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File: c034d8d28072059⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1600x400, 4:1, 78050_Patreon_Banner.png)


I just 100%'d 0.2 and it's actually not shit. There's a decent amount of content too.

>Mythic Manor is a free adult interactive visual novel game offering a new home and a new world. Delve deep into your fantasies and experience the day-to-day life of sharing a manor with five gorgeous “mythic girls”. Spend time and build relationships with the characters you like in currently over 70 unique character events plus special hidden events! The game is developed with Ren'Py solely by me, Jikei ♥

>Prominent Fetishes:

>Voyeurism and hidden cameras, exhibitionism, public sex, watching porn, mind control, sex dreams, strippers, lewd experiments, sleep sex and groping, nude modelling and lingerie, transformations, embarrassment, milf, lesbian, strong girls, breast sucking & more

>Planned fetishes: (a lot of the fetishes are optional)

>Lactation, orgy, impregnation, shower share & more.


(the images are just censored on patreon, not in game)

0.2 PC+Linux:


0.2 Mac:



File: a849c3e920f053b⋯.gif (132.97 KB, 311x366, 311:366, P6XduSJ.gif)

>a lot of the fetishes are optional


File: 4b2c3891a451933⋯.jpg (286.39 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Losing control.jpg)


Hmmmmm… nah.

Not finished mate. People really need to stop posting incomplete garbage. Besides they might add NTR or some shit in the future, so why waste my time with it now.


I played it and I think it's a good example of how to use Honey Select and still make a good game. The technical part is impeccable. I personally did not like the game very much, but I recognize that it is one of the best that is available on Patreon with Honey Select models.



Only a few of the fetishes are even good (milf, lesbian, strong girls and breast sucking) - the dev should ditch most of the existing ones and go for the planned fetishes (lactation, orgy, impregnation, shower share, etc.)



no incest?



>Another Honey Select assets game

>Uses other peoples mods

>Is getting paid for this

Is that even legal?



>muh laws

Fuck off, faggot. Sholom Rubashkin got pardoned by Donald Trump, I don't hear you bitching about that, but you're gonna cry about a porn game being illegal? Go fuck yourself, cuck.



Go the fuck away with your /pol/ shit whining.


848 mega for a 0.2, probably just 5 minutes of gameplay…

Well, the 3Dshit models look kinda pleasant.

Let's give a try.



The game is huge. The version number is just an author's strategy to take money on Patreon for quite some time. If you play you will see that it is a game that has been done for several months and has more content than 90% of the games available at Patreon.



3 hours of gameplay so far


so far i ve seen a dream sequence where your mom jerks you off, plus several scenes where you are shown nudes of your mom by other characters. wouldn t be surprised if full on incest is eventually part of the game.



sorry meant to say I ve seen 3 hours of gameplay so far. but there is still more.




Yeah, i noticed.

Considering all the areas that are still not available i would not say is just a strategy, but it kept me busy half a day and i think i can still do something.

Overally is a promising game.


Two sluts, 2 somewhat reticient girls and one milf?

Pretty promising!


just played it, so far i'm liking it.

the only thing i really hate is that your mom was a complete slut that fucked anything with a dick, wish that wasn't part of the game…



The redhead showing you the picture of your mom sucking dick was hot, tbh.



you get off on watching your mom fuck other men anon?



Why not? You were born because your mom fucked other people, right?


File: d4998ea6761511c⋯.jpg (81.44 KB, 640x503, 640:503, 1485238100968.jpg)



first one to say the forbidden word gets banned



Only when is a fictional mom.



More like the idea of this hot redheaded woman showing me sexual things about her. The scene was just really well done, I can't explain it.



Me coming from the scrotum of another dude?

This shit is gay and cuck dude.

My virgin mom was impregnated by me using a time machine.


How do I INstall camera?



As the game goes by you will unlock chances to enter the girls rooms while they are away.

At that point you'll only need the camera and to find the right spot where to place it.


Here's a minor bugfix


If you have certain stats on certain girls you can miss some Sunday events. This will not fix an existing save where the event is already missed, however.

If you've already missed a Sunday event you can force it with "jump sunday(number)" in the console. I missed the fifth one so that was "jump sunday5" for me.



I'm about half way in and well, damn.

While I don't get the need for HS VN makers to put melons size of girl's head on them, everything else beats a lot of shit that's floating around /htg/, especially unfinished projects with no lewds whatsoever and a lot of HS stuff.

The faces are all done well, most of bodies are good, gameplay is all right and writing is decent.

On top of that it's a pleasant surprise to see a game here for the first time and already get plenty of content in it.

Now we play the waiting game.



>Reddit Spacing

>Totally not Dev




This game also surprised me by the quality. However, I only played version 0.1 and concluded that it took at least 6 to 8 months to have been made. So I'm a bit skeptical about the updates (even more that the author is earning a lot on Patreon). Anyone know how many new events they have in version 0.2?

This is essential to know if the game will be ready one day or if it will be years on Patreon.



Judging by the amount of in developement areqas it will take years.

But there is a lot of content already.


Whats the code for 0.2? i cant be arsed dealing with an error every time i go into the hall



go cry about the law again, pussy


0.2 my ass, this game is huge (and 2/3 of the locations are still placeholders!).

<Velle best bro


I admire the guy who made this game, the guy knows what he's doing. But his next goal at Patreon is a joke. At $ 7000 he will be able to make animated sex scenes. Basically he's saying he needs $ 7000 to fucking record Honey Select pre-made animations with a free software like OBS.

This made me question the intentions of the author. He's pretending he needs an absurdly large amount to do something stupidly simple that virtually every game made with stolen art from Honey Select does.



There are already animated scenes in the game, tho



Pretty sure a large chunk of that money would go to hiring other people, like it says first in the goal. Seems like it's just a perk that they would take the time to redo the lewd scenes with animations.

Yeah it's a large amount of money, but I'm sure they have better things to do right now than redo all the animations, cause that would take a ton of time.


File: 80cc8fe437560ec⋯.jpg (6.93 KB, 200x169, 200:169, please love me naira.jpg)

>Reached max for Naira





Well, I think this redeems the author's image for me.

What I admired most in his attitude was to wait months before releasing the first version. I remember him asking questions at Honey Select's Discord at least six months ago, so I think he was already working on the game at the time.

He could release a 0.1 with almost nothing and start taking advantage of Patreon system, but he worked hard to make a game far above average and with a lot of content.

This is probably the best game made with Honey Select stolen art. I must confess that I was a bit afraid of the success he is making (he won the first patrons faster than the Summertime Saga guy) because this could catch the attention of Illusion.

I still think if Illusion gets in touch with Patreon to remove these games, it will be because of Mythic Manor's success. I hope this does not happen. I do not want to lose my shekels.



This is pretty good. If i wasn't a broke cunt i would donate







Change log 0.3:

More main events for the manor girls.

A special event for one of the manor girls.

More Sunday events.

The second multi-girl event is available.

Several events with side characters are available.

A new repair event is available.

Added pay raises if you work enough.

The Homeless Lady has been named Jade and the Security Lady has been named Natasha.

More items are now unlockable/interactable inside the manor.

Save files from v0.2.0 and higher are now compatible.

Changed the Sunday events system from a week system to a level system to work with the save system.

Converted jpg files to webp format to drastically reduce game size with little to no quality loss.

$10+ patron names added to the PC.

Updated the scene gallery.

Updated the hints system.

Updated the walkthrough.

Fixed a bug with the scene gallery.

Other minor fixes and adjustments.



dog bless, man


any money cheat?


File: c4b1c175c15a802⋯.gif (707.01 KB, 504x285, 168:95, a4LPDtP.gif)

Where do I find the second pair of panties to catch the racoon with?



inventory.money = [INSERT NUMBER HERE]


ok how the hell am i ment to get into esters room at night? i'm at 18 and it says "what should i do tonight?" under her tip yet every time i go to knock on the door she won't come open even if she's in the room so wtf am i ment to do?


The second panties are in naira's shopping bag in her room.

Esters thing is to go back to the art studio at night.



I was stuck in the same shit, thanks anon.



you get one from the mall from the girl with pink hair and another pair from the room of the girl that works at the coffee shop



at the mall*


What do you guys think of these kinds of tasks in adult games?

I mean, keep looking for certain items like at Mythic Manor and Summer Time Saga?

In my opinion this is the most lazy and disgusting way to pretend there is a gameplay, most of the tasks are longwinded and extremely boring.

However, I have noticed that these games tend to be more successful in Patreon than straight games because they pass on a false sense that it is a game, not just a linear (generally bad) story.

What do you think?

Do you find it fun to look for items at Mythic Manor? Does this give any sense of accomplishment?



Yes, yes and yes



how do i get into her room when she is not home? its always locked.



Ask Esther. Say that you need to fix her computer.



I think you should watch porn or hentai anime if clicking the screen trouble you so much.


File: 64201a94702b880⋯.png (251.37 KB, 471x642, 157:214, 1469627290253.png)

>The 12 year old with tits has the most content



I need a walktrough, can't go on with the mermaid and the bestiality girl.


I finished the game, well at least I cannot get any more scenes for the girls, but I could not find any way to open up the safe or locked box inside of naira's room. I also don't see any use for the flower from magic lake or most of the items bought at the mall, the doctor's place and church I found completely no use for either, gaining strength at the gym seems to have no effect on anything and caps at 52.. Am I missing something, or those parts are not scripted in yet ?



If you read naira's diary you get the pass for her locked box ("naira+your mc name"), and to get the flower from the lake you have to go there every night until the lake is glowing, if it is glowing go into the dock and look around, you'll find the flower to trigger the event with the elf






File: 4f246190140c9aa⋯.pdf (208.85 KB, 102295_102293_Mythic_Manor….pdf)


get gassed



>being this asshurt over what the URL before the PDF you're reading looks like

wew lad



Thanks anon, I still seem to be missing how to unlock phone in Fanora's room, the walkthrough has the information that it's there but doesn't tell you how to get it.



I couldn't find that myself either, people said it's in the left side of her desk, if I remember correctly the pass is monstercock



>what the URL before the PDF you're reading looks like

It should be posted here regardless of what URL it comes from. The fact that it comes from f95 is just icing on your faggot cake.



If you're trying to make some kind of a point about long-term archival and files being taken down, at least post the actual text of the walkthrough instead of reuploading the PDF file as an attachment.



how bout you at least suck my dick if you're going to flirt so much



Buy me dinner first.



sluts don't get dinner


What is the password to Fanora's phone?





Does 0.3 have a password? I feel like I did everything? Have all scenes unlocked, is another requirement like every peep/pool event too?


now we wait for the 0.4.0 links…



time cuck






More main events for all of the manor girls.

New repeatable events and content for the manor girls.

Another Sunday event.

A side character event.

A new area is now accessible from the City Map.

MC's kitchen is now accessible from his room.

The safe is now unlockable.

A camera can now be installed in Fanora's room.

New animated cam scenes for Esther, Naira, Velle and Fanora.

Some hidden content for you to discover.

The outside camera is now viewable, but nothing special has been added to it yet.

Added two cameo characters.

Added a "Fix Gallery" button to fix issues with missing gallery scenes.

More items are now unlockable/interactable inside the manor.

$10+ patron names added to the PC.

Updated the scene gallery.

Updated the hints system.

Updated the walkthrough.

Fixed a bug with the Gold Pass.

Other minor fixes and adjustments.

Fix Gallery Button

To fix the gallery if you have missing gallery scenes that should be showing up.

How to use

1: You must first load your save file with the most progress

2: Open up the Scene Gallery and hit Fix Gallery

3: Click the Back or Next button to refresh the gallery



>A side character event.

The Thick Creams Cafe girl who works at night. Just go in at night a few nights in a row and buy a drink, around 5 or 6 drinks in there will be a special scene that starts when you walk in.

>The safe is now unlockable.

You need to find 3 scraps of paper. One is in the box of belongings of the previous tenant that Esther will bring to you, one is in the new kitchen in your room in one of the bottom drawers, and one is in one of the drawers in the bathroom. The last two will only spawn once you've found the one in the box of the previous tenant's belongings.

The safe has a camera which you can install in Fanora's room, a laptop with a password which so far as I can tell cannot yet be cracked, and a pair of broken binoculars I don't know the use for.



nice art and cool story. good shit



When will you get the scarps from Esther? She didn't gave me anything at the beginning



It happened for me a few days after I loaded my save, but that save was at the end of all of the content from the previous version so honestly I have no fucking clue.

Try advancing in Esther's questline, maybe that has something to do with it.


Update when



I tried to post this yesterday but gave up..

This was written on 23rd of June.


>And now for a brief progress update on v0.5.0! As many of you know, we had some issues with Patreon earlier this month. This caused some delay with our development, but we are still on track for a v0.5.0 launch sometime in early July.

>You can expect an update with content that is close in size to v0.3.0's update, so there will be more content than in v0.4.0.

>Some of the highlights in the upcoming release will include: more events for all of the manor girls, a new multi-girl event and a new, lengthy story line for one of the side characters. Aside from that, there's even more content we are working on and I look forward to having you guys play and test the new version next month!


0.5.0 is out. Now to wait for a kindly anon.







How do you even make money in this game? Got all the main girls to 6-8 but still haven't gotten an opportunity to grind money. Only managed to unlock some stuff with the extra 30 from the clothlines quest.



inventory.money = 10000


Game is good, kinda makes me wish to start from scratch instead of using the code to jump to week 8 but i'm too lazy and I just wanna masturbate.


Also I don't like Velle.


>Naira fucks a teddy bear before she fucks the MC

oh come on, she was the sweet virgin water girl and is fucking teddy bears.

cuck game a shit



In your computer, if you go to the internet, you have an option to write for a website. The amount of money you get is somewhat random, there's a range and I don't remember what it is. I recommend doing it late at night since there's basically nothing else you can do then anyway,


Theres some good shit this update, I though Jade was going to be a bird mythic or something, Anyone know if the police woman got any shit added or was she just added to the relationship screen



How fucking insecure can you betas get? Complaining about getting cucked by a fucking dildo. Fuck off, snowflake.



I don't even play a game's beta, bro. That's how unsure of myself I am, bro.



spoken like a true cuck





I take it you guys haven't noticed the store in the mall that sells lifelike dog statues and oddly-shaped dildo "chew toys"


File: 8b5da26a8b9f3e0⋯.jpg (8.5 KB, 275x183, 275:183, lol.jpg)




to be fair you are a insecure cuck if you really think a dildo is cucking you lel



Please don't feed him.

This turd think is cuckoldry even when a girl interrupt eye contact with the player character to take a look at her phone.

Ignore him. This retard is literally flooding both hgg and htg with his bullshit.


I think the guy talking about the scene we're being cucked by Teddy Bear is being ironic. However, if I'm not mistaken in the Summer Time Saga there is a girl who masturbates with her Teddy Bear, so if there is any complaint to be made is that the author is not being very original.




I bet you guys think fucking a girl after a nigger cums inside is not being a cuck.

Fucking cucks ruining games, everytime.

Every fucking game.



Women have been masturbating with stuffed animals, tables, etc. long before Sumertime Saga…



Nigga please, when you dilute the concept of something to the point it include everything than you normalize it.

Kinda like the SJWs, before their bullshit i've always identified fascists with sieg heiling racist assholes. Now when i ear the word "nazi" i think about any guy that want freedom of speech and is not a left wing faggot. At this point there is nothing wrong to be a nazi.


Calling all alpha male chads in this thread to answer some questions I have for you.

- If a woman masturbates (to the thought of anything other than you) after having met you, have you been cucked?

- If a woman insults you, physically or mentally, have you been cucked?

- If a woman has male friends that aren't you, have you been cucked?

- If a woman has female friends that aren't you, have you been cucked?

- If a woman denies your request to do something, have you been cucked?

- If a woman has a crush and is a fangirl of a famous actor or any other sort of celebrity, have you been cucked?

- If a woman has a threesome with you and another female, have you been cucked?



Alpha here:

Once again… pick pen and paper and write it to not forget:

Cuckoldry is a three people relationship inwhich there is a bitch, a bull, and a cuck.

The cuck is the bitch's and bull's bitch and he like it.

Cuckoldry imply a relationship of submission to the dude that is fucking your woman and the cuck jerk off to it.

If that's not what is happening then is not cuckoldry. Period.


"am i a cuck if i'm the leader of a sex cult that kidnap women and brainwash them trough rape drugs and gangbang cause the other members put their members into them after i'm finished?"




I'm not the guy obsessed with cuckoldry. But about your example, looks like a game who real cucks would like.



Then nothing strange if there is people proud of it that want more cuckshit in hentai games.

Is just natural.



- No

- No, See Shit Test

- Yes, they are all potential mating partners she keeps on because you aren't man enough

- No

- No, See Shit Test

- Maybe. Depends on mental state of woman.

- No



>Mind control

Where though, I played it a while ago and couldn't find anything.



Are we talking about fiction or real-life?



>t. a cuck



Oh yeah, the term "nazi" has been completely normalized and totally isn't a complete poison. We can contrast it with "communist", which was used to much lesser extent as an insult. Let's do a headcount of known and self-proclaimed communists vs known and self-proclaimed nazis.

It is important to use as an insult words like "fag", "nigger", "kike" and "cuck" to remind others and ourselves that these things are in fact disgusting and contemptable.



can you just post porn or stfu

jesus christ what's wrong with you morons



They're pissed cause they don't get enough furry and bestiality.



Is important to use a word as insult, to associate it with negative things.

Call angels "turd", and you'll seduce girls by saying to them they are like turds.

Keep calling cuckshit all the good things in porn, and cuckshit will become the best thing in porn.



Try out the succubus route


>Nairi's route keeps mentioning her having to pee, and you too occasionally

>figure it's because water powers along with some of her references to them

>gets elevator scene

>also the only one you can catch pissing by peeping for a while

>getting hype for her piss route

>Fanora has now mentioned having to pee a few times, each more sensual than last

>Fanora random event to peep on her pissing now in game

>it's spreading

I literally could not be more hyped. The question is who's next, Esther in payback for watching you pee, Velle for being confirmed into that from elevator scene and from being general kinkslut, Nefari making her assistant pee in front of you as a dominance/voyeurism/humiliation thing, or Jade peeing on your carpet?


File: c9fae4e84348559⋯.jpg (21.16 KB, 372x260, 93:65, ௵.jpg)

anyone have the password to skip to the latest content? my saves all died


File: 86097af908c07dd⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1789x1054, 1789:1054, Screenshot_20180719_133500.png)

how do?



Fishing / Mermaid Event.

Need to be level 2-3 in Fishing. It's RNG based and you need to first pull up a green gem, and then after than go fishing till you get the Mermaid event



Thanks you. It took about 3 in game weeks to get after reaching level 3 fishing. Screw RNG.



What's the problem with these devs not being able to keep the functional saves between versions? Are they not able to declare the default variables at the beginning of the script?



Bad planning,

Super bad planning. Half the devs are artists or writers that have 0 knowledge of programming, they just watch youtube vids on renpy.



i don't know wtf you guys are doing to mess it up but my saves work just fine.



Is it used by the MC or against? because I ain't getting involved with no femdom garbage.



>no femdom garbage.

imagine having this much shit taste


Wasn't there supposed to be a new Sunday event?






Femdom is not exactly what happen.

The succubus is without a doubt the most assertive between the girls, but she is never abusive. And she don't mindfuck the MC. Don't remember if she ever used mind control on him, but if she did it was nothing more than forcing an erection out of him or something like that.



… actually i think the egyptian-like girl feel more like a dominatrix than the succubus.


File: 09aeb0b580d541f⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mythic_manor_best_girl.png)


Neither. Velle uses it ```for``` the MC on other girls without even being prompted. It is a fetish I didn't even know I had. She is awesome like that.


This >>52404

Also this >>52294


File: 23eef818e5b8c2d⋯.png (218.39 KB, 424x318, 4:3, reeeeeee.png)

There's no impregnation










what was added this patch?



More main events for all of the manor girls.

A new multi-girl event is available.

A new Sunday event is available.

"DahliaDarlin's" storyline is now available!

A cam girl website has been added, with many different scenes to view for multiple cam girls.

Updated the following animations with more frames: Velle's level 5 (Pool) "Stay out -> Stay out" route animations, Velle's level 6 (Gym) BJ animation, the Park (night) couple animation.

New character cards added to the Character Relationships Screen for Aliza, Iris, Kylie and Carmen (on 2nd page).

Other UI-related improvements.

Removed the prompt when skipping time.

Increased the rollback limit.

Fixed the rollback bug that would reset Jade's level.

Smashed some other bugs.

$10+ patron names added to the PC.

Updated the scene gallery and added multiple pages for some sections.

Updated the hints system.

Updated the walkthrough.

Other minor fixes and adjustments.[Mobile-Specific]

Updated to v0.6.0.

Fixed Velle's closet.

Other minor improvements.


File: e81b49d4cc4862b⋯.jpg (70.88 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, crossroads.jpg)

Are arcs/routes mutually exclusive?



Nope. You can progress with every girl.





File: 576986577bd20e9⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1755x1016, 1755:1016, manor.png)

Holy fuck what is this dick placement?


File: a2d6cd7ca8ac4ba⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 2000x1158, 1000:579, ded.png)


How can you not know? Pic related.

Also, screw you for making me do this.



Oh. It's a Lex Luthor cameo.


File: e01f34a5be512b2⋯.jpg (85.06 KB, 631x355, 631:355, mythic-manor-apk-download-….jpg)

After you make out with Naira on your couch, how do you get the next scene? In the mornings she's in her room and during the afternoons she's at the cafe, but doesn't trigger any events. During the night she's nowhere to be found.



I was stuck for a bit on that too. It just triggered eventually so it might just be a timer.



Managed to figure it out. Check the security cam in the morning, again in the night, then go to her room and trigger the scene.


File: 70c4b452c76280a⋯.pdf (233.15 KB, Mythic_Manor_Walkthrough_-….pdf)

Here's the walkthrough for 0.6

It can come pretty handy to find special events or to get around the eventual moon logic.


v0.7 out.

PC: https://mega.nz/#!urwUWI6Z!jTfvqLOWIms4VuHFVS5XJmYowBwEOtCpvJQKaWhOeSk

Mac: https://mega.nz/#!vuoi2Iwb!49BY7wFGnVrFWkSrltVoJIkkX_3kiPnj2f67STmbmtw


More main events for all of the manor girls.

New Naira repeatable content.

New Jade main content.

New Jade repeatable content.

Special pregnancy event.

Special threesome event.

Two new repair events.

The binoculars are now fixable.

The binoculars are now usable at the kitchen window.

Naira's spare key has been added (to access her room easier).

Dahlia's events have been added to the Scene Gallery.

Patron Monthly Art PC wallpapers are unlockable with codes (*for $10+ patrons, check the Monthly Art posts or the walkthrough for the codes).

New Halloween themed PC wallpaper.

New game news system on the main menu (disabled on Android).

Added new items to the old man's shop.

Updated the following animations with more frames: Naira's level 7 "Peep" route animations.

Some quality of life improvements to girls' rooms and other places around the city.

Fixed a minor bug with Naira level 13.

Grammar fixes to older events.

Reduced the week requirement for Cei level 1 and for buying the fishing rod.

Slightly reduced the requirements for Seren level 1 and Natasha level 1.

Added images for all items that didn't have them.

The secret code system has been removed while it is being reworked.

$10/$20+ patron names added to the PC.

Updated and reorganized the scene gallery.

Updated the hints system.

Completely overhauled the walkthrough.

Other minor fixes and adjustments.



nice, any chance that someone has the new walkthrough?


File: 9ce0e1dc542245b⋯.png (3.62 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, index.png)


Who's Jade

>Jade is a dog girl who has short hair, a tomboy body and you can take on walks.

This game just got better. And no NTR in sight? See, you can make a successful trainer game without sharing.


anyone know what to do with fanora when shes at level 24? I'm thinking it has to do with something in the evening because she doesnt answer the door at night now



one of the sluts you are living with sleeps around and you can find a picture of your mom fucking some guy but other than that no NTR


File: 8a802280499943b⋯.png (714.87 KB, 561x592, 561:592, you know I had to do it to….png)

why did internet do this to me




Might need to read her diary. I had a big problem with that as well, wasn't available at night and didn't want to do anything in the morning. I believe reading the diary was what moved it along, but i also picked up the gem at that time as I hadn't taken it before.




Either night or late night, go into the kitchen in your room.


what is the preg event? do you get to knock one of the girls up?



A dream sequence


how do i get past lvl 9 for jade and 15 for velle, ive fucked around for like 30 minutes and cant find out what the next step is



also the key for naira, maxed her out and still havent found it




There's a walkthrough here:




thats for the last update



It has Velle up to 23 and Jade to 11.



thanks, hope the new one pops up, i hate this vague shit for the hints


File: 90063158a18a0c7⋯.pdf (3.48 MB, Mythic_Manor_Walkthrough_-….pdf)



except that:

1/ it's associated with the worst things (niggers, fags and the sort being at the top of this list).

2/ things don't work on a mutually equal fashion like retard leftards, jews and other inferior vermins would fancy to believe, but downward, and strictly-so, under the culturally universal admitted premise of negative synergy (ie: when you mix water with shit, the shit doesn't become more drinkable, you just made the water undrinkable).

tl;dr: people bitching at the slightest wiff of cuckshit are doing god's work, and nay-sayers are permissive faggot enablers.



bet you look like a foot



>if you don't like cuckoldry you're ugly




Think it was more the everything else part, boss. On the other hand, why be insecure about cuckoldry unless you look like a foot?



So you fell for the "the only reason you don't like this is because insecurity/self-hate" meme

>If you don't like to watch gay sex you must be insecure about your sexuality

>If you don't like weak characters that get slapped around and fail miserably it must be because you see yourself reflected in them, and that's what makes you not like them



it's not "insecurity", it's hatred for faggots

>if you hate X, you're ugly

where did I see the same sort of shit?

<if you hate fags, you're totally a fag

reminder that faggots hate themselves, and are the only "people" prone to bouts of self-destructiveness here.

In the end, "cucks" are nothing more than faggots using cunts as proxy in hopes to get close to heterosexual dudes and who are tricking themselves in believing it's not transparent.

Except cucks end up failing at this for 2 reasons:

- everybody already knows they are faggots (no need to "out" yourself princess, EVERYONE knows)

- no straight guy would tolerate having a faggot ogling himself while conducting business with a twat (why do you think so many male actors in porn happen to be "closeted"-faggots/bisexuals?)


is indeed correct.


File: d1a9a89aa7fa629⋯.jpg (86.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, I4WECxU[1].jpg)

I love how you boys always go back to your dogmatic droolings about gays, faggots, niggers, et cetera. Anything to put you sad excuses above someone else. The same tired comments, spewed ad nauseam, like this lends them some credence. The world's too much for you to cope with so you just keep repeating your sad, little views hoping to find some other dropkicks who are dumb enough to agree.

Like, honestly, did you lads grow up under a rock or was it dropped on you? Do you have any idea how backwards these viewpoints are compared to the reality of how people operate? Everyone's out here trying to live their best life and you fixate on media that doesn't work for you. Here's a tip, if it's something you find unattractive, don't consume the media. That's a bit too complex for you lot though, ey. No, let's ascribe some sort of hidden depths to anyone who doesn't give a flying fuck about it and then get defensive when others suggest that maybe we’re the ones who need to work through things.


Did you think this was some sort of a philosophical statement? You're a certified idiot, congratulations. Maybe step outside and understand that no functional human beings think like you do - that'd be a good start. It'd require some degree of introspection though so uhh…

Enlighten me though, why would you find cuckoldry so repulsive unless it’s something you were intimidated by? Are you concerned about not being enough for someone in a relationship? I wouldn’t be surprised, considering how backwards you lot show yourselves to be. Pointer for you, relationships are social contracts - you give, and you take. You find someone who’s giving what you want to take and who’s willing to take what you’re giving. You make it work. If you look like a foot you might have to give a bit more but I’m sure you’ll sort it out. Or maybe you won’t…maybe you’ll keep vomiting nonsense on this board and stay a social-pillock. I wouldn’t be surprised.



>Maybe step outside and understand that no functional human beings think like you do

<Maybe you should go outside and relate with normalfags

No thanks, kys.

Either way, it's clear you don't belong here so fuck off with your normalfag friends.


File: 35d0aa7df031958⋯.png (151.56 KB, 826x506, 413:253, Big-brained-liberal.png)


This is not reddit, so keep the pseudo-intellectual drivel for other retards like you. On top of that you're not even good at it.

<Heh, I'll claim their arguments are tired and have been used in the past

<Popular culture considers their position wrong, like racism and homophobia

<That surely proves they're wrong and I'm right, heh

>Enlighten me though, why would you find cuckoldry so repulsive unless it’s something you were intimidated by?

Are you intimidated by scat? Are you afraid one day you'll eat shit, or you will be forced to eat shit? No, it's just disgusting to do or see, same goes for gay sex, cuck shit and whatever other fetishes you claim to be "indifferent to"

>Here's a tip, if it's something you find unattractive, don't consume the media.

The only fair point you made, but still wrong. Cucks won't stop asking for the fetish to be inserted in every piece of media. You're as bad as furries in that regard, and also equally pathetic and disgusting. But let me guess, nothing wrong with being a furry, and if you are disgusted you must be intimidated by it. The only thing you managed to proved is that you're not as smart as you think you are.




>the exact antithesis of any biological beings' drive to propagate

>literally goes against the natural order

Yeah dude, it's totally normal, and not something from which every sane person recoils. Keep on acting like this period in history akin to the collapse of Roman Empire is as sane as any other.



>Popular culture considers their position wrong, like racism and homophobia

>That surely proves they're wrong and I'm right, heh

Understanding that we're cookie cutter humans almost genetically identical to every single other human makes you wrong, not general consensus. Good work, big guy.

<Everyone's too brainwashed by popular culture to realise my backwards opinions are actually correct

Keep telling yourself that, Galileo. I’m sure we’ll catch up one day.

Call it pseudo-intellectual drivel if you like. You can't step outside of your sad, little box to figure out that your shit-tier opinions are borne out of feelings of inadequacy and not any logical process. Hell, you probably get angry when you see cuck shit. Yikes.

>Are you intimidated by scat? Are you afraid one day you'll eat shit, or you will be forced to eat shit?

>No, it's just disgusting to do or see, same goes for gay sex, cuck shit and whatever other fetishes you claim to be "indifferent to"

Yeah, I scroll past. Why the fuck would I find gay sex disgusting? I don't find it attractive, it doesn't work for me in any capacity but I'm not appalled by it. It exists. I'm disgusted by shit because it's shit. You're biologically coded to find it disgusting. This is false equivalence nonsense because you can't follow the talking point.

>Cucks won't stop asking for the fetish to be inserted in every piece of media.

It's not a fucking epidemic, it's a niche fetish. Why the fuck would their opinions matter? Nah, you right. That's why all porn is now furry because we didn't shut it down from the start. Great argument, boss.




You’re complaining that a fetish is counter-intuitive to our survival instinct while talking about porn. You’re jerking off to people, fictional or real, that you’ll never meet. Keep up propagating the species, mate. On another note, I never said anything in my comment that relates to what you’re trying to refute, not to suggest that your point holds water. I'm not here to argue with every potato who tries to suggest that a fucking species that thrives to the point of exhausting the world hasn't worked out most of the kinks though.

But hey, bottom line is we're never going to change anyone else's mind on here because we're all writing with contempt for the people we respond to. Big surprise but I just don't think I can bring myself to take people seriously who hate something so much that all they do is talk about it. Like, holy shit, shut the fuck up and find something else to do. Half this fucking board is just "cuck this" and "cuck that".


File: b0ac4a298206631⋯.png (164.66 KB, 460x434, 230:217, ClipboardImage.png)


>All of this reddit spacing


>Understanding that we're cookie cutter humans almost genetically identical to every single other human makes you wrong

HAHAHAHA! You fell for the "we're all the same" meme. Not even women and men are the same. just kill yourself already. You really are brainwashed and YOUR opinions are backwards only feed by media instead of actual science.

>Why the fuck would I find gay sex disgusting?

So you're gray too. Got it, faggot. Any straight person would find the idea of being with the same sex disgusting even if they tolerated it. It's called instinct, the same way you're disgusted by shit because it's shit you'd be disgusted by fags because they are fags unless you're one yourself, but hey, media tells you otherwise so here we are.

>It's not a fucking epidemic

It is, you're the proof.

>Why the fuck would their opinions matter?

Because they pay for it to be everywhere, just like furries did some years ago.

>That's why all porn is now furry because we didn't shut it down from the start

Actually, there's LOTS of furry porn, but it isn't being push into everything anymore BECAUSE it was shut down and laughed at whenever it was showed, forcing furries to keep to themselves as it should be and the same should be applied to cucks like you.

>You’re jerking off to people, fictional or real, that you’ll never meet

Which is done because you want to reproduce. Jerking off to cuckolding is both that and the desire of not reproducing, which is pretty pathetic.

>a fucking species that thrives to the point of exhausting the world hasn't worked out most of the kinks though

Gee, let's ask the romans about that, shall we?

>bottom line is we're never going to change anyone else's mind on here because we're all writing with contempt for the people we respond to

Well, I can push your cuck ass off here since you don't belong here. That's something.

>I can bring myself to take people seriously who hate something so much that all they do is talk about it


Pathetic. Now go back to whatever shithole you came from. Probably Fag95.



>Understanding that we're cookie cutter humans almost genetically identical to every single

See, you claim that you're not a brainwashed moron, but then you start spewing retarded shit like a brainwashed moron. Not understanding that small differences cause huge changes in the resulting organism is what's moronic. Actively pretending that the patterns of crime and IQ among the different races don't exist is the sign of brainwashing.

>Keep telling yourself that, Galileo. I’m sure we’ll catch up one day.

No, you'll purge yourselves from the gene pool, it's just a matter of how much damage you'll do to the west while doing so.

>Why the fuck would I find gay sex disgusting?

Well, I guess there's nothing more to say. If you're not disgusted by that you won't be disgusted by someone having sex with an animal. Why would you? Right? It's just people sharing love… Normal people do find both things repulsive though, just like we find eating crude meat disgusting. We're hardwired to find things that lead to undesirable outcomes as disgusting.

>That's why all porn is now furry because we didn't shut it down from the start.

This very board exists due to the furry epidemic of some years ago, Tropic told the story not so long ago. Yes, furries were expelled and actively opposed till they segregated to their own communities, and they're still actively shunned when they show up. There's a reason why the freecities thread doesn't allow the content even though they allow practically everything else.

>bottom line is we're never going to change anyone else's mind on here because we're all writing with contempt for the people we respond to

We'll just call you a retard till you leave the site, or preferably internet altogether. Maybe try not watching tv for some months or not believing all the bullshit they feed you like "All races are the same", maybe you'll get better. But do it elsewhere, you brainwashed moron.



They're called paragraph breaks, boss. I mean, you apparently struggle to read basic sentences so I would have thought you'd appreciate them. Every argument you respond with is fucking laughable, if you actually spend

more than a second thinking about it. That probably makes the ol' brain box hurt a bit though, ey?


<IQ and patterns of crime are related to genetics.

Okay, mate. You call me brainwashed but you believe that. The only genetic difference between you and me is you've one upped me on chromosome count.

Big surprise that the people who can't stop shouting cuck at every occasion also believe in a fucking master race. You know the Nazis executed the disabled? You lads should be carefully whose banner you decide to carry.


File: 8c295299c120bd1⋯.png (291.54 KB, 1450x452, 725:226, National_IQ_Lynn_Vanhanen_….png)

I know this is not the place for this, so I'll end the discussion on my part with this.


<B-but it's because they don't have access to education, totally not genetic

>Meanwhile mongols living in yurts have equal or higher IQ than westerners on average

In fact France has lost 2 average IQ points since the mass importation of north-Africans and Subsaharans. You can go and search more information, is not hard to find the studies and compare the results with the spin and excuses they're given in the MSM. Here is the thing, you won't, because you're a pathetic and weak faggot, the lies are easier to swallow for you because you're already used to them.


File: 8aef292f1095fd1⋯.png (68.67 KB, 499x398, 499:398, ClipboardImage.png)


A single line is not a paragraph, cuck.

>Y-your arguments are laughable so I won't reply!

You're cucking yourself out of an argument. Who'd have guessed so! It's also funny how your "arguments" wind down to become insults, probably because they were proven false.

>You call me brainwashed but you believe that

It's a fact. Where's your proof of the contrary when you can check literally anywhere that will prove you wrong.



Don't, anon. I used to have a lot of pics with sources on hate crimes as that one, one particularly called diversity facts, but I can't find them. If you have, please post them.



Right all those single line paragraphs. Oh, wait, there were none. Yikes.

Yeah, you boys laying down great rebuttals like racial superiority makes for solid conversation. Really worth actually responding to, I'm sure. There's peer-reviewed evidence out there but fuck that, we've got an image of crime rates.



>I'm disgusted by shit because it's shit. You're biologically coded to find it disgusting.

You are programmed to pass your genes and to do so, you must be healthy. That's why you don't eat shit. That's why you shouldn't being aroused if someone steals your goods/woman/whatever. There's literally no difference, biologically speaking, see >>59512

It's not about you. It's just about your (selfish) genes.


>Big surprise that the people who can't stop shouting cuck at every occasion also believe in a fucking master race. You know the Nazis executed the disabled? You lads should be carefully whose banner you decide to carry.

Already playing the Reductio ad Hitlerum card? 0/10.

Sage because OT.


File: d1736227257c410⋯.png (41.19 KB, 1316x486, 658:243, ClipboardImage.png)


You're phone posting. Kek.





I'm not the one bringing up racial superiority as a central tenet in my argument. The whole point of what you're accusing me of is that I'd derail the argument by referencing Hitler but you lads are flaunting Nazi principles like it's gospel so…good work referencing a fallacy that doesn't even make sense in this context?


link Mythic Manor - Lain's Walkthrough Mod 0.7 full?




Great defense, phone poster.

>I'm not the one bringing up racial superiority as a central tenet in my argument

Yes you are. Crime patterns related to genetics is a FACT, not an ideology, that's not racial superiority unless you think scientists are nazis, retard.



>Crime patterns related to genetics is a FACT

>cereal is often paired with milk so therefore all cereal is wet.

There are other factors here at play, anon. I'd say that genetics isn't the main point but poverty is. It's just that (in the US at least) when you look at people living below the poverty line, you'll find a large number of them are minorities. You can observe the same thing in the UK, where in poor ethnic areas you see black and muslim crime stats are pretty high. Of course poor whites do this too, but those numbers aren't touted because it looks bad.


File: d828993bdb09e33⋯.png (702.66 KB, 740x410, 74:41, walltouch.png)


If there are more whites in poverty than blacks in the U.S, then why are blacks still committing more violent crime per capita? Shut the fuck up.




40% of foodstamp recipients in the US are whites, 26% are niggers.

=> 1.5x as many impoverished whites than niggers

but hey, they don't exist because the vermont commie-kike bernie told him otherwise, and that repeating such retardation would avoid to get on the wrong side of muh scary negroes.

also, the amusing implication being made is that poors = criminals

so it's not just "muh scary negroes", but also "muh scary poors"

Which tend to denote that the little bitch you were answering to is a leftist upper-class faggot that couldn't stick to the success route laid out before him and is trying to jump through hoops and loops to avoid facing the reality of the transparency of his boundless faggotry.

also SAGE, because that shit doesn't even belong on /htg/, but we had to have that one retarded leftist spazz that thought he'd totally "show'em this time" and keeps coming back despite getting quashed at every turn.


File: e82927920f4cb91⋯.jpg (97.31 KB, 654x629, 654:629, hd4kr3i4h8x11[1].jpg)



>Facts are racists




I think you are a bit mixed up between base population and per capita measures.

If there are more grapes than apples in the U.S., then why do apples still weigh more grapes individually?



I don't understand, are you saying that blacks are inherently more prone to violent crime then?



Just let me take a quick look at africa…


Yes, they are.



Anon, Africa is a special shithole, look at more civilized places and you will see you are wrong.

USA… ohh…

Europe… ohhh…

My bad, yes, they are more prone to violent crime.



I wasn’t doubting they were, I’m just confused as to the point he was trying to make


File: 3fb33f785a59583⋯.png (103.06 KB, 573x530, 573:530, firefox_2019-01-08_01-35-3….png)

Can the political spergs fuck off, and can someone post the new update yet



>Fence shitter


Pathetic, kill yourself.


File: 2e63ce812ba7f91⋯.png (73.25 KB, 700x1200, 7:12, feeding_tube.png)



You're confusing fence-sitting with indifference.

Also please do not start this shit again.



there a guide update as well?



>not being a part of your shitfest is fence sitting

fuck off sperg cunt




File: d01eee426e06fac⋯.png (1.25 MB, 905x1280, 181:256, ClipboardImage.png)


Yes, they are.


It is literally the same shit.


>Reddit spacing

>All lowcaps


wtf did they even add apart from the music and repeatable events…?



They added the ability to read the patch notes unfortunately for you this feature is not available to niggers.


>no cop scenes

>no doctor scenes

>no choco elf scenes

>no mermaid scenes

>no beach girl scenes

>no librarian assistant scenes

>no cafe girl scenes

>no gym sisters scenes

>no clothing store girl scenes

>no nun scenes

>no streamer girl scenes

>no doggo lewds









That's ok we get some Pheonix and Ram demon luvin…soon puppy girl!



This update was mostly focused on little details.

Updates like this are bound to happen. I know we all want and expect more main events, but sometime the game just need fixes.


Wish the MC had more design put in than just the default that comes in honey select, even wears sleezy looking tank top


File: a8d7a77266db4c9⋯.jpg (272.7 KB, 1032x1454, 516:727, cucksim.jpg)


cucks dont ruin every game….



>i wish there was more focus on the guy

lol, fag



You can't ruin what is already shit.



a less greasy design is all I'm asking for, not just the first thing that shows up as default male




v0.9.0 Patch Notes

New main events for Esther, Fanora, Naira, Nefari and Velle.

New main event for Jade.

Added a new expansion to the beach location.

Added more interactions with girls at the beach.

Added an interaction with the park bench at night.

Esther’s locked PC folder is now accessible (with a password).

Esther’s spare key is now discoverable.

Added a cameo character (Misty).

Created a whole bunch of new characters (most are event-specific).

Created new event-specific areas.

Added the new monthly wallpapers (February and March).

Added the 1 Year Anniversary wallpaper.

Added a few new versions of songs by Corsairon.

Added other new event-specific music.

Added new sound effects.

$20+ patron names added to the PC.

Updated hints.

Updated the scene gallery.

Updated the official walkthrough.

Added Future Side Content section to the walkthrough.

Made adjustments to the game menu.

Fixed a few minor bugs/spelling errors.

Fixed the wording of some dialogue.

Other fixes and adjustments.


>blueballs you TWICE with the maid

fuck you, jikei, FUCK YOU



a-at least we got some doggo lewds now…


Anyone have an updated walkthrough?



you can have sex with nefari yet?




So…all over I see a lot of love for Jade and for real I can't see her as anything as an ugly little boy.

Anyone else the same? I don't get it. The only other girl I dislike in this game is Fanora since she's just this games Ashley but nowhere near as fun. Only thing that would make me give a damn about Jade is possible bestiality but then they'd get zucced if they done that so not happening because virtual dog fucking and virtual fucking a dog girl with a dog dildo are so very different.

Anyway yeah pretty good game only just checked it out recently.

Nefari is by far the best, Naira was my favourite initially but she turns in to too much of a super whore too quick for her arc to be satisfying.

Velle is the best as a non-romantic interest simply because she's such a good corruption buddy.



It's all about teaching Jade to be your slave and getting her addicted to your cock.



you can't even fuck her yet

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