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31b416  No.651071

>>625592 is autosaging so here we go with a video.

7fa816  No.651185

First post in hopes of Chris getting the real help he needs. Whatever it is at this point.

403810  No.651195


It's interesting how he's actually begun to assimilate into internet culture rather than getting his entire worldview from E rated games, childrens TV and adult cartoons. I can't imagine him doing this in the classic chris days. Also jim better hurry up and do the barb video, stop wasting time poking your chopsticks in the yellow rice you faggot

04a096  No.651204


>wanting the wild ride to end

Third post in hopes of the opposite

57e2ec  No.651213


I hope your grandma's wild ride on my dick never ends #lolowned

c91782  No.651216

File: 14773d8196f37f3⋯.png (67.35 KB, 184x184, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 791968b9c3f218d⋯.png (360.16 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Archive of previous thread


Thread ended in suggestions of running a #ThotAudit on Chris

fbceb6  No.652190

Dimensional merge when?

9a33c6  No.652203

The official Fanta twitter replied in a Chris thread, after everyone was laughing at them, it was deleted.

I'd have archived it but I was at work on my phone and couldn't bother. At least someone saved a screenshot.

9a33c6  No.652205

File: c68a61de8bab10c⋯.jpg (73 KB, 636x1009, 636:1009, fanta.jpg)


Fucking hell I know I selected the image. Fix your site.

361e1a  No.652271


That ship sailed a long time ago.

8e6054  No.652500


Probably a bot. Any time Fanta is said they jump in and reply to it with a silly message.


Nothing has changed with Chris's influences. They're the same as they have ever been. You're as retarded as he is if you think cartoons can be for adults.

9a33c6  No.652539


>Probably a bot. Any time Fanta is said they jump in and reply to it with a silly message.

Not the brightest idea. It didn't take long until people started posting .gifs of Chris drinking his Fanta cum.

692b36  No.652704


I'm fairly sure he's been reported to social security before and nothing came of it. That was different times though, so who knows. He is probably violating almost all of the rules SSI has in place.

> $2000 asset limit not including car/home

He's got more than that in legos alone, and yes, shit like that counts

> unreported income from Ebay/Etsy

If they knew about this, they would reduce his check

> his e-begging and general waste of funds

This one is a grey area, but he's supposed to be spending that money on bills, and if they knew he was blowing it on vidya and legos, it'd be reduced.

5a54a0  No.652991

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

279054  No.653005


>I'm fairly sure he's been reported to social security before

Yes, social security not the IRS

>He is probably violating almost all of the rules SSI has in place

But he's on SSDI, they don't have an asset limit

910bbf  No.653009

File: c7ee6855adf5e7c⋯.jpg (10.41 KB, 204x199, 204:199, where were going we wont n….jpg)


Nice video.

5a54a0  No.653092


>but…but…I have excuses

Chris has violated the earned income limits several months this year. He demonstrates he doesn't need disability, and he can earn money like every other person, or he can suck dicks like the gag he is.

9c0633  No.653197


Of course, anon. Adults can only work themselves to death 8+ hours a day to pay taxes and buy alcohol after all. Leisure activities are for fags.

5a54a0  No.653303


Who the fuck are you trying to impress?

403810  No.653319

File: eed9821d8795327⋯.png (24.83 KB, 482x525, 482:525, 1543143959431.png)


>You're as retarded as he is if you think cartoons can be for adults.

So Bible Black is for kids?

9c0633  No.653374

File: c2ddacbca071198⋯.jpg (125.75 KB, 900x1113, 300:371, glasses.jpg)

b95962  No.653451


Man-children, yeah

8c5482  No.653594


Not kids more like fags.

18d5ac  No.654098


>or he can suck dicks like the gag he is.

What is it with fags in this thread constantly wanting Chris to suck dick?

c5a7df  No.655977

>not having the hots for chris

2b5ab4  No.656050

File: 1dee070f68c2e76⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 96.15 KB, 1067x1147, 1067:1147, Kf9UrU7_1.png)


No idea why

5a54a0  No.656090


Chris is gay, like you.

31b416  No.657235

File: 1d4e9cd3c521684⋯.jpg (63.82 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 1d4e9cd3c521684e0c7294f751….jpg)



b29c66  No.657658


Best PR move Fanta has ever made, official softdrink of lulz.

a04460  No.657857



4bd249  No.658702

Anyone have a webm of the smashmouth merge?

2fcc9e  No.658937


It’s the last thread

1fcf83  No.659850

Did you guys not see that he killed another cat? The tweet was like four days ago.

6484b1  No.659853


Iirc he just confirmed one of his older ones was dead?

99ab06  No.660398


What happened to that one?

31b416  No.660465

File: 428658685a5dfb3⋯.jpg (63.51 KB, 700x585, 140:117, YY3bftS.jpg)

According to the cwcki its been 3356 days since chris has applied to a job. Anyone wanna take bets how long he'll go? 4000? 5000? Surely in a few years he will indeed apply to a job out of desperation (not a job he would get mind, but would apply).

4bd249  No.660536


It probably died.

dc610d  No.660990


Chris will never get a job unless court ordered. Period. Even if he was forced as a stipulation of probation or the like he wouldn't be able to hold it down for longer than a few weeks.

4bd249  No.661682



What kind of fantasy is this?

18d5ac  No.661700


Would you want to work another day in your life if you had a limitless trust fund in your imaginary magical fantasy world? Didn't think so.

392049  No.661732

File: d5ffce09dde3ea3⋯.png (80.54 KB, 575x514, 575:514, tara.png)

Chris continues his targeted harassment of Tara Strong.

e344be  No.661741


I would, honestly. Keeps people from trying to hit me up for money if they think I'm an Average Joe.

77d6e6  No.661857


Calling it now. Chris-Chan will ether try to grope Tara strong at a con or attempt to rape her.

410002  No.661902

So what ever happened with the merge? Did he explain why it didn't happen or is he just ignoring it?

392049  No.661980

File: c6d3eb1081d16f3⋯.png (411.51 KB, 577x714, 577:714, cereal.png)

Chris posted 3 new videos, 1 about the weather and 2 about cereal.

Maybe someone wants to download them for.. the sake of archival? I'm sure any and all footage is going to be of some relevance in order to show his descent into madness once someone makes another documentary on him, after the tragic murder suicide he'll commit or when he gets gunned down after visiting one of his victims IRL.

Is there a decent program or trick to grabbing Twitter videos? I don't really trust any of the search results, seems like an easy normalfag trap to put something malicious into such an often looked for program.

31b416  No.662026

File: 32a180b4b61bc8e⋯.jpg (25.04 KB, 540x540, 1:1, pkdXKXP.jpg)



Nah, just talk to her. And security will go apeshit on chris. he'll get kicked out and get home to find out he's being sued by her and planet dolan. or at least face charges from her.


i dont think chris is dumb enough to visit an armed megan. but i could definitely see him getting tazed (his victim is likely to be female and have a taser) and then have a heart attack. then die. i think being zapped to the extreme to the grave would be a fitting end to chris.

392049  No.662044


>i think being zapped to the extreme to the grave would be a fitting end to chris.

That would be a fine way for him to go but not until we get some closure on "The Merge" arc. It has the potential to turn into a schizophrenic sperg-out of rarely seen proportions.

392049  No.662049

File: f82408e583155f9⋯.png (472.27 KB, 884x913, 884:913, harmony.png)

Is this someone pulling a gay-op on Chris? That bio just feels too perfectly tailored towards him.

Saw the account because Chris retweeted some drawing

31b416  No.662063


Oh definitely agreed with you there. Rather a fitting end to such an episode. Preferably at the hands of one of his galpals.

ee966c  No.662091


I suppose he'll retcon it. He can never admit his sonichu lore is ever wrong, he just finds a way to forcefit it into newer lore

8a16c1  No.662096


Probs. I can only imagine the number of simultaneous shit-teir opps that have been attempted over the years.

5796d0  No.662214


Chris said end of the year, there's still time

9c0633  No.662524


Tara WEAK deserves everything bad and more.


You more or less need to screenrecord anymore. Twatterniggers changed shit up so the mobile.twitter.com variant doesn't use the browser-native video embed anymore, so you can't just turn it to the mobile version, start playing, and do the right click->save as method.

02c43a  No.662954



youtube-dl is your friend

3495c2  No.662992


That Silence of the Lambs reference. Nice.

BRB, gotta watch that fucking movie again

1187a9  No.663214


He's not going to kill Megan in time.

b06783  No.663224


Not if Megan kills him first.

f3a010  No.663305

File: 92f970d0dcb63d0⋯.png (72.06 KB, 699x589, 699:589, get kiked.png)

<Remembered this post from last thread


>You can go to someone's wishlist and say you purchased it else where for them and it will mark it bought.


5a54a0  No.663495


Who knew a retarded autist could be as self-absorbed and materialistic as the majority of the rest of the shitty world?

aa129d  No.663538

File: 1e8505c282ec641⋯.png (61.09 KB, 935x294, 935:294, 662A73CA-FC62-463A-8EAB-7E….png)


You don’t know the half of it. Look at this faggotry.


5a54a0  No.663787


He was a jew this whole time.

3d3e7a  No.664002

File: 46794aef25c4f1a⋯.jpg (290.28 KB, 1016x1680, 127:210, 1.jpg)

File: 55ea2889b9c1eef⋯.jpg (331.06 KB, 1052x1704, 263:426, 2.jpg)

File: becaa2ea799689e⋯.jpg (329.83 KB, 1040x1700, 52:85, 3.jpg)

Was bored, so used a burner number and texted chris, guess what he fucking replied. So using the ways of talking to a 5 year old, manage to get some dumb shit about the merge and why he needs new toys. kinda surprised he actually responded, chris must be fucking lonely out of his mind

5a54a0  No.664042


Hey Chris. It would be nice if I had a 55 foot yacht and free gasoline for the rest of my life, but it's not going to happen, and it's wrong to depend on others to provide that for me.

Dude is a loser because he wants to be.

31b416  No.664099



There he goes again.

Even after all these years sometimes I just want to beat the shit out of CWC.

0ca5d4  No.664113

File: 20318b7ea99a6f0⋯.png (33.84 KB, 715x157, 715:157, transformer.png)


His new list also had a PS4, Xbone, some games and transformer figures.

31b416  No.664123


The eternal child CWC. I havent really pined for anything material for years and years. Getting older has that benefit.

5a54a0  No.664133

Is it possible to buy the shit, open the box, break it, and then send it to him?

0ca5d4  No.664137


>Is it possible to waste money

..I guess?

5a54a0  No.664150


>waste money

<for sweet julay

It doesn't matter. I only need to make sure he can't return it, like have some pieces missing, or cover it with cow manure or something.

b2be7c  No.664220


What, do you think he'll flip out, hit record on his PS4 cam and start screaming about his shitty gift?

I mean, someone sent horse shit to him once, and he only mentioned it in passing like years later.

8e6054  No.664250


Why does Christ need to replace 2 game consoles? They're pretty hard to break/

1187a9  No.664831


That could make a fantasic movie.

1187a9  No.664850


Why not just send him shit in a box?

5a54a0  No.665083



>shit spacing

You don't belong here.


Something about sending biohazard material doesn't seem legal without proper licenses.

Plus, I want to really squeeze the lemon juice into the wound by showing him something he wants that is completely destroyed and worthless.

28a89e  No.665126


I mean it's your money, but personally I wouldn't feel an emotional payoff without witnessing his reaction and he may very likely not mention it at all like the other anon suggested.

And can you really get prosecuted for sending faeces in the mail? Simply don't add a return address. It's not like the cops are going to run DNA tests to catch someone sending literal shit to some unimportant autist.

5a54a0  No.665195


>but personally I wouldn't feel an emotional payoff without witnessing his reaction

I agree.

>he may very likely not mention it at all like the other anon suggested

Then we need to set up an anon close to his house and coordinate with the delivery of the item according to the tracking.

Once we see that Chris gets it, have anon run up and capture his reaction.

Maybe wearing a giant pickle suit.

I will even spring for that.

>And can you really get prosecuted for sending faeces in the mail?


>It's not like the cops are going to run DNA tests to catch someone sending literal shit to some unimportant autist.

It's a federal crime. They don't care. They will run fingerprints and DNA on that sucker quick.

28a89e  No.665217


>Then we need to set up an anon close to his house and coordinate with the delivery of the item according to the tracking.

>Once we see that Chris gets it, have anon run up and capture his reaction.

>Maybe wearing a giant pickle suit.

>I will even spring for that.

I'm all for it theoretically speaking but I fear the money and time investment is a bit high compared to the chance of witnessing his reaction. Though I wish you all the best in your endeavours, I'm a Eurofag so can't really partake in any physical or mail-trolling.

>It's a federal crime. They don't care. They will run fingerprints and DNA on that sucker quick.

Get a new box you've never been near, wear gloves when stealing or buying it. Put fresh animal shit in it or pay a hobo $5 to defecate in it.

Wear gloves when packaging and posting it. It's cheaper than a Switch. Speaking of cheaper than a Switch, if you're sending him a destroyed item, go for a Transformer rather than a console. He really seemed to have a hardon for those and they're much cheaper.

5a54a0  No.665234


>go for a Transformer

>He really seemed to have a hardon for those

Chris is really disgusting. I just want him to have his hopes lifted and then their wings ripped off so they hurdle back to reality.

>sending broken item

I don't want him to be able to return it. I guess I can cut off the UPC label? But I think the sight of receiving something desired yet not earned and then losing it all in an instant will really hurt him.

There is no way he won't tweet about it, especially if he tweeted so much about his wishlist, even to Amazon.

Chris is self-absorbed and is defined by material things. That is something easily julayed.

28a89e  No.665286


I don't know how return policies work in the US, but wont he be unable to get a replacement or his (your) money back unless he possesses some type of 'proof of purchase' like a receipt? While it wouldn't hurt to remove the UPC label, I don't think it matters?

5a54a0  No.665290


Some places, like Wal-Mart, have very aggressive return policies that allow people to return items without receipts but they can only get store credit.

I figure, without the UPC, he won't be able to return it anywhere.

28a89e  No.665291


Also even with a receipt I think many stores would decline the return of an item that has been severely brutalized with a hammer as opposed to some minor malfunction/production error.

5a54a0  No.665295


>I think many stores would decline the return of an item that has been severely brutalized with a hammer

This is what I am hoping for, but I don't want him to be able to say it was "damaged in shipping".

dd9bba  No.665652


Break it with a hammer, light it on fire, then spray paint the fucker.

2aa68f  No.665820

File: 66e91fc237625fd⋯.png (108.97 KB, 612x972, 17:27, screwattack.png)

Never a dull moment with Chris.

97f43d  No.665834

File: 13701c0d8436b67⋯.jpg (106 KB, 700x497, 100:71, emp_map_graphic.jpg)

How long would Chris survive following a nationwide EMP?

9c0633  No.666026



>muh spacing

>(1) posting on /cow/ of all places

>chris is really dithguthting ehhhhhhhhhh

Go back to tumblr, queerbag. Jesus. You're striking me very hard as the type of fag that's angry with this retard and want to see him hurt because he said something bad about fags and niggers before.

c08204  No.666064


Imagine handling the ScrewAttack twitter account and waking up to this notification.

5a54a0  No.666154


Fucking leave.

No one cares about Chris here.

We only want to see the julay.

Eat shit.

116c5a  No.666521

File: 8a8e9475b1a5d83⋯.png (10.2 KB, 553x533, 553:533, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ad1043e8121df54⋯.png (3.63 KB, 270x210, 9:7, Buzzed Out.png)


Chris' already looking like a LISA character.

116c5a  No.666524


Not all animation is cartoons, anon.

1187a9  No.666874


What the fuck is this shit?

Chris is a documented asshole. Only a faggot would like an asshole.

0275c1  No.667003


Have Mario win.

9c0633  No.667057


>hurr durr

2 INT brainlet spotted. This is /cow/, a place to laugh at lolcows, not moralize over dumb shit.

1187a9  No.667075


Yes, that was my point though.

18d5ac  No.668124


Is Screw Attack still doing the Death Battle shit? I remember watching years ago one episode with Goomba VS Koopa and I thought it was a neat one-off parody of those stupid versus TV shows. But to think they have been riding that stupid gimmick for so long is pure autism.

410002  No.668260


>he thinks he's going to go to war with an anime girl if some youtube video doesn't get changed

b15834  No.668739


A thousand times this because she's a sjw ass-hole. Tara's rumored to have rape fantasies, but I think it's safe to say she'd rather get raped by Brad Pitt than an autistic tranny.

5a54a0  No.668748



>but I think it's safe to say she'd rather get raped by Brad Pitt

Not really rape then, is it?

d22438  No.669323


Do you have brain damage?

>b-bleas don't bully retard

>go to tumblr for wanting to fuck with a retard

Smells like projection

318c18  No.669365

File: 39bc3c339761de4⋯.mp4 (659.4 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 47498338_204467730488675_7….mp4)

>Its Sonic Blue arms again

>And now its in an ugly & realistic style, for maximun damage to any autistic and also normal brain

OH BOY OH BOY. Any reaction of Chris about this already?

113d9b  No.669501



>Blue armed Sonic in theaters across the country

>Pmurt wins reelection

>Barbara dies


What the fuck is going to happen to him?

f894cf  No.669525


>prison saga

>homeless saga

>asylum saga

>the extremely rare chance of getting his shit together saga

That's pretty much it for him

279054  No.669576


Why does everything have to be a saga? This ain't Dragon Ball motherfucker

34ad86  No.669581



34ad86  No.669582


someone tweet it at him

459ba5  No.669714


Do you know how many views they get from autistic manchildren arguing 24/7 about how their dad can beat your dad?

2c74d0  No.669781


I suppose it's not unlike how the Koran was written.

2c74d0  No.669784


It kinda is

89db66  No.669841

File: 3c20fd0b2677431⋯.jpg (28.95 KB, 367x500, 367:500, Your face.jpg)


>From the producers of FnF

67a1c9  No.670148


>kinda surprised he actually responded, chris must be fucking lonely out of his mind

Idea Guy took his money and fried his mind yet Chris hadn't had that much excitement or interaction with people in years.

b4e2f4  No.670229



cf1e81  No.670512

I think its a distinct possibility that Chris might not even care about the Sonic movie as he doesn't believe that it will come out before the Merge.

410002  No.670533


>from the producer of the fast and the furious

Okay this can't fucking be real. Which one of you faggots made this?

cf1e81  No.670545

File: 1515da29714e7d9⋯.jpg (178.15 KB, 1490x838, 745:419, DuEyWadVYAANFH5.jpg)


I know it sounds like a massive shitpost tailored for Chris but as I live and breathe, its real.

Maybe he's right, maybe we are approaching a merge if this shit is now commonplace.

410002  No.670629


>its real

I still have my doubts, but even if it isn't I have an idea. If someone that isn't complete shit with photoshop wants to shop the official poster into a sonichu one and then congratulate Chris on twitter about getting his widely beloved franchise made into a movie I think the reaction to that might be neat.

cf1e81  No.670674

File: aef101aa0640d35⋯.png (5 MB, 1687x2500, 1687:2500, sonic-movie-poster-high-re….png)


Shat this out quickly, surely there's no way he'd actually fall for this, right?

… Right?

cf1e81  No.670678

File: aef101aa0640d35⋯.png (5 MB, 1687x2500, 1687:2500, sonic-movie-poster-high-re….png)

Fixed the shadowing a bit.

5a54a0  No.670679


That's pretty good.

Why doesn't it say Sonichu tho?

cf1e81  No.670682

File: 21d12044709b238⋯.png (4.99 MB, 1687x2500, 1687:2500, sonic-movie-poster-high-re….png)


More believeable. I'm assuming he already knows there's a sonic movie out, seems like it'd make more sense for Sonichu to be a supporting character in the Sonic movie instead of its own character. But why the fuck am I applying logic tbh.

Also I don't have the sonic font and I'm lazy as shit.

I fucked up with the last image, here's the basic shadow fix. Was tempted to shop in the tail from detective pikachu but couldn't get the levels right. Maybe someone more autistic than myself with ps can figure it out.

5a54a0  No.670688


>More believeable

>But why the fuck am I applying logic tbh

I guess whoever tweets can tell him

>Sonichu to be a supporting character in the Sonic movie

which makes sense, at least to me.

>Was tempted to shop in the tail from detective pikachu but couldn't get the levels right.

It looks good to me as is. I am surprised how fast you were able to take the concept and produce the work.

I would really like to see some julay out of this old lolcow.

Hopefully it won't be sour.

ed350e  No.670691

I'm planning to get a burner phone just to call Chris after new year and ask for objective proof of the Merge

5a54a0  No.670715



What is this?


aa0605  No.670732

Forgive me for ignorance, I've been away from the internet for months, but why does the CWCki no longer show Chris updates?

89db66  No.670735


Lower the brightness

I can see all the artifacts in the thumbnail

77d6e6  No.670746

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Chris-Chan gonna go full Randy stair by killing someone over the live action sonic movie? Is Chris-Chan running a cult?

5368b0  No.670763


You are forgiven. I believe I read it was due to lack of contributors. It a good resource for beginners but that is all.


This is a ligit option now. The merge will fail, barb will sunset, Chris will be evicted. All he will have is war against those BLUE ARMS

1e47d2  No.670772

File: 20ef51307ef4bc4⋯.jpg (141.19 KB, 756x572, 189:143, 20ef51307ef4bc445058a2f5e2….jpg)


>Implying the merge will fail

>Not having your OC ready

Non-believers going to get wrecked

1187a9  No.670802


>All he will have is war against those BLUE ARMS

Only the man in the pickle suit can save us.

7a2b48  No.671167


How many Chris memes do you think are going to be in that movie? Someone on the crew MUST know about him. I'm thinking 2 to 3.

5a54a0  No.671186


>15 minutes


What's the summary here?

1187a9  No.671213

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's around 3:50.

He's gotta be SEGA's boogeyman.

cf1e81  No.671245

File: f37b2f55fe12575⋯.jpg (80.46 KB, 587x779, 587:779, Capture333.JPG)

Chris has been an eldritch being this entire time, seeing beyond the veil that we cannot penetrate. He's the herald of an outter god at this point boys.

5a54a0  No.671289





1187a9  No.671304


I've seen another Sega dude laughing about arm colour but I can't find it.

c4aae6  No.671309

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If Chris gets $500 in donations he will release a full video house tour 2.0


1187a9  No.671364


Totally worth it, let him continue on the path to become a cam whore.

17c2e9  No.671370


Why does it look like a midget in a werewolf costume?

1187a9  No.671403


Maybe it is.

67a1c9  No.671459

File: 808f0b1d1d2958f⋯.jpg (130.77 KB, 1208x678, 604:339, cwc.jpg)


Lookin' good hun. I guess Chris got jealous of all the attention Barb was getting for looking like she's on death's door.

67a1c9  No.671477

File: e8b5b317ac81424⋯.jpg (141.11 KB, 1207x679, 1207:679, mental-pain.jpg)


He stumbles over his words and then at 2:00 claims he gets headaches from the psychic connections he's having.

2:30 he says he's half Sonichu and will be able to transform into Sonichu for real soon.

3:00 he says he's absorbed "The Spiral" referring to the Sega Dreamcast logo.

3:12 he hocks up a loogie and explains that Destiny and Power are inside of him.

It gets even more loopy from there. if you've ever visited the "Gang Stalking" thread here, all of this insane babble is familiar to you. I wonder if he's able to hold in even 10% of his power level with the public anymore because this is straight up crazy guy in the gutter sort of shit.

5a54a0  No.671505


>2:30 he says he's half Sonichu and will be able to transform into Sonichu for real soon.



>3:12 he hocks up a loogie and explains that Destiny and Power are inside of him.

That's power all right.

>hold in even 10% of his power level

If he is holding back from dressing around like that in public, I don't want to see what he'd really be like.

488029  No.671520

File: aaa5bc0c2e35ff0⋯.jpg (500.26 KB, 1008x1620, 28:45, LISAthePainful.jpg)


I'm surprised that I've never made this connection before, it's spot on.

1187a9  No.671522


Fucking hell, he's really gonna try to kill / kidnap Megan.

1187a9  No.671529

File: 4a372fa3547b5ba⋯.jpg (58.94 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 1526585774004.jpg)



I got that too.

Something bad is coming.

6d8e9c  No.671586


>he says he's absorbed "The Spiral" referring to the Sega Dreamcast logo

This is too fucking insane for my taste, Nukkake tier shiet.

5a54a0  No.671775


Maybe he will finally take his van over the center median and crash into a family of 5 killing all of them plus the family dog and cat?

He has ran over Michael Snyder twice, plus wheeled his mother into running Snyder over, which she got a felony on her record from.

279054  No.672074


At this point that would be a bullet

1ccde9  No.672114

https://twitter.com/CWCSonichu/status/1072900174521847808 you don't understand you guise he got hacked!

31b416  No.672137


Showing this video to anyone that isnt a raging SJW and they'll same thing: this man is insane



what the fuck

ad04a7  No.672142

File: 9ed3f28b92ba864⋯.jpg (67.31 KB, 640x640, 1:1, hiker.jpg)




>Aaron is on /cow/ now

Just wait until he starts spamming Mark porn.

5a54a0  No.672259



Chris chan is a homosexual.

He wears fucking shitty clothes.

He does gay shit like get his taint pierced and make jerk off videos.

He is sick and what makes him worse is that he won't help himself while demanding everyone else give him their time and money so he can have his toys.

Fuck Chris chan.

And fuck you too you pussy bitch bfbc87.

You can't use a consistent ID?

Too scary for you?

You nameless fuck.

Go somewhere else to make apologies and excuses for Chris chan.

Fuck him and you, his horse that he rode in on.


>what the fuck

Some bent dick cock sucker trying to get a rise out of anyone in the thread.

Probably from that gay chris chan web forum.

67a1c9  No.672284

File: a964bf457957328⋯.mp4 (1.53 MB, 404x720, 101:180, r2GsExBagGlhOVk2.mp4)


Anyone have the other videos? There was one of Barb dancing and one of Chris apologizing for something.

3457f7  No.672398

I want to see the one where he punches Barb. All those hoarded foxdick cocks is getting leaked.

b815b9  No.672405




Fuck foxdickFarms and all, but the one thing they got right is that you, Michael Jay Hirtes, are a dingleberry on the nasty dry shit-caked ass that is the Chris fandom.

77d6e6  No.672436


John Holmes or Randy Stairs?

488029  No.672497

File: 1a56217480f64c4⋯.webm (513.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sanik.webm)

1f2890  No.672595

File: ac9ed3a33448a2c⋯.png (190.7 KB, 1566x492, 261:82, DF5E9A55-069D-4A29-933A-19….png)


>John Holmes

I’m going to assume you mean Sargon Holmes. John Holmes is someone else entirely.

5a54a0  No.672625


Keep changing your ID faggot.

279054  No.672760


>Sargon Holmes

e68ea2  No.672784

File: 4dcc5f54eeac6fe⋯.jpg (493.77 KB, 1500x1068, 125:89, Uzumaki01.jpg)


>he says he's absorbed "The Spiral" referring to the Sega Dreamcast logo.



I take it this is another gay ass wordfilter courtesy of the jannies

8de0a2  No.672810

File: 4699fc8ac1cdb6e⋯.mp4 (8.97 MB, 720x720, 1:1, Foster The People - Randy ….mp4)


Randy shit his pants and did nothing wrong except being a ghost cartoon tranny.

77830e  No.672893

it's not autism anymore it's full blown psychosis.

e4436d  No.672929


>shit his pants and did nothing wrong

he took like 50 shots to kill 2 people

with a shotgun

the man never did anything right tbh

9f0e39  No.672930


Call it bullshit but I am start to think that Ch ris was never autistic to start with, when he was young he was schizotypal, and now he may have some form of disorganized schizophrenia, not all schizos hallucinate but all have delusions.

AFAIK autist can have very weird beliefs due to isolation but they are not delusional, arent they? I am not a shrink anyway, but I have browsed way to much tumblr searching for special snowflakes and femcels to mi lk.

b2be7c  No.672993


Check the KF thread about the slapping video. The apology video is linked in the OP and the Barb video a few posts down.

67a1c9  No.672994

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


His obsessive fixation on the moment in 2000 when he "invented" Sonichu is pure autistic fixation.

67a1c9  No.673014

File: 24e3f24ac1594c5⋯.mp4 (2.85 MB, 640x360, 16:9, eSzM7ZGV2azgFLW0.mp4)

File: fe042813451ab52⋯.mp4 (409.04 KB, 404x720, 101:180, gFU9vvho3QxFEVnN.mp4)



061c59  No.673026


he is such a fucking fake.

9f0e39  No.673037


>uploaded 11 hours ago

The fuck, is this 2005?

e4436d  No.673041


one cannot pretend to be this retarded anon

5a54a0  No.673092


Chris is a bad person.

He needs to be reminded of it everyday.

b95962  No.673103


I've never seen him look this tired. Has he complained about these headaches before? Do you think something's physically wrong with his head?

c5322d  No.673110


This is probably way out in left field, but, what if Chris has a brain tumor? Would explain the headaches and the erratic behavior recently.

e68ea2  No.673114



Chris always believed Sonichu was real. He's not schizo.

b95962  No.673115


I was thinking the same thing but didn't want to suggest it as it seemed too extreme or ridiculous. But, he has been acting pretty fucking crazy lately, even for Chris.

e4436d  No.673122


hes a late 30something year old man

a late 30 something who is taking female hormones and living with his mother. he has never worked, likely eats like a 12yo, and shits around playing console games all day. his financial troubles have increased exponentially, and while this was something he used to ignore, its coming to a head very rapidly. im sure the fact that he may be homeless soon is not entirely lost to him in fact im almost certain this is why the merge fantasy was constructed

some people look tired because they actually are

others, like chris, are tired simply because the act of living their life itself is tiring.

this kind of spiritual fatigue is cumulative


if youre talking like some sort of tumor growing and causing some sort of internal brain injury, id expect if this was the case that we would see a much more dramatic shift in his underlying personality. there certainly is a shift, but its more like an additional bit of crazy atop all the rest, with his initial personality still intact. in cases where traumatic brain injury leads to what youre suggesting, its more often like the original personality is completely overwritten. its usually marked by a sharp increase in aggressive behavior and really rapid mood swings

im not writing it off completely till we see the autopsy, but im also more inclined to say that what were witnessing is an evolution of chris escapist tendencies.

>t.armchair neuroscientist

c5322d  No.673137


Good thing Chris didn't play football otherwise I'd have to wonder about CTE too.

67a1c9  No.673144

File: a48b8e8ade7b264⋯.mp4 (7.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Masturbation and police he….mp4)


That sentence looks funny, but I think I know what you mean. Same thought:


He's always believed crazy shit like this (like that Sonichu & CWCville were real and the portal was in his bedroom), but now it's exponentially more intense. It's like believing in angels and then giving them names and then talking to them and then describing how they're about to declare war on earth and what we can do to prepare. The core belief is the same but the intensity has ramped up tremendously.

5df322  No.673165

File: c46a7d28c3bdf4e⋯.jpg (8.74 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1501896015299.jpg)

3b6e0d  No.673869

Do we know if chris is even aware of the return of the blue armed bandit?

6e1894  No.673913

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4e2a54  No.673945


I remember thinking he came off as normal when I saw this video 10+ years ago in high school. I thought the whole thing was an elaborate troll and that this was proof. Glad my autism is in remission now.

6e1894  No.673962


Also, if it's an elaborate troll then please explain all his art.

380e5b  No.673972


I miss Carlos Chantor.

5a54a0  No.674041

File: cc2c1a1b32567b4⋯.png (163.63 KB, 409x325, 409:325, hmmm-1519102945722.png)


>thought he was normal

<Coming to you live from CWCville today


115b34  No.674121

File: 067fdf82e2c70ae⋯.jpg (646.52 KB, 811x1584, 811:1584, 1544760251241.jpg)


I think after the merge fizzels out he will focuse on it. Especially if he is made to think the movie is holding the merger back.

6e1894  No.674823


Plently of stupid fucking cunts gravitate towards Chris-Chan, I think it pads their ego.

16dbbe  No.674834


And they always have. A-Log said the same shit whenever he powerlevelled about his own life. He'd always end his bit of autistic underachievement by saying "At least I'm not Chris-chan!".

Hell, that's what A-Logging originally meant. Not so much "RARRRRGHHH! CHRIS SHOULD DIEEEEE!" but spergs with zero to little self-awareness whose life was shit enough they felt the need to say they are better than Chris.

16564c  No.675495

File: 728516bd8878658⋯.mp4 (638.71 KB, 480x480, 1:1, cwc_barb_not_dead.mp4)

Barb is not dead! she just looks like a corpse


6e1894  No.675525


She's got those crazy eyes.

4dd3c8  No.675563

File: 34deda0bf781cb3⋯.png (760.09 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, chris chan school shooter.png)

Will he shoot up the theater /cow/?

5ba154  No.675564


What's up with her psycho stare?

6e1894  No.675572


He going after Megan, his merge video was saying odd shit like don't use guns and don't shoot people no matter what you see.

He knows Megan or her father or someone has guns.

67a1c9  No.675643

File: ba342358a483255⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 400x203, 400:203, 6.gif)


Imagine spending your final years on earth in this lobotomized state, your son dressing like Nathalie from The Facts of Life and filming himself masturbating to classic rock hits of the '90s while babbling on about his 4 electric hedgehog pokemon wives and the Commodore 64 CPU that fell to earth and will soon rip apart the fabric of space and time allowing the world to be filled with similar cartoon monstrosities.


6e1894  No.675646


I just hope she's got dementia.

410002  No.675749


I kinda feel like all that is the reason she lost her mind.

682f96  No.675789



488029  No.675815

File: 9717fa9e782d2f5⋯.jpg (608.76 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Say my name.jpg)


Holy motherfucking sanpaku eyes batman.

5a54a0  No.676098

File: 8cb4e1732ccf259⋯.jpg (181.16 KB, 1920x1079, 1920:1079, Hackerman.jpg)


Who's this hacker he is talking about?

3ae395  No.676165

File: ef6f6c1175f7e45⋯.jpg (214.35 KB, 725x1102, 25:38, Sanpaku eyes.jpg)



There's always new reasons to post this image in cwc threads.

bfb726  No.677718


>femcels to mi lk.

Can you link to any? I hav yet to see one that actually fills the definition rather than being just another girl thats just having a bad day

0fbf8c  No.677904

File: fac8d1df073ad8b⋯.jpg (31.33 KB, 370x370, 1:1, tattoo-pics_xcx_frmimg_108….jpg)


lolcow freakin' idiots got no lives. hacker fucking idiots are not hackers… just dweebs who know how to use windows.

eeffba  No.678206


fucking creepy. dude is lost.

6e1894  No.678211


Chris is only ever getting started.

3a19fa  No.678265

Have you guys seen the Shrek Retold movie? Chris made a segment for it

1985f6  No.678332


Its top retarted. He could not even he bothered to remember Farquaads name.

0b8714  No.678423


that is a zombie

barb confirmed dead

d0781e  No.678549


Does his new house have the same layout as his old house? It looks really similar.

77d6e6  No.678568


What’s the odd Chris-Chan screwed up because she was molesting him?

31b416  No.679120


god thats sad to see. shes totally outside her skull now. Well so is he.

8e6054  No.679155


Chris claimed an old school teacher molested him but he was screwed up long before that.

cf1e81  No.679163

File: f8c70a889f197ee⋯.jpg (78.29 KB, 596x703, 596:703, cwc2.JPG)

Don't talk to me or my son ever again.

18d5ac  No.679247


Don't talk to me or my OC's son ever again.

5368b0  No.679254

File: 20e9f4407e6fda2⋯.jpg (17.88 KB, 236x346, 118:173, 4d13cc36ba0319156975ca393b….jpg)

So today the the BIG day! Predictions?

2a1608  No.679264


My kokoro wish would be something norman bates inspired. I mean chris already meets many requirements already with the corpse of a mom, delusions and a secret desire for power. But I doubt chris is malicious enough to butcher his mom or something, even if he had built elaborate sadistic fantasies.

6e1894  No.679329


Attempt to see or kidnap Megan.

d0781e  No.679346


He wanted to meet Megan, but he found out she owns guns, so he changed his mind.

6e1894  No.679391



Watch from 5 minutes.

He mentions it several times during the video.

6e1894  No.679395


Ah and 7:30 too he starts talking about her.

410002  No.679405


>wants to see someone

>whoos she has a gun forget that

Not stalkery or rapey at all.

6e1894  No.679412

File: 9410bae0387d18b⋯.jpg (37.84 KB, 385x486, 385:486, cwc.jpg)


Dude, he just wants to talk.

2a1608  No.679413


he looks like some swamp hag casting the evil eye so the neighbors cattle gets sick

6e1894  No.679417


He basically is.

That's just the evolved form of the Curse-ye-ha-me-ha.

a402f7  No.679418


Why does it look like he's having a stroke?

2a1608  No.679421


dark magics will warp even the prettiest face

77d6e6  No.679433

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




>Chris-Chan thinks Sargon Carrey the real eggman or possessed by eggman thanks to the new sonic movie

>Chris-Chan attempts to go taxi driver Trevor brickle on Sargon Carrey

I can picture Chris-Chan thinking killing Sargon Carrey will win over Megan.

77d6e6  No.679435

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thanks for fucking up my post with gay fliter joke mods.

9c6132  No.679526



5368b0  No.679534







She best watch her back. As Chris deteriorates he may get over obsessive and even aggressive. Hope he live stream the kidnapping/liberation of the goddess.

a42713  No.679674


A day, maybe? He would be eaten quickly when people realized the power wasn't coming back.


Are you serious?


You're underestimating the number of views and repeat viewings they get from autists crying about how their favorite should have won or bragging about how their favorite won.


Oh god.


He's fucking Nyarlathotep, the crawling autist.

410002  No.679706


>He's fucking Nyarlathotep, the crawling autist.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Christ-chan CWCville wgah'nagl fhtagn

033562  No.679797

>We Will never hear the 911 Audio of Megan asking for a squad car as chris screams in the background to be let in and how "YOUR'E REALLY MAKING ME ANGRY!!!!!" *Thump* *Thump* *Crash*

67a1c9  No.679820

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> spooky reflective digits

We need to make a CWC edit of Henry Kane in Poltergeist II

c628c3  No.680423

The audio of Chris crying over Bob’s Death has been released.

77d6e6  No.680431


post it

9c0633  No.680437

File: 90bef3b9867da87⋯.jpg (81.49 KB, 845x837, 845:837, you_serious.jpg)



>like O M G chrischan is so disguthing guyth did you see what he said about gayth

If you can't see that faggot mindset DRIPPING from the posts I replied to, you're blind and retarded. Do you actually have an IQ low enough to think that post was defending chris, when it's ripping on some tumblr alog nigger?

a42713  No.680466


Don't backpedal, anon.


Post it.

b29c66  No.680469


This is probably my favorite picture of Chris in years. He really looks like he has embraced his role as the pagan goddess of autism.

080063  No.680486

File: 0caff00e082b044⋯.png (65.87 KB, 630x853, 630:853, very influential.png)

I Am Very Influential

726ef1  No.680487

He needs to be getting ready for court and not bitching about Sanic.

726ef1  No.680489


How? What’s the best way?

5e73ec  No.680499


Show me the source or stop being an attention whoring faggot.

31b416  No.680553


post the audio as a webm you massive faggot

67a1c9  No.680596


He freaked out about blue arms in a game few people heard of. What is he going to do when there's a mass media advertising and marketing push for a fucking Sonic movie? And by that I mean how many times will he try to break into Megan's house?

410002  No.680609


It was going to be shit regardless, but he's going to take credit for it failing now.

a42713  No.680634


>you will never be as influential as Chris

77d6e6  No.680636


Only thing stopping Chris-chan from killing someone over the sonic movie is stalking Megan quest?

07b48c  No.680681

File: 9d810e5325f8ea6⋯.jpeg (250.34 KB, 750x1076, 375:538, F9E61641-5EB8-454A-8727-3….jpeg)

Faggot gotta pay up.

07b48c  No.680682


I have a vocaroo. Is that ok?

115b34  No.680743


Post or fuck off

My dick can only get so hard from the teasing.




116c5a  No.680750



7815d8  No.680777

File: 075c8affacd38c6⋯.jpg (137.35 KB, 750x1076, 375:538, IMG_20181220_014604.jpg)

Yep he's in debt and triggered by Mao Zedong on twatter.

77d6e6  No.680933


Did he used pel grant to buy legos or still haven’t paid off student loans?

5a54a0  No.681158


Where do you get Pell Grant from that?

385706  No.681238



7815d8  No.681296


Probably. He is ordered by the court to present every object of value, money Chris has in his pockets.

This is going to get good. I'm betting that Chris won't do that, since it would require work.

6e1894  No.681349


Yes, other anon can fix your shit.

77d6e6  No.681723


Pel grant fairly easy to cheat. Even autistic like Chris-Chan might figure out how to rip off the feds or at least attempt too.

16dbbe  No.681725


Chris actually would need to take a college course. Of course, if dumb niggers can take advantage of this program, Chris can too.

5a54a0  No.681759


It's rare if ever that a Pell grant would need to be paid back.

If he got subsidized student loans however, those must be paid back.

7815d8  No.681815


Post the vocaroo already

5a54a0  No.681870


Why would a recording of this exist?

d087bd  No.681872


>student loans

for what?

77d6e6  No.681877


Chris-Chan a college graduate in computer science.

5a54a0  No.681886


Where did all of this chris-chan bullshit begin?

When Mary Lee Walsh decided Chris wasn't enough of a man to be able to have a girlfriend by advertising for a boyfriend-free girl at whatever community college he was attending.

6e1894  No.682032


It started when Sonic Sez after he was molested.

5a54a0  No.682144


I bet it all started when he won that contest and got on the news.

77d6e6  No.682328

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>I bet it all started when he won that contest and got on the news.

Seems likely. You can probably blame Chris-Chan Narcissism on his mom spoilering him. He gets with literal attempted murder and assaulting multiple people because of mommy bailing him out. Chris-Chan dad at least tried to beat his son into normalcy.

b3f933  No.682368


RIP in peace robert

5a54a0  No.682385


>his [Chris's] entering the contest completely of his own accord was a sign to his parents of just how well he was getting along

Oh…man…talk about foreshadowing the darkness.

6e1894  No.682416


He was already Christian Chander at this point though.

8e6054  No.682441


The earliest we know is as a young child he was a mute because his babysitter locked him in a closet. At least that's the story he tells. He was always slow but that made him a mute

d087bd  No.682528



Are you implying that he has delinquent college loans from a community college he attended 15 years ago?

682f96  No.682595

has he sucked dick yet? excluding his own

115b34  No.682613


Ya there is way way more to that little tale.

1ee8e7  No.682708


From birth, nigga. He was fucked up the day he was born. Probably even before that

6e1894  No.682881


It's like I said. he got molested.

5a54a0  No.682911


No. Someone else was asking about Pell grants being involved in his debt suit. I didn't see where Pell grants came from the source.


He's also a liar.




Are you trying to pull a fast warski?

5551df  No.683333


Song was a bit predictable

31b416  No.683403


nice quads



>hes also a liar

QFT, all information about chris that only has chris's word as a source is no good.

033562  No.684397

All of Chris's Symptoms caused by his "Psychic Powers" (Near constant headaches / Pins and needles over half of body / Deja-vu and short term memory loss etc) can all be listed as symptoms of a Brain anurisysm / Stroke / Circulatory problems / Bleeding of the brain etc

I would not be surprised if his Psychic powers were just his brain releasing shots of DMT each time he almost dies

b2be7c  No.684442


I think his symptoms are just him larping so much that he believes in it.

2c74d0  No.684635

I'm honestly impressed by how good a job Geno did on the "Comprehensive History". Two questions…

1. Where did the "Ricardo" thing come from?

2. How did he order all those sex toys without his parents finding out?

b2be7c  No.684728


1. His high school Spanish class. They had students pick Spanish names to use during class to help immerse them in the course. Chris went with Ricardo because of I Love Lucy, one of the old sitcoms his parents liked to watch.

2. He used his own credit cards. But his parents knew he had sex toys - there was one point where Barb scolded him for leaving one of his sex dolls out in the hall.

7b2653  No.684938

File: 61b4092eab8e3c7⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, 16:9, 1379579856431.gif)


>leaving one of his sex dolls out in the hall.

2c74d0  No.685107


Jesus, imagine what Chris's credit score must be.

5a54a0  No.685214


They only go as low as 350.

115b34  No.685251

File: 769065b1c4d284b⋯.jpeg (10.19 KB, 300x168, 25:14, download.jpeg)


He did solid work. Bit of a bitch move to drop off the radar. Hopefully we will see it completed.

How are my fellow anons. How doth your Christmas Eve go? Do you have any Chris related wishes for 2019?

77d6e6  No.685262


Years later. I have a gut feeling we will find out Chris parents cheated to get him to win the contest. Or at least his mom did.

b06783  No.685453

File: c1a5ab9fbc8993c⋯.jpg (67.33 KB, 633x871, 633:871, tfw your oc will never be ….JPG)

2a1608  No.685561


bob was shit too, less than the other 2, but still


this. they made him way too old

8e6054  No.685628


Didn't he claim to have PTSD from how fucked up it all was? I can see the Blue spike stuff being too much to want to sort through. That faggot needed a blender enema.

5a54a0  No.685639

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Chris parents cheated to get him to win the contest

I can see this happening.

According to this video, the entry form looks normal enough, but I can see his mother throwing in a letter how her dear boy is "high functioning autistic" who was "locked in a closet and didn't speak for 2 years" and blah blah blah.

It's obvious that the news segment highlights his "autism" Chris is retarded.

77d6e6  No.685649


>where sonicchu?

This could be dangerous. He might blame the sonic movie on merger not happening. He might try to kill Sargon Carrey cause he playing eggman.

f4a6ec  No.685668



It's effectively 0 right now because of his on-going debt issues he can't take out any loans nor new lines of credit.

5a54a0  No.685678


Yeah, but he can still get a FICO credit score, and those only go to 350 at the lowest. I am not saying he doesn't have a 350, because that's probably it, but just giving an example of how shitty people's credit can go if they are like Chris.

ed350e  No.685810


cc5de3  No.685811


> He might blame the sonic movie on merger not happening.

He could litterly blame everything and anything. I'd watch out for old patterns and fixations. Sonic would be a no brainer as he has gone on a blue-arm-crusade before. However it is him orbiting Megan that straight up concerns me. >She is the template for Chris's stalking behavior

>he has already ropped her into his mythology and placed her with high importance

>he has already tried to approach her


Not a surprise. Also sauce plz.

8e6054  No.685814


I want to see Chris mace a theater worker for asking him to leave when he protests the movie.

ed350e  No.685815

5a54a0  No.685825

File: c8cc69f3538416c⋯.jpg (28.01 KB, 680x440, 17:11, real-mvp-pnznkqgsrgw4tx0qd….jpg)


All those people telling Chris to get a job.

bffe35  No.685826


All know that he won't be able to pay back those credit card debts or live. CWC is at end of his rope, literally.

bffe35  No.685828

d087bd  No.685872

File: 9043dcc3aa5fbb1⋯.png (466.61 KB, 767x467, 767:467, monster-children-heaves-cu….png)

Firstly, I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas. I did, and I was able to enjoy opening presents with Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana, Mewtwo, Patti and our Raichu, Fate. It was very lovely. 😊

The Dimension Merge is still in progress, within its final steps before the apex. The psychic and soulful links and events I have been having are becoming more frequent, so I do know. And all of the other deities have been working very hard together, with me as part of the group,

…to make this happen. Also, I met Arceus; he prefers the pronunciation Ar-see-us, and he is a good Pokémon, and deity, to work and be friends with too. Anyway, for a while longer, I urge everyone of this world to find your Truesight, so you can at least see the OCs; yours…

…and everyone else’s, Branded and Fan; that are local to you wherever you are, here in 1218’s Earth. Everyone’s mutual wish and Destiny to find, meet, and hang out with all of the OC Individuals Shall come true any moment now. Keep The Faith, and Pray to us deities.

Have a Great and Safe Christmas Holiday!

Make Every Day Count! Do Good for others and everyone else around you. I have been enjoying my days as well as possible and being kind to others, as I am in my true nature. Starlink, without the Arwing, has been fun too; with the sales: easiest completed collection since…

…Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, minus the multiple figure wave wait. Final Thought for now: Be Kind to Everyone, and Pray to us deities, the CPUs, God (aka Emanuel), Jesus, Buddha, and all who else. Thank You All. ⚡️💙⚡️

Let me clarify: while the Millions of all of you will be hibernating for 20 years, I Won’t Be. I have my Destiny to uphold in the completed dimension, along with the few who are Destined to Follow Me and help out. My Teammates and I will be immediately in the completed dimension;

…transported there, safe and sound, without missing a beat at all. I am concerned about all of you all who aren’t making the immediate jump with us. Rest assured, though, my fellow deities and I will make Positive all of you and everything will be safe and sound, and able…

…to pick up where y’all left off from right before the apex of the Merge. So, know that I and the select few will hold the fort of everything, here, into the completed 1C-211987 Dimension. ⚡️💙⚡️

fcfc17  No.685880


How long until he gets a couple of rolls of rubber wallpaper and a tight fitting jacket as a gift?

410002  No.685891


This really was a magical Christmas.

5a54a0  No.685915

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>CWC is at end of his rope, literally.

What rope?

I've seen and read quite a bit of the CWC lore, and I've never seen him bring in a rope.

It's not their fault he can't pay his bills. He should've learned a lesson and not gone over his budget considering his fixed income.

He lives his life like a senior citizen with the demands of spending like a frivolous child.

He might as well wake up and get a job like everyone is telling him to do.


Reads like more bullshit lies.


Does sound like Marshall Applewhite.

Someone should archive these tweets and send them to his local mental hospital with a clip of Marshall Applewhite so they can relate it. Might also call about a welfare check from a police officer. They might stick him in 72 hour involuntary.

8f7545  No.685916

The merge is happening in front of my eyes, he's making it.

I'm watching the "Comprehensive History" from the beginning while I lurk this thread.

For a long time Chris-Chan was just some retard that made that awfully funny Sonichu comic I would read at /co/, then after some time Chris' life itself proved to be often more entertaining and crazy that what was in those pages and Sonichu's comic was more like a spin-off than the main feature, if anything it looked like an addendum on the spectacle that Chris is.

But with one eye on the origin and other on the result, somehow I feel what he feels, or what he says he feels. By his delusions I do perceive the lines are getting blurred, a man that becomes his art in a desperate attempt to escape reality.

I mention this because I feel a looming shadow in the distance, there's a mountain on Chris' path and forever he's been approaching it from the easiest angle, the angle in which the mountain is invisible but still there and it is coming to a full speed crash.

I feel the oppressive feeling of the future and its lack of compassion. I've felt it before, when I was a NEET with no directions or goals, that forever falling until you feel the pressure of the air bouncing off the floor below about to hit you.

I'm worried.

410002  No.685917


This gives me an idea. Think we could make him think the merge really did happen and he's the only one that didn't get his waifu and superpowers?

8f7545  No.685923


You motherfucker… I like the idea but I don't think it'll work. If Chris is going actually delusional then he can't be tricked by shit he didn't come up with and I think he's going insane from either malnutrition from eating so much garbage or some rare fungus/mold growing in the house walls.

Despite Idea Guy tricking him it was also the time where he hit some of his highest numbers on paypig while he played his character so much he actually try to sell some literal "JULAAAY" merchandise. If I didn't knew Chris better I would say he actually played along with Idea Guy, immediately identifying him as a troll because he's been dealing with them and far worse ones for over a decade, in order to be more profitable while still not having to get a job until foxdickfarms exposed Idea Guy and Chris had to pretend to be offended to keep in character… but I do know him better.

Honestly the best idea until now is to make him a camwhore, that's the happy ending for Chris. I bet there's at least some guys willing to jack off to him.

5a54a0  No.685955


He is obviously desperate for cash.

Pay him money to believe it, eventually it will become "normal" and will sink in.

8f7545  No.685963


I'm not gonna pay money so he can fuck his imaginary wives while Barbara listens.

I feel guilty enough by being part of the community that ruined his life, I'm pretty sure that if it wasn't for the trolls he would be a night janitor at his old beloved high-school with the classic love sign looking for a "18 to 43 boyfriend free girl", getting pussy from crazy seniors at least twice per semester and lonely teachers, and he would be in a relatively better shape too.

5a54a0  No.685968


Pay him to do whatever.

He already advertised himself as a literal prostitute.

What harm (benefit) could you do at this point?

8f7545  No.685974


Like a


Cutting fetish?

5a54a0  No.685985


I'd pay him to cut his hair.

f79092  No.686004

File: 5c19728646bbe0d⋯.png (59 KB, 584x245, 584:245, C103CF9A-A9B9-41F6-93EA-51….png)

File: 3910aa258919a66⋯.jpeg (74.36 KB, 532x521, 532:521, BAA2C261-7202-47AC-9FA4-3….jpeg)

Someone posted this on his twitter earlier before Chris noticed and deleted it.


These are the teenage tranny retards who got Chris to start smoking weed and convince him the merge was real. Chris is retarded enough to get fooled by kids half his age.

bffe35  No.686032


>Ruined his life

>Implying he had one in the first ppace

8f7545  No.686036


I really don't believe Chris could've ruined his own life without the world we opened for him tbh. It was like giving gasoline to a pyromaniac who already had the matches, he could only burn so much by himself.

Then again, he did burn his own house with a coffee maker in the bathroom… still he didn't have gasoline.

3708df  No.686037


That's Null being an edgelord and trying to get his posse to harass these people (maybe justifiably) because trying to get the FBI to cage them didn't work the first time and they went into DFE mode, thus making it hard to make a thread on them.

8e619b  No.686039

File: 46794aef25c4f1a⋯.jpg (290.28 KB, 1016x1680, 127:210, 1.jpg)

File: 55ea2889b9c1eef⋯.jpg (331.06 KB, 1052x1704, 263:426, 2.jpg)

File: becaa2ea799689e⋯.jpg (329.83 KB, 1040x1700, 52:85, 3.jpg)

File: abf0954d62104af⋯.png (301.34 KB, 1048x1374, 524:687, 4.png)

To add to more Christmas troll news, here is the chat log of Chris being lied to about getting an xbox one.But to put into context, I was the dude who got bored and used a burner to text Chris a month ago.

8e619b  No.686040

File: 69e0c4f4802c545⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1048x4472, 131:559, 5.png)


cuz Chris said he wanted a xbox one and was bullshiting in paying me back after the merge like a fucking scammer, i fucking lied and PS some pictures into saying i am buying him an xbox. little bitch just ghosted and didnt reply after i "bought" the damn thing

8e619b  No.686041

File: 3743e3785c9eb16⋯.png (732.53 KB, 1056x3920, 66:245, 8.png)


i just fucking forgot about the damn thing, cuz i only did this cuz im bored. so i completely didnt even notice that he was getting desperate and texted me 2 times before i remembered that i got this going on. So the ride goes on, and i pretended to be busy and PS a delay message to Chris saying that it will come during christmas. Chris still lies about the merge, saying its gonna happen.

8e619b  No.686042


he also reassured me that the merge is going to happen to try to convince me to reply to him about his "xbox one"

8e619b  No.686043

File: 3279100190461b2⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1048x3552, 131:444, 11.png)


So yeah, i bs a delay message on amazon saying that it will arrived in christmas, and he just ghosted me. fucking ingrateful autistic behavior

8e619b  No.686045


finally, on christmas day i slap him with reality, and ask him about the merge and if he received the xbox or not. then i was just fucking sick of this bs and ended it by spitting some fucking truth to his face. he got upset. but autistic bitch didn't even block me the first time, hoping he might still get the xbox. anyway this is chris number, so go crazy with it if u want. Send him a happy JULAY. shitty trolling here, but whatever, just goes to show that chris is so desperate that he will communicate to anyone on the phone that stroke his autistic fantasy.

8e619b  No.686046

File: 675418af87dbbd8⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1048x5744, 131:718, 12.png)

13c811  No.686062


It's obvious he doesn't believe in this merge shit at all

77d6e6  No.686084


>Chris is retarded enough to get fooled by kids half his age.

They won’t be laughing when Chris rapes them with a strap on dildo.

77d6e6  No.686097



I call bullshit. Grammar too good to be Chris.

ed350e  No.686112


>He believes that it's someone else trolling.

Autocorrect is a thing

d82c83  No.686191


>TF2 music in the background


1f4b94  No.686212


Chris is nowhere near physically strong enough to rape someone.


That's not surprising or unexpected, Chris can be fooled and manipulated by 13 year olds.

3708df  No.686222


also this guy is josh trying to personal army us and his fellow tards.

5011f4  No.686233


>DFE mode

That shit gets mocked for a good reason. But, it does work if you're previously unknown and get started on the deletion before any archives can be made or videos can be mirrored. Otherwise you're fucked.

3708df  No.686265


Oh yeah. Null, Captain and Marvin dropped the ball on this and personal-armied these fuckers because they got wise to the fact that people were onto them and DFE'd before people could archive them.

From the thread, it looks like one of them wrote gay my little downy fanfics or some shit. Basically, they'd totally deserve a thread - except they deleted anything that'd make them cow-worthy (aside from extorting a retard and being trannys) before Marvin and Captain decided that they weren't innocent underage trannytrannys but actual cows

212265  No.686356

Someone please get a hard copy of this before they delete.


d087bd  No.686364

File: d46668be4aa332a⋯.mp4 (4.9 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, - hi! im lukas, the one '….mp4)


youtube-dl does more than youtube

d087bd  No.686373

File: cd0b094f3376b48⋯.png (34.58 KB, 608x307, 608:307, Screenshot from 2018-12-26….png)


Looks like a tranny slapfight

2c74d0  No.686390


Okay, now I'm concerned.

1f65a7  No.686402


Way back machine.

5011f4  No.686417


Even that has its limitations, though. You'd have to know the url and go backwards until you find what you're looking for.https://youtu.be/mULiiNMT-ko

5011f4  No.686418

Disregard YT link

115b34  No.686450


Who is the person filming?


Took you long enough.

d087bd  No.686462


>Who is the person filming?

One of the trannies, I think.

I only just found out about this.

They gave Chris $1000 to hang out with them and then they fed him the storyline about the merge, or something like that.

410002  No.686471


>even trannies are fucking with chris

This really is the best timeline.

5a54a0  No.686482



Where the hell did they get that?

ed350e  No.686492


Government teat

d087bd  No.686495



https://kiw ifarms.net/threads/12-25-the-teen-troon-squad-reveals-themselves-say-theyre-behind-the-merge.51472/page-4#post-4125980

I'm just repeating what I read there

5a54a0  No.686566


Makes sense.

Fucking welfare.


Thanks for the link.

ed350e  No.686583


foxdickautists fail to provide proof

3c8974  No.686605

File: f2cdf4484b0402a⋯.jpeg (215.09 KB, 941x885, 941:885, 399112AF-3902-4AEE-8854-D….jpeg)

Chris commented on Lukas and Captain getting doxxxxxed and blames a third party only referred to as the troll.

77d6e6  No.686611


>Chris is nowhere near physically strong enough to rape someone.

There more than one way to rape someone. Chris probably try to buy roofies off eBay knowing him.

67a1c9  No.686614

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Vision of the future: Chris is kept as a pet lolcow by crackheads, like John Holmes was. Instead of whipping out his dick for entertainment when they get high, they'll make him re-enact cakefarts.mp4 and 4 J R's Eyes Only.MOV.

89b13c  No.686645


So The Captain is Magi-chan pulling the strings then?

ed350e  No.686667


Isn't that the reality now? Josh is addicted to drugs and alcohol and the fags under him are basically trollshielding tryhards

78f814  No.686678














b2be7c  No.686680


Proof's in the Twitter screencaps in the link. And Lukas proved that he is FFEMemberLukas by posting >>686373 later.

128e25  No.686681

File: 5f961b38b21641f⋯.jpeg (104.44 KB, 625x750, 5:6, 2616FB71-4453-4997-A7CC-C….jpeg)


Why should we trust these dox?

3c8974  No.686690


The captain has stated in the past that he used a google voice number to communicate with Chris.

78f814  No.686691









7d2667  No.686693



d087bd  No.686696



It's listed as a google voice number


>Type: Non-Fixed VoIP (e.g. Skype or Google Voice)

78f814  No.686697



d087bd  No.686699


Explain for us simpletons

aa44f7  No.686701


Wasn't Google voice discontinued?

78f814  No.686715






























aa44f7  No.686722


Stop with the all caps, so anyone with common sense might take you seriously.

Or are you one of those loons that there are people that pay attention to your grammar and diction just to stalk you?

d02d56  No.686728

Youre going to need to provide more evidence than just the same first name. I’ll admit it’s a good start and the fact that the username has been changed is also damning but it’s still too flimsy.

Add the fact that your all caps retard rants a la Hirtes aren’t doing you any favors. You might be on to something you autist but try to breathe and show more evidence that it’s actually the captain because Null has helped autists who were doxxxxxed in the past in exchange for money.

78f814  No.686730


fair. read and judge.

78f814  No.686732


given enough. if you reject, truth rejected.

d02d56  No.686740


Well then if that’s all you got it’s flimsy. Just because the captain has used the same first name as the other guy isn’t definitive proof.

aa44f7  No.686745


You could do that right here, right now. You have name, state and there's white pages to confirm that.

It's slow as shit to do in a virtual machine.

18d5ac  No.686748








These screencaps read like some really fucked up cult shit. The merge is just around the corner, so make sure the XBox arrives as quickly as possible. If I didn't know this is Chris I would think it's some cult leader trying to trick children to spend their money on him.

aa44f7  No.686752


Soulbonders are real

Otherkin cults are real.

Final Fantasy house existed.

You shouldn't be surprised, little grasshopper

78f814  No.686754


why do both jacks talk to megan? why did one have thread delete? why did one have change name?

not flimsy.

d02d56  No.686766


Point being is that in order to prove it to the masses you’ll need a smoking gun that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt they’re the same person because right now there’s enough reasonable doubt that they can just deny it and the foxdickfags will believe it. The foxdickfags need to be convinced most of all.

ebb898  No.686767

I don't understand the point of your ranting. What are you hoping to accomplish?

d087bd  No.686783


What does this have to do with the number being fake?

Can't it still be his number he uses for CWC?

38c6ef  No.686788

File: 3ae513da930f323⋯.png (3.64 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 9D5973B7-719E-441C-835E-56….png)

Who’s the other person in the room?

aa44f7  No.686794


Yes that's a door. What about it?

0e1cfc  No.686949


One of the folks in this room >>686004

Outfit is the same

d087bd  No.686989


It's the same picture

BTW, did the guy who was involved with the ideas guys ever post whatever it was he was going to post?

67a1c9  No.687037



Josh let everyone change their username a couple of years ago because KFers retardedly posted their pictures and massive personal information caches which vengeful trannies used on tumblr to dox half the active userbase. Lots of them did it because they shit their pants to see tumblr pages with their real names and all of the nasty shit they'd posted.

I'm not saying your wrong, I haven't read the forum in years, but that's an alternative explanation for the username switch.

3708df  No.687068


It would, but I can confirm that Captain is a former lolcow and these dox are correct.

8f7545  No.687161

File: de89d684bd7846c⋯.jpg (55.6 KB, 720x880, 9:11, 1525138971352.jpg)









>Leave the thread for 2 days.

>It turns into some Qanon/Marble Hornets ARG conspiracy.

ed350e  No.687166


Were you following CWCs twatter during those days? Chris believes in this crazy shit.

89b13c  No.687167

This is a long shot that even I don't 100% believe but what if was Chris that posted that magi-chan post that doxed the troon?

8f7545  No.687170


What if Josh is actually Chris.

5a54a0  No.687171


How likely is it that Chris has been trolling everyone into subsidizing the tugboat?

In this post >>686614 he is wearing a sports bra, but why? Why is he wearing it before he went tranny? Why is Chris gay now but before he hated them?

There is no way all of that is external influence. He did that to stay in the spotlight.

488029  No.687172

File: cd027155b85ed6a⋯.jpg (36.57 KB, 348x333, 116:111, 1418500335660.jpg)


>who got Chris to start smoking weed

So that's where this merge bullshit started. Isn't smoking weed like, really really bad for people with schizophrenic tendencies?

3708df  No.687173


Actually it's pretty good for them from what I hear, calms them down, but they also got Chris to take LSD from what I hear. Or I could be talking out of my ass here.

Chris ain't schitzo, he's just autistic and has an overreactive imagination. I keep saying this but nobody really follows. He has an overreactive imagination, and something like LSD would convince him that his fantasies are more then fantasies but actual reality because he's a fucking kid.


It was Josh.

ed350e  No.687174


Depending on the person, some lightweight start to trip balls and make disassociative symptoms worse.

More intense hallucinations, loss of feeling, numbness and so on.

Chris is delusional already and fucking lightweight.


>Implying Chris was trolling all along

Decades long of trolling streak. Seems legit.

5a54a0  No.687178


There is no way this fat fucking retarded tranny idiot wasn't always fat, fucking retarded, a tranny, and an idiot.

The attention this piece of shit got early on from the Internet allowed him to know that there are people who will feed his neuroses and psychotic delusions.

He's been playing everyone as soon as the Liquid Chris saga, when he grew his gay goatee and started wearing those gay sleeves.

He has been gay and retarded since the beginning, but because you gay retards keep giving him attention, he relishes in it, and it convinces him to be gayer and more retarded.

You are the ones being julayed, not Chris anymore.

3708df  No.687184


Not sure if trolling or retarded

67a1c9  No.687191

File: 6690ed7fe1ec469⋯.png (60.51 KB, 768x480, 8:5, 1538235747632.png)


> subsidizing the tugboat

His tugboat comes from the government and predates his discovery. He went years without getting money from anyone else – it was only recently after the fire that he learned he could e-beg effectively, and then paypig and the like made it even easier.

>he is wearing a sports bra, but why? Why is he wearing it before he went tranny?

He started wearing them around the time of Liquid and Kacey. It's been awhile since I listened but there's a segment of an early call when he's asking her tips about buying a sports bra and cleaning them. Behind the scenes people probably spent months convincing him he needed one.

That was also nearly 10 years ago and if you're wearing women's underwear for 10 years as a "troll" you are probably not really a "troll."


> you gay retards keep giving him attention

> (47)

5a54a0  No.687198


You are only supporting my statements.

Chris gets off on the attention everyone gives him. Chris was always a gay degenerate. That's why he doesn't care about making videos debasing himself.

His only regret from cakefarts.mp4 is spending $10 on the cake, not making the video.

Does he have regrets for the masturbation video where Bob catches him? No.

Does he have regrets for fucking the blow up doll? No.

The fag is playing everyone for attention, and you all gladly give it to him. He doesn't care and just wants you all to give him money.


You think that shit has been around since Chris has been known on the Internet?

It's only been the past 4-6 years that crowdfunding has allowed for e-begging to work.

Before that, Chris had people sending him shit in the mail.

He's been julaying everyone for attention and shit once he saw how effective it was.

67a1c9  No.687310

File: 72bb36bc621112e⋯.jpg (13.91 KB, 224x255, 224:255, 72bb36bc621112e6bfcae9590d….jpg)


> The fag is playing everyone for attention, and you all gladly give it to him

> (48)

5a54a0  No.687319


Like that means shit?

Am I validating Chris's attention seeking behavior by exposing? No.

Do I contact him to further exacerbate shit in the guise " trolling"? Nope.

You gay faggots on the other hand do.

So keep pulling that shit out.

Here is (49).

67a1c9  No.687322

File: fcc3ebd35c2f26c⋯.jpg (499.02 KB, 3024x4032, 3:4, 9ALIIv2.jpg)


I've never spoken (or tried to speak to) Chris in my life.

Most people here are like that.

You on the other hand in this very thread you're ranting about have suggested people pay him to make him believe stupid shit. >>685955

And report him to the mental health authorities >>685915

So what the fuck are you talking about, you psycho?

5a54a0  No.687333


I also suggest in this thread to pay Chris so he will stop believing this merge shit and to leave his gay tranny life behind.

You obviously cherry-pick shit and ignore the facts.

The point is that this thread is full of people who want to continue to point their fingers at Chris and extort some kind of deranged behavior out of him but are too insipid to realize that Chris has been doing the same at them by putting out all of his demented bullshit videos.

Why shouldn't people call mental authorities on an unstable individual who has a record of targetting and running a person over with their car twice while also convincing his elderly mother to do the same which resulted in a felony on her criminal record?

There is (50), homo.

3708df  No.687379


Five bucks it's Captain or someone close to Captain trying to move the topic away from his doxing and terminal autism.

7e237f  No.687492

File: e0c6e834ebdbd36⋯.jpeg (271.13 KB, 841x1308, 841:1308, 1E7FB210-73F0-48BD-A907-8….jpeg)

File: d890c15f2c217a1⋯.jpeg (353.65 KB, 833x1612, 833:1612, 3E3F79A8-44D2-4023-892F-D….jpeg)

File: c7f096291bf77fc⋯.jpeg (142.32 KB, 832x792, 104:99, 883DB7E1-5C1D-444E-8F1F-2….jpeg)

7b2653  No.687504


I was seeing this exact man while reading his twitter.

Something bad is coming.

7b2653  No.687505


Bullshit, he would have ended up in prison as a sex offender.

2c74d0  No.687533

File: d8fcf7c77d9bfe7⋯.gif (124.79 KB, 1204x1052, 301:263, 1412654750149.gif)


>with her watching, I yelled at a body pillow pretending it was her

>I slapped, punched, and even humped

Just because Barb actually tried to clean a little for once.

2c74d0  No.687539


>Isn't smoking weed like, really really bad for people with schizophrenic tendencies?

It absolutely is. With everything else that's come out in the past few days, it looks like these troons have managed to break Chris's mind even more than ever.

31b416  No.687655


holy shit i am afraid for barb


cwc shouldnt smoke weed, agreed. i think the troons are trying to break him down

2a1608  No.687658



While the trannies should die painfully, they also should spike chrissy with lsd. Would be the final hammer strike to his sanity.

aa44f7  No.687679

File: 5084bfc3d1174e0⋯.mp4 (4.18 MB, 608x1080, 76:135, Batshit.mp4)

Waifu lovemaking

1cd284  No.687694


there's a gun behind the camera

ee15c6  No.687712


The trannies aren't doing anything different to what trannies always do. You have a drugged up bunch of degenerates talking nonsense and Chris isn't smart enough to understand drugged up nonsense is just that.

7b2653  No.687796


That's a good point.

042140  No.687809


>Chris ain't schitzo, he's just autistic and has an overreactive imagination.

Wut? Nigga you reading what I'm reading? Seeing what I am seeing? There playing pretend then there is a shitty attempt at being a cartoon cult leader.

3708df  No.687830


Exactly. Compare his behavior to Terry Davis. His fantasys are stupid and troubling, but they have a logic that makes sense if you are able to follow it.

Terry, an actual schitzo? In the middle of a thought, he'll go off on a complete word salad - cia niggers they glow in the dark gotta RUN THEM OVER - gods light gods light gods light

like that, right? Chris doesn't do that.

c92e43  No.688331

File: 78f1b2b9e740cb3⋯.png (505.34 KB, 704x1098, 352:549, Untitled.png)


Fuck this is some Edmund Kemper type shit right here


>On April 20, 1973, after coming home from a party, 52-year-old Clarnell Elizabeth Strandberg awakened her son with her arrival. While sitting in bed reading a book, she noticed Kemper enter her room and said, "I suppose you're going to want to sit up all night and talk now." Kemper replied "No, good night!" He then waited for her to fall asleep and returned to bludgeon her with a claw hammer then slit her throat with a knife. He subsequently decapitated her and engaged in irrumatio with her severed head before using it as a dart board; Kemper stated that he "put [her head] on a shelf and screamed at it for an hour … threw darts at it," and ultimately, "smashed her face in." He also cut out her tongue and larynx and put them in the garbage disposal. However, the garbage disposal could not break down the tough vocal cords and ejected the tissue back into the sink. "That seemed appropriate," Kemper later said, "as much as she'd bitched and screamed and yelled at me over so many years."

>Kemper then had sexual intercourse with his mother's corpse, hid it in a closet and went out to drink.

6aeef3  No.688540

File: a5e2a20930e045b⋯.mp4 (1.12 MB, 720x720, 1:1, Yelling at Toilet.mp4)


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