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File: c1a9d03a2e28018⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 2893x4092, 263:372, Kaban.jpg)



1. Make a thread for any specific completed CYOA or a themed thread one if you're going to dump several.

2. NSFW cyoas should be noted as such or be self-evident from it's title. But don't necessarily have to be spoilered.

3. No spamming, flooding, flaming and so on.

You can roll dice under the post options; choose the number of dice, how many sides it has, and any modifiers. It'll list each individual dice roll when you post. Alternatively, use a RNG such as https://random.org/

Use this thread to discuss the board and ask for help, tips, or feed-back when making OC or similar graphics, such as infographs, charts, and image editing.

Accepting banners for the board

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>modcucks let (((/marx/))) and (((/liberty/))) play

Why game so lewd lately?

File: 71e6b612859a6f0⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1024x7883, 1024:7883, Sexbot CYOA 1.png)

File: 73161758051f903⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1024x9249, 1024:9249, Sexbot CYOA 2.png)

File: c75e40b1b1ea22c⋯.png (824.62 KB, 1024x4829, 1024:4829, Sexbot CYOA 3.png)

File: c4493d0f2763696⋯.png (1020.13 KB, 1024x6549, 1024:6549, Sexbot CYOA 4.png)

File: 5915b5c3749d63e⋯.png (897.12 KB, 1024x4615, 1024:4615, Sexbot CYOA 5.png)


One day you'll be able to do this, one day sometime soon.

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Free Will

Your Home


Loving & Submissive









Entertainment, Prototype






Breast Hookup




Big Toed


Early Access


Cum Pouch, Milking



No Anus Mods

No Penis

Chores, Kawaii, Child, Upload, College

Beach Resort


Time for my loli android waifu dreams to come true!


>Play style: Be the robot

<Lawset: Free will

>Living Space: Your home

<CPU: Emotional

>Base Personality: Loving, submissive

<Pleasure Processor: Orgasmic

>Voice: Human

<Temperature: Regulated

>Scale: 0.75x

<Materials: Gel

>Torso: Human

<Torso size: Chubby

>Butt: Heavenly

<Torso/butt mods: Pregnant, Butt hookup

>Head: Doll

<Saliva: Synthspit

>Head mods: Mouth hook up, fuller lips, glasses

<Breasts: Huge

>Nipples: Standard

<Breast mods: Breast hookup, lactation (synthmilk)

>Arms: Smooth

<Hands: Fingered

>Legs: Smooth

<Feet: Hooves

>Limb mods: Hand Hookup, Feet Hookup

<Pussy: Early Access

>Pussy lube: Purple Lube

<Pussy mod: Clamping

>Anus: Softie

<Anus lube: Purple Lube

>Anus Mods: Pulsating, Butt Charge

<Penis: No Penis

>Software libraries: Chores.dll, Exclusive.dll, Kawaii.dll, Tickle.dll, Child.dll

Hello, I am cuddlebot, but if Daddy wants to give me another name that would be lovely :). C … can I come up into your lap for a huggle Daddy?


File: 9d611317cb85d32⋯.png (482.64 KB, 932x2444, 233:611, 3e48ecad4a655564de6444da5f….png)

Playstyle: Human


Lawset: Free Will

Living Space: Home

CPU: Emotional

Base Personality: Loving/Proud

Pleasure Processor: Orgasmic

Voice: Human

Temperature: Regulated

Scale: 1x

Materials: Synthflesh


Torso: Human

Torso Size: Wide Hips

Butt: Heavenly

Torso/Butt Mods: Entertainment, Small Tail, Prototype

Head: Lifelike

Saliva: Synthspit

Head Mods: Glasses, Fuller Lips, Positronic, Mouth Hookup

Breasts: Medium

Nipples: Inverted

Breast Mods: Lactation(Synthmilk), Breast Hookup


Arms: Smooth

Hands: Fingered

Legs: Inverted/Smooth

Feet: Hooves

Limb Mods: Shocks, Combat Thighs


Pussy: Standard

Pussy Fluid: Green Lube

Pussy Mods: Clamping, Milking, Suction

Anus: Softie

Anus Mods: Pulsating


Software Libraries: Fashion, Chores, Seduce, Exclusive, Mommy, College, Kiss, Handjob

Testing Grounds: Sex Palace


My sexbot follows the laws of Asimov, Issac,

She lives in my home so she can hop on my dick.

Loving and dominant, logical mind.

But a hint of emotion in there I will find.

An orgasmic processor makes her human voice crack,

She's covered in synthflesh from belly to back.

Like most electronics, she's warm inside,

Her stature is human so she's easy to hide.

A torso that's thin, a big prototype ass,

Wih wifi and hookup so anal's a blast.

A hooked-up mouth and a positronic psych,

In a cute standard head that's also lifelike.

Her boobs are humongous, they're I-cups, it's true,

Breast hookup, motorized and inflatable too.

She lactates testoplus from her 2 normal nips,

Her arms are stretchy, they can reach her toes' tips.

Her hands and her legs are normal and smooth,

Her feet fit in shoes so she can bust a move.

Her limbs absorb shocks so her hard drive's protected,

She puts cuffs on me if she thinks I'm neglected.

She also has rocket feet in case there's a fag,

Who has, very high, put a stupid white flag.

Her normal pussy vibrates, milks and sucks,

She drips synthetic lube every time she fucks.

when it comes to anal, orange lube will secrete,

Her pucker will pulsate when I enter my meat.

It doubles as a charge port, the main one's on her belly,

But I like eating ass because hers isn't smelly.

She has training in boob motorizing and head,

Specifically to emote as if she's alive, not dead.

She's also skilled in the milking mechanic,

So she doesn't go tearing off my poor dick.

She can seduce, do my Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>Be the human

>law set

Asimov's laws, but altered so she only has to obey me.

>living space

My home





>Pleasure Processor












>torso size




>Butt/torso mods

entertainment, butt hookup, prototype


lifelike, synthspit

>Head mods

long tongue, vibe tongue, mouth hookup


small to medium



>Breast mods

lactation (milk), breast hookup









>Limb mods

Super tools, hand hookup, foot hookup.



>pussy fluid


>pussy mods

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 5198ee440c06177⋯.jpg (2.89 MB, 1200x7130, 120:713, Reject Roommate CYOA.jpg)


Not as lewd as the angel or demon ones unfortunately.

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Does this one have a page for Death?



Unfortunately not, made by the same guy but this one is a little different..


File: ad35ab307ebf2eb⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1500x873, 500:291, rainy city day.jpg)


wow, this really is /comfy/, you guys weren't kidding. I'm trying to decide how much I like Aki. I keep flip-flopping between "do I want to put up with her psuedo-edge" and "her trying to make things deep is amusing". I think I'll just go with…


She's cute. It's rare to find a kitsune that's not made overly slutty or girly. Honorable mentions to Enyo, since I like jazz, but she'd probably make me do stuff I'm too lazy for. Like jogging

>Eternal rain

Some might find rain depressing, but I always loved the atmosphere

>Forgotten Spirits

It was tempting to take cutie kitsunes, but I can always go back to Junko for that

>Bonsai dimensions

it's about god-damn time they had a cool career in one of these.


File: 95cc62ad18b5a47⋯.png (1.76 MB, 850x1204, 425:602, 95cc62ad18b5a47ecdf3d27ea2….png)



>I always needed a genki onnesan to drag me out of my blackhole.

>I want to make music together

Eternal Winter Villa





Forest House

Forgotten Spirits



I can't really decide >>

Become My Pupil

>What does Death do?



File: 57bcb0ec8427987⋯.jpg (574.64 KB, 599x1116, 599:1116, regectRoommateCYOADeath.jpg)

the wait for death is over

File: 0987974f9bf4fbf⋯.png (2.96 MB, 1200x10000, 3:25, Eronomicon CYOA 1.png)

File: b0108bc9db0e5cc⋯.png (4.03 MB, 1200x9317, 1200:9317, Eronomicon CYOA 2.png)


Seems the Old Ones are into this sorta thing.

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I'm going to change things a little.

Magical Essence List

yellow: 5

green: 11

blue: 9

purple: 11

pink: 8

red: 5

black: 1

total: 50


First: Purple

Second: Pink



abyssal summoner


summon tentacles 2

spawn monster 2

summon abyssal girl 2

spawn parasite 2



empower - transform

summon deity 2 - Read below.

divine portal 2

divine gift - transform - Casting all these divine gift spells on the deity.

divine gift - voodoo

divine gift - invigorate

power word: stop 2


planeswalker 2

hidden power - enforce law 2 - I spend 10 on this so should be able to do this.

embrace corruption - I'm going to give myself the needed point.


>Purple Points


>Pink Points


orgasm denial


>Parasite Spells

slime girl


eldritch girl

>Bonus Points

mental changPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Yellow 5 (Primary), Purple 4 (Secondary)

Black 4, Red 3, Green 2, Pink 2, Blue 1

Slut Wear regeneration with 19MP

Boons: Discrete Spellcasting, Immortality

Yellow Spells: Charm 2, Heighten Libido 1, Heighten Sensitivity 1, Add Flavor 1

Yellow Corruption: Sexy Girl, Slut, Urges

Purple spells: Summon Tentacles 1, Incubate 1, Spawn Monster 2

Purple Corruption: Spirited Away, Eldritch Dreams

Sex goddess with the ability to control people discretely and create monsters of my choice. I could choose to be "good" or merely mischievous by gestating the monsters myself, caring for each monster as a child and finding it too painful to sacrifice them to unnecessary violence. Alternatively I could go evil, spawning monsters quickly by raping others to create an army of disposable terror troops. I'd do the former unless there was a magical war going on, then I'd use captured enemies to spawn armies. If the authorities made me abuse this power to make an army I'd use it to crush them and crown myself Queen liberator instead.




yw: 11

gr: 8

bl: 5

pur: 9

pnk: 7

r: 12

blk: 2

total: 54

>main and second

red and yellow

>mana regeneration

power of dominance

>red school

enslave upgrade

bind upgrade

enforce law upgrade

summon succubus upgrade

>yellow school

normalify upgrade


heighten libido

heighten sensitivity upgrade

>blue school

spiritual possession upgrade

spatial manipulation upgrade

time stop upgrade


tertiary school - blue

planeswalker upgrade

embrace corruption


I'm breaking rules.


role reversal until points are gone

kinky wardrobe

vampire girl


random orgasms




sexy girl


magic feedback

accidental summoning


mana tanks

>other points

random transformation


embrace madness


File: e33261cb19c5203⋯.jpg (239.11 KB, 1200x884, 300:221, 1452881026792.jpg)







9 (more if I knew what some of them were)






13 (so close to a perfect score, why the fuck is tickling on there)



Total: 50

Red/pink joins the party. 13 red spell points, 10 pink.


Mana Generation: Mana Leech

>Red Spells:

Enslave - Upgrade (2)

Enforce Law - Upgrade (2)

>Red Corruptions:

Role Reversal (-1)

Tyrant (-2)

Rapist (-2)

Total Red Corruption Points: 4/2 - 5 = -3 (will solve further down)

9 Red Spell Points converted to Magical Points.


>Pink Spells:

Empower (1) Chosen Spell: Heighten Sensitivity

Summon Diety - Male (1)

Divine Portal - Upgrade (2)

Divine Gift (1) Chosen Spell: Unleash Hell

Power Word: Stop (1)

>Pink Corruptions:

Sadist (-1)

Orgasm Denial (-2)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Yellow - 3

Green - 2

Blue - 3

Purple - 6

Pink - 7

Red - 11

Black - 11

Total: 41

So black/red tie. Well, I'm fucked-up we'll go Black primary and Red secondary.

Mana Regen - Power of Darkness, yeah I'm kinda useless during the day, but waiting around for an hour is so much easier than trying to find (or make) a bunch of people on the verge of death.

Red Spells:

Enslave (Upgraded) - 2

Bind - 1

Enforce Law (Upgraded) - 2

Total Spell Points: 5

Black Spells:

Raise Dead - 1

Unleash Hell (Upgraded) - 2

Curse (Upgraded) - 2 (Slut, Urges, Kinky Wardrobe)

Voodoo (Upgrade) - 2

Nightmare (Upgraded) - 2

Total Spell Points: 9 (Ouch, that's going to cost me…)

Mana: 21 (29 with Power of Corruption)

Boons: 27 (20 Used)

Discrete Spellcasting, Power of Corruption, Signature Spell (Curse)

Red Corruption: 3

Tyrant, Kinky Wardrobe

Black Corruption: 5

Lich Girl, Bloodlust, Sinister Aura, Embrace Madness

Hmm, I think I just turned myself into an anime villain.

File: 35904fa3b655c3e⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1200x7050, 8:47, RGqumUj.jpg)

File: a3b12bb9e08b26d⋯.png (4.82 MB, 1200x6300, 4:21, Yshq80u.png)


You're stuck in a nightmare, fortunately you have some to be stuck there with.

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Waiting for the end and scion of death. It'd love to go full /pol/ on the world with the scion. Since she takes my requests to heart, I'd request that she purges the shitskins first.


An Infestation Memory and The Scion of Death.


File: 926219c1b7faf62⋯.jpg (54.09 KB, 501x749, 501:749, spooky-comfy.jpg)


Takin the easiest route with bugs eh? You know you'll have to be a cutfag to get the best EXPUROSIONS right?

I choose Night Stalker and her dream The Night Children.

>kuudere qt

>Go out on exciting or relaxing night walks

>Become nocturnal and never have go out in the sun again

>Night S.T.A.L.K.E.R will help me survive when >>2957 causes The Happening

>tfw ywn introduce other anons to your waifu and tell stories of your time in the nightmare and live nearby one another in a comfy neighbourhood and have little parties and night-time sausage sizzles



How about no, little slut?

But IF I where to…





>Appartament in China

Maybe, I could probably just kick in, research the place, and use violence to get information.

>Pale lolis

Cunt please, I'm the one who strangles.

>Just give in, goy

I ain't no cuck, I'm a man and I will die standing.

>Run Anon Run!

Looks like the easiest.

>Just don't give a fuck about your horrible dream

Nevermind, THIS is the easiest - and most harmful.


Seems easy and safe, in theory.

>Subterranean Dweller

How about he talks with me, heh? Because otherwise I will fight.


You call that a waifu? You must be a cuck.


How will I live in this society with a fucking monster girl? Will my chilren be white?

>trioptic Scorpion

Exo skeleton asides, is she pretty? Is she soft? Can she bear human children?

Anyway, I pick her and the spelunk "nightmare". Seems easy, and I much prefer devoted and taller girls.




File: 7086e1b1ea260b3⋯.png (4.67 MB, 1200x5234, 600:2617, Strandard Harem CYOA 1.png)

File: 1fdcf5c971b37f6⋯.png (5.78 MB, 1200x6772, 300:1693, Strandard Harem CYOA 2.png)


You must pick 4. That's the way this works.

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Ryujin, cause women in charge > anything else

Miki, for camp skills

Natsumi, for being bossy and 'willing to pleasure others who resist'

Kau, for being hot and having hunting skills, plus, lacking experience with men, is likely to comfortable with a 'women in charge' scenario


Creepy Crawlies - Just like life anywhere else. Easy to adapt to.

Unknown - It's intriguing.

Separation - Between Miki and Ryujin, we can prevent this one.



First Aid Kit

>Mystery Item

Cabin - the most obviously useful.


We'll settle down in a general store. It's a shame that Ryujin won't stay with us, but she'll visit, since I'm definitely bowing to her. We'll keep the place nice for her while she's away.



Ryujins because femdom dragon girl mistress

Natsumi because I like her personality and she's smart

Kau because she will get the food. Also she's some kind of sexy amazon

Shina because supergeniuses are always useful

The most femdom possible harem.


Plague because Shina can handle it

Wild Beasts because they become more food with Kau

Drama because I could honestly see Natsumi upsetting Ryujin.




All around useful items

>Mystery Item



Since Ryujin refuses to settle down, her faithful harem will travel with her by airship. I honestly don't need answers and I think that a dragon girl would want treasure so we could search for treasure. Natsumi can stay on the airship if she likes.


File: 75d9aa45970f65a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 631.56 KB, 1104x1609, 1104:1609, b2520ed24879ae81ae308fbe0c….jpg)







Wild Beasts





We make friends with the ghost of the cabin… after much body-swapping hardcore hi-jinks.

Using Shina and Anya's knowledge and Ryujin's strength, we build a boat.

We desire to venture on, but we don't want to leave our new ghost companion, but upon demanding Estelar's assistance, she is able to change the object the ghost is bound too from the cabin to my knife.


>Ghost-can joins the party.

…Ghost-chan has the extremely rare power of true possession… but what happens when she possesses someone is that their spirit is bumped out. Essentially they trade places or bodies. Ghost-chan's body therefore is now my knife. What this means that Ghost-chan could have possessed any of us permanently, and left one of our spirits bound to the cabin. But she didn't even think of that. What a good girl!

With Ghost-chan's power we can swap bodies… and it becomes quite a regular kink for our merry band… it also allows us to great leeway as animals can be possessed for use as scouts… rich men possessed to wake up finding their gold missing… ect.

We travel the 77 seas by Boat in search of Treasures granting power, at Ryujin's pleasure.



File: 1915a57375302b0⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1198x848, 599:424, cff8af0f93d3d53a7a991b5264….png)


My contribution to the party would be essentially be what Shuria would do if she was in the party. I would also be the second strongest, so I should learn how to use the knife and hunt.



Kau - number 1

>unaware of social norm

So she is honest, that is not a negative, quite the opposite.

Miki and shuria ain't very useful, ryujin needs to eat shit and die, Gumi comes at a horrible price, Natsumi too.

Estelar - elf farseer

Useful and submissive, like women should be.

I need minions to serve me, in the name of survival I will also pick Anya - Alchoolic Fisher and Shina - Mad Scientist. I don't like being drugged but if Rimworld has taught me anything is that infections are a death sentence - and I plan on staying in the island, I want computers.

Pick three Challenges


Just like in my city.


I want to play in snow.




Always useful





Page 2

Also picking Natsumi - Human Computer and Miki - traveller.

I will Stay and raise my children, they shall

become adventurers. Suppose we can trade with those towns nearby.



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: a8dcdbf1d95a1e9⋯.jpg (3.15 MB, 1703x5862, 1703:5862, ForestHome.jpg)



1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


Gaaaaah I want them all !!! And I keep wondering who's this person is , and if they're gonna stay here afterwards , I mean , sure all the other sentient beings are awesome , but this one here looks a potent friend too.

Aaanyway , I'll take

-the Wise One maxed out , definitely needed if you want to spend all eternity here.

-Animals , maxed out too , so that wildlife will go sentiently wild

-Scattered Ruins , linked , of course having them regenerate would be nice , but it would be a problem for fast travel to have to solve puzzles and riddles every time tho , when you can just go on an adventure to find new ones with new puzzles.

-Day and Night , vanilla, because surely having a nice walk in the afternoon and getting back home in the early night is kind of the best thing in a such place.

Rivers and streams , because a forest without water would be kind of silly.

And I wish to live in a cozy lonesome Cabin , on the branches of a living tree though , so I can both marvel at the immensity of the place andsee the sunsets and dawns first hand!

And this is it for my dreamed forest , seems magical enough to me , even if the meta breaking "I take all" makes me drool.

Truly nice CYOA btw.


Who is this person * My bad , didn't re read myself.


page 2?


really cool. a better example of what a cyoa should be like.


File: 53b696f66fa2488⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 595.27 KB, 1436x840, 359:210, ClipboardImage.png)

Whats with all this calming/relaxing stuff? Pic related.


"Hold up boy, how did this place came to be and how did I came to own- to find it?"

>River and Streams

All upgrades.

>Holy tree

2 upgrades, I'm assuming a Holy tree already smells pretty good - or at least not rotten.

>Scattered Ruins

Oy gevalt, did you said Treasure? All upgrades.

>Forest caves


>Astral Spirits

First upgrade.

Not picking animals, poop is bad. not picking Day and Night, that's a waste. Not picking Wise One, I should learn things myself.

The Towering Castle of course! Beffiting a king like me.

File: 70b4f5d97a65bf3⋯.jpg (3.42 MB, 1200x7653, 400:2551, New World CYOA.jpg)


A new world and new adventures await.

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>Grindark: It will continue to be bad no matter what

Fuck you Sholomo Warpenberg, you can't stop me, because:

>Born Leader

>Marked Hero

To get me an army right off the bat and keep increasing it.

>weapon: Khanda

Because I don't know if you faggot cucks consider Hate as a positive or negative emotion. Hate against our enemies I as a must to be in my armies.

>You will at times be challenged

You wnat my Hyperion? ok, here's a counter chalenge: I will stabe you in the face, and if you survive, I will stab you again.

>Witch mommy

The most useful one.

>tatrenua angel girl

None of those gits will be really useful other than aegis but he would not approve of gorillla warfare, so lets get a women than can at least cook.


Hands down.

>Main Bazzar

None of those are what I wanted, I wanted to be literally Hitler, I guess I will make a new build.

I bet those cunts really hate taxes, merchant and superior middle-class master-race alike. I will turn those fags into a Imperial Guard of Ancaps.

Good stuff OP, you made it yourself?


File: 8c7c946813572b4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.09 MB, 1910x1074, 955:537, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3df75c1491f6588⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.9 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, warcarft jew happy mercha….webm)


Sorry about that grammar and all.


Just an idea:


>Born Leader

>Cused one




>Angel wife



pic related

And here's a good roleplay one:


>Word binder

>God's Chosen


>frozen plate


>Benjamin and Erefexus


>Main bazzar

pic related

And the one I'm going with:


>Born Leader

>The True Heir




>Wanderer and Angel girl





no limit was put on the amount of mentors one can have





>Inherent Power

Word Binder.

This is an OP power, it's Skill Thief on crack.


God's Chosen if the God is a righteous God.

Marked Hero otherwise.

The True Heir is useless to me as I will use Word Binder to improve my body by buying poor but attractive people's looks.


Astral Mark

I can buy magic abilities and power from others who don't use it / are too old and Astral mark will improve it tenfold.


Khanda, because even more magic power.


If God's Chosen then I'd pick qvrllicui.

She could become the archangel of my deity or at the very least teach me about religion and divine politicking.

If Marked Hero, Allyn.

Crystal magic sounds interesting.



His interests can help me learn even more magic.


I think I can trade some youth/health for some of her skill.


Hawk Griffin, it's cute and none of the creatures seem all that useful.

>Starting Location

Main Bazaar.

I can sell my watch, smartphone, etc. for starting funds.

After I build a reputation as an honest merchant and have enough funds I can trade more exotic things like a week's worth of life for a week'sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.





>Inherent Power

Born Leader. I was tempted to take skill thief at first but someone needs to rally the people in these dark times.


The True Heir.


Hyperion. Armor fit for the true king.


Solais and Eurytus. Covers close and long range combat. Versatility is important after all.

Also, there's something about the contrast in having both a "noble" weapon and a weapon that inflicts great agony that appeals to me.


Theodore. I want to learn more about the world and there's no better teacher than one who has many years under his belt.


The Aegis and Tatrenua. A noble warrior and an angelic woman from a lost age by my side helps give me legitimacy in the eyes of the people.


Giant Crow. Perfect to see the world with.

>Starting Location

Castle Hall. It's a good place to start spreading my influence. Perhaps I could even score political points by wooing the duke's daughter.

File: 6d1ad9de58f34ab⋯.png (3.8 MB, 1230x3970, 123:397, 1501147294642.png)


Be a wizard. Or a fake Chad if you go for all for all the physical buffs and the apprentice.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



I choose to be bound to the ol chest back at my grandparent's farm. Stylish and practical.


Invisible, Haste, Perfect form = 6


Fly, Blast, Perfect sight = 8

Get teleport as a boon

>Teleport to Israel

>Flying and perfect eyesight means best angle for EXPUROSIONS

>Invisible and reflexes will protect me against my own retarded flight

>Shape history by causing explosions in key places

Honestly invisibility should be worth more, it makes you basically invincible towards every non-magic threat.


>Immortality 15



>Level 1

[-1] Mind Hand

[-1] Stem Bleeding

[-1] Shield

[-1] Perfect Sight

>Level 2

[-2] Haste

[-2] Boost Strength

>Level 3

[-4] Counterspell

[-4] Transform, Neutrinos. I hope i can control my direction and speed well enough to remove the transformation before i pass through the planet or the next room over.

[-4] Regenerate

[-4] Scry

[-4] Blast


Planeshift, I will get more powers this way just because this being says it will go poorly doesn't mean i can't gain powers.


[+4] Assassination, I hope i have enough leads to narrow it down to a small area. Getting information will be a problem i hope if he dies of natural causes nothing bad happens to me. Hopefully i can scry his location.

[+10]Hunted, Hateful adventurers. I'll just transform and run away until i think i can deal with them. Maybe if i can find any demons i can talk to it without getting in a fight initially.

Being unbound i am unsure if i can cast spells without a body but i could easily find some little girl who needs someone healed or protected and trick them to give up their body to use the ability. I want to be a mind in the back of her head who sometimes takes over and make her into a main character so i can watch her life. And when i get bored of that i guess the people i start taking over full time are those little girls who want to escape life.



[-1] Arcane Bolt, forgot to add it.



Bound. It didn't specify what it could be, and whether it would be created or not, so I pick a block of solid fucking titanium encased in stainless steel with loading handles. It'll be somewhere in the wilderness at first, until I get enough money to transport it to a vault


Teleportation. I can always teleport back to my bound object, travel the world for free, escape, it's great.

Okay, 15 points

>Regenerate - 11 points

>Perfect Form - 9 points

>Boost Strength - 7 points

>Steel Skin - 5 points

>Haste - 3 points

>Blink - 1 point

>Stem Bleeding - 0 points

So, I am a really hard to kill being that can withstand a lot of punishment, and has a great many ways to run away. With Blink I can get into some really hard to reach places, and teleport away whenever I want. I could be an assassin. I could be a miracle healer. I could be a discreet courier, an ultimate reporter, truth exposer, spy, thief, soldier, anything. In our times, when there is a photo of everything, I could appear anywhere and do whatever I desire. And after I build my vault and hide away my immortality block, I am pretty much free to live as I want, with very little to stop me.

I would probably use my powers to learn about the background goings on of the world, and to live an easy life. Maybe when I'm bored, I'd travel to SJW campuses and become a serial killer, Jason style.




>Steel Skin (Defense against stray bullets, I hope I can make it look like normal skin)

>Dominate (x3) 1

>Invisible 0 (No one will track me, I hope this affects my clothes)


I will make a lot of single mothers, everywhere, and sacrifice non-whites and normalfags.

Also killing and jewing the jews - surely someone in Israel, or the White House, can point me who's the elder rat. I only need one spot for the rape, so I can keep 2 white-supremacist kikes jewing their kind and giving me shekels.

Great CYOA, thanks for posting.


My brother from another mother; care to elaborate?

File: 72f2c4075ae601d⋯.png (1.13 MB, 800x1900, 8:19, ProtectorCYPA.png)


I feel like each person needs another paragraph


The cultist. I would be a kickass god. With my knowledge of medicine and machines, I would ensure prosperity for the whole flock.


>they're all yandere but the cultist

Cultist it is I guess.


Goddess. Always having luck on my side would be nice. Especially if I'm going to go on adventures, and who doesn't want to go on adventures in Generic Low-fantasy World?

Princess making me her slave does hit some major fetish points so she comes in second. But I'd like to actually explore the world and I don't know if she'd allow that.

Thief and cultist are tempting, but are ultimately relationships built on lies. So even if Sheik a cute, these should be ignored.


Hard choice, but thief, seems like I'd lead the happiest life that way.

Also, I demand at least 6 sequels and 5 spin-offs to this CYOA with more Yanderes.


No anon,

All of them are Yandere. Just different types of Yandere.



>All of them are Yandere. Just different types of Yandere.

Isn't there some implication of violence to being Yandere beyond just "is ridiculously in love with you"?

File: bf7e89154cbe6c8⋯.jpg (3.52 MB, 1200x9907, 1200:9907, 1494589336251.jpg)

File: 0af3db73ee35d3e⋯.jpg (3.96 MB, 1200x9852, 100:821, 1494589379826.jpg)

File: 982d190ff6a1209⋯.jpg (3.98 MB, 1200x9750, 8:65, 1494589053823.jpg)


New content from Tokhaar Gol on halfchan's /d/

What choices do you make and what do you do with your newfound power?

25 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.






conditioned slave

mindless slave





orgasm control

maid training




pocket dimension


dream weaving


cosmic alignments

slave limits

sign of influence (white eyes)

unnatural aura




fukawa miyo

it all comes down to 0 pts left so i guess i fit in


File: a1620e3d67e9ef6⋯.png (60.56 KB, 429x816, 143:272, ClipboardImage.png)


>halfchan's /d/

Worst fucking place to get content of, /leftypol/-tier cancer if not worst. You don't belong in here if you steal content from the worst type of normalfag.

>Pact of Domination +2 (16 total)

Make white men dominate the world is already part of my plan. Also, magical strenght.

>unnatural aura +1 (17 total)

This is literally a boon.

>Deus Vult and Rapey Slaves +2 (19 total)

Good fucking luck.

>Telekinesis (16 left)

Extremely important, gotta protect from bullets and shit.

>hive mind(13)

World domination soon.

>Immortality (11 left)

For my nazi soldiers.

>triggers (10)

To make the women have a need to spoil me, and my soldiers to kill non-whites and alpha males.

> Mass Control and Pause (6)

Practical as fuck.

> Rewrite memory and persnality (4)

Also very, very useful.

>Unaware slave (3)


I win again, just like always.

Boy, this Golt is a really cool guy, I like him. So I will risk myself and get Star Guardians to get 2 more slaves and Self-Hypnosis.

I want the NEET to make his life easier, the magical girl for laughs and to fight her "friends", and Melissa to be my breeder - a fucking WOMEN manage to conquPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Familiar. Depends on the pranks, but seems like it is really just as good as telepathy with the added benefit of self-hypnosis


Reluctant because that's hot

Happy because its convenient

Conditioned because breaking their will with pleasure is hot AND convenient


Rewrite Memory

Rewrite Personality


Induce Fetish

Maid Training

Combat Training




Flesh Sculptor


Cosmic Alignment

Sign of Influence:Heart Pupils

Unnatural Aura


Pact of Comfyness


Fukawa Miyo. Her friends and sisters would only ever be reluctant slaves so they can curse her for selling them out for her fetish.

I'll have a cadre of happy slaves given maid training and flesh-sculpted into 10/10 qts. They will form an elite cleaning service that should be able to bring in enough income for me to live a very comfortable neet lifestyle.

All my slaves will also receive combat training because ninja meidos.

I'd try to spend at least a night a week with Susie because she seems pretty cool.

The memory and personality rewrites will not be used on a permanent basis, but will make for some interesting roleplay.


Means of Control: Contract

Slave Types: Reluctant(-1), Conditioned(-1)

Boons: Immortality(-2), Tireless Servant(-1), Self-Hypnosis(-1), Maid Skills(-1), Stretchy(-1), Normalize(-1)

Powers: Pocket Dimension(-3), Flesh Sculptor(-5)

Pact: Comfy Pact(+3)

Slave: Victoria Valentine

>Changes and Assumptions

Contract allows for people other than me to be Contract Holders, meaning that I can transfer ownership to someone else.

Stretchy applies to all parts of the body, so Stretchy + Lactation could lead to breast expansion without proper milking.

Flesh Sculptor can replicate Lactation, Cum Production, and Fertility to realistic maximums, but not to supernatural heights. It can also be used for small changes, like changing the taste of bodily fluids, and for curing diseases of both body and mind, and for clearing infestations.

Pocket Dimension allows for me to teleport to any point on Earth that I have personally been to, but I have to teleport from my dimension to achieve that and each teleport takes a moment of focus. Kind of like fast travelling to the Institute and out in Fallout 4. The dimension may be freely customized, including the creation of valuables and electronics, but things created within the dimension may not leave it. The dimension has a fast connection to Earth's internet as well as cellphone reception. Teleportation can be used in two ways: The first is transposition of one's self by will, the second is a semi-permanent gateway.

>Game Plan

I'd just use my dimension as an extra-dimensional extension of my bedroom, creating a gateway on one wall and moving furniture as appropriate for the new space. Beyond that, I would definitely create a monstrous computer to mine relevant cryptocurrencies, leveraging the fast and free internet of my dimension and the object creation capabilities to make me money without having to work.

Meanwhile, I would assign Victoria to keep the house clean. When she doesn't have anything else to do, I'll make her cuddle with or service me when the opportunity presents itself. Eventually her will will break, and shePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Means of control:

>Ritual (-1)

I was considering using the Sigil option (a responsible owner should mark their property after all), but the possibility of damaging or obscuring the sigil seems too risky. Besides, it'll be the easiest thing in the world to brand them as a part of the ritual.

Total: +13

Slave type:

>Conditioned (-1)

>Pet (-1)

Mostly going to keep them as pets, but having a few conditioned maidslaves around for house keeping etc would be useful.

Total: +11


>Sensitivity (-1)

Why shouldn't cuddles and stroking have her gently moaning with pleasure? Why shouldn't she be cumming with every thrust during sex?

>Libido (-1)

I decide how aroused you are and when.

>Lactation (-1)

Because breasts should be productive (and gorgeous).

>Rewrite Memory (-1)

>Rewrite Personality (-1)

Not really needed for the pets, but maidslaves would be better if they were cute, girly, and thought of their owner as 'daddy'.

>Triggers (-1)

A range of minor triggers (for pets and maids) to make them feel better, happier, more loving, and more fulfilled throughout their lives as my slaves.

>Maid Training (-1)

What's the point of conditioned maidslaves if they can't maid?

>Charm (-1)

I don't see the point in keeping slaves if they don't adore and flat out worship their master.

>Fertility (-1)

Because it's adorable and sexy, maybe I'll consider breeding a growing herd of milky, hyperfertile, adoring, incestuous cow-pets.

Total: +2

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 0e020fd81471da3⋯.jpg (998.54 KB, 910x5555, 182:1111, Goddess CYOA 1.jpg)

File: 091b5c9813d61ae⋯.jpg (963.86 KB, 910x5695, 182:1139, Goddess CYOA 2.jpg)

File: 92d2f17427e4750⋯.jpg (937.48 KB, 910x5690, 91:569, Goddess CYOA 3.jpg)

File: 0e3b874e6911125⋯.jpg (923.39 KB, 910x5695, 182:1139, Goddess CYOA 4.jpg)

File: 25eb097fdf9976a⋯.jpg (933.85 KB, 910x5692, 455:2846, Goddess CYOA 5.jpg)


Pretty sure you've seen this one before but this is a more completed version that the one I had.

3 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Mode: Monotheistic (+3)

Goddess: Nyarlathotep (+12)

Comfort: Frozen

- Maids (-1)

- Great Forge (-2)

- General Market (-2)

- Diners (-2)

Power Ups

- Shapeshifting (-1)

- Endurance (-2)

- Clockworks (-2)

- Domain (-3)


- Romantic Dates

- Meeting the Family

- Hobbies Hobbies

- Evil Prankster (+3)

Now hear me out. Yes Nyarlathotep is going to dissolve everything into oblivion, but they going to do that anyway so it's not really a negative. Also the last thing that exists is the the (admittedly warped, and probably very, very kinky) love between a devoted couple. Which is just to romantic to pass up. Also, wicked smart but bat-shit crazy is kinda my thing.

So, as the husbando of the Soul and Messenger of the Outer Gods my day to day seems to be running messages and causing minor chaos that doesn't deserve Nyarlathotep's time, while taking them out to fancy restaurants when we have time off. In between trying to deal with the fact that my in-laws are probably going to drive my nuts just by existing (represented by evil prankster).

I'm ok with this life.


I always really like the concept of this and seeing how the turned various gods into waifus (especially the eldritch ones) but the english in it is so horrendous I never got around to actually doing it.


File: ef0f7b0e395ffe8⋯.jpg (727.07 KB, 3174x1062, 529:177, technochtitlan.jpg)

File: ea888cdefacaf4e⋯.jpg (267.74 KB, 1301x1117, 1301:1117, taguel.jpg)


Let's just do monotheistic (3 tokens base)

>Xochiquetzal (God difficulty, +9 tokens)

Super cute and into vidya. I'm not actually into the whole rape thing, even if it's just pretend. The way it's written makes it seem like it's not always going to be pretend-rape, though, so we can just do it normally most of the time (that said I will push myself to do things her way on occasion). Quetz seems like he'll be entertaining, and might also be a good excuse to not have her crying and screaming during sex. I think it says she wants me to keep everything clean since she "isn't too friendly to dirty stuff in any form". I should be able to manage that.

>Comfort City

Technochtitlan seems like her kind of place.

<12 tokens to spend

>Mythical beast: Warg (10)

Essentially a dire wolf. It's what Fenrir is described as (norse mythology). Big and fluffy and friendly, but with one hell of a bite

>Youthful Springs (6)

The immortality option for anybody who didn't pick that one goddess that grants immortality.

>Entertainment Center (4)

All the vidya

>Diners (2)

food is good. And fuck actually cooking shit for myself.

>Physical alteration (1)

I'm unlikely to do anything too major, but I like a variety of body types from loli to milf, so it'll be nice to be able to indulge in whatever

>Increased strength (0)

I really don't need this, but I had the spare point and it could be fun/useful

>Home movies

netflix and chill

>Romantic dates

Probably not very often, but technochitlan is a big place with lots to do. We could go play laser tag or watch a live show or something

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>monotheistic mode


Minerva: Pure virgin qt who will teach me magic, statecraft, and war and help me to become a great leader of men? Yes please.

Nemesis was an incredibly close second.


Archaic: I'm going to learn, might as well hit the books.

>Comfort Modification

Youthful Spring: I'm going to be with my goddess waifu forever. And domainship doesn't seem to imply that I gain immortality as a "god" but just a title.

Great Forge: I'm going to be helping Minerva out in her duties as a war goddess, so some super armor and weapons would be ideal.


Increased Strength: Gotta get fit to fulfill my duties as a god and to inspire the respect needed to unite humanity under my banner.

Increased Endurance: Ditto

Clockworks: Bites the Dust but better. This has far too many uses to not take.


>Slice of Life

If I'm reading this correctly (And there's a damn good chance I'm not), there is no maximum number? I'll take all of them.

The Beach: Of course I want to go to the beach and see the waifu in her new swim suit.

Home Movies: Nothing wrong with having a quiet night in

Romantic Dates: I see no reason to not go on dates.

Meeting the Family: We are family now after all.

Grand Balla: Might be fun

Activity Day: Nice way to show off my demigod level attributes

Hobbies Hobbies: I bet she'd be great at TTRPGs

Sexual Release: Am I reading this right? Sex is a slice of life event? I would hope it would be obvious that as husbando and waifu, we'd be doing the do.

Raising Demigods: Do I get multiple children? I'd like to have at least one sonu and one daughteru.

So by the end of this, I'm a herculean badass with the added benefitPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Lets see if I can't create an anime plot.




Daughter/Mother competition.

>Comfort: Rural

Welcome to the rice fields, motherfucker!

>12 tokens

>Market (10)

Have to let Lady Death have her doujins after all

>Entertainment Center (8)

Can't praise the sun without Vidya.

>Youthful Springs (6)

Can't have an animu without a hot springs/bath scene.

>Diners (4)

Sometimes I like to eat out.

>Increased Strength (3)

Obvious reasons

>Domainship (0)

Phenomenal cosmic power is pretty sweet


>Day at the Beach

Obligatory beach episode

>meet the family

Dodge attempts at my life from Susanoo and Izanagi

>activity day

Obligatory sports episode.


Since I already made the joke about Izanagi, I'll take

>The Ex

Finish season one of Ah My (Shinto) Goddess! By beating his ass.

File: 853b768c0b705b1⋯.jpg (3.77 MB, 1800x6165, 40:137, Most Wanted CYOA 1.jpg)

File: 61b142c0463d05d⋯.jpg (4.09 MB, 1800x6705, 40:149, Most Wanted CYOA 2.jpg)

File: 01869569de41b0f⋯.jpg (3.89 MB, 1800x6165, 40:137, Most Wanted CYOA 3.jpg)


Good luck staying alive out there.

13 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



You see kids, this is what happens when an augment speeds their brain up in reaction to their imminent death. They tend to hallucinate. Also, this small, edgy child might just be mad.

Mostly because the only teleportation module invented makes your insides outside. As in, they scatter your constituent atoms from point A to B.

Black market augments. Not even once.


File: 568bd07b80c1984⋯.jpg (322.97 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 6bf145ccb8ab6fe0.jpg)


Captain, we found them!

Escapee was found stabbed to death by a deranged fedora-clad lifeform, too full of bulletholes and teleportation mishaps to live.

At least another enemy of the glorious Terran Empire is gone for good. It is a shame he never put up even a little bit of a fight, but you know how those non-terran untermenschen go. Now let us go, I think scanners picked up a pre-ftl species in the nearby system, we must destroy their filth before they spread.


Charges: Smuggling

Talent: Stealth Piloting









Small Arms














Advanced Ship

Psychic - minor telepathy, precognition, and telekinesis, untrained



Personal Equipment: 9


Regal Premium - sword for close quarters combat

TCS A-OS - old reliable

Armor: 3 tiered system for maxium utility

Intruder - inner layer for envronmental protection

Regulator - middle layer for combat protection

Phantom - outer layer for stealth


Med kit

Survival Gear

Guide Book


Crew Equipment:



Fake ID


Mary Palmer: Assault - Mechanic

Wei Jin: Espionage - Computer specialist

William Hewood: Malpractice - Doctor

Kyrsia Marczak: Smuggling - co-pilot

Hector Park: People Smuggling - Muscle

Sila Demar - Corporate Espionage - InfiltratorPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



And thats how Jack faked his death. The corpse of some poor random fucker and an insane child. God damn, this universe is grimdark.




rebellion - guerrilla tactics


I'm going to buy a few more in basic and one more in advanced.





internal defense










improvised weapons










small arms





well prepared

storied past - nimble fingers

new body

well stocked




public enemy - I will get more loot.





personal equipment


noble 550

lukashenko e17

reichardt 6

regal premium

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 6e5e568d3d81209⋯.png (3.33 MB, 1200x8200, 6:41, A New Elemental CYOA 1.png)

File: c49bfc1402baacf⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1200x6928, 75:433, A New Elemental CYOA 2.png)

File: ebe59a60fe5fb3f⋯.png (4.82 MB, 1200x7500, 4:25, A New Elemental CYOA 3.png)


Look at you! You made a new friend. So, what will you do with your new Atronach.

1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


I suppose I'll be a Light Elemental, grab Perfection and Hybrid (for the Fire Elemental's Inferno ability), Vani, because she seems like an amusing compatriot, and I shall Uncover Ancient Power and Vacation in the Elemental Realms.

I suppose being a Primordial Light Elemental means I'm basically a sun god. It'll be fun, especially since I'll stick around the mage until I find a way to actually use magic. Obviously, I'll bring her along to the Magical Realms and help her with her study and, I suppose, her demon friend too. Though that'll be after our main adventures.



Electric, Loli

Energy Field

Data Transformation



Possession, To help my summoner if i need to hide


Mana Crystal, A simple boost in power


Hunt for Materials, She did mess up her expensive ritual with me it should be simple enough to gather materials to turn her into an elemental.

Uncover Ancient Power, Becoming more powerful is always enticing and when she goes though with her ritual she might want to use this also.

I would like to do more of the quests as we will be together at least for her human lifespan.

Study, Helping her understand my elemental better and hopefully allow her to actually target herself with the spell.

Do Lewd Things, For research i just hope i don't end up electrocuting her to death.

Adventure, I'm sure we will get side tracked from the main 2 quests often enough to have a few little adventures.

Help a Pen Pal, It's not as if i will need to watch her any demons seeking death wanting to attack us by association can come. Ca Dil's oversized.. *cough* will allow her to be a thot and find protection from some pervert eventually.

Make Friends, I want to visit the elemental realms eventually so getting used to other elementals in a controlled environment is alright with me. I have to get used to how they fight after all.

Defeat an Elemental Hybrid, It would be amazing to have this hybrid as our companion for when we enter the elemental realms we should find a way to allow her to be in charge of her own mind instead of instinct and preprogrammed weapon logic from her creator. Lets be friends, please don't attack me…

Vacation in the Elemental Realm, After all of the above is completed visiting a warzone to gain more insight into our new forms and maybe advance in power seems fun. Maybe it will be better than i'm thinking, we should come prepared with many life saving trump cards.





All, I'm taking perfection


Split (hivemind)



Null Fairie


Uncover Ancient Power

Do Lewd Things

So first things first, I'm going to want to become a primordial elemental, whatever that means. Then I'll settle down and become a forest. With my powers, I should be able to grow a nice little forest even without going primordial. I'll populate the forest with my hivemind clones so my fairy friend should have pretty free reign in the woods. Mage girl can build a house in my woods and we will do lewd things together.


File: b6ee11e776f256a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 205.99 KB, 960x583, 960:583, 88f07ba2e8c890d74bb7f6e089….jpg)


I become lightning.

I choose Possession and Perfection.

I choose Realm Portal (It's portable right?)

I'll look for a beauty (likely a loli) and offer her the opportunity to become a Magical Girl, by consensually merging into one : >

She gets to enjoy my powers and I get to enjoy her body~




>Vacation in the Elemental Realm.

Well I have the portal so why not?

>Uncover Ancient Power

Sounds fun

>Do Lewd Things

Was there ever any doubt?

I'm sure our partnership will be electrifying~

File: 943502feef79861⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1844x2906, 922:1453, WEAPONIZED cyoa v3.png)


I could've sworn I already posted this but I looked through the catalog three times and didn't see it.


File: da82c5417b65f5e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 1196x1492, 299:373, WEAPONIZED mystery box.png)

Radioactivity, for those brave/foolish enough to want to be around her. The artificial flower is still locked away and forgotten.



Poison seems really underpowered. Only 18 dots while everybody else gets at least 20. He special ability isn't even that good to make up for it. Did you stat her that low to balance her being lewd?


>Lover: Dust

I don't have a foot fetish, but I'd still like mai waifu to have feet. Or at least all of her legs. And I like cuddles

>Guardian: Nitric Acid

I'm banking on that hammer being as op as it says it is. And once the mastermind is defeated we can all hang out and play vidya.

>Mastermind: Poison

As I said before, she seems really weak compared to pretty much everybody else. She should go down no problem

>Destroyer: Liquid Nitrogen

The true final boss, and she might be slightly difficult, but her low speed show make her an easy target for Nitric Acid's hammer.

Not gonna bother with the recruitment stuff.

Interesting cyoa. Surprised that the "save your waifu" concept isn't more common

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