Rules's Global Rules


• Do not post, request, or link to any content illegal in the United States of America. Do not create boards with the sole purpose of posting or spreading such content.

More information about US obscenity laws and how they relate to 8chan boards

More information about the Dost test

Just who is this 8chan person anyway?

What the above means basically is do not post CP. If you do see someone doing this then use the global report function so global mods may handle it and permaban them from all of 8chan. Fringe mods are permitted to spoiler the CP and lock the thread but are to leave it alone for globals to handle the rest.

The Three Rules of /fringe/

1. Create threads on topic and if a thread for a topic already exists post in that one unless it has reached the bump limit.
2. Don't make threads just to ask questions, actually present substantial information if you're going to make a thread.
3. Don't make a thread purely to shitpost (you will be forgiven if it's a major GET), just shitpost / loosh farm inside of threads that already exist.

Please see the /fringe/ sticky >>1 to understand what topics this board covers. Although the scope of /fringe/'s topics is very large it is not necessarily a place for creepypasta.


1. Question threads. (thread that just ask questions and don't present information)
2. Duplicate threads. (we don't need multiple threads on the same topic)
3. Shitpost threads. (like this one: >>4514 )
4. Any threads that break the 3 stated rules of /fringe/ or the global rule of (in which case do a global report).
5. Posting with proper flag rule is being re-instated.

All of /fringe/ is way too fast now so I need your help as I'm no longer able to read every single post posted on this board any longer.

Moderating Guidelines

This section details the penalties for breaking the rules as well as other actions that may be taken by mods.

If the global rule is broken you are banned permanently from all of and not just /fringe/ (note only global mods can do this).
If rule 1 is broken your thread is locked and you are notified your thread is off-topic or it is deleted outright.
If rule 2 is broken your thread is locked and you are told to post your question in the official questions thread (which is always stickied) or post questions in other pre-existing threads. We don't want you creating a whole thread just to ask a question. Alternatively a mod may just give you a 10 minute ban for breaking rule 2 and leave your thread alone and hope the ban message serves as a warning to others to go post questions in the right place.

If two threads exist on the same topic one may be locked and redirected to the older or better quality thread of the two.

Pure shitpost threads like "AYY LMAO" or "testing" or other garbage presenting no information to the board are just deleted on sight. Incessant shitposting of this nature could get a ban. Shitposting in any already existent thread such as the designated shitposting thread is OK just not when you are creating a whole new thread purely to shitpost. If for some reason your shitpost thread managed to get a lot of replies quickly and become a "hot topic" it will be left alone but may be saged so no extra posts can bump it.

If pornography has been posted without being spoilered any of the /fringe/ volunteers may spoiler it on sight as their discretion.

Shills may be called out on their shilling but no moderator actions will be taken against them. If you are a shill and have had your shilling interrupted via moderator actions taken against you, complain to the board owner, and the janitor that censored you may lose his position.

If Master Memer or the Nigerian Prince are spotted at all, be on high alert, as spam is likely to follow when either of these personalities show up and begin their usual shitposting.

If someone is excessively posting with an improper flag a volunteer may give a 15 minute ban, increasing on repeat offenders.