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File: a4a8c3c9ea7bc51⋯.jpg (212.74 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, a4a8c3c9ea7bc51c86871a07eb….jpg)


Latest release and news can always be found here:



Creator streams most days here:


Video archive of all streams is here:


Wiki with game info is here:


Old threads are full here if anyone wants:

Thread #10


Thread #9


Thread #8


Thread #7


Thread #6

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File: 023f25259ef78dc⋯.gif (770.18 KB, 498x484, 249:242, tenor.gif)


I-i this an ironic post?


File: 0a5f2b191dc589a⋯.png (145.23 KB, 1066x131, 1066:131, 9fb07569b47c30cc1ebe942651….png)

Now that it's been confirmed that STS will let you impregnate pretty much the entire cast I'm a lot more interested in it. Sure, it's not going to be finished for a decade, but I'm not paying money for it, so I can wait. :D



Who cares if we don't get pregnant sex scenes?



What's the point of pregnancy if there's no pregnancy sex scenes? They just get pregnant and pop out a baby in a week, unless you get off to that, but you'd be a fucking weirdo.



There is music (and sound) in Summertime Saga, though. However, there's been nothing new added on that front for over a year now, DC said something like he didn't think there was enough budget to continue funding it along with the rest of the production for the time being

File: 58b9f7fbec39795⋯.png (999.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Megamom_1.png)


Original Thread: >>27976

Thread 2 >>45191

Last build: https://mega.nz/#!JldzwIhZ!bz0LvlDOY_iqtINeoQ8lDOSV68Ga87PytFXci2Tj_BY

New build "soon?"

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File: d5c7fa932e458dd⋯.png (402.44 KB, 1283x1080, 1283:1080, unknown.png)


Soul is a super good artist



post full


File: bbb49f2d8dfcee1⋯.png (95.54 KB, 611x514, 611:514, unknown (3).png)



>go back to sleep honey. Mommy is going to take care of this.

This makes my penis the big penis



Is this new art or is this shit from months ago?

File: 9f05bbc3f4e499c⋯.jpg (685.82 KB, 638x825, 58:75, moondrive poster reduced.jpg)


Hey guys I’m looking for some experienced programmers to work on our Ren’py game. Its called Moon Drive City and its about a bounty hunter who has lost everything and has come to Moon Drive to do odd jobs to get back on her feet. But when opportunity arises, she overturns the seedy underbelly of Moon Drive City to restore her name.

Our protagonist character is turned into a futa and the game contains Futa on Female/ Futa on Male(Traps and the like), Futa on Futa etc. So, if you don’t mind the content we would be happy to bring you on as part of our team. If you have any demo’s or games you’ve worked on in the past please link us to them.

We’re starting our patreon campaign soon, so we can discuss pricing and project scope over email if your truly interested.

Our email: lewdcrewproductions@gmail.com

1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: efa29dd405cee87⋯.jpg (984.38 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, moondrivemap daylow.jpg)

And here's our current map.

Just as a note we have many more characters in the works to be revealed later once the project gets off the ground.





Worst taste


>futa on female

ok now we have some quality here, don't mind the trash talking shit, also the style and the art ar looking pretty good, there is a lot of potential there



the laziest of fetishes tbh


I really like the art style, but a futa-based game is a hard fucking no.

File: 94ee446f023fb3b⋯.png (4.75 MB, 1920x1079, 1920:1079, Hel_Solo.png)


New thread since gorecuck managed to spam the previous thread past the reply limit.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LordArioch

Version 0.2.42 Backer Release

Win / Linux: https://mega.nz/#!tCpCQIbD!e-5hUJyIXUGqfQg5tD4vrn_lUUhkTma3X_57aVSy3JM

Mac: https://mega.nz/#!oG4G2IRT!kJatsgV_j7RSR4PBJCkyYjuW27zafT4SAeyKHDet8S4

Android: https://mega.nz/#!tDpnzK6D!Vi5vK3AhvYIJ8J7uuIxCm10vV7SKrPDOwBlnXc6lm7c

Original / Previous thread: >>3391

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Is it an actual game about Cluckolding? Or is it some retard sagebombing over optional content?


File: 63bcedd29f296db⋯.png (141.21 KB, 1545x685, 309:137, ClipboardImage.png)


Let's see, anon.

>The devs in the project calls the lead dev Clucklord, unironically so. >>56954

>The dev's girl used to be a porn actress, and he included her in the game >>42912

>Patreons pay for more Cluck scene than the Cluck dev himself can write if it isn't rigged >>38595

>The main character's wife gets riled literally by everything and everyone while the MCs watches and masturbates to it >>36084

>The MC himself is literally a cocksucker faggot that sucks everyone's dick >>36729

>Hell, ii most cases, the MC sucks dick while he gets Clucked AT THE SAME TIME >>37099

There is far more evidence, specially if you look at the train wreck that the previous thread was, and you immediately will find why people hate the game.

>The art is good, and it gets wasted on shit

>The premise is "you can be the bad guy" but you end up getting Clucked and literally fucked every time

>More than 50% of the content is Cluckporn

>The dev has no shame on admitting this since that's his fetish

Considering all this, how badly received the last thread was, you have to wonder what kind of faggot made a second thread. That's why this thread deserves to die and shit on as much as you can. You sound like a faggot yourself, though, optional or not, it's still Cluckshit, so fuck off.



The latter.



Nice evidence there



You forgot this gem >>63568

File: 8104f7bc6d4501c⋯.jpeg (119.96 KB, 816x638, 408:319, 557FE390-E082-4C46-9DB6-6….jpeg)


Old thread full time to complain here

746 posts and 105 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Widdle fag gonna keep crying?



Nobody wants you here, Cluck.




You're embarrassing yourself.



Whatever you say, Cluck.



You'll be okay, one day.

File: 758a60ea32cfa28⋯.jpg (91 KB, 640x360, 16:9, WA_cups01.jpg)


>New Patreon trainer game

>Looks alright so far, checks all the boxes



>0.2.1 PC


>0.2.1 Mac


109 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>If NTR is added

But NTR WILL be added, so it might as well already have it. It's not about "if" but "once" it gets added. You are defending a game that is planned to have NTR.

>And you're asking me to prove something generic

Good job generalizing something, then. But the thing is, the problem is not how you generalize, but how ridiculous the claim of your generalization is. Sure, the whole NTR thing gets a bit out of hand here, but even then, I've never heard one of the ones you've mentioned. Either way, kill yourself, hyperbolic faggot.

>Opinions are, BY DEFINITION, biased

Gee, I guess expert's opinions can't be objective. Again, kill yourself.



You seem to miss the point here : I am defending my "opinion" that this game is funny because of the dialogues.



I also said that I don't fucking care if others people share or not my opinion. Numerous times.



I got shit on by dumbfucks going apeshit about something inexistent.








I tried to stay civil. Now we're going full circle by following and repeating that pattern :

>i like the game

<this is a NTR game

>not now

<it will be *insult* *insult*

>i'm still right

<no you're not *insult*


<u mad ? *insult*

There is also a difference between an opiniPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



How can you find a Cluck game funny?



>"A bit out of hand" is a fucking understatement when it is next to "kill yourself" written twice in the same post.

You are new to imageboards, I guess. People constantly tell that to each other for less.



Nicely written. Good combination of pedantry, sarcasm, and emphasis. Then again, there's a really good chance I'd happily suck your dick, so my opinion likely isn't worth much.

File: 22819667a444afe⋯.jpg (488.71 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, 32c519_6999107.jpg)


Why isnt there a Mod in Sims 4 that lets you turn the game into a Harlot Trainer Game?


because you haven't made it, yet. get to work, faggot.



Hope he doesn't. His picture screams shit taste.


File: 1fecd5420c4999b⋯.jpg (87.48 KB, 729x1032, 243:344, clown world.jpg)


>Someone was charged for this



Well, I mean, technically you could call the mods that are available for Sims 3 some form of harlot trainer (but it's hardcore training, considering you'd need to groom your kid for it) but it's going to come to Sims 4 eventually.

File: 531becb2612deed⋯.jpg (89.42 KB, 1280x691, 1280:691, ef39f51e551338e7f498094bca….jpg)


523 posts and 106 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 25ebb5622f78e9a⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1280x1249, 1280:1249, ClipboardImage.png)


Hydroletzten Samstag um 01:22 Uhr

We have one more build with new artwork from Soap coming up

then after that we're planning on adding mod support to the game

Hydroletzten Samstag um 23:20 Uhr

It is getting closer, that's all I can say

Hydrogestern um 08:04 Uhr

and the update is coming! I know everyone has been waiting a bit longer, but Soap has been trying to establish his personal portfolio on top of getting the last pieces of art done, so that's why it's taken longer.


File: 39a3e4d51039eeb⋯.png (250.08 KB, 1826x497, 1826:497, Teaser.png)


Soapmonster is working on the final image for IA, and it's getting closer and closer to being ready for release! While we know this final update has taken a while, and it may not contain as much art as previous updates, we hope you'll enjoy what we have in store to conclude Soapmonster's work on the game!

As we had previously stated in the thread, Soapmonster has been working on other art so he can build up his portfolio and be able to transition out of IA smoothly. That's why there has been a longer waiting period for this next build.

Our next goal after Soap's departure is to add modding ability to IA, and we'll be discussing those plans and features in the future!



Thank you. Not bad.



This shit is really fun, even though it is impossible to masturbate to this art.

File: 5e810207b0b5b25⋯.png (336.57 KB, 481x276, 481:276, LE.PNG)


27 posts omitted. Click reply to view.






Sad… you are a virgin right?



>still a virgin




Sad… You need to fuck whores since no sane woman would fuck you.



You're not even a good troll.

File: 082519c6841dbb3⋯.jpg (42.99 KB, 714x402, 119:67, a43c3747499cdde9e53d96d6b5….jpg)


It's been 10 years since Princess Trainer came out and Iris Trainer was announced. You could literally fuck a girl, wait 9 months, have a daughter, train her to be a slut, wait till she is 18, and make a porn of her before a game with Iris comes out



>been 10 years



>You could literally fuck a girl

No, me not



why do you care about a shitty spin off just play pt gold


damn shame, I was always waiting…



you don't remember when pt came out?

File: 7d7bda15f79f949⋯.jpeg (183.09 KB, 1920x480, 4:1, PFZUiB0FJRiMOBN335Su2jtcP….jpeg)


A Zombie's Life and a Urban Demons.

643 posts and 80 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



It's his other game, A Zombie's Life


The heart wants what the heart wants anon



If you would read more, you wouldn't be a retard.



>zombie's life

I thought that was abandoned




So what was the art for?

That says that fucker is switching over to HS

File: c6d6700d524c888⋯.jpg (108.63 KB, 1222x689, 94:53, sc34.jpg)


Akabur's new game is out for top patrons. Should be out for everyone in less than a week. Feel free to post the patreon version here. Would be a worthwile Xmas present.

408 posts and 60 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



this is the start of someone who's about to understand why people hate Akabur


File: 92f2a19e8c8a0dd⋯.jpg (180.88 KB, 955x719, 955:719, 1.jpg)

I actually liked first version of the dress more.







Figured akabur was one of yours, Satan.


PT Gold is a masterpiece and everything else he's done is hot garbage with completely unintuitive gameplay and retarded routing.

File: e05adfcaf9f977d⋯.jpg (19.16 KB, 380x350, 38:35, Irghh.JPG)


What's some artwork you've seen in a game that makes you want to die or instantly kills your boner?

634 posts and 265 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: baa8f1ce699559a⋯.png (53.76 KB, 737x699, 737:699, ClipboardImage.png)



Ignoring they are transvestites … These fucking poses. It seems like I've seen it thousands of times in several other places. I think these devs are literally using the same pose packs and expressions without editing anything or moving the bones of the models.



The fuck is cosmo and wanda doing there



I'd fuck it



They felt sorry for Vicky.

File: 7b621aa57f6d137⋯.jpg (7.7 KB, 260x194, 130:97, index.jpg)


What are some good NTR trainer games?

279 posts and 52 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Because it is? Do you try to start discussion by stating obviousness or what, because I don't understand point of your post.



>fucking your mom in a game is a little harmless fetish while being a Cluckold is terrible and Cluckolds must be castrated.

What's the point of stating a fact?


File: a86ed410351e3a7⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1920x1463, 1920:1463, polar_bear_Laurie_Chrisco1….jpg)

The real kicker of this thread is that it's around 2 years old and it's kept alive through hatred. I'm honestly impressed


File: 1f767be5e32611c⋯.jpeg (3.98 KB, 199x254, 199:254, images (5).jpeg)



that one guy has been keeping this entire board alive on the back of it

File: 411124806a5a40c⋯.jpeg (10.54 KB, 240x240, 1:1, vSYvv2fYtzqNgHpJSES103Yje….jpeg)


307 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>it's the fallout76 is whore managers

pls do not give them the idea to use gamebryo

pls ;_;


>$2,488 per month

Big oof

There's still one psychopath donating $100 a month and 12 suckers donating $30

Imagine being so filthy rich that $100 coming out your bank account every month, for some shit arse porn game, isn't even something you notice happening


File: f8ca009f7058cd1⋯.png (51.62 KB, 928x704, 29:22, simbro-decomp.png)


I'd lay 100:1 they no longer have access to the source code, and haven't since the new management took over, and were trying to shoehorn in new content using only a decompiled copy.

Who wants to deal with almost 2MB of text like this?



With almost $2,500/mo I would hire a dedicated coder to rebuild the engine from the ground up.



US-based software engineers cost 8K - 12K/mo (if they're any good) but I agree with the sentiment, I would have taken drastic measures when it was still raking in the big bucks to keep its momentum going even if that meant a real programmer overhauling it from scraps of decompiled garbage.

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