that you may live in humility.

"If you were to have enough faith, you could tell a mountain to move, and it will move"

"Keep asking, and it will be given to you. Keep searching and you will find. Keep knocking, and the door will be opened to You."

0c8049  No.791274


>the absolute state of ameritards

12e6a7  No.791287


same here




Find a thread on here, or start a thread on Atheism, then have some people debunk it for you, then show her the arguments

This thread for example is good >>787095


pray for The Lord to free you from your scrupulousness.


You shouldn't go here of all places to ask people to drag you out of suicidal thoughts.




I would pray for His Holy Will to be done with the synagogue of satan. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be ok to wish genocide on them, I know they're kikes, but the very least we could do is isolate them and keep them there until Christ's 2nd coming.




>or if absolutely necessary masturbate with your dream woman in mind, if you invented her it cannot be adultery in the eyes of the Lord.

What the hell, masturbating with another women can very well be adultery, and even not, masturbation still is a sin anyways.


Pray for them instead of complaining about them. Look into what is agape, and consider how The Lord commanded us to love one another.


For me also, and any recovering pol users along with pol users, and along with the kikes and their minions.


Though you are right, you should realize the situation we are in, the kikes muslims and politicians are all in bed, working tirelessy to destroy us spiritually and replace us. Some action needs to be taken, sure we shouldn't shoot up some random Muslims, but we need to do some activism.



Though this is just an opinion from me, some idiot on the internet, perhaps this is your cross to bear? I would pray about this.

also this >>785650


Spare us a prayer, or a fast, we really need it.

5badcf  No.791697

Please pray for this man, that he finds safety, and that he finds Jesus.


433775  No.792147

I am going to give the gospel to my supervisor before she starts a new job. Pray for me to be emboldened by the Holy Spirit and to be able to reach her

237253  No.792243

Please pray for my protection.

dc94e9  No.792636

Please pray for me to find a calling to pursue. I have been plagued with indecision and failure to plan and commit to a long term plan and it is weighing upon my family. Thank you.

c02004  No.792687


I want to no longer be an atheist, I want to have faith. That's my prayer request. I was raised in the church and after being confronted with mortality I want to know god is real. Pray for me, please. I know I must sound insincere, but please.

040d76  No.792696

File: 7c9295af7b2fc20⋯.jpg (460.97 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 232d1adbc14d42458bf7291e09….jpg)


I believe in you, pilgrim!

May God bless you on your spiritual journey. Some advice from from an anon, pray not only to God but His entire Holy Family in heaven and ask them to help you on your spiritual journey. They will be more than happy to help you. They are rooting for you just like we are down here on Earth.

God love (you)

2ceed7  No.792892


I'm in a similar boat as you. Let us continue to pray the rosary each day.

5c675b  No.792968


i screwed up bad tonight and I'm about to deal with the consequences please pray for me to get back to God

2ba826  No.793274

Pray for those who suffer in ignorance, that they may end their suffering by knowing the truth and living the truth.

040d76  No.793284

File: 825b9b430005712⋯.jpg (102.35 KB, 492x600, 41:50, 24122_891334.jpg)


Siblings in Christ, please pray for my girlfriend. She is under heavy spiritual attack by a Jezebelin spirit. Please pray that Lord Jesus Christ takes it away from her so she can hear her Master's call again. Please pray for her so she can be at ease with her own mind.

Please pray for her.

2ba826  No.793289


Praying for you. May you recognize the truth without it turning your heart to hate.

cad796  No.793645

For the repose of the soul of Debra, who ministered to the poor and addicted. May she rest in peace. May light perpetual shine upon her. May her memory be eternal.

f944db  No.793798


Brothers, pray for the fedora/charlie that is wasting his time here and do not respond to it. You are only wasting your time.

Sage, report, and pray for the fedora/Charlie

71af17  No.793823

Pray for the fedora that has no friends.

05fcb0  No.794649

File: afea21049f3aacb⋯.jpg (14.51 KB, 477x539, 477:539, 1483309154103.jpg)

Pray for me, I fight against Lust and masturbation hard now

05fcb0  No.794658


too late…

Don't ever go to 4chan…

c49141  No.795045

File: d3848d2c8f36267⋯.png (169.86 KB, 500x296, 125:74, Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at ….png)

Pray for Julian Assange. He was just arrested by London police and can face extradition to the USA. Pray that he gets justice.

946936  No.795119


Justice? Is that a joke?

a6b9d5  No.795133


No it's not. Julian deserves justice as well.

3aad2f  No.795246

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I haven’t stopped believing in the lord. My faith in him grows stronger. I just don’t believe in myself. I don’t feel blessed. I don’t feel very loved back home. My family used me and take me for granted. I feel depressed and hopeful. Being alive and hurts too much. I sick of being my family punching bag. Sick being disrespected. Trying to study. Trying to do better in school. It just feels hopeless.

3a2665  No.795247

I am in desperate need of your prayers tonight. I still live with my parents, and my father is a drunkard, has been since before I was born. Many days have been ruined by his drunkenness, and over the years my mother and I have received much abuse because of it. Today, he drank a bottle of rum and assaulted my mother. Even though she cried out for help, I failed her by pretending to sleep to avoid the confrontation. Many times I have thought how I should confront him and put and end to it, and many times I pussied out. Tonight, I waited until I knew he was asleep, and I have forced myself to make that confrontation, because I just poured out all his liquor. So now that you have that context, please pray for me, and for my family, that we might finally be healed after tomorrow morning.

8e0039  No.795302


My grandfather was an alcoholic, and my mother's house had a lot of trouble because of it. My grandma in particular suffered a lot. One day, my uncle confronted him, and both of them had a big, loud, nasty row. Latter, however, my grandpa apologized to him; he felt incredibly guilty for being violent to his son, and it made him realize he had a problem. He managed to quit alcohol and has never drunk since: not spirits, not wine, not even beer.

I wish you the best of lucks. I don't know your father so I can't say what's the best way to approach your situation. Just want you to know that being brave can pay off.

bdfd5e  No.795354

I am praying for those who need to find employment to be able to help support their families.

I ask for your prayers as I have been interviewing for a job for the past month and am going through the reference checks now. I pray that my references said good things about me that will allow me to get this job. I desperately need this job to not only pay off foolish debts, but to help my parents financially.

879fa3  No.795387


The priest at my RCIA program told me yesterday he won't baptize or confirm me. I, through circumstance, have to attend this ultra-liberal parish. Although his reasoning was based in 'what's best for you', it's clear this is because of the fact that I have obviously not drank the Kool-Aid as it were. I am working with people irl. I only ask that you pray for me.

42da0e  No.795425


That's pretty messed up… I'd say my parish is less cucked; the Sister I'm working with says any baptized Christian who can affirm the Apostles' Creed cannot be denied confirmation. The only reason I (a baptized non-Catholic) haven't been confirmed is because I don't feel I'm quite ready yet.

>Although his reasoning was based in 'what's best for you', it's clear this is because of the fact that I have obviously not drank the Kool-Aid as it were

In that case, you'll seemingly never be welcomed into the Church unless you somehow convince him you've become bluepilled (doubtful) or seek out another parish. That's a very tough situation brother… I'll pray for you.

1f9465  No.795461

Please pray that God protects me.

558238  No.795507


"Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you."

- 1 Peter 5:6-7

558238  No.795510

Please pray for this child, that he survives, and that both he and the suspect find Jesus.


594179  No.795773


Please pray for me, my wrath burns hotter than any sin I have. I'm in college and my roommate is sleeping with his gf rn. They're not doing anything except talking and making out at 1230 when im trying to sleep, but they are in regular fornication. I can't say anything because I'd literally scream at them if I opened my mouth. Considering leaving the room. Please pray for me to be at peace

293f54  No.796066


>Please pray for me, my wrath burns hotter than any sin I have.

Imagine God's own wrath when you sin; it really makes me reflect on my own anger. If we cannot forgive them, He will not forgive us. Pray for them.

120347  No.796793

Hey Anons. My father passed mere hours ago. The entire experience has been very traumatic for me. If any of you could say a prayer for me and for the repose of my father it would be much appreciated. God bless.

ac0143  No.796918


I am incredibly sorry for your loss anon. You and your family will be in my prayers

35fff9  No.797073

My mother recently turned 60 and I've lived every day in fear of when her age catches up to he health. Please pray that I learn to accept this and find comfort in the Lord's word.

49b68e  No.797346


Thank you brother. I ended up taking a nice long night walk to cool off and have taken your words to heart, I needed to hear it.

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