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File: c034d8d28072059⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1600x400, 4:1, 78050_Patreon_Banner.png)


I just 100%'d 0.2 and it's actually not shit. There's a decent amount of content too.

>Mythic Manor is a free adult interactive visual novel game offering a new home and a new world. Delve deep into your fantasies and experience the day-to-day life of sharing a manor with five gorgeous “mythic girls”. Spend time and build relationships with the characters you like in currently over 70 unique character events plus special hidden events! The game is developed with Ren'Py solely by me, Jikei ♥

>Prominent Fetishes:

>Voyeurism and hidden cameras, exhibitionism, public sex, watching porn, mind control, sex dreams, strippers, lewd experiments, sleep sex and groping, nude modelling and lingerie, transformations, embarrassment, milf, lesbian, strong girls, breast sucking & more

>Planned fetishes: (a lot of the fetishes are optional)

>Lactation, orgy, impregnation, shower share & more.


(the images are just censored on patreon, not in game)

0.2 PC+Linux:


0.2 Mac:



File: a849c3e920f053b⋯.gif (132.97 KB, 311x366, 311:366, P6XduSJ.gif)

>a lot of the fetishes are optional


File: 4b2c3891a451933⋯.jpg (286.39 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Losing control.jpg)


Hmmmmm… nah.

Not finished mate. People really need to stop posting incomplete garbage. Besides they might add NTR or some shit in the future, so why waste my time with it now.


I played it and I think it's a good example of how to use Honey Select and still make a good game. The technical part is impeccable. I personally did not like the game very much, but I recognize that it is one of the best that is available on Patreon with Honey Select models.



Only a few of the fetishes are even good (milf, lesbian, strong girls and breast sucking) - the dev should ditch most of the existing ones and go for the planned fetishes (lactation, orgy, impregnation, shower share, etc.)



no incest?



>Another Honey Select assets game

>Uses other peoples mods

>Is getting paid for this

Is that even legal?



>muh laws

Fuck off, faggot. Sholom Rubashkin got pardoned by Donald Trump, I don't hear you bitching about that, but you're gonna cry about a porn game being illegal? Go fuck yourself, cuck.



Go the fuck away with your /pol/ shit whining.


848 mega for a 0.2, probably just 5 minutes of gameplay…

Well, the 3Dshit models look kinda pleasant.

Let's give a try.



The game is huge. The version number is just an author's strategy to take money on Patreon for quite some time. If you play you will see that it is a game that has been done for several months and has more content than 90% of the games available at Patreon.



3 hours of gameplay so far


so far i ve seen a dream sequence where your mom jerks you off, plus several scenes where you are shown nudes of your mom by other characters. wouldn t be surprised if full on incest is eventually part of the game.



sorry meant to say I ve seen 3 hours of gameplay so far. but there is still more.




Yeah, i noticed.

Considering all the areas that are still not available i would not say is just a strategy, but it kept me busy half a day and i think i can still do something.

Overally is a promising game.


Two sluts, 2 somewhat reticient girls and one milf?

Pretty promising!


just played it, so far i'm liking it.

the only thing i really hate is that your mom was a complete slut that fucked anything with a dick, wish that wasn't part of the game…



The redhead showing you the picture of your mom sucking dick was hot, tbh.



you get off on watching your mom fuck other men anon?



Why not? You were born because your mom fucked other people, right?


File: d4998ea6761511c⋯.jpg (81.44 KB, 640x503, 640:503, 1485238100968.jpg)



first one to say the forbidden word gets banned



Only when is a fictional mom.



More like the idea of this hot redheaded woman showing me sexual things about her. The scene was just really well done, I can't explain it.



Me coming from the scrotum of another dude?

This shit is gay and cuck dude.

My virgin mom was impregnated by me using a time machine.


How do I INstall camera?



As the game goes by you will unlock chances to enter the girls rooms while they are away.

At that point you'll only need the camera and to find the right spot where to place it.


Here's a minor bugfix


If you have certain stats on certain girls you can miss some Sunday events. This will not fix an existing save where the event is already missed, however.

If you've already missed a Sunday event you can force it with "jump sunday(number)" in the console. I missed the fifth one so that was "jump sunday5" for me.



I'm about half way in and well, damn.

While I don't get the need for HS VN makers to put melons size of girl's head on them, everything else beats a lot of shit that's floating around /htg/, especially unfinished projects with no lewds whatsoever and a lot of HS stuff.

The faces are all done well, most of bodies are good, gameplay is all right and writing is decent.

On top of that it's a pleasant surprise to see a game here for the first time and already get plenty of content in it.

Now we play the waiting game.



>Reddit Spacing

>Totally not Dev




This game also surprised me by the quality. However, I only played version 0.1 and concluded that it took at least 6 to 8 months to have been made. So I'm a bit skeptical about the updates (even more that the author is earning a lot on Patreon). Anyone know how many new events they have in version 0.2?

This is essential to know if the game will be ready one day or if it will be years on Patreon.



Judging by the amount of in developement areqas it will take years.

But there is a lot of content already.


Whats the code for 0.2? i cant be arsed dealing with an error every time i go into the hall

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