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File: c1a9d03a2e28018⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 2893x4092, 263:372, Kaban.jpg)



1. Make a thread for any specific completed CYOA or a themed thread one if you're going to dump several.

2. NSFW cyoas should be noted as such or be self-evident from it's title. But don't necessarily have to be spoilered.

3. Replying with pornographic images, however, should be spoilered.

4. No spamming, flooding, flaming and so on.

Use this thread to discuss the board and ask for help, tips, or feed-back when making OC or similar graphics, such as infographs, charts, and image editing.

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Small thing but I think the rules page is 404.

File: e58e54e6c927060⋯.png (5.96 MB, 1200x10000, 3:25, Nemesis CYOA 1.png)

File: f99b9cd34760d22⋯.png (5.3 MB, 1200x9742, 600:4871, Nemesis CYOA 2.png)


A counter-CYOA. Create a character, invade another CYOA and be a dick in their universe, trigger the apocalypse, steal their waifu. That sorta thing.

Posted the version that was out of date.

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File: e7ea75a93f86f53⋯.png (6.73 MB, 1200x9405, 80:627, Nemesis CYOA 6.png)

File: a55ed0dde36f00e⋯.jpg (4.18 MB, 1200x10000, 3:25, Nemesis CYOA 7.jpg)


File: 0a55e8dae3b47d3⋯.jpg (4.67 MB, 1200x10000, 3:25, Nemesis DLC Rivals.jpg)



Nemesis CYOA

Class: The Supreme Sorcerer (Elementalism)

Race: Elf-Daemon Hybrid (can grant wishes, was born from rape and the elves are salty and they consider me to be an abomination, keeps the explosion, and loses the other negatives from daemon, keeps elfish negatives, somehow is more stuck up and elitist than a normal elf)

Sex: Female

Name: Gavrila (She’s a commie elf too)

Death Option: Victory or Death (+5)

Powers: Realm Knowledge (-1), Corruption (-2, Overgrown), Memory Wipe (-2), Poison Expert (-2), Sex Appeal (-2, Female), Nullification (-8), Dream Manipulation (-2), Vampyrism (-2), Counterspell (Free), Mind Control (-3), Necromancy (-3), Arcane Magic (-3), Elementalism x4 (Free), Holy Magic (-3), Black Magic (Free), Ferromancy (-3), Shapeshifting (-2), Limited Divination (-1), Enscroll (-1), Illusion (-2), Regeneration (-2), Hybrid (-2), Divine Essence (-2)


Companions: Mythical Beast (Free, a winged demonic beast), Bound Demon (-2), Familiar (Free, a pure white cat with electric blue eyes that can turn into a demonically corrupted fairy)

Drawbacks: A Fair Warning (+4*), Witchhunter (+2), Bad Influence (+2), Empower the People (+2), Adventurer (+1), I See You (+1), Pervert (+2), Signature (+1), Skimpy (+1), Deadly Defeat (+2), Elemental Weakness (+1, Water), Double Trouble (+3)*, Fractured Power (+3), Infamous (+1), Personality (+1, Everything she says comes out in the most infuriatingly posh accent ever. Even nobles who rape plebs for shits and giggles think she sounds like a stuck up cunt. Also, she has a tendency to focus on insulting men’s genitalia when upset.), Unexpected Enemies (+2)

Quests: The Apocalypse (Demonic, cause I’m a sucker for the classics, also, free rape), Monster Hunter

Combos: The Archmage, Daywalker, Master of Telepathy, Demonology, Toxic Bitch, Loremaster, High Elemental Magic x6, Archdruid, Spell Destroyer

*I tweaked these values as they seem too cheap for the downside. AFW, in particular, in a MASSIVE potential threat.



To start off with, I’m gonna hop on my flying steed and go nab those crystals. In fact, I really, really want to go nab those crystals before anything with teeth bigger than mine decides I’m tasty. And, well, there are a lot of things that fit that description.

After that I’m gonna get to work on dealing with the drawbacks. I should probably be able to destroy or feed the demon from Bad Influence to a bigger monster. Skimpy, Pervert, Signature, and Elemental Weaknesses probably manifest in the form of a curse. Curses can be broken. Once they’re dealt with I’ll move out into the realm at large. Raping and pillaging as I go, of course.

I’ll build up my strength as I go and build up enough momentum and kill the monster, strip the corpse, and draw the heroes into a trap. If possible, I’d like to let the heroes get themselves killed by demons without having to lift my finger.


File: 4e772a114d5802b⋯.jpg (75.84 KB, 900x708, 75:59, 1439926008232-3.jpg)


Let's give this another go

>A fair warning - 2 points

>I see you - 4 points

>Signature - 5 points

>Infamous - 6

>Personality - 7

>23 points


>Human - 24 points

>Banished - 23 points

>No Guns - 22

>Nullification - 14

>Regeneration - 12

>Legendary Armor & Weapon - 10

>Unbendable time - 9

>Counter Spell - 7

>Got Style - 6

>Mythical Beast - 4

>Flash - 3

>Realm Knowledge - 2

>Poison Expert - 0

>Combo Effects - Spell Destroyer

>Quest - Conquest

So, once again, I am just a juggernaut walking towards my goal without hesitation, this time riding a huge fucking Tarrasque. I cannot be killed from afar, I can only be defeated in melee combat. I will have a blast going through various worlds, no matter if I win or not.

File: 18b0afea0780e3c⋯.jpg (2.92 MB, 1200x10000, 3:25, elf slave.jpg)


Elf slave, what do?

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High Elf



Age Group:


Particular Characteristic:




Brand of Ownership:

Intricate Choker

Magical Enchantments:

Personality Runes:



Physical Runes:






Living Accommodations:

Master Bedroom

Slave Treatment:


Slave Severity:




Training & Education:






Gifts & Trinket

Warm Cloak

Fine Jewelry

Free Time

Elven Trinkets


File: f4e32c2611e5863⋯.jpg (338.53 KB, 800x800, 1:1, __mizuhashi_parsee_touhou_….jpg)

i'd fug parsee


File: d83acd9dc7ca443⋯.jpg (70.2 KB, 692x1000, 173:250, sample-f85bef1b2f06ae2dab0….jpg)


Though honestly I recognize most of the source images used in that. Here's emotionless. Terrified and appeasing are both by AS109, reprimand is that one guy who draws nothing but elf slaves but doesn't draw anything particularly nice, etc



amputation punishment is really not cool. makes the game not fun anymore. should be removed and replaced with a more interesting or entertaining punishment.



>High Elf

Maybe the daughter of a fancy elven knight. If only he could see his daughter now.



Magic swords and pretty spells weren't any match for a shield in the face.

Age Group


Poor girl would have been ready to find a husband if she'd come back from that battle.

Particular Characteristics




She's too smart to get openly angry with her master. Something's going on in her head though.

Brand of Ownership

>Leather Collar

Because I want her to think that I don't even consider her enough of a threat for metal. Still has a chain attached, of course.

Magical Enhancements


What sort of hypocrite would I be if I used magic to dominate her now?

Clothing Articles

>Harem jewellery

She doesn't need much else.

Living accomodations

>Master's Bedroom

Chained to the bed, perhaps with a knife or something tantalisingly out of reach.

Slave treatment


At least at the start.

Slave severity


I defeated her fair and square, now she has to lePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 3f7492fb0447a81⋯.png (3.23 MB, 1000x5100, 10:51, Mutation CYOA 1.png)

File: dc687fe41308e3d⋯.png (3.03 MB, 1000x4600, 5:23, Mutation CYOA 2.png)

File: 9dff597c576cd08⋯.png (2.84 MB, 1000x4500, 2:9, Mutation CYOA 3.png)

File: cee7d0b7935bee0⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1000x4000, 1:4, Mutation CYOA 4.png)


A pair of horrifying wings on your back might disgust some people but it will cut down your commute time.

4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.






>Natural Armor

>Bulging Biceps


>Iron Frame

>Ascended mind

>Reactive Conditioning


>Ichor Blood



>Marked one


>Controlled Progression


>Reaction Time


>Brain Drain

>Hunters Prey


>None because OP is stingy


>Dark Descent

>Kin Slayer

>Promised Land



funny how the 2 first people to reply cannot do simple math


File: d3b17deaab32639⋯.jpg (77.93 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, hitler 1.jpg)




>Natural armor (second skin)

>Iron Frame



>ancended mind

>living hive (wasps, can I evolve them for sensorial?)

>natural weapons (tentacles)

No use to have carapace if my bones break, no use to have iron bones if the rest gets pierced. Regen will make sure everything keeps running and that tentacles regen. Ancended mind is necessary for gittin gud.


>ichor blood

I don't need no doctor! This is an exelent defense.

>boiling pustules

My pimples spill liquid fire? AYY free incendiary 'nades!


You mean those men who threw me in here?

>twice as bright

How hard can it be to find more food? Surely I can eat the causalities of the many conflicts going on.

>failing orgains

Doesn't regeneration fix that? if not, them I guess I do need a doctor after all.

>Marked One

I'm already gifted anyway.


Preserved Visage means my face and shit won't have carapace right?

>Controled Progression

So I can stay pretty.

>Accepted member

A must. My plan is to make the place self-suficient, find a source of water, way to purify it, sun-lamps for said plants, and above all a strong military to defende ourselves

>a little more

implying fate is even a real concept

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Fuck me, it's for ever Adititional Mission. Add Kin Slayer in QUESTS.


File: 74d695e61428856⋯.jpg (820.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, lizard.jpg)


gifted, how can I not pick the lovecraft option


tentacles, of course

ranged option

adaptive lungs, for water


ichor blood, for projectile bleeding at people with my ranged option (pic related)

grotesque: I'm thinking nearly my entire skin is covered in tentacles of varying size, with some tiny and a few long enough to be useful


reaction time, bullet time tentacle monster sounds like a blast




dark descent, can't imagine picking gifted and not this

survival, just seems like a free mission to me



Someone make a vidya where you can play as a tentacle monster that fires corrosive blood out of its eyes, that sounds amazing.


File: c0601de6fc588d9⋯.png (902.64 KB, 784x600, 98:75, mtg_lotleth_troll.png)



Do I really care about the secrets of the universe when I'm a ravening cannibalistic monster?


>Razor Maw

>Natural Armour

>Natural Weapons





>Ichor Blood


>Marked One


>Safe House

>Heightened Senses

>Reaction Time


>Brain Drain

>Hunter's Prey





>Find the Cure


>This Little Light of Mine

Eat. Eat. Eat. Must eat. Must find food. Food. Food. Eat. Food. Hear food. Up. Food up. Up. Food. Hear it. See it. See it. See it. Food!

Climb. Food this way. See it.

Food is below. Went too far. Food!

Stop. Stay. Wait. Here. Dark. Food. Wait. Food comes. Wait. Must eat. Must eat. See it.

Food armed. Gun. Guns bad. Guns loud. Guns bright. So bright. Food!

Wait. Wait. Wait.


Bite. Bite. Cut. Bite. Eat. Eat! EAT!

So many colours. Red. Food. Brown. Clothes. Blue. Eyes. Small eyes. Tiny. So tiny. Suck them up.

So much food. Take it. Take food. Home. Home. Home.

Run. Run. Crawl. Run. Take food. Run. Home.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: e3f6ec1a6af97e4⋯.jpg (7.08 MB, 1400x10000, 7:50, Imouto CYOA.jpg)


Create a little sister! You'll take care of her and headpat her and be a good older brother, right?

19 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




cute and awkward

>real sister

otherwise what's the point?

>Onii-chan in private, Onii-sama in public


>friendly lust

we /casual/







There's not really anything in particular I'm going for here, those options just sounded nice







>anywhere really

>short, flat, and cute

but also


>normal, pale, fashionable

Though darker options are tempting, I'm pretty white

>shape up

I could use it. No drawbacks though

>frilly, both lewd and not

>good smile

>magical girl

need to get myself a tuxedo and a mask so I can look cool while doing absolutely nothing.



this is beautiful


File: 9c1b0c122ef1185⋯.gif (5.3 MB, 384x216, 16:9, cheers2.gif)


Well done, anon.




So is this gonna happen or nah?



Im sure someone will make it, we kind of already punched a hole through any sort of depraved boundaries already

File: 1427884771402.jpg (469.09 KB, 720x720, 1:1, IC 1.jpg)


Something a little different from the usual formula. Describe the creature you roll and its natural habitat. You can also follow the instructions on the pic and draw them
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Glowing scaled Car Mollusk.

It's like a giant VW bug, with a tentacled beast like an Ammonite on the inside that has glowing scales. Its armor is bright and will not feel good to be grabbed by before it eats you!




8001, a rat-sized scaly Cavern Iguanomen. These ugly little guys can fit into the tight spaces a cave system has and their scaly epidermis keeps them from developing swampfoot due to the constant humidity. Despite the lack of light, they have created a complex subterranean civilization harvesting guano, mushrooms and lichens and carving houses in the cave walls. They have spiders to catch bugs for them like trained dogs. They also like to play music in the places where an echo is heard.



Rolling for some horrifying shit


File: dc3b1ad9d375a71⋯.png (24.45 KB, 210x200, 21:20, 2a0.png)

5368, a super kawaii anime Gashadokuro like casper the friendly ghost but for skeletons

File: 7ac90bd5b7cdd20⋯.png (2.66 MB, 1200x2872, 150:359, Kitsune CYOA 1.png)

File: 290ee7c44aa7ea0⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1200x2872, 150:359, Kitsune CYOA 1.1.png)

File: a50bdf6e494cdef⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1200x3485, 240:697, Kitsune CYOA 2.png)

File: 6e14d11d81d595c⋯.png (3.18 MB, 1200x3626, 600:1813, Kitsune CYOA 3.png)


If you touch the fluffy tail, you better be prepared to accept responsibility.

2 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>Give me a friend


I like women talking down to me.


I'll go with Erica, and I'll touch her tail ;)


File: 6fab493af988f3d⋯.png (789.59 KB, 792x792, 1:1, 1361957460687.png)

>mfw I tried the touch fluffy tail option thinking I would ask her first

That aside, this route feels kind of forced to me. Like, I can kind of grasp a misunderstanding if there were humans involved, but how does the mom think "touching her tail" is actually something to be misinterpreted, when they both literally have tails?



Become a kitsune (I can still meet her friends at the party after all,) Male "Grown Up" body, #6, but with a haircut and less gay.


hide features, (so I can still lead a normal life.)

Absolute shape-shifting (So I can be tall, ripped, and have a foot long dick.)

Suggestion, (guess)


That DLC tho.



become kitsune, not like I can't meet, befriend or pick up anybody at the party

male/6, but keeping some facial hair if possible

hide features to blend in with humans, don't plan on much interaction with them if I can get in good enough with the kitsune to let one of them join their village, but will need it for pranks

cunning, seems prerequisite for being a fox, I'll be better than humans and at least passable with kitsune

suggestions, seems like cruise control for life and will also be fun for pranks

File: b610fa47316f2ae⋯.png (1.83 MB, 960x9280, 3:29, 1478054566064.png)

File: 99f153a63fc4ade⋯.png (1.73 MB, 960x8680, 24:217, 1478054604127.png)


New CYOA I found. Nice option if you're into age regression.

23 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Public School, -6 (a place to meet other people than the own family)

All Girl School, -4 (all the girls…. *sigh*)

Cute Clothes, -4 (If you are a girl, you like to look cute)

Warm Clothes, -4 (because winter is coming)

Fetish Gear, -3 (half prize, 1 of 3 Lewd Options)

Onesie, -2 (half prize, 2 of 3 Forced Baby Options)

Footwear, -4 (unfair that you walk on bares if you don’t “Buy” this)

(No swimwear, because at that age I can skin dip)

Bottlefeeding, -2 (half prize, 3 of 3 Forced Baby Options)

Force Feeding, +6 (I really need to get some point if I don’t want to pick all punishments)

Computer, -10 (why is this not cheaper if you are on techno?)

Toys, -3 (half prize, 2 of 3 Lewd Options)

Wet dreams, -3 (half prize, 3 of 3 Lewd Options)

Extra Cash, -10

Haywire, +10 (I really need points)


Bathtime I, +2 (Both Mamas are sexy, so I don’t mind)

Dressing II, +6 (My Mamas will put me in something Cute or Fetish, so it is not my fault)

(2 Routines needed because of BIG MAMA)

(Punishments (2 +3 Tier II needed))

Confiscate I, +4 (two hobbies)

Spanking I, +2+2+1 (I could stand that)

Diapers II, Forced use, +9

Pacifier II, +5

Enema II, + 9

Point’s 0

Okay, I will have a petite body with my naughty adult mind, access to sex toys and go to a girl school… Jest that is naughty and I love it. I did not step back from my current standard and get a sexy Dominatrix and a soft Mommy that look after me. That came with a high prize and I can only hope that Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Normal Mod

>Youth Serum [+35, home upgrades and hobbies are half cost]


>Scrawny [+3]

>Petite [+4]

>Strength 2 [-4]

>Intellect 2 [-4]

>Wisdom 2 [-4]

>Girly face [+1]

>Undeveloped chest [-1]

> Petite bottom [-1]

>Resilient [-5]

>Monster Girl (Crow Tengu) [-15]


>A.I. Abode [+10][-10]

>Android [-2]

>Nerd [-1] Friend [-3]

>Jock [-1] Friend [-3]


>Master of your own Domain [+35]

>Loyalty Conflict [+6]


>Secret Base [-10]

>Simple Bedroom [-2.5]

>Basic Bath [-2.5]

>Hobby room [-3]

>Network [-4]

>Academia Obscura [-8]


>Basic Closet [-2]

>Pajamas [-3]


>Home Cooking [-6]


>Recreation [-5]

>Literature [-2]

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




easy cuz why not.


genie tier 2





tier 2


tier 3


tier 3








male, oversized, functional, libido!


high metabolism




diva and schoolteacher, they are twins, and while I am technically their younger brother. They act as my moms since my real mom and dad died.


demure and artist. Demure I'll give young love as well ;)


A dog


tier 2 on both my parents


rural home

simple bed

basic bath

maid service


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 2860ee0def9ea0e⋯.png (5.28 MB, 960x9280, 3:29, Age Regression CYOA 1 (HQ ….png)

File: 19583f7667f4846⋯.png (5.98 MB, 960x8680, 24:217, Age Regression CYOA 2 (HQ ….png)

File: cbb9b9d5f9550b0⋯.png (12.69 KB, 400x690, 40:69, Age Regression CYOA points….png)


Pretty good. I like the possibility of being really lewd or completely pure, because I took the comfiest options I could.


Easy (+20)

Transformation: Witch’s Curse 2 (+9 in each LS Category)

Age: 12


Body: Scrawny (+3), Taller (-4)

Face: Girly (+1)

Chest: Undeveloped (-1)

Bottom: Petite (-1)

Genitalia: Hermaphrodite (-3), Oversized (-6), Functional (-4)

Str: lvl 4 (Second Wish)

Int: lvl 4 (-12)

Wis: lvl 4 (-12)

Exotic eyes (electric blue, -4), Fast Learner (-5), Exotic Hair (waterfall, ankle length, impossibly smooth, black, -4), Energetic (-4), Charm (-3), Resilient (-5), High Metabolism (+3), Magical Girl (-7, Str)


Parents: Nobleman (+20), Witch (+20), Dominatrix (+25)

Other Caretakers: Nanny (+12)

Peers: (Siblings) Otaku (+11), Airhead (+11), Artist (+7), Demure (+3) (Friends) Goth (-3), Apprentice (-3), Socialite (-3) (Rivals) Class Clown (+3), Jock (+3), Rich Brat (+3), Punk (+3), Nerd (+3)

Miscellaneous: Pet (-5, Bengal Tiger), Familiar (-4), Loyalty Conflict (Socialite and Rich Brat, +6), Young Love (Goth and Demure, -10), Sibling Rivalry (+6, Demure), Polyamorous


Home: Manor (Third Wish), Fit For a Princess (-7), Hot Spring (-6)

Extensions: Lounge (-6), Hobby Room (-6), Pool (-8), Garden (-6), Maid Servants (-6), Enchant (-5)

School: Arcane Academy (-7), Extracurricular (-6), Adademia Obscuria (-8)

Clothing: Naked, Basic Closet (-2), School Uniform (-1), Cute Wardrobe (-4), Fancy Wardrobe (-5), Lolita Dress (-6), Pajama’s (-3),

Food: Fine Dining (-6),

Hobbies: Music (-6), Literature (-4), Athletics (-10, Martial Arts), Electronics (-26 all and upgrade)

Miscellaneous: Normalized (-8), Cassandra (+5), Stranger Danger (+6), Language Barrier (+8), Fortune (-6), Extra Cash (-5)


Routines: Bath Time T2 (+6Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 8bfba158047094b⋯.jpg (5.83 MB, 1200x7677, 400:2559, Space Opera Battle Waifu C….jpg)


Suit up and kick some ass with your Waifu.

15 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Thin, Shorter, Pale, Flat, Compact, Pixie Cut, Purple, Sweet, Awkward/Feminine/Innocent/Kind/Optimist/Needy/Easygoing,Medical Training/Acrobatics/Spacecraft Piloting/Advanced Spacecraft Piloting/Mecha Piloting/Vehicle Piloting/Cyber Warfare Training/Diplomacy & Politics/Science & Engineering/Strategy & Tactics/Leadership, Takahashi Nadeshiko - NIO Operative, Submachine Gun+ Gauss, Medical Equipment+ Pocket AI+ E-Warfare Suite+ Science Kit, Pilot Suit+ Hazmat+ CBRN+ Vacuum+ Customization+ Shield+ Auto-Doc, Uniform+ Cosplay+ Casual+ Labcoat, Frigate, Armored Frame, Army Trooper x7 + NIO Operative x2

Escort, Heist, Orbital Assault, Ambition


File: 14350294b430fdf⋯.png (834.98 KB, 900x1329, 300:443, __silver_fox_kemono_friend….png)


Headpats for you.


File: 90025e00135251b⋯.jpg (113.88 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, pDmFNWS.jpg)




File: f46f1f913ac4379⋯.jpg (76.75 KB, 720x603, 80:67, 8ceab5004006e7cc43d894a89e….jpg)


Is there a version of this where you pick what sort of training/skills/equipment you have? or am I just retarded and it's included in this and I just miss read it?



Skills is page 3, equip is page 5.

File: edd704a60dfa149⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1220x4750, 122:475, Space Marine CYOA 1.jpg)


Battle Brother, it's about time you joined our ranks. Time for you to join a squad.

3 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: d4d86982ba07525⋯.jpg (246.48 KB, 730x1310, 73:131, gqZ9i2O.jpg)

File: f68b343e0832d0f⋯.jpg (599.51 KB, 1015x870, 7:6, imperial_orcs_by_a20t43c-d….jpg)

File: 7df8b5a1633f28f⋯.jpg (549.82 KB, 927x750, 309:250, da_gloriuz_charge_by_a20t4….jpg)

File: 3c66302c7383f5d⋯.jpg (427.98 KB, 904x878, 452:439, air_combat_by_a20t43c-d5q2….jpg)


>Not passing on Krumpkek's interest in authority figures to the Inquisition so they could experiment and see if his Clan would fight for the Imperium.

As for the pictures, not sure. Maybe the /tg/booru or somewhere else. I didn't make it.,



Tactical Marine

Space Wolves

I can't kill 'nids?! What kind of piece of shit establishment is this?!

Dreksmash, I'm pretty sure it's a law the first portion of any narrative involving Spess Mehreens must be about them fighting Orks, and they're a fun opponent

Black Adder, because two can play at genre-savviness

Setteric, because blowing up a planet full of 'crons is badass


Opened the box

Did not purge Xeno

Got lots of intel and some strange from Xeno




blastin xenos while chillin with the machine spirits


Once you go black (from being charred) you never go back (because you burned to death)

>the green tide will evaporate from our flames

>the fire caste will be met with fire

>the cold bodies of the necrons will know heat once more


We will sear through any bodies he throws at us until we get to him


Oh? An admiring civilian gave me this I assume? It happens. I wonder what it is this time. I hope it's not another cat. They're cute, but I can't bring them into battle with me… ffffuuuUUUUCK


That rocket pack… those shiny shoes that seem to ignore the mess of battle… this is one of those odd orderly orks I've come across. If I shout loud enough I should be able to order him around well enough

>Guardian Lyseria

I doubt krumpkek will listen to her, but she may yet have good advice. I'm still leader regardless, but if nothing else some suppressing fire wouldn't be a bad thing.

I kill the other two before I awaken anybody; they don't seem worth the trouble.

Krumpkek gets an honorable fight to the death as his reward. He earned it.

The elf I'll let go… aww, how cute, she's in love. If she'd keep her helmet on I'd consider wraithboning her myself since I could pretend she was a gynoid, but those knife-ears are generally pretty vain. Eh, we'll see where this leads. Go ahead and paint up my armor, idgaf, I replace everything constantly anyway


File: ba5704f905d5b90⋯.jpg (135.01 KB, 617x800, 617:800, ravenguard.jpg)


>Exceptional Talent

Assault Marine


Raven Guard


Viola Sept Expansion

Craftword Acanthus

The Tattered Eye

>Arch Nemesis

Shas'o Vant

>Mystery Box

And they shall know no fear.

Open it.

>Mystery Box Options

Free Guardian Lyseria, Wytch Katrass and Fire Warrior Toven. Purge Stormkaptin Krumpkek+ + + + +

From the personal account of Brother Kerith - Raven Guard, Third Company. 995.M41

Page marked with a semi-translucent swatch of fabric Eldar in origin.

+ + + + +

Upon realizing I had fallen for an insidious Xenos trap a moment's hesitation crept through my mind. Was it fear? No, I've not allowed myself to feel that for as long back as I remember my first Thunderhawk jump into a Traitor Legion's FOB. No this was shame, shame that I had fallen for such trickery.

The momentary weakness passed. I didn't have the luxury for feeling sorrow for my self, there was a Xenos to purge. I noted the stasis chambers filled with Xenos as I made a quick check of the equipment that came with me.

♦­ Mark 7 Mars Pattern Jump Pack x1

♦­ Lightning Claws Pair x 1

♦­ Krak Grenade x 4

♦­ Frag Grenade x 4

I have worked alone with less in the pas. For a moment I thought of forging on by my self, but having no intel on what may lay ahead and my gear focused on close quarters tactics I ignored my first instinct to purge the Xenos in stasis.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Good idea, and fucking nice pics.



File: 0e020fd81471da3⋯.jpg (998.54 KB, 910x5555, 182:1111, Goddess CYOA 1.jpg)

File: 091b5c9813d61ae⋯.jpg (963.86 KB, 910x5695, 182:1139, Goddess CYOA 2.jpg)

File: 92d2f17427e4750⋯.jpg (937.48 KB, 910x5690, 91:569, Goddess CYOA 3.jpg)

File: 0e3b874e6911125⋯.jpg (923.39 KB, 910x5695, 182:1139, Goddess CYOA 4.jpg)

File: 25eb097fdf9976a⋯.jpg (933.85 KB, 910x5692, 455:2846, Goddess CYOA 5.jpg)


Pretty sure you've seen this one before but this is a more completed version that the one I had.


File: 203db8010774e0e⋯.jpg (897.85 KB, 1300x4514, 650:2257, Goddess CYOA 6.jpg)

File: 695be77dfb7c607⋯.jpg (957.5 KB, 910x5178, 455:2589, Goddess CYOA 7.jpg)

File: fa03133640f9566⋯.jpg (989.87 KB, 1040x6414, 520:3207, Goddess CYOA 8.jpg)

File: 83d0f080b500653⋯.jpg (631.73 KB, 1300x4000, 13:40, Goddess CYOA 9.jpg)


File: af04b1a9298a228⋯.jpeg (163.92 KB, 854x1200, 427:600, 8e822ff6da819cfb798d386e5….jpeg)



Freyja (That smile knowing yet vulnerable)

Selene (Those bedroom eyes that everything)

I must have a thing for Widowed Yandere MILFS. I like maximally developed bodies that look like they should show signs of age but don't. I feel like they would fight over me but eventually agree to share me because of their similar pasts. Still, they would try to one up each other. They would have to boost my abilities so I could please them to their satisfaction.

Both Freya and Selene have their own dominions, making them Queens in their own right. My life would be tug-o-war between these realms and the mortal realm that Selene is interested in.

I feel like Freya is more one for formality (and security) so she would become my formal wife through traditional marriage, while Selene would take delight in forcing herself on me when she thinks I least expect it at night…until she too takes me to her Moon for a party, her wedding party, with I her Wife. Then I find out that by marrying her I'm also marrying her 52 daughters, 50 by Endymion and 2 by Zeus, and they are all extremely 'thirsty' given that there are no men allowed on the moon… it's with this excuse that Selene dresses me in her white silken clothes and shares her beauty and power with me, making me indistinguishable from a beautiful goddess not unlike herself while I'm on the Moon. Selene has no intention of leaving her daughters or upsetting the official status quo… Selene says that even without her influence, I remind her of beautiful Endymion, but unlike him, she has no intention of letting me die even if I wish for it. When I leave the Moon I mostly revert to my original form but on nights of the full moon I transform back to that form that, like Narcissus, makes me fall in love with my own reflection.

Freyja was angry when she found out about this… that 52 Moon Goddesses and her Arch-Rival have more or less had their way with me behind her back. She was about to go to war for her love, but backed dPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: afb7b831b23f04a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 377.42 KB, 2278x968, 1139:484, woman carry DNA of every m….png)

File: 545fada38e7567a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 40.4 KB, 429x816, 143:272, r9k master race best board….png)

File: c9ed438d12b03fe⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.31 KB, 329x375, 329:375, smug anime face.jpg)

Women exist to serve men, I will force them to see and accept that.

Pantheon (No Hope Mode)

Before they start to fight Hahahahaha! I would much rather you all accept how Lucky you are to just be part of my harem, but if you want to kill each other by all means give me a show-Just remember that a women that is not submissive, is not a real women.

I will go on a date with each one of you, starting with the oldest Who will expect less me and be more understanding, yes? with the eception of the eldritch, I will decide when we will go on a date. It may last 2 hours to almost a whole day, for once I will let you decide.

>Amaterasu Mortal

Her positive energy and happiness rub in anyone and anything Usefull to keep the others in check.

>Ame-no-Uzume Demigod

Mean with others but submissive with me, like women should be. As a diplomat she will help keep others in check, my commissar perhaps.

>Artemis Mortal

Horrible attitude, she needs a beating and learn her place. Picking so I can have a virgin to safely breed, see pic.

>Asherah Demigod

The most powerfull god and can protect me from the other's influence and she wants to help and serve me in every way possible And have children. Best Girl.

>Astraea Mortal

Free tokens. Btw the Golden Age, you can probably 卐guess卐.

>Athena God

Women please, *I* will be teaching you about the jews.

>Ba'laat Mortal

She looks quite perfect. I really like the sword btw, even tho it ain't good for thrusting.

>Cthylla Eldritch

Immense power, protective, virgin, will give me my very own Cthulhu, noice very noice.

>Cybele Mortal

Protective and with no hesitation to kill anyone who threathens me, very good, this shoulPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 88aeaac6d806f07⋯.jpg (605.55 KB, 1300x2500, 13:25, 1 - ktIIslv.jpg)

File: 30aa12f3727cfa2⋯.jpg (993.06 KB, 2080x2000, 26:25, 2 - MJCNkzb.jpg)

File: ea9e7db6a7c2c6b⋯.jpg (946.04 KB, 2340x2250, 26:25, 3 - CJUs7an.jpg)

File: f9b2cd3738e6c18⋯.jpg (914.61 KB, 1820x1750, 26:25, 4 - VLeUQ6S.jpg)


This is based around Worm ( https://parahumans.wordpress.com/table-of-contents/ ) a, really good (and completed) web serial. It's technically a 'superhero' story but it defies a lot of the usual conventions of the genre.

You should definitely read it if you haven't, but the CYOA here should stand on it's own well enough (though it does contain mild to moderate spoilers about the setting).

12 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 48972919c9b1bb3⋯.png (719.83 KB, 1280x6000, 16:75, 6 - yuCU9gP.png)

File: 5c75b5f91c7a89a⋯.png (766.19 KB, 1280x6000, 16:75, 7 - mefvjJb.png)


I got you fam


File: 3409ef598b98e5c⋯.png (2.51 MB, 1500x3600, 5:12, 1 - D2fjcFs.png)

File: fafc0ea64e0afa5⋯.png (2.52 MB, 1500x3600, 5:12, 2 - kudQtzK.png)

File: b6f490e42c54fa2⋯.png (584.54 KB, 1500x3600, 5:12, 3 - sE1wUjd.png)

File: 73d197198b3b220⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1500x3600, 5:12, 4 - ex4AcGo.png)

File: 583f01a6ac8dbbe⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1500x3600, 5:12, 5 - HzGgZij.png)


Just remembered there's an expanded version of this one…


File: 0819eca19e072c7⋯.png (1.26 MB, 2250x3600, 5:8, 6 - yj62z3R.png)





I'd offer you an internet blowjob, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only faggot that actually uses the internet.

Seriously though, thanks mate, and may good sex come to you. Or on you, if that's what you're into.



Thanks bud. If you want any of the other versions just ask.

File: f6cc0256af9d900⋯.jpg (7.64 MB, 1200x10000, 3:25, Create a Saber CYOA.jpg)


For all you Fate fans.

3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



Create a Saber

Neutral Good

Saber Sakura

Cheerful, Friendly, Kind, Immature, Idealistic


Female Saber


Child Saber

Lone Ahoge

Emote Ahoge

Thick Robe, Cosplay Gear, Casual


Independent Action D; Item Construction 0; Territory Creation EX; Mad Enhancement E; Magic Resistance D; Riding 0; Presence Concealment D; Avenger E; Self-Field Defense C

Battle Continuation 0; Charisma C; Mana Burst B; Instinct 0; Eye of the Mind (True) 0; Disengage 0; High-Speed Spellcast C; Golden Rule A; Monstrous Strength 0; Expert Specialization 0; Self-Modification 0; Bravery 0; Clairvoyance 0; Information Erasure D; Projectile Proficient 0; Divinity B

Noble Phantasm B-Rank

>I have no clue how to do this section really…




Create a Saber


Chaotic Good

Personality Traits

Saber Sakura




Servant Class


Physical Features

Female Saber



Emote Ahoge


Light Armor

Formal Gown

Servant Parameters

[00] Strength: E

[13] Endurance: A

[20] Agility: B->A

[43] Magic: EX

[43] Luck: E

[50] Noble Phantasm: B

Class Skill

[16] Item Construction: EX

[20] Territory Creation: D

[30] Self-Field Defense: B

Personal Skills

[10] Golden Rule: B

[25] High-Speed Spellcast: A

[50] Divinity: EX

Noble Phantasm

Rank: EX+1



In the intro to this CYOA it states that we have already won the grail Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Oops, I messed up a little on the personality. I was supposed to pick 5 traits. I'll add confident and servile to the three I have listed. Also, my noble phantasm is a focused blast of energy meant to be used in a one on one.



create a saber


neutral good


saber sakura: cool, kind, cheerful, sickly, servile

servant class


physical features



young adult

double ahoge


ceremonial (+1 NBL)

formal gown


servant parameters (50 pts)

strength: B (7)

endurance: B (7)

agility: A (13)

magic: E (0)

luck: D (1)

noble phantasm: EX (22)

class skills (30 pts)

magic resistance: A (6)

self-field defense: A (16)

territory creation: C (6)

personal skills

eye of the mind: EX (25)

bravery: EX (25)

noble phantasm

ability, anti-unit, modifier +3 (anti-world)


File: e008fa6a0b4771e⋯.jpg (31.85 KB, 600x600, 1:1, puella_magi_madoka_magica_….jpg)

File: 326ac66334a25a9⋯.jpg (149 KB, 802x703, 802:703, Empress Dress.jpg)


Become a Saber


True Neutral


Sakura Saber






Servant Class


Physical Features




Physical Appearence



Double, short ahoges


Light Armor



Strength: C[3]

Endurance: B[10]

Agility: A→EX[23]

Luck: D[24]

Magic: C[27]

Noble Phantasm: EX[50]

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: B[Freebie]

Riding: B[10]

Self Field Defense: B[20]

Presence Concealment: B[30]

Personal Skills

Battle Continuation: B[10]

Self modification: D[13]

Mana Burst: A[28]

Instinct: B[38]

DiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: dba79ed3bd0be76⋯.png (652.01 KB, 1359x763, 1359:763, I am the one who arranges ….png)


So now that you've read 1984 and found it to be an instruction manual, tell me how you plan a dystopia.

Link: http://i.imgur.com/DycYgm2.jpg

File is too big to upload despite being 3mb.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 176149adb028708⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 920x5533, 920:5533, DycYgm2.jpg)

File: eb692dc4ed20c03⋯.png (8.32 MB, 924x5364, 77:447, Part 2.png)


Actually it's 10k pixels down, so I've had to split it.

Full link is still there if you want the complete one.


Oh. I like it.


Closed regime. Economic collapse lead to the rise of this regime, and it's here to stay for certain.



Controlled media

Secret police

Militarised police


Internet censorship



Utopian bliss

Irrelevant media



Charismatic leader

Cognitive dissonance


Break the wall

The people's republic rules all, and keeps people happy, healthy and on the right track. The revolution is for your own benefit, you'll do your part, won't you, comrade?



Corporate bordello. (15, 30, 30)

>fear techniques

Low living standards, red tape bureaucracy (+5)

>pleasure techniques

Cultural anti-intellectualism, irrelevant media, pacifiers, reward system (-5)

>mind techniques

Paranoia, resilience, alienation, nothing really changes.


+50 points distributed as: (0, 25-5, 25)

+15 spread as (15, 0 0) =======================(20, 20, 25)

Revisionism, propaganda (0, 20, 25)

Corrupted freedoms, compulsory consumerism (0, -5, 25)


Hypercapitalist regime (20, 15, 25)


Conformity, surveillance


utopian bliss (+5)


cognitive dissonance, charismatic leader

As per our executive policy, it is mandatory for new citizens to know about the country to which they're being sent for work. The country you've been selected to fullfill your internship operates on the principles of individual freedom, as it is each adult's need to be able to take care of himsel–


This distopia operates as an hypercapitalist shithole. The country is nothing but a loose confederation of many corporate city-states, held together only in name only. Corporate warfare is common. The police are there only to squish the worker. Unions are legal, but most are corporation-owned. The system is rigged so that you never get anywhere. It's the red queen race. The police are armed not with physical weapons, but with psychological warfare. They even use THC as riot control, for fuck's sake. Media is corporate owned, as usual, and as such, they act Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Living idea

>Fear control

Delation regime

Controlled media

Population control

Secret police

Riot police



Martial law

Militarized police




Children soldiers



Red tape bureaucracy

Low living standards

Internet censorship

Restricted civil rights


Enforced drug use


Super soldiers

Re-education camp

Ethnic cleansing

Caste system

>Pleasure control

Cultural anti-intellectualism

Reward system

>Mind control



Cognitive dissonance





Child indoctrination

Society mobilization

Mandatory behaviour




>Special features

none (would put No more family but it requires Corrupted freedom, and a true dystopia has no freedom watsoever)


Escapism (points go to fear)

Fear points: 235

Pleasure points: 35

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>You are retarded.

y tho

File: 108acd2d86fc815⋯.jpg (2.69 MB, 1520x9700, 76:485, Monster Girl Survival Isla….jpg)

File: ec9670aa13cd83f⋯.jpg (2.63 MB, 1520x9700, 76:485, Monster Girl Survival Isla….jpg)

File: 9d385f227511250⋯.jpg (2.51 MB, 1520x9700, 76:485, Monster Girl Survival Isla….jpg)

File: 249ad4e154ac89e⋯.jpg (2.59 MB, 1520x9700, 76:485, Monster Girl Survival Isla….jpg)


So you ended up on an island with some pretty perverse creatures. A whole lot of them.

13 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



If you're not convinced though, I did make a second solution to this that doesn't involve power thief.


-2 Ryu

-1 Cursed Sword

-1 Living Armor


-1 Be the girl (Baphomet)

-1 Futa

-1 Collector (+2 Magical Attack)

-1 Magical Training

By turning myself into a baphomet I get A rank stats. Collector, magical training, and the cursed sword can all be added to these stats. Living armor would also give me a boost but it's not clear how big that boost would be. With the futa boon I get to keep my dick.

Me (Final Stats, without living armor):

Physical Attack: S

Magical Attack: SSS

Physical Defense: A

Magical Defense: S

Ryu (Dragon Form):

Physical Attack: SS

Magical Attack: SSS

Physical Defense: SSS

Magical Defense: SS

With this solution I'm not quite as powerful, but it's still pretty legendary. I don't think there are many things that could take the two of us on.


File: eda8d24c36312b9⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 500x281, 500:281, eda.gif)


>Powergamers trying to min-max and break the game.


File: 41162b454746fef⋯.png (322.01 KB, 687x685, 687:685, Tanya.png)


It seems like the goal of at least half of the CYOAs here is to choose the set of choices where you get the most good stuff with the least negatives. Trying to find the best combination is part of the fun.



Inari: A C / A C (Fox / Beastman)

Will o' Wisp: A A / A A (Ghost / Undead)

Living Armor: D B / B A (Armor / Magical Material)

Salamander: C A / B B (Lizard / Reptile)


collector: +1 magic attack

magical training: +1 magical atk/def

power thief


I'll take a submissive team that I can power drain until I have A A / A A stats which will be boosted further by the living armor that apparently also grows stronger as I fight with it. These stats give me the potential to defeat even an S-class monster as long as I strategize well. I'll also waifu the inari and the salamander, using stealth to stay alive while my power grows.

I'll be able to continue growing my harem, which will ultimately include the most powerful monsters that are willing to submit or treat me as an equal.




>cursed sword

>living armor

>both magical material


really joggles the noggle

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